KDA: All Fucked Out – Ch 2 –The Starry-Eyed Songstress

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The internet was always a cesspit. She had known when she had decided to stick her head in that she would be coming back out dirty, but even so the comments on her latest interview were the worst Seraphine had ever seen in her career.

poraven: those bitches are gone, stop crying out about them

gregpon: if she tried to look better by saying that she cares she should try something else

sunnyjust: they’re getting some dick right now, let the girls have some fun

She dropped her phone on the seat next to her in disgust, looking out the window and trying to even out her breathing. Seraphine already regretted her decision to look at the comments. She should have just let it go for today. Today had been a good day! She’d just had a successful performance, the crowds had cheered, and she had felt on top of the world. The energy was still swirling inside her body when she had made the decision to open up her channel and see people’s reactions to the video that had aired last night.

Seraphine wasn’t sure how much she had expected, but she was still let down.

The pink haired girl sighed. She had no idea what else she could do to make people take her seriously, to take what happened to K/DA seriously. Seraphine played with her pink hair as she felt a headache building in the back of her skull. She needed to do something else, to find a way to make everyone see that what happened shouldn’t be left like that. Those girls were still out there, in desperate need of escape… unless, of course, they’d since been killed. Seraphine refused to let herself think about that, refused to acknowledge it as a possibility. They were out there, and she would save them. She just… she wanted to cry in frustration. It seemed to the young pop star like everyone treated the kidnapping like something that had happened in the last century instead of just two years ago. People were too eager to forget about the darkness that was lurking in theworld… to ignore it right up until it touched them.

With a sigh, Seraphine leaned back in her seat. There was nothing she could do… at least not right now. She needed to at least get some sleep before doing anything else… anything rash. She was glad she’d changed her costume after the performance, now wearing a much more comfortable set of jeans and a simple t-shirt. Her stage makeup was still on though, so she would need to take care of that as soon as she got home. As the car turned to the familiar house, Seraphine shifted closer to the door, unconsciously eager.

She smiled at her driver as she got out, breathing in the fresh air. It all would be fine eventually, Seraphine was sure of it. She would keep trying, keep pushing, and the truth would come out. Seraphine had to believe that… but right now, she needed some quiet.

The steps she needed to make were familiar and Seraphine took them without thinking – she unlocked the door, dropped her bag nearby, and went to turn off the alarm system. Something was off. Seraphine knew it the moment she saw that the small light on the panel was green rather than red, but it inspired puzzlement rather than alarm, her tired brain slow to turn. Had she forgotten to turn the alarm on when she was leaving? Confused, she reached to turn on the lights…

And yelped as she felt hands close in around her waist, tugging her away. Someone’s palm covered her mouth even as she opened it to scream, and she moved in the stranger’s hands, trying to break free. She looked around and saw three more men standing around, coming closer to her with predatory smiles. Cold fear flushed over her body as Seraphine was dragged away from the door and into her living room.

“Calm down, bitch!” the one that was holding her said. “You’ll need that energy for later. Isn’t that right, boys?” They laughed, and the cold sound of it left Seraphine even more terrified. In a desperate attempt to escape, she gathered all her strength and kicked out, aiming right between her captor’s legs.

From the sound of it, she reached her goal. “You stupid cunt!” the man yelled, dropping her on the floor as he staggered. Seraphine tried to crawl away, tried to hide, but she instantly was grabbed by her long hair and pulled back. She whimpered in pain as she finally got to look at the man that was holding her. The others looked threatening enough, but the man in front of her looked twice as big, his skin as dark as his eyes that were burning with fury as he looked at Seraphine and pulled her closer to his face by the collar of her shirt.

“Why are all of you bitches this stupid?” he growled. His question was followed by a slap across her face. Seraphine cried out in pain, the pale skin of her cheek burning. “Just do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt!”

“Careful, Cal!” another one of the intruders said. “Boss said not to ruin her face.”

Seraphine was trying to hide the panic that made her whole body go still. She looked around as she lay on her living room floor with four men surrounding her and felt absolutely hopeless. Seraphine wished that she had no idea why they were in her house, but she knew that their smiles didn’t promise her anything good… and she had been paying too much attention to the story of her idols recently to be so ignorant.

