Primal Business 2

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It hadn’t taken her captors all that long to break Aanisa into little tiny pieces. That wasn’t surprising, really. Just because the gazelle had thought herself smart, tough, and worldly didn’t mean that she was, and the pride of lustful lions were experts in proving it to her again and again and again.

The young, kidnapped lawyer didn’t remember when she had passed out, but she had. Maybe it was when she had been riding Sarge, eager to prove what a good fucktoy she was to earn a crust of bread and Tank had decided to stick her barbed cock deep into her from behind, double stuffing her tiny cunt. No, it couldn’t have been that that made her lose consciousness, though. She still cringed even at the thought of how much it had hurt, but she also remembered what came after.

Skid had been the next to fuck her. The lioness had complained her twat was loose, and choke-fucked her against the mattress for almost a half an hour. She had claimed that it was because she just wasn’t tight enough, but Aanisa could see the glint in her eyes as she loosed up her grip just enough to let her relax and suck in a breath from time to time, eager to keep her misery going and keep herself hard. Maybe it had been there… but no, it couldn’t have been because after that she had gotten that earned bread, but only after Doc had jizzed all over it, making sure she “got enough protein for the baby.” And after that…

And after that had been something else. And then something else. And then something else. And now, now she was waking up, still curled up on the bed, with a sleeping Sarge buried in her cunt. Even in her sleep, her cock throbbed softly and felt huge in the abused gazelle, and even if she had been unbound Aanisa didn’t doubt that she was too sore to even try to move.

She was a mess. They hadn’t let her clean up or put on makeup since they had grabbed her off of the street two weeks ago, and in that time they had only given her scraps and milk to eat and drink. The only cleaning she had gotten was them occasionally pushing her into a tub and dumping a bucket of water on her, and the last time for that had been days ago. Her naked body was glazed with cum and sweat, her face a mess of tears and drool and more cum. She would have long since lost count of how many times she had been raped if it weren’t for the tally marks on her bare thigh, barely visible in the dim light – 499 tallies filled her thigh.

Aanisa was pretty sure there hadn’t been that many when she had last looked… they had kept fucking her while she was passed out. Not the first time, either. The collection of tallies darkened her skin, painting it almost as black as her as the bruises that covered most of the rest of her body. Those were mostly Skid’s work – the sadistic wheelwoman of the pride seeming to delight in making her marks in black and blue even more than she enjoyed adding a new tally.

The whole time she had been here, the pride of lions had shown not a trace of what the gazelle would call mercy. For two weeks, she had been gang raped and tortured by the five lions, and the gang of predators had taken every chance to violate and degrade their prey, stuffing her cunt again and again. The only loads that ended up anywhere else were those she sucked out of them – an important part of her diet, they would say – and by the end of each day the gazelle could have sworn she could feel her belly sloshing with all the dick-slime they had forced into her.

They had kicked her when she talked back, beaten her with belts when she didn’t obey, and forced her to lick their cum off the floor where it dripped off her body every time she made a mess. One of those belts they had used to whip her was still wrapped around her neck, uncomfortably tight even with no one tugging on it, and just breathing in and out hurt with how bruised her neck was from them having used it to drag her around like a ragdoll.

There was hardly an inch of her slim, naked body that did not bear all the evidence of their transgressions against it, welts and bruises covering her more sensitive spots. There were still indentations where they had wrapped belts around her breasts last night, making them sore and swollen, and a few dark spots where Skid had used her tits as an ashtray when she was finished with her cigarettes.

Had she really been that feisty, arrogant party girl, so sure of herself, only two weeks ago? Her eyes only contained anguish and humiliation and exhaustion now, and it was increasingly hard for her to imagine she had ever been any other way.

When Sarge started waking up, Aanisa couldn’t stop the whimper that rose up in her throat… anymore than she could stop from shivering at the pleased, lustful growl that the lioness let out when she heard that pathetic sound. Her cock, never fully softened, twisted inside the gazelle as it grew harder again, and within seconds of waking up back into the hell she had been captured in, Aanisa was being raped again.

The feeling of one of the lion’s barbed cocks sliding in and out of her cunt was incredibly familiar by now but it was no less miserable. The gazelle thought she would have gotten used it by now, but if anything each new fuck hurt even more than her first time had… her body had never been given time to really recover, and she was a swollen, tight mess for them to squeeze around their cocks. Thankfully, this was just a quick, degrading, casual, but relatively unimaginative fuck… a good morning welcome to their pretty captive as Sarge proved both her last rapist of the previous evening and her first of the morning.

She came relatively quickly, and stumbled around looking for a sharpie for a minute before making her mark and kneeling over the gazelle’s head, twisting her head around by a grip on her horns to make the captive woman lick and suck her length clean.

“Good morning, dear,” Sierra said as she walked into the room. The pride leader was naked as the day she was born, her hands over her head as she stretched… and as she looked at the raped gazelle, her monstrous cock began to do its own kind of stretching as well. “Oh, is that really 500?” she asked, yawning a little.

“Time flies when you’re having fun, boss,” Sarge agreed as she guided Aanisa’s lips over her dick, making her tongue explore every bit of her.

“It certainly does,” the white lion said, yawning again. “Well, you’ll be delighted to know that I haven’t heard anything about you on the news for the last ten days, babymaker,” she said as she walked close enough to finger the splayed out gazelle, her fingers pumping into her pussy and pushing the cum further up into her. “Looks like Great Plains City has already forgotten you existed. Isn’t that nice?”

Aanisa couldn’t help the tiny sob that escaped her throat at the thought that no one was coming to help her, that no one might even be looking for her anymore. Sierra chuckled at the reaction as she kept fingering her. “Four hundred and ninety nine loads. If you aren’t pregnant by now, you never will be. I guess it’s time to find out.

“Did I hear that right!” someone called from the other room, her voice faint… but it still made Aanisa’s whole body stiffen. Immediately she began licking and sucking with more gusto, on the tiny chance that pleasing Sarge might bring her some tiny mercy from the psychopathic lioness in the other room. A second later, Skid stepped in, the chestnut furred lion smiling widely. “Did we really get to 500 already?”

Sierra rolled her eyes. “Tomboys and their toys,” she chided with the exasperation of a long suffering leader. “Alright, Skid… but make it fast, ok? We’re going to take her to the warehouse today, and I want to get going before the sun’s up and we hit rush hour.”

“Oh don’t you worry, boss,” the tall lion said as she smiled broadly. “You heard what the lady said, cumdump? We’re going to go fast and hard, just like the boss said.” Sarge let go of Aanisa, taking her prick away as she moved to get dressed, and Skid picked the mostly limp gazelle up off the mattress and tossed her over the chair arm so that she was bent over almost double. She slapped Aanisa’s ass once before she moved forward, pressing the tip of her hard cock between her squirming cheeks as she limply lay there, blissfully unaware of what was coming… right up until the lioness leaned over and whispered in her ear. “You’re knocked up by now, babymaker… and that means I have a date with that virgin ass.”

Aanisa had thought she was exhausted. She had thought she had no strength left, no begging left, and barely any tears. She was wrong. “No…” she whined. “No no no no, please, no, not… not that…” She squirmed, ineffectively trying to roll to the side and make it harder for the lion to line up her cock. “Please don’t do this, please,” she begged desperately.

“I can’t hear you, babymaker,” Skid said with a leering smile. “Are you asking me to please please not let you have a virgin asshole for a second longer?”

“Nooooo!” she wailed. “Please, no, I’ll do anything, please just don’t rap- Aaaaaaaaaaaie!” Her words cut off brutally as her rapists jammed her thick, barbed cock hard against her tight young ass, growling with lust and effort as she did. Aanisa thought her voice all but gone, but she found it to scream in pain as her ass was spread and stretched as the lioness battered against the entrance. Her thrusts became rough, violent, cruel, and in short order she had seated the head of her prick inside the gazelle’s burning asshole.

Having established a foothold, the lion woman bellied up, leaning forward to grab one of the gazelle’s horns in each fist and began to pull back on them, arching Aanisa’s back as she was tugged back against her violator. “I can’t hear you,” she growled. “Louder!” Then she lurched forward driving her cock deep into Aanisa’s back door as if she were pounding a spike into the ground.

