One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 4

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“And you’re sure you’re alright?” Quinn asked for what had to be the fortieth time in the last 10 minutes.

Even Lux, off balanced and sleepless as she was, was beginning to get annoyed enough to mask her concern over… over… over whatever the hell that had been. The two of them had broken camp after a quick meal, hiding their non-essential gear to be recovered later, and Quinn had realized that Lux had thrown up twice more in the night after they finished. She hadn’t stopped asking about it since.

Luxanna suppressed her annoyance as she kept walking, making sure not to crest the ridge all the way as they travelled along behind it. Quinn was just concerned… that was how a friend should react to how clearly ill she was. She also was one of the people who knew her well enough that Lux couldn’t lie to her convincingly… she could no doubt tell that Lux wasn’t being entirely honest with her. Lux hated lying to her friend, but how did you tell someone that everytime you looked at them you kept seeing flashes of them naked, bleeding, and covered with cum? “Yes, Quinn, I’m sure… I think I just ate something funny,” she said, shaking her head. “Just some bad dreams and a stomach ache.”

Some bad dreams Some bad dreams. That was the understatement of a lifetime… but she couldn’t very well explain that to Quinn. How did you tell a friend that you had spent years being raped in a dream? That you had helped to torture her, and that she was supposed to hate you? How could you-

Lux cut herself off, shaking her head again. It had been a dream. Just being here, on this mission and looking for Sylas again, had messed with her head. She did not have time to be thinking about this right now. It was bad enough that she kept needing to stop herself from slipping her hands down her pants to finger herself every minute or two, or that she kept getting panicked flashes that she had forgotten, and she might not be wet down there… that the lack of the bitter edge of denied arousal was unnatural after years spent maintaining it in the dream. She forced her hands to stay away from her belt, just as she forced her thoughts away from the dream. Instead, she focused on what she was doing.

It was… oddly peaceful to be away from Demacia. Beyond all the petricite and the guards and the judgment, anyway. At this point, after the battle of the Freljord, it was one of the worst kept secrets in Demacia that the youngest daughter of house Crownguard was a mage. Officially, she was still welcome. Unofficially, though…

People looked at her.

The gazes were always mixed. Some looked at her with awe. Others with disgust. Those two, unpleasant as they were, were the easiest to deal with. Far worse was the doubt and fear. The way people held tighter to their children, or walked to the other side of the street… the people who seemed to genuinely think she was going to hurt them, or that she might be contagious or something. Admiration and hatred were both easier for Lux to deal with than fear, fear that she didn’t know how to banish from their hearts.

Fear she still wasn’t entirely sure was unjustified.

Getting away with Quinn had been a welcome relief. The ranger had been tracking Sylas through the Freljord for months before losing him entirely, and the suspicion that he was selling information about ways into Demacia to Noxus has come from her investigation. As a former member of the Demacian Magehunters, he was one of the few who could realistically provide that information to Noxus, too. If their security was that thoroughly compromised, King Jarvan had to know.

When Quinn had come to Lux, asking her to assist in getting into the Noxian border fortress that the Winter’s Claw was trading with, she had jumped at the chance. For years, Lux had never truly understood her friend’s desire to be outside of Demacia… to be away from the people. Now, she did. Quinn, in her own way, was just as much of an outsider as Lux was. Not part of Demacia proper… an outsider that was more tolerated than accepted. Now that Lux was looking for them, she could see the same kinds of expressions of doubt and fear people turned on the ranger. She didn’t look like she belonged, either.

Out here was… comfortable… for them both. They were a part of the land they loved, but weren’t being judged by it. It wasn’t ideal, but it was better. Lux could live like this, she thought.

Except for the nightmares, of course.

Angry with her wandering thoughts, Lux walked faster, focusing on keeping her steps as steady as possible on the shifting ground of the mountainside. They had to be almost there by now, but Quinn wasn’t stopping yet, and Lux trusted the ranger’s judgment over her own… Quinn had been her best friend in the world practically since she had met the woman, and she would put her life in the other woman’s hands without question. Sure enough, Quinn walked for another three minutes before she held up a fist and flashed a sign into the air for Valor. Even as the eagle appeared down through the clouds to swoop down to them, the ranger flattened herself to the ground and moved to peer over the edge of the ridge. Lux followed.

Even knowing what to expect, even having seen it from a distance, Lux couldn’t help but be impressed. The Noxian border fortress was simply enormous. Demacia defended its borders as well, of course – in fact, the last time she had seen Sylas had been when he had attacked one of those fortresses – but her fortifications were relatively small and clustered around critical points. As far as Lux could determine, there was nothing special about this area of the mountains between Noxus and Freljord, save for that there was sufficient room to build a fortress of the size they wanted overlooking the nearby pass.

Luxanna had to admit it was one hell of a fortress, though. At least the size of a town, its walls stretched up forty feet, and it was built around 3 large buildings. The first, Demacian scouts assured her, looked like a standard barracks. Lux hadn’t seen too many of Noxus’ military fortresses before, but looking at the utilitarian slab of stone and fortification, she couldn’t find reason to doubt their word. The second structure looked just like the first, and that was unusual in and of itself… it meant that this place was far more heavily garrisoned than an unimportant fortress on a forgotten pass should be. That curiosity, however, paled in insignificance next to the third building.

It was a tower.

The third building was enormous… rising to at least five times the height of the walls. It would have looked spindally if it wasn’t so huge as well, instead looking more like a sharp, artificial mountain of stone that had been shaped into a block. Members of the ranger corps had been finding and occasionally stealing shipments headed here, and they had recovered enough of the shipped goods that that they had a decent idea of what it was… most places in the empire accumulated treasures from the lands that Noxus conquered, but to here they sent books and scrolls. It was a library of some kind.

That was why she was here.

Lux looked down on the fortress from on high and she had to admit it was an impressive sight. Located at the end of box canyon, the fortress had been cut into the shale and granite cliffs… there was only a single path in or out. The area had been cleared of any boulders, rocks, hills, or any other kind of obstruction that could allow someone to approach unseen, or take cover from the archers that doubtless patrolled the walls. Even the cliff faces, like the one she was peeking over now, had clearly been worked by artisans or hextech blasting power at some point, turned into sheer sheets that would have been almost impossible to climb up or down, preventing anyone from dropping down into the fortress unseen.

That was, unless they happened to have a Demacian Eagle and a Light Mage.

“You sure you’re up for this?” Quinn asked one more time. “I mean it, Lux… we can wait. We have some spare supplies. Are you sure you’re not getting sick?”

Luxanna shook her head. It was odd not to feel her hair bounce freely when she did… she was ill used to having her hair bound tightly together. She smiled at her friend. The smile was forced, but she didn’t think it looked like it was – Lux had a lot of experience in faking smiles. “I was just trying to make myself lighter for Valor here,” she said with a smirk. The faint, quiet caw that the bird made combined with the look of concern on the dark haired woman’s face said in no uncertain terms that neither was convinced by her flippancy. “Besides!” Lux said firmly. “The distraction is already in place. Too late to turn back now.”

Quinn didn’t look happy, but she didn’t argue, either. Her words were true enough… they hadn’t exactly come straight here after hiding camp. Instead, as Lux continued to watch the fortress, the ranger turned her gaze on the horizon. This high in the mountains it was hard for Luxanna to estimate the hour by the position of the sun, lacking the horizon she was used to, but Quinn seemed to have much less trouble. “Probably 10 minutes,” she guessed. Lux shrugged. She couldn’t imagine how the dark haired girl could possibly know that so closely, but she didn’t question it, either – her friend was after all one of the most competent, skilled people she had ever known.

And Lux had helped rape and torture her.

The blonde bit her tongue so hard that she tasted blood, and stayed silent.

A few minutes later… probably nearly ten, knowing Quinn, the ranger let out a sound of satisfaction. “There it goes,” she said, a bit of pride in her voice. Lux looked over and saw the sudden billowing of smoke, grey and black, into the sky, and couldn’t hold back a smile of her own. That had been her idea of a distraction, and while Quinn had been the one to figure out how to do it, it was still great to see the idea work so well. A small cookfire didn’t really produce enough smoke to be visible… but hang an oilskin over it where it would eventually burn through and dump the lantern oil onto the flame, and…

The blonde mage turned her attention back to the fortress and waited. Come on… come on…

Thankfully, it didn’t take very long. Scouts on the walls noticed the smoke almost immediately, long before their trapped oilfire had burned out… and just like Lux and Quinn had hoped, a squad of soldiers gathered at the door to investigate. That would make six in total. Lux and Quinn had chosen this time of day because there were always the most number of patrols out at this time already… a full five. Based on the size of the garrisons and according to Quinn, a sixth patrol being out, plus soldiers on the walls, plus those sleeping, would probably mean there could only be a skeleton force inside the fortress proper to guard it.

The doors to the fortress opened and the new patrol began leaving. Right now, on the walls, every eye would be fixed on either the fire or the gate… the fewest possible eyes that might accidentally look up and notice something strange.

It was their opportunity.

“I wish I could do this instead of you,” Quinn said ruefully.

“Me too,” Lux admitted. “But this is why you needed me. Let’s do what we came to do.” The blonde checked the straps on her pack, making sure they were tight… and more importantly, that the leather harness she wore was. “Let’s go.”

“Valor!” Quinn commanded… and the Demacia Eagle spread his wings, grabbed onto Lux’s harness, and beat her wings furiously at the same time that Lux, trying not to think about how insane this whole thing was, took a running leap and jumped off the cliff.

The moment she jumped, she began accelerating towards the ground but she forced herself not to think about that. Instead, she tried to focus on her magic. She visualized a tiny ball of light the way she always did, ever since… Sylas… Thinking of the man almost made her throw up again, but Lux forced herself to get a damn grip. It was just a damned dream! …Ever since Sylas had taught her to control her power. That light could be unleashed, could destroy… or it could be tamed. Instead of lashing out with it, Lux wrapped it around herself and Valor, bending the light around them.

The illusion wasn’t perfect by any means. To someone below, they would look like little but a shimmering blur in the air, like a heat mirage. It took a ton of effort to craft, and most of her concentration… she could barely keep standing while keeping it up, much less walk, and the whole process made them almost as blind to the outside world as the world would be to them, but even as Luxanna and Valor were forced to view the rapidly approaching fortress in shadows and bright spots, at least they weren’t being spotted by guards.

You know, as long as they didn’t smash into the ground. They still had to worry about that part.

For a few seconds they continued accelerating downward, and Lux had to fight her panic to remain still and calm and focused on her magic. Thankfully, after a few seconds, Valor had gotten enough air under the great eagle’s wings that she began to slow, falling at an only-slightly alarming pace rather than a suicidal one. Then they were over the shadows of the wall and between two of the buildings, falling, falling…

They had needed to take the descent quickly. Magic or no magic, all it would take was someone looking at her illusion wrong and they could be made. So, instead of coming into a smooth landing, when Lux was about five feet off the ground Valor let go of Lux’s harness and let the mage girl drop. Her stomach felt like it was in her throat but they had practiced this… she hit the ground and rolled, just the way Quinn had shown her. It wasn’t nearly as smooth as the ranger managed, but it wasn’t difficult either… and while she hit the ground hard enough to send a shockwave through her body and shatter her concentration, she didn’t break anything.

Above, Valor turned his swooping dive back into an ascent, rising back out of the tower just like a bird roused by the movement of the army while Lux lay on the ground, trying to recover. Then, with a last look downward, the Demacian Eagle was gone, vanishing back into the sky like a ghost.

She was alone in a Noxian fortress.

Lux took a deep breath. This was the plan. With luck, their distraction would entirely burn away all evidence it had been man-made before the patrol reached it, and anyone who saw the eagle would think it merely another mountaintop bird. Hopefully, a fortress as remote and uninteresting as this could not possibly deal with intruders or emergencies on a regular basis. The guards and soldiers would be comfortable in a reliable, simple routine… perfect for poisoning their sense of vigilance. They certainly wouldn’t expect to be infiltrated by a spy with her own magic.

Quinn and Valor had done their job perfectly. They had gotten her into the fortress, safe and secure. Now it was time for Lux to do her job.

The vast majority of the soldiers were gone now, and what guards remained would be distracted with their attention focused outward, but that wouldn’t stay the case for long. They could discover evidence that the fire had been distraction, rather than a campsite or a mistake, or they could decide to investigate the large eagle that had flown down by their fortress, and even if they didn’t then the patrols would be coming back in in rotation, and this place would get a lot more crowded. She had to move.

There was nothing in the barracks that interested her… That tower was her goal. That was where the library would be. As much as Lux wished she could just cloak herself beneath her magic and hide, it wasn’t possible… she didn’t have the strength or skill to do it. Instead, she dashed between buildings, hiding and squeezing herself flat against them as she went. There were men walking around in one place or another, but not so many that she couldn’t avoid them… months spent practicing with Quinn combined with a history of sneaking around Demacia at night saw to that. No one noticed the blonde in tight leathers carrying a staff as she snuck between buildings until she reached the large tower.

The entrance was guarded. Of course it was… this couldn’t be easy. Instead, Lux worked her way around and, with a grimace, hammered a piton into the side of the wall and began to climb. They had made plans for what to do if she couldn’t get it through the doors.

Light could damage books, so there were very few windows in that large tower… but there were some. They were barred and shuttered, but Lux climbed up to one in the shadow of the building, between it and the cliff face where she wouldn’t be broadcasting her location to every single guard on the wall if they happened to look back, using the flying harness she was still wearing to attach the rope to. Then, on reaching the window, she reached back to her belt and pulled one of the the three vials of blue liquid off of it, setting it on the narrow window sill.

Petricite was useful stuff… she had to admit that. In larger amounts, elixirs made of the ground up stone were a poison to magic users like herself, a tonic used by the magehunters to shut down rogue talents. Petricite didn’t just block magic, however… it absorbed it, and Lux had saturated the dust suspended in this oil with as much magic as she could weeks ago. The blonde mage slid down her rope a bit, getting away from the window… then she held up one hand and summoned her magic.

The tiny little singularity of power gathered into a glowing point in her palm, pulsing faster with every passing second as she fed more and more power into it. She needed to keep this small. She would have preferred to get in and out without anyone knowing she had been here at all, but since that didn’t look like it would be possible she would settle for them not realizing until after she was gone, and a large explosion would make that goal rather difficult to achieve.

Then she hurled the tiny lucent singularity up towards the window and closed her eyes.

The power detonated on impact, but it didn’t spread out into a large explosion. Instead, it was all absorbed by the vial of petricite… the vial that was already too filled with energy to store anymore. With a hiss and then a gasp like pressurized liquid, the cork of the oil-vial blew off, and in that direction all of the absorbed energy flew like a lance… cutting through the bottom third of the shutter before, at last, everything went silent.

Luxanna was quick to climb back up and observe the hole she had made. Good enough… she could squeeze through that with just a little bit of work. She pushed her staff through the gap, and then held onto the shutter and pulled, painfully conscious of the long fall beneath her if she lost her grip. Then the shutter warped enough that she could squeeze her body through, and Lux was in. Quickly, she shoved the shutter back shut behind her, sealing her into the building that was dark as the inside of a pit.

Lux picked up her staff and, whispering to herself, she summoned a tiny light in the palm… almost no magic in it, but it illuminated the room around her as it sputtered to life. Then the blonde looked around in awe.

With no open windows to let in the sunlight, the library was pitch black except for the gentle light of Lux’s summoned magic… and in that darkness, shelf upon shelf upon shelf of books stretched on into the black. More books than she could search through in a lifetime. The air smelled dry and musty, of leather and paper and parchment and oil, of dust and hidden things.

Lux cupped a hand in front of her light to mute it and keep it from travelling, then she began to walk. Shadows danced back and forth across the books as she walked, her moving body blocking the light. Lux wandered, almost hypnotized by the knowledge on display… passing racks filled with scrolls, shelves filled with tablets, curios filled with artifacts, and so, so, so, so many books that she couldn’t even begin to make a guess how many. There were stairs both up and down, to more levels of the library and…

And there was a carving on the wall.

Lux peered at it, curious, tracing her fingers over the lines as she held up her light higher, taking it in. It was a flower. Why did a Noxian war fortress have a flower on the wall? Curious, she scanned the light over it, studying it in more depth. The rose looked like it was growing up out of the stones of the floor, the thorns wrapping their way between creases on the wall. That flower, Lux noticed with a start, wasn’t dark with shadows… it was black. The stones where it was had been replaced by obsidian, the contrast stark in the otherwise sheer granite everywhere she looked.

A Black Rose.

Like most Demacians, Lux had heard tales of the Order of the Black Rose. A mythical secret society hidden inside of Noxus, an order of mages that secretly pulled the strings of the vast empire. Children told stories of them to intimidate their classmates, and adults used them as examples of either the depravity of Noxus or the danger of their leaders, but Lux had always taken them for a legend… one more cautionary tale of the dangers of allowing mages to be free.

