K/DA: All Fucked Out – Ch 5 – Dress to Kill

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Ahri pressed her lips even tighter, trying not to concentrate on the taste of Evelynn’s juices that were making their way into her mouth. Once she would’ve loved being in this position, with the beautiful older woman overpowering her, taking everything she wanted from her… worshiping her idol. Now Ahri felt nothing but disgust and a deep desire to fight back.

“Come on, open your mouth and use your slutty little tongue,” Evelynn was whispering as she ground her cunt over Ahri’s face, leaving glistening trails all over her nose, mouth and chin. “You loved having it on me, drinking me up.”

Ahri groaned, looking up at the woman she used to love. It felt like what she once felt for Evelynn had happened in another life, to someone else. Someone who wasn’t sold, raped and betrayed. Now she felt nothing but nausea when she saw the smile Evelynn wore as she kept using her face for her pleasure. Ahri had had a good idea what was about to happen when she got thrown into this room. Of course Evelynn chose the biggest one, with big windows and a mirrored ceiling. She was here before, that one time Steve wanted to fuck her on something that wasn’t a cold hard floor. Evelynn had instantly immobilized her, making sure Ahri couldn’t bring her any harm. It was a smart decision – Ahri was ready to make Evelynn’s life miserable any chance she got, no matter what it would cost her.

Now here she was, between the thighs of a monster that turned her life into this living hell, with Evelynn’s clit rubbing over her face as she laid down on the bed. The white haired demoness was enjoying the view of her victim being abused in all the mirrors that surrounded the bed, allowing her to catch views of Foxy from every angle. Ahri was in a losing position – she was tugged closer and closer to Evelynn’s leaking cunt by her hair, her hands tightly bound behind her back, and she had no leverage to meaningfully resist.

“I’m starting to grow impatient,” the older woman said through her teeth, never stopping her movements. She moved even higher, so Ahri’s mouth went against her asshole. “You know how generous I can be, my pretty girl”.

Ahri swallowed down after hearing the endearment. It reminded her of that other life, the one where she believed she was loved or at least cared about enough to not be sold to become a sex slave. Not all those light and pleasant feelings tasted bitter on her tongue. Despite the pain in her scalp, Ahri moved away, looking right into Evelynn’s eyes, before spitting into her face.

“Oh you bitch!” the woman screamed in rage, grabbing her blond hair even tighter. “I wanted to give it to you easy, lover. I wanted to give you a chance… but you’re nothing but an ungrateful whore!” Ahri would’ve laughed, but she had Evelynn’s cunt back against her lips, clit and folds glistening, entrance soaking wet. “You can deny it all you want, but you’re mine. I claimed your body. I own you… so do what any good toy should: be useful!”

Ahri let out a small moan of pain into Evelynn’s entrance as she felt the intrusion. She looked up, seeing in the mirrors as the tip of a lasher got closer to her spread ass-cheeks and was teasing her entrance. Her hole was still inflamed and burning after the last rape she endured from Steve and having this thing inside was the last thing she wanted. But Evelynn didn’t plan to stop, not until she had made Ahri as obedient as she wanted.

“Does it feel better now?” Evelynn laughed as Ahri made another pained sound. “Now, you’re either going to make me cum, or I’m going to tear your asshole like your pathetic owner could only wish he could.”

Ahri could feel her bladed lasher inside her, hard and sharp, spreading her burning hole like nothing ever did. The razor edges of it weren’t quite cutting her, not yet, but it was constantly risking it. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry in pain, but what would this accomplish? Evelynn would likely get off on seeing her suffering even more. She could do this, right? She could pretend that nothing ever happened and that there is nothing wrong with her pleasuring Evelynn.

Ahri felt instant relief in her asshole the moment her tongue went around the woman’s clit, back to her entrance, licking off the juices that once tasted so sweet to her. Evelynn moaned under her, her thighs trembling around Ahri’s head. “Good,” she said breathlessly. “Keep going, pet.”