She shrieked. Her head was yanked back by the force of the lioness tugging on it, her jaw dropping wide open as an ugly, pained scream erupted from her lips and bounced off the soundproofed apartment. Skid mashed her way in, striking to her depths in a single violent thrust that obliterated what resistance her prey could offer, and as the scream faded it was replaced by the wailing of a helpless woman who could do nothing but suffer for her rapist’s pleasure. She sobbed as the cock impaled her more deeply than she could have imagined, Skid’s hips flattening her ass cheeks as her body weight held her dick all the way in. Tears dripped down her cheeks onto the chair, sobbing as the insides of her ass burned.

Skid, for her part, paused then to savor the extreme tightness of her virgin victim, to relish the enjoyment of finally taking the conquest she had waited so long for. “You know what?” she whispered, leaning forward and speaking so softly that only Aanisa could hear her. “If you tell Sierra I’ll gut you like a fish… but the anticipation of waiting to break down one of you slut’s back doors makes it all the better.” She purred in pleasure.

Then she started to fuck her.

Aanisa’s sore, swollen breasts scraped against the chair with each thrust, but sensitive and painful as they were she could barely feel it compared to the pain in her asshole. It felt like she was being fucked by a knife as it was stretched far, far beyond what it was ever meant to accept. The pain of her own violation seemed amplified by the purring sound of the lion’s pleasure as she was taken hard. Harsh, broken sobs, clearly in sync with the rhythm of the stabbing cock in her ass, came from Aanisa as she was raped. Her face was a mask of anguish as the woman’s thick dick strained her anus so violently that Aanisa half suspected that she was bleeding to death around it.

Skid’s strong arms flexed as she pulled again and again, moving the gazelle back against each thrust as they grew harder and harder, forcing her to please her rutting tool. She growled in pleasure with each movement inside of her as she sped up, and Aanisa’s own sobs and moans and whimpers kept time with her, forming a chorus to the drum beat of the lion’s hips impacting her ass, singing the tale of her sexual devastation until she sounded more like a wounded puppy than she did a proud woman.

“The rest of them are in this for the kids,” Skid murmured to her, her voice smug as she didn’t slow down. Aanisa could only gasp in pain as her violation and brutal pounding continued. “They’re in it for the money. I like money. I like money a lot,” she admitted. “But I’d rape the asshole of every snooty prey bitch in the city and I’d never take a damn dime for it.” She yanked back even harder on the gazelle’s horns, making her gasp in pain as her back bowed. “Now… clench, fucktoy! Squeeze me!” she commanded without slowing her harsh rhythm.

In total terror and lost in pain, Aanisa obeyed… and it hurt so much more than before. A second later she had to relax. “Dumb slut,” the lion growled as she reached for the belt. “I gave you an order. You think I care that it hurts? I said…” She yanked on the belt with one of her hands and her victim’s pleading vanished as her throat was compressed shut. “Squeeze!”

Terrified, breathless, Aanisa did as she was told. It didn’t matter that it hurt. Her life didn’t matter to this lion… hadn’t she all but just said that? Hadn’t she just said that she didn’t care what she was supposed to be here for, so long as her asshole was fun to rape? In her head, she imagined being found dead in an alley, cum leaking from her asshole, and she squeezed the lion’s length as hard as she could.

“Good!” Skid said, loosening the choke grip just enough to let her suck down some air, though not enough to be satisfied. “Now, keep that up! Keep squeezing my cock… make it tight, babymaker!” She reached out with her other hand to grab hold of one the gazelle’s dangling tits, squeezing it to the beat of the violent assfucking. Her cock thrust deeper and deeper, fully impaling her ass with each cycle. Her aching tits screamed in almost as much agony as her asshole as Skid squeezed them, either enjoying or uncaring of the pain the brutal molestation caused.

Everything in her world was pain and humiliation and degradation. Shamefully she clenched her asshole, hurting herself just to make her rapist feel even more pleasure from her conquered body. She was too weak to hold her muscles tight, so instead she clenched and released and clenched again, and that thankfully seemed to please the monster abusing her.

The raw, guttural moans of pain drifted in the room as violent use of her body continued, but her own thrusts were starting to grow unsteady, frantic. “Mmmm… that’s it…” Skid purred. “Yessss… more… squeeze harder, fucktoy! Make me cum!” Aanisa tried to do as her attacker commanded, the barbed lion cock having raped her ass so raw she couldn’t bear to have it inside her another second. Even it cumming would be preferable to that. She clenched…. released… clenched… released… over and over as she sobbed and groaned and suffered…

Then she felt the sickening sensation of her thick, cruel cock pulsing for a bare instant before globs of thick, hot cum filled her raw ass, stinging as it coated her anal walls. A new, sloppier sound joined the orchestra of her rape as the movement of the lion’s cock grew wet and sticky and even more disgusting. The cum stung and burned and Aanisa wanted to gag, disgust tainting even the pure pain of her expression… just to her rapist’s pleasure. Skid moaned as she enjoyed her orgasm within the pretty gazelle’s ass. In her naivety, the inexperienced rapetoy hadn’t realized that her clenching and releasing had succeeded in doing a wonderful job of milking her cruel cock for every drop of cum it had, making her as much more pleasant of a fuck for her rapist as it made it miserable for her.

Aanisa laid there, bent over the chair, completely overwhelmed– with agony, with revulsion, and with shame. She trembled, sobbing, impaled by the motionless lion. Skid kept her cock wedged deeply in the gazelle’s victim’s ass, moving it only slightly as her cock finished jerking and filling her victim with cum.

“That was one hell of a show,” Doc said. Traumatized, the raped prey animal hadn’t realized they had attracted an audience… that the whole pride of lions had shown up to watch her get her ass plowed for the first time. She felt waves of shame wash over her. She couldn’t even try to squirm away from Skid… only focused on the pain-giving cock at the center of her being.

“Eh, it was a decent ass,” Skid said. There was a sudden shock as the sadistic lion yanked her barbed cock out of Aanisa’s ass in one hard, rapid motion, leaving a gaping void in her asshole where the thick organ had been. Every muscle in Aanisa’s body tensed and she let out a loud gasp. “I think we can train her into something half competent eventually.”

“This dumb gazelle?” Tank questioned. “I doubt that.”

The lions laughed, and Sarge broke it up. “Alright,” she said, and Aanisa’s vision vanished as she shoved a half-remembered sack over the woman’s head again. “Let’s get her to the warehouse.”

Before, when she had been driven, Aanisa had little idea where she had ended up. Getting raped in the car ride had ruined any hope of trying to memorize where she was being taken, even if she wasn’t both drunk and in a panic. Over time, though, she had been able to make a few reasonable guesses about where she was in the city. The private garage and the short drive meant that it had to be in the cheap residential areas to the South district somewhere, so when she got into the van today the gazelle promised herself she’d try to remember.

That lasted all of about thirty seconds.

“I wonder how big these tits are going to swell,” Sierra said playfully as the white lion played her small hands over her chest, pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts between her strong fingers. The claws on the tips of her fingers poked out just enough as she squeezed, pricking her tits and feeling like there were tiny needles digging into her skin. “You’re going to make such a good little incubator for us, aren’t you?” she giggled.

She kept playing with her breasts, occasionally slipping a sharp-nailed finger into her cunt and wiggling it around, the whole time they drove. It was incredibly distracting, and robbed her of any ability to focus… both because of the forced pleasure and random sensation, and also the omni-present fear that at any second those claws could begin to cut. By the time the car rolled to the stop Aanisa’s clit felt as swollen as a soaked sponge and she had no idea how long they had been driving… they could be anywhere in the city.

“Welcome to your new home,” Sarge said as she took the bound gazelle from Sierra, lifting her out of the van and carrying her a short distance. She pulled off the hood, dropping it on the floor and letting her see that she was inside a large warehouse… and as they left the garage behind, that she wasn’t alone.

Three other girls, dirt-streaked and worn down-looking, were handcuffed naked to a trio of stained, dirty mattresses.

The first was a bovine girl with dark brown skin, one of her horns chipped off at the end. Her hair was long and cascaded down her back, but it was a tangled mess now, and it was hard to tell where the bruises stopped and where the natural discolorations on her skin began.

Second there was a mouse, and the girl seemed dangerously small compared to the women keeping her captive… and their cocks. Her hair was frizzy and big, or at least it probably would have been if it didn’t just look so disheveled. It could have given her a distinctive, exotic look… but any appeal was ruined by her eyes, which looked hollowed out and dead as she looked up at Aanisa as she was taken in. Unlike the others, she barely even seemed to react anymore, and it wasn’t hard to guess which of the three had been here the longest. Her slim tail twitched listlessly on the bed beside her

The third looked like the youngest by far, probably just barely an adult… a racoon with the beautiful, distinctive black and white coloration, especially along her tail. Her eyes looked strange at first, and it took Aanisa a moment to realize it was because she had a black eye making the white coloring harder to see… It seemed like she had been fighting, a guess that was borne out by the way she at least glared at the lions as they entered, even if she did nothing more.

