K/DA: All Fucked Out – Ch 4 – Queen Bitch

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Akali trembled, shaking in the darkness of her cage… the pretty young Korean popstar’s eyes squeezed shut as if that could deny what was all around her. It didn’t. She could hear their growling even through the rush of the blood in her ears, even over the beating of her heart. Even in the pitch black there was enough of a hint of light for some to reflect occasionally off of bared teeth, or the drool that was dripping on the ground from their open mouths, or the wide, focused eyes that were filled with hunger and the primal desire to tear her apart…

Or worse.

Her naked body was covered in a cold sweat as dogs barked and barked and barked, separated from her by nothing more than the bars of her cage that seemed horribly too thin and weak. The cage held, for now… but Akali knew all too well what would happen to her if it didn’t, or if Soomin decided to just open it. She knew with horrifying detail what their teeth felt like on her outsides, and what their knots felt like on her insides, and it was hard to tell which was worse as she spent yet another sleepless night in the kennels. The pack as a whole was always far more aggressive than an individual dog. It wasn’t just the growling and threatening of those outside of her cage, of course… she was locked in with one of them, locked in a kennel with one of the dogs all night and only let out in the morning… or afternoon. Or the next day. It depended on when Soomin decided she wanted her pet again.

The cages weren’t big enough to stand up in, of course… they weren’t even close, so Akali was forced to stay on all fours, the dog behind her and usually on top of her. If she was very, very, very lucky, the dog would be tired. If she was only a little bit lucky, he wouldn’t be horny. Soomin seemed to be deliberately training the hounds to use her for their satisfaction, so the odds of that happening got worse every time she was here. If she was really, really, really unlucky, they would put her in here with one of the bitches, not being raped at all during the night… but not sleeping anyway out of terror. With the bitch’s scent on her, the moment she was taken out of here…

Akali shuddered, resolutely putting the memories out of her mind. She missed her home.

“Are you comfortable?” Soomin asked with a sweet smile on her face. She was standing among the rabid beasts, calm and careless. Akali wondered if they didn’t attack Soomin because they felt that deep inside her was the same desire to hurt anyone that they felt, a bestial, cruel urge to hurt someone just because they wanted to and could. “You should be. All of our other pets love their home. Don’t you want to come out and meet your admirers?” she asked with a smile, walking closer to Akali, her high heels sinking into the soft ground.

Akali winced, but she didn’t answer… she was already being punished enough. That was why she was here… just one more of the countless punishments Akali had “earned” over her time here, just because her owner was a power-hungry, sadistic bitch. Her only crime this time had been a single begging word, a scream that had taken on a protest for Soomin to just stop hurting her… a moment of weakness when she just couldn’t take the beating anymore, and that had gotten her thrown into the kennels. What would she do if she spoke again, here? Besides, even if Akali wanted to answer, she couldn’t. Her mouth was filled with a ball gag the size of a tennis ball that stretched her jaw obscenely, the pain only growing with time. To keep it in, the straps had to be secured around the back of her head, and they were so tight that she wondered if her brain was getting circulation. Her hands were cuffed high under her head, her legs were opened and suspended around her knees that were high enough to reach her shoulders, the leather straps keeping her in place. Her ass was hanging low above the ground and Akali’s stomach sank thinking why she was tied like this. Her slit was in view and Soomin could probably see the gapes of the young singer’s cunt and asshole between the dog’s legs, smirking at the sight of her leaking cum.

Before she was put there, with the other animals, Akali had been experiencing yet another round of her owner’s rage. This time, it had included being raped with two thick dildos that Soomin had sawed in and out of her dry holes for hours and hours. When her screams turned into howls and her body was shaking in shock and pain, Soomin had stood before her, rubbing her clit and taking her pleasure in the look of pain and misery she saw on Akali’s face, rubbing herself until she came and drooled her juices down onto Akali’s face. It had only been after she was finished, when she was standing above the young singer’s body, that she had told her pet to open her mouth wide so that she could fill it with her piss.

Akali could hardly believe that she’d fallen so low… but she obeyed, the most pathetic, weakest, most worthless animal in all of Korea as she swallowed the warm liquid down like ambrosia, just to make her mistress happy. No, not even happy… just marginally less angry with her. That was her life from now on… not avoiding suffering but simply finding ways to suffer a little less. Her life had no way of getting any better anymore… things could only get worse, and her position here in the kennels was only further confirmation of that thought.

“Do you know how we get dogs ready for the hunt?” Soomin asked, walking closer to her slave and pressing her dirty shoe on Akali’s thigh. She leaned closer, letting her prisoner feel the floral smell of her perfume. Soomin smelled like clean sheets, expensive things and good life, while Akali spent all her time smelling like dirt, sex and piss. “We don’t feed them. For days, sometimes a week, just to make sure that when they’re out for a hunt they’re really motivated to catch their prey. Isn’t that interesting?”

Akali looked between Soomin and the barking dogs, waiting for the culmination her owner was clearly preparing her for. She couldn’t help but tremble as she looked at the furious pack, just barely kept away from her.

