Lone Fox 3 – Ch 6 – The Fall of Hanei

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Sakura yawned as she woke, her limber body languidly stretching beneath the covers. She’d turned the heat off last night just before turning in, and by now her bedroom was almost cold enough to see her breath. It was perfect. If there was anything in life better than a warm bed on a cold morning, she hadn’t found it yet.

She opened one bleary eye to check the time, and all but purred when she saw that it wasn’t even dawn yet. She didn’t know what had woken her up so early, and she couldn’t care less. The important thing was that she still had hours and hours yet to snuggle into her warm cocoon before she had to get up. She shifted her tails slightly, nuzzled the one she was using as a pillow, and began to drift back to sleep.

And then the covers were ripped away from her, and something rolled her over onto her stomach and forced her legs apart. More than half asleep already, Sakura struggled weakly as her face was shoved against her tail pillow. A heavy weight slammed on top of her… and in her. The pink haired fox screamed into her pillow, all vestiges of sleep gone in an instant, as she was roughly penetrated, the invading object thrusting deep inside.

“I thought the others were exaggerating when they told me how good furry twat was,” exclaimed an unfamiliar male voice. “But fuck me if I’ve ever met a fuckhole this hot or soft!” The girl flinched as the unseen man gave her a sharp smack on the ass. “Let’s take you for a ride, foxy, see what you can do.” She didn’t want to believe what was happening. She was in her own home, her own bed, on what seconds ago had been a completely unremarkable day. She couldn’t be getting pinned down and raped by a complete stranger!

But reality refused to be ignored. His hands were buried in her hair, shoving her face deeper into the mattress as he eagerly pounded her. His fat mushroom head felt impossibly large and rough as it scrubbed her dry folds. Sakura wasn’t a virgin, and she’d enjoyed lovers of more than one sex before, but she was used to foreplay and gentle lovemaking. What this home invader was doing to her body felt nothing like any sexual experience she’d ever had. It felt more like getting beaten, just with his cock instead of his fists. She flailed wildly at him with her tails, unable to see what she was doing, and managed to twist her head to the side. “Help!” she screamed. “Someone he-“

The pink haired girl gagged as something tightened around her throat. Her fingers clawed at her neck and he casually slapped them away. Her tail! He was choking her with her own tail! Her body bent backwards trying to find some slack that would let her breathe, but her soft fur remained an inescapable noose.

“I don’t like unruly bitches that go around barking and making noise,” he hissed into her ear. His breath was hot and stank of tobacco. “I like happy sluts with wiggly tushies and eager tongues. Are you a bitch or a slut?”

Sakura wanted to insist that she was neither, but her lungs were already burning. Whoever had broken into her home was clearly insane and violent: she couldn’t predict how far he would go if she pushed him, and her dignity wasn’t worth her life. “S… slut…” she choked out reluctantly.

To her relief, the pressure against her throat eased just enough to let her breathe again. Her assailant pushed her face back down into the pillow, and began to fuck her at an even harder pace. “Yeah you are” he breathed. “My little pink haired slut with the tightest twat I’ve ever seen. Fuck…” His movements grew stronger and more erratic. “Little… fox eared… slut!” He grabbed her ears and yanked back on them as his hips smashed into hers a final time. Both of them screamed, one in agony and one in joy, as his load painted the inner depths of her pussy.

Sakura panted, her mind a cacophony of terror and pain that made it difficult to think straight. Was it over? Would he finally leave her a- she squealed as he smacked the top of her ass hard. “I didn’t tell you to make me cum yet,” he snarled, punctuating every few words with another heavy slap that made her whole body jerk. “Did I tell you to make me cum?! Did I?!”

“N-no,” she mumbled once she realized that he expected an answer. He was still inside her. And to her dismay, he felt as hard as ever despite finishing. She’d always heard that humans – and that’s what she had to assume he was, because no fox of Hanei would do something like this – had far less stamina than kitsune when it came to sex.

Sakura screamed in agony once more as he pinched one of her pussy lips between his fingers and pulled. “Then why,” he growled, tugging her vulnerable flesh like he meant to rip it off, “did that tight, greedy twat of yours suck my cum out without permission?!”

“I-I-I’m sorry,” she wailed. “Sorry that I, I, that I made you cum without permission!” Her voice went up an octave as she felt something begin to tear. “Please l-let me try again! Please!”

He released her pussy lips, and she collapsed onto the bed. “Should’ve known an animal would need to be trained first,” he said, sounding more amused than angry. “Now get started.”

He only had to slap her ass one more time before Sakura got the message and rose to her knees to begin fucking herself on him. He held tightly onto the tail around her throat, using it as a leash to prevent her from escaping. This is insane, she thought, as she forced the cock belonging to a man whose face she hadn’t even seen yet in and out of her dry channel. Her entire pussy burned like it was on fire after being scraped raw, and it was becoming harder for him to move inside of her, not easier, as her walls swelled up. She had to get away from this lunatic and find help. If she could just get outside, she’d be free.

Where were her parents? Their house wasn’t a large one, and Goddess knew how many times she’d heard the two of them going at it. There was no way they couldn’t hear what was happening in her room right now. Had he done something to them? She pictured her parents dead in their bed, and her pleasuring their killer, and was nearly sick. More than once, Sakura considered trying to overpower him. Save for the tail leash, he hadn’t bound her in any way. But he would if she tried to struggle, and then she’d have no hope at all of escape. And even if she wasn’t tired and naked and sore, she wasn’t any kind of fighter. Her best chance for now was to wait for an opportunity to run.

Before long, a new problem began to demand her attention: she was freezing. Without her warm sheets, the room was unpleasantly cold, and soon her teeth were chattering while she continued helping a stranger enjoy her body. The cold air on her skin only made the heat of his prick inside her stand out more starkly. “M-m-may I h-have the b-blanket, please?” she asked. “Sir?”

“Fuck you, fox,” he said amiably. “You want to warm up, I’ll send some hot cum down your throat later. I’m not giving a perfectly good blanket to an animal.” He laughed as though he’d said something funny. Unable to argue, Sakura only whimpered softly and kept fucking him.

For long minutes she pleasured him with her sore pussy. Sometimes he ordered her to go faster or slower. Whenever his cock began to pulse and swell he’d order her to stop, letting his orgasm stall and fade. “If all I wanted was to shoot my load,” he told her at one point, “I’ve got two good hands. When it comes to sex, spurting is just the icing on the cake, and I like to savor my sluts.”

The thought of having even more of his cum inside of her made her sick, but before long Sakura was silently begging him to finish. She was already as wet as she was going to get, and fucking him still felt like shredding her own pussy walls with her fingernails. Her healing factor was responsible for much of the torture; instead of her nerve endings getting ripped up, making her insides numb and sparing her pain, they were constantly getting healed, which let them keep broadcasting frantic signals, just as her flesh kept healing enough to be savaged over and over.

Meanwhile, the rest of her was so cold that it was physically painful. It was far colder in the room than when she’d woken up, the temperature plummeting by at least ten degrees Celsius. All she wanted was to curl up in a blanket somewhere warm, but she couldn’t, not until this monster let her go.

Frigid dawn light filled her bedroom by the time she voiced her thoughts, whispering “please… please cum…” It had to have been hours by now, hours of pain and cold and his fat disgusting cock sliding in and out of her.

He laughed. “Your greedy twat is getting hungry, huh? Wants to suck out more of my cream?” Shame dyed Sakura’s face red as she nodded, accepting the humiliation if it meant ending this sooner. “Then say so. Beg me for it, slut.”

“Please… please feed m-my greedy t-twat,” she stammered. “It wants your, your cream, please. Sir.”

She squealed as he smacked her ass again without warning. “You can do better than that,” he scolded. “This isn’t a library, you don’t have to whisper. Put some energy into it! Show me what a needy slut you are. Convince me that there’s nothing you want more right now than my sticky seed coating your womb.”

The mental image nearly made her puke, but she was at her wit’s end. Anything was better than this frozen hell. “Please, I can’t live without your cum,” she pleaded.

Another smack. “Louder!”

“I need your cum!” she shouted. “Please give me your cum!”

“Is that the best you can do?” he mocked. “Maybe I should just snap your neck and go find me a fox slut who can obey simple orders. Louder!”

Please!” Sakura howled at the top of her lungs, certain that he wasn’t bluffing. “Please feed my hungry twat, sir! It needs your seed! I’ll die without it!

He chuckled. “Hopeless little slut. Alright, if you’re that desperate for it, eat up!”

She gritted her teeth and fucked herself hard on him, ignoring all of her body’s protests. Just a little more, she told herself as she slammed her own hips against his groin. Just a little more and this can be over. She felt him pulse and swell like he’d done half a hundred times already, but this time he didn’t tell her to stop. She threw the last of her energy into it, panting and thrusting until finally, finally, she felt warm slime gush out of him. Even its heat couldn’t stop her stomach from doing flip flops at the sensation. She’d successfully raped herself for him.