All three of them looked well abused. All three looked exhausted… and all three of them were extremely obviously pregnant.

“Meet your roommates!” Skid said with a laugh as Sarge dragged the gazelle over to the fourth mattress. Tossing the bound woman down onto it was easy, as was fastening the chained collar around her neck that would keep her from wandering very far. “Babymaker, meet Milk, Ice Queen, and Dummy,” she said, pointing at the cow, the mouse, and the racoon girl in turn. “I think they’re a little eager to meet you, since we’ve been too busy entertaining you for the last two weeks to feed them much,” the sadistic lion smirked. She walked up to the racoon and slapped her. “What do you say, slut… need another black eye? Or are you ready to suck my cock and I can toss you a slice of bread when I’m done?”

The raccoon – Aanisa refused to think of her as “Dummy” – glared at Skid… but the way her stomach loudly growled belied the argument. Reluctantly, the pregnant racoon opened her mouth, and Skid shoved both of her thumbs in, wedging them between her teeth. “Now remember, dumbass… no teeth, or I’ll get cranky and we’re going to see how many times I have to punch you before you don’t have them anymore.”

The raccoon girl stared daggers at the abusive lion, but she also didn’t fight as the lioness’s cock came out of her pants and slid into her mouth. A second later, she began to gag as Skid’s hips moved, and her hands tugged her face forward to meet each and every one of them. “What’s the matter,” Skid laughed as she retched. “Don’t like the taste? You can blame your new roommate for that…”

Aanisa couldn’t focus on that, though, because just next to her the cow, Milk, was being pulled up by her hair. She cried out, but Sarge wasn’t swayed by her pain, smiling down at her. “And how is my good girl doing today?” the lioness asked. “Always so eager to please. That’s why you’re my favorite. It barely took a week to train you, did it? No courage at all…” The cow wept, and her lips moved, but whatever she said was so soft that Aanisa wouldn’t hear it over the sound of the raccoon gagging on Skid’s dick. Instead, she just had to watch as the pride’s second lay down on the mattress and allowed a desperately eager cow woman to climb on top of her. The pregnant girl winced as she tried to force the lion’s hard shaft up her own ass, sinking down onto her, but Sarge wasn’t impatient… she just played with her swollen tits and occasionally squeezed her neck while she slowly accomplished the impossible and made that far-too-large shaft vanish up into her guts.

The final girl, the mouse, was smaller than all of the lions, but compared to Tank she almost looked like a twig. That didn’t stop the huge body-builder of a lioness from lifting her up like a toy, though… holding her in mid air. The mouse had to wrap her arms around the larger girl’s neck just to keep herself steady, and Tank effortlessly sank her cock into the woman’s cunt. “Time to feed the baby, too,” the huge lion laughed.

Then Aanisa’s view was cut off as Sierra plopped her monstrously large cock down on the woman’s face. “What, you think just because you made the cut to wind up here instead of being a useless, barren bitch, you wouldn’t have to work anymore?” The white-maned leader laughed. “Get sucking.” Listless and hopeless, the gazelle obeyed.

For once, she was permitted to do a blowjob entirely at her own pace. She had no real experience of course, but at least she wasn’t being choked by it too much… she still gagged herself with it, frightened that if she wasn’t bringing her rapist enough pleasure she would start making it even worse for her. That didn’t happen, though… it didn’t even look like Sierra was paying any attention to her. Then she abruptly pulled out, without cumming, and walked away without a word.

Aanisa only had a moment to puzzle over that before she was brought out of her thoughts by Skid’s arrival. Her cock hung between her legs as she walked over, sticky and spit-soaked as she left the crying racoon alone. Not for long, though… even as Skid blocked the gazelle’s sight, she could see Sierra pushing the pregnant racoon onto her back and forcing her legs apart.

“You know what to do by now babymaker… right?” Skid growled, and Aanisa almost tripped over herself in her desperate eagerness to appease the violent lion who had caused her so much pain, anything to keep her from hurting her again. In a second she had the entire length of her barbed cock inside her, her lips sealed tightly around the base of her softening cock as her tongue lashed at it, and she groaned with disgust as she felt that wicked prick twitch on her tongue as it began to harden again.

It hardened a lot faster, however, when Skid reached down, grabbed a hold of one of her nipples, and squeezed, twisting it brutally to the side. Aanisa screamed around her cock as her sensitive nipple was tortured, and she threw herself even more into the task of sucking. Her tongue moved up and down as she used it to wash the shaft and she kept her lips pressed tight to her as she slid her mouth back and forth over the lion’s cock, but it didn’t matter. Skid didn’t stop torturing her tits, leaving her feeling dirty and worthless as she sought to please her tormentor but too frightened to stop. She could only hope that Skid came soon.

But she didn’t. And after a few minutes, when her cock was rock hard again, she slapped Aanisa off her dick and just walked away. The gazelle’s brain felt rattled in her skull from the slap and it made it hard to think, but a second later another cock was presented to her. Unthinking, she swallowed it as well, and nearly wanted to vomit at the foul taste as she found herself licking at Sarge’s member, cleaning off the remnants of the cum she had pumped into Milk just minutes ago.

By the time Sarge pulled out and went over to visit one of the others, and she was licking the mouse’s pussy off Tank, Aanisa finally understood. They… didn’t want her. She was just here as a prop… a plaything that they could use to keep themselves hard so they could more easily rape their other captives. She wasn’t even a captive sex slave or a breeder right now… she was basically a replacement for a fleshlight and little else, more object than person. Then Tank was gone, and she was fluffing for Doc. Then Sierra. Then Sarge again. Then Skid again. Then Doc again. Then Tank again.

And again.

And again.

And again…

One by one, the lions, nearly legendary in their stamina by now the way Aanisa saw it, said their greetings to each of their three captive’s holes… and between each time the gazelle had to keep them hard, had to lick their cocks clean. It grew more difficult with each cycle, too… the lions more violent or taking longer for her to get their cocks to respond, leading them to play with her body more. By the time she had gotten Skid hard for the ninth and hopefully last time, the vicious lion was fucking her with a broom while she sucked on her cock, and the others had only barely been less violent than she was.

At last, however, they were finished.

The three other captives had looked dirty and worn down before. Now they looked like a wreck… each of them fucked fifteen times over the course of the day, five in each hole. Aanisa’s eyes flicked between them, saw their exhausted, dead expression, and wondered if she looked half that bad… or if not, how long it would take. She barely noticed when Sarge and Sierra took hold of one of her arms, pinning her down to the mattress… she only noticed when Doc and Tank started bringing the other girls over to her. “Come now, pretties,” Skid teased from where she stood. “Welcome your new sister.”

The cow crawled forward on hands and knees, climbing up the mattress until Aanisa was looking right between her legs. Milk’s twin holes looked angry and swollen and leaked cum freely, dripping a few of the spatters down onto the gazelle’s face, and neither hole closed properly after the reaming they had gotten. The leaking, however, was nothing compared to what happened next as Sierra laughed. “Come on, now… be a good girl and push…”

And the cow did.

A flood of cum squeezed out of her abused fuckholes, running down to cover Aanisa’s face in the scent of the wild gangbang that had only just concluded. It felt disgusting and sloppy and humiliating, and it stung her eyes even after she squeezed them shut. Skid wasn’t having that, though… she felt the lion’s hands on her face right before the cruel woman forced her eyes open, letting the ocean of cum that had pooled in her eye sockets rush in like it was trying to impregnate her vision.

The gazelle cried out in pain, and only after her mouth opened did she realize the slurry of seed she had just let into her mouth. She thrashed on the bed, blinded by pain and disgust, and because she was she missed it as the mouse girl knelt over her and repeated the process, sending a second wash of cum down over her face.

By the time the racoon had finished repeating the process, Aanisa felt more like a cum-soaked painting of a person than the real thing… worthless, useless, and ruined. She almost felt like she deserved everything they had done to her so far… after all, what good was a ruined whore like her, otherwise?