“Most of those who call themselves human are not so different from animals, once you get right down to it,” Soomin mused with a smile as she took a step back and turned away from her, walking closer to a small door that was separating them from the angry dogs. “Behind all those pretenses, all those unnecessary emotions, all we need is sleep, food… and sex.”

At her last word, Soomin unlocked the door to her cage. Akali’s eyes went wide, her body tense inside her kennel. She wanted to run away, she wanted to die, but instead all she could do was watch as the rabid monsters came out of the darkness towards her… and then stopped. She was ready to feel the teeth penetrating her skin and tearing her apart, or their cocks doing the same, but it didn’t happen. The horde of animals was close to her, just inches away from her open cage now, but their long leashes still left a bit of space between them. It was small… but it was enough to leave her unharmed. Tears of fear streamed down her face as she saw them so close, felt their hot, foul breath on her skin.

“I guess I ordered the wrong size leash,” Soomin said with a sigh, tugging on one of the leashes hard enough to make one of the hounds whine. “But you still have great company anyway… right, slut?”

Akali wished she didn’t know what her mistress referred to, but she knew. She saw bright-red penises that were sticking out between the dogs’ hind legs. They were jumping up in a desperate attempt to penetrate something, anything, and the young singer’s bare slit was right there, pink and open. They were bigger than she ever imagined they could be and it filled her with dread and disgust, and even just one of them being able to reach her was so much worse than she could have imagined in her old life. “Come on, get closer,” Soomin laughed. “Your adoring fans want your attention!”

There was nothing Akali could do, just watch helplessly as the dogs tried desperately to rip off the leashes to get to her, to hurt her, to rape her, and at this point the young singer didn’t know what would be a worse fate. She sobbed and the sound made it through her gag, making Soomin turn to her with a frown. “Oh god, you’re pathetic. You really sound just like them, you know that? Just like a fucking beast. Maybe by the time they finish filling your cunt you’ll give me some puppies in a few months.”

Akali just knew that she didn’t want to be there, she didn’t want to feel like this disgusting, mindless thing that Soomin could use for her entertainment, but there was no way out, nothing she could use to escape, so she simply looked in the open mouths of the dogs and seriously contemplated if she should throw herself into them, bare her throat and hope this would end soon. Then the dog in the cage with her started mounting her, and she wailed as she felt his shaft slide inside. “That’s right… they can smell your filthy little cunt,” Soomin mocked, getting closer to her slave but making sure not to get between the other dogs and her. “Thing is… I don’t think they’re motivated enough. I think they’re taking it easy on you…”

With those words, she took out something from her pocket that looked like a spray bottle and pointed it at Akali… and then pumped. A spray of liquid landed on Akali’s back and ass and thighs, and it was like someone had flipped a switch. The dogs, already aggressive, went mad trying to reach her… started barking louder, tugging on their leashes so hard they were almost choking themselves. Akali squirmed, trying to move away, but she only swayed herself in the air in a way that the dogs took as an invitation to fuck her, an invitation that the suddenly far more aggressive hound behind her took as his disgusting dick forced its way inside of her.

“Amazing thing, right?” Soomin laughed. “You know what that is? You should recognize it… it’s what you smell like, on the inside. It’s the smell of a bitch in heat… If you’re going to be a dog, might as well smell like one too, right?” She laughed at her own joke, and Akali shook her head in disbelief. How much more evil could this woman get? Through how many circles of hell would she force the young singer to go through until she was satisfied?

At last, her laugh wound down as the hounds kept tugging. “Alright. I guess I have things to do,” Soomin said with a small smile, looking over the terrible scene she’d created. “Sleep well, bitch. And you, my lovelies… have fun!”

Akali couldn’t take her eyes from the animals in front of her, her eyes bulging to the rhythm of the dog already raping her as he thrust again and again. Her heart was drumming in her chest, fueled by fear and adrenaline. Her skin was covered in a cold sweat, whimpers and sobs tearing out of her throat. She was helpless against the dogs and there was no hope that they would just stop, now that they had their victim so close. They were out to get her in a primal desire to stick their stinky dicks into anything that smelled like something they could breed. Yes, their leashes were long, but Akali had no clue how well they were attached. And if one of them got closer… she didn’t want to think about that possibility. The whole pack of them…

They were barking and barking and growling and snarling and barking and the sound of it echoed again and again in Akali’s ears. She closed her eyes, trying to hide at least in her mind, but all that did was focus her on the feeling of being raped, the slow swelling of a knot inside her. One of the other dogs, still straining to reach her and absolutely crazy in a desire to get a release from anything that smelled like a bitch, went to the only part of Akali he could touch – one of her feet sticking too far out, pushed out of the cage by the other dog’s frantic fucking. Akali recoiled as it pressed its dick to her warm flesh, its red shaft getting between her toes as he rubbed the prick over in the fast movements. She moaned out in horror and disgust, trying to pull it away but unable to do so as her body was driven down again and again. As the dog assaulted her leg, its dick just got bigger and bigger, the tip bulbous and huge. Was that what was inside her cunt right now, she thought with horror.

