K/DA: All Fucked Out – Ch 3 – Back on Tour

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The next twenty-four hours of Seraphine’s life were nothing short of a nightmare, dark and painful and endless. It started from the moment she was thrown into the back of the truck – Evelynn didn’t want the young singer to be able to rest even for a moment, so while her lips were stretched open with a thick ball bag, a pair of wired metal clamps tightened on her nipples and her holes instead got a pair of thick dildos, spiked and swollen. Seraphine whimpered as she felt unwanted intrusions inside her aching cunt and asshole, her body attempting to clench and push the invaders out and only making the hard nubs hurt her more. That wasn’t all, however, as she would find out over the next several hours – the cables attached to the clamps and the dildos weren’t just for show. At random intervals, impossible for Seraphine to predict, they would shock her and make the bound girl thrash in the back of the car, and of course clench harder on the invading toys. Before long, the young popstar felt like she had no tears left. Her legs were tied over the middle of her thighs to make sure the toys would stay inside, and there wasn’t the slightest thing she could to protect herself as they shoved her into the back of the truck and locked her in the darkness, feeling her skin burning from the contact with a rough material on its floor. She couldn’t swallow down her saliva and it kept dripping from under the gag. The back was small and dark and full enough that she felt claustrophobic, trying to breathe deeper, but the truth was that Seraphine wasn’t sure what would be best – to stay alive and face other horrors Evelynn prepared for her or simply close her eyes to never wake up.

Seraphine shoved those thoughts away. She might’ve been broken and tired, but she couldn’t give up just yet. She stayed still, not wanting the toys inside of her to shift and cause more pain and aching. Along with the shocks, she could still feel her rapists’ cum drying in between her legs and over her ass. She knew that she was closer to the beginning of her torment than to the end, that more pain and humiliation was coming, but she tried to force herself not to cry. She had to be strong.

The singer tried to keep track of the passage of time, give herself some idea of how long it had been, but she had no idea how long she spent buried alive in the darkness before they arrived. However long it had been, it was long enough for the sun to have gone down… when the back opened once again, no sunlight came with it. Her exposure to the outside didn’t last long – Seraphine got immediately blinded with a bag that went over her head, giving her just a momentary glimpse of one of her rapists before she was blinded again and hands were on her, tugging her up, lifting her. Then she was being carried away, thrown over someone’s shoulder casually. Her ass was dangling in the air, fully exposed with the dildos sticking out of her holes.

She tried to move, to make a sound in hope that someone would see what was happening, but all it gained for Seraphine was a hard slap on her ass. “Be grateful that the boss isn’t here,” one of the men said. “She doesn’t like whiny whores.”

Seraphine tried to keep quiet after that. She could hear the sounds of elevator doors opening before they went up. She didn’t know how to use this information but somehow it seemed important. If she was going to escape she needed to know more about where she was taken. It didn’t take much longer until she was thrown on a mattress and the bag was taken off her head. Seraphine’s eyes squinted against the light as she looked around in horror. The room was empty, it had no windows, but was lit up with a bright white light that made her eyes hurt at first… and when her vision returned, Seraphine regretted that it had.

She was laying on the mattress, still naked and helpless with men surrounding her. She didn’t know how many there were, she didn’t get time to count being completely paralyzed with terror. All of them were naked, their cocks hard and ready to use her, to hurt her.

And they did.

Even without a gag in her mouth Seraphine couldn’t scream – she always had a cock between her lips. It seemed like the lineup was endless as man after man abused the young singer, making her sing an entirely different kind of song on the microphone of their cocks. She choked on them, screaming as her ass was raped, gagging as another load got fucked down her throat, but they didn’t care. Her stomach was churning from all the seed she swallowed, like Evelynn wanted cum to be her only meal and drink. Dicks that went into her mouth then went inside her cunt or her asshole. Her holes were nicely stretched with the toys and men had no problem thrusting inside her as deep and rough as they wanted. They still were having some troubles with her being so dry but it was quickly solved as Seraphine’s insides were filled with cum, her insides painted as white as her stomach.