“That wasn’t half bad,” he said, sounding satisfied. “Keep it up and you might actually be a decent pet someday. It’d be a waste for someone with a cunt this nice to not be using it all day long and proper.’ He patted her sweaty hair like he was petting an animal. “You were whining about the cold earlier, right? Here.”

More liquid began to fill her insides. It was less viscous than before, and a much more powerful stream that made her squirm in pain as it struck her abused walls. He… he couldn’t have… “There, some hot piss to warm up my new fleshlight,” he said, confirming the nightmare.  “I think that was a long enough break, don’t you? Giddy up foxy, let’s see how well you can do this time.”

Sakura’s brain refused to comprehend his words at first. This was over. It had to be. He’d already finished twice, he couldn’t possibly go for a third round. He couldn’t! This was supposed to be the end!

But his cock was still long and hard inside her, and when he spoke again there was an edge of impatience in his voice. “You were doing so good just now, slut. Don’t make me punish you for being a lazy bitch.” Weeping softly, Sakura began to fuck herself on him again.

The day grew no colder as time passed, but no warmer either. She pleaded with him again and again to cum, all of her dignity frozen and dead inside her, but he always refused. “What’s your hurry, slut?” he asked her. “We’ve got all day long to play with your furry twat.”

She had to get away. She was terrified and exhausted and in more pain than she’d ever thought possible, but she couldn’t go on like this. Waiting him out wasn’t working. Praying that somebody would notice her absence and investigate her home wasn’t working. She was increasingly certain that escape was the only way out.

“P-please sir, m-may I, I want t-to…” Sakura scrambled to find the right words to entice him, her teeth still chattering from the cold. “I w-want to taste you, sir. W-with my mouth.” If he wanted to take her orally, he’d have to move, and let go of the wretched tail leash for a moment. She’d only get one chance, but if she was ready for it, she could be out the door and halfway down the street in seconds.

“Can’t wait to guzzle some sperm?” he asked, amused.

“Yes! I, I mean no! I mean… please let me s-suck you, sir. I p-promise to do my best. I, I, I want to savor your th-thick cream.”

To her relief, his cock slid out of her. “How about a trade?”  She froze as his cum-slick head kissed her anal ring. “You show me what a good butt slut you can be, and I’ll let you gargle all the dick snot you want after.”

Oh Goddess. She’d never done anal before, never even considered doing anal before. The idea of giving this man her anal virginity was horrifying and disgusting and unfair… and the only way she saw out of this. “Yes, please,” she whispered. “P-please use my ass, sir.”

This time he didn’t smack her ass. He reached down and pinched her clitoral hood instead, crushing the sensitive fold between two fingernails. “I said butt slut, not sad whiny bitch,” he complained as she screeched in agony. “Wiggly tushies, remember? Try again.”

Sakura felt like the lowest, most pathetic creature in the world as she wagged her ass back and forth to amuse the man who was going to rape it. “Please f-fuck your foxy slut’s ass, s-sir!” she shouted. “It will b-be even tighter than her f-f-furry twat, and j-just as hungry!”

His cockhead found her anus again, and began to apply an uncomfortable pressure. “Tell me how much you love this,” he ordered. “Don’t stop until I’m all the way in. And pull those plump cheeks apart. Show me this hole you want stuffed.”

“I l-love it!” she exclaimed loudly as she reached back and spread her ass for him. “I can’t w-wait to feel your f-fat cock in my butt! It’s going t-to feel so good!” The uncomfortable pressure transitioned to pain. Sakura knew that tensing up would only make things worse,.but she couldn’t help it. Her anus was squeezed tightly shut in an instinctive attempt to block the would be intruder.

His cock felt like an iron club as it pressed down on her defenses, and its mushroom head flattened out against her cheeks. It was so much wider than her that she actually felt relief. It was impossible to force something so large into a hole that small. He’d have to realize that in a minute, and then he would give up.

Part of her wasn’t so sure.

“Fuck m-my ass!” she shouted. “I w-want to be your butt s-slut!” The pressure on her asshole vanished, but before she could feel any relief, it slammed back into her hard enough to nearly knock her over. He’d rammed into her with his cock as though he intended to impale her on it. He did it again and again, her anus growing more sore each time as it was beaten by his dick.

And then she felt something give, and he was inside her, her clenched anus stretched around his thick head. Her voice cut off, her entire body went rigid, and for a moment Sakura didn’t notice the cold or her aching insides. Then she began to scream.

Her senses told her that she was being ripped down the middle, speared right through the guts. New pain blossomed alongside it as he pinched her clitoral hood again. “I didn’t tell you to stop talking,” he growled. “You’ve still got eight more inches to go.”

“I… I… oh goddess… I l-love it… it’s such a p-perfect fit…” Sakura could do nothing but cheer him on as he doggedly worked his cock into her a millimeter at a time. “Thank you f-for this, sir…” She couldn’t even tell how much of him was left. Her bleeding asshole insisted that he must have several feet inside her. Every time he made more progress forward, she prayed that he was all the way in, but he just kept going.

Finally, his groin pressed against her, his balls slapping her pussy. He was done. “That’s my half of the work finished,” he said cheerfully. “Get to it, butt slut.”

Sakura greeted the news that she would be expected to do the rest with dull despair. She gritted her teeth and began to pull herself off of him. It was as slow a process as insertion, and just as painful. He’d forced her rectum to mold itself to him on the way in, and now it clung to him on the way out. His thick head felt like a leaden weight buried inside her, and it was taking all of her strength to slowly, slowly drag it out of her bowels.

Her anal rape felt like it had already lasted even longer than the previous assault by the time her anal ring widened to hug the emerging cockhead. Every instinct screamed at her to keep going just a little further, and expel the dirty, massive, disgusting tool from her body. But he wanted her to be a… a good butt slut, and if she didn’t play along, even her slim chance of escape would likely vanish. So she pushed herself against him instead, and wanted to weep as she felt the source of her misery begin to sink back into her aching tunnel.

“I knew you were built to be a good butt slut,” he crowed. “Look at you, working so hard to give me a long, slow assfuck. Take your time, slut. Make it last.”

“Y-yes, sir,” Sakura gasped out. With each thrust, her back passage loosened a little more and became easier to move in, but no less awful. Her world shrank to coldness, pain, and humiliation as she worked his cock in and out of her bowels again, and again, and again, and again… it felt like weeks had passed by the time he grabbed her hips and began fucking her himself as his cock pulsed inside her. She felt him begin to ejaculate, spraying his seed up and down the length of her rectum. He was fully seated in her when he stopped, letting the last spurts go even further than his cock had managed.

“M-may I t-taste you n-now, s-sir?”

“Hungry, hungry fox slut,” he said with a chuckle. “Yeah, never let it be said that I don’t keep my pets well fed.” And then finally, after hours and hours of abuse and shame, the moment she’d been waiting for arrived. He shifted around on the bed, and she felt him let go of the tail leash.

Sakura bolted away with everything she had. She expected him to chase after her, but he seemed frozen by surprise. She was naked and had cum running down her legs, but she didn’t feel even a moment’s hesitation or shame about throwing open the front door and racing out into the open air towards freedom. She’d made it! She’d made it! She’d…

The pink haired girl looked around and began to shiver violently from a chill that had nothing to do with the cruel winter air.

This wasn’t the village. This was hell.

All around her, in every direction, were kitsune being raped. Every face was familiar to her, belonging to someone she’d known for decades. Kitsune begged and screamed and sobbed as they were violated singly and in groups by men clad in military gear. In the distance, she could hear more moans and wails. The invaders were handling their captives with casual brutality. Sakura saw foxes choking as their faces were ground into the dirt, foxes who must have tried to run and had limbs broken or tails ripped off in retaliation, foxes bleeding as two or even three men stuffed themselves into the same hole.

She let out an involuntary sob at the sight of her parents, not twenty feet away. Her father was alive, but he was bloody and bound, all of his limbs twisted in unnatural angles, as he watched his wife being raped right next to him. Cum was spurting out of the woman’s nose as Sakura’s mother was violently facefucked by a grinning soldier. The one behind her held what her daughter recognized as the family’s own cordless iron. He had it pressed against the small of her back, made her scream and buck against him as her flesh sizzled.

The pink haired girl’s legs trembled as she took in the scene of devastation. The unknown soldiers didn’t seem to have noticed her yet, intent on enjoying their prizes, but it was only a matter of time before someone spotted an unattended kitsune. She backed away slowly towards her home until her shoulder blades bumped into the door behind her, and then spun around to throw it open and dart inside.

Except that her door wouldn’t open, the lock rattling as she twisted the knob frantically. “There some kind of problem out there?” called her rapist cheerfully from behind the door, and a shiver went down Sakura’s spine. He knew exactly what she was seeing out there.

“P-please let me in,” she begged. She knew that meant returning to the same nightmare she’d just escaped from, but the thought of entertaining a single sadist was preferable to being gangraped by an army. “I… I won’t try to run again, please!”

