NSC – Be As Gods 2 – Sirius B

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Far Orbit, Sirius B
2198 AD

Eve woke into the cold and darkness with a shudder… awareness not so much dawning as slowly materializing from the mist all around. The cold resolved first… glacial, icy coldness that existed deep in her bones, chilling her, seeming to freeze her solid like she would never know warmth again. She couldn’t tell how long she existed in that frozen agony, but it could have been a day or a year. The only awareness she had was of the utter and total silence of everything, the stillness, the lack of sdense. It was like being dead… like not feeling anything anymore. Her eyes were wide open but unseeing as though shut while her mind traversed this silence, this darkness, this absence of life. Had she died? Was this hell… a not hot, but a cold, uncaring punishment for her sins? Or had she somehow reached the stars, the second Heaven Father Elias had always spoken about?

At last, however, her vision restored, the cold faded a little bit, and her memories began to work again just in time for the heavy steel and glass door on top of her to open up. The box where she found herself appeared to be closing in on her, growing smaller with every second, so she reached out to grab the sides and pull herself into a sitting position. Eager to escape, she hauled as hard as she could, climbing awkwardly over the edge. Eve should have been able to stand… she should have been able to walk out. Instead, deprived of the support of the door in the too-small enclosure, she fell out, landing hard on one knee on a metal floor before she toppled to her side, gasping.

Gradually, she noticed that beyond the silence and the sounds of her own pained breathing, there was another sound – a low hum. It was almost indecipherable at first, but as her ears grew used to it, it became louder and louder. The dark haired girl looked around and the murky shape of the interior of the ship came into view then through the fuzziness of cryosickness, and with it memories of where they were going and where they had come from.

Then the exhilaration hit her, and the pain and fear and anxiety all burned away in a second. She was out of cryo-sleep… so she was there! She had arrived at the Garden of Eden that was promised, her and… Adam! Where was he? She quickly looked around for another box like her own and she found it just across the room, still closed. She breathed a sigh of relief, ceasing to try to rise and just letting her wobbly legs rest. It felt like the blood circulation to that part of her body had ceased in her sleep, and she felt a painful wave of tingles spread over her leg as the blood returned to it, causing her to grip the side of her stasis pod hard enough that her olive skin paled.

The other box was still intact, unopened, but through its body of glass, she could see through to her Adam. He was naked inside the tank of course… just as she was. He was still asleep. “Bone of my bones,” she whispered, even as her mind rebelled against the thought. Blasphemy, it screamed. She was not supposed to think like that. She wasn’t supposed to be here without him… it was supposed to be the other way. She began to feel guilty, sweating, fearing punishment. Why had she ever woken up before her Adam was ready? Did not God create Adam before Eve? Was not Eve’s purpose to serve men? Father Elias’ voice came to her, unbidden, stern, strong – do not dare question God. Obey His commandments at all times. Was waking up before her man, her owner, disobedience?

She did not have time to think about it for too long before there was a hiss of venting air and then his stasis pod began to open as well. Quickly, Eve forced herself to her feet, half crawling back into her pod. She could not change the order of things… Laws were created for a reason, and she was certain that man was at the head of everything. God made him strong for a reason: to rule over the weak, and to protect them. She had already sinned by daring to step before him, waking up before her man. She felt terrible and made a mental note to use her pain to make amends with the only worthwhile thing she had to offer, her body. Eve put her head down on the side, flattening herself down… Then she just lay there in silence and waited for Adam to get up.

She could hear him gripping around the edges of his box. “Help me!” he screamed, senseless, confused. He didn’t know where he was, what was going on either… she recognized the weakness in his voice, the hibernation sickness she had been suffering from. “Who’s out there!? Help!”

Eve remained silent. It would be an insult to him if she did anything… she wasn’t supposed to help him. He was the one that should be helping her… he was strong, it wouldn’t do for her to see him as weak. She waited, her eyes closed, until finally she heard footsteps on the ground… uncoordinated stumbling. He was feeling the after-effects of the hibernation, clearly, and she waited patiently, silently, her eyes shut, aware that her box was open. She heard a thud and realized that Adam had fallen to the ground.

Her eyes opened, and she made a show of getting out of the box. Deliberately, she dropped to the ground, the same way he had, crawling weakly. “Eve,” Adam called. He got off the ground and moved towards her. “Get up,” he commanded her. She relaxed in his arms as he lifted her up. Her eyes fluttered open again and she made a show of batting her eyelids. “Good morning, beautiful!” a voice said, and her face broke into a wide, excited smile as she enthusiastically forced her exhausted, sleep-weakened muscles to work and push herself up.

