NSC – The Last Hunt

Story by PrinceCai

Nareen drove her head forward, locking horns with her rival. Althea dug in her heels, her feet driven into the soil by the force of the impact. Muscles straining, the two mirucain huntresses pushed against each other, teeth clenched and eyes flashing. Horn ground on horn with a sickening scrape as they each tried to force the other’s head down, working for that small advantage that would let them drive their opponent into the ground. Their legs dug in, thighs and calves bulging with the effort of forcing their horns together with all the strength they had. Between them, their hands clenched together tightly, arms and shoulders tense as they worked to force the other back. They made no move to kick or bite however, no matter how vicious the struggle grew. No proud mirucain huntress would dare draw blood like that in a simple challenge. 

“Take her down, Althea!” A voice crowed from the watching circle of other females. Nareen snarled viciously, unable to tear her gaze from her rival to see which of her clan-mates was hoping for her defeat. Didn’t matter anyway. As soon as she planted this one in the dirt, any of these weak little kits was free to challenge her as well, and she’d do just the same to them. She was on top for a reason, Matriarch of this clan for a reason, and it was past time Althea and the others understood that. 

Her lips curled as she felt a moment’s shuddering weakness in her straining rival. Althea was brave, tough and she had a lot of heart, even Nareen could give her that, but that old injury on her right leg still bothered her. With their horns locked like this, a little pressure there at the right time would break her. Gritting her teeth, Nareen dug into the dirt and pushed left, her shoulders straining with the effort of it as she let her opponent think she was trying to force them both that way. Althea reacted just how she wanted, her face a mask of straining fury as she struggled to stand in place against her stronger rival, putting her all into holding the larger Nareen back. Her legs strained, the right one quivering helplessly even as the left churned into the black soil under her. Nareen could feel her grip on her own hands tighten, feel the tension and power in her rival’s body as they pushed against each other. Althea was strong, to be sure, but not strong enough.  

With a cold smirk, Nareen switched directions, twisting her head back right with a crunch as their horns ground over each other. Althea’s eyes widened, shock blooming across her face as she realised suddenly she’d been tricked, but she was helpless to stop it. Caught off balance, the smaller huntress could only yelp in shock as Nareen drove her against her weak leg. It collapsed underneath her in an instant, and she was falling sideways, driven into the dirt by Nareen’s advance. Just like every other time they’d fought, planted on her tail in the ground like the pathetic kit she was. Their horns broke, grinding off each other as Althea fell, and Nareen pulled away and darted back, resisting the urge to trample over her fallen opponent and kick her until she stopped struggling. This was just a bout between clan-mates, not a real fight to the death, no matter that the blood boiling in her quivering ears could hardly tell the difference. 

“Better luck next time, Althea.” Nareen smirked down at her rival, who was gasping helplessly in the dirt like fallen prey. “Guess I’m still Matriarch. Which means I get first shot at the boys back home, again.” Her grin widened at that, baring gleaming canines. She knew exactly which sweet little thing would be writhing under her when they returned to the warren tonight. Althea’s own favorite, the brown-furred male with the pretty eyes, a delicate morsel who’d been traded to them from another clan a few seasons ago. She’d make her rival listen to his helpless squeals as she rode his stiff dick over and over until he was begging for mercy. Just the way males should be used. 

“Fuck off,” Althea spat between hoarse, gasping breaths, her eyes flashing. By the vicious snarl on her lips it was only a matter of time before she tried again, which Nareen had to grudgingly respect. Her rival had guts at least. 

Around them, the other women of her clan thumped the ground with their feet, expressing their admiration and respect for their victorious Matriarch. Some of it was grudging and tired of course, no-one had really expected anyone but Nareen to win this struggle, but she basked in the celebration all the same, spreading her muscled arms wide and grinning at the assembled huntresses.

“Anyone else want a shot?” she sneered. “Get your own first pick of cocks to ride back at the warren if you can beat me! You won’t even have to share for once!” The cowardly kits glanced away, lowering their horns submissively. A few had tried back when she’d first become Matriarch, some seasons ago now, and she’d proven herself stronger than any of them more than once. They all knew she’d grind them into the dirt if they pulled any of that now. She was taller, bigger and had longer horns and ears than any of them, a true mirucain huntress in the prime of her life. The fur of her ears was sleek and silky, her skin bronzed and smooth and her tail gorgeous and fluffy. Her arms and legs bulged with corded muscle, honed over years spent hunting and fighting, always claiming the greatest prizes in meat and males for herself. The other women of the clan looked at her with envy, knowing in their hearts that she was better than any of them. The strongest and best at the top, that was what kept the clan strong. “No? Guess I’m just taking whichever one I want, and you lot won’t get a sniff at him.” Nareen grunted, lips curled in disappointment. “Are you kits at least ready to hunt instead?” 

Her heart pounded a little faster at the thought, the taste of blood tingling on her tongue. The little band of huntresses had been waiting out the heat of the day in the shadow of a large fungal blossom, but the sun was setting now. Soon enough, the great herds would move past on their endless search for water, meat for the taking for a skilled band of huntresses. The mirucains would pick out the fattest, ripest prey the way they always did, chase them down and wound them with teeth and horns and vicious kicks. Then bleeding them out once they were seperated from the rest, a rich bounty of meat to be dragged back to the home warren for roasting over a fire. 

At her word, the huntresses were stirring, grinning hungrily at each other. Althea shrugged off the helping hand of one of the younger girls and struggled back to her feet, shaking her head from side to side, a bitter look of frustration on her weathered face. Nareen just smirked. At least the other huntress could put that rage into the hunt instead, maybe work out her anger on the prey before the next time she decided to make yet another futile challenge. Althea was just desperate to be Matriarch herself one day, but she was older than Nareen and both of them knew her chances of winning that prize grew slimmer with each passing day. 

A sudden dull, thumping noise made every mirucain freeze, long ears twitching as they picked up the sound reverberating through the earth. The unmistakable sharp, rhythmic tapping of an alarm from the young female on watch duty near the home warren, Nareen’s own yet unblooded daughter, Tireeni. Nareen clenched her fists, her teeth grinding over each other. Tireeni had better be alright, or else there’d be buckets of blood to pay for it.  

“What is it?” One of the younger girls asked, her long ears twitching along with the dull thumping of the alarm. 

“Don’t you know, idiot?” Her elder sister jabbed her in the side with an elbow, prompting a flash of teeth and lowered horns from the younger girl. “That call means the girl on watch has seen another clan on our territory.” The young huntress gasped in shock, her wide gaze flickering over the tense older mirucains clenching their jaws and stamping their feet restlessly. This wasn’t the first time others of their kind from nearby clans had tested them this way, searching for the home warren to raid and plunder food and precious males. In Nareen’s adulthood, none had succeeded, and she didn’t mean for that to change now she was the one leading the clan. 

“Follow me,” she snapped over the tense muttering, raising her fist above her head. “Let’s go see what Tireeni’s spotted, then I’ll decide what to do.” Then she loped out onto the plains, settling into an easy jog across the black soil, her long legs parting the swaying grass. She didn’t bother to look back, but the muffled thump of footsteps assured her the others were following at her word. They might not all like her, but they knew better than to squabble over seniority at a time like this. Even Althea would fall into line when the safety of the home warren, the Matriarch and the males they kept there was at stake.