But this rose wasn’t a legend, or a tall tale. It was here, right in front of her, and in a place where an outsider wasn’t supposed to see it. She was standing in a library dedicated to an order of mages that supposedly was ancient before Orlon had even found the ground that would one day become Demacia.

Lux felt a strange yearning. Noxus didn’t have the same kind of reflexive hatred of mages that Demacia did… What secrets about her powers could she learn here? What knowledge about magic was waiting for her to discover them? That shelf over there… Lux looked at it with fascination that approached lust. That shelf’s scrolls contained knowledge of magic, she was sure of that… hundreds of questions she had wondered about could have their answers found there. She longed to touch them… to open them up, to greedily suck down every secret they contained. To know the answers, finally.

But that wasn’t what she was here for. She was on a timer… she needed to be out of here while it was still daylight and she could signal Valor. If she delayed too long, it would be dark… and then her signal wouldn’t be a small, subtle thing that only the hawk’s sharp eyes would notice, but a glaring bonfire that even the dumbest Noxian guard couldn’t help but notice. She had a mission, and a responsibility. Her own curiosity would have to wait.

Reluctantly, Lux turned away from both the shelf of scrolls and carving of the Black Rose, and focused on her mission. She needed to find evidence of Sylas’ treachery if it existed. Maps, mostly. Failing that, evidence of any Demacian information being given to Noxus by the Winter’s Claw tribe of the Freljord. Lux had no doubt this complex place had an equally complex means of organization, but she had no idea what it was or how to find something. This place was so big, she barely knew where to begin… but she did have a few guesses.

For one, the information would be new… it wouldn’t be filed away in the depths of the tower. It might not be properly filed at all, yet. Also, the tower was so big that it seemed likely the most commonly accessed information would be towards the bottom… probably on the first floor.

She needed to go down.

Lux crept deeper into the library, moving as quietly as she could, shielding as much of her light as she could. The young mage was uncomfortably aware of how much even the tiny tight could shine like a spotlight in this darkness, and even the frequent blockers of the bookcases couldn’t make her feel secure… like she was being watched from the darkness, someone lurking just barely unseen, following her by the glow of her magic as she moved, unfamiliar, through the dark. As she moved further towards the center of the library, found a staircase and worked her way down, the air grew even cooler… but even more than that it gained a kind of spiritual, magical chill… one that she recognized.

Living in Demacia, Lux had grown up feeling like this. She had thought it was normal… just part of how living felt. It took her leaving Demacia behind to realize that the rest of the world didn’t feel strangely hollow… that it didn’t feel still, that the air didn’t have a sinister, quiet quality of solitude. It wasn’t normal… it was all the petricite. Absorbing even ambient magic out of the air, and whatever she pushed out as well. This was the furthest away from Demacia Lux had ever been, and as much as she missed her home it was secretly liberating to be gone from it, to feel free both in her mind and in her magic. This place, as she went further, had a similar quality of stillness.

Wards. This place was protected against magic in some of the same ways Demacia was. Not as harshly, to be sure…but definitely there. The Black Rose was protecting something here. Lux could only hope it was the something she wanted.

The stairs led down into a large, more open area that reminded Lux of some of the rooms in the Demacian palace. She crept through it, finding a series of clusters of bookshelves forming impromptu “rooms” in the darkness. One of these would be what she was looking for, probably… but she had no idea which, so she just slipped between the first group of them and began to search. Lux wanted to do it quickly, but it didn’t take her long to realize that she had a pair of problems and that wasn’t going to be possible.

For one, the sheer amount of information here was staggering, and worse, much of it was interesting. Many of them were things that she wouldn’t have expected Noxus to care about, either… biological studies of Ixtal plants, and dissections of Shuriman sandworms. Even more mundane things of a military nature, like reports from scouts in far away Ionia that contained troop movement info and armaments, also contained reports of vastayan causing problems for the scouts, including multiple reports of a strange, magic-using fox creature.

By far the most interesting, however, were the tales of the Shadow Isles.

There were a surprising amount of these, actually… stories both real and imaginary. Legends of the famously cursed place that starred in almost every horror story she had listened to while growing up. True stories of those who had sailed there, usually from the few survivors… from peoples in Bilgewater, from Ionia, from the Serpent Isles. They were fascinating… and Lux found it hard to put them down. Every time she tried, her eyes felt drawn to a different story, a different part of the tales. It took an extreme act of determination to finally push the records aside, but she needed to do it because of her second problem.

She wasn’t alone.

The first time Lux saw another light approaching her through the darkness her heart almost stopped. She quickly doused her light and hid as best she could, preparing to flee, certain they were looking for her… but the pair of scholars in robes simply walked past without a second glance towards her. No one was looking for her… she just wasn’t the only one looking for a book or a record in this library. Still, it was a distraction, and required her to hide every time, lest someone see her and realize she didn’t belong, and it meant she had been searching for more than an hour before she found the first charts.

Eager, Lux pushed a pair of books off a table to make room to spread them out, unrolling the charts and pouring over them one by one, looking for the right regions. Scroll after scroll after scroll was pushed to the side before she found the one she was looking for, detailing the area of the Demacian border.

Her breath caught in her throat. It was… it was far too good. There could be no doubt that they had an informant… they had secret ways in and out marked that no one outside of the magehunters or the Dauntless Vanguard was supposed to know about. They were definitely getting insider information… but the chart didn’t tell her specifically from who. She had to know if it was Sylas.

She turned, eager to keep looking, and her heart nearly stopped as a woman stood directly before her, so close she nearly bumped her. “Find what you were looking for?” she asked, a wicked smile across her pretty face.

Lux, to her credit, only hesitated an instant before she raised her staff, conjuring up a beam of light and sending it flashing at the woman in the darkness. Lux didn’t conjure up too much power, simply intending to stun her and send her staggering backward, and so she was stunned for a second as the small beam of light instead bifurcated the other woman, stabbing her impossibly right through the abdomen. Lux stared in shocked horror… she hadn’t mean to kill her! For a moment, the panicked blonde considered what she had on her that she could use to stem the bleeding… but the woman didn’t bleed, fall, scream, or anything like that. Instead, as the Demacian looked on, stunned, she simply vanished with a tiny burst of smoke.

“That wasn’t very polite,” that same voice said from behind her once again.

Lux whirled, staff raised, and found the same woman sitting on the space she had just vacated, casually clicking a heel against the wooden leg of the table. She took note of the pale-skinned woman, ghostly in the bouncing light from her vanishing bolt of power as she gripped her own golden staff as well… the same smile on her face as before.

The blonde mage turned and ran.

She hadn’t gotten everything she wanted, but this would have to do… this was pretty good evidence that it was Sylas. Good enough for Demacian command to take steps to better seal their border, at the very least. She heard no footsteps behind her as she ran, no sound from the other sorceress, but Lux was barely out of the cluster of bookshelves before she saw the woman waiting for her, arms crossed as she stood impatiently in the hallways. “And where do you think you’re going?” she said.

Lux risked a glance back at the woman on the table and found her still there, still smiling at her as she kicked her legs gently back and forth… and she paid for her momentary distraction. The woman in the hall held up her staff and barked out a short, sharp word. Glowing violet chains, swollen with magic, lashed out at her, wrapping around Lux’s body… and while they seemed not entirely there, they were not entirely phantoms either, and she couldn’t break free of them.

An illusionist. She was an illusionist.

Demacia knew pathetically little of magic as they did not study it, and so Lux’s education was similarly lacking, but she knew a few principles. Illusions couldn’t contain too much power… so she could overwhelm them. The blonde let her light well up inside of her, swelling even as the sorceress approached her. “Well, this is a surprise,” she purred as she stepped up. “When I saw the smoke signal up on the cliffs, I suspected that someone was making an opening to sneak in… and I was happy to be here to greet them, to welcome them to my domain. A Demacian I expected. A mage, I did not. Truly, your people can be full of surprises when they want to be.”

“I always have been,” Lux said, forced cheer in her voice. Then she unleashed everything she had all at once in a radiant burst.

Ever since she was a child, ever since her first… episode… when she had protected herself from the wolves, this was precisely what Lux had feared. This kind of discharge of too much energy, this kind of wholesale destruction. She had trained endlessly to keep it from happening, to gain control. Now, she willingly relinquished all of that control, and completely let go.

For a second, Lux’s skin shone with light welling up from behind it, enough to turn her whole body translucent as she glowed like the sun in the sky. Then came a surge of destruction, hard light pouring out of her in random directions. She blew apart a dozen bookcases, lit a section of scrolls on fire, gouged rough holes out of the ceiling and floor, and that was just what she did accidentally. The rest she poured directly at the sorceress and her binding.

The woman reacted with the smooth, effortless familiarity of long power and practice as she raised her hands in a warding gesture, crossing her forearms in front of her chest and catching the power, sloughing it off to the side and away from her. Her chains, however, were not so lucky – within seconds, they were absolutely obliterated, and Lux could move once more. The blonde Demacian raised her staff, summoned up more magic, and unleashed it, directly at the sorceress. If asked, Lux wouldn’t have been able to explain what she did, or why she had chosen to do it. She had meant to send another blast of light at the other mage, but instead, on impulse, she did something far more intricate… she wound the light around her, binding her down in rays of curved light and held her in place.

Just like Sylas had done to her in her dream, using her power. Just like she had had no idea was even possible.

Lux gaped at what she had done, but she didn’t have time to ponder it. Instead, she turned and ran, gathering up her magic and bending it around herself, making herself invisible once again as she did. Moving like this, it was hard to maintain the cloak, and it doubtless looked more like a somewhat blurry area of space than an empty one, but in the darkness of the library that might just be enough… she ran like Fiddlesticks was chasing her.

For a few, blessed moments, perhaps as long as thirty seconds, Lux thought it might have worked. She heard shouts of alarm, panic, and pursuit throughout the library but not around her, not focused on her. She ran up the stairs, making back for her compromised, unguarded exit… but that was when she began to hear the clicking of heels on the stone. The sound seemed to chase her… not just from behind, but from all directions. Illusions were closing in on her location.

She wasn’t going to be able to escape if followed, so she needed to fight. Swallowing her fear, the blonde turned, conjuring up power, and abruptly shining the most powerful, brightest light she could. For just a moment, the dark insides of the library turned as bright as midday… and she could see one of the chasing figures was just a little more solid than the others. Lux turned her staff on that one…

And the woman abruptly hit her from behind, from one of them copies she had been certain was an illusion.

Lux’s thought spun in a daze as her head rang from the staff striking her across the back of her skull, but she forced herself to focus, to conjure up another blast, to send it at the one who had just hit her. Her aim was true. It passed through the woman despite her attempt to twist out of the way… and the last thing Lux saw was the smile on the woman’s face as that illusion too vanished into smoke.

Then the one she had originally thought was real blasted her with power from her staff.

Lux just barely had time to conjure up magic one more time, to create a barrier between her and the incoming energy the way the sorceress had downstairs… but she was nowhere near as good at it, lacking any training and with her head still spinning. She flew backward, scraps of her clothing and cloak blasted entirely off her by the force as she hit the stone ground and rolled painfully to a stop.

Before Lux could get her bearings again, before she could even find where her staff had tumbled from her limp fingers, the sorceress was wrapping those illusionary chains around her again… tighter this time. Much tighter. The chain seemed to grow more solid with time, too, squeezing her harder until it practically quivered with energy. “That was hardly pathetic at all,” she said quietly, her voice having taken on a musing quality. “Light magic. That’s interesting.”

The vibrating chain suddenly stopped, and it unleashed that gathered energy into the captive blonde. Lux felt like she’d been kicked in the gut, and she let out a shocked, pained scream just before the woman stepped forward and rested the ball of her heeled foot on her neck and began to step down. “That’s very interesting,” the beautiful illusionist purred.

Lux gasped, squirming in the chains, trying to get her hands free… trying to reach up and push the woman’s foot away as her sight grew darker by the second. “No, no, no,” the sorceress said, smiling as she looked down at the captured blonde, shaking her head in amusement. “Time for you to go to sleep now, mageling.”

Several seconds later, Lux did just that.

Lux came to unable to feel her arms.

Dizzy, exhausted, and confused, the blonde softly shook her head and immediately regretted it when her pounding headache informed her she had made an insane decision. Her head throbbed with pain, and every breath made her bruised throat scream at her. Still, she slowly forced herself to open her eyes.

She was hanging from the ceiling in chains, iron manacles wrapped tightly around her wrists and leaving her to dangle on her numb arms as blood trickled down from where her weight had cut her wrists on the cold metal. The room was dark, but not the pitch black of the library… It was like the darkness of the depths of the magehunter’s prison in Demacia.

She was a captive.

The beautiful woman from earlier stood in front of her, a sadistic smirk on her face. Here, in better light, she could see just how exotic the woman looked… Her hair was a shade of violet so dark it was almost black, and her clothing didn’t cover much of her body – the woman’s navel, right leg, and most of her bust was on display. She wore a cloak, but it was pressed back and out of the way, softly swaying behind her as she shifted idly back and forth on her heels… and she wore a crown. A genuine crown, inlaid with a huge ruby, crested her head, shining over eyes of nearly the same color set off with dark makeup and streaking down her face like ever-present tears.

“So then,” she said, smiling at the blonde captive. “I expected spies. I didn’t expect a member of the Crownguard family to be sent to pry into my business.”

Lux swallowed. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She had to get out of here. Lux swayed back and forth a little in her bonds but found that no matter how she stretched she couldn’t reach the stones below with her feet. They were just barely too high, just out of reach… if she strained, arching her feet and really stretching every ligament in her body, she could feel the brush of the ground with her big toe so softly that she had to convince herself she wasn’t imagining it. It was just out of reach…

“Luxanna Crownguard,” the other woman said smugly. “Eldest daughter of the Crownguard family, the presumptive bride of his majesty King Jarvin IV, and a mage.” The dark sorceress chuckled. “You’re right, I must be mistaken, because what would someone like her be doing here?”

The blonde swallowed. She was… dangerously well informed. She tried to wriggle and strain more, but it put so much pressure on her wrists that they seemed to explode in pain as the cuffs chafed and cut into her skin. “And who are you, then?” she asked her captor, eager to keep the woman busy and talking.

The sorceress smiled even wider. “How little you know, little thing,” she purred. “There’s no point in struggling, Luxanna. You’re here to stay, unless I decide to get rid of you.” She reached up and stroked Lux’s face, her long, pointed nails cold against her skin. “Those who follow me call me LeBlanc… but soon, you will call me only Mistress.”

A momentary flash of panic went through Lux as LeBlanc spoke those words, stepping closer to the dangling girl… a grip of memories from her nightmare. She forced them down. “I will not!” she said, struggling… terrified and annoyed at the same time, with little idea what to do to escape this situation.

“You can struggle until you lose the very last drop of your strength,” the violet-haired sorceress said with amusement as she ran the nail of her index finger over Lux’s cheek, “but you’ll only suffer tired, sweet thing. You certainly won’t be leaving.”

Lux’s eyes were wide with horror. As much as she tried to convince herself that she had no idea what LeBlanc was going to do to her, the truth was that her nightmares had given her all too many ideas for what the cruel woman might have in mind. “Now, there is something about you…” LeBlanc said idly. “Let’s take a look at you, yes?”

Without even breaking eye contact, LeBlanc walked over to the wall and pulled the solitary thing hanging from it… a long, heavy whip, like a carriage driver might use. Hanging by her wrists, Lux could do little but look on in terror and await her fate. She watched as, bit by bit, LeBlanc slowly drew back the whip, letting anticipation build… Then she snapped it forward in a rush, cracking loudly as it hit home and found a mark on her left thigh. The whip slashed only part of the way through her breeches, her pants muting the sting somewhat, but it hurt… she stifled a scream that was a mix of pain and surprise, her legs pulling up in reflex. That was a mistake… it sent her swinging, made her wrists ache even more. LeBlanc admired her work, peering at Lux’s long leg. “Welted… but not bleeding,” she purred. “We’ll have to do something about that, won’t we? It looks like your clothing is well made enough to stem some of the bite… but for how long?”

She smiled. “Let’s find out.”

LeBlanc cracked the whip three times in quick succession, landing them on Lux’s back as she circled. Lux let out a scream, a halting, pained thing, but in a way her experience in the nightmare helped her. She was no longer entirely a soft, innocent thing, and while her skin was delicate her mind was less so. Her scream was a halting, spiteful thing more than the distress of a woman whipped for the first time in her life. It seemed that LeBlanc took that as some kind of challenge. The next strike landed on her right calf, where her writhing had caused her pants to ride up over much of her calf and expose base skin, drawing a trickle of blood. LeBlanc didn’t stop at that, however… she circled to hit her again, paused, struck again, and paused again. Her clothing was holding up a little bit, but each swing ripped new holes in it, causing new pains. The whip crashed against her taut belly, followed by a stroke on her thigh. By the time a third landed on the underside of her left breast, the myriad of tiny hurts had built up enough that Lux cried out for real this time, her slim, fit body writhing under the whip as the ragged holes exposed her pale skin to sight.

