Hunter’s Fall 12 – Patricide

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Three days had passed, and Samus hadn’t stopped feeling like an idiot yet.

The blonde bounty hunter crouched beneath some foliage, just barely getting out of sight before an insect with glowing red eyes buzzed by, searching for her. She was hidden, for now, but probably not for too much longer… her life had devolved into ten minutes flashes of desperate terror and action between long stretches of anticipation, tension, and waiting. Now that she was getting back into more inhabited areas of the planet, the concentration of life forms that Mother Brain was actively routing her consciousness through was much higher – there wasn’t going to be a repeat of mere baseline aggression and hatred, like she’d experienced back in Meridia before the weapons facility… these ones were being controlled directly by the AI monster, and any one of them would probably kill her on sight and would definitely report her position to the pursuing Space Pirates.

It had all started when she had found a crashed ship in Meridia… a broken space pirate frigate. At the time, it had seemed like a godsend: reasonably intact on the inside, to the point she might be able to salvage a ship from within its sunken hulk. Samus had eagerly taken her stolen equipment, her backpack of munitions, her rifle, and she had gotten to work immediately… exploring the ship and trying to repair the shuttle she had found inside. It was going to be poetic if she escaped from Zebes for a second time on a pirate freighter, after all.

She should have paid more attention. Why hadn’t she considered that just because the pirate ship had crashed didn’t mean it was dead? Why hadn’t she considered that Mother Brain wouldn’t know about it? She had even gotten the ship most of the way functional again when the ship’s security system, a robotic monstrosity called Phantoon, had attacked and nearly killed her. That wasn’t even the worst part, though… before it had attacked her, the security system had activated the alarms. Now, ship nearly repaired, Samus had been forced to abandon her work and flee for her life as the Space Pirate army collapsed onto her location.

She’d been hunted ever since… by the pirates, by the wildlife, and by Ridley.

Samus had caught sight of the monstrous Space Pirate general several times, soaring through caverns and over the underground sea, looking for her… hunting her. She had beaten him so many times before, but she couldn’t help but feel a flash of terror when she looked at him now, to go along with her hatred and rage. Now, she had a painfully intimate knowledge of what being caught by him would entail. Now she knew what the stakes were, and death was probably preferable… but that would be slow in coming.

Thankfully, she wasn’t entirely without advantages. The majority of the pirates had centered their search on Meridia, around the crash site. They were slowly spiraling outward, but like with her initial escape their search pattern by definition expanded slower than she could move if she picked a direction and went… and Samus had picked the last direction they probably expected.

She was heading back to Tourian.

It wasn’t as suicidal as it seemed at first glance, or so the blonde bounty hunter kept reminding herself anyway. It was the headquarters of the Space Pirates, but most of their numbers were out searching for her. It was the last place they expected her to go… and yet, it was one of the only reasonable places she could attempt to escape from. If her own ship was too ruined to fly, and the attempt at accessing the frigate had been stopped, then her only option was to hijack an intact pirate ship from inside their home base.

Didn’t stop it from feeling insane, however.

The insect was gone now, and Samus could no longer see anything moving, so it was time to go. She pushed herself up and ran.

Getting into Tourian wasn’t that hard… not to an active, athletic girl who had grown up hiding and climbing and playing in these structures. The pirates had made improvements to security, of course, but the shape of the place really couldn’t change too much. She still got a little bit of unexpected help when she saw a few etecoons playing in a gap between two walls. Given that, it wasn’t too hard to figure out how to squeeze herself through. It involved a lot more crawling and banging than the process would have as either a child or a morph ball, but eventually she pried herself out of the ventilation system and down into the maintained interior of Tourian.

And almost wished she hadn’t.

She knew where she was… this was the main common area. The Chozo had used it the same way humans used parks… as a large nature preserve, much like the one that she had been held captive in earlier. This one, however, had been emptied of all foliage, stripped down mostly to the rocks, and the machinery used to feed those inside the preserve was now nakedly apparent.

And the room was filled with… her.

Samus had known that they had made clones of her… several of the pirates, mostly Tsallit, had delighted in mocking her for it. She had furthermore known that they were using them as part of their metroid genetic program, and she had assumed that would be mostly as food… she hadn’t put too much thought into what it would actually look like in practice. Or, perhaps, she had just actively not wanted to know.

“…no…” Samus whispered.

The entire room was covered not just with her clones, but also all varieties of metroids… alpha, gamma, and zeta. There was even a single, massive omega metroid lumbering about the containment cell… and the entire room had been transformed from a recreational park into an enormous, inter-species gang-bang rape-feast of monstrous proportions. Every type of metroid was breeding here, save for the infant floating larval metroids that had not grown yet, all frantically burrowing their inhumanly huge, brutal cocks into the tight snatches, butts and mouths of… her. Everywhere Samus looked with wide, disbelieving eyes, she saw some poor clone of herself covered in bruises and scratches, being sexually manhandled by a single powerful predator or a group of them, locked into a savage rut.

These women weren’t her. They weren’t fighting… they didn’t have her memories or her will… no education, no language. They were pretty, blonde animals… and they were used like fleshlights by the mass of depravity, screaming in horrified self-preservation as they tried to squirm away from the monsters hurting them. It was loud enough inside there that she could hear it through the security glass, the extremely loud noises of women screaming uncontrollably at the top of their lungs with hoarse, exhausted voices; the guttural grunting of the ferociously fucking metroid monsters, and the constant thudding of flesh slapping against sweaty blonde meat with heavy thumps.

The sight was made worse by the knowledge that the desecration of the women – her body – wasn’t a show being put on for her sake… it had been going on long before she arrived. There wasn’t a clone in here who wasn’t physically worn out – their skin was covered in bruises and cuts, breasts covered in welts, their faces swollen and cringing in pain, and other physical signs of their abuse. Even that, however, was nothing compared to the evidence apparent from their holes. Not a single orifice hadn’t been subjected to a horrific reaming, befouled with dicks spurting what passed for semen into them. Each one of them had had their cunts, asses and mouths orgasmed into multiple times. Their bodily cavities had been overstuffed with it to the point they were leaking now, horrendously desecrated. The quantity of it was so great that even the stony floor was covered with it, depressions in the rock dotted with puddles of the foul white issue.

