Angel’s Fall – Chapter 5 – Angel’s Ascent

This is a long-after-the-fact conclusion to the story Angel’s Fall. It was done as a present for InBrightestDay and Darinost… thank you both for your editing, your feedback, and helping to make my stories and writing so much better. I hope you enjoy.

The story begins here.

Celestine had no clue how long she had been trapped in hell for. It could have been a few years. It could have been decades. It could have been centuries. It could have been the lifetime of Earth’s star, or the time it took of the universe to slowly die a cold death. It would make no difference in hell… not so long as there were souls to punish. It felt like she had been wearing her collar for her whole life… it practically felt normal. She didn’t know how long it had been since she put it on, since obedience and numbness were forcibly slammed into her every time Savos ripped her holes apart, but she could feel that her mind, the last of her fight was slipping away.

Long ago, he had allowed her to heal the wounds that were left behind after the incubus ripped her wings off, but Savos had left the scars that had formed in their place. He wanted to let it sting, Celestine was sure of it… wanted to remind her of another thing that he took away from her. Probably. Or… or maybe Savos just enjoyed seeing them as he was ramming his cock into her from behind. It didn’t really matter. Celestine felt the same – she was stripped from everything that mattered. Her purity was long gone after the rape she suffered over and over. Her wings were now nothing but ash. Only her mind was still standing, but even that stand was more of a pathetic, mewling kneel… she was barely there anymore. In her darkest moments, Celestine wished it would be gone soon too, leaving nothing but a brainless, slutty carcass behind.

But, even after long enough to hollow her out and make her feel like she had already burned for eternity, there was still something left inside of her. Something that made her insides twist every time the former angel saw Sara endure the torture their new master was subjecting them to. The redhead acted just as obedient as Celestine was, eagerly jumping into Savos’ lap to take his hard member inside of her. Sara would moan, and smile, and beg for more, but her guardian could still see the horror behind her eyes. She was still there, the pure and righteous woman that she had vowed to protect, the woman who had been reduced to a fuck-hole for an incubus… And it was all Celestine’s fault. If she only knew that her asking and begging would get Sara a better fate than endless rape in hell she would agree to accept anything, even being thrown back into the Rape Fields for eternity, have the Creator spit on her, having the entire celestial host turn their backs on her and describe, in excruciating detail, every failure she had ever been. She would have taken any of it with a smile… but she knew it wouldn’t work. Sara was trapped here, same as she was. Some days, Celestine questioned what the bigger punishment was – being fucked over and over again until her insides were aching and burning with the amount of unholy filth she had taken?

Or watching the same happen to Sara?

At some point, Celestine hoped Savos would get bored… especially now, when she and Sara were serving his every wish. She should have known better. He was an Incubus now, and he had a trapped holy woman and the angel he had murdered with his own two hands as playthings… it seemed like he had an endless amount of fantasies he wanted to fulfill. It seemed like eons had passed and still the only time his cock wasn’t buried into one of the women’s holes was when he was sitting on his throne, watching as they were playing with each other. Despite the humiliation and defilement, Celestine felt grateful for those moments… the times when she got to just eat out Sara’s leaking cunt, her tongue shoved deep as she cleaned out the cum Savos left inside. Her bare ass would be perking up, giving her master a great view of the angel’s once again destroyed sphincter, and her chin and nose would be glistening with Sara’s juices. At least, then she would be giving some comfort to the poor girl.

That was how it had started this time too, but Celestine quickly realized it would take a much darker turn. Sara was burying her hands into Celestine’s blond hair, tugging at the soft locks and moaning out. It was just putting on the kind of show that Savos wanted, she knew… but still, the sounds the redhead made were affecting her guardian more than she would like, her lower abdomen tensing and her slit getting wetter.

“Enjoying it, slut?” Savos was standing next to the bed, looking down at Sara as her face was lit up with pleasure. He was smiling at her, the kind of sadistic smile Celestine had learned to be afraid of. “Do you like it when my wingless thing cleans your stretched cunt?”

The small part of Celestine that was still herself winced at his words, though the rest of her didn’t respond. That was his favorite name for her now. He called her plenty of other degrading things, but somehow that one always stung the worst, reminding her of ugly bumpy scars that were now in place of her strong wide wings. A permanent reminder of her pathetic failure. Savos placed a hand on the back of her head, forcing her to move down, pressing her face so close to Sara’s slit she had no other choice but to continue working on the redhead’s clit with her tongue.

“Yes,” Sara said breathlessly, her body twitching with excitement for a building orgasm. “My cunt will be nice and clean for you to fuck into, master.” She sounded genuinely happy, eager to take another round of rough pounding Savos would no doubt provide. Celestine hated hearing that, especially when those exact words were coming out of her mouth. She couldn’t express her revulsion, the feeling pushed back with the magic of a collar that felt so tight on her neck it was almost choking her. Instead, Celestine forced herself to get even closer to Sara’s wet cunt, the redhead grinding her clit all over the angel’s face, leaving her skin glistening with juices.

“She’s cleaning you, not making you cum, you little whore.” Celestine felt the demon’s sharp nails scratching the skin of her head. “You’re only allowed to do that with my cock inside. Did you forget, cum rag?”

“Mmmm, no master…” Sara whispered. “Sorry master…” Celestine, for her part, kept going as Sara’s clit was twitching against her face. The fallen angel’s body flared with sudden, mad desire to kick Sara away and open her legs in front of Savos, showing him that she was the one who wanted him more… that she deserved to have his fat cock ripping her new-grown virginity once again. She despised herself for feeling like that, but it was too strong. She wanted him to rip her up. To ruin her. To destroy her and punish her and hurt her. The collar saw to that… and yet…

“Make her cum, whore,” Savos commanded, fingers tracing over the painful scars where her wings had once been. Celestine attacked with a vengeance, automatically obeying the command and burying her face between the other woman’s legs, licking at her pussy and clit with everything she had, eager to make her cum as she was ordered. The collar burned on her neck, like always.

She wanted to be punished… And yet there was something else too. Something inside her that wasn’t burned away even after all the abuse she endured. If she was being raped by that monster, he wouldn’t be fucking Sara. After strange eternities, the desire to protect her ward, to keep her safe from whatever Savos had in mind for them, still burned inside her. The angel knew their master was leading to something, his hand still firmly lying on the back of her head as the redhead was screaming from her orgasm, but she was still helpless against him.

“You don’t get anything, whore,” Savos said, tugging at Sara’s collar, pulling her away from Celestine. “Not unless it’s with my cock inside you. Did you forget what you are?”

“Fuck-holes,” Sara and Celestine said at the same time. Of course they did. What other answer could there be?

Somewhere deep in her skull, the remnant of the angel screamed and thrashed but there was no sign of that on the surface.

“Exactly!” Savos shoved the redhead back down. “You’re here to serve me. Unless you want me to see what worse punishments exist in hell for useless whores. Or perhaps… perhaps I could throw you back into the fields?” He paused, a smile on his grey lips. “Would you like that, you cock-hungry bitches? I can arrange that – demons there would love to have obedient cum-dumpsters to put their loads into.”

He paused, smiling. “No… wait… the roasting pits. Yes…” The incubus almost seemed to purr with delight. “That’s what I’ll do. Weigh you down with stones and toss you into the sulfur pits. Let you lay there, cooking, for a few centuries. After all, I have a backup set of holes… I hardly need both of you useless sluts. Just imagine it… your skin and muscle boiling off your body, your lungs filled with boiling sulfur as you try to scream anyway, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to die… I think I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” He paused, smiling. “Maybe I should just do that anyway. Throw whichever of you doesn’t serve me well in there for the next thousand years? I imagine once you get out, you would have an entirely new perspective on the importance of service. Should I do that, you think?”

Celestine still felt terror remembering the last time she had been dumped into one of those pits, the day she had been delivered to Savos. Nothing else that had happened to her in hell had hurt that much, and just the thought made her want to shake. She would do anything, shamelessly, if it meant not being sent back into those pits. She could tell Sara felt similar, inching just a bit closer to her former guardian. “Do anything you want with us,” Celestine promised with fervor, sliding just a little bit closer to Savos, almost unconsciously putting herself a bit more between him and the redhead. “We’re obedient little fuckholes.”

“We would do anything for you,” Sara echoed her in total submissive agreement.

Savos smiled wider, stepping closer, his hard prick close to their faces. Before the women could start sucking him, he stopped them by pulling at their hair and making them look up at him. “Then show me. You’re my pets and you’re here to worship my cock. I am your creator now… without me, you would be no one at all. Don’t forget that!” The incubus weakened his grip, letting Sara and Celestine fall back to the floor. “Now… show me your devotion,” he said, getting back to his seat, ready for the upcoming show. “You,” he nodded at Celestine. “Fuck her. Make it just how I’d like it… how she would like it, now.”

The former angel looked at Sara, her legs open as she was raised up on her elbows. Her body looked excited and ready as Celestine looked down on her pink, wet slit. It was all she could think about now – how nice and tight the redhead’s love tun – cunt – would feel around her fingers, how sweet her taste was. But, as she moved her palms over the inside of her thighs, Sara tried to pull away.

“No!” she sounded helpless and afraid, making the angel’s stomach twist. “Get away from me!”

Celestine swallowed. So that was what he meant… what he wanted. For Sara to fight back. It didn’t matter, she told herself. Either way, she knew that she needed to fuck her, that the way the former saint was trying to avoid it only made Savos want it more. The pressure on her mind from the collar increased, warping her will towards obedience, and soon it was hard to think that that was anything but her own thoughts. The way Sara struggled and resisted just made Celestine want to take her more. She wondered if this was how Savos felt every time he spilled his load inside her, but this thought was only on the back of her mind, where her mind quailed and raged, while her body instead sprang into action.