She wanted to scream, to cry, to fight back, but at some point, Seraphine simply turned numb. She just fell ragdoll limp as she was abused over and over again… it wasn’t that she didn’t care anymore, or that she wasn’t suffering more. It was just that she knew she couldn’t do anything… she just wanted them to get tired and leave her alone. Aching and burning in her cunt and asshole were familiar sensations by now, she could barely remember how it felt without this dull pain, and when they pulled their cocks out of her it felt odd, like she was empty inside. Her jaw was numb, drool and cum running from the sides of her mouth. She was called a slut, a whore, a bitch, a slave, worthless, worn out, useless, sloppy, and fucktoy among other things, a variety of names that were meant to teach Seraphine that from now on she nothing but rape meat, just a useful fleshlight that was fun to fuck until it was worn out, then it could be easily be thrown away and nothing of value would be lost.

It might’ve taken them hours, but at some point, the singer passed out – too exhausted to do anything else. Even through the darkness in her mind, however, she could still feel as her senseless body was repeatedly abused. How cruel was it that Seraphine couldn’t find peace even deep inside her mind? She tumbled through an endless sea of nightmares and pain, and for the life of her for a long time she couldn’t tell if the monsters she was being raped by were real or imaginary.

At last, however, when she opened her eyes again she was finally left alone. Her body was unbelievably sore, burning and covered in bruises. She saw endless purple marks on her skin marking the outlines of fingers and palms that had grabbed her – a sour reminder that what had happened to her wasn’t just a bad dream but horribly real. Her lips were shaking, tears gathering in the corners of her mouth, and she couldn’t get the taste of cum off her tongue. She wanted to pull her knees closer to her chest but even that simple action caused a jolt of pain to go through her body – Her cunt and asshole felt like someone had stabbed inside them with a knife. Instead of moving, she simply lay there weeping softly.

When the door opened, Seraphine felt cold fear roll over her body. Cal looked at her with a grin on his face. She thought that she probably looked broken and scared and that was the reason for his good mood. “Get up,” he snapped. “Boss wants to see you.”

Seraphine debated if it was a good idea to fight back and stay in place, but she wasn’t sure she could handle a punishment that would go with that… and she certainly doubted she had any chance to resist successfully. Her hands were still tied behind her back, making everything more difficult, but even so she was finally able to push herself up, though her legs were shaking and she felt weak enough to drop on the floor.

“Let’s get you dressed up,” Cal said, pulling his hand up to show Seraphine a thin chain. As he came closer she finally could take a better look at what it was – the chain had three endings and each connected to a clamp. “Stay still,” he said, smiling wickedly. “Or don’t. That will be fun too.”

Seraphine could imagine what would’ve happened if she disobeyed, so she didn’t make a sound while Cal put clamps around her nipples. They were aching so much she barely noticed additional discomfort. When Cal leaned down and made her open her legs wider Seraphine couldn’t hold back a sob. Memories of all the men forcefully spreading her thighs to take what wasn’t theirs were still too fresh in her mind.

“Looking nice,” Cal laughed, putting the last clamp over Seraphine’s clit. She groaned in pain, jumping a little as it closed on her. The Y-shaped chain that was connecting the torture device was far too short for her to keep standing straight, so she leaned forward in an attempt to minimize the tugging pain. It was all in vain, she realized, as Cal tugged on the middle of it to pull Seraphine closer. “Let’s go, slut. Move those pretty legs quick now, you wouldn’t want to fall with this on you…”

She kept silent except for the soft sobbing as she walked behind Cal. Now that she knew who was in charge, it was obvious that pleading with pawns would give her nothing. They were loyal to Evelynn… or maybe just too afraid to say something against her. Too controlled by her? No matter which way, the result would be the same – no one was going to help her.

As they stepped out from the room she had been tortured in for hours, Seraphine was actually surprised to see that she wasn’t held in some place hidden away from the world. This wasn’t some dark warehouse, or bunker beneath the Earth, or dark basement. It was a luxurious penthouse, with floor-to-ceiling windows that were looking out on a bright American city. It looked like she must own the tallest home in the city. Of course Evelynn would choose a place that would allow her to feel above everyone else. After all, she always acted like she was better and smarter. Cal tugged her onward, and Seraphine yelped as the clamps pulled at her sensitive bits – being this exhausted and scared, she couldn’t fight back as she was pulled forward.

