Lone Fox 3 – Ch 11 – Welcome Back

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Altan slapped Kasha’s left cheek, making the woman whimper and suck harder on him. She wasn’t the worst performing slave at the Paradisium, not by a long shot, but she was usually awful if you let her go at her own pace; she needed motivation to do a proper job. “Sometime today,” he growled, and emphasized his point by slapping her again. “I have an appointment to keep.”

He glanced over at the clock on the office wall while the kneeling woman swallowed up more of his shaft, gagging at the effort. The young dryad was new enough that she still had a gag reflex, but experienced enough to know that it was no excuse for a poor showing. He only had ten minutes before Miss Mackenzie arrived. Assuming she didn’t show up early, of course. Assuming she wasn’t already standing outside, impatiently waiting for him. The thought didn’t exactly help him to relax and finish. He distracted himself by grabbing Kasha’s long green tresses and violently fucking her throat himself. She flinched when he began, but he was hardly the first man who’d decided to hurry things along with her, and she quickly relaxed her throat as best she could to let him pound her gullet like it was just another wet twat.

He was nearly there when a voice came through his earpiece. “Security station Gamma here. Just sent a package along.” The man’s voice was professional, but there was an edge to it. He hesitated, then muttered the next bit almost to himself. “Sexy fucking package too.”

“Roger that, Gamma,” said another man cheerfully. “You think we should do a little safety inspection before we pass her along? Maybe call you over to help?”

Altan cursed and touched the earpiece to activate it. “Don’t even fucking think about it,” he said exasperatedly. “That’s a VIP you’re drooling over. If she asked us to slit our own throats, Lord Karakostas would expect us to do it with a smile. And apologize in advance for getting any blood on her shoes.”

“Alright, alright, it was just a joke,” said the second man defensively. “Lambda out.”

It would take less than a minute by car to make it from the first security station to the second, and only a little longer to reach the Paradisium’s main building after that. He was out of time. Kasha’s eyes widened when she saw him pull his lighter out of his pocket, and she began frantically bobbing her head, but they both knew it was wasted effort. He kept one hand on the back of her head, still pumping in and out of that soft gagging throat of hers, while he bent over and quested between the two of them with his other. He couldn’t see the small bit of wood that dangled like a necklace from her collar, but he knew when the flame of the lighter touched it, because the dryad convulsed and shuddered like a fish out of water while she howled around his shaft.

The rest of Kasha’s tree was long gone – chopped down and pulped months ago – but that one little piece remained. Dryads had an empathic connection with the trees they came from, which meant that right now the pretty girl with hair the color of grass was being burned alive in her head. She thrashed and squirmed in mindless agony as he made full use of her fuckhole mouth, her screams wringing his cock out much better than her clumsy technique could ever manage. It took only seconds for him to shoot his load into her stomach.

The stupid thing was still trembling and shaking even after he’d put away the lighter and gotten his clothes back on. A little drama queen, that one. The wooden talisman was barely charred, and it would heal over time. In an hour, you wouldn’t even know anything had happened to it. “Th-thank you for making use of me, sir,” she managed, and pressed her forehead to the floor. She wasn’t so far gone as to forget her manners; slaves who did wound up as meat sooner rather than later. “I p-pray my service was satisfactory.” Distaste flickered across her expression as she spoke, so quickly he could almost think he’d imagined it. She had probably been a devout follower of whatever heathen spirits her kind worshipped. Those sorts always had trouble accepting their new religion.

“Barely,” he said sourly. If he’d had time, he would’ve happily spent the next few hours working on her. The green haired girl was a pretty thing, lean and slender and sporting eyes that weren’t yet flat and dead. The last was a rarity around here, especially when it came to the kind of dregs available to one of his low station. But he didn’t have a few minutes, let alone hours. He’d have to summon her back to his office later. For now, he settled for grabbing her thick mane of hair and scrubbing his cock off with it. ”Out,” he ordered. Kasha gave a tiny nod and crawled out of the office, her cute bubbly ass swaying from side to side as she went. He watched her go, his eyes fixed on that beautiful derriere. Yes, he’d definitely have to arrange another session with her soon.

He didn’t have time for this, he reminded himself. Altan glanced at the clock again. When had the security guard announced her arrival? Two minutes ago? Three? “Fuck me,” he grumbled, and hurried out of the office.

“You’re late,” Miss Mackenzie said when he arrived at the entrance to greet her. There was no anger in her voice, just chilly disappointment, as though his tardiness was a black mark that had written him off for good in her eyes.

“I humbly apologize, madam,” Altan said meekly, and tried not to stare. Security hadn’t been lying: she was gorgeous. He wasn’t a short man, but her long, perfect legs would’ve made her taller than him even without the high heels. With them, she towered over him, a larger-than-life beauty. Her clothing was modest and professional, but it highlighted her form, subtly calling attention to all her curves, and tight enough that he could imagine it ripping beneath his eager fingers to reveal her smooth, warm skin…

He saw attractive women day in and day out around here, but Miss Mackenzie was a league above the crawling subhuman slaves that populated the Paradisium. None of them held an iota of the self confidence and authority that radiated from her presence – not after being trained, at least. None of them could match the perfection of her features, whose stern expression only made them all the more striking. Her hair fell in dark glossy curls around her shoulders, and he longed to feel if they were as soft as they looked, but he forced himself to focus. “Would you care for any refreshments, madam?” he offered. “We would be delighted to offer you any cuisine you might wish for, and any physical experience you de-”

“What I want,” she interrupted coolly, “is what I came here for, without any further wastes of my time. Is that possible, or are you inadequate for the task?”

“N-no, of course,” Altan stammered. “Right, right away, madam. Let me take you to the menagerie.”

He’d been so captivated by her appearance that he didn’t notice the other woman until he’d started walking. She was easy to miss, anyway, just another naked slave on all fours, her eyes downcast and empty. This one was nothing like Kasha; whatever spark of life had once been behind those eyes had burned out years ago. A leash hung from her collar, and Miss Mackenzie casually held the other end with a single curled finger. “Is that your pet, madam?” he asked, hoping to steer the conversation to more pleasant topics. “The one you’re hoping to use for the breeding?”

To his relief, she went along with it. “Yes,” she agreed, her tone just a hair less frosty. “It’s displayed a satisfactory pedigree and comes from sturdy stock, so I am hoping it may produce some decent whelps if given the opportunity.” If the slave crawling behind had any reaction to her approaching fate, Altan didn’t see it.

He tried to surreptitiously keep an eye on Miss Mackenzie as he guided her to their destination, anxious to spot any warning signs of disapproval before they could blossom into something more. The lanky, brown haired man had held his management position within the Paradisium for four years now, so Miss Mackenzie was far from the first ultra rich socialite he’d dealt with, but the woman had a reputation for being… temperamental. He hadn’t been assigned to the barn yet during her last trip to the Paradisium, where she’d demanded an employee be caned for disrespecting her, but he’d heard the story numerous times from different people. To her thinking, there wasn’t much daylight between him and the redheaded slave crawling behind her.