“Please,” she begged in a weak voice, looking at Cal who seemed to be in charge. “If you’re here for the money there is no need for violence, I’ll give you what you want!”

“Did you hear her, guys?” Cal laughed, finally standing up straight, towering over her as Seraphine lay on the floor beneath the shadows of the men. “She wants to pay us!”

“Bitch thinks she can get out of this that easily,” another one followed. They were smiling at her like it was some kind of joke Seraphine wasn’t in on. He was tapping at a phone, she noticed, and he nodded to one of the others. “Boss is on the way. About two hours.”

“Listen here, cunt!” another one moved forward, painfully tugging at her wrist and making Seraphine stand up. She only noticed a couple of scars running over his face before he turned her away, pressing the singer’s ass to the front of his pants. “We’re here to get you and deliver you to the boss, but we might as well have some fun while we wait, don’t you think?”

She could feel his bulge as he forced her to move her ass up and down, rubbing over him. He was holding her around her waist as his other hand went under her t-shirt, up to her breasts. Seraphine screamed again, feeling his fingers over her nipples, twisting and pinching them. She regretted not wearing a bra, even though she knew that if they were doing this to her, underwear wouldn’t have stopped them.

“Don’t be greedy, Mike. If you’re fondling the bitch’s tits, at least let us see them!” Cal called. Seraphine’s eyes widened as she could see the men growing impatient and eager. The more she writhed in Mike’s hands, the more aroused other men became. She felt her lips start shaking and pressed them closely together. She wouldn’t let them see her tears… she wouldn’t give them that satisfaction.

“Why not? She’s wearing too many clothes anyway!” Mike snickered, as his hands went to the hem of Seraphine’s pants, unbuckling them with enough enthusiasm to rip the fabric a little, and began to practically peel her long legs out of them. The young singer shrieked and tried to cover herself as more and more of her bare skin was shown, but her hands were tugged away, her wrists pulled together behind her back.

“No bra? It looks to me like the slut was asking for it,” one of them laughed.

She was shoved down onto her knees, her breasts bouncing with the sudden movement. Then what was left of her t-shirt was tugged down until it was trapping her arms almost as much as the zip ties that one of the men wrapped around her forearms to bind them together. “Please…” she begged, looking around and into the eyes of men that looked at her like she was nothing but a piece of meat for them, a toy to fulfill their needs. “Please, you don’t have to do this…”

She wanted to get up, but men were holding her down. Her whole body began shaking as she saw them starting to take their clothes off. She wanted to cry in horror, realizing too well what was about to happen to her. Despite herself she recalled all the pictures of K/DA she’d seen, the ones with them being abused in various ways, and she remembered how sorry she’d felt for them… and now the same thing was about to happen to her.

“You’re not here to look pretty, put that mouth to work!” One of the men stepped forward, pulling down his pants and holding his cock up to Seraphine’s face. She sniffed, holding her lips pressed together. She was terrified, but she wasn’t about to make her rapist’s lives easier by being some obedient little thing they could use. But the man in front of her wasn’t asking. He moved the tip of his cock over her lips, pressing hard as Seraphine tried to move away. “Hey, Nick, hold this cunt’s head so I can give her some.”

Seraphine didn’t see the man behind her as he grabbed her by the hair on the sides of her head, keeping her in place. She still didn’t open her mouth, but she could feel the head of him, and was forced to begin tasting the cock that was so desperately trying to get through her closed teeth. “Fuck, Tom,” Cal swore, slowly stroking his huge cock as he looked at the useless attempts to rape Seraphine’s mouth. “If you won’t fuck her then go away and let the rest of us have some fun.”

“The fuck you want me to do?” Tom answered with irritation. “I would knock the bitch’s teeth out, but the boss wouldn’t like it.”

The more they talked the more scared Seraphine became. She didn’t want it, she didn’t want any of it. She wanted to close her eyes so she didn’t have to see the men that were about to rape her, she wanted to believe that all of this was nothing but a nightmare, but it was reality and she was about to experience the worst day of her life. “For fuck’s sake,” Nick said from behind her as his hand went to her breast. “I’ll do it.” He dug his fingers into soft flesh, making Seraphine’s whole body tighten with pain. “Scream, bitch. Open your mouth and I’ll stop.”