Seraphine didn’t get to think about the apartment for too long, however… Cal quickly led her forward to a big open space where Evelynn was waiting for her captive. She was sitting on a big plush couch looking at a TV screen. The younger singer instantly recognized the images that were playing on it – Evelynn was watching one of Seraphine’s performances.

“Get her ready for me,” Evelynn said in a dismissive tone, not even looking at the pink-haired woman. She seemed too preoccupied to even turn her head away from the screen, making Seraphine feel burning anger inside. At least she could look at her. The world thought you were dead, bitch… but Seraphine had known better. She had known.

“Here, slut,” Cal commanded, making her move to the center of the room with a hard hit on her ass. She squealed, not knowing what would happen next. He pressed on her back with force, making her bend over. She didn’t see the rope that was hanging from the metal ring on the ceiling of the room and she didn’t see that that rope got pulled through her tied hands. In the end, all Seraphine could feel was the way her arms got tugged higher up, forcing her to lean forward even more, leaving all the sensitive parts of her body exposed for anything Evelynn wanted to inflict on her. The chain that was connecting her clamps was hanging low now. Cal leaned to tug on it, a smile on his face.

“You’re going to love this,” he said, connecting a metallic ball to the center of the chain. As soon as he let go of it Seraphine felt the weight of the thing. Her whole body grew tense as the clamps dug deeper into her nipples and clit, pulling on them, making her body scream with the aching pain in her bruised, swollen nubs. Cal tugged on the chain again, this time making Seraphine whimper. “You’re probably getting wet from this right now, aren’t you, you little pain slut? Why I bet that-”

“Go away,” Evelynn’s sharp words forced Cal to instantly straighten up. Seraphine had no idea how she could exude such menace with just a few calm words. “You’ve had enough time to play with her. Now the little slut is mine.”

The young singer couldn’t see their faces – it was too painful to try to look up – but she could see Cal move away quickly. “Yes, boss,” he forced out quickly as he retreated. Then she was back to being alone with the woman… the demon.

There was no reason for Evelynn to keep her emotionless mask on for longer, not when it was just her and her new toy. She moved slowly, knowing that her prey couldn’t get away from the cage that she’d so carefully put in place. “I always wondered why you do what you do,” Evelynn said as she circled. Seraphine could see her black high-heeled shoes and the thin black fabric of her stockings, but nothing more as she circled her prey. “Why choose to sing our songs when you could’ve had your own?”

Seraphine felt a shiver go down her spine as Evelynn moved behind her back. She was waiting for a hit, for burning pain, but the longer it wasn’t coming the more nervous she became. Evelynn made no secret of the fact that she wanted to see her hurt, but how badly hurt? She’d already gotten Seraphine raped and humiliated, so what more could she do?

“This part was so much better when she sang it,” Evelynn said, her voice almost… wistful? For the first time, Seraphine heard something else in Evelynn’s voice, something that she could almost call a longing. Then it hit her – she was talking about Ahri. This had been the pop superstar’s part in the song. She had so many questions that were ready to fall from her lips, so many details she desperately wanted to know, but this wasn’t some get-together. She was a prisoner, a slave to someone who was barely human. And yet she couldn’t stop herself.

“Why did you hurt them?” she couldn’t recognize her own voice – it sounded weak from tiredness and hoarse after the countless times her mouth was fucked – but her words made Evelynn stop on the spot. “Did you hate them all that much?”

Seraphine regretted speaking out immediately – Evelynn put her foot on the chain hanging down from her body and stepped on it. The younger singer cried out in pain as it felt like her nipples and clit were torn off her body, and maybe they were. Evelynn didn’t care, pushing harder. “Hate?” she laughed, but somehow it sounded empty. Seraphine whimpered and tried to move forward, but her hands were too far up to make it happen. “I hurt them out of love. I made them what they are – legends. They will live forever because of what I did.” She pushed her foot down harder. “But you… it will be different with you, impostor. You, no one will remember.”

