Lone Fox 3 – Ch 10 – Reunion

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“Who’s your faaaaaaaaavorite sister?” Tanya teased.

Levi couldn’t scowl at the girl over the phone, but he did his best to try. “What do you want?”

“Who, me?” she asked with mock innocence. “I just want to talk to my favorite and bestest big brother… and maybe borrow his winter pet for a little while.”


“Because you’re always such a delight to talk to, especially after I’ve made you angry.”

The blond man grit his teeth. “Why do you need the fae?”

“Hmmmm… I could tell you, but it would make you really mad, and that seems like such a waste when you’re not close enough to bend me over and pound the stuffing out of me.” She made a soft purring sound. “Just picturing it is making Delphy’s job way too easy today. This orgasm doesn’t count, kay? I’m supposed to have my sexy dragon girl on my mind while you guzzle my cunt juice, otherwise it’s no fair.” She giggled. “Poor Delphy, it’s gonna be hours before we take those clamps off.”

“This is you trying not to make me mad?” Levi growled. “I’ll be at the Paradisium in a few weeks. Whatever you want with the ice cunt can wait until then.”

“You’ll be here in a few days, actually,” his sister said sweetly. “But that’s still too long a wait. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase? We both know you’re gonna say yes eventually, and I don’t want you to be late.”

“Late for what?” he asked suspiciously.

There were only two sentries on duty in this part of the village, and neither one was particularly alert as they watched the forest. Their commander would come down hard on any perceived laziness or dereliction of duty, but Hanei was a big place and he couldn’t be anywhere at once. So they stood in place and did their best to look the part, but the men kept several liquor bottles stashed where no one would see, and one of them was considerably lighter than it had been at the start of their shift.

Seo-yun killed them both before they could raise an alarm.

Getting back into the village was easier than getting out had been. For that, she’d needed to rely on her stealth, quietly sneaking through the violent orgy that still dominated the place. There were plenty of soldiers around, but there were plenty of hiding places and blind spots too, and the men were far more focused on their cocks than anything else.

She hid the bodies in one of the guard stations they’d commandeered, leaving them out of sight but not too difficult to find. They’d be easily spotted by anyone actively looking, but not before then. It was important that they be found, so Levi would assume she’d arrived this way from outside the village. She couldn’t afford to give him any hints that something like the nexus existed.

Observation from the temple had shown her the building he was currently using as his sleeping quarters. Luckily for her, few soldiers were camped nearby or using the adjacent homes for themselves. Even the seemingly endless assault on Jessica Wilmingshire in the stocks had died down to a constant but subdued trickle after the invaders’ initial enthusiasm. Gangrapes were many things, but quiet was rarely one of them. Seo-yun didn’t know if he would punish one of his subordinates for disturbing him, or how severely, and she doubted that they did either, or wanted to find out.

The redhead’s heart thudded in her chest as she crept through the adjacent house. Most of its insides had already been trashed by overeager looters, but there was still enough to see the place it had once been. A family had lived here. Their pictures were stained with dirt, crumpled, and torn, but the damage couldn’t hide the warm smiles on its subjects.

Had her parents once lived in a home like this? They must have. The thought filled her with bitter frustration. She knew that even if she could find the house that had once been theirs, there was probably nothing left of them in it. And even if there had been something there for her to discover, it wouldn’t have brought them back. But even such a small link to them was denied to her now. Whatever was or wasn’t left of them had certainly been destroyed, and by the same man who’d already taken so much from her… it was galling.

What she was doing was tantamount to suicide. Seo-yun had gotten the hang of her new abilities over time, but that just meant she knew how hopelessly outclassed she was here. She had centuries of experience on him when it came to hunting, and Morris was his match in combat, but Levi’s strength and speed were overwhelmingly beyond anything they were capable of.

But that didn’t matter. If she only ever fought battles she could win, she’d be hiding back at home right now. Not that the idea wasn’t appealing, especially if she could bring Sam with her. The two of them had been on the run for two and a half years now, never getting much chance to rest. They’d called a dozen different places home since then, each one abandoned when their pursuers grew too close.

She’d always known that Levinson would chase after her. He was nothing if not vindictive, and he’d never forgive the humiliation of her escaping from right under his nose. She’d made the mistake of thinking he was just one man, though. Matthew Levinson might have searched for decades without ever catching their trail, but Levi Petrov had money and manpower to spare.

Sam deserved a better life. The time that they had together was already too short, a handful of decades at best, and it was being wasted on endless running and scavenging and waking in fear at every loud noise. Part of her worried that it had been selfish of her to agree to the woman’s marriage proposal. If she’d insisted on pushing Samantha away, the redhead would’ve hated her for it, but maybe she would’ve given up on fighting the Paradisium and found some happiness for herself. It was Seo-yun they were after; as far as anyone else knew, Ember had died in the depths. If they parted ways, Sam could live in peace.

Of course, that would have required her to convince Sam to do something she didn’t want to, and the last few years had taught her what a foolish idea that was. The woman was utterly relentless. When she was convinced that she was in the right, there was no force on earth that could convince her to stand down.