So Ahri did. She knew how to please Evelynn, she’d doneit countless times before, even if the circumstances were wildly different from what was happening right now. She knew where her tongue should go to make Evelynn wet, how fast she should go, how intense and at what moment she should start sucking at her clit. “See? It’s so easy to be good for me…” Evelynn kept murmuring. Her grip on Ahri’s hair got weaker, now she was running her hand through the soft locks in an almost intimate gesture, making Ahri shiver. It was gross and twisted… she needed to remember that.

Her tongue was going from Evelynn’s leaking cunt to the clit over and over, increasing the rhythm. She could hear all the screams and moans, her mouth full with the taste of a woman she once loved. It felt wrong, it felt almost painful. No matter how many times Ahri was violated and used, she’d never felt as degraded by the process as she did right now. The men who had used her… they had just wanted to use her body. The woman now she had once thought cared about her. She needed to stop this, she needed to do something to show Evelynn that she wasn’t in charge, that Ahri wasn’t her property. So, at this moment, when Evelynn was about to reach her climax and finish into her mouth, the young pop-star did the only thing that guaranteed to stop it all. She opened her mouth and bit on Evelynn’s clit as hard as she could.

The scream was ringing in her ears even as she was thrown away, her head slamming against the bedpost. Everything went black for a mere moment before Ahri felt that she was dragged back, this time being thrown on her back. The position was more than uncomfortable, with her hands being behind her back, but it didn’t really matter. “Oh, you arrogant little cunt!” Evelynn grumbled, slapping Ahri across the face with a loud sound. “Insolent, unappreciative bitch!”

Ahri looked up at her, seeing a usually composed woman being red in the face, with a furious expression. She knew nothing but that punishment was waiting for her, she knew it was not the best idea, and yet, Ahri couldn’t help herself. As Evelynn leaned down to her, she laughed.

The sound was cut short as Ahri felt a hand close around her throat, cutting off all air. She grunted, knowing that fighting back was useless. She wasn’t in a winning position and all she was able to get was a brief moment of satisfaction as Evelynn screamed in pain that she’d inflicted. “You think it’s funny, don’t you?” she whispered through her teeth, her grab on Ahri’s throat only getting stronger. “Do you really think I won’t kill you, slut? I’ve killed people for less. Just because I once liked licking your cunt doesn’t mean you have any privileges. If you want to act like a useless whore then you will be treated like one!”

Ahri could feel as her thighs were spread apart by Evelynn’s lashers. This time, the intrusion was even farther from gentle than the first time, her demonic abuser not holding back on any of her anger. Both her asshole and cunt got filled at the same time with a movement so sharp Ahri arched her back. It was too much for her to handle, she didn’t want to feel those things spreading her from inside, her holes unprepared and burning all around them. “Now,” Evelynn said in a cold tone, moving forward. “You either do as you told or your holes will be stuffed with razors the whole night… and then after that, after your insides are cut up and raw, then I’ll let your precious boyfriend Steve have a go at you… he’s more than ready to visit and fuck you in the ass until it bleeds. The choice is yours, cunt.”

Ahri tried to look away, her face still glistening with the lube, but she was stopped with another loud slap. “You’re going to lick my asshole clean and if not… well, you know I never stop until I get what I want.”

Ahri hated the look on Evelynn’s face. She hated this woman to her core… but she knew her words were true. She needed to do as she was told or this torture would never end. She could wait, she could win time, and when Evelynn expected it the least she would be there, ready to tear her heart out the same way she did with her.

As Ahri’s holes kept being stuffed and spread with Evelynn’s lashers, the demonic woman mounted herself on top of Ahri’s face, her tight pink asshole right against the woman’s mouth. There was no way out for her now. Still reluctant, she stuck out her tongue to run it over the wrinkles of Evelynn’s tight asshole. “I knew you had it in you,” the woman on top of her laughed. “Just one step closer to you becoming a brainless, ass-sucking slut and you took it.”

Ahri tried not to listen to Evelynn’s words, concentrating on her task. She will get out of this and it all will be nothing but a bad dream. She was convinced of it, even if right now she was tongue-deep in her abuser’s asshole.

As Ahri kept working her hole up, wetting it enough to enter, Evelynn moved her hips, enjoying the process. “I can feel the way you hate me, lover,” Evelynn said breathlessly as her ass pressed down more firmly onto her former girlfriend’s face. “At the end of the day, love and hate are just passion. Maybe you will learn that one day.”