Her cold eyes met his for a moment, and he quickly looked away, his face growing flushed. Luckily, she didn’t seem to have taken offense from his gaze, and he silently breathed a prayer of thanks to Lord Karakostas. All he had to do was be obedient, he reminded himself. Loyalty to the dragon was always rewarded, just as surely as treachery was punished. The important thing was to have faith.

The barn was a long building placed about a quarter kilometer from the main Paradisium structure. It wasn’t considered a high security area, but it wasn’t the sort of place guests were allowed to wander in either, mostly for their own safety. The two vulpan guards placed at the main entrance barely glanced at Altan as they walked in, but they both gave Miss Mackenzie some very predatory looks. He wasn’t certain if they were looking at her in terms of food or sex, or if they even made much of a distinction between the two anymore. For her part, she offered little reaction to their hunger, as if it wasn’t worth her attention.

The front section of the barn, where his managerial office was located, smelled normal thanks to heavy application of cleaning supplies day in and out, but the interior stank of sweat and fur and worse. Altan couldn’t help wrinkling his nose in distaste, and he saw even the previously unresponsive slave flinch as the foul scents hit her like a wave. Miss Mackenzie seemed like she didn’t even notice the smell. “Show me the specimens,” she said calmly.

“Right away, madam,” he said, and continued leading her inside. The place was officially known as the menagerie, but everyone just called it the barn, or sometimes the zoo. Architecturally, most of it was a single hallway that extended more than four hundred meters. It was lined on both sides by large boxy enclosures, the smallest one more than five meters to a side and the largest more than twenty. They were constructed with a material as transparent as glass but far tougher.

Inside them were monsters.

Many of them had been brought in for one Paradisium Game or another. The massive hounds from Paragon, for example, took up nearly a fifth of the space all on their own, the group divided up into eight different enclosures. Another six were filled with water and housed the leviathans that had been featured in that same year, and the yetis that had appeared in the following game took up three. But most of the creatures were either unique or in male-female pairs. A skinny manticore, most of its fur burned off, snarled at them as they passed. Opposite it, a griffin paid them no mind at all as it worried at its clipped wings.

“Some of them came to us as barter or tribute,” Altan told Miss Mackenzie, slipping into his usual patter. “Like that basilisk over there. A gift twenty years ago from a member of European royalty.” The large reptile swung its head towards them as they passed, tracking them with empty eye sockets. “The eyes were already gone before it even arrived, of course. You can’t be too safe with dangerous animals like these. Same reason we amputated the scorpion tail from the manticore.” He left it unsaid that even without such things, these were beasts whose weights were measured in tons, and they would have no trouble killing humans even without the power to petrify or poison. Not that it was anything he or she had to worry about.

“And here we have one of our most magnificent creatures,” he said, leading her to a large enclosure that held a massive white wolf, so big that it would tower over the both of them if it wasn’t laying down. “An amarok brought all the way from the wild tundras of Alaska. There are few things in the world stronger or faster than one of these mighty beasts.” If he hadn’t witnessed the creature in action before it had been properly subdued, he never would have believed it; the amarok just laid there with all the energy and grace of a limp rag, making no movement other than its sunken eyes and shallow breathing. It had been one of the most difficult animals here to tame, and the result had left it only a step above comatose.

“What is that?” Miss Mackenzie asked suddenly, coming to a halt.

Altan followed her gaze. “The animal, or the… It’s a yowie, madam, from Australia. And an excellent example of the species, if I do say so myself.” The yowie was considerably larger than a man, covered in shaggy black fur, and looked like something halfway between gorilla and human. Its massive bulk gave the impression that it would move slowly, but a close look would reveal far more muscle than fat beneath its fur. “And that’s our resident animal handler with it now.”

The other figure in the cage was humanoid, but clearly not human. Her seven feet of height would have been more imposing if she wasn’t currently flat on her stomach beneath the larger yowie. Her orange mane shook as the beast mounted her roughly, and her legs were already stained with cum from her work all morning. Miss Mackenzie sniffed. “You let subhumans cavort with the specimens? I thought the Paradisium was better than that.”

“Oh, that’s just Yin Yang,” Altan said quickly. “Harmless, I promise. She’s been with us for nearly three years now. Can you see that horn on her forehead?” The qilin’s horn had been last chopped short two weeks ago, and was still little more than a nub today. “It makes our work here much easier. Allow me to demonstrate, madam.”

There was a keypad next to the yowie enclosure, and when he punched in the code, the door slid open. Miss Mackenzie took a step back, even her icy demeanor ruffled by the sudden presence of danger. “Don’t worry, you’re as safe as houses, madam,” he assured her as he entered the cage. The yowie stared at him, not pausing in its ravishing of the orange haired slave. “Just watch.” He slapped the beast right across its ugly face.

Instead of ripping him in two, like it so very easily could, the yowie flinched back, and its rutting faltered a bit. “See? Completely harmless,” Altan declared, and slapped the animal again. “All of its violent tendencies have been suppressed.” He smirked as he launched into his memorized explanation. “Almost all, that is. You see, without an outlet, their repressed feelings might build up and cause problems, so the qilin leaves their lust for her intact. She intensifies it, as a matter of fact, so that even the animals that wouldn’t normally feel sexual attraction for her find themselves bewitched. Every single animal in the barn views her as their personal cum dump and takes all their stored aggression out on her.” He bent down and gave the qilin a slap of her own, right on her plump ass, and then left the cage.

Miss Mackenzie looked the yowie up and down. “Yes, I think this creature will do nicely,” she said. “It will be a wonderful mate for my slave, won’t it?”

“Yes mistress,” agreed the naked woman behind her, her voice meek and quiet.

The dark haired beauty glanced around. “I trust you have an office where we can deal with the paperwork? I’d like to get this taken care of as soon as possible.”

Altan smiled at her. “I can do you one better, madam.” He produced his tablet for her. “I’ve already taken the liberty of drafting up the papers. All they require is your electronic signature.”

Something that almost could have been annoyance flickered across Miss Mackenzie’s face for just a moment as she accepted the tablet, briefly enough that he might have imagined it. “I hope you aren’t expecting me to sign something that I haven’t read,” she said slowly. “I asked for haste, not carelessness.”

“Of course, of course,” Altan assured her. “Please take all the time you require. I believe you’ll find our terms suitably generous for one of your esteem. And while you look those over, I’ll contact our moving crew so they can begin preparing the animal for transport.”

“Wait!” Miss Mackenzie said sharply as he turned to leave. “I… I’d like to discuss this further with you. In private.”

“The terms of the agreement have been set by Lord Karakostas himself,” Altan said apologetically. “If you have a problem with them, madam, I’d be happy to set up a meeting with our legal team to negotiate something more to your satisfaction, but I’m afraid I don’t have the power to change them myself.”

The woman bit her lip, and something in her demeanor changed, becoming softer and more inviting. “You’re really being a terrible tease, you know.” She waved a hand at the yowie behind them. “You show me something so… enticing, and then run away and leave me all alone? And here I thought you’d be able to take care of all my… needs.” She delivered the last sentence in a low, husky tone.