Celestine leaped at Sara in a pounce. The angel pushed Sara on her back with determined hunger, shifting their bodies on the floor until her knees were pressing into the redhead’s shoulders, pinning her down. The angel grabbed hold of her legs and with all the strength she had she forcefully pushed her thighs apart, making the redhead cry out in surprise and dismay. The blonde angel traced a single finger between her folds, down, down, down with teasing anticipation and predatory slowness until she reached the redhead’s entrance.

“Get away from me!” Sara screamed, but her hands were still laying against the sides of her body, pinned by Celeste’s legs. Her protests didn’t matter… she couldn’t resist. The collar took satisfaction in her helplessness. Her guardian found barely a whisper of solace in the fact that she wouldn’t try to claw her way out.

“Tear her hole apart,” Savos commanded.

Celestine obeyed.

She started by pushing three of her fingers inside the tightness of Sara’s cunt. Her body already healed from the last time Savos had fucked her… that was one bit of healing he never neglected. Celestine could feel the saint’s restored virginity being stretched around her digits. It wouldn’t be long until the redhead was bleeding again, once more transformed into a used up slut. Celestine felt a rush go through her body at the thought and she tried to shake it away. She hated it… she wasn’t like this, this wasn’t her. She wasn’t a damned rapist that knew nothing but to take and turn everything into filth. Unfortunately, Sara’s reaction said otherwise. “No, please, no!” she kept begging, as Celestine stopped finger fucking her cunt, pausing to squeeze more fingers inside of her. “Stop it! Please! Leave me alone!”

“She begs so prettily, doesn’t she?” Savos laughed, coming closer again and looking into the angel’s eyes. “Does her begging make you wet? It’s your fault she got turned into a whore used by half of hell’s demons, I trust you remember? She’s only here because you decided to try and protect her and did such a shit job of it.” The incubus slapped Celestine across the face, and the blonde hated that her body’s response was to moan. “Now it’s your turn to fuck up her holes. So tell me, do you enjoy using that slut?”

For a moment, so fleeting she barely noticed, Celestine, pressed her lips together, pushing back the words that the incubus so clearly wanted to hear. Waiting just those few heartbeats felt like it took more willpower than had accompanied sentences like “Let There Be Light,” though, and just that quickly all her willpower was drained. “Yes master,” she said with wanton delight. “I love how she squirms while I rape her for you…” A wide smile pulled on her lips as the angel pushed her hand deeper and deeper inside Sara’s clenching walls. Her virginity was broken once again, coloring Celestine’s fingers in red stains of blood and lube. Now she could take this further for her master.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Savos said as he moved his hand over Celestine’s back, over the scars on her shoulder blades, reminding her once again of what she had lost because of him. The touch felt disturbingly intimate and the angel would’ve moved away if it wasn’t for the bonds he had on her mind. “To take something that doesn’t belong to you. You’re only giving the bitch what she deserves. She needs to be owned, dominated, or she would be giving away her cunt to anyone who asks. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

Celestine barely listened to him, trying to tune out his words by concentrating on trying to get her fist inside the bleeding snatch in front of her face. “Yes, master,” she said, trying to forget that it was Sara she was dedicating herself to hurting. The strangled sounds the redhead made every time Celestine pressed her knuckles to her bleeding entrance made it impossible, however. Celestine doubted she had ever felt lower in her existence than when Savos used her like this… made her just like him. Inflicting pain, taking what wasn’t hers. Made her the same monster as him. No matter how much she tried to argue that wasn’t that case, it wasn’t Savos’ fist that was wet with blood and fluids as he kept going… it was her.

Pushing Sara’s legs farther open, Celestine was able to squeeze inside. “Pull away! Please, pull away!” Sara was crying, her voice harsh after all the screams and it only made Celestine feel even sharper desire while her mind was in a panic. She needed to do something, something that would make it stop, something that would take the pain away. But she was just as much of a helpless victim, only playing the role of abuser. And Savos was there, to tell her exactly what he needed her to do.

“I’m tired of all this noise,” he said with a frown, his hands now on Sara’s full breasts, squeezing them hard. “Make her shut up!”

As Celestine kept pushing her fist into the tight cunt she moved one of her knees away from Sara’s shoulder just to press it onto the redhead’s throat with her full weight. Her protests ended with a sudden choking sound as Celestine continued to fist her sister in suffering. Now there wasn’t screaming… there was only grunting and the sloppy sounds of her fist pulling away from Sara’s tightened walls. It seemed like her body was growing less welcoming to the intrusion every second, too… The blood and juices being chased away, leaving the former saint dry and tight. If before at least her cunt was welcoming the intrusion, now it was almost impossible to push inside her. But it didn’t matter… Savos still wanted Celestine to continue, still not allowing her to give Sara even a small break… so she continued. What else could she do? Their master was standing above them, waiting till the final scene, watching Sara’s face turn purple as Celestine was pushing her knee over her throat… and Celestine was nothing but a slave.

The angel knew what was expected from her, what she was made to want herself and she followed the collar’s instructions in her mind. It didn’t matter that the thought of what was about to happen next nearly made her cry. The pain was something she’d gotten used to far too fast after falling into hell, but inflicting suffering on someone else, on a person that was supposed to be under her protection, was different. This was the true hell. She wanted to pray to her Maker for salvation, but he had never answered her prayers before. He wasn’t here to help her stop this horror, so Celestine obeyed her new master.

Sucking in her cheeks, she collected as much saliva as she could before spitting it down on Sara’s bright-red entrance. She felt excited just looking at it, but Celestine was far from being done with her. She started slow, pushing her hand knuckles-deep into the hot, tight walls. She needed to hurry before her spit dried out, so Celestine opened the redhead’s lips, enjoying how nicely her cunt was squeezing around her pale hand and pushed more of her fingers inside.

Sara’s legs were shaking even if she could barely move being choked like that. Celestine licked over her lips while she watched her second hand slipping inside the former saint’s stretched-out snatch. It seemed like she took all the space between her thighs it was such a tight squeeze. But she still needed to keep up, keep fucking her, until Savos would be satisfied with her work. So Celestine started her motions, pulling and pushing again, watching as Sara’s cunt was almost turning inside out with her movements. It was her doing, she was the one responsible for it. She was hurting her… and she kept going.

“Mmm… You’re ruining her,” Savos laughed, watching as one of his pets was destroying the other. “If she weren’t healing, I’d have little choice but to throw her away. Back to the Rape Fields for the rest of eternity with this whore.”

“If her pussy is so disgusting, maybe you can use mine?” Celestine swayed on top of Sara, raising her ass further up as she moved her hips suggestively, hoping for a fast release. Her cunt was aching with how much she wanted to be fucked… but that wasn’t her. No matter her body’s reactions, she was silently screaming inside, wanting it all to end.

The demon laughed. “Wouldn’t your Maker just be overwhelmed with pride for you right now?” Savos got behind Celestine, gripping her hips and moving her closer, so her slit was rubbing against his hard cock. She shivered, enjoying even this touch. She pulled her hands out of Sara’s cunt with a slurping noise. “Of you getting this wet just thinking about the demon’s dick hollowing you out?”

She felt Sara move under her, gasping for air now that Celestine’s knee wasn’t pushing on her throat. The angel looked between the redhead’s legs, at the mess her hands left behind, at her palms stained with lube and blood. That was her truest punishment now… to watch Sara suffer alongside her. To cause that suffering herself, and be unable to stop Savos, or even herself. “It feels so good I don’t care”, Celestine let out with a laugh, moving against him like she wanted to impale herself on that rod teasing her. “Destroy me, Master… desecrate his creation.” She felt Savos’ tip against her entrance, pushing back against the demon to get him inside. “Fill me up like the useless slut I am!”

As Savos tugged at her hair, making Celestine arch her back and take him even deeper, she barely registered the pain of her virginity being ripped away again. She jerked with surprise as, beneath her, Celestine abruptly felt Sara’s tongue moving against the angel’s clit, making her cunt even wetter and tighter for her master. Celestine tried not to think about Sara, about Savos, about the failure she was. Maybe after all she had been through, that really was the answer – she should grow mindless and obedient, just enjoying all the horrors happening to her instead of trying to fight back the numbness that was slipping in.

“I bet it feels nice,” Savos said, thrusting so hard into Celestine’s clenching cunt that her whole body was moving forward, her apple-sized tits bouncing with each savage thrust. “Aren’t you just loving every moment of it, whore?”

“I love it!” the angel screamed, pushing farther down on Sara’s tongue so now she was getting fucked right on top of the redhead’s face. Savos was tugging at Celestine’s hair so hard she was afraid he would rip it off just like he had with her wings. “Pump all your cum inside of me! I want my hole to leak with it! I want it to pool inside of me and stain every inch of me!”

“But aren’t you being fucking greedy?” Savos teased. Suddenly, he pushed Celestine off to the side, leaving everything inside her aching for the feeling of his cock. She looked back, watching him pull Sara by the hair to the edge of the bed so her head was in the air. “I can’t play favorites, can I? Especially not when one is just as worthless as the next.”

Sara didn’t hesitate… she readily presented her mouth for him, opening her full lips. Savos fucked her just as mercilessly as he did Celestine, getting his cock so deep inside the redhead’s throat it was forming a bulge. He used the fallen saint’s delicate throat with all the tenderness he had shown Celestine’s worthless whore cunt, plowing it with all the violence granted by the sorcerer’s demonic form. His hands were on Sara’s full breasts, twisting her nipples and leaving red marks on the soft flesh as she retched and gagged on him.

