KDA: All Fucked Out – Ch 1 – Missing Persons

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The screen went momentarily black until the video started playing, flashing pictures coming up one after another: four beautiful women smiling back at the viewer. Upbeat music made it seem like the start of a wonderful story, one of fame and glory, until the melody turned to something dark and disturbing, just like the pictures on the screen. Most of them were blurred out, far too disturbing to be shown to the viewers, but anyone watching would still make out what was hidden – the same four women, but now beaten and bruised, fear in their eyes. They were silently pleading, looking back at the viewer, hoping that someone, anyone, would come to save them.

Salvation that never came.

“In the digital age,” a hostess said in voice-over, “we are all more connected. Every one of us experiences more and more of what the rest of the world sees… but is the cost of that too high? In this episode of our show, we will talk about a disturbing case that kept billions of people on the edge as they watched it unfold in real time.”

Screenshots of endless comments started to appear, pulled from social media… Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, news channels, porn sites, and far worse places on the dark web. Some of the comments were the sort of pleas you would expect, but some… some were worse than others.Mixed together with the people who were asking for someone to help the missing girls, no matter what, were those that seemed to enjoy the show. That seemed to be cheering it on.

“People often think wealth and fame are a shield against suffering, and they can be, but two years ago we learned that wasn’t always true in stark, brutal terms. We here have gathered information from all available sources to present to you the full story of the K/DA kidnapping. What really happened, who was behind all of it, and where they are now? Let’s find the truth together.”

The music turned more lively again as the video transitioned to photos of the members of the now-infamous K-pop group. Akali was smiling wide, holding her baseball cap slightly askew; Kaisa was stretching out before the practice; Evelynn and Ahri standing closely together, working over lyrics, smiling at each other.

“Their success was nearly instant. Millions of fans listened to their debut single, but K/DA didn’t turn into a one-hit-wonder. They stayed in the charts week after week, proving everyone who predicted the failure of this “super group” wrong time again and again. Some people were surprised by their success outside of Korea, but even that wasn’t a surprise for those who took a closer look at the members of the band and realized how insanely talented they all were.”

The concentration of photos changed until there were only photos of Kaisa on the screen, starting from her teenage years and continuing with her being on the big stage. The violet-haired dancer looked carefree as she moved around with grace, the athletic star and choreographer teaching the routines to the other members.

“Kaisa was a person who dedicated herself fully to her craft. From the moment she burst onto the scene with a pair of prestigious dancing competitions, no one sensible predicted there was anywhere for her to go but up. She worked hard for what she wanted and she kept pushing until everything was perfect. To this day many choreographers still try to copy her unique style but most fall terribly short. Her impact on the dance scene is considerable, but there can be little doubt that it would have been bigger still in the coming years if it wasn’t for the cruel crime that befell her…”

“Come closer,” the man smiled, beckoning Kaisa with his finger. “I won’t hurt you this time, I promise…”

Kaisa believed none of the words he was saying, of course… how could she? Trusting Rakim – her owner – was never anything but a losing game. What else could she do, though? Defiance had never gotten her anything but further suffering… she could do nothing else but accept the rules. So Kaisa moved to him slowly, trying to prolong the precious few moments she could spend not near him.

They were on the balcony of his penthouse home, right in the open. Once, she would have been tempted to shout, to call for help. Surely someone else was on one of the many balconies below… surely someone else would hear her. Time had disabused her of that notion, however. Rakim had no fear of letting her be seen here… in Qatar, he was like a god. The setting sun was still hot on her skin as she walked to the man who had bought her two years ago, reminding her oddly of a spotlight from a nearly forgotten time on stage, in concert.

For Kaisa, her fame and glory seemed like it was all in another life… the one she tried desperately to forget. Memories of that time brought only pain… remembering she had once been a human person brought her only pain. Maybe if being a slut was the only thing she could remember, it would be easier to stop imagining that one day she would be free once more. For now, however, the memories of her old life still lingered no matter how she tried to banish them, and it made her wince as Kaisa felt the old man’s hand painfully grab her by the wrist and pull her down to sit in his lap.

“One day you’ll stop being so shy,” Rakim laughed, running his hand over the dancer’s legs, up her knees. He spoke to her in English, only ever in English. He only spoke Arabic in her presence when he didn’t want her to know what he was talking about… when he was making plans. He looked over her with hungry eyes as Kaisa felt his cock through the thin fabric of her dress, pressing right against her ass. “Do you like new things I got for you?” he asked, showing a toothy grin. “You look so beautiful…”

Kaisa tried to smile as she looked down at the golden bracelets and diamond rings she wore. Rakim was in his sixties, wealthy to the point of stupidity… wealthy to the point where buying himself a pretty celebrity sex slave was something he could do without blinking. He had expensive tastes and he liked to show off to everyone around him – to his guests, to his guards, and even to the whore he kept around. The one he used to feel better about his… issue. Kaisa’s inability to fix that damn issue was just another reason to punish her more often than not, but still Rakim kept her around, trying over and over.

More than anything, Kaisa dreaded the day he would stop. Even with all the pain and humiliation, she would prefer her owner to another stranger, one that she didn’t know anything about. It was pathetic, Kaisa knew that – preferring one rapist to another. With Rakim, at least she was fairly sure that if she was completely obedient, if she didn’t speak unless spoken to, if she kept herself pretty and acted like a perfect doll, and if she did everything he said she wouldn’t get hurt too badly. Unless he was drunk. Or in one of his moods. Or she picked her words badly. Once, she had chosen even her fawning words in just the wrong way, and her body had ached for weeks as her skin turned mostly black with the bruises Rakim left.