Seo-yun missed her already.

The fox crouched at the window looking into Levi’s bedroom and steeled herself, knuckles white as they gripped the kitchen cleaver she’d killed the sentries with. The blade was no substitute for fangs and claws, but what was?

Jump through the window, kill him before he could transform. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it didn’t need to be. If she could catch him by surprise, he’d die from a knife to the throat as easily as any other man. From there, rescue everyone, lead them against the demoralized and directionless invaders. See that, Samantha? she thought. You’re not the only one who can come up with terrible plans.

She took a deep breath, savoring the sensation. Freedom had been nice while it lasted.

She jumped.

Two years ago.

“Have you had your nose buried in that book the entire time I was out?” Sam asked.

“No,” Seo-yun said without looking up, and turned the page. “I finished that one an hour ago. This one is new.” She was laying in their hotel room bed, her head propped up by a pillow as she read the worn paperback. She’d bought it from a used bookstore a few days ago for next to nothing. It was old enough to be falling apart, but the pages were still there and the words still legible, which was enough for her. A pile of books in similar condition, all purchased from the same store, sat on the nightstand waiting their turn.

It was almost hard to believe how many books there were out there in the world. When she’d been a child, there had only been so many stories that her parents and the villagers knew, and each time she’d learned a new one had been cause for celebration. She’d known that the humans hadn’t stopped thinking up stories while she had been living in isolation for the last two centuries, but she never would have guessed that they’d create so many that merely reading their titles would take longer than a human’s entire lifetime. And to actually read all of them would be a task of such scope that she doubted even a kitsune’s near immortality could manage it.

But Seo-yun certainly wouldn’t mind trying.

Sam sighed, but there was no exasperation in it, only amusement. “If only I’d known you were a bookworm from the beginning.” She began to strip down. “Bike is all gassed up and ready to go in the morning. Mechanic said there’s plenty of wear and tear, but nothing that needs fixing yet. We should be good for at least the next few thousand miles.”

“And what would you have done differently if you’d known?” Seo-yun asked mildly.

The bedsprings creaked as Samantha slid between the sheets to join her. “I would’ve called you a nerd instead of ‘Yip Yip’, that’s for sure. And instead of trying to kill you, I would have just stolen your glasses.”

“I don’t wear glasses,” the fox pointed out.

“Details shmetails, Four Eyes,” Sam said, and snuggled up to her. Her skin felt wonderfully hot as it pressed against Seo-yun’s. “So… what will it take to convince you to put that book down and get a little exercise in before bed instead?” One of the woman’s hands slid up her thigh, and the redhead parted her legs a little to give her more access.

Seo-yun wore an open smile by now, but she didn’t set the book aside or look away from it just yet. “I can’t think of anything that would do that, but you’re a very resourceful woman. I’m sure you’ll… mmm…” She moaned involuntarily as Sam’s fingers began gently caressing her slit. “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“I don’t know,” Sam said mock doubtfully, and kissed Seo-yun’s collarbone. “I have no idea what little old me could possibly do to compete with a bunch of words on pieces of paper.  If you can’t think of anything either, I guess I’ll have no choice but to give up and go to sleep.”

“Mmm hmm. Goodnight,” Seo-yun replied casually, even as her hips rocked against her lover’s hand.

Sam growled when she saw that Seo-yun wasn’t going to make this easy on her. It was a sound full of pleasure and hunger, and it made the fox quiver with anticipation. “What if I tell you a story of my own?” she asked.

“Oh?” Seo-yun said, genuinely curious. “What kind of stor-mmm…” She moaned again as Sam disappeared under the covers and her tongue started zealously attacking Seo-yun’s insides. She was already soaked, and she could hear her pussy make wet sounds as her lover lapped at it. Her toes curled up happily and the book nearly fell from her numb fingers as she enjoyed Sam’s loving, eager, and very skilled ministrations.

“How was that?” the redhead asked breathlessly a minute later. “Did you like the first chapter?” There was a deeply satisfying sense of intimacy to the feel of her hot breath on Seo-yun’s thighs.

The fox woman swallowed. “It was… very engaging. Good… good characterization.”

“Does that mean you’d like to hear more?” Sam teased. “Or should I stop distracting you from your other story?”

“Yes please,” Seo-yun told her, laying the paperback down on the nightstand and diving under the covers to join her lover. And after that, a long time passed before either of them managed a full sentence.

Later, they laid on their sides in bed, both women pleasantly sleepy. Seo-yun was being spooned by the taller woman, her tails wrapped around them both, and she could hear the drowsiness in Sam’s relaxed breathing. “Are there things that you regret not knowing about me sooner?” the fox asked, voicing the question that had been on her mind the entire time. “I know that I am… I’m not normal…”

Sam chuckled a little. “I was just teasing you about the books. I think it’s adorable how caught up you get in them.”

“I don’t mean the books,” Seo-yun said, her good mood fading. “I mean… who I was before Levi found me. Who I would still be if he hadn’t. I was horrible. You would’ve hated who I was back then, if you could even survive meeting me.”

