One Act of Defiance Ch 7 – Poppy

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Riven thought that being given to Wukong for a few hours each day wouldn’t be much of a difference. It wasn’t like she would get raped any more with him around than she usually did with Ahri, and Ahri was far more creative than the insolent monkey athlete. That was all true, too… But unfortunately, she hadn’t taken into account one important fact. Ahri didn’t want to physically exert herself to make Riven miserable every second of the day… but Wukong, it appeared, did.

And for some things, creativity really didn’t matter.

The monkey drove his fist into her belly, making the white haired girl gasp as she hung from the bag. She gagged, her stomach heaving as she almost threw up, the punching bag she was tied to swaying violently. Her hands were tied above her head, attached to the chain that held the bag up, while her legs were also pulled up almost to her ears and tied in place. One final rope around her waist finished holding her in place, helplessly, as he drove his fists into her stomach and breasts again and again, turning her body into a massive set of purple and black bruises. “Yeah!” Wukong shouted as he slammed his knuckles into her left breast hard enough to make her sway before he shoved a pair of fingers into her cunt. “That’s what I’m talking about!”

He did this almost every day… “working out” with her in between raping her. Frequently, he mixed them… as the seed leaking from her holes gave testament to. Pressing against her, the athlete shoved fingers into her holes, sawing in and out of her sore cunt as he leaned in and kissed her. Once she would have bit him instantly… but that instinct had been beaten out of her. Now, he bit her lip instead after a few seconds, before he pulled back and punched her across the jaw. It cracked her head to the side, ringing her brain and making her taste blood in her mouth as her mind wandered, dazed, confused, and horribly overwhelmed.

“Take it you little fucking cunt!” he growled before punching her in the gut. She would have doubled up if she had the freedom to move. Instead, she just hung there in place for a second punch to her stomach. “You have no fucking idea how long I’ve waited to do this, you self-indulgent, self-satisfied bitch!” he said as he pulled back and punched her right in the face. Her head snapped back into the bag as she sagged against it, blood leaking from her broken nose.

Riven couldn’t see anything for long seconds at all, her vision white with the pain, and when her sight came back it was blurry for a while… her eyes filled with tears as the world spun around her. Another punch. A second. A third… and then a cock, slamming deep into her asshole. “Still so tight,” he said with amazement. “Even after half the school has fucked it. I guess all that practice spent holding that stick up your ass paid off, huh you pale haired slut!?”

Riven grunted with each thrust, but she didn’t scream… not until he started punching her stomach while he fucked her. “Little. Fucking. Whore!” he yelled with each one, thrusting harder and harder. “You thought you were better than us? You’re nothing but a beaten fucktoy. I’m not even raping you… I’m just beating myself off with your worthless body!” He punched her in the face again, and Riven drifted as she saw stars. The white haired girl could barely focus, and the gym spun wildly around her as her tongue lolled out of her mouth, blood and drool mixing to drip across her tits. He paused punching long enough to smear it around her face some more, holding her still and punching her in the belly again and again, then her tits. Wukong then spit in her face and really rammed into her, swinging the heavy bag like it was a mount made for fucking sluts on it.

Riven gasped as he grabbed her neck with one hand, continuing to punch her with the other while he squeezed. “How many men do you think have fucked you already, bitch?” Wukong asked while she choked. “Do you have any idea how many loads you have swimming up in this thing you call a body? You’re more like a skinsack condom than a person at this point.” She could barely struggle, and Riven was pretty sure she had cracked ribs, but she had to struggle anyway as he choked her, squeezing her windpipe shut… and milking his cock in the process. He only stopped when she started turning purple and her once struggling body went limp. Then he fucked her even harder, raping her barely conscious body, her tits rocking with her dead looking, dazed eyes staring seemingly right through him.

He continued… giving her just long enough to collect herself while he “just” fucked her before he started beating her again, steadying her, stopping her from swaying, then driving his fist into her again and again. Riven whimpered softly as he beat and raped her, her screams breathless and still present as he fucked and beat and raped and punched her until he was sick of her screams, choking her again as he raped her worthless, filthy ass until he squirted his load up into it. Weak, trembling, barely able to focus, Riven still felt it as her bowels were flooded with his seed, adding to the cum dripping out of her as he ripped himself out, wiping his sloppy cock off on her leg.

She thought that might be it… she was too woozy to consider if he was finished or not. Riven could barely see Wukong in front of her… and because of that, she didn’t see as his fist pulled back. She only felt the agonizing pain as he flattened her already-broken nose again, and she didn’t really feel much after that anymore. She only knew he fucked her again, beating her the whole time… stuffing her sloppy cunt. Thrust, punch. Thrust, punch. Thrust, punch. Grab her tits and crush them. Thrust. Nail digging into her breasts. Thrust. Slap her face. Thrust. Squirt his load up her pussy. Punch across the side of her face. Stars. Then she could only hear him laughing as he walked away, done for the moment… gone to get water. Gone to relax and recover so he could do it to her again.

It didn’t matter if she could take it. He decided what she could take… All Riven could do was endure.

Some days, Poppy wondered if it was actually possible to fuck a girl to death. Every other day, she knew it didn’t matter what she thought – one way or the other, she was going to find out. The yordle was lying on the wooden table with cum dripping down her face to pool in her eyesockets, already threatening to glue her eyes show. She’d already been beaten and fucked for hours today, and she saw no chance that that was going to change… there was nothing to see but the nightmare she lived in by opening her eyes. She forced herself to open them anyway.

Laying here, on the table, she could see through the one way mirror into the “relief room,” as they called it. It didn’t live up to its name. Instead, it was basically a gloryhole… the other wall was into one of the men’s bathrooms in the school, one that all the right people… those in the know… knew to stop by to get their dicks taken care of. From here, she could see Lulu in the first of them, strapped into position. They really didn’t need to tie her up, not after weeks of raping and beating her, but they did it anyway… chaining her ankles to the middle of the room and tying her arms behind her back seemingly just out of sheer spite. She didn’t need anyone in there to make her behave anymore, either… she sucked on the cock sticking through the wall like she was worshiping at the altar of some god she had offended and was desperate to appease. The men who came in every hour of the day didn’t seem to know, or care, which girl was on the other side of the wall, and if they had a thought that she was less than willing they never seemed to show that concern.  They just presented her with a never-ending string of cocks to suck.

Poppy had to watch her friend suffer, because there was nothing she could do to save her at this moment. Some hero she was… the most she had managed to do for her friends was that at least they weren’t being humiliated publicly. That was the absolute limit of what she could accomplish, it seemed. Lulu’s body, visibly marked by repeated lashings, was practically rigid; an inhuman jaw’s bite marks standing out clearly against her purple breasts. The red rope encased her upper torso tightly, providing a very stark contrast with her exotic skin while also making her breasts appear more prominent. Propped up on her knees, she threw herself into the process of sucking off a man five times larger than her… not that you would know it with the devotion she showed to forcing that prick down her throat. The poor girl was already broken against the comparatively large cock of her “visitor,” and Poppy could see tears running down from her eyes. She longed to save her… but what could she do? She had even less power right now than they did.

As Poppy kept watching her friend gag on a thick cock, Katarina walked towards her. No matter how much Poppy tried not to give her the satisfaction, she still trembled a little. Katarina was the architect of her torment on a daily basis… her friends all helped make her life hell, but Katarina was the one trying to impress Ahri… the one who always took it one step further. She decided what she ate, when she went to sleep and when she woke up, and when her life became hell… or at least what flavor of hell she had to enjoy at the moment. “Enjoying the view aren’t you?” the scarred redhead asked sarcastically. Poor Poppy said nothing. She knew nothing that she could say would change any thing for the better… Kat wouldn’t be here with her strap on if she wasn’t ready to fuck the woman. The thick, cruel strap-on dildo which Katarina was wearing, the one that Poppy knew incredibly intimately by now, made her shiver in fear but she tried not to show it. She knew that Katarina would use her fear to hurt her even more, so she did her best to hide it. 

“Alright. Let’s play with these cute little cum holes, shall we?” Katarina said as she moved behind Poppy. She slapped her hand across the yordle’s nude ass, probably leaving behind one more of many purple marks on her blue skin. She gasped against the hard shots, flinching despite herself as the redhead chuckled. After making Poppy’s ass glow just a bit more, the woman dragged her down from the table and threw her on the floor. Poppy fell, her body almost bonelessly limp in exhaustion as she looked over and saw Tristana sucking on a cock of her own. From the way she was moaning in pain, it was probably Shyvana’s scorching-hot member… but it didn’t stop her from throwing her all into licking and sucking at it.

The small yordle felt so worried for her two friends… on sheer reflex, she tried to stand and go to them, only to have a dark-skinned foot step on her, pressing her cheek to the ground. “Where do you think you’re going?” Qiyana said, her voice mocking as the dark-skinned dominatrix looked down at her smaller victim. “You mind if I go first?”

“By all means,” Kat said with a smile and a nod. She wiped off the disgusting, cum covered table with one of the sets of Poppy’s clothing that she had stolen from her room before discarding it like a rag and sitting down idly on the table, crossing her legs and waiting to see how Qiyana would treat their little slave.

“Hmmm, such nice breasts for me to play with,” she said with a smirk. “You should be grateful you aren’t entirely useless. Where I come from, girls who are useless get discarded… so it’s good you have at least something worthwhile about you.” With the back of one hand, Qiyana stroked each of Poppy’s tits, making lazy circles around each nipple. “Do you want me to touch your nipples, slut?”

Qiyana was always trying to humiliate her. To own her. Poppy said nothing, just turning her head away. That made Qiyana mad, however… the dark-skinned girl grabbed Poppy by her jaws and wrenched the smaller girl back to face her, her other hand beginning to slap her across the face. “You answer your betters when they ask you a question, slut!” Qiyana hissed, continuing to slap her over and over.

Poppy cried out. The woman’s build was fairly slight, but her hands hit like they were made of stone. She kept slapping her hard enough that it was ringing her head like a bell, making it hard to focus, hard to find the right words to make it stop. “Yes!” she blurted out.

“Yes what?” Qiyana said, continuing to slap her.

“Yes, I want you to touch my nipples!” Poppy finally managed to choke out between tears. She wasn’t even trying to be stubborn at this point… she knew she was going to get fucked and abused anyway, but the way they were hurting her made it difficult to give them what they wanted, even willingly.

“There you go!” Qiyana said, delighted. “You’re a stupid little girl, but you can be taught a few tricks… even if you are dumber than most dogs.” She patted Poppy’s bruised head, running her dark fingers through the yordle’s white hair. “You’ll learn to crave whatever little specks of pleasure we let you have.”

Poppy didn’t believe her… she knew that nothing about this abuse was going to be pleasurable. She felt helpless and humiliated but she tried to show no expression as she looked away. “You look at me when I’m speaking to you, cum slut.” Qiyana barked at the other woman. Her voice was stricter now and Poppy swung her gaze back to her face. “I’m lowering myself enough to even speak to you in the first place, and you look away? Did I tell you that you could look away?” She narrowed her eyes. “And did I give you permission to meet my gaze, you uppity piece of gutter trash?”

Her backhand almost knocked Poppy over. “No, I didn’t,” she concluded. “Now, do it right!” Shaken as she was, it took Poppy a few seconds to even process the order, and several more to figure out what she wanted. Then she fixed her gaze somewhere on the Ixtallan woman’s face without meeting her eyes… which was much harder than Poppy thought it would be.