“I, um,” sputtered Altan, flustered, “I would, I’d be happy to, uh, mmf!” His babbling was cut off by her lips against his, warm and soft. He held still as the woman kissed him hungrily, not daring to move a muscle for fear of doing the wrong thing and incurring her anger. A word from her could cost him his job. A word from her could cost him his life. Lord Karakostas had little patience or mercy for employees accused of disrespecting his guests.

She broke off the kiss and licked her lips, her face still just inches from his. “Like I was saying,” she said smoothly, “I’d like to have a private discussion with you about this deal. Go over it from top to bottom, make sure that I’m fully… satisfied with the arrangement. Can you help me with that, or do I need to find someone else?”

He gulped. “I, I can be as, um, as satisfying as you want, madam. It would, um, it would be an honor.” His eyes couldn’t help darting up and down to soak up her figure again. He was half convinced he was dreaming. She wanted to sleep with him?

“Oh good,” she purred, and kissed him again. When it was over, she’d already peeled off her blazer to reveal a smooth, tanned stomach. “So where’s that office of yours? Like I was saying…” Her mouth closed the distance between them again, this time to nibble on his neck. “I’d like to get taken care of as soon as possible.”

“R-right this way,” he said, directing her down the hall back the way they’d come.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, as though she’d just thought of something. “My slave! I’d like to keep this between the two of us, but I can’t just leave the poor thing sitting out here while you and I have our little discussion. Would it be alright if we put her in the yowie cage for now? That way, we can both spend the time getting to know our new lovers. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Altan nodded quickly. “Yes, that, that should be no problem at all.” He was so nervous that he flubbed the door code twice, but eventually it opened and the naked redhead obediently crawled into the cage to kneel beside the yowie and qilin. He hurried back to Miss Mackenzie to finish guiding her to the office. He threw open the wooden door so hard that it banged against the wall, but he barely noticed.

Now that they were in here, where could they do this? His office wasn’t a large room, little more than a desk, chair, and some filing cabinets. He sometimes arranged to have a slave kneeling under his desk to please him while he worked, but there was no way he could do something like that with Miss Mackenzie. The top of the desk then? His computer sat on it, along with stacks of papers, but nothing that couldn’t be moved. Or maybe she’d prefer the floor… it was just plain linoleum, but it was probably still comfier than the wooden desk would be.

He turned to ask her preference and stopped short, staring. “Would you… care to….?”

“You know, I think I changed my mind,” said the white haired fox girl that had replaced Miss Mackenzie. “Why don’t we just take a nap instead?”

Ying Yue paid little attention to the slave who’d entered the cage with her. The copulation with the yowie was demanding all of her focus. The creature was being relatively gentle with her – he didn’t possess the sadism of so many at the Paradisium, and saw her merely as his mate, his feelings for her closer to affection than anything else – but he still outweighed her by at least half a ton. If he genuinely wanted to hurt her, his thrusts could shatter every bone in her body. Her instincts were divided between fleeing and fighting, but she was doing neither, kneeling passively on the ground instead and keeping herself at angle that would make penetration easier for the beast. She was his bitch, after all. This was her role in life now.

“Hey!” said the redhead as she approached, her voice quiet but fierce. “You’re Du Jiao Shou, right?” There was something familiar about the woman in both her voice and presence, but Ying Yue couldn’t place it. Not that it mattered. She’d been raped in the proximity of hundreds of slaves over the last few years, and this was simply one of them, no more important than the rest.

The name Du Jiao Shou, though, she hadn’t heard that in a long time, and it brought with it a rush of bitter memories. The qilin wasn’t like most of the slaves here, dragged away from their homes or forced to offer themselves up for the sake of their families. No, she’d walked into the Paradisium on her own two feet, foolishly believing that she could bring it down from the inside. Her arrogance in entering the Paradisum Game had cost her both her freedom and her wife.

“Come on, we don’t have a lot of time,” said the other woman. “Can’t you order that thing to back off or something? Or would you rather get fucked than get out of here?”

The caustic voice combined with the memories of the Game… “Ember?” Ying Yue asked, not believing the words even as they left her lips. Everyone knew the woman had died. The qilin had personally witnessed her get devoured by that thing that had once been Vorona. And while she’d heard the occasional rumor over the years that Ember had secretly survived thanks to her phoenix powers, she knew better than anyone that it wasn’t true. Ember had been human, no more and no less.

But the redhead nodded. “Yeah, that’s me. It’s a long story, and I’d be happy to tell it after we’re out of here. What matters is that I’m here now, and with your help, we’re getting out. You, me, and everyone else in the Paradisium.”

Flickers of hope began to rise in the qilin’s mind, but she beat them down. She’d been correct from the beginning: the woman’s identity didn’t matter. Her plan was doomed to fail. “Whatever deception you… used to get here… it will not hold up forever,” she said, every few words punctuated by another jarring thrust from the yowie mounting her. “I suggest you… run now and… never look back.”

“Fuck that,” replied Ember cheerfully. “We hit ride or die a long time ago. No turning back now.” She glanced up at the ceiling. “There’s a camera somewhere around here, right?”

Ying Yue nodded. “Just outside the… cell, looking in… It is attrac… ted to movement.” She couldn’t see the tiny, almost microscopic thing with her naked eyes, but she didn’t need to. To her mental senses, the thing hummed with power.

“See?” said the redhead triumphantly, as though she’d just won an argument. “That’s why we need you. We’ve got a plan for getting in and out, but we won’t get too far with a thousand invisible cameras flying around. With you on our side, we’ll be able to deal with them.”

“And why… should I… risk helping you?”

“Du Jiao Shou-”

“Ying Yue.”

“Gotcha. Ying Yue, you’re getting passed around in a fucking magic zoo being pounded by monsters. Do you really think the punishment for escaping is going to be noticeably worse than that?”

The qilin hesitated. “That is… a fair statement… Very well… what is… your plan?”

Four days earlier.

That’s your plan?” Hanabi asked incredulously.

Sam looked up sharply from the map. “No, my plan involved having Seo-yun with me for firepower, and a kitsune with me for backup. But now my wife is getting raped by one of the ugliest sons of bitches alive, and there’s no one here able and willing to help.”

“I… can help…” rasped Tobi from the makeshift gurney he was laying on. “Whatever it takes…”

Samantha gave him a flat look. “Don’t get me wrong, kid, I appreciate the enthusiasm. But by the time you’re in any condition to go with me, we’ll be too late. You really want to lend a hand, I’ve got a special assignment elsewhere you can take care of.”

“I’m… not a kid,” he countered, annoyed. “I’m a century older than you are.”

“She’s right,” Hanabi told him. “Not about being a kid,” she added when he turned his scowl towards her. “You need to rest.” It was a miracle that he was alive in the first place; some of the kitsune who’d been sentenced to death back at the beginning had been too far gone to recover, even with their skins. Kitsune healing was powerful, and transforming back into their true forms had gone a long way towards improving their conditions, but foxes weren’t immortal, and their regeneration was fueled by their own bodies, the same bodies that had been denied food and ample water for days. The white haired girl knew that she should focus on all the foxes that they’d been able to save thanks to the retrieved skins. As soon as Levi’s departing troops were out of earshot, she and Sam had begun bringing people down and tending to them. Almost all of the kitsune who’d been sentenced to death had survived.

