Primal Business

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The music in the club was pounding in the Watering Hole on a Friday night, and all the citizens of Great Plains City were having a great evening. At least, most of them were. Sarge certainly was having a fantastic evening, to be sure, and that was really all the mattered after all. Lions were the king of the jungle, so if lesser creatures weren’t having as much fun, well, then that was their problem.

Sarge stretched her long, muscular arms up and around, taking up almost all of her half of the booth effortlessly as the lion stretched out. It made her complex tattoo sleeves glisten in the flashing red and white and black lights shining from the ceiling as it caught them and reflected them back. The Watering Hole was one of her favorite spots. The place was part bar, part restaurant, and part club, good for drinking, dancing, eating, and just relaxing. The music was loud, but not too loud. The drinks were cheap but not too cheap. The food was good, the company was excellent, and the customer base, well…

Sarge licked her lips as she surveyed the crowd. For most people in a bar, looking to find a pretty girl to take home with them would be called flirting, and cruising. That wasn’t the way Sarge saw it. She was hunting, and this was her territory.

“What do you think about that one?” Doc said. The beautiful grey haired lioness wasn’t quite as big as Sarge was, but what she lacked in size she more than made up for in brains… she was a clever one. “Doc” wasn’t the most accurate moniker, she was really a retired Corpsman out of the city’s service, but she was the closest thing they had to a doctor, and Sarge had trusted her to clean up everything from claw scraps to knife wounds to more… exotic… and sadistic… injuries in the past, and would in the future. Right now she had her head tilted to the side, her eyes on a grey furred rabbit dancing on the floor.

She was a pretty one, Sarge had to admit. Slender is all the right places, fat in all the other ones, the shifting lights caught her skin beautifully as she danced, painting her in a wide variety of hues. The rabbit glistened with sweat on the dance floor, the glowing bands on her wrists and ankles drawing the attention of the pack of lions as surely as a flashing neon sign.

That was the problem.

“Nah,” Skid said, nursing her own drink. “Too much attention.” The lioness was tall and relatively slender, her brown hair cut into a spiky, punky mess that beautifully accentuated the rest of her features. She didn’t look like she’d be that much in a fight, but Sarge knew better… she was as scrappy as they came. She was also the best wheelman that she had ever seen, and trustworthy as an elephant’s word to boot. She and Doc had come up together through the foster system, raised together, and they had been closer than sisters… when Doc had come, Skid had come with her.

“Skid’s right,” Sarge agreed. “She has half the eyes in this club on her. I wouldn’t mind spending some time teaching that little slut what attention really feels like, but it’s just not happening today… She’s not leaving the club alone. She’s not leaving the club with less than a crowd.”

“How about her?” Tank said, pointing.

“Put your fucking hand down,” Sarge snapped, idly looking over her shoulder in the direction the other lion had been pointing, rolling her eyes as she did. The dark haired lioness was built on the same scale as refrigerators, with muscles that made even Sarge’s own seem scrawny. It was just a shame her brain wasn’t built on quite the same scale. She wasn’t stupid or anything, not really, but damn that girl could be thoughtless. “We don’t want people to wonder what we’re pointing at, now do we?”

Tank rubbed the back of her head, blushing a little. “Sorry, Sarge.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she mumbled as her eyes fixated on the girl that had caught her thug’s eye. The serval girl was cute, Sarge would give her that… her coat was especially pretty in how it stripped between golden and black. Other predators weren’t exactly off limits… in fact, it could be fun to take one, separate her from her friends, and give her the authentic prey animal experience. But this one… “Too small,” Sarge declared. “No way she’d survive.”

“How about that one?” Skid suggested. “Your nine, Sarge.”

She turned her head, her golden mane flicking with her as she turned to look and paused as she caught sight of the woman. She was a gazelle, sitting alone at the bar. Normally, Sarge might not have noticed her, but the way she was dressed… it certainly caught and held the eye. She was dark skinned with even darker hair, almost ink black, and that meant that it was her clothing, not her skin, that shone in the lights of the club. The gazelle’s belly was completely exposed… just a tiny scrap of cloth wound around her neck in a loop before dipping down to cover her breasts in what could only graciously be called a “top.” Her skirt was more of a shawl wrapped around her waist, with a long, long, loooong slit down one side that exposed almost all of one of her gorgeous legs, and her heels made her legs look even longer. Her ears were lighter than both her skin and hair, making the long, pointed things stand out like cute flags from the dark sea of her long hair, and her prominent horns stood up firm and proud. Just glancing at her made Sarge want to grab her by one of her horns and bring her to her knees.

“Not bad,” Sarge said, a hint of a purr in her throat. “Not bad at all.”

“I wouldn’t mind tearing off a piece of that,” Tank agreed.

“She looks like she might be important,” Doc warned. “Someone might miss her.”

“That someone won’t find her,” Sarge said grimly. The other lionesses smiled, the thought as exciting to them as it was to the blonde herself. Just thinking about that pretty piece of prey helpless among them, being passed around between them like a cheap bottle of wine, had her barbed cock growing hard in her pants. From the way the others were reacting, they were thinking the same.

Sierra slipped into their booth casually, the tiny white lioness sliding between their bulks with no real effort, slapping down the five drinks she’d been carrying with effortless grace before sliding into Sarge’s lap and purring with pleasure. “So,” she said as she lifted one of the drinks to her mouth and took a dip pull. “What did I miss?”

Sarge’s eyes glittered as she smiled, lifting her own drink. “We found ourselves a fucktoy.”

Growing up, Aanisa had always imagined herself brave, resourceful, and intelligent. She had always valued her pride and her dignity both, believing it important to always be in control of her image and her body both at all times. That attitude had taken her far. It was why, even prior to getting a position in the prestigious law firm Mowgli and Sons, she had valued her personal agency, skills, and appearance above all else. Animals trusted a girl who looked confident, who looked certain, and who looked pretty.

It was important to look pretty… she knew that, without attaching too much inordinate pride to it. Pretty people had it easier in life. It was why she had danced and flirted and modelled almost as much as she had studied, from the age she recognized people treated her differently because of how she looked. It was why Aanisa jumped feet first into every fad diet, ever workout routine, every self-improvement regimen she could find as they grew popular. It was why, though she flirted non-stop, she never took any of them to bed… her career came first, and while looking inviting was important looking available was equally so, and committing herself to anyway would damage her ability to use her looks to her advantage. Always in charge. Always in control.

Unfortunately, as Aanisa was about to find out, much of that was an illusion. Like many facets of the young lawyer’s life, those things were just many surfaces of the facade that was the gazelle’s life in Great Plains City. She was never as disciplined or as hardworking as she liked to imagine. She was never at the top of her class in law school. She was never at the top of her class in schools before that, either. Neither was she especially brave, or daring, or resourceful… she had generally always taken the easiest way out of every problem, moving on a direct path between herself and her goal, completely unaware just how much her beauty eased her other shortcomings. The discipline Aanisa imagined she possessed was hardly strict, either. In spite of all the time she spent in a gym, her inconsistent workouts, her diet and lifestyle, and her focus on appearance over fitness had led her to a weakness in the arms and legs that never truly went away, in spite of her inconsistent efforts to improve… she had never truly developed much muscle to go with her pretty body. She thought herself athletic and capable, when really she was just a victim waiting to happen, a lamb waiting to be sacrificed on an altar.

That was her first mistake. She had thought herself so much more capable than she was.

She had just finished closing a case and wanted to celebrate… or at least that’s how she had seen it. She was, of course, a junior associate, working under others, but she still valued her contribution highly, certain it wouldn’t have turned out as well for Mowgli and Sons without her diligent efforts. She thought she was well deserving some time out, to really dress up and hit the Watering Hole, and if she drank a little more than she usually did, well, who cared? You were only young once, and she liked the attention.

She knew she was going to regret it tomorrow, thought… and she was right. She just couldn’t imagine how much.

It was a warm summer night outside of the club when she staggered out into the darkness of Great Plains City, and the soft breeze felt lovely on her lightly-sweaty skin. The sky was clear and dotted with stars bright enough to be seen even from the city, which meant that most of the lights were out… good. Too much light felt like it would hurt her eyes right now. The moon was just starting to come up over the horizon as she turned right and headed back towards the city proper. Her apartment wasn’t a long walk… she could make it without a problem. It was a nice night, and the walk would feel good.

