Ayako’s Rough Night

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This story was a gift from Mallory, the Best Kitty in the world. You can find her HF page here.

Ayako loved the music. Her parents would say it was nothing but noise, but she was pretty sure that they just couldn’t hear at all. These American clubs were the best. The kitsune had been all over the world in her brief 95 years of life, but nowhere quite had the carefree energy of a popular venue on the west coast.

The beat was pounding, the lights were flashing, and she was in her element! None of these mortals could quite match the grace and beauty of the dancing kitsune even while she was keeping enough focus on her foxfire to conceal her vibrant tails and ears. By now it was nearly second nature anyways, a façade she maintained all throughout her world travels, except for special occasions.

It was a shame that she couldn’t show them off. The bright, vibrant orange of her fur and those lovely white tail-tips had always been a source of pride for the fox. Yet the mortals here had no appreciation at all for how beautiful they were! Such a shame.

Still, even their uncultured eyes, seeing but a mere fraction of her brilliance could tell that she was something special. The delicate tan of her skin and slender frame of her body attracted eyes even without the aid of her foxfire.

Of course her tight, slightly too small clothes helped with that. Her skin completed the look by posing as a leather jacket cut short enough to easily expose her midriff and give her a bit of a bad girl aesthetic.

She didn’t mind the mortals looking though. Frankly it had been a bit too long since she had some fun with one of them, so she wouldn’t mind finding a fine specimen to go home with. In the morning she, and whatever cash had been easily accessible, would be gone but she considered that a more than fair trade for a night with her. Most of her ‘victims’ would probably even agree.

So she didn’t mind at all when a ruggedly attractive man danced up to her with two drinks in hand. Ayako flashed him a smile as she took the offered glass with an eager sip. The alcohol was an important part of her plan. It wouldn’t have much of an effect on her, but if she could get her ‘new friend’ drunk then it would help avoid any awkward conversations in the morning. Besides, the drinks here were good. This one had an odd aftertaste, but was still good.

The man seemed to be quite focused on her drink until she took a sip, then a wide smile broke across his face too. “Evening darling”, he almost had to yell to be heard over the thumping music. He had something like a French accent, but it seemed a bit off. Perhaps he had been living here for a while? “To what do I owe the pleasure of meeting a goddess in the flesh tonight?”

Laying it on a bit thick, but Ayako didn’t mind. A bit of worship was appropriate from a mortal after all. She giggled and took another sip before answering, “Sorry, you must be confusing me with Inari. But don’t worry, I’ll still accept your offering! I’m Ayako by the way.”

He looked a bit confused by that at first, but mellowed once she told him her name. “Pierre”, he answered, “Nice to meet you Ayako.” His pronunciation of her name was awful. And he kept looking at her drink instead of her. A little strange, but she’d give him a chance. At least until she finished it. “Are you from around here?”

She shook her head. “No, I’m from Japan. Kyushu if that means anything to you. And where do you hail from?” If he wasn’t so attractive she might have been making her excuses to leave already. But he had a strong jaw, thick shoulders, and a bit of a scar on his right cheek. Most of the guys here were skinny raver types, so he stuck out as closer to her preferred style.

“I’m local. Are you travelling?”

She still couldn’t quite place that accent. Ayako looked down, and was surprised to find she was near the bottom of her drink already. “I… yeah. Just passing through.” Even with how fast she had drank it, the alcohol still felt like it was affecting her more than usual. A few minutes and it should burn off though.

Pierre was smiling wider than ever. “By yourself? How long are you travelling for? Would you like another round?”

They weren’t hard questions, but for some reason Ayako was struggling to keep up with them. “Yeah, I have a sister but she wanted to go to… to go  through Canada. I like tha’ beaches more. And ’till whenever I decide ta go back!” Did she want another? Ah, she wasn’t that drunk. Certainly not as much as a mere human would be! “Yeah, one more! Les’ make it a nigh’ to remember!” She smiled at her prey. He might not be very interesting, but he would at least be a good fuck. She’d make sure of that.