Seraphine was shaking as the skin around her nipples started bleeding, red drops falling to the hardwood floor along with her tears. Evelyn moved her foot up, just for a second, before pushing it down with even more force. Seraphine didn’t know she could make such a loud heart-wrenching sound. The clamps that were on her nipples now lay on the floor, covered in blood. Seraphine’s breasts were burning with sharp pain and she was too afraid to look down and see what Evelynn had done to her. “You’re just a pathetic wanna-be, a stupid whore that had no idea what she was getting into.” There was something bright in her voice. It was almost filled with excitement Evelynn felt while imagining all the torture she could still put Seraphine through. “So you want to be like us? You want to experience what they did? Well, you’re going to get it… consider it my only gift to you.”

Nothing good could follow after that and the pink-haired woman prepared for the worst. As Evelynn pushed a toy in her face Seraphine knew she was right to be afraid. The thing was made out of silicone and was shaped like a thick bumpy fist. “This should fill up your used-up cunt. I know how shy whores can get, screaming that you don’t want it… so I’ve taken the liberty of putting you somewhere you can’t move. You can just take it… and before long, you will ask for more.” Evelynn’s words sounded somewhat fervent, making Seraphine just more afraid – who knew what she was capable of in such a state? “I thought about putting you through your paces myself, but let’s be honest – who would want to touch something as useless and filthy as you?”

“You’re a fucking monster,” Seraphine said, making sure Evelynn could hear her. Just because she hadn’t addressed what she’d seen back at her apartment, that didn’t mean that she’d forgotten. This wasn’t a human in front of her, it was something completely different, something that was capable of endless cruelty if it meant that she would get what she wanted. “And soon the whole world will see it.”

Evelynn laughed. She laughed so loud that the sound echoed from the walls. “You’re even dumber than I thought” she finally said, breathing hard. “You really think anyone is going to know what happens to you? You think anyone will care that one useless pop-slut goes missing? Breaking you will be so much fun…”

And for her, it was.

It had been a while since Evelynn could afford to relish in her cruelty, to enjoy torturing someone she truly despised, but Seraphine was a perfect victim for that. An annoying, loud, nosey girl that didn’t know what was good for her, that had stuck her nose where it didn’t belong. Evelynn felt her fear even if the younger singer tried to hide it, she felt her pain when she started another round of torture.

“No!” Seraphine screamed as she felt the toy pressing against her entrance with force. “Stop!”

“How can I stop when it’s so much fun?” Evelynn laughed. She didn’t even want to touch the girl, not with her body still left with filthy signs of rape all over her, but there was no other way to make her take the fist inside. “Hold still and enjoy.”

Seraphine’s scream sliced the air and Evelynn briefly laughed. “I think I like that sound far more than your singing, little songbird.” She smiled wickedly looking at her victim’s entrance, now bright-red and stretched to its limits. She’d only pushed the beginning of the monster inside… there was still a long way to go.

Evelynn pushed harder, gaining herself another scream. “You complain too much for someone who claimed to be a fan,” she laughed, twisting a toy in her hand, trying to get more of it inside Seraphine’s aching cunt. It didn’t help much. “You should be grateful I even took my time to play with you at all. Getting attention from your idols and all. I could have just left you to be raped with those cocks all over again.”

“You’re mad,” Seraphine said through sobs.

Evelynn wanted to see her teary face, but for now, all of her attention was concentrated on stuffing her stubborn hole. Inch after inch it yielded, and she was eager to see just how far she could make the pink haired girl stretch… but Evelynn’s entertainment was cut abruptly short when one of the men walked into the room. “Mistress, I-“

Evelynn whirled, hissing dangerously, and the man made a horrible, choking noise as he arrested his own speech. “I am not to be disturbed!” she growled. “I thought I was very clear.”

“A thousand pardons, mistress,” the man said quickly, his voice low and submissive. “But I believe you will want to see this right away.” Evelynn didn’t say anything, but she must have given some kind of sign because the man – she was pretty sure it was Nick – walked over to the television. The sound of her singing abruptly vanished, and Seraphine allowed herself a tiny, momentary smile as she realized what it must be that she was about to see.