Or it would if it weren’t for the damned heels that was.

She paused to stretch, bending forward as she went and wishing idly someone was there to watch her do it. Her long, dark hair glistened in the starlight and her long ears flicked with exhaustion as she kicked her heels off of her feet and carried them. Much better. Barefoot, she walked down the sidewalk, alone out into the night.

Aanisa let her mind wander, drifting from one pleasant thought to the next, pleasantly tipsy. She let her mind wander, not really paying attention to what was surrounding her. If she hadn’t been so preoccupied, she might have noticed the van parked on the street, and the way the engine came to life as she walked away.

That had been her second mistake. She had forgotten that, in a time not-so-distant, she was prey… and she didn’t think about why would matter.

The van quickly drove past her, settling down the road and sliding into parking next to a payphone. A small, white haired girl, some kind of small cat no doubt, got out of the side door and walked over to the phone, beginning to lift it up while she dug into her pants. Aanisa didn’t think anything of it as she kept walking, the sight of someone stopping to using the phone vanishing as a common enough of a sight to be unremarkable.

A third mistake. Who used payphones anymore when everyone carried their own? Why should she assume just because the cat was small she was no threat? Why didn’t she turn around, or cross the street, or do any of a dozen other things that would haunt her thoughts in the coming months.

As Aanisa passed between the white haired cat and the van, the smiling, young, innocent looking girl looked over at her. “Hey miss… do you have a coin? I’m short.”

Aanisa hesitated, pulled out of her pleasant, drifting thoughts by the request. She slowed down as she tried to process it and figure out if she did or not.

It was her last mistake.

Someone grabbed her from behind as she turned to look at the innocent-looking white haired girl, covering her mouth to keep her from screaming. At practically the same second, the white-haired cat… not a cat, but a lion… shoved her, sending her backward towards the van. As they lifted Aanisa off the ground, the gazelle tried to kick out, dropping her shoes as she was bodily flung off of the street and into the van.

Aanisa, stunned, landed face down on the floor of the van with a huge lion holding her down. She opened her mouth to scream, and the white lioness jumped on her stomach, her tail flicking as she sat down right on the gazelle’s belly. Her breath left her in a rush, and her scream for help turned into a weak moan that no one heard. The door was already shut, the van already on the road and accelerating away. Just a few seconds, and Aanisa had vanished entirely, and no one was the wiser.

Aanisa was terrified. Her mind had suddenly been torn out of her pleasant musing and over to abject fear, not yet accepting what had just happened or how much danger she was in. “Who are you!” she protested, her tail wiggling on the floor as she looked up at her captors in the dark van. “What do you want! I’m a lawyer with a prestigious firm, you’re all going to be in so much trouble if you don’t let me go!”

“You hear that girls?” one of the women, a blonde with especially prominent rounded ears poking through her hair, said with a grin. She was also a lioness, Aanisa noticed with a start. They all were. The woman’s tattoos stood out starkly enough even in the darkness to be seen, and her eyes glittered dangerously as she looked down at the prone gazelle. “We’re going to be in trouble. I guess we should probably just let her go and apologize, right?”

The chorus of laughter was chilling to Aanisa. They all seemed horribly, horribly amused by that idea. Their laughter, however, was only the second most ominous sound she heard… the first was the sound of a zipper as one of the other lions, the biggest one in the van who had to have 18 inches and 200 pounds of muscle on Anisa, played with the fly on her shorts. “I grabbed her,” she said. “I’m first this time?”

“Suits me fine, Tank,” the tattooed lioness said, grinning fiercely as her tail flicked back and forth hungrily. “Have some fun.”

Aanisa had no idea what she was talking about, but she cried out in pain as one of them, a grey-maned woman with bright eyes and glasses, brought her wrists together to where the tattooed one could step on them, pinning them down to the floor of the van. Then, the next second, the white lioness was getting off of her and letting the huge one, Tank, take her place. She flexed her hand, bringing out razor sharp claws from her fingers, and effortlessly cut through the fabric of Aanisa’s top, letting her bare breasts bounce free as her short fell away like rags.

Abruptly, Aanisa understood, even her tipsy brain catching up with the danger she was in, and she panicked. “Oh no, no no no, Please don’t!” she begged. “Please don’t hurt me… please let me go!”

“Wasn’t she threatening us just a few seconds ago?” the tattooed one said.

“Pretty sure she was, Sarge,” the small, white haired one agreed.

“Lady doesn’t know how to make up her mind,” Sarge said.

The gazelle was shaking her head from side of side as she started to cry but she couldn’t get her horns into anything… no one was close enough and she was held down too thoroughly. It didn’t stop them from mocking her efforts as Tank reduced her skirt to scraps of cloth just as easily as she had her top. “Oh god, please, don’t do this! Please let me go!” Her panties joined her other clothing on the floor just a second seconds later, leaving the gazelle naked in the back of the van.

The white haired one grabbed onto one of her legs while the grey-furred one grabbed the other, spreading her wide while Sarge kept her grip on her arms. “Don’t!” she begged. “Please, I don’t want this!” She looked over at the driver, the only one who wasn’t touching her. “Please, make them stop! Please help me!”

The driver laughed and slapped the wheel as she glanced back. “You hear that, girls? She wants me to help her. The only thing I’ll be helping in helping myself a piece of whats between her legs.” She sighed. “Although having to drive is obnoxious. You bitches have any idea how hard it is to focus on driving nice and unremarkable while a screaming piece of steak gets raped in the back? Y’all have a cruel, cruel mind.”

“Deal with it,” Sarge said cheerfully. “You can go next after we get there, Skid.”

“Damn right,” Skid grumbled, turning her gaze back forward. “Do me a favor and shut her up a little, aye? Hard to drive while I’m this hard.”

Aanisa was horrified. Tank was slowly stripping between her legs, and they were… they were already talking about raping her again? “Oh gods, please…” she turned to the smallest one, the weakest link. “Please help me…”[1] 

Tank pulled down her shorts, undoing them as she pushed between Aanisa’s legs. The gazelle had never felt so helpless in her life, unable to kick or even really to squirm with three lions holding her down. In the tight confines of the back of the van, even if she could get free she would have difficulty getting away from the monstrously strong lion who was almost laying on top of her and…

Suddenly, Tank’s shorts dropped, and the biggest cock she had ever seen flopped free, rock hard and standing straight out from the lioness’s muscular body. “You can’t…” she whispered as she struggled, looking on in disbelief as Tank loosened her belt from her shorts, winding it in her hand. “You can’t do this. You can’t do this! You can’t d-”

The gazelle was really scared, of course, but even now the true weight of her situation hadn’t hit her yet. She had grown up in the city, where people were civilized. She had never been in physical danger in her whole life… had never needed to fear predators, had never been scared she would be hurt. No one she knew ever had, either, so while she was aware of danger, it was a general thing. A thing that happened to other people. A thing that happened to characters in movies and plays, books and TV shows. Somewhere deep down, Aanisa didn’t think anything bad could happen to her. She was sure someone would step in and save her. She was sure mercy was coming just around the corner before she could be hurt. She believed, on an instinctive, animal level, that she was safe.

Tank very much enjoyed showing girls otherwise.

Her eyes widened with panic as Tank wrapped her belt around her neck, cinching it closed and cutting off her pleas. Her tongue flopped out of her mouth as she gasped for air, a sight her captors found endlessly erotic. “Skid said shut up,” Tank growled at her as she placed the head of her cock against Aanisa’s pussy and began forcing herself into her. “So shut up.”

Aanisa had never taken anyone to bed, always remaining unattached, but she had more than once been tempted. She wasn’t exactly unused to the idea of being wet, but she was fairly sure she had never, in her whole life, been less prepared to take a cock than she was at this exact second. Clenched, terrified, and as dry as a desert. Tank didn’t seem to mind, though. She pushed it, just a bit, and though her cock jammed at the very entrance to Aanisa’s dry little slit she had already made some progress. It didn’t matter that she was dry, that she wasn’t ready. Pain for the gazelle would only teach her her place faster. Pain for the simpering little lawyer fucktoy would just bring Tank more pleasure.

