Fall of the Dragon Rider

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This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Commission with smutgenie

“What do you imagine,” Heimdro smirked above bright blue eyes. “two, maybe three dozen kills?” The elf arched one eyebrow and waited, as if expecting a serious answer. Ridiculous, there was no way he could bag half of that.

“Maybe.” Pyra shrugged, “You’re still a rookie.” The boy was only 80 years old. He needed another 50 years at least before he could stand to an elf like her.

“Like you could do better.” Heimdro grabbed the reins of his beast. The dragon’s jaws opened to reveal two uneven rows of vicious yellow teeth, each one the size of a man’s arm. He peered at the riders with a huge, yellow eyeball, and a white membrane blinked over the black slit pupil. “I know boy, patience.” Heimdro slapped the beast’s neck. The dragon puffed and the crisp morning air stunk of brimstone.

“I could.” Pyra studied her riding partner’s steed. Dim rainbows danced across his thick, blue-green scales, sparkling with flashes of purple and orange. Muncher was gorgeous, although she preferred the hue of her own steed, Draco, dull black like the night.

“You’re full of shit.”

“Seriously, I could top that.” Pyra grinned, ”With one hand behind my back, riding a cock, blind folded.” She readjusted her silver helm, revealing a cascade of brilliant, fiery hair.

“Oh? Like that trouble you got your ass into at Thryndale?”

“You mean those pikemen and lard-assed trolls?” Pyra scoffed and scanned the length of her long, gleaming lance. “I was just about to slaughter the big one when you showed up.” He frowned and studied her. While the elf knight came to barely five feet, every inch was muscular perfection.

“Well, the ugly one was about to crush you.” Heimdro stole a longer glance at her body, admiring her tits straining beneath the chrome breastplate, and the straps of her chainmail thong framing her pale belly. He hovered over her deep-set navel.

“They were all ugly.” Pyra shrugged. “And now, they’re all dead.” She kicked to warm up her thighs, wrapped in tall, brown leather riding boots.

“Right.” Heimdro kneeled to fit his shin greaves. “Because I showed up with Muncher and roasted them like coffee beans.” He stood and patted the dragon, lips stretching into a pretentious smile that made his pointed blonde beard look even more annoying.

“I didn’t see him, that’s all.” Pyra pursed her lips and stabbed daggers with her emerald eyes.

“You’re sloppy.”

“I was distracted,” She turned and fidgeted with her breast plate, “ because I was busy gutting that mage slut.” Pyra’s cunt slickened at the memory. Slashing through the girl’s naked belly, seeing the hot ropes of intestines uncoiling as the bitch howled in agony.

“You two dragon-shits at it again?” Garhelm strutted up to the pair with his shield slung over one armored arm. Emblazoned on the steel plate was the standard of the Arthenian knights, a large, red and black dragon.

Heimdro turned to the newcomer and his face scrunched. “Haven’t they kicked you out of the order, yet?” He slipped on his gleaming helm, the sleek metal fitting perfectly over his pointed ears.

“Can’t afford to,” Garhelm smirked at Pyra, “Wouldn’t want to lose the only real man in the unit.”

“Oh please,” Pyra rolled her eyes, “That cock of yours can’t even satisfy your mangy wood elf wenches.” She leaned in close to the golden haired knight, and reached for this leather clad crotch. His sharp ears twitched. “You’ve got no hope pleasing a tight, smooth, wet, high elven…”

Heimdro cleared his throat. “Can we focus?” He scowled, lips tight and his cheeks a shade darker than before. “The Gondorians aren’t going to slay themselves.”

“Yes, right.” Garhelm coughed and shifted on his heels. Pyra dropped her head and stepped back, biting her lip to stifle a laugh. “I better be going then. Dragon needs to be harnessed.”

“Be bold out there.” Pyra said, looking up at him.

“I will.” Garhelm held her with his clear blue eyes. He huffed. “Good luck, you two.” The knight turned and trudged off, boots thumping on the dewy morning grass.