Then the TV was tuned over to a news report in progress.

“…Exclusive footage of the kidnapping while it was in process,” the female anchor’s voice said. “Due to its disturbing nature, we can’t show too much, but there are parts that are to be released.” A moment later, the screen was filled with footage of Seraphine’s living room. The image of the raped woman was blurred out, but Evelynn, proudly standing over her, was not.

Behind her, Evelynn growled. She stood up, losing her grip on the toy, and it instantly popped out of her too-tight cunt and fell to the floor with a sloppy sound. Seraphine had felt her hands shaking. That monster knew what was about to happen next and she was furious.

“There is no evidence that the footage was edited,” the news anchor continued, “and there has yet to be an explanation of what happened.” On the screen, Evelynn stood there, her disguise down, her demonic self shining through with both lashers fully visible on camera. “What we can see is… unbelievable, and difficult to understand, but what cannot be denied is that it seems like Evelynn, one of the K/DA members that were kidnapped two years ago, wasn’t killed and, allegedly, is working with the kidnappers. In case you are just joining us, we have received footage of pop singer Seraphine’s disappearance that shows some unbelievable things. Now, to speak to an expert on the subject of…”

Evelynn was trembling with rage. “Two thousand years…” she growled, unbelievably angry. “Two thousand years without discovery, and now everything is ruined!” The perfect plan of her disappearance was going too well and she’d grown careless. Now the world saw her face, her true face, and there was no escape. Evelynn turned to Seraphine just to see the pink-haired woman smiling.

“You didn’t think you could hide forever, right? Not after what you did with them!”

There was something about her that made Evelynn feel… not afraid but disturbed. She’d thought that Seraphine was already broken, that she was nothing more than a brainless wanna-be, but there was something else, something bigger. Something that made Evelynn want to smear the smile away from her face. She looked down at Seraphine, at the blood that was drying over her nipples, at the pitiful state she was left in after endless rape. There was nothing that she could do now. She might’ve made Evelynn’s life difficult, but not for long.

Humanity was just as dangerous with their pitchforks and their torches today as they were in ages past… more so, really. Evelynn could not live exposed. She would need to vanish again, and more thoroughly still… she would need to all but erase all memory of her. In order to do that, she would need to reconnect with the vast majority of people on this planet, to affect them all at once… but thankfully, after last time, she had a pretty good idea how she could accomplish that.

“Alright,” she said coldly. “You’ve made me angry. Congratulations. I was barely annoyed before… you are going to pay for this mistake.” There was no smile on her face now as she bent down and picked up the huge toy once more. “And when I’m done with you, when you’re broken to pieces and torn apart, you will regret the moment you decided to cross my way.”

As Evelynn fucked Seraphine with the fist-shaped toy, hearing the girl’s screams and crying, she thought about her next steps. She needed to erase herself once again, this time without a trace. She needed a lot more power for this, power that she didn’t possess right now… and a conduit to enough people’s lust to make it stick. If she did that, she could go in and just… erase the whole memory. Vanish once again. Some people would remember, of course, but they would be like the bigfoot lunatics, or tin-foil hat wearing UFO conspiracy theories. What she did with K/DA was a great bust – a temporary one, as time had proved… but it had, momentarily, touched the whole world.

This time, she needed to do it again… but bigger and greater than before. Thankfully, one of the pieces to her new plan had already delivered herself into her hands. No matter how much she despised Seraphine, she was an asset and Evelynn wasn’t in the habit of not using those. But one popular girl wasn’t enough, not for what she had in mind. Evelynn smiled to herself, making Seraphine scream harder as she started fucking her more relentlessly.

“Seems like we’re going back on tour,” she said idly to herself, and she laughed over the screams.

Ahri ground her teeth harder but she couldn’t hold the sounds back much longer. Her asshole was burning with pain as Steve thrust inside her again and again. She could feel his breath on her neck, his hands over her body, and all of this made her feel disgusted and angry. It seemed like those two feelings were the only two constants in her life.