Their initiation ritual complete, the lions let go of her, laughing to themselves. Aanisa barely noticed as they locked the girls back up, sealing the collars around the other three. By the time Aanisa had cried enough cum out of her eyes to see again, the lights were out, the lions were gone, and the other women were whimpering and crying in their sleep.

“Well,” Doc said as she pulled her latex glove off and tossed it in the trash, “Congratulations. You’re pregnant.” She gave Aanisa a slap on her thigh where she was bound on the chair that the lioness had been using to examine her, smiling at her. “Guess you’re going to be staying for a while.”

The smile turned to a smirk as silent tears ran down Aanisa’s eyes. The gazelle couldn’t speak through the rag stuffed in her mouth and taped into place, but her expression made her thoughts of that quite clear. “Oh don’t whine about it,” Doc said firmly. “It’s better than the alternative. Right?”

“Right, sir,” Yin agreed quietly. The mouse sat in the next chair, barely moving as she watched the doctor finish examining Aanisa, never speaking unless spoken to. Unlike the gazelle, she wasn’t bound or gagged. These ropes, Doc had explained, were for Aanisa’s benefit… to keep her from doing something stupid until she had learned her place. The only thing keeping her restrained was the ankle bracelet she wore locked around her right leg with a gps tracker on it… Aanisa wore one too, but she supposed no one thought she was reliable enough to depend on it.

They needn’t have bothered. All it had taken was Skid to grab onto one of her horns, shove her face against the floor, and explain, in exacting detail, that if that monitoring bracelet went off then Skid would be the one sent to get her back… and she wouldn’t be playing nice. She had kept pressure on one of her horns until she could feel it groaning beneath the lion’s muscular grip, and only then had she let the crying prey animal go, explaining that if she couldn’t be an obedient little bitch, then they would turn her into a helpless one.

By no means was she ever going to give Skid that kind of excuse.

It had been hard to learn too much about Yin… the mouse girl didn’t talk much, not anymore, and everything she did say was a whisper as if she were afraid one of the lions would snatch her words from her mouth if they were too loud. She had been here the longest of any of them, going on four years now, but the most any of them knew about how she had been caught was that she had been a tourist… she hadn’t been from around here. That no one was looking for her anymore, at all.

As far as the world was concerned, she might as well be dead already.

Doc turned her attention to the mouse next, putting on a new set of gloves. Despite how rough and callous she was everywhere else, the lion took her medicine very seriously. Whether she was monitoring the state of the pregnancy or patching up an injury, she worked as professionally as any doctor that Aanisa had seen outside of this place.

Of course, she also helped cause them. She had been as rough as anyone as she’d used Aanisa over the last six weeks since she’d been kidnapped, and delighted in biting her, leaving swollen, weeping little marks on her skin, and if she had stopped the others from breaking Aanisa’s arm then it was only because she had demonstrated to Skid exactly how far she could twist it first.

Doc examined Yin closely, looking over her body to judge the state of her pregnancy. “Is it a lion?” the mouse asked, her voice tense… trembling a little bit.

The lion shrugged, noncommittal. “Hard to tell. We’ll find out when the big day comes… next two months, probably.” She pulled back and tossed those gloves away, too. “You’re both healthy, and you’re going to make us a lot of money with a pair of wonderful babies. Time to celebrate!” She walked right up to the bound Aanisa while she lay helpless in the chain, leaning back far enough that she might as well have been on a bed. She opened her pants, letting her belt dangle down threateningly as her cock flopped out to rest on the wide-eyed gazelle’s cheek, even as the bespectacled lion reached down to take the gag out of her mouth. “You going to behave now, little incubator?”

Aanisa swallowed. “Yes… yes I will…”

“Good!” Doc said cheerfully. “It’s good we won’t have to ruin the celebration. Learning your place like a good piece of fuckmeat?”

She sobbed, but only once. “Yes…” she whispered. I’m… I’m learning my place. You don’t have to hurt me.” Doc’s hand wrapped the back of her head and gently pushed her forward, and Aanisa swallowed her captor’s dick, bobbing her slowly back and forth along its length.

“Mmmm,” Doc hummed with pleasure. “Oh, I don’t hurt you unless you make me, you lovely piece of ass,” she agreed. “Skid will do that enough for the both of us. I don’t want you to lose that baby… and if you know what’s good for you, neither do you. Trust me, slut… Skid is just hurting you because she’s having a good time.” Doc shook her head, looking genuinely concerned for a moment. “You lose that child, babymaker, and Sierra will not be amused… and then you’ll see what a lion’s anger looks like. Neither of us want that… so if I need to beat some sense into you, I’ll do it. So don’t make me.”

Her lips and tongue dragged across the lion’s length, tears welling up in Aanisa’s eyes as she hollowed her cheeks, tightened her lips, and sucked with all the experience she had gained in nearly two months of captivity. “Just be a good girl… soft and eager to please… hot on the outside, tight and squeezing and warm on the inside… and we won’t have any problems, you and me.”

Aanisa kept sucking, hating every second of it but genuinely eager to please, desperate to keep her captor happy as she sucked with genuine slutty enthusiasm for the task regardless of her disgust and misery. She heard Doc moan intermittently, and she flushed as she continued to move her sucking mouth up and down the woman’s barbed shaft, wanting to die as she realized how well she had been trained to make herself more pleasant to rape but unwilling to stop and risk angering her.

Before long, she could feel her cock throbbing on her tongue, a regretfully familiar sensation as that dick swelled, making it harder and harder to breathe. By now she knew exactly what that meant, so it didn’t even come as the slightest surprise as Doc sprayed the back of her throat with wads of hot cum.

The bitter taste barely even choked her anymore, and she found herself swallowing it down eagerly, her body desperate for calories. They barely fed the gazelle, insisting that she needed to keep herself lean and fuckable, but there had been promises to feed her better if they confirmed she was pregnant. She could only hope that they kept their word… she was so hungry…

Gulp after gulp she swallowed the lion’s load, she took it down one heavy swallow at a time, pleasing her rapist’s pulsing organ as she gave her more and more to eat with each twitch of her tongue, with each swelling of her balls. Aanisa swallowed again and again until the cock was still and just glistened with her spitshine as it rested just inside her lips, and when the cock was finally emptied and her gulping swallows had stopped, Doc was once again purring with pleasure. As the lion pulled out with a soft popping noise, the cum-and-spit-soaked organ left a stream of their mixed juices, connecting her lip to her dick.

“Good girl,” she said dreamily. “You’re getting better at that. How did it taste, little grass-muncher?”

Aanisa sniffed, still crying. “It’s…” she hesitated. Did she want the truth? Did she want flattery? Doc was a bit of a mystery that way. “It… it was a lot. Can… can I have something to eat please?”

Doc laughed. “That bad, huh? Going to make you sick? Well we can’t have that.” She turned to Yin. “Untie her, then head to the kitchen. You’re not going to be stupid and run, are you prey?” When Aanisa frantically shook her head no, the lion chuckled again. “Good girl. You two can take food back to the others. I’ll give you something… we’re celebrating today!”

The mouse was listless, but her fingers were skilled and dextrous, and soon the gazelle was eagerly heading toward where she had smelled the food coming from before. Anything she ate right now was going to taste like the lion’s cum, but she just didn’t care… she’d eat anything at all right now.

It didn’t even strike her until she was halfway there that she was genuinely excited and pleased for a speck of kindness from her rapist, and she started crying even harder… but she didn’t stop walking.

“Get cleaning,” Sarge growled as she pushed the broom into Aanisa’s hands.

Aanisa held it, honestly more than a little confused as she held it in her hand. She felt stupid but it took her long seconds to understand what the lion wanted her to do with a tool that she had held a thousand times in her life. Its weight was unfamiliar to her now… after three full months as a slave she had almost forgotten how to do anything but sleep and fuck. She tentatively took it up, put it to the floor, and began to sweep up the dusty floor.

Sarge nodded approvingly. “Good. Time you started earning your keep around here,” she laughed. “God knows you make a big enough mess, slut.”

Aanisa felt a flash of resentment and another of embarrassment, but both were fleeting. Both emotions were useless to her now. Instead of protesting how it wasn’t her fault that she was making a mess, that it was their seed leaking out of her to stain the ground, she started cleaning it up.

As soon as she was content that Aanisa was doing her job properly, Sarge strode over to the table and put some food into a bowl. The gazelle tried to ignore the delicious smell of it… even with them feeding her better now, she was still always hungry. So hungry, in fact, that the kind of gross food the lions preferred for themselves even seemed to entice her now, her body knowing that she needed anything she could get. This time, however, Sarge wasn’t finished. Instead, she took the bowl over to Joanna.