The door swung open, and she moved to get inside, but he stood in the door frame blocking her from entering. It was her first good look at the man who’d spent the morning raping her, and it didn’t make her feel any better about the experience. He wasn’t particularly ugly, or even out of shape – she wouldn’t have been attracted to him if he was a kitsune, but she wouldn’t have been repulsed either – but there was a sick gleam to his eyes that made her feel small and helpless. It was a look that told her, as clearly as anything he and his cock had done to her today, that he saw her as nothing more than a plaything.

“Sorry,” he drawled with a grin, “but you look like a fine, upstanding young woman to me. I only like to spend time with sluts. Happy, playful sluts who can’t wait to have some fun.”

Forcing a smile onto her face was harder than any filthy task she’d performed for him, but she managed it, burying her pride somewhere deep down. “I… I can be a slut for you. Please let me a slut for you… sir.” She turned around and wagged her ass back and forth. “S-see, I, I’ve got a wiggly tushie just f-for you, sir.”

He sucked at his teeth as he looked her up and down, reveling in her fear and humiliation. “Hmm, I don’t know… but I’m willing to be convinced. Go see what the others think.”

“O-others?” Sakura asked weakly.

The man pointed behind her, right at her parents. “Yeah, those are your folks, right? Tossed them out here just before I came into your bedroom for some private time. Go let them know what their daughter is.” He leaned in close and whispered what he wanted from her. Sakura shuddered and looked up at him helplessly. Why? He’d already done so much to her, and now she was giving him permission to do even worse. Why did he have to be so cruel too? But he answered her look with one of pleased, guilt free sadism, and her head sank. “You’re right,” he said, as though she’d voiced her thoughts. “What am I thinking, letting an animal like you run around without a leash? One second.”

After everything she’d been through, Sakura couldn’t spare more than a pained whimper when he produced a knife and calmly sawed through three of her tails. He knotted them together and then tied one end of the gruesome rope around her neck, tight enough to press uncomfortably on the hollow of her throat. Holding the other end in his hand, he clicked his tongue. “There now, get moving. Or don’t, if you’re not up for it. There’s plenty of men here who’d be happy to play with you today, slut or not. I could always find someone else who’d appreciate my attention more.”

The pink haired girl took the hint and numbly walked over to her parents. The soldiers paid her barely any attention, focused on enjoying their captives, but she saw her mother shudder as she took in her daughter’s state, and saw fresh tears come to her father’s eyes. Sakura took a deep breath, prayed for something or someone to save them from this, and then got started. She turned around and bent over, sticking her ass out towards them. “L-look at what a… a happy butt slut I am n-now,” she stammered, trying to make herself sound cheerful like he’d ordered.

She pulled her cheeks apart, showing her parents the red and raw asshole that had just been raped. “See how much hot cream my new owner filled me with?” she asked, feeling some of his seed dribbling out of her. “Doesn’t it look tasty?” She forced two fingers into her sore butt, grimacing in pain, and scooped out some of the white filth. Then she forced a smile onto her face and turned her head to let her parents see her lap it off of her fingers. “Y-yum yum yum…”

That was all she’d been ordered to do, but when Sakura looked back at her rapist and captor, he was holding his stiff cock in his hand with a smile. “If you thought that was tasty,” he suggested, “why not try some straight from the tap?” He stepped closer until his filthy cock was just inches from her face, fresh precum already leaking from the tip. It looked disgusting, and even if she were to close her eyes from the sight and make herself forget that it had been balls deep in her guts only a few minutes ago, the stink of it communicated all too clearly what they’d just been doing. “I promised you some warm cum to chase away the cold, after all. Fix yourself a hot drink, and then we’ll go back inside for another nice long pussy fuck.”

Fresh tears of humiliation trickled down her cheeks as she opened her mouth and let him in.

At first, Sakura expected him to shoving himself deeper at any moment. That was exactly what one of his comrades was doing to her mother, his scrotum slapping against her chin as he violently thrust in and out of her throat. But her – she resisted the word, but it came to her anyway – her owner seemed content to just stand there. Eventually she realized that he was perfectly happy to not make her do anything. The others around her were being brutally raped, but Sakura? She was going to have to suck and lick and play with him until he was satisfied.

The tips of her ears were nearly as pink as her hair as she gave him what he wanted, running her tongue over his thick shaft. To her disgust, it felt familiar to her; after hours of taking it into herself, of intimately feeling every inch as she squeezed for his pleasure, she almost knew the shape of his prick as readily as her own face. The bump rubbing against the roof of her mouth was the same one that occasionally stimulated her sensitive spots, bringing a rush of shame and pleasure. The vein she was tonguing was the one that would pulse while he was close to finishing, as though she was feeling his sperm travel through him on its way to be spat into her insides.

Sakura felt him begin to twitch inside her, and then whatever tiny vestiges of hope she’d had of getting this over quickly died as he pulled himself out of her to stop the approaching orgasm. His cock was still sticky with cum as he rested it against her face, leaving a dirty wet smear. “No hurry, right foxy?” he asked.

“N-no, sir,” she agreed. She watched her mother get raped for a minute more before he rubbed his cock against her lips and she swallowed him back up.

The humans’ faces made satisfying crunches when Ichika punched them. It wasn’t much, but in this spiraling disaster of a day, she had to take joy wherever she could find it.

The squad had been fifteen men strong when the three kitsune had found it. Now, the last soldier upright trembled as he pointed his gun at Ichika. “D-don’t move! You bitch!” If it hadn’t all been so tragic, she would’ve found his terrified anger amusing. He was barely more than a child.

Miku and Kumi paced around the man, growling. The twins were two of her best fighters, especially when they were together and on four legs. They spent more time out of the village than they did in it, preferring to live off the land in their natural forms. About the only times they showed up regularly was during celebrations, particularly ones involving alcohol. There wasn’t a man or woman around that they couldn’t drink under the table.

They weren’t in a festive mood right now, though. Both foxes were soaked in blood, and not all of it was human. These intruders weren’t much on their own, but their sheer numbers and firearms made them more than a threat. Ichika herself had accumulated at least three bullet wounds in various stages of healing. They’d come prepared for fighting foxes too; kitsune weren’t immune to bullets in the first place, but the high calibre rounds they’d brought left wounds that their regeneration couldn’t handle quickly.

The twins’ growling must have spooked the man, because he pulled the trigger without waiting to see if she’d obey his order. The kitsune captain twisted to the side, narrowly dodging, and lunged forward before he could shoot again. The tip of her spear sank into his belly, and a flick of her wrist sent some of his guts splattering to the ground. Ichika yanked the spear back out, and her opponent slumped to the ground to join the dead and dying.

The village was lost. It didn’t take a tactical genius to see that. The foxfire illusions that had kept them safe for centuries had proven utterly worthless. Ichika had taken Hanabi’s story of a woman who could see through foxfire at face value, though inwardly she’d hoped that the tale had been exaggerated by the girl’s trauma, but it had seemed impossible for a single woman to defeat the numerous and powerful wards in place. But the truth was undeniable. The invading force had entered the village simultaneously from at least six different points, all of which would have been independently guarded. The only way something like that could happen was if the foxfire hadn’t worked.

With their best line of defense utterly compromised, they’d been helpless. The soldiers hadn’t positioned themselves at random, either; they’d seized control of the most likely routes the kitsune would take to escape. Already dozens, maybe hundreds of villagers trying to flee had been captured. As for the extra sentries who’d been monitoring the forest… she’d heard nothing from them, and received no response to the emergency flares they’d shot up. At this point, after seeing what the soldiers were doing to the captured villagers, the most she could hope for was that they’d been killed quickly and painlessly.

Even the meager resistance they were mounting now was almost entirely thanks to the captain’s habit of waking up early for her morning routine. If she hadn’t already been up and outside when the soldiers came in, and close enough to the police station to race inside and start sounding the alarms, there might have been no one at all standing up to the invaders right now. And she’d still been too late for many; she’d gone to her brother’s house next, hoping to both confirm her family’s safety and recruit his help in their defense, but Kamio’s home was already damaged and empty, save for the corpses of soldiers.

Ichika wanted to throw her head back and scream at the heavens. This was all her fault. It didn’t matter that no one had ever anticipated a coordinated military assault on this scale. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t have known the wards wouldn’t do their job. It didn’t matter that she had only a few dozen kitsune at her command, a paltry force against these kinds of numbers. Defending the village had been her responsibility. Every man, woman, and child in the village had trusted her to keep them safe, and she’d failed them. She’d thought that after all this time she’d become someone stronger, someone who could protect the people she cared about… but she felt just as helpless as she ever had.

The blonde captain tried to shake the dark thoughts from her head. She didn’t have time for guilt. The village was lost, but there were still individuals who could be saved. If she could break through one of the chokepoints, some of the citizens would be able to flee into the forest. It was all she could do right now. Save the ones she could, and then go from there.

