Lone Fox 3 – Ch 7 – Faith

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Emi rubbed her eyes and considered the merits of brewing a fresh pot of coffee. On the one hand, it was already frightfully late, and she knew full well how damaging sleep deprivation could be. Caffeine at this hour would guarantee that she’d be awake until well after sunrise, and probably leave her feeling miserable and cranky for the next week.

On the other hand, all this paperwork wasn’t going to fill itself out. Vaccination records, pharmaceutical requests, equipment requisitions, scheduling appointments and follow ups… sometimes it felt like being a doctor was 90% paperwork. The rest of the time it felt more like 95%. And as much as she’d love to say it could just wait until tomorrow, they were entering peak flu season, which was always the busiest time of the year for her and the other physicians. Influenza didn’t care about how many centuries you’d lived or how quickly your body could repair its wounds. Emi was going to be up to her eyeballs in work soon, and a single day’s delay could potentially mean the death of an “immortal” kitsune.

The dark haired woman sighed and got up to head to the kitchen.

Hanabi’s door was still shut tight. Over the last few days, Emi had frequently heard weeping from the other side of the door, but for now the girl was silent. With any luck, she was getting some sleep, and not her usual kind that came with nightmares that made her scream and cry out. The poor thing still hadn’t gotten anything like a proper rest since she’d been found.

Emi busied herself in the kitchen, and soon the coffee pot was bubbling away. It was an especially cold night in the clinic, and she found herself looking forward to the warmth of the coffee almost as much as the caffeine. The doctor sat at the table while she waited and resisted the urge to rest her head on it. If she did that now, she wouldn’t be getting back up. She settled for breathing in deeply instead, enjoying the rich scent filling the room.

And beneath it, the smell of smoke.

It was faint, faint enough that even her sensitive nose wouldn’t have picked it up if she hadn’t been focused on it. But it was undeniably there, and Emi could think of no good reason and far too many bad ones to be smelling smoke at this hour. Adrenaline surged inside her, temporarily wiping away her tiredness, and she bolted up from the table. If someone was hurt out there, they were going to need her help.

She didn’t smell the humans until it was too late. There was a small thud, and then the clinic’s front door shattered into splinters. Boots pounded the floor as strangers rushed into the building, and before Emi had finished reeling from the sudden loud explosion, four humans dressed all in black were swarming into the kitchen. She stared wide-eyed at them, unable to believe what she was seeing. They were wearing dark military gear, and carrying large, deadly looking rifles. All four guns were trained on her and she stared at them like a deer in headlights, expecting to be shot and killed at any moment.

“Strip, bitch!” one of them barked. She wasn’t even certain which one of them said it. The four men wore goggles and masks that completely obscured their faces and made them feel more like weapons than people.

“I…” Emi swallowed hard. “I don’t know what’s going on here,” she said shakily, trying to instill a sense of calm professionalism into her words, “but I am a doctor. Do you under-” She screamed as one of the guns barked and hot pain exploded in her left leg, just below the knee. She collapsed to the floor, clutching at the bullet wound as hot blood ran down her shins. A small analytical part of her couldn’t keep from studying the injury like she was just examining a patient: the bullet had missed the bone and gone all the way through, which was a good sign. Given rest and care, it could heal within a few days and without any complications.

But right now it hurt, more than anything she’d ever experienced, and that was all the rest of her cared about. She wailed in agony, and then jerked and gasped as one of her assailants slammed a heavy boot against her bullet wound. It hurt so much that she stopped screaming entirely, her vocal cords unable to produce any sound. Nothing more than a squeak came out of her wide open mouth. “I said strip, bitch!” snarled the man who had kicked her.

Emi flinched away from the rage in his voice. Under different circumstances, she might have been amused by the situation. These men had broken into her clinic and shot her, and yet somehow he was angry with her, just because she hadn’t obeyed his command quickly enough. But right now, she felt nothing but terror, and her hands quickly fumbled at her clothing. The shirt was easy enough to remove, though she tore off several buttons in her haste, but the pants were more difficult thanks to her leg. She tried to ease them off slowly to minimize the pain, but when one of the men brandished his rifle at her, she whimpered and quickly pulled them off with a choked scream.

Once she was down to just her foxskin underclothes, another of the men stepped forward. Emi froze when she saw the knife in his hand, but his goal wasn’t to cut her. He did leave a few bloody lines across her torso, but it was only thanks to his carelessness in cutting the foxskin off of her. And then it was gone, and the doctor was alone, naked, and hobbled, surrounded by four violent intruders. The men all visibly relaxed after her foxskin was taken from her, as though she was a dangerous wild animal that had just been muzzled. Another reaction that would have been ridiculous in any other context. Like most kitsune, she slipped into her natural form on occasion to enjoy its grace and freedom, but it was hardly something she did regularly. It wasn’t exactly conducive to her job, after all. And in all her life, the closest she’d ever come to any kind of combat training with it was playing tag out in the woods as a child.

“God, you’ve almost got to admire the arrogance of this uppity cunt,” one of the men behind her said. “An animal calling itself a doctor!” He slapped the back of her head, and Emi couldn’t help making a small pained sound. “And at best, you dumb slut, you’d be a fucking veterinarian!”

The men laughed. “She’s a cute little fucktoy though, isn’t she?” said another man. “Bet she’ll be reallllll good at playing Doctor with some training.”

“Well, if you fuckers aren’t gonna make the first move,” said a third, fumbling with his zipper, “then I’ll be the one to start giving her her physical.” His cock popped out of his pants, hard and throbbing. Emi looked at it with dismay. Some part of her had known this was coming before they’d even ordered her to take her clothes off. Hanabi wasn’t the first kitsune in the village to gain a harsh lesson about ignoring the dangers of the outside world. Emi had treated several women over the years, enough to become familiar with the cruel interests of human men, especially ones like these. But knowing rationally that this would happen didn’t make the reality of it any easier.

He grabbed hold of both her ears and yanked her up onto her knees, then pulled her towards his crotch, rubbing her face against his stiff erection. “Say ‘Ahhh’,” he told her cheerfully.

When she didn’t immediately obey, one of his comrades kicked her injury again, making her yelp. “If you really are a smart mutt,” said the man who’d kicked her, “you’ll learn some obedience fast. Dumb bitches and smart ones both get trained, slut, but it’s up to you how much of it is just sex and good times…” He reared back his foot and kicked her yet again, hard enough of this time that she felt something in her leg crack. “And how much of it is beating some sense into you.”

Her heart sank with the knowledge that he was absolutely right. They were going to hurt and rape her, and there was nothing she could do to stop them right now. Resistance would only mean more pain, and it was obvious that these men were the type to enjoy it. Every ounce of dignity and self-respect inside of her said that she should stand strong and not give them what they wanted, but cold logic and the instinct for self-preservation said otherwise. The more she was injured, the less able she’d be to help herself and others. The distant sounds she heard outside that came in from the broken door made it all too clear that what was happening to her was not an isolated incident. For now, she had to swallow her pride.

Emi opened her mouth wide. “Ahh-guh gug guh!” The soldier immediately thrust his hard-on between her lips, making her gag as it struck the back of her throat. For a moment she clung to the hope that it was just enthusiasm on his part, but when his second and third thrusts went equally deep, she had no choice but to accept that his goal wasn’t a blowjob. His hands continued to grip her ears, cruelly twisting and tugging on them as he fought to get into her throat.

“I feel a single tooth,” he warned, “and we’ll be playing dentist instead, yeah?” She hadn’t even considered trying to bite him, but she quickly curled her lips to cover her teeth, anxious not to accidentally incur his wrath. His cockhead continued to bounce off of the entrance to her throat, relentlessly trying to work its way into the tight passage. Both of them knew it was only a matter of time before he succeeded. Her tongue darted around, trying to find a position where it didn’t unwillingly slide against his shaft on each stroke in and out, but he was too big.

While he violated her mouth, two of his companions broke away to ransack the clinic for anything valuable. Emi could hear them laughing as they carelessly smashed up anything that didn’t interest them. “You fuckers find any good shit, don’t you dare hog it!” yelled her rapist. Emi’s blood ran cold as she remembered Hanabi sleeping nearby. After everything that poor girl had already suffered, she didn’t deserve something like this. She silently prayed to Inari that the white haired fox girl had been woken by the noise and already fled somewhere safe.

All thoughts of anyone else vanished when the intruder finally succeeded in penetrating her throat. Emi gagged and instinctively tried to pull her head back, but all she did was make her trapped ears hurt. “Oh yeah!” the man hooted as he pressed his advantage, pushing in ever deeper now that the main barrier of entry had been defeated. “We got a tight little throat in here, but it knows what it’s for! Take my cock, slut! Swallow it all the way down this sexy throat of yours.” Emi’s eyes crossed as she helplessly watched the shaft disappear further into her. Her gag reflex was still being set off, but her chokes and gurgles as he sank into her only seemed to encourage him.

When he was all the way in, her face mashed against his unwashed pubic hairs, he finally let go of her ears. “Mind giving me a hand?” he said as he started fishing through his pockets. Before Emi could even think about backing away, a boot pressed down on the back of her head, grinding her even harder against her rapist’s crotch. “Thanks man! And as for you slut, stop lazing around and get that tongue on my balls.” The very idea made her nauseous, but she obeyed, sticking out her tongue to blindly quest for his scrotum. When she found it, she wished she hadn’t – it was covered in little hairs, and tasted even worse than his cock.

The man behind Emi put his thumbs on her eyelids and pulled, forcing her to look up at the one in her throat. “Start licking that nutsack, bitch,” he growled. “I catch you stopping, and we’ll find out whether you foxes can survive a good skullfucking.” His boot pressed even harder, making her head pound as it was compressed.

She fearfully obeyed, slathering the wrinkled hairy balls in spit as she watched her rapist light up a cigarette. He puffed on it a few times and sighed contentedly. “A good smoke and a warm fleshlight. What more could a man ask for?” Bits of ash drifted down to land unpleasantly on her upturned face.

“I could ask for you to hurry the fuck up,” said the other. “Didn’t you ever learn how to share your toys?”

“Sorry, sorry,” he said lightly, and took another long drag of his cigarette. “Here, let me finish up so you can take a turn.” Emi was too distracted to think much of it when he lowered the cigarette. She had her aching head to think about, and her stuffed throat, and her injured leg. Not to mention the task she’d been given, which she performed dutifully, lapping at the foul tasting scrotum.

Her priorities changed when he pressed the cigarette against her forehead.

Emi screamed in shocked agony as he mercilessly ground the butt out on her skin.”Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah,” the intruder moaned happily. “We got a real good screamer here. She’s wringing my fucking dick out like she was born for it.” He was already lighting up a fresh cigarette. “One or two more like that and it’ll be all over.”

“Pass me one too,” the other man requested. “Stupid bitch forgot to keep licking you.” Emi hurriedly resumed tonguing her rapist’s balls, but she was too late. “On three, yeah?  One… two… three!” The two cigarettes were put out on her at the same time, right on the soft, sensitive inside of both her fox ears. The dark haired woman howled at the twin bursting fiery pains, and felt the cock buried inside her throat pulse. By the time they were done using her ears as ashtrays, it was already spitting its load down into her stomach.

“Fuck me,” its owner breathed as he emptied himself inside her. “I needed that! Aww, you lucky slut, that’s two weeks worth of jizz I had saved up, and you get to drink the entire thing. Before long, you’ll be drooling at the thought of a big feast like this.  Now suck out the last few drops.” The humiliated fox obeyed, tightening her lips around him as he softened and sucking hard. The brunt of his cum had gone down her throat without ever having to taste it, but the dregs spurted out onto her tongue, sticky and bitter. She nearly threw up at the thought of all the slime sitting in her stomach.