“Those monsters…” Samus gasped, her eyes almost painfully wide as she took a reflexive step backward. In the middle of the room, discarded, were the used up bodies of clones fucked to death or into catatonia by the aggressive metroids, stacked on top of one another like cordwood. The macabre pile of tangled limbs and motionless flesh was flooded with torrents of seed. The Samus’ assholes, pussies, and mouths gaped open and even in stillness still leaked leftover seed – evidence of the ferocious reamings that had ended lives that had never known anything but constant agony.

Samus looked on in horror… there was so much going on that it was hard to take it all in. She isolated a pair of her clones, their battered bodies forced against their wills to ride the huge, jutting cock of two alpha metroids. Their beautiful, athletic bodies were forced up and down on breeding rods, their cunt lips spread wide by the green invader. The first was looking into the monstrous face of her violator, her large, swollen breasts dripping milk as her deeply pregnant belly wobbled. The metroid held onto her as he slammed in again and again, holding her around the waist as he bounced her body onto his dick. The clone’s horrible screaming and the flailing of her arms did not dissuade him from rocking her torso at full-speed. She was a masturbation-tool without feelings or opinions of her own… her eyes looked flat and dead to Samus as she watched. Her only purpose in life was twofold: providing a tight snatch for him to push down upon his erect cock so the dick could receive a nice squeeze, and providing a belly to make swell with his children.

Behind her, another metroid was seeking for a hole and the growling from the other alpha didn’t stop his approach. His cock impacted her rear repeatedly as he bellied up to her, those meaty globes already bruised and terribly reddened. The glimpses Samus got of her asshole showed it gaping open and leaking runny sperm in a steady stream as her body was bounced, showing that regardless of whether or not the monsters meant to use her rear it was far from the first time it had happened. The clone got off a single scream before the air was blasted from her lungs when the large metroid monster slammed his cock home and buried it in her rectum. Even more pathetic, choked off screams now erupted from her raw throat as she was double fucked.

Right next to her, another clone was being fucked by the enormous omega metroid. Equally pregnant as her clone sister just feet away, her body convulsed as her pussy was abused by a far too large cock. Her face was locked into a rictus of agony as the metroid hammered her cunt, brutally raping her harder than any other clone in the room on a cock the size of a fencepost. Her large, sensitive breasts swung and wobbled all over her shaking frame as she was bounced like a ball down the full-length of his sex-rod, chaotically tossed back and forth by the violence of the wild copulation. Suddenly, as Samus watched, the monstrous metroid form shoved her further down and grabbed claws full of her tits, squeezing them almost like dough in the fury of his orgasm. Cum spilled out from the corners of the clone’s abused pussy while her tits were mauled and crushed beneath the monster’s grip, even as the eruption of sperm caused her already swollen belly to grow further. The clone’s scarlet, sweat-and-sperm-drenched face was locked in a scream throughout the entirety of her rapist’s orgasm. By the time his cock had finally shrunk enough to slip out of her gaping sheath and he released her breasts, the swollen globes had been so bruised and tenderized that Samus wasn’t sure they would ever be the same again.

Samus looked away, not wanting to see that cruelty anymore, but wherever she turned her gaze she just focused on even worse fates. Another clone of hers was pinned beneath the weight of the alien form of a zeta metroid, the woman pressed prone on her belly. From her vantage point, the bounty hunter couldn’t see enough of the torso of her clone to even tell if she was pregnant like many of the rest… all that was visible around the bulk of the monster was her limp head and arms. The metroid was giving high-pitched cries of pleasure as he humped downwards into her backside, his long, hard cock jammed inside of the clone. From this angle Samus couldn’t even guess if it was her pussy or ass, but for the sake of her clone she prayed it was her pussy, because with the speed of the jabs into whatever hole he was fucking he would be absolutely destroying her asshole… each thrust seemed like a battering ram pounding against an ancient fortress’ gate for whichever too-small hole he was ripping open.

Her clone barely looked alive any longer, Samus noticed with dizzy disgust and sorrow. The only evidence she still lived was how her arms and head vibrated slightly from each powerful thrust the metroid slammed down into her… and even that could have just been the force of the impact making her frame shake. Her pale face was plastered with the remains of dried, translucent cum, and behind the layer of spunk Samus saw open eyes, alarmingly vacant and unfocused.

The next clone she picked out of the mess she could barely recognize as herself… if she hadn’t known, she never would have guessed. Even compared to the other living clones it looked like she had truly been through a long, arduous set of rapes. The clone’s whole body was coated in several layers of fresh and dried beast spunk. Not even her long, luxurious blonde hair showed any of its golden color beneath the gooey mass of white it had been buried beneath. If Samus hadn’t known that the preserve was filled with her clones, she might have missed her presence entirely, or at least had no clue it was a human beneath that mask of filth. The gallons of cum covering her did not dissuade the metroid breeds from continuing to fuck her, however. Lying limp on the ground, she was roughly mounted from behind by an especially large gamma metroid, one of his misshapen limbs holding her nearly inanimate body up by her skull as he drove its bulbous cock deep into her asshole. The cruel creature jammed and stuffed and wedged his cock ever deeper, with such violence that it was obvious he cared nothing for if the raped victim died or not. Her unoccupied and dilated pussy spluttered out leaking cum and, while Samus watched in horror, a new live birth of a metroid forced its way out.

That was what they were doing. Samus had realized it the moment she saw the pregnant clones, but her mind had refused to process the horror of it until it was unavoidable. The space pirates… they had modified the metroids. They were using human bodies – Samus’s body – to reproduce now. The woman who had nearly driven their species to extinction was now being used as a collection of sperm banks to birth a new army of the galactic menace.

Samus threw up.

She couldn’t help it… she retched, falling to her knees and losing control of her stomach completely. “You fucking bastards…” she growled weakly, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she glared at the floor in absolute disgust. “You fucking bastards! I’ll-Samus looked up and started, flinching back as one of the alpha metroids had clearly spotted her and charged. He smashed against the wall and bounced off of it with a loud, ugly thud. He roared, scratching at the wall, throwing himself at it again. The blonde woman watched as he tried to claw its way to her in a frenzy.

Then, abruptly, he stopped, and his eyes went red.

“They think you’re worth something,” a voice said over the loudspeaker… and even distorted and filled with maliciousness, Samus recognized her own voice as Mother Brain spoke to her. “They think you’re something special, Hatchling… something worth more than the trash filling the sewage reclaimers.” She chuckled, and after a few seconds that chuckle became a full, horrific laugh, harsh with a strange, digital edge. “The stupid beasts don’t know any better, do they?”