“Passable,” Qiyana said, voice begrudging. “If a servant back home looked at me that incompetently, I’d freeze her eyes solid. You keep making such infantile mistakes, and maybe we’ll decide you don’t need eyes either.” She slapped Poppy again… not as hard this time, thankfully. “Bend over… on all fours. And look at me through your legs, slut… don’t you even think of looking away!”

Poppy obeyed her. It was even harder now, but she still saw it as the woman wound up and slashed her stone-like hands across her pert ass. She tried to show no emotion on her face as the first slap landed on her rear, feeling more like she was swinging a baseball bat into her than a hand. She felt her skin burn as the slaps continued on both sides, harder now… fresh bruises and welts accumulating on her already well-abused ass. Without being sure when it had happened, Poppy realized she had started to cry, whimpering with each slap as it opened up existing welts and left new ones… it hurt badly enough that it was hard to breathe as her tears welled up.

At last, it was over. “Stand up,” Qiyana ordered. “Turn around to face me.”

As Poppy obeyed, she heard Katarina chuckle. “I do so love watching you discipline the help,” she purred.

“This piece of garbage?” Qiyana answered, smirking. “Like I would ever permit a servant this incompetent. If you couldn’t fuck her she’d have no use at all.” She peered down at the blue-skinned yordle girl, taking in the tear streaks down her face and the no-doubt spectacular bruises across her face. “That is what happens when you don’t obey your betters,” the exotic noblewoman said firmly. “I would have thought you would have learned that when we put you in your place, but apparently you’re even dumber than we thought… so I’ll make this very clear, subhuman mongrel. You will obey, perfectly, on the first try… or I will make you suffer each and every time you don’t do what I say, when I say it, how I say it. Same goes for Katarina, and for any man who wants to use your slut holes… you don’t even think of disobeying. And the elements themselves help you, that goes double for anything Ahri tells you. If you would even think to embarrass us in front of the gumiho, you are going to have bigger problems than some bruises and having the school’s biggest whores as friends… I’ll flay you alive, freeze your blood, and leave you out in the sun to thaw.” She slapped her hard. “Do you understand?” she hissed at poor Poppy. Poppy nodded her head slowly. “I don’t think you do, because if you did you would have answered me, bitch!” She drove her knee into Poppy’s chin hard enough that she saw stars and collapsed. “Speak up when your betters ask you a question… don’t inconvenience them by making them look at your ugly face!”

Poppy tasted blood in her mouth. She swallowed. “Yes mistress!” the dazed yordle choked out.

“Good! Was that so hard?” Qiyana said as she did something with her hands. Without even looking away from her face (and being careful not to meet her eyes) Poppy still knew what had happened… the magical cock of stone she preferred had just assembled itself from loose rocks into a monstrous shaft, glowing hot and horrible. It was as huge as ever, as well… so huge that Poppy had to fight a rising panic. She knew well by now exactly how painful it could be inside of her. It would have been nightmarishly big for a girl twice her size, but on a frame as diminutive as the yordle’s it looked like it was going to just tear her open. There was no way that Poppy could take something that big in her mouth without pain… or anywhere else, for that matter.

It didn’t matter if she could take it or not. She knew they were going to make her anyway… just like they had dozens of times before. Poppy struggled to keep her gaze on Qiyana’s face and not flick it down to gaze at the shaft in horror as the dark-skinned elementalist rubbed the girthy stone tool against Poppy’s face, her neck, her breasts. “Lick it, slut,” Qiyana ordered, and Poppy did, running her tongue over its hot, stony surface. She didn’t even hold back… not because her captors would like it, but because even in her humiliation she knew it was only a matter of time before Qiyana rammed it down Poppy’s pussy or ass.

“Lick it like you crave that dick!” Qiyana teased, slapping her face. Poppy licked harder and faster, feeling it grow slick with her saliva and hoping that not too much would dry out on the hot thing before she forced it into her. “That’s better, but still not how a real slut would do it. Do you need to get a closer look at your friends?” She grabbed Poppy by her hair, twisting her head around a little more to see the two yordles still giving blowjobs in their tiny cells in the bathroom. “Now they know how to suck a cock. Move your tongue around more… tease it at the tip, suck it in between your lips. Savor it.” Both Qiyana and Katarina watched Poppy intently as her dainty tongue moved in circles, probing and darting and then in long, languorous strokes over the whole length of it, over and over. “Yes, much better,” Qiyana praised her. “We’ll make a proper slut out of you yet.”

She let Poppy lick for a few moments longer before she spoke up again. “Enough of that, you lazy tease… it’s time to suck a cock deep in your throat.” Reaching down, she grabbed onto the yordle and lifted her up with more strength than her relatively slight frame seemed to have, throwing her back down onto the table next to Katarina. “On your back slut,” Qiyana ordered as she stepped up. “Slide down. More. I said more!” Qiyana urged, pinching her tits when she didn’t do it enough or fast enough, until Poppy’s head tilted back over the edge, her hair hanging towards the floor. Poppy’s heart was pounding as she dreaded the overwhelming intrusion of the enormous phallus.

Then, without warning, Katarina rammed her strap-on dildo into Poppy’s pussy. The yordle screamed… the thick thing was spiked and cruel and that would have been bad enough, but Katarina had a history of finding other ways to make it even worse for her. One time, Katarina had rubbed some kind of aphrodisac on her dildo before fucking her with it, enough that it had made her whole body shake and cum for hours after she finished. Another time, she had covered it with oil from snake venom from her sister, and the toxin had increased her sensitivity enough that the spikes on the strapon had felt like knives. The quick and surprising nature of the penetration, without letting her see or prepare for it, made Poppy sure that Katarina had something new that she was about to experience. “Nice and juicy,” Katarina commented as she continued to ram the spiked tool back and forth. “You were so hot for me, I decided to make it hot for you too.” Poppy started to cry in pain as she felt something building up inside of her, but it took until her insides started screaming in agony, crying out that they were on fire, that she understood Katarina had drenched her false prick in hot sauce. The heat didn’t recede, either… it just kept building up and building up, growing more and more painful with each passing second. Neither Qiyana nor Katarina showed any mercy towards their slave while she suffered, either… they continued to rail her, bucking her between the spiked, hot-sauced dildo and the cock of near-molten rock. Poppy was dismally aware than, unlike her male rapists, neither of them was in any danger of finishing until they chose to… they could last for as long as they wanted and keep fucking her until they were satisfied and she was left a sobbing, broken ruin.

Poppy didn’t know how long it had gone on before Katarina pulled her length from her and did not immediately reinsert it. She had been lost in oxygen-deprived pain, gagging on the stone cock as she tried breathlessly to scream, completely losing track of herself and of time. It could have been years for all she knew… what she did know was that when Katarina pulled out the dildo, her pussy felt like it had been put through a meat grinder.

Poppy sucked in desperate gasps of air as Qiyana pulled out past her lips, moaning as the burning in her pussy continued. They didn’t have to hold her down… Poppy was too weak to move, too pathetic to resist as they circled her, swapping places. “Now… relax and breathe while I fuck your mouth,” Katarina purred as she slipped the spiky dildo past the yordle’s lips, over her tongue, toward the back of her throat. Poppy started to dangerously gag as the deep penetration and the lingering hot sauce conspired to set her mouth on fire, and she heard Qiyana chuckle as she gagged.

“Relax. Keep breathing, little cum slut,” Qiyana mocked as Katarina stroked her way in and out of both her face and throat brutally. “Suck it hard and deep… know your place!” Poppy had little choice but to obey… she just barely managed to keep breathing as Katarina rocked the rubber cock back and forth in her mouth, her lips tight around it as the pointy ridges scraped against her lips and teeth with painful little jolts.

“Good girl. That’s our little cum slut,” Katarina encouraged with derision, right before before she slid it out and slapped her length against the yordle’s lips, making sure they got a healthy dose of what was left of the burning juices. Poppy took the opportunity to try to catch her breath, and good thing too because it was just a few seconds before the red haired noble filled her mouth once again. “What a good little cocksucker we’ve turned you into… you look so nasty with this enormous cock between those tiny lips.” Katarina was clearly enjoying degrading and fucking Poppy this way, murmuring encouragement as she rammed the dildo in and out of her mouth, “Suck it, slut. Suck it hard. That’s it. Take it all. Take everything I can give you.” Katarina moaned. “Hell, I could almost get off just watching you suffer.”

“Yes… that is how a good cum slut does it,” Qiyana murmured as she watched Katarina pull back out again. As the redhead backed off enough that Poppy could see once more, she caught sight of the dark skinned elementalist standing nearby with several sets of clamps attached by a shiny silver chain. Qiyana stroked and tugged at one of the yordle’s sensitive nipples before she slipped one of the clamps onto it. Poppy screamed in pain, but Qiyana didn’t stop… instead, the other woman slid her hand between Poppy’s thighs, onto her sopping cunt where her fingertips brutally explored Poppy’s wetness. Qiyana started to finger Poppy’s pussy. First with two fingers, and she kept adding more one by one until she rammed her entire fist into her hole. With the hot, spicy liquid still inside her, she had never felt more sensitive, and Qiyana fisted Poppy’s brains out… making the much smaller girl scream over and over again. Finally, Qiyana pulled the soaked fist out and fed Poppy’s own pussy juice to her… forcing her fingers into the yordle’s smaller mouth and making her lick it clear.

Poppy was panting and gagging by the time she was finished, but she didn’t really resist either… what was the point? She couldn’t save anyone like that. All she could do was sit here and suffer just like her friends were suffering. After Poppy cleaned Qiyana’s hand, the cruel woman patted her once on the head before she picked up the other end of the chain and clamped the second one onto her clit so that her abused tits and pussy both were connected by the silver length.

Poppy blubbered out a pathetic cry, and Qiyana laughed. “What? Does that hurt, cunt?” the elementalist asked with a smirk.

“Yes,” Poppy whispered.

“Good!” she said, delighted, as she pulled oun it, hard. Poppy screamed louder, her cries building to a pitch until the chain finally tore free and pulled off her abused parts, swinging from the dark skinned woman’s hands. “Then let’s do it again!” With nothing but a cruel smile, Qiyana repeated the process, connecting her other nipple to her clit. Any movement of the chain intensified both the throbbing and the sexual ripples just above her cunt… everything made it hurt. Then she grabbed onto the chain again. “Don’t move,” Qiyana commanded. “You stay still, commoner trash, or I’ll just have to punish you.”

Poppy froze, staying as still as she possibly could. She knew the pain was going to be unbearable… but it was going to be so much worse if she tried to move to stop it. These two were too strong for her…

In the next second, Qiyana yanked the chain off again, causing a new round of screaming. Poppy had to hold the table so hard that her fingers turned almost while, but she avoided moving much… at least, until the dark haired elementalist began to attach the chain again, back to her other nipple. Then Poppy sobbed openly as she repeated the process again, and again, and again, and again, until her nipples were points of sullen fire burning on her chest and her clit felt like the depths of hell itself.

“Wonder which one’s worse…” Katarina mused.

Qiyana bent down and played with the yordle’s tits, one at a time… fingering them, blowing on them, pinching them and observing Poppy’s reactions. “This one,” she declared, attaching the chain to that one again along with her clit. Then, smiling, she began to summon up small stone weights on the chain, making it sag over the table edge and making Poppy’s sensitive, already ravaged privates burn as they stretched.