Emi panted for breath when his cock finally popped free of her lips, but she was given no time to rest or process the ordeal she’d just been through. The other man was dragging her over to the table and pushing her onto her back on it, her legs hanging off. He gripped his cock in one hand, just as thick and fearsome as his companion’s had been, and slapped it against her pubic mound. “Meet your new gynecologist, bitch. Open up so he can give you a thorough examination.”

The knowledge of her imminent rape made the kitsune quiver in fear, but they weren’t finished degrading her. The other man joined her up on the table, and to her horror, sat himself down right on her face, his soft and slimy cock resting on her collarbone and his spit slick scrotum on her lips. “I didn’t say you were done with my balls, slut,” he told her. “Pop those bad boys in your mouth and get sucking.” She reluctantly opened her mouth and swallowed up the wrinkled lumps.

She couldn’t see anything now but the man’s awful smelling ass crack, but the other man reminded her of his presence by grabbing hold of her leg and digging his nails into the bullet wound. It had already begun to heal, but it was still sensitive and tender to the touch, and she screamed at the unexpected biting pain. Even his dull fingernails felt like sharp knives being driven into her flesh. “Don’t keep me waiting, bitch,” he growled. “And wrap these goddamn legs around me. I ain’t into fucking dead fish.”

Emi’s face was hot with shame as she used her fingers to spread her slit for him, and slowly encircled him with her legs, trying not to scream as her wound pressed against him. He wasted no time cramming his cock into her, punching through her hymen without hesitation. The dark haired fox groaned around her mouthful of flesh as he drove into her dry channel, tearing her insides in his haste to fuck her. His cockhead felt as thick as a fist as it plunged ruthlessly deeper, forcing her pussy to give way to it. “She tight, man?” asked the one sitting on her face.

“Nope,” said the one impaling her, his voice a little strained. “Loose as your mother’s asshole. You guys shouldn’t even bother sticking it in this slack twat she’s got; I’ll take one for the team and dump all my loads in here while you enjoy her other holes.” Her walls clung involuntarily to him as he pulled back, retreating back through the tunnel he’d dug out until only the head remained, cushioned by her spread pussy lips. Then he rammed back in even harder than before. “What did I just tell you, bitch?” He pinched her clit, brutally crushing the little nubbin with his fingers. “No dead fish!” She quickly began humping him back, using her legs as leverage to meet his violent thrusts.

His companion laughed. “That good, huh? I’ll have to try it soon, if I can convince myself to stay away from this slutty mouth of hers long enough.” She was dismayed to feel his cock twitch as it began to revive. “Feel that, you sexy little fucktoy? Sucked my balls right back to life.” He rose up a little, letting his scrotum pop out of her mouth. “Now pucker those lips and give my nutsack a little kiss goodbye. Don’t worry, you’ll be reunited soon enough.”

Emi obeyed, the twisted sense of intimacy making the kiss feel even more obscene than the licking and sucking she’d been doing. To her absolute disgust, he shifted to position his asshole right over her lips instead. “And now give your new lover a deep kiss hello while I give you a breast exam.” Part of her rebelled at the thought of doing something so filthy and demeaning, but the rest of her was still acutely aware of the cigarette burns and her injured leg. The horrible, unfair, and simple truth was that if he wanted her to perform anallingus on him, she was going to. The only real question was how much pain they’d have to inflict to convince her, and she had no doubt that they would delight in the opportunity.

So while the man crushed her breasts beneath his palms and rubbed them vigorously against his stiffening cock, and his comrade raped her pussy like he was drilling a hole through her, Emi begrudgingly explored the inside of his rectum with her tongue. It tasted even worse than it smelled, and through her medical background she knew all too many ways she could get sick from doing something so unhygienic, but her opinion didn’t mean much anymore.

“Looks like we got a quick learner over here!” commented a new voice. The other two had returned. “I told you guys before: these foxes are all filthy sluts deep down. She loves being treated like this, don’t you baby?” Not wanting to agree, but not wanting to make them angry either, Emi settled for making a noncommittal muffled sound that they could interpret how they liked. “See? This is the probably the happiest fucking day of her life.” Someone grabbed her right hand, pulling it away from her pussy and rubbing the palm against something hot and hard. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what it was. “Juice me up, baby. Get me good and ready to pound those tails right off you.” She closed her hand around his shaft and began slowly pumping her fist up and down, wary of going too far and hurting him. She must have been doing something right, because he let out a satisfied sigh. “Yeah, that’s the spirit. Just imagine how much you’re gonna love this bad boy when he starts rooting around inside you.”

Her other hand was pulled too, and soon she was being forced to service all four of the men. Emi couldn’t stop herself from imagining how she must look to them right now. They couldn’t see her face, didn’t even know her name… she was just an anonymous sex toy to them. A living blowup doll with fluffy tails, meekly pleasing their dicks. The idea made her heart ache with pent up frustration, and she longed to fight back, fantasized about smashing their faces in and beating them so badly that they never dared treat a woman like this again. But she couldn’t. She was helpless right now, and that made hot tears stream down her face as she performed for them. She tongued the asshole of the man using her chest, humped the man violating her pussy, and softly stroked the other two while they waited for their own chance to properly rape her.

 “Find anything?” asked the one sitting on her head. Emi tensed. It didn’t sound like they’d discovered Hanabi, but she couldn’t be sure yet.

“Oh yeah, she’s got the good shit!” said one of the men receiving a handjob. “Morphine, Oxycontin, bunch of uppers…” The doctor relaxed a little as he continued bragging about the drugs they’d found. “Once things calm down, we can have ourselves a genuine fucking party!”

The man raping her pussy grunted. “Only one drug a furry fox cunt like this needs, and I’ve got her prescription right here … 200 CCs of hot cum, stat… to be administered… as often as fucking possible…” His rhythm became uneven as he continued thrusting even as his cock spat his semen towards her fertile womb. “Yeah… you feel all that thick spunk filling you up, bitch…? Gonna put a baby in this tight twat…” Emi gagged again, and it had nothing to do with the foul acts her mouth and tongue were being forced into. The idea of one of these men impregnating her made her want to scrub her insides out with bleach.

“Guess I should give you fuckers a turn too,” said the man on her face reluctantly. He rose up onto his knees, crouching over the kitsune with his cock in hand, pointed directly at her mouth as he pumped it furiously. “Open wide, slut!” he barked, panting. “And don’t swallow until I say so! Gonna make sure you savor every creamy drop of my jizz this time!” Emi obeyed just in time to catch the first spurt of his load onto her tongue. He continued to unload into her mouth, coating her tongue and the insides of her cheeks with warm sticky slime. What she really wanted was to spit it out – and then spend the next thousand years brushing her teeth – but she also would’ve swallowed it down without hesitation if that had been an option, so eager she was to escape the bitter awful taste of it. But she could do neither without the permission of the very man who’d violated her.

“Sweet and yummy, right?” he asked with a grin. When she didn’t answer, he reached down and twisted one of her nipples, making her shudder and flinch. “I asked you a question, slut. Is my dick snot your new favorite snack?” She quickly nodded. “Thought so.” He stuck his hand out in in front of her mouth. “But if I keep feeding you so much, you’re gonna become a spoiled little fucktoy, aren’t you? Spit it out.”

The humiliating comment rankled, but she wasn’t going to argue. She carefully spat onto his gloved palm several times, determined to get rid of as much of the bitter scum as possible.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly, and then winked at her. “So good that I just changed my mind. Eat up, slut; you’ve earned it.”

Emi looked down at the glistening, goopy mix of sperm and saliva on his glove. She’d thought that him cumming into her mouth was disgusting, but at least she didn’t have to be an active participant outside of keeping her mouth open. Even when she’d eaten out his ass, at least she didn’t have to look at what she was doing. Sticking out her tongue and slowly lapping up the obscene mix of bodily fluids, taking it back into her mouth so that she could swallow it down, was the most revolting thing she’d done all night.

“That’s it,” he encouraged. “Lick up that juicy cum treat.”

“Alright, alright…,” said one of the others when she was finished. “Now back off and give the poor girl the chance to enjoy some fresh meat. Hey, you thinking ass, cunt, or mouth?”

The fourth man snorted. “Is that a fucking joke? It’s gonna be nothing but sloppy seconds around here for weeks. I ain’t gonna miss my last chance for a fresh hole.”

The other shrugged. “Works for me. Me and my tough little swimmers are gonna be the first one to knock one of these furry cum dumps up.” He pulled Emi off of the table and into a standing position facing him, then scrunched his nose. “Goddamn, you already reek of cum. You foxes never figure out hygiene?”

The insult shouldn’t have stung as much as it did. But being in this filthy state was already bad enough. To be mocked for it, treated like her utter defilement was somehow her own fault, was too much, and fat tears began rolling down the doctor’s cheeks. Her shame tripled when all four men laughed at her, taking such obvious pleasure from her humiliation. “Awww, don’t be sad, baby,” he said with mock sympathy. “I’ve got a nice hard cock here for you to enjoy. Gimme a hand, man.”

His hands grabbed ass cheeks and lifted her up into the air, and at the same time another pair of hands took hold of her thighs, forcing her legs to spread wide apart. “Just think of it as a long, fat rectal thermometer,” murmured the man behind her as the two of them lined her up with their waiting cocks. “One that’s gonna give you a big, warm cum enema when it’s done.” His teeth nipped at her ear, making her flinch. “You’re gonna look so cute with my jizz leaking out your asshole, you know that? Gonna be so sexy I’ll probably be ready for round two before the first drop finishes running down your legs.”

Emi had engaged in anal sex before, even enjoyed the experience. But an intimate joining of bodies with a careful and patient lover was a far cry from being raped by a total stranger. Her rectal passage was dry and narrow and there was no mantra in the world that could persuade her to unclench as the head of his cock began to poke and prod at her anal ring. “That’s the spirit,” he told her, not at all bothered by his inability to get in. “Make me work for it. Make me break this tight butt wide open.”

In front of her, the man violating her pussy was having a much easier time penetrating her, her passage already stretched out and lubricated with cum. Easier for him didn’t mean easier for her, though; her insides were still tender and bruised from her previous rape, and a burning ache accompanied his cock as it pushed into her. “Damn, I love this soft silky twat she’s got. If I didn’t just watch you fucking her raw, I wouldn’t even be able to tell she was used goods!” He looked her right in the eyes. “You especially fuckable, baby,” he asked, “or do all you fox sluts feel this good?” She turned her head to break off the eye contact, but he grabbed her chin with one hand and wrenched it back, forcing her to meet his gaze. His spittle struck her cheek. “That wasn’t a rhetorical question,” he said, with an edge to his voice. “Are you a special little fox fuck who deserves to get plowed 24/7? Or is it just that your entire pathetic subhuman race is nothing but a bunch of fuzzy sex toys?”

“I… I’m a special little fox fuck who deserves to get plowed 24/7,” the doctor said slowly. She didn’t feel special or sexy; in fact, right now she felt lower and filthier than rotting garbage. But his mockery of her offered a faint sliver of hope. If these four men truly thought she was above average, they might choose to keep violating her over other women. After centuries spent working to keep the village – her family – happy and healthy, it broke her heart to admit it, but this was the most she could do to help them right now.

He smirked at her. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He gestured vaguely towards her office. “All this doctor stuff, it’s just a bunch of make-believe bullshit, right? A stupid animal playing dress up and pretending it’s a human. This – “ He thrust into her sharply, making her gasp – “ is what you’re for. What you want. What you’re good at. Being a cocksleeve. A painslut.” He spat on her again, this time directly into her right eye, making her blink furiously. “A toilet. This is all you’ve ever been, and all you’ll ever be. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” Emi agreed, her voice trembling. Most of her knew that he was just spouting nonsense to humiliate her and help get himself off, and that agreeing meant nothing, just a necessary lie to avoid incurring his anger. Most of her knew that.