The clan’s current home warren had been dug out of the shadow of another huge, ancient fungus, with the main entrance into the tunnels hidden beside the thick, weathered stalk of the massive mushroom. Hard to spot, but not impossible for a determined raiding party from a hostile clan. Nareen loped over to the towering fungal blossom, breathing a sigh of relief seeing the entranceway was yet undisturbed. Better still, crouched down and perched on a small mound of earth her own daughter waited, head turned towards the approaching mirucains and ears twitching in anticipation. 

As the band of huntresses approached Tireeni leapt down and darted over, rushing through the grass to meet her mother. When they were close enough, Nareen lowered her head, bowing down to rub her horns against the smaller set of her daughter. The girl was the youngest of the mature females of the warren, but already she was looking to be growing into a fine mirucain woman, and that certainly wasn’t just maternal pride talking. Her small, curved horns were proud and healthy, her body muscled and well-built for a teenager’s. In a few years, once she’d matured, bloodied her own teeth and claws on the hunt and taken a male or two as well, Nareen had no doubt her daughter would be a fearsome huntress all her own, perhaps even the one leading the hunting parties while her Mother ruled from the warren as Matriarch. 

“Mother!” The girl gasped, an edge of excitement in her voice. She didn’t look at all afraid despite the urgency of her alarm. Instead her bright red eyes gleamed with anticipation as she rubbed her small horns tenderly against her Mother’s larger set. Such a brave girl. 

“What is it?” Nareen asked, resisting the urge to reach down and squeeze her daughter’s fluffy tail firmly like she would for a child. Tireeni would be ever so embarrassed to be treated that way in front of all the mature females of the clan. “What did you see?” 

“On the horizon, Mother,” Tireeni cooed excitedly, bouncing on her feet. “There’s a small group of them. Other mirucains, not from our clan!” Nareen stiffened again, her jaw clenching, the familiar flicker of anger rising inside her at the thought of enemies straying onto the clan’s territory. “Over there!” Tireeni continued, pointing wildly. “I don’t think they’ve seen us yet.” Nareen followed her daughter’s arm, eyes narrowing as she gazed across the sea of swaying golden grass. It took a few moments, but finally she spotted them, a set of distant figures moving across the plains at the very edge of what she could see. Too far to smell or hear, and clearly cutting away from the warren instead of towards it. She counted five after a moment’s careful study, hardly enough for a raiding party. But another clan all the same, daring to step onto their territory without word or trade, ignoring the scent markings warning them to keep away. That could not be tolerated. 

“Well done.” She growled softly, nodding to her beaming daughter. There were hushed whispers from the other huntresses behind her as they too spotted the unwelcome strangers. “I’ll need our best, Althea, Yonol, Tassha, Mahar, with me.” She pointed her finger at each huntress in turn, picking out the most experienced among them, those she could trust to move silently through the grass and catch these strangers unaware. Five of hers against five of theirs, enough she wouldn’t risk crippling the clan if things went bad. They’d have the advantage of surprise too. The sun was behind them, and they were downwind, so if they were careful they’d never even be noticed until they struck. Those she’d chosen nodded eagerly, even Althea’s grudge forgotten in the thrill and anticipation of a real fight. The others drew back, disappointed but accepting her orders. 

“What about me, Mother?” Tireeni spoke up, her ears twitching eagerly. “I can fight too!” 

“Not just yet.” Nareen shook her head, giving her daughter a stern look despite the flicker of warm, maternal pride at the child’s bravery. It reminded her so much of herself at that age, so eager to fight and win. “I need some strong, brave females staying here watching over the warren and the males we have in case there’s more of them. Can you do that for me, Tireeni?” 

“Yes Mother!” Her daughter nodded, eager to have even this small responsibility for herself. She’d be a real terror in a few years, one of those females constantly fighting for her place, grinding horns against every other huntress for a chance to grab a choice male or the best cut of meat. Just like Nareen had been. 

“Good girl.” Nareen rubbed horns one last time with her grinning daughter, her heart aching with pride. She hadn’t had many children live past infancy yet, just Tireeni and then the rare blessing of a male child following some years later. Just a boy still and being raised with the few other immature males the clan kept under strict watch in the warren. He’d be traded off to another clan for one of theirs when he was old enough, as was tradition. It pained her sometimes to think about, but he was just a male anyway, so Nareen had kept her distance since he’d been whelped. Tireeni though, was her pride and joy, and she couldn’t wait to see her daughter grow even stronger by her side. “Okay.” She raised her head, turning back towards the huntresses she’d picked out. “The five of us will head off these strangers on their path. They’ve already stepped onto our territory without giving word or tribute, so I want all of them dead.” 

There were eager nods and grim smiles from the women. At a proper meeting between clans, with gifts and tributes of males exchanged, it was understood that tempers had to be held back and killing was forbidden. This was not such an occasion, and these interlopers would pay dearly for it. Raising her arm, Nareen loped away from her eagerly watching daughter, cutting into the grass with her four fellow huntresses spreading out behind her. The strangers were moving slowly for female mirucains, and soon enough Nareen signalled with her arm for her huntresses to drop. Crouching low, the five females crept through territory they knew well like silent shadows, scarcely making a sound as they brushed through the grass. They moved ahead of the strangers, Nareen signalling for Althea and Yonol to cross their path, setting up an ambush that would catch these invaders from all sides. It was the same way the clan hunted more dangerous prey, striking from hiding, but it would work just as well against other mirucains. 

Then they waited, crouched low and breathing softly. Soon Nareen heard the rustling steps of the strangers drawing closer, moving into the ambush utterly unawares. She could hear feet dragging on the soil, hoarse, gasping pants for air. Lip curled, she raised her head every so slightly, staring out from between the thick blades of grass. Coming right towards them, the five foolish females she’d spotted were not in a good state. They were slow, the one at the rear limping badly on a wounded leg. Two of the others were injured as well, ragged fur clothes stained with blood and ears drooping with exhaustion, barely able to hold up the full leather bags tossed over the shoulders. Between them, clinging to the hand of one of the wounded, a young girl, maybe four or five seasons old, her horns just tiny bony stubs on her forehead. 

The only one who might be any threat at all led the sorry column, a tall, broad-shouldered female with a proud set of curved horns scored with marks from many battles. Older than Nareen and a little shorter, but still strong and powerful all the same. A Matriarch of this fallen clan, it had to be, by the proud way she held herself despite the dishevelled and wounded females following in her wake. She was easily carrying a large leather sack over one shoulder, pinning it there with her hand. It was twitching slightly, whatever was inside bouncing on her shoulder as she stepped. 