“You’ve already told me all about that,” Sam said, her tone more serious now. “And like I told you back then, you’re not the only one with a lot of mistakes and bad decisions in her past. I don’t care about who you used to be, Seo-yun. I care about who you are now: a wonderful, kind hearted, brilliant, and occasionally dorky woman with a bad habit of being way too hard on herself and putting everyone else’s needs before her own. I know who you are, and I love you, and I love learning new things about you. So do me a favor and stop badmouthing my wife, okay?”

“Your wife?” Seo-yun asked, startled.

“Yeah, I…” Sam hesitated. “I figure we’re, like, at least half married already, right, since you’ve got Jack with you. And, I mean…” She was stumbling over her words in a way that Seo-yun had rarely heard from her. “I want to be your wife, so, y’know… do you want to be mine?” She groaned. “Ugh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to come up like this, honest. I had this whole speech memorized, but I could never find the right time to pop the question, and then the word just sorta slipped out and now I can’t remember a single damn line of what I was gonna say.”

Seo-yun twisted around to face the woman. “Are you asking me to marry you?” she said softly.

Sam looked as nervous as the fox had ever seen her. “I… yes. Unless there’s a way we could just rewind this whole conversation and do it over, cause I swear I had a better way of doing this. I just can’t…” She took a deep breath. “Yes. I want you to marry me, Seo-yun. If you’ll have me.” Seo-yun didn’t speak, but her answer must have been clear on her face, because Sam’s expression stiffened as she read the rejection there. “But I guess you don’t.” The redhead forced a smile. “Then don’t worry about it. It was just a thought, you know? No big deal…”

“I love you, Sam,” Seo-yun said carefully, “… but I’m not human. I can’t grow old with you. I can’t spend ‘the rest of my life’ with you. Someday you’ll be gone and I’ll have to keep going on. Knowing that, could you really be satisfied? …what?”

“That’s why you don’t want to marry me?” Sam asked critically. “Because we age differently? Seo-yun, exactly what part of either of our lives makes you think we’re gonna live long enough to care about old age? Hell, if I make it another five years, I’m gonna buy myself a fucking lottery ticket, cause I’ll have to be the luckiest damn woman in the world. And I love you, but you’ve got the self preservation instincts of a lemming. I wanted to marry you because I want to make the most of what time I’ve got. Whether it ends up being fifty years or fifty seconds, I want to spend them with you.”

“I… want to spend as much time as I can with you too,” Seo-yun admitted. Samantha’s words were strangely freeing. Maybe she’d been focused too much on the big picture. If Paragon found her and killed her tomorrow, would Seo-yun prefer to meet her death as Sam’s wife or not? When she framed it that way, the answer was simple. “If that’s really how you feel, then… yes.”

“Yes?” Seo-yun could see Sam holding herself back, not daring to jump to the conclusion if there was any chance she could be mistaken.

“Yes,” Seo-yun told her, and smiled. “There is nothing in this entire world that I would like more than to marry you.”

Glass shattered around Seo-yun as she crashed through the window and into the building, eyes closed to shield them. The moment her feet touched the ground she slid into a crouch, ready to pounce in any direction, and opened her eyes again to see where Levi was.

“Welcome back, fox cunt,” said the man from where he relaxed in a chair, a young fox in his lap. The brown haired girl couldn’t bounce on him very easily with her hands behind her back and exhaustion radiating from her every muscle, but she made up for it with the raw desperation of a woman determined to do absolutely anything, no matter how severe, if it might spare her punishment. It was a familiar attitude.

Four other men and two vulpan stood at the ready. The men carried the cattle prods that they favored for herding their prisoners around, prods that Seo-yun still remembered from her own long ago training. A light touch was merely blinding agony that made you want to curl up and sob. A heavier touch would make you lose complete control of your body and be reduced to a spasming wreck on the ground.

The vulpan had no weapons, but they didn’t need to. The two of them put together had to weigh close to half a ton, most of it muscle. One was covered in gray fur, the other brown, and both came up past her chest. Saliva dripped from their fearsome jaws, and if their vulpine expressions were inscrutable, their hard, jutting cocks made it clear what was on their mind. One flexed his claws in anticipation, the sharp digits easily cutting through the wooden floor.

All six of them attacked her.

The gray fox reached her first, barreling into her like a runaway train and knocking her off her feet. Instead of resisting, Seo-yun let her knife fall to the floor and allowed herself to be tackled as she grabbed both of his forelegs and pulled. As she hit the ground, the beast’s own momentum combined with her throw sent him flying behind her. She’d aimed for the destroyed window, but missed, throwing him into the adjacent wall instead. He still went right through it, sending up dust and bits of plaster.

The brown fox was right behind him. Seo-yun rolled to evade his pounce, then gave his back leg a short, sharp kick that splintered the bone. A regular opponent would be out of the fight for good after an injury like that. The vulpan barely seemed to notice it as he rounded on her. His claws tore rents in her shirt and drew lines of blood across her front. Levi had probably ordered her to be taken alive, but right now he seemed wholly interested in feasting on her instead, his jaws snapping at her. He lunged eagerly towards her face, and only an elbow wedged under his chin kept him from chewing her head off.