The lioness pulled back and drove forward repeatedly, and with each movement she forced herself just a little further into Aanisa’s stubborn, tight cunt. The gazelle had never felt so much pain in her life, letting out breathless cry after breathless cry, robbing her lungs of the precious little oxygen it had left with the belt tight around her throat. Her rapist was clearly no stranger to mounting a dry, unwilling pussy, either… she rammed, shoved, lunged, and pounded her way into the dry fuckhole a tenth of an inch at a time, fighting for every inch of progress on her barbed cock and enjoying every second of it. Feeling Aanisa writhing on her skewer, crying openly, making breathless cries of pain and for mercy in abject humiliation… it was the perfect capstone to a night.

Or so she thought, until she had gotten a few inches in and got herself a nice little surprise.

Tank laughed to herself. “Oh, I think you girls are going to want to hear this,” she said. She had already been loosening the best once every thirty seconds or so to let her gasp in a lonely breath of air, but this time she loosened it entirely, letting her take deep, sobbing breaths, letting her fill her lungs as Tank slowly pulled back.

This couldn’t be happening to her. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be, please no mo-

Aania arched her back in pain, jerking in the grip of the three lions as the muscular woman drove herself forward all the way, hilting herself to the balls in the tight gazelle. She screamed, loud and echoing as her virginity was shredded in an instant, no more a barrier to her cock than any other part of her now that she had room to thrust properly. Tank tore through her hymen to bury herself inside her victim. “Bitch was a virgin,” the smug lion proclaimed as she tightened the belt once again on her sobbing victim.

A general chorus of groans filled the van. “You lucky bitch,” Skid said, punching the wheel as she ground her teeth together. “God is cruel that someone as ugly as you gets all the luck.”

“Why does Tank always get the virgins?” the grey-maned one said, shaking her head in disbelief. “She gets her turn just like the rest of us. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.”

“Congratulations!” The white lioness said, smiling serenely. “I hope she’s really tight!”

“She is,” Tank grunted in pleasure as she slowly pulled back. Now that she was all the way in, her barbs scraped against every inch of the gazelle’s tender hole, enflaming it further and causing her further pain. Aanisa tried twisting her body away from the source of pain, but she had nowhere to go… helpless as a newborn in the predator’s grip. She began pumping her cock slowly in and out of the weeping prey animal – she was enjoying this, and had every intention of making it last. “She’s a really good pussy. Nice and tight… believe me, Doc.”

“We don’t need to believe you for long,” the grey-furred Doc answered with a growl as her clawed fingers began toying with one Aanisa’s dark, wobbling tits. “I’ll find out for myself soon enough.”

Aanisa was subsisting on just the occasional whisper of air, lost in a haze of sexual misery and the emotional torment of being raped… the feeling of utter helplessness. She still got to breathe, but as the gazelle could feel the lion’s dick inside of her begin to throb with excitement, her pace growing to something frantic from the measured, slow thrusts she had been using, she began to panic further.

“Please…” she whispered, begging. “Please… d-d-don’t c-cum in-side m-me…” Her broken voice managed to choke out of the words around the belt. “P-p-please… please d-don’t… ple-e-ease…”

There was no indication Tank even heard her… the woman was too focused on her pleasure. Focused enough that she wasn’t even loosening the belt anymore. Sarge heard her, however… the lioness laughed as the blonde looked down at the struggling gazelle. “And why,” she asked, “would we cum anywhere else, little baby-maker? Got to knock you up somehow.”

Aanisa couldn’t even focus on the horror of those words… she couldn’t breathe anymore. She was gagging violently on the belt garrote, all her other miseries vanishing into the simple, horrible struggle for enough oxygen to breathe. Tank, it appeared, was just as consumed by that struggle as she was, but in her case it led to an orgasm rather than mercy. The lioness exploded inside of her and for the first time in Aanisa’s life she felt the pulse of hot, thick cum pouring into her swollen pussy, coating her inner wall as it plastered her womb.

Tank kept stroking in and out of her, milking her shaft with the gazelle’s shaking body, drawing up more and more of the foul slime to shoot deep inside of her. Aanisa was sobbing, tears burning on her cheeks as she retched while Tank collapsed on her, eyes wide and her lips still parted in a hopeless quest for air. Almost idly, the white-haired one reached over and loosened the belt, letting Aanisa gasp in a badly needed gulp of precious oxygen.

Tank slowly lifted her weight off the much-smaller gazelle, her tail flicking in pleasure. “What a pussy she has,” the big cat said dreamily. “We got one hell of a catch.”

“Yeah, you would think so you big, dumb lucky lug,” Skid said, rolling her eyes as she finished pulling the van into their destination. Looking out the high windows, Aanisa could see only that it was dark… probably a garage. “My turn next.”

Tank pulled out of her, and the gazelle could feel the disgusting mixture of blood, cum, and her own fluids leaking out of her ravaged hole and only to the ground. “P-please… she whispered, horribly aware of the danger of the belt still around her neck, even now that it was loose. “Please l-let me g-go…”

The white-haired one smiled at her. “Come now, would that be fair?” she said, her expression calm, serene, almost clueless… like she wasn’t in the back of a van where an innocent girl was just viciously raped. “These nice girls just went through all the trouble of giving you a vacation and holding you down, and you want to go before they get their turn? I think they deserve a little deer-pussy too, don’t you?”

Aanisa could only look on in horror as Sarge grabbed onto her horns and used her grip to manhandle the smaller gazelle up in front of her, tank grabbing onto her makeshift leash as she did. “Let’s get our guest inside,” she said with a grin. “Then we can have some more fun.”

The lions pulled Aanisa out of the van effortlessly, tugging her forward and sending her staggering on legs that felt too weak. Her captors easily overwhelmed her, tossing her around almost like a limp rag doll… pulling her by the leash, by her horns, by her arms, pulling her away from the car and towards a small stairwell down. “Help!” she screamed. It wasn’t much of a scream… her breath hadn’t caught up yet, but that looming door at the bottom of the stairs felt like the maw of hell. If she went down there she might never come out again. “Please! Help me!”

“Ain’t no one can hear you sugar,” Doc said, shaking her head with a smile. “No one’s hearing a sound of what happens down here.”

Aanisa didn’t listen, couldn’t listen, couldn’t believe her. “Help me!” she screamed as she was pulled down the stairs and into the basement apartment. It’s walls looked dark and jagged with sound-proofing, but she kept screaming anyway. “Please! Please, help! I-”

Tank rested one of her massive, strong hands right beneath the gazelle’s chin. With the tiniest flex of her fingers, one of her claws popped out, the point digging into the hollow of the underside of her neck. “Hey. Baby maker,” the huge cat said, reaching into the gazelle’s open mouth with her hand and grabbed Aanisa’s tongue, squeezing it between two fingers. “You’re hurting my ears. The only way I’m going to let a bitch like you hurt me is making my cock sore. No one can hear you. Shut up.”

Her eyes widened with terror. Cum was dripping down her legs, her lungs still burned, and now she had the next best thing to a knife at her throat? Aanisa started blubbering… her eyes bugged out as she whined softly. A sob racked her body so hard that the tip of the claw actually drew a tiny pinprick of blood, like being stabbed by the tip of a needle. Her lips quivered and her makeup ran down her face, making darker rivers down her dark skin.

“You going to be good?” Sarge asked from behind her, whispering in one of her long, floppy ears as they sagged in horror.

Aanisa nodded as frantically as she dared with something sharp against her neck. “Yeth!” she slurred out, her tongue immobile. “Yeth! Yeth m’ b’ goo!” Another volley of sobs shuddered through the young lawyer’s body, making the gazelle shake.

“Good,” Sarge said, yanking on her horns firmly. “Because there a lots of things a fucktoy doesn’t need. Horns… teeth…” She yanked again. “So learn to behave.”

Slowly, Tank pulled her claw out of her mouth while she trembled. The lions smiled at each other. She wasn’t going to be any problem… this gazelle was docile as a calf and just as helpless… terrified, weak, and willing to do anything to live. She was theirs for as long as they wanted her, for sure.