“Prick.” Heimdro muttered under his breath. He hooked one boot into the strap at Muncher’s side, and flung himself over the leather saddle. The beast rose a few feet and pawed the damp earth, anticipating the command to take flight.

Pyra slung her lance into the sheath, took Draco’s harness in her glove, and mounted. The dragon stirred and snorted a puff of black smoke. His smooth, obsidian scales felt cool on the skin of her bare thighs. Delicious thoughts of what lay ahead raced through her mind. Lancing orc skulls and swooping screaming soldiers into the air to drop them thumping and splatting from Draco’s talons.

She gave her riding partner a wry smile. “1000 guilders says I score a dozen kills more.”

Pyra’s eyes snapped open and she lurched upright, stiff as a board. The next moment she retched as the contents of her stomach spilled onto the mudd between her pale thighs. Everything hurt. Her belly was churning and her temples throbbed with searing pangs. Agony bit into her hip. She gritted her teeth and braved a look to inspect the damage. A rivulet of crimson was coursing from the nasty gash beneath her hip bone to disappear beneath the lip of one tall, leather riding boot. She wiggled her leg and cried out as the piercing heat shot through her shapely thigh. Not broken, but she wouldn’t be walking anytime soon. Her breath was short and each gasp brought a stabbing pain. At least one rib was broken.

“Draco!?” The redhead pressed her hand to the side of the great beast. But she did not feel the familiar rise and fall of his enormous chest, only stillness and cold. The elf bit back a sob, as memories raced through her mind of soaring high upon the back of the massive dragon. He had been a faithful battle-friend.

Wiping the gunk from her lips with the back of a studded leather glove, Pyra lifted her gaze across the battlefield. Towering flames dancing in the reflection of her emerald eyes, as she struggled to take in the carnage. Masses of bodies stretched out before her, piled knee deep into stinking, gore spattered mounds. Howls of death agony floated above the grassy field. She gasped. How many knights had fallen? What was left of Arthenia’s noble riders?

Tears choked the corners of the Pyra’s red, puffy eyes. The knight fumbled with the strap at her chin and the helm slipped free with a dribble of sweat over her face. Her forehead gleamed and twists of orange were plastered across the freckled skin. Her body ached with exhaustion. With a slow, painful exhale, Pyra let her head fall back against her dead ride, and shut her eyes. Warm drops slipped down her cheeks and coated her lips with salt.

A terrifying roar split the air and a massive shadow swept overhead. Pyra jolted and snapped her head up. The beast’s aqua green scales glimmered in the waning sunlight. Her chest pounded and the hairs on her arms and neck stood on end. Heimdro!? Had they won? The dragon turned, flapping its great wings, and Pyra’s heart sank in despair. The rider was a pretty, fresh-faced elf girl. The blue and yellow banner of Gondor streamed from her lance. Beyond, more glittering knights rode through the sky, blue and yellow colors catching the light as their beasts bellowed and swooped to torch fleeing soldiers with rivers of brilliant orange flame. No! It couldn’t be! How had Arthenia lost?

The elf’s ears pricked with a new sound. Deathly screams of wild terror. Her green eyes fell back to earth and Pyra’s stomach dropped. Enemy soldiers were sweeping slowly across the field, thrusting their spears and swords into the helpless bodies of knights and peasants alike. Honorless peons! They were laughing as they slaughtered their prey. Pyra’s throat tightened as panic punched through her chest. With a savage cry, the knight pushed to her feet, wobbling on her good leg and using the body of her dead steed to hold her back. I need a plan.

The cackling and jeering drew nearer as a pack of soldiers drifted in her direction. She could hear the sounds of their blades punching through the guts and throats of her wounded comrades. Gurgling blood and death croaks. She thought of their humiliation, hot piss filling tiny panties or splattering tight leather pants. Heat stoked the elf’s cheeks. This slaughter was against the way of war!

“No! Don’t, you bastards!” They had found a new victim and Pyra’s heart froze. It’s Garhelm. She wanted to burst forth with a furry, but the pain in her leg told her better. She’d have to take them by surprise! Pyra held her breath and leaned back against the cool corpse of her ride, feeling the rough, thick scales of the dead dragon against her neck.