The vulpan were strong, fast, resilient, and trained fighters. But they were also hungry, both for food and other kinds of pleasure. That was why the brown fox kept trying to push past her elbow and get at the soft flesh squirming beneath him, while his massive cock rubbed against her skirt for much the same reason. Their hungers left them driven, dangerous… and careless.

Seo-yun grabbed her fallen knife without looking and buried it in the side of the beast’s neck, just behind the carotid artery. Then she twisted it. The vulpan’s tough flesh resisted, but she applied her superhuman strength to it, making blood fountain as she all but tore the fox’s head off. The transformed soldier gurgled something and collapsed on top of her, his lifeblood flowing freely.

Something hard jabbed into her side and the redhead shrieked as a cattle prod sent thousands of bolts running through her body. The other three human soldiers took advantage of their companion’s courage and joined him, attacking Seo-yun with their own prods. All four were pressed against her body, making her limbs rattle against the floor as she convulsed.

Then it was their turn to cry out as her tails swept up and pushed all four men back. The action only bought her a few seconds, but that was enough time to push the vulpan corpse off of her and jump to her feet to meet them. Their cattle prods were much longer than her knife, but they’d been trained to use them as tools of intimidation, not weapons. She blocked their clumsy swipes and opened one man’s wrist with a flick of her own, making him drop his prod. He immediately crouched to try and retrieve it, and her foot caught him in the side of the head. He collapsed to the ground, neck twisted in a grisly angle.

A violent shaking of the house announced that the gray vulpan had reentered the building from the ground floor. As his paws thudded up the stairs, Seo-yun used the time to drive her knife into another man’s chest, stabbing it in so deeply that the tip protruded from his back. Then she grabbed one of the fallen cattle prods and whirled to meet the approaching beast.

The vulpan didn’t bother to open the bedroom door, opting to crash through it as easily as he’d gone through the wall. The two men still standing tried to get out of his way, but only one of them was fast enough. The other was carelessly gutted by razor sharp claws as he attacked Seo-yun. He didn’t try to tackle her again, assuming that his superior speed and strength to be enough to rip her apart.

It wasn’t a foolish assumption. The torn remains of her shirt were slashed to bits almost immediately, fabric fluttering to the floor as she fought for her life, and Seo-yun felt hot blood dripping down her sides. Again she felt the loss of her own form keenly; as herself, she would have easily evaded his clumsy swings. Instead, it was only Morris’s training that kept her alive against a foe that outmatched her on every level.

One of its tails connected with her abdomen, and it felt like being hit by a steel bat. The redhead grunted at the sharp pain that told her at least one of her ribs had been cracked. More tails came at her, eager to smash and maul her into submission or death, but the vulpans’ unfamiliarity with their stolen forms failed him. He wasn’t experienced with manipulating so many limbs at once, and it left him distracted, too focused on attacking to dodge her own strikes.

Seo-yun drove the cattle prod through his left eye socket and pulled the trigger. The beast made a sound like nothing human or vulpine and collapsed, lifeless and smoking.

The last soldier looked like he’d rather be anywhere else, but he didn’t attempt to run or surrender. Based on the terrified glance he shot Levi, who was still calmly watching the show while the bound kitsune pleasured him, he was more terrified of what his commander would do to him if he showed weakness than of her. Once upon a time, she might have considered that reluctance a reason to spare his life, but she’d spent a long week watching the rape of Hanei. She’d seen how eagerly every last one of Levi’s men had abused and defiled its citizens. None of these men were like Morris, deluding themselves into thinking that they were on the side of justice. Nor were they like the elite of the Paradisium, most of whom were indoctrinated from birth to see nonhumans as little more than toys. Levi’s soldiers were monsters, each and every one of them, and Seo-yun felt neither hesitation nor regret as she snapped the man’s arm like a twig and then gave him a blow to the chest that shattered his rib cage.

If Levi felt any concern for the six men who had just died in front of him, he didn’t show it. Seo-yun retrieved her knife from the corpse she’d left it in and entertained a brief but satisfying fantasy of throwing it right at his throat. But the wide eyed brunette still bouncing on him and looking like she was about to throw up was there for more than just his pleasure. She was at the very least a hostage, and Seo-yun had no doubt that Levi had zero compunctions about using her as a shield if the situation called for it.

“As spry as ever, Morris,” he said, and shook his head. “What a fucking waste. You’re still the most competent soldier I’ve ever seen. If you weren’t also a weak willed, traitorous, pussy whipped son of a bitch, you’d be my second in command right now with a marble of your own and a furry slut kneeling in front of you. Maybe even the one you’re riding in.”

“Let the girl go,” Seo-yun said, ignoring his barbs. “Or are you a coward that needs to hide behind a woman for protection?” Counting on Levi’s misogyny was always a safe bet.