Tank finished dragging her into the bedroom – or what passed for a bedroom for the dumb prey animals they brought here anyway. The mattress was old and stained with the fluids of who-knew how many other girls they had put to use on this bed, and it looked like it would be more at home in an alley being slept on by the homeless than it did like something the pretty young lawyer would sleep on. The huge, muscular cat that was obviously the group’s enforcer unwound her belt from around her neck before pushing her down to the mattress hard enough that she bounced up with a cry.

“My turn, then,” Skid said as the punky-haired lion effortlessly lifted her top off, letting her bare breasts bounce free. “About damn time, too… I was pretty sure I was going to cum in my shorts just listening to her.” A second later, her shorts dropped off and Aanisa could see with horrible clarity that she hadn’t been kidding. Her cock was barely any thinner than Tank’s was and it might actually have been longer, standing painfully at attention and ready for use with eager droplets of precum leaking from its tip.

Skid put her foot on the gazelle and shoved her, turning her onto her belly. Aanisa tried to get up and crawl, to get away from the lion, but that was hopeless… the wheel-woman all but leaped at her in a pounce, sending her crashing back down hard to the mattress. Her muscular body, still far stronger that Aanisa’s despite her tall, lanky form, was more than enough to completely pinn her back down, her breasts pressed against the mattress as her head turned to the side. Aanisa gave a small cry… and then she felt it, the hard cock nestling between the crack of her ass, wedging between her cheeks.

“Please…” she whispered. “Please no more…”

“What makes you think I’m interested in your opinion, cottontail?” Skid said with a smirk. One of her hands grabbed onto the gazelle’s small tail and yanked on it, making her squirm back against the lioness’s throbbing cock as she began to softly hump against the young prey animal’s pert rear. Each thud of her hips forced a tiny huff of breath out of Aanisa’s mouth, even as her other hand dropped down beneath the supine girl and grabbed hold of one of her tits, squeezing it hard between her fingers. Aanisa tried to squirm free but she was just too small and the lion was so much stronger… she could just hear the laughter of the gang around her as they watch her hopelessly fight Skid impending violation.

“It’s ok, though,” Skid whispered into her ear as she bucked on top of Aanisa’s slim body. “You don’t have to be quiet with me. Scream all you want – that’s just how I like my broodmares. Soft and weak but thinking their feisty…” Her smug tone came with her hot breath on the back of Aanisa’s neck as she rocked on top of her victim, teasing her as she continued to play with the girl.

“B… bastard…” Aanisa moaned weakly. She kept struggling as her tits were molested, her flesh scraping against the raw mattress time and time again. “G-get off o-of me!”

“I’m really going to look forward to fucking some of that uppity out of you, cottontail,” Skid said with a grin. “And I know just the way.” She rubbed her cock up and down the crease of her ass again. “There are mysteries in the world, but just about the least mysterious thing I know is this… if one of you bitches is a cherry in the front she’s a cherry in the back, too.”

“No!” Aanisa screamed, horror overwhelming her. “N-not that! No there!”

To her surprise, Sarge actually agreed. “Lay off the ass, Skid. None of that until the bitch is knocked up good and proper.”

The brown-maned lion rolled her eyes and made a disappointed sound. “Ahh hell, Sarge. I’ll finish in her cunt.”

“Just like you did with the zebra last week?” Sarge said with a smirk.

“And the mouse last month?” Doc added with a chuckle.

“And the-”

“Alright!” Skid said, throwing up her spare hand. “Fine! I’ll stick to some boring pussy!” She rolled her eyes. “I get it, I get it…” Her hand lowered, grabbed onto one of Aanisa’s horns, and twisted her head to the side. “They must really like you,” she whispered in her ear. “Otherwise they wouldn’t care so much if it’s you we knock up or some other grass-munching whore.”

Aanisa could only whimper with terror. Pregnant? They… they wanted to get her pregnant? Having Tank cum inside her had been awful in and of itself but that was when she thought it was just negligent, idle cruelty on the part of the lion. The way they were speaking about it now, though, it sounded like the whole point. How could they be so cruel? She sobbed anew.

“Aww, look, you’ve made me upset the poor thing,” Skid mocked. “Look, now she’s crying again…” The lion’s paws stroked her face softly, in a way that would have almost been romantic if it weren’t for the fact her claws were out and Aanisa could feel their sharp points tracing the way over her cheek. “Here, let me help you little thing. You can forget whatever dumb shit you used to do in your old life… who you were, what your name was, all of it. That’s history now. I don’t know what you used to be and I really don’t care… all I care is how you feel wrapped around my dick, little grass-muncher.” She purred hungrily, rubbing her shaft up and down between her ass and her sore slit. “All your good for now is fucking… so you better get used to spreading you legs and getting stuffed full, because it’s the only thing you’re going to be doing for a long time.”

Aanisa cried harder at her words, and Skid laughed before leaning down and licking her tongue over one of the trails of tears. “You taste delicious, little one. I hope for your sake you don’t disappoint and you stay nice and pleasant to fuck, or I just might find out just how the rest of you tastes…”

She pushed hard hard then, twisting her head by one of the gazelle’s horns, and even as she cried out Skid closed her mouth around where the neck met her shoulder, her sharp teeth sinking in. Aanisa eyes went so wide that it was a wonder they didn’t fall out of her head. The young prey animal was lost in terror, torn between fight and flight, between thrashing and desperately trying to shove the monster that was going to eat her away from her, and freezing so she didn’t accidentally rip her delicate, vulnerable neck open on her fangs. Ultimately she just lied there, trembling, sobbing, pathetic mewling sounds coming from her neck as the lion licked the blood from her shoulder. “Delicious…” she purred again as her fangs came out from the gazelle’s shoulder. “I always liked the tender young meat. Oh, don’t cry little prairie-goat… I know just what you need…”

Then, without further warning, the punky lioness adjusted her position slightly and rammed forward.

Anisa shrieked and thrashed around wildly beneath her as Skid’s cock hit home, sheathing deep inside of her. The cum from her last rape and her cunt’s desperate attempt to moisten enough to protect itself provided enough lube for her to slam all the way inside in a single movement, but nowhere near enough to keep the act from being agonizing. “Damn, she is tight!” Skid agreed with pleasure, hissing in joy as her cock banged against the gazelle’s cervix in the opening moments of her second rape.

“Please! It hurts!” Aanisa screamed. “Stop it!”

“That’s good!” Skid replied with a smile. “That pain makes you clench up. It keeps you useful. Once you’ve learned to squeeze and make yourself this tight for me, then maybe – maybe- I’ll stop hurting you. Until then, suffer for my pleasure, little slut!”

Aanisa cried out again and again as the lion viciously crammed more and more of her cock inside of her sex. Where was it all going? From the pressure it felt like there was just no room, and every twitch of it scraped her insides with the feline cock’s barbs. At last, though, she got everything inside of her, making Aanisa feel hopelessly stuffed as she wept, her fingernails scratching helplessly against the mattress like she was trying to crawl away.

Like Tank, the punky lioness filled Aanisa completely with her cock as she began to thrust it in and out of the agonized girl. Unlike the enforcer, however, Skid showed no indication of wanting to draw this out or to be gentle. Instead, she plowed in as quick as she could, yanking herself out before plunged her dick back in as violently as possible, trying to make her hurt as much as she could and taking sadistic enjoyment in the brutalization of the young gazelle.

“Noooo!” Anisa screamed as she squirmed about miserably beneath the lioness, trying with no luck to crawl out from beneath her as she was viciously fucked. “Pleaaaaseeee stttoooooop!” She looked around the room. “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase! Please makeeee her stoooopppppp…”

Anisa glanced around, praying for someone to help her, and her face went ashen at the sights. The other cats had all stripped most or all the way out of their clothing as they watched the rape in progress, laughing and making crude jokes at her expense as she screamed. Sarge had thrown herself down in a chair, spreading her muscular, tattooed arms wide as her cock stood at attention without any effort. Tank, naked as the day she was born, had just come back into the room carrying a pack of cold beers and was handing them out to the audience of her rape. Even Doc, the grey-furred one with glasses, had stripped down and was watching with a hungry expression as she slowly stroked herself. Aanisa couldn’t imagine how they could see more of her than her long, pretty legs jutting out to the side of the lioness’s frame and her arms as she tried to pull herself free… the rest of her was covered almost like a blanket. They could all hear her screaming in absolute misery, however, and she watched their cocks throb to the tune of it.