As Ahri felt Evelynn shake on top of her, as lashers went deeper and deeper inside her, she knew those words were true. Before she was ready for anything to make Evelynn happy but now, as her tongue was bringing the older woman pleasure, she knew that there was nothing she wouldn’t do to make Evelynn suffer.

When Evelynn had finished her fun with the lead singer, she opened the door and allowed Steve to collect her, picking her up. Ahri’s face twisted as she felt his hands on her body. Even knowing he wouldn’t do anything without Evelynn’s direct order now that he’d turned into her lap dog, she wasn’t at ease around him. She remembered all his twisted mind games and torture all too well to ever feel safe around that man, no matter how brainwashed he was.

She tried to struggle, even if the aching pain inside her was still burning. Evelynn didn’t spare her, didn’t hesitate to hurt her, but Ahri wasn’t surprised. After what she already had to survive because of the actions of her ex-lover, she was prepared for anything.

As they went down the stairs she saw other men around the house, other rough gangster-looking men that reminded her of her original kidnappers. Now Evelynn had a whole crew of her own and Ahri wondered if her ex-lover was like this all along and the soft front she once had for her was nothing more than that – a front. She tried not to look around anymore, noticing how her naked and abused body interested men a little bit too much. Ahri felt almost relieved when they finally reached the basement and the door of her cell unlocked.

As she was pushed forward she couldn’t hide her surprise. On the dirty mattress that was laying on the floor, she saw two women she never expected to see alive again.

“Ahri!” Kaisa said, standing up and moving forward. “God… it’s good to see you.”

“Hey,” Akali said with a weak, unsure smile.

Ahri looked over them quietly – at the bruises on their nude bodies, at the way they looked slightly thinner than before, their eyes lacking the light and vivaciousness they had always had. They didn’t need to say anything at all for her to know about the abuse, about the pain – they’d all lived through it. So Ahri simply moved closer, falling on her knees next to them, hot tears running down her face. Kaisa and Akali grabbed her by the shoulders and it felt so weird, so unreal, to be touched not to be hurt or not to be taken advantage of, that Ahri sobbed, not being able to hold her emotions back.

“Here, let me help you,” Kaisa said, tugging at the ties that still held her arms behind her back.

They were tight and she had to work on them for a while before Ahri was freed. She held both of them close, feeling tears on her skin, not knowing if they were hers or not. They were together again, in the same terrible situation as before, but this time they already were through so much, their hope and fighting spirit dying. She embraced her friend, hard enough that it hurt the sore girl… but it didn’t seem to matter. Being touched by someone who cared, by someone who wasn’t trying to cause her pain or use her like an object.

“I never thought I’d see you again… not like this,” Kaisa said, leaning back, taking her place on the small seat they were provided.

“Me neither,” Akali said, her voice still hoarse and weak.

Ahri swiped her tears away, sitting a little straighter. “I wanted to end this all. I wanted to get out and find you… find Evelynn… but she got to us first.” She balled her fists, her nails digging into her palms. She couldn’t believe Eve had done it again, done this to her a second time. That was bad enough, but to have the audacity to show up expecting Ahri to love her? To thank her? The way she forced herself on Ahri still made the lead singer nauseous, especially since she still had the familiar taste of that cunt in her mouth.

“At least she got us back together,” Kaisa chuckled darkly, humorlessly. “I didn’t think I’d be able to take my former master anymore…”

It’s like the words she was holding back for so long finally found their way out and started flowing out of the dancer’s mouth without her control. Right now she was with the only two people in the whole world who could understand what she came through and holding all of it inside for too long didn’t help either. She was shaking through the whole story about her owner and his methods so Ahri and Akali pressed to her sides, helping Kaisa not to fall apart. She told them story after story about what she had to come through, feeling that even if it wasn’t lifting the heaviness of what happened from her shoulders it was still helping. Kaisa only stopped once, when she told them about the night when she got her owner way too angry.