Her flicker of self hatred was interrupted by a deep tearing pain as her anal ring finally gave up the fight and her other rapist’s cock wedged itself into her rectum. “You feel what you do to me, fox?” he asked as he strained to force more of himself into her. “Got me hard as a fucking steel bar.” He pulled back just slightly, then slammed his hips forward, successfully burying another couple inches into her narrow tunnel. “Couldn’t have made it a millimeter into this tight shithole if you weren’t such a sexy fuckdoll.” His hands came away from her thighs, leaving her supported only by the two cocks inside her. As gravity caused her to sink lower onto him, he reached around her to grope her chest, roughly kneading her soft mammaries like dough with his callused fingers.

Emi whined in pain as he continued working himself deeper into her with every thrust. She’d seen how bad it was too be raped by a single cock, and she’d assumed – naively – that two would be twice as awful. It was far worse than that. Her insides were already being mercilessly reshaped and forced aside by the fat prick jackhammering her pussy. They had no give left to offer, yet the decision wasn’t up to them. As the second man forced his member into her guts, the dark haired woman felt like she was about to be split in two. The thin membrane separating the two invaders was being attacked from both sides now, and it felt like only a matter of time before something tore. Already she felt a warm trickle of blood from out her anus, and her pussy couldn’t be far behind.

So utterly exhausted that she couldn’t even cry, Emi’s body slumped, resting against the man in front of her. She remained like that, half senseless and as limp as a dishrag, her head lying on his shoulder, as they enjoyed her body. The pain of their twin invasions melted together until it felt like a single massive churning piston, pulverizing her from the inside out. If her unresponsive and nearly unconscious state bothered her two rapists, they didn’t show it. She was just a fleshlight to them, just a pair of warm holes that they could shoot their cum into.

The one raping her pussy came first, burying himself as deeply inside her as he could the moment his cock began to pulse. She felt his load spatter against her cervix, and knew that some of it would make it deeper. Right now there were literally millions of sperm in a prime position to seek out and fertilize her eggs. Only a single one of them had to succeed… when the man in her asshole began to ejaculate less than a minute later, it brought no such horrifying predictions to her mind, but the sensation of his hot, viscous, gooey cum painting her guts made up for it. Emi couldn’t imagine ever feeling clean again. No matter how long she lived, she was certain that she’d never be able to so much as move her bowels without being reminded of this terrible, humiliating experience.

The two men slid out of her and carelessly let her collapse to the floor. The dark haired woman instinctively curled up into a fetal position, her insides still aching. She silently prayed to Inari that they would give her a short rest. She knew that a proper rest was too much to hope for, and a full night’s sleep now an unattainable luxury, but if she could just have a few minutes. Just a few short minutes where she wasn’t being looked down on and abused, while their dicks recovered.

A sharp kick to her front made Emi groan and roll over onto her back. For a second she stared dully up at the ceiling, and then her vision was blocked by one of them sitting on her face again. “Told you you wouldn’t be missing my balls for long, slut,” he said cheerfully as he used a couple fingers to cram his scrotum past her lips. “Figured I’d let you lovebirds share some more passionate open mouth kisses before you get busy swallowing my cock again.”

“Hey, stop hogging her throat,” complained of the others. “I’ve been needing to piss for hours now.”

“Yeah yeah, you’ll get your turn. Besides, she’s got two other holes. Figure something out.”

The other three men were already arguing about who would get to rape her next and where when Emi started sucking on the depressingly familiar wrinkled lumps filling her mouth. They had to let her rest eventually, probably, maybe… but not yet. For now, the doctor knew her ordeal was far from over, and her long night only just beginning.

Hanabi had to force herself to breathe as she ran up the hill, her body so tense with fear that she was nearly about to pass out. When she’d first seen the soldiers, she’d thought she was in the middle of another nightmare. There had been so many just like this, where Levi stormed into the village like an angry god to take back his toy. Where men that she’d carelessly played pranks on came back to get revenge on the fox slut who’d thought she was better than them. But then, as she was praying that she would wake up before the dream reached the inevitable, the screams had begun, and she’d realized that it was all so much worse than she’d thought.

She’d been up on the roof of the clinic when the siege started, finishing the last of the udon her father had brought. For the last few days, she’d found some comfort in going up there when she knew that no one would be visiting her or walking the streets outside. To be somewhere with fresh air and no walls to pen her in, where no one could see her and anyone who might hate her or want to hurt her wouldn’t know to look, was… nice. Being up on the roof didn’t make her feel good or safe like she’d used to feel all the time, but she felt better than when she was huddled in bed.

From her vantage point, she’d watched the uniformed men sweep into the village like a swarm of locusts. A pocket would break off every time they reached a new home, and then either its occupants would be dragged out a minute later to be raped on the street, or the men would remain inside as Hanabi heard new screams join the chorus. Even inanimate objects weren’t spared: statues and other public decorations were torn down, hanging lanterns smashed, buildings torched. There wasn’t much sense of organization to it, more a raw need for violence that they expressed at every opportunity. A week ago, their behavior would have seemed alien and incomprehensible to the white haired girl, but she understood it now. They were hungry.  All of them, singly or in groups, were looking for foxes to claim as their own, and taking their impatience out on anything nearby.

She’d almost been seen and caught up there. She was on a side of the roof that was hidden from the main road that they were traveling down, but she was far from invisible. She’d known right away that it wasn’t safe to stay up there, but for long minutes, she’d been too terrified to move. Moving meant she might make noise or catch their eye, and part of her couldn’t bear to risk it, even knowing that staying still would guarantee that same fate. It was the sight of the foxes with the soldiers that had snapped her out of her paralysis. They looked like kitsune, but smelled all wrong, and carried a sense of lust and anger even stronger than the humans.

So she’d given in to prey animal instincts and fled. She had years of experience playing hide and seek in the village as a child, and even more experience in sneaking out to the woods without her parents or any of the guards noticing. Hanabi used every trick she remembered, every blind spot between buildings, every patch of undergrowth large enough to conceal her, every pool of shadows created by the remaining lanterns, to make her way to her destination. She knew rationally that the safest place to go was outside the village, but she couldn’t bring herself to even try, not after Levi and Celeste. The forest would never be a place of safety for her again. She went for the temple instead. If there was anywhere in the village that could survive the onslaught, that would be it.

Hanabi reached the top of the hill with the human vanguard just moments behind her. She wasn’t the only kitsune to seek sanctuary there, and the screams of those who’d been just a bit slower or less careful than her drifted up. Megumi was sitting cross-legged out by the entrance, her wheat blonde hair down around her shoulders and wearing her traditional shrine maiden garb. A shimmering red dome of light surrounded the stone building, and for a second the white haired girl was certain that the barrier would keep her out, that she would be trapped outside between the wall and the horde, but she passed through the light as though it had no substance at all.

“You’re just in time for the party,” said the priestess, her eyes closed. Her tone was sardonic, but there was nothing hateful in it, only amusement. “If I’d known that a military invasion was all I needed to raise attendance around here, I would have sent out invitations centuries ago.” A gunshot rang out, and she flinched slightly. Not nearly so hard as Hanabi, who looked around and whimpered when she saw the humans surrounding the building. A few more fired shots, but they had as little effect as the first, bullets ricocheting harmlessly off the foxfire wall.

Hanabi had always liked the priestess and her easygoing attitude, but she was in no mood for banter right now. “How long can that barrier hold?” she asked fearfully, praying that the answer would be days, or weeks, or forever.

“I can only keep it going for a few hours, I’m afraid,” said Megumi cheerfully, as though she was talking about the weather tomorrow.  “Then all those little hooligans are going to come rushing in, and well, I expect I’ll be pretty sore in the morning if I’m still alive to greet it.”

“But then, then why are you just…!” The white haired girl didn’t understand how the woman could seem so unconcerned about the atrocities that were happening all around Hanei and would soon include her. “Don’t you care?”

Megumi smiled gently. “Oh, my poor wayward kit. Of course I care. And while I’ve known a great deal of strife in my lifetime, my nose would grow a good ten inches if I claimed that I wasn’t absolutely terrified of what’s about to happen. But I also have faith. I’ve done all I can, and now there’s nothing left for me but to trust in Inari and believe that this is all part of the old girl’s plan.” She tilted her head up slightly to face the sky. “And if it isn’t, my Lady,” she said brightly, “you and I are going to have some words when I get up there, ineffable goddess or not.” Her tone was cheerful, but a single tear escaped to run down her cheek, and her hands shook in her lap.

“But… what’s even the point then?” Hanabi asked bitterly. “Why bother with the barrier at all? What does it really matter if it takes them five seconds or five hours to break in?”

“Because five hours of freedom is better than five seconds,” Megumi said calmly. “I’ve seen enough in my life to know that I should treasure every moment of peace in it. If these scoundrels want to monopolize my time, they’ll have to work up a sweat for it.” She laid a finger against the side of her nose and smiled. “And because while they’re focused on cracking this nut, young Saya and Yumiko are getting the kits out of the village. Everyone back there behind me donated their foxfire to help conceal them.”

Loud, uneven bangs filled the air as men began striking the barrier with the butt of their gun. Megumi flinched a little every time, and Hanabi could see bruises beginning to form on her skin, but she remained where she was. “What about the, the door?” the girl asked. “The one I’m not supposed to know about. Could what’s behind it help?” That was the other reason she’d fled to the temple. Kamio still refused to give her even a hint of what it was the village was protecting, but she could tell it was something big. She didn’t know what could be behind it or how it might prove useful, but she couldn’t imagine anything else that might possibly save their home. There was nothing else to pin her hopes on.

“Hmmm,” Megumi mused, “that is one of the great philosophical questions. Could what’s back there help? Almost certainly. Would it help? That’s a different question entirely. Is it already helping? Hard to say, but I think I’d feel a little miffed if the answer was no. There is such a thing as feeling unappreciated.”


“Did he really not tell you?” the priestess asked. “I haven’t talked to Kamio about it since before you were born, but that boy used to spend hours arguing that we should throw the door wide open and leave it that way. I think he wanted to go in there and drag them all out kicking and screaming.”

“Drag all what out?”

Megumi opened her eyes. There were no pupils or irises to them, only pale orbs, milky and sightless, but there was still warmth in her gaze as she faced Hanabi . “The gods, my dear,” said the blind priestess.

“What do you think?” asked the soldier as he crammed his cock into Kaede’s guts from behind. It wasn’t her asshole’s first rape that morning, or the twentieth, but it was still a tight enough fit that he had to work for it, wrapping two of the dark haired kitsune’s tails in his fists and pulling her onto him as she tried to scream, the attempt stymied by the prick stuffed down her throat.  Beneath her, a third man was enjoying her tight cunt. “Who’s the better fucktoy?”

“This one’s a good screamer,” said the man in her throat.  His hands crushed her plump tits, mauling them to make her keep howling around his cock.  She’d tried to back up off of him when he first started, but a flattened nose had taught her better.  Now she kept her head pressed to his crotch, making every inch of his cock warm and happy as it pulsed inside her gullet.  “But the daughter’s got a softer twat. Has that fresh just-broken-in feel to it.”

Beside her, Rei was being raped as well.  She was sandwiched between two men, the one below filling her ass while the one on top plowed her pussy.  Her mouth was just as busy as her mother’s as a kneeling soldier used his hands around her neck to fuck her throat like it was a loose pussy. The younger fox had resisted harder than her mother at first, and still had the injuries to prove it; the tails knotted around her broken arms kept them from healing, and made her squeal with every thrust from any of her three rapists.

“Yeah,” the soldier ass raping Kaede agreed, “but this one definitely has the tighter shithole.”  He gave her butt an appreciative smack.

“Only until it’s my turn back there,” joked the one on top of Rei. He was holding her legs back, her ankles on either side of her neck, as he smashed against her. “I’m gonna hollow her out until she gapes, and then her girl here is gonna suck every trace of Mommy’s stinky filthy asshole off of me, aren’t you?” Rei gurgled something unintelligible, and everyone laughed.