The knot swelled huge and she screamed as she was stretched out further. Just a few moments later he finished, leaving Akali with the feeling of semen splashing inside of her, filling her up. Puppies. If Soomin had her way she’d be having puppies. Akali wanted to vomit, to wash away the stains inside of her with bleach or acid, but that wasn’t an option for her. After all, she wasn’t a real person with dreams and hopes and feelings. Not anymore. Instead, she was just a toy for Soomin, without desires or any real emotions. All of her pain came when she tried to be anything else… so maybe it was past time for the young rapper to accept that.

Akali had no idea how long she spent there in the near darkness. The hounds never stopped pulling, and the scent of the bitch on her inspired the single dog that was free to rape her three more times… or had it been four? Only two? Five? Her fears, her dread, her hope and dreams and memories were all turning numb, even as she looked at the dogs that were out to get her. There was still a bit of fear in the back of her head, but it felt more like an echo of emotion than something real… even if something happened to her, it wouldn’t be happening to a real person. Just a doll… and if your doll got broken, you could always replace it.

Akali’s arms and legs had long since gone numb from being suspended for so long, her drool leaking freely from her gag. Darkness stretched along with the time. At some point in the night, even the dogs got tired and stopped trying to attack or fuck her, moving away. Even the one on her went to sleep, curling possessively over her leg. It was only long after the sun had risen back over the horizon that Soomin returned to get her toy back.

“Look at you!” she loudly declared with a smile as other hands pulled the dogs back away, yanking them back into their own kennels. “Behaving so well. Getting along with the rest of the animals?” she laughed, looking at her prisoner that had barely any light left in her eyes. Akali looked at her owner and then at a couple of men that were standing behind her. They were servants in the house… she had seen them before, but not one of them looked back at the tortured singer. They were all looking down in shame and defeat. Perhaps they regretted not doing something when she was here all night, but Akali knew that they wouldn’t protect her. No one could protect her from Soomin. The men should be afraid of her.

“Your cunt isn’t as messy as I’d like,” Soomin said with a bit of disappointment in her voice, coming closer to her slave. “You were slacking off again, pet. I’m disappointed in you.” She sighed dramatically. “Oh well, I guess that just means I’ll need to send you to play with the other pets more often, won’t I? After all, Father promised to buy me a nice stallion soon. You can introduce yourself to him!”

It was a testament to her exhaustion and hopelessness that Akali didn’t even react to that as Soomin turned to the servants. “Clean her up. I don’t want to bring a sloppy slut in the house.”

Akali was slowly freed from her restraints by the men that accompanied Soomin. It felt like she was being stabbed with needles, the sharp points piercing her skin and again where the numbness had settled in as blood began to move again. She moaned out in pain, but no one cared about what she had to say or what she felt. They just needed to make her move. As soon as she was freed, they dumped buckets of water on her… freezing cold. While one of them toweled the singer off, the other stuffed a rough brush up her pussy and scrubbed in and out, causing her to cry out for the first, but no doubt not last, time of the day.

After that, Soomin led the way back to the house, leading Akali on hands and knees behind her as she crawled. She giggled about how wonderful of an evening she’d had, and how much fun she hoped Akali had been having back with the other animals, just like her. The young singer could barely hear her… it was all she could do to stay up on her “feet” as she crawled along. The two servants walked by her sides, trying to ensure that she wouldn’t fall, but it made going slow… and at some point, Soomin got tired of waiting. She grabbed Akali by the ring in her nipple, tugging on it so hard that she screamed. “Hurry. Up!” she snapped as she clipped a leash to it and yanked again. Akali wanted to break down weeping, but that wouldn’t help her… the best she could hope for if she did that was to end up raped by dogs again. Akali needed to move and she needed to do it fast, so she forced herself to go, half walking and half falling down in a perpetual trip as she stumble-crawled down the hallway.

Finally, they reached Soomin’s room. Her sadistic mistress opened the door and tugged on her nipple leash even harder, pulling Akali inside. She felt far too tired to even think about fighting back, only stumbling along to minimize the pain. What would fighting even gain her, anyway? Just another painful or humiliating punishment? Evelynn had fought, and all it had gotten her was a bullet to the head.

“Do you know why I needed you this morning?” Soomin said as she sat primly down on the bed, a slow smile on her face. “It was warm last night, and I woke feeling like I needed to bathe. I was going to take a shower… but then I thought of how cruel that would be. After all, I know that it’s your favorite thing in the whole world to clean me with your filthy tongue… isn’t that right?” She chuckled as she raised one hand and casually kicked Akali over, disregarding the way it pulled at her nipple leash as she pushed her down to the ground. “Now lay still and we’ll put you properly to use.”

Akali didn’t resist. Why should she? This was the only thing she was good for now, according to anyone around her that bothered to even speak to her, so why would she want to fight it when it was so much easier to do as she was told? What was the point of anything else? Akali laid down on the floor, grateful that at least now her tired legs would be able to get a little bit of rest. Soomin, for her part, looked pleased with this display of obedience. She had finally tamed her toy, or so it seemed to her. The Korean aristocrat pulled her panties down from under her skirt, dropping them on the floor, before standing above Akali’s face.