It was a stark reminder. He was so rich that even an expensive slave like her was still just a disposable object… one that could be used up, broken, and thrown away.

“I love them, master!” she said eagerly, smiling wider as Rakim’s hand went into the cleavage of her dress, fondling her breast. Kaisa knew her role well enough to close her eyes and softly moan at that touch, even if inside she felt nothing but revulsion.

“Then show me how grateful you are,” Rakim said warmly. “Let me see how it looks on you.”

Kaisa knew what was expected from her, even if she loathed every moment of it. She got up, standing in front of him, as she started to move her hips. She was a great dancer and she knew how to capture the attention of the crowd, but Kaisa had never imagined that she would do so to entertain the man who owned her. As she moved, she started running her hands down her body, caressing herself. She closed her eyes, trying to make it look like she enjoyed it. Rakim was breathing hard while watching her. The way she moved her hips was even more sexual than anything she would have dared do on stage… easing, showing off her assets.

Kaisa moved closer, straddling his hips while still moving her body as her ass ground against his groin. She hoped it would be enough and Rakim wouldn’t make her continue the show for him. She loved dancing, it was her entire life, so being forced to use her talents to entertain him was something she deeply despised.

“Do you know what else I would like?” Rakim breathed in her neck, shiver going down her spine. “If you got on your knees and opened your pretty little mouth to suck me off. You love having a nice hard cock between your lips, is it right, whore?”

“Yes, master,” Kaisa whispered as she obediently slipped down his body and got down on the floor, her short dress hiking up to almost show her ass. She wasn’t allowed to wear underwear anyway. It was a small thing, hardly the most uncomfortable part of her existence, but it was still humiliating. Kaisa forced herself to keep smiling as she unzipped her owner’s pants, opening them up to be met with his barely-hard dick. She knew the steps to this dance and she was repeating them, knowing full well what was about to happen at any point.

“Get to work,” Rakim said, impatience in his voice. Once she took his mostly-flaccid cock in her hand, stroking him slowly, he only grew angrier. “Look at what you’re doing, filthy little slut! Tell me how much you love it!”

As Kaisa kept rubbing his dick he became only slightly harder than before. She did everything she was expected to do, she pressed her palm over him and twisted her wrist, but it didn’t do anything to help with the limpness in her hand. “I love having your cock in my mouth,” she said, trying hard to sound like she really wanted it, like Rakim’s soft dick in her palm was the best thing she saw in her entire life. “So nice and hard. Please, use my mouth, Master… I want it so bad. Please give it to me, Master…”

Rakim laughed, tugging at the women’s dark hair to make her look at him. “I know how you love it, stupid fucking whore. Open up your pretty lips and get ready to swallow my load!”

Even as Kaisa parted her lips she knew it wasn’t going to happen. In two years of being owned by Rakin, she could count on the fingers both her hands how many times he had come inside her, and it was never her mouth… only one of her other holes. Over and over he desperately tried to get hard inside her mouth and nearly every time he failed, but Kaisa was still expected to do her part in hope that someday her sexy body and tight little mouth would be a cure for what was wrong with her master.

It wasn’t.

Rakim kept tugging at her hair even as his too-soft length entered her mouth, the foul taste of the sweaty older man covering her taste buds. Kaisa put all her efforts into sucking him, using her tongue and pressing her cheeks around him, but it was useless. Rakim didn’t care, pressing her head closer and closer as the dancer kept her rhythm, waiting until it all would be over. “Suck harder, you useless slut!” Rakim screamed in frustration, realizing that once again he wouldn’t be able to finish. “You aren’t even worth the money I paid for you! I could’ve taken any whore from the street and she would’ve done a better job!”

Kaisa tried harder, even knowing that it wouldn’t help her. Her tongue was all over Rakim’s cock as her hand went to his balls, massaging them. She didn’t want to get to the next part of her torture, not yet. Even if it was doomed, just a few more seconds before it happened were precious… just a few more-

“Get off me, filth!” he screamed in rage, slapping the dark haired popstar to the floor. She hit the back of her head hard, but even as her vision swam she did her best not to let it show as she looked up at her master with terror in her eyes. She crossed her arms over her chest protectively, even though she knew it was useless. “After everything I did for you,” Rakim growled. “Everything I’ve given you, and you can’t even suck a cock properly. Stupid, insolent slut! Worthless piece of fucking garbage!”

With his cock still hanging from his unzipped pants, Rakim stepped closer just to spit right onto Kaisa’s face. She flinched, expecting another slap or a kick right after, but it never followed. As he got his clothing back in place, he screamed in the direction of the doors in Arabic. Kaisa didn’t speak the language, but at this point, after 2 years, she had picked up some words. Even without the ones she recognized, however, her master’s tone promised nothing but pain and humiliation.

Kaisa stayed lying on the floor as two men came out through the door… two of his favorite bodyguards, massive men. She knew them well by now. She might not know their names, but she definitely knew them after the endless times they’d raped her after their boss wasn’t able to do so. That was her punishment for failing, for disappointing Rakim once again. Bitter tears filled her eyes… including mostly self hatred. If she was still strong enough to fight back, she would’ve bitten his stinky, limp dick off one of those times… but Kaisa wasn’t that girl. Too broken, too defeated, too cowardly to try anything that would end in her punishment. She simply took everything that was given to her, soothing herself that maybe one day things would be better and it wouldn’t hurt as much. That maybe one day it would be over.