Pierre’s hand was on her back now, though she couldn’t quite remember when he had put it there. The music felt like it was offbeat too, or maybe it was time itself that was a little bit weird here. If she hadn’t been so good at hiding her tails she honestly would have worried about that with her head spinning like this.

“You’re looking a little unsteady there. Hey barkeep, can you give me a special water?” At least this Pierre figure was alright. Ayako eagerly took the glass and swallowed a big gulp before realizing it was seltzer water. Ugh, she hated those bubbles. It would probably help though. She took an eager gulp, then another. Then another. Why was Pierre smiling like that?

“And you didn’t notice that the bitch has TAILS?”

“No, I swear she didn’t! Like honestly Tom, you saw her too! Do you think there was a single chance I would have missed that? I’m not a fuckin’ furry bro!”

“Wait, are you saying you wouldn’t?”

“No, of course I would! Look at that body, and her tits are perfect.”

Ayako groaned, reaching for her pounding head. Or at least trying to. She quickly became aware that her hands were bound behind her back. Her feet were immobile as well, and she was on some rough metal surface somewhere loud.

The fox looked around and confirmed that she was in a vehicle, a windowless van by the looks of it. Great. And those were definitely zip-tie handcuffs on her otherwise naked body. Fantastic. And they even put one around her beautiful tails too! Perfect.

Wait, where the fuck was her skin?

She bolted upright, looking around the vehicle frantically. That attracted the attention of the man in the passenger seat, ‘Tom’ apparently, who gestured to his partner. “I thought you said you gave her two big doses.”

“I DID. She’s got enough GHB in her to knock out an elephant.” The driver turned over his shoulder to look and she could clearly see it was—

“Pierre!” Ayako cried out desperately, trying to bring herself up to a seated position. Even with her pounding head though, she realized something was off. He sounded very different from before.

“Pierre?” The man in the passenger seat said, laughing incredulously. “Don’t tell me, you did the stupid fucking accent too. Seriously Kyle you’re a fucking idiot.”

‘Pierre’, or rather Kyle didn’t say a word, just turned back to focus very intently on the road, gripping the steering wheel tight. Tom laughed even harder, turning away from the fox in the back without a care in the world.

Oh that was a mistake! Ayako was going to show him! As soon as she could get… her… damned… hands… free! Which she would do soon, but these cuffs were really tight and her head still hurt. It was just a matter of time though! She’d make these stinky fucking humans pay for this. “Where is my sk… where are my clothes!” She demanded angrily, thrashing around on the hard floor of the van as she did.

“Quit squirming, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Came the gruff response from Tom.

“NO! Tell me where it is!” She demanded.

“Look, you won’t need clothes where you’re going, anyway, alright? So just settle down or we’ll dose you again. Stupid dog girl thing. Making this complicated.”

“I’m not a dog! I’m a fox!”

The man in the passenger seat turned around at that and Ayako could clearly see that he was the bartender! That and that his expression was more annoyed than angry. “You’re going to be dog food if you don’t shut your fucking mouth! God damn, you just don’t get it do you? You were hard to drug but I’ll bet you still need to breathe, don’t you?”

That quieted Ayako down. She met his gaze with a steely glare for a moment, then looked down and away in defeat.

“That’s what I fuckin’ thought”, Tom murmured as he turned back.

It must have been another hour of driving over progressively rougher and bumpier roads. Unable to stop herself or suspend her momentum, Ayako kept being thrown around by any potholes in the road or sharp turns they took. Had it not been for her kitsune healing her light tan skin would have been absolutely covered in bruises and bumps by the time the van finally pulled to a stop.

How long they had been driving for could have been useful information to figure out where she was, but Ayako had no idea how long they had been going before she had woken up. That and she might be overestimating how long she was on some of those bumpier roads. It all added up to the same conclusion though. The fox was hopelessly lost in the desert, completely trapped by her captors.