The two women were still in their home, though they’d both been dragged bodily from their separate bedrooms and hauled into one of the main rooms. Their house had once been one of the most finely furnished homes in Hanei. Kaede had been fascinated by human culture most of her life, which was what had made her so well suited to taking on the position of mayor in the village. Her duties were less about directing the other kitsune and more about remaining abreast of what was going on in the outside world. She was the one who’d gotten their territory in Shirakami Sanchi declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site nearly thirty years ago, for example. She was also the one responsible for obtaining false identification for any kitsune who wished to venture outside the village in the guise of a human. That interest in humanity included a great appreciation for the arts, and over the years she’d built up a dazzling collection of tapestries, paintings, and sculptures. Some had been created by others in the village, but the majority were works of art brought in from the outside world, including an original Monet commissioned in 1902.

Most of them were unrecognizable by now. The sculptures had been smashed into rubble by bored soldiers waiting their turn to rape the two foxes. The paintings had been similarly desecrated and defiled, the canvasses covered in scribbles and stains where they weren’t just crumpled up like trash. And the tapestries… the only two that hadn’t been reduced to tattered cloth were the two that had been laid down on the floor like mats to cushion the soldiers while they used the women. Both were indelibly soaked with blood, semen, and urine by now, just like their owner.

“I don’t give a fuck how good her other holes are,” complained the man beneath Kaede. “Lazy slut is slacking off with her cunt again. Needs some more motivation.” Both women whimpered at the comment and redoubled their efforts to please their rapists, but their wordless pleas were ignored.

A fire blazed in the hearth, fueled by photographs and scraps of clothing. The two branding irons had been left half buried in it, and were already red hot when a pair of waiting soldiers eagerly pulled them out. “Where should we do this time?” one asked.

“Fry their tits again,” recommended the one beneath Rei. “Nothing gets these cunts moving like some roasted titties.”

Both foxes howled as the sizzling irons sank into their soft flesh, the sounds accompanied by mocking laughter. Their breasts, buttocks, feet and faces had all been popular targets that morning. Any human woman would irreparably burned and scarred from the torture, but they barely had any marks left on them, allowing their sensitive areas to get hurt again and again.

The soldiers kept the branding irons on them until the flesh beneath was charred, then pulled back and picked a fresh spot. “You know how to make this stop, animals,” said one of them.

The first few times, it had been completely involuntary. All of the men had found it hilarious though, and wanted to see it every time they were burned. So Kaede, the closest Hanei had to royalty, a lover of the fine arts, a refined woman of dignity and grace, pissed herself to the amusement of everyone watching, the thin yellow stream soaking the priceless tapestry beneath her. Beside her, Rei debased herself in the same way.

“Quit your whining, you silly bitch,” said the man who’d complained. “It’s your own fault for not being a better fuck, isn’t it?” Kaede quickly nodded her head in agreement as her hips flexed and wriggled to please him.

“I just want to know who’s got the better mouth,” said one of the eight soldiers waiting for his turn to come back around. “I’m gonna have one of them tonguing my asshole while the other swallows my cock, and I can’t decide which way.” Both women grimaced at the knowledge of their impending positions, but didn’t let dread interrupt their service.

“Oh, you definitely want your cock down this little slut’s gullet,” assured the man doing just that to Rei. “Just listen to this.” He thrust in hard and held there, making the young woman gurgle and thrash involuntarily. “See that nice gag reflex? It’s like her throat’s giving me a fucking handy while I’m in it. And before long not a single fox slut for miles is gonna have a gag reflex anymore, so you gotta enjoy ‘em while they last.”

“Hey, don’t sell my cock cleaner here short,” protested the one raping Kaede’s mouth with mock offense. “Go ahead and rest your hand on her throat. Come on. Now feel this.” He reached down and jabbed his dirty fingernails into the site of her latest branding, which was still bright pink with raw, half-healed flesh. He smiled at the man while his victim screeched in agony. “Feel those vibrations? Like I said, she’s a real good screamer.”

“Why not just try it both ways?” suggested another man in line. “Don’t gotta meet up with everyone for hours, and these fucktoys ain’t going nowhere. Even with all fourteen of us sharing them, there’s time for at least a dozen loads each. I already got all mine planned out while I’ve been waiting for you fuckers to hurry up and shoot off.” He began counting off on his fingers. “Me and Chavez are gonna double fuck the daughter’s butt, then I’m gonna deepthroat mom until she pukes and make her girl suck it off while she finishes the job, then it’s time to skewer mom’s nipples together and titfuck her, and then-“

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, man,” interrupted the one trying to decide. “It’s not that easy, though. I can’t just do it twice because i was gonna… you know…” He fidgeted.

“Shit into one’s mouth while you piss down the other’s throat?” asked the soldier in Kaede’s ass bluntly. Both women gagged for reasons unrelated to the cocks they were fellating. “Ugh, you’re fucking gross. But whatever, just flip a damn coin or something. And if these two sluts aren’t the best pair of toilets you’ve ever seen, then hell, you aren’t the only one here who needs to take a dump. What do you think, girls? You both eager to become shit eaters?” Both women tried to nod. “See?”

“I don’t give a fuck what you want to do with these dumb bitches,” grumbled the one in Kaede’s pussy. “I just want them to stop. Slacking. Off! Stuck up little cunts, the both of them.”

“Do their faces this time,” suggested one of the soldiers as the branding irons were retrieved again. “That way they’ll make nice warm toilet seats when our boy here gets his chance in a minute.” Everyone laughed at that while the heated metal was pressed against their cheeks, and mother and daughter screamed and thrashed and pissed themselves.

Hanabi curled into a ball beneath the bed, trying to make herself as small as possible. The first blow against the barrier had sent her cowered, huddled down, breathing hard. Every subsequent slam as they battered down the barrier felt like the invaders were going to bring the temple down. When they had stopped, however, it was no comfort… that just meant the men were inside. Down the hall, she could hear soldiers abusing the other refugees. In a few minutes, they would find her, and she’d become one more victim. Half of her just wanted to get it over with; the stress of waiting for the inevitable was slowly killing her.

The door to their salvation was just down the hall. Megumi had even taught her the password to open it – specific patterns of foxfire in the right order and timing. Hanabi’s training had progressed far enough that she was reasonably certain she could reproduce those patterns if she tried hard enough. And then she could beseech the gods, perhaps even Inari herself to bring a holy inferno down upon these invaders. It would all be so easy… if she only had her foxskin.

To be so close to their last hope and utterly unable to reach it was a new kind of torture for the white haired fox. Megumi was the only one nearby capable of opening the door, but not without releasing the barrier over the temple first. Even if Hanabi could have tried to teach one of the others, even if they would have listened to her of all people, they had already given up all the fire they had. The password, though simple, required several minutes to properly input. Her attempt would be over before she was halfway there, and the most that they would accomplish would be putting up a giant neon sign pointing at the door. If the locks proved as vulnerable as the village wards had and the humans gained access to what was inside, then according to the blind priestess it could spark an even greater tragedy than the one unfolding right now.

Megumi had been too busy maintaining the barrier to go into detail, and she could be frustratingly obtuse with her words even on the best days, but she had passed along the basic idea. Thousands of years ago, something had appeared, something awful enough to terrify even the gods themselves, and the survivors had gone into hiding. They’d created a place where they wouldn’t be found, and it had fallen to Inari and her kitsune to guard its entrance, which led to Hanei being established. Hanabi had no idea how the space behind the hidden door, which couldn’t be more than a closet based on the rooms around it, could contain an entire heavenly sanctuary, but that was only one of about a million questions she had, and Megumi hadn’t been forthcoming about the answers.

It just all seemed so hopeless to the fox girl right now. Her village was being destroyed, her people raped and murdered, and she was certain that it was all somehow her fault. This all had something to do with Levi and his pet monster Celeste, she knew it. She still remembered how effortlessly the woman had torn apart all of her foxfire. A disquieting thought struck the girl: what if she hadn’t escaped from him after all? What if the entire thing had been staged to get her to show them the way back to Hanei? She’d checked and double checked and triple checked her trail as she’d fled back home, trying to make certain that no one could follow her, but what was one more impossible feat from those two?

And if that was true… she felt like throwing up. It meant that all of this was her fault. Her carelessness, her stupidity, her stupid belief that she could be anything more than a furry cocksucker, had destroyed her people. Maybe she shouldn’t even wait for the soldiers to find her. Maybe she should just go running out to meet them so she could begin paying for her crimes. Or better yet, maybe there was something sharp around. If the other foxes discovered that she’d killed herself, well, they certainly wouldn’t forgive what she’d done to them, but maybe at least they’d know that she was aware of her sins. That was the sort of end that the last and worst white furred fox of Hanei deserved, to die alone and unloved. She should-

Hanabi was so wrapped up in her self-hatred that she didn’t hear the fox coming until it was too late. The animal appeared in the doorway, and their eyes met. The girl didn’t need to see the collar dangling from the fox’s neck to know that she wasn’t from Hanei. She stared at the woman silently, not bothering to run. The fox would cry out and the soldiers would come, and that was probably for the best. No more than Hanabi deserved, really.

But the stranger didn’t sound the alarm, or run to tell the others. She just stared back silently, her expression filled with the same terror that Hanabi felt. Seconds ticked slowly by with neither of them moving, while the solders in the background drew nearer. Then, when there was almost no time left at all, the woman’s appearance changed. Hanabi gaped in horror at the ugly, violent transformation. It wasn’t the graceful shift from one form to another that kitsune did. It was more like the fox was being mangled and twisted, bits of it ripped away by an unseen force, leaving behind a young blond woman. She appeared entirely human, with no fox ears or tails that would mark her as kitsune.

The stranger darted forward and Hanabi flinched, but the woman was simply climbing onto the same bed the girl hid under. Hanabi watched in shock, not understanding what was going on, as several soldiers entered the room, visible to her only as faceless legs. She listened mutely as the woman was chastised for sleeping, and the soldiers began to rape her in punishment. She laid there, frozen and curled up, as the bedsprings above her creaked and the blonde was viciously assaulted.

“Fuck me, and here I thought her million dollar twat would be something special,” grumbled one of the soldiers, though it sounded like all of them were vigorously going at her. “I already creamed four fox cunts today that were all better than Rich Bitch’s here.”

“What, you thought it was gonna come with some fucking gold plating or something?” said one of the others. “Maybe a little voucher sticking out her cervix that you can redeem for a new car?” There was the smack of a hand hitting flesh, and the woman squealed. “She’s just another stuck up cunt who used to think she ran the whole fucking universe. She’s never gonna be as fresh and tight as all these foxy bitches, but that ain’t the point. You gotta appreciate the fucking atmosphere, man. Bitch used to have servants at her beck and call, used to have everything she could ever want, used to eat the fanciest fucking food and wear the fanciest fucking dresses and be happy as a pig in shit every day, and now?” He grunted and the woman whimpered in response. “Now all she’s got is my hot spunk up her guts.”

“Besides,” said a third man,”it’s kinda refreshing having a fucktoy that doesn’t just heal away all the shit you do to her. Don’t get me wrong, I love how these fox sluts can be drowning in cum and it still feels like you’re breaking open a tight virgin twat every time. But sometimes you just want to mark a bitch and know it’s gonna last, yeah?” The woman squealed again, more loudly this time, and the entire bed shook violently. “Easy now, girl, easy now! Don’t want the knife to slip, not when we’re just having a bit of fun, you and me. Just making sure you’ll remember whose cum is about to be sitting in your stomach. You don’t hold still, maybe my hand zigs where it shoulda zagged and it ends up being a permanent reminder.”