The two men were smiling down at her, showing all their teeth. They talked to each other and by the look on their faces, Kaisa was ready for the worst. She got pulled up, pain blooming in her wrist, as she stood pressed between two men that were about to take full advantage of their boss’ present.

“Rip her ass… fill her cunt…” was the only thing Kaisa understood of their foreign dialog as she was held between them. Then, before she could react, her new, expensive dress was torn and ripped down to her waist until it looked more like a belt. She wanted to cover herself, but Kaisa knew better. She tried to struggle back when she only arrived in Qatar, but it gained her nothing but a ripped asshole and welts. Now the dancer knew that taking everything quietly was the key to feeling less pain… and that seemed like it was the loftiest goal of her life these days. Less pain.

The bodyguards undressed quickly, their cocks hard and pressing to her body. These two certainly didn’t have any problem getting ready to rape the young pop star. As one of the men was fondling her breasts, painfully squeezing soft flesh in his palms, the one standing behind her grabbed Kaisa by the back of her thighs, pulling her up and spreading her legs apart. She whimpered, biting on her lip. She had had worse, she kept reminding herself. She could take it, she had had worse, she had-

The insertion of his cock into her dry asshole banished all thoughts. Once, the pop star would have dreamed that how regularly she was fucked there would lead to it hurting less. Instead, the benefit seemed entirely to the aid of the men – her ass no longer seemed to resist them at all, letting him slide in without much fight while reducing the pain she felt not in the slightest. As she cried out in agony, a small part of her wondered if this made her even more of a slut that she was able to take that cock with ease, her own pain unimportant to the process. Certainly, the man behind her seemed to enjoy it – he groaned and said something to the other rapist, and they both laughed.

Kaisa kept silent as the man in front of her grinned before pushing his whole length inside her cunt. The dancer’s dry entrance wasn’t welcoming this rough intrusion there either, and she sobbed out, feeling familiar pain as he pressed his way inside her unwilling, unexcited hole. Kaisa knew that she would get wet… that the pain would reduce eventually… her whore body serving them to the best of its abilities. She just needed to wait.

Besides, she had obligations if she didn’t want to be hurt.

Forcing a smile onto her face, Kaisa grabbed the man standing in front of her by the shoulders and embraced him. She felt nothing but disgust with having these bastards inside her holes, but if they finished fast they would leave her alone… they might not even punish her further. So, filled with desperation, Kaisa moved her hips, squeezing her walls around them, fucking herself first forward and then back like a trained whore, riding both men at once. “Fuck me harder,” she moaned. “Keep using my holes, I love it so much…”

Hearing her sultry voice was all the encouragement they needed. Kaisa moaned and screamed as the men moved faster and rougher inside her, their hands all over her body as she was jumping on their cocks. Even if she tried to look like she liked it her body knew better, aching pain blooming inside her with every thrust as they battered her between them like a rag doll.

When they finally had enough fun, Kaisa was pushed back to the ground. Neither of the two had cum yet, so she kept playing the role of a willing slut, rubbing their dicks with her hands and cheeks and hair as she looked up at them with a celebrity idol’s fake smile. She sucked on their cocks, trying to ignore the taste of her own pussy and ass on them as she hoped she could get it over with without further pain. Finally, she succeeded. As both of them erupted, she got the goons’ hot cum all over her breasts and her face. Hot seed dripped down her chin as she moaned and spread it all over herself. The bodyguards laughed watching her go, probably thinking she’d lost her mind or was just really an insatiable slut. Kaisa didn’t really care. She was alive and wasn’t beaten, it was already good enough. At least for now.

“Now,” Rakim said from where he was watching. “Punish the slut for ruining my new dress.”

The dress they had ripped off her.

Kaisa kept the smile on her face, but she couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in the corners of her eyes.

“Recently, photos of a woman that looks similar to Kaisa appeared on a few private social media accounts,” the hostess’s voice said as a low-quality picture appeared on the screen. It was grainy and dark, and the only thing that would’ve made it seem like the woman on it was really Kaisa was the dark violet color of her hair. “The owner of the account was, as far as we can determine, never found. To this day we don’t know if it was truly the K/DA’s dancer or just someone’s attempt to create a sensation. We might never know what happened to her.”

With another compilation of clips featuring Kaisa, this part of the video ended as the plot moved on to the next member of K/DA.

“The youngest member of K/DA, and one of the rising stars of K-Pop, was the girl named Akali. Her rise to stardom started on the streets of Busan when she was only fifteen.” A teenage picture of Akali popped up just to be followed by countless others, showing a spirited, beautiful young woman. “Fresh, talented, and filled with new ideas and the will to make them happen, Akali quickly gained a social media following with her bold rap lyrics and unique dancing style. As soon as she got invited to join K/DA Akali instantly became a fan favorite. Two years after the tragedy you can still find vigils being held in her honor on the streets of her hometown, reminding everyone that even if authorities abandoned the search, people still remember her and keep the faith.”

Akali shivered as she woke, the cold hair freezing the surface of her bare skin. She opened her eyes, looking at the window blearily and squinting at the sunlight shining right through it. She was laying at the foot of a wide bed, completely naked beside the thin stripe of a collar that adored her neck and the tail attached to a butt-plug wedged into her ass. Akali hugged her shoulders and pulled her knees closer to her chest in an attempt to save some warmth, but it was useless. Her stiff nipples pressed into her arm as she shivered again.