Nareen paused, her lips curling. This wasn’t what she’d wanted…what she’d imagined, but it changed nothing. Wounded and desperate these strangers might be, but they’d still strayed onto her clan’s territory. In fact it made them more dangerous. A raiding party could be driven off with a show of force, but lost stragglers like these would fight tooth and claw for their own survival. They had to, no two clans could share the same territory. The girl was young enough to be spared, young enough that she could be taken and raised in their clan instead. If she was brave and strong enough she might even carve out a place for herself amongst them. For the others though, death it would have to be. Already she could feel her fur standing on end at the sight of strangers, her teeth clenching and grinding. No mirucain could stand the sight of females from another clan encroaching on territory she considered her own. She clenched her fists tightly, her ears bristling as she readied herself for combat. Any moment now they’d be spotted or scented out. It was time to strike. 

Rising from the grass, Nareen thumped her foot hard into the ground in a rapid rhythm, a signal for the others. She didn’t bother to check if they responded, trusting her fellow huntresses to do what was right. Instead, she bounded forward towards the other Matriarch at the head of the column, her lips curled into a furious snarl of challenge. The older female stumbled back, shock on her weathered face, but she recovered even as low snarls and growls rang from the grass around her as Nareen’s clan-mates closed in. She carefully dropped the sack she was carrying in the long grass at her side, ignoring the muffled squeal from within, then lowered her horns to meet Nareen. There was no plea on her lips, no hesitation in her eyes. She knew as well as any mirucain that a clash between ruling Matriachs like this was only ending with one of them dead. 

They leapt at each other with savage grunts, horns lowered to strike. Unlike with Althea, there was no measured attempt to lock and push like a challenge, instead the other Matriarch slammed her head forward, striking out with her horns in a blow that would have shattered Nareen’s arm. She swung her own set right, slamming her opponent to one side with a shower of splintered horn as they scored off each other. Muffled snarls and grunts from behind her opponent told Nareen her fellow huntresses were handling the other wounded females, and she wanted her own fight finished so she could claim the kill for herself. She spun and kicked out viciously, her foot slamming through the hair with all the strength of her muscled thigh behind it. The other Matriarch darted to one side, enough to avoid the heeled strike that would have crushed her hip. Nareen hissed in triumph as she felt her nails catch flesh all the same, ripping open her opponent’s thigh and scoring a vicious wound.

The other Matriarch staggered back, gasping in pain. She was strong and brave and fast, but Nareen was all of those and more, dodging aside each of the older mirucain’s savage kicks and gores with her legs and horns and striking back in turn where she could. Her opponent was fighting hard but tiring quickly, the hatred in her eyes giving way to panicked desperation as the livid bruise on her leg took its toll and she heard the gasping death struggles of her clan-mates behind her. Nareen’s fellow huntresses were making short work of the wounded, and they both knew that this fight was almost over. 

The other Matriarch bowed low like she was about to lash out with her horns again, but at the last moment whirled on her heel, swinging one foot in a vicious arm across her body with all her strength behind him. It was a bold move, but a desperate one, and Nareen was too experienced to fall for such a trick. She darted back just in time to avoid a shattered torso, then drove forward while the older mirucain was still off balance. There was just no time for her opponent to avoid the vicious kick this time, and Nareen’s foot slammed into her belly with a dull crunch. She let out a hoarse, rasping sound, her eyes going wide with pain and disbelief and her muscled legs giving way underneath her. 

After enough fights she couldn’t count them, Nareen knew better than to let a stricken opponent take a final piece of her, and darted in with lowered horns. Gritting her teeth she slammed her head forward, driving up to slam both into the older Matriarch’s chest. It was a strike that would have shattered stone, and sure enough there was a sickening crunching noise of broken bone and flesh as horn dug in. Nareen pulled back, ready to kick out again, but her opponent was already falling back. She watched with a satisfied sneer as the other Matriarch hit the ground, chest near caved in and blood oozing from the vicious wound. . 

Nareen raised her head, breathing lightly, with blood still dripping down her horn. Her ears were burning hot with exertion, her chest rising and falling under the scrap of fur covering her breasts. Not the toughest combat she’d ever seen, but satisfying all the same. There was nothing like a real fight to make her feel alive, along with stoking other urgent needs. When she made it back to the home warren, those males were really going to get it. She was smirking thinly as her narrowed gaze flickered over three other corpses laying on the grass, and the victorious figures of her fellow huntresses standing among them. The young girl was sitting down near one of the bodies, shivering with utter terror and clutching limply at the fallen female’s arm. Her Mother perhaps? Nareen felt a flicker of sympathy as thoughts of Tireeni entered her mind, but thrust it ruthlessly aside. If that one had wanted to live to see her daughter grown, she should have stayed in her own territory. 

Raising her foot, the mirucain Matriarch thumped the ground sharply, over and over in a slow triumphant rhythm, her victory call echoed by the other four huntresses. They’d hear that all the way back at the warren and know that their proud females had won yet again. No doubt the small group of cowardly little males the clan kept would be blushing and wriggling in their safe tunnel, knowing that there would be brave mirucain huntresses coming back soon to take them. 

“Well done.” Nareen stepped up to her fellow huntresses, lowering her horns to each in turn in a gesture of respect. Everyone would know she’d taken the hardest fight by herself of course, but it didn’t hurt to be generous every once in a while. “Mahar, get the girl up, take her back to the warren, feed her and comfort her how you can.” She glanced at the motherly huntress as she spoke, who was already staring at the orphaned kit with sympathy. Mahar had whelped five daughters already. If any one of them could help the shivering little thing adjust to her new life as a member of their clan, it was her. 

“Yes, Matriarch.” Mahar nodded, then strode over to the shuddering kit and crouched beside her, gently leaning in to rub her horns along those barely grown little nubs on the girl’s forehead. The child made a strangled whimpering noise, but didn’t struggle when the motherly huntress grabbed her gently under the arms and lifted her up into her chest. Nareen nodded with satisfaction as Mahar carried the shivering child back towards the warren. The kit was still very young, in time she’d forget all this, her foreign scent covered up with that of the clan who took her in, and with luck grow up to be a useful member of their clan. No sense killing one so young. 

“You three.” She glanced back at her other huntresses. “Check their bags, gather up anything of use.” She nodded to the corpses scattered at their feet. Travelling across open ground like this, these strangers had to have been hauling dried meat and water at least, useful loot for the clan. “Then dig out a grave for each of them so we can send them off to their ancestors. I’ll not have their spirits haunting our hunting grounds.” 

“Yes Matriarch.” Althea echoed, for once not offering any defiance. The curse of unquiet souls scaring off the great herds was one any sensible mirucain feared. If a corpse was not returned to the earth where it belonged so the soul could be freed to travel to the Great Star above, calamity would surely follow soon after. “You’re not helping us?” Althea asked, as Nareen pointedly didn’t move to assist her. 

“I’ve got something else I need to check for myself.” Narren grinned, baring gleaming fangs at her rival. Althea seemed to consider questioning that for a moment, but backed down, still meek after her failed challenge of just minutes ago. Nareen scoffed and turned away, leaving her huntresses to their labors. There was one bag in particular she was very interested in, that big twitching sack slung across the other Matriarch’s shoulder. If what she thought was inside, then she wanted him all for herself. 

As Althea, Yonol and Tassha started rifling over the bodies, Nareen stepped lightly back over to the corpse of the Matriarch, her keen eyes finding the sack where the dead mirucain had set it down so carefully. The leather bag was flat on the ground, empty now, but she saw a trail through the grass beside where a small body had wriggled out and ducked into the vegetation. Just then, her sharp nose caught the scent of male flesh, that unmistakable sweet smell that lit a fire in her loins. A young one, from the scent, but still mature enough to breed. 