Almost all.

Some of the kitsune they’d consigned to Inari’s Flame this morning had hung for less time than Tobi had. It was the ones who’d been too weak to heal that Hanabi saw every time she closed her eyes, them and the ones whose skins she hadn’t rescued.

She had no way of knowing what had happened to those skins. Tossed into one of the fires, perhaps, or discarded somewhere within the piles of trash and wreckage that the soldiers had left behind. It didn’t really matter anymore. A couple of the skinless foxes, the most recently hung ones, had been able to pull through on their own, but the other five had been too far gone. What little sleep Hanabi had gotten since then was consumed by nightmares where she hunted through the village, tearing into ruined buildings and digging through pits of garbage looking for those lost skins, hearing the departed villagers wail and beg her to save them.

“You said that they’re keeping the slaves underground,” she told Samantha, trying to refocus her attention. “Down here.” She tapped the spot on the map, sandwiched between two areas labeled Arena 3 and Arena 4. “And the nexus comes out in the abandoned temple just outside the Paradisium grounds here. And your plan is to sneak your way into the slave pens and then tunnel towards the temple and herd everyone into the nexus.”

“Right,” Sam said. “It would take forever to get everyone up and out through the elevators, even if the Paradisium threw open its doors and told them they were all free to leave. But there’s barely a quarter mile between the holding cells and the nexus. We can all be gone before the Paradisium musters any real response.”

“Okay, first? Walking a quarter mile and digging a quarter mile are two very different things,” the white haired girl said. “It’ll take ages to get there. And if the plan is to use a tunnel, why even sneak into the Paradisium in the first place? Why not just dig from the temple and to the holding cells, then turn around?”

“Because the moment any digging starts, there’s going to be alarms from the seismic sensors,” Sam replied. “But we don’t have to dig the whole way: there’s an underground reservoir we can go through.” She held up a hand to stop Hanabi’s next statement. “Yes, I know, the water’s a problem. That’s why we go in through the Paradisium.” She tapped Arena 3. “A couple years ago the dragon decided he wanted a fake ocean for his games, so they used the reservoir for it, and the controls are all still there. We can use them to open the floodgates and drain the reservoir, leaving only one or two hundred feet worth of actual digging to do.”

Only one or two hundred feet?”

Sam rolled her eyes. “We’re gonna have, like a couple thousand nonhumans down there. We’ve got the manpower to get it done quick, and there might be someone with a whatsit that’s able to help. We’ll figure it out.”

Hanabi had been feeling less than confident about this plan already, and learning that “we’ll figure it out” was going to be an official step in it was not heartening. “What about the reservoir?” she asked, changing the subject slightly. “Do you know how to drain it?”

“I know how we’ll get it done, yeah,” the redhead said.

“Do you know how to stop the Paradisium security from just following us back to Hanei and killing everyone?”

“That’s the easy part,” Sam told her. “The entrances can be closed off from the nexus side. Me and Seo-yun didn’t know why they could only be opened and closed from the inside, but that now that we know the whole place was designed to be a giant lockbox, it makes a hell of a lot more sense. No, the hard part is all the cameras the Paradisium has. Lots of cameras. Cameras that I can’t even see, let alone hide from. We’ll need to be able to get around them before we can actually do anything, or the place will go on red alert.”

Hanabi sighed. “Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Sneak into the Paradisium, a place with hundreds of guards who will turn into giant foxes to hunt you down and chew your face off while they’re raping you to death. Somehow disable a bunch of magic invisible cameras, drain an entire reservoir, and then sneak into the underground slave pens and pray there’s enough able bodied people there to help you dig a massive tunnel while the alarms are going off.”

“Pretty much,” Sam said. “Sounds like tons of fun, right? You sure you don’t wanna come with?”

Hanabi stepped away from the desk and examined it. If she was a random person, would she be able to spot anything of Altan, bound and gagged under the desk? Nope. Someone would find him eventually, but until someone was inquisitive enough to actually examine the office, it would appear to be empty. And if things went according to plan, they’d be gone before the man woke up from his nap and started making noise. And in the meanwhile… she looked down and studied herself, using the black screen of the tablet as a makeshift mirror. Altan’s face looked back at her. It was hard to do a perfect mimicry on short notice, but the results weren’t bad.

The earpiece she’d taken from the man crackled to life. “Security station Gamma here. You guys playing a prank on me or something? Sent the package along, again.”

If people discovered they were here, hopefully the earpiece would give them a headstart in running. Not much of one, though. Hanabi squinted at the air around her. What if there was a camera in here, and someone was already reporting that an intruder had nearly cracked a servant’s skull open? Sam claimed that most of the cameras were only for the Paradisium proper, and that a place like the barn would only have one at most, but Hanabi wasn’t so certain. The woman was a little too… confident about things. Hanabi still wasn’t certain how many of the things Sam said were actually true, and how many the woman just wanted to be true.

“Lambda here,” said the earpiece. “And I don’t have any idea what the hell you’re… what the fuck?”

Hanabi touched the earpiece. “Is something wrong?” she asked, trying to keep her voice calm. The Paradisium was a big place with lots of people, she told herself. Whatever they were talking about, it probably had nothing to do with them…

“Yeah, real bad case of deja vu. I just waved your precious VIP through for the second time in twenty minutes. The fuck is going on with her?”

VIP…? Hanabi’s breath caught. “Mackenzie?” she asked.

“Yeah, whoever,” the voice grumbled. “The sexy bitch who looks like she straps on high heels and goes stepping on balls for fun.”

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. She never should have agreed to this plan. She’d known it was a mistake from the beginning. And now they hadn’t even reached the main building yet, and it was already falling apart. “Miss Mackenzie forgot an item of hers and needed to leave briefly to retrieve it,” she said quickly, just barely keeping her panic from leaking through. “I offered to send someone to her hotel and bring it back, but you know how these people are. She claimed that whoever we sent would probably take the opportunity to pilfer something.”

One of the men snorted. “Yeah, sounds about right. Dumb bitch. So fucking fancy she already went and changed her clothes, too.”

“I’d give a year’s pay to put that frosty slut on her back and show her how much nicer she’d look without anything but my spunk on her,” said another.

Sam had promised that the real Mackenzie’s appointment had been canceled, and that there was no chance the woman would show up today. Except that she was here, and if people weren’t already suspicious enough after seeing two of her, she’d start complaining once Altan didn’t show up like he was supposed to. From there, it would be a matter of minutes before people started poking their heads in and realized something was wrong.

Unless… Altan was there to meet her, like he was supposed to… Hanabi cursed under her breath and hurried out of the office.

“You’re late,” Mackenzie said disapprovingly when she saw Hanabi approaching.

“I humbly apologize, madam,” Hanabi said, and despite the anxiety that was making her stomach churn, she had to bite back a smile. Her impression of the woman looked to have been perfect. “I was under the impression that you had, ah, canceled this appointment several days ago.”

“I changed my mind,” the light haired socialite said simply, as if that was all the explanation required.