“Who could care less what shit’s going on in her head?” said the first man scornfully. “I just want a soft, snug twat for my prick. So if you don’t hurry up and start being a better fuck, Rich Bitch, maybe I’ll shove my damn knife up here instead, cut this lazy, useless twat right out of you. How’s that for some goddamn atmosphere?”

The gangrape felt like it went on for hours. It was long enough for the three men to each enjoy all three of the blonde’s holes. By the time they were sated, she was crying softly while cum and blood dripped off the sheets and onto the floor. Hanabi silently watched it drip down, her body stiff and cramping from holding her position for so long. She’d barely dared to breathe for fear that she would be discovered. All thoughts of “just getting it over with” had crumbled in the face of the brutality in store for her.

“One of you grab Rich Bitch,” one of them said. “Sounds like everyone else already left. We gotta hurry back before the commander gives us hell.”

“Aww, don’t worry about that,” said another, grabbing the blonde by the hair and hauling her off the bed. “Just gotta tell him we were busy disciplining the disobedient cunt here.” She let out a small sob, but didn’t resist as she was dragged out of the room and down the hall.

Hanabi didn’t risk moving a muscle as she heard them leave. Only after several minutes of complete silence did she let herself relax, her breath coming out in a shaky, horrified gasp. They were gone. They were gone and she wasn’t about to be raped. She didn’t know who that woman was or why she’d behaved that way, only that Hanabi owed her safety to her.

Another few minutes passed before she risked getting out from under the bed, and more before she was willing to take slow, stumbling steps out of the room, her head darting back and forth to try and keep an eye on every possible direction. But her caution proved unnecessary; the temple was empty. There was only Hanabi and the broken remains of Inari’s Flame. She had overheard its destruction, but she still wept at the sight. The flame that they’d maintained for centuries, that they’d dedicated the bodies of every fallen kitsune to, extinguished for no other reason than cruelty itself.

To Hanabi, it was the perfect symbol for the fate she’d brought to all of Hanei.

Hours later, Hanabi was still free. Occasionally a soldier or two wandered through the temple looking for something to steal or smash, but they were easy to evade. Everyone else seemed content to remain in the village below with all their captives. The white haired girl spent all morning forced to listen to the sounds of their constant orgy drifting up, cruel laughter mixed with desperate screams, begging, and sobbing.

And then around noon, it stopped. Not all at once, but gradually over the course of about ten minutes. At first, Hanabi thought that perhaps the soldiers were operating on a nocturnal schedule and had gone to sleep, or were maybe even leaving the village, but when she dared to look out one of the windows, she could still see them bustling around. They were slowly herding everyone towards the village amphitheater, a circular open area building near the base of the hill. There was no way she could leave the fragile safety of the temple, let alone try and sneak closer, but her eyes were sharp enough to pick out most of what was going on, and the amphitheater itself had been designed to have excellent acoustics. On a good day, performing musicians could be heard throughout the entire village.

It wasn’t just the women being forcibly marched through the streets, but all the male and non-binary foxes as well. The others hadn’t been violated like the women, but they were still naked, dirty, and bloody. Thankfully, there were no sign of any kits; Saya and Yumiko must have been successful in getting them to safety. The soldiers were only too happy to bind the women with their own tails, but they seemed more cautious about the others, because most of them were bound with genuine rope or chains, and at least half had one or more limbs broken and bound so that they wouldn’t heal. There were steel cages about the size of a prison cell set up in the amphitheater, each large enough to hold about five people comfortably; the non-female foxes were being crammed into them twenty or thirty at a time.

Many of the soldiers seemed to have already claimed informal ownership of specific women. There were small clusters of soldiers everywhere, some as small as two or three men, others reaching upwards of twenty, each with one or two hapless foxes in the middle. Hanabi could see little of the women, but there were enough glimpses of them being used to turn her stomach. None of the women appeared to be putting up any kind of fight, and the mutilated foxes that still dangled upside down from the trees were a grim testament to why.

Everyone was too far away to make out faces, but Hanabi didn’t need details to recognize the man standing on the amphitheater stage as everyone gathered. A brown haired fox knelt at Levi’s feet, her mouth around his cock. He was casually crushing one of her ears with his fist to keep her from backing up, but it didn’t seem necessary. If anything, it looked to Hanabi like the woman was seeking to push her head even closer and fit yet more of his fat prick down her throat. Her arms were bound behind her with a tail, and another was knotted around her neck at its middle to create a crude leash that Levi held in his other hand.

Sudden movement drew Hanabi’s eyes. One of the captive male foxes was struggling with the soldiers who’d been leading him in. Both of his arms were broken, but that didn’t stop him from hurling the men away with his tails and charging towards the stage. “Tomo!” he cried out. “Tomo!” Hanabi recognized his voice: it was Tobi. Which meant the woman on stage had to be…

Tomo tried to turn her head to look back at her brother, but Levi yanked her back onto his cock. Hanabi watch him sneer and his lips moved. Hanabi’s closest friend in the world shuddered, then began desperately deepthroating him, slapping her head against his groin so violently that the white haired girl could almost hear her gagging. Soldiers caught up to Tobi and brought him down as he tried to push through the crowd, shackling him hand to foot and tearing his tails off in a matter of seconds. Levi made a beckoning motion, and his men dragged the bruised and bloody fox up to the stage.

Levi must have wanted everyone to hear him, because he spoke loudly enough that Hanabi could make out his words. “Is this your mate, animal?” Tobi groaned and said something inaudible that made the blond man laugh. “Your sister. Well, your sister isn’t a very good cocksucker yet, but we’re making do. Show your brother how much you’ve learned today about licking dick, fox slut.” Tomo pulled her head back, lines of saliva connecting her lips to Levi’s shaft, and began to lap at him. Her movements were anxious and urgent, and Hanabi could see her friend’s head tilt up every few seconds, as though to check her rapist’s face for signs of disapproval. “See? I haven’t had a bitch break so easy in years. Or maybe she just loves the taste of my cock. Is that it?” Tomo nodded her assent. “Thought so. Nuzzle my balls too, cocksucker. And clean my ass crack while you’re down there.” The brunette shuddered, but bent her head lower and began to obey.

“And while your sister gets busy, animal, you’re going to pick five people for me.” When Tobi shook his head, Levi said something to one of the soldiers. The man nodded and kicked the fox in the ribs, hard enough to make Tobi cry out in pain. “I’ll make this so simple even you furry freaks can understand. When you fuck up as badly as this piece of shit over here, we don’t just punish you. You get to choose five foxes to die along with you for your stupidity. Or, you can be a pussy like this one and refuse to pick, and then we pick ten.” He began pointing at random. “Her. Her. Him. Her.”

“Stop!” Tobi demanded. “They didn’t do any-!” The soldier who’d kicked him before did it again, this time square in the face.

In short order, ten kitsune were dragged to the stage. They all seemed to be in a state of stunned disbelief as soldiers began binding them and removing their tails. “Fuck the pretty ones first if you want,” Levi told the men working. “But one hour from now, I want to see all eleven of these animals broken and hanging.” The soldiers nodded and started carrying the foxes, Tobi included, out of the amphitheater. Levi pointed at the young man, whose face was a mask of blood at this point. “Spare that one’s eyes and ears, and put him somewhere with a good view of my tent. He can spend the last few days of his life watching me try and train his sister into a decent fucktoy.”

Levi hauled Tomo to her feet and told her something. She nodded fearfully, then turned around and bent over, sticking her ass towards him. She shifted backwards, finding his cock with her slit, and began to rock back and forth on her feet, fucking him with her pussy. While she pleasured him, the shy brunette was forced to face forwards, and take in the hundreds of foxes watching her debase herself for the man who’d just ordered her brother’s execution.

The blond man looked out his captives while Tomo worked. “Your days of leeching off this land like vermin are over,” he announced. “You now belong to Paragon. Some of you will devote the rest of your lives to breeding us fresh foxes. You will spend every waking hour being fucked, you will live on piss, cum, and the cheapest slop that doesn’t kill you, and you’ll be tossed in the incinerator like any other piece of trash the minute you’re no longer fuckable enough to enjoy. The rest of you will come to envy those foxes.”

He pinched Tomo’s clitoris lightly as a warning, and the girl whimpered and sped up her rocking, her eyes wide and hopeless as they looked down on the crowd. “We’re going to spend the next few days finding out which of you deserve to be breeders, and which aren’t good as anything more than meat for the Paradisium.” His smile had no humor to it, only eager malice. “No matter how bad you think you have it here, I can promise that they’ll treat you worse. We’re just looking to satisfy our cocks and put those wombs to work; they want to make you hurt. Think of every moment of suffering here as a preview of what it will be like to be meat.” Without warning, he raked his fingernails down Tomo’s side, leaving bloody lines behind and making the brunette squeal in terror. “And as durable as you furry fucktoys are, it could be years before they torture you enough to kill you.”

Levi turned his attention to the foxes in cages. “As for you worthless pieces of shit, you’re only alive for two reasons. First, to encourage the good behavior of your wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Second, because so far it looks like your bitches almost always need fox spunk to pump out brats. We’re working on ways around that, and in the meantime any soldier here who can beat the odds and knock up a furry cunt gets to take any fucktoy of his choice home with him.” His men seemed to already be very familiar with the offer, but they cheered it happily anyway.

He slapped Tomo’s ass, and she wordlessly shifted her position to swallow him up with her asshole instead. From the way she moved, it was far from the first time she’d been raped that way today, but it was still very painful. “Before we get back to enjoying ourselves, I do have one piece of good news for all of you,” Levi said. “You have exactly one hope of salvation, which is more than I give most sluts.”

His eyes scanned the crowd. “There’s a white haired, white furred cumdump of mine that was stupid enough to think she could run away from me.” Hanabi’s face went pale, and she had to tamp down the sudden urge to go hide in the smallest, darkest place she could find. “I want her. So I’ll make you the most generous offer you’ll ever receive: give me the runaway cunt, and you go free. You and your entire family can walk out of here, no questions asked, and no one will stop you.”

Hanabi’s heart sank. There was no way any of them would help her now, and she couldn’t blame a single one of them. If she was in their shoes, it wouldn’t be easy to pass up an offer like that, and for her? The stupid white furred bitch that no one liked, who’d caused all of this in the first place? Most of the foxes down there probably wouldn’t hesitate to turn her in even without a reward for it.

The girl listened closely as Levi began explaining the rules for the foreseeable future while continuing to rape her friend. Most of it wasn’t particularly surprising, just grim and humiliating. While everyone else was left to rot in the cages, the women were expected to service the soldiers however they liked. Sex was the obvious priority, but any other request was to be followed as well, “like a good little bitch”. Those who could best perform as trained animals and sex toys would earn the dubious honor of becoming breeders when the days long orgy was over and everyone was transported away. Failures would become meat. And those that balked at orders, fought back, or attempted to escape, would be tortured and strung up to die a slow death, along with the five foxes they’d chosen or the ten picked at random for them.

The surprise came at the very end, when soldiers wheeled in a cart stacked high with bloody rags. Hanabi gasped at the sight: foxskins. It seemed like every skin in the village was piled up there. She squinted, trying to catch sight of her own distinctive white pelt; it had resembled her smallclothes when it had been ripped off of her, but it would’ve reverted to its natural appearance by now. If it was in there, she couldn’t see it.

“If it were up to me,” Levi announced, “half those flea bitten pelts would already be in the bonfire, and the other half would be chopped up and on their way to Paragon for vulpan production. But apparently,” his lip curled up in a sneer, “none of you dumb animals have ever conceived after we destroyed hers. So look on the bright side, breeders: you’ll have a rag to mop up all the cum. When I give the order, you will come up one at a time to identify your skin. If yours isn’t here, you were probably an idiot that gave my men trouble when they bagged you, and you should start looking forward to being meat.”