One by one, the hundreds of metroids froze, their eyes beginning to glow as they looked up at Samus… dropping their clone women like discarded toys as they went. “Do you know that while they consider any human a viable breeder now, each and every single one of them has been imprinted on you, Hatchling… every single one of them would fuck you on sight. It’s all they can think about.” Mother Brain laughed again. “That’s your legacy. I’d love to let them all at you, but… I’m afraid we don’t have the time.” A series of clicking noises… dismissive. Mocking. “General… take care of her.”

At the end of the hallway, one of the huge doors began to grind open. Samus already knew what would be on the other side… she turned and ran before Ridley’s booming cry of hunger and victory was even let fly.

A rat running through a maze. That’s how Samus felt as she fled deeper and deeper into Tourian, dodging attacks and swipes from the tremendous thing chasing her. The former core of the Chozo society beneath the surface of Zebes hadn’t really been built for a creature of Ridley’s mass, but then it also hadn’t been built for someone to hide in, and Ridley had the strength to force his way through obstacles and the firepower to utterly destroy cover. Samus knew that she had been lured here… that Mother Brain had been one step ahead of her, knowing that there was only one other hope for escape. The mastermind of the Aurora network had profoundly bested her in the simple game of wits as she fled, and now she was in this situation… and there was only one way out.


Samus doubted she had ever missed her armor and weapons more than she did at this moment. Armed only with plasma whips, her paralyzer, and the plasma rifle scavenged from the weapons labs, and wearing only her zero suit as protection, all the defense and firepower she usually had when confronting the dragonic menace had been stripped. Her bag was still stuffed with munitions, but without a better launcher than the single reload shot on her rifle the missiles were nearly useless, and as she kept running she had yet to find a realistic way to use one of her power bombs against him without vaporizing herself in the process. If she thought of a way to do it that had a realistic chance of taking him out with her, it might be worth it to rid that galaxy of that murderer once and for all… but she hadn’t, so instead Samus was sent scampering through the cargo containers and stations of the massive research lab and supply depot that Mother Brain had made of her former home.

She had to think of some way to best him. She had to think of some way to be free of this mess.

The fight went back and forth. Sometimes she would be dodging through crates, barely avoiding spine-snapping blows from the beast chasing her, and other times she managed to evade him completely, getting a little bit of distance between them. Every time she thought she might have lost him, however, red-glowing eyes on animals or robotic security drones soon flushed her from that position, Mother Brain assisting her general in tracking her through the Space Pirate stronghold. Soon, Samus gave up entirely on laying in ambush, and instead took advantage of the distance she could gain when he lost track of her to just find an opportunity to unload salvo after salvo into him. Despite dumping full magazines of combustible gas into the armored monster, it seemed to Samus that all she had managed to do was infuriate him and leave glowing marks in his armor where she had heated it without penetrating. His wounds burned with fire that merely added to his rage – and his lust.

After all, Samus wasn’t ignorant of exactly what Ridley planned to do with her if he caught up. His massive dick was hanging from its sheath every so often when chasing her, and Samus knew that the fire in that beast’s eyes was both lust and anger. Just the thought of the fate that awaited her chilled her to the core as she tried to find some way to escape… but this time it seemed as though Ridley was one step ahead of her.

Everything she had used in the past to escape didn’t work here. Every single thing she had done before had been remembered and countermeasures were put in place. She couldn’t force the doors, she couldn’t force open any of the containers. Many of the environments were either too hot for her, or chilled to well below what was survivable wearing just her zero suit. The vents out of this place were too small to get out of without a morph ball to assist her, and even if she could escape she would only be getting further from her only way off the planet. There was no way for her to escape, so it turned into a game of endurance against the monster. Whose endurance would die first? Hers from running everywhere, or his from having magazine after magazine pumped into him?

Samus ran dry first.

It took Ridley a little while to realize that she was out of ammunition, but the moment he did the large monster began to grow far more bold in his movement, far more confident. “What the matter, little cow?” he growled as he stalked towards her. “Finally realized you are prey?” He lunged forward, slashing at where she had been a few seconds before. After dodging, she didn’t stop. Samus had fought Ridley before… she knew him. She didn’t need to witness the next attack to know it was coming, and by the time his tail cracked off the metal floor she was already in the air. It perfectly exposed him for a barrage of plasma… but unfortunately, she had nothing to counter attack with. His wings flapped once, enough to propel him up to her height, and his claw came forward in a flesh-rending swipe, but again, she’d been prepared for it. She tilted in midair, kicking off a crate, and darted just barely out of the way.

She needed to find a way to deliver one of the bombs to him… it was her only hope now. The weight of the backpack was a constant heavy reminder on her back. Ridley passed her, sailing to the top of the room to get his bearings, and just as she was about to land, he opened his fanged maw and spat a blast of plasma fire at her feet. Getting out of the way was a simple, if frantic, affair, but it did send Samus running out of control, off balance.

Above her, Ridley latched onto the wall, the Space Pirate general’s claws tearing makeshift handholds. He laughed, then opened his mouth, charging fire. The bounty hunter dodged frantically again and again, wishing she just had some missiles to direct right into that gaping maw of his. Jumping back to her feet, Samus scrambled even as he dove after her, recklessly shoving obstacles out of the way like garbage in his assault to get to her. Samus threw everything she had into dodging, twisting out of the way of a claw passing an inch from her chest, and walked him backward, staying inches from his attacks with each step, reaching into the pack as she did… trying to get her hands on a power bomb. She could feel Ridley’s frustration building, pushing him less toward tactics and more toward blind, frenzied rage. Only after several failed attempts to strike her did she see his tail spinning in the background, gearing up for an attempt at a sneak attack she easily sidestepped.

Or she would have, had there been a floor behind her.