The cow woman that they called Milk was actually named Joanna, she had learned in the last few months. She had been a school teacher before she had drawn the eyes of Sarge one night when she had been out having a good time with some of her girlfriends, and when she had visited the bathroom the lions had slammed her against a wall, stuffed a rag in her mouth, and carried her right out into the alley to disappear without a trace. She had the most involved family of any of them, and her parents and sisters had never stopped looking for her… the lions sometimes put up newspaper clippings about her or missing posters of her just because Skid liked the way it made her cry. For Sierra, though, it was more about keeping her cooperative… the white lion was very clear that she thought Joanna’s sister was awfully pretty, and if she was less than a perfect fucktoy for them then maybe her sister would be better.

Joanna had been here two years now, and she was a very, very good fucktoy for them.

The pretty, big-titted cow had been tied up casually, sloppily bound with cloth and rope and a pair of cuffs with a rag shoved in her mouth. She was bent over a stool, her arms bound behind her back and a rope pressing her breasts to the “seat” of the stool, making it nearly impossible for her to move significantly in any direction. The situation was made far more uncomfortable by her swollen, pregnant belly, and it was obvious from her wide eyes and muffled sound that she was in more than a little bit of distress. The leather collar around her neck had a cowbell on it, with two D’s on it… the only identifying information the lions cared to know about the cow.

Sarge slapped her ass as she walked around. “You know, you really should be smarter,” she said to the cow as Aanisa, eager to be ignored, kept cleaning. “You should know the rules by now, slut… no sleeping on your belly. Side only… you keep that lion inside you alive.” She stroked one hand over Joanna’s neck softly. “Sierra actually likes you, you know… you’ve given her nothing but lions so far. Makes you quite popular… So why would you have to go and ruin it like this?” She shook her head. “You’re lucky Skid isn’t here today. I’m sure she would find something to do with a lighter, maybe make you some new brands from random silverware. She’d never had as much fun raping a girl as she does making them scream. I’m a lot more merciful.”

She squeezed the cow’s already swollen tits, a bit of milk spray out. “Do you know how much worse this would feel with… I don’t know… a few bruises?” She smiled devilishly. “It would hurt like hell… and it wouldn’t even damage you. I think we’re going to try keeping them nice and bruised all week, just to give you an idea of why you should behave.” Sarge shrugged. “So, which should it be, cow? The belt? Or maybe just use your tits as punching bags?”

Joanna cried out, begging feebly but the gag reduced it all the gibberish. “Boxing it is,” Sarge said with a smirk. Then she drew back one of her hands, slowly curled it into a fist right in front of Joanna’s face, and then drove it down into her swollen breasts.

She screamed, audible even through the gag, squealing and thrashing. She tried to make her breasts a more mobile target but she could barely move, and a second later Sarge punched her other breast. The lioness began to work back and forth, punching and slapping at the girl’s udders. She had clearly had plenty of milk left in her breasts because more of the white fluid squirted from her nipples on many of the hits. Aanisa winced, pointedly looking away and forcing herself not to look at the cow being abused, continuing to clean the room.

“Such soft tits,” Sarge said cheerfully as she drove her right fist in hard. Joanna moaned and cried and whimpered, but Sarge kept going until the girl’s tits had turned a deep, bruised purple. Her cock was hard in her pants as she continued, getting stiffer and more ready as she abused and punished the cow. Finally, judging that she had done enough, she stopped, grabbing her bowl of food and bringing it over to her. “Now… let’s see how much more sensitive they are.” She squeezed, and Joanna whimpered yet again as her motherly fluid was milked right into the bowl, one squirt at a time. From the look of it, it was agonizing now. “So much better, isn’t it?” Sarge said as she sat down and began to eat. “You aren’t going to forget again, are you?”

Joanna frantically shook her head back and forth, swearing that she wouldn’t, and Sarge smirked as she ate. “Good girl.”

They existed mostly in silence for a while, the only sounds the ragged, muted sobbing of the cow, the sound of the broom and moving objects, and Sarge eating her food. Aanisa managed to keep herself from looking, focusing entirely on her task, until she heard the lion rise and stretch. “Well,” she sighed. “I wish it would be that easy but… it looks like a second punishment is required.” She reached out and grabbed the gazelle by her ear, yanking her head around to look. “What the hell is that!” she cursed. Aanisa stared in horror at the puddles of dripped milk on the floor, the milk she hadn’t noticed because she had been squeamishly looking away. “I thought I told you to clean up the mess!” Sarge said, disappointment plain in her voice. “I guess you need to be taught a lesson, too.”

Sarge’s hands tightened on Aanisa as she shoved her against the table, pulling her up onto it while she struggled instinctively. “Quit it and take what’s coming to you,” Sarge growled, but she did it with a smile on her face, enjoying the struggle as she grasped the gazelle’s ankles again and twisted her legs until she flipped over onto her back. The lion’s thick, barbed cock hung out of her pants, hanging in the air over her as she tightened her grip on her ankles and she spread the gazelle’s long, shapely legs wider and wider and wider still, exposing her cunt completely.

“No, no, please!” Aanisa begged as she struggled futilely to close her legs. “It was a mistake! It was a mistake! I’m sorry, I’ll clean it!”

Sarge began leaning forward, pushing Aanisa’s lovely legs back more and more over her pregnant belly, and only then did she release one leg as she pinned it beneath her, held captive by her muscle and her weight. The other leg she forced back even higher, holding it on one hand before she pinned it up by the gazelle’s shoulder, spreading her wide. “I know you will,” she said, purred amusedly. “Next time. I’ll make sure of it.”

Then Aanisa she felt the cock rubbing hungrily against the exposed lips of her sex, feeling the thick, cruel tip of the massive organ rubbing against and over her labia, then between them… and then finally, with a brutal thrust of the lion’s hips, she stabbed her cock all the way into her. She had used enough force like she had wanted to take her cunt in a single thrust but she was too dry, and even at this late date still too tight… she didn’t get halfway in. That was fine with her, though, and she began enthusiastically battering her way in further as she caused a higher-pitched scream to erupt from the gazelle. “Let’s show that baby where it came from, shall we?” she mocked as she got to work.

Several savage stabs with her cock later, wielding the organ more like a knife than a dick, Sarge had at last forced her way balls deep into her toy… her fat cock firmly pressing its head against Aanisa’s cervix as she lay awkwardly pinned beneath her, babbling and protesting and crying. She began thrusting with brutal, long strokes, raping her viciously on the table without a care in the world. The pain inflicted by the painful, dragging barbs of that thrusting cock beating at the walls of Aanisa’s sex made her feel like she was losing her mind. “Please!” she shouted, almost mindless. “It’s enough! It’s enough! I’ll do it! Please, please please please stop hurting me!” she begged… but most of those words were ruined by grunts, air forced from her lungs in sync to the savage beat of their impacting flesh as her rapist took her. That hated cock was churning her up, hurting her, making her cunt clench in defense as it bottomed out inside of her with every thrust and pounded her all the way to the womb they had filled.

Then, without a warning, she pulled out. Aanisa could only sob as she felt hollow inside, the scrapes of the barbs feeling like fire inside her as Sarge emptied her out. She whimpered, breathless, as Sarge rubbed her cock over the gazelle’s swollen cunt… before slipping lower and finding the exposed opening to her asshole. “No!” She squealed. “Not that! Not that! Not my ass, please! Please!” Aanisa sobbed and pleaded, and Sarge smirked at the sight of watching her victim beg… not to not be raped anymore, but merely to be raped in a less painful way. So hopeless she had nothing better to beg for than that.

Then Aanisa screamed as she felt the gangbanger lion’s cock, slick with her pussy’s self defense, tear its way into her even-tighter asshole and rake across her always-raw inner flesh! Her screams grew in pitch as the cock reclaimed territory within her clenching ass like it had never left since the last time she had fucked her. Sarge rocked back and forth, thrusting and thrusting and thrusting within that reamed out hole while it struggled and squeezed and milked her cock every bit as much as Joanna had been milked earlier.

Aanisa groaned in misery, lost in the pain and the dirty, sticky humiliation of it all as she was ridden over and over again. And then Sarge was once again pulling her dick out from her throbbing, wounded anus and poking at the entrance to her cunt once more. The next thing she knew, a long, low wail of disgust and misery tore its way free from Aanisa as that rock hard organ bottomed out against her cervix again, punching into it painfully and repeatedly as she thrust again and again.