“He had me strapped to the post outside on the balcony for the whole night,” she said, tears running down her cheeks. “And anyone could do anything they want with me.” Cold fear went through Ahri’s body as she knew where this was going, but she had to let Kaisa finish. And she did, telling them in all the gruesome details about how every man in the house, including staff, lined up to use her for their pleasure. How she ended up with her holes forcefully stuffed and almost ripped because of how many wanted to take the advantage of the situation. And how, after all that happened, she wasn’t allowed to even clean herself and had to go around the house naked with the cum drying on her skin and leaking out of her for another day.

“I’m starting to think I got lucky,” Akali said, a weak smile on her face. “At least I got only one person to please.” It was hard for the young rapper to find the words to describe what she’d experienced. It was far too long since she had to use her words and it was almost like her mind got muted as well. Now that she tried to tell her companions about the misery that happened, her words came out clumsy and wrong, but she still let them know about the horrors Soomin forced her to go through.

Her voice almost didn’t break as she started talking about the time she was tied and forced to wear a leather dog mask while getting beaten by Soomin. For every time she screamed instead of barking she got more hits. She dared to say a word, just one, but it earned her a vicious kick of her owner’s boot right in her stomach. After that, she had to choke on Soomin’s cunt over and over, until her sadistic owner was satisfied. That was the moment when Akali really broke, deciding it was safer to hold her words back.

“She deserved what she got,” Ahri said through her teeth as she heard that Evelynn had put Soomin into her own hell. Listening to her band-mates’ stories was fueling her anger. She wanted to let all of their owners feel what they felt, this anger, desperation and horror that lack of control brought. “I wish I could bring half as much justice to Eve.”

Ahri didn’t want to share, didn’t want to add to all the sorrow and anger they felt, but after Kaisa and Akali shared their stories there was no way she could get out of telling hers. She tried to make it quick, without emotions and tears. She could see the horror on the girls’ faces when she told them about the times she thought she escaped just to be thrown back into her cell, how she started to think she would go mad. Even about that shameful time when she did everything to make Steve cum as soon as possible just because she felt tired and numb. She shivered, remembering how she moved her hips taking his cock deeper into her asshole while Steve laughed and called her an obedient slut. After that he gave her the butt plug and watched as Ahri pushed it inside, leaving his cum inside her.

They all felt empty now, that all of this was now in the open, looking at each other unsure of what to say or do. It seemed that now, as their past was told, it was time to worry about the future. “I should ask,” Kaisa said, intentionally looking at her hands while addressing Ahri. “Did you know what Evelynn… was… back when you were together?”

It wasn’t a surprising question for the lead singer. After all, she was with that woman, she loved her, so how could she not know that all this time she was sharing a bed with the monster that was willing to sacrifice her and everyone else to get her way? “I don’t think I know what she is even now,” she said quietly. “But no… I didn’t know. I found out she was… whatever she is… the night we were sold. I didn’t get the chance to tell you that she was the one who betrayed us, that she was the one who planned it from the start.”

Ahri started feeling familiar anger rising inside her. It was the only emotion she could afford right now, everything else was just useless baggage that was holding her back on her path to the end goal of having Evelynn’s head on a platter.

“But what is she?” Akali asked. “And why did she do this to us?”

“Being an evil old bitch while looking that youthful comes with a price,” Ahri laughed but it came out strained. “She used what happened to us to fake her death. I don’t know how it worked but… somehow she needed our energy, what happened to us, to do it. What I don’t get is why she needs us again. She already got what she wanted – a shiny new face and a new life, so why do this now?”

Ahri quickly got an answer to her question. The door opened again and another naked woman with pink hair was pushed inside the room. “Get some rest, whore,” the masculine voice from outside said as she landed heavily on her knees. “You’ll need it!”

The door closed again and all three women were left staring at the newcomer, a young, Chinese girl with pink hair. She didn’t look good at all – they could see it even as she lay on the floor, shrinking. She was covered in purple bruises, especially her hips and breasts, in the shape of fingerprints where she had been squeezed and yanked around. She had dozens of scratches all over her body, and they could still see the stains of cum on her skin and the way her lips looked nearly violet and swollen. It was obvious what she came through just now.

“Are you hurt?” Kaisa asked the new girl, moving to help her.