“Please……” Poppy begged, furious at herself for her weakness but doing it anyway. “Please… just… mercy…”

The two women looked at each other and laughed. “Good joke,” Katarina said as her fingers slipped in between the yordle’s buttcheeks, sliding gently up and down, up and down, up and down until Poppy felt one fingertip press at the edge of her puckered asshole. “Stay still,” the redhead reminded her. “And don’t you move, like my friend said… get it?” 

Poppy wept. “Yes…” she murmured brokenly as she closed her eyes.

“Good!” Qiyana agreed. “It’s not that we want to punish you. It’s just that commoner trash like you only learns their place one way. It’s a hassle, and a waste of our precious time, but we’ll ensure that you learn… we’ll make you into the nasty little slut that you were born to be, fucktrash.”

Katarina’s fingertip was now stroking around and around her tight little opening as Qiyana continued to hang more and more weights from the chain. While Poppy struggled not to move, the red-haired girl roughly slid her fingertip into Poppy’s asshole, and then more and more, deeper and deeper until her entire finger was buried inside of her. Poppy breathed heavily as her muscles adjusted to the unfortunately familiar sensation. Katarina then added another two fingers. She started to ram them back and forth rapidly, making Poppy scream in pain. “This slut makes too much noise!” Katarina complained, reaching down to her strapon. “Guess we should take care of that,” she said as she pulled it free and rammed the spiked thing deep into Poppy’s mouth, silencing her cries with brutal gagging noises.

“Sluts love to be fucked in the asshole, don’t you?” Qiyana asked. Poppy didn’t… she hated it more than anything. She shook her head as if to say no… despite herself she even tried to say no. It didn’t matter. The word’s didn’t come out with the huge dildo in her throat. “Oh I can’t hear you, little alley-trash… but you sure look excited for it!” the Ixtalan woman mocked. With that, Qiyana walked around and held the stone cock at her asshole, rubbing the tip around the rosebud. The heat of the almost-glowing stone shaft made Poppy whimper… And in the next second, Qiyana thrust the tool into the unlubed asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Poppy moaned around the silencing shaft as Qiyana pushed further in. No words came out of her mouth with the dildo still filling her throat, making her gag to a dangerous degree on that fat strapon. The girls didn’t care… Qiyana’s hands gripped Poppy by the hips as she began to thrust. Slowly at first, deeply, letting her body get used to having so much of her inside it… not for Poppy’s comfort, she knew, but just to enable even more violent thrusting. Then she began to speed up, and the muffled sounds of Poppy’s agony grew even more intense. Every thrust was sending sparks up her spine to her brain.

“Delicious little agonized thing,” Qiyana purred as she grabbed onto a fistful of her white hair. Her hands still grasped at the sides of the table, trying not to move even as she fucked her ass harder and harder. One of Qiyana’s hands pulled her head back by her hair, the other was on her hips, and she used them together to pull the yordle into her thrusts, making them even harder. The fire was building, every second her breathing grew more rapid, her heart rate faster. Katarina, not wanting to be left out, only pulled the dildo free from the yordle’s neck long enough to reattach it to her hips, then back in it went… Qiyana alternated between pushing and pulling her by the hair, swapping between yanking her onto her cock and impaling her throat on Katarina’s with each thrust.

Immediately the pressure on her throat was too much, especially when Katarina gripped onto her neck even as she fucked her face. Poppy gave a muffled whimper as she was pushed further down, groaning in pain. The hand squeezing her throat made the rubber spikes on the dildo all the more painful. Qiyana pulled harder on her hair until it felt like she was ripping it out. Poppy’s eyes flew open as Katarina wrapped a leash around her neck, using it to garrote her while fucking her face. “Oh, she likes that… don’t you, little slut?” Qiyana growled, noticing the suffering of the blue little yordle beneath her. “You like being treated like the subhuman nothing you are? Getting fucked like a piece of trash?”

“Pleaseeee…” Poppy squeaked back, words struggling to form in her constricted throat. “Can’t… breathe…” The choking was almost killing her, and even that pain felt like nothing when compared against the pain inside her asshole. The burning stone cock was breaking her insides one stroke at a time, and she could do nothing about it but whimper each time Qiyana thrust into her. “Please stopppppp… pleaseeeeeseeeeee…” Poppy begged.

“She’s begging me,” Qiyana laughed. “You must really be coming along as a school whore if you love getting filled up this bad,” she barked out.

“Please… Pleaseeee I beg youuuuuuu… Pleaseeee…” There was nothing eager about her begging, but it was begging, in earnest… Poppy felt like there was no strength left to her, no line she wasn’t willing to cross for just a little bit of mercy in her sea of infinite misery and worthlessnees… but neither Qiyana nor Katarina gave a shit about the slave. Her brain seemed like it was shutting down as the last scraps of oxygenated blood ran out.

“You learn your place yet, slut?” Qiyana growled, noticing all her muscles beginning to relax as she was close to passing out. It was only then, at the very edge of unconsciousness, that Qiyana pulled out, that Katarina pulled slightly back and relaxed the leash. Poppy simply collapsed on the table like a puppet with her strings cut, panting and gasping and utterly exhausted as she wept. It was too much… too much. She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Oh little alley-whore… do you think you are done?” Qiyana’s voice cut through her misery. A second later, she and Katarina spun Poppy on her back as the redhead yanked off the clamps and chains and weights with a single, firm pull. Poppy screamed in extreme pain, and even before her body had finished thrashing in that agony, Katarina had thrust the full length of the dildo into her pussy.

The redhead began to rapidly fuck her slave, slamming her cunt down onto the cock repeatedly. It hurt even worse than her asshole did, and what the cock lacked in heat it made up for in how bliseringly sensitive her pussy was after the hot sauce. The two noblewomen bounced Poppy up and down, her ass smacking loudly against Katarina’s waist. The redhead’s strong, soft fingers continued to work Poppy’s clit even as she continued to ram into her pussy hard and deep, leaving poor Poppy crying in pain even as her tortured clit twitched at every touch.

She wasn’t sure how long they fucked her for. It was probably hours… but by the next time Katarina and Qiyana both had their cocks out of her at once, neither Lulu nor Tristana were busy serving anyone anymore. Poppy collapsed on the table… it seemed like for the last eternity she had only been held up by their hands, not her own strength. Her skin was covered with welts, her hair twisted into sweaty tangles, and her nipples and clit seemed to almost glow with agony. Her asshole gaped, her pussy was even worse, and both holes drooled the girlcum she’d produced in a desperate bid to reduce the agony. She looked like a cheap whore, and felt even worse as she sobbed.

“Well, that was fun for an appetizer,” Katarina said, putting on hand on her hips as she admired her weeping handiwork. “Think it’s about time for the main course?”

Qiyana smirked. “I think it’s time to bring your boytoy in,” she agreed.

A few moments later, the massive form of Renekton detached himself from the wall. The crocodilian monstrosity was enormous… easily ten times Poppy’s weight without breaking a sweat, with arms thicker than her waist. That would have been bad enough if it weren’t for the scaled cock dangling between his legs as he walked. Poppy had, regretfully, already well and truly found out what that thing felt like… if he shoved it all the way into her, it would reach her lungs. Even when it could only get halfway in, it filled her in a way nothing else could, turning her into a blue-furred condom for the monster. She wanted to get up and run… but her legs were jelly, her breath was non existent, and she already knew she had nowhere to go against the shadow-stepping redhead… she had nothing to do but to resign herself to the incoming misery.

But it was so much worse than that.

“Alright now, slut… we have a present for you,” Katarina said, reaching one arm around her boyfriend and planting a kiss on his scaled cheek, letting his fingers gently caress her bare breasts. “My man here wants to turn a hole inside inside out but… well, it looks to me like you’d have enough, wouldn’t you say? Never let it be said I can’t be merciful to a good pet. If you want a break, just say the word and he’ll go find someone else to use a fleshlight.” She pointed over at the two glass rooms where Tristana and Lulu were still bound in place, waiting for the next cock to suck on. “After all, they’ve been there all day and they haven’t had to do much more suck a little cock and drink a little piss. I’m sure they wouldn’t blame you for taking a break. Just say the word.”

Poppy looked up at the massive rapist standing in front of her with open horror. The creature was huge. His cock would fucking break her… she couldn’t take it again.

But then what would it to do her friends?

“I’ll do it…” she whispered.

Qiyana laughed. “You sure about that, alley trash? Maybe he doesn’t want a fucked out slut with loose holes.” She effortlessly pushed three fingers into Poppy’s churned asshole. “Maybe he’d prefer to pound something fresh… what do you think about that?”

Poppy forced herself up to hands and knees, and though it hurt she squeezed as hard as she could on the dark haired girl’s fingers. Despite everything, they visibly slowed down going in and out. “I’ll be good for him,” she said, trying to make her voice feel more firm than she felt. “Take me.”

The crocodile growled. “Don’t have to ask me twice,” Renekton said as he grabbed her in his claws.

“Good choice, whore,” Katarina said, smiling. “Stupid… but good.”

Renekton started to grope her little breasts, squeezing them hard enough to feel like he was crushing them and make Poppy scream in pain. He closed his predatory jaws around one of them, and she felt his teeth against her skin right before he began to suck on them hard enough that it seemed like he might be trying to draw the very life out of her. Then, as soon as he finished, he simply walked around, stroking his cock a few times. Renekton clearly had no sympathy for the bitch, viewing her as completely deserving of the raping he was going to give her. The reptilian titan pressed the giant head of his lizard cock against Poppy’s cunt, smirking with his fanged jaw as he observed just how much wider than her slit his head was. The yordle’s labia splayed broadly open as Renekton pressed into her cunt, moving his grip to the girl’s thighs as he pushed harder, forcing the head of his cock into her.

Renekton growled in his dark, sadistic pleasure as his victim’s slick gash gripped him, folding themselves around the fat head of his cock. The wet heat of the blue pussy felt as amazing for him as it felt awful for Poppy… He grunted, bucking his hips down, and rammed himself in, stretching Poppy out more. Her comparatively tiny legs were splayed out wide to each side as Renekton sank further and further into her, until nothing but her cervix stood between his cock and the rest of her body, between his might and fucking her womb directly.

Poppy had been taken by Renekton several times now, but that wasn’t to say she was used to it. Her eyes bulged out with the initial thrust as the huge crocodile slammed into her, his cock feeling more like an iron piston pushing into her than it did a manhood as it bulldozed her internal organs out of its way, making room inside her by sheer brute force as the yordle’s belly swelled outward. Poppy screamed as his weight crushed her, making her bones creak, bruises screaming as her skin shuddered. Renekton’s hands gripped her shoulders, pinning her down to the table as she thrashed while she was fucked. He pulled out of her cunt slowly, letting her feel his scales rubbing against every inch of her insides, until just the head was still inside of her. Then, with another growl, he thrust it in like a spear until he slammed against her cervix. Poppy screamed again, but Renekton didn’t pause… raping her on the table while her other captors looked on and smiled.

“Oh god, no…” Poppy shrieked, begging for mercy despite herself. “Please, take it out! Please gods take it out! It hurts! It hurts so bad!”

“Hurts?” Renekton mocked. “This doesn’t hurt. Feel pretty good to me, yordle bitch! Quit whining!”