This was it, wasn’t it? She was about to let them win. She hated it, but already the pain was too much for a girl who had never really known torment. Seraphine could already see the bruises forming on her breast and, despite herself, she couldn’t hold back. The singer screamed, opening her lips, which instantly got wrapped around the cock that pushed its way inside her mouth.

“Much better!” Tom celebrated, shoving his dick as deep as he could, making Seraphine gag around him. Her retching continued as he pushed deeper still, and he laughed at it. “What, you don’t like it? I thought bitches like you could take anything down their throats with no problem. Isn’t this how you got famous, slut?”

Seraphine could barely hear his words through the pumping of the blood she heard in her ears.  She wasn’t inexperienced or innocent, but the things he did to her felt both painful and humiliating. As her lips were tightly pressed around his shaft, Tom pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside her hot, wet mouth until Seraphine felt him all the way in her throat. The man above her was groaning in pleasure while abusing her mouth, the taste of his pre-cum filling the singer’s mouth and making her feel nauseous.

“Back off, it’s my turn now.” Nick let go of her hair and Seraphine felt a slight relief from the pain in her scalp, though she hardly noticed it over the humiliating, painful choking. She looked at the man moving next to her, his veiny member looking even thicker than the one already between her lips. Seraphine looked over at him in disgust, knowing that it would soon be in her mouth. “Like what you see, cunt?”

Tom started fucking her mouth even harder, leaving Seraphine choking and gagging on his cock. When he pulled out she felt relief, gasping for air, but it was short-lived as another cock filled her hole. “Bitch can’t suck a dick at all,” Tom complained. “But it sure as hell feels nice when she starts choking on it.”

Another burst of laughter filled the room. Seraphine couldn’t believe this was happening to her, it still felt unreal, even as her rapist’s cock was shoved in her mouth, even as her jaw went numb and drool started dripping from the corners of her mouth. Then the next man took his turn… drool leaking out of her mouth and dripping down to soak her breasts and shirt, slimy trails gliding down her wet chin as her head was forced to sway back and forth.

She had no idea how long it took until each of the four men had enough fun raping her mouth. Seraphine had gone still, trying not to think about what was going on even as she took one cock after another… trying to zone out and take refuge in her own mind as they fondled her breasts, twisting her nipples just to feel her silent screams as her lips squeezed tight around their dicks. They laughed and joked while using her like a cheap whore and Seraphine could do nothing but take it.

“Hope you’re getting used to it, slut,” Cal said, shoving his dick deep inside Seraphine’s throat and staying there, leaving her without air. “It’s only the first round. Once you get to the boss you’re going to look back on this time fondly, so you ought to say thank you… to thank us for taking it so easily on you. It’ll let you get ready for the rest of your life!”

She didn’t want to hear it, she didn’t want to think about what other horrors were waiting for her. What was happening to Seraphine now was already awful enough, but the men were eager to make it worse. “Maybe we should start training her other holes?” Mike said. “I bet her cunt is nice and tight right now. We should take this opportunity to try it out before she gets fucked up.”

Seraphine had already reconciled with the thought that her mouth was being used and filled with the awful tastes of her rapists’ cocks, but she felt a new wave of fear rolling over her body. She didn’t want to feel them there, she didn’t want to let them inside her body, but she didn’t have much choice as Cal pulled out of her mouth and someone began rolling her jeans down further. “Can’t argue with that,” he said. “Let’s get a piece!”

“No! No!” she screamed, trying to move away from the greedy hands that were touching all over her body. She had no idea who was holding her as her jeans were tugged down along with her panties. She was naked and helpless as she was thrown back on the floor and forced to get on all fours. She felt hands all over her ass, opening her legs like she was nothing but a prop in this horrible scene that was unfolding. She felt disgusted as someone spit on her slit, spreading it around her entrance. “Stop it! I don’t want it!”

“Of course you want it! Look how wet you are!” Cal laughed behind her and Seraphine felt her body shaking. When he was fucking her mouth with his fat cock her jaw had gone completely numb, and she could only imagine how it would feel with him inside her pussy. “It’s time for you to put in some work. Show us what you can do, slut!”