Instead, Samus let out a cry as she shifted weight to her back leg and there was nothing beneath her, her body toppling as she fell. In a near panic, she wheeled her arms, shoving herself forward… and right into Ridley’s grasp. His claws latched around her ankle, and he whipped her over his head and into the metal ground. She screamed again, but only briefly as the impact knocked the air out of her and made her vision swim. Samus’s body was tough, however, and even without the nanites she had taken worse than this. It didn’t matter, though – her body hadn’t finished rebounding from that first hit before Ridley hefted her again and smashed her into a wall. She kicked at his hand, but she could barely muster any force behind her attack. He swung her again, and in desperation she grabbed one of her plasma whips, lashing out with it and grabbing onto him, trying to hold herself still. It did the opposite – the sheer momentum of the swing combined with the sudden shock to Ridley sent them both tumbling even faster as they were flung momentarily apart.

The effort sent her halfway across the room, her backpack ripped from her body and falling to the ground as she hit the wall hard, slowly sliding down it. Samus, dazed, couldn’t tell if the rumbling in her head was actually the room shaking from the impact or a concussion. The blonde bounty hunter curled up in the fetal position, her tits pancaking against her legs as the nanites in her slowly repaired the damage. Instinctively making herself as small as possible.

“So…” Ridley’s voice purred. “This is how it ends, is it? Where did my little blonde cow go?” The words were loud, but Samus couldn’t force herself up, couldn’t find the strength to rise, to bring herself to move. Her body was still limp when he grabbed her. “The bitch still thinks she’s a person after everything, does she?” he growled. “I think you need to be taught a lesson. Apparently, we’ve been going far, far too easy on you, disgusting human filth.”

Samus swallowed. “Fuck you,” she managed to choke out. She tried to meet his gaze with all the strength in her body… it wasn’t much, but she tried to make the glare count. “So which am I? A dog? Or a cow? Can’t you even sort that out in your depraved mi-”

Samus’ response was cut off by a flare of agony as Ridley deftly activated the plasma whip she had wrapped around his limb earlier, lashing out with it and wrapping the thing around her neck instead. Blazing, blistering agony came to life in an extreme surge as electrical shocks probed deep inside of her. The cracks of electricity alternated between the higher voltage stabs of sharp agony and the more dull thuds of different kinds of electricity and different frequencies of the alternation being shoved into her, a debilitating, crippling pattern designed to stop any chance of ever getting used to it, to thinking of anything but the pain. The weapon was designed to non-lethally bring pain to as many species as possible, and that meant she could feel a massive variety of dancing electricity filling her. The shocks to her muscles caused them to cramp, her back arching as she was lifted up into the air, jerking in the dragon’s grasp as he swapped his grip.

Despite grabbing her by the hair at first, her ankles were what Ridley had grasped in the end. Yanking Samus end over end, he hoisted her into the air. A few flaps of his wings were more than enough to take her up, up, up, the repeated, ongoing shocks making sure that she didn’t struggle too much. The higher he went, the more certain death was even if she managed to fight free of his grip. Despite this, she still spasmed. The agony in her throat was too much to do anything else as it spread to the rest of her body, tearing unwilling sobs and tears from the abused woman despite her best efforts. Those tears immediately smoked again, the arcs of electricity dancing across her skin turning them to steam almost immediately as the agony raced through her nervous system.

“Silence,” Ridley growled. “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll never speak again, save perhaps to beg for scraps of mercy. You’re done pretending to be human… humans are garbage, and you are beneath even the least of them, Hunter.” His angry, glowing eyes glared right at her as he swung her through the air. “You are just livestock. So give up on thinking and focus on what matters, pig: pleasuring your owner!” And he grabbed the back of her head and forced Samus down where she dangled. Normal electricity would cause her body to clench, but the series of pulses caused them to go numb and weak quickly, and her full lips hung wide open… Forming a ring of inviting plush flesh ready to be violated. Ridley’s cock didn’t wait.

It had been months since she’d last been assaulted by Ridley, and either Samus had blocked out the memories, or the nanites had considered them an injury to heal, because his cock was far more dangerous and destructive than she remembered. Had he augmented the thing further? It no longer seemed anything like one of the other space pirate pricks… it was close to a horse cock now as its pseudo-flared head pressed hard against her lips. The ridge-like flare, sweeping back rather than going out perpendicular to the main meat of the dick, was matched by two behind it. A trio of ridges to pop between her lips…

Or at least, that seemed like it was Ridley’s plan. The reality was far worse. Instead of her managing to take the full trio of ridges, barely even the first one got between her lips before they ended up wedged against her teeth. Going any further was going to be impossible… each successive ridge was even thicker than the last. Samus had one moment of blissful ignorance – in her agony, it made sense to her that he couldn’t proceed any further, that he couldn’t do worse. Then he slammed his way forward and she felt something break in her mouth.

The first few minutes of brain-rocking skull fucking shattered her teeth and her jaw, fucking the remnants of her teeth down her throat with the arm-thick cock as it sent enamel scraping along her tongue with such velocity that she could taste blood. Each crack and break in her teeth was followed by another in her jaw soon after… once her teeth were gone, it was clear that they were just one of many barriers to his cock that would need to be overcome. Her jaw and throat and tonsils took the brunt of every thrust after that as one by one he destroyed them to make room for his rod.

If it weren’t for the kiss of the plasma whip around her neck and the never-ending chorus of agony and lightheadedness that came with it, each thrust would have been the worst experience of the bounty-hunter’s life. Instead, they were just one more voice of the choir of suffering as they rattled her brain in her skull. All thoughts, all defiance, all her plans for escape were simply melted away by the brutality of those thrusts, her suffering mind having no room to focus on anything but what was being done to her… they were simply knocked out of her head. The only thoughts that could remain were the short ones… like how she was effectively being turned into a single fuckhole, everything else not useful to the purpose destroyed in the service of pleasing Ridley’s cock.

She couldn’t think of anything but how to reduce her suffering. Her lips tried to spread wider, not out of a desire to pleasure Ridley but out of a desire to avoid the pain of her jaw breaking. With the next trio of beating thrusts against her head, ones where it felt like her brain was becoming bruised and a concussion was threatening to come and envelop her senses, it was shown just how futile even those pathetic attempts were.

In the end, she felt her jaw break completely as Ridley slammed her head up and down on his dick, his mockery echoing in her ears. “Is the human cow learning her place, hunter? Do you understand how inferior you are? How weak? Perhaps I should start fucking your face properly, instead of these delicate thrusts. Surely a stupid animal like you can take it. It’s not like you’re a real person that I should care about the well-being of.” Not that he ever had, of course. Then he slammed forward with enough might that it was clear that even his agonizing force had been holding back, and that single thrust shattered not only the front of her jaw but the back as well, forcing her jawline all the way back to the hinges of it to crack and splinter.