They were nearly there now. This was the most developed part of the village, with enough houses and roads that it almost resembled a genuine city. She’d chosen this section deliberately: the urban structures blocked the view, providing them a chance to reach the chokepoint without being seen. This squad had been the last thing standing between them and their destination.

Ichika looked at the twins and they nodded back wordlessly. They knew how suicidal this mission was likely to turn out. They couldn’t see what was waiting for them any more than the enemy could see them, so they didn’t even know what they were going up against. But given the number of invaders, it would probably be the three of them against a literal army; in all likelihood, they were walking to their deaths. But it was the only way.

The scent reached Miku first and she growled out a warning. A moment later Kumi echoed it. It took Ichika’s human form just a little longer to pick it up. Something was coming. Not quite human, and not quite fox. Something she’d never smelled before.

The gray furred beast attacked so quickly that Ichika didn’t even have time to bring up her spear. It moved like lightning, streaking into view from around the corner and barreling into her with the force of a freight train. She hit the ground hard, the monster’s teeth already going for her neck, and only her natural reflexes saved her, her hands coming up to grapple with the beast.

The thing on top of her looked like a fox, but her nose told her that wasn’t true. Whatever it was, it was sickeningly strong. Ichika had always prided herself on being one of the strongest kitsune in the village, physically speaking, but it was all she could do to hold the beast’s head back. It was far stronger than her, and quicker too.

With her hands desperately struggling against its jaws, she couldn’t defend the rest of herself. Its claws sliced her open at the stomach, disemboweling her as thoroughly as she’d just done to the human soldier.

The weight atop her abruptly vanished. Miku and Kumi rolled around with the not-fox, biting and clawing. It was stronger than both of them put together, but they’d hunted together for most of their lives. The pair worked in tandem, using pack tactics and taking advantage of blind spots.

If their opponent had been a kitsune, even an absurdly powerful one, that would have been the end of the fight. For all its strength and speed, the beast was clumsy, and the twins left the thing bleeding in half a dozen different places, each wound too serious to heal quickly. But it wasn’t a kitsune, and the sight of its wounds closing up before her eyes sent a spike of pure terror through Ichika.

This thing had to be a gumiho. It didn’t seem as powerful as the ones she’d heard horror stories about, but it was still stronger, faster, and sturdier than any natural kitsune. A hundred soldiers would’ve been less of a threat than this one monster. Ichika had no idea how these humans had persuaded such a creature to ally with them. It was patently ridiculous. Gumiho ate humans. This was like seeing mice with a pet cat.

The twins must have had the same realization, because they drew back, caution overtaking their more aggressive instincts. That proved a mistake, as the beast had no such hesitation. It tackled Kumi, and neither she nor her sister could stop the thing from sinking its teeth into her neck. Ichika expected to see blood spray up, but no such thing happened.

Despite that, Kumi howled in agony, and something buried in the fur around the monster’s throat glowed. Ichika felt a wave of sharp cold sweep through her, and suddenly Kumi transformed, becoming a human clothed only in her fox skin. Her figure was slender, and her shaggy brown hair went all the way down to her tails. The kitsune squirmed beneath the beast, its jaws still tight around her throat.

Claws ripped away Kumi’s fox skin, and the woman was rendered naked under her assailant. Her struggles increased, becoming a frenzied panic at odds with her usual grace. It didn’t take long to see why: the gumiho was fully erect, its thick cock rubbing against its foe’s flat stomach. Kumi shuddered as it humped her eagerly, making its intentions for her all too clear.

Her sister sprang forward to help her, but the beast had expected her move. Six of its tails intercepted her, catching the fox mid stride and lifting her up into the air. Miku struggled against them, until there was an ugly crack of bones breaking, and then she screamed and went limp. The cracking sounds didn’t cease. The gumiho toyed with Miku’s body, snapping bone after bone almost casually as it molested her sister.

The blonde captain forced herself to sit up, and the wave of dizziness and nausea that came nearly knocked her out. Her stomach still hung open, blood and viscera leaking out past her hands. It wasn’t a fatal wound – probably, maybe – but for now she was as helpless as a baby rodent.

Kumi jolted as the beast’s cock rammed between her legs, hitting her like a sledgehammer. It was far too big, but its jaws were still pinning her down, and it pushed. Ichika’s friend for centuries wailed as the monster overpowered her resistance and crammed its throbbing prick into her. Her screams were drowned out by its howl of triumph as it began violently fucking her.

Ichika watched the rape in horror. She longed to look away, but she forced herself to watch. It was the least she could do for the woman. That was why she saw clearly what the beast did to Miku. It pulled her limp form close, and pressed the thing on its neck -a metal collar – against the fox’s bloody side. The collar glowed, another wave of cold sweeping out of it to buffet the captain, and Miku transformed just as her sister had.

The woman’s fox skin fell to the ground as sliced up rags, and then Miku let out a scream that was cut off as soon as it started. The gumiho had stuffed one of its tails down her throat to silence her. And… Ichika turned her head and threw up. Its violation wasn’t limited to the poor girl’s throat. Even as it rammed its tail in and out of her choking gullet, even as its cock tore up her twin sister’s insides to sate its lust, more tails were forcing their way into her pussy and asshole. Both sisters moaned in obscene harmony as the gumiho raped them.

Still clutching her stomach with one hand to keep her insides from falling out, Ichika crawled backwards with the other, slowly making her way across the dirt as she inched away from the gumiho, her eyes remaining fixed on it. The monster ignored her retreat, intent on enjoying its two captive kitsune. Or maybe it just knew that it could catch up to her in moments, and saw no reason to interrupt its fun.

Kumi’s screams rose by an octave, and Ichika saw her belly bulge slightly at the same time her rapist howled happily, not slowing down as it pumped her full of cum. It pulled out of her, the last of its load spurting onto her chest and stomach. Its prick was as hard and thick as ever, and with easy familiarity the beast switched the positions of its victims. Miku was slammed down onto the ground, while Kumi was pulled up into the air by writhing tails that sank into her holes. Less than ten seconds after it finished raping Kumi, the gumiho was already pounding her sister.

A gunshot rang out, and the gumiho stiffened, its right eye now just a bloody socket.

Ichika took careful aim with the stolen gun and fired again, just barely missing its other eye. The guns that had been intended for killing kitsune weren’t nearly as effective on gumiho, but they were still powerful enough to pack a punch.

The creature bellowed with rage and let Kumi drop to the ground. A moment later Miku cried out as it ripped itself out of her, nearly turning her inside out in the process. Ichika emptied the rest of the gun into it, but it didn’t seem to do much more than annoy it. She was so exhausted that the gun felt like it weighed a hundred pounds as it slipped from her fingers.

The gumiho charged at her. Whether to kill, rape, or eat her, she had no idea. Probably all three, in one order or another. Ichika could only slump down and wait for it. The beast leapt.

And then jerked to a stop in midair.

Blood dripped down the length of Ichika’s spear as she dismissed the foxfire that had concealed it. At any other time a simple cloak like that would’ve been effortless, but in this unnaturally bitter cold, that single working of foxfire had required everything she had. She’d braced the spear with her own body, and the impact had been powerful enough to drive the butt of the spear into her flesh, but it was nothing compared to what the gumiho had intended for her.

The beast snarled and snapped at her, but its own momentum had driven the thick spear through its entire body, and combined with the wounds the twins had given it and the gunshots, it was too much damage for even its fabled healing powers to overcome. Its cries weakened, and the monster’s remaining eye closed forever.

The three kitsune slowly picked themselves back up. Ichika was light headed, and her fingers trembled so badly she could barely grip her spear. Miku and Kumi were huddled together, weeping. None of them were in any shape to keep fighting. Their plan had failed before it had even begun.

Ichika allowed herself to feel just a hint of pride though. Three kitsune defeating a gumiho all by themselves: it was the sort of feat people wrote songs about. She had no expectations that there would be any song about this, of course. No one would ever know about what they’d done. Still, it was a major blow against the enemy. She still didn’t know their full numbers, but a mythical creature like this had to have been one of their trump cards.

A new scent made her gasp. Another?! There was no denying that the creature approaching smelled just like the dead gumiho at their feet. How could they have possibly found and recruited two of the damned things?! “Come on,” she wheezed, lurching forward. “We have to… fall back…”

She scented a third. A fourth. A fifth.

Half convinced now that this had to be a nightmare, Ichika loped away in her fox form, spear clenched in her teeth, the twins just behind her. They sought higher ground, abandoning the buildings that had offered them cover. Cover wouldn’t stop a gumiho from sniffing them out. What she wanted more than anything right now was to see. Her nose had to be lying to her. This morning, she would’ve doubted that there were more than a dozen gumiho left in the entire world, and now she was supposed to believe that a bunch of humans had that many at their beck and call?