She looked up at the sleeping figure of her owner who, unlike her, had the luxury of having a pillow and a warm blanket. For a moment Akali considered trying to get under that blanket too – maybe she could play it as an attempt to be closer to her owner? – but she quickly abandoned the thought. She knew her owner wouldn’t like that, and she wasn’t ready to deal with rage and fury first thing in the morning.

As she was rubbing her palms over her arms in an attempt to massage some warmth back into them, Akali’s thoughts drifted back to the time when she could get anything she wanted with just one word. Being a star felt amazing, people were looking up to her, but maybe it was the wrong path to follow? If only she didn’t try to chase something bigger and better she wouldn’t have ended up here. Akali felt tears pricking at the corners of her eyes but she couldn’t cry, not right now. Her owner was about to wake up and she needed to be ready for what was coming, even if she could never truly be prepared.

Akali felt a motion on the bed against her and heard yawning. Soomin was waking up, rubbing a palm over her gorgeous face – the face that probably cost her father a fortune after he paid for all the plastic surgery. Her father didn’t mind spending money as long as his daughter was happy, buying her the best clothing, the best food, the best equipment and opportunities… No, he bought her anything in the world she wanted, even if that thing was a kidnapped, gangraped pop star.

Soomin shrugged off her yawn and slowly looked down at Akali, a light smile playing on her lips. At least she looked like she was in a good mood, so maybe today the young rapper would get to escape without fresh additions to the painful welts that she had already had all over her skin, proof of Soomin’s “loving” attentions. “Good morning, pet,” she said cheerfully, still blinking away the remnants of sleep. “Come here.” The North Korean girl pulled her blanket to the side, showing that she was as strikingly naked beneath the sheets as her pet. She opened her legs in an inviting gesture. “I have your favorite breakfast ready.”

Of course she did. That was her favorite dinner too, and lunch… at least to hear Soomin tell it. Resigned, Akali moved closer, preparing to please her owner. She tried to remind herself that being the slave of a spoiled daughter of a DPRK party member wasn’t the worst fate she could think of… After what she survived following her kidnapping, after being raped and choked on countless cocks and tormented to within an inch of her life, Akali had to believe that licking a little bit of cunt was not the worst thing that could happen to her… So, like a nice, eager pet, she put her head between Soomin’s thighs and started lapping with her tongue, running it over the pink slit.

It didn’t take long before Soomin was purring, definitely coming more and more awake with each passing moment. “This is what your tongue is really good for,” her mistress laughed as Akali worked harder, licking on the slick folds and over the entrance. “So much better than hearing you sing… or speak.” She grabbed Akali’s hair, tugging harder and pressing her face right against her slit. Impatient, she started grinding her cunt all over her pet’s face, leaving wet trails as she stroked her clit using the other woman’s nose. “Now stop being lazy and just suck on my fucking slit. It’s not too much to ask, is it?” Soomin said with threatening notes to her voice. Akali knew where it could lead, so she rushed to do as she was told… even when it was made far more difficult by the fact her mistress didn’t stop grinding on her and moving the pop star’s target. She pressed her full lips around her mistresses’ slit, her tongue questing upwards and her mouth sucking in until she heard moans and screams, and that pussy gushed into her mouth.

The taste of Soomin’s climax lingered on her tongue and in her mouth as her mistress pushed Akali away. “A good morning indeed,” she purred happily as she began to rise, still biting her lips as she breathed hard. Hopeful, Akali prayed that she did a good enough job to stay in the room for the rest of the day while her mistress went out to do whatever she usually did. However, luck wasn’t on her side today.

“Get up, pet!” she commanded. “We have a big day ahead of us! We’re going to make some art!”

Dread filled the young rapper. Akali knew what that meant and she dreaded every second of what was coming… They were going to the studio. It was one of the few places outside of Soomin’s room Akali was allowed to go. Her mistress, however, seemed excited as she eagerly moved around the room, picking her wardrobe. She didn’t pick out anything for Akali, of course. Clothes weren’t for pets, Soomin liked to say, just like talking wasn’t.

“What do you think?” her mistress asked Akali as she put on her outfit for the day. “Does this look good?” Akali held her tongue. Once upon a time, the former pop star would’ve laughed at how hard her new owner tried to look like some pretty girl from a drama. If it wasn’t for her situation, she might have at least tried to smile. Having a rich father that was also at the top of the ruling party gained Soomin a lot of privileges. Getting to be completely oblivious to what was happening in the real world was clearly of them. “I know,” she said, smiling as she twirled. “If you could talk, you would say said I look amazing!”

A few moments later, Soomin came closer and clipped a leash onto her collar. She was a pet and pets were not allowed to wander around without control… it wasn’t as humiliating as it used to be, but the the tight belts Soomin quickly tightened around her arms and legs spiked the misery right back up… her wrists were held at her shoulder and her ankles almost at her hips, forcing her to walk on elbows and knees. The first few times, it had been almost impossible to keep up, leaving Soomin half kicking and half dragging a sobbing Akali through the hallways. Unfortunately, this was far from one of the first times.

As Soomin opened the doors and led her pet out into the hallway, Akali tried not to look around. Servants that were always cleaning something in the house didn’t pay attention to the naked woman on a leash, treating Akali’s situation like something normal, and somehow that sheer fact felt worse than anything Soomin ever did to her. At this point, Akali might as well not exist because that would’ve made no difference. She was dead to the rest of the world, but she was just an empty spot for Soomin and other people in the house.

“Here we are,” Soomin said cheerfully, dragging Akali inside the studio. She did not doubt that it had only taken her mistress one call to her father to renovate one of the spare rooms into a whole recording studio, filled with state of the art equipment. A man sat behind the control table, getting equipment ready. He gave Akali a surprised look but quickly averted his eyes. He must know better than to question anything that Soomin was doing. “Everything better be perfect this time, you imbecile,” Soomin said cheerfully as she strode in.