For a bare moment, fragments of broken bone stuck through the skin of her face… but then the nanites got to work. Repairing the damage. Fixing what was broken and repairing her skin, leaving her just as beautiful as ever with her jaw obscenely stretched around his cock as, once again, her newfound healing abilities were used to extend her agony. With the trio of ridges already past her jaw, there was just the girth of his shaft to contend with now, but to her dismay Samus would soon learn that even that base shaft was enough to cause her jaw to pop and crack, breaking again and again as it strained to fit the huge rod… and each time felt like the first. The nanites resurrected her nerves even as they stitched flesh together, healing her just in time to feel the next spike of agony once again. Her bones were fused back together just to be broken again, her teeth doing the same, shattering as they slammed against the back of the third ridge or from the impact of Ridley’s hips as he fucked her pretty face.

At the moment, she didn’t feel like a person. Samus felt like she was just a thing hanging in the air, a warm bit of skin to be used as a masturbation aid. Ridley still held her ankles, but it seemed like most of her weight was suspended on his cock now, the rod impaling her the thing that kept her in place. Ridley’s dick never left her throat, never allowed her to breathe… Just as she was forced to relive the agony of her jaw breaking over and over again, her muscles, brain and all the rest of her organs were forced to live through dying to oxygen deprivation again and again as the nanites worked to keep her alive. Her entire body beneath her suit was flushing almost as blue as her suit from the lack of oxygen, and yet still her nanites preserved her life. She should have suffocated minutes ago, but Samus was still alive and forced to feel her bones breaking with every thrust. That massively brutal cock not only shattering her jaw, but cracking her collar bone now… each thrust breaking a new piece of her. Samus felt like she was in a trash compactor… shattered again and again. Every second was new agony, every second that passed the nanites repaired her and she was broken again. A never-ending torment that looped and looped and looped and looped and looped for an eternity.

Samus had no way to tell time. In truth, an hour had passed since she last took breath, but it felt like centuries to the bounty hunter. The prospect of being free of this agony, let alone free of Ridley entirely, had been burned from her brain. Had he cum inside her yet? With the extra pleasure from her electrocuting throat spasming around his dick the blonde felt sure he should have, but she didn’t remember. Perhaps that wasn’t surprising, however… she didn’t remember much of anything at all, right now. This was how it had always been, and while that meant that nothing could get better at least there had never been a better to compare it to, a moment when she wasn’t suffering to put her pain in context. However, a few moments later even that momentary, pseudo-comforting lapse of sanity was destroyed when the dick was finally ripped free, coming loose of her throat with a loud, suctioning “pop” sound.

Samus sucked in a single breath of air, and with it came sanity and strength. Agony too, but that wasn’t too important… not when she could understand what he was saying to her. “So hunter-whore. How do you feel about your place now?”

Samus narrowed her blue eyes in defiance as she glared up at the one who called himself her master. “Sorry, had you started?” she spat. “I didn’t notice. You’ll have to go harder, you weak, pathetic fuck.” She spat out the words, scorning the oxygen inside her just so she could spit at Ridley and show him that she still wasn’t broken. That momentary lapse of insanity fueled her words more than anything else. She didn’t care how wise it was… this was the monster who had murdered her parents. She was not ever going to break for him, not if it killed her.

However, instead of discouraging him, Samus only saw his dick throb. He was getting off on it, on her defiance. Her resistance only aroused him more, and it meant she was going to be used even more brutally. “We’ll see about that,” he promised.

Samus took a second breath, but most of it escaped as a scream as she was flipped end on end. The grip on her ankle bones shifted as he tightened, and she cried out over the course of crunching and shattering sounds before he traded that grip for one by her hair. Her broken legs lashed out even as they healed, spasming randomly in what could only generously be called kicks… the heels of her suit futilely striking against the beast. Even when she managed to kick against his balls, it only made it clear how pathetically weak she was compared to him… he hardly seemed to notice. She wasn’t even strong enough now to hurt the weakest part of him. In his grip, she was nothing but a fleshlight… a fleshlight that was reminded of its place when that massive dick kissed her asshole.

 “Wait, what are you-” That was all she got out before the leash of her plasma whip tightened around her neck once more, cutting off her words. The electrified, paralyzing cord made her eyes water with the crackling agony inflicted on her insides even while Ridley’s dick forced its way into her ass – an ass that was still covered by her zero suit.

The fact that she lost no flexibility in the skintight suit compared to being naked showed how adaptable and effortlessly supportive the suit was. It was able to mold itself to her body and stretch as was needed. Now, however, that flexibility was being strained to its limit as Ridley’s cock pressed forward and the suit was put into the position of needing to stretch and flex as it fought against the Space Pirate general’s attempt to violate her ass.

“Every part of you is weak compared to me,” he growled. “I’ll show you that. You’re really nothing but a blonde xeno fucktoy bimbo made to service my dick!” Ridley strained further forward, and his cock gradually began to overwhelm the suit, bit by bit. Samus felt the consequences of that fight everywhere as every part of her tightened. She was being choked by her own suit, not just by the whip. With all the slack which normally made it comfortable being taken up by his dick stretching it inside her, it started to clamp against her body. It was not only choking her throat, but it squeezed her tits as well, crushing them against it. Her tits, her ass cheeks, her thighs… her entire body was being compressed by Ridley’s callous brutality. Bruises grew over her nipples, around her neck and even at her wrists, her body adding new shouts to the chorus of pain as nerve clusters were squeezed tightly together by the suddenly too-small suit.

Then Ridley won that battle.

The suit gave with a rip as his cock tore its way between her ass cheeks, making a hole in the defensive fabric. Naturally, her own asshole – tight as it was – offered nowhere near as much resistance as the suit did, and before that initial thrust ended half of his cock was wedged up her shitpipe, leaving her to scream soundlessly as she was suffocated. The slack returned to her zero suit, but it stayed on… undamaged save for the single hole he had ripped to reach her other hole.

Now that he was wedged inside of her, Ridley released her hair and forced most of her upper body’s weight to be supported only by the whip around her neck. The weight of her tits dragged her body forward, putting more force on the whip, making her eyes bulge. Her body tried to sag forward from the weight and that only choked her further, making her splutter and howl voicelessly as she choked. Samus couldn’t make a sound, but her lips tore themselves at the corners with how hard she tried to spread her mouth. The bloody edges of her mouth were fixed by the nanites only to tear again as her body spasmed… the agony simply too great to control.