“I’ve got a bit more for you to clean today,” she laughed brightly like she wasn’t about to use her slave’s mouth for her own pleasure. “So make sure to be very thorough.” Akali didn’t know what she meant until Soomin lowered herself and her mistress’s cunt covered her mouth. The woman’s slit was wet and messy, her entrance leaking with cum from whatever lover she had seen earlier. Akali recoiled in immediate disgust, wanting to move away and not have that taste on her tongue, the taste that made Akali remember all that rape she’d endured back when she was first kidnapped, but Soomin was merciless… grinding herself down hard, not letting her escape. Her mistress suspended the girl’s head between her knees on either side and, as if that wasn’t enough, she also tugged on the other woman’s hair, keeping Akali rigidly in place. “Come on, slut, I know you enjoy it,” the woman above her laughed, moving her hips lightly and spreading leaking liquids all over her mouth and nose. “I watched the videos. I saw you taking dick after dick after dick and loving it like the cock-hungry whore you are. A bit of cum is nothing for you, right? Just a tiny appetizer…”

There was no reason to fight back. It wasn’t like she had any hope of getting away… even if she could slip free, she had nowhere to go and she was too tired to struggle. Akali was just… too… exhausted. All she wanted in the entire world was to be left alone, to go to sleep. So what if she needed to suck down some more cum to get herself a moment of rest? It wasn’t the worst thing she had done in her life… it wasn’t like she hadn’t done it before, after all. So, justifying it to herself, lost in her misery and hopelessness, Akali got to work. She stretched out her tongue, stabbing forward with her pink digit and running it over her mistress’s wet slit. Her tongue lapped inside, scooping up hours-old semen and taking it out of Soomin’s pussy, swallowing it down as she licked. Her mistress didn’t need much help cleaning, not with how fast and rough she was rubbing her cunt over Akali’s face, but she still purred in pleasure at the sensation as she reveled in the power she had over the young singer.

“Yes… just like that” she breathed out as Akali’s tongue fluttered over her opening, licking off any traces of cum. “Mmm… Getting some dick was good, but a lay with equals doesn’t even compare to raping a filthy little tongue like yours, pet.” She kept on moving her hips, tugging on Akali’s hair, pressing down harder and harder as she scooted herself forward. Her crotch fully covered the girl’s mouth and nose now, smothering her and forcing her to push her tongue inside Soomin’s hole.

Akali whimpered softly, and Soomin laughed, thrilling in the sound. “Yes! Just that sound! Drink from me, whore!” The beautiful young North Korean heiress was shaking above her victim, far too disconnected from reality in her attempt to get her pleasure to notice that something was going wrong… to notice the commotion taking place on the other side of her closed door. She didn’t even hear it as she moved faster and faster, getting tenser as her body got closer to release. She didn’t hear as the door opened, the sounds masked as she moaned out and pressed her cunt down firmly over Akali’s mouth, writhing in pleasure.

“You’re doing it wrong,” a cold voice said as she observed the scene.

By the time the heiress realized that something was wrong, it was already far, far too late.

Startled, Soomin looked up, jerking away, looking over to see a white haired beautiful Asian woman observing them from by the door, looking at the scene they made with a curious and amused look on her face. Soomin’s expression lit up in shock as she rolled off of Akali, rising. “What is the meaning of this!? Who are… what are you doing here!?”

“Eve!” Akali gasped. With Soomin out of the way, she could see the woman, and even with her new features and new style she was instantly recognizable to the young rapper, a ghost come back to haunt her. This was… this was impossible!

Eve smiled even wider once her bandmate saw her, Akali’s eyes wide with disbelief. “You were doing it wrong,” she repeated, gaze flickering back over to Soomin. “If she could breathe, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Guards!” Soomin shouted. “Father, there’s som-” Too quickly to react, Evelynn struck. Soomin barely had time to begin to crawl away when the other woman’s lashers, real, demonic tails, appeared from nowhere and reached out for her mistress. They wrapped around her wrists quick as a striking snake, pinning her down to the floor while she shouted and struggled.

Akali just kept looking at her, sure that her captivity had driven her absolutely mad. Evelynn couldn’t be there, she thought… she was dead. The gangsters had told her that she’d been killed, and all the news broadcasts had agreed. Even if she’d somehow ended up alive, it couldn’t explain how she could be here, and what… what… what was she? Even those mad, confused thoughts couldn’t hold their place in Akali’s head once Evelynn stepped closer, lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties. “I’ll show you.” She grabbed the frilly, violet lace and moved closer to Soomin, forcefully filling the woman’s mouth with the fabric, making sure that she would keep quiet. Then she returned to Akali, standing above her head, letting her former bandmate see her perfect pink slit even as she stared up at it with dumbstruck, confused eyes.

“This is how you do it,” the woman smiled at Soomin as she pushed her hips down, pressing hard over Akali’s mouth and nose. Still shocked, Akali didn’t even have time to process that she had been rescued before her betrayal had sunk in. She was so stunned she didn’t even react at first, but when the young singer realized what was happening, once the taste of Evelynn’s cunt filled her mouth, she tried to fight back. Her attempts, however, were swiftly stopped by Eve’s hands, grabbing her wrists in an impossibly hard, iron grip that shoved them against the floor. “You only get air when I get off,” Evelynn purred playfully as she stared down at Akali’s wild, terrified blue eye. “Did you hear me, slut? Now… sing for me.”