Seraphine would’ve told him what she really thought about this idea, but excruciating pain in her slit erased all her thoughts. She tried to move forward, away from the cock that was forcefully probing her entrance, but she was held in place by strong hands that were digging into her hips. “Stop! Stop, I’m begging you!” She couldn’t hold her tears back anymore, they were streaming down her face as Cal pushed his cock deeper into her dry cunt. The unwanted intrusion made her feel like there was an open wound between her legs, and the pain was only getting worse with every inch she took inside.

“What was she saying?” Cal asked mockingly, impaling the young singer on his member.

“I think she screamed that she wants more,” Nick laughed. “What an insatiable whore.”

When Seraphine felt sure that she would literally pop if she had to take another inch, Cal finally stopped. Her walls were painfully stretched out by him, her hands shaking from the pulsing pain she felt. She sniffed, accepting another stage of her humiliation, but Seraphine couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen next.

“Listen here, whore,” Cal said, still fully impaled inside Seraphine’s cunt. “You need to put in some work now. One of them will fuck your useless mouth and you have to choose – either choke on a dick or take my cock deeper inside. Do you understand?” Seraphine was tugged by her hair, and as she looked up she saw Nick getting closer to her. None of them had cum yet and his hard cock was against her lips once again. She sobbed, knowing what they really wanted – for her to participate in her own rape, to help bring them pleasure, and she felt nauseous.

The dick slapped against her lips, and a second later her mouth was filled with cock once again as Nick pulled her closer, shoving his length down her throat. As she was tugged forward, her pussy slipped from around Cal’s cock, leaving only his tip inside. As she started choking on her rapist, his prick making her retch as it popped into her throat, Seraphine moved away and her problems reversed as she was forced to take the other cock deep in her cunt instead. She cried at how helpless she felt: no matter what Seraphine did, she suffered. Giving a slight relief to one of her holes meant that the other would be stuffed to the brim. No matter which of them was deeper inside her, both Cal and Nick were getting what they wanted… a tight slut to rape.

“Look what a good little whore this pop-tart can be,” Cal said, and Seraphine got a light slap to her ass with that dubious compliment. “Maybe you’re not as useless as we thought after all!”

“She loves this so much,” Nick laughed, as his cock once again went inside Seraphine’s throat. “Whore was probably waiting her whole life to be fucked this good!”

The men didn’t move, allowing Seraphine to do all the work, but she couldn’t. She was spent and tired, her energy drained with fear and struggle, so she simply stopped. And it was a big mistake.

“What a lazy cunt,” Cal groaned. Even as Seraphine was stuffed with Nick’s dick he went deeper inside of her, his girth straining her walls and making her whimper and sob. “I guess she wants to get it rough after all.” And then he started to pound her. The pain she felt before was nothing compared to what she felt now, as her holes were fucked with force. Seraphine had never taken a cock the size of Cal’s before and certainly not  this roughly, and she had to believe that her cunt was close to being torn apart by how painful it was. She felt disgusted when she realized Nick was cumming inside her mouth, but also relieved. She didn’t have a chance to spit out the foul-tasting liquid as she started gagging on it, so Seraphine did the only thing she could – she swallowed it down as Nick was still giving her light strokes.

“You look so much prettier now,” he laughed, pulling away, moving his tip over her lips once again. “Can you imagine how many fans you would have if you posed like this? You could have been the next slut-queen of OnlyFans!” Seraphine could only imagine what she looked like, what her tears did to the heavy makeup she was still wearing. Combined with her cum-stained lips she probably looked like the useless slut her rapists kept calling her.

Cal kept squeezing her hips harder and harder as he pushed inside her aching hot core and Seraphine thought that she couldn’t take it anymore when, to her relief, he finally pulled away, leaving her entrance burning. She couldn’t feel as he came inside her through the pain, but now his cum was dripping from her cunt and the singer wanted nothing else but to wipe it away. She wanted nothing more than a moment of rest.

“That’s a high-class cunt there!” Cal left her with another smack over her ass. “Pity she won’t be as tight once we’re finished with her, but at least she’s already lived up to her destiny.”

“It’s our turn now,” another of the men said, and now it was Mike and Tom standing in front of her. “So… while you’ve been busy slutting it up, we’ve been talking… and we’ve decided to be merciful to you, little wannabe slut. One of us is going to use his cock to turn your ass inside out.” The two of them were stroking their hard cocks as they stood over the devastated girl, “but we’re going to be kind enough to let you choose which.”