“Let me have ’im!” A female voice rang out. It was high and girlish, probably a peasant recruit.

“Please, D-Don’t! Noouurrghhhh!!” Garhelm’s pleas turned to liquid gurgles as a blade ran across his throat. Pyra knew the sound all too well, and her belly twisted into a knot. The poor bastard!

But what she heard next caused the dragon rider more fury than she had ever felt in her entire life. It was the unmistakable sound of hot piss splattering across the dying man’s face, followed by a series of lewd moans as the girl pleasured herself. Pyra pictured the girl’s drooling cunt slopping against his lips. The depraved bitch! The rage boiled inside at each obscene grunt and demand. The slut reached orgasm and spilled her cum into his blood filled mouth. How dare she!

“You low born scum!” Pyra raged, forgetting the danger and lurching from behind her fallen beast. “How dare you defile a noble knight!?” It sickened Pyra to see the girl’s lewd gyrations, skirt hiked up around her spectacular legs and her spread pink cunt smearing translucent cum across the dying knight’s face! She would slay them all for this outrage! The elf’s emerald eyes were balls of smouldering flame as she stood with her sword raised, body turned to disguise the thick stream of bright red blood that coursed down her toned, battle trained thigh.

The female soldier’s eyes met her own, but only a smirk of confidence creased her lips. “Awww, look! A dragon rider with no dragon!” She snorted. The circle of ruffians began to laugh, casting mocking glances at the injured warrior who appeared to be nothing but a girl of 16.

“You could be my daughter,” A man grinned. More jeers and laughter from the pack of commoners. Pyra’s eyes fell upon the hideous scar across his weathered cheek, and she felt a wave of revulsion. “ya little knife-ear slut!”

“Shut it and fight!” Pyra’s brow narrowed and her eyes closed to slits. One hand clenched tightly into a fist in preparation for a spell blast. These fools dared to mock her? A high born elf of the Order of Eldross?! She would incinerate the blond cunt in the very place where she squatted. Then her peasant friends!

“Don’t even think about it, bitch!” Pyra was caught off guard by the force of the man’s blow. Her forearm splintered with a gruesome crunch as the mace hit, and she dropped to one knee with a savage moan of pain. To her horror, the elf felt her fingers fall open as if the nerves went dead, and the blue halo of spell power vanished! For the first time in her 200 year existence the proud Dragon Knight knew true fear. Without her mage fist she was as useless at magic as any human! What now?

But there was no time for an answer! Pyra gritted her teeth as the attacker raised the mace once more. Not that easy! At precisely the moment that the heavy club reached its apex, Pyra snapped into action, slashing with her blade at the warrior’s rib cage. She relished in the spurt of hot blood across her pretty face and the howl of terror from the dying soldier.

“Who’s next!?” The elf’s eyes shot from one opponent to the other, her fiery orange hair billowing about her shoulders as the circle of enemies tightened around her like a noose. The chest plate clutched tight around her ribs and her tits strained against it with familiar tension.

A girl launched at her from with a wild scream. Pyra twisted, letting out her own cry of pain as her leg buckled. Sinking to her knees, she aimed her blade low, driving it through the brunette slut a bit beneath her bare navel, the steel giving a disgusting slurp as it penetrated the tender flesh. The bitch’s eyes practically popped from her skull and her mouth gaped in a gurgle of death. With a cruel twist, the elf knight tore the blade from the pumping, muscled belly, drawing a few loops of glistening intestines out with a slurry of gore, blood and internal fluids.

She didn’t see the man behind her until it was too late. “You cunt!” A male voice thundered. Ignoring her howling victim, Pyra whirled on her good knee to face the incoming blade of Scarface! Their steel swords clanged.

“You’re dead, bitch!” The rugged man bore down over her, using his weight for leverage. His dark brown eyes bored into her flaming green orbs. “Just too stuck-nose to know it!”