She hadn’t made any progress on the stupid cuffs in all this time either. If she could just get her lovely orange tails out from being bound together in one big useless clump then maybe she could have gotten the rest off, but she couldn’t quite sneak them out no matter how hard she tried.

The back doors to the van opened up and instantly Ayako was forced to squint hard. The near-setting sun was absolutely pouring in, and all the fox could make out was a silhouette.

Click. Ayako wasn’t sure what that was, but she was sure that she didn’t like it. Click. Her lip curled up in a snarl, a habit carried over from her fox form. Click. Finally her eyes adjusted enough that she could see it was Kyle taking pictures of her with a smartphone. Her eyes went wide, and she desperately tried to roll herself over to hide her graceful curves and pert breasts from him.

“Stop squirming”, he said as he snapped another picture.

“Think they’ll still want her?” Asked Tom as he undid his belt.

“She’s got a cunt doesn’t she?”

A gruff laugh answered that, and Ayako couldn’t help the shiver that ran down her spine. She tried to keep glaring at him, tried to keep looking angry and threatening. But when Kyle started reaching for his own pants too she couldn’t help but waver. The fox was no stranger to men and how they could be, but never had she thought she would meet someone this aggressive. Or that they would catch her if she did.

It shouldn’t have happened like this. These guys were thugs that didn’t seem that smart or strong or even work together that well. Yet somehow these stupid rude idiots had gotten their hands on her. They should be worshipping at her feet, not coming towards her with cocks in hand!

“D-d-don’t touch me!” She hated how her voice cracked. Hated how she couldn’t even squirm away. Hated how they laughed, knowing just how little of a threat she was. Hated how he just kept reaching for her.

Kyle grabbed onto her legs, yanking her roughly over the metal of the van’s floor. She yelped in pain, but that stopped him about as much as her demands had. He flipped her over with an ease that made all of her struggling feel ridiculous, exposing her shapely rear and all nine of those orange tails with their white tips to both of the humans. Other kitsune would have killed for her coloration, but to them those tails were just a convenient handle to flip her over with.

They must have done this before with human girls. Many times maybe, judging by how easily he had maneuvered her body. Both of them had their pants off now, and Kyle only paused long enough to take one last snapshot before he took a firm hold of her tails and a thigh, using them to pull that thin frame towards the edge of the van’s trunk.

Ayako mewled in pain as her small but sensitive nipples were dragged across the van’s floor, the physical pain temporarily over-riding the fear that had been keeping her silent. Kyle pulled her back until her legs fell over the side, the fox’s feet barely brushing the ground. They were unable to get any effective traction or footing though, just dangling uselessly. She knew that her ass was exposed now, and that with how she was bent over her pussy would be both on display and at just the right height for the men. Still her mind didn’t process that this was really happening, that they were doing it to her. She was a kitsune after all. Ageless, beautiful, powerful. They had to understand that, right? They had to know why this couldn’t happen to her.

That illusion held in her mind as if created by her fire, secured to reality by only the most tenuous of strings before Kyle’s cock brushing against her pussy lips themselves finally shattered it. “Stop it! Let me go! Let me GO!” Ayako screamed, squirming as hard as she could against her bonds. It didn’t get her much of anywhere. Back and forth slightly, but not even enough to rock the van, much less to get her to freedom or safety.

The men laughed derisively at her pathetic attempts. “What, the little foxy doesn’t want pups?” Kyle mocked, pressing his cock up and down on her mound, teasing the sensitive shaved lips with just his tip.

“I think they’re actually called kits”, Tom corrected, earning an annoyed sigh from Kyle as a response.

Ayako kept up her squirming the whole time, for what little that accomplished. Frankly she was worried the movement would actually make it feel better for him. Dragging her pussy lips back and forth against the tip of his cock, the more she thought about it the more she was sure it was. But what else could she do? Just let him have her? Even if she was bound to the point of uselessness she couldn’t let that happen! Couldn’t let this mortal win like that.