“No!” Seraphine begged. Her voice shook miserably. “Don’t, please!” She hated herself for the weakness she showed, but Seraphine didn’t want to imagine how much more pain could be inflicted on her.

The two men smiled. “We thought you’d say that,” one of them said as he took out a phone and began filming her. Seraphine wished she didn’t have such a clear mental image of how disgraceful she looked, kneeling, crying, her tits glistening with drool and begging. “But you are going to choose,” Mike said in a firm tone, looking down at her. “Or we’re both going to fuck your asshole at the same time. Up to you.”

Seraphine’s eyes widened, and tears flooded down her cheeks. Hadn’t they put her through enough already? Did she deserve more? She could act stoic and brave, but was it worth it? Seraphine looked over the men in front of her, over their cocks. “Come on, slut. Don’t you want your pretty ass filled with something like this?” Tom laughed, stroking his cock. “Hurry it up!”

Seraphine swallowed hard. There was no way she could take both of them and not get ripped apart. The pain alone would surely kill her… she needed to make a choice. “You,” she whispered, looking at Tom. His member didn’t look as thick as Mike’s and she found some solace in that.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand you,” Tom said, smiling. “It’s all so confusing… you’ll have to spell it out for me. What do you want? Do you want my cock stretching out your greedy, tight asshole?”

“I…” Seraphine tried to calm down, but it felt like something impossible at this point. She practically broke down sobbing, and she barely managed to force out what he wanted to hear through her tears and sniffles. “I want your cock stretching out my greedy, tight asshole,” she whimpered, and the camera caught it all.

“Now that’s what I like to hear!” Mike said, his lips stretched out in a wide smile as he moved to the floor behind Seraphine. She knew it was no use to fight back, but she still tried to crawl away, just to have her hair grabbed to stop her again. Mike was in front of her face a second later, with his cock ready to force its way inside her sore mouth. She looked at him with a silent plea in her eyes, but it didn’t touch him. “Suck, slut,” he said, painfully pressing on the sides of her mouth, forcing it open.

Her jaw was incredibly sore but it was already used to the motions by now. It didn’t matter that her lips ached after being rubbed over so many times, or that the muscles in her face were shaking with the effort of keeping her mouth open. None of those small discomforts could be Seraphine’s main concern… not when she could feel hands over her ass, opening her up. She felt Tom spit a wad of warm drool right onto the tight ring of her anus and she shivered in fear, knowing that the pain would follow.

She just didn’t guess how much pain there would be.

“Urk! GGGGgghhh!” she screamed around the cock filling her mouth as her asshole was pried wide open by her rapist.

“Oh, fuck, she’s so fucking tight,” Tom groaned behind her as the tip of his cock stretched out her virgin asshole. Seraphine screamed around the dick that was shoved in her mouth, barely holding her body up as she felt excruciating pain. It only intensified as her tormentor shoved his cock deeper and deeper inside the tight walls, forcing her unyielding insides to expand to fit him.

“Her mouth gets so much nicer when her hole is stuffed,” Mike groaned, moving faster inside her mouth. “That must be how she got her fame. She wasn’t talented enough to get it with just a blowjob, but I bet if the slut had someone fuck her ass when she ‘auditioned’ she could suck the chrome off a tailpipe!” Seraphine could barely hear the mocking words and she certainly couldn’t bring herself to care anymore… Her senses were concentrated on her lower body as she felt like she was torn apart by yet another rapist, put to the most brutal use yet as Tom started moving in and out of her, intensifying Seraphine’s agony as he shoved deeper with every thrust. She felt destroyed, humiliated beyond all limits. Her body was being treated like a thing without a soul inside, used like a cheap masturbation sheath that could cry while she felt every ounce of pain they inflicted on her.

“Swallow it down, you fucking whore,” Mike moaned out as he filled her mouth with another load, and Seraphine was forced to take it. She was sure she would never get rid of the taste that stained her mouth, but she was grateful that at least this time it ended quickly… or at the very least, the sheer torment in her asshole had made it felt like it had. Unfortunately, Tom wasn’t ready to be nearly as quick in her ass.