Ridley’s newly freed-up claw was not idle either. He began to beat her back and ass with it, driving it into the suspended blonde as he beat her like a punching bag. Sometimes the dragonic space pirate spanked her ass with such force that her pelvis cracked from the shock… other times he nearly crushed her internal organs. Her kidneys nearly burst with each blow, the only thing stopping them from rupturing was how they were repaired between punches. Returning them to a virgin state just to be obliterated again… just like how her ass kept tightening itself right back up. Her sphincter snapped around that massive dick, her asshole torn open and bleeding, and yet the nanites were working to keep her intact, to close her up and return her to her fresh, tight self. Repairing her muscles and the membranes of her asshole only for them to be ruptured again as she was used… the only thing they accomplished was to keep her ass tight enough to jerk Ridley off faster.

That was probably why he came so fast. Samus had no sense of time, but she could still feel pretty sure he had been in her ass for a shorter time than he had fucked her face when she felt the monster’s cock swelling inside her. She could feel the base growing wider, a fat, knot-like swelling of his ridges that ripped her ass even further open. Then it was her body being swollen instead as he poured seed into her. To Samus, it felt less like an orgasm and more like someone had hung her upside down, stuffed a funnel in her ass, and poured a whole gallon of acid into her guts. The massive load felt slimy and hot and disgusting as it made her insides bulge, giving the athletic bounty hunter what almost looked like a little baby bump as she was filled with that foetid seed of her hated enemy.

She hated it. She hated how sloppy it felt inside her, how if she shifted her weight at all by kicking back against him, she would feel it slosh inside her. So lost in the disgusting feeling of the cum inside her, Samus almost didn’t notice that they were descending at first, that Ridley was, at last, flying back to the ground. Any hope she might have had that this would mean an opportunity to escape, however, quickly proved hollow.

“Well, foreplay is over,” Ridley announced. “That was just to take the edge off. Now it’s time to really teach you a lesson, hunter-whore. I’m not going to be gentle with my toy any more.” He grabbed her around the waist and yanked, bodily pulling her clenching ass off his pole and letting cum slop down her legs and crack as it escaped the plugged hole of her rear, and the whole time Samus’ mind was screaming horror. That was foreplay? That was gentle? The words brought the ice-cold hand of fear back, clutching at her heart. The terror was immense, but it didn’t distract her from the sensation of her gut disgorging all the cum inside it. As her ass was returned to being virgin-tight, it forced almost all the jizz back out of her,  a long streak of it splattering out so that every breath she was allowed to take was tainted with the stench of Ridley’s savage masculinity.

“Minimal function,” the dragon said, growling the words that didn’t mean anything specifically to Samus. What mattered was that Ridley didn’t turn off the plasma whip, but he did drag it to one of the metal rods keeping the specimen containers in place. The base of the whip was quickly wrapped around it, holding her in place almost like a dog on a leash in the yard, tightening it in place. She might have been able to use her hands to unwind it, but he quickly grabbed both of them, holding the weakened, exhausted girl in his grip before forcing her to experience the agony of having his dick forcing its way into her ass again. She only had a moment of surprise that he had not grown any softer in the slightest before the cruel rod tore its way into her and he started to hammer it every bit as deep as it had reached before and further.

Now his powerful legs and back could work to fuck her – Instead of just his arms sliding her along his dick, instead of just his hips hammering back and forth, his entire body could put work into fucking her. He got deeper inside her than he had before, smashing internal organs out of the way as he forced her asshole to expand around him, slamming his dick into her so hard that she swore her pelvis was going to break.

She was paying so much attention to the creaking of that bone, praying it wouldn’t break, that she didn’t notice what his hands were doing. At least not until he pinched the tip of her right pinkie finger and yanked back, making a loud crunching noise fill her ear. A delay as long as a heartbeat divided that crunch and her howl of utter agony as the pain of her broken finger assaulted her, just a little bit late. Her eyes, bloodshot from the tears, widened in agony as her ass clenched, his dick tearing her further as she writhed on it. She was breaking herself apart from her agony, she was choking herself with the whip and mashing her face against its electric currents.

And that was when Samus realized what was different. The nanites weren’t healing her anymore.

She wanted to scream, she wanted to think about why, but as soon as the thoughts started to come to her mind Ridley snapped another finger… the ring finger of her left hand. She was supposed to put the ring of a lover on that finger… instead of a ring, Ridley had given it a set of shattered bones, engaging her instead to this life of suffering. There would be no freedom from this until Ridley allowed death to take her… that was what she was married to, now. Not a man, not her job, but a role in the universe – to being tortured, to being filled with agony, to being raped. It was in service to this abusive marriage that he continued to snap her fingers one by one, working his way down from their tips all the way to the base even as his dick drove in and out of her clenching asshole. Whatever tightness she lacked from the healing nanites was provided by the anguish as he broke her body bit by bit, making her feel the full agony of having her bones snapped one by one.

Lost in her agony, Samus at last realized the horrible truth: that there was no bone in her body that was going to go unmolested. The tip of her pinky finger had been first, and now every bone in each finger was shattered, and he was working his way into her right hand. His strong hands were surprisingly nimble as they were powerful, and his claws easily squeezed, isolated a bone, and then snapped them before he began to move up her arm.

For these longer bones, he alternated. Break the top, then the bottom, then a bit further down the top. Each break in the opposite position of the last, pressure from the bottom then top then bottom again, to make sure the movements of her hands while being snapped caused as many splinters to force their way through as possible as he turned her bones almost to powder inside the agonized bounty hunter. Her flesh was a mess bristling with shards of bone, and that mess was just going to consume more of her meat with the passage of time. With each snap of bone, not only did the dick inside her throb, but her mind was filled with fear. Once she hated the restoration of the nanites for how it meant she could suffer forever… but now, what if they left her like this? Was she going to be doomed to this agony forever? Why, whenever she thought there was nothing the Space Pirates could do to hurt her further, did Ridley manage to find a way to fill her with agony?