And she started to grind.

Akali was helpless against the grip of the other woman, her thighs and wrists and ass working together to effortlessly hold her far more firmly than Soomin ever had. She had nothing to measure against Evelynn’s desire to show her superiority… but that wasn’t the worst of it. Too shocked by her bandmate’s survival, and her casual betrayal, she hadn’t really heard what the woman had been saying, but it didn’t take her long to realize that she wasn’t allowing her to breathe at all… that each movement barely gave her a solitary whisper of air. Those moments were far too short for her to get anything to satisfy her… her mouth and nose constantly buried in her feminine flesh. Akali didn’t open her mouth, but Evelynn didn’t care… that wasn’t the point. She just ground her cunt across the younger woman’s face, staring down into her eyes as she made pitiful, strangled sounds beneath her.

Akali’s vision began growing dark as she stared up at Eve in horror… and as she did she thought she saw something darken in Evelynn as well. Her eyes started to glow against a black background, her expression grim and hungry and filled with pleasure as she smothered her with her cunt as soullessly and casually as she could. Her mind grew darker and darker until everything seemed to float from the lack of air… Then the darkness swallowed Akali entirely, and she saw nothing more.

Evelynn kept moving even after Akali had gone still, losing consciousness beneath her while the interloper still took her pleasure on top of her face. After a few more seconds, though, Evelynn rose… clearly having lost what interest she had in the broken puppet while she still had another one in need of breaking. “See?” she said to Soomin as she strode up to her, allowing her to see the face of an unconscious Akali fully covered in her juices. “That is how you do it. ”

Evelynn smiled as Soomin’s eyes went wild, revealing her terror that she wasn’t able to hold back any longer. Eve enjoyed it, too… that was perfectly clear, and she didn’t even try to hide it. She moved to Soomin slowly, pushing her across the floor with the help of her lashers. “Think you learned by watching?” she asked, pulling the panties out of the young woman’s mouth. “Or are we going to need to make a more hands-on approach with you?”

“My father will have your head!” Soomin spat out, still struggling against the lashers pinning her wrists as she tried to get up. “You don’t know who you’re dealing with! Get your hands… off of me!”

Evelynn’s smile went wider. Soomin wanted to say more, but she stopped as Evelynn placed a soft, silky palm over her cheek, caressing her skin gently. Somehow, the simple gesture made her feel more terrified than she ever had in her entire life. “You’re wrong,” Evelynn said, something that sounded almost like pity in her voice. “I know exactly who I’m dealing with – a bitch that was spoiled rotten. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge you for you. I can even admire it. I just don’t like it when people treat my property badly… so I’m afraid you are going to need to be taught a lesson in manners.”

Evelynn stood, and then one of her heels was on the Korean girl’s chest, shoving Soomin painfully down to the floor. A moment later Eve’s weight was on her, the spike of her heel digging in as she stepped forward, crushing the air out of her even as she was all but stabbed by the shoe. Then she stepped forward again and Soomin’s face was instantly covered with the legendary popstar’s slit.

She tried to move her head, to get away, but it was useless… she might as well have tried to move a river. Wherever she flexed, wherever she moved, Evelynn followed her effortlessly. “Now, time to demonstrate you can learn. You’re going to get me off,” Evelyn said in a firm tone. “Or no air for you, either.”

Soomin didn’t want to do it. It wasn’t her job to lick cunts. She wasn’t some cheap whore… that was a task for lesser beings. For animals. But… but there was less and less and less air with every passing second, and soon Soomin started to panic, feeling like her consciousness was slipping away. Evelynn noticed that her victim was becoming unresponsive, so she shifted just slightly, just enough to let her gasp. She interrupted that breath halfway with a cruel, loud slap across her face, making her open her eyes go horribly wide.

Evelynn immediately covered her face again. “I knew you weren’t paying attention,” the white haired woman chided. “Now, start working with your tongue… or I’m not coming back up again until you’re still and cold,” she threatened.

The spoiled rich girl, the one who always got her way, couldn’t believe that this was happening. That she would be forced to do something she didn’t like. She wanted to scream for her guards, to have the woman shot, but no sound could come out… and she didn’t want to die choking on Evelynn’s cunt. So, regretfully, she stuck her tongue out, tasting the other woman.

It was disgusting. Just the taste of someone else’s pussy made her stomach roll. Only a freak could enjoy this! She wasn’t a freak! She wasn’t! “What a lazy slut.” Evelynn mocked from on top of her, grinding her clit against Soomin’s nose. “I know you can do better! And you’ll have to…”

Soomin, to her credit, tried. The terrified girl danced her tongue between Evelynn’s folds, but her efforts were pathetic, really. She hadn’t even paid enough attention to what she liked when Akali did this to have the first idea of how she could please someone, and Soomin had never in her life considered how to give someone else pleasure. After spending a lifetime with a monopoly on being pleased by others, she found she had no idea how to return the favor in kind, so Evelynn pressed harder, not rising up as she kept cutting off her air. Soomin struggled and struggled and struggled, her eyes seeing less and less…

Until she abruptly woke with another slap, the woman off her for just an instant. She cried out, but the sound was immediately muffled by her settling back down and resuming the process of using her face like a masturbation toy. “Very bad use of breath, screaming like that,” Evelynn chided with a chuckle. “You’ll regret that before too long… you’ll need it.”