“It will be, I assure you!” the man promised, his tone obsequious. “Your wonderful voice will sound just like in real life. Everyone is going to love it!”

“I hope so,” Soomin said. She tried to frown, but the fillers in her face wouldn’t let her do so. “Pet! Stay here and listen. I want you to make sure this one doesn’t ruin anything.”

Akali didn’t sigh… it would only get her punished worse. Instead she just nodded, sitting on the floor in the corner of the studio. There were chairs in the room and they looked invitingly comfortable, but they weren’t for pets… in fact, given that she had never seen more than one other person in this studio, she suspected her mistress had put them here just to deny them to Akali – She wasn’t allowed on the furniture unless Soomin specifically said so. For most of the time, she didn’t even think about it, but sometimes the thoughts about how low she fell would make their way inside Akali’s mind to make her feel even more empty inside. It didn’t matter who she was before, now she was just a pet to a cruel mistress, without a voice and without any rights. She just needed to accept that it would be like this forever.

As Soomin closed the door of the recording booth and put on the headphones, the music she was sampling started playing. It was good, no doubt of that… her mistress could no doubt afford the best of the best.

Even the greatest music couldn’t cover the fact that Soomin couldn’t sing to save her life, though.

Her lows were too low, her curves too flat, and when she tried to go high her voice died, practically becoming a high-pitched scream. Akali tried as hard as possible not to let her reaction show on her face, but it became even harder when, after a few miserable tries, Soomin started rapping.

This. This was the reason Akali got been bought in the first place – not to be a sex slave, but to be a mentor to Soomin, someone who could teach her so she could find her fame. To be a coach for a spoiled brat. Practically as soon as they started practicing, however, Akali had known that there was no hope. Not because she couldn’t learn, but because she refused to. Trying to teach her was no use… The spoiled girl didn’t want advice, she just wanted worship – someone who would agree with how great she was. She needed everyone around her to say that she was perfect even if it was the farthest thing from the truth.

That didn’t mean she was ignorant of the fact she was being lied to, however. Akali winced at the memory of her stupidity. She had tried to pretend, to salve her mistresses ego, but nearly two years ago the young rapper, naive and hopeful and dizzy with gratitude that she was finally safe by at least some definition and not being raped a hundred times a day, had failed to lie convincingly enough… she had shown enough of the truth to her young mistress. That was the day that Soomin had first showed her real face, twisted with fury as she had beaten Akali half to death.

The next day, she had taken Akali’s voice. She was turned into a pet – voiceless, collared, and ready to please her mistress. Words had been expressly forbidden to her, under the promise that if she couldn’t learn to live like that then Soomin would have her vocal chords removed entirely. If she wasn’t going to be one of the rich girl’s worshipers, she would be deleted from existence entirely.

Soomin looked at her pet as she tried to keep up with the lyrics and Akali smiled at her, hoping that it looked like she really enjoyed what she was hearing. It wasn’t helping, though. After a few moments longer, her mistress took off her headphones and threw them on the ground, making the man behind the table flinch and make his way to the door in hopes to flee if everything went wrong.

“Tell me,” Soomin said, stomping in Akali’s direction, voice full of fury. “How did it sound? As perfect as this piece of shit promised me?” She pointed at the man that made a terrified sound before running through the door. He no doubt knew what Soomin’s anger could be like, and he was sensible enough to leave… and cowardly enough to leave Akali to face it. She tried not to be bitter about that.

Akali looked up at her mistress, not knowing what to do – anything she said would’ve led to being beaten at this point. Even with permission to speak, she couldn’t see a way out of this that wouldn’t involve pun- “Did you go deaf?” Soomin leaned closer, grabbing Akali by her nipple ring with her sharp nails. She tugged and Akali whimpered, trying not to scream. “Open your fucking mouth and tell me how I sounded!”

There was no other way out for her now, she needed to say something. “It… it needs…” she whispered. Was that really her voice? So ragged, so weak? Akali cleared her throat, her tongue barely remembering how to form sounds. The last time she’d been allowed to talk was half a year ago and Akali could barely remember how it felt – to talk to someone. “I… I don’t think the equipment captures you right. I think I need something else. Maybe trying some auto tu-”

She never even saw the fist until it had smashed her across the face. “Auto-tune!?” Soomin roared as Akali collapsed to the floor. “Are you saying I suck so much I need an auto-tune?” Her voice went higher as she got angrier, falling down on top of the bound, prone woman. Her hand went to Akali’s neck as she started to strangle her pet. “Did you and other sluts in your band need it? I bet not… you had a voice as sweet as sugar… But look at you right now, you subhuman beast!”

Akali gasped for air, but it was useless – for someone so thin, Soomin was surprisingly strong. Akali writhed, trying to get free enough to breathe, but it was no use. “You’re nothing but a pathetic little slut. I can shove my foot up your ass and fuck you with it while you scream and no one would lift a finger to help you… Because I’m better than you! Because you belong to me, you miserable trash!

Akali finally felt air filling her lungs as Soomin rose up off her, but her relief was short-lived – Soomin started kicking her with her feet, not caring where it would land. Her legs, her stomach, her breasts and ass – every part of Akali’s body was under a vicious attack as she laid on the floor trying to shield her head with her bound arms. It didn’t stop for a while, as her whole body started aching with pain. The next morning she would wake up covered in bruises, she knew it.

