Noctis Sector Chronicles

What are the Noctis Sector Chronicles?

The Noctis Sector is the area of space about 140 light years from Earth in the Eridani direction, spiralward. The sector itself refers to an unusually dense star cluster, an area of several hundred stars all within about 20 light years of each other. This phenomenon is caused by the Dark Star, a black hole that has gathered the cluster together over hundreds of millions of years. This is the location journeyed to by Captain Talia Icarus of the Mistrunner, and it is where that ship’s doomed voyage ended.

By far its most notable feature, however, it that it appears to be where life originated. Scientists have long believed that due to the similar cellular makeup of life on other worlds humanity has discovered, the origin of life was celestial, drifting on asteroids between words and deposited across the galaxy. With the Noctis Sector, so named for the Dark Star at its center, humanity has finally found the source of that life.

There are a high number of sentient life forms within the Noctis Sector… although at present it is unknown as to why, besides the general density of life. The Kthid originated from within this sector, as have most other races we encounter in the Dark Star Universe.

These are the stories of those races.

Some of these stories will be by me. Others will be by fans, written with my blessing and presented as such.

The Last Hunt

by PrinceCai

On the surface of a primitive world, a race of predatory, dominant women have what will be their last hunt…

Be As Gods

By John Drake

Before she was a living legend, before she was the greatest scientist humanity had ever produced, Dr Maria Keye was less than a nobody…

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