Her torment continued for hours… or at least it felt like it to the spoiled Soomin. Over and over and over again, she was ridden and smothered, and when the rich girl blacked out she was woken up with another slap almost before her vision had finished going dark. By now, Soomin was desperate, trying with terrified enthusiasm to get Evelynn off and failing over and over again, losing her consciousness just to be rudely awoken over again and again. Her face was covered in the demonic woman’s juices and crimson palm prints, her eyes were bloodshot, and her tongue felt like it was going to fall off, hurting nearly as badly as the burning in her lungs did. Her wrists still struggled weakly, but Eve barely even needed to hold the trembling girl down any longer as she suffered.

Then, at last, she finally came and to Soomin it was like deliverance from evil. The wetness as her tormentor’s pussy leaked all over her face was a lifeline, telling her that she was going to be alright, that she was going to get to breathe again. She looked up at her mistress with eager eyes, hoping to see that she was pleased. Instead, she got slapped again. “What a useless fucking slut,” Evelynn huffed out, getting up. There was a deep frown on her face as she shook her head in disappointment. “How pathetic. I could’ve humped on the pillow and it would’ve done a better job. It’s like you weren’t paying attention to the lesson at all.”

“Please…” Soomin breathed out, grabbing Evelynn’s leg in an attempt to soften her heart when there wasn’t anything to soften in the first place. “You want her, right? The rapper? Take her and go! I won’t… I won’t say anything to anyone! Please, just… just go… just leave me alone! Please don’t rape me anymore…”

“Rape you?” Evelynn laughed. “Now that I know what a miserable disappointment you are, why would I bother with you for another second?” She leaned down, running a clawed finger over Akali’s unconscious face. “These ones… they’re something special. Something precious. They’re worthwhile. You, on the other hand… I couldn’t care less about you.”

Soomin sobbed. “So… so you’ll go? You’ll leave me alone?”

Evelynn sneered. “Oh no. You hurt one of my friends. I can’t abide that, darling. Once you cross me, there is no going back.”

Soomin rarely felt afraid in her life, but now, looking at the smile playing on the other woman’s lips she felt terror that was growing deep inside her. It only built as one of Eve’s tails slithered up her body, wrapping around her neck and squeezing the already oxygen starved girl. “Now go to sleep…” she insisted. Reluctantly, Soomin obeyed.

Soomin woke up in one of the rooms in her father’s house, her head throbbing after being choked out by that invasive bitch again. She looked around frantically, but she was, at last, alone. This was the first time she had woken up without the woman on top of her again. She was gone now. It was over, she thought with relief… it was all over and now she could go back to her life, even if she’d lost her pet in the process.

She would hunt that bitch down. She would take revenge on her and get her pet back. She would… she would… Soomin shuddered. Just the thought of seeing the woman again made her shudder. There was something… something deeply wrong about that woman. About the casualness of her torment, about the way she spoke about Soomin’s pet. She would rather never get anywhere close to her, her again… even if it meant her very expensive pet was gone. To hell with it. Bitch didn’t matter anyway.

She got up… and only as she did did Soomin notice her strange outfit. She was wearing a uniform, a disgraceful uniform like the one that maids of the house wore. More disgraceful than that, really – this one had been modified. None of the other maids wore a skirt this short… the black fabric barely reached the bottom of her ass, and her blouse was missing a big chunk of the fabric on the front. Her tits were practically hanging out of it, and she felt that if she twitched wrong they would spill out of her clothing. There was absolutely no underwear on her either, and as she rose up she felt the cool air on her sex. “What kind of sick joke is this?” Soomin growled, looking around. Evelynn had done this to her, obviously… but why? What was the point?

The door opened and she jumped slightly, but it was only some of the staff from around the house. She barely ever paid them any mind, except when they ruined something or inconvenienced her in any way… they were supposed to be invisible after all, and meaningfully drawing attention to their presence was among the worst things they could do. The staff were looking at her, she noticed… and their faces were strange. That didn’t matter… even seeing them at all left her feeling relief. These were the people she could boss around… these were the ones she knew would follow her orders.

“Well, what are you waiting for! Don’t stand around!” she screamed. “Get me some real clothing! And tell my father I want to see him!”

No one moved, and Soomin looked between them, growing increasingly furious. Being humiliated by that monster was one thing, but the help? Soomin stomped her foot down, letting those fools know that she was still in charge. “Did all of you go deaf? Should I cut your ears off since you clearly don’t need them?” she hissed. “And don’t you think any of you are going to get off easy here, either… how you all failed so badly to let that woman just waltz into our home! We had ought-“

Her rant had finally gotten the servants to react, but not in the way Soomin expected. The men started moving forward towards her, but instead of helping they reached out and grabbed her hands, pushing her down. She cried out in indignation as two hands groped her breasts, her tits easily freed from her too open shirt to hang out. Soomin screamed at them, trying to move away, to fight them off or resist, but there were just too many of them. “Stop it! You ingrates! Do you know what my father will do to you?” she howled, threatening them. “I will have you flayed ali-”

Her words suddenly cut off as one of the servants twisted her head around to face him. Soomin got one glance of the man’s dirty hard member before it was pushed into her, her mouth filled with a servant’s cock. She had never, ever, done anything as disgusting as sucking on a cock before, and certainly not one of a servant’s. She tried to scream around it, protesting her hatred and nausea, but it only made the men surrounding her laugh at her. “Your father won’t be doing shit… the party officer is dead,” the one who raped her mouth said. “And when all of the people you have belittled and made fear for their lives for so long are done with you… you will be too!”