Sure enough, the mocking expression on his face contorted to anger, and he seized his victim by the throat. The poor thing gurgled something unintelligible in response, but didn’t stop riding him even as he denied her oxygen. “You think I brought this pathetic fleshlight to protect myself? She was just here to kill time while we waited for you.”

He pushed her away from him without warning. The girl made a small surprised sound as she was sent tumbling to the floor, but voiced no complaint nor attempted to rise, remaining prostrate and still. Levi’s exposed prick was stiff and throbbing as it popped free of her insides, slick with both of their fluids. “I’ve been saving this next load for you, fox slut,” the man promised.

He transformed.

Seo-yun had witnessed the spectacle multiple times now, but it was as grotesque as ever, an obscene and bloody defilement of his own flesh. The fox that stood in his place a moment later was hauntingly familiar. She wished that she couldn’t see traces of her father’s face in his features, or the lines of her father’s form in his shape, but the resemblance was undeniable.

Levi wasted no further time on banter or threats. He charged at her, bearing down as though he meant to trample her beneath his paws. But it was his tails that reached her first, swarming over her like a nest of vipers. If any of them got a grip on her, the fight would be over. The vulpan had more power in a single tail than the redhead possessed in her entire body, enhanced or not.

She spun away, using the opportunity to jab her knife in his side and rip open a bloody line as he passed. The wound gaped gruesomely open, and Levi roared in pain as the blade scored him, but it was barely more than a scratch for someone like him.

It was also an opportunity.

Seo-yun had no hope of wearing him down in a protracted battle. Her one and only chance of victory laid in inflicting more damage than his body could keep up with. So as the knife ripped from Levi’s flesh, she let it fall from her fingers, and when his tails swept over her again like an angry tidal wave, she didn’t try to evade them. She plunged both of her hands into the open wound instead.

The fox woman didn’t have time to feel around, not with his tails already coiling around her. She simply grabbed onto what her fingers found first, and held on for dear life. His insides were nearly as tough as the rest of him, and ripping them out would’ve required far more strength than she had, but she wasn’t the one doing the work. All Seo-yun had to do was hold on as an enraged Levi yanked on her body. For a moment her entire frame quivered under the strain, and she had the sudden terrible vision of her arms and legs being torn out of their sockets, but then there was an ugly wet sound and she was hauled upward with her bloody prize clutched tight.

The vulpan howled in agony as his senses registered what he’d just done to himself. He instinctively hurled Seo-yun away from him, and it was her turn to crash through one of the walls. The impact felt like being hit by a truck, and then she was falling, landing on the grass below with a hard thump that rattled her teeth.

Dozens of soldiers were gathered, gawking at the sight of her. Most were unarmed, not even clothed, more intent on enjoying their captives than anything resembling their duties. Only a fraction carried guns, and from among them, only a handful nervously lifted them to point at her.

Seo-yun felt like she had more broken bones than untouched ones, but that didn’t stop her from promptly rising to her feet. No matter how much she hurt right now, it was nothing compared to what Levi would be doing to her soon. The earth shook as the massive red fox landed right beside her. He came at her again and she rolled away while pushing her tails against the ground, using them like a springboard to vault forward and put some distance between the two of them. “Give it back!” the fox roared behind her, his side marred with gore.

If he wasn’t dead already, it probably wasn’t going to happen, but Seo-yun took what satisfaction she could as she did her best to smile at him as she spun around, showing off her bloody teeth. “Thanks…” she wheezed. “Always had a fondness for liver…” In truth, his flesh had tasted disgusting, but she’d eaten it anyway, forcing it down so quickly that she’d nearly choked on it. One horrible night nearly four years ago now, the bastard had taken great pleasure in discovering alongside her what would and would not heal… and the condition it had to be in. Costing him this didn’t equal the loss of five tails and a pinky finger in her mind, but it was a piece that Levi wasn’t ever going to get back.

The monster fox howled again as he realized what she’d done, and she briefly wondered if she’d erred and made him angry enough to kill her rather than rape her. But his cock still stood fearsomely as he approached. She’d expected him to be more aggressive and attempt to pounce on her immediately, but he moved more cautiously than before, sizing her up as he drew steadily closer. Levi Petrov was many things, but a fool wasn’t one of them; he’d seen that she was capable of hurting him, and now he was treating her like a true opponent, despite the rage boiling off of him. He wasn’t going to give her any more opportunities.

Her best chance of survival right now was to turn tail and run, and hope that she could manage to lose him in the forest despite him being more than a match in both speed and endurance. But that would defeat the entire purpose of showing up here, so she faced him instead, readying her four tails and feeling like an ant preparing to wrestle a boar.

Levi’s assault was sudden and deadly. One moment he was stalking towards her, and the next he was right up close to her, moving so much faster than his bulky frame seemed capable of. His claws flashed, and if she’d tried to dodge back or to the side, she would’ve been gutted then and there. But her direction was up. Seo-yun soared over him to land on his back, all four of her tails already coiling around his thick neck. Before he could knock her off, she clenched them as hard as she could.