“No peasant will ever take my life!” She huffed and slammed him back, the soldier cursing in surprise as he reeled before her strength. She’d been through worse! Pyra sprang forward on her working leg, intending to chop through him from cock to chin, when something smacked into her right shoulder.

“Yeaaghhhh!!” She collapsed to her knees and her lucent green eyes fell upon the offending object. An arrow lodged in her chest plate. The pain tore at the depths of her shoulder and her right arm began to tingle as the feeling faded from her fingers. The sword slipped from her grasp and plopped into the churning mud at her boots.

A jolt of panic shot through the dragon rider, plunging deep into her belly and freezing her guts into a block of solid ice. She was utterly defenseless! No, Goddess! It couldn’t end like this!

Pyra lurched about with a mewl of fear, and stumbled face first into the thick, putrid muck, as her leather boots slipped in the loosened entrails of the brunette. Laughter came from behind her as the gleeful soldiers closed in on their fleeing prey.

No! She wouldn’t die here! Not today! Pyra threw herself forward, dragging her belly over the corpse of another soldier laying face down. The knight ignored the pain throbbing in her injured right thigh. Her right arm was dead weight, flopping at her side, but the left arm was still working, and she dragged her body forward on her good elbow and knee.

“Where ya goin’ whore?!” The scar-faced man snickered. He wrapped his fist in Pyra’s bright red hair and pushed her face into the mud.

“Urrrgh!” She breathed in a mouthful of foul, blood soaked earth.

He found the weapon at her thigh and drew the blade from its sheath. Her breath caught in her lungs. Oh goddess, he’s going to kill me! Pyra’s shapely legs shivered in her tough leather boots as a wave of terror pulsed through her body!

“Aaahhh!!” She screamed as the blade pierced through her good hand and sunk into the mud like a nail in a coffin. Wild with fear, she fought past the pain and pulled her arm with all her might. But her hand would not budge! And the pain was far too great to bear. She collapsed, twitching and moaning.

“You ain’t so tough now, eh?” The man breathed, his hot, sticky breath making the fine hairs on her neck stand on end. “Reckon it’s true what they say ‘bout elf pussy!”

“Nnnyyaagh! Get off of me you bastard!” No peon would sink his dirty cock into her high born cunt! “I am a Dr-Dragon Knight of th-the Order of Eldross!” Pyra’s voice quivered with rage, with pain, with humiliation! Her cheeks were hot, her face flush, her breath quick! Goddess Damn him!

“You’re an elven slut with a fat mouth!” He sneered.

“Flip’er over!” A pair of worn leather boots landed before Pyra’s eyes. She could not make out the face but it was a woman. Then her mind clicked with realization. Blondie!

“Aaagghh!” Pyra squealed as the man tore the dagger from her hand.

A shadow fell as the sole of a boot filled her vision. Pyra’s face exploded with agony. A wet crunch from her nose as it broke in two places, and she tasted the bitter blood spurting down her throat. The world was tossing and she found herself sprawled on her back like a helpless doll, sputtering the red, coppery fluid from her mouth. Reeling, Pyra gazed up at the spinning face of Blondie. No no no! Don’t let me die, goddess!

“Strip’er!” The woman’s cold blue eyes peered down at Pyra as if regarding a bug. “Show this stuck up elf, bitch, her proper place.” No! She was not some insect to brutalize! She was a noble warrior! She had slain hundreds! She… she…

Rough hands grabbed at the buckles of her chest plate, and the elf felt the metal fall away and the cool air rush over her perky tits. “No! S-stop!” Pyra mewled, her green eyes darting from one leering face to another. She wanted to punch and claw the men, but one arm was smashed and the other barely functioned. Even so, she managed a few weak slaps despite the arrow in her shoulder. It was all she could do, but it wasn’t enough. The men soon had her chainmail thong halfway down her pale, creamy thighs. Pyra’s shaved cunt was exposed to the roving eyes of soldiers. Her pale mound with its pretty, plump, pink lips. Her elegant clit, tucked into its hood. She felt the thong slip over her boots and down. “You b-bastards!” The elf sobbed, fighting back the tears and trying to force a sneer of defiance. “You can’t rape me! I am a dragon knight!”