Poppy wailed, her pleas reduced to high pitched screams almost muted by the obscene, wet, rhythmic squishy squelching of Renekon’s monstrous cock as it slammed in and out her again and again. For the yordle, it felt pretty much like how she imagined giving birth would, only in reverse. Poppy cried openly, her strength beaten and tortured and raped out of her as salty tears traced trails down her cheeks while she shook her head frantically, her resistance as mindless as it was useless against his might. Poppy knew that all her struggles were doing was arousing her rapist further… He loved the feel of her tiny feet kicking around him… it wasn’t like she could hurt him. Both of Poppy’s thighs put together were smaller than one of the monster’s thick, armored legs.

The would-be heroine was crying and screaming hysterically, unable to form words as his cock plowed into her over and over and over again, his lizard cock pressing her flesh out of its way like a battering ram. Poppy wished she could pass out, lose consciousness for even just a second of merciful black, but she wasn’t that lucky… she just knew she existed to suffer. Her rapist sped up further, slamming her harder and harder until each brutal impact of his armored scales against her body came close to breaking her hips. She wished she could have just faded then, but while she remembered almost none of the details of the brutal fuck all of the pain stuck with her… the humiliating process of being used like a ragdoll masturbation sheath by a monster ten times her size. He continued to fuck her hard and deep, and the only mercy she received was that though Katarina and Qiyana kept mocking her, she couldn’t hear them any longer over the rush of blood in her ears and the sound of her own screams. Poppy felt the explosion inside her as her rapist came, his seed blasting her womb hard enough that it made the yordle’s stomach shake from the impacts inside her. He sprayed what had to be nearly a pint of molten goo straight into her. When he finished, it was like someone had dumped a pool of magma in her belly where it sat smoldering… but that didn’t mean he was done.

It only meant that it was her asshole’s turn.

This second fuck was even worse. While the size difference was almost comical between his dick and her pussy, even her yordle cunt had been designed to stretch and expand and take a cock of some size. Her asshole hadn’t… and each time he thrust into her she honestly wasn’t sure if she was dying or not, if he might have already stabbed deep enough into her body to rupture something and she was dying while her rapists blithely just watched. Poppy almost hoped that would happen by the time her assrape entered its tenth minute… but she wasn’t that fortunate. When he was done, and there was a second disgusting pool of warmth inside her, buried deep in her guts, she lay on the table and numbly licked his cock clean “like a good little whore.”

Poppy wasn’t good for much after that, so they had finally let her sleep… not anywhere comfortable, of course. Usually, Katarina would truss her up like a doll and just toss her inside a locker. Today was no exception… the sore, dirty girl was tied up, gagged, and shoved into the darkness, unable to see what happened to her friends, where her captors went, or anything else. She stayed in there, gagged and restrained throughout the day as people used the locker room, potential help just feet away without being able to call out or draw attention to herself. Then that evening, Katarina or Qiyana or Viegar or Renekton or one of that lot would come get her, dump a bucket over her, and get her out and tied down for the next day.

Days passed like that. Weeks did. Every single day was about nothing but fucking and torture and torture and fucking. The girls had clearly begun something that day… ever since then, they had been asking her to pick someone else to fuck. Offering her a chance to escape torment. It hadn’t been working… Poppy had been picking herself continuously, but she would be lying if she said it wasn’t getting to her. Every day she was more beaten and exhausted than the day before, every time she sacrificed herself was harder than the last. One day she played fucktoy to Volibear, a monstrous nine foot tall titan of muscle who shocked her with every thrust. One day she played fucktoy to Ornn, only five feet tall but so packed with muscle he must have weighed as much as Voli or Renekton. One day she played fucktoy for Shyvana, her dragonic cock so hot it made even Qiyana’s elemental dildo feel cool. Every day, the same torments from Qiyana and Katarina. Every day, a new torment in the form of a new rapist, and a new sacrifice she made.

She was so tired…

Then, one day just as Volibear was finishing taking a turn with her, Ahri strutted into the room like a queen.

Poppy barely noticed at first. She was so exhausted and battered and beaten senseless by being fucked over and over again. Volibear in particular was overwhelming… the shocks alone as he fucked her would have battered anyone into submission even without his size, and by the end Poppy always felt as weak and powerless as a ragdoll… but as Ahri came in, Poppy felt a second wind. “You… bitch…” Poppy whispered. She wished it was stronger, but that level of defiance was about the most she could offer. Ahri had brought Riven into the room, dragging the white haired girl on a leash, and even looking at her made Poppy wince. The girl was basically one big bruise at this point, and it made Poppy feel like garbage even to look at her and remember what she had done to her. “You… you promised!” she protested. “You promised that if I hurt her, you’d let Lulu and Trist go!”

Ahri smirked as she walked up to Poppy, holding her chin up, meeting her eyes. “No,” Ahri said calmly as she kept that smile on her face. She caught sight of Katarina walking in, carrying a large, round platform. Then Poppy collapsed back down on the table, dazed… the slap had come so fast that she hadn’t even seen it. “I promised if you betrayed the white-haired flesh-condom here, I would let you keep Lulu and Tristana safe.” She gestured expansively over at them where they were still bound in place in their gloryholes. “And so you are. No one has fucked them, after all. You’re protecting them… for as long as you decide to do it.”

Helpless tears ran down Poppy’s face as Ahri dragged the weak, battered Riven over to the device that Katarina had carried in… a sybian. She lay there, helpless and abused as Ahri strapped her in, gave her a kick to the stomach for good measure, and then turned it on. Then, casually, she walked over to Poppy and calmly took her skirt off, dropping it on the floor as a cock grew out of her bare skin into a monstrosity. “And now,” she said with a smile, “We wait.”

She slapped it against Poppy’s mouth a few times before slipping it inside, casually, effortlessly fucking her face at a relaxed, amused pace. Poppy longed to lash out, to bite her, to do something… but literally all that would do was get her and her friends hurt. She had seen the shapeshifter and what she did to Riven… she was pretty sure that her teeth would break before that shapeshifted dick did. “Kat has been telling me you’ve been holding out,” Ahri said with a smile as the yordle’s petite lips were stretched around her cock… currently, a knotted, canine thing. “I was scandalized to learn how easy they had been going on you.”

Easy? If possible, Poppy paled further.

“They’ve only been making you pick one a day,” she said as she grabbed onto Poppy’s handlebars, what was left of her pigtails after weeks of being barely groomed and battered and fucked. They served as sufficient handles to fuck her harder. “I’m sure a hero like you can take so much more,” Ahri said with a nod. Then she pointed over at Riven… where the bruised girl was squirming on the sybian, trying to hold out. As she did, Poppy got a glimpse of the room slowly filling with some of the most brutal men and women she had seen… those with the most destructive cocks, the more sadistic appetites, or the most cruel magic. “So we’ll give you an opportunity to prove to your friends just how much you care about them. You pick… each time she cums.”

Smiling, Ahri groped Poppy as she thrust her cock back and forth, moaning slightly each time her knot slid over the yordle’s lips. Her hands squeezed her tiny bruised tits as she writhed beneath her. Poppy’s head was forced down and Ahri’s cock plunged deeper, and while Poppy shook her head she was unable to escape the erect rape-stick using her. The gumiho’s other hand stayed in her hair, wrapping the pigail around it, using it to violently tug on Poppy’s head and make her rapidly bob up and down around the shaft as she made horrid noises. “Mmmff… uummff… hhuummff… pleath!”

The architect of her misery just chuckled. “This is just the start,” she said as she rammed the thick knot again past her lips. It was so hard, so unyielding, that when it struck her teeth Poppy feared they would break and she was forced to open her mouth painfully wide to try to keep Ahri from literally fucking her teeth right down her throat. “I would have expected they would have taught you your place by now… but if not, I suppose I’ll have to do it. You are a marvelous fuck, you miniature piece of garbage… you struggle and squirm on the outside, but you’re tight and warm and welcoming on the inside.” The words made fresh tears fall from Poppy’s eyes as the painful tugging and pushing with her hair made her head move up and down, her tongue and lips dragging across the shapeshifter’s unnatural cock. Her choking and the sheer too-small size of her led to her lips pleasantly snug around Ahri as she sucked, forming a nice, tight barrier for her to penetrate. Her cheeks hollowed inward from the suction as she reflexively tried to breathe around the sexual obstruction clogging her airway.

“Mmmmmm…” Ahri purred. “You really do have only one use, but at least you’re decent at it. I rarely get to enjoy a throat this tight.” The shapeshifter sighed with delight as she pounded her way down Poppy’s neck, the yordle certain that her cock was lengthening with each thrust… shifting to be a better, more painful, more miserable fuck. Her short, garbled shrieks were pathetically muffled, and her futile struggles made even her barely-present tits jostle and jiggle like a much more sizable pair with the violence of her body’s movement. Ahri didn’t care… she just kept using her. Then, when Poppy was certain she was about to suffocate to death, she felt Ahri’s cock throbbing inside of her and, to her shame, she felt genuinely grateful for a few moments as she realized that the cock was about ready to flood her mouth with hot, bitter cum and that maybe, just maybe, she could take an unobstructed breath afterward. She needed to breathe. Ahri’s moans of pleasure sounded like a lifeline to the blue-skinned girl, and the way she was more violently yanking the yordle’s head up and down along her shaft her only chance of survival. There was only one thing she could do – her mouth sucked hard, her tongue lashing at Ahri’s cock as she gave the gumiho a more pleasant rape in exchange for a chance to breathe.

The cock suddenly jerked once, twice, and then it was pumping thick globs of jizz deep into Poppy’s mouth and throat. She gagged immediately, but her vision was going dark… she knew what she had to do. Even as Ahri’s breathing took on the quality of gasps of pleasure, she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed again as her pulsing organ fed the yordle more and more cum. Poppy forced herself to take the disgusting slime down her throat, one hard, loud gulp at a time… her lips still sealed tightly around her rapist’s cock, the visible length of it glistening with her spit.

When the cock had emptied and Poppy’s gulping had stopped, she could finally breathe. Ahri hadn’t pulled out all the way, but at least her dick had retreated enough that the yordle girl could draw a few ragged breaths, whimpering and sobbing around the organ as her attacker purred with pleasure. When at last the cock pulled out of her mouth with a soft pop, she cried uncontrollably, a few sticky ropes of mingled cum and spit attaching her lips to the shapeshifter’s dick before Ahri took her slime-coated organ and mashed it against Poppy’s crying face, smearing her tears and cum over her cheeks and chin. Poppy kept sobbing at the torment, her head trying ineffectively to turn away from the cock, but Ahri held her there, her gaze on Riven. “I think it’s just about time.”

Poppy looked over. Riven had, apparently, done her best… but after fifteen minutes of moaning and thrashing, it didn’t look like she was going to be holding on much longer. As Ahri kept using her cock like a paintbrush to draw on Poppy’s face, Riven came, screaming into her gag as she jerked on the sybian she was riding… trembling just like a little whore as she came hard and doomed Poppy to further torments.

That wasn’t fair. Poppy knew it wasn’t fair. She couldn’t help but feel it anyway.

“Perfect… it’s time,” Ahri declared. “Who’s first?”

“I am,” Warwick said as he stepped forward.

Ahri wrinkled her nose in disgust but said no more about it. “Good thing you’ve practiced with knots then, little girl, yes?” The fox chuckled. “Alright then. Your choice… who takes the cock? You, or one of your friends?”