The only one who hadn’t stripped down, it seemed, was the small, white furred one. Aanisa had no idea what her name was yet, but she sat on her haunches, her hand tracing over Sarge’s knee as she watching the rape in progress with a rapturous expression and an incongruous smile. “Please!!!” Aanisa begged her, the only one who didn’t have a cock out, the only one who didn’t seem eager to rape her. “Pleasepleaseplease make her stop!”

“But it looks like she’s having so much fun!” the smaller lioness said with a grin. “That would be mean.”

Aanisa screamed. She thought she was literally going to die as the cruel lion viciously fucked her. The gazelle tried to push herself back against her, stop her from pulling back as far and thrusting as hard, but she was simply too big and powerful to slow down by any means. Skid wasn’t as strong or as big as Tank had been but she made up for it with sheer enthusiasm and sadism… it felt like her barbs were literally ripping her delicate cunt apart each time she slammed into her. The pain was unbearable, and she didn’t understand how it hadn’t actually fucked her bloody.

The thought that it might be absolutely ruining her was only the second most terrifying thought that occurred to her, however. Even more frightening was the idea that she might not be doing serious damage after all.

That meant the lions could do this to her forever.

The single, solitary mercy in this nightmare was that Skid showed no desire to slow down, and that meant that she didn’t last. It didn’t take longer than a fistful of minutes for the lioness to cum, though those five or ten minutes felt like some of the longest of Aanisa’s entire life. “So… fucking… tight!” Skid growled in pleasure, and with one last brutal thrust she buried her entire shaft deep into the gazelle’s cunt just before her sperm gushed into the herbivorous fuck-toy.

“No! Don’t, please! Please stop! Pull out!!!” Aanisa shrieked, thrashing wildly around as she felt the disgusting sensation of the predatory leonin sperm flooding her pussy.

“Don’t fight it, bitch,” Skid moaned, grabbing onto her hold and shoving her down face first into the mattress, momentarily both muting and smothering her as she smiled madly. She just moaned there, enjoying the way the gazelle’s spasming pussy milked her as she drained her entire load into the woman’s already overstuffed womb.

When she was finished, Skid rested there for a minute, staying inside of Aanisa to enjoy the warmth and clenching tightness of her cunt for a few moments longer. Unfortunately, there were others waiting, so she reluctantly pulled out of the smaller gazelle, giving her ass a playful slap as she did. “Don’t forget… me and that ass have a date, grass-muncher.”

Aanisa collapsed down to the mattress, sobbing. She wasn’t left there long, however. After only a few seconds, she felt hands pulling at her legs, dragging her towards the edge of the bed. “Please no…” she whimpered. “Enough… haven’t… haven’t you done enough?”

The grey-maned one smiled down at her. “Don’t be like that,” she purred, pleased with herself. “Let’s have a look at you.”

“I don’t see what you’re complaining about,” Skid said, looking down at her. “You should be grateful anyone bothers to spent time on someone as stupid and worthless as you, prey. All you’re good for is a quick snack.” The cruel lioness grabbed onto Aanisa by one of her horns, yanking her upward and forcing her to look into her smirk even as it made her back arch. “So you should thank us.”

Doc’s fingers grazed Aanisa’s pussy for a few seconds before two of them pushed into her, making the gazelle groan as her cunt parted for them. She knelt down so that she could look into her, and Aanisa blushed as she realized how naked she was before that gaze. “Yeah, I’d say you two fucked her up good,” the former corpsman said with a grin.

“Think she’ll live, doc?” Tank said with a chuckle.

“Good chance of it,” she agreed with a laugh of her own. “Guess we can’t expect a dumb virgin deer-thing to know anything about anything, but even I thought she’d be smart enough to get wetter than this.” Doc shrugged. “Guess we have to do everything for her.”

“That wasn’t an idle statement, grass-muncher,” Skid growled. “I said you should thank us, and I meant it. Thank us for paying any attention to you… and especially thank Doc for caring about you at all.”

“I…” Aanisa started, then groaned as her clit was softly pinched by Doc’s strong-but-gentle hands, a shiver running through her body. “I… I…” she sobbed. “I don’t know what you want!” she sobbed out.

“Say ‘I’m sorry I’m so stupid and worthless,’” the reclining Sarge suggested. “‘And thank you for paying attention to me anyway.”

“I… I can’t…” she whimpered. “I want to go home…”

Sarge laughed. “And you think worthless, stupid girls who think they’re better than they are ever get to go home?” she said, shaking her head as Aanisa shuddered beneath Doc’s fingers. “Presumptuous of you. I think I see the problem… I think those antlers must not leave enough room for brains in your head.”

“Want me to make some room?” Tank said, pantomiming breaking a stick in half with her hands.

“That’s up to her,” Sarge said as Skid let go of their victim letting her fall to the mattress with a bounce. “Think you can learn your place, snack? Or do we need to take extreme measures?”

“I-I’m s-s-sorry for be-bein-g so s-stupid a-a-and w-worthless,” Aanisa cried. The vocabulary of her captivity and rape was quickly sinking into her brain. The thoughts that she was really stupid and worthless became to echo in her mind in the lion’s voices, even when they weren’t speaking. Why hadn’t she crossed the street? Why hadn’t she run? Why hadn’t she walked home with someone? Tears leaking from her eyes without stopping. “T-thank you f-for paying a-a-attention to meeeeee…”

Her last word became a squeal as two fingers slid into her pussy and began pumping in and out of her, even as Doc continued to play with her clit between her other fingers. Sarge chuckled as she moaned again, shaking her head in disbelief as Doc smiled from behind. “No problem, little baby-maker,” the lioness in glasses said. “Happy to help even the lowest of creatures.”

“Stick your tongue out,” Sarge told her. She still hadn’t risen from her seated position, though her hand continued playing with the white haired one’s hair, rubbing behind the ears of the much smaller cat.

Aanisa’s mind felt dazed. After so much pain and still submerged in terror, her body was confused by the sudden feeling of pleasure… unsure how to process it or what it meant. Her body shuddered at each touch like it was holding onto it frantically. Between her panicked crying, her utter despair, and her moans of pleasure, her body was wracked with sobbing to the point she was hyperventilating, almost panting, and no longer able to resist the demands of her captors Aanisa opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out as far as it would go, the bright pink muscle contrasting with her dark skin and lips.

Her chest heaved hard enough as she breathed that it made her tits wiggle, making her look to her captors almost like a perverse version of a begging dog… and they would know too, having put more than one canine in their place. “Oh Aanisa,” Sarge said, shaking her head. “You look like a bitch in heat. Is that what you want, snack? A nice all-you-can-eat buffet of cock?”

Aanisa just whined, and Sarge laughed again. “No, let me guess. You want to go home, right? You still think you belong out there, among normal people… not with us, where we can give stupid, worthless grass-munching fucktoys the treatment they deserve. Am I right?”

When she nodded, not daring to put her tongue back away, Doc chuckled from behind her. “It’s ok, pretty little thing,” the lioness said as she continued to stroke softly in an out of her, her pussy starting to drip with more than her last rapist’s cum. “We’ll make you a deal. I’m going to do my best to turn you inside out with my cock, and while I do you’re going to to choke yourself half to death on on her cock like the worthless, dumb cocksleeve you are.” She leaned forward and whispered into her captive’s pointy ears. “And if you make the boss cum before I do… Well, I guess you’re not as worthless as we thought. You can go home. Now doesn’t that sound fair?”

“Yes!” Aanisa almost shouted, jumping at the chance. “Please!”

Doc slapped her ass, making her cry out softly. “Did she say you would put your tongue back away?” the lioness teased.

Feeling stupid, Aanisa shook her head even as a new sob shook her body. She hadn’t realized that wasn’t a temporary order. She really was as dumb as they said. She watched with wide eyes as Sarge slowly got up, her huge, barbed lion cock bobbing in front of Aanisa’s eyes. The fear of that thing felt like it was eating away at her guts, and the gazelle could smell the cock that was about to rape her. She wanted to run… but she was too terrified, too desperate, to do anything but kneel there with her tongue out, eyes flicking to follow the cock as it moved.