Nareen smiled thinly. The greatest of prizes for any mirucain huntress. Males were born so rarely. They were any clan’s most precious possessions, guarded jealously and the first target of any raid on a neighbouring warren. A young one like this sweet scent hinted at would be put to very good use breeding and satisfying her fellow females for many years to come once she dragged him back to the warren in triumph. 

Nareen lent down, her skin tingling with anticipation as she examined the trail of bent and broken grass. Her keen eyes could easily spot where a body had crawled hurriedly into the vegetation. So, he’d crawled out during the struggle and bolted, had he? Probably gotten frightened out of his wits by the sound of combat. Males were so very cowardly, but didn’t the silly thing realise he was in far more danger out there in the grass then he was sticking with her? She’d treat him roughly to be sure, especially with her blood still up from that fight, but at least she wouldn’t gobble him up like one of the real predators. Not literally anyway.  

Licking her lips, Nareen stepped along the trail, leaving her fellow huntresses to squabble over whatever lesser plunder they scrounged from the bodies. She was chasing the real prize now, following the faint trail the male had left through the grass, still on all fours judging by the way the blades were bent. He really was a silly one, crawling so far, thinking that would hide him from her. Breathing in that sweet, faint scent still lingering in the air, Nareen set to the hunt, eager to sate the longing ache between her legs on this foolish male’s body. 

It didn’t take her long to find him of course. She was a huntress, and he was just a scared little male. Stepping a little further through the grass she spotted a small body curled up on the ground, shivering in fear and whimpering softly. As she stepped up to him, he turned his head to look at her, and Nareen paused, taking in a sharp breath of wonder as she stared down at the young male she meant to claim. 

He had to be the prettiest thing she’d ever seen, soft and delicate, his skin smooth and so very pale. Like any male, his long ears drooped down instead of standing up proud, and they were covered in soft, downy fur, white in color. No horns either, of course, males didn’t fight. His eyes were huge, a shade of reddish grey she’d never seen the likes of before and framed with long, fluttering lashes, his lips soft and glistening. A pulse of pleasure bloomed between her legs as she imagined how that soft mouth would feel pressed against her pussy, his little tongue licking away. His body was just as perfect, small and delicate, with short, weak legs and a slender torso. Naked of course, what male needed clothing, and Nareen licked her lips again as her hungry gaze flickered over his bare thighs. He had a shivering little hand held over his crotch, hiding his dick from her, but he was still helpless as a kit to stop her from pouncing on him right there and then. She almost did. 

“Please…” He whimpered softly, shivering there in the grass like the helpless prey he was. Instead of answering, Nareen stepped forward and planted her foot on top of his chest, pinning him down underneath a fraction of her weight. There was no way she was letting this one wriggle out from under her. Even his pathetic mewling struggles made her even wetter and by now her muscled thighs were slick and wet with her dripping juices. Her body ached with the need to mate again. She’d ridden one of the boys back in the warren to several screaming climaxes just this morning, but then she’d always been insatiable. “Please…don’t hurt me.” The little male gasped, his high, mewling voice ringing sweetly in her ears.

Ignoring his delicious whimpers, Nareen glanced over her shoulder, to where the other three huntresses were some distance away still picking over the carcasses of the fallen strangers, so focused on gathering up loot they hadn’t even noticed she was straying away from them. If Althea and the others did see she’d found this sweet morsel, they’d want a piece of him as well, and right now Nareen was not in the mood to share or squabble. She smirked wider as a delicious idea came to her. She’d enjoyed hunting him so far, what if she played a little more with the cowardly male? Herd him away from the others at the same time, push him to a sheltered spot where she could then enjoy him at her leisure. 

With a hungry purr she bent over the pretty little male and grabbed him by the shoulder, a shudder of anticipation running down her spine as she felt how soft his skin was under her fingers. She lifted her foot from his chest and yanked him to his feet, his body so light she could lift him easily with just that one arm. Her other hand darted over his sweet lips, muffling his adorable squeaks and whimpers. She didn’t want Althea hearing those cute noises and spoiling her fun. Setting him down on his feet in front of her, Nareen grinned toothily down at the helpless male. He was tiny, barely standing up to her chest. Fuck…she wanted to mate him bad, but how much the sweeter would it be after she’d chased him down? 

“Run, boy.” She purred, her voice rumbling with lust. “Run away, as fast as you can. If you can keep away from me, I’ll let you go back to your clan, but if I catch you, you’re going to be mine.” His gorgeous eyes widened as he stared fearfully up at her, shivering like a blade of grass under her hand. He was scared and desperate enough he didn’t even think through what she’d told him. No male had a hope of outrunning a female, and even if he did what was left of the clan that had owned him were dead on the grass behind her. But then males weren’t that smart either, their little minds all filled up with anxious desire to please the females who owned them. 

With a click of her teeth, she let him go, pushing him away from her. The weak little chit almost fell flat on his face in the grass right there, but he just about managed to turn on a trembling leg. For a moment she thought he might just freeze like stricken prey and spoil her fun, but then with one last terrified squeak, he darted off into the grass. Nareen watched him go, hungrily admiring his naked hindquarters. His bare butt wiggled and bounced enticingly as he awkwardly ran, his little fluffy tail twitching. Nareen couldn’t wait to get her hands all over those smooth cheeks, groping, smacking and squeezing all she pleased. 

The horny mirucain counted slowly in her head, giving him a rather long head-start. Even at the pathetically slow speed he was running, he’d made it a good distance from her by the time she decided it was time to pursue, his little figure barely visible above the swaying blades of grass. A glance over her shoulder confirmed the other huntresses were carrying their loot back towards the warren, so they wouldn’t even hear when she threw him on the ground and rode him hard until she screamed. Nareen bent down slowly, stretching out one long, muscled leg behind her and laying a hand on the earth. Her body stilled, the shivers of lust and anticipation easing away. Long, slow breaths made her chest rise and fall as she prepared herself for the chase.

Then, she bounded forward, loping into an easy sprint, her legs kicking soil up behind her. Years of running down prey had honed these movements of her body to perfection, her long strides carrying her across the ground with all the savage speed of a huntress. In mere moments, she’d crossed most of the distance between her and the fleeing male. He just had enough time to look over his shoulder, giving her a sweet glimpse of his pretty face all pale and terrified, before she darted in beside him and swept out a hand. Her arm wrapped around his waist as she bowled past, and she lifted him up with her between long, bounding strides. 

Wriggling, squealing prey under her arm, she pulled to a halt, kicking up more clods of earth behind her. The horny mirucain was smirking with cruel triumph as she stood there on the grass, barely breathing hard despite the headlong sprint. Her heated gaze flickered down to the boy under her arm, his arms pinned to his sides, his head behind her and his soft stubby legs dangling and kicking in front. His bare rump rested adorably in the crook of her arm, fluffy tail quivering frantically. The silly chit was wriggling helplessly, trying to struggle free for some reason. Stupid male, didn’t he understand that this was what he was for, her amusement and pleasure? 