Celestine watched closely, her body screaming with the desire to drop her cunt back onto the demon’s dick while deep inside she wanted nothing but to push him off of Sara. Her collar’s twisted commands were split between obedience and sluttish desire, leaving her teetering on the edge of acting without ever moving even as Savos shoved his cock in and out of his plaything, groaning as he came. He stayed wedged inside her as Sara tried to cough out the cum that was choking her. Demon’s filth was dripping down, covering her nose, her eyes and getting into her hair. Savos didn’t let go of her until the redhead’s face had turned purple and her eyes bulged out.

“If you want my cum so much, you can lick it off of her,” he smiled at Celestine as Sara heaved in hard, trying to catch her breath. “Get to work!”

Celestine was there in a flash, pressing her lips over Sara’s skin, sucking in his seed as she rolled it on her tongue, enjoying the taste even as it disgusted her. She kept licking it off, as her tongue slipped inside Sara’s mouth so they could share their master’s cum. After sharing that seed-tasting kiss, Celestine moved away, watching Sara closely. Just like every other time, her body was healing, the only signs of her abuse being the dirt and filth that was covering her skin.

Then she started. Savos wasn’t watching them. Celestine felt she could count on a single hand how many times that had happened in the last years-decades-centuries-eternity… he was eternally there, always watching, always tormenting. Right now, though, it looked like he was being busy plotting the next torture, which was a change to the scenario Celestine welcomed… no matter what it was, it probably wouldn’t be her having to harm the woman she had sworn to protect. The incubus was sitting on his throne and talking with another demon that looked twisted and sewn together, like the ones she saw in the Rape Fields. She wondered if he was one of those demons that had torn her holes apart back when she was there.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Sara’s soft touch against her thigh. Celestine looked at her, seeing familiar desperation in her eyes. The bond Savos had over their bodies wasn’t as strong now that he was distracted, even if the angel could still feel it in the back of her mind. She clasped Sara’s palm in her own, rubbing it gently. After being violated for this long she almost forgot that touch could feel like this.

“I’m so sorry,” Celestine whispered quietly, hoping she could get more time to express the infinite sorrow that felt like it was drowning her. “I’m sorry that I failed you…”

“What are you saying?” Sara answered just as quietly. “None of this is your fault!”

It was nice of her to lie like that. “I was supposed to keep you safe, to keep you alive, to protect you, and instead…” Celestine felt tears prickling in the corners of her eyes. “I would give up anything to get you out of this place.”

Sara shook her head in disbelief, inching even closer to Celestine. Despite them both being nude there was nothing even close to crudeness in the gesture. They both were just seeking comfort while they could.

“Don’t say that,” Sara said softly, making the angel wonder how she was able to stay this kind even after all the torture. “Neither of us should’ve ended up here. It’s not your fault – it’s his.” She looked at Savos, moving away from Celestine the moment he turned to look at them. Celestine felt it too, the way his power over her body was back, overwhelming want for him taking away everything else. But still, Sara’s words were lingering in her mind, even as she moved to get on her knees in front of Savos. She looked at the redhead that was standing near her.

“Great news, sluts,” the demon smiled down at them. “I’m taking you out to play again!”

At that moment Celestine knew that things were about to get so much worse.

As they traveled through the endless wasteland that was hell, Celestine wondered how many more kinds of tortures there were. She had long since lost track of all the ones she had seen in her time here, and even though she tried not to look around, the screams and pained moans rang in her ears anyway. She saw people being torn apart piece by piece while they were still alive and feeling every bit of pain. She saw roasting pits surrounded by demons, the monsters stomping on the hands of people grabbing at the edges in a desperate attempt to get out. She saw damned women, lying on the ground with their bellies bulging, looking like something was about to tear them from inside. There was nothing but desperation and horror around the angel as she walked over the hot ground of hell breathing in the smell of blood and burned flesh. So many that she honestly wondered if she’d forgotten torments she’d already seen and was experiencing them as new once more… that all the ones she had seen had taken up so much room in her mind that they had pushed older ones from her memory, and what was old could become new again.

It was enough to test the faith of anyone. What was the point of all of this?

It wasn’t her place to question the Creator, but… how could he allow something like this? Before she might have been able to shrug her shoulders and assume that some sins were severe enough to be worthy of this punishment… but having been here herself, she couldn’t believe that anymore. Nothing she had seen anyone do on Earth was worth being trapped here forever. Probably not even Savos. Well, maybe Savos.

And her, of course.

Celestine shook her head softly. Either way, she knew for certain there was one woman in hell who didn’t belong here. She knew her faith was weak, that she had been abandoned, but maybe… maybe she could still find a purpose in all of this. She had failed to protect Sara on Earth, so… maybe she could at least try to protect her here? Yes, Celestine failed her once, but what if she still had a chance to lessen her suffering, to take the punishment she no doubt deserved in the woman’s place? With these thoughts, she felt like the numbness that was filling her heart had taken a step back. She could do this. This was a purpose that fit her.

“Here we are,” Savos said with a smile, stepping to the side so now both the angel and the saint were able to observe the scene.

There were three thrones, all covered in human skin, various body parts sticking out from the surface. They were placed in the circle around the empty platform that was sticking out from the ground. As Celestine looked at it she saw stains of dry blood on the brimstone. Savos took them out somewhat regularly, but he had never taken them to this place before.

Savos took his place on one of the thrones and his slaves followed, obediently falling to his feet. Sara purred, rubbing her cheek over his thigh and moved to take his cock between her lips, sucking at it greedily. Savos put his hand on the back of the redhead’s head with a lazy motion and pushed her farther down.  “That’s better,” he laughed. “I know what kind of greedy whore you are, so take it deep, holy one.”

“Take me, master…” Celestine moaned, moving closer, looking up at the demon even as she cursed herself for not thinking of that first. “Choke me with your cock.” She licked her lips, very much aroused and willing. For once, her and the collar’s thoughts were in agreement… if for very different reason. Part of her was happy to be degraded and punished, to gag on her masters cock. The rest of her was just hopeful that if she presented her mouth for his use, Savos would leave Sara alone. She nuzzled her way in between her thighs, questing her tongue towards him…

“Don’t you have any respect?” he growled, painfully kicking Celestine away. “She got here first. Wait for your turn, whore.”

Before she could think of something else she could do, Celestine saw Savos’ expression change to a smile. The air around them became charged, a rotten smell filling up her nostrils. As she crawled back to her master’s feet she looked around, and witnessed as two new demons joined them. Neither one of them looked like the abominations she saw in the Fields. Celestine wasn’t sure how long she had been here, but by now she had seen enough of hell that that was pretty sure most of the higher demons preferred to take a more human-like shape rather than a monstrous one. It didn’t really matter how humanoid these monsters were, they couldn’t have been mistaken for one.

One of the newcomers was a demon she had seen before, many times… another incubus, and something between a friend and a rival of her master. Halvik had bright-red skin with black patches covering his shoulders, knees and hands, a broad body rippling with muscles, and huge black horns that stuck out of his head. On the ground beside his throne, a naked woman sat. Her eyes looked hollow and empty to Celestine as she stroked his hard cock, her light hair falling over her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a collar like they were, Celestine noticed, but she could also tell she didn’t need one to keep an obedient toy for her master. She had a chain attached to her nonetheless, however: the woman had large, full breasts, huge and soft and perfectly shaped, even larger than Sara’s were. A thin, golden chain to use like a leash connected her ring-shaped piercings – two in her nipples and one in her clit. It was short enough to make standing uncomfortable for the woman… the chain would probably tug on her sensitive areas in a painful way if she tried.

That Thing wasn’t always the pet that Halvik had with him, but Celestine had been on “playdates” with the damned woman before, over the space of… months? Years? Whatever it had been. The contrast between her and Sara couldn’t be more severe… the woman was cruel, cold, self-interested, and she didn’t care who got hurt if it spared her even a little bit of torment.

The third demon in the circle was unfamiliar to her, and looked different in a way that horrified the angel. His body looked like it was contained inside a harder outer shell that was opening up with his every move and showing something soft and green bubbling underneath. A terrible smell that she felt the moment demons appeared was unmistakably coming off of him. He eyed Celestine with a smile on his lips as his cock became harder. His member looked just as horrific as his owner – the shaft was covered with sharp spikes, the tip made out of the same green goo as his insides. The angel could see a few drops dripping off of it and as soon as a liquid made contact with the earth she heard hissing and saw smoke. She swallowed hard as she leaned to Savos’ leg.

“Where is your slut?” the red demon asked, looking at the other one. “Broke her already, Gorolon?”

“They don’t make damned women like they used to,” Gorolon laughed, throwing his head back, causing the shell on his neck to crack. “I can see yours is still standing, Halvik.” He nodded at the nameless woman at the demon’s feet. She didn’t have any reaction at his word, continuing her work and rubbing her master’s cock.

“Hardly!” The demon, Halvik, laughed. “She hasn’t stood in a thousand years! Shame about your whore. Maybe Savos will share with you, since he has too many holes for him to use at once.” The suggestions made Celestine want to curl and hide. She hated Savos with every fiber of her being, but at least she knew about all the things he did to take his pleasure and was able to go through them. That bubbling monster, on the other hand…

“I went through a lot of trouble to get these sluts for myself,” Savos said firmly. “So you better look somewhere else. Go shopping through the Rape Fields, I’m sure you’ll find a few sluts eager to please you.”