The kitsune reached the open air, and Ichika twisted around to see the choke point behind them. Just as they’d expected, a small army of the humans milled there, more than the trio could have possibly defeated.

And gumiho. Dozens and dozens of gumiho.

Ichika laughed hollowly as she watched the impossible enemy spreading out. She could smell even more in all directions. There had to be hundreds of them altogether, maybe even more gumiho here than there were kitsune. This was complete madness. She let her spear drop from her teeth and sank to the ground, laughing until she cried. Miku and Kumi were still running, calling for her to join them, but she ignored them. There was no point in going anywhere.

The guilt that had plagued her was gone. The village hadn’t fallen because of any inadequacy on her part. Given a hundred times as many warriors and a decade to prepare, this fight would have gone the same way. If things had been like they were before, back during the War, then maybe they would have a chance, but now? No. Nothing she’d done would have mattered. She didn’t matter. The village didn’t matter. They were an anthill being stamped by a boot.

She was still laughing when the gumiho reached her.

Jessica Wilmingshire padded quietly behind Master Levi in her fox form, her head low. His attention wasn’t on her right now, and she was happy to keep it that way, which meant remaining on her best behavior and not drawing his attention. The leash clipped to his belt was too short to offer much of any slack. Crawl a little too slowly, and it would catch and choke her. Crawl a little too quickly, and she would bump into the back of his legs. She knew from experience that either could merit punishment. So she moved with extreme care, doing her best to match his stride perfectly.

Her hyper vigilance was motivated by more than just healthy fear of her owner. The more attention she paid to crawling perfectly and silently, the less she had for the horrors all around her. There had been a time when the scenes of brutality would have excited her. For years she’d seen women experience these sorts of abuses and worse, and her usual reaction had been amusement or indifference. But that had been before she learned her true place in the world, before she’d found out, repeatedly and with great detail, just what it felt like to be on the receiving end of the games she’d enjoyed so much.

Nearby, a fox woman was slumped against the wall of a house, her face pressed against it while soldiers took turns enjoying her ass from behind. It looked like a very uncomfortable position, but after a few seconds Jessica realized why the woman was in it: they’d nailed her tongue to the wall. The kitsune looked exhausted, and tears dripped to the ground in a steady rain, but her hips kept moving in a frenzy, violently fucking her own bleeding asshole on the men. She knew that the minute she stopped and made them fuck her themselves was the minute her tongue would be ripped right out of her mouth.

One of the soldiers waiting his turn snickered and pointed his cock at the wall. “Must be getting thirsty, right whore?” he asked as he began spraying the side of the house with urine. Some it splashed back to land on her face, and droplets of it rolled down the wall to meet her tongue. “There you go! A warm drink for our little ass slut!”

“Eehnk ewww,” she croaked.

It was a grotesque sight, but there were others around that would have eagerly traded places with the woman. Many of the troops brought by Master Levi had been human, but even more were vulpan. Their sexual appetites were nearly insatiable, and Jessica knew all too well how viciously they raped their victims. These kitsune were as much their pay as they were their targets. They had to hold back a little with other women, lest they go too far and literally fuck them to death, but the foxes had no such hope of an easy escape like that. Dozens of them were wailing and sobbing as vulpan mounted them, plunging their impossibly massive cocks into their favorite orifices.

It wasn’t only their cocks that they used, either. Vulpan tails could be quite sensitive, a fact that Master Levi frequently reminded her of. Ramming one into someone’s body and fucking them with it didn’t seem to be quite as pleasurable as using their dicks, but there was nothing stopping them from doing both. Jessica crawled by a woman close enough to touch who was flat on her back, arms and legs pinned and spread wide by four vulpan tails. The bestial soldier raping her was crouched over her head, beating her face black and blue as he repeatedly dropped his weight onto her, smashing his crotch against her head over and over while she choked on him. His other five tails were crammed into her lower holes, ramrodding them while she bucked and twisted, helpless to get away or draw breath. A happy howl from the vulpan and pitiful gurgling from his victim told Jessica that he’d just finished in her again, but his cock and tails showed no signs of slowing, let alone stopping. Jessica hoped that for the fox woman’s sake he grew bored of her before he pumped enough cum into her stomach to rupture something.

None of the vulpan here were the original ones that Jessica had met only briefly three years ago, as part of a violent orgy with Celeste and their former leader Akemi. Their kind were all long dead and gone. The lucky ones had perished shortly after their arrival at Paragon, picked off one by one before they knew what was happening. The others had been detained en masse and kept alive for months as guinea pigs, up to and including having their bodies turned literally inside out to study all the properties of their fox marbles. Only Akemi was left now, and she hadn’t touched a fox skin since the day Master Levi had ripped hers out of her.

Even after all this time, Jessica had difficulty thinking of herself as one of the vulpan. It was particularly ironic given that her fox form had become her default state in captivity. With rare exception, the only time she was allowed to be anything more than Master Levi’s ill treated and four legged pet was when he wanted to fuck her. There seemed to be a world of difference between herself and the savage, bloodthirsty creatures under his command, though.

For one, she was far smaller than them. A vulpan’s form closely resembled that of the fox their skin had belonged to, and the one that he’d forced upon her was one of the rejected ones. She was even smaller than a natural fox, and while the fox marble granted her power like the others, it was pitifully weak and offset by the inherent frailty of her form, resulting in her being no stronger than she was as a human. And even if she’d had the physical might of Master Levi’s best warriors, that would still pale in comparison to his own abilities. He’d chase her down as easily as a rabbit if she ever tried to flee, or just send Celeste out to do it for him, and she’d seen what happened to those who tried to escape Paragon; Master Levi usually made her watch.

The greatest secret of her new life, one that she’d do anything to protect, was that she didn’t actually mind being a fox. If her owner hadn’t been a sadistic, black hearted scoundrel, she thought she might have even been able to enjoy the experience. She knew that a power hungry man like him would never understand the appeal of being weak and helpless, so he’d assumed that she’d hate her state as badly as he would. But he didn’t need to understand; he would change his tactics in a heartbeat if he knew that she derived comfort from pretending that she was just an animal, without the worries or cares of her grueling life.

The irony of her situation wasn’t lost on her.

Jessica’s owner came to an abrupt stop, and the little fox nearly crashed into him before she caught herself. “Report,” he snapped at the young man in front of him.

“We think we’ve rounded up most of them, sir,” the soldier said, giving a crisp salute. Paragon recruits learned very quickly that the Petrov family demanded their respect. They could act however they liked with each other, and commit whatever atrocities they could imagine with their victims, but when dealing with Master Levi or any of his family, strict professionalism was required. Those who failed to learn that lesson would find themselves demoted from soldier to food. “We’re still sweeping the buildings for stragglers.”

“How many casualties?”

Jessica could smell the fear sweat dripping down the soldier’s back. Master Levi wasn’t the type to shoot the messenger, but he was unforgiving of failure. “One hundred twenty seven men and…” He swallowed. “And one vulpan, sir.”

Master Levi immediately tensed, giving the man his full attention. “Injured or dead?”

“…Dead, sir. Looks like they used some of our own guns and impaled him on something.”

Dead human soldiers had been expected, almost welcomed. This battle had been as much an initiation as it was a siege, a trial to determine who would be worthy of the next batch of fox marbles. That was why he’d sent them in first as the vanguard, and brought Paragon’s true forces in later to mop up the small pockets of resistance. But a dead vulpan… “Find the men who killed him,” Master Levi ordered. “They’ll make for a good demonstration once we’ve finished subduing the populace. Is there anything else you should be bringing to my attention?”

“Yes, sir,” said the soldier uneasily. “The building at the top of the hill… it’s been barricaded.”

The blond man’s eyes flicked towards the structure there. “Barricaded how, exactly?”

“Some kind of foxfire. Lieutenant Foley requests bringing the fae in to neutralize it.”

“The ice cunt is busy right now,” Master Levi said flatly. He didn’t mention that she was back in their tent, unconscious and only barely alive. In order to get around the foxfire defenses of the village, Celeste had been ordered to reduce the temperature of the entire region. She’d very nearly killed herself complying, but it had worked, the cold weakening the foxfire enough to break down the illusions. The original plan had been to wait for a natural cold spell, which would have made her task far easier, but… Master Levi was not the most patient of men. “Tell the lieutenant I’ll take care of it myself.”

“Yes, sir.” The soldier saluted Master Levi again, then quickly spun on his heels, eager to relay the message and get out of the man’s presence.

Jessica gagged as Master Levi gave her leash an unexpected tug that nearly dragged her off her feet as it choked her. “Come on, bitch,” he said, not bothering to look back at her. “Let’s take a walk.”

Twenty four hours ago, the journey up the hill would have been a scenic one. The slope was gentle enough to make the winding dirt path more a suggestion than a requirement, and covered with a dazzling and aromatic display of flowers. In other circumstances, Jessica would have found the sight of it breathtaking. But now, she barely noticed the flora as she trudged behind her owner. There were far more pressing – and horrifying – sights to take in along the way.