“Keep still!” She snapped, reaching across to give him a sharp smack across the bare rump, her hand cracking across soft, quivering flesh. His shrill squeal of shock and pain sounded so sweet she almost struck him again, but decided against it when he went limp in her grip, whimpering softly. At least he knew enough to be obedient to her now, or his submissive male instincts were making sure he did, not that it meant she was going any easier on him. 

Loping forward, Nareen cut through the grass with her prize, heading for a nearby fungal stalk. She’d take him there, she decided, in the shade. Far enough from the warren still that no-one would hear his squeals or her screams of pleasure, and the wind would feel pleasant on her face when she rode him into the ground. mirucains usually mated underground, in the chambers of the warren where the rare males were kept safely hidden away. This would be a nice change, she thought, even as the ache in her loins grew ever more insistent. The smell of him, sweet and pure, filled her nostrils with every breath. A young male…she wondered if he’d even been mounted by a female before. If not, he was in for quite a first time. Just by the needy throbbing between her legs she sensed it was going to be a long time before she was finished with him. 

Under the shade of the mushroom canopy, she dropped the squirming male in the dirt at her feet, drinking in his little squeal of shock. He squirmed up onto his knees and stared fearfully up at her, the anxious look on his face making her lick her lips. The silly chit wasn’t struggling anymore, was he? Perhaps she should test his submission a little further before she pinned him on the ground and rode him hard. The thought made her smirk, and she slowly lifted one of her long bare legs towards his face. 

“Please…” The boy gasped, his anxious eyes flickering along the corded muscle of her calves and thighs. In spite of his obvious fear of her, there was something lingering in that hesitant little stare, and Nareen was delighted to see his little tail twitching up above his cute rump. The signal of a silly male getting aroused, and one that sent an answering pulse of need through her body. What boy could resist a female like her, tall and proud and strong, a true mirucain huntress? It didn’t matter how roughly she treated him from now on, this sweet, innocent male was going to soon adore her for it. 

“Quiet, male.” She snapped, lifting her bare foot right in front of his trembling lips. “I caught you, so you’re mine now. Kiss my leg, while I decide what is to be done with you. Do a good job of it, and perhaps I’ll go easier.” She had no intention of going easy on this one, but he didn’t know that, and sure enough the cute male leant forward and pressed his trembling lips against the bridge of her foot. 

Nareen shuddered with delight as she felt his soft lips brush over her skin, planting long lingering kisses up her foot and ankle. As she slowly lowered her leg, he worked his way up over her calves. His gorgeous eyes fluttered, and his kisses grew rather more eager as he pressed his mouth against her muscles. Males were just so very easy, Nareen thought as he tenderly kissed up towards her thigh. The thrumming heat between her legs was growing even more insistent now, and the horny mirucain could resist it no longer. 

As the beautiful male nuzzled at her lower thigh, Nareen reached down to the short fur loincloth over her hips and untied it, slipping it off to bare her dripping pussy to the air. She moaned and shivered, naked now and ready to mate. The boy kneeling at her feet paused, his lips still pressed against her muscled thigh. His pretty eyes darted between her legs, growing even wider as they stared longingly at her slit. She smirked at the needy look, little doubt left in her mind that this boy was not only young but entirely inexperienced. What a treat for herself…she was going to enjoy this. 

 “I didn’t say stop, boy.” She sneered. “In fact…” Her hand darted down and seized him by the hair, drawing a little squeal of shock from the delicate boy. “I’m going to put that sweet mouth of yours to even better use.” She yanked him forward, pressing his pretty face between her thighs, and pulling him up until his mouth rested over the wet, aching heat of her dripping pussy. A muffled yelp made her shudder in delight. Fuck, his lips were so soft. The horny mirucain couldn’t resist the urge to buck and grind herself on him, rubbing her pussy all over his pretty face, marking him as hers. When she finally did take him back to the warren for the others to squabble over, she wanted him drenched in her musk, so they’d all know who he really belonged to. “Lick me, male.” She growled, her voice rumbling with lust at the delicious thought.

The boy didn’t hesitate, his male instincts to serve and pleasure superior females providing what he lacked in experience. His warm tongue slid out to tentatively flutter over her throbbing pussy, tasting her skin and drinking down her juices. She moaned and quivered, savoring each soft little lick, but wanting, needing more. Clicking her teeth, the horny mirucain ground his face deeper bending her legs to trap his head firmly there between her muscled thighs. He squeaked in protest, muffled by her pussy, but she ignored his pathetic whimpering and even the silly boy soon realised the only way she was letting him go was once he pleased her. 

His tongue went back to work, drawing a fresh thrum of pleasure from Nareen’s lips. Her hand on his head pressed him deeper, while her thighs squeezed him tight and held him right where he belonged, on his knees and pleasing her. In time, she’d have him in other positions too, but for now she was eager merely to enjoy a male tongue frantically exploring her eager slit. 

After all the excitement of chasing him down, her ardour was already up, and it wasn’t long before even his inexperienced lapping brought her to the brink of climax. He’d learn to use that tongue better soon enough, trained thoroughly by her and the others at the warren, but for now she just enjoyed the moment, her thighs quivering and squeezing him tightly between her bulging muscles as waves of hot pleasure seared through her core. Her stomach clenched, and her head threw back. Using the hand gripping his hair, she ground the male’s face against her pelvis and growled out in fierce delight as the climax broke over her. The boy’s tongue kept working, lapping frantically at her throbbing pussy even as she moaned and gasped her way through a shuddering orgasm. 

At long last, she slumped with a satisfied sigh. Her trembling thighs slipped apart, finally freeing the male from between them. He fell back onto his rump with a little squeal, staring up at her with confused, anxious eyes that were glazed with desire all the same. She smirked down at him, enjoying the sight of his pretty face drenched in her juices. More enticing still, between his soft, pale thigh his cock was standing up stiff and hard. It wasn’t the biggest she’d played with, but a respectable size all the same, and the horny mirucain felt a shudder of need passing through her body a the thought of that shaft delving into her pussy as she bounced on top of the squealing, helpless male and rode him into the dirt. 

Without a word to her new toy, she raised her muscled leg again and pressed her foot into his chest. He gasped out as she slowly pushed with a fraction of her strength, forcing his torso to bend back at the waist. The male hurriedly wriggled his legs out from under him, so that he ended up lying flat across the ground with her foot planted firmly on top of him. Exactly where he belonged, under a female. Her smirk widening, Nareen ground her foot a little firmer into his skin, drawing a little yelp from his trembling lips. Like a good boy, he didn’t beg or speak just yet, already understanding in his weak male mind that he was here for her to play with. 