Poppy wanted to sob… but it was no choice at all. She could not sacrifice her friends, “I’ll do it!” she forced out. Damn you, Riven, she thought. She knew it didn’t make sense, she knew it was unfair, but she still couldn’t help but blame her for cumming… for getting off and forcing this choice onto her. That didn’t hold up even a little bit… Poppy knew they had been doing this to her for days or weeks before Riven had come here, and she knew that if Riven was going to be able to hold out they would have just done something else… but knowing that didn’t change the fact that she felt betrayed and blamed her for it. The weak slut couldn’t hold out, and now Poppy had to suffer for it.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Warwick had walked towards Poppy. The sybian was still on, buzzing continuously as Riven shook through the dregs of her orgasm, and the wolf stopped in front of the yordle, his red, slimy cock standing at attention. Poppy tried to look away, and that just seemed to piss the wolf-man off. “What’s the matter, bitch?” he growled. “Don’t you like what you see?” He walked over and grabbed her waist, turning Poppy towards him. “I think you do. I think you want some dick, don’t ya you little whore?” Warwick didn’t give her time to say anything before he grabbed onto her and shoved her down by the shoulders. Poppy’s knees buckled and she fell, trying to steady herself, but her hands were as slick with sweat as the rest of her. The yordle landed on her knees in front of Warwick, holding on to his hips. She did not want to be stubborn, knowing it would just get her punished even harder, but sucking on that bulbous manhood was the last thing she wanted to do… she hadn’t even caught her breath from Ahri yet.

“Yeah, look at that! All ready to suck.” Warwick growled. He pulled out his dick and shoved it in her face. Poppy turned away, only for the wolf to yank her head back again. “No you don’t. You wanted some dick, you’re getting some dick. Suck this fuckin’ cock!” He grabbed her by the sides of the head and pulled her face toward his hardening dick. “Open your mouth, bitch. Be my little cock whore,” he barked.

Finally, Poppy parted her lips and the monster immediately shoved his dick in. It tasted foul, even by comparison with some of the other unnatural cocks she had been fed… the taste alone made her retch. She grabbed his hips and pushed away from him, gagging, but he held her mouth down on his dick brutally, shoving further. “Balls deep, cunt,” came the canine growl. “I want it balls god-dammed deep. Fuck yeah!” He gasped in pleasure as his rod went even further. “She’s so tight!”

Poppy managed to pull her head off and catch her breath for a second before the growling wolf pulled her back and slammed his dick back in her mouth, harder and deeper than before. Poppy was still gasping around his thick dick. She could taste and smell the salt from his sweat. Warwick took her head and started to face fuck her roughly, his balls swinging against her chin as, slowly, his knot began to swell. “Suck it, bitch. Suck your friend’s asshole right off my cock!”

Vi. This monster owned Vi. Poppy wanted to retch, but Warwick didn’t let her pull back off… he continued to ram her face against the dick. Poppy’s lips were finally closed around him, and the knot was getting big enough that getting it in and out of her mouth was beginning to be difficult, so he rarely pulled out far enough for her to breathe easily anymore. Warwick groaned loudly while he face fucked her, and Poppy gagged and coughed around him as her spit ran sloppily down her chin to soak his balls, dripping from them onto her bare chest and splayed thighs. “That’s it, cunt. That’s it. Suck it like a little cock whore. Damn, your throat is so much tighter than the pink hair bitch’s… Do you like that? You like it, don’t ya? Yeah, you like this big damn dick in your throat… they’ve been teaching you to suck cock for hours every day!” Poppy flushed because, unfortunately, that was true. Then she gurgled pathetically as he hilted himself all the way in, the tip of his fat cock somewhere in her neck. “Oh yeah… balls deep. Fuckin’ choke on it!” he growled as he enjoyed the sheer pleasure of face-raping the slim blue girl.

When at last Warwick pulled his shaft out from her mouth, it was only to slap her hard all over her face. She didn’t have much in the way of tits, but what she had he slapped as well, making Poppy moan breathlessly in pain. His huge, strong paws hit her more like bricks, making her skin burn… And then he thrust the dick back into her throat again, watching the string of spit glisten between her lips and the end of his dick.

He repeated that a few times before he roughly grabbed hold of her shoulders and pulled her up. Warwick held on to her and turned her around, pressing her against the table, wedging her between him and his hard cock sliding between her ass crack. One of his hands continued playing with her small tits, while the other wrapped around her slender neck. “You’ve done a good job cleaning my cock up,” Warwick snarled. “Now I’m going to get it all dirty again. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, you’re gonna take it, and I promise you Vi is going to clean it up for you when I’m done… You got it?” Warwick growled. Poppy swallowed, then gave a small nod, frightened of the pain that was no doubt to come. “I’m gonna fuck any hole I want, however, I want, as hard as I want, and you’re gonna take it. Still got it?” he continued. Poppy nodded again. She knew there was no chance at meaningful resistance… she was surrounded by dozens of people, any one of which could probably subdue her at this point, and she was already a raped piece of trash – what was the difference?

Warwick pushed her toward the nearest bench in the locker room, forcing Poppy to shuffle awkwardly forward as he didn’t let go of her. Bending her down over one of them allowed him to see her ass and her pussy, both holes angry and red and glistening. The yordle heroine obviously knew what was coming next, but that didn’t make it any better when Warwick straddled her tiny body and she felt the head of his bulbous dick against the lips of her cunt. With no warning, he slammed it into her pussy with a grunt. Warwick was still wet from Poppy’s mouth, and that wetness was the only thing that made it possible for him to shove up to his balls immediately… but it made it no less painful.

Poppy screamed, even as Warwick howled in pleasure. “Fuck she is tight! God damn she’s a perfect little whore, isn’t she? Take it you bitch!” he snapped at her. Poppy’s eyes bugged out so wide they almost popped out of her head… it was like she could see the whole room. She could see Lulu and Tristana, still bound in place, still sucking on whatever cocks came into that bathroom to use them. She could see lines of other monstrous men watching her, rubbing their hard cocks as they waited their turns… and she could see Riven, still writhing on the sybian, still twitching and thrashing and biting her lip, and she knew that the moment she couldn’t hold back anymore it would be Poppy’s turn to take yet another round of this brutal rape and she wasn’t even sure she could survive this one yet.

Warwick started to thrust in and out of Poppy’s little pussy, amazed that it could still be this tight after hours of fucking today and weeks of violation previous. “Haven’t you been using her at all?” he said in amusement as the lips of her tight cunt were wrapped around his cock. “She’s still tight as a virgin!” Poppy was screaming in pain and humiliation each time he forced his dick into her and his balls were slapping her clit as he raped her pussy, his weight pressing her down. Warwick grabbed her forearm with one hand and pulled her back, forcing her back to arch as he slammed his cock in and out of her stretched cunt. Then he took a handful of her hair with his other hand and pulled it brutally. Poppy could not move, all she could do was kneel there, bent over the bench and taking his dick as it slammed into her again and again. Poppy could hear the wolf-creature grunting in pleasure. Saliva poured from his fanged maw, dripping all over her back, making her ass slick against his hips as he fucked her hard and deep. And finally, he let go, panting, and pulled his dick out of her. “Fuck, you can take some dick you little bitch.” He said as he laughed wickedly.

He swaggered around to her head and thrust his hips at her face. His dick, slicked with her cunt juice, bobbed right in front of her lips. “Suck that dick, whore. Taste your wet cunt on my shaft,” he growled. Poppy had no choice but to take it in her mouth, licking and sucking his wet dick, tasting her pussy and his sweat. She was still bent over the bench, and he started to slide his cock in and out of her mouth again very brutally… if not all that deep, at least. “Save some for your slut-friend to lick off, it’s all I’m giving her to eat today,” he mocked as he made poor Poppy jerk against the cock over and over. He continued to ram the cock into her face-hole until he finished inside her mouth, his seed pooling in the tiny cavity until her cheeks bulged like a chipmonk’s, unable to swallow fast enough to keep up with it. Warwick then slapped her while she gulped it down and walked away.

Poppy felt unbelievably exhausted, and his knot hadn’t even stretched her half as far as it doubtless could have. She lay on the bench panting, trying to swallow, trying to recover… but as it turned out, she only had about two minutes before she heard Riven’s cries.

The white haired girl had cum again.


Again, Ahri happily asked Poppy to choose someone to get fucked. Again, she sacrificed herself. Again, she had to wait while a man approached her… this time, it was Wukong. 

The muscular monkey walked to the bench, standing over the limp, exhausted girl. Her lips were still dripping with the remnants of Warwick’s seed. “I think I’ll start off by making an appetizer of this cum-filled throat first!” he said as he rammed his dick past her lips, her jaw too lax and weak to even put up a token resistance as he used her face like a fleshlight. “Get me nice and wet, you worthless whore… yeah, keep sucking!” As he yelled at her, he ran his hand towards the back of the bent-over girl, slapping it down onto the small girl’s pert ass, spanking her as hard as he could. He then shoved his thumb into her puckered asshole, making her cry out around his cock. “That’s it…” he growled.

Wukong kept the finger shoved in her ass and held her head with his other hand to help shove his dick deeper into her throat. “Stick your tongue out, fuckface. I wanna feel it on my balls.” Poppy had little choice but to obey, and found them even more gross and sweaty and hairy than the rest of him as he held her head down on his cock, making her gag painfully. He let go of her ass finally, and instead used both hands on the back of her head to keep his dick down her throat, all but skullfucking her for a long minute before he released her and let her pull back, gasping for breath. His cock was slicked with spit, another thick string ran from the end of his shaft to her lips until he wiped it off on Poppy’s tear stained cheek before walking back around behind her.

Poppy started to try to get up and he shoved her back onto the bench brutally. “Oh, no little whore. I ain’t done with your ass yet.” He pressed his thumb on her tight asshole again and Poppy tensed, but he pushed through her resistance easily, shoving it in anyway. Hooking his finger inside of her, he used his grip on her almost like she was a bowling ball to pull her up a little, far enough that he could easily see her wet, swollen, bruised cunt. He roughly slid his thick cock into her pussy, feeling her swollen cunt wrap around his cock. He started to thrust into her again, hard and deep. He still had his thumb in her asshole and felt her squeeze on it in pain, throbbing to the rhythm of his punishing thrusts with a cock as thick as the yordle girl’s forearm. He pulled his thumb out of her, reaching up, and grabbed her hair, pulling her towards him as he leaned down and growled into her ear. “Get ready, bitch… I’ve been going easy on you. You better get your dammed ass ready.”

Wukong slammed his hips forward, giving her pussy a few more hard thrusts, before he pulled out as abruptly as he had fucked his way into her. Poppy was panting, sweat pouring off the slim, abused girl and running down her toned muscles. Wukong’s sweat mingled with hers, his fur damp with exertion as it dripped off his balls and coated her in his scent. Her back was glistening and her round ass was slick with sweat. The primate athlete put one hand on the small of her back to hold her down as he took his throbbing dick in the other, slapping it against her ass a few times before he found his target… pressing the too-large head of his shaft against her tight, puckered, asshole. Poppy squirmed but there was nowhere to go. He spat on his dick, less for the lubrication than for the humiliation, as he leaned ever further forward, putting more pressure on her tiny hole. Finally, the head of his cock popped in.