Dread gripped at her heart as, bit by bit, her arm was destroyed. The first inch of bone was broken, then the next, then the next. Her bone was segmented bit by bit while Ridley’s dick violated her, fucking her in the ass as her internal organs were bruised and ruptured. Her liver was literally torn apart from the force of the dick hammering against it, but she managed to survive… and that was what clued her in to the joke of her existence. The nanites hadn’t stopped. They had just stopped doing anything but the bare minimum to keep her alive. No restoration… just life support. Of course… that was what Ridley had meant. She was a doll for him… There was no freedom from the agony, no escape, and it would continue and continue and continue and continue and continue and continue and continue…

Even as her forearm bones were broken, even as her upper arm was broken, even as her arm was reduced to just a mess of pulp with splinters and shards of bone sticking through it, there would be no freedom from agony for a toy like her. Her sobbing and screams formed a symphony with the bass line provided by the snapping of her bones. A wonderful symphony which filled Ridley with euphoria to listen to it. Every sob, every cry, every snap only made his cock throb harder and destroy her ass even more.

“Please…” Samus forced out. She didn’t know where she had found the words… where she had found the breath. She hated herself for begging this murderer for anything, but the word came out anyway. “Please…”

“Well, that won’t do,” Ridley laughed. “The only thing your mouth should be doing is screaming sweet howls of agony for me. We’ll have to fix that.” She felt it as one of his hands returned to her belt, grabbing another of her plasma whips that had been her only reliable weapon in her escape through Zebes, and took it from her. Then, without hesitation, he forced it between her lips, her teeth scraping painfully against the metal. Echoes of pain throbbed through her skull as her tongue prodded against it. No matter how she tried though, she couldn’t push it out. The metal shaft was thick enough that Ridley had smashed it through her teeth a bit, and those chipped teeth were still being repaired around it. Forcing it to become stuck inside her, wedging it too far for her to get it out without destroying her own teeth.

In her frenzied attempt to get it out, she probed at it with her tongue, eventually managing to find the dead center of it: the flexible door which either covered the power cell or the coil of wire inside that aided in the initial ignition. Her tongue had been thrown off by the brutal thrusts inside her, but at least he had stopped snapping her bones for a second to so gag her… but as her tongue pressed against that center, the shock filled her, frying her synapses for a moment. A moment of darkness filled only with an ocean of agony flooding over her. That moment told her all she needed to know: he had shoved it in coil side first, the blazing whip waiting to be deployed.

“Please, no, no, stop,” Samus begged, her pride abandoned completely. “Please, don’t do this…” She tried to speak… but no intelligible words came out, no reasonable sound could be formed with the thing plugging her mouth. Her desperation only increased when she realized why his hand hadn’t returned to breaking her body bit by bit yet… He was waiting for her to realize what was about to happen. Letting the anticipation build. And only then did her muffled screams and thrashing rip her ass open further as he pressed the button to activate the whip.

In the space of a moment, the small metal coils unfurled… the leads for the plasma ignition that came a second later. Then fire erupted down her throat, through her stomach, and into her intestines. Once it blazed to life, the plasma could sway a little away from the guide wire, letting it sink into flesh and through organs, delivering its surges of pain directly into the most sensitive areas as her entire spine from lips to ass lit up at once in agony. Arcs of electricity passed through her and into every nerve in her body until every part of her was throbbing in agony… a crescendo of pain that left her screaming through the metal gagging her.

Samus had no oxygen, no mercy, no respite, no ability to recover on her own… but the nanites counteracted all of that. They forced her to keep going. They forced her to keep on suffering as the bones of her right arm were snapped in the same order as the left, one by one, up and down. There would be no end to this – there was only suffering as her arms were slowly reduced to limp mangled messes of blood and bone fragments, and Samus, exhausted, overwhelmed, half mad, sobbed all through it. She felt like her sanity would snap beneath this… her mind starting to break completely as her defiance gave way to utter agony and suffering. She no longer had the mental space to even feel defiance. Every synapse she had left, every functional part of her brain could only focus on two things: Suffering and screaming.

Even beneath all the pain, some part of Samus knew what was coming next. She still wasn’t prepared for it, though. The bounty hunter couldn’t do anything to brace her mind for the agony as he lifted one of her legs, took hold of her feet, and began to repeat the process, breaking her toes one by one by one. Ripping another part of her body apart as she howled. His cock was throbbing inside of her… it seemed to grow every larger with each scream. Was that even possible? Samus hardly dared to think of it. Her head shook from side to side, blind denials of what was happening to her running through her mind. This couldn’t be the end… this couldn’t be happening.

But it was. Samus was being forced to deep throat one whip while a second one strangled her, her arms hung limp and useless, and the monster who had murdered her family was doing the same to her legs. She tried to focus on the electricity… at least that agony was constant. A nice, consistent thrum of anguish that could burn away all her thoughts and leave her numb, but she wasn’t allowed even that respite. The blonde’s paltry attempt to hide in agony was shattered, first by the ripping of her Achilles tendon, and then by the snapping of her femur. While her lower leg could barely be ignored beneath the blanket of the plasma whips, there was nothing on heaven or earth that could have prevented her entire body from jerking as her femur was snapped. Her organs crushed themselves around her rapist’s dick as her whole body clenched. Agony added onto agony, agony that would simply be replicated as her other leg was destroyed. Her zero suit might as well be spandex for all the protection it was giving her now… It was useless, just like she was. It was pathetic, just like she was. A pathetic suit paired with a pathetic fleshlight.

That defeatism swirled around in her skull like madness as some part of her tried to find a way to be free of this and kept coming up empty. She couldn’t run any more. She couldn’t even crawl. Her limbs were destroyed. Familiarity could help one acclimatise to so many things, and yet he never even allowed that… It was always a new bone being broken, a new part of her being torn apart, or she was being forced to relive the agony like it was her first time with how the nanites repaired her. She tried to speak as she hung there. Samus wasn’t even sure what she tried to say… to defy him? To beg him for mercy? To beg him for death? It didn’t matter… with the whip down her neck and the noose tightening her throat closed around it, she couldn’t make a sound as the weight of the pirate pressed her limp, helpless, broken form firmly against the metal floor until her tits began to flatten against it… hung from an electric gallows as Ridley continued to dispense agony upon her.

What could she do but scream? She knew that was what Ridley wanted, but she couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t help but serve him as he shattered her spine. Was this a gift? He was kicking her with such brutality that her nerve clusters seemed to burst, screaming out in pain. Blows to her kidneys and to the other parts of her back which would cause the most agony filled her with pain, but when he snapped her spine it meant she could no longer feel agony in parts of her body. Was this a blessing?