“If you take these off one more time,” her owner said, touching the fox ears that were clipped into her blond hair, “I will fucking sew them to your head. Do you understand, foxy?”

She didn’t answer, shaking her head. Ahri had already taken his load inside her and now he was just fucking his cum deeper inside her asshole, taking pleasure in the way she still tried to fight back even if it was in the smallest ways. Ahri gripped the edge of the mattress, closing her eyes from the pain that intensified once Steve started moving even faster inside her. He just… never… got soft… fast enough… It was like he could fuck her forever if he wanted.

“Come on, open your pretty lips,” he laughed, his balls slapping over her slit with every stroke. “I want to hear you sing with pain.”

She bit her lip, holding back. No, she wouldn’t give him that pleasure. Sometimes Ahri thought that it would be better to surrender, to turn into the obedient slut Steve wanted her to be, but then she remembered that she had a goal. There was still burning hatred inside her, fueling her will to live. She couldn’t give up… so she kept fighting, refusing to surrender until the day would come and she would have Evelynn at her feet.

“Do something, stupid whore!” Steve gave her ass a loud slap, making Ahri go tenser. “I paid money for you! I let you live! So be a good slut and take it as a slut should!” Even as he raped her, Steve’s annoyance made Ahri laugh. It was a breathy laugh that she had to push through pain, but she still showed him what she thought about his claims. As Ahri did it, her head was pushed down, her face buried in the mattress, as Steve kept fucking her with even more force. “Stupid, frigid dyke!” he screamed as he kept going. “Let’s see how much more pain it will take to make you do as you’re told.”

She moved her head to the side, breathing in deep, as Steve moved slower, deeper inside her, spilling his load in her bowels for a second time. He started pulling out, thankfully. Ahri thought that that meant it was it, that she was finally free of him for a while. Unfortunately, Steve had other plans.

“I’ve brought your tail back,” he said with a laugh, holding a furry accessory in his hand. “Your favorite one.”

Ahri knew what it meant and her body went cold. As she suspected, one of the tails that she wore on stage under the eyes of millions of fans was in his hands… but that ended in a savage butt plug. It wasn’t a small slick toy Ahri could easily take after her ass was stretched for so long, instead, it was a huge thick thing that could tear her apart, and that was before he turned the lock, making it bulge outwards and get stuck inside her.

“Your ass is going to feel nice and warm with my cum inside it all day,” Steve smiled, coming closer to her. “Come here, little foxy.”

Ahri tried to move away, to turn around to not let that monster go on with her humiliation, but it was useless. Her legs were chained and before she could do anything Steve was already on top of her, pressing her into the mattress with his whole weight. “It would’ve been easier if you cooperated, but seeing what a stubborn slut you can be, we will do it the hard way,” he said, not trying to hide the pleasure he felt at the thought of Ahri suffering even more. “Let’s make it hurt…”

This time she couldn’t keep quiet. Sharp pain jolted through her body as he pushed the massive plug inside, stretching out her sphincter to its limit. Ahri couldn’t believe that her hole was able to take it without being torn, and she felt sure this was the time she would rip in two trying to take that thing. One way or the other, though, it didn’t seem like a concern for Steve: He kept pushing the toy farther inside Ahri’s tightened asshole, utterly uncaring of the damage he might be doing, and revelling in her pain.

“Just relax, you dumb slut,” he laughed, his knees pressing against her back with all his weight and extra force besides. “I gave you enough time to get used to your ass being fucked, so you should say thank you I’m only doing this now.”

“Why don’t… you… stick it… inside your ass… if you like this… so much?” Ahri struggled to push the words out through the pain. It probably wasn’t a good idea considering her position, but it was spit in this monster’s face or give up and die. Unfortunately, it angered him enough that he drove a knee into the plug. Ahri screamed, feeling impossibly full as more of the plug was forced inside her burning hole. The cum inside of her wasn’t really helping in the process, either… there was only so much lube could do.