“You was.” Blondie lowered herself down until she was squatting above the knight’s head. “Now yer just a toy with cute little titties.” She reached one slender hand down to slap the bare nipples of Pyras heaving tits, drawing an angry red welt around each. Her cold gaze met the elf’s eyes as a smirk crept across her lips. “You, sure you aren’t too young to be playin’ warrior?” She snickered and gave both tits a squeeze. Pyras cheeks burned with shame and rage. How dare this cunt chastise her! She was easily five times the peasant’s age!

But there was no time for rage, only terror, as the next moment the elf felt a heavy, cold object poke against her belly. “Oh, g-goddess!” Pyra’s gaze shot down to her navel, where the gleaming length of a spear greeted her. The world began to turn in on itself. She was going to be slaughtered, maybe even disemboweled, and her hot, pink guts spilled into the muck for the sadistic enjoyment of these cruel peons. The dragon knight had slayed many girls and men in her career, and she knew well the pain of a belly death. Her teeth ground together and she glared up at the soldier with messy, black hair, as he held that spear to her toned abs. She would not yield to their terror, sob or beg the way they hoped. SHe would die a brave and glorious death! “Do it then! Thrust it into my belly! Kill me! I-I’m not afraid!” But, her voice shook even as she said the words.

“Stick‘er! Show this stuck up, knife-ear knight how to die!” Blondie jeered. Pyra glanced up between the girl’s spread thighs to see one hand rubbing her soaked cunt. The simple grey panties were pulled aside of her swollen pink lips, and her hole dribbled juices over her fingers as they toyed with her clit and traced the inner ring of her channel. The sick bitch was enjoying this, just like when she slaughtered poor Garhelm! She wouldn’t give the cunt the satisfaction of-

“Aaahh!” Pyra’s face twisted with panic as the spear tip found her lower belly and pushed into the heaving flesh so hard that it would surely plunge through her guts at any moment. Her huge green eyes fixed on that silvery blade teasing her belly with its deadly promise. The moment of truth had arrived, to die with honor, eyes crossed in agony as her entrails were skewered. A slow and terrible death, and humiliating, to be sure. Pyra knew that a Dragon Knight must be prepared even for such a disgusting fate. The soldiers were laughing, Blondie girl moaned with excitement, egging the raven haired boy on. She heard Scarface taunting her, his insults swirling on the edges of her fogged brain as she stared down her own imminent death. This was how it would all end, speared through the belly as her naked ass writhed in the mud and filth. What would it feel like? Would her blood spurt in those awful gouts to pool between her thighs? Would she flood the ground with her piss like a wretched animal?

“Here it comes, elf! Gonna gut yer little belly out!” The man’s eyes blazed down into Pyra’s terrified green orbs. If she had the presence of mind she might have noticed his cock raging beneath his leather trousers.

Down the spear pressed. The pain bit at her toned muscles! She was bleeding! Oh goddess, don’t let it hurt! Don’t let it hurt! And then Pyra felt her bladder release! No! No, no not that! Anything but that! Wet heat coating the goosebumps just beneath her crotch. The sour aroma burned her nostrils. They were all laughing at her, pointing and cracking jokes as the acrid, yellow fluid splattered her silky inner thighs and ran beneath the lips of her tall riding boots. Her fear was bared for all of them, and Pyra’s red face darkened a shade with shame. She couldn’t even die with dignity! And just like that, the floodgates burst and the panic welling in the elf knight’s belly surged through her flesh.

“Wait! I don’t want to die! Don’t slay me!” Her mind reeled at the horror, as she sank to the ultimate low for a Dragon Knight. As she begged! No! Stop begging! Die with honor! But Pyra couldn’t stop herself. Her lips would not respond to the desperate pleading of her brain, working on their own to save her pitiful, lithe body. It was as if some inner coward had taken control! The tears flowed from her cheeks in thick, salty streams, welling from her puffy, red eyes. Her nose was leaking, and her lips quivered like a child. How pathetic! She was going to die, begging!