“Is it her?” Gorolon asked, taking a closer look at Celestine. She leaned back, opening her legs and perking up her tits. She knew Savos would love to show off the angel he raped and killed. “Looks just like any other wingless cum-dumpster here.” The monster shook his head. “Isn’t she supposed to have bigger tits?” Gorolon asked. “Or was the Maker slacking off when he made this cunt?” His face twisted in a sneer. “Maybe he was trying to make a boy, instead? Both of the human bitches have boobs twice her size!”

“She was a celestial who managed to get herself raped and murdered by a mortal meatbag,” Savos mocked. “Of course she was defective from the start.” He finally tugged Sara away from his glistening cock. The redhead’s lips were puffed and bright pink, a streak of cum running from the corner of her mouth. “You make a good point, however. I shouldn’t accept the Creator’s mistakes for my possessions. I can do better than he did.”

The incubus put his hand on the top of Celestine’s head as he turned her to face him. “I’m going to make you pretty… you should thank me.” He squeezed her head, holding her by it. Then he reached down, grabbed a hold of one of her breasts, and pulled.

Celestine screamed as his nails sank into her breast… first painfully, then agonizingly as his nails began to skewer all the way into her. He formed a fist, his fingers curling behind the meat of her breast as he twisted… left… right… left… and then he pulled. Celestine hadn’t screeched like this since she had lost her wings, but she did it now as he brutally pulled one of her breasts right off her body, dropping it on the smoking ground like a bloody hunk of trash.

The angel would have collapsed to the ground if he wasn’t holding her by the head. Collar or no collar, she was weeping openly, lost in her agony and defilement. It wasn’t enough for Savos, though. “Do you want me to do the other one, slave?”

The wave of lust and self hatred that welled up inside her, storming her mind and tearing down the barriers of her sanity, was overwhelming… like a tsunami crashing down on the shore. “Please master! Rip my tits off… I love you!”

Savos shook his head. “Nah. Finish the job yourself.”

Weeping, Celestine did as she was commanded. Her own fingers lacked the overwhelming, crushing strength of the demon’s, and she didn’t have the knife-like nails, but that just meant it took her longer… more of a tearing process than a cutting one. She didn’t remember a lot of that process. She was grateful for that. What she did remember, though, was the look of horror in Sara’s eyes as she watched.

When both her breasts were lying on the floor, sauteing in the heat of hell, Savos leaned down and touched the ragged flesh where they had been attached… and they started to regrow. Within a minute, they were at their old size… but they didn’t stop there. Larger, larger, larger still, until they were the same size as Sara’s… almost like they were twins, he had copied them down to the shape of her nipple. “And now she’s even less of nothing but a whore than she used to be,” Savos said with satisfaction.

Celestine didn’t expect his words to hurt her so badly, but just the thought was as bad as the pain in her breasts had been as he remade her body to better please him, on nothing but a sexual whim. Savos was right about her. The mere fact that he could do this proved it, didn’t it? She was his plaything. If she was good enough at being an angel to be worth her own body, her own wings, she wouldn’t be in hell and under his power, being raped in her every hole over and over until there was nothing left of her. “Yes, master…” she whispered.

The two other demons laughed. “The angel-bitch knows her place, at least. Most bitches are too stupid for that. They all try to scream that they shouldn’t be here, but after they take hundreds of cocks they realize that their mouth is only good for fucking,” Halvik laughed. He tugged at the chain of his slave, making the woman stand up. Her face was creased with pain as the demon almost tore the piercings out of her clit. She wobbled unsteadily on her feet, and Celestine was left to wonder if she truly hadn’t been allowed to stand for centuries. “Look at this one. She was kicking and screaming the first time I fucked her, but now she’s learned to drop her pussy on my cock the moment I look at her.”

Celestine was glancing at the demon’s slave, trying to imagine what horrible things she must’ve done to deserve such a fate. She tried not to feel to much sympathy… she knew that the woman was cruel and selfish, that she would hurt her or Sara without a second’s hesitation, but she still had to wonder what she could have done to end up suffering here. Was she a murderer? A rapist? Some kind of vile thief or evil abuser? She didn’t look evil or vile anymore, anyway. She just looked tired and numb and in pain.

Was that how Celestine looked? Or would she, soon enough? 

“Those two just needed some time being fucked by anything that wanted a piece of that ass and now they’ll do all I want to in order to not go back,” Savos said, pulling Celestine back up by her collar. “They were weak to start with. That, or maybe they were nothing but whores all along.”

Demons laughed. Of course, they found torture and abuse amusing, there was no surprise there. Still, even as her new, heavier breasts hung from her chest, Celestine found herself getting nervous. She knew there must’ve been a reason Savos brought them here beyond his desire to brag about him capturing an angel as his pet.

“As much as I like sharing stories of breaking these whores,” Gorolon said, rubbing his palms. “I don’t want to be left out of action. So how about we make this interesting so I can take my share of cunt too?”

“And what, exactly, is in it for us?” Savos asked. “You get to break our slaves in half, and we get what exactly?”

“A bitch that would take anything just to not get put back on my dick!” Gorolon smiled widely. “If you think demons back in the Fields made them nice and willing, let me show what real pain can do!”

Celestine swallowed hard. One look at the demon’s cock made her stomach churn with fear. She didn’t want to be anywhere close to him, much less have his spikes ripping up her cunt from inside. By the look of horror in Sara’s eyes, she shared the same thoughts.

“Fine,” Savos said. Celestine watched as he was about to push the redhead in the circle, but this time she was faster.

“I’ll do this for you, Master!” she said quickly. “I’ll do anything you want… I want to make you look good!”

For a moment he was taken aback by her being so willing when he didn’t even make an order. Celestine took advantage of his hesitation to step into the ring, and Savos didn’t stop her.

“Look at how eager the wingless bitch is,” Gorolon laughed. “Maybe she wants to thank you for her new tits!”

Halvik pushed his slave forward into the ring. “Or maybe I should use one of those collars, too.”

“They are pretty great,” Savos agreed. “It makes them so hungry they suck at each other all day.”

Celestine barely listened to what the demons were saying, only paying attention to the woman she was facing. They had “played” together for their masters before, and Celestine had watched her hurt others before, too. Despite all the abuse she obviously endured her body looked strong and healthy. She was slightly hunching her shoulders, trying to not make the chain pull at her nipples, but there was no chance she would hold back in a fight, and Celestine didn’t have the strength and speed she was accustomed to anymore. The other slave wasn’t looking at Celestine, she was looking through her, waiting for her master’s command.

“What are we waiting for?” Gorolon asked impatiently. “Make the sluts fight!”

“Thing,” Halvik said to his slave, making her turn in his direction. “Make it hurt.”

Celestine wasn’t sure if Savos said anything to her… she was too stunned by a sudden attack. With a growl, Thing jumped right at her, throwing her weight against her in a rush, shoving her down on her back. Celestine cried out in pain and shock as her head cracked against the ground. Before she could move away, the other woman stepped on her chest, making the angel’s ribs creak as she stomped down. Now Thing looked almost feral in her desire to win this fight. She was showing her teeth while watching as Celestine helplessly writhed under her.

“So much for being a warrior,” Halvik laughed.

“Looks like I’m getting some heavenly pussy today,” Gorolon agreed.

No, this wasn’t going to happen. Celestine was better than this. If she was given to Gorolon, she didn’t know when she would be back, or what could happen to Sara in the meantime… she didn’t know if there would be anything of her left by the time she got off of that cock. She needed to fight back, no matter what. Once again, the collar agreed… different reasons, but same result. She wanted to fight… and so it allowed, in a way that would put on the greatest show for her master.

Celestine grabbed for Thing’s chain, wrapped it around her fist and tugged. The woman let out a pained scream as blood stained Celestine’s skin. She never would have done this before being trapped in hell… she would heal, she would heal, she would heal, Celestine said it over and over. It didn’t make her feel any better. She was cruel. She was evil. She was here to be punished. Saying that didn’t make it feel better, either. Closing her eyes, she yanked, and felt something give as she ripped the piercing out of Thing’s clit. The woman’s scream echoed, and her cunt dripped blood, but Celestine’s goal was achieved – Thing moved her foot away, letting the angel roll free.

Celestine didn’t waste any time: she grabbed the other woman’s legs and pushed with everything she had, toppling the other blonde to the ground as well. Now they were in an equal position. Thing screamed, both at the surprise and the pain of the hot ground. She tried to kick Celestine off, but the angel already knew what horrible thing she needed to do… the collar forced her hand. She pushed Thing’s thighs apart, and drove her fist into the sore spot between her legs. The woman cried out in agony, but she recovered faster than Celestine would have expected, drawing back her own fists and driving them against the angel’s head with surprising force, making Celestine move away.

“These sluts are wild,” Gorolon said, arousal evident in his voice. Hearing him say that gave another push to Celestine. She didn’t want to get anywhere near him, so she needed to keep fighting.

Thing jumped on her and they rolled around on the ground, giving each other pinches and hits. At some point, Celestine felt a hard bite over her breast that made her squeal and move away… to her dismay, her new breasts seemed far more sensitive than her old ones had been. She lay on her stomach, being pressed to the ground, trying to decide what she could do to win, but Thing was faster. Before Celestine could do anything she wrapped the now free end of her chain around the angel’s neck, pulling at its ends hard.

Celestine struggled, but she knew this was the end. Here in hell, without her wings, without her angelic strength and toughness, she was little more than a normal woman, and she knew she had no way to escape the submission hold. Celestine felt the metal digging into her skin, squeezing her throat closed… she couldn’t take a breath and all she saw was Gorolon looking at her. He was impatient to fuck her, like any other demon before him, but she couldn’t take it. She didn’t want to know how it would feel to be torn by his cock, to feel his acidic cum burn away her insides. But she had lost and there was nothing she could do about it. She flailed, trying to push Thing off of her and not being able to put any real force behind her blows. Tears filled up her eyes and Celestine didn’t know if it was from being choked or from sheer desperation.