“Ummfff Ummfff Ummfff! Please! Ummfff!” Aanisa had nothing to do but endure as Sarge thrust for a few minutes in her upturned cunt, withdrew, and jammed it into her undefended ass for several minutes of even more painful torment. Then again. And then again. Her throat was sore and raw from screaming and grunting, and her holes felt like they had been shredded. Then again. Then again. Her breasts were throbbing from where the lioness occasionally crushed them in her hands. Then again. Then again.

The rape seemed to take forever, the repeated changes taking its tool on Aanisa and her exhausted body, never letting her grow accustomed, keeping her on edge. She felt shattered, physically and emotionally, as minutes of alternating ass and cunt rape became what felt like hours as the merciless lions leered down at her aching, hurting fleshlight on the table.

The cock plunged into her cunt and furiously stabbed in and out as Aanisa felt it grow inside her, and felt almost grateful… that at least her cumming would mean that it was over. Dull slapping noises filled the kitchen, echoing off the walls as their bodies clapped together at their hips. The gazelle’s struggling body was pinned hard by the bigger woman on top of her and she could only thrash her head from side to side until, finally, Aanisa felt the single hardest thrust of her entire rape slam the cock firmly against the entrance to her womb right before hot cum flooded into her. Glob after steaming hot glob of thick seed oozed deeply into her thoroughly punished cunt, and the prey animal felt every drop of it as it seeped within her, spreading out and claiming her yet again.

Above her, Sarge moaned in pure pleasure as the tightly clasping cunt effectively milked her cum from her shaft. One hand on her tits squeezed firmly, but it was almost affectionate now… playfully hurting her breasts felt almost like a caress compared to what she had done in turning her holes practically inside out, even as swollen as her pregnant breasts were. Inside her, the cum pumped and pumped, then trickled, and then stopped its flooding of her cunt at last. “That was a good lesson,” said Sarge with satisfaction. She let go of the pinned-up leg, letting it drop down to a normal posture as she took her weight off of her and let her swollen belly show again. “What do you think, babymaker? You think that was enough to teach you a lesson?”

Aanisa sobbed pathetically. “Y-y-yes…” she choked out. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Thank you for teaching me.”

“If you’ve learned your lesson,” Sarge said, her voice suddenly cold. “Then why are you laying on your back when there is still milk on the floor?”

Every single part of her body hurt. She would rather die than move an inch. Still, Aanisa practically scrambled in her hurry to get off the table and down to the floor as, deprived of her mop and broom, she began to desperately lick up the mess… cum seeping out of her raw and throbbing loins.

Tank spanked Aanisa on her ass cheerfully, letting the pregnant gazelle wobble a bit as she stood. That lion was strong… even a playful tap seemed like it risked sending her sprawling. “Up and at em, babymaker,” she said with a smile. “Got to keep yourself nice and healthy for the baby. Time to do some work.”

Aanisa drudged along, already knowing where they were going before they even reached the side room that the lions used as a gym. Sam and Joanna were already there, on a bike or an elliptical and tied into place, and quickly Aanisa was made to join them, Tank pulling her onto the treadmill. The athletic lion fastened a cable leash to her neck and ran it through a ring on the front of the railing, where the readouts for speed and control were ignored.

“Alright then,” she said, self satisfied. “Walk!” She reached over and started the machine, spanking her ass like she was a horse that the lion was spooking into a run.

Aanisa began as a low hum began, the belt starting to move beneath her. Her swollen, pregnant belly was almost as uncomfortable to this process as her sensitive tits or the fact that her holes always hurt from the latest rape, but there was little she could do about it as the treadmill began to speed up. “A little faster!” Tank advised. Another swat to her rear startled Aanisa into a more brisk pace, faster than she would have normally walked but not quite a jog yet. Watching to make sure she was doing as she was told, Tank then moved to lock her into place… the huge lion grabbed her wrists one at a time and placed them on the railings, winding a bungee cord around them until they were right and almost impossible to move before clipping the ends to one another.

The posture caused her to bend forward more, making the posture even more uncomfortable. “Keep it there,” Tank said firmly. “While I go get Yin set up.” Then Tank walked away, leaving her to walk.

She kept pace with the treadmill as it went up and down. Of course she did… What else would she do? Fall? She kept walking, her body soon coated completely with a thin sheen of sweat. “So, what is it with the babies anyway?” she blurted. “Why all of this? It doesn’t make sense!”

Joanna looked over at her with a panicked expression. “I really think we should-” she started, nervous, before Sam cut her off.

“It’s their con,” the battered raccoon said grimly as she kept biking, her stuffed belly seeming huge as she rose her knees towards it again and again. “It’s how they make their money.”

Sam was, before Aanisa, the newest of the girls here and certainly the youngest. They called her Dummy because, while Joanna and Yin and Aanisa had needed to be grabbed, Sam had climbed into their van herself, lured into their grip by a simple promise of food and shelter. They had found the runaway on the side of the road, from what the gazelle had put together, naked and shivering after already having been raped by some other homeless people in an alley, where she’d run away after being abused by her step-father. She had known the score when she walked into the van… that she would be expected to service her saviors.

She had just thought it would be crawling between their legs and sucking their loads down. She hadn’t been able to imagine what it actually was going to be like, and once she had known she had fought with everything she had… but it hadn’t been close to enough. Now she was just one more of the baby incubators.

“Do you know what a private adoption costs?” Sam said bitterly, shaking her head. “My… step dad… talked about putting me up when I was younger. Someone who brokers an adoption for an attractive young baby… one that they can guarantee won’t have someone making a claim on the child… can make bank. That’s what they want.” She gave a grim smile. “If they were going to pay thousands for a mongrel like me, the real money is in purebloods. Noble animal that everyone knows would never be anything but regal… like lions.” She spat to the side. “That’s why they need us – and why they are keeping us halfway healthy.”

“That’s horrible!” Aanisa cried out.

“That’s life,” Sam laughed grimly. “We’re here until we’ve given them five… or until they’re tired of putting up with us and throw us away. Or until Skid gets tired of threatening us and Sierra decides to stop holding that psycho back and something awful happens.”

“I don’t want to do this…” Aanisa sniffled. “I… I just want to go home. I just wan-”

“Shut up!” Tank said as she walked into the room, dragging the mouse behind her. “If you have time to talk, you have time to walk faster.” She growled, looking around the room. “Any of the rest of you talking?”

“No miss,” Joanna said quickly.

“No miss,” Sam said just as fast, almost in sync, and she didn’t quite let her gaze become a glare of hatred towards the lion.

Tank growled again, her eyes flicking back to Aanisa. Quickly she put Yin onto another exercise machine before she turned back to the gazelle, a playful look in her eyes. “Apparently we aren’t working you hard enough,” she said flatly. She grabbed onto the cord attached to her collar and began to pull, dragging her neck down, making her more bent over with each tug of the cord and making keeping up with the walk more painful.

“No… please! Don’t do this! I… I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry, I’ll be good!” Aanisa frantically begged. In her panic, she had lost the rhythm of her steps and her feet had come out from under her. With her hands and neck bound, however, it didn’t mean she fell… it just meant that she dangled, choking, from the leash for a second before she got back onto her stride and kept jogging along. “Please, I can’t do this!”

“Of course you can,” Tank said with amusement as she stepped up on the treadmill behind her, anchoring her feet on the unmoving edges and away from the belt of the treadmill, where Aanisa’s feet couldn’t reach. “Prey has been running away from lions for millions of years. You can manage a few more minutes.” The gazelle felt her ass being slapped hard by the huge lion’s free hand. Aanisa could only stare forward, bent over almost in half with her head down by the front rail, but she could see Joanna and Sam and Yin’s faces as they watched… horrified, frightened, but relieved it wasn’t them.

“Please no…” she cried breathlessly, pulling at her bonds as she felt Tank’s massive cock rubbing over her curvy ass, the cheeks shining with perspiration from her run as they shifted from side to side with each movement of her legs as she kept running. Her captor wedged her barbed cock between Aanisa’s ass cheeks, rubbing the length up and down between the gazelle’s shifting ass cheeks, holding her wide hips firmly so she couldn’t pull away.