Down the blade pushed. Pyra began to scream in terror. But just at that moment when she was sure her Belly could take no more, the spear pulled back. The elf gasped and her eyes locked on that ugly red, bleeding welt in her toned abs. That point where her guts had nearly been punctured. That place which had brought her to the worst shame of her entire life!

“You see, honey,” Blondie sneered, grabbing Pyra’s chin to stare down at her leaking face. “You ain’t a knight no more. You’re a coward.” Pyra felt the same burn in her cheeks, in her belly, in her cunt. She was nothing but a coward. The girl slowly stood up, her thighs so muscular and powerful in those dominating boots. Blondie was a peasant girl. A stupid foot soldier who Pyra might have roasted to a crisp as the elf rode her dragon through the sky. The elf had never felt so powerless and filthy. And the knowledge that this cruel slut and her friends were getting off to her shame, nearly broke the girl’s mind with rage.

The world seemed far away all of the sudden, as if Pyra were drawing deep inside herself. The feeling of the wet mud against her ass, the smell of her piss and blood, the jeers of the soldier. All faded into a soup of confusion on the edge of her consciousness. Still, the broken knight was dimly aware of the men undoing their pants, and slathering their throbbing cocks with something she couldn’t quite make out. Then, at last, Blondie’s voice floated down as if pronouncing a sentence upon the condemned. Pyra knew what was said even before her addled brain made sense of her tormentor’s words. Rape the bitch.

And then reality came roaring back with a massive jolt of adrenaline. Pyra snapped her head up, eyes widening as she felt rough, calloused fingers dig into the soft flesh of her thighs, and spread those muscular limbs apart. No! For a moment she couldn’t form the words, only squealing in horror as her cunt was presented to the soldiers. It was the scar-faced man. Pyra’s green eyes fell to the burly, dark haired soldier who was now wedged between her wide spread legs. Then her gaze fell to that upturned, purplish prick, drooling with need to plunge into her hole. To steal her last shred of dignity! No! No! No! She found her voice, and began to shriek!

“That’s right, scream ya little bitch!” Blondie forced one booted knee down onto Pyra’s broken arm, trapping it in the sticky mud. She moaned. Fighting through the pain in her shoulder, the terrified knight swung her fist into the girl’s thigh. But a soldier caught her wrist, and pulled it down to the muck. She was helpless! Pyra’s eyes burned into his face with fury. It was that same peasant who had held the spear to her belly. Who had shamed her! No! She would slay them all! She… she…

And then she felt that fat cock rubbing against her slit! Oh goddess, no! Not like this! Pyra squeezed her eyes shut against the flood of tears. She wouldn’t cry! She wouldn’t let them have that pleasure! But the turgid prick was rutting between her swollen lips. Her spread cunt was at its mercy, and to her horror, she felt the ring of pussy muscle contract around the bulbous head of his dick as it nudged inside. He grunted in satisfaction and drove his hips forward. Pyra shuddered as she felt his massive shaft splitting her tight, young, elf cunt apart like a spit through a slab of meat. Eyes screwed shut, she gritted her teeth. Don’t scream! Don’t you dare Scream, Pyra! Then she felt it. White hot flames licking at the insides of her cunt as whatever was smeared on his cock, greased her shivering walls. She screamed.

She screamed with agony. With rage. With the knowledge that this is how her life would be from now on. She was a rape slave. A whore. The burning grew worse and the girl began to thrust her hips against the unbearable fire roasting her snatch to ash.The tears streaked from her squiting eyes.

“Goblin shade,” Blondie chirped. She must have been smiling, though Pyra could not see her through the sheet of tears and pain. “Yer little elf cunt must be meltin’ off by now.” She felt Blondie’s fingers dance across her writhing belly, tugging at the navel and exploring her toned muscles. Oh Goddess, no! They had poisoned their dicks with the allergic substance!