Even though she’d already seen the Paradisium’s main building just a few minutes ago, it was difficult for Hanabi not to gawk at it as she grew near. The ugly thing stretched up to the heavens, as tall as any skyscraper she’d ever seen pictures of. But unlike a skyscraper, the walls of the massive fortress were solid stone and completely windowless, offering no hint of the misery going on inside. The single large entrance had six guards standing at attention, and looked like it had been fortified for a war.

The fox tore her eyes away from the structure. “Of course, madam.” She gestured back towards the barn in what she hoped was a suitably elegant but servile kinda way. “Shall we, then?”

Mackenzie gave her a curt nod. “Yes, please,” she said, her tone polite and chilly. “Time is valuable for some of us.”

Hanabi spent the short walk back to the barn trying to compose herself. She’d pretended to be other people in order to play tricks on them all the time, she reminded herself. The only difference this time was that the stakes were higher. Much higher. Much, much… she growled softly, annoyed at her own cowardice.

“What was that?” Mackenzie asked, sounding both bored and annoyed.

“N-nothing, madam,” Hanabi said quickly. “Just, um, my stomach. I haven’t had lunch yet.”

“How repulsive,” the noirette said with a slight grimace, and stopped. “Here.”

The fox stopped as well and gave her a questioning look. “Here?” She glanced around, but didn’t see anything of note on the path.

Here,” Mackenzie said again, more forcefully, and this time Hanabi understood; it was a command, not an observation.

“Yes, madam,” she said, and quickly scurried over to stand in front of the woman. Then her head rocked as she was dealt a short, sharp slap.

“I have no interest in listening to your bodily functions,” Mackenzie told her. “Or hearing about them. If you can’t clear such a low bar, perhaps I shall mention your name the next time I have dinner with Mr Karakostas. I’m sure he would be very interested to hear how poorly I’ve been treated today.”

“Understood, madam. I will do my-” The second slap wasn’t any harder, but her cheek was still stinging from the first, and Hanabi winced at the sudden unexpected pain.

“Where I come from,” Mackenzie said curtly, “when someone has caused offense, they apologize for it. Are you too stupid to know even that much?”

Hanabi suppressed thoughts of wringing the woman’s neck and instead spoke as meekly as she could. “I apologize for my rudeness, madam. And for my further rudeness in not apologizing immediately.” She hoped that would be enough to quell the woman’s irritation, but when she looked up into her eyes, she realized her mistake. Her impression of the woman had been all wrong after all; Mackenzie was doing her best to hide it behind the frosty demeanor, but she wasn’t irritated. She was aroused. This wasn’t about disciplining a rude employee, if it had ever been. Sadists were gonna sadist, and the socialite thought she’d found a good target for it.

Sure enough, her humble apology did nothing to dispel the feigned look of icy outrage Mackenzie held. “That is not an apology,” the woman declared condescendingly, as though explaining something obvious to a total moron. “And I cannot fathom why you’re still standing upright. That is a right reserved for humans, not inconsiderate worms.”

Hanabi was quickly growing to hate the Paradisium, and she hadn’t even entered the place proper yet. “Of course, madam,” she responded, and sank to all fours. To her complete lack of surprise, Mackenzie immediately pressed one of her heels against her face.

“If you truly regret your uncouth actions,” she told the fox, “express it by cleaning my shoes. They’ve picked up all manner of detritus on my way here.” She sniffed. “Though I doubt any of it is as unsightly as you are.”

Hanabi looked at the dust and dirt caked to the underside of Mackenzie’s shoe, and swallowed hard. At least it wasn’t someone’s cock she was being asked to lick. Yet. She hesitantly touched her tongue to the surface and reflexively recoiled a little. Ugh, that was nasty! She had a hunch that the woman had deliberately dirtied her shoes on the way here in anticipation of making someone do this. Hanabi tried again, and managed to drag her tongue all the way from the heel to the toes, leaving a thin trail of saliva behind and a foul gritty taste in her mouth.

Progress was slow, and not helped by Mackenzie’s stern look of disapproval and constant barbs. “These shoes cost more than ten years of your salary,” she said at one point. “You should consider it a privilege to be allowed to touch them with your unworthy tongue.”

“Yeth mah’am,” Hanabi said without stopping what she was doing. “’ank you foh uh ‘iv ledge.” It wasn’t enough just to lick the visible dirt off. She had to keep going afterward, working her tongue into every crease and corner until the shoes had been spitshined from heel to toe.

Once both shoes had been cleaned to the woman’s satisfaction, Hanabi was finally allowed to stand back up. Almost. In the middle of her rise, Mackenzie put a hand on her head to stop her from going any further. “Do you believe you’ve wasted enough of my time now?” the noirette asked her as she looked down on the fox. “Or will you continue to force me to address your shortcomings?”

“I will do the best I can, madam,” Hanabi tried. “And beg forgiveness if my best cannot match the standards of excellence that you deserve.” Mackenzie seemed slightly dissatisfied with the answer, but it must have been good enough because she lifted her hand and allowed Hanabi to stand up completely.

They reached the barn without further incident, though Hanabi had to stop herself from holding her breath when she and the other woman passed through the entrance. The vulpan guards were barely paying her any attention, but that could change at a moment’s notice, and if it came down to it, she had about as much chance of fending them off as she did winning an arm wrestling match with that yowie.

Going inside was no less nerve racking. If whoever was manning the cameras was watching and paying close attention, they’d notice that Mackenzie had teleported from the office to the entrance. Her hidden ears pricked up as she listened for the radio chatter that would signal all hell was about to break loose, but nothing came. She let herself relax a little. “Would madam like to join me in the office so we can sign the necessary forms?” If she could get Mackenzie into there, the woman could join Altan in his nap

But the dark haired woman just sniffed and made no move towards the closed door. “I don’t care to discuss money, I just want it done. Now show me your finest animals.”

“Of course, madam,” Hanabi said, keeping the frustration out of her voice as they moved further away from the privacy that the office offered. She led Mackenzie down the hallway, parroting what she remembered Altan saying about the different monsters.

Mackenzie paused at the manticore cage. “I want to take a closer look at this one.” Hanabi nodded and went to the keypad. She’d taken care to watch Altan input the code earlier when he’d entered the yowie cage, so she should be able to… the pad buzzed angrily and a red light turned on. “Is something the matter?” the woman asked from behind her.

“No, madam, my finger just slipped.” Cold sweat dripped down Hanabi’s back as she entered the code again to the same result, and she felt claustrophobic despite the open air. This lock was different from the other. She stared desperately at the keypad, willing it to give up its secrets. There was no way someone in Altan’s position wouldn’t know how to get into these cages. Mackenzie wouldn’t jump straight to “kitsune impostor”, but she didn’t need to. Even if she just thought the man was incompetent, getting angry about it and making a scene would be enough to doom them.

Her unseen tails flicked around in annoyance. The pampered woman didn’t have the look of a fighter to her; Hanabi could probably take her down in seconds. But that didn’t mean anything while the cameras were on them. Ugh, this stupid plan! How was she supposed to get anything done while she was being watched all the time?! How could she… an idea struck her. “I apologize, madam,” she said smoothly, “ my mind was wandering. I was thinking of the code for the newest exotic animal, the one we brought in earlier today. I’d been planning to show it to you and give you an opportunity to purchase it before we announced its arrival, but that was presumptuous of me. This manticore is just as fine an animal, and much cheaper besides.”