“Stay like that, don’t move.” Nareen purred, then lifted her foot from his chest and crouched down right beside him, her hungry gaze drifting over his slender male body. Already the flames of lust were stirring inside her, the satisfaction of the climax she’d eked out on his tongue ebbing away to be replaced by fiery need. She reached out a hand, and the boy let out a strangled gasp as her fingers found his stiff, twitching cock, wrapping gently round the shaft. Nareen wasn’t like most mirucain females, who would definitely have pounced on his shaft by now and ridden him into the ground. She liked to play with her food a little first, a habit that made the boys back in the warren so adorably nervous when she came to visit them. “Tell me, male, have you been mated before?” Nareen asked, slowly starting to stroke her hand up and down that throbbing length. She’d guessed the answer already, but it would be sweet to hear it from his lips instead. For a moment, the boy was quiet, as she simply enjoyed the heat and hardness of his cock in her grip. His hips were shivering and there was a glazed look in his pretty eyes, but her slow, gentle caresses weren’t meant to bring him release just yet. “Answer the question.” She sneered. “Am I the first female to touch you here?”

“Yes…” The boy gasped out, his voice trembling with a delicious mixture of anxiousness and lust. 

“Really?” The horny mirucain purred, continuing to stroke her possessive hand up and down his hot, throbbing dick. She’d suspected so, but the more she played with this delicious toy the more she had to wonder. “Why is that? I’d have thought a delicious morsel like you would have been ridden by every female who saw you.” She kept teasing him all the while, enjoying how is dick twitched helplessly in her hand. No matter how much she toyed with him, the boy laid there obediently on the ground, submitting to her as only a male could. They were so meek and helpless, but fun to play with all the same.  

“I…only just came of age.” The young male stammered, little shivers running up his spine. By now his cock was drooling, dripping clear pre-cum down his throbbing shaft. As Nareen felt it, sticky and warm, on her fingers, she shuddered, resisting the urge to lift her hand to her lips and taste him. Not just yet. “Then we had to run from our warren because another clan attacked…I didn’t understand why. My Mothe…the Matriarch said I should be kept pure, so she could trade me with for safe passage, I think.” He was clearly struggling to focus through her teasing, gasping out the words between little whimpers and moans. 

Nareen’s lips curled, her merciless hand continuing it’s slow journey up and down the whimpering boy’s helpless, twitching shaft. Was this young one meant to be the price that the fallen clan paid to cross her territory? Had she been too hasty in slaughtering them all like that? It didn’t matter, she decided. They were dead now anyway, and the male was hers, her prize. It was hard to think about anything but that as the heat of lust swelled inside her. This pretty male, so gorgeous and delicate, belonged to her now, and she meant to use him thoroughly. 

“Your Mother’s gone, run off and left you here. I’m your Matriarch now, boy.” She sneered, her voice low and rough with lust. He didn’t need to know she’d been the one to kill his Mother, not ever. “You’ll call me that from now on, understand?” She wanted to hear him call her that in his sweet, trembling voice. It never made her feel hotter than to have a young male whimpering her title to her as she rode him into the dirt. 

“Yes, Matriarch.” The male nodded frantically, not showing the slightest hesitation in submitting to her authority. Of course he didn’t, boys his age were often traded between clans and found themselves having to serve rapacious females they’d never even met before. Just as it should be. 

“Now, male, I’m just going to keep stroking you like this for a while.” Nareen continued, meeting his glazed, lust-filled stare with a cruel smirk. His hoarse, disappointed moan at the prospect of more teasing made her shudder with desire. She was burning up with need herself, but she could just about hold it back to have a little more fun with him. “You only get to cum inside me, you see. A male’s seed belongs to the female who’s using him, spilling it on the ground or my hand displeases the ancestors and I’m going to be very careful not to let that happen. So, boy, if you want release, you’re going to have to beg me to get on top of you and ride you the way a male is meant to be ridden. Otherwise I’ll just keep having my fun playing with you like this.” She fell silent, continuing her slow, sensual torture of his poor, twitching dick. The shaft felt even hotter now, the throbbing skin almost burning against her palm as she stroked him up and down his length. He was trembling helplessly, his eyes full of desire and his hands curled into frantic little fists by his sides. He’d submitted to her already and she wasn’t surprised in the slightest when he started begging like a whimpering kit. 

“Please…Matriarch.” He stammered out. “Please let me.” She paused, making a show of considering. The adorable, hopeful look on his face made her pussy ache, and when she slowly started stroking him again his soft, despairing moan sent another pulse of pleasure through her body. He’d need to do better than that, her cool sneer told him. “Please…I need…” His voice died in a strangled moan as she firmly squeezed the swollen head of his twitching cock in her hand. 

“Not good enough, I’m afraid.” Nareen smirked, savoring every moment. The way this pretty boy wriggled and moaned under her teasing attentions, his eyes glazed with wet desire, made her pussy throb and ache, juices dripping down her thighs. “Tell me what you want me to do to you, little male, beg for it.” He squealed needily as she started stroking him once more, slick pre-cum dribbling down the shaft of his twitching dick and clinging to her stroking fingers. 

“Matriarch…please, I don’t…I don’t know.” The boy whimpered like the helpless prey he was. “I’ve never…I please Matriarch, use me, do what you want to me. Just let me…cum, please.” Nareen drank in the desperate look in his gorgeous eyes for a few delicious moments, holding his throbbing cock in her teasing grasp. Then, she decided he’d grovelled enough. With a purr of anticipation, she let him go at last, drawing a frantic moan from his lips as his drooling dick twitched forlornly in the air. 

“Lie there, don’t you dare even more a muscle.” She growled. The boy froze, staring at her from the ground with a delicious mixture of hope and anxious fear. Nareen stepped over him, lining her aching, dripping pussy up with the head of his twitching cock. She was burning with lust now, the fiery heat like a coiled knot inside her belly, begging for release. Her jaw was clenched, her long ears twitching as she slowly squatted down over him. One hand darted to down to firmly grab his throbbing cock by the base, holding it there for her to ride. Then, with a hungry growl, the mirucain slammed herself down the last few inches, driving her drooling pussy down onto his helpless shaft. The boy let out a shrill, frantic squeal as he slid inside her without resistance, her body swallowing him up and clenching tight around his hot, throbbing cock. She ground down onto his pelvis until she was settled on him, his stiff dick buried to the hilt inside her. 

Just the feeling of conquering a fresh male and riding him this way sent a hot pulse of pleasure through Nareen, and she growled in hot delight. Her hips tensed, grinding her pussy over the boy’s helpless pelvis. Rubbing her aching clit on his skin as he filled her up sent her tumbling over the edge into another shuddering climax. She felt her pussy squeeze and milk his throbbing cock, clenching tightly round that pulsing shaft. The boy mewled and whimpered underneath her, his gaze glassy with desire as he stared up at her muscled body. His hips were twitching helplessly, his hands clenched into little fists by his sides. Such a needy little male, but they all were once she pinned them down and had her way with them. 

The triumphant mirucain purred with pleasure as she started bouncing up and down on her new toy, raising herself up until just the swollen head of his cock rested inside her, then slamming down and swallowing him up once more. She ground his butt and tail into the earth underneath him. Her hips smacked against his thighs, the slapping sound of female muscle on soft male flesh filling her twitching ears. 

As she slammed into him again and again, she heard his mewling cries quicken and felt the quivering of his helpless hips as she ground down into him. It wasn’t a surprise after how much she’d teased him that he was going to cum this quickly, but a male should really have more restraint. Still, he was young, he’d learn soon enough under the not so gentle tutelage of the other females of the warren. Rather than denying the boy any further, Nareen let her fill him to the hilt, savoring the hot, pulsing sensation of a young and eager male shaft inside her tight, greedy pussy. 