“Stop this!” Lux cried out. “There’s no point to it! If you already know who I am, and why I’m here, then what are you hoping to gain?”

“Too much for you, mageling?” LeBlanc teased. “You assume this is torture? Or punishment, perhaps? It is not.” The purple haired sorceress shook her head. “This is discipline. This is training.” LeBlanc continued to circle her, pressing on with the whipping, lashing her long legs again and again. Then, when Lux had finally swayed back around to face her, the sorceress directed her next six blows in a rapid series against her breasts, alternating with each one.

Lux screamed in earnest. It hurt. She was beginning to have second thoughts… Sylas had never brutalized her quite like this in her nightmares, and she certainly had never known this torment in reality. She cried out through clenched teeth as she noticed a slash had been cut open in her shirt, exposing part of her nipple.

LeBlanc, of course, kept going. With each lash, Lux felt her strength waning… She had no escape, no strategy, and no hope. She could not dodge the whip or fight back or flee… All she could do was writhe and scream, and with each additional brutal whip stroke those screams came more and more easily. The sorceress launched a barrage of strikes in rapid succession, raining one after another all over her body. Her screams interrupted each other as she tried to scream with empty lungs, gasping and gagging instead. Her outfit was in enough tatters now that Lux could look down her own body and see plentiful stripes of skin. She hung before the circling Noxian even more helpless than she had begun.

“That will do for a warm up,” LeBlanc said, raising the whip again. “Now, let us get serious.” The whip slashed again at her legs, a breathless moan rising up out of Lux’s throat as blood wept from the cruel welt. Her ass was the preferred target now, and LeBlanc eagerly sought to reduce the pants there to tatters as she lashed as it again and again. The first few strokes hurt, but not that badly… but now she was adding new welts on top of old, and every single touch was anguish. Her body spun under the force of the blow, always presenting new and painful target to the sorceress as the whip climbed up and then back down Lux’s body, up to her clenching fists and back down to the tips of her toes, stopping at her tits and ass and belly and legs in between. Lux shrieked again and again, now, the patches of her skin that weren’t covered by clothing still transformed into a patchwork of welts and bleeding abrasions in her skin.

LeBlanc’s blows became more vicious, with longer pauses to let the pain linger before renewing it in a different position. Lux had long since lost any idea of how many strokes she had been given, but the blows rained down the Demacian mage slowly and deliberately but with all the strength LeBlanc could muster now. Lux swayed and twisted, bending at the waist and screaming as she shook her head in anguish. Her tits were now marked by a number of bleeding slashes, her nipples felt like they had been flayed, and barely threads of fabric remained on the tops of her breasts. Screaming and vainly fighting back tears, Lux suffered beneath the hand of her captor with no clear idea of why, nothing to give up to get mercy, and no idea how long it would last. She almost blacked out when one stroke landed squarely on one of her nipples, lost in pain and misery until she hung mostly limp from her chains.

“That was a good start,” LeBlanc purred, setting the whip down and walking over to her.

“You… you didn’t… you didn’t have to do that…” Lux moaned. “It didn’t… didn’t… help you…”

“But of course it did,” she said cheerfully as her heels clicked on the stone, approaching Lux with an eager stalk. “I just wanted to start the process of stripping you in style. Now, then… let’s finish it.” The sorceress began to strip her then, pulling the remaining bits of her clothing away from her body before drawing a small, ritual-looking knife from her belt and starting to cut through the still intact bits of cloth that covered what she wanted. Lux could only hyperventilate with horror as LeBlanc took her time, the blade coming incredibly close to the woman’s bare breasts and her sides, gliding over whip welts as she cut open the front of her shirt one slide at a time. She was awfully slow about it, and Lux could imagine why… it was how Sylas would have done it. He wanted her to know that she was her slave.

Was she dreaming again? Was she still safe in camp with Quinn? She just needed to make herself wak-

The knife kissed the side of her breast, an icy chill as it left a tracing cut across her flesh. “Tsk tsk,” LeBlanc tutted. “Stay still, you stupid little thing… if you make me slip, it won’t take any skin off of my hide, you know.” She chuckled. “Literally, in this case.”

Her breast burned. No, no this wasn’t a dream. She knew what she was doing here. She knew why she was here. This was real… she was sure of it. This was horribly, horribly real.

But… hadn’t she been sure last time, too?

“Better,” LeBlanc admitted as she cut away the young mage’s belts, laying her equipment and vials carefully on a bench before returning to continue cutting at her trousers. The point of her knife then rested right on Lux’s little pussy, still just covered by the fragile fabric of her pants as the knife traced the outline of her slit. “Definitely best not to move,” LeBlanc purred, “I’m not as skilled with a knife as some, and accidents could be oh-so-tragic and wasteful…” A few seconds later, she chuckled, and Lux sucked in her breath to keep still as she felt the knife slide almost delicately over sensitive tissue, the barest layer of protection between her and its chill edge. Leblanc continued cutting, moving further back, her other hand pulling away fabric after making a hole as more of Lux’s thighs and rear were exposed. “Where is it,” she muttered to herself. “I could have sworn that… Ah!”

Lux shuddered as she felt LeBlanc’s hands slide over the skin of her ass, and she realized that she had been completely exposed. It was painful to have her finger trace their way over welt, but even more so it was humiliating… but that humiliation turned to sudden, sharp pain as the sorceress slapped her hand down on her left cheek. “AH!” she shouted, in surprise but also in genuine pain! That had hurt! She had barely even touched her, and that had hurt, even worse than the whipping had! Had LeBlanc left a more serious cut when lashing her?

“Sensitive, is it?” LeBlanc said with amusement as her fingers continued to play, seeming to walk their way down Lux’s exposed skin… until they suddenly rested against something that was, in fact, painfully sensitive.

“What are you doing!” Lux half screamed, confused and even more afraid than she had been a moment ago.

LeBlanc only chuckled. “You have no idea what’s happening to you, do you Shadowmarked?” she asked with mirth in her voice. “Tell me, Luxanna… had any interesting dreams recently?”

Lux paled, her blood feeling like it froze inside her, and it must have been dramatic enough that the sorceress noticed, because she laughed again. “You have, haven’t you? Dark dreams, were they? Painful dreams? Dreams of pain and suffering and humiliation?” LeBlanc snorted. “I’ve seen it before… a very long time ago. You should really be thanking me for putting you out of your misery.”

The blonde girl swallowed. “What… what’s happening to me?”

LeBlanc slapped her ass again, right on the sensitive spot, and Lux jerked in place again, shouting. “Trust me when I say the answer isn’t going to matter to you soon,” the sorceress said. “If I decide to be merciful, nothing outside of serving me is going to matter to you ever again. If not, well… you’ll probably be too insane shortly for anything at all to matter..” Lux had a thousand questions that she desperately wanted answers to, but she couldn’t even put them into order in her own head, much less get the cruel woman to answer them. All she could do right now was hang from the ceiling and submit to LeBlanc’s torment as she slowly circled the hanging blonde, her fingers tracing her way over her body as she inspected her… like a piece of hanging meat, almost.

Her hands traced their way down Lux’s thighs and over the curve of her ass, occasionally slapping, sometimes pinching, always leaving red marks on her skin. Lux was reminded of nothing so much as a vulture circling dying prey as she hung helplessly with LeBlanc walking around her, taking her in from all angles, making appreciative sounds about her body. “So lovely,” the sorceress said, pressing herself against Lux from behind hard enough that the blonde could distinctly feel both of the woman’s hard nipples through the fabric of her shirt. Lux jumped as her hand slapped against the strange, sensitive spot once again, and then she jerked dramatically as one of LeBlanc’s fingers pressed against the entrance to her asshole. “Excellent breeding they have among the Demacian nobility,” she whispered right into Lux’s ear, her purple lips brushing it with each movement. Lux squealed as the tip of her finger pressed its way just barely into her little rosebud, provoking a throaty chuckle from the predatory woman behind her as her other hand wrapped almost daintily around Lux’s throat, a long nail resting coldly on the hollow of her neck before she gently squeezed. “Very lovely indeed,” she whispered before pulling her finger out of her asshole, slapping her ass several more times with it before she wiped her finger on the blonde’s lips before she walked around her to be in front of the woman once again.

“Look at these perky tits you have,” LeBlanc said with a smirk, using two of her fingers to lift one of them up before letting it drop, making her breast bounce before grabbing onto the other one and squeezing it hard, making Lux moan in pain. “I can see why you captured the King’s attention with these.”

“I didn’t-”

LeBlanc suddenly slapped her, right across the breasts. She instantly left a red mark across them, but even as Lux cried out the sorceress grabbed onto both of her nipples, one in each hand, and tugged on them, squeezing as she stretched them out. “I’m getting sick of your mouth already,” LeBlanc said, staring into Lux’s wide eyes as she cried out. “It was cute at first, but now you’re getting annoying, Shadowmarked.” LeBlanc squeezed harder, and Lux’s cry took on a gurgling tone as her nails dug into her sensitive nips. “You will address me as mistress, or you will not speak at all.”

She held on for several seconds longer while Lux gasped and cried before, finally, she dropped them. Lux watched in horror as her nipples already looked an angry red, the hardened nubs standing out like spears from her tits as they bounced on her chest. LeBlanc leaned in and blew softly on one of her tits, and even the rush of warm air from her breath made her quiver with sensation. “Understand me?”

Lux swallowed. “Yes… mistress…” she said, and as she did she marvelled at herself. It was like… it was like she was already broken. Like she was back with Sylas again, for years… already tamed, already willing to do anything he demanded of her for scraps of mercy. It had been a dream… but it was no less true. Luxanna felt pathetic.

“Good girl,” LeBlanc said, tapping one finger on the blonde’s nose before she resumed circling, exploring her body with her hands, occasionally slapping her. Her breasts were included in the mix now, as well… thudding, humiliating ass-slaps, painful and shocking blows against whatever the sensitive spot was, and now new touches to her tits and pinches to her nipples as LeBlanc worked to keep making her skin red all over.

Then her other hand started going low. “So then,” she whispered with pleasure. “Let’s see what you have to work with down here…” The sorceress slowly moved her hand down to the slash cut into Lux’s pants, and the captive mage jumped as her fingers brushed against her pussy. Those strong, confident, experienced fingers didn’t hesitate, however… she continued to explore, easily finding her clit without ever looking away from Lux’s eyes.

Luxanna didn’t know if LeBlanc meant to make her feel good or not, or at least not if she cared, but she softly began to rub at her pussy. It was strange to force herself to remember that she was a virgin… in her mind’s eye, she had been touched so many thousands of times that every brush of the sorceress’s fingers felt intimately familiar, felt like the tens of thousands of times that she had been forced to play with herself and keep herself wet. And she was good at it. Lux moaned despite herself, half in misery and half in unwilling pleasure as she was played with.

LeBlanc held her thumb on the hardening clit of the poor girl even as she moved her other fingers further down, sliding the first of them into Lux’s pussy. The blonde was ashamed to realize that she was wet… that her repeated conditioning of herself in her dream was horribly real now in the real world.

Certainly, LeBlanc seemed to appreciate it. “Well trained little slut,” she purred as she pushed a second finger into Lux’s tight little twat. The Demacian let out a sudden cry of pain as LeBlanc rammed brutally forward, stabbing with those fingers. This had to be a dream, it had to be! “A virgin?” LeBlanc laughed, fingering at her hymen. “How quaint. A virgin slut.” She shook her head in amazement. “How many hours and hours did you spend in his realm to become like this?” she wondered aloud. “How many miles of cock has this “virgin” body of yours taken?”

Lux had no idea what she was talking about, beyond the obvious… and she couldn’t understand how LeBlanc could possibly know anything about her nightmare last night. That idea was almost as horrifying as what was actually happening to her as she dangled in the dungeon. She had no idea how she could stop it, either: She was powerless. Lux hung weakly before LeBlanc, and the poor girl had no idea why all of this was happening to her… or what the crazy, cruel sorceress wanted from her.

LeBlanc began fingering Lux forcefully, slapping at her clit, roughly shoving her fingers inside her. “You can keep your virginity for now,” LeBlanc said as she was careful not to press through it, leaving Lux crying in mingled pain and conditioned pleasure. Her reactions to the rough, degrading treatment were a well instilled survival instinct at this point, but she still hated them. The rough treatment of her pussy hurt as badly as the weight of her body hanging from the shackled, every breath making her seem heavier. Lux’s confused moans didn’t seem to be enough for LeBlanc, however… she chuckled at the meager response to her fingering. “Not enough for you?” she said, shaking her head. “I’m not surprised, a little pain slut like you. You want to go? Alright, Demacian… let’s go!”

“No! Pleaseeee, mistress!” Lux begged, but LeBlanc didn’t listen… she didn’t even hesitate. Playing with the hanging slut was all she apparently wanted as she ground her fingers further into her body, forcing more of her hand deeper into Lux’s pussy. Quickly, the sensations centered on her cunt began to grow beyond even what was radiating from her wrists. Already soaked, already open, already abused, Lux gasped and moaned and shouted and cried, her shoulders feeling like solid knots of tension as LeBlanc shoved her way violently into her pussy over and over again.

The sorceress alternated between short, stabbing thrusts and deep, rough periods where her fingers raped and violated her tight little pussy, prodding at her hymen with each movement into her. Without giving Lux time to acclimate, to breathe, to adjust, LeBlanc began fingering her slave brutally, in and out, twisting her arm as the fingers went, making the only thing in Lux’s mind the absolute overload of sensation focused right on her tight little pussy until, pistoning in and out so forcefully, Lux’s body was left with no choice but to respond.

Lux’s hips moved of their own accord, lifting and writhing, her torso jumping with her ragged breath. Every tiny movement, every breath transformed directly into the pain pushing in on all over her body. Her pussy was starting to feel good, but that translated directly to pain elsewhere as it made her writhe in her cramping bondage. Lux was in torment, begging with senseless mewling noises as almost all thought was forced out of her head until she could only feel pain, nothing but pain… Lux was reduced to her body and nothing else, no mind but just a toy seesawed violently between pleasure and pain. LeBlanc’s other hand began squeezing Lux’s leg hard, fingers digging into the trigger points along her outer thigh which brought even more sensation to the dangling girl. Already overwhelmed with the brutally painful sensation of the chains around the wrists and the pounding fingering in her cunt, poor Lux now barely reacted to her ministrations. LeBlanc slapped her leg again, hard and sharp, and unintentionally Lux moved her head to see the woman that was tormenting her, looking down into the purple-haired sorceress’s face but not really seeing.

And LeBlanc looked at her abused slave with a look of patient superiority, almost detached as she slowly, deliberately, placed her hand directly over Lux’s sternum. Then she leaned her weight over her and pushed down on her roughly.

The added force and weight of LeBlanc added on top of Lux’s agony, pulling the chains even tighter and making the shackles dig into her wrists. The pulling, twisting force of the metal felt like it was killing the girl without killing her, making poor Lux continue to squirm in pain. LeBlanc’s hand, however, never stopped… still fingering her viciously, moving in and out, twisting roughly against her inner walls. Everything in Lux’s vision and mind was black and red; She was completely there while not being there at all. Every few seconds one of her fingernails found a sensitive angle where it seemed to also slash inside of her, and the mix of pain and pleasure brought her back to her nightmares thoroughly. LeBlanc pushed a third finger in and Lux whimpered, in agony even as she was close to cumming, her unwilling cunt drooling enough to soak the sorceress’s fingers. Her cries sounded like a fusion between a scream and nonsensical begging – “Please, please, mistress, please…” She wasn’t even sure if she was begging for it to stop, or for the purple-haired woman to push her over the edge.

It didn’t matter either way. She didn’t stop… but she also didn’t make her cum. Instead, she kept her right on that edge, speeding up or slowing down as she stared at Lux’s face while she bit her lip. A loud, shrill cry jumped out of Lux from the frustration and pain as LeBlanc tortured both her body and her mind. “Shhhh,” LeBlanc whispered. “Close your eyes, little one.” Lux didn’t want to… that was the last thing she wanted to do, but her eyes kept rolling back in her head anyway, her body being perfectly manipulated by her skilled tormentor. While she writhed in confusion, trying desperately to cum, LeBlanc stopped to take her right breast into her hand and rubbed at the nipple, rolling it between her fingers… tugging it out and trapping it between her index finger and thumb. Lux moaned again as her pussy continued to be played with, her nipple hardening her-

LeBlanc drove a needle through Lux’s nipple without warning.