“Good morning handsome!” she said, and grinned widely at him. “We’re here? Already?”

“Forty four years,” Adam said with a grin. “And we’re in the Sirius System. The Lord protects!”

“The Lord protects,” she echoed dutifully as she stood up and embraced him, brushing a strand of long, dark hair away behind her ear as she did. The hair wasn’t blonde, unfortunately, like the original Eve. Her skin was also a dusky tan that betrayed her Hispanic heritage and not the perfect pale white of Adam or an ideal Eve, but she tried to push her insecurity over that to the side for now. She was good enough, she had to be… she’d been selected, after all. “Our Eden awaits us.”

“And so it does!” Adam agreed, kissing her. “I have the perfect Eve to share it with.”

In that second, she couldn’t be happier. “And I have the perfect Adam!” She looked around at the ship as it came to life more and more around them, the automated systems that had seen to their voyage and thawed them out on the other side. Conventional wisdom and science held that it was a fool’s errand to leave a manned ship under control of automation… that control subroutines were nowhere near good enough, and that the paltry ANI that humanity had developed fell far short of something that was safe to trust human lives with. People who believed that, however, weren’t blessed or protected by God… she couldn’t understand their lack of faith that He would protect His children.

Adam rose. “It’s time to see to our arrival,” he said, grabbing clothing off the shelf on the wall. He began to tuck into it, and Eve saw her own on the shelf right next to it… her very own clothing. The way she touched it as she picked it up was like it was almost sacred… something precious. She began to dress herself, almost frightened that Adam might try to stop her, but he didn’t… she put one limb down the jumpsuit after the other, feeling it close in on her skin, squeezing her. Her master finished dressing and watched her appreciatively as she slipped into the incredibly skintight suit, feeling as if it hugged every single contour of her body.

Eve finished dressing, looking down her body, and tried to fight the feeling of dismay. When she thought she was going to get to wear clothing… she hadn’t pictured this. She felt more naked than she had a few minutes ago, looking at herself now… Adam could see everything. Every bump and hair and ridge on her body carried over to the bodysuit. She tried to tell herself that she was being silly, that of course her proper husband and master should be able to see her, that her body existed to please him… but she still felt wrong. Regretful.


Resolutely, she smiled, and Adam smiled back. “Shall we go see our new home?” he asked.

Eve nodded enthusiastically, and forced a girlish giggle out. “Lets!”

“We have to find where in the system we are… what worlds are here to be our garden,” Adam said, walking away from her.

“Where are you going?” she asked as she struggled to her feet.

“The window. We can see something from there,” he replied.

Window? Surely he meant viewports… and why would he need that? Wouldn’t they be so far away there was no chance of seeing anything… didn’t they need to go to the control room? Still, she remained silent as she followed Adam through to the corridor and found lots and lots of windows built into the rotating habitat, the source of the “gravity” they were feeling. He paused in front of one and looked through it. “I don’t see much around,” he said as he looked. “I don’t see much at all.”

Eve hesitated, but surely it was God’s will if she assisted? Surely being put here to serve the strong meant taking care of small things when he was too burdened by the responsibility of being in charge to think of them, right? “Perhaps the bridge will have sensor readouts on the planets, my husband?”

He nodded cheerfully. “Of course it will,” he declared. “I was just about to suggest that. Let’s go.”

When they reached the command bridge, Eve got out of her master’s way like was good and proper. Adam walked over to the console and began to review the data. Eve watched and tried not to feel inferior, as she always did in the presence of Adam. He was just so… perfect.

She didn’t understand quite what he was doing, but that wasn’t much of a surprise. Eve didn’t have much education… when Father Elias had found that his son and her mother had been teaching Eve to read and write in secret, he had been furious… he had beaten her badly to teach her God’s lesson. Girls didn’t need to know things, he had told her, and she was too stupid to understand them anyway. Instead, under Father Elias’ care, she had been taught what was important. She understood that once upon a time belief in the true God had been common among humans. They had understood their place in the universe as the blessed children of God and His son, made in His image, to pay Him tribute and be worthy of His love. The Daughters of Lilith, however, had corrupted the race of men. Bearing demonic tricks and cruel manipulations and devious ways, the demons descended from Lilith had taken over mankind, leading them to abandon both the Eden that God had made for them and His worship. They had ruined mankind, condemning them to hell and evil and leading them away from the blessing of true faith.