She squirmed and strained against the pull of her hands on her hips trying to uncouple from that cock that humped against her. Her thumbs pressed into Aanisa’s ass cheeks and pulled outward, spreading her cheeks, and Aanisa screamed as she felt the thick cock press into her sore, always-swollen ass, penetrating her deeply as the rapist violently lunged forward with her hips as he pulled back on Aanisa’s.

“AAIIIGHHH!” The ugly, rough sound wrenched its way free from Aanisa’s throat in a choking gasp of anguish as she felt her inner flesh straining against the thickness of the rapist’s blunt tool. Her voice was low, guttural, and her eyes were bulging wide as she felt her ass being stretched and filled for the first time by this particular huge lion.

Tank bucked her whole body against Aanisa’s ass violently, pounding her shaft into the gazelle as if she were hammering a spike into a length of wood. Each move wedged a little more into the resisting hole… she was still tight and lovely and, as they kept telling her, exquisitely pleasurable to rape, but her rear no longer resisted the way it once had. Each new inch forced into her pushed another low grunt or moan from the young captive as her belly seemed to jiggle, her tits dangling down beneath her bent torso and wobbling with the labored breathing of her pain. The huge lion grunted out her pleasure as she slammed her dick forward with vicious, short stabs until she impaled Aanisa’s ass completely, her large, strong hands pulling her hips firmly against her so that her cheeks were mashed flat against her pelvis.

The rapist held her there and Aanisa felt like she’d been impaled… the way she always felt when they used her like this. Her ass was burning, the barbs inflamed the sides, making it swell even tighter around her rapist and Tank was so huge it felt like she was impaled on a baseball bat. She had thrust all the way in, but to Aanisa’s surprise she wasn’t pulling out… instead keeping the gazelle skewered on her cock for long minutes, rocking and moving from side to side with each step she was forced to take to keep on the moving machine.

Each movement of her legs churned her insides around that barbed monstrosity and made Aanisa’s ass strain and throb as it stretched with the motion. How could she walk with this thick pole up her ass… but how could she do anything else when the alternative was falling and choking? Sweat and tears dripped freely off of the beautiful captive’s face and left moving dark stains on the treadmill belt as it went around and again.

“That’s right,” Tank said, earnest cheer and enjoyment in her voice. “This is the perfect way to teach you to behave, isn’t it? You’re going to get your workout, and you’re going to rape your ass on my dick for me to show me you’ve learned your lesson.”

Every little shifting of her body brought agony to the gazelle as she forced her shaking, sweaty legs to move. Pain shot up from her ass with each step as she was forced to keep up with the treadmill, her downcast face watching as the stains of her tears and sweet moved backwards on the black belt again and again. Groaning, moaning with pain, she forced one foot to move past the other again and again.

Tank chuckled as she slapped the gazelle’s ass again, making her feel her abused ass shift and involuntarily clench around her cock. “Keep up, lazy…” the lion warned her with yet another slap. “Do I need to speed the machine up?”

Desperately, Aanisa went faster. It was humiliating, almost as much so as it was painful. She wasn’t even being fucked. Tank was only keeping her rod shoved into her as deep as she could… not bothering to thrust or grind, but not pulling out, either. It forced the walking Aanisa to provide all of the agonizing movement, to bring her pleasure with her own action.

Aanisa had no idea how long this lasted… it felt like it must have been an eternity of walking sodomy as she was dragged through hell by her own two feet. Every time she thought that the pain had faded from a sharp anguish into a sullen, angry numbness that wasn’t quite as mind-blasting of an agony, a new twitch, an awkward step, or a shift from Tank would bring it all back, making her abused ass bear down and grip the raping cock and causing her new torments.

She didn’t know when Tank had reached her hands down and grabbed onto her swaying tits, squeezing them as she walked, but she became aware that her nipples were being rolled between the huge lion’s fingers as she fucked herself, playing with her tits to the same rhythm of her miserable steps. Eventually, it must have become too much for her rapist, too, because she gripped Aanisa’s hips and bodily lifted her up and off the belt, holding her still as the muscular enforcer began thrusting.

“Guuhh! Ummmfff! Huummff! Aaahmmmff! Pleaseeeee…” Aanisa’s short, begging grunts accompanied each thrust as air was forced from her body, but they were barely audible to even her own ears over the sound of hips slapping against ass and the wet, disgusting sound that accompanied each time the cock slid back into her. If she ever heard them, Tank ignored her pleas and kept ramming her massive member cruelly in and out of Aanisa’s violated ass, pulling back and plunging deep with rapid, punching movements of her body.

Aanisa was battered against the frame of the treadmill as she was raped, forced to endure the horrible pain as she was pounded without mercy, the lion’s urgency building as she mashed her face more and more against the front bar, her horns making grinding sounds against it…

Tank thrust a few more times and roared a violent, leonin roar as she impaled her cock all the way up Aanisa’s squirming asshole. She wept as she felt hot cum spewing in thick spurts into her burning ass, hearing her rapist moan as she squeezed her tits with violent enthusiasm. The cock throbbed and pulsed and more cum flooded her ravaged ass, some squeezing out and trickling down her ass and inner thighs, adding disgust to Aanisa’s pain, adding new stains to the ones on the belt beneath them.

Then the cock held still within her ass once more and Aanisa slowly forced her muscles to unclench, sobbing and breathing heavily. She waited for her rapist’s next move as Tank luxuriated in the hedonistic sensations… of her ecstasy exceeded only by her agony. She had no idea if her violation was over, or would be continuing…

Tank pulled out, her asshole making a loud, wet shlurping noise as the fat cock broke the airtight seal and more cum leaked out behind it. “Back to walking, babymaker,” she warned with a growl.

…but she knew that either way, she had no choice in what was done to her anymore.

Today was the day… The screams from the other room made that incredibly clear. Every single movement of one of the lions, every single sound and twitch, filled Aanisa with tension. She moved around, trying to do her jobs, to do whatever any of them ordered her to… to be invisible, even as her belly had swollen enough that she felt she couldn’t have hidden behind a house anymore. Aanisa felt like she could cut the tension in the air with a knife, if the lions would ever give her a knife.

Still, after more than six hours of screaming, they were starting to get more than a little tiresome than worrying.

She wasn’t the only one feeling it, either. Joanna still looked mostly terrified as she moved around, cleaning whatever she could get her hands on, but Sam by now looked more angry. “God damn, get it over with already…” she grumbled… but quietly. No one wanted to catch Sierra’s attention.

The white lion was perched at the entrance of the main room, pacing like a starving predator as Doc and Tank worked with Yin. The whole time that she had interacted with the lion matriarch, she had seemed blithely amused and in good spirits, playful and uncaring. She had never seen her like this… and now that she did, it was so much easier to understand why the others were afraid of her. She was very different like this… more intense, and far more frightening.

At last, the screams took on another tone, a sharper, higher, more desperate pitch. Sierra’s tail thrashed back and forth in the hallway before she walked into the room, and a new set of cries… those of a child… slowly took over from the mother’s.

A pause… like the universe was holding its breath. Aanisa didn’t move, listening closely, the soft wailing of a new infant almost a comforting sound compared to the painful caterwauling that had filled the air for so long. Even Skid, watching them, seemed focused on that silence, listening intently.

Then a voice cut through. “You useless, worthless, pathetic fucking WHORE!” Sierra roared, the small girl’s rage belying her size as the lion roared in fury. It probably didn’t actually shake the building, but it seemed like it, so weak did it make Aanisa’s knees. Thousands of years of instinct before civilization warned her that that was the sound of something coming to eat her. “You incompetent, halfway barren bitch! What the fuck am I supposed to do with a god damn mouse!”

The baby’s cries grew louder, and Doc showed up in the hallway, quickly taking the child elsewhere. She pushed it into Joanna’s arms, a tiny mouse, and winced as there was a hard, thumping noise from the other room. “Feed it,” Doc said as she pushed it against the cow’s leaking tits. “And stay quiet.” She glanced back towards the room where Yin had given birth and winced again. “Very quiet.”

“I only ask you for one more!” Sierra howled. “One more! How can you be this useless! Any halfway-competent street whore could push out a lion child every 4 months… how can you be so much fucking less that you’ve been here for four years trying to make me five!”

There were more thudding sounds as Sierra kicked her, just out of sight. Each time, Aanisa winced as if she were the one being kicked. “You want me to toss you in a damn dumpster?” she growled. “Throw you out like the piece of worthless trash you are? Answer me, slut!” Kick. Kick. Kick. Even from here in the other room, the gazelle could hear the mouse’s new screams as she babbled apologies, begging for another chance.