“Matriarch…I’m…!” The boy squealed, shivering like the helpless prey he was underneath her. He let out a shrill yipping noise that filled her ears and made her moan in delight, and just like that she felt his hot, sticky cum squirting inside her in jets of warmth. That blissful feeling sent a deep pulse of pleasure through her, and just like that she threw back her head, crowing out in blissful triumph as another sweet climax swept over her shuddering body. She felt her pussy clench even tighter around his pulsing shaft, milking out every last drop of cum he could give her, feeling it fill her waiting womb. His gasps and moans turned to frantic little squeaks as she went straight back to riding him, not even giving the silly male a moment to rest. 

“I’m nowhere near done with you, boy.” She sneered down at him, drinking in the sight of his pretty face caught between helpless pleasure and fear of the insatiable female who had him in her grip. Even for Nareen, it was a rare delight to have such a pretty male all to herself without having to fight for it and she intended to take full advantage of the opportunity. As soon as he was locked up safely back in the warren, the other females would be near constantly squabbling and locking horns over the chance to mate with him. It was almost a shame they’d all be left disappointed today at least, since she intended to drain him dry of every drop of cum before she was done.   

Some time later, Nareen was striding back through the swaying grass towards the warren. She was dressed again, the scrap of fur tied across her hips and warm, cum-filled pussy. The delicious feeling made her rather hopeful she’d end up pregnant again, hopefully by this same pretty boy. It often took many days of mating for a male’s seed to take, but perhaps she’d be lucky this time. Another daughter perhaps, one sharing the cute male’s pretty eyes and pale skin, but with her strength and vigor. A suitable sibling for Tireeni, who’d also make her just as proud she was sure.  

As for the boy, he was slung firmly over her shoulder, limp and exhausted, his soft legs dangling over her chest. One of her arms held him there like a sack, her hand on his waist pinning him there. He was making soft, whimpering noises as he bounced up and down with her long steps. By the end of her frantic riding of his cock, she’d rather tired out the poor thing. He’d really have to work on that stamina once he was having to satisfy an entire warren of horny females. Well, even if his cock was soft and his balls drained, that lovely tongue of his would be seeing plenty of work all the same. She wouldn’t be surprised if the poor thing spent almost every hour of the day with a horny female sitting on top of his pretty face demanding he satisfy her. After all, Nareen intended to be spending rather a lot of time doing that herself. 

As she approached the path where the short ambush had been laid, she spotted Tireeni standing nearby, a small, insolent smile on her young and pretty face. She quickly spotted her Mother approaching and leapt to her feet with a wide smile, thumping her foot on the ground in greeting. Nareen loped up to meet her daughter, feeling the usual swell of warm relief and pride as they were reunited once again.

“I thought I told you to wait by the warren, daughter.” She growled, but without any real anger, leaning to the opposite side of where the silly male dangled over her shoulder to once again rub horns with her lively daughter. 

“There was nothing happening, Mother. It was really boring” Tireeni pouted, her ears drooping in mock annoyance. “I wanted to see what happened with the intruders, and then Yonol said you were gone so I was looking for you. Where did you go, the others found…hold on…is that?” She squealed in delight as her gaze finally fell on the bare legs and rump of the male pinned to her Mother’s shoulder. The boy wriggled a little under Nareen’s hand, making a hoarse whimpering noise as he realised he was being shown off to another female. 

“Yes, daughter.” Nareen grinned triumphantly, reaching up to pat the male rather firmly on his soft, adorable rump, just below the twitching tail. The silly boy got the message and fell still, slumping back over her shoulder with a soft gasp. “A male, and a rather young one too. I thought I smelt out a trail leading from where we fought those strangers, and found him cowering in the grass.” 

“Ancestors, Mother, that’s great news! Another male for the warren!” Tireeni crowed, bouncing on her heels in excitement. She darted round to get a closer look at the trembling male. “He’s such a cute one too…oh Mother, I want him to be my first!” 

“Of course you can have him.” Nareen smiled indulgently. “As soon as you can fight for your place and show the warren you’re worthy of it, you can mate with him all you please.” Tireeni pouted faintly, tossing her set of proud horns, still unmarked by the scars of combat that scored her Mother’s own larger pair. Mature she might be, but it would be a little while yet before she was strong enough to stand against an experienced huntress like those who’d want first use of this male. Such was only proper for any warren. Only the strong could breed, ensuring the next generation of mirucains weren’t weaklings. Of course Nareen was tempted to toss the cute boy on the ground and let her darling daughter use him all she wanted, but she wasn’t given to coddling her young. Tireeni would have to earn that chance herself. 

The two of them continued together, with Tireeni constantly leaning in to give the male on her Mother’s shoulder admiring and hungry looks that suggested she was going to be locking horns with the other females over him soon enough. The silly boy was still whimpering and wriggling, but pinned helplessly under Nareen’s arm he couldn’t move an inch. They were rather near where his Mother and clan had been slaughtered by now though, and she’d rather spare him the sight of their bodies if she could. Males tended to be fragile, this one seeming all the more so. And they were much less fun to play with when they got all sad and mopey. Of course that was the only reason why she ordered Tireeni to grab the sack she’d found the male in so she could pop him back inside and make sure he didn’t see the bodies of his fallen clan. It certainly had nothing to do with the flicker of sympathy she felt towards the whimpering boy at the thought of him crying over his dead Mother. That wouldn’t be a proper thing to feel towards a mere male. 

As she lowered his shivering body back into the sack, his pretty red eyes met hers, so big and sad. Nareen found herself smiling gently back, and before she shut the bag she slipped a hand inside and patted him tenderly on the head. The whimpering male relaxed a little as she scratched around his fuzzy ears. He’d been a good lay. Maybe she’d keep him for herself for now, spare him the feeding frenzy that would ensue when she got him back to the warren. For now though, she deftly tied the top of the bag together, noting with approval that the fallen Matriarch she’d won him from had cut a few small breathing holes in to make sure the boy had air. Then she casually lifted his meagre weight and tossed it back over her shoulder. That’d keep him safe, and make sure he didn’t see anything he shouldn’t.  

Althea and the others were hard at work by now. They’d separated out the sacks of loot they’d gathered from the fallen strangers, and carried the bloodied bodies carefully to one side. Each huntress was now digging out a grave in the black earth, using their hands first to churn up the soil with practiced ease, then kicking it out with their feet, carving out a hole large enough for the dead females to fit inside. As Nareen and her daughter approached, the three huntresses glanced up from their labors

“We’re almost done with these three, Matriarch.” Yonol, a short and stocky female with one badly chipped horn, grunted with exertion as she kicked up clods of earth from the bottom of the grave she was working on. “One more needs digging though.” 