The vulpan reared back as she strangled him, and Seo-yun had a moment of satisfaction at the way he panicked and thrashed at the sensation of being denied oxygen. After subjecting so many to that kind of torture, it was only right that he get to experience it himself for once. He bucked, and his tails began to slap at her body, but she held on for dear life. There was nothing he could do to her up here that was worse than what he would do once she was back on the ground.

Once he realized that his assault wasn’t working, he switched to trying to grab her with his tails instead, so that he could pull her away from him. Her response was to slide over so that she was now clinging to his underbelly, her face pressed against his fat prick. She bit him, as hard as she could.

If he’d been just a bit less resilient, she might have chewed his wretched cock clean off, but all she managed to do was get him further upset. Levi rolled onto his back, letting out choked screams of agony and rage, and this time she couldn’t evade his grasping tails. Once he had a tight grip on her body, he began hammering her face with another tail, forcing her to choose between releasing his cock from her mouth or getting all of her teeth knocked out. She let go and was immediately ripped away from him so hard that if she hadn’t relaxed her tails at the last moment, they would have been torn right off of her.

Her body flew through the air as he threw her away from him, and her bond with Morris was the only thing that stopped half her bones from shattering when she made contact with the ground. Almost before she’d landed, he was on his feet and attacking her again. He could have easily killed her right then, but he didn’t want her dead, he wanted her to hurt, so he struck her with the back of his paws instead of the sharp claws that would’ve torn her to bloody bits, every blow still hard enough to dent her ribcage. She would have become airborne again from the force of the blows if he hadn’t already wrapped his tails around her as well, holding her in place to be his punching bag. She was battered, bloody, and dizzy by the time he lifted her up by those same tails and slammed her down to the ground, pulverizing her body as thoroughly as a sledgehammer. He nearly tore her legs off pulling them open, and then he was between them and inside her.

Over the past two years, Seo-yun had occasionally wondered if her memories were exaggerating how painful it was to be raped by Levi Petrov. She had so many reasons to hate and despise his touch; maybe she was just letting those color her recollection. But his intrusion was every bit as agonizing as her memories had always claimed. He was so huge that it seemed impossible for her insides to accommodate all of him. The redhaired woman felt like she was about to burst apart as he violently crammed himself into her. He didn’t care that he was too big, he was determined to fit in anyway, regardless of what that might do to her.

Levi raped her like a man possessed, throttling and beating her while his cock furiously stabbed her pussy. He wasn’t fucking her for pleasure, the way he usually had in the past. It was pure hatred and the need to see her suffer fueling him on. “Fucking cunt!” he snarled, and one of his tails curled tightly around her neck, squeezing hard enough that she felt like her head was about to pop off. “Worthless fucking cunt!”

Seo-yun barely noticed the first time he came, his churning hips not slowing and his fat prick becoming no softer for it. She felt the pain as he tried to destroy her from the inside out, but it was a distant, faraway thing. Her vision spun as her brain cried out for oxygen, her limbs were heavy as lead, and she could feel blood joining the pool of warm cum beneath her. She was dying.

But Levi was not so merciful. The redhead flickered in and out of consciousness, losing seconds and minutes to the soft quiet darkness. Her position sometimes changed: upright against a ruined wall whose jagged remnants scraped and pierced her front, flat on her stomach with her face planted in the semen soaked dirt, on her back with her legs bent back at unnatural angles by the weight of her assailant… The vulpan’s cock was her only constant. The hole he used varied, and sometimes he was joined by one or more eager soldiers, but always he was driving it into her, violently pumping her insides as though he could ease his own pain if he just inflicted enough on her.

When reality finally asserted itself, the sun was long down and Seo-yun was hogtied on the ground. Her arms and legs had all been broken in multiple places before being tightly restrained by steel wires that cut into her flesh. Someone had stuck an o-ring in her mouth at some point, and the taste of semen was heavy on her tongue. Levi was still inside of her.

“Welcome to the rest of your short, pathetic life, animal,” he snarled as he pounded her aching pussy from behind. “My sister is waiting at the Paradisium to torture and dissect you. And once she’s done and we’ve learned everything we need, you’re mine. She’s already promised that I’ll get to fuck you to death soon. I’m going to make sure that when it finally happens, you thank me for it.” He lifted his head to address the others who still watched. “Someone bring me a needle and thread!”

He was still raping her when a soldier arrived with what he’d demanded. At Levi’s command, the man shoved the needle into the underside of her right breast and roughly stitched a small vertical line that went almost to her nipple. “That’s one,” Levi hissed as he abruptly yanked himself out of her, leaving her pussy gaping and bloody. “Listen up, you lazy pieces of shit! We leave for the Paradisium at first light, and we arrive in less than three days. You’re going to pass the time raping the life out of this miserable garbage of a fox cunt. You fuck her, you mark her. If there’s less than a thousand tally marks on this worthless bitch by the time we’re there, I will personally gut each and every one of you bastards. Are any of you stupid enough to think I’m bluffing?”

“No sir!” the men shouted nervously.