He grabbed Tomo’s hips then, and from the way the brunette whimpered and squirmed, he was finishing in her ass. Once he was done, he said something quiet to her, then pushed her off of him. She was caught off balance and spun around trying to catch herself before falling face first onto the stage, revealing her swollen and gaping asshole to the crowd. All the soldiers laughed or gave a mocking cheer.

Tomo struggled to her knees, her hands still bound behind her, and crawled over to the pile of skins. After a slight hesitation, she buried her face in the dirty, bloodstained mass and drew one of the skins out with her teeth. It looked the same as any other pelt to Hanabi, and she knew that being closer would have offered no more clues, but foxes felt a certain connection to their skins. They could no more fail to recognize theirs than they could confuse someone else’s hands for their own.

One of the soldiers snatched it away from her, and the brunette cringed when he drew a knife and casually began cutting crude circles into it. Hanabi didn’t understand what he was doing until he followed the second circle with a straight cut. Not circles, numbers: 001. Another soldier was already crouched over Tomo, doing something with a needle and thick black thread. When he stepped away, the same number had been stitched onto her left forearm.

Her skin was tossed to the side, and the girl crawled back to Levi to start cleaning his cock while the next kitsune was brought to the stage to identify their pelt. It took hours to go through everyone, long enough for the sun to sink almost to the horizon. The soldiers passed the time by enjoying the closest kitsune, hundreds of women being raped simultaneously while they waited to be pushed forward and marked.

Most foxes needed only seconds to find their pelt, and fewer still as the pile of unidentifiable skins shrank, but those whose skins were missing took much longer. Hanabi watched them frantically nose through the remaining skins, trying to find theirs before a soldier grew impatient and hauled them away. They were marked too, with a thick X on their left forearms to show that they weren’t usable for breeding, and were destined only for a slow death.

Several times she almost stopped watching, sick at the sight of so many people suffering, but Hanabi forced herself to remain at the window and witness the entire thing. Part of it was pragmatism; while she was watching, she might catch sight of her own skin. But mostly she watched because it was the only thing she could do for them. If she’d imagined a scenario like this a week ago, it would’ve been part of some grand adventure where she’d sneak past the guards and free everyone. But she was just a coward. Hanabi watched the suffering down below, and the strongest thought in her head was that she didn’t want to be like them. Even if the only alternative was to hide in the temple until she died of thirst, it was an easy choice to make. Anything was better than returning to Levi.

The pile was nearly gone when Hanabi saw it, there at the very bottom: the only white foxskin there. Excitement and anxiety vied for her attention; if she could get to her skin, she’d have her foxfire back. She’d be able to open the door to the gods’ sanctuary. But that meant going down there. It meant that she couldn’t keep telling herself that she was just one powerless kitsune who couldn’t help the others, who didn’t have to feel guilty about prioritizing her own safety.

Hers wasn’t the only foxskin remaining when the last fox had gone on stage. Several dozen others were there, left behind by the kitsune who’d been sentenced to death. Levi regarded what was left critically, and spat on them. “Someone go burn this trash,” he ordered. Two soldiers nodded and started wheeling the cart out of the amphitheater. Hanabi helplessly watched her only hope leave.

Her eyes followed the cart as it wound away. She could already see its destination: a bonfire in the middle of what had been the most dense district. Soldiers had been leaving the amphitheater once their favored foxes were done, and many had brought them there for what she could only describe as a victory orgy. Kitsune were being passed from man to man, a different cock every time and no hole left empty. Conscious of Levi’s speech, many of the women were doing their best to actively participate and earn their survival. They sucked and bounced and wriggled and humped, trying to be good fucktoys for the men that had destroyed their lives.

The bonfire was being fed by whatever flammable possessions the soldiers didn’t feel like stealing: clothing, books, bedding, furniture. The men hauling the foxskins dumped them nearby with the other waiting fuel, and then abandoned them to go join in the orgy themselves, showing zero hesitation about destroying the priceless pelts.

The sun finished setting, and Hanei’s last day drew to a close. Just twenty four hours ago it had been a bustling village, home to hundreds. Now most of it lay dark and silent, its buildings pillaged and broken. All the light and warmth was gone, replaced only by the angry flickering flames. And the men responsible for its fall drank and laughed and fucked their captives around the fire, enjoying the spoils of their siege.

And none of them were watching over the skins.

Hanabi didn’t notice it at first, and when she finally did, she tried to ignore it, but it was right there, staring her in the face. The skins were near the edge of the bonfire’s light, right next to the inky darkness of a cloudy night and a dead town. A kitsune’s eyes would be sensitive enough to see someone approaching the pile from outside the light, but a human’s? And with the bonfire right there, preventing their eyes from adjusting to the night? The soldiers would be effectively blind. She could go there. She could slip down to the town and retrieve her skin without any of them ever knowing she was there.

The idea was more terrifying than anything she’d seen all day. She wouldn’t just be exposing herself to danger, she’d be jumping headfirst into it. The old Hanabi would have laughed at the idea. The new one wanted to go hide under the bed again and forget she’d ever noticed anything. She couldn’t go back to Levi. She couldn’t. The hours she’d spent in the forest had been the worst in her life, so terrible that she’d rather die than experience anything like that again. The soldiers partying in the ruins of Hanei didn’t represent hours; to be captured by them meant years, maybe even decades of abuse, capped by death.

But… she couldn’t do nothing either.

Hanabi wasn’t a hero. The last few days had proved that to her ten times over. She didn’t want adventure or excitement, and while she cared for her fellow villagers, she had no desire to sacrifice herself for them. But this wasn’t about what she wanted. It was about the fact that even when she closed her eyes, all she could see were the atrocities going on down below. If she sat by and let it happen when she knew that she might have been able to save everyone, her regret would be more painful than any torture Levi could devise. If she knew with certainty that all that waited after death was oblivion, she wouldn’t hesitate to slash open her wrists and save herself from this terrible responsibility. But if what they’d been taught was true and death was a return to Inari, then she’d just carry all of her guilt and shame back with her. She’d forever be the white furred fox that destroyed Hanei.

So even though she hated it, even though tears leaked from her eyes and whimpers from her lips, even though her limbs shook with terror before she’d so much as looked away from the window, Hanabi left the safety of the temple and descended into the hell that waited below.

For the first few minutes, she expected to hear angry shouting at any moment. All the soldiers would descend upon her, laughing at how foolish she’d been for thinking she could go unnoticed. But no shouting came. There were a handful of men away from the bonfire, out patrolling the village, but their eyes were no match for hers, and she always stayed at least twice as far away as she estimated their night vision reached. She couldn’t be too patient – the supply of fuel for the bonfire was steadily dwindling, and the pelts would go up in smoke long before morning – but she didn’t rush or take chances either, descending the hill with care and precision.

The intense chill that had accompanied the siege had vanished, but it was still bitterly cold now that the sun was down. Hanabi could feel it even with her winter clothes on, and the rest of Hanei didn’t have the luxury of clothing anymore. Many of the women were shaking from more than just fear and exhaustion; the bonfire wasn’t nearly enough to keep them warm, and the soldiers just seemed amused by their state. The white haired girl picked up more than one comment about how a belly full of hot cum would help chase away the cold, which seemed to be as much assistance as any of the men were going to offer.

By the time she was close enough to feel the heat of the fire, Hanabi’s nerves had eased up just a little. None of the soldiers had displayed the slightest notice of her presence, and she was more than halfway to her prize. This plan of hers might actually work. She might be able to get her foxskin back. It wasn’t until she drew closer that she realized the awful mistake she’d made.

The humans couldn’t see past the light of the bonfire. But the other kitsune could.

Hanabi froze as she saw four women looking directly at her, their eyes wide with surprise. Maybe if they knew that she didn’t just want her skin for herself, that she would go back to the temple and try to bring help, they would have had reason to stay silent. But all they saw was the white fox of Hanei, the girl who’d doomed them all in the first place and now was abandoning them completely, trying to sneak away under cover of darkness. Hanabi was a monster, a coward, and their only hope of being let go. They had no reason to stay silent, and a million to start shouting.

But they didn’t.

The white haired girl was dumbfounded as all four women turned their attention away from her and back to assisting their abusers. She could almost think that she’d made a mistake and they hadn’t noticed her after all, but she could see their eyes occasionally darting back to her, watching over her. What on earth was wrong with them?

She was so confused that she didn’t notice the soldier approaching until he was nearly on top of her. He was a portly man with a young dark haired shopkeeper named Aya by his side. One hand casually gripped her long ponytail, using it like a leash to make her crawl next to him as he stumbled away from the bonfire, clearly drunk. “Juss need to empty my bladder,” he was slurring. “Then I’m alllllll yours, sexy.”

Hanabi’s eyes darted around frantically looking for a means of escape, but she was trapped. The drunk was heading right towards her. Human eyes were poor, but even he wouldn’t be able to miss her once he got close. And he was already close enough that he’d notice the movement and hear her footsteps on the road if she fled. Her knees shook, and it was suddenly a struggle not to collapse into a heap. She’d fucked it up, just like she’d known she would. She was a stupid worthless fuck-up, and now they were going to find her. They were going to find her and rape her and give her to Levi and…

“Please sir,” Aya whined out of the blue, “I… I can’t wait any longer! I need you to f-fuck me right now!” The girl nuzzled his leg with her face. “I need more of your warm gooey sperm in me, or I’ll just die!”

The woman was… helping her? It made no sense to Hanabi, but there was no mistaking it. The man laughed. “See? Told ya you’d be begging for it soon, sexy. But wait your fucking turn.”

Aya’s eyes darted towards Hanabi and back, and then, with clear difficulty, she forced out more words. “I… I… w-want to… drink it! I-I want to drink your pee! Please let me drink it, sir!”

“Gahhhhd,” the man breathed,  “you fucking furballs are degenerate little sluts when you get the chance, aren’t ya?” To Hanabi’s relief, he stopped just a few feet away from her and yanked on Aya’s hair to put her in front of him. “Alright alright. You want to guzzle my piss that bad, sexy, who’m I to say no? Open wide.” That was all the warning he gave her before he began to urinate.

For the first few seconds, it spattered all over the woman’s face and chest, but she managed to catch the stream in her mouth. Aya looked nauseated, but she gulped down one mouthful after another, until the stream dried up and he shoved his soft member into her mouth. “Can’t forget the best part, sexy. Gotta suck out those last few drops.” She reluctantly obeyed, but when she tried to pull back afterward, he used her ponytail to keep her in place. “Not yet, not yet. Give him a few kisses first, tell ‘im how much ya love him.” By the time his cock reappeared a couple minutes later, it was covered with spit and standing tall. “There,” he said proudly. “Now let’s get back to it, sexy. You and me got a baby to make!”

Hanabi stared at Aya as the fox allowed herself to be dragged back towards everyone else. She’d been in her store before, spoken to the woman a few times here and there, but nothing beyond that. They were barely acquaintances, and certainly not friends. But Aya had unmistakably helped her just now. No matter how her brain tried to reinterpret the situation, it couldn’t find any other explanation for her behavior. She’d gone out of her way, even debased herself, to protect Hanabi. Why?

She didn’t have time to stop and consider the situation. While she’d been stuck in place waiting for the drunk soldier to move, she’d lost precious minutes. The bonfire had already finished consuming most of the prized possessions that had been relegated to kindling. The next time someone decided to stoke the fire, it would be with the foxskins.

The safe route to the pelts would be to keep her distance from the bonfire, and use the nearby buildings as cover to avoid being seen by any other foxes. But if she did that, the foxskins would almost certainly be ashes before she reached them. If Hanabi wanted to get there fast enough, she needed to circle the bonfire in as direct a route as possible, staying just out of range of the soldiers’ vision, but not that of the other kitsune. All it would take was a single one raising an alarm to end everything and send her back to Levi. There was no time left: she had to choose right now whether or not she would trust all of them to stay silent.

Hanabi began to move.