A nearby male kitsune screamed in pain as a trio of soldiers went at him with whips. All nine of his tails had been staked to the ground along with his hands and feet, pinning him there as thoroughly as a butterfly while the men whipped him bloody. As they tortured him, three female kitsune were kneeling in a submissive posture and frantically sucking on their cocks.

“That’s enough tongue, slut,” said one of the men. “I want to shoot off in that throat of yours.” His new fucktoy began making choking sounds as he pressed her head firmly against his crotch, forcing his entire length down her gullet. “Careful not to pass out,” he taunted as he did his best to make her do just that. “Won’t be much left of your brother if he has to wait for you to take a nap before you manage to guzzle my load and save him.” Drool ran down her chin and her eyes were rolled back into her head, but she doggedly sucked at him, trying to finish the job before the oxygen deprivation caught up to her.

The youngest looking fox yelped as her partner spat on her and shoved her away. “Fucking worthless,” he complained. “Dumb bitch doesn’t even know how to suck. Let’s just kill this wuss and find some better cumdumps to play with.” The staked kitsune screamed again as the soldier stomped on his leg, breaking it in several places. “Aww, did that hurt?” he mocked. “Should’ve taught your daughter how to handle a damn cock then. If you’d raised her to be a proper fleshlight, she wouldn’t be fucking up such a simple request.”

“Please,” the daughter begged, crawling towards him. “Please let me try again! I can be a good c-cumdump, I promise! Y-you can use me any way you like!” She pawed at his leg as she pleaded with him to rape her. “I-I-I’m still a virgin! Take my virginity, please!”

The third woman had her rapist’s cock buried between her round breasts so that only the head poked out, which she diligently licked and sucked while she massaged the shaft with her tits. “Hear that, mommy? Maybe you should go over there and give your little girl a few pointers on sucking dick. But before you can do that…” he pulled his prick free of her chest and slapped her cheek with it, making her flinch. “If you’re not careful, your hubby’s going to think you’re unhappy with your new lover.”

“I’m trying, sir,” the wife pleaded. “I really am. I love your big thick cock! It’s so, so… warm and delicious! So much better than my husband’s!” She was rocking back and forth, humping herself on the man’s shoe. “I’m almost ready to cum, I swear!”

“Then get to it,” he told her bluntly, sliding his cock back into the valley of her breasts. “I’m not finishing until you do, even if that means I gotta flay hubby alive while you frig yourself. Aren’t I a considerate lover?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir!” she said quickly, and redoubled her efforts.

As Jessica and Master Levi passed by them, muffled gagging announced that the sister had finally succeeded in sucking off her partner. Even as cum spurted out her nose, her consciousness fled, her body going limp and her bladder releasing to wet the grass beneath her. The soldier held her head up with one hand until he was finished cumming in her, then let her drop into a heap atop the piss soaked ground. “Filthy cocksucker,” he said, laughing, and pointed his softening cock at her. Hot urine struck her cheek, and he angled the stream to leave no part of her undefiled.

Meanwhile, the daughter was on all fours fucking herself on her partner’s cock, her sore ass cheeks slapping against his hips in a furious staccato beat. Every time he bottomed out, she let out a small shrill sound of pain, but she kept up the pace. Blood dripped down both of them where their bodies joined. “Credit where credit’s due,” the soldier told the staked fox as he stood still, letting the man’s daughter do all the work. “Your girl has a lot to learn about taking proper care of a man’s prick, but she’s got the makings of a decent cock holster. Thanks for spending the last hundred years or whatever raising my future sperm bank!”

Last of all was the wife, who was moaning seductively and telling her own rapist how much she loved him while his boot pumped between her legs and his cock pumped between her breasts. Her own juices ran down her thighs, matched by the precum running down her chest. As she reached the point of no return, however, her voice faltered, and her expression of feigned delight crumpled into heaving sobs. “I’m sorry!” she blubbered as she came. “Oh please my love I’m sorry!” Her tears sent her partner over the edge, and he began happily painting her face with his seed.

All around them were similar tableaus. There were hundreds of kitsune in the village, and every last one of them was being raped or tortured. Most of them, the unlucky ones, would eventually be transported to the Paradisium in chains and cages to be used as breeding stock or meat. The lucky ones would already be dead by then.

Jessica often wished that she had been so lucky on the night George was murdered. If she’d known what the future held, she would have begged her husband to kill her while their captor wasn’t looking. For the first few months, she’d waited for Master Levi to get tired of her and kill her, but he had no intention of ever letting her escape that way. She had made him look foolish once, and there was no greater sin.

There were days when she cursed the unfairness of her situation. She had plenty of excuses that she could line up in a row to help her feel sorry for herself. Yes, she’d owned slaves before, abused them and raped them and treated them harshly, but she was never cruel. She’d never hurt someone just to make them hurt. Among her family and peers, she’d actually been considered laughably soft for the way she treated those beneath her. She still remembered George’s amusement the first time he’d heard her thank a slave for doing her job. The girl had been bringing her a cup of tea, and he’d asked Jessica if she also intended to thank the hot water heater and the used tea leaves while she was at it.

And she’d been born into a life where owning slaves was commonplace, no more a moral quandary than owning a pet. Before she could even walk, there were people responsible for waiting on her hand and foot. They’d dressed her, fed her, tended to her every want and whim. When she’d reached puberty, her own mother had gifted her a bedroom slave to help “quell any unsightly urges”. The woman had chosen a girl Jessica’s age for the task, since losing her “true” virginity, as she’d called it, to a piece of property would have been a mortifying event and a black stain on her reputation. No one, not even herself, had bothered to consider what her own sexual preferences were; it was expected in their social circles that helping her husband play with his slaves was part of a wife’s duty. It wasn’t until her abduction, and the sick acts that she’d been forced to perform with Celeste and others, that Jessica had discovered that she wasn’t even truly interested in women.

She had tried to help Celeste. She had tried to protect her husband. She had, in her own way, tried to be a good person all her life. And no matter what misdeeds she’d performed, none of them had been so awful as to deserve the living hell that she’d found herself in for the last three years. None of them made her more worthy of karmic misfortune than the man who’d so thoroughly enjoyed her suffering all this time. It wasn’t fair.

So many excuses. All of them worthless. As though she’d ever spared a moment’s thought for what was fair when she was the one on top. As though her lack of sadism had been a choice that deserved praise. As though if her old self had ever met someone in her present situation, she would’ve lost any sleep over the injustice of it. Jessica Wilmingshire knew that she had not been a good person. She’d been stupid, blind, and happy to swallow every pleasant lie that justified the way she lived her life.

And now she was here. Master Levi’s toy until the day she died.

Further up the hill, they encountered a female fox hanging upside down from a tree branch, her ankles swollen and bloody from rope burns. She looked more dead than alive, and was living proof that it was difficult to do permanent damage to a kitsune, but not impossible. Half of her fingers had been twisted and bent into such unnatural positions that they could no longer heal, and the other half had been bitten off. Chunks of flesh had been cut, torn, and chewed off of her, the wounds cauterized with a blowtorch. Her tails had all been ripped off, her eyelids sewn shut, and not a tooth could be seen in her mouth as it hung listlessly open, cum dribbling out to run down her face. And last but not least, several dozen nails had been driven into her stomach to form four crude letters: I BIT.

Jessica tried not to stare at the gruesome sight. From up here, she could see that the tortured kitsune was not unique. More hanging bodies dotted trees throughout the village below. All of them had been condemned to death for similar acts of defiance, and would remain hanging until they’d perished from lack of food and water. Their lingering executions were a warning to anyone else that might be thinking of rebellion.

Master Levi didn’t even seem to notice the dying woman. His attention was on the large stone building they were coming up on. It wasn’t an ostentatious place by any means; it didn’t dazzle the eye with its aesthetics or boast any impressive stonework. But its simple design radiated a sense of stability and comfort. To approach it felt almost like coming home. But its preternatural warmth was dampened by the ring of soldiers surrounding the place with guns drawn.

A vague red shimmer in the air marked the foxfire barrier the messenger had reported. A few of the men were beating at it with the butts of their weapons, but despite its appearance, it seemed as firm and unyielding as a real wall. Master Levi rested one hand against it. “So this is your last defense?” he sneered. “Even for a bunch of pathetic animals, I expected better.” He raised his voice. “And you must be the cunt responsible for this.”

His comment was addressed to the fox sitting cross-legged in front of the temple entrance with her eyes closed. Her long hair was the color of wheat, and she wore the traditional red skirt and white kimono of a Japanese priestess. Whatever she was doing, it seemed to require her full concentration. Her brow was scrunched with effort, and her mouth occasionally moved as though she were talking to herself. She offered no reaction at all to Master Levi’s words.