He must still have had objections to her moving though. Kyle reached forward and grabbed her right ear, pulling and twisting on the soft triangle sharply enough to make her cry out involuntarily. “Stop it! Let go!” She yelped at him, but with every time she yelled at him there was less and less fire against more and more pain in her voice. A pitiful whimper capped her protests off.

That sound of defeat seemed to raise Kyle’s spirits. He smirked as he yanked on that ear hard, forcing her body back at the same time as he finally fully thrust forward. Ayako shrieked in pain. She was barely wet at all, and her body was as tight as could be. But Kyle wasn’t the type to be slowed by something so trivial as his partner’s enjoyment. He groaned in pleasure as his hard shaft lanced into the poor fox, prying apart inch after inch of unwilling folds.

“Fuuuck, the bitch is tight as a fucking virgin”, he groaned as her body squeezed down on him in a desperate attempt to force that cock out. It didn’t work of course, he just kept humping inch after loathsome inch of his cock inside of her. Ayako squealed again as it felt like something inside of her tore, and Kyle looked down to see a streak of red on his cock. “Fuck, maybe she was!”

“You know tightness is more related to relaxation than actual sexual experience, right?” Tom asked. Kyle gritted his teeth, his grip on the fox’s ear tightening enough to draw a fresh yelp from her. If she hadn’t been the best little cock-sleeve he had ever fucked he would have had half a mind to punch his partner in crime.

Instead a quick, “Yeah sure”, was all he said before going back to focusing on using the girl’s slim body. With the bit of extra lube that he had forced out of her and all of the leverage he had from using her ear, Kyle was really starting to get into a rhythm fucking the fox. Her back arched as she desperately tried to lessen the pressure on her ear, but all that accomplished was to pull her further onto his cock. No matter what she did she could only reduce one pain at the cost of worsening another.

Kyle grabbed her tails for extra leverage as he started to speed up, exhaling softly as he did. He was really fucking the fox now. Her body bounced back and forth, propelled by his cock and only held still by the grating friction of the van’s floor on her breasts and his punishing grip on her soft orange ears and tails. A battle with no winners for the girl.

Every one of those points only brought more suffering to the poor fox, so when she heard Kyle groan and felt his cock start to twitch she couldn’t help but feel almost relieved. The thought disgusted her. Ayako knew she should be more proud, that she shouldn’t be happy that her rapist was going to cum in her for any reason. But with every time additional pain he inflicted on her the fox could only wish for relief, even just a second of it.

One, two, three final, deep thrusts into the fox’s unwilling depths were all the more that Kyle gave. He grunted loudly as he came, dumping a load that was impressive by human standards inside of her. Usually Ayako liked that feeling, the twitching shaft, the warm flood. But right now it just felt like an invasion into her very soul. One she could only whimper about like a pitiful little kit.

At least he finally let go of her ear. And she wasn’t being dragged against the van’s floor either. Her nipples felt like they had been ground halfway off of her body, but at least now Ayako could almost relax as Kyle held himself inside of her, luxuriating in the softness of her inner folds for a long moment.

“C’mon, it’s my turn already”, Tom complained, shattering any vestige of stillness.

Again Kyle gritted his teeth, holding absolutely still. He exhaled slowly, then yanked himself out of the fox, the rudeness of the motion making Ayako squeak in surprise. He only paused briefly to wipe off his crotch with her poor, beautiful tails before walking off. “Knock yourself out”, he said. His tone had made that feel more like a threat than an offer.

Ayako whined softly as the two men switched places, Kyle grabbing his phone and walking away while Tom wasted no time at all getting in position behind her. She didn’t squirm this time, didn’t even try to fight it. Of course due to Inari’s blessing Kyle hadn’t actually done any lasting damage, but he had left behind an absolute mess of lube, cum, and blood.