At last, the kicking stopped… and it was covered up right away with another harsh cry from the sensitive mouse as Sierra starting raping her. “One more chance. One more fucking chance you bitch… and it starts now,” she yelled as she started breeding the girl who had just given birth again, harshly as she could. “No one in this damn building dumps a load anywhere but inside you until you’re showing again, and if you aren’t carrying a new god damn lion in the next month I swear I’ll leave you to rot!”

Unconsciously, Aanisa looked down at her own belly, and the gazelle was terrified of what was inside it. Was it one step closer to salvation? Or a one way ticket to the hell the mouse was facing now?

“Please be a lion…” she whispered softly.

Over the course of her captivity, even the most horrible things became routine. Aanisa was raped and abused on a daily basis, and she never for a second got used to it, but it did lose some of its horror… less because the process was any less horrifying and more because she learned what each of her captors wanted, how to please them and make the experience quicker and less terrible.

Sarge preferred to be worshipped, made to feel strong and powerful and in charge – for her, Aanisa learned to whimper and cringe but obey, to use her hands to play with the other girl so she didn’t need to have them tied, and she could be made happy. Tank just wanted the tightest holes she could and silent obedience, so she needed to clench as hard as she could. Doc preferred making her work for her own humiliation, so if she was proactive in sucking her cock, riding it, and cleaning it afterward, if she thrust back against her or wrapped her legs around the lion while she was being raped, she was fairly easy to please. Even Sierra was possible to appease if you were willing to be a perfect whore and cum like a dumb, cum-addicted slut over and over for her. Skid… well, Skid just wanted to hurt her and make her miserable, so there wasn’t much she could do about that, but four out of five was better than zero.

Finally, over the course of the months, they started to abuse her less… unwilling to risk harming the baby. Increasingly, the kind of use they put her to was gentle… mostly putting her mouth to work, or having her ride them instead of pounding her.

Then, just before the end of her fifth month of being a captive fucktoy, the day came.

For hours, Aanisa had screamed, straining against the binds that held her down to the bed as contraction after contraction ripped through her. She wailed in agony… the lions hadn’t given her any painkillers stronger than what she’d get for a headache, so the gazelle was lost in misery, her belly tightening, back arching high as her body worked to expel the thing inside her. Doc knelt between her bound, spread legs, watching as the baby’s head struggled to begin to crown.

That was when she learned that there was a reason the cries had cut off for the others… The lions got sick of the screaming, too. It was a tradition of theirs, a good luck charm that as she whipped her head violently from side to side, struggling to escape the pain that was coming from inside of her, she saw Skid climbing up onto the bed beside her. The dark haired lion’s finger and thumb pried her mouth open even as she screamed with another contraction. And, at the mercy of her body and her captors, she gagged, choking helplessly as the huge tool was rammed down her throat. Her cries cut off into moans, creating a relative silence even more pregnant than she was as that barbed cock slid down her throat.

Her body bore down, pushing, straining. The lion fucked her face furiously, aroused beyond reason by her pain and by the knowledge that, even as she slammed her wicked cock down the gazelle’s throat, her cunt was filled. Knowing that she was pushing out a baby that she might have been the one to put there clearly delighted the cruel lion. Faster and faster, her hips thrusting frantically, she shouted as she splashed her mouth, seeding it. Her jism filled Aanisa’s throat even as she tensed with her last contraction. Screaming around the lion cock, her spew bubbled on the gazelle’s lips and up her nose as Doc pulled the baby out from her.

Then a moment of anticipatory silence. Then, Sierra’s voice, “Congratulations, Babymaker,” Sierra said, her voice cheerful as ever as she held the squalling newborn lion up. “It’s a girl!” Purring happily, the white lion waited while Doc undid the bonds on her arms before pressing the newborn cub into its mother’s arm. “Excellent work… and wasn’t it so much fun to breed your very own lion baby!?” she said with a twinkle in her eye as the newborn lion nuzzled at Aanisa’s swollen breasts. “The absolute most fun… only four more to go!”

Aanisa sobbed tears that were somewhere between joy and despair. Four more. Close to two years of the life she’d already experienced. Months and months and months of additional suffering, of anguish and humiliation and misery… but at least it had been a lion. At least the last five months had meant something, and instead of being punished she had moved one step closer to freedom.

“Alright girls!” Sierra said cheerfully. “I think our pretty little gazelle here deserves a break from all that mothering.” She reached down and, as the weakened gazelle cried out, pulled the lion cub from her mother’s arms. “Oh, you are so beautiful,” the petite white lion said cheerfully as she held her up, smiling at her. “Everyone loves a lion.”

“Please, give her back…” Aanisa whispered. She wasn’t even sure why she cared, why she was so upset, but her plea was completely ignored by Sierra as the woman passed the child to Doc.

“Get her situated, and tell our people we have another one,” Sierra said with a predatory smile. “The rest of us… Well, it’s time to celebrate.” She turned her gaze to Aanisa, and the gazelle was suddenly very aware of the fact that she was bound on the bed with her legs spread. One of Sierra’s clawed fingers traced its way across the lips of her birth-slick pussy, making her shudder with just how raw and sensitive her hole was, how she felt every scrape and slide of the nail like it lit her nerves on fire. “Looking forward to getting started again, babymaker?”

“That… that’s not how it works,” Aanisa said fearfully. “I can’t… I can’t get pregnant again so quickly… it… it won’t work!”

Sierra shrugged as she climbed onto the bed between her splayed legs and she pulled her iron-hard cock out, resting the huge member against her mound as she slapped the overly-sensitive cunt with it. “You never know,” she cheerfully countered. “Maybe you’ll get lucky. And we both know that you are one eager-to-please slut, don’t we prey?”

Aanisa watched as Milk and Dummy and Ice Queen got dragged into the room by grips on their arms or their hair, watched the cow, the raccoon, and the mouse get pushed down against the side of the bed to hold onto it. Then Sierra was inside of her, and the cries of the other women vanished as her existence narrowed down to a window the size of her sensitive cunt and the arm-thick barbed cock forcing its way inside of her.





It was hard to think that the rest of her life was going to be anything other than this. In this second, swallowed by so much pain today between the birth and this, it was hard to remember that she had ever had a life before this. Aanisa had always been hurting. She had always been raped. She had always been a walking incubator for lion cubs, and it was all she ever would be.



The barbs on the thick cock scraped her insides, grinding against her already inflamed hole as she was taken. Her pussy spasmed around the lion’s length, gripping it incredibly tightly and no doubt bringing her rapist obscene pleasure to match the pain it caused the gazelle. She felt every bit as full as she had with the baby in her, and she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or if she could already feel another one taking its place.



A point of light in her awareness grew at one of her nipples. Dummy, the pretty racoon runaway, had her face shoved down against her tits as Skid raped her from behind, the black and white woman licking and sucking at one of her swollen tits. A second later, the mouse was pushed down on the second one, and some moans joined the cries in Aanisa’s head.



In. In. In…

Cum erupting, hot, splashing on her insides. Sinking into her and questing for its target. It felt like it was flooding her womb, up her tubes and into her ovaries to knock her up with a hundred children at once. It felt like her whole body was being raped. It felt like her whole body was being given a new purpose.


Sierra cock was yanked from her. Aanisa cried out at the rough sensation, but her swollen cunt seemed to grip at it anyway, like the stupid thing wanted to hold onto it.

It wasn’t kept waiting very long. A second later, another dick thrust to her cervix, bouncing off of the even-more-painful-than-usual barrier as the lion drove herself to the hilt in a second. Milk pressed one of her tits into Aanisa’s mouth, covering her face, not even letting her see which of the lions was raping her. Was it Sarge, demanding respect? Tank, the big one almost thoughtlessly violent? Was Doc back from taking her baby away? Or was it Skid, and her torment was just beginning?

Aanisa moaned, sucking on the nipple pressed into her mouth, weeping softly as the cock inside her got to work. In out in out in out… that was what her life was reduced to. It would fuck her until it was satisfied. Then it would be replaced by another.

And another…

And another…

And another…

Four more cubs…

Four more…

2 thoughts on “Primal Business 2

  1. I’m really starting to enjoy this particular series. Though I have to admit that I feel a bit bad for Aanisa, and something tells me that her life isn’t about to improve much anytime soon.


    1. Thanks! It was a fun commission to work on! Darinost, my friend and often parter-in-crime will be writing a karmic ending for our villains at some point…


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