“You’re a feisty one, I know,” he mocked. “But this act is getting tired. I’m not a superstar anymore. You’re not even a person. You’re nothing but a fucktoy, and you’re going to accept what I give you and be fucking grateful!” With a wet sound, the plug finally went inside fully, letting Ahri feel the faux fur of her tail on her ass. “Just look at how pretty you are now, foxy. Perfect toy, just like I wanted.”

Ahri braced for it, but there was no way to prepare for the agony she knew was coming next. He twisted a key in the slot at the edge of the plug, and with each twist it grew larger inside her. Her screams became breathless moans and pathetic whimpers, her ability to even cry out properly being robbed from her as it was locked in place beyond her ability to remove it.

Steve finally got off of her then, allowing Ahri to move away. She could feel the toy rubbing against her walls with every twitch of her body… impossible to ignore. Her owner was smiling at her, his eyes dark with the desire to hurt her more. He was impatient to let Ahri know once again who was in charge. He lashed out, wrapping a hand in her blonde hair and using it to pull her closer. The skin of her scalp burned with the tug, but he didn’t stop. His cock, already slightly hard, pressed right against her face. She gagged at the smell of it, looking up at Steven in disgust.

“I know you would rather lick some cunt, dyke,” he laughed. “But that’s not an option for you anymore. You’ve made a mess, so open your pretty mouth and suck!”

Ahri looked up at Steve, a challenge in her eyes. It earned her a punch across the face, a sharp sting of pain as one of his rings cut her skin. “I said suck, stupid slut!” Another hit, this one even harder, making Ahri’s head shoot to the side. She looked up at Steve, expecting more beatings until she became exhausted enough to part her lips and he would shove his cock inside her mouth. She wondered if she should just open and suck her ass off his cock…

But that didn’t happen.

The man that was so eager to hurt her just moments ago now seemed frozen. And when Ahri looked at his eyes she knew why.

They glowed pink.

Something swelled inside her chest, a mingling of hope, horror, and anticipation all at once as she looked around. “Where are you!” she hissed. Then she saw her. Evelynn stepped out of the shadows in the far corner of the basement, her amber eyes seeming to glow in the light. She looked a little different from the last time Ahri had seen her, but only so much… she could recognize her former lover effortlessly. Ahri had spent enough time looking at her, remembering all her features, kissing over her lips, to instantly recognize the woman she once loved.

The woman that she now wanted to kill.

“Ahri, love,” Evelynn said, and the sound made her want to wince, want to cry… and want to melt. She used to like the way her name rolled from Evelynn’s tongue. Now the only sweetness to it was bitter.

She stood up, ignoring Steve that still was frozen in his place. Ahri had hoped that when they met again she would be in a better state… that she would be prepared. Instead, she was naked, bruised, raped, exhausted, with a plug and this filthy man’s cum filling her ass. She remembered what Evelynn told her all that time ago, that she would buy her back when the moment was right and Ahri wondered if this was why she’d shown up. “You came…” she whispered. Her voice sounded weak, but Ahri didn’t care. She tried to push back emotions, tried to look as harmless as possible while Evelynn came closer. She still moved with the same grace, her hips seductively swaying.

“Of course I did,” she smiled, pushing her white hair back. Now she was close enough for Ahri to touch, but she needed to be even closer. Evelynn lifted her hand, running her palm over Ahri’s cheek. “I’m here to take you back.”

Ahri couldn’t wait much longer. With a grunt, she moved forward, grabbing Evelynn by the shoulders and trying to push her down. “Fucking bitch!” her fingers dug deep into the skin. “I’m going to kill you!” She lunged for the woman, willing to tear out her throat with her teeth if necessary.

It didn’t work, of course. Maybe she was just too weak, or maybe Evelynn’s strength was supernatural and well beyond what she remembered, but the white-haired demoness easily pulled Ahri’s hands away from her, taking a wide step back. It didn’t stop her anger in the slightest, though. Ahri couldn’t reach her, but she still spat right into Evelynn’s face. “I hate you!”

“And here I thought you would have grown smarter, lover,” Evelynn said with disgust, wiping her face. “That you would finally understand that I did what I needed to do. That you would appreciate the gift I gave you.”