Eve thanked God every day that she had been found by the Sons of Adam. Her mother hadn’t wanted her… Father Elias had made that very clear. She had learned from a young age that if not for him, she would have been killed by that murderous, blaspheming whore, that daughter of Lilith. Instead, she had been brought, safe and secure, into the light of God and Saved.

Eve was a good girl… unlike her mother. She knew her place. God had created her inferior. That wasn’t her fault, and it didn’t mean she wasn’t loved. It just meant that it was Adam’s place to know things, and her place to obey. She could be happy in her place.

At last, Adam looked up and smiled at her. “Three planets seem suitable,” he announced, smiling. “Three new potential gardens to bring the light of God to. The Lord looks kindly upon us. Adam smiled and kissed her head. “Our future is a bright one. We are most honored.”

“We are most honored,” she replied. This was good. Mankind, led astray by the daughter of Lilith, had forsaken the true path… but as in the olden days God had protected His faithful. Like when He cast the world down in forty days and forty nights of storms, He had sent a warning to Father Elias as He had to Noah. He had told His prophet what to do – that Eden had fallen, but that He had sown new Edens among the stars for the Righteous to claim, to spread far and wide the teachings of the Lord their God. The Sons of Adam would live, and He would smite the Lilim for their wickedness and blasphemy and lack of faith. Their worlds would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, and the wicked would be cast down forever… thus was the Lord’s promise to Father Elias.

She had been born Maria… but she had been reborn, in the light of God’s will, as Eve… the mother who would give birth to humanity once again.

The rest of the day went perfectly. Eve felt stupid and worthless, but she still knew enough to be helpful, politely and respectfully and deferentially pointing out any mistakes she saw while Adam worked to prepare their drones for exploration and scouting. He would have noticed them himself, of course – Adam was sooo smart – but if she could be even a little bit useful and save his thoughts for higher pursuits she owed it to him. Soon, the probes were ready to launch, and she waited eagerly. “Which world do you think is our Eden?” she asked.

“The right one,” Adam answered immediately. “Trust in him.”

“Trust in him,” replied Eve, her dark brown eyes gazing deeply into his with love and devotion.

That night, when all the work was done, he took her to the bed that was prepared for them… the habitable zone of the ship spun in a circle, the viewports always giving them a view of the the distant star of Sirius B, and it felt like they were sleeping below the stars that belonged to them, gifted to them by God as a reward for their faith. She cuddled against her Adam, holding tight to his chest, exhausted. “Goodnight, my love,” she whispered.

“Not yet,” spoke Adam, his leg grinding between hers. Then one arm was around her throat and pulling.

Eve gasped once before her air was cut off. Even after a million times, the sensation still made her panic. “But… but love, what if- Gurk!” Her voice cut off as he squeezed, and her lover chuckled.

“What if you get pregnant?” he said, smile wide. “Well then, that is God’s plan, isn’t it? We will get started a little early. I want to celebrate.”

Eve knew this was a bad idea. She had read – she wasn’t supposed to read – but pregnancies in space could be complicated even in the false gravity of centrifugal force. This was a terrible, terrible idea, but still she trembled, unable to protest as he moved against her, his cock grinding against her ass. “I’m stronger than you,” Adam said, voice as solid as stone. “Therefore, I do what I want. You are weaker, so you are ruled. That is God’s law… and God would be very disappointed if Eve were to disappoint her Adam.

Eve swallowed. “Please don’t…” She whimpered quietly. Terrified of being hurt. Terrified of being judged. Terrified of God’s anger, and of Adam’s.

Her first time hadn’t been with Adam. It was God’s word, in the old day, that a woman should only lie with her husband, and that a woman would only have one husband for all long as he would have her, but when God had spoken to Father Elias, He had made His will clear. That they were to populate the stars and make hundreds of new Garden of Edens, and that only those of fertility and beauty would be sent. Elias was to be God’s hand in this matter. He would take to bed every woman he could, like plow to the furrow, and those that took would deliver a new child for the Sons of Adam. Those who proved their fertility for him, like she had, would be wed to an Adam of their own to be his Eve. Her Grandfather was a large man, his shaft swollen hard with righteousness, and she had been young and foolish and weak then… she had fought, and she had bled, and he had taught her the truth of God’s Will… that the only law was that Strength of Faith was Strength of Body, and those with strength had the ability – and therefore the obligation – to dominate those weaker of faith and body. Such was God’s will… and as he took her every night until her body swelled with his child, she grew to understand her place in the world.

Her daughter was still back on in Sol, being raised among the Sons of Adam as she had been. Father Elias would teach her the ways of the world as well, and with luck and the blessing of God she too would be able to serve God’s will and repopulate the faithful beneath a kind and caring Adam. Such was God’s purpose for her, for them all.