Poppy screamed in pain. “That’s it, little blueberry pop-whore. Take that dick in your ass… just as tight as Riven is. Fuck!” Wukong grunted in pleasure. He put more pressure on her, shoving harder; his cock was wet from face fucking her and from her pussy’s desperate attempts to protect itself, and he slowly slid in. He held her down hard as he pressed deeper in her asshole, filling her up fully. “Stretch for me, little whore,” he said as he started to slide in and out of her hard. “Take it in your ass, you nasty little bitch. You feel that thick cock spreading you open? You got a tight little asshole, little hero cunt.” Wukong was all but laughing in his excitement and exhilaration. He was slamming his dick into her ass, his balls smacking her sloppy, brutalized cunt each time he pounded it into her. Wukong put his hands on his hips so that for a second the only thing touching Poppy was his throbbing cock and his balls slapping against her as he fucked the shit out of her, pinning her in place with nothing more than his rape-tool as he pounded her tight body. “Yeah bitch… right now that’s my dammed ass, and I’ll use it how I want!” he grunted.

Without warning, he pulled out of her just to slam his cock into her pussy. “And that’s my fuckin cunt, too!” he groaned. “You exist for the pleasure of whoever considers you worth using that second, and the sooner you stop pretending you’re anything more, the better.” He went back and forth from her pussy and ass, sliding his shaft all the way in and out of each hole, fucking each one for a seemingly random number of strokes. Sometimes he would pull out and slam back into the same hole he had just left, just to keep her guessing and unsure of where the next stab of pain would be coming from. Poppy’s mind drifted in a haze of pain, nearly mad, as Wukong pushed in and out of her asshole one last time, then smacked her ass as hard as he could.

He walked around to her face again. This time Poppy’s mouth was already hanging open and limp, so he just made her take his cock, right out of her ass. “Clean up your mess, bitch… suck my dick. You made the mess, you clean it up!” There really wasn’t too much in the way of mess – she supposed it was a scant benefit of the fact they barely fed her – but the humiliation of it was overwhelming still. She would never get use to being used like this.

Wukong groaned in pleasure. He put his hand under her chin as her limp tongue unwillingly gave a bath to his sloppy cock as he lifted her head up. His dick popped out of her mouth as he rose, putting one leg up on the bench. The monkey set his balls on her mouth and pulled her hair and turned her head, making her lick them as they dangled inside her mouth. “Lick my damn balls, cunt. Just like a stupid bitch. You taste your pussy on those, you nasty whore?” She couldn’t, not really… mostly she just tasted sweat and his disgusting odor, but she sucked anyway.

After a while, he pulled himself out of her mouth and walked back behind her. His cock slid into Poppy’s already abused ass, starting to fuck her hard and fast, nearly prepared to cum. He pounded into her almost like a hammer, his balls tightening, his dick swelling as his already thick rod grew thicker and more punishing still until he busted his nut deep in her bowels, filling her with his cum. Panting, he stayed still for what felt like centuries as he pulsed inside of her, letting every drop of cum drain out of his balls and into her guts. Finally, he pulled out. She gasped as his dick slid out of her wrecked asshole.

He had barely pulled out of her when Riven screamed again, and the process started over once more.

Hours passed. Riven continued to cum again and again. Poppy was again and again given a chance to choose, but every time she picked herself… no matter who it was, how how they wanted to fuck her up. Renekton… she took it. Wukong, she took it. Qiyana, with a new dildo that felt like it was actually boiling… she took it. Shyvana and her dragon cock, she took it. Katarina, she took it. Jax and his casual brutality, she took it. Over and over and over again. Ornn, that mass of muscle, and she took it. Volibear up again, and she took it. Again and again and again, Poppy decided it was no one else but her who should be fucked.

“I’m beginning to just think this whore is greedy,” Volibear laughed as he moved to grab the slut, grabbing her by her hair and pulling the limp girl upright. “Get up!” All she could do was whimper as he instructed her to kneel, pushing down hard on her shoulders, sending her to her knees. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted to end all this. Desperation for this to be done was the only fuel her body had now… she’d do anything to spare herself even tiny scraps of pain at this point. Once on her knees, the height difference between her and the ursine monstrosity was even greater, her head sitting below even his hips. The entire bulk of his massive body towered over her, casting a shadow on her face as she looked up at him, eyes wide.

As soon as her knees hit the floor her mouth opened instinctively, and leaning in, she licked his shaft, running her tongue in one motion down the entire length. She could taste it, mixed with his sweat; Slowly her tongue ran up and down his full length as he held her hair in his hands… just to remind her who was in control. As if she needed reminding. As if she wanted to try to suck his dick. She just didn’t want him inside of her, shocking her again.

Volibear gave soft, satisfied moans and growled as Poppy flicked her tongue over and around the head, grasping the shaft with her hand and jerking it slowly as she did. It was not as easy as the other dicks, the tiny electric shocks she got just from touching him burned until she wished she could just die rather than do this… but that wasn’t an option. She needed to get this done with as quickly as possible… to be a good little whore for him. 

“Open wide, yordle bitch,” he growled at last, pulling her head away from him. She looked up at him, wriggling her jaw, opening it wide for him, ready to take it. “Good little cum whore.” He tightened his grip on her hair. She wanted to plead for him not to do this… but he had no interest at all in listening to her begging. “You want me to fuck you, you little slut?” Just the thought of it made her feel like she was about to panic… Poppy felt like a utter mess, she was so exhausted. He pushed himself in, and the only thing that kept her from biting him was that his cock was too big for her jaw to work right. Electricity coursed through her in a sudden arc and her body jerked and spasmed, the watching men and women laughing as Poppy pissed herself even as she gagged on the mighty rapist’s cock.

She wasn’t sure how long she knelt there, lost in the blistering-white agony of electrocution so blinding that she didn’t even feel the pain in her lungs. She only knew it when he suddenly he pulled the dick out from her mouth and she stopped being shocked.

The tears on her cheek were smoking, much of the sweat had evaporated off her body and into mist, and she was trembling in agony, her body too limp to hold itself up… the only reason Poppy didn’t collapse was Volibear’s massive paws on her body. “Please…” she gasped. “No more. Haven’t you done enough?”

“Could have picked someone else, slut,” he growled as his paws moved to her pussy. “And I’m not even close to done yet.” He started to work his claws in unison… One on the inside, one on the outside of her pussy as if trying to pinch something with them, like he was trying to find the tips of his fingers through her body. Moving his paw from the wrist up and down, and pushing the paw as a whole into her. Holding her ass firmly in place with his other paw, he proceeded to do the same there. “What a sloppy whore,” he growled as he began really working her pussy. Poppy was crying in extreme pain as short bursts of electric static shot through his skin and into her, making her shudder in weakness. The electric shocks were making her weak.

Poppy screamed and moaned and gasped and then screamed some more as she was tormented, both by his deliberate actions and by just the consequences of being in touch with the electrical monster. Volibear didn’t hold back… there was no need to be quiet or subtle, after all. Instead, he brutally picked up the pace, finger fucking her with claws just barely dull enough that he wasn’t ripping her up. He could feel Poppy’s cunt squeezing like she was trying to push him out, spasming in agony. The pain was almost killing poor Poppy. Her screams and moans bounced around the room room for a short while, echoing off the walls, and she was so distracted she didn’t even see the second figure approaching. “Me too,” Ornn’s deep voice rumbled.

Volibear stopped thrusting into her, but that was no mercy to Poppy… even without his movement, his body still shocked her every few seconds. “Wait your fucking turn,” he snarled at the bearded mammoth of a man.

“Take it up with Ahri,” Ornn said, tossing his head as he grabbed onto a fistful of Poppy’s hair. “It was her idea. White haired bitch came again, and she’s tired of us taking it easy on this slut.” Volibear growled again, but after a few seconds he pulled his clawed hand off of her, letting Ornn lift her up on the table without pulling her off of the impaling, shocking cock. “I think I’m going to enjoy this,” Ornn said.

“Like she’d even notice you fucking her when I’m here,” the electrical behemoth snarled.

Poppy screamed as Ornn’s fat cock sank into her asshole, thick as a fencepost… and all the thicker because it was pressing against Volibear from the other side of a thick layer of flesh inside her. The shocks continued, but if Ornn felt them at all he didn’t seem to mind. “We’ll see about that,” the bearded slab of muscle said.

“You’re on,” Voli growled. Then he rammed into her, and she screamed again. A second later, Ornn did the same thing, and Poppy entered true hell.

This was a level of violence she had never experienced before… caught between two massive monsters slamming into ass and cunt at once. The two seemed to compete with each thrust to make it harder than the last one, and harder than the best his rival could do… each slam into her body was fierce, ever more intense and violent with each passing second. It was like their cocks wanted to hollow out every last drop of the yordle’s insides and ruin her forever. “Pleaseeeeeeee…” she moaned in extreme pain, in one of the brief moments where her muscles weren’t too locked up to speak at all… the electric shocks continuing to leave her crippled and helpless. She could not take it anymore… she was going to die, she was sure of it! Poppy had never felt so weak and powerless.

Volibear and Ornn kept ramming into her pussy and ass, bounced her violently between them, until her world seemed to fade away. Nothing made sense anymore… she was just floating in a sea of pain where nothing was real, and everything lasted forever. She had always been suffering, and she always would suffer. It was only a tiny additional spike of agony, barely noticeable, when they came… stuffing her guts and cunt with sperm until she was dripping all over the table and floor.

After finishing, the two of them clustered around her face while Poppy gasped and wept. Holding her limp head up by one cum-and-sweat soaked fistful of hair, he then thrust the wet cock into her mouth again and down her throat. “Good little yordle slut,” he breathed as she took the first few inches, but he didn’t stop there. Volibear kept pushing her head down, forcing her mouth open wider as his whole length slid into her mouth… evidently scrubbing his cock clean of the remnants of her day-long gangrape using her mouth and tongue. Poppy felt him at the top of her throat and began to gag, but still, he didn’t stop. Tears ran down her cheeks as her lips finally reached the base of his shaft. And then he held her there.

Poppy was just limp on his cock, gagging reflexively, her eyes squeezed shut. Panic filled her brain as she realized that she couldn’t breathe, but even as she retched uncontrollably she was just too tired to do more than twitch, trying instinctively to pull away but without the strength or coordination to do it. Volibear held her there anyway, his clawed paws tight on her head. From the way he growled, he clearly was enjoying seeing the panic grow on her face, her struggles grow more desperate and even less coordinated. Finally, he released and she drew her head back, spluttering and gasping for air.

All Poppy could do was gasp to try to catch her breathe… she was so exhausted. It didn’t matter though. A second later, she smelled her ass on Ornn’s thick cock, and then he was grabbing her hair and guiding her mouth towards him, ignoring her pleas and protests, shutting her up with a full mouth. He held her for a moment, loosening his grip, waiting for her to start sucking on him. She didn’t, of course… even if she wanted to comply, even if he wasn’t awful and disgusting, she was just too tired. It wasn’t even defiance anymore… it was just apathy.

“You tiny little whore,” Ornn growled. He gripped her head tighter once again as he began to thrust, slowly sliding his shaft back and forth inside of her mouth, her blueberry lips stretched around it. She didn’t try to stop him: Even if she wasn’t hopelessly overwhelmed she was just too tired. The most she could do was try to open her mouth even wider so that her lips wouldn’t press against the shaft, but even that failed… her lops were stretched so tight around that thick cock she couldn’t move her jaw one millimeter wider. Ornn thrust away, getting into a rhythm, back and forth, pushing into her mouth, beginning to let out soft moans as the pleasure built. Steadily the rhythm grew faster, his cock sliding further into her mouth, making her gag each time it pressed against the back of her throat. He made her head bob back and forth along his length, her lips and limp tongue forced to caress his cock by sheer size.