Soomin’s blood went cold with horror. This… this couldn’t be happening. The man in her mouth was fucking her face hard and fast, gagging her with it, slamming his way down her throat. This wasn’t right. This couldn’t be her fate… God stood with the family of party officials, everyone knew that… everything she did was right and proper. Certainly nothing deserving of punishment…

The servant exploded down her face, pumping hot slime down her throat by the gallon. She wanted to throw up, but before she could Soomin’s mouth was being filled with another cock as soon as the first man was finished fucking his load right into her throat. Others grabbed her hands in crushing grips and forced them to their own dicks, making the pretty Korean aristocrat stroke them as she began to sob, her haughty defiance – already cracked by Eve – falling apart in the wake of her brutal use. Within minutes, Soomin was pushed down and both her cunt and asshole were being raped too… one after the other. The moment one man was done, another took his place, ripping Soomin apart and covering more and more of her in cum inside and out.

Looking up, a weeping, crushed Soomin saw the long lineup of all of her family staff members, all the men she had wronged a thousand times, gathering around or outside of her room. Many of the maids were in there too, holding various things to fuck her with… brooms, plungers, even a thick flashlight. Everyone in the house seemed to be here to hurt her… and that meant no one was going to come save her. Knowing how many servants they had, Soomin realized that she would be trapped in that room, raped and choked on cocks, for days. As another load got into her mouth, tears started running down her face that she couldn’t stop, knowing that she had no escape, and she silently cursed Evelynn for this…

In the heat of the scorching midday air that the air conditioning couldn’t hope to push back, Kaisa moved her tongue over the man’s shaft, kneeling before him with her hands clasped behind her back. She wasn’t bound but she didn’t need to be either… she locked them behind her back herself. She did it without even thinking, trying to concentrate on anything but her position or on what was happening around her. Rakim, her owner, sat next to him, talking business with the man. It shamed her to know that this wasn’t anything unusual – he liked to present Kaisa’s mouth or cunt as a welcoming gift to nearly all his business partners. He was usually around for the show – making sure she did the job well as he liked to say, but Kaisa knew that seeing her used like that was one of the things that could get him at least a little bit hard.

“I agree,” the man said, pressing his hand to the back of Kaisa’s head, making the enslaved popstar swallow his shaft whole. Her face was pressed to his stomach as her throat became filled with thick cock, gagging softly around it as she made her tongue work anyway. “It’s the best investment I can make right now.” It was one of the contenders for the most humiliating part of her new life… the fact that none of them even acknowledged her presence. She wasn’t a person to them… She was just a toy, a cock-warmer for them and nothing more, something they could ignore other than the pleasure while they talked. Luckily, the man at least allowed her to move away before she was choked unconscious… some weren’t so considerate. After catching her breath, Kaisa continued her work, hoping that he would cum fast.

“How about this?” Rakim said, and she could hear the grin in his voice. “If you sign the contract today, you can stay here for the night… and I’ll let the purple-haired slut warm your bed tonight.” She could feel the man’s cock twitch in her mouth at the suggestion and knew he was interested. Kaisa wanted to die from shame. This was how she was treated now – like an item that could be easily given away. But even as Kaisa felt worthless and hurt she kept moving her head, moving her lips over his shaft, sucking as skillfully as she could to make it all end.

“Are you sure about that? I can’t promise I won’t tear one of those holes apart!” he laughed like Kaisa wasn’t there to hear what was going to happen with her.

“Doesn’t matter. We can always sew her cunt shut after!” Rakim laughed in return. Kaisa shivered, feeling the taste of precum filling her mouth. It seemed like that idea sounded more than great to her rapist. In Rakim’s mind, she probably should be grateful that it would be just one man fucking her without any mercy instead of several.

She kept sucking and they kept talking and eventually he grew and swelled inside her throat. Kaisa started swallowing cum as it poured into her mouth, sucking it down like the common whore she had been turned into, and when he was done she licked any traces of seed from his cock before standing up, just the way she had been shown.

If she hoped that meant they were going to ignore her, though, Kaisa was to be disappointed. “So, now that we’re business partners… How about a show?” Rakim said, excitement in his tone. “You should see her move, friend… it’s quite a sight! Get a look at how flexible she is for later!” Kaisa winced… she should have expected this, should have known it would happen the moment she entered the room. This was one of the places in the house that Rakim remodeled specifically to show her off – it had a small podium that acted as a scene for her performances and a row of seats facing her.