“Lie on your stomach,” Adam ordered, releasing her. Eve did as she was told, rolling onto her stomach and spreading her legs to Adam so that he could enter her. Even after years, she never stopped trembling… it always hurt. “You bring me pride,” he assured her as he mounted her, forcing his cock into her tight cunt. “God is proud of your rightful submission… as am I.” She winced and grunted, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes as he forced her to take his cock. “Good girl,” he cooed as he fucked her. His cock slid in and out of her pussy with smooth, deliberate strokes.

“Your children will help spread the truth of the universe,” exalted Adam after a few minutes of fucking her, making her asscheeks shake with each thrust. “Your sons we will raise to be strong and wise, and your daughters loyal and caring and subservient… all things in their proper place.” She wanted to plead as he sped up, as she felt his cock swell inside her, but words escaped Eve as he gave a final thrust and came deep inside her. “My strong seed is drawn to your fertile womb…” he said, panting as he lay on top of her, his cock still inside her. “The seed that will fill the Garden of Eden.”

Eve sobbed softly beneath him. Her pain, her pathetic whimpering, was just further proof that she was weak. God had made her weak. God had made her fit to be dominated by the strong. This was good. This was proper. The fact that she couldn’t be strong about it was just further proof that she was weak and deserved this.

Adam chuckled and kissed her head. “I am proud of you, Eve. You are a fine woman. You will serve Father Elias and God wonderfully with your body, bearing us many children for the great mission. Do so with pride in the knowledge that of all the Eve’s I could have had, I chose you,” he said as he rolled over. “This is good. Trust in him.”

“Trust in him…” sobbed Eve softly.

Several weeks passed like that. The two of them ate, exercised, prayed, and fucked, in accordance with Adam’s will. Eve did everything he wanted… the printers made most of the food preparation, but what there was left to make and what needed to be cleaned was her responsibility. Adam, in his infinite kindness and wisdom, even let her eat from a bowl on the floor rather than right off the floor itself, and he usually let her eat before she choked down his cock for her dessert. Every day they would return to the bridge and get an update on the scouting reports of the inner system, but every day it wasn’t back yet. He hadn’t cum inside her again like he had the first day… any kind of birth control was against God’s will, so they just couldn’t risk her getting pregnant until after they had found the Garden.

Then, three weeks after they had launched the drones, they got back the reports from the autonomous scouts.

The star was Sirius B… precisely the system where they had been trying to go. God’s will had shielded them, seeing them through to their destination while they slept, just like Father Elias had promised. However, that didn’t speak much about the planets in question unfortunately – They were only told that there was a garden here waiting for them to populate it. The first two worlds were a wasteland of blasted brown and red. As far as they could see, there were no grasses, no plants, no trees. The land seemed barren.

But the third one…

Setting in a course to the third rocky planet only took about fifteen minutes, but it would take six weeks, even at their still incredible speed, to reach it. The whole way they would need to be decelerating, otherwise they would never be able to fall into orbit… they would blow right past their new world unless they shed the majority of the interstellar speed they had been traveling at, and during those six weeks they celebrated in ways that were glorious for Adam and painful for his wife. That was good and proper. That was her place, and Adam was happy, and that was far more important than that she woke up with bruises or that he had choked her unconscious five times, because God was watching over them and Eve was not going to disappoint Him.

Then they arrived at the Garden of Eden.

One thought on “NSC – Be As Gods 2 – Sirius B

  1. Well, I saw that you just posted a new chapter, so I decided I should catch up on the commenting before reading the new one!

    You know, with the centrifugal gravity, fusion drive and relativistic subluminal flight, I kind of love the near-future feel of the Ark-class colony ships. Don’t get me wrong, the Midgar-6 is cool in its own way, but there is something fun about this approach.

    We get to meet Maria here, and it is pretty upsetting hearing about her upbringing and seeing what it’s done to her self-esteem. Her “Adam” is…well, he’s bad, but he’s not really on the level of other characters you’ve written in terms of treatment of women.

    …For now.

    You know, they ended up pretty lucky, all things considered. Sirius B is a white dwarf, meaning that it’s a stellar remnant. Those can of course have habitable zones, but they’re pretty close in, and given that before sloughing off its outer layers and becoming a white dwarf, a star tends to swell up and swallow orbiting planets, there was a very good chance there wouldn’t be any planets left anywhere near the habitable zone, let alone several of them.

    It’s certainly possible, of course – planets do migrate sometimes – but it’s a pretty lucky break.


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