She could see whenever one of the others noticed her. Sometimes it was as large a reaction as a gasp, sometimes as small as a flicker of the eyes, but almost every fox there saw her on her way to her skin. And none of them said anything. And it wasn’t just that; more than one woman smiled at the sight of her, though they quickly hid it, or began to cry fresh tears. It didn’t make any sense. She’d known for decades now that they all feared her, if not outright hated her. It’s why they were so often distant from her, why they treated her like she wasn’t really one of them. She was the white fox of Hanei, and she couldn’t be trusted.

She didn’t understand, but this wasn’t the time to think about it. For now, she focused on creeping up to the pelts, until she was almost close enough to touch them. “That’s close enough, slut,” said a voice behind her, and the white haired girl’s breath caught in her throat. “Turn around, slowly. Any sudden movements, and I promise you won’t like what happens next.”

No, no. No, no, no, no, no… Shivering from more than the cold now, Hanabi shuffled her feet and turned around. For a second, she thought she was looking at another kitsune, but the collar around his neck said otherwise. The werefox’s mouth opened in a wide grin. “I was starting to get bored, slut. Been following you for the last ten minutes, waiting to see what you were getting up to.”

“Please,” she began, and the werefox cut her off with a low growl.

“I don’t need you to talk, slut,” he told her quietly. “I’ll have some fun with your mouth in a minute, but for now, just do me a favor and keep it shut.” He began to stalk closer to her. “We don’t want the others to hear, right? See, I don’t like to share. Commander promised a big fat bonus to whoever caught you, and if you get seen now, I’m gonna have to split that with every fucking asshole here. Be lucky if I end up with more than pocket change by the end. So we’re gonna leave them out of the loop. And since I’ve been stuck on goddamn patrol duty tonight while all those bastards get their dicks wet, here’s what’s gonna happen now: you’re going to strip out of those clothes, and then we’re gonna have our own little private party. Just you and me and your tight holes, all night long. If you’re a good girl who treats me right, I’ll go easy on you in the morning, tell the commander that you turned yourself in and didn’t give me any trouble.”

He was close enough for his tails to stroke her body, caressing her over her clothes. “But you make me work for my fun, slut, and I tell him you fought back. Didn’t give me any choice but to fuck you bloody, maybe chew off a leg or two to keep you from bolting. Neither of us wants that, right? Right?” She shook her head quickly. “Exactly. So get those clothes off, slut.”

Hanabi’s hands shook almost too badly to work as she started stripping like he’d ordered. She’d been so close. Her skin was practically in arms reach somewhere in the pile. She couldn’t give up now, not when she only needed a little time to find it. She peeled off her clothes, feeling like she was taking off a mask. Gone was the lie about being Hanabi the person, the young woman who got to eat pastries and have loving parents and dream of exploring the world. Now she was back to her real self: Hanabi the fucktoy.

She shivered as the cold night air washed over her, the bonfire doing almost nothing to blunt its edge. The vulpan’s tails were warm, but that was little comfort as they explored her exposed flesh. “Little skinny,” he said, “but lucky for you, that’s just the way I like it. The others can keep all those fat tittied, big ass sluts they’re fighting over right now. My dick likes them firm and tight, just like you.” One of his tails slapped her ass, and she let out a small squeak before she could help it. Another tail quickly wound around her neck, and the white haired girl found herself unable to breathe. “Shhhh, remember? It’s time to be a quiet fucktoy. You can scream all you want starting tomorrow.”

The tail eased up after a few seconds, but remained coiled around her neck, ready to silence her again if necessary. The vulpan tugged on it, and Hanabi almost fell forward before she caught herself. “Come on, slut, let’s find somewhere a little more private.”

“Please,” she whispered. If they moved further away from the foxskins, she’d lose all chance of retrieving hers, and then it would be over. This monster clearly had no intention of letting her out of sight until it was time to turn her in, not when she represented wealth and a warm sheath for his cock for the next few hours. She’d get no opportunity to escape him.

The tail around her neck tightened sharply just before another tail smacked her ass again, this time deliberately looking to hurt her, not just play with her body. Being choked was the only reason she didn’t cry out in pain. “I told you not to talk, slut,” the fox reminded her, and smacked her a few more times. “You can’t even do that right, maybe I should have a snack after all. If I chew off your tongue, it won’t be half as fun to throatfuck you, but you’ve got two other holes that could pick up the slack.”

“I… I’m sorry,” she whispered quickly as soon as she could breathe again. “I won’t draw attention, I promise. It’s just so cold. Can we please stay by the bonfire? I’ll make it good for you. I swear I’ll be such a good fucktoy for you if you let me stay here.” He didn’t answer at first, but he didn’t choke her again either. Desperate to convince him, she laid herself on the ground and put her legs up, spreading her slit open with her fingers.

“I, I’m ovulating right now,” she lied. She didn’t need to pretend that her teeth were chattering from the cold. “You’re all t-trying to breed us, right? I-I can give you a baby. Kitsune a-are special. We have to choose to conceive. The others, th-they won’t let themselves get pregnant, not for the humans. B-but I’ll do it for you. You can be rich, a-and even keep me if you want. I can be y-y-your tight, baby making fucktoy, sir. I just w-want to be warm.”

She prayed that greed would overcome his caution. He had to know that she had an ulterior motive, but she was just a naked young woman. He was stronger and faster, and she was offering him everything he wanted. I’m harmless, she told him silently. Whatever I might be planning, you can stop it easily. So just say yes and let the stupid fucktoy think she still has a chance, even though you’re in complete control. She could only hope that he wouldn’t be right.

Hanabi had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when the vulpan came close enough to reveal its massive cock. She knew that foxes were typically well endowed – no one was much concerned with modesty in their natural form – and that some partners even preferred to make love in that state, but that knowledge was a far cry from seeing one up close and knowing it was soon going to be inside her. Even Levi’s thick cock couldn’t compare.

He rubbed himself up and down against her slit. “Consider this your job audition. Show me how good a fucktoy you can be, slut. Do well enough, show me that you’re the best fuck I’m gonna find in this whole village, and you’ve got yourself a deal. I’ll even take you to one of the houses, let you relax on a real bed while we enjoy ourselves, blankets and all.”

“Thank you, sir,” she whispered, and swallowed. “W-would you please choke me while you fuck me? You’re so big and thick that I don’t think I’ll be able to keep quiet otherwise.” The way his cock jerked told her that she’d struck a nerve, and his tail immediately drew tight again. Hanabi set aside her discomfort and pulled herself even wider apart for him.

Even with her help, his cockhead was far larger than the entrance to her pussy. Without supernatural strength, he might have been unable to proceed, and even with it, it was a tight fit, and Hanabi felt a sharp pain that suggested she’d injured something in the process.  The vulpan growled in pleasure as her pussy lips hugged him, and he began working himself in deeper. It felt like being stabbed in slow motion, but the white haired girl forced herself to wrap her legs around him, encouraging the fox to penetrate her.

It took more than two full minutes for him to reach her cervix, and her lungs were burning by then. His tail would loosen occasionally to let her catch a few breaths, but she wasn’t at all surprised that those moments were rare and brief. He was enjoying the power he had over her. That was good. Painful and humiliating, but good. She needed him to let his guard down around her, make him believe that she was completely helpless.

He was wedged inside her so tightly that she could feel the pulse of his veins, but that didn’t stop him from pulling back in a single vicious motion that made her feel like he’d just gouged a hole in her. Apparently that first slow thrust had been the foreplay, because he slammed back into her with speed and intensity, making her convulse when his head struck her cervix. The vulpan only grew faster and rougher with each stroke.

Hanabi had witnessed more than a few women get raped by these creatures that day. She knew what she was in for. Their stamina seemed limitless, and when they came, he would spend the next minute or more gushing his seed into her. She had been lying about kitsune procreation and their inability to become forcibly impregnated; it was a difficult feat, but not impossible, and it seemed downright inevitable that this monster and his disgusting warm spunk would pull it off.

The vulpan’s breath was hot and foul as it humped her. “Gonna make that flat belly swell,” he whispered, sounding more like he was talking to himself than her. “Pump your womb full of cream and then watch you grow. Suck the milk from those perfect little tits.” His movements were becoming crazed as he continued talking himself into an orgasm. He wasn’t fucking her pussy anymore, he was attacking it, impaling her on his cock like he was trying to drive it straight into her stomach. And instead of trying to dissuade him, Hanabi was going along with it, bucking against him, helping him hollow her out and leave her gaping. The two of them competed to see who could fuck her lithe frame harder.

The white haired girl felt him swell up inside her, his cockhead feeling so fat she was half convinced it must be the size of a bowling ball. A second later came the moment she’d been waiting for: his hold on her neck slackened as the initial rush of pleasure hit him.

All nine of her tails struck him in the stomach and sent him flying.

The way his prick was suddenly and violently ejected from her was the most painful moment of the entire rape, but a necessary one, and why she’d forced herself to fuck him back so hard. She needed to be loose enough to move him, and so she’d helped him ruin her. That didn’t make it hurt any less, but she’d heal.

There wasn’t any time to waste. Hanabi didn’t bother spending the precious seconds she’d need to rise to her feet, choosing instead to roll over and scrabble across the ground to the skins. If a normal human had just raped her, this plan would have no chance of succeeding. Her rapist would already be pouncing on her, furious about her act of rebellion.

But it wasn’t a normal human that had raped her. He was a vulpan, and right now he was still in the throes of his extended climax. She could hear him moving, trying to regain control over his body, but for just a few seconds his dick was still in charge, and he twitched helplessly in the dirt as it spurted happily.

Hanabi threw herself into the pile of skins, seeking out her own. For a single panicked second, she thought it wasn’t there, but then she felt it, warm and familiar. A moment later, a white fox burst from the pile, finally whole again.

Her first instinct was to run, but her legs wouldn’t move. All the other skins here were still going to be burned. Once that happened, their owners would remain mutilated forever, even if they were somehow rescued later. Nobody could save them but her.

She wasn’t a hero. Even sneaking into the camp had been about her own needs, not the desire to save anyone else. Hanabi wanted, truly wanted, to just run and forget about the other skins. Trying to do something about them would only get her captured.

But there was no one else who could do it. Only her.

It took all nine of her tails to gather the skins up like a bundle, and Hanabi felt like a fool as they dragged along the ground behind her. But it was working. And there were no cries of alarm behind her; the soldiers must be inebriated enough and so fixated on their victims that none had taken notice of the pelts disappearing. With luck, the men wouldn’t even realize they’d been taken, and just assume they’d been burned at some point. She’d gotten in, found her skin, and made it out. Her plan had almost worked.


In fox form her senses were good enough to hear the soldier racing behind her. If she’d left the skins, she could’ve been out of sight before he’d recovered enough to chase after her, but she hadn’t been that smart. Hanabi could feel her foxfire returning, but far too slowly. He’d catch up to her before she had enough for the smallest working, and there would be no getting away from him then. At best, he’d rip off her tails, break her limbs, and fuck her half to death before dumping what was left of her on Levi’s doorstep. More likely, he’d do all that while making good on his threat to chew off pieces of her.

She had no particular plan in mind in heading towards the temple. It would have been smarter to try and flee the village altogether, though she was confident that he’d catch up to her well before she reached the forest. Hanabi ran there on pure instinct, seeking the safety and comfort that it had promised all her life.

She made it inside and felt the familiar twist in her heart at the sight of Inari’s Flame gone, charcoal still spilled all over the floor from the downed brazier. She eyed the smaller passages leading deeper in. She could try and hide like before, but even if he hadn’t seen her come in here, she’d be hiding from a fox’s nose now, not a human’s eyes and ears. Given her fear sweat and the vulpan’s own cum that was still splattered on her in places, she might as well be wrapped up in Christmas lights for all the good hiding would do her.