“AHH!” Lux shrieked, the abrupt, sharp flash of anguish overwhelming. She had no time to prepare, no idea it was coming, and the pain was so extreme it made her whole body flinch and jump sending new agony through her as she fell back down and the shackles cut into her harder. “PLEASEEEE… NOOOOO… PLEASEEEEEEEEE!” Lux begged in pain. LeBlanc, however, didn’t even hesitate, much less stop – she just fucked the needle right through the hole it made, coming out the other side of the nipple before, seconds later, a steel ring followed it. “Ohhhh,” Lux moaned, sobbing and screaming in pain. “Nooo, please nooo…”

LeBlanc sealed the ring, giving it a little experimental tug that made Lux scream again. Then she pulled back, drew her hand from the other woman’s pussy, and slapped her brutally across the face with her cunt-slick hand, silencing her. “Noooo please nooo… what?” LeBlanc challenged her.

“…mistress…” Lux whimpered. She had been wrong after all. This was nothing like Sylas. With Sylas in her nightmares, he was brutal, true, but there was also desire, need, almost hunger. As much as she had hated it, as much as she burned with the misery and humiliation of it, Lux couldn’t deny that all of the man’s more sadistic urges had been taken out on her friends rather than her. Here, that wasn’t the case… Lux was alone now, and LeBlanc seemed only to want cruelty.

“Good girl,” the sorceress said. “I had to make sure a braindead slut like you didn’t lose these. That would be inconvenient.” LeBlanc used her soaked hand to slap against Lux’s gaping pussy once, then twice, and three times before she brought her hand back up and fed it to Lux. “Look at the mess you’ve made,” she teased. “Clean it up, dirty whore.” Lux did not obey at first, hesitating, but the slap for that offense was quick in coming and contemptuous in its ease. Reluctantly, Lux obeyed and opened her mouth, sucking the other woman’s fingers as she licked the wet juices off of them. “A pretty little ring for a dirty little whore,” LeBlanc said as he gave the ring a second tug. She shoved her fingers further down the blonde’s throat as she screamed in pain and gagged. “Had to keep you from cumming now didn’t I, you little Demacian thief…” She chuckled, pulling her hand out of the crying blonde’s mouth. “Now… where were we?”

Without even giving her a second to adjust to the pain, LeBlanc rammed her fingers back down into Lux’s pussy. Again, she started to finger her hard and brutally, and Lux was surprised to see just how much her arousal had faded from the shocking pain of the piercing and being left to hang. It hurt so much more now, and her right nipple throbbed with each beat of her heart as Leblanc’s nails roughly sawed in and out of her. She continued to finger Lux, making her moan and whimper as her pussy and nipple hurt more with each passing second, abusing her captive. Lux felt thoroughly violated and stretched, but she wasn’t going to stop until she was satisfied… LeBlanc roughly used her hand and her fingers and sometimes her nails to finger fuck Lux’s soaked, well-abused virgin pussy. It was dripping with her juices and already red and swollen as LeBlanc pushed her fingers into her roughly and fast.

Just as Lux’s arousal began to return despite her best efforts, the teasing LeBlanc was able to squeeze a fourth finger and her thumb in her pussy. She felt obscenely full… overwhelmingly full. She wasn’t trying to push them in too quickly, didn’t try and work them past the knuckles, but she kept sliding her digits in and out like a claw, like she wanted to break her miserable slave. Lux wept in extreme pain and even greater humiliation, but even though her wet pussy hole was distended LeBlanc continued to take it nice and rough with a copious amount of effort. “Pleaseeee… mistress, I can’t… Please…” she begged, but there was no use… LeBlanc continued her rough fingers, irresistible as the sorceress continued to tease her ever closer to cumming.

“Not going to stop until I’ve had enough, so save your strength, mageling… we’re just getting started,” LeBlanc mocked cruelly. She was right, of course: There really was no point in crying, screaming, or begging. LeBlanc was going to torture Lux anyway.

Lux felt her ruined orgasm approaching once again, the familiar sensation of over-teased arousal building up like it had so many times in her nightmare. This time, though, she kind of understood LeBlanc’s plan… that the teasing was deliberate. Lux tried to hold the orgasm inside her as long as she could, knowing that she got close to cumming LeBlanc was going to hurt her again… and another rough, brutal, unbearable torture would all but kill her. So Lux fought back, clenching her teeth, biting her tongue, writhing her bonds as she did her best to control her orgasm. She tried to think of things to forget the sensation… even tried to remember her dream, anything to make herself as miserable and as far from turned on as she could get.

Nothing was working… at least, not well enough. The sorceress was too skilled, too experienced in causing this kind of misery, and the depth of Lux’s reluctant need was obvious to both of them as LeBlanc drove her fingers deeply and rhythmically into the blonde’s completely compliant cunt. No matter how little Lux’s mind wanted this, her rebellious pussy clearly disagreed as it stretched around the base of LeBlanc’s fingers when she withdrew and nearly inverted when her rough, brutal fingers descended back into the wet depths of her tight little cunt, brushing against her hymen again and again with each stroke. LeBlanc repeated this over and over, occasionally twisting her fingers inside Lux to make her writhe against her restraints.

It was coming, and there was nothing Lux could do to stop it. With all the rubbing and pumping going in and out her pussy was pushing her towards one thing – An orgasm. No matter how much she knew what was going to happen to her if she came again, it was happening. She tried and tried and tried… but so did LeBlanc. The pull of the sorceress was clearly stronger, her skill overwhelming as she continued to finger fuck her slave hard and deep until Lux was moaning, balanced right on the brink of an orgasm…

LeBlanc ripped her fingers out, slapping the hand against Lux’s pussy and making her flail before she once again shoved her hand inside Lux’s gaping mouth, silencing her pleas as her second hand pulled on her left nipple, rubbing it until it became hard. “Pleash… Noooo… Pleth ey begh uu…” Lux begged around her fingers, but her treacherous nipple was growing hard anyway.

“You know what, slut?” LeBlanc said, grinning wickedly. “Symmetry is very important!” In the next instant, the needle went through her left nipple. Lux screamed in pain as LeBlanc roughly forced the ring into the flesh right after it, sealing it closed.

Lux wept as she dangled, swaying back and forth in pain… pain that only increased when LeBlanc hooked a finger inside each of her newly pierced nipple rings and tugged on them enough to make the pained blonde swing back and forth from her wrists. “So pretty,” she purred happily. “Where do you think the next one is going to go?”

The… next one?

LeBlanc took a jaunty, happy step away, dancing back to the chair that Lux’s staff and the remnants of her cloak rested against. Lux heard a sweet, clear chiming sound, then the smiling sorceress was walking back to her with small silver bells held, one in each hand. “Aren’t these so pretty?” she said as she held them up for Lux, letting her look at the metal things. She put one of them down on her breast, letting her appreciate the weight of it for a second before catching it as it fell. “And I know just where to put them…

Lux had thought her nipples already hurt. When LeBlanc hung the bells from them, however, she realized just how much worse it could get. The bells dangled from them, chiming with every jerk of her body, every twitch of her muscles as she struggled. It didn’t hurt as much as her fingers had when they tugged, but… when LeBlanc had pulled on her nipples, Lux had known that eventually the pressure would end. That she would stop. Now, Lux knew that wasn’t the case… the weight just seemed to build with time as her poor, abused nipples got more and more sore.

LeBlanc leaned back, admiring her work, flicking one of the bells and making Lux whimper as it chimed, forming a musical chorus for the sorceress’ enjoyment. “That’s lovely,” she said with a chuckle. “I even have a third one for you… once we can figure out a place to put it, of course..”

Lux quivered, then shook, then struggled as LeBlanc’s fingers moved back into her pussy again. She squirmed, shivering, screams escaping her mouth continuously as she begged and cursed while LeBlanc’s fingers parted her swollen, abused cunt lips, drawing them upward. Lux could feel her dreadful wetness as her nails and fingertips glided along Lux’s reddened, sore inner lips, opening her and resting on her wet clit. Then… delicately… slowly… purposefully… she began again.

This time, LeBlanc took it painfully slow, in absolutely no hurry. Lux no longer had any doubt she was mistaken about the fate that awaited her if she got close to cumming again, and she fought tooth and nail to stop any kind of arousal from the cruel woman. LeBlanc chuckled at the way she grit her teeth, at the way she stared at the wall, and Lux found it easy to imagine that she could see her thoughts, could see the bitter memories that the blonde mage dredged up to try to prevent her arousal… and it was still too much for the inexperienced Lux. The pain was growing, killing her insides and outsides and growing minute by minute… but so was the lust and need.

LeBlanc sighed in satisfaction as she listened to the mewling coming from her captive’s mouth, the begging and screaming as she ran her fingers in soft circles around the blonde’s wet nub, pressing it softly before pushing her fingers back up the entrance of Lux’s already abused hole… dipping it in, coating it with more of the Demacian’s juices, and then sliding back over to her clit. The slippery nub rotated under the expert guidance of LeBlanc’s finger, the tension and building arousal painfully slow but as inevitable as a Freljordian blizzard as it built and built and built. Lux was left shivering and moaning beneath her hands, the chime of the bells ringing delicately with each tiny movement. LeBlanc spent what felt like hours like that, softly, gently, tenderly teasing her breasts and clit, caressing her, petting her, before without warning she abruptly pulled the fingers away from her sensitive spots and rammed them into her pussy hard… and Lux gasped at the sudden infusion of pleasure into her addled brain, the abrupt outpouring of it showing just how sensitive she had become. “Please don’t do this mistress…” Lux begged, some of her magical light welling up in her skin as she tried to send it pouring out… and found almost nothing. She was just completely running on empty, exhausted and battered by her fight and drained of power. “I can’t take it again… Please mistress… I’ll do anything you want… please don’t do this to me!” Lux begged.

LeBlanc smirked and continued roughly playing with the bound blonde. Lux screamed in confused pleasure as her fingers started to work around inside her again; LeBlanc’s thumb pressed firmly against the mage’s clit as she twisted and turned tenderly, torturing her slave with pleasure even as her fingers pounded in and out aggressively. It wasn’t long before LeBlanc’s fingers sat roughly past the knuckle and would have been piercing Lux’s hymen if she hadn’t instead curved them, pinching the thin membrane of flesh where her clit was located between two of her fingers and her thumb. It was so sensitive, insanely so, and the bells rang as her body trembled, struggling to fight back the pleasure.

“I can’ttttttttttt… Please…” the poor girl begged. Again Lux’s moans intensified as LeBlanc rammed a third finger in, followed a few seconds later by a fourth, pressing all of them against that same spot as she began to curl her fingers over and over again, like she was petting the insides of her cunt. Lux’s gasping was continuous now, her whimpers constant as LeBlanc brutally twisted and spread her fingers inside Lux’s already raped pussy, playing with her insides and grinding her nails in occasionally to send confusing spikes of pain to accompany the teasing pleasure, and Lux was already so exhausted from all this torture.

LeBlanc, however, had no mercy… and she still was not done yet. Continuing with the four fingers, now up to the knuckles, she rotated them. Lux could feel them as they explored every bit of her insides, all of the muscles in her pussy rippling as the skilled manipulator passed her strong fingers over them. She still hadn’t removed her thumb from the blonde’s clit, still pressed it, still was rubbing circles even as she used the rest of her hand in concert with her thumb to set Lux vibrating in her bonds. LeBlanc slowly, cruelly, unstoppably pushed in and out, each thrust a little deeper as Lux’s pussy lips swelled up with blood, growing more sensitive with each second as they gripped her like a sleeve wrapped around the woman’s hand, soaked and excited.

Lux’s screams increased as LeBlanc continued to finger rape the cunt. “Pleaseeee… you can’t do this to me!. I can’t take it anymore… Pleeeease!” Lux was begging, but her voice felt weak now, interrupted with gasps and moans… but she could see the needle now, being held in LeBlanc’s other hand… just waiting for Lux to get closer. A few more minutes and she was sure that she was going to fail. All that was left was for LeBlanc’s fingers to push her over the edge… the sorceress was twisting and pushing in time with Lux’s gasps and screams as her digits pushed again and again through the stretched opening, making her shake and twitch as her whole body swayed from side to side.

As Lux’s screams took on a more frenzied, higher pitched tone, LeBlanc went faster, making Lux’s cunt muscles clamp around her in a desperate, helpless effort to slow her down. Flexing her fingers inside Lux, she roughly started a pumping motion, stretching Lux’s pussy lips from the inside this time, pulling out to the knuckle and alternating between twisting and pumping, and the whole time she was tracing over Lux’s pale skin with the needle’s point. It pressed against her, always an open threat but never piercing, never doing anything that could help take the edge off. Once or twice, Lux was desperate enough to try to push against it, to hope that the pain would take the edge off her arousal, but LeBlanc always pulled back with a chuckle as she continued playing with her.

The sorceress was clearly utterly satisfied with the sight of the helpless, hopelessly aroused Demacian captive before her… she watched Lux’s face twist again and again with a look of pleasure on her face as Lux’s puffed up pussy lips clenched tight around her fingers like they wanted to keep her from escaping. The mage’s clit was hard, red and exposed, even her asshole clenching and puckering each time LeBlanc withdrew her hand. Still pumping, LeBlanc reached up with her other hand, her thumb and forefinger pinching her reddened clit, and poor Lux cried in pain. LeBlanc’s fingers rolled over her mound, and she pushed again roughly, feeling her other hand deep inside Lux as it moved around, before moving back to Lux’s clit.

And the needle was right there!

Maintaining the rhythm, LeBlanc continued to violate Lux’s abused pussy. The needle traced circles around her nub with her spare hand, making her shudder with abject fear. Its point prodded her occasionally, and each time she tensed up, certain that this would be the time she stabbed it through her… Lux jumped at each new sensation, the bell chimes that accompanied the violent moves as horrible of a reminder of what she was trying to avoid as the throbbing in her nipples as the weight shifted. The tormenting sorceress continued playing with her even as she squirmed and whimpered and begged to no avail as an orgasm approached, more and more rapidly… and there was nothing she could do to hold it. Helpless tears dripped down Lux’s cheeks as she trembled, her body so weak and helpless as LeBlanc rammed her fingers hard and suddenly stopped.

“Please don’t!” Lux begged… but her voice was so pathetic. So broken. “Don’t do this, please… I wasn’t going to cum, I wasn’t going to c-”

“Please don’t, mistress,” LeBlanc said with a smile… and the needle stabbed into her clit. Lux’s mouth opened in a scream but no sound came out… her jaw stretched, but she sucked down air instead of letting it out… her world gone white with unbearable pain. She couldn’t even make a sound as the needle’s point carelessly poked into the side of her mound on the other side of her clit as she thrashed, a horrible gurgling noise coming to her throat before seeming to stop there. Lux felt as if LeBlanc had doused her body in oil and set it on fire… and then it got worse as she began to force the even thicker ring through in the wake of the needle.

Too much. It was too much… In the next instant, she could barely feel anything anymore, her world vanishing behind pain as her vision began to fade, her breath catching, her mind snapping in a desperate attempt at escape. The last thing she saw before passing out was LeBlanc admiring her handiwork, and Lux could only be glad that she wasn’t conscious for when the woman would inevitably tug on it to test its attachment.


Lux groaned, already in pain as she woke up rolling over on the ground. “Lazy, lazy pet,” LeBlanc’s purring voice said somewhere over her. “Sleeping when she should be playing. Tsk tsk.” The woman kicked her again in the side, and only the fact that she wasn’t actively trying to hurt Lux kept it from being agonizing… it hurt plenty when it was only to get her up and moving, regardless.

At least she wasn’t hanging from the ceiling anymore. Her wrists still throbbed with agony, but the sorceress had let her down. Luxanna tried to move her arms to protect herself, to curl up with her knees, but found that she couldn’t – her limbs were being kept in place by some new kind of bondage.

Turning her head, she looked in shock at what was on her. LeBlanc had wrapped a total of eight leather belts tightly around her body… two around each limb, binding her biceps and forearms, and thighs and calves, so tightly together that Lux couldn’t even squirm. Her boots had been stripped away, but her clothing hadn’t otherwise changed… she was still wearing the knife-torn tatters of her outfit and cloak. Of course, that meant that her ass was completely exposed and cold against the cobbles, and with her knees bent and restrained LeBlanc or anyone else could get access to her pussy just by parting her legs even slightly. Her breasts rested against the cold cobblestones, and the piercings still burned in her nipples – to say nothing of her clit. There was even a bell on the clit piercing as well now, just like LeBlanc had promised, and its small movements and added weight made everything throb. It felt like there were still needles in her flesh, like someone had headed a small sliver of metal in a forge and shoved it deep into her skin. It felt like she had been skinned on her most sensitive spots and left raw, and the sensation didn’t grow any more relaxed with time… it just built. Moving made her whole body ache. She wished that where were more covered up, but the only thing that had been added to her clothing was of no comfort – a heavy leather collar, as black as the bindings on her limbs, had been coiled around her throat.