Sarge slapped her cock against Aanisa’s tear-soaked cheek. With her mouth open and her tongue out, it made a hollow popping noise, which she thought was funny enough that she did it three or four more times just to enjoy the feeling even as Doc got into position behind her, pressing the length of her cock between her ass cheeks before tracing her way down to rest against her sore pussy. Sarge took her cock in her hand and using that grip to guide it across her face like she was painting it, occasionally slapping her across the nose or lips with it, making Aanisa grunt each time as humiliation peaked over that of her pitiful sobbing.

“Look at the little Cervid,” Sarge said, smirking down at her as her motion made her tattoos shift with the flexing of her muscles. “Didn’t she say she was a lawyer? Are all lawyers supposed to be such weepy-looking sluts?” She continued smearing her face with her cock as she spoke. “We’re barely getting started with you and you already look like you’d taken a whole train. Your makeup’s fucked, little snack.”

Aanisa could only whimper in reply, but a moment later, when Sarge’s cock slapped down against her waiting tongue, she couldn’t even do that much. The taste – musky, rich, salty, heavy – made her clinch, recoiling backwards hard enough that she actually pushed Doc’s cock into her. She cried out, and the lions all laughed at her. “Looks like the slut is eager to get started!” Skid said as she collapsed casually down into the chair that Sarge had vacated, sprawling with her legs spread wide.

“I’m not ready…” she whined softly, shocked at how easily the head had gone into her, how much wetter she had gotten. Prey that she was, she could sense the predators around her circling, preparing for the – hopefully proverbial – kill.

“Ready enough,” Doc said as she grabbed onto her ass and shoved forward.

Aanisa’s body stiffened as the thick leonin shaft pressed into her. She gasped, her body jerked forward against Sarge as the grey-furred lioness pressed into her, and her slide was only stopped by the tattooed lion as she grabbed the gazelle by her neck. “Where do you think you’re going?” Sarge said, her expression teasing but her eyes sadistic. “Here I thought you wanted to go home… or was that just when you didn’t think there was a price?”

“Please, p-puh-please,” Aanisa pleaded, her hands grabbing at Sarge’s legs and holding onto them desperately. It felt… It felt… Her mind was deserting her. She didn’t have words. “Please do- Ah! Ur-nnmph!” Her desperate cries were cut off as Doc thrust forward again, forcing another inch of her meat deeper into the gazelle’s soaked hole, setting her nerves on fire as the throbbing cock seemed to press against her clit from the inside.

“What are you even begging for you dumb slut?” Sarge mocked her, staring mercilessly into the gazelle’s dewey, tear-soaked eyes. She squeezed the woman’s throat, forcing her to make clicking noises deep in her throat as her tongue seemed to stick out even further, questing naturally for a breath. “Do you want her to stop? Or to rape your dumb cunt harder?”

Aanisa didn’t know. She didn’t even know for sure if she understood what the lion was saying… the sudden pleasure in her lower body combined with her lack of air to make her dizzy, to make the world blurry as it spun around her. Her eyes were wide but unseeing as far tears of pain and madness rolled down her cheeks.

“That’s what I thought,” Sarge continued. “You know you deserve this, so stop being such a whining little bit and take it like the worthless little fuck doll you are.” She released her grip on Aanisa’s throat, and the gazelle cried out immediately. It wasn’t a loud cry… it barely reached Sarge’s ears. It was a small, weak, defeated wail of misery and despair, one that reached tiny, barely-discernible crescendos each time the lion’s cock forced itself further into her clenching pussy.

She didn’t have time to wallow in the confusing misery of her pleasure, however. She remembered their words. She had… she had to make the lioness cum. She had to make the leader cum before Doc finished. How long had she already been pumping her? Was it long? Aanisa couldn’t tell… time felt like an illusion to the confused, battered gazelle. It was only with the greatest effort of her life that she made her thoughts coalesce into a coherent thought. She moved, slowly, dragging the length of the lion’s precum-leaking cock across her tear-wet cheeks until she could just barely close her soft lips around the length of meat. Grunting, whimpering, she looked at Sarge with pleading eyes. Then she started to push herself forward.

And Sarge took a step backward.

The lions in the room all laughed at the expression of horrible dismay on the gazelle’s face then… she looked like a kicked puppy at that moment, helpless and focused and pathetic. “Get out of my chair,” she growled at Skid, who gave her the finger but rolled out of the bigger lioness’s seat. A particularly vicious thrust from Doc forward Aanisa to slide and stumble forward far enough that she could get her mouth on Sarge again, but she could barely do more than touch her dick with her pink tongue before the lioness took another step backward.

In the parts of Anisa’s mind that were still working properly she knew she was being toyed with, but it really didn’t matter… she was putty in the hands of her predators, meat for them to enjoy with, and she had got it into her dazed head that having her captor’s cock in her mouth was her salvation. “Pl-ugh… ease! Plea-GAH!… Please! MyaaAH! Nuh! Pl-nnngg!” she grunted and squealed and pleaded as she was slowly pushed forward, crawling forward across the ground and off the mattress as she was nailed from behind, chasing after the cock that was always just out of reach. It felt like her body was on fire as Doc’s iron-stiff erection battered her pussy until she felt more mad than lucid.

She wasn’t even sure how it happened, but her lips found Sarge’s cock again. She didn’t realize that she had now crawled across the floor, still being pounding from behind, still trembling and shaking as she was raped while Sarge sat back down on her chair and let the gazelle disgrace herself for their amusement. That didn’t matter. All that mattered was the cock and the desperate hope of freedom it represented.

“You did it!” the white haired lion said with genuine delight as she watched the beginning of Aanisa filling her mouth with cock. “I knew you could do it!”

The gazelle’s mouth wrapped around the lioness’s cock, just barely fitting around the thick head. Aanisa’s cheeks immediately hollowed like she was trying to bodily suck the whole woman down her throat, her knuckles white on the tattooed lion’s legs as her grunts while fucked were now interrupted by the sloppy sucking and slurping noises of the most desperate, most whorish blowjob ever to appear in Great Plains City.

Just because the slut was being good now, however, didn’t mean that Doc held back. She had watched both Skid and Tank fuck their prey up, and through that at minutes touching and teasing her had her positively aching. Her patience and willpower had both found their limits, and she happily sank the entire length of her barbed cock into the gazelle’s quivering, aching, soaked pussy. Aanisa’s body accepted her easily enough now, making the contrast between this and her previous rapes perfectly obvious with the lewd, messy slurp noises her cunt made to match her mouth. Tense and terrified and overstimulated and manhandled, the captive lawyer-turned-fucktoy couldn’t tell up from down anymore, and it led to her greedy cunt squeezing her newest rapist joyously.

Doc began to churn her up with her cock, eased along in her enthusiastic fucking by the slick hole whose juices were freely dribbling past her meat and down her thighs. Her glasses fogged with pleasure as she watched Aanisa’s ass cheeks slap together each time her pelvis hit the gazelle’s. Wet clapping noises joined the squelches that her soaked pussy were making, the chorus of a thorough fucking as, mindless, Aanisa actually humped a little bit backward in reflexively whorish behavior.

“I knew she belonged here from the first second I saw her,” Doc said with a smile as she hilted herself entirely into the broken whore of a prey animal to stop her from moving. “Some people were never meant to amount to any more that a sex toy, and she’s one of them. It’s just basic medicine, really.” Aanisa could only nod around the cock in her mouth, not even exactly sure why she was sobbing anymore.

So used to slowly feeding Sarge’s cock into her mouth, Aanisa was caught completely off guard when the lioness decided to take control of the process. Her hands wrapped around the gazelle’s antlers, holding them like handlebars as she yanked her prey forward, abruptly forcing the entire length of her cock into Aanisa’s offered mouth and down her throat. The woman tried to recoil back, but that only pushed her further back against Doc, making her look more desperate and slutty. Doc, in return, rewarding the clenching of her cunt and the thrush backwards by quicking her ruthless deep fuck, making the gazelle’s ass ripple with each impact and her tits shake and sway beneath her chest. It didn’t matter either way… there was no escape from the lioness’s grip as she fed more and more of herself into Aanisa, clogging her throat with her cock.