“What animal?” Mackenzie asked quickly, her interest piqued.

“A yowie, madam. But truly, it’s a finicky creature, very difficult. It’s why almost no one owns any. Not like these sturdy, reliable manticores with their, um, tails and wings.”

“I wish to see this creature at once,” the socialite said sharply. “I did not come here for something reliable or cheap.”

Hanabi bowed her head and stepped away from the manticore cage. “Yes, of course, madam. Right this way.”

The yowie was still mating with the qilin when Hanabi approached with Mackenzie in tow. Her stomach did flips again when she saw the dull, subservient look Sam gave her. The woman thought she was still impersonating Mackenzie and that Altan was the real deal. “We acquired this creature fresh from the Samantha swamp outside of Sydney,” she said loudly, hoping the redhead could hear her. “Just off the, um, Hanabi grasslands.” Sam’s eyes flickered between the two of them, and then settled on Hanabi, giving her a piercing glare that had a million questions behind it.

“What are those slaves doing in the pen?” Mackenzie asked crossly.

“That’s the animal handler and the, um, the test subject! We wanted to see how a normal human body would handle the stress of mating. In fact, we were just about to run the first trial. Would madam care to get a closer look?”

To her relief, Mackenzie nodded. “Yes, I would very much like to see that.” Hanabi quickly went to the keypad and punched in the code. Her nerves jangled, half expecting it to still not work, but this time there was an approving beep and the sound of the door unlocking. Hanabi slid it open and gestured for Mackenzie to go in first.

The yowie continued happily humping his prey, paying no heed to the new visitors to his enclosure. Just watching him made Hanabi’s insides ache with sympathetic pain, but Mackenzie just looked bored. “That’s quite enough, um, Yin Yang!” Hanabi said in her best authoritative voice. “Miss Mackenzie would like a demonstration with a human mate.”

“Yes, sir,” the qilin said wearily, not looking up. She looked tired and defeated, and Hanabi couldn’t tell how much, if any, of it was an act. How had her conversation with Sam gone? Had the orange haired woman been too far gone? According to Samantha, she’d been here for nearly three years now, and spent most of her waking hours being raped by creatures like this. Hanabi doubted her own resolve could hold out for even a fraction of the time if she was put in that situation.

Du Jiao Shou didn’t give any verbal commands, but the beast mounting her slowly came to a stop, his thick cock popping out of her. Cum streamed from the woman’s open slit, running down her legs and soaking the floor now that the shaft that had been bottling it all up was gone. Hanabi grabbed the qilin’s arm and hauled her roughly to her feet. “I’m with Sam,” she whispered into the woman’s ear. “No time to explain, I need you to tackle Mackenzie.” The qilin gave no response, as though she hadn’t even heard her.

The yowie stirred and swung his head towards Sam, his prick twitching slightly. The redhead tried to remain passive, but Hanabi saw the fear in her eyes when the monster reached out one paw and carelessly pinned her to the ground, flat on her stomach. “You control the animal?” Mackenzie asked Du Jiao Shou. “Make it fuck her hard. I want to know what it’s capable of.” The qilin nodded, and a moment later the yowie growled and pressed Sam harder against the floor, making the woman yelp in pain despite herself. She’d been mock struggling before, trying to play the part, but Hanabi could see that there was nothing feigned about it anymore. Sam was trying to squirm away from the beast, with absolutely zero success. He was simply too strong for her. His cock slapped her ass hard enough to leave a mark, and the redhead’s body jumped at the impact.

The beast loomed over Sam, so massive that the woman beneath him could barely be seen, and its head settled against her opening. It seemed like an impossibly tight fit, even with the slimy precum that coated the entire appendage, but the yowie didn’t seem to think so. Hanabi couldn’t see the way he began to push in, forcing Sam’s pussy lips to part around him, but she heard the cries of pain from the woman as it happened.

“Tackle Mackenzie!” she whispered again. The socialite wasn’t paying the slightest attention to either of them at this point. She was crouched next to the yowie, watching with interest as the monster slowly worked his cock deeper into his newest mate. “Please! I don’t know what Sam told you, but you can’t just let that, that thing have her! We need you!”

The qilin sighed. “He will kill her,” she said quietly. “It will be painful but quick. Much quicker and easier than the fate that awaits her if she is discovered. This is the kindest thing I can do for her. Unless you are wise enough to walk away from this foolishness, it will be the kindest ending I can offer you as well.”

Four days earlier.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sam asked critically.

“Don’t ask questions that you don’t want to know the answer to,” Hanabi told her. “I’m here and I’m doing it, so let’s not push our luck reminding me I could still turn tail and run.”

It was late enough that all the other foxes in the shrine seemed to have gone to sleep, exhausted by their week long ordeal. Hanabi wouldn’t have minded joining them either, not one bit, but Sam was still awake, going over the blueprints by faint candlelight. “Do you really think this plan has any chance of working?” the white haired girl asked.

Sam shrugged. “I’ve done more with worse,” she said. “In my experience, it’s not the plan that matters, it’s the people and the attitude. Nothing will ever work out the way you thought it would, but if you can keep your head on your shoulders and your eyes on the prize, you get there in the end. And that’s why I’ve gotta keep asking, even if I won’t like the answer: are you sure? Cause all that works in reverse too; no matter how good a plan is, it’ll all go to hell if the people behind it let you down. I need to know you’ll have my back.”

“She had mine,” Hanabi said quietly. “Seo-yun, I mean. She handed herself over to Levi for my sake.”

“My wife doesn’t need anyone’s help to be a martyr,” Sam said grimly. “Don’t do this because you feel like you owe it to her.”

“I’m not,” Hanabi told her. “But it’s like the stuff she was telling me about just before it happened… she sacrificed everything to help my people, and me in particular. And if I let the chance she gave us go to waste, then she was an idiot for doing that. I don’t want that. I don’t want it to be a mistake that she helped us, and I don’t want that… that asshole to be right.” Anger made her reflexively ball her fists. “He thought he could come here and trample all over us, he thought that we’re pathetic and helpless and not good for anything but being fucked, and he… I want him to have been wrong. I want underestimating Hanei to have been the biggest fucking mistake of his life, and I want him to die knowing that.”

She met Sam’s eyes. “I’m Hanabi, the cursed white fox of Hanei, and I’m a coward. I’m not strong, I’m not tough, and just the fact that I’m here doing this means I’m probably not too bright. I’m still pretty sure I’m going to find a way to fuck it all up and get everyone killed. But I’m here.”

Sam offered her hand. “Welcome to the team. Let’s go kick Levi’s shit in.”

“You think I’m here because I want to be?” Hanabi asked the qilin harshly, barely managing to keep her voice down so that Mackenzie wouldn’t overhear. “I’m no hero. I wouldn’t come to this hellhole in a million years if I had a choice. But my fathers are in here somewhere, and my friends, and hundreds of others. And unless I help them, they’ll all die in here, or worse. So sure, go ahead and make that thing fuck Sam and me to death if you want. Because I can’t turn back, no matter how much I want to.”