“I said,” LeBlanc hissed. “Stop being lazy and get. Up!” She kicked the young mage again and Lux groaned, unable to protect herself as she rolled across the floor. The tinkling of bells was a distraction, a strange, incongruous sound that accompanied every movement as the bells hanging from her nipples and clit rang with each twitch. The bells on her nipples hung down enough to scrape the ground, and Lux winced each time… the vibration and rubbing made them shake against her sensitive nipples and feel like they were burning. It was enough to make her want to go limp again, but LeBlanc wouldn’t let her. “Up!” the sorceress commanded.

Lux tried to rise, but with her limbs tied the way they were she couldn’t figure out a way to do it… the entire set of motions were made incredibly awkward. She tried to push herself up to some kind of kneeling position, only for her balance to fall and for her to slip again, crashing down on her breasts and screaming as the impact crushed her pierced nipples flat. She didn’t want to get up again after that, but another kick from the sorceress got her moving again, making another attempt to rise only to collapse again. Eventually, after falling twice, Lux understood that how she was trying to kneel wasn’t possible anymore… the realization hit that what she needed to do was to “stand” on her knees and elbows, crawling on the points of her severely restricted limbs. That was a humiliating realization, but it wasn’t as bad as being kicked again so Lux forced herself to move, wriggling into position where she could get all four appendages beneath her and rising up on them.

The blonde rose unsteadily up off the stone cobbles of the dungeon floor, and by the time she awkwardly rose up far enough that her belly was off the ground Lux was already panting with the effort. Everything hurt, and she was winded just from forcing her abused body to move in the unfamiliar ways demanded of it. LeBlanc clapped in sarcastic appreciation. “Very good!” she said, pitching her voice high like she was speaking to a child, or perhaps a wild animal. “You’re so smart, aren’t you?” Lux wanted to cry further. Her pierced nipples almost dragged against the cold ground like this, and she shuddered each time the bells swung, the chime sending shivers down her spine. She had to actively work to arch her back enough to hold her tits off the floor, and that made “standing” like this even more painful and humiliating.

LeBlanc clipped something onto her collar, and Lux noticed that she was now holding a leash. “Ok then, little puppy. Let’s go for a walk.” She tugged on the leash and started walking, and it quickly grew taut, forcing Lux to stagger forward. She tried to walk forward on her elbows, and slipped of course. Lux tumbled back down to the ground, the bells ringing for a second before her weight muted them beneath her breasts and made the blonde cry out in pain… but that cry only lasted a second before she realized that LeBlanc hadn’t stopped walking and pulling. The collar grew tight as a garrote around her throat, and cut off her cry as she slid a centimeter forward on the floor.

“I don’t have time for lazy dogs,” LeBlanc said warmly, her voice still mockingly kind. “So you’ll just have to keep up, puppy. Up you go!” She tugged again, viciously, and Lux would have screamed again if her throat wasn’t all but sealed shut. The blonde had little choice but to force herself back up once more to knees and elbows, staggering a few steps forward until she could breathe again. She didn’t make it much further than that before she slipped and fell once more.. At least this time it was on her side, but her nipples and clit still throbbed with just the shifting weight as it tugged in a new direction. A second later, the collar was taut again and she couldn’t get air anymore, forcing her to breathlessly climb back up and continue on.

The moment she got her air back, Lux gasped. “Please!” she cried out. “Slower! Give me a ch-urk!” Her words were cut off as LeBlanc tugged the leash savagely, up and to the right. Lux’s balance left her entirely and she toppled in a heap again.

LeBlanc’s foot came to rest on her shoulder, holding her down even as the collar and leash kept strangling her. “Dogs,” she said coldly, the mocking voice gone now and replaced with icy coldness. “Do not speak.” She tugged on the leash sharply again and Lux gurgled as her throat was squeezed shut as thoroughly as if LeBlanc had dropped Mount Targon on top of it. “Understand me?”

The point of LeBlanc’s heels dug into her collarbone as she pressed harder, and Lux’s vision began to grow dark. Then she released the tension and let Lux suck down a desperately needed gasp of air. “Understand me?” LeBlanc said again, her voice returning to the playful register. “Does my clever little puppy get what I’m saying to her?”

Lux could only stare at her helplessly with wide, blue eyes, and LeBlanc chuckled. “I believe that, last time I checked, dogs could bark. Surely you’re clever enough to figure out that much.”

The blonde mage flushed so red that her face felt like the sun was shining on it. Then she opened her mouth, sobbed, and barked. “Woof,” Lux forced out. “Woof.”

LeBlanc laughed hysterically, smiling as she slapped her own thigh. “Perfect!” she cheered with pleasure, pulling on the leash again. “Clever dog. Let’s go!”

Lux wasn’t sure how she had managed to do it, but eventually she took enough steps to follow LeBlanc out through the room’s door and into a stone hallway. There were no books here, she noticed… This was one of the barracks buildings, not the library that she had been captured in. She fell every dozen steps or so, but for all her talk of being impatient LeBlanc seemed to betray no frustration at their slow progress – just amusement and pleasure at the blonde’s pathetic helplessness as they slowly marched down the hallway. “I always wanted a Demacian Golden Mastiff,” LeBlanc mused to herself as she continued leading the blonde by her leash. “The hunting hounds of the Demacian nobles… a very beautiful and obedient hound, or so I’m told.” She rubbed Lux’s blond hair, messing it up a little as she finally pushed herself up far enough to walk again. “I’m not impressed so far, but you’re just a puppy… I’m sure you’ll grow into something special.”

That was when they passed the first group of soldiers.

Lux trembled despite herself as the first group of armored Noxians slowed to a stop as they marched down the hallways, pausing to appreciate the mostly naked girl as she crawled through their barracks. She hoped that LeBlanc would keep going, but unfortunately the sorceress slowed to a stop as well, allowing the soldiers to crowd around the crawling blonde. “Well what do we have here?” one of the soldiers said with a leer. “Is this the assassin?”

Assassin? Assassin? She was a soldier… a spy. She hadn’t come here to kill anyone! She opened her mouth to protest… but then she shot a glance at LeBlanc, her eyes filling with tears again as she realized that she couldn’t really say anything.

“No, no,” LeBlanc said with an amused expression. “This is my new puppy. Do you like her?”

The soldiers laughed uproariously at that. “I wish I had a dozen bitches just like her!” one of the others said, laughing with pleasure.

“Would you like to pet her?” LeBlanc said, her smile broad and sharp. “I’m sure a young puppy like her needs all kinds of affection… wouldn’t you agree, puppy?”

Lux put down her head, tears dropping down her cheek to leave darker spots on the stone floor. “Woof,” she said miserably. Then the soldier’s gloved hands were on her, squeezing her exposed flash. More than one hand pinched her breasts, or cupped her exposed ass. She cried out as two soldiers noticed the bells and began to flick them, making them chime incessantly as she cringed before falling unsteadily back down to the floor to further laughter from the men.

The soldiers were especially amused when one of them stuck his hands between her legs and found her pussy still soaking wet from LeBlanc’s repeated teasing. “Well look at this little slut,” the soldier said, amused. “She’s fucking soaked.”

“I bet she is,” another of the soldiers said. “If she wants some real playtime, you can have her stop by the mess hall after our shift. I’m sure plenty of people would be there to help you train the silly young thing.”

Lux winced, sobbing, but to her surprise LeBlanc scoffed. “Come now,” the sorceress said condescendingly. “Would you really dip your wick in a bitch?” LeBlanc shook her head. “A soldier of Noxus should have higher standards.”

The soldier blushed and backed away. “You’re right, mistress. Sorry, mistress.”

“Think nothing of it,” LeBlanc said dismissively. “Back to your rounds.” Lux lay there on the ground, trembling as the soldier walked on, sure that she had avoided being raped by the slimmest of margins. Then she started choking again as LeBlanc pulled her onward. “Come along,” she commanded. “You haven’t finished your exercise yet… and if you dally too long, I might get bored of sending them away.”

Lux quickly forced herself back up to her debasing, painful crawl and followed after her. It hurt to crawl, but a glance over her shoulder to see the soldiers still eying her hungrily was all the motivation she needed.

Perhaps the more humiliating part was that she actually did start to get used to it. Lux fell several more times, even if as her body grew more tired and hurt more she only got better at it… more steady on her “feet,” more used to moving her limbs to keep up with LeBlanc as she strode confidently down the hallways. Twice more they passed patrols of soldiers, but while the sorceress stopped at each of the squads and let them “pet” her they passed without any further incident until they reached a door and LeBlanc guided Lux back inside.

To her surprise, she realized it was the room they had left. LeBlanc had forced her to walk a lap of the whole barracks like this. She leaned down and rubbed Lux’s cheek for a moment. “What a good little puppy,” she said cheerfully. “Exercise is very important, so we’ll have to be sure to keep doing this, won’t we?” She went to Lux’s bag again and went into it, pulling out and ripping off a small piece of cured jerky. She brought it back to Lux and the moment she smelled it the blonde realized just how hungry she was… even the unappetizing trail meat seemed appetizing.

“For a very smart little pet,” she said, voice still mocking, pushing it into her mouth and letting Lux chew. She salavated openly as the small treat, humiliating as it was… just the slight taste of food was enough to remind her how maddeningly hungry she was. “So then, what kind of game shall we play next, hmm?” She shook her head, chuckling. “Playing with you was all kinds of fun, and letting you walk around and showing off my new, good puppy was lovely, but I think something is missing, don’t you? A little… fairness, I think.”

LeBlanc nodded to herself, a finger on her lip as if she were actually thinking. “That’s right… isn’t it? I made you cum… it holds fair now you return the favor, don’t you think?” The purple haired sorceress hooked two fingers in the band of her panty-like bottom and pulled it casually to the side, giving Lux an eyeful of her glistening, shaved cunt. “Well, go ahead,” LeBlanc encouraged. “Your turn!”

Lux stared ahead and new tears, held back for so long, began to fall. That didn’t prompt any kind of mercy from the cruel sorceress, however… It only led LeBlanc to yank her forward, making her stagger an uncomfortable pair of wobbling steps closer to her pussy as the sorceress lowered herself to the ground and spread her legs. LeBlanc ran a finger over her own pussy sensually, sliding between her smooth lips as she smiled at Lux, and she wanted to be sick. It was all she could see, all she could smell as the woman’s other hand clutched the leash and idly played with her breasts. “Come on,” she said as Lux continued to stare, weeping without obeying. “Don’t be shy…”

Several more seconds passed, and Lux took a single further step towards LeBlanc but no more. Her mouth remained closed. “I’m going to tell you once again,” the sorceress said, the playful affect in her voice dropping entirely. “Make me cum with that dirty, worthless mouth, you lower class Demacian street whore, or I’m going to make you wish you were never born.”

Steadfastly, Lux looked away. “You’re going to do that anyway,” she said resolutely.

LeBlanc actually laughed. “Did my dumb pet forget what kinds of sounds she’s supposed to make?” Her hand pushed Lux’s head down, forcing her to stare at the ground.

The blonde mage swallowed, forcing herself to solidify her resolve. “I’m not your damn pet!” Lux spat at her, although her voice was nowhere near as strong as she wished it would be. It trembled, both with fear and exhaustion, but she forced the condemnation out anyway.

LeBlanc shook her head sadly. “You could have fooled me… weren’t you being a good, barking bitch for me just a little while ago?” The sorceress sniffed, as if offended. “Well, I suppose if you don’t want to be my puppy, that’s alright. I guess I understand.”

She paused for a moment, making a show of looking disappointed for a few seconds before smiling wider, cheerfully. “Well in that case, you’re right of course!” she said with a grin. “But then the real question is why are you under the assumption that matters? Your choice isn’t between refusing to eat my cunt and being punished, and doing it and being punished less. It’s between burying your slut tongue deep enough into my pussy I can feel it in the womb, and doing it right this second… or doing it in five minutes after I teach you a lesson.”

Lux turned her head resolutely away, and LeBlanc chuckled again. “Alright, Demacian. We’ll do it your way.”

LeBlanc snapped her fingers, and Lux jumped as an illusionary copy of the sorceress appeared right next to her. It was dressed just as she was, though she hadn’t pulled her clothing to the side the way the reclining copy was. Lux followed the copy with her eyes as she walked around her, not too concerned… it was just an illusion, after all. “I couldn’t help but notice,” LeBlanc said as her clone circled, staring down into the bound Lux’s eyes, “that you don’t seem to be able to control your magic without your staff. That’s a real shame.”

The clone walked over to the chair that her stuff was resting against, tracing her fingers over it. Then, to Lux’s surprise, she picked up the staff. The mage stared in surprise before she shook her head in denial. It was just an illusion. Just another illusion. “It would be a shame if something were to happen to it, would it not?” She tried to pull Lux’s gaze to meet hers, but the blonde resisted, so the sorceress just shrugged. “Oh well.”

The illusionary copy held the staff firmly in both hands, then braced one foot up on the chair, standing on Lux’s bag. She raised the staff up, paused for a second to smirk at Lux… then brought the wooden thing down on her knees with all the strength she had. Lux could feel the wash of heat as the energy in it escaped when it was broken in half, its splintered ends jagged and broken. The clone smashed the broken end into the floor a few times as well, dulling the edge, breaking the worst of the spear-like splinters off. It hurt the blonde to see her staff treated like that but she consoled herself that it wasn’t real… that this was just an illusion, just another fake.

She told herself that right up until the clone stepped up behind her and rammed the broken end of it into her cunt.

Lux screamed as her hymen tore, her virginity ripped away by the staff as LeBlanc rammed the thing into her. Her eyes widened in disbelief matched only by horror as her dried, tormented pussy was split open by the rough wood sawing away into her. Each thrust felt like the stab of a spear… because, Lux realized, that was almost exactly what it was. Each movement lodged splinters into her sensitive insides, and her virgin blood soaked into the wood. Luxanna screamed again, and both LeBlancs laughed sadistically as the clone continued to ram the hilt down into her pussy.

How was this possible?! It was just an illusion… wasn’t it? Even as that thought hit her, even as her pussy continued to bleed as the clone fucked it viciously, Lux was forced to consider that she had thought that she had hit the real LeBlanc during their short fight, but it had been an illusion… one that she had been able to feel. The sorceress’s “Illusions” were, apparently, just as physically real as either of the two of them.

The clone twisted the staff inside her, and Lux screamed again. The sorceress on the ground in front of her, however, took that opportunity to grab onto a fistful of the Demacian’s blonde hair and yank her face down against her pussy, her scream muted as LeBlanc buried it in her quim. She rubbed the face all over her pussy hard, burying her nose and lips against the sorceress’s soaked pussy. She wasn’t really licking of course, so the clone needed to keep her screaming… continuing to fuck her with the staff. It was so painful for the poor girl, painful enough that the soreness in her nipples and clit all but vanished beneath the new stabbing pain, but she had no way out but to suffer. “Having second thoughts yet?” LeBlanc mocked as she rubbed Lux’s face over her cunt. “You want this to end? This ends when you obey me, become a good, obedient little Demacian whore, and make me cum like I told you too, Crownguard trash!” LeBlanc held onto Lux’s head with both hands, using her grip to grind her pussy against the other woman. It was hard to breathe like this, and Lux’s screams soon became choked gasps into her pussy.

Lux, struggling to get air, was forced to admit that she had no options. LeBlanc really was going to take whatever she wanted anyway. It was useless to be stubborn – being stubborn was just going to get her tortured even more for the woman’s fun, so, reluctantly, she began to obey. Lux opened her mouth and thrust her tongue forward, stabbing it into the woman’s pussy willingly. “That’s a good girl,” LeBlanc told her, purring with pleasure as Luxanna began to tongue her cunt just the way she wanted. “You’re learning.”

No matter how much Lux threw herself into the most sluttish licking she could think of, using every trick she had learned with Fiora and Quinn in her nightmares, the clone didn’t stop fucking her cunt with the staff. Of course she didn’t… LeBlanc had made it clear that she wasn’t going to stop until after Lux had made the sorceress cum. So, with no hope for relief other than that, the blond kept going even as the not-quite-illusionary clone continued to stab the broken length of wood deep into her bleeding body.

For her part, LeBlanc continued to push her pussy against the Demacian’s pretty face, delighting in flattening the woman’s nose against her clit and grinding on it even as her tongue worked desperately. Lux slid her nose, her tongue, her lips effortlessly, desperately, up and down and across her soaking wet lips, turning every contour and feature of her face into the texture of a sextoy for the cruel sorceress. LeBlanc’s hand held Lux firmly against her, helping to crush her face into place and only let Lux catch her breath intermittently, always taking breaths that reeked of the woman’s musk and arousal even as she licked it down. The small, hard bud of her aroused clit glided over her lips to catch her tongue before she smashed Lux’s nose against it firmly enough that Lux wondered if she might break it.