Soomin stopped, breathing hard, while Akali still laid there with her eyes closed. She heard the ruffling of the clothes as her mistress got out of her shorts and panties. Soomin kicked her pet in the ribs once again, this time more gently. “Look at me, pet. Silly of me to forget your mouth has only one useful thing to offer, and it’s not your opinion. Time to do something that will make me feel better.”

As Akali looked up she saw Soomin’s slit, her feet on both sides of her pet’s head. Without warning, she pushed down, sitting right on top of Akali’s face. The kidnapped pop star didn’t make a sound, just happy the beating had ended. “Put your tongue to use, worthless thing,” Soomin commanded.

Akali obeyed, running her tongue over the asshole that was right against her lips. Her mistress moaned, pressing her hips farther down while opening Akali’s legs. Without a warning, Soomin pushed three of her fingers inside her pet’s unprepared cunt. Akali sobbed out, feeling the intrusion and opening her legs wider in hopes that it would make the process less painful.

“I’ll fuck you up so thoroughly you’ll feel hollow when I’m not using you,” Soomin laughed as she rocked her hips on her pet’s face while continuing to finger her hole in an unsteady rhythm. “Put your sweet little tongue in my asshole, I want to feel it inside of me.”

Akali kept moistening the wrinkled entrance until it was wet enough to allow her tongue to slip inside the tightness of Soomin’s ass. The woman on top of her screamed, starting to finger Akali’s cunt even more roughly despite the pain and discomfort she was causing as her sharp nails were scratching Akali’s sensitive walls. “In and out, just like that,” Soomin gasped as her other hand played with her own pussy, her body shaking being so close to the orgasm. Akali kept going, knowing that the moment her mistress finished she would stop tormenting the pop star’s cunt.

As she moved her tongue inside the tight walls of Soomin’s asshole, Akali felt the muscles contract around her. Soomin cried out, pulling her fingers away from her pet’s cunt as she was screaming in pleasure, and Akali felt the wash of her juices spitting over her thighs to drip down the rapper’s chin and pool in the hollow of her throat. “Much better…” she purred as she kept sitting on top of her slave’s face through the aftershock.

Then, eventually, she got back on her feet and pushed her skirt and panties back into place before she started tugging at Akali’s leash. “Come on, pet!” Soomin said. “You can’t lay around all day or you’ll get punished.”

Pained, still aching from the beating, Akali forced herself up to elbows and knees, her face still stained with Soomin’s juices. But it could’ve been worse than this, right? Akali tried to calm herself with those thoughts even if she knew it was a lie. Then, a few minutes later, she realized just how much she was lying to herself as she recognized where she was being taken.

Her mistress was more angry than she had thought. Akali was being taken to the dog kennels again, with the rest of the family mutts.

Tears drenching her face, Akali kept crawling. What else could she do?

“Some speculate that Akali was sold into North Korea, but the country’s authorities claim that it couldn’t be possible for that to have happened. Considering the amount of money that was allegedly paid for each of the kidnapped K/DA members, however, it wouldn’t be a reach to consider that the buyer would have to be a member of the country’s ruling elite if it were the case. For now, though, this is just one of many dead ends in this case.”

Once again, the compilation of Akali’s pictures went to black before the introduction of the third member. A pretty blond with fox ears appeared on the screen, her smile wide as she was talking to the interviewer, but the video was muted. “Ahri, the leader of the band, was the force that kept them all together. She became an idol in her teens as a solo career before abandoning it, deciding instead to try to form something more ambitious. K/DA was the project she put her heart and soul into, hand-picking each member to create a team that could rival any other on the world’s arena. The band’s success was the product of Ahri’s hard work, no one could argue about that. Even the rumors about Ahri’s alleged love affair with the member of her band couldn’t ruin her reputation. Sadly, this success also came with a price. The price that all of them were forced to pay…”

Ahri ran.

Her lungs were burning, her legs were aching, her clothes were ripped, her feet felt like they were full of holes, but she kept running anyway, as fast as she could. Ahri didn’t dare to turn around and look back, she couldn’t afford this weakness. She needed to use this opportunity wisely before she got into another trap. And so she kept running through the pain, hoping to see her way to freedom between the thick trees.

“Come on, Foxy!” she heard a voice behind her, echoing through the forest. “You can’t run forever, we both know it. Come back to me and I promise I won’t hurt you… too badly…”

Words were followed by a burst of laughter that made Ahri remember all the previous nightmares she survived. She needed to get out of this place, now. She didn’t want to face the man who chased her, never, ever wanted to end up in his hands again. So no matter how much the pain in her body tried to make her quit, she didn’t.

As she ran deeper into the woods, she became increasingly aware of the fox tail that was waving behind her like a flag, billowing out as she ran. Once it had been a prized part of her identity. Now, she could hardly think of anything she hated more than that prop, the one her owner forced her to wear. She couldn’t get rid of it yet, though. Taking off the harness would take too much time, and dropping either it or her false ears would still leave a trail for her Master to follow. For now, she still hoped she could run far enough to end up somewhere safe.

“You know I’m going to find you, bitch…” the voice came through the forest, and it was followed a second later by the echoing bark of a gunshot. Ahri flinched and everything in her suddenly wanted to just drop to the ground or press her back flat against a tree. Just hearing it brought back bad memories of one of the other times she had tried to escape, when he had gotten too careless and shot Ahri in her arm. The bullet had only grazed her but it had still ripped a chunk of her bicep away, leaving a obvious scar that was never going away. She forced herself to stay on her feet. That little scar was nothing compared to the things she had to go through while she was locked in that maniac’s basement.