 “You’ve been a good pig,” Ridley mocked her, and she felt the expansion of her body as he came inside her once again. “Such a good little whore. You were never much as a bounty hunter, slut, but you make a decent piece of livestock, and that was all you were ever meant to amount to.” Despite his words filling her with hatred, it was certainly a blessing to have all feeling in her legs severed. She was completely helpless, and her cries alternated between attempting to give thanks for the tiny mercy and screaming like a dying animal as he broke bone after bone after bone, working his way further up. The closer he got to her neck, the more her agony was focused on her snapped jaw, the more she was forced to focus on that after the relative peace of having her limbs removed from her sense of touch, the more she screamed again. The gurgling cries of a dying animal emerged as Ridley picked her up and the first whip was uncoiled from her neck. He might have cum but he had grown no softer… already raping her ass for a third time. Her completely limp and shattered body squelched around his dick in a disgusting chorus of sounds as her meat mashed against him.

Samus at this point was one giant, boneless bruise. She was just a socket to be fucked: a bulging ruined fleshlight that was molded perfectly around the shape of her owner’s cock. She wasn’t allowed to heal, but she wasn’t allowed to die, either. She was instead forced to suffer like this, with the nanites occasionally reconnecting her spine every so often… Reconnecting just enough nerves for her to feel agony in a new place, to add a new texture to her screams of pain before he snapped her spine once again with the thrusts of his dick.

He was so much stronger than her, so much more brutal. Samus sobbed and cried, desolate, defeated. There was no escape, there was no respite, there was nothing. This was like a cursed afterlife. Had she died and gone to hell? If not, what had she done to deserve this agony?

 In the time it took for the long hand of a clock to loop only once, Samus experienced another century of agonizing hell. The pain never abated – it merely changed shape and assaulted her mind in new ways, found new cracks in her mental armor to seep through. Any resolve she managed to summon, any time she managed to put together enough of her thoughts to remember who and what she was, to remember why she had to win, was quickly raped away by the new sensations of agony as she was used. It was enough to leave her hollow and desolate when he finally yanked on her ponytail, dragging her backward and bending her broken back enough for the beast to stare down into her bloodshot, agony-filled eyes… striking blue orbs floating in a sea of desperate red born from agony.

As the nanites repaired her pelvis and thighs to the point where she could flail a bit, Samus tried, only to once again have her mobility taken from her as his cock shattered her pelvis. Breaking it with the brutal thrusts into that barely-healed thing. He was raping her ass again in earnest, her rear being violated by his dick and her brain suffering even more agony as he gazed down into her eyes, staring into them. He was planning something, and knowing that made dread return: that crushing despair which felt like it could crush her spine on its own with the weight of it. That emotion weighed down her struggles as he continued to rape her ass. However, it only joined with those thrusts for a dozen more times until his cock was twitching and about to cum. This time, though, instead of being sprayed into her guts, he pulled his dick out of her. Was that a mercy? The way her ass felt empty as he delayed healing her said otherwise. The new kind of agony of having a gaping hole exposed to the elements had her shuddering. The first ropes of cum sprayed underneath her suit, through the hole in it, stretching up enough that it could splatter against her back and spine… drenching her beneath her suit and smothering her skin with that slimy sensation.

However, there was plenty of cum to go around. He pulled her head around to drip the rest of it into her eyes… blinding her as the hollows on her face filled with cum until it overflowed. Multiple rivulets of jizz sprawled over her face, leaking down her cheeks like slimy foul tears. The burning cum in her eyes was like a counterpoint to the sealing of her wounds… a new, unique sharpness among the plentiful agony she felt. Back bent, legs twisted, mouth agape, agony screeching from her mouth as she sobbed in pain.

“I wish you could see the look on your face,” Ridley said coldly. The pain which distracted her from the sound and smell of what he was doing eventually could shield her no longer… the monster’s words cut through her pain with a knife of fear as the monster let her drop to the floor, and then began pissing into a hollow there… splashing down just inches from her head as he filled the divot up like a trough for livestock.

Samus knew what was coming even before he grabbed her, but it provided her no comfort as suddenly the blonde’s entire head was dunked beneath the surface of piss… a puddle of liquid foulness to drown her in. No matter how she moved, how she squirmed, it seeped into her broken mouth even as Ridley wrapped the plasma whip back around her like once more. The whip in her mouth electrocuted her as urine flowed past her bruised lips. She was being electrocuted from both within and without, both whips discharging while her lips held themselves open in agony.

Her eyes burned with the agony of being buried in the piss and its arcs of electricity… Her entire body blazed with bolts of lightning as they passed through her. Ridley, for his part, kept laughing. “This is what you were made for,” he mocked. “We went far too easy on you for far too long.” He wedged his cock, once again, at the entrance to her ass, pressing forward. Samus knew that the pirates had always enjoyed fucking her from behind, but even so Ridley seemed obsessed as he began plunging into her asshole with wanton abandon once again. It seems like this degrading treatment was just one more way for Ridley to humiliate her… treat her as a piece of sexual meat not even worthy of being used like a true woman. That tiny speck of humiliation was now just the slightest bit of spice added to this cocktail of mind-bending agony flooding through her. The crackling of electricity, the humming of the whips, the sizzling as the power boiled some of the urine and the manic laughter of the cruel monster raping her ass… booming laughter which reached her even through ears drowning in piss.

The story splits here. For you, there is only one question.
Who is Samus?

A heroine who never gives up? Who confronts impossible odds and unbelievable opposition, and wins anyway?


A weak, broken fucktoy that needs to be taught her place?

5 thoughts on “Hunter’s Fall 12 – Patricide

  1. I would ask why there was suddenly pee, but we all knew, deep down, that there would be pee.

    There is always pee.

    Uh, ok, so this is a lot. I can’t talk about much of it, since my thoughts generally aren’t worth mentioning (they mostly boil down to me squirming while pain happens), but I loved one of the ideas presented early on, that being Samus fighting Ridley in just the zero suit. While the power suit is absolutely iconic and practically an extension of her body, there is something about the idea of her doing a boss fight with essentially just her natural abilities and small arms that’s really exciting.

    Anyway, on to the next part!


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