All that made it much easier for Tom to jam his cock inside of Ayako. He was bigger than his partner. Not by much, just enough that Ayako couldn’t have gotten comfortable with the size. Just enough that she cried out again in pain. There was no adjustment period for Tom’s cock, not even the scant mercy of him being slowed by the tightness of her inner walls wrapped around his cock. He just instantly went into fucking her at full speed.

“Mercy, please! Slow down! Red! Bananas!” She cried out. How raw she was after the first round certainly wasn’t helping her, nor was what little her healing had managed to accomplish in her short break

“God, do you ever shut up?” Tom complained, pulling back slightly as he reached over her for something. Kyle guffawed at that question, though it didn’t seem there was any actual mirth behind his vocalization.

“I just… please, a minute, that’s all!” Ayako begged, but her scant pleas were apparently still unacceptable. Tom took his belt from those discarded pants, and in one fluid motion he wrapped it around her neck, the leather sliding tight in a mere instant. A strangled, desperate gasp was all the noise the fox could make as her words and air were cut off in one fell swoop.

Out of instinct she tried to reach for it, to loosen or pull the thing away, but again she was cruelly reminded how much of her body was not under control. She couldn’t move her hands, her legs, her tails, couldn’t breathe, and most of all couldn’t stop her abuse. Her rape.

“Much fucking’ better!” Growled Tom, yanking that belt around her neck like a leash on an unruly dog, positively bouncing her body back and forth with it. If she had thought that her ear and tails gave Kyle leverage, it was nothing like what this belt was doing. The poor fox was being tossed about, her petite body doing her no favors against the much larger American.

Tom pulled hard on the leash and held it there, keeping Ayako without air even as he continued to rail her. Of course he didn’t think about her comfort or safety, he just liked how she clenched on his dick when he choked her. After a minute she was starting to see stars, little black spots forming on the edge of her vision and her head was spinning just like after those drinks. Her chest hurt. For a brief moment she thought he was just going to keep going, to come through on those threats that he had made earlier. After all, it would be so easy to just put her in a shallow grave now. No witnesses, no loose ends, no problems.

Finally though he relented, loosening the belt all at once. Ayako gasped for air, rasping and coughing weakly from the pain of her squeezed throat and the burning of her starved lungs. “Please”, she gasped, “plea— Gck!”

Tom yanked the belt again, harder and tighter this time. It hadn’t been anywhere near a long enough break, and the kitsune’s back arched further than she was pretty sure it ever had before in a desperate attempt to loosen the pressure on her neck, to let her breathe again. Pain from that cock be damned, she needed air!

“Tom. Yo, Tom! Be careful with her!” Kyle said, suddenly frantic.

Tom did not heed his friend’s instruction, nor slow down his absolutely battering fucking. “Psh, as if you did. What, feeling sentimental ’cause you popped her cherry? She’s still tight af you know.”

Ayako was on the verge of passing out, the words of her tormentors drifting in one ear and out the other. Nothing mattered but the next breath. The next gasp of air she was currently being denied. Darkness was already clouding her vision. She needed it now!

Kyle punched Tom’s shoulder hard enough that he lost his grip on the belt, making Ayako fall back into the bed of the van hard. That would probably be a black eye, but she didn’t care. All that mattered was the sweet, sweet oxygen seeping into her lungs.

“What the FUCK man?” Tom asked angrily, taking his frustration out on the fox by fucking harder than ever. He was practically pile-driving into her, the entire van swayed with his thrusts as it bounced on the suspension.

“The buyer got back to us. They’re offering 750 THOUSAND.”

That got Tom’s attention. He slowed his pace for the first time, not even caring that Ayako was finally breathing again, if her desperate gasps could properly be called breathing. “Dollars?”

Kyle glared at him. “Of course it’s dollars. I asked, I’m not stupid.”

“Settle down bro, I just wanted to make sure. Did you haggle? I know these Mexicans are all about their—”

“No, I’m not missing that offer for some extra pocket change, and for the last fucking time, they’re Dominican!”