“Mmm,” the enormous man growled. “You’re such a good little whore.” Faster and faster he fucked into her, feeling his breathing grow more rapid. The fire was building inside him… it wouldn’t be long. His breathing became faster still, his muscles tensed as he controlled the impulse. “Going to cum again,” he sighed, squeezing his core to keep from exploding in her mouth. “Fuck.” He pulled from her mouth, leaving saliva glistening on the head and shaft as he fisted his cock and stroked it, squeezing tight around his girth. Looking up, Poppy could only look at the lust in his eyes as, without breaking eye contact, he squirted all over her face and tits. The stream shot out to coat her chest as he let out a long, satisfied sigh. “Such a tight little fuck,” he growled, stroking her hair. “At least you’re good for something.” 

Poppy felt like she couldn’t take it anymore… like she was going to die. As she lay there, limp and shuddering, Ahri walked up. “About time you’re done,” the gumiho said, a wicked smile on her face. “My little fucktoy came again while you were getting double fucked… she’s a bad, bad girl, that one.” Ahri’s chuckle was darkly amused, and her expression cruel. She clapped. “So, who’s up next? No rest for the wicked, which means you don’t get any either.”

“Please just leave me alone…” Poppy whispered.

Ahri laughed. “You dumb slut… do you not realize how stubborn you’re being? You think we’re playing for peanuts here?” She leaned down. “You think I can’t just change the rules anytime I damn well please? Please, whore… I could have them all go into those rooms and run a train on your precious little friends right now. I could snap you like a twig at any time, too… just let them all at you until you’re begging for even one of them to go rape your little posse instead. You’re weak… pathetic… hopeless. I’m only still playing the game because it’s fun, not because there’s a chance you can win. So, whore… who’s next? One of your friends? Or you?”

“Me…” Poppy whispered, her voice as ragged as if it belonged to one of the damned.

Ahri shook her head. “As you wish, masochistic whore.” She looked over at her ground. “Whoever’s next, pound this fleshlight into jelly.”

“Not me! Just… please… not me!”

Hours had passed… hours of cruel fucking, of brutal use, of pain and humiliation and dread, and still they fucked her. Riven looked half dead on the sybian at this point, the whites of her eyes showing more than her pupils, but she was still cumming, still shaking in her bonds as it drove her to orgasm after orgasm… that little whore. Every spike of pleasure from her “friend” meant another trip deep into agony for Poppy. And she just couldn’t take it for another second. She was almost dead… and just as she was thinking that, Riven came again. Poppy wanted to scream at her.

“Alright slut,” the gumiho said from where she was sitting on a bench, idly scrolling through her phone. “You’re up again. New choice… whose turn it is anyway?”

“Mine,” a woman’s voice said, and Poppy cringed as the sound of the high pitched voice. Veigar was standing there, the yordle girl almost invisible beneath her clothing and hat that hid almost all of her in shadows. Her small size, however, was no comfort… Poppy knew that from experience. The evil bitch was fully capable of manifesting her magic in any shapes she wanted, even if she hadn’t already demonstrated her ability and willingness to steal other people’s magic… like Lulu’s size-increasing ones. Her glowing eyes stared at Poppy out of the shadows, threatening, darkly amused.

How she hated her.

“Well, you know the drill, slut. You get to choose again, Veigar here needs a hole to fuck.” Ahri announced.

She was so exhausted, “Please. Please… I can’t… Pleaseee… Not me! Just… please… not me!” she begged Ahri.

The moment the words were out of her mouth, Poppy wished that she could take them back… but it was too late. “Well alright cunt!” Ahri said, putting down her phone and smiling. “Then just pick which of them gets fucked.” Poppy stared at her in horror, coming to her senses, realizing the true horror of what she had done. She could not let them do this to her friends. She could not sacrifice either Lulu or Tristana.

“Please… No… I take it back… Please take me… Please…” Poppy begged. She was willing to pay the price.

To her surprise, however, Ahri shook her head. “I don’t think so little slut… it is too late for that. You made your choice. Now you have to fucking name someone!” The gumiho growled as she grabbed from Poppy’s hair. She grimaced as she did it. “Disgusting, cumsoaked slut, making a mess of my school… it’s a wonder I let you walk free this long.”

“Please!” Poppy continued begging. “Don’t do this… Please I beg you… Take me… Pleaseeeeeee…”

Ahri slapped her viciously “I already told you, that’s not how it works! Pick!” the redhead yelled.

Poppy could not do it. She just… she just couldn’t. Instead, she started to cry. With that, Ahri nodded to Veigar. “Go rape them both,” she said with a sneer.”

“What!” Poppy protested, eyes wide. “NOOOOOOOO… Pleaseeee!” She tried to force herself up and out of Ahri’s grip, to run to where Viegar was even now heading towards the pair of rooms that Lulu and Tristana awaited in.

Instead, the gumiho kicked her and threw her on the floor. “Now, watch what happens to your beloved friends,” Ahri said as she dragged Poppy and thrust her face against the glass wall between her and Lulu. “Watch… and know this is all your fault. You could have spared one of them… you didn’t. You could have left them out of this entirely by keeping to your fucking place and not getting involved in things that didn’t concern you. Instead, you ruined them both… now watch!

Poppy could see Veigar as she stepped up behind Lulu, the purple yordle trying to turn far enough to look at see her from where her head was attached to the gloryhole in the bathroom. It was a mercy she couldn’t… Poppy had to bear the dread as she watched Viegar touch her and suddenly began to grow in size, bigger than Renekton, bigger than Volibear. She had to watch as a cock of dark energy materialized like a sword jutting from her body, that futa cock growing large as her body size increased. Lulu was crying, she was terrified, but unfortunately Poppy knew that she wasn’t anywhere near terrified enough.

“My dear, dear slut!” Veigar voice said in the room. “Do you know why I’m here?” She snickered. “I’m here to rape you, little thing. I’m going to rip your insides. I’m going to own your holes. And you can’t do a thing about it… but that’s alright, dear thing. You just need to do what your betters say.” She grabbed onto a fistful of poor Lulu’s hair and yanked on it. “You know your place by now, I see. What a nice cum slut you are, just what I should’ve expected from a slave,” she commented, pushing the huge, darkly glowing cock into Lulu. The tiny yordle yelled and struggled, but Veigar just shoved her harder against the wall, and with her arms and legs and collar tied in place she really had nowhere to go. “How does this feel? Does this feel like a moment of pleasure, or a hardship?” she asked, pushing the object in further. Lulu cried at the pain of it stretching her pussy.

Poppy’s dear friend gave another shout of pain, the sound ending in something vaguely like a gurgling moan as the observing yordle had to watch her belly bulge with each thrust further inward as Veigar pushed it in inexorably towards to its base. “That looks painful… is it?” Veigar teased softly.

Lulu was panting. The poor, innocent young yordle was more than a little naive, and Poppy couldn’t imagine she had any idea why this was happening to her… why she had to suffer like this. She wanted all of this to stop… but Poppy already knew it wouldn’t. The painful sensation of the large magical cock penetrating her was more than enough to make her scream. Veigar left it there, wedged inside her, as she leaned forward to grab Lulu’s tits. They were small, of course – she was a yordle – but compared to Poppy and Tristana they were fairly large, and her nipples little nubs that reacted quickly to the dark mage’s attention. Those nipples stood erect, greeting her rough fingers eagerly right up until the moment that Veigar grabbed them and pulled roughly.

Lulu shrieked in pain, struggling against the ties binding her, so Veigar leaned forward and slapped her tits roughly. A red mark appeared on her violet skin, the contrast stark, and she must have liked how it looked because she slapped Lulu’s other breast a second later. Poor Lulu cried desperately, and Veigar responded by bucking her hips in a quick thrust, plunging in and out of Lulu’s pussy. The yordle arched her back in agony, unintentionally lining herself up even better for Veigar to do the same thing, lurching inside of her, sending her into a desperate, spasming fit of pain. She trembled, muscles aching, coated in sweat. Her eyes, forced mostly to stare at a wall, went back and forth wildly, a dazed expression on her face.

“Say thank you, bitch.” Veigar said, raising his hand again. There was a mumbling sound, and Veigar slapped one enlarged hand down on her ass like a piston, strong enough that it probably would have driven her to the ground entirely if the frame wasn’t holding her up. “I couldn’t hear you!”

This time, Poppy heard the muffled answer. “Shank… gyuu… plshhhhh sthap…” The words sounded dull on her tongue, like she was unaware of the words she uttered, moving purely on instincts.

Veigar laughed as she thrust in again, making her scream and arch her back again. “I bet you think I didn’t know you’d been watching me,” Veigar teased as she rode her. “I bet you think I hadn’t noticed the way you stared. The way you wanted me. What were you, crushing on the dark one? Did you fantasize about talking to me, to “bringing me into the light?” To being my ‘friend’?” Veigar slapped her again, harder. “Well I did notice, slut. I just didn’t care. If you had been worth the air you breathe, it might have been fun to string you along a little bit, see how many times I could get you to disgrace yourself for me before I showed you the kind of garbage you were, but you weren’t even that good… you disgust me!” The dark mage was raping her harder now, picking up speed and force, each thrust lifting her in the air a little bit. Her stomach clenched and swelled like she was pregnant as she pushed the massive dick to its base over and over. Poppy watched all of this, and her heart broke at every time Veigar thrust into poor innocent Lulu. It could have been Poppy… it should have been Poppy… but she had been weak. A failure.

 “I would never have wasted any time with you,” she continued even as Lulu cried with pain. “I wouldn’t even be here now except that Poppy sent me in here to fuck you senseless.” She laughed as Lulu wailed, grabbed a fistful of Lulu’s hair, yanking her head up and away from the wall with so much force that some of the bonds broke so that she could look down into her eyes, wide with fear. “That’s right… she picked you. Better you than her, I guess… right? Why else would I spend any time with a disgusting toilet slut with a belly full of cum and piss? And did I say you could close your eyes!” Veigar snapped as the yordle had closed her eyes to sob. Veigar’s fingers moved forward, prying her eyelids forcefully open while Lulu tried in vain to blink back tears while she was raped. “You insignificant worm, the least you can do is look at me when I bother to give you the time of day! This is the most attention from your betters that you deserve, and it’s honestly too good for you!”

“Pleashhhh…” Lulu moaned as Veigar pulled out until just the very tip of her magical cock, swollen with dark energy until it seemed to glow with darkness, remained inside of her. Then she slammed back in with all the might in her enlarged body. Lulu screamed and shook as Veigar grabbed her by the hips and began pounding into her, her head bouncing against the wall with each stroke. The huge dick was breaking Lulu’s insides to the point Poppy was screaming, sure that she was going to die.

Viegar looked over when she did… and smiled at her. “Look at me bitch,” Veigar snapped, staring right at Poppy. “You asked for this… this is your fault! Look at me!

Poppy, feeling like her soul died, stared right at her smirking face with dead eyes, her soul filled with nothing but sympathetic pain and humiliation. “Please… Stop this…” Poppy begged, not even sure who she was speaking to anymore.

Ahri answered. “I have no sympathy for you, cunt,” she said, shoving her head against the glass harder. “Now shut up.”

In the room, Lulu only heard the edges of this conversation, and none of it made sense to her. She couldn’t even really speak anymore, so filled with exhaustion and pain. “I’m not ready to finish quite yet, you little cunt!” Veigar laughed, still ramming into Lulu’s little pussy. Slapping her hand down on the yordle’s prim ass, enjoying watching it jiggle and her jerk against her cock Veigar continued to rape her. She slammed her palm down, again and again, until her entire ass was shining red under the assault. She was screaming, moaning, crying, begging her to stop… and that was good enough.