“Kaisa, stay back!” Ahri said in a commanding tone that made the dancer instantly go back to her place. Ahri looked over the pink-haired stranger with a skeptical eye. She couldn’t trust what she saw, she’d learned that lesson the hard way, so she wasn’t about to let in anyone else this quick. “Who are you?”

Slowly, the young girl unfolded herself from the floor. “Just someone who stood in Evelynn’s way,” she answered with a pained voice, tilting her head up to look Ahri in the eyes. “Just like the rest of you.” She took a deep breath. “My name is Seraphine.”

“Never heard about you before,” Ahri said, not even trying to hold back on her hostility. “You must’ve done something big to get on Evelynn’s radar.”

The pink-haired woman let out a chuckle that was instantly cut with a pained gasp. “She doesn’t need much of a reason to put people through pain, does she?”

“Still,” Ahri insisted, not letting go no matter how uncomfortable and hurt Seraphine looked. “She doesn’t pick at random, so there must be something special about you.” She stood up and came closer to the woman that was still on the floor. Ahri looked over her again, searching for any clue that would tell her that this was a trap, that Seraphine was another person that she shouldn’t trust, but so far there were none.

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to look at me like you’re going to jump me if I say one wrong word…” Ahri scowled when Seraphine gave her a small smile. It was obvious that the Korean singer was on edge but didn’t try to step back or defuse the situation even a bit. Seraphine got on her feet, slowly, as her legs were shaking, but now she looked Ahri straight in the eyes. “I tried to tell your story to the world, to not let people forget about you. They tried to bury it in the past, as if you weren’t kidnapped and sold!”

Ahri could hear the passion behind those words, Seraphine did sound like she cared about them, like she truly thought that what happened with the band was wrong and needed to be fixed. “Evelynn tried to shut me up,” she continued, “After I said that I suspected she was still alive. She wanted everyone to forget about all of you again, but it backfired. She kidnapped me… but in doing so, I got her true face on the camera. Now the whole world knows what hides behind that mask.”

For a moment Ahri felt triumph. She smiled, imagining how angry and frustrated Evelynn got when she learned about that… how everything she built had been turned into dust by her own reckless actions. Ahri would’ve gone through any pain just to see the expression on Evelynn’s face when she saw that it was all for nothing. But as quick as this feeling came, it vanished. They were still there, in captivity, under Evelynn’s thumb… and it was obvious she wasn’t ready to give up on her plan, no matter the cost.

“She will try to fix this,” Ahri said in a quiet voice as she turned to Kaisa and Akali. “And she will use us to do so.”

They look at each other with horror in their eyes, all of them knowing what it meant – another round of torment and degradation and after… who knows? If Evelynn wouldn’t need them anymore she could just dispose of them. Or leave her former band-mates as her pets, so they would entertain her. Or she could sell them again, this time making sure they wouldn’t escape their dark fate.

“We have to do something,” Kaisa said in a panicked voice. “I can’t go through that again! I can’t!”

“It will be fine, we will find a way,” Ahri said, trying to sound as reassuring as she could.

“But it wasn’t fine last time, was it?!” Kaisa almost screamed. “We were raped! Our lives were destroyed, and we were tortured for… for… who knows how long! What year even is it?”

“2021,” Akali said softly.

“God!” Kaisa almost cried out. “Two years…”

Ahri felt desperate. She knew that it was true… that no matter how much she wanted them not to lose hope, their history already showed them that pain and suffering looked inevitable. She looked at scared Kaisa, at Akali that looked like she went numb and shut herself up again. She needed to give them hope, but how?

“Last time you didn’t know who, and what, you were up against,” Seraphine said in a firm tone. She moved closer, standing alongside Ahri. “That money wasn’t the end goal… that you had a traitor alongside you. Now you know who it is and I’m sure you know Evelynn’s weak sides. We can use that. We can ruin her plans and get out of here.”

Ahri didn’t like that Seraphine took the lead and how confident she sounded doing so, like she already considered herself one of them when it was something that needed to be earned, but she couldn’t tell her off… not when she saw that her words actually helped. Kaisa and Akali both listened to Seraphine with a look of relief on their faces. Maybe they did need just a bit of faith to let them go through this?

Maybe Ahri did, too.