“Good.” Nareen nodded. She set the bag she was carrying carefully down a small distance from the graves, ignoring the muffled whimper from inside and Tireeni’s greedy glance at it. If she left the two of them alone, she had no doubt the boy would be on his back being ridden hard within the moment. “Daughter, we’ll dig the last one together.” She ordered her wayward child. Tireeni nodded hurriedly, sensing when it was better not to argue with her Mother. The pair of them soon dug out the last shallow grave in the earth, big enough for that other fallen Matriarch to fit. Then together with the huntresses, they carefully moved each body to a grave, laying the fallen enemies down with as much respect as they could manage. Finally, the disturbed soil was piled over the bloodied corpses, covering up the dead at last. 

“Matriarch, if you will.” Still breathing hard from her exertions, Althea glanced expectantly at Nareen, who nodded once. A peaceful silence fell over the plains as the five mirucains lowered their horns and silently paid their respects to the fallen enemy, as was proper to do so. Even Tireeni was silent, beyond a few little fidgets that earned her a stern glare from her Mother that kept her still. Foes they might have been, and strangers, but now fallen now there was no hatred for them. They could be afforded what was due the dead. 

“Fallen females of this clan unknown.” Nareen pronounced at last, spreading her hands wide. “May your spirits pass on in peace to the sky-warren where your ancestors dwell in the light of the Great Star high above us. May you hunt, feast and drink of all the blessed bounty of the sky. May you have all the males you could ever wish for, to serve you in every way you desire.” Such was the longing dream of every mirucain female, and the bliss that waited for them in the sky-warrens if they did their duty well and served their clan in life. “And may you bear us no hatred now your time has passed.” The wind whipped past as she finished speaking, ruffling in the fur of her twitching ears. Nareen smiled to herself, feeling a sense of peace and knowing her duty to these unfortunate strangers was done. There’d be no trouble from unquiet souls here, she was certain. They’d pass on just fine, and be content in the afterlife. “Now, let’s gather up our loot and all of us get back to the warren.” She nodded to her huntresses. “We’ll have a victory feast to celebrate. I’ll even stand back this time and let each of you have your first choice of males this time.” 

There were cheers at that, and the huntresses pounded the earth with their feet once more in raucous celebration. The boys back in the warren were getting used hard tonight it seemed. Nareen’s smile thinned, very pleased her cunning generosity had been so well received. She’d made her own decision. No need to tell them just yet about the prize she’d won, the pretty male hidden away in that sack. She’d tell them it was more food, and carry the boy herself back to her chambers in the warren and keep him just for her own use for a while. Tireeni would keep her little secret, and she’d be able to enjoy herself without sharing for as long as she wanted. Such was her privilege as Matriarch, right? And it’d spare that cute male the rough use he’d get from the females of the warren, at least until he was a little more accustomed to it from her.  

Moments later, the five mirucain females were walking together back towards the safety and comfort of their home warren, chattering in excitement with sacks of loot slung over their muscled shoulders. Nareen led them, holding her own bag carefully in her hands. She’d hushed the boy before picking him up, and so far he was keeping good and still enough that none of the others had guessed the treasure she’d taken for herself. Althea had sniffed something out of course, but had been easily sidetracked by a reminder that she’d be enjoying herself with her own favorite soon enough and was by now eager enough to think the scent of male she’d detected was just her lustful imagination.  

Tireeni padded up beside her Mother, flashing an eager smile. The girl was full of energy as always. She’d be very disappointed to know she was going straight back on watch duty when they made it back to the warren, Nareen thought as she returned her daughter’s grin. Still, a little patience and duty to the clan wasn’t a bad thing for a young female to learn. Tireeni had many years yet to learn to hunt and fight, to squabble with her fellow females and make fast friends afterwards, to enjoy a male for the first time and take his seed from him. All the things that made life good. And she’d have her Mother’s proud protection and guidance every moment until she needed it no longer, Nareen silently promised herself that.

The mirucain Matriarch raised her head slowly, a smile on her lips. She hefted the weight of the bag in her arms a little higher, shifting the weight of the male inside it. Her pussy was already beginning to drip and ache again with longing urges as she imagined just what she was going to do with him back in the warren before the night was through. A victorious fight and a sweet prize, this had been a very good day. Her gaze traced over the deep blue of the sky, already tinged with scarlet as the sun began to set towards the horizon. And as far as she could tell, there’d be many more to come, for both her and her daughter.  

Somewhere high above that darkening sky, further than Nareen could even begin to grasp, the kthid warship Empty Night hung in the empty blackness, a stalking predator hungering for new prey. The massive vessel’s holds were already swollen with slaves, breeding females of all manner of alien races the rapacious hunters had harvested for their own use. Hulking kthid warriors stalked the hallways, baying impatiently to each other for the hunt they knew to come in this new system and the bounty they would claim. 

At the black heart of the ship, Huntsmaster Voerash sat upon his throne. He was a hulking mass of scales and muscle, his horned head and clenched jaw lined with fangs made him the very image of a merciless predator. The apex kthid was tapping his clawed fingers on the armrest as his pitiless golden eyes scanned the reports his scouts had provided him. Between his massive, scaled legs a conquered slave rested on her coiled tentacles, diligently swallowing his thick, scaled shaft. One of the small and pathetic creatures from a race he had subjugated long ago, the cock she was fearfully worshiping bulging in her throat. Anisa was her name, not that he bothered to use it much. Her skin, it pleased him momentarily to note, was a ghostly shade of white, as her pathetic kind often turned when confronted by the prospect of servicing their cruel Masters. She had learned to fear the kthid first, and then had learned to serve them as all females did. 

Voerash raised his head and stared once more in contempt at an image of the pathetic species they had discovered here. These tall, muscular females with their horns and long, furred ears, almost as tall as a kthid warrior caste. They’d make for fine breeders with all that strength, perhaps he’d even claim one for his own if he found a defiant and stubborn enough female to rouse his interest. The small, pathetic males would all be butchered of course. The Kthid had no use for them. His lips curled, baring rows of vicious fangs as the attention of his heitara edged him closer to climax. Merely primitives these creatures were, so there would be no glorious struggle that would earn him the respect of the other fleets, yet there were simple pleasures to be found in breaking yet another race of worthless aliens to his yoke, putting their wombs to better use breeding the next generation. All for the glory of the kthid and the Dark Star they served. 

“Begin the Harvest.” The Huntsmaster rumbled, his voice echoing through the cavernous chambers of the ship. He grunted sharply out as his pulsing cock spilled thick seed into the choking throat of his struggling slave, a triumphant climax to mark the start of another campaign of subjugation. “For the glory of the Dark Star.”

3 thoughts on “NSC – The Last Hunt

  1. This is some gourmet stuff right here. Femdom isn’t my cup of tea but it looks like that won’t be a problem soon anyways. I’m imagining the females to looks somewhat Mirko (My Hero Academia) with horns. Thanks for writing!


  2. Hey, the writer here! Thanks so much for your comment, very glad you enjoyed the story despite the femdom lol! It’s actually much more what I’m into myself, but I’m a big fan of John’s writing anyway so I decided I wanted to contribute my own story to this universe when we got the chance.

    As John mentioned, the mirucains were based off Mirko. I’m a big fan of her character and design so when we were making our own alien races for these stories the chance to play around with that was one I couldn’t resist.

    And yes, there will be more Nareen to come in Found Family. Hope you enjoy seeing what happens to her character and the other mirucains!

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