The orange haired woman was silent for a second. “That,” she finally admitted, “is the most sensible thing I’ve heard from either of you today.”

Then she charged into Mackenzie.

The socialite was tall, but she had nothing on the seven foot giant who barreled into her. Both women rolled around on the ground, Du Jaio Shou clearly in control. The yowie meanwhile had lost interest in Sam and released the redhead, who sagged in relief as the monster crawled over to one corner and began to groom himself.

“How dare you?!” Hanabi hissed, and grabbed Mackenzie’s elbow, pulling the woman up to her feet. “Attacking an esteemed guest of the Paradisium?” She slapped the socialite across the face.

Mackenzie looked back at her, dazed from both the tussle and the slap. “What are…?” she mumbled, and then her eyes widened as she saw a carbon copy of herself rising to her feet. “Wha… no… what’s going on?!”

The other Mackenzie looked down at herself, and then at the original. “Do I really look that unkempt?” she asked softly. “I do not even recognize my own face anymore.”

The seven foot, orange haired giant that Hanabi was holding onto turned to the fox in a panic. “That thing, that slave, it… it switched our bodies!” she cried. “It’s some kind of foul magic!”

“Nah, it’s just plain ol’ foxfire,” Hanabi said cheerfully, and then slapped the woman again, just because she could. “Swapped you two while you were rolling around.”

Sam groaned, not rising to her feet. “Can someone please let the woman who was nearly fucked by a battering ram just now know what’s going on?”

“The real Mackenzie showed up as an unexpected guest,” Hanabi told her. “I didn’t know what to do with her, and then I realized she might come in handy.”

“You want to use her as a decoy,” Du Jiao Shou said flatly, her tone betraying no emotion.

“Yep. We were gonna try and sneak you out, hope the cameras didn’t notice you were gone, but this is much safer. Mackenzie can stay in the cage and give security a show while we take care of business.”

“I know she’s supposed to be a bitch,” Sam said.

“Oh, she one hundred percent is,” Hanabi interrupted.

Sam rolled her eyes. “Speaking as someone who just got up close and personal with that thing, it’ll tear her in half if we leave her here. I don’t mind killing each and every one of the fuckers who gets in our way, but we’re not doing that to someone in cold blood.”

“That is not a concern,” Du Jiao Shou said. “That was the beast at its most aggressive. They are not naturally inclined to violence.” The qilin touched the yowie’s flank, and for a few moments stood silent and unmoving. Then she nodded her head. “I have asked this one to watch over her. He will not harm her. He says… hmm, he has strange tastes, this one.” She stroked his side with something that almost looked like affection. “But he is more intelligent than he appears.” Her face darkened. “I wish I could say the same about the two of you.”

“Can we talk about this elsewhere?” Hanabi asked. “A somewhere without a magic invisible camera that gives me the heebie jeebies?”

“Will it be a problem for you to keep the illusion up on her after we leave?” Sam questioned.

“Nah, disguises like this are pretty easy, and I’ve already tied it to her. It’s complex enough that it’ll fade away in a few hours if I don’t come back to replenish it, but if we’re still here by then we’ve got bigger problems.”

“You will all pay for this,” Mackenzie hissed. She seemed to have picked up on enough of the conversation to get the gist of things. “I won’t let them kill you once you’re discovered. I’ll buy you all myself, and personally break all three of you down into whimpering pets before I have you fucked to death by something large, hot, and sharp.”

“Thanks,” Sam said dryly, as she turned away to begin crawling toward the cage’s exit. “I was this close to feeling sorry about you getting involved in this. Enjoy your evening, yeah?”

Mackenzie seethed with anger as she watched the three intruders exit the cage. And they were using her likeness! She swore to herself that she wouldn’t rest until they were all groveling at her feet where they belonged. She didn’t need to worry about what manner of mischief they might get up to before they were discovered; it was guaranteed that they would be caught swiftly. There was still every chance that she would defeat their pathetic plans herself, even. They thought that they’d locked her in here, but she’d seen the code that they’d used on the door.

The only thing stopping her from leaving and running straight to the nearest guard was this stupid animal sharing the cage with her, who was huge and ugly and reeked of sweat and sex. The beast was squatting above her, with one hairy paw resting on the back of her head. He gave the impression that he was exerting no force at all, but that paw kept her solidly pinned on her stomach, no matter how she struggled to rise.

Mackenzie could have screamed in frustration. She was one of the most powerful and influential people in the world! For her to be humiliated like this, pushed into the dirt by an inhuman brute was… it was maddening! Already her clothing was irreparably stained, and it would take days to wash the stench of the yowie from her hair. She had never felt so disrespected or defiled in all her life.

She squirmed under the monster and managed to turn herself over onto her back, an act that left its furry, sweaty paw now pressed against her face. The damned animal wrapped its other hand in a fist around both of hers, easily swallowing them up, and pressed them down on the ground above her head. She tried to wrench her arms free, but his grip, though painless, may as well have been a steel vise.

She did scream then, helplessly trapped under his bulk. And then she bit him. Her teeth sank into the flesh of one of his fingers that rested on her face, and she felt a fierce delight when he grunted in pain and pulled his hand back. Despite his brute strength and thick fur, his skin was as fragile as a human’s.

Mackenzie expected his reaction to be immediate and violent, but he merely licked the blood off of his finger. It was as though her attack wasn’t even worth punishing. Humiliated by her ineffectiveness, she bared her teeth at him and began to kick her feet, aiming at his legs to either side of her. It was a bad angle and they glanced harmlessly off his furry hide, but she derived a certain pleasure from striking back at him.

Still he showed no anger, so she glared at him and did her best to aim her next kick in between his legs. Her attempt was rewarded with a soft, satisfying thump and a loud grunt from the beast. It wasn’t until the creature raised its hand that she belatedly realized that she might have gone too far. The yowie seemed to be more than capable of ripping her apart with only a fraction of its strength. And now she’d gotten him mad… she flinched and squeezed her eyes shut as the paw descended to end her life.

But instead of the sharp impact she expected, his fingers stroked her head. Slowly, gently, like someone trying to calm their pet, and when she opened her eyes there was no anger in his brutish features. The idea that he saw her that way, that in his eyes she was the unruly animal in need of training, made her lose control of her temper completely and scream at him in a rage. “Why won’t you fuck me already?!”

The Paradisium, a place so completely dominated by men with violent and unchecked sex drives, was a dangerous place to be when you were a free woman, especially an unattached one with no one to come to her rescue should she be assaulted by men too drunk on power to care that she wasn’t a slave. And it was even worse when said woman’s tastes included taking a submissive role in the bedroom. Mackenzie was well aware that if her true proclivities were known, people would immediately begin scheming to shackle and collar her, certain that they could break her down into accepting them as her master. And as enticing as that fantasy was, she had no desire to give up her freedom and live under the thumb of some rich misogynistic maniac.