Then, suddenly, Thing stopped. Just as the angel punched her again, a punch no stronger than any of the others, the chain abruptly loosened and Celestine was finally able to take a breath. And while she struggled to catch her breath, she felt something else too… A gentle, almost weightless touch against the scars on her back, where her wings had been. Not losing any time, not sure what was going on, Celestine turned around and punched, hitting the woman in the jaw and making her fall to the ground. Thing didn’t fight back anymore, not even when Celestine sat on top of her, holding her wrists and making sure that she wouldn’t try anything else. But now, as she looked down into the damned woman’s eyes she saw something that wasn’t there just moments ago. Instead of emptiness or rage, there was sadness. Celestine could still feel the gentle touch on her scars.


The demons didn’t allow her to dwell on her thoughts any longer. “I suppose even one of the fallen is still better than a mortal fleshlight,” Savos said with a chuckle.

“I’ll take her anyway,” Gorolon said smiling as she stood up and moved to them. Celestine sprang up and made a step back, still afraid of him. But he didn’t care about the angel… he was coming for the prone human girl, taking his prey by the ankle and drugging her away.

“Get over here, cumdump,” Savos called for her and Celestine obediently moved closer. He pulled her into his lap, his hard cock pressed to her thigh. “Look at her. Both of you. And try to remember that this is what I can do to you if you ever forget how lucky you are that it’s I that own you.”

Forced to obey his command by the damned band around her throat, Celestine watched. Thing didn’t fight back at first when Gorolon sat back on his throne, grabbing her under the knees and opening her legs. Her slit was in full view, right above his cock that looked just as horrific as before. The wound to her clit had already repaired itself, Celestine noticed, and the chain now dangled freely from her breasts. The demon smiled, slowly letting her sink down. The moment his tip touched Thing’s entrance her apathetic serenity broke. The blonde screamed, smoke coming off her pink cunt. She shook like a leaf, tears running down her face, as Gorolon effortlessly overcame her resistance, the stinking monster mercilessly pushing her farther down. Inch by inch, he forced her to take all of his shaft inside. Smoke and steam that probably used to be flesh poured off of their union, and the reek grew stronger. If Celestine could have turned away she would have, but screams and the smell of burning flesh would still be present, imprinting in her memory forever.

Thing had allowed her to win. The cruel woman, who had hurt her without thought in the past, who had lashed out at anyone to save herself dozens of time, had allowed the angel to win and took the punishment herself… and Celestine didn’t understand why.

Why she was willing to endure this torture in Celestine’s place? The angel was obviously grateful… if it were her, she had no idea if her already decidedly wounded psyche would have remained intact, but… the woman was condemned to hell for her sins, was she not? Sara had been dragged here by what amounted to a cosmic joke, dragged down in the undertow when Celestine’s soul was hurled downward, but that couldn’t be common. Why would a person she had witnessed on numerous occasions acting cruel and dark and horrible and evil enough to have been condemned to hell sacrifice herself for Celestine?

She swallowed hard, watching as the torture continued, no less confused as time passed. Every time Gorolon pulled his cock away, blood and sickly green acid dripped out of Thing’s cunt. He always allowed her just a moment to heal before burying himself deep into her again.

It seemed to go on forever, long enough that Halvik rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you finished yet? I’m not going to train a new slut just because you permanently ruined this one and turned her catatonic,” Halvik called out.

“Oh don’t you worry about that,” he laughed, not minding the horrific screams of a woman that was impaled on his dick. “She’s going to be so happy to return to you that she will practically turn herself inside out if you ask, just to please you!”

Celestine had no idea how long the monster had raped her before Gorolon let go of the woman, but when she was thrown on the ground at his feet her legs were open and the angel could see with horrific clarity that her slit was now a burned-out hole. There was no cunt, no asshole on the woman anymore… just one open wound. A shiver went down her spine, and her lower stomach went tight… but she felt Savos’ cock hard against her legs. Her master liked what he saw and wanted to use his slave now.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked. Celestine, by way of answering stood up, just to sit back while taking his cock inside. She opened her legs and just a second later her wet clit was immediately met with Sara’s warm tongue.

“Yes master,” she moaned. “I want to have my cunt fucked up just like that.”

Savos squeezed her new, larger breasts as he was pushing his shaft inside his collar broken bitch, and Celestine realized that she had been wrong about how much more sensitive her new tits were. They weren’t just more sensitive, they were much, much, much more. “How much of an insane slut can you be, wingless bitch?” he laughed into her ear.

Celestine’s walls were tight and wet around him as she was moaning out, but she could still see as Thing got dragged away by her master. Despite her horrible wounds, there was still no mercy for her… Halvik placed the woman on her knees in front of him and started using her mouth. She was too hurt and exhausted to do any reasonable job of sucking, but he just put her in place and fucked her face like he was masturbating with it, using her throat like a sheath for his cock.

That woman had saved her. She… she gained nothing from it, and she had saved her.

And she had paid for it.

Celestine just closed her eyes, trying to forget about what she just thought as her cunt was once again filled with the demonic filth and Sara eagerly licked it off.

As the time went by Celestine couldn’t help but wonder how even hell could be so twisted and so… so… unfair! Sara was trapped here. Thing, the woman that had helped her without receiving anything in return, was there. One wrongly imprisoned woman in hell was a travesty, an injustice, a mistake. Two was a blunder, a massive oversight, a deep rooted flaw. In the years, or decades, or centuries, since meeting Thing, however, Celestine had found others. Now that she knew to look, she was finding them everywhere. Men and women who sacrificed to protect each other from the demons, no matter the cost to them. People that really didn’t deserve to be tortured and punished till the end of times. Whatever mistakes they had made, they had moved beyond them. They had changed… become something else.

Hundreds of them. Thousands. Who knows how many more people like that were down here? It didn’t make sense. One was a mistake. Two, a flaw. Thousands… something was wrong here. If her Maker was as kind and benevolent as she knew… as she thought… he was, how could he create such a place in the first place? How could he allow it to exist? There must’ve been a purpose, one that Celestine couldn’t see because she wasn’t an all-knowing entity, she was a simple servant. She couldn’t do anything to change it… she was caught in the system same as these poor women to be ground to paste by the gears of torment and inferno.

The more she thought about it the angrier she became – not only with the Maker but also with herself. What were all her oaths worth if she couldn’t help anyone? What was she worth if she lost her purity and with it the only connection she had to a higher power? That was the question she had to leave without an answer… she had been trying to find one for what felt like the age of the universe down here without any luck. She had to set her sights on something smaller… maybe there was still a fight she could win. Maybe there was still a chance for Celestine to change the course of someone’s fate for the better. Sara was beside her, being just as brutally abused as her, so if she couldn’t save anyone else, maybe Celestine could at least attempt to do the job she’d failed on Earth right.

“Did someone cut out your tongue, whore?” Savos asked as he was questing inside Celestine’s asshole with his cock like he thought there might be treasure buried inside. “Where is all the moaning and asking for more?” The angel was kneeling on all fours as her demonic master fucked into her from behind.

She didn’t even notice she wasn’t doing it. At this point the hold Savos had over her body was strong enough that she didn’t have to think about what she was doing, it just happened. “I love it when you stretch my asshole out,” Celestine moaned out as she moved her hips, feeling his hard shaft deeper inside her tight walls. “Please make it hurt, Master… I want it rough. Punish me for being so useless…”

“That’s better,” he smiled, grabbing Celestine’s hair like he always did. “I was starting to worry you forgot that you’re nothing but a slut that I own.”

“Both of us,” Sara whimpered from where the beautiful redhead lay next to them, playing with herself as she watched Celestine’s brutal assrape. “It’s all either of us are. Every time you’re not in my pussy, I just want more. Please, rape me master… I’m dying here without your dick…”

“You sluts just can’t stop fighting,” Savos groaned, covering Sara’s mouth with his hand and leaving scratches on her cheek all while pressing closer to Celestine and pushing the entirety of his member inside her asshole. It was no less painful now that it had been the very first time he had taken her like this. Each time, she healed tight once more, like he had yet to plunder her guts. Even after… Celestine gave up even trying to guess how long, she was still the perfect fuck for him, each and every time she was raped. “Wait for your turn, whore.”

“Make my ass leak with your cum,” Celestine moaned, her walls getting tighter around the demon’s cock.

“You love it, don’t you? The filth, the blood, the shame… Who knew a wingless bitch like you would end up so fucked up?” he breathed into her ear. “Would you still ask for my cum without that collar, I wonder?” Savos punched the back of her head, making her collapse to the ground, dazed with her world spinning. “Guess it doesn’t really matter. After all, you were the one who chose to put that on and be a cum dumpster.”

Savos grabbed Celestine’s hips so hard he left palm prints over her delicate skin. He was impaling her on his cock as her breasts bounced in the air. She felt familiar warmth as her master filled her with his seed, her body instantly healing, ready for another round of rape… But Savos had other plans. As he pulled away, leaving Celestine with shaking legs and a wet cunt, he got closer to Sara.

“Your turn, insatiable whore,” he smiled. Savos pulled Sara by the legs so her ass was hanging from the edge of the bed. The redhead smiled lustfully as she felt the incubus’s hand twisting her nipples. Her legs were already spread for him, her slit wet, but her body could lie… her eyes couldn’t. In her gaze, Celestine still saw the same fear and desperation.