Anxiety twisted Jessica’s stomach into knots. She had by necessity become an expert when it came to Master Levi’s short temper. There were all manner of things that could set him off, and being ignored was high on the list. Whether this priestess was deliberately slighting him or genuinely hadn’t heard him was irrelevant; she had just ensured that her fate would be even crueler than most. Jessica watched her owner clench his fist in frustration and held back a terrified whimper. The last thing she wanted to do right now was remind him of her existence.

“I’ll give you a choice, animal,” he snarled. “You can surrender yourself  right now and die slowly and painfully, where all your kind can see and learn from your mistakes, but those you’re sheltering will be forgiven for your foolishness. Or you can make me come in there. If  you do, it will be those you’re trying to protect right now who will die in agony, and I’ll make you watch each and every one of them.”

When he received no answer, he cursed and turned to his men. “Get ready to sweep the place the moment the barrier is down,” he ordered. “I want every last vermin in that building found, restrained, and screaming for mercy before I’m done ripping that bitch’s clothes off. Understand?”

“Yes sir!” said the men immediately. Some of them looked worried about their leader’s anger too, but the most common expression was malicious lust. Most of the invasion force was already busy enjoying the spoils of their conquest, fucking whatever captive foxes caught their eye as hard and as often as possible. These men were among the last still on duty, and were eager to put down their weapons and join in the frenzy.

Even the most bloodthirsty among them shrank back when Master Levi transformed, though. When Jessica had first been captured, the process had taken the man several seconds, but it had grown steadily shorter over time. By now the transition was nearly instantaneous. The sneering blond man vanished, and in his place was a massive red fox whose tails lashed the ground impatiently. The leash that had connected the woman to him fell to the ground, and she wasted no time drawing back from him, prostrating herself on the ground in a show of submission. Master Levi was always the most violent when he first transformed, before he took control of the buried instincts telling him to eat and kill everyone around him.

The fox’s tails sounded like rolling thunder as they slammed against the foxfire barrier with enough force to punch through steel. It was immediately clear that the barrier couldn’t withstand his assault for long. Its light flickered and wavered, becoming more transparent with every hammer blow. Each hit made the woman who sat at the temple entrance rock back as though she’d been struck, and Jessica saw a small trickle of blood escape her mouth. She wasn’t feeling the full force of the attack – if she had, she would have been smashed flat by the first blow – but enough was getting through to hurt her.

Ten blows was all it took, and then the fox reared back and brought a heavy paw down on the barrier. His claws sank into the glowing wall and he tore it apart like tissue paper, the scattered bits of light fading as they drifted toward the ground. At the same time, the sitting woman let out a cry of pain, and several bloodstains appeared on the front of her white kimono. The cry had barely left her lips before being cut off by Master Levi’s heavy bulk crashing into her. Jessica had seen her owner rape women in his fox form before, and experienced it herself countless times, but it remained a grisly image that made her stomach turn.

Little of the priestess could actually be seen anymore, just her tails splayed out all around her and her bare hands at her sides, which were frantically pawing at the behemoth on top of her with as much success as a child trying to beat back an ocean wave. A thump loud enough to shake the earth marked the moment that Master Levi penetrated her. More thumps followed, fast and heavy as Jessica’s owner used his prick to punish the kitsune. “This is now their lifeline, cunt,” snarled the vulpan. “The moment I decide my cock belongs anywhere but inside this slutty, worthless, furry fleshlight, is the moment that the people in there start getting strung up.”

Jessica didn’t have to see the woman to know what was happening. She’d experienced it firsthand more than enough times to have a perfect mental image. Right now his cock would be pushing so deep inside her that her belly bulged with its outline. It was an experience equal parts agonizing, terrifying, and nauseating, feeling him rearrange internal organs so that he could shove himself deeper. She’d be trying to scream, to howl out the absolute misery of having her insides pummeled hard enough to leave bruises, but one of his tails would already be tight around her neck, and another would be thrusting in and out of her gullet like an oversized pipe cleaner. Master Levi was rarely satisfied with fucking just one hole at a time these days. His tails wouldn’t derive as much pleasure from her orifices as his dick did, but the sensation was only a bonus; his goal was to keep her unused holes chafed, swollen, and sore, so that they’d be tight and hot when he was ready to fuck them for real. From the way two of his tails were bent between his legs, they were busy scrubbing the insides of his victim’s guts.

Master Levi’s furious thrusting paused, but the pinned woman’s reaction seemed to be growing even more frantic, fingernails tearing in her attempt to push him away. That would be him knotting inside her. That massive swelling protrusion at the base of his cock made for a tight fit for even the loosest of holes, and it didn’t grow any easier to take with experience. He always had to work to squeeze it in at the beginning, and now he was savoring the feel of her soft, stretched pussy lips wrapped around him. Jessica could only hope that they were especially pleasant for him, because once he decided to move on…

The priestess’s body spasmed violently as the thrusting resumed, even harder than before. He was pounding her cunt with as much ferocity and raw power as he’d pounded the wall a minute ago, and gambling that she’d be resilient enough not to be torn in half. Jessica wished that she could say that she’d never seen it happen. His knotted prick would be nearly a blur as it hollowed her out, risking her life for the sake of his impatient balls. By now she’d be in so much pain that she’d barely be cognizant of what was going on. Between his cock and his tails, she would be airtight, her holes bloody and aching, and she probably hadn’t been allowed a single breath since he’d first pounced. She’d be wondering if she was about to die, and uncertain if it was an outcome to fear or hope for.

The thrusting stopped with a final, extra powerful lunge that carried with it the sounds of bone crunching. Odds were he’d just shattered her pelvis, but the hot cum gushing into her was probably stealing all her attention away for now. His cockhead would already be wedged into her womb, hosing down her pocket with his sperm. Master Levi and the vulpan like him hadn’t proved any more successful in breeding kitsune than humans had, but not for lack of trying. Nor lack of quantity, when it came to the size of her master’s loads… Jessica had spent many sleepless nights hyper conscious of the thick, sticky slime that he’d left plastering her insides and leaking out from between her legs and lips, half convinced that she could feel her ovaries soaking in the stuff.

The woman’s body went completely limp, and Jessica knew that Master Levi had finished cumming and allowed her to breathe. Her brutal violation was over… for a few seconds. Then her body went rigid again, signifying that she was being choked once more, and the thrusting began anew. If the priestess was lucky, he’d be curious to see what her other holes would like, and would shift position to try them out after another four or five rapes. If she wasn’t, he’d abuse her cunt for hours before moving on. Either way, what had just transpired was only the first of what promised to be dozens of rapes before he was finished with her. And after seeing what it meant to be strung up, Jessica hoped for everyone’s sake that the unknown woman kept Master Levi’s cock happy for a long, long time.

“What the hell are you standing around for?” the fox growled, and Jessica wasn’t the only one to flinch. Several of the soldiers had been spellbound by the sheer power and energy of what they’d just witnessed. Rapes by vulpan were nothing new, but this was on a completely different level. Master Levi had already seemed so impossibly strong three years ago, but that had been before Paragon had the opportunity to experiment on a hundred captured wild vulpan and their treasure trove of marbles. Before his sister had used the results of that research to create the artificial marbles that Jessica herself and the vulpan soldiers here all possessed. Now he was like a vengeful, rapacious god. Where there had once been hundreds of naturally formed fox marbles, stored two or three at a time within each vulpan, now only a small handful existed, their stolen power consolidated. And Master Levi held the strongest of all of them.

“All of you get the fuck in there, now!” he snapped, and the remaining soldiers nearly fell over themselves in their scramble to obey. “You too, bitch! Make yourself useful for once.”

Jessica squeaked in terror. “Yes Master Levi, right away Master Levi,” she breathed, already bounding forward to catch up with the others. Nothing in the world was more important to her than obedience. Not anymore.

The building’s interior held the same plain but warm atmosphere as its exterior. Several foxes were already tied up in the main hall, squirming and whimpering as they were violated by eager soldiers. Now that they were out of Master Levi’s sight, the men all seemed much more relaxed, and went at their task more casually. “And what the fuck is that?” one of them asked cheerfully, slapping a blonde fox to get her attention while his friend ass raped her. He pointed at the lit brazier. “You foxies planning on hosting the next Olympics or something?” He laughed at his own joke.

“I-Inari’s… Flame…” panted the fox as she was raped. “P-please… don’t…”

“Don’t fuck with it?” he asked, grinning.

“Please… I’ll do… do anything you want…” Several of the other foxes were nodding their heads in agreement, and all of them looked more scared about the soldiers messing with the brazier than they were about being raped. “Just… just leave it alone… please… it… it’s sacred…” Jessica felt a pang of regret at their earnestness. These kitsune truly didn’t understand how men like Master Levi and his troops operated. She had no idea what the religious significance of the flame was, but she knew that they’d just given the soldiers every reason to desecrate it.

Sure enough, the man smirked as he turned to his companions. “I don’t know, boys. I don’t think we can trust a bunch of dirty little foxes to demonstrate proper fire safety, right? We’d better help ‘em out.”