Simply avoiding the Paradisium was not an option. In the social circles for someone of her stature, regular attendance was a must. Any reluctance to be there would be met with suspicion; at best, she’d be judged weak and “womanly”, at worst her rivals would see it as an opening to strike. And more importantly, Mackenzie had no intention of ever letting herself be afraid of a bunch of crude men. Whatever her sexual tastes, she was neither weak-willed nor cowardly.

So she’d learned to adapt. No one at the Paradisium would believe that the icy, dominating Miss Mackenzie loved to be manhandled, especially when it was her habit to make an example out of someone on every visit. She didn’t dare risk sexual partners who might let things slip about her interests, but she’d found that the beasts of the menagerie made excellent lovers: aggressive, powerful, full of stamina, and unfailingly discreet. To be pinned down and mated by one of those magnificent creatures was glorious. For years now, no one had batted an eye at the purchases she made for her imaginary slaves.

And this yowie… God, what a fine specimen he was. Mackenzie knew that her first priority should be escape, but the situation was simply too perfect. Trapped in his cage, helpless to resist his savage predations… it was the sort of thing dreams were made of. But he wasn’t cooperating!

“Am I not good enough for you?” she demanded. “Is there something you find lacking? What more do I have to do to get you angry enough to fuck me?”

The beast stopped petting her head and pressed one meaty finger against her collarbone instead, hooking it into the top of her unseen shirt, and then the fabric began to tear down the middle as he pulled his finger down the length of her torso. He repeated the process with her skirt, and in the span of a few seconds, she was now naked, and still pinned and helpless beneath the monstrous creature. To her disgust and delight, the yowie lowered his head and began to nuzzle her face, and at the same time his too large, too hairy hand stroked and caressed her body, seeming especially enamored of her long legs and flat stomach.

His head moved down, and Mackenzie shuddered violently as his thick and scratchy tongue began to lap between her legs. The unfamiliar texture of it made her entire body twitch and spasm with involuntary pleasure, and the sensation was so intense that she was barely aware of his paw squeezing and fondling her chest. The woman whined and panted as her nude, sweat slick body continued to wriggle in the dirt.

It felt like the beast’s head was between her legs for ages before the world suddenly spun and Mackenzie found herself on her stomach once again. Her assailant released her hands, but before she could even begin to think about trying to use her newfound mobility to escape, her attention was fixed wholly on the way he’d grabbed both of her ankles and spread her legs wide. Something thick and warm rubbed against her slit, but pressed no further. There was a pregnant pause where she could feel both desire and hesitation from him, and when she realized the cause, she nearly laughed. Out of all the men and beasts in the Paradisium, she’d found the lone male that cared about consent. “Yes!” she told him. “Hurry up and-”

The yowie sank into her.

The dark haired woman moaned as his fat, furry cock penetrated her. She’d expected it to be painful at first before her body adjusted to him, but he moved slowly and she was already very wet. He softly slid into her until the head of his cock kissed her cervix, and after that it quickly became very difficult for Mackenzie to hold even the simplest of thoughts in her head. The beast was so big that he forced her stretched and straining pussy walls to grip him tight, which meant the rough texture of his shaft rubbed and scraped at every last inch of her. If he’d been violent, it would have felt like being violated with sandpaper. But instead…

Mackenzie came hard, her breath coming out in gasps and her toes curling and her pussy clenching, which triggered another orgasm, and another. And still the beast kept moving, sending wave after wave of sensation coursing through her entire body. He purred happily, and she felt one huge hand stroke her hair again.

A long time passed before she could think clearly again. The yowie was still rutting inside of her, and making her every nerve buzz with pleasure, but what had been overwhelming was now merely euphoric. She’d returned to being on her back at some point, and the beast laid atop her, his arms wrapped around her body in a furry embrace as warm and soft as the one her tingling insides were giving his cock.

The yowie’s chest rumbled, sending its vibrations through Mackenzie’s entire body, and his movements began to change. They were still gentle, but more intense. Hungrier. She could feel him pulse within her, and instinct told her that he was nearly ready to finish. She laid there feeling limp and satisfied, just enjoying the rhythm of him, when she heard harsh mocking laughter from behind her that made her freeze. “Look at the fucking slut go at it.”

Mackenzie craned her head back and saw the two men who’d been guarding the barn entrance. They must have wandered in here and decided to check out what the resident slave was up to. This was her chance! She might not look like herself right now, but she knew how to speak and be obeyed. If nothing else, the threat of what their employer would do to them if she was telling the truth would be enough to get them to listen, even if they didn’t believe her at first. And then she’d be free and those intruders would get what was coming to them and… the animal would be put down. That thought carried no satisfaction, but it wasn’t up to her; he had technically attacked one of the Paradisium’s guests, and any beast or slave that did so was destroyed immediately.

“Imagine how pathetic you’d have to be to enjoy getting railed by a freak of nature like that,” one of the guards said to the other. It sounded like they either didn’t know or didn’t care that she could hear them. The disguised woman couldn’t help a tingle of unwanted shame at his words. She knew her tastes were unusual, but…

“I’d make the filthy bitch wash her cunt out with bleach before I let her even touch me,” the other agreed. “And even then, I’d rather fuck her with a baseball bat than my dick. Who knows how many diseases an animal fucker like that is carrying? Probably got fleas too.” Both guards laughed.

The yowie let out a deep, heavy growl that nearly made the whole building shake and drew the two men’s attention immediately. “The fuck is wrong with him?”

His use of her had grown no rougher, but Mackenzie could feel the hot anger pouring off of him. She didn’t understand why; was he that upset about these peons laughing at their copulation? And then his arms tightened protectively around her, and she realized that he was angry over what they’d said about her. He snarled at the two men, and they reflexively stepped back from the cage, their mirth fading.

“Let’s get out of here,” one of them said, looking away from the cage. “Place smells like shit.” The other nodded, recovering his composure, and they both began moving away. Mackenzie opened their mouth to call out to them for help before they were out of earshot… and hesitated.

She looked up at the yowie. He had an ugly face, to be sure, but not a bad one. There was intelligence there, and more. “Do you know,” she whispered to him, “you might be the closest thing I’ve ever found to a gentleman around here.” On impulse, she kissed him, and then wrapped her arms around his massive body as best she could, matching his embrace.

A few moments later, the beast roared, the signal for jets of sticky white cum to gush into Mackenzie’s pussy. It had become somewhat desensitized to the yowie’s shaft, but the new sensation was enough to push her over the edge and leave her shivering and moaning in climax while the last of her lover’s load filled her. Both of them were panting by the time he’d petered out, and she was left trembling in his arms while he nuzzled her again.

She didn’t really need to be rescued, did she? Whatever sorcery had changed her appearance, it was bound to wear off sooner or later. And once it did, what was stopping her from simply walking out of here with the yowie in tow? She would just be a satisfied customer leaving with her purchase. A very satisfied customer.

This didn’t mean she’d forgiven the intruders for what they’d done to her. But just right now, they didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she might still have hours with the yowie before she could leave freely, and though his manhood had become soft inside of her, Mackenzie was eager to find out what would make him hard again. She had plenty of ideas already, and she intended to try out each and every last one.

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