When LeBlanc performed that cycle again, dragging down her face, pulling her bottom lip away as she traveled and a desperate, pained Lux caught it with a kiss, sucking it into her mouth. The sorceress froze when she did that, moaning with pleasure and satisfaction. This was clearly what LeBlanc wanted… for Lux to act the willing slut, to suck on her pussy while she suffered, just for her captor’s pleasure. Lux flushed just at the sounds of enjoyment from the woman, but the reality was that she had no other way out of here… she needed to make the woman cum soon so that she would let her go. Every second that passed made her pussy feel more like it was on fire as her splinter-filled staff raped it, so she worked with absolute desperation as she sucked her rapist’s clit with shameless abandon. LeBlanc kept grinding herself on Lux’s face, wanting more, her body jerking each time Lux’s tongue stroked up and down her sensitive nub, making her rub her own breasts in enjoyment.

“I think she needs a bit more motivation…” LeBlanc said, smirking. Lux only had a second to wonder what that meant before the staff was yanked out of her pussy and a horrified instant of desperate realization before it stabbed her way into her asshole. Lux shrieked, trying to thrash away, to scream at the top of her lungs, but LeBlanc’s hand tightened around a fistful of Lux’s hair, pulling deliciously at a thousand roots. “No…” she purred. “That’s not the way. Make me cum, you filthy Demacian piece of alley trash! That’s the only mercy an assassin like you deserves!”

Lux was beside herself with agony. It was impossible to think about anything but how badly this new rape hurt as the clone started to fuck her dry asshole without even adding any lube… the only wetness came from her desperate pussy and her blood as it forced its way into her, and it was not nearly enough. The wooden pole ripped Lux’s asshole and she cried in pain. Every time she raised her head to scream, however, LeBlanc simply slammed it down hard, forcing it back onto her pussy and slapping her face for the mistake.

She had never, ever felt anything that hurt this badly. Even Sylas’s repeated plundering of her asshole hadn’t wounded her like this… it would have hurt less to take a fist up her rear, because at least that wouldn’t be stabbing her as it raped her. Her sphincter tore as shards of wood embedded themselves inside of her tight ring of muscle, her asshole doing its desperate best to protect her and failing utterly. Poor Lux desperately released the suction and started lapping at LeBlanc’s clit like a dog – She leaned into LeBlanc to move as far away from the stabbing pain in her asshole as she could get as she lapped and licked and sucked and flicked and licked and sucked and lapped and tongued and sucked and licked… her tongue beating her sensitive nub with an utter lack of dignity that would have impressed the lowest of Bilgewater whores. All Lux wanted at this moment is to make the woman cum… she had never wanted anything so much as that. If asked, in this moment of insanity where she was lost to the pain, if she would rather be released or for the woman to cum so the pain could stop, she would have picked the latter.

The clone continued to ram the hilt into Lux’s asshole as if she were trying to unclog a pipe… hard, deep, and brutal. A loud, shrill cry of abject agony forced its way out of Lux’s mouth, but she was careful this time… she did not move her head up, and she kept her lips sealed around her captor’s cunt. The wooden pole grew more slippery by the second, and Lux was pretty sure she knew what it grew wetter with… it could slam in and out of her ravaged body even more aggressively now, able to be forced brutally into her tightest hole with no mercy. Luxanna wept with the pain as her broken staff went further and deeper inside her asshole than she had ever imagined anything could go, and with each inch it seemed to get both wider and more painful. Tears flowed freely down her face now as she was overwhelmed by the extreme pain, utterly unable to bear it. LeBlanc did not even allow Lux to scream properly – every time she did, the sorceress rammed the pussy on Lux’s face so she could not breathe, letting the scream vibrate her soaked cunt. The wooden staff went further in and further in, stretching her ruined anal muscles to their limit and beyond.

Lux wished she could die. The clone was thrusting the full hilt into the asshole, slamming it harder and deeper like she wanted to get every last inch of it inside the weeping blonde woman. She could do nothing but squirm and scream in her bonds, lost to the pain and unable to do anything but suffer mindlessly as she continued to suck and lick the woman abusing her.

LeBlanc was clearly enjoying everything. Her face was locked into a joyful smile as she face-fucked Lux with her soaked cunt, directing the actions of her clone with tiny flicks of her fingers as she pounded Lux’s formerly virgin asshole with the thick wooden staff. The pain radiating from the blonde’s defilement was unbearable, but the only thing she focused on now was to make LeBlanc cum. Lux tilted her head to the right, flicking her tongue diagonally across LeBlanc’s hood, chasing her most sensitive bits even as the sorceress moved to make it more difficult. Her captor at last drew in a raspy breath, one that the blond woman remembered Fiora making in her nightmares, and she knew that she had her.

Lux attacked the clit with her tongue while she sucked her pussy lips with the lips, sliding back and forth, drooling and slobbering until LeBlanc was moaning in pleasure. “That’s right, you little slut,” she purred. Her voice surprised Lux, who was so lost in the agony that she had almost thought that she was licking off her friend, but she didn’t stop even for a second. Her tongue didn’t dare lose its progress. “That’s right, assassin. Eat it, you pale slut… you dirty, cum sucking whore…” LeBlanc’s tirade of insults continued as she tightened her grip in Lux’s hair and viciously shook her head against her pussy, grinding her there and further soaking her face with the sorceress’s cunt juices. Lux’s brain rattled in her skull but she wasn’t allowed to stop and her asshole was still being ruined so she worked her tongue and lips to please this cruel woman, desperately trying to find her sensitive spots again, to continue driving her closer to cumming.

The rough wooden staff was ripping her asshole continuously, the walls of her sore, delicate anus stinging in pain. Lux wanted to plead that she didn’t need to keep fucking her, that she would keep sucking if only she would stop, but even if her mouth didn’t have far better things to do, things far more likely to stop the pain to do, but LeBlanc would doubtless punish her to speaking as well. She could feel her rear being ripped and violated, crying viciously in pain as she slurped on the pussy in front of her. She was not allowed to raise her head, and she didn’t have time to do so even if she could, but instead she just looked up LeBlanc’s body and met her gaze with a tearful expression… her big, blue eyes looking up to LeBlanc’s as she silently begged for mercy, sucking on the sorceress’s cunt while the clone was destroying her hole. It didn’t seem tight anymore to Lux… she doubted it would ever be normal again. It was ripping her apart and the clone wasn’t stopping, she just kept slamming it down harder and deeper. “Ohh fuckkk…” LeBlanc moaned as she smashed Lux’s face upon her drenched pussy. Her whole body shook as she approached her first orgasm. Lux felt a tiny thrill of victory that mingled humiliatingly with the abject misery. “Right there… right there… don’t you dare fucking stop you stupid, worthless tramp!” LeBlanc slapped her face and rammed her face back onto her pussy. Poor Lux had no choice but to obey and try to keep hitting the same spots even as her face was used as a rag for the cruel woman’s cunt.

Tears were rolling down Lux’s eyes as she continued to serve LeBlanc’s pussy. She wanted all this to stop. Her ass felt like someone had decided to quench a freshly forged sword inside of it. The torture never stopped, the splintering wood breaking her. Then, suddenly, LeBlanc smashed Lux’s face between her thighs. Her own fingers joined with Lux’s tongue as she pushed herself over the edge. Lux screamed in pain as the clone twisted the staff inside of her, and LeBlanc kept forcing the blonde’s head onto her pussy, until the combination of screaming and frantic efforts made her cum.

The clone slammed the staff back and forth at a rapid pace, and all Lux could think to do was keep sucking, keep licking, even as LeBlanc cried out and hot juices poured down the young mage’s chin. The sadistic copy wriggled the staff from left to right like she was stirring Lux’s insides, and the screams were just more motivation to perform, to suck down every drop of pussy juice the orgasming cunt gave her to swallow. Lux was not allowed to stop, not until a full minute later when the woman’s final shuddering aftershocks had passed and she lay on the ground, purring and lost in post-coital pleasure.

And then, only then, did the clone let go of the staff.

She didn’t even pull it out, but after what felt like a lifetime of fresh new agonies coming from her raped hole every second, even a few moments of only feeling the same old throbbing agony almost felt like a blissful paradise. Lux sobbed brokenly, the shudders making the staff sway back and forth like a tail, as LeBlanc slowly came down from her orgasm. “That was barely competent,” she teased, her voice amused. “But your tongue is soft and you make such pretty sounds when you’re in agony, so I guess you’re worth the time to train. We can keep working on it.”

Then she slapped Lux across the face. “So keep sucking.”

Lux looked up at the sorceress, horrified at the idea. Her wide-eyed expression of shock prompted LeBlanc to laugh and slap her again. “What, did you think we were done?” she purred. “You are the one who decided she’d rather be treated like a captured Demacian whore rather than a prized pet. I gave you a chance, you picked this.” Then she reached into her belt and pulled out a tiny, red vial. “Do you know what this is?”

Lux did. She could see the way the red liquid bubbled, and could smell the peppermint scent of the potion within even through the corked top. She had been there when one of the medics had poured one down her brother’s throat, after he fought Sylas… one of the rare healing potions that came out of Piltover. Her eyes followed it with obvious longing. “I thought you would,” LeBlanc chuckled. “Just one more example of Demacian hypocrisy about magic.” She swished the vial back and forth. “You want this?” she purred, smiling. “You want me to make your worthless hole feel like something a human woman would have on her body and not a fucked out whore who gets raped by horses for fun? Then earn it…” She reached up and handed Lux’s leash, and the potion, to her clone. A second later, the clone’s high-heeled foot rested on the back of her head and forced her violently against the real LeBlanc’s pussy once more. “…and make me cum until I’m satisfied you can do it properly!”

Even with the pain still in her pussy and ass, even with the new choking done by the collar, Lux had to please LeBlanc. She had a new problem, though – the clone now holding her leash was keeping it taut… too taut for Lux to press her lips against LeBlanc’s slit without choking herself, making it a sensation sort of like painfully driving under the surface of a pond for a few seconds before needing to come up to breathe, and the long she stayed down, the more she suffocated herself, the more progress she could make.

Thankfully, it wasn’t all bad was at least a little bit easier to focus on pleasing LeBlanc and eating her pussy without being made to mindlessly scream. She could think back and try to remember what the woman had liked and repeat it, taking step after step to make her abusive captor happy. She sucked the clit, licked the pussy lips, attacked the slick, girl-cum soaked socket with her tongue, and so on until she made the woman cum. “A little better…” LeBlanc hissed out as she shivered with pleasure. “Better indeed.”

Lux was exhausted and raped and everything hurt, but the clone continued to tug on her leash, making it clear that she was not done yet. “Again,” the sorceress’s clone demanded, in the same tone, pointing firmly at the true woman’s glistening twat. “Make me cum again!”

Lux, with no options, obeyed. And she succeeded, twice, and three times more. But LeBlanc was not pleased enough. She wanted more, and it seemed to grow harder each time. Quickly, Lux learned that the cruel sorceress liked her screaming, liked the sound of her mewling and suffering, but she didn’t want to suffer too badly… So in a flash of inspiration and with a miserable amount of self-hatred, she lowered herself enough that she could drag her nipples across the floor while she worked. That choked her even more, and made her nipples throb, but it produced the pained noises that made the cruel woman cum a fourth time. And a fifth. And a sixth…

How long had she been here? Did Quinn realize something was wrong yet? Did she realize that something had happened? Part of Lux desperately yearned for her friend to rescue her. The rest wanted her to run as far and as fast as she could away from the brutal sorceress holding her captive. Six orgams, and still LeBlanc continued to rub the slave girl’s face upon her pussy, making her to suck and lick and lap and slobber and tease and swallow more and more and more. She satisfied the woman’s depraved lusts again and again, but neither LeBlanc nor the clone stopped abusing Lux, so she kept going. The young Demacian’s tongue was almost numb from hours of licking and sucking but LeBlanc had not a shred of mercy.

A seventh.

An eighth.

A ninth…

“Well,” LeBlanc said with a sigh as she came down from the twelfth orgasm, “it took you a while, but I think you are finally approaching competence.”

Lux could barely hear her. She was still lost in the blinding agony that had come when the clone had ripped the broken remains of her staff out of her asshole and tossed it on the floor. She didn’t even look over at it… she didn’t want to know what she would see if she did. Her ass felt gaping, and she could feel the movement of air through the ruined, gaping chasm she used to call an asshole. The woman didn’t even have to move to take her out of her strict bondage… the clone image did the work for her while she reclined, simply watching as the limp and completely helpless Lux was freed from the restraints. “Well, I suppose you’ve earned this,” LeBlanc said as she made a gesture.

A second later, a new, warm feeling spilled through her guts as the clone poured heated liquid into the gaping hole between her cheeks. That warm feeling quickly became hot, painfully so, as the scent of peppermint filled her nose, scalding her insides and growing shockingly painful with every passing second…

Until suddenly, it didn’t.

A soothing chill quickly spread as her pain was iced and numbed away, her body shaking as her muscles tensed and untensed in rapid succession. When the pain slowly began to go away, its sheer lack was a narcotic bliss… enough that she barely noticed the abrupt spike in molten agony as the clone poured the rest of the healing elixir into her reddened cunt and let it do its work.

Lux didn’t move… she simply curled up nearly into a ball as her insides stitched themselves back together, trying not to think about the kinds of ugly injuries she had likely accumulated and they needed to fix. The numbness prevented her from feeling too much, thankfully… the only sign of progress was the occasional noise as a sliver of wood fell to the floor, pushed out of her skin by the rapid regeneration and exiled from her body. By the time the heat and the chill were both gone, and the only sign she could feel of the healing potion was the tiny trickle of fluids down her thighs from her holes as they tightened back up, Lux still hadn’t recovered enough to move.

LeBlanc hadn’t fed her the potion, she noticed. That was how they were usually supposed to be taken, not applied directly to a wound. Now that the bliss was receding, she could notice all kinds of aches and pains left. Her nipples and clit were throbbing – in fact, her nipples were pulsing angrily with each heartbeat and were so red they seemed almost to glow from how Lux had abused them against the floor. Just the stray movement of air across her nipples felt like sandpaper to the blonde. The injuries it had been applied to – her ravaged holes – felt fine, but it had left her other myriad hurts intact. It certainly hadn’t done anything for her exhaustion – Lux wanted to pass out and sleep for a month, and her tongue still felt like it was going to fall off at any second.

Lux no longer had any idea if she was in a nightmare or not. Right now, to her, the brief intermission between rape and torture where she had been with Quinn felt like the dream, and this and her time with Sylas seemed to mingle together into a horrible reality. She was still lying there when three soldiers came into the room, dragging a heavy, wooden construction with them.

Lux looked up, noticing that the clone was gone now. LeBlanc was fully dressed once again, leaning against the wall as the men set the heavy thing down and began to open it, pushing the pieces into place until the sliders clicked and locked into place. Then they reached down and grabbed her.

“Please… no more…” Lux begged softly. “Hasn’t… hasn’t this been enough?” she pleaded as the men lifted the limp girl bonelessly to her feet. “Can’t you just let me rest?”

“Certainly not!” LeBlanc said with a chuckle as the men pushed her head down against one of the wooden boards, putting one hand on either side into curved impressions in the wood. It was only when another board dropped and Lux was abruptly unable to move her head or hands that she recognized the pillory she’d been placed in. “You’re the one who wanted to be a Demacian assassin rather than a good, pampered puppy, Luxanna Crownguard… and I think several of the patrols we passed had words about what could happen to such an infiltrator.”

Lux’s blood froze as she realized what LeBlanc meant. All those men… were going… going to… “Please!” the blonde cried out. “You can… you can let me go! You can negotiate!” she didn’t even care how pathetic she sounded at that moment. “You can… you can ransom me back! You don’t have to do this!”

“Oh you poor, stupid thing,” LeBlanc said, bending over until her face was nearly pressed against Lux’s. “I’m not doing this because I have to. I’m doing this because I’m so very disappointed I didn’t get the pet I wanted… I’m stuck with a mouthy Demacian noblewoman who’s really more fit to be a dockside whore, instead.” She abruptly slapped Lux across the face, making her world spin as she felt suddenly dizzy. “Now, something’s missing…” LeBlanc mused.

She circled Lux before suddenly laughing. “Ah!” she said. “That’s it! A captured Demacian Assassin isn’t nearly as much fun if she isn’t recognizable… men? Strip her, if you please. Quickly.”

Six hands descended on Lux in a tearing, pulling, ripping frenzy as her travel clothing and cloak were completely ripped to shreds, falling to litter the floor around her. They weren’t even a little professional about it, either… her breasts and ass were squeezed and groped and pinched repeatedly, and one of the men even found an opportunity to shove a finger into her twat before she was pulled out of position for that. Lux was too exhausted to scream properly as she was reduced to being truly naked and molested, but she managed at least a soft cry of despair. Then LeBlanc circled back into view, holding her own staff. “We need a proper uniform.”