“You’re making me angry, Foxy,” the voice came again. “You know what happens when you make me angry. You know what I’ll do to you? I’ll make you scream for mercy, begging and pleading until your voice dies, until you run out of words you can use to promise to be a good little well-behaved slut…”

Ahri was tired. Even her survival instincts couldn’t help much when the air she breathed felt like acid in her lungs. But she was close, she knew it! She saw a light between the trees, she saw the gates… She pushed herself to go farther, she cursed through her teeth reminding herself that this would all be worth it once she was out of this horrible place, once she could find the bitch and…

A bullet hit the ground right in front of Ahri. “Stop, right now!” a man’s voice growled. The blonde pop star froze in place, panting, looking to the side. Her whole body was shaking as she met her owner’s, Steven’s, eyes. “Good little fox,” he said coldly, his words completely out of sorts with the tone of his voice and the expression on his face. “Now it’s time to remind you where your place is.”

As Steven moved closer to her, holding a gun in his hand, Ahri wanted to turn away and run, but she knew it would only earn her an even harsher punishment once he got to her. So she stayed in her place, watching a terrifying smile appear on his face. “I thought you had learned already,” he said as Ahri trembled, feeling his hand on her arm, stroking it almost gently as she tried not to show her fear. “You’re only able to run away because I allow it, Foxy… but you will never be free of me.” He leaned in until his lips brushed against her ear. “I thought I already told you. I’ll rape you until your throat burns so badly you can’t speak, until your asshole gapes so wide you can’t take a proper shit anymore, until your womb bleeds every day. I’ll ruin you until every part of your body aches, until your tits are stretched and useless, until I could put you on national television and no one would ever recognize you. I’ll bleed you dry for everything you’re worth… and when I’m finally done I’ll throw what little is left of you to the dogs.”

As Steve said it, he pushed Ahri down to the ground. She groaned as the impact pushed her barely recovered air away from her lungs as she fell onto her stomach, feeling hard rocks pressing into her legs. She tried to get up, but Steve was already on top of her, pulling her skirt up, squeezing her asschecks.

“Get off of me, you fucking…” Ahri wasn’t able to finish the sentence once she felt her owner’s belt sling around her throat. Steve loved to use it as a leash, tugging hard as he fucked her, feeling as the singer’s body contracted all around him.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. You were saying something?” He laughed, and Ahri felt the hardness of his cock rubbing over her ass. He was fully on top of her and there was no way for her to get out. There would be agony, a lot of it, and she could do nothing about it. “Oh… silly me. Sluts don’t talk, right? They only moan and scream, taking any dick they can get. So it’s time for you to do it!”

Ahri’s body tensed as she felt his cock press into her asshole. Even with pre-cum that was leaking off his tip, she was far too dry to take him easily. It had been weeks since he’d taken her there. Steve preferred to not touch her asshole for a week or two after each use… he found it perfect to allow her to recover and never grow used to it, so that the next time he raped Ahri she would be nice and perfectly tight, making it far more painful for her. The Korean beauty made a strangled noise as she felt his length pushing inside her dry guts, painfully stretching out her walls.

“I was worried your ass would be ruined after all the gangster trash cock you took,” Steve breathed in her ear, pushing even deeper. He let the belt go loose enough around her neck to allow Ahri some air. After all, he didn’t want to kill her just yet. “But you’re just as tight as I imagined. Should have known that even as dumb of a cunt as you had at least one thing to make you useful.”

Ahri scratched the ground under her palms, trying not to focus on the burning pain in her ass, trying instinctively to crawl away from it. She needed to get through it, she couldn’t give up. She kept repeating those words as Steve started fucking her even rougher, every stroke sending a flair of pain through her body.

“Do you still like pussy, dyke slut?” Steve laughed, burying his whole shaft inside Ahri’s asshole over and over. “Or did you finally learn that you were born to take cock, and your opinion never once mattered?”

Ahri gritted her teeth as she felt each of his thrusts like it was a stab… but his words made it clearer than ever why she couldn’t give up, why she could never give up… why she had to escape. One day, she would get out. One day she will find her… and then she would kill Evelynn with her bare hands, because that’s the only thing that demon bitch deserved.

“That’s a good, good fox,” Steve groaned, his breathing shallow as he thrust harder and harder. He pressed a palm over Ahri’s head, pushing her into the ground, making the belt around her neck go even tighter even as he smashed her pretty face down into the dirt. “Take it like the whore you are!” She felt his cum filling up her insides, splashing against the raw flesh of her guts. She hated that feeling, hated knowing that her humiliation brought him pleasure, almost as much as she hated the pain of it. “Gooood Foxy… now it’s time for you to return home…”

Before Ahri could do anything, Steven tightened the belt further. Ahri hadn’t been getting enough air before but now she was getting none at all. She clawed at the belt, trying to breathe in, but it was useless… She heard Steven laughing until it all went dark.

It was still dark when she woke up, but this time she was on the mattress in the basement of his insanely expensive mansion. Her leg was chained back to the wall, but it wasn’t her biggest concern right now – Steven hadn’t been leaving her unconscious body alone. Instead, he was using her mouth while she lie there and by the time her eyes opened his cock was all the way down her throat, fucking her gullet at least as hard as he had raped her ass earlier.