Wet clicks and gurgled bubble up past her convulsing throat as her eyes went wide. The struggling airway massaged Sarge’s prick with more diligence and skill than its owner was capable of as tears and mascara ran down her cheeks, drool accumulating on her chin before dripping down to soak her balls. Aanisa tried to breathe but it wouldn’t come… all she could do was gulp and gag and choke on the meat wedged down her neck.

Sarge was not particularly impressed with the graceless mockery of a blowjob that Aanisa was capable of. In time, perhaps even a whore as useless as this could be trained into something passable, but right now her service was desperate and eager but also sloppy, formless, and pathetic. In truth, most of the pleasure she felt from it was accidental… inconsistent friction caused from her lips and rubs of her tongue. The clenching of the whore’s throat was much better. Spittle ran from the corners of her lips, bouncing in rhythm with the swaying of her tits and the brutal ripples on her ass.

Doc, for her part, couldn’t help but notice as she pounded the captive gazelle that her moans and clenches were growing more eager. It was especially funny to her as her own climax wasn’t much closer than a pleasant tingle in her length, and yet the woman beneath her, ruined and tormented and desperate as she was, was somehow already about to cum. “You have to be joking,” the lioness said with horrible amusement. “The grass-muncher is about to cum. She’s even worse than I thought she was.”

The whole situation was incredibly overwhelming to Aanisa. The terror of being abducted, the shame at being raped, the agony of having her holes ruthlessly broken in, the inability to breathe, and now the unexpected pleasure… she couldn’t think, she couldn’t rationalize, she couldn’t even think about a past or future. All of her existence, every bit of the being that was her, had been distilled to this moment, this experience – the task of being raped, the necessity of survival and obedience. It didn’t matter that her face was darkening unhealthily, or that the edges of her vision were bleeding black into her sight. It only mattered that her greedy pussy was stuffed…

Everyone in the room could tell when it happened… the moment through the wet, jiggling slaps of fuckthrusts and the gags around Sarge’s dick when Aanisa suddenly tensed as a single convulsion that wouldn’t relax ran through her body. Her knees came together, her ass pushed out, and the panting, animalistic joking noises took on a higher-pitched wailing note. The gazelle’s cunt clenched like a vice suddenly, camping down in a way that sent a torrent of juices spilling down the whore’s legs as her hands clenched on Sarge’s legs. The girl simply melted down, legs spreading as she came on the cock of her third rapist.

Her whole body shook as her palms alternated between sore death grips and open fingered spasms. She barely even noticed the fact she couldn’t breathe, or the way she flopped like a fish on the dock with only her rapists’ hands keeping her up, her grips bringing her back to receiving the next brutal penetration.

Aanisa came again. The gazelle was given no reprieve from her first orgasm… she simply rolled right on into the next one. Beyond words even if she could speak, all she could offer was a wide-eyed, unseeing gaze as her cunt, again, spasmed on Doc, her back rising and falling in spastic motion as she tried and failed to pant in breath.

Just as she was about to black out, Sarge pulled out… her cock withdrawing from Aanisa’s mechanically sucking lips with a wet slurping noise. As she drew in an instinctive heave of breath, drool and precum formed a slimy mix that ran freely down her chin in a sloppy wave. Her limp body would have collapsed if it weren’t for the deathgrip Sarge had on her horns as her body jerked and bobbed to her rape. Then the cock was back again, making the gazelle gag as it pressed against her throat once more.

Sarge shook her head, scoffing at Aanisa’s failure of oral service. “You have no fucking clue how to do this properly,” she said the feeling of the gazelle’s miniature convulsions. “You suck cock like a drunk freshman at rush week. If any cock had ever touched these lips before, I bet it was a sore disappointment.” She sighed. “But that’s ok, slut. I guess not everyone is meant to go home and get to see their family again.”

Her disappointment at Aanisa’s incompetence didn’t stop her from driving her dick down her inexperienced throat, however. Grunts and the wet noises of friction were soon the only sounds that escaped Aanisa’s mouth, far quieter than the full-bodied smacks of her ass as Doc nailed her greedy pussy from behind even as the air in her lungs steadily grew stale once more.

Sarge drove herself down her throat faster and faster, more and more violently as she got more and more aroused at abusing the weeping gazelle with the empty eyes. Tears stuck her face as her whole body shuddered each time her muscular body struck Aanisa’s face, flatting her nose and making her eyes bug out as each stroke hammered the back of her throat with bruising force.

The stimulation of her body was reaching Doc as well. Contemptible and worthless as the gazelle was, her cunt was tight and wet and sinfully warm. The fact that it was contracting against her cock over and over again, urging her to a climax of her own was even more intoxicating to the corpsman. It earned quicker and quicker thrusts from the lioness, who was growing increasingly desperate to finish with the toy beneath her. “I’m getting close,” Doc announced. “Ready for me to cum and ensure you need to stay here forever, cumrag?”

Her mocking words stung, but not as much as Sarge’s next words lit a fire in Aanisa’s belly. “Me too,” she growled. “She sucks at this, but her throat is tight at least.” Aanisa tried to gag more, squeezing the cock in her throat, and to relax her pussy…

“The bitch is having more fun than we are,” Doc growled, her thrusts stirring her cunt, making overlapping slurping wet sounds repeat over and over again as he pounded her soaked pussy, trying to force an orgasm from her stiff cock through the sheer violence.

She had no breath left, feeling the lack of oxygen in her burning lungs… her vision was more dark than functional now, and that strain only made the pleasure greater. It was little surprise when, without any semblance of control, the gazelle’s second orgasm was forced to become a third. Her legs seized briefly, but the sting of exertion and the constant spasms to which she’d been subjected to made them go limp again in a moment. Any part of the gazelle’s exhausted body that could still twitch or tense did so, but most of Aanisa’s reactions were limited to cock-muted groans deep in her throat as she lay limp between her rapists.

Fortunately for her rapists, the weakness of her body was not shared by her holes. For the third time, her throat and cunt both squeezed down, enthusiastically twitching.

As Aanisa willed the lion to cum, her brown eyes rolled almost all the way up into her skull. Her squeezing on Sarge’s thigh became clawing and, as the sensation of the swelling cock grew overwhelming, softly pawing. “Yes!” Sarge growled as she came into the gazelle’s mouth just as her arms went limp. Hot sperm flooded against her tongue, and against her cheek, drooling lazily down her chin with the rest of the girl’s drool and the pre-cum she’d been leaking for the better part of the rape.

With the hot walls of her cunt encouraging Doc with their disjoined milking, she finally finished a second later. Hot seed shot out, deep into their captive’s young cunt and adding a thick mess to the shameful, wet arousal that had been drolling down the gazelle’s legs for minutes now. The pleasure worked its way up her spine, making Doc shiver as she pumped her eager load into Aanisa’s trembling body.

In front of her, Sarge finally pulled out, flicking a final shot across the gazelle’s half-closed eyes before letting her head drop down, limply landing on one of her bare feet. When Doc finished pouring the last of her cum into their victim and pulled out, the sloppy flood of fluids only grew stronger as she collapsed, unmoving, against the floor before the chair in an awkward, gasping heap.

“That wasn’t half bad,” Doc said, pulling off her fogged glasses. She reached down and took a handful of the gazelle’s soft dark hair and wiped them clean before resting them back on the bridge of her nose. “She’ll be a good little breeder. That’s my diagnosis.”

“I…” she groaned softly. “I did it…” Aanisa swallowed. “I… I don’t have to. I can go home, right? I did what you asked…”

The lions looked at each other… and laughed.

The gazelle, dazed, cum-drunk, fucked nearly senseless, looked around between her four rapists in confusion… trying to understand. They couldn’t have been lying. They couldn’t have. They couldn’t have! “You… you promised…” she whined, looking up the tattooed lion with quiet desperation. “You promised if I made you cum before before she did, I could go home.”

“Nah,” a cheerful voice said as the small, white lion stepped into the group surrounding her. “That’s not what they said.”