Magic swirled around Lux, and she felt clothing fall back onto her body… the strange, semi-solid illusions that LeBlanc used forming around her and covering her up. Try as Lux might, she couldn’t turn her head far enough to see it… but she recognized the familiar weight and heft of plate and the dark compression fabric she wore beneath her usual armor. “There!” LeBlanc said, pleased with herself. “Now you look properly like a captured Demacian soldier!” The sorceress tapped Lux once on the nose. “And I can assure you, Luxanna… my men know juuuuuust what to do with one of those.”

Then she turned and strode out the door, raising her voice as she did. “Have fun boys!” she called.

Lux felt a sudden flash of panic as the sorceress left. It wasn’t that she longed for her to stay, of course, but the moment she began to leave it sank in that if she wasn’t here there was no one to persuade to release her, no one to beg for mercy. “Wait!” she cried out. “Come back!” She struggled to release her hands, but it only made things worse, reminding her that she still had painful bruises on her wrists from when she was hung up from the ceiling. Lux tried to move her head, to follow her as she disappeared out the door, but the wood around her neck almost cut her skin. She groaned in pain, straining her aching wrists. “Don’t leave me here!”

“What’s the matter?” one of the men said with a chuckle. “We’re not good enough for you?”

The others began to crowd around her. “Oh don’t worry, little thing… we’ll make you feel right at home,” another promised.

“Pleaseeee…” Lux begged, eyes darting between the crowd. She knew that there was no way of getting out of this, but she kept trying anyway. “You can’t do this, you can-” She kept screaming until one man brought it to an abrupt halt, the rough hands of the soldier tangling into her hair. He grabbed a handful of the blonde mane and yanked her down, choking her against the pillory. Her soft, bruised lips were left parted, perfect for when the horny man all at once pushed her mouth onto his exposed cock. Even in years of nightmares, she had only ever taken one before now… Sylas’s alone. That exclusivity was shattered in an instant as the soldier let out a hissing growl of satisfaction, his curved length finally pinning her tongue flat at the bottom of her mouth and stopping her from talking any further.

“Hh… Homnphm!” Lux’s body almost seemed to go into shock when the soldier’s meaty cock was pushed past her sore lips, her tongue oppressed and all at once overwhelmed with the salty, dirty, earthy flavor he carried with her. Her blue eyes were wide saucers full of disgust and terror, flicking up to the man’s face in an unconscious plea for mercy even as he gripped her head tighter. Lux let out a muffled cry as he forced his cock deeper, striking the back of her mouth with his thick tip.

The men were crowding around her back as well, and Lux could feel their hands on her, running over her outfit, following the curves of her body just barely hidden. The fabric of the black undersuit was tighter in this semi-real illusion that it ever had been in reality, clinging to her body with a firmness that left almost nothing to the imagination. She could feel the tension on it even when they weren’t touching her, but the men seemed to delight in tugging on it, really making it cling to the curve of her ass or hips or breasts. “She has one hell of a body for a Demacian soldier,” one of the guards said with a chuckle. “Think she’s really an assassin? Or did old Jarvin decide to send us a whore as a peace offering?”

“There a difference?” another asked as he slid his hand between her legs, and Lux could feel the fabric clinging so closely to her skin that she actually jumped as his fingers slid between her pussy lips, the fabric slightly pushing in with his fingers as he went. “If she’s a soldier, they sent her into battle looking like a whore. Stands to reason she is one, either way.”

“An excellent point,” another admitted as he pawed at the curve of her ass, occasionally prodding at her asshole with a finger and seeing if he could get some of the suit stuck inside of it. Lux couldn’t see, but she felt it when other things started rubbing on her back and sides… It was only when one of the men on the other side of the pillory took out his cock and began to wipe the stinking, leaking thing across her nose and cheeks that she realized they felt the same – the bastards were rubbing their cocks against her body through the suit.

The men kept pulling at it, stroking her through it, and every time they did the tight fabric grew even tighter, forcing Lux to feel the caress of the suit on the the rest of her skin all at once… and making it even more skin-clinging. Already it felt like the men touching it were touching her, and she simply had a second layer of skin on. One of them pulled just a little bit too hard and ripped a piece of the suit around her ass, leaving just a tiny exposed sliver of skin where the curve of her rear met her thighs. Not to be outdone, however, the soldier pressed his dick through that gap… squeezing it between the tight fabric and her warm skin, using it to form a sheath to fuck.

It felt… slimy. Humiliating. To Lux, it felt in much the same way it felt to stick your hands into mud and then lift them out… a sense of being unclean, of needing to wipe away the filth somehow. She twisted in her bonds, trying to dislodge him, but with the other soldiers clustered around her she barely even moved. The cock slid against the outside of her skin with purpose, and each move made her tremble with tiny trills of disgust.

Lux couldn’t look back and see, but she heard it when he grunted, and felt the disgusting squirt of fluid as it shot against her skin. The other soldiers noticed too, and laughed. “Crossbow discharged a little soon there, Damus?” one of the men ribbed. “Gotta oil that trigger-mechanism of yours, I think.”

“Could have at least gotten inside her first, you lump,” a second said.

“Shuddup,” the man who had just stained her skin and suit growled back, pulling his cock away. “It felt good, alright?” Lux shuddered as she felt his dick sliding against her skin. From her nightmare the sensation of cum dripping off her body wasn’t unfamiliar, but this time was different… it was trapped between her skin and the tight fabric, so it just seemed to squeeze down, spreading out, covering everything as it dripped slowly down her leg. Lux shuddered again in abject disgust.

However, at least one of the men was clearly getting annoyed with the inability to see her bare skin and reach her breasts beneath the armor. “Yeah I bet it does,” another said. “Well, she’s fucking filthy now. Let’s get this nasty shit off her, boys… strip the bitch!” He suited action to words, yanking at a piece of the black suit until it finally gave up and tore. Within seconds, the others had rushed to assist, pulling and ripping as they destroyed her clothing.

Lux was left feeling powerless as their rough hands set to work. The illusionary armor and clothing tore and tattered with relative ease, exposing her, leaving her vulnerable. The man fucking her face tugged her back, and she was quickly forced to suck on his dick while his free hand came down to grab at her bottom jaw. She whimpered and stared up to him, having no option but to submit. With his new grip, the soldier gritted his teeth and forced his cock forward, making the young mage’s eyes roll back and her breath catch as all at once his thick cock speared into her throat, causing a bulge to form in her long neck.

“I thought this bitch was a virgin or something,” the man said, laughing. “She sucks cock like a pro already! Guess we know how she keeps the Demacian boys hanging on, huh?” Lux flushed with shame, realizing that she had unconsciously started to use Sylas’s training… running her tongue along the bottom of him, sealing her lips, and sucking down even as she washed his dirty cock with spit. She had spent years in the nightmare trained to suck on a dick just the way he liked, and now she was using that experience like she was back there.

By now her clothes were in ruins, most of the sensitive parts exposed as they tore away her breastplate and ripped through the black clothing beneath, ragged holes being opened by the cruel hands of the men. Her pierced breasts were soon bouncing free while her leggings were ripped asunder by them, their dirty nails leaving angry red trails over her skin. One of her legs was pushed up as she hung in the stocks and the panties – illusionary though they might be – she wore beneath the shift were pulled swiftly away to reveal her tight, healed slit nestled sweetly between soft thighs. Another man rushed in quickly, his cock already in his hand as he wrapped an arm around her body, pinning her against the wood as he stroked his length to its full size in preparation to fuck this girl.

“Ghhlk… ghhmnlh!” Lux wanted to scream. Please, no… please… don’t do this please no please…

“Quiet, whore!” Hearing her voice vibrate and echo around his cock made the man shiver as he grinned down at her, commanding her silence as he held her head even more steady than the bondage of the pillory already did. His hands held her head immobile while his hips began to move back and forth fervently, balls slapping into her chin as he raped the Demacian mage’s sweet, skilled mouth. Already the corners of her eyes were beginning to well with fresh tears, but Lux didn’t have the capacity to sob after what she’d already been through – instead, she was only able to gag and groan lewdly around the cock that rooted into her throat again and again, making noises that her rapists clearly found erotic no matter how little she wished to do it. Lux drooled like the dog LeBlanc wanted her to be around his hard bone, saliva quickly dripping down her chin and the corners of her mouth as she was plundered. Her tongue was pushed from her lips on a particular thrust, left to dangle below his cock with his balls slapping into it harshly, tasting the sweaty foulness of them.

Everywhere she looked there wasn’t a soldier without a cock out by now, and she felt certain that any onlooker into the atmosphere would see nothing more than a crowd of whooping, gibbering sweaty bodies. Those closest to Lux fell upon her body, cocks finding every possible place they could to rub and mark her with their pungent musk.

The poor girl was squirming and shivering as she felt one push up under her arm, another hot girth slapping against her pert ass while two more closed in on her exposed center. A particularly thick one pressed against one of her breasts, and Lux let out a little cry when he held onto the ring to hold that tit in place as he rubbed his cock with it. With the pained sound vibrating around the cock in her maw, Lux’s back arched and she kicked her leg weakly. “Oh, make her do that again,” the man fucking her face said. “That felt amazing.”

“Like this?” another said and then both of her nipples were twisted and pulled, leaving her to scream as she bounced in the pillory with a dozen cocks trying to find purchase on her soft, warm skin, her bucking body a delight for them to explore as she was tormented and had pleasure taken from her by an entire squad of Noxian soldiers.

None of it matched the way her stomach twisted in a much more acute twist of terror, however, when she felt the heavy tip of the first of the cocks to be exploratory pressing and rubbing at her pussy’s folds. Luxanna’s eyes shot open as she surged and struggled to break free, stuck only with the memory of how much it had hurt when the broken length of wood had been stabbed into her… but how could she hope to escape? All she managed to do was bob her head along the cock rooted in her mouth, making the man fucking her face cackle and growl in amusement. Not even her legs could shake free with how they were crowded around by the men, unable even to kick as her defiler lined up his attack. Her eyes darted around desperately, seeking some kind of escape… but there was nothing. No mercy to be found, no one to beg. Any innocence she had left was crumbling in the wind as reality was forced on her tongue, on her tits, onto every inch of her body… and with a sudden and powerful thrust, it was sent drilling into her pussy as well.

Like an arrow that found its mark, the man thrust into her with a triumphant shout. Her virginity was gone, destroyed by the staff earlier, and that allowed him to sink deeply without issue. Lux tried to scream – Gods it hurt so much! – but the thick dick clogging her throat and muting her meant she could barely make a noise, and all she did was please him as she made her tongue and throat vibrate on his length. “That’s what I’m talking about!” the soldier cheered joyously. Lux’s throat gave another hard spasm as one of the men grabbed her clit piercing and tugged, prompting another scream. This one, like the last, halted in her throat, and culminated not in a pitiful, pained cry but merely a wet cough and prolonged gagging retch. Lux was shaking between the soldiers’ many many sweaty bodies that piled over her, suffering as her dignity was abused, her most sacred treasure plundered.

The man between her legs groaned in delight as his bulbous tip bottomed out inside her, his cock ramming up against the entrance to her womb. The tight walls of her slit were forced to stretch and shape around him and she felt like her cunt was just like the suit had been… molded skin tight around his cock, squeezing perfectly around every contour of his length as he embedded himself inside her. Then his hips begin to pump mercilessly into her, a hot clapping sound echoing over the rabble and growls of the group as her body bounced and jiggled against their cocks.

Every thrust made her jerk against the cock in her mouth, bringing her tongue into contact with a new part of it. God it was awful… didn’t he ever bathe? The intense taste and scent made Lux disgusted, her stomach flipping, but it also made her core burn and ache while her pussy was filled. With each hard, body rocking thrust, her pussy slowly began to defend itself – growing wet and dripping down to coat the man’s length inside of her. The musk in the air was almost thick enough to cut with a knife, flooding her nose as these men invaded each and every one of her senses. Even her eyes were being assaulted by the sight of the leader’s thrusting pelvis, and at the corners of her vision she could glimpse an army of Noxian beasts rubbing their cocks and waiting to get a turn at her. To fuck her like a bitch. To rape her like a slave.

“She’s a hell of a lot tighter than that merchant’s daughter we got on the last caravan to come through,” the soldier fucking her growled, gripping her hips hard enough that Lux feared he was going to break something.

“If that’s the case,” another soldier said, “I can’t wait for my turn.” He elbowed one of the other men. “I suppose that means this asshole’s going to insist on finding an excuse to wrap her feet around his dick, too, huh?”

“Fuck you,” the soldier being ribbed responded, slapping his cock against one of the blonde’s tits. “It was one time!”

Lux’s eyelids fluttered as her abuse continued, even more men coming up impatiently and grabbing handfuls of her plentiful hair to wrap around their cocks and stroke themselves with, looking to get any pleasure they could from her body. “I don’t see what the big deal is,” another soldier said. “She’s not half as hot as that merchant girl… just a basic blonde bitch. So so at best.”

“You would say so, wouldn’t you Kurtas?” another laughed as he squeezed her tits. Her breasts and nipples ached intensely, even as they began to get slick with a steady amount of precum from all the soldiers and her nipples became as red as cherries. “You just want one of those animal girls crying on your dick.”

“Best reason to invade Ionia again,” the other agreed with a laugh. “Hell of a lot hotter than this mid-tier Demacian whore.”

Those crude words and many more were tossed around left and right, and Lux realized they weren’t even talking to her, weren’t even mocking her – it was like she wasn’t even there. She wasn’t really a victim for them, and she certainly wasn’t a person. She was a masturbation aid, something pretty to use to fuck before moving on. And fuck her they did… her pussy was starting to grow hot and painful with the friction, her juices providing lubrication but also allowing for an even faster rutting to more than make up for it. She groaned, her tongue squirming weakly as her eyes rolled back in her head, until with a muffled yelp Lux felt her head get yanked back by the hair. The man who had been fucking her face was huffing and groaning with more intensity now, she realized, and his cock had begun to swell and throb sporadically. All at once, her eyes widened and came into focus as she realized what it was that was coming, her senses snapping back and her eyes staring up, pleading the brute not to do it.

The cruel and brutal soldier, however, thrust with even rougher intent as he grew more excited, tugging violently at Lux’s golden hair as he wedged himself deep into her throat and made her eyes bulge slightly, her breathing cut off completely by a single action. She squirmed in panic and pain, her body already demanding oxygen as he hunched over and held the back of her head, thrusting away wildly at her throat. Globs of precum dripped down, forcing her muscles to swallow on instinct… it felt so thick! Like a viscous glue that glazed her esophagus, sticking her insides together. Lux’s tongue wiggled where it was pinned between his heavy balls and her own chin, but she still felt it as his balls swelled and churned before retracting up, his cock swelling impossibly down her throat to seal her fate.

Lux saw a dark and fuzzy border at the rims of her vision as the man gave her face a hard slap, then a second, then a third… and finally a cascade of his potent, foul cum started to flood down her throat in hot jets, pumping impossibly thick wads of his corrupted essence into her mouth and making her feel as if she was drowning in his manhood. A new taste… and at the same time, a horribly, nightmarishly familiar one… spilled onto her tongue, the sticky, gross texture suddenly glazing over her taste buds and completely filling her perception of taste with his cum as she drowned in it.

She had only one, miserable option left open for her.

“…ghlp…ghlp…” poor Lux muffled, and the man shivered in pleasure as he felt the raped blonde submit to this seeding. Her throat convulsed weakly around his cock to swallow as much as she could, though the effort was too little too late. Cum had already begun washing up around his cock, flooding her mouth completely and spurting out around his base to glop messily down her chin and onto the floor. Lux’s eyes screwed tightly shut and she coughed raggedly, only to have more of his seed shoot up and spurt out of her nose in a humiliating, miserable experience that set all the soldiers laughing.

“Look at that slut!” one of the soldiers cheered as Lux’s head spun, her nasal cavities burning like they had been set on fire, her lower face already completely covered with spunk.

She had to swallow again and again and again, each and every time his balls jerked. No matter how disgusting or humiliating it was, she had to swallow it all… her lungs were already crying out for a new breath. Lux felt so full and yet so horribly hollow and sick at the same time, the girl dizzily trying to drag herself back from the brink of unconsciousness. He pulled out with a pleased groan, and as it flopped out, softening from such a satisfying climax, it was followed by a stream of white spunk that drooled down her limp tongue and pooled on the floor beneath her. Lux was finally allowed to cough and gasp for air as her cheeks were striped with her tears and her lips were glazed with the saltiest and stickiest cum; a sight that couldn’t have been more enthralling to the men who surrounded her.

Unfortunately, Lux only had time to take a pair of deep, unchallenged breaths before the next man was standing in front of her, his cock still covered with some of her mane. He didn’t even bother completely unwrapping it before he slowly pushed his member into her mouth, making her gag on her own hair along with his dick as he started to facefuck her.