They didn’t get much more time to discuss what other steps they should take – the door opened and two men entered the room, walking to the women sitting on the floor with purpose. “You two,” one of them pointed at Akali and Kaisa. “You’re coming with us.” They didn’t wait for them to get up – the girls got grabbed by their arms and forcefully pushed in the direction of the door. They looked back at Ahri and Seraphine, eyes wide with fear.

“Where are you taking them?” the pink-haired singer asked.

“Wait and you’ll find out, slut,” one of the men laughed out an answer. Then the door slammed in her face.

There was nothing left for the two of them but to wait this through. Ahri didn’t feel like talking to Seraphine anymore, though – all she did was look at her from the corner of her eye as they both sat at a distance from each other. She tried to figure out what the deal with her was and if she could actually trust the Chinese stranger. So far all she said seemed logical, and working with her made sense… but Ahri was more than a little cynical after what she’d been through. This woman was an unknown, and she could have her own motives. Ahri wouldn’t allow anyone to use her, not after what she already went through… and especially not now that she was protecting her bandmates once again.

The time went by in silence and Ahri started to get worried. She didn’t want to think what the other two women were getting through, but it was the only thing that occupied her mind. She could see image after image in her mind of them being raped and brutalized, wrecked and destroyed. Her imagination did the work for her… everything she thought of was worse than the last thing, one after another.

At last the door opened again and Kaisa was pushed inside along with Akali. Ahri’s eyes went slightly wide. She had expected them to be returned covered in seed, or with bruises… stuffed with dildos or in bondage, or… something. What she hadn’t expected was for them to come in looking like this.

Kaisa had clearly been bathed, and put in makeup. Her hair was up in a long, slick ponytail, and some kind of experienced stylist had put emerald highlights in her dark hair that seemed to shine even in the dim light of the basement. Akali’s change was even more drastic. Her unruly mop of hair had been cut and combed and bound into a style close to what had once been in signature, but the difference in color was stark – they had bleached stripes into it, leaving her with streaks of blue and honey blonde running the length of her mane. They both had red palm prints on their asses, and Ahri had no doubt it was Evelynn’s goons’ way to tame them as they were going through their makeover.

“Now you two!” the thug said, grabbing Seraphine as the other one did the same with Ahri.

“I can walk on my own!” the blond singer barked at him.

“Then fucking move” those words were followed with a push on her back that almost made Ahri fall face first.

Once again they were walking through the mansion’s endless halls. Despite having lived in this mansion for two years Ahri still had no idea where they were – the only parts of the house she ever saw were his bedroom, the basements, and the servants’ quarters where she had tried to escape through before. The lead singer watched Seraphine from the corner of her eyes, taking in her every move. If she was going to show her real colors then Ahri needed to catch that moment, to not be caught unawares. At some point in the years they had spent together Evelynn had given something away, Ahri was sure of that… she had given something away and her naive young lover had missed it.

She wouldn’t miss it this time.

They entered a room and Ahri instantly recognized a studio when she saw one… far from a dungeon, this was a full fledged salon, crewed with a group of men and women with glowing pink eyes. Evelynn stood among them, a wide smile on her face. No one else in the room really seemed interested in what was going on… the workers all stood there like zombies, staring at the ground without an expression on their faces. More pawns of the demon.

“Welcome to my club,” Evelynn said, pointing at two chairs standing next to each other. Between them stood a table with a stylist’s equipment that looked a bit messy with the splashes of hair dye on its surface. “Take your seats, ladies.”

“Do I look like a doll to you?” Ahri asked with annoyance in her voice. When she didn’t move to sit down, the man behind her grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her forward until she sat on the plush seat.

“Yes, darling,” Evelynn said without missing a beat. “You do.”

Seraphine sat down on her own, even if she looked at Evelynn with the same angry expression as Ahri had.

“I’m going to make you the best version of you that you will ever be,” the white-haired demoness said with a smirk. “Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ afterward, lover.” Evelynn laughed, moving away to let the silent stylist get to work, doing their jobs. While the woman who was clearly the main stylist went to work on Seraphine’s hair, washing it clean, Evelynn stood next to Ahri and placed her hand on the woman’s shoulder. “You can tone down the attitude, you know?” she said, running her finger along Ahri’s jaw. She instantly moved her head away from the touch. “I don’t want to hurt you, pretty thing… but I’ll do what I have to do to survive. You need to get that. If we can see eye to eye on that, it would all be different.”