“Ex-CUSE me, I’m too busy fucking a bitch to care. Just… ugh, I don’t know,  let me finish here.” Ayako couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This bastard still had his cock buried inside of her, the other guy had just finished raping her, and yet they were arguing about prices and money like that mattered at all. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to her and they couldn’t even be bothered to give her the time of day. Her sexual encounters were usually closer to worshipful, humans who knew they had something beyond special. This was just degrading.

And why did she even care? For one they were just humans, for two they were disgusting rapist pigs! She shouldn’t care what they thought about her or if they paid her any attention. So why did that need for approval sit in her brain, refusing to leave no matter how strongly she wished it gone?

Tom turned away from his partner, back to the piece of perfectly tanned ass that was going to make him rich. “Looks like you did turn out to be worth the trouble, foxy. Lucky for you I guess, you’re NOT worth choking out and leaving to the coyotes. Still,” he yanked on the belt again, cutting off Ayako’s whines before they could even start. “I’ve got to see why they think you’re so valuable.”

The brief respite hadn’t been enough. It was never enough to actually help the fox. All it did was remind her how good it was to not have her body being destroyed by these bastards before they went back to making it worse than ever.

Case in point, the belt around her neck tightened again, but this time Tom used his other hand to push onto the flawlessly smooth skin of her back, ensuring the belt bit into her neck even more tightly than before. Held in place so firmly, the fox’s body could barely move an inch as he started properly railing her again. His cock lanced into her tight folds, the blessing of her healing now feeling more like a curse as she could never quite adjust to his girth. Maybe the choking was a good thing. It at least kept her mind off of how much that shaft hurt.

If there was a small mercy here, at least in his excitement Tom was close to cumming. Ayako knew it would be over soon because though his thrusts were always deep and painful, they were now fast and erratic too. Like his own body couldn’t believe the quality of the bitch he got to fuck. Despite that knowledge though, he certainly wasn’t trying to savor it.

“Here I come bitch. Take- take it you furry freak!”, he said, hissing out his pleasure as he buried himself in the fox, keeping that leash taught and his hand on the small of her back the entire time he came.

The flood of cum should have felt good. It was everything Ayako liked in sex, wanted and searched for. But when it was this annoying fucking bastard, this disgusting man who cared more about getting himself off in a tight hole than he did her very survival, it didn’t feel good. It felt like her own body was betraying her by enjoying any of this, no matter how little it did. The warmth, the stickiness, the depth, it should all feel so good, but she hated him so much that all of it was tainted. She hated him so much for keeping her choking and struggling, just a useless bitch tied up and helpless.

Tom groaned as his cock twitched inside the fox, drenching her insides with a load that wasn’t quite as impressive as Kyle’s. It hardly mattered which one was bigger though, the mere fact that she was being defiled at such a base level far over-rode any concerns about such trivial matters.

“Fuck yes! This ain’t worth 750 k, but it sure as hell is good pussy!” He said in that grating voice of his. He let go of the belt as he came, and that was what finally made Ayako realize how close to the edge she had come. The fox didn’t even register that she was gasping for breath, it was a purely biological reaction. Her body struggling for life even when her mind wasn’t sure that she wanted to. Not here anyways.

By the time Tom finally pulled out of her pussy and wiped his cock off with her stained tails, Ayako had regained enough air and cognizance to remember how much she hated everything here. Her pussy was fucked raw, she still couldn’t move, her lungs burned. At least she had a quiet moment where she could appreciate the rustling of the wind through the desert and the faint tickling sensation of cum and blood trickling down her legs.

Ayako’s head was still in the clouds though, she didn’t have enough air for her self-awareness or struggle to come back, or for her to actually move yet. She vaguely heard them talking about her, mentioning that the buyer would be here soon, that they wanted her clothes too as a set. But could she really be asked to remember all that? To care?

There was some kind of argument going on behind her. Kyle and Tom were yelling at each other. Something about them making her pretty, or asking for a higher price. She wasn’t sure which. Maybe both. Racism was mentioned too, though who it was about she didn’t care. She just wanted to leave.