Pyra’s scream reached a crescendo. The flames in her snatch grew worse by the moment, as if without end. With each brutal thrust of the pulsating clock inside her, the girl’s head bobbed against the muddy ground, caking her red hair in the pungent, wet earth. The pain in her cunt seemed to amplify every agony in her body. Her hip burned with pain. Her shoulder throbbed. Her crushed arm was lifeless. She was a broken doll, fuckmeat for his massive prick.

Then, to her everlasting shame, Pyra felt the only thing that could make it worse. RIght between her legs. Her cunt, that perfect tube of silken heaven that had received so many lovers, began to pulse and clench in time with his thrusts. No! I can’t enjoy this! But she was. On some primal level, her cunt knew its purpose, and with every plunge of the veiny cock into her slick depths, Pyra’s muscles contracted and fought to hold it there. Fought to milk his load of steaming cum deep into the sucking, swirling heat of her womb. No, it can’t be! She was going to… Blondie was berating her, each slur a dagger piercing the elf’s brain. Slut! Whore! Knife-ear bitch! And Pyra was about to…

“Uhlp!” A shadow fell across her face and something hard, fleshy, and hot plunged into her mouth. The raped elf could do nothing but sob as she began to choke around the throbbing cock. The soldier spared her no mercy, thrusting his needy prick over her tongue, delighting in the sensation of the hot, silky flesh gliding along the underside of his swollen shaft. She could taste the disgusting, bitter flavor or the Goblin Shade on his meat. The burning pain seared her mouth and tongue. Oh goddess! It hurts! Please! Her belly wretched and she prayed she didn’t throw up now and drown in her own bile. And then it got worse. The man’s prick found her throat. Foamy, wet, spit oozed from her quivering lips as the elf received every vicious thrust of her enemy’s rock hard cock, straight down her gullet. Her lungs burned with need, her eyes soaked, she was going to choke to death! The cock pounded between her thighs, driving so deep that the mushroom head battered against the ring of her cervix on each thrust. It was all too much. This was it! She was going to fucking die like a common, raped whore! She was…

Pyra came.

The redhead elf clenched her eyes tight as her orgasm exploded within her. Waves and waves of succulent pleasure burst in her belly. Her cunt melted into a molten pool of liquid ecstasy and through the haze, she could feel her muscles act on their own accord. It was as if the nerves connecting her brain to her nubile body were cut. A more primitive, ancient mind had assumed control, and Pyra could do nothing but surrender to its demands. Oh Goddess!!

The knight gagged around the massive cock in her throat. Her muscles swallowed reflexively and she heard the man’s grunts and curses of pleasure. Meanwhile, Pyra’s snatch grasped and sucked at the cock of the scar-faced man, who was thrusting balls deep into her guts with every swing of his hips. She knew that neither man could stand the sensations of her rippling, silken, pink muscles much longer. She knew that they would fill her with their hot cream. The disgust boiled in her belly to mix with the swirling heat of her orgasmic contractions. But despite her horror, her rage, her utter repulsion at what was being done to her body, Pyra could not prevent her drooling holes from bringing the rapists to a fantastic release. First the one in her twat, then the man in her throat. And as their rock hard cocks began to pulse and throb with the sudden heat of orgasm, she felt the thick, hot, awful rush of their cum filling her flesh like water pumping from a hose. She had never felt so worthless and degraded in all of her life. She was an object to them, not a knight. Not a dragon rider!

“Swallow it all down slut!” Blondie gasped, two fingers plunging into her own cunt as she gushed girl juice down the insides of her muscular thighs. The elf’s eyes bulged as her air supply was nearly cut off by the rush of cum, which only drove Blondie to greater heights of excitement. As Pyra gagged and sputtered on the thick jizz, the cruel peasant girl slapped and tugged at the knight’s bare tits. The raped elf winced at each painful slap of the hand on her shivering, bright pink flesh. When the cocks withdrew from her dripping holes, Pyra felt the rush of hot milk flow from her cunt as her muscles continued to squeeze and pulsate with need. She felt it coat her puckered asshole, and the strings of vital sap spilling onto her lips and chin. The elf gasped for her life, spitting and swallowing down whatever fluid she could not eject from her throat. And as she suffered, Blondie watched with satisfaction, her blue eyes glowing beneath their heavy lids. “That’s a good bitch.”