When the man agreed, her master turned to the dancer. “Move,” Rakim said, ordering Kaisa around in a much harsher tone than he had been using. “Show us what you’ve got. And make sure it’s good!” The captive woman could clearly hear the threat that was hiding behind those words – if she didn’t leave his guest and him satisfied with her performance, she would be getting punished terribly. Kaisa was used to it, so she didn’t need another reminder of how terrible her fate might be. Slowly, she stepped up onto the stage.

The lights that pointed onto her performance got turned on as she moved into the center of them, and a familiar melody began to play. It made her want to cry, the way it always did… of course he would play one of her own songs, one of the K/DA songs that she had choreographed the dance for. Kaisa felt a pang of agony deep inside her, a sudden reminder of her past that she had tried so hard to forget and her master had thoughtlessly ruined. She didn’t allow herself to think about her past life, about anything that wasn’t covered in blood and filth like her present was. He probably hadn’t even done it intentionally, either… it was just a careless, fun thing for him, not even done for cruelty. Kaisa pushed the feeling down and stood on the stage, looking down at her audience. She saw a frown on Rakim’s face right before the lights went down, and Kaisa started to dance.

The dance moves she used were familiar ones… if sluttier than she would have usually used. As the violet-haired girl moved, she caressed her body, moving palms over her hips and breasts… cupping her features and emphasizing them as the barely dressed girl danced. As the song progressed, she unzipped her dress, slowly pulling it down, imagining the hungry look of the man that would have her later that night. She trembled at the thought but she kept the dance going. As her breasts came free she heard a whistle… it was probably supposed to encourage her, but instead only made Kaisa grow more tense. She kept going through the motions, though, baring more and more of her body until she was dancing fully naked, her movements getting more and more sexual.

She went down on her knees, moving her hips like if she was riding a cock to the tune of the music. In the darkness she saw a slight movement from Rakim’s hand, and she knew he wanted her to take that act further. Despite how little Kaisa wanted it, she moved to the edge of the stage, to a chest full of sex toys that were there for her performances. She hesitated for a second over her choice before grabbing a dildo, one that wasn’t too big, but hopefully didn’t look like she was trying to pick a less painful one. Then she started grinding it into her pussy as she moved to the music.

“Can she cum like that?” the business man asked over the music.

“Of course she can! She’s a slut, after all,” Rakim laughed. “Show us, girl!”

That was one thing Kaisa couldn’t promise. After being raped and abused for so long, how could she feel any pleasure? But she had to at least try, or this would end horribly for her… so she wedged the toy against the stage and got on her knees, moving it over her folds and pressing it to her entrance, trying to get in the mood. Her cunt was used to the forceful intrusion and started getting wet right away in an attempt to lessen the pain.

“You can do better,” Rakim called. “I can’t see you enjoying it yet!”

Kaisa didn’t look at him as she pushed her hips down, feeling as her walls got tight around the toy. She moved her hips, taking more of the silicone shaft inside, feeling the way its soft tip was rubbing over her G-spot just the right way. She moaned and, to her surprise, the sound wasn’t fake… she actually was taking some pleasure from this. Worthless slut.

Kaisa closed her eyes, turning away from the men and for a shameless moment she allowed herself to forget where she was, who she was now. She moved her hips and teased her nipples, imagining soft touches of someone who actually cared about her, who saw her more than a sobbing sex toy. She started hearing other sounds, grunts and moans that were getting to her from the seats. She didn’t open her eyes and turn, knowing what she would see – Rakim and his guest trying to get off on the scene of her masturbation. She didn’t want to see that. Instead Kaisa kept going, imagining that the sounds belonged to someone else… someone whose dick was buried deep inside her and who was bringing her pleasure rather than pain.

She moaned, feeling as good as she had ever felt in a very long time. She kept riding the toy, squeezing on it, her body growing more tense and shaking. Finally she reached her peak, and climaxed so hard she almost fell over from the power of it. Her body was still convulsing in the waves of pleasure, riding it, knowing that she looked like a whore and not caring. At least she had gotten this… at least she had gotten one moment of pleasure. She opened her eyes, turning around to see if Rakim looked pleased… and froze.

Blood coated the floor, the chairs, and the walls. Rakim, his bodyguards, his business partner… all of them slumped dead in their chairs, their throats or bellies opened. Rakim had been beheaded entirely. Kaisa stared in horrified shock… What she had thought was moans of their pleasure was the agony of them dying, the sounds mostly muted by the loud music. All her tormentors were dead… but that wasn’t the most shocking part of the scene.

“I always knew you were talented,” Evelynn said with a smile as she clapped slowly. Next to her, Akali sat silently in a chair, bound and gagged, her eyes filled with terror and looking very much the way Kaisa imagined hers did. She had been splashed with blood, and Kaisa realized that Rakim’s head had been put in her lap. Demonic bladed tails hung in the air behind her, coated in blood at the edges and looking very much like the fake ones she had worn for their videos but very much real and lethal. Kaisa swallowed hard, not knowing whether she should be happy to see Evelynn or run in horror. She froze in her place, looking as her bandmate slowly moved closer to the stage. “Amazing performance, if you ask me. Now, how about you repeat it for me… and for the cameras?”

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