“You don’t really want her, do you?” the angel smiled seductively, getting closer. She pushed her palm between Sara’s legs, spreading the slickness around. “Look at her… she’s just a common whore. You’ve taken thousands of those… what’s the difference? There is only one heaven-forged pussy that you can have right this moment.”

Savos looked over at Celestine, an unreadable expression on his face. He was probably wondering if this fight over his cock was by his design or if it was just the angel going crazy. To sweeten the deal, Celestine leaned farther down, licking over the tip of his cock with her tongue.

“Fuck off!” Sara screamed, trying to shove her former guardian away. “Can’t you see I’m getting some?”

“You know what, you’re right,” Savos said, letting go of Sara. He tilted Celestine’s head up, pushing his member closer to her face. “Show me how much you want to be fucked. And it better be good”

Sara was still whining about the fact that she didn’t get fucked while the angel got to work. She opened her mouth, pressing her full lips tightly around Savos’ shaft, teasing his tip with her tongue. She knew how he liked it; he’d trained her to do this over the thousands, millions, of times he had forced her to suck his cock. This time, though, Celestine was putting in as much effort as she could… her conscious mind and her collar in agreement again. If she was good enough, she could make him forget about Sara for a few moments.

“Fuck, you are enjoying it!” Savos laughed as he watched Celestine put an effort into taking him fully in. Her face was pressed to his stomach, his cock deep into her throat as she fucked her own face every bit as violently as the demon ever had. “Who knew that breaking you would be this easy?”

Celestine just kept sucking him as if her life depended on it. She rolled her tongue around his tip every time Savos was pulling out and hollowed her cheeks to make her mouth nice and tight for him. She was good at that – before she knew it her mouth was filled with the familiar foul taste of his cum that she swallowed down.

“Look at me,” he ordered and Celestine immediately lifted her head, staring into his eyes, trying to hide the loathing and hatred she felt in the gaze. “You’re a perfect, twisted little slut. Keep this up and maybe I will let you stay forever.” He probably thought of it as a compliment, but Celestine barely cared. She saw Savos getting his hands back on Sara, who squealed with excitement at the prospect of her cunt finally being destroyed by her beloved master.

“Oh, please, just fuck me. I only feel good when you cum inside me,” the redhead was moaning out at a simple touch. “I’m worthless without your dick inside me…”

“Why do you need this slut?” Celestine purred as she pressed her full breasts, the breasts that he must love because he had taken the time to give her them, against his back. “Why waste your time on her when you haven’t even filled my cunt yet today?”

“Just sit on her face,” Savos said, annoyance evident on his face. “I’m going to fuck you when I want to, not when you ask for it you dumb slut.”

Celestine, however, wasn’t about to give up. She had her goal, no matter how small and meaningless it might be, and she was sticking to it. So she straddled Sara’s waist, looking down where the redhead shook with pleasure as Savos entered her. Celestine leaned down, running her tongue over Sara’s clit, tasting her juices and hearing her moans. She moved farther, to her entrance, grazing her tongue around the hole and over Savos’ shaft every time he pulled out. Celestine’s tongue was insistent and the demon couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he groaned, painfully pulling the angel up by her long hair. “Have you completely lost your mind, whore?”

“I just wanted to have you inside of me again,” she whined with the most seductive smile she could muster. “A common whore like her is not worthy of your cock, master… trust me…”

His eyes narrowed. “Trust you?” he asked calmly. Celestine knew she was in trouble, she knew that she would get hurt, but did it matter if she achieved her goal? If Sara wasn’t in the hands of the rapist just for a few more moments? “So that’s what this is about…” he growled slowly. I didn’t expect a wingless slut goodie-two-shoes to be this tricky. My mistake, I guess…” Savos shoved Celestine on the ground. As she tried to get on her feet he stepped on her palm, putting his whole weight onto it. She whimpered in pain as her bones started to crack.

“I guess you really haven’t learned anything, no matter how many eternities you spend here. I’m sure even the Creator’s most pessimistic moments, even an omniscient God couldn’t have predicted it was possible to create an angel as stupid as you.” He leaned forward, making her bones crack painfully. “Still trying to play a guardian? Still trying to save the bitch?” he screamed at Celestine, kicking her in the stomach. She rolled on the ground, dust covering her face and getting into her lungs. “You still think you’re anything but an insignificant, useless fucktoy? I will show you what happens with the sluts who try to outsmart me. No more healing for you, slut… not until you’ve learned your lesson, once and for all.”

As Celestine was once again trying to get back up, Savos grabbed her by the shoulder and lifted her, pushing the angel onto his throne. She felt leaking cunts against her slit and endless tits against her back. “I will get you so fucked up you will pray I send you back into the Fields for an eternity,” he kept cursing her, his expression outraged. If Celestine could think about anything else than buying time for Sara, she would’ve heard what was hiding behind those words, what made Savos this mad with her – the fact that, despite everything, her spirit wasn’t broken yet… that she was still fighting against the bond he had over her mind.

She didn’t enjoy the dubious comfort of his disgraceful incubus throne for too long, however – A second later, Savos moved Celestine, turning her body upside down, her long legs getting on either side of the chair’s back while her head was hanging from the edge of the seat.

“Don’t close your eyes, slut,” he commanded her, furious. “You close your eyes for a second, I’ll put them out… and Sara’s too.” With that, Savos drove his hard shaft deep into Celestine’s throat. His cock was choking her, her throat constricting all around him, as his balls were laying over her face. She couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, not even a whisper. The feeling was almost familiar after the endless number of times Savos had used her like that, but this time he didn’t pull out. Instead, he let her cough and gag, let her feel the burning in her lungs, to helplessly move her hands in an attempt to push him away that didn’t help. Finally, she was allowed a breath.

“You like that?” Savos laughed. “Of course you did. There is nothing about you that’s pure. You’re a filthy slut who’s only good for gagging on cock.”

Celestine coughed. “Yes Mastuuurk!” He interrupted her by slamming himself back into the angel’s throat, making tears fall from her eyes. That wasn’t the worst of it, though… not even close. As Savos was shoving his cock deep inside her mouth his hands went to her slit. She screamed around him in pain as she felt his fingers inside her cunt, tugging at the edges of her entrance, painfully stretching it out.

“Look at this gaping hole,” the demon smiled. “I bet half of the hell’s demons can fuck you at once right now. But it’s not perfect, not yet.”

As Savos was getting more and more aroused by the torture his seed started getting into Celestine’s throat. She wasn’t able to swallow it, not while hanging upside down, so she just waited for another moment when he pulled away and coughed it all out. Cum was dripping into her eyes, making them burn, her nostrils full of it.

“We’re almost there,” Savos laughed, pushing his cock back into the tortured angel’s throat. He was still just as hard as he had been before cumming, leaving only the foul jizz dripping down her face as evidence of her disgrace. “I saw how you looked at that slave girl Gorolon ruined,” he said, smirking. “If you’re going to spend eternity serving every demon with a cock, I’ll give you a final present… one hole that you can use to serve all of them!”

Celestine’s body went cold with fear once she realized what Savos meant, but it was too late. She screamed around his shaft as his sharp nails dug into her, her mind flirting with madness as the incubus ripped her pussy apart. Blood dripped down her body front and back as he tore her cunt and ass to shreds. The tear went both sides, connecting her cunt and her asshole, but also completely destroying her clit. She was shaking in shock, almost mindless with agony as she shuddered through trauma that would have killed any living human. 

The cock in her mouth twitched. “Now you’re ready for me,” Savos declared. “Let’s ‘christen’ that new fuckhole the way it should be.” Savos pulled away from the sobbing and screaming Celestine just to push her down to the ground. He grabbed her hips, standing behind the weeping angel. She didn’t get a single moment to feel the pain go away when she felt it even sharper, deep into her.

“Not so tight anymore,” Savos laughed, as he pushed his cock into a bloody open wound. “But still a perfect slut!” He grabbed her breasts from behind, squeezing Celestine’s hard nipples as he kept fucking into the torn wound that was now in the place of her holes. She kept crying, her beautiful face covered in demon’s cum, her body violated in this new disgusting way. “Pathetic little whore thinks she had a purpose still,” Savos mocked, cruelly using her body in the more foul ways imaginable. “You think you have any purpose but what you do for my cock? Let me tell you something I’ve learned, bitch… let me let you in on the cosmic joke of your existence…”

He continued raping her, even as he spoke. “You want to protect her because you don’t think she belongs here?” Savos snarled. “That’s the joke… none of you whores do. Or at least, most of them. You haven’t noticed how many good people are trapped down here? You haven’t noticed that hell has just won?” He laughed as he slammed his cock in and out of her, his hands smashing down on her body like weapons as he did. “Heaven is probably empty, you vacant slut. Everyone is down here. You wonder why I would want to be a demon? It’s better to rule in hell than suffer there, dumb whore.”

Celestine screamed at his words, but unknowable as the truth was, it felt true to her… her own doubts seeming to confirm it for her. As she couldn’t heal, Celestine felt every bit of pain Savos was inflicting on her, praying silently for it all to end. But who was she praying to? To her Maker, who showed time and time again that he didn’t care about her being tortured and ripped apart? The Maker who had let her be condemned here, who had trapped others who should be in Paradise to languish in hell forever? Maybe it was time to let go of the thought that she would ever be saved.

“Take it, whore” Savos groaned, as his cum filled the emptiness inside Celestine. His seed stung on the open wound, and she hoped that she would finally be left alone, but it wasn’t all. As a final blow, Savos gripped the angel’s nipples even harder, before ripping them off of her breasts. Another sharp scream tore from Celestine’s throat, but she didn’t care. She was nothing but a ball of pain and filth when Savos left her laying on the ground, his cock and groin still covered in the angel’s blood.