Ahri gagged miserably, a whining noise escaping her mouth as her neck contracted around his shaft, squeezing it, and she heard her master chuckle. “Oh, fuck. You have no idea how good it feels to have a dumb pop star wrapped around your dick” Steve moaned as he grabbed her by the hair, impaling her throat on his cock. “Such a useless dumb slut, your empty airhead is really only good for sticking dicks inside.”

Ahri knew it was foolish to fight back, but she couldn’t help herself. She pressed her palms onto his hips, trying to push Steve back, but it only made him go harder on her.

“You think you’re so clever,” he mocked, smiling as he assaulted Ahri’s mouth more viciously. “Think you can run away? Bitch, who do you think left you that knife? I even left the damned door open for you and you’re still here, back to being used like a whore.” He shook his head. “Oh, wait, you are a whore! Bought and paid for and everything!”

Ahri felt rage and humiliation. This had happened before, more than once. Steve would allow her to think that she was about to gain her freedom back just for her to end up being thrown back in the basement. She wasn’t sure what was real or not anymore, she only knew she needed to hold on so she could see the day Evelynn would pay for what she did.

“We’re going to have so much more fun together,” Steve groaned as his seed spilled inside Ahri with every stroke. She swallowed, even as she hated herself for doing so, but keeping her dignity intact would be worth nothing if she died choking around his cock. As he finally pulled out, she felt a streak of cum running from the corner of her mouth.

“I hope you liked your dinner, slut,” Steve said, standing back on his feet. “Until you learn your place, my cum will be the only thing filling you up.” With those words he left, closing the door and turning off the lights, leaving Ahri in almost complete darkness. As she laid down on the mattress, her throat and asshole still aching, she thought about the day she would get her freedom back. And how, once she woke up from this nightmare, she would make the woman whom she thought had loved her pay.

“There was no further trace of the band’s leader’s whereabouts than any of the others, but some still hope that one day all three of them would be reunited once again. There is, unfortunately, no such hope for the last, most infamous member of K/DA.”

Just like for the others, photos of Evelynn filled the screen, but unlike the other women, she didn’t look innocent or sweet. Her smile, her posture, everything was meant to show that she was better than everyone else. “Call her what you want… Vain, Ballbreaker, Diva, but no one could deny her talent. No one could say that Evelynn was easy to work with, either. Maybe her attitude was the main reason she gained such large popularity, and for so long. As talented as she was, no one was able to make her work in a team until Ahri did. Unfortunately, it appears that that same bad attitude was the reason for her downfall.”

Screenshot appeared on the screen, most of it was blurred out, but information that was written next to Evelynn’s name could be read clearly. “While other members were sold off to different countries around the world, the winning bids were made public at some point. The winning bid was for the kidnappers to kill Evelynn… and even though her remains were never discovered, there is no doubt what horrible fate she met.”

The video was coming to an end, but there was still a segment that meant to conclude the investigation. “Even without knowing their exact location, fans are still aware what K/DA members went through and may be going through to this day. Videos of cruel abuse still appear on the internet, getting blocked by the sites daily. Anyone can still find them floating around, though we strongly suggest not to do so!” The voice said firmly. “International investigation of the incident was shut down multiple times, despite all the leads provided to the authorities.”

“The sheer amount of evidence in their appearance infuriates many. They can’t ignore that the purchasers of these hostages had to have been among the rich and powerful, leading some to accuse the authorities of shielding the guilty. While some fans just berate them and leave scathing comments around the internet, however, there are some people who take this far more seriously, and are ready to take actions to find out what really happened to K/DA.”

“One person in particular.”

The video switched to a concert, taking a wide shot of a pink-haired woman on the stage as she sang one of K/DA’s songs with a band of backup dancers. The announcer kept talking through the concert, and then the scene cut to that same woman sitting on the couch with a microphone close to her face. “In the wave of the band’s disappearance,” the announcer explained, “one of their fans has risen to prominence as a cover artist, performing their songs and trying to raise awareness of what she calls the inconsistencies of their disappearance… and with big sponsors starting to get on board, she just might have the resources to do something about it.”

“Seraphine, as one of the band’s biggest fans, how do you feel about the information that the investigation into their disappearance is now officially closed?”

“I feel disappointed” the girl answered with a sad smile. “K/DA were my idols. I look up to them, and the fact that no one seems to want to do anything about the fact that they’re still out there, waiting for help, makes me sick. More than anything, I want to know what really happened to them and to see the people responsible punished.”

Now, instead of looking at the interviewer, Seraphine was looking right into the camera, her smile gone. “And if authorities are ready to step away, I’m not. I will continue my search… and I will find the truth, no matter what.”

“You really think you can?” the hostess asked her.

Seraphine gave a smile that never touched her big blue eyes. “Absolutely,” she said firmly. “The perverts behind this whole thing aren’t a quarter as clever as they think they were. They think they can get away with just making a bunch of celebrities disappear forever? I don’t think so. They’ve left plenty of trails behind, plenty for us to use to find them… and I will.” The smile turned conspiratorial for a second as she looked into the camera. “And I’ll tell you something else,” she said smugly. “I mean I’m going to find all four of them.”

The hostess seemed genuinely taken aback at that. “You really think Evelynn is still alive?”

Seraphine nodded, and her smile became almost predatory. “I’m certain of it,” she said. “All four of them.”

“We here at Unsolved Mysteries certainly wish her luck with that,” the hostess said into the darkness as the interview faded away. “Until next time, this is-”

The documentary ended abruptly as the phone’s screen cracked in Evelynn’s palm, going dark as it was crushed in her hand in a spasm of fury. She let it fall to the ground, a deep frown on her face. “Oh, we’ll see about that, you little bitch…”

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