Lulu screamed, and Poppy watched as her belly pulsed and swelled. With horror, she realized the mage was cumming inside of her. That wasn’t jizz that cock was pushing out, either… Poppy prayed she never had to actually find out what it was because just thinking about the eldritch fluid made her brain hurt. She couldn’t look away as Veigar pulled out with a sicking schlurp, shoved her back into place, and waved her hands, summoning new bindings to replace the ones she had snapped. When Veigar finally let go, Lulu dropped to the slab, an exhausted look on her face as whatever passed for sperm from that arcane cock spilled out of her in gushes. “Worthless whore,” she growled. “At least your screams probably gave your friend a warning… now she knows what to expect.”

With those last words, Veigar left the room. Poppy then sighed in relief… but the feeling did not hold very long as Ahri dragged her to the window on the other side. Horrified, she remembered that they weren’t even close to done… they were only halfway. As Veigar walked into Tristana’s room, she began to scream again. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!! PLEASEEE… Take me, please… Please do not do this…” Poppy begged and struggled.

“Shut the fuck up and watch bitch!” Ahri slapped Poppy. “Maybe next time you won’t be so stupid and only get one of your dumb cunt friends fucked!” Poppy went almost limp in her grip with hopelessness, overwhelmed by guilt, feeling like an idiot. If she had just been stronger, braver, it would be her suffering, not her friends. If she had been even just a little bit braver, still worthless but just a little less worthless, at least this rape would be over. Instead, she had to watch as it began all over again. 

“Ready for some fun, bitch?” Veigar, still huge, mocked Tristana. As she walked into the room. Even from where she stood, Poppy could tell that her tomboy friend wanted to fight against this woman… but she was tied in place, barely able to move, not able to do so much as even turn to look. Still, she sort of moaned a negative, and the dark mage laughed. “Your precious friend Poppy picked you to be next, so you don’t get a fucking say, bitch.” Veigar spat as she put her hands on Tristana’s hips and lifted her a bit more towards her. Holding her in place, she reached across her chest to squeeze her left tit and pinch that hard nipple. Tristana tried to pull away, and Veigar grinned and kept pressing against Trist. “That’s it, you little slut. You know you want some dick… I’ve seen you sucking it down all day. Don’t lie to me. I’m gunna give you what you want… but you’re going to earn it like a good little whore.” She then stroked her humongous dick impatiently as she shoved her down by the shoulders, flatting her against the frame.

With Tristana’s head down, Veigar dragged her cock over the yordle’s pert ass, her swollen pussy and puckered asshole in clear view. Tristana shuddered as she felt Veigar’s dick grind against her pussy lips. The dark mage pushed in slightly then paused to spank her, hard. Trist jumped in pain, but Veigar had already grabbed her ass and pushed into her, making her cry out with the suddenness of it as the huge log-sized cock slammed into her body. Veigar slid in and out of Trist a few times before pausing with her cock buried deep in her. “You know… I’m not sure you are earning this. I’m not sure your pussy is tight enough to be worth my time.” Veigar spat on her asshole and pressed her thumb against it, beginning to push the sausage-thick enlarged digit into her. “Thankfully, even a nasty skank like you hasn’t gotten half as much use back here, so at least you still have one worthwhile hole.”

She pressed her thumb into Trist’s asshole up to her knuckle, and pulled Trist toward her as she started fucking her pussy in earnest. Trist was crying out with each thrust as Veigar stretched her cunt out. After a few dozen thrusts, the dark yordle pulled her thumb out and spat on Tristana’s asshole again before pressing two fingers into her instead. Even from outside the room, Poppy could see her friend’s gash as it spasmed around Veigar’s dick while she kept sliding in and out of her, “I think you like that, you cum slut. You want this big dick in your ass, you little whore?” Veigar teased.

Without warning, the enlarged monster pulled her cock out of her victim. Trist gasped at the abruptness, but Veigar didn’t pause… she took her cock in her hands and immediately pressed the head of the bulbous cock against Tristana’s asshole. She squirmed but the much more powerful mage effortlessly held in her place… There was really nowhere to go. Veigar pressed more firmly, spitting on her dick even through it was still wet from Trist’s cunt. The head of her cock popped into the poor yordle, and she screamed again, her blue asshole stretching around the fencepost cock wedging its way into her. Veigar grunted and pushed harder, holding her down while she kept screaming. “Stay right there, whore. You want this dick, you’re getting this dick.” Veigar’s voice, while still higher pitched, was made rough and growling by her lust and increased size, and it was a counterpoint to the sharpness of the long wail Tristana let out against the huge cock as Veigar slid it into her ass with a grunt.

She paused then, fully inside of her victim, relishing the feeling of Trist’s ass squeezing her cock. Trist was crying in extreme pain as the cock was ripping her insides, but Veigar could only laugh and thrill in the pleasure of it. “Damn, you’re as much of a cock whore as your little purple friend. Do you think that’s why Poppy told me to go fuck you instead of her, bitch? Think she knew you really needed the cock?” She laughed. “You like that dick in your ass, slut? Do you like that big damn dick in your tight little ass, you worthless tiny cunt? That’s my fucking ass! All you have to do is take it!” Veiger roared as she started to ass fuck her brutally. Poor Trista screeched each time her rod slide home into her ass. Veigar took her hair and pulled it, and Tristana’s back arched as Veigar pounded her ass like she was trying to drive the blue-skinned girl through the wall. She slammed and slammed and slammed and slammed, over and over again until she cried out, filling her hole with her cum.

Veigar slapped her ass one more time as she lay there sobbing, pulling out and leaving her to gush a river of black filth out of her. Tristana writhed in her bonds weakly as Veigar left the room, turning to look at Poppy and smirk as she walked past. “Thanks for giving me your friends, you used up whore. I bet they were a better fuck that you would have been.”

“So,” Ahri asked, letting Poppy sag to the ground. “How many times did my little fleshlight cum during all that?”

“Three,” Katarina reported.

Poppy’s blood felt like it was freezing in her veins. So many… it felt like her only recourse against despair was anger. That… that whore! How could she have? She swallowed. It didn’t matter. It was Poppy’s time to choose now… and this time she was not going to ruin it. “I’m next,” she said firmly. Put them on me.”

Ahri looked down at her, a look of amused disbelief on her face. “What?” she laughed. “Are you stupid? Did we fuck out what little brains you had, bitch?” The red-haired gumiho shook her head in amusement. “I told you already… that time is past. I have three people needing to fuck someone. Shyvana’s next. Which one does she fuck?”

“Please don’t do this…” Poppy whispered brokenly.

“Do I really need to teach you this lesson again?” she snarled, her eyes twitching momentary, her eyes narrowing. “Have I been going too easy on all of you?”

Poppy swallowed. “Lulu,” she whispered. Lulu had had some time to recover, at least. She would… she would have to endure this.

“Not good enough,” Ahri said, the smile back in place. “Be more specific. Ask for it.”

Poppy wanted to to rip her out tongue out rather than speak. She spoke anyway. “Please have Shyvana r-rape Lulu,” she whispered.

Shyvana, gleefully, walked towards Lulu’s room, but she didn’t get three steps before Ahri pinched Poppy’s nipple. “Warwick’s up too,” she said, grinning. “Riven came three times, after all. Where is he going?”

Poppy wept. “Please have Warwick fuck Tristana,” she whimpered. So much for that break.

“And Jax?” Ahri asked, looking to who was next in line.

“Please have Jax…” Poppy paused. Who was going to have to take too? Tristana had already had both of her holes fucked, but Lulu seemed so much more delicate and… and… She swallowed. “Please have Jax fuck Tristana, too.”

“As you wish, slut,” Ahri said with amusement. And Poppy had to watch as they did exactly what she had asked.

Riven came again, moaning. Whore. “Please have Renekton fuck Lulu.”

Riven came again, whimpering. Whore. “Please have Qiyana fuck Tristana.”

Riven came again, crying. Whore. Stop it… “Please have Ornn fuck Lulu.”

Riven came again, shuddering. Whore. “Please have Nidalee fuck Tristana.”

Riven came again, screaming. Whore! Fucking stop it! “Please have Volibear fuck Tristana.”

That wasn’t fair. She knew it wasn’t fair. She couldn’t help but feel it anyway.

Riven came again, trembling. Whore! “Please have Evelynn fuck Lulu.”

Riven came again. Whore! Stop it what is the matter with you! “Please have Wukong fuck Tristana.”

It was selfish, but in a way the worst part was that she couldn’t just tune out. She couldn’t just have them alternate because the fragile Lulu was so much more delicate than the tomboy Tristana was… instead, she needed to pay close attention and figure out who was the one she’d be hurting the least by picking them. In trying to minimize harm, she was hurting herself more. Some hero.

Then, without warning, Ahri said “Enough.”

Poppy almost didn’t believe it… and she hated that the first thing she wanted to do was throw herself at the gumiho’s feet and worship her in entirely genuine gratitude. “Clean those whores up and make sure they’re strapped back in,” Ahri said, gesturing at the completely wrecked forms of Lulu and Tristana. Then she looked down at Poppy. “So, still believe in heroes, slut? Do we need to give you this lesson again?”

“No!” Poppy cried quickly. “I… I was wrong.”

Ahri narrowed her eyes. “I’m beginning to think you do need another lesson after all… one in respect. Have my friends really been so lax with you?”

“No mistress!” Poppy almost screamed, so quickly did she force the words out. “I… I forgot my place. I’m a stupid bitch.”

Ahri raised one hand, and Poppy winced… only for the gumiho to rub her hair. It was sticky with dried cum now, and it flaked down on her as she patted her head like an unruly pet. “I know you are,” Ahri agreed with a smile. “I know you are.” She looked over, still amused. “Still… I did promise to give you opportunities to save your friends. How would you like another one?”

Overwhelmed with guilt for her weakness, Poppy was quick to agree. “Anything, mistress,” she was quick to say.  

Ahri directed her attention at the kneeling Riven. While waiting, most of the the girls – Ahri’s hateful little clique of mistresses – had been using Riven to eat them out. Her face was completely soaked in their juices now, slicking her hair back, gluing her eyes mostly shut. It made her look like even more of a whore. “Maybe I should explain your friends’ punishment. They are going to spend the rest of the year in those rooms,” Ahri said smugly. “Or longer, if I haven’t gotten bored of them by then. The school always needs more toilets and some stress relief. Twenty four hours a day drinking piss and cum, serving anyone who wants them.”

Poppy wept, imagining it. All of this, because of her. Because she had stood up for Lux. Because she had gotten herself involved in Riven’s stupidity. She wasn’t a hero. A hero saved people. Riven had just gotten them all in worse trouble.

That wasn’t fair. She knew it wasn’t fair. She couldn’t help but feel it anyway.


Poppy tensed, and she looked up at the gumiho with rapt eyes as she smiled. “Or, for the busiest six hours of the day, mid day… they can sleep. If you decide that Riven takes their place.”

Some part of Poppy wished the choice was harder. That night, alone in her locker, tightly bound and waiting for Qiyana and Katarina or someone else to use her the next day, she felt awful…

But she knew she would have made the same choice again.

She was no hero…

Alone in the darkness, Poppy wept.

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