Tom was the one who finally came back to her. She had honestly expected him to just be here to fuck her again, but instead he cuffed her arms and legs. Metal cuffs, the kind with a proper lock. Not just the flimsy plastic things. Those he… he sliced off with a box-cutter. She wasn’t sure why. She also wasn’t sure why he turned her over onto her back. When he brushed her hair out of her eyes and grabbed her tails to wipe off the mess between her legs though she started to get it.

He wanted her presentable. After all, she was just a paycheck to him, but that paycheck was based on her appearance. It wasn’t like he actually cared about her of course. Tom made a few other small adjustments before going to the front seat to grab her clothes and… her skin.

That brought life back to the fox. All of the clothes she had been wearing were there, but the only thing she cared about was that ‘leather jacket’. Apparently he had no idea of its real significance. Her eyes were glued to the garment as he set it at her side, then turned her body again slightly.

He couldn’t really be this stupid, could he? Ayako pondered that in her mind, wondering if this was some sort of a trap. All it would take was for her to fall over onto it and she was free. Did these two know nothing about kitsune?

Apparently not. Tom stepped back, looking over the scene for a second before coming back to make one final adjustment. He grabbed the box cutter, and after a very brief moment of panic for the fox as he moved towards her, reached back to cut her tails free. The orange appendages all fell behind her, fanning out in a very aesthetically pleasing way. He seemed happy with that and stepped away.

The absolute fool. Instantly all nine tails went to work, picking the metal locks on her hands and feet was a hundred times easier than getting those plastic cuffs off would have been. With her fire reignited, Ayako waited for him to turn away, waited for them to start arguing yet again. Then she made her move.

They didn’t stand a chance.

Dominic looked over the scene in the desert. A bent and twisted van. Two white men, both quite bruised up and thoroughly strapped down with zip-ties. Despite their situation they were still incessantly arguing as if that could help. He had expected them to fail of course. The only real surprise was that they had managed to get her this far at all.

Luckily all was not lost. A few tufts of bright orange fur were still stuck into some of the crevices of the vehicle and trapped in one of the cut cuffs they had sitting on the floor of the van. Her other clothes were here as well, though her skin was gone of course. It didn’t matter, this was enough to get her scent from anyways. Lucas already had his nose deep in it, sniffling like mad and not even caring about the weird looks that the two tied-up men were giving him.

It would have to be enough. There was already a bidding war for her between a party in Russia and some other group in Mongolia. And Dominic was not the type to fall through on a deal.

6 thoughts on “Ayako’s Rough Night

  1. I’ve had nights like that before.
    She should really start wearing her fur as detatched sleeves or a choker;
    Guys never take those off for some reason.

    Wasn’t Lucas/Dominic featured in an earlier story?
    His name is familiar for some reason.
    One of Levinson’s guys from the first one, maybe?

    I definitely enjoy these side-stories, though it’s sad to remember that we won’t be seeing Ayako again.
    Unless Levinson decides he needs to hit a disco sometime soon.

    Any more side-stories planned?
    They’re fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, I’m the one who wrote this story! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and you’ll be pleased to know that while I initially planned this as a one-shot, I do think I’ll be returning to Ayako once or twice more, though probably not for a while.

      Lucas and Dominic are new to this story. Any resemblance is just a coincidence.

      Thanks for the kind words though! And the advice might actually come in handy!~


      1. I enjoyed the story, and I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel.

        Hopefully she learns the sleeve trick;
        But then she won’t get to have as much fun…

        Decisions, decisions…


  2. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the sequel, if she decides to write it.

    It’s nice reading about Kitsune in the human world;
    When they’re just buzzing in and out of people’s lives.
    It reminds me of the old myths;
    They pop in, cause some mischief, and someone gets left naked in the wilderness.

    It’s hard to top Paradisium’s games in terms of lore and fun, but these stories are fun as well.

    I’m assuming Ayako is Mallory’s character, and won’t be featured in anything but the sequel?


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