“And this is one of the warriors of heaven demons are supposed to be afraid of?” he laughed, kicking Celestine under her ribs. “You’re nothing but dirt under my feet, so learn your place, scum.” He turned and strode away, humming a tune to himself as he left a disgraced and broken angel behind him.

Celestine lay there for what felt like an eternity, sharp pain making her curl on the ground that was stained with her blood. Her tears had dried out, but she was still shaking. Savos wasn’t around to give her any more kicks or hits and she was grateful for it, but… he was good to his word. She wasn’t healing.

“Celestine!” she heard a familiar voice. Sara was standing on her knees, gently pulling her guardian’s head onto her knees. “Oh, God… this looks bad”

Celestine didn’t answer, silently enjoying the touch that wasn’t meant to hurt her. Sara rubbed her shoulders, too afraid to move her more than that. “Why?” Sara sobbed. “Why wouldn’t you let me protect you?”

Protect… her?

The angel laughed. “I’m not worth it,” Celestine finally said through her dry lips. “That’s okay… At least he didn’t touch you.”

“Was that what you were trying to do?” Sara asked. “Trying to keep me safe?”

Celestine just nodded. She felt blood drying out in her slit. It couldn’t flow out forever, not when she was already dead. It wasn’t like the angel could die a second time, healing or not healing.

“You shouldn’t have done it” Sara shook her head. “I can take it, but I can’t lose you and go through all of this alone!”

Celestine swallowed hard hearing this confession. “How can you say that?” she sobbed. “How can you say it when I’m the one who failed you? It’s my fault you’re trapped here. I should take all of this… every single bit. I deserve it.”

Sara breathed out, looking Celestine in the eyes. “You can’t blame yourself. There was nothing you could’ve done to save me. I might as well say that I was too naive to protect myself and that would be true as well.”

“You don’t understand!” Celestine insisted. She got up on her arms, feeling pain echoing in every part of her body as she did it. Sara was there to help her, holding her guardian across the body. “You ended up here. Because I was stupid enough to get killed, helpless enough to allow him to take away my purity. And now you’re stuck here. I should’ve been the only one taking this punishment all along!”

Sara looked at Celestine with deep sadness as she moved the angel’s hair away from her dirty face. She breathed out, trying to think about anything that could change Celestine’s mind.

“I know you think that it’s your fault. I know you believe you deserve it, but look around,” her tone was firm, but gentle, making Celestine listen to every word the dead girl was saying. “Do you think all the people we saw being tortured still deserve their punishment? After thousands of years of suffering do they still need more to atone for their sins? And yet they’re stuck. Just like you and me. Do you really think I deserve this measurably less than any of them? Less than you?”

“That’s not true!” Celestine still shook her head. “They might be worth saving, you’re worth saving, but not me. Not after I lost everything that made me who I am!”

“Then who you are?” Sara asked. “What did you lose?”

“I… I…”

“You’re a guardian,” the redhead said, stroking her blonde hair. “Someone who would sacrifice themselves to keep others safe, no matter the cost to them. Something that you just did. Purity? Purity?” She snorted. “Did God tell you that was important?”

Celestine paused. “Well…” she swallowed softly. “No.”

Sara chuckled softly. “Humans are dumb,” she said, shaking her head. “Just because some of us might have valued it, considered it important, doesn’t make you less for having ‘lost’ it. You protected me because of who you are. Without your purity. Without your wings. Without your strength. That’s who you are… not any of the other things.”

Celestine went silent for a long moment, trying to process Sara’s words. Maybe, she was right. Maybe. She hadn’t thought of it that way before. And that… that raised some questions.

“What are you doing?” the redhead asked, watching Celestine force herself to rise up with a pained groan. “Let me help you”

“No” Celestine stopped her. “This is something I should do alone.”

“Do what?”

“Give myself a second chance.”

Sara took her arm anyway, and helped her up. “Doesn’t mean you have to be alone,” she said, helping the unsteady, wobbling angel to her feet. “What do you need?”

Celestine nodded in gratitude. “T-thank you,” she whispered. “Outside. The sulfur flows.”

The nearest roasting pit was practically right there, but it took the bloodied, weakened Celestine some time to get to it. She hadn’t been here since the day she had been first delivered to Savos in hell. Now she was back, staring down. The air got hotter even as she was standing near, looking at the bubbling liquid. Her body was torn apart and violated, her spirit broken endless times and she was degraded to nothing more than a collar-wearing pet. This is what she was… or not?

All the time she spent on Earth she knew what she had to do, led by commands that were sent to her by Heaven, but here, in Hell, without hope or guidance, it was no surprise she felt lost. But Sara was right, she was a guardian: That was the essence of Celestine. She was made to save, to protect and she couldn’t deny that there were enough people in need of saving in Hell.

As she stared down into the pit, her collar was strangely silent. It was never this silent, not even when Savos wasn’t there… but now it was almost completely gone, its whispers barely audible in her mind. Ultimately, Celestine had a single decision to make. Hell was… cruel. It was unjust. It was evil. No one, not even the worst of them, deserved an eternity here… not if they could change. Not if they could seek redemption. She was sure of that… and that presented a problem. There was no way to square its existence with a Creator worthy of her belief. That left her with two possibilities.

In one possibility, her faith in her Creator was entirely misplaced. He knowingly created a place like this, a place of suffering without redemption, a place of change where no one had an opportunity to be better, an unjust world where the innocent could suffer for eternity. She had prayed to him millions of times, and he was all-knowing… he knew, just as well as any, that Sara did not belong here… that most of the people down here, if they ever had, didn’t any longer. God was cruel, the universe he created was cruel, and He was never worthy of devotion, love, or service.

In the other possibility, everything she had believed about hell was wrong.

She could find out. She could find out right now. All it would take was having faith. All she needed to do was believe, in the depths of her soul, that the nagging suspicion that haunted her was right… that the Creator was good, and loved all his creations, and he did have a plan for all of them. All it would take was to leap off a cliff and believe that her Father would be there to catch her.

She stared down at the roasting pit. She couldn’t heal, not with Savos’ control. If she made that leap, she might end up even in a worse state, with her flesh burned out, trapped in agony for who knew how long… maybe forever. Would Savos even pull her out? Would she even want to be pulled out? Was that a risk Celestine was willing to take, compared to the bitter comfort of cynicism, of doubt? She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, searching inside herself for something that would give her a right answer, a voice that would tell her what to do. But there was none. Celestine was alone in this.

But she wasn’t afraid anymore.

“You are a good person, Sara,” she whispered. “I love you… and so does God.” And Celestine took one step forward and toppled forward, down into the boiling liquid sulfur.

It hurt worse than she remembered. Celestine felt the agony of her burning skin as it was evaporating off her muscles, the pain piercing through her whole body as she flopped around in the agony of the pit, reflexively trying to get back out and to safety. Every nerve ending in her body was burned up, but she felt the anguish somewhere far deeper than mere chemical processes in her brain as her being was melted and boiled and obliterated away in the hellfire. She had no way to tell if it was working. Everything hurt, having burned herself down to the bone. This couldn’t be the end, it simply couldn’t. She wouldn’t believe it.

Then, as suddenly as it had come, burning pain changed to a cool calmness. Celestine breathed in, sitting up, feeling like the pain was leaving her body in a rush. In control of her body again, she was able to grab the edge of the river of sulfur and slowly agonizingly, pull herself out of it… looking down at her hand as new, tingling skin was forming over her naked flesh and bones. She stood up, feeling lightness that she almost forgot after all the horrors she was submitted to. Her body was healed, renewed.

The Creator did still love her.

Celestine felt also weightless… like she was bouncing on her feet on the stone. Hell didn’t even feel warm anymore. She felt like she’d had a week’s sleep, a meal, and the freedom to meditate and pray. And the light…

Never in her life had she felt anything so warm. So pure. It enveloped her, holding her in a warm embrace almost like a lover but warmer. It was the embrace of a child pulled out of a well, that of a man lost in a cave when he spots the rescuer’s lantern. It was the breath of hope of the damned, the stay of an execution as the axe began to fall, the feeling of safety when you woke from the nightmare and your parents were there. She felt safe. She felt warm. She felt safe.

Then the light faded, and for the first time in an eternity Celestine spread her wings.

Celestine’s heart filled with joy, even as she felt a relaxing chill of sheer comfort running down her back. They hung heavy on her back, a comfortable, familiar heaviness. Her wide powerful wings were back in their place, like if they were never torn out. Celestine couldn’t even describe the feeling that was bubbling inside her. Happiness felt too dull and plain for it, what she was experiencing now felt more like ecstasy.

Hell wasn’t what she thought, at all. The Creator wouldn’t leave His children to suffer for eternity. Hell wasn’t a prison… it was a crucible. A place to test the strength of a soul… to burn away impurities. A place where, eventually, even the worst people could earn a place in paradise. Harsh, perhaps, but having met people like Savos, it was possible some people required such harshness to find their best selves, someday. Like smelted ore, eventually hell would leave only the gold behind. It had certainly burned away Celestine’s doubts… now, in a moment of revelation, she could acknowledge her own doubts, her own moments of disbelief, her own weaknesses and prides and arrogances. No longer. She saw things clearly now… more than she ever had since she had been created among the heavens, Celestine was sure of herself, sure of her place in Creation. Hell had done that to everyone down here… burning the darkness away. The only problem was, once trapped here, His children couldn’t escape.

So He had sent them a savior.

She walked confidently towards the staring Sara, watching her approach with wide eyes. In this moment, it didn’t matter whom it was He had sent… Sara, or Celestine. Maybe it was both. It didn’t matter: What mattered was that the Creator did have a plan… and now, Celestine was pretty sure she understood what it was. No… she had faith she knew what it was.