“Do I look like I care?” Ahri said, baring her teeth. “Try coming closer to me and I will rip your eyes out!”

Evelynn smirked, too sure of what she did to take accountability. She’d really hoped something would change, that Ahri would see her side, but it seemed like her former lover needed more time. “You used to like having me close,” she said slowly as her eyes followed over the lines of Ahri’s body. She looked thinner now than when they’d parted ways and Evelynn couldn’t help but notice a couple of scars that so carelessly ruined the blonde’s smooth skin. “Liked screaming my name when I had my tongue on your clit. But if you really prefer him over me so much, I’m not going to intervene sweetie. I want you to be happy.”

Just like that, Evelynn turned her back on Ahri and she instantly felt Steve’s grab her shoulders. He was still under her control, his eyes still glowing pink with her charm as he used all his muscle to force Ahri down on her back and open her legs. She was still looking at Evelynn, who was watching the scene from afar as Steve pushed his cock into her dry cunt.

“Does it feel better with him?” Evelynn laughed. “If it does… just tell me and I will leave. I’m not the type to get between two lovers.”

Ahri whimpered in pain as he fucked her fast. It wasn’t even about rape anymore – this had to be hurting Steve almost as much as it hurt her. Evelynn didn’t care, of course. It was about punishment. Ahri tried to push her rapist away, but it was useless. “Get him off of me!” she screamed to Evelynn.

“Why would I do that, lover?” Evelynn purred. “I won’t do a thing. Not until you say what I want to hear.”

“Want me to say that being raped is worse than sex with a traitorous snake like you?” Ahri said, feeling an intensifying pain inside her as Steve’s cock rubbed over the plug through her thin wall. It made the already huge thing seem even more colossal inside of her.

“Just say that you’ll come with me. Willingly. Unless you want to spend the rest of your days under him?” Ahri felt her stomach turn at the thought. She didn’t want to do any favors to Evelynn, not now and not ever. “I can make him go until he dies from exhaustion, you know,” she purred. “Just fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until his balls are empty, then fuck you and fuck you as he shoots nothing but blanks. Rape you for hours or days until he finally dies, his heart all but exploding in his chest. And then… then I will bring another one in. You will get fucked every second of every day, even in your sleep, until we find the perfect lover for you.”

“So much for loving me,” Ahri laughed bitterly, trying not to let the tears fall. Even after all that time betrayal still filled her with… hurt. But it wouldn’t do her any favors to be stubborn now. If she ever wanted a chance to take Evelynn down she needed to be close enough to do so. She just needed to swallow her pride for a little more.

“I’m still just trying to help you, lover,” Evelynn said, her voice reasonable. “It’s not my fault you’re stubborn.”

“Fine,” Ahri growled. “I’ll come with you. Get him out of me!”

“Good girl,” Evelynn smiled. To Ahri’s relief, Steve immediately pulled out of her, still leaving her cunt aching and bleeding.

He moved closer to Evelynn, looking at her like she was the sun. “And what should we do with you?” she mused. “Put you into tiny pieces and bury you in your yard? Imagine being so stupid as to think you were worthy to own someone like Ahri… no matter how much you paid…” She chuckled, but then shook her head. “No. No… not with your attitude, lover. I think I’ll be keeping this one around for a while. Something to keep you nice and calm and obedient.”

She looked around. “What a lovely mansion you have here, Steven,” she said smiling at him. “You don’t mind if I call you Steven, do you darling?”

It didn’t look like her owner cared about the meaning of the words one bit as long as they came out of Evelynn’s mouth. “No… not at all…”

“Thanks, darling. Do you mind if I take your house? I assume you don’t…”

“Anything you want,” he answered with awe.

“Good boy,” she said happily. “Now, I believe that slut made a mess of your cock, and she was about to clean it up for you. Get back to that for me, would you?”

“Yes Mistress,” he said as he turned back to Ahri and started walking towards her. Ahri shook her head, looking at this display of Evelynn’s power. She hated this woman with every fiber of her being and seeing her happy made Ahri furious. But… she’d waited long enough to get here. She could wait a little more to take the bitch down. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth, and began to suck.

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