“Good.” One of his tails gave Seo-yun a smack on the thigh that was hard enough to fracture bone. “Now get to it.”

“Yes sir!”

While many of the men began running around and shouting at each other as they rounded up their prisoners and readied them for departure, what seemed like dozens fell on her. The first man to reach her grabbed her hair and wrenched her head to the side so that he could stuff his throbbing prick down her throat. The second man ignored her temporarily ruined pussy, choosing instead to shove himself into her mostly recovered rear end and begin pumping her in a frenzy.

Seo-yun expected the next two men to wait their turn, but that proved to be a naive hope. She was rolled over, the first two men still inside her, and then they were both thrusting themselves into her gaping slit, stretching it as viciously as Levi had. When the fifth man reached her, he slammed himself down on her chest and crushed her tits around his manhood. Within fifteen seconds of Levi’s command, all five men were raping her like madmen, violently jerking themselves off with her body until they exploded on or in her and were immediately replaced.

The stench of fear clung to them even more strongly than lust. They’d seen how furious Levi was with her, and witnessed the way their commander punished failure. None of them doubted that he might follow through on his threat. These were men used to causing terror, not dealing with it themselves, and they took their stress out on the only available outlet. They screamed at her, complained that she was being slow and lazy and stupid, kicked and punched and slapped her, anything to make themselves feel better about their unexpected brush with death.

It wasn’t long before all of her holes were usually being fucked by multiple cocks. Her broken body was mauled and twisted as they forced it into whatever configurations would allow them to stuff more people into it. And every minute or two, there was another sharp burst of pain as a needle was driven into her body somewhere to stitch another crude tally mark, or replace one that had been broken by their rough handling.

Bound and helpless, Seo-yun could do nothing but endure their physical and verbal abuse, while knowing that in all likelihood, the rest of her life would make this brutal gangrape feel like a lovers’ tryst.

Her only consolation as her torture continued was that so far, everything was going exactly as she’d hoped.

Sam was still watching the gangrape when Hanabi returned. The white haired girl had only been able to watch a few minutes of Levi’s assault before having to leave and go be sick somewhere. She’d spent the next few hours trying unsuccessfully to find a place where she couldn’t hear what was going on. She’d even considered conjuring up some sunlight and hiding out in the nexus until it was over. Sam, on the other hand, was watching everything with an almost frightening intensity, as though she wanted to commit every last moment of it to memory.

They’d been too late. By the time they’d left the temple, Seo-yun’s assassination attempt had already failed and the woman was being raped by Levi. For a moment, Hanabi had thought that Sam was going to charge in to try and save her anyway, even though it was certain death. But the redhead had held herself back – barely. “I have to kill him for this,” she’d whispered harshly when she saw the way Hanabi was looking at her, her eyes never turning from the sight of her wife’s rape. “I can’t die here and let him win.”

“S-Sam?” Hanabi said as she timidly approached the woman. “I, um, I found this in one of the rooms.” She passed her the handwritten note she’d discovered.


By the time you’re reading this, I’m probably with Levi. Or perhaps I just finished shoving my entire foot up his rectum, like you so often suggest to improve his attitude, and right now we’re all reading this note and laughing about what could have been. That would be very nice. But I doubt it.

This was our decision, mine and Morris’s. I can’t just keep waiting here and let all those people die, not when I can do something about it. I need Levi to leave so that you can rescue them, and we both know what will make him stop what he’s doing here and rush to the Paradisium. We also know that if our positions had been reversed, you wouldn’t have waited even this long to act, so while I look forward to you scolding me for this the next time we meet, do not expect me to let you forget that.

I’m not trying to sacrifice my life. Levi won’t kill me, not before he’s found out everything he can and made me suffer for escaping him. He’ll just take me to the Paradisium with everyone else. Nothing has really changed about the plan, except that now there will be one more person in there for you to save. I’m sorry I won’t be able to help with everything, but you don’t need me. Go and remind them why you’re the champion.

Hanabi, I still hope that you will go with her, but neither one of us can force you. This needs to be your own decision, and yours alone. There will be no shame in refusing. But if you’re refusing because you think you aren’t good enough, please remember what we talked about earlier, and that we all become what we strive to be, for better and for worse. Do not ask yourself if you are strong enough or smart enough or brave enough to rescue your people. Ask yourself instead if you want to be those things.

There is so much more that I want to tell you, Samantha, but the shameful truth is that I am terrified right now, and every moment I spend writing this is another moment where I am tempted to destroy this letter and go back to bed as though this never happened. Is that why you are always moving so quickly, I wonder? So that you don’t have time to think about how reckless you’re being?

See? If I let this go on, I will keep writing until morning. So I must stop here, and trust that you already know in your heart all the things I leave unsaid. I shall give you a kiss while you sleep and then be on my way before reason can get the better of me. Don’t worry about what will happen to me now. There is nothing Levi can do to me that I haven’t gone through before, and I know who I am. So let us not think of this as goodbye, but as just a small errand I need to run for a few days. I will meet you at the dragon’s hoard.

We love you.