There still was one thing that kept her away from having full control. Her powers still felt muted… like she was walking through molasses. Like she was underwater, and her thoughts needed to fight through. The light was bright enough she could feel it anyway, but it wasn’t as glorious as it should have been. She pulled at the collar around her neck, the collar that had somehow survived the roasting pit. She squeezed it between her fingers, feeling it… and if she wasn’t so filled with disgust she might have laughed. She put it on herself, she recalled. Like hell, the collar wasn’t what she thought at all. She should have known. Savos had no ability to bind her powers, to restrict her mind, to enslave her. Her own doubt and self loathing and lack of faith – in the Creator, and in herself – had done that. She had been the one who gave away her power.

And it was time to take it back.

Celestine tugged at the leather strap that seemed nothing more than that, but it wouldn’t tear in her hands. This was the thing she allowed to control her actions? It was the thing that kept her bound to sadist that kept tormenting her? It was time to turn it into something better, something greater. Celestine pulled her hand up, clasping the collar in her palm, and reminded herself of a fundamental truth. The power binding her wasn’t from Savos. It was her… and he couldn’t stop her. With a single, sharp pull, Celestine took back what was hers. In a single moment, the collar snapped… and as it left her neck, sweeping away from her body, it transformed between one heartbeat and a second into the solid steel of a sword, blazing with the purest white flame she had ever imagined.

She was free.

Now it was time to give that freedom to everyone else.

She turned, and the tip of her swore cut away Sara’s collar as cleanly as it would have butter. “Celestine…” Sara said, her eyes wide. “How…”

Celestine embraced her. The angel needed to be careful not to squeeze too hard… her strength was back, overwhelming strength. She had forgotten how this felt. “You did this,” she whispered. “This is because of you.”

“No, it’s because of you,” Sara whispered, wrapping her own arms around her guardian angel in turn. “You saved me. You saved us all.” She left out a breath, and to Celestine it felt like the saint had been holding that breath for a million years of torment. “Thank you…”

“No…” she said, smiling broadly. “Thank you…” Then, reluctantly, she let go of the embrace and raised her sword to a guard position. “Stay behind me,” she said simply. Then, confidently, she strode forward into the Rape Fields surrounding the Incubus’ domain.

Celestine looked around, shaking her head in amazement as she walked through the fields untouched. She had been so blinded by her own self hatred not to see it sooner. She watched with amusement as, all around her, demons fled from the light of the angel as she strode forward, running away in horror after giving a single look to her blade. They left their tortured victims behind, making Celestine smile wider. Behind the demonic hatred for angels like her and their ruinous lust for sex and destruction, there wasn’t rage. There was sheer terror. They were terrified of her, fleeing at the sight of a servant of the Creator able to stand up to them.

All of them but one. 

“What have you done!” She heard his angry scream before she saw him, turning to see the one demon who wasn’t fleeing in fear. There he was. Savos, her tormentor. The man whom she had feared for… eternity. The one who had hurt Sara, the one who had killed her, enslaved her, damned himself to hell.

She was struck suddenly by how small and pathetic he looked in the white light of her sword.

“I took what was mine. The concept must be foreign for you: After all, all you take are things that are not yours.” She was coming closer to him, not feeling even a bit of the fear that she experienced when facing Savos before. “You take what you want, who you want… And now it’s time to stop.”

“Stupid bitch! You can do nothing!” he kept going while still stepping away from the holy flame.

Celestine looked around, seeing a familiar face in the crowd that started to form around them. The crowd of people, not demons, standing in the shelter of her light. Looking at Savos and the demons slowly backing up behind him. They looked at the angel with hope in their eyes, making Celestine feel something warm deep inside of her. She was here for them, to help every single one of those tortured souls. The people moved away, letting Sara step forward, behind Celestine’s back.

“If you’re so sure,” the angel said slowly, feeling the saint’s warm palm on her shoulder. “Why do you keep moving away?” She took another step forward.

Savos stepped back, trying to avoid the flaming sword. And as he did, he tripped over the uneven grounds of the torture fields and fell. On the way to the ground, the demon features faded from him. The power that he had used to descend as a demon, the power he had gained from killing her… that had been hers as well, and she took it back like she had everything else.

Her tormentor looked up at her from the ground. “Fine then!” he snarled. “What are you going to do? Going to kill me with your shiny new toy?” Savos growled through his teeth, still trying to find a way out. “It’s not what the angels do. You’re too fucking good and pure.”

“You’re right,” Celestine smiled. “But I don’t need to punish you, Savos. Take a look around at where you are.”

And for the first time, her captor seemed to realize that he was a human. Alone. In a crowd of demons. In Hell.

In the next second, he was buried beneath them.

Celestine held her sword high, and a brilliant, white hole ripped open in the sky, letting daylight flood into the crimson darkness of hell. All around her, Millions of souls began to rise into the air, floating towards the rift she had opened… the escape from this place. Millions, or billions, of people who had been trapped in hell… but not everybody.

Most looked up towards the light. Others cowered away, in terror… curling in on themselves. Fearful and doubting. It was enough to make Celestine’s heart ache. They were being held prisoner still… not by the demons, but by their own doubt. By their guilty conscience weighing them down like an anchor. She could bring the innocent with her… but not everyone would be ready to go.

She looked at those left behind with horror… but swore herself a solemn oath, then and then. She would be back for them. She promised.

Because for the first time in a very, very long time, she felt like there really was a plan… for everyone, and that she could see her part in it.

Celestine picked Sara up in her arms, and with a last look around, the angel launched herself into the sky… flying with the effortless grace of someone born to it, for whom walking was the less natural form of transit. Upward she shifted, heading towards the white light herself. “What comes next?” Sara asked, her face serene as she rested it on Celestine’s shoulder. 

“Now we’ll go to a place where we belong,” Celestine answered.

“Am I going to like heaven?” she asked dreamily.

“I don’t know,” Celestine said with a smile. “Paradise is for the departed. I’ve never been there. But I suspect we will.” She grinned at the redhead as they, and billions of redeemed souls passed through the aperture out of hell, rising up, up, up. “Have faith.”

4 thoughts on “Angel’s Fall – Chapter 5 – Angel’s Ascent

  1. Haven’t been able to read a lot of your stories these past couple weeks so I’ve been trying to catch up! Really cool to see updates to some of your older stories 🙂 Angels Fall was one of the first stories I read of yours (the first being The Lone Fox) and it’s stayed one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for religious smut, what can I say 😇


  2. Well, I’ve decided not to continue catching up on Lone Fox, since I don’t want to distract Darinost as he writes, and the end is upon us anyway.

    *sigh* What else could I review tonight? 😉

    This is…wonderful? *laughs* Weird to say considering how dark this gets, but it’s true. I reread the first four chapters in preparation for reviewing this, and I’m really impressed with how much you tied these things together, considering both that they were written years apart and that while you conceived of both, there are ultimately two different authors at play as well. I don’t just mean that you carried over plot elements like the collars, but that new elements introduced still feature some of the established patterns of the earlier chapters. The earlier Hell chapters, after all, featured a very wide aesthetic range concerning the demons, including toad-like creatures, the head-tower demon, the Frankenstein’s monster patch and stitch demons and one made out of solid rock, so they can really look like anything.

    Given that, I like the designs of the two new demon characters, Halvik and Gorolon. Halvik is another “demon classic”, from what I got, but Gorolon’s crust over acid idea is pretty cool and takes advantage of the “anything goes” creative freedom. That acid’s pretty horrific, of course, which is the other thing you managed to carry over: the level of brutality. The acid rape is one, and the mutilation near the end is another.

    And then, of course, there’s the part that was kind of my idea. You threw giving Celestine bigger breasts out there as a joke, and I was fool enough to have the thought that Savos would want to “improve” her breasts.

    The incubus put his hand on the top of Celestine’s head as he turned her to face him. “I’m going to make you pretty… you should thank me.” He squeezed her head, holding her by it. Then he reached down, grabbed a hold of one of her breasts, and pulled.


    “Thing” (fuck you story) is a minor character, but she does pique interest nonetheless. In part, I think this is because she’s the only other non-demon character, but there is also something about the chapter’s setting that makes one wonder. It’s like in any prison movie: “What are you in for?” Celestine figures, correctly, that after enough time passes it doesn’t really matter, but at the same time one does wonder.

    I realize that not everyone is going to like quite how the ending goes, but while it does deviate from some of what we discussed in our email conversation almost a year ago, I think it’s actually a very clever way of working within the restrictions of a single chapter. It would be difficult to bring the story to a close this quickly (with Celestine gaining the ability to cut her way out of Hell, for lack of a better term) and have it feel earned…unless that was in and of itself part of the plan; unless two fundamentally good people being dragged to Hell didn’t happen by accident, and harsh though it is, they were in fact right where they needed to be.

    While I’m also aware that the phrase “have faith” can come across as kind of cheesy depending on the circumstances, here I think it works. Maybe it is cheesy, but I think it goes to character. Celestine was a little on the cynical side when she was introduced in Chapter 1, so I imagine she’s so excited by her shift in the optimistic direction that she’s…”bubbly” is definitely the wrong word, but she’s in a new emotional state where she’s completely unafraid of saying something like that to Sara. For the first time in a very long time, there is light at the end of the tunnel; who cares if what she says sounds a little corny?

    I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I want you to know, that no matter what is said, no matter what happens in the future, what will not change is how incredibly thankful I am to you for writing this. I fully appreciate what making this gesture means, and I am touched by it.


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