“Breed that slut! Fill her womb!” she heard a man yelling from behind. Breathing so raggedly, muted by dick, the girl couldn’t even protest as the man in her cunt growled and nodded. A second later, her pussy felt the familiar sensation of a man’s jizz pooling in it, splashing against her cervix as he drove in deep and let go. He sighed in pleasure, his cock slowly softening inside her before he pulled out and let the leftovers of his large load drip out of her sore pussy, gushing down her thighs, dripping down to soak the space between her bare toes as she wept and gagged and squirmed. Then another man took his place, and the whole thing started again.

Men fucked her. Men mocked her. Men played with her. Men came, and then those men were replaced by others. This gang rape was something actually new to her, a complete novelty that she didn’t know how to deal with, how to react to as she was used by a never ending train of cocks wanted to vent their lusts on her. Those who weren’t fucking her ground and slapped their cocks against her supple body or stood by her face where she could see them, beating off fervently as her golden hair gathered around her head in a mess like a crude halo. Her eyes drifted from one cock to the next, a full six of them standing at attention excitedly as her current defilers worked her body.

Lux’s eyes widened with each thrust as a soldier’s hips crashed again and again against her ass, slamming down into her. She couldn’t even keep her mouth closed between cocks now and it hung limp and drooling, a frothy mix of cum and saliva dripping from her overused hole as she just tried to breathe. Her voice was now little but a feminine rasp, crying out as her body was pummeled by the large soldier mounting her from behind, her toes curling with each painful thrust into her body. He clasped his arms around the waist of her figure, using her curves as handles to hold onto as he pushed his dick into her hard and deep. Poor dazed Lux’s mouth fell open and she moaned like a whore as all the men watched her mind slowly break beneath the repeated raping, air deprivation, and sheer exhaustion.

The soldiers all chattered and laughed maliciously as their captive’s breasts swung back and forth, the bells ringing cheerfully with each movement as they continually thrust into her. The man scrambled her insides with his thick girth, her cries finally given voice for the first time in what felt like hours as she got enough air to beg. “N-Noo! Meeerccy! Please…”. Laughing, one of the men listened to her pleas, then silenced them with his cock, wedging it deep into her slack mouth as her tongue rested limply on his nuts. Her legs felt too weak for her to keep standing, her muscles too exhausted to even think about working, but in this posture she didn’t have a choice. The men continued to fuck her rough and deep, torturing her over hours as the young mage girl was filled over and over and over again.

Numbness was sinking deep into her limbs even as the rest of her grew more sore and painful, as the latest man to conquer her pinned her against the stockade and picked up his thrusting to an ungodly pace. His vigor for raping the pretty captive was beyond compare as they used her hard and rough. One of those that lingered by her face, clearly tired of waiting for his turn and huffing heavy breaths, stroked his cock right up against her features. Her tired blue eyes focused on him for a moment, seeing the thick droplet of cum that oozed from his tip, right before he exploded right across her vision. The first rope of his viscous cum landed directly in one of the blonde’s eyes, making her cry out and choke on the cock filling her mouth even as it stung her vision and blinded her. More and more was emptied out across her beautiful face, another suddenly bursting from the other side and contributing his own load to the gross filth covering her. Her breasts bounced and swayed with the force of the latest man to rape her, the ringing of the bells enticing others to spend their load helping to paint the slave white. Some of them slapped their cocks into the sticky white mess, smearing it against her skin and further degrading her as they painted her with it.

“Fffuu-uu-uuuc! Glumg-mffft! Mnh, dddnt, pleshhhh, kaanmph!” Her pitiful attempts at begging around her rapist’s cock only seem to invigorate her captors, including finally inspiring the one inside her pussy to reach his peak. The sudden jerkiness of his hips and swelling of his cock was all the forewarning that Lux received before her pussy was stuffed full of another ruinous load. His hips giving one final clap downward, the man’s cock’s tip nestled right against the entrance to her womb, laying it bare and defenseless as his balls tightened and a flood rushed forth. Thick and hot jets of corrupting seed painting her innermost chamber, inspiring yet another defeated cry of despair. She was convulsing in misery beneath the grinding hips of her defilers, even as this latest cum displaced older seed and flooded from around his base to drip down her legs and pool on the stone floor, further adding to the viscous mess her bare feet were forced to stand in.

The men took turns with the exhausted, battered mageling. Her face, her pussy, her tits, her back, the curve of her ass… all of it was already stained with their cum. She felt disgusted but there was nothing she could do about it. Her ass was hoisted in the air by the next man, who painfully slapped her already beaten cheeks while another grabbed her hair and held her desecrated face to his crotch, fucking into her already thoroughly spermed throat at the same time the other forced her thighs apart, wedging his cock between the twin peaks of her backside. His cock slotted right between her reddened ass cheeks. “Alright boys,” he moaned with pleasure, giving a wicked cackle as he slapped his dick against her tender and untouched asshole. “I’m making a call as your sergeant… if she isn’t knocked up by now, either she’s barren or we are all. Time to open a fresh hole!”

She knew what was coming before it happened. Once more, a burst of clarity came with a clamping of that particular spot, her eyes widening sharply before she struggled and whined in protest around the latest dick to gag her. Her incessant wriggling between their bodies only inspired further carnal abuse upon her, however – the man at her lips snarled and pulled her face down to his base, leaning back and fucking rapidly up her vibrating throat as if just to disorient her. The one which sought to conquer her ass had already used her throat once, his length still coated in glistening saliva, lubricated and prepared for the plunge as he angled his tip down, forcing Lux’s mind to race and her body to go stiff just as he began putting pressure against her.

Like a champion delivering a killing blow, he grunted triumphantly as he drove his hips down with a sudden and sickening ‘Plop!’ She might have been fucked here by the staff, and in her nightmares, but that didn’t buy her any mercy as her healed ass fucked for the first time in… real life? The tight sinew and muscle that guarded her pucker’s velvety tunnel was pushed aside viciously as she writhed and wiggled with desperate gags, her renewed energy seeming to send these two into a frenzy.

His cock felt like a burning length of iron inside of her voluptuous backside, her rear cheeks forced to spread pitifully wide to accommodate that girth as he recklessly started to ruin her violated anus. The soldier panted and cheered, shouting in joy and triumph as his hips rapidly pistoned down into her hole with no regard to how this treatment scrambled either Lux’s mind or her insides. This sent the man fucking her face into a manic rut of his own, matching his fellow man’s pace. Luxanna was trying to scream but couldn’t… her eyes rolled up into her head as she felt like her sanity might unwind like a spool of yarn, or rip apart at the seams like a finely woven tapestry under immense strain. It was all just too much. The attention of the group was now upon her once more, each of their rank growing excited and clamoring in to witness the conquest of her last hole, some already murmuring and giggling about how they would help themselves to that entrance next.

Soon another hot load poured down her throat, rapidly sent pulsating over her battered and bruised tongue. Lux’s muffled voice was a sickening gurgle as she gulped down seed like an obedient whore, her body too battered and desperate and helpless to resist. Others closed in on her mouth as that one pulled away, shoving and snarling, her ragged moans only having a moment to float into the open air before two more cocks stuffed themselves past her lips to bulge her cheeks, jousting and pushing against one another as her mouth spread wide. Her ass was already brutalized, the two mounds of her cheeks lit up in shades of cherry from the rapid slapping hips. Her tight hole was pummeled, being slowly made to relax and accommodate its intruder more and more even as its tight grip remained, making it an intensely pleasurable experience for the soldier to rape. He howled his pleasure and delight at filling a nice Demacian military slut.

It felt like her mind was shattering in this single moment, experiencing it thrust by thrust. Her senses were completely overloaded as she groaned out mindlessly between these men. Her asshole was filled with the first load of cum, and then just a few minutes later a second, and then within ten a third as all the next men decided to pummel that tight hole instead. The men continued until they had painted her whole body with their cum, inside and out, and by the time they were satisfied poor Lux was filled in all her holes and dripping seed from them like the cheapest whore available. She had been fucked, raped, and tortured for what had to be hours, though the poor girl had no idea how long she had been stuck there and couldn’t even consider it – She was nothing but a cum hole in this moment, nothing but a pretty thing to use and use up.

“Might as well clean her up before we go,” one of the soldiers said, holding his cock in his hand. Then, to Lux’s horror and numb disgust, he began to piss on her. Her eyes widened in shock, unable to completely believe it, but in short order all twelve of the soldiers were standing around her in a circle, holding their cocks in their hands and urinating right onto the restrained mage. Streams of piss were hitting her everywhere… They splashed over her tits, formed a quickly rushing river of filth across her back, and dripped down the crack of her ass. It soaked her hair, matting her golden tresses nearly flat against her head. They branded her with stinging, stinking fluid between the quivering lips of her pussy, filling her cunt almost as full of the burning waste then it had been of jizz, and gummy clots of the soldier’s cum washed out of her pussy. It made the creamy skin of her legs and flanks and stomach sparkle wetly, and they pissed on her hands, feet, arms, and neck. Every inch of her gorgeous young body was washed over… but the worst was when they directed their streams at her face.

Lux gagged on mouthfuls of foul urine that gushed into her open mouth. Even once her shock abated and she closed her lips it didn’t help. Her eyes burned from the urine that splashed up into them, and she couldn’t even draw a breath because of the piss that flowed up her nose. At least three of them were aiming their cocks at her beautiful face, and their combined streams made her as miserable as it was possible to be.

Lux could barely comprehend what was happening to her. They were pissing on her… treating her just like a filthy latrine, an open sewer, a chamberpot… or a worthless, fucked out whore who would let her customers do anything for a single gold piece. The soldiers pissing on her showed Luxanna exactly what they really thought of the Demacian “assassin” that they had captured, what she really represented to them.

The guards pissed, and it washed away their seed bit by bit as they sloughed over her, peeling away the crusted cum that painted the young Demacian’s sexy, abused body. By the time they finished, Lux’s lean, tormented body was clean of cum and sweat and dirt and glistening with piss instead. She looked like a sexy water spirit or a siren, soaking wet from the sea out of some book about Bilgewater… Only the awful smell and the look of sickened humiliation on Lux’s face betrayed the true foulness of what had been done to her.

When at last they finished and had tucked their cocks away, and the fluid had begun to drain down the hole in the center of the room, the first man to fuck her put a hand under her chin and forced her head up to meet his eyes. She realized that this was the man she had met in the hallways… the first one to propose fucking her, and he smiled as he looked up at her. “I hope you had a good time,” he told her. “Just to let you know, the next squad actually saw action against Demacia in the last few months. There’s only ten of them… but I doubt that will be much of a mercy. After all, the reason they’re down two is because of your people.”

He released her head, and let her head dip before she caught it herself, forcing herself to look up as he and his squad left the room… past a group of men waiting at the door. Waiting to enter.

“More?” Lux whispered softly, her voice ragged, tears dripping down her cheeks.

They couldn’t be serious. They couldn’t be.

But as a group of angry men with hard eyes began to pour into the room and surround her, and their cocks came out of their trousers, Lux quickly learned just how wrong she was. They could be… and were.

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15 thoughts on “One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 4

  1. Something tells me Lux’s gang-rape is happening all in her mind. There’s no telling what’s real or fake when it comes to Leblanc. I think Leblanc made her have that dream about Sylas. And now this is another one of her illusions. Her goal? To turn Lux into a vegetable, willing puppet for Leblanc.


    1. You might be right 🙂 Lux certainly seems to be losing track of what’s real and what’s a dream, and LeBlanc seems to know much more then she’s saying about what’s happening to her.


  2. I really like this story, I read all 3 chapters in a week and I’m looking forward to see how to story moves forward.
    I don’t think the story does that much of a good job introducing the world – As someone not familiar with LoL lore I decided to do some searching after few pages of chapter one to learn about the world and found the comics, which are used as baseline for this story. I found the plot of the story way more interesting and I got more attached to it thanks to reading the baseline comics by Riot/Marvel. I think small note from author at beginning of the story referencing the original work would be helpful for some.
    The plot was believable and I really liked that it did not turn to some absurd meatgrinder torturefiesta. I’m not really fan of permanent damage/crippling so I was not really a big fan of the Fiora stuff, but later chapters show that things are not as they seem they are. I’m giant fan of constant forced arousal so the whole “keep yourself wet for me” thing is simply awesome and the descriptions how Lux does her best to follow this rule even in situations where she is ie. bound are great. I get quickly bored when the main heroes follow orders mindlessly and act like broken beings waiting for slaughter and this story does great job explaining why does Lux oblige with the commands and reader keeps wondering how does she escape her poor situation.
    I’m big fan of lingerie and provocative clothing instead of pure nudity and the story manages to utilize these a bit, however I would love to see it used much more, but still bonus points for using it.
    Third chapter introduces big plot twist and the fact that Lux is so much affected by her “dream” that she has problems keeping her hands out of her panties is simply great touch and I’m happy it was included. I like femdom more than m-f so the f-f parts with LeBlanc are my favorite. I should also point out that the description of breaking in to the tower, going through the dark rooms filled with books, getting caught etc. are very well done and I would like to read more of the “non sexual stuff” as the author’s talent is clearly not limited to that particular topic. I hope that we learn that even chapter 3 is just another dream, maybe followed by a few more, leaving poor Lux completely broken and unable to tell what is real and what is not. With the fact that she feels the need to touch herself after her Silas dream, it is established that the dreams have serious effects on her “waking state” and I would love to see what is left of poor Lux after few more such intense dreams and how will she finally overcome this.
    Overall great job, thanks for sharing it with the world.


    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      It is definitely written for people at least passingly familiar with league lore, but your suggestion to link to the comics at the beginning is a good one – I will do that.

      I won’t speak as to what is real and what is not in the current chapter, but I can promise the lines are going to continue to get more and more blurry for our poor mageling.

      I hope you continue to enjoy – there will be more world building a d action sequences like the library scene to come as Lux tries to figure out what is happening to her and stop it before she goes utterly mad…


  3. I love how long and detailed this piece is. Leblanc x Lux is my favorite ship cuz it’s guaranteed to be dark and non con. Also I love the power unbalance and how Leblanc is a sexy sadist. I’m betting the gangbang was an illusion like the dreams with Sylas. I only found this work cuz of the r34 and I’m glad I did cuz I didn’t know I would miss out on such a wonderful story. Are you going to continue it?


    1. I’m glad you enjoy it! Lux x LB is a ton of fun to write.

      We will find out in the next chapter what is real and what is not… because yes, I am continuing this, with TWO more pics 🙂 I’m guessing end of January or so.


      1. Two more?! Drawing included?! Yay 🥳 I guess we’ll see other humiliation tatic Leblanc will have in store for poor Lux. Just curious will any of them involve a strap on??


      1. Is your work also posted on ao3? I’m not too sure how this website works and it would get the attention it deserves on more popular sites like ao3


  4. After watching Arcane I got into the LoL fandom and noticed a lot of people were shipping Jinx with Lux. Later I saw Lux had a lot of ships in the fandom and she instantly became one of my favorite characters but this has to be one of the best Lux fanfics I’ve ever read. There’s just something about the happy go lucky innocent characters being broken that’s so fun to read about. The Sylas ones were great I love this take on their relationship and Sylas having his “little light” all to himself to use and abuse. LeBlanc was a wayyy more sadistic and reading this got me so into her character. The build up to Lux being a spy and breaking into the black rose library (do they have one in the lore? I wouldn’t be surprised). All the way to Lux playing right into LeBlancs hands and getting captured. I found it funny she immediately knew Lux was lying despite being a liar herself. I guess a professional deceiver could easily spot an amateur. But I always guessed Lux was just a really bad liar. The dream spell was interesting. Did LeBlanc cast it on Lux? And if she did why? Was the rape at the end an illusion or dream too? After all with the sodomy and Rape I’m surprised Lux stayed conscious for so long unless she did pass out. I love how you made her so taunting but intimidating because she’s so unpredictable. The gang rape was unexpected for some reason I thought Leblanc would watch since she strikes me as someone who’d be into Voyeurism and Lux would submit to her a lot quicker since she’s the only one who would stop this. The drawing was so good. Was the art inspired by the fic or did the fic inspire the art? Either way I loved how long and dark this was. I hope to see chapter 4 and see what LeBlanc has in store for Lux. Maybe she’ll invite other champions to join in o the rape like Katarina perhaps?? 👀
    10/10 this became one of my favorite ships it’s a shame there’s not many fanart or fics with these two. It has so much potential


    1. Hey, thanks for reading and your comments!

      Re: the library… they probably have something like that in any official lore but we don’t really know. How the Black Rose works as a secret society has been kept pretty unexplored but it’s not hard to imagine they might have a library somewhere secret and away from Noxus proper where research can be done.

      The nightmares that she seems locked into arent LeBlancs doing, though she seems to have some understanding of what they are, and what that brand on her means. We will discover more soon…

      The art for this story was commissioned specifically for it by Kahncomm, the man who commissioned the story as well. Chapter four will be coming soon, and there will be a certain redhead appearing somewhere…


        1. Next chapter should be in January or February. LeBlanc will still be in it as our primary antagonist for the moment, though no promises there won’t be others as well of course 🙂


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