“I said,” Doc continued with amusement, “that if you made the boss cum before I did, you could go.”

“Whatever made you think,” Sarge said, a slow smile on her face, “that I was in charge here?”

Slowly, Aanisa’s eyes tracked over to the small, cute white lion with the cheerful smile as she slowly undid her shorts, pulling them down… and…

An absolute monster popped free. Thicker than the smaller lion’s arms, the cock dangled between her legs like a third leg, thick and barbed and hard and ready to go. The gazelle looked on at it in horror, a cock that made the rest of them to have taken her look small by comparison.

She didn’t consciously remember trying to back away. She only remembered being further away. Her exhausted, uncoordinated body couldn’t work right, so she just sort of flailed, pushing herself away from the white lion. It only ended up taking her back towards the mattress as all five lions looked at her like a steak on their plate. “Girls?” The white lion said, her smile never flickering. “Hold our little snack down, would you?”

“Yes Sierra,” all four said at once. Then they pounced.

Aanisa was pretty sure she fought. She was positive it hadn’t mattered. She only remembered a tangle of limbs, a rush of strength, and then she was on the bed on her back with four lions pinning one limb each down to the mattress with both hands. She couldn’t have moved the weakest of the four with her whole body… and despite her desperate thrashing it was clear that with the four of them holding her down she would have had more luck moving a mountain.

“Please!” she screamed as Sierra settled between her spread legs, slapping her cock down against her belly from between her legs. It looked like it reached halfway to her tits… impossibly big. “Please, you can’t! It’ll kill me!”

Sierra scoffed. “That’s what they all say,” she said, a twinkle in her eyes. She leaned down and licked one of the tears off her cheek. “Don’t worry pet… if you can’t be a breeder, I think you’d make a pretty good dessert.” At her panicked hyperventilation, Sierra gave her another large, innocent smile. “Oh relax. I haven’t killed anyone with this log yet… and I saw the way you came. Slut like you will love it.”

Sierra grabbed hold on Aanisa’s right thigh with one hand and her left him with the other as she positioned herself, the head of her mighty bitchbreaker of a cock prodding against her entrance. Then, without further warming of delay, the lioness squeezed and pulled. The slightness of her frame belied how strung Sierra was, and her arms flexed as she viciously applied the sickening levels of brutal force required to mercilessly bury a full foot of barbed lion cock into the gazelle’s helpless, tight pussy in one unyielding moment.

Aanisa screamed in sheer panic. There was no level of wetness or arousal that could have spared her this, nothing that could have made it less than agonizing. She felt like she was a virgin being broken in a second time on the same day as her cunt was stretched in ways it was never meant to, widening her obscenely around her thick cock. This couldn’t be happening to her. It just couldn’t… it just couldn’t!

Her youthful flexibility and the cum of her previous rapes kept her from tearing as Sierra stretched her out, but just barely… the inhumane and cruel entry of that monster of a cock felt like the punishment of an angry god of sex, furious at the way Aanisa had exploited her body up until now. The gazelle’s head flopped and jerked bonelessly as Sierra dragged herself out of the gazelle again, pulling the gargantuan fuckpillar of woman-hungry cock out of her victim’s cunt, only to plow back in. Again. And again. And again. Stretching her like a cheap fucktoy for the battering ram of cock questing for her womb with each thrust. Her pussy lips stretched around it like an embrace, trying without luck to slow her down as she plowed her way in again and again and again. Sierra looked pregnant already just from the way her belly swelled up at each thrust as Sierra fucked her with carnal hunger, cheered on by her fellow lions as she broke through any and all resistance that the gazelle’s body could offer her cock.

The white lioness savored the feeling of sexual demolition inside her latest victim, enjoying the way it felt like she was remolding her insides around her cock… raping her so utterly and completely that her body would be fit for no purpose other than taking lion dick by the time she was finished.

The little gazelle bitch felt so… fucking… good…

Leaning down to take handfuls of her tits in both hands, Sierra lifted her hips as far as they could go and slammed back down with all the strength in her body. She drank in the expression of agony and defeat on the beautiful gazelle’s face as she was utterly impaled on her gargantuan cock. She stared, wanting to see the terror on that face as she stretched her out. As she pummeled her. As she broke her with her cock. After Sierra had fucked one of their victims, they stayed fucked… they rarely tried to even beg to go home again. It was like she was shoving their soul out of their body with her cock and replacing it with a womb for lion babies. Over and over she dragged her cock from the gazelle’s welcoming pussy before plunging back in, forcing his way into her helpless and sublime body over and over again, enjoying eacn and every decadent plunge into the helpless whore’s quivering, silky cunt.

She wanted to rape her to oblivion. She wanted to fill her with kittens and then cast her defiled and impregnated body to the side. She wanted to reshape her insides into something that existed for her pleasures… and there was no one who was going to stop her.

For Aanisa, the world slowly became slow and far away as her mind reeled under the sheer violence of the most brutal rape she had experienced yet. As Sierra grew more and more excited, as she raped her tight body harder and harder, Aanisa went away. After all, she was just a dumb, worthless whore. She had said so herself. It was stupid to imagine she was ever going to be worth more than this.

The lioness was slam-fucking her as hard as he could, sinking her to what felt to the very base of her woman-ruining shaft of meat while her rape-fueled screams filled the air. Of what little thought was possible to maintain in the gazelle’s mind as she had her womb battered for thirty minutes or more, the lioness’s pleased growls finally got through to her… the frenzied thrusts were having the desired effect and bringing her closer to her release.

As acutely aware of her rising pleasure as Aanisa was horrified by it, Sierra squeezed her living fleshlight’s tits even harder, using them like handles to bruck her even harder. Every ounce of her body yearned for release, eager to empty herself into their newest whore. She knew she was only a cunt-squeezed thrusts of her shaft from the euphoric climax.

Sierra ruthlessly yanked Aanisa against her as she buried herself unthinkably deep, somehow even deeper than she had reached yet… and then she came.

Aanisa’s only warning was the feeling of swelling in that already too-thick cock. Then an almost apocalyptic orgasm struck Sierra and her cock surged, spitting what felt like a barrels worth of horrific rapeseed deep into the abused gazelle. Aanisa felt like it might make her pop as spurt after spurt of jizz sprayed against her insides, storming towards the gazelle’s thoroughly desecrated womb to even more thoroughly ruin her completely raped body. To Aanisa’s feeling, the cum took up every bit of available space within her that the cock overstuffing her didn’t already, her belly swelling further as she needed to expand to make room for the cruel load pumped into her jizz-bloated body.

And that was just the first blast of cum.

The second followed… and the third followed that. By the time they had reached the 9th, and her cock was just barely switching, Aanisa felt like her womb was an ocean. What sense she had left her body could imagine the spray of cum rampaging through her reproductive system like barbarian raiders, finding her eggs and gangraping them to oblivion in an attempt to impregnate her with all the savage ruthlessness Sierra herself had, her rape and violation continuing all the way down to the cellular level.

Aanisa didn’t say anything as Sierra slowly pulled out of her. She didn’t even say anything as she realized with horror that the bulge her stomach didn’t so much as shrink when that cock pulled out of her… that it was almost entirely the lion’s cum making her swell. She didn’t have any words left in her brain in this second… nothing but terrified whimpers.

“Don’t think she came,” Doc observed from where she held the gazelle’s right arm.

“Doesn’t matter,” Skid said smartly as she looked out over Aanisa’s splayed body, stained with sweat and cum and dirt and god knew what else. “The dumb bitch isn’t going anywhere. She might be a slow learner, but we’ll teach her what a rape toy is supposed to do before we’re done with her.”

Aanisa’s head turned. Pitifully, she tried to close her legs. She might as well have tried to drag down the moon as she struggled against Tank and Skid to no avail. Somewhere in the depths of her throat, she managed to put together a single word.

“…please…” she whispered.

“That’s the spirit!” Sarge said with encouragement, happy to misinterpret her single word plea for mercy.

“And so it is!” Sierra agreed as she crawled up onto the arm of the chair, where she had been getting her head pet earlier. “Let’s keep going until we’ve taught the cunt her place. Who wants a second round?”

They couldn’t be serious, Aanisa thought with terror.

They were.

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