The sound of paws on stone announced that her pursuer had reached the temple. She whirled around to see him slowly stalking in, wary of a trap. He’d even closed the heavy temple doors behind him, ensuring she couldn’t hope to distract him long enough to run past him and back outside. The only other exits were the windows, and breaking through them would be loud enough to alert the other werefoxes who must be patrolling outside somewhere. She was stuck here. “You think you’re a clever little bitch, don’t you?” he snarled. “I love clever little bitches.”

“Stay back,” she warned him, trying to sound confident. It wasn’t easy, terrified and cold and her insides still aching from his presence. Changing into her fox form had reversed much of the damage his rough fucking had done to her insides, but not all. She’d need a few more minutes to heal, and by then he’d be busy tearing her apart all over again. “I have my foxfire now. Leave before I kill you.” She backed away from him, trying to keep some distance, and careful not to step on the scattered charcoal. Partly out of respect for the sacred fire they’d once fueled, and partly because the last thing she needed right now was to slip and fall.

The vulpan laughed, not slowing down in his approach. Unlike her, he didn’t bother avoiding the charcoal. There were soft crunching sounds as they crumbled under his bulk.   “And that’s supposed to scare me? All you idiot foxes had that magic shit when you got here, and it didn’t save a single fucking one of you.”

Hanabi’s back legs hit the wall. “I-I’m not like them,” she said, cursing the tremble in her voice. “I can do things the others can’t.” She called up the small drops that had returned to her, and summoned a large orb of illusory flame that blasted air around it and sent out waves of heat, like the one she’d shown off at her birthday party just a few days and several eons ago.

The vulpan didn’t even acknowledge the flame as he stalked closer, and the illusion vanished in moments, leaving behind the actual source of heat: a small orb of genuine fire about the size of her pupil that hovered in the air before her. She tried to pour more foxfire into it, but she was fully drained once more. “I’m not going to warn you again,” she said, wanting to just curl up on the floor and die now. She might as well be threatening him with a matchstick. “Leave or burn.”

His laughter told her that her last ditch attempt had failed. “First I rip that skin off you,” he promised. “Then I think I make you eat it. Won’t be easy without teeth, but it’ll give you something to do while I turn your asshole inside out.” Despite his swagger, there was nothing careless about his movements, and all nine of his tails were poised and ready. He wasn’t going to underestimate her again.

Hanabi didn’t want to give up here. But there was nowhere to run, nothing to fight with, and she was out of ideas. She sank down into a crouch, resisting the urge to roll onto her back and beg for mercy. There was no way she was beating one of these things in a fight, but she’d at least make him work for it. If she was lucky, he’d accidentally claw out her throat or something. She let the pitiful speck of fire fall to the ground, where it splashed onto one of the lumps of charcoal.

And then fire blossomed all around them.

The sudden light and heat was overwhelming enough to make her cry out, but there was no pain. The flames rolling across the floor and up her body felt pleasant, soothing even. Like taking a nap in warm sunshine, or the warmth of a tight hug. She felt safe and loved and cradled in it.

The vulpan didn’t have the same reaction. The fire wasn’t burning him either, but something began to glow in his chest as the flames covered him, a small sphere that grew brighter and hotter until it simply melted away in the heat. She would never forget what happened next: a transformation a million times more intense and grotesque than the kind she’d witnessed other werefoxes make. Fur and flesh alike peeled away to leave behind a ragged, skinless creature whose organs spilled out onto the floor. It was trying to scream, but its lungs were too choked with blood as its entire body just… crumbled, like it had been made out of sand. It wasn’t a quick process, and it gurgled and twitched for long seconds before finally falling quiet and still, reduced to a bloody smear of flesh on the floor.

And then just as quickly as they’d appeared, the flames vanished. The warmth was replaced by winter cold so suddenly that Hanabi could almost think she’d imagined it all, if not for the dissolved corpse and the glowing charcoals.

She extended a hesitant paw towards one, and felt heat radiating from within. A deep, vast heat that made her recall all of her failed attempts to create flame back when she first began Kamio’s lessons. The fire inside the charcoal was the exact opposite of those hollow, empty illusions; it was there in a way she couldn’t put into words, so much stronger and more enduring than any real flame. In that moment, Hanabi felt certain that if she dropped the rock into the ocean, the entire sea would boil away long before its fire dimmed.

The glow faded away a few seconds later, and the carbon grew cool once more, but if she focused, she could still feel the heat locked deep inside of it. Hanabi didn’t realize she was crying until she heard the pattering of teardrops against the temple floor. Inari’s Flame wasn’t gone. Hidden, yes, but not extinguished, not destroyed. Just out of sight. It could be restored, all of it. And it had helped her. No, they had helped her.

She looked around and saw the pile of skins right where she’d left them, equally untouched by the fire. She had to get them out of the way, and the corpse too. She didn’t think anyone knew the vulpan had been in here, but someone had to visit the temple sometime. It took only a few minutes to hide the skins in one of the closets and get rid of the bloody stain with the aid of a bucket and a mop, but she spent them with her heart pounding, expecting someone to come bursting in any moment. But no one entered the temple, and soon as it looked exactly as it had when she first came in.

It felt like weeks passed during the hour she spent in the temple after that, waiting for her foxfire to come back. If she was more experienced, she wouldn’t need much to open the door, but her technique was still clumsy and uneven, and it would require everything she had. She spent the time going over the pattern Megumi had taught her, drilling it in her head a thousand times over, practicing with hand motions and visualizations and even scrawling it on one of the walls with some chalk before panicking and scrubbing it away.

Finally, it was time. She knelt in front of the hidden door in human form and began carefully summoning the foxfire shapes necessary. Part of her didn’t expect the pattern to work, just another prank by the crazy old priestess. Part of her was terrified that she’d remembered it wrong, and was missing some crucial piece. But when the last piece had been created, there was a small click, and a section of the wall swung open.

Inside was a tiny, bare space with no adornments. It didn’t even have a proper floor, only packed dirt covered in a thick, thick layer of dust, where an old set of footprints was just barely visible. It looked more like the space between rooms than a room itself. But at its center, a globe of blue light shimmered. Hanabi approached it carefully, staring at the mysterious thing. It wasn’t foxfire, she was certain of that much, but she had no idea what else it could be. Fingers trembling, half expecting the entire temple to suddenly crumble around her, she reached out and touched it.

And vanished.

8 thoughts on “Lone Fox 3 – Ch 7 – Faith

  1. It’s good to see people fighting back. Levi’s whole credo is that anyone who’s not strictly “human” is an “animal”, so he doesn’t predict that any of his victims can act in a way that’s not animal, or show kindness, loyalty, affection, or anything other than the bare minimum he’d like to believe they are . . .

    I am wondering how much of a game-changer on the wider scale a large operation like this is. Kitkat (and the Paradisium) have a great deal of “soft” power – other supernatural factions offer them tribute to avoid direct attention, but that might be more of a “don’t make me come over there” attitude than one enforced by direct strikes. (It might fit a dragon’s tendency to sleeping on top of one’s hoard, too . . .) A public operation like this, taking out an entire village and visibly demonstrating that Paragon and the Paradisium are “in bed together”, might be enough to frighten smaller supernatural factions into discussing alliances, on the grounds that they could be the next victim.

    Though of course Tanya would have warned her family and the Paradisium if anything like that could possibly happen, wouldn’t she? Of course she would . . .


      1. And certainly not playing for an endgame which has her and Astaria emerging as “victims of the previous dictators who can be trusted to take charge of the Paradisium and Paragon after the old guard has been swept away”. Definitely not.

        ( I know, I know, read and find out…)


    1. Levi’s whole outlook on life, that others are just base animals, is just a projection of himself.

      He’s no more than an animal;
      A cunning and dangerous animal, but an animal nonetheless.
      And since he’s constantly proving himself superior, then everyone else must be weaker animals.

      He’d never offer a helping hand to someone, and like his father, there’s no love left in his heart.

      Trying to explain why some people can go above their baser instincts will always go over his head, because he’s never experienced it from either side.
      Like trying to explain Sailor Moon’s logic when someone’s lived in Attack On Titan.

      Levi lives in a very base world;
      Where as long as he’s the strongest monster around, he can sleep at night.
      So why does he still feel the need to take everything down?
      Because he’s just a trained attack dog, and will never be more than a beast.
      His only pleasure, and relief, comes from forcing his body, and his will on others.
      Not much different than those rape hounds from the second book.

      If he wasn’t a complete asshole, it’d be almost tragic.

      I’ve been curious about him for a bit, but there’s never a good time to ask.

      1: Is Levinson adopted?
      2: Ilya uses Levinson as an attack dog, and Tanya as an informant; what was Nadia’s purpose before she became his fucktoy?
      Those wings weren’t something you’d give someone if you’re just going to use them as a fleshlight.
      And the whole “it was just an experiment” idea feels off to me.

      It’s good to see the others pulling together, even if they’re in a bad situation.
      At least they didn’t act like crabs in a bucket;
      And they were rewarded for it too.
      Now almost nobody has lost their furs.

      Unless someone decides to check the temple again, but…
      We’ll find out next time.


      1. I think your analysis on Levi is mostly spot on. He DOES have some idea of love in his head and heart, but his “in group” is tiny… basically himself, his father, and most of the time Tanya. Everyone else can burn for all he cares.

        1) Levi is not adopted, but he also wasn’t made the way Nadia and Tanya were… he was probably the good old fashioned way. After discussing with Darinost, we decided he almost certainly was a test-tube-r… probably the first one that ended up surviving to adulthood.

        2) You are a little off in your assumptions about Nadia in that giving those kind of grafts wasn’t a unique experiment… Ilya created thousands of children to go through the same kinds of testing that produced Tanya. If Tanya hadn’t largely been there to convince him that Nadia was worthless, he probably would have used her as much as possible the same way he uses Levi… as a weapon. The fleshlight angle came after he’d given up on her being useful anymore, but since he didn’t kill her in her childhood like most of his children, he didn’t put her to waste now that she was grown, either.

        And yup 🙂 One thing you might have noticed is that none of the kitsune have last names. That’s a cultural thing. They are one family… or at least, that’s how their goddess encouraged them to see it


  2. Getting there!

    I mentioned this last time, but this section made me like Megumi quite a bit. It’s especially touching how she’s genuinely afraid of what’s going to happen (and yeah…she’s…probably not afraid enough), but even so, she’s done all that she can do, and now has to have faith that that will mean something when this is all over. It already does mean at least a little, since her weaving of the foxfire barrier and her absorbing all the blows thrown at it does allow the village’s children to be safely evacuated.

    On a less upsetting note, the idea that Hanei just has a room full of gods is kind of humorous. What do they do in there? Actually, on a more serious question about that very subject, what are the conditions for opening the door? I mean, obviously Megumi feels Hanabi is justified in doing it now, but was there a plan before that?

    Obviously the gods were sealed in that space for a reason, so I wonder if the kitsune had instructions on when to open it, whether they would know that the right time had arrived or if the gods could find their own way out.

    Also, I do love that Hanabi has always seen herself as shunned because of her white fur, when it becomes pretty obvious over the course of her little stealth mission that the other villagers never saw it that way.

    Finally, the one thing I really loved about the chapter. Disrespecting sacred stuff is clearly a fetishy thing in these stories, what with the semen-filled priestess mask in Descent the church turned into a rape dungeon/evil lair in Sacred and, I’m just going to go out on a limb here, something in EoE (I don’t know, mind you, but there is no way there were not…like…elf priestesses getting raped in their temple or something).

    Well you can usually get away with that, but eeevery once in a while you piss or jizz on something holy and FWOOSH!


    1. Yeah that happens a few times in EoE. Blasphemy can be hot 😉

      But in this case… Inari’s flame is not so easily forced to submit… and she and the departed foxes are NOT HAPPY.

      As for their instructions for the door… we’ll discuss that more later.


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