Sam stared at the letter for several long minutes, her expression unreadable. Then she slowly and carefully folded it up, and put it in her pocket before turning back to Hanabi, her eyes filled with cold determination. “We’ve got work to do.”

4 thoughts on “Lone Fox 3 – Ch 10 – Reunion

  1. Levi: You’re nothing but a furry fleshlight!

    Seo-Yun: I’ll show him! *attacks, gets beaten and turned into furry fleshlight* Step one, complete!

    I know that there’s more to this, and it’s one of the only ways to get all the characters into one place for the showdown;
    But it is kinda funny how Seo-Yun’s master plan involves her becoming the town bicycle.
    Levinson trains them well, even if it’s not quite what he intended.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the pieces in one place now.

    This whole scenario does bring up a few interesting questions though.

    1: Since Kitsune can’t get tattoos, would Samantha becoming a Vulpan remove her tattoos?
    Same question, but for Seo-Yun’s tails.

    2: Vulpans heal from pretty much anything, except when a part is removed completely.
    Will Levi’s liver grow back, assuming he shifts back and forth like Akemi?
    (Neat reference to Korean mythology, with the Gumiho eating a human’s liver.)

    3: Since Seo-Yun is returning to the land of Paradise, are we getting another look at the Games?
    Or is it just going to be Paragon’s labs?

    4: It’s always stood out to me, but Jack/Seo-Yun are like a Multiple Identity Disorder System that haven’t quite gotten Switching or solid communication down.
    Is there any chance of Seo-Yun letting Jack control her body, or is this more of a “I’ve got memories/skills of a past life.” Scenario?

    5: Probably a “Read and Find Out” one;
    But what exactly does Levinson think Jack did to “possess” Seo-Yun, and why does Levinson seem to be really interested in copying the process?

    And finally:

    6: Seo-Yun mentioned that Samantha will die long before she does, and it’s a recurring theme that Kitsune are basically immortal.
    Do Vulpans get the longevity of Kitsune, or the mortality of Humans?


    1. I’m looking forward to seeing all the pieces in one place now.

      Oceans 11, Paradisium Edition… go!

      This whole scenario does bring up a few interesting questions though.

      1: Since Kitsune can’t get tattoos, would Samantha becoming a Vulpan remove her tattoos?
      Same question, but for Seo-Yun’s tails.

      Becoming a Vulpan wouldn’t remove her tattoos because they aren’t an injury… they don’t break up her form.

      Seo-yun cannot become a vulpan, full stop. She’s not human.

      2: Vulpans heal from pretty much anything, except when a part is removed completely.
      Will Levi’s liver grow back, assuming he shifts back and forth like Akemi?

      He will not. That’s a difference between kitsune and vulpan. When a kitsune shifts, their form is restored/rebuilt to a pristine state. When a vulpan shifts, their human form basically gains the kitsune regeneration… with all its limits. Fundamental difference between the two.

      3: Since Seo-Yun is returning to the land of Paradise, are we getting another look at the Games?
      Or is it just going to be Paragon’s labs?

      Neither actually. We’ll be there next chapter and learn more, but this time we’re visiting Paradisium during one of the other 51 weeks of the year.

      4: It’s always stood out to me, but Jack/Seo-Yun are like a Multiple Identity Disorder System that haven’t quite gotten Switching or solid communication down.
      Is there any chance of Seo-Yun letting Jack control her body, or is this more of a “I’ve got memories/skills of a past life.” Scenario?

      It’s definitely possible, but it’s Seo-yun’s body so Morris doesn’t really contest control, and we’ve seen that if they conflict it would literally start ripping SY apart.

      5: Probably a “Read and Find Out” one;
      But what exactly does Levinson think Jack did to “possess” Seo-Yun, and why does Levinson seem to be really interested in copying the process?

      Levi has no idea, but he wants to find out. He’s noticed how strong SY is in human form, and stealing and using supernatural abilities as weapons is kinda Paragon’s whole shtick. Beyond that, RAFO.

      6: Seo-Yun mentioned that Samantha will die long before she does, and it’s a recurring theme that Kitsune are basically immortal.
      Do Vulpans get the longevity of Kitsune, or the mortality of Humans?

      Theoretically, they don’t get any longevity from just being a vulpan… but when they shift, they gain regeneration, and that fixes huge amounts of the damage that comes with aging. As long as a vulpan keeps transforming occasionally, they won’t age.

      Thanks for reading, hope you continue to enjoy 🙂


      1. Liver transplantation works on humans, but on a vulpan? Debatable (though I’m sure that won’t stop Paragon from trying, with other vulpan candidates, humans, kitsune, etc). And in humans one needs at least 25% of the original to have any chance of regenerating it. Very good job by SY there.

        Of course, if Celeste had been present, that fight would likely have been over a great deal faster and without any life-threatening injuries to Levi. From which I conclude that Tanya has started toppling dominoes and put her plan in motion. (I know, Read And Find Out.)


        1. That Tanya phone was clearly where she warned him that SY was coming too though. Surely it would have been better to let her take him by surprise, no?

          RAFO 😉


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