Foxes cried out in dismay as he and several of the others put their shoulders to the brazier and knocked it over, sending hot coals tumbling across the stone floor and swiftly reducing the blaze to a scattering of weak flames. “See what I mean?” he said. “Total fire hazard.” He winked at one of the foxes. “Good thing you sexy ladies have us around now. Don’t want any cute little fucktoys getting burnt.”

Jessica knew exactly what was coming when he unzipped his pants, but the kitsune were slower on the uptake. They were begging him to stop, but it wasn’t until they saw him point his cock at some of the fallen coals that they began screaming. All of them were yelling over each other, trying to convince the soldiers to reconsider, but not a single one of the men were listening. Those whose dicks weren’t already busy inside a fox joined the first man in gathering around the flames and pointing themselves at it. Coal sizzled and steam rose up as they all began to piss on what was left of the foxes’ sacred fire.

It took only half a minute to extinguish the flames, leaving behind nothing but wet charcoal. All of the kitsune were sobbing as the men grinned at each other and high fived, reveling in what they’d just done. “There you go, foxies,” said the first man as he walked back to the blonde fox and began force feeding her his cock, which still had a bit of urine dribbling from its tip. “We saved you from the big scary fire. You’re welcome.” She sobbed brokenly as he happily throatfucked her.

None of the soldiers could resist the sight of the miserable, wailing women, and soon all pretense of searching the building for stragglers was gone and it was just another orgy. “Hey, Rich Bitch,” said one of them when he noticed Jessica there. She winced at the familiar name; it was what Master Levi had engraved on her collar. “Go check out the rest of the place for us while we, uh, interrogate these sluts for more info.” He laughed.

Jessica nodded and padded deeper into the building, not at all sad to be getting away from that scene. She could still hear the laughter and crying echoing as she poked her head into doors. The structure wasn’t a very large one, and she saw no sign of anyone. It looked like everyone had already been gathered in or around the main area, probably so they could watch the priestess who was defending them.

She was about to head back when she saw the girl.

She was hiding under a bed in one of the smaller rooms, scrunched up into a tiny ball right next to the wall. Jessica couldn’t even see most of her, only her eyes, bright green and terrified, and a hint of white furred ears. Their gazes met, and she heard the young woman let out a single, very quiet whimper. For a long moment, both of them stayed frozen there.

Jessica knew exactly what she should do: run back and report this. She had no illusions that Master Levi would reward her for her discovery, but he would be less likely to find cause to punish her, and that amounted to much the same thing in her life. And if the girl was discovered by someone else and they somehow thought that Jessica had been concealing her… she shivered with terror at the idea. No, no, she wanted no chance of that. Going back was the right decision. But she didn’t. She remained where she was, still holding the girl’s gaze.

This was foolish. She didn’t know this girl. Didn’t know her name, her face, nothing. She was just a pair of scared eyes in the dark. And one of hundreds of kitsune here. What did she matter? What mattered was keeping Master Levi happy. For months she’d done everything he wanted without complaint or hesitation, devoting herself into being an obedient pet, and it was working. He was never going to treat her with anything like affection, but his anger had dimmed. She was just another fucktoy to him, another set of holes to enjoy when the mood struck him. He didn’t go out of his way to break her fingers anymore, didn’t order Celeste to suggest new and disgusting things to feed her. Little by little, he was forgetting about the Jessica Wilmingshire who had humiliated him, and seeing only harmless, fuckable Rich Bitch when he looked at her. And all of that hard work would be wasted if he thought she’d tried to defy him. She needed to go back, and she needed to go back right now.

But she didn’t.

Jessica knew that she wasn’t a good person. She was selfish, vain, and rather stupid. No one who knew her story would have the slightest sympathy for the arrogant, empty headed rich girl who would still be a happy slave owner if fate hadn’t kicked her upside the head. She could selflessly rescue a hundred people, and at the end of the day when everything was measured up, she’d still be an evil cunt who deserved to be hated and treated like trash.

But…this wasn’t about her. It wasn’t about scoring points or making up for her past or becoming a good person. It was about this nameless, faceless, terrified girl hiding in the dark, who almost certainly didn’t deserve anything that awaited her out there. And Jessica didn’t want to be the one to expose her to it.

The sound of boots coming down the hallway and men’s voices interrupted their frozen moment. From the sound of it, one of the higher ups had noticed them slacking off, and put them back on the search. Thank God. Now it was out of Jessica’s hands. They’d come searching in here, find the girl, and that would be the end of it. It wouldn’t be her fault. Even if she wanted to save this white furred stranger, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

Except that wasn’t true. There was something she could do about it. A very stupid thing that might not even work. The footsteps were drawing closer; if she was going to act, she had only seconds left. She should just go. She should just go and forget all about this, and let the nameless young woman become yet another sobbing fucktoy…

Less than a minute later, she heard one of the men laugh from the doorway. “Hey, come check this shit out!” Jessica resisted the urge to tense up and remained where she was: curled up on the bed in her human form, eyes closed as she pretended to sleep. The deception was over a few seconds later when someone slapped her hard across the face. It didn’t require any acting to squeal in pain and fear as she “woke up”, or to look like she was terrified of what was about to happen.

“Lazy fucking bitch,” someone said, sounding more pleased than annoyed, and then he was sitting on her chest, his weight making it difficult to breathe. The soldier slapped her a few more times with his hand, then started doing it with his stiff cock instead, the shaft already smeared with blood and pussy juice. There were two other men with him, and they both looked as amused as he was about what they’d found. “We go give you an order, and you think you can just ignore us and go take a nap? And pretend like you’re a goddamn human being instead of a furry fucktoy like all the other sluts here?”

Jessica looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears. “Please,” she whispered. “Please doh-guuhk!” Her plea was muted by his cock sinking down her throat, just as she’d expected. Before his wet balls slapped against her chin, another man had already pulled her legs apart so he could start stuffing his own prick into her dry pussy. The bed springs creaked as they both set to raping her.

As one of Master Levi’s pets, she had always been off limits to his men. The only time he let someone else fuck one of this pets was when they didn’t behave themselves and broke a rule. When that happened, anyone was allowed to help punish the offender. Akemi had been gangraped numerous times for her frequent rebellions. Even Celeste had fallen victim before, as a consequence of her attempts to find loopholes in the web of rules their owner had wrapped her in. But not Jessica. Her one and only act of disobedience was her failed attempt to release the fae from service on their first night. Since then, she had been perfectly well behaved, leaving his followers no opportunity to rape her. Until now. It didn’t matter to these men that there were literally hundreds of captive women around for them to choose from. They weren’t going to miss their chance to rape the normally untouchable Jessica Wilmingshire.

“Tell you what, Rich Bitch,” said the third man as he casually slid his hard dick across her smooth stomach. “You do a good job pleasing us, a real bang up balls draining slut fest, and we won’t go tattling to the commander.”

He was lying. Even if they weren’t as scared of Master Levi’s wrath as she was, they had no intention of offering her mercy, not even mercy purchased with her own body. They just wanted to get the most out of her while they had the opportunity. But that didn’t matter. At this point, there was no chance of stopping them from getting her into trouble. Her only hope was to convince them not to make up stories of talking back or attempted escape to try and make Master Levi really punish her. So Jessica nodded and gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft to begin lightly stroking it.

These men were going to rape her. They were going to humiliate her. They were going to force her to do all manner of shameful and disgusting things in the hope of salvation, a hope that everyone involved already knew was false. And when they were finished wringing as much amusement out of her as possible, they’d hand her back to Master Levi so that her true punishment could begin. The next few days of her life were going to be as miserable as any kitsune’s. But that wasn’t the only consequence of what she’d done.

They were so eager to take advantage of her that none of them thought to check under the bed that they raped her on.

One thought on “Lone Fox 3 – Ch 6 – The Fall of Hanei

  1. Huh. I really figured there’d be more commenters on this one than just me. Oh well.

    So this chapter is…uh…something. Ok, admittedly I may be beginning to see why there aren’t any other comments.

    The first third of the chapter or so, the stuff with Sakura, is probably the hardest part to read. I don’t know her that well, but at the same time what’s being done to her is entirely pointless (at least doing something to the guards makes some level of sense; you’d have to neutralize them) and her whole family is dragged into it.

    Ichika’s segment is better, and while it didn’t actually accomplish anything, the fact of the matter is that she did still score the only vulpan kill of the entire battle. Also nice to spot on a reexamination that Kamio (and possibly Nobu) actually killed some soldiers before being subdued.

    The stuff with Megumi was worse on the second pass, since now I know her from the next chapter and she’s both fun and noble. The bit where Levi hammers down the barrier and each blow physically injures her (along with her hips breaking afterward) is right out of a snuff fic. In this case I can tell myself she’ll be ok eventually, but that’s still hard to read.

    Finally, a nice little moment of morality from Jessica. It’s not the biggest gesture, but, to cross over with another story series, “it mattered to that one.”


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