“Think you’re so pretty, don’t you?” he breathed out between thrusts. “Too pretty to give a man the time of day. Too pretty to let anyone use your asshole. Look at you now you fucking slut! Taking all these cocks like the cheap whore you are!”

Seraphine sobbed in pain as she was filled and stretched beyond what she thought was possible. “Please” her voice was still shaking. “Please, let me go…”

“You think I give a shit what you have to say?” he growled, starting to fuck her even more relentlessly. “I know bitches like you… so in love with the sound of their own voice, thinking people give a shit about what comes out of their slut hole when people only care what goes into it. Little singer bitch… Think your voice is so nice? Let’s see how you do without it!”

Seraphine let out a strangled noise as Tom wrapped a thin cord around her neck from behind, twisting it and yanking hard enough to pull her up. She gasped for air but nothing came in. If her hands were free she would have been clawing at the garrote. Even the pain in her burning ass was nothing compared to the panic she felt as her air was brutally cut off.

“Yeah, just like that,” Tom groaned as he kept thrusting inside Seraphine’s tightening hole. “Finally, some peace and quiet. That feels so much better.”

Everything before her eyes was starting to go dark. Blood seemed to thump in her ears as Seraphine tried to suck down even the slightest gasp of air to revive her numb body as it rapidly went limp. Her rapist was still inside her, taking immense pleasure in the way her walls were contracting around his length as she writhed, trying to escape and breathe. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth in a quest to get even a whisper of oxygen as her vision went black.

She was dying…

Seraphine’s eyes were going dull and rolling back up into her head by the time her rapist’s cum started spilling inside her bowels. She was beyond thinking about that anymore, lost in her personal, private hell inside her head. Only after his cock finished twitching inside the nearly dead girl did Tom relax his grip, allowing Seraphine to collapse on the floor, greedily gasping for air. Both her cunt and her asshole looked red and inflamed… a perfect look for a useless slut like she had been transformed into.

“Was that as much fun as it looked?” Cal asked, chuckling. “I’ve got to try that.” Horrified, Seraphine finally opened her eyes and saw all four of the men around her again, more than ready for another round of spilling their filth into her every hole. She wanted to simply crawl somewhere and hide… but where could she go, how could she run? She knew screaming and pleading would gain her nothing, but she was still ready to try… when suddenly something changed.

She heard the door of her house open and slam against the wall. After a short start, all four men took a step back from her, looking at one another. Then they began putting their clothes back on in a rush as Seraphine heard the clicking of heels just outside the room. She looked around, without a single idea about what was happening and why she was finally left alone, until she saw who’d made her rapists go into such frenzy.

The woman had a cruel smile on her face when she looked down at Seraphine, finding pleasure in seeing the young singer in a state of complete disarray. Her pretty face was surrounded by long white hair now rather than the hot pink she had usually seen her in, and her features were a little bit harder and sharper, but it was impossible not to recognize her.


Despite herself, despite her situation and the danger she was in, Seraphine let herself feel an instant of thrill as she acknowledged that she had been right… and that now she knew what all of this was about, and why this was happening to her.

“Not bad, boys,” Evelynn said with a light chuckle as she stood closer to Seraphine, looking down at the woman sprawled on the floor. “You really made the bitch look as filthy and worthless on the outside as she is on the inside. Pretty sure the slut loved everything you did with her.”

Her words were followed by laughter from the men. “She was shy at first, but she warmed up to us,” Cal reported. “Do you want us to take her now, mistress?”

“No, not yet.” Evelynn was walking around Seraphine in circles, like a predator looking for a weak spot of her prey. “Leave us alone. I think the two of us should have a bit of a heart to heart.” 

“Maybe someone should stay in case the cunt goes rabid?” Mike asked.

Seraphine saw it when it happened… the pulse of angry red color that flashed through her golden eyes with her fury. “Did I stutter?” Evelynn said softly. Her voice was calm, quiet… and yet it quivered with tension and rage at being questioned. It was hard to argue with the power she exuded… the quiet words sent the men flinching backward. “Get lost. Wait outside for me to call you.”

“Yes mistress,” Cal said… and a second later they all but tripped over themselves to obey. Then she was alone with the woman.