“How?” Ahri snapped. She could see as Seraphine followed their conversation while her stylist was beginning to put another color in the Chinese woman’s hair. “You would let me go after all the crap I already went through? That would be soooo generous of you… after all, I already went to hell and back because of you!”

Evelynn looked at her with curiosity. Ahri couldn’t see why she wouldn’t just leave her alone, why she still tried to convince her that a relationship between them was still possible, no matter how sick and twisted this possibility actually was. “You don’t want me then, right?” Evelynn asked, making Ahri let out a laugh. “Maybe you would want someone else? Lover, I know better… who else could compare?”

She grabbed Seraphine by the shoulder, forcing her out of the chair just to place her on her knees in front of Ahri. “Think you will ever feel as good with someone else as you did with me?” Evelynn asked, her true demonic nature shining through. “Let’s see if it’s true…”

One of her lashers went around Seraphine’s neck, forcing her to move forward. The other went around Ahri’s knee, opening her legs. Now her slit was right in front of Seraphine’s face, her opening still inflamed after what Eve had done to her earlier. “Do the best you can, sweetie,” Evelynn commanded Seraphine with a sweet smile.

Ahri could only watch as Seraphine’s face was pushed into her cunt. She scarcely remembered that time when Kaisa was forced to fuck her, and it felt as unpleasant as anything else. When she felt Seraphine’s tongue over her she didn’t expect much. After all, it was forced on both ends, they were there just to play the scene for Evelynn’s amusement, so all things considered Ahri was surprised to feel how skillfully Seraphine’s tongue moved against her.

She pressed her lips together, trying to not let it show, but the way the Chinese girl moved through Ahri’s folds, circling her clit before pressing her tongue flatly over the sensitive area made the lead singer feel too good. Ahri couldn’t even remember what was the last time someone touched her sexually without her feeling pain and discomfort but it had definitely been Evelynn, and that meant that all of those memories were poisoned… Now, presented with that kind of touch, her body’s reaction took her utterly by surprise. When she looked down at the Seraphine, their eyes met and she gave Ahri a soft smile while the stylist continued to work on her hair, paying no attention to the forced sex taking place just inches from her hand.

“I can’t hear you, lover,” Evelynn said, looking at Ahri as the Korean singer tried to hold back her reaction. “Maybe because it doesn’t feel that good with the others. Admit it, you will always be my little pet… I will always be the one who brings you the most pleasure.”

It seemed like both of them were sick of Evelynn’s grandiose speeches, so two things happened simultaneously – Seraphine fully pressed her mouth around the wet cunt and turned her already enthusiastic efforts up, and Ahri stopped holding back. Sensation overwhelmed her and she closed her eyes, letting out a loud moan. That was more than enough to make Evelynn change her mind. She pulled Seraphine away by her neck, her lasher not holding Ahri’s leg anymore. It was hard for her to hold back a smile as she saw Evelynn’s face. The glare the demoness was giving gave her as much pleasure as possible… It seemed like, maybe, she’d finally figured out that Ahri didn’t belong to her.

“Finish them quickly,” she said to a stylist who continued silently doing her job.

Ahri had to sit through the process of the stylist working on her own hair with her clit still throbbing. Part of her wished they weren’t interrupted so abruptly. When the stylist finished with both of them Ahri could see that not much had changed for her – her hair was the same blond, with light-pink ends now bringing some attention… mostly, she still had the same look Evelynn had always liked. Seraphine’s change was more noticeable – her hair went from pink to a light blue, pinned up in a high-class swirl. Ahri couldn’t help but think that she looked better now.

“Now you all look the part of superstars,” Evelynn said. “I hope your owners weren’t slacking off on keeping you in shape and well trained. Time to bring the band together to film another viral video.”

4 thoughts on “K/DA: All Fucked Out – Ch 5 – Dress to Kill

  1. Oh my gods wait is this like a prequel to Embracing Agony? If so that’s really cool, I didn’t even notice at first lol. Loving the new content ❤


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