Seraphine had no idea she would feel even more nervous once the man that just raped her left the room. With them, she could tell what they wanted, but with Evelynn, she was still in the dark. The young singer sat up on the floor, wishing that she could cover at least some of her body with her arms, but they were still bound behind her back.

“Why so shy?” Eve asked with a wide smile, touching Seraphine’s leg with the tip of her shoe. “And here I thought you would have all kinds of things to say to me. You were looking for me, were you not? Here I am!” She leaned closer to the naked girl, her face twisting in disgust as she looked over the ruined makeup on her face, the cum on her mouth and her breasts, the red line on Seraphine’s neck that was left by the cord. “Have nothing to say for yourself, slut? You weren’t this quiet, limp, and useless while taking those cocks inside you, I hope,” Evelyn chuckled, standing up again. “The boys deserve better than that from their fucktoys.”

Seraphine felt anger growing inside of her. How dare she mock her like this? How dare she send those men to humiliate and use her? “I knew that it was your doing,” she whispered. Seraphine’s voice was quiet with her throat aching after the abuse she endured, but she forced the words out anyway. “You play the role of a heartless bitch too well not to be one for real.”

Her courage was answered with a hard slap across her face. Seraphine’s head snapped to the side, her cheek burning, and when she looked up Evelynn was rubbing her palm onto Seraphine’s couch in disgust like she’d just touched a trash can. “I see your mouth is just as filthy as the rest of you,” she frowned at Seraphine. “That’s a slight problem, but I can be a generous mistress… I’ll be happy to make you clean enough to touch.”

Before Seraphine could think about what that was supposed to mean her eyes went wide with fear as she saw two strong, flattened tails with sharp tips appear from behind Evelynn’s back and wrap around Seraphine’s legs and waist. The young singer tried to move away, but their grip was too strong… She was rapidly pulled along the floor, her back tightly pressed to the surface as Evelynn stood above her.  She was breathing hard, the horrifying realization that she wasn’t just dealing with an evil woman, some kind of corrupted pop star, but something completely different… something that wasn’t even human… plain on her face as she stared at Evelynn.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. I give you nothing but the things you deserve by running your mouth about me.” Evelynn pulled her skirt up and moved her panties to the side, giving Seraphine a look at her perfect pink slit. She got lower, her cunt right above the young singer’s face. “Enjoy your shower, filthy bitch!”

Seraphine couldn’t move away as Evelynn’s piss started streaming over her face, down her breasts, soaking her hair. She moved her head from side to side, feeling a hot stream running over her skin. No matter how tightly her lips pressed together, she could still feel some of it in her mouth, the heat flowing over her to fall down and stain her carpeting while Eve sighed with seemingly sexual pleasure from watching her piss wash over her victim, basking in her degradation.

When it was over, Evelynn stepped away and her tails pulled Seraphine high up into the air, letting the liquid keep dripping down her body. “Isn’t ‘piss soaked toilet whore’ just the perfect look for you??” Evelynn laughed. “The perfect look for a worthless imitation? Best get used to this, brat, because it’s only the start of your new career… you liked following your idols onto the stage? We’re going to see how much you like following them into porn. From now on, you’re going to be nothing but a set of holes that will be used all day and all night, leaving nothing of you. Everyone who wants you will have a chance to get inside you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

She pressed her lips almost against Seraphine’s ear. “And when you get useless? When you lose your mind? I will leave you bleeding in a dumpster with the rest of the worthless trash… right where a bitch like you belongs. Understand me, slave?”

Seraphine looked Evelynn in the eyes, fear and desperation and dread warring for space in her mind. She could tell that it wasn’t a joke, or a threat – the woman in front of her was cruel enough to let it happen just because Seraphine happened to open her mouth at the wrong time. There was nothing she could do about it, though.

At least, not yet.

“Got quiet now?” Evelynn laughed. “I like you better this way. Good to see you getting used to your new role so quickly, slut.”

As Eve signaled for the men to come back, for them to gag Seraphine and take her away, the young singer had to resist glancing at the bookshelf on the wall… the one that contained the hidden security camera for this room. The one that had captured everything. Even as she was drugged away, filthy, naked, and helpless, she couldn’t help but smile a little behind the gag. This had not been fun… but all in all, it might have gone even better than she’d hoped.

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