Someone was rummaging between Pyra’s thighs, a new rapist, she imagined. But she didn’t anymore. These commoner bastards had already broken her. They had stripped her of all of her knightly honor. But then, something caught her eyes as it glinted in the sun. It disappeared from sight beneath her chin before she could make it out. “HHHAAA!!” White hot pain in her cunt! Pyra felt her clit jump in its sheath, and her good leg kicked in agony.

The elf curled her body up as far as her pinned arms would allow, and looked with horror at the silver needle impaling her most sensitive part. Her bow lay broken beside her leather boots, and the string was now running through the eye of the needle.Fighting back the fresh flood of salty tears, it slowly dawned on her what was happening. No! Not that! Anything but that!

She wailed as one of the peasant scum drew the needle all the way through, right before her very eyes. Her clit was strung on the end of her own bow string! She was leashed like a sex slave! The soldiers began to laugh, but worst of all was Blondie, cackling in her bitter, girlish voice. Over the agonizing pangs stabbing into her cunt, Pyra felt the soldiers release her arms.

“Aghh!” A boot thumped into her ribs, and she flopped over onto her side. Mind reeling, Pyra began to panic. She could not be a slave! Her clit tore with agony. Everything hurt. She could barely move. But the elf knew she had to escape. No knight had ever surrendered to slavery before! She wouldn’t be the first! Slowly, the elf rolled onto her belly, and began to worm through the muck, bracing her chin against the filth and drawing her one good leg underneath to propel her broken body forward. Every inch was a victory, won at an unbearable cost! Someone tugged the bow string leash, and her clit flared with agony. But she continued, driven by sheer desperation.

“Crawl slave!” Scar face was back, his breath hot and wretched on the nape of Pyra’s neck. His hand connected with the bare cheek of her ass, causing the toned flesh to wobble invitingly. She cried out in the high pitched voice of a stupid brat. She knew this is what he wanted. What they all wanted. Her utter humiliation. But it couldn’t end this way! No, she would never submit to slavery! To a life of sucking the fat, greasy cocks of her enemies. Suffering injections of their disgusting cum in her sore, broken holes every night. She would get away somehow! She nearly collapsed as another hard smack found her cheek, and her ass burned bright red. “Keep going cunt!”

Then Pyra felt the bow string pull taut. “Hhuuaaahhh!!” A bolt of lightning struck her clit, melting her guts to the core, and the elf slumped face first into the mud. Oh, Goddess! Her clit was tearing from her swollen, abused pussy. She shuddered from head to foot and to her utter shame, Pyra felt something dribble down her inner thigh. Face down, ass up, she was on full display for her captors, and she knew they could see her urine flowing out as she shamed herself for the second time. The broken knight began to sob. The fire between her thighs was burning her alive. She couldn’t go on any further!

A fist wrapped in her muddy orange locks, and Pyra mewled like a pathetic little girl as she was dragged to her knees, and met Blondie’s smirking face. Their gaze locked and the girl’s victorious blue eyes blazed into Pyra’s helpless green gems, swollen and puffy with her tears. Something caught the elf’s eye. A dagger in the girl’s hand. She recognized the workmanship, the elven embroidery along the fine handle. No! Pyra felt a sickening shock punch into her chest as she realized what it was.

“Should I finish ya, knife ear?” Blondie’s words were ice cold but her eyes burned hot. A wave of panic coursed through the elf slave as she felt her own blade against her soft throat. On her knees, staring up into the face of her superior, Pyra knew that she was beaten for good. This is how it would end. “Beg me not to slay you, elf!” The dagger pushed into her throat, drawing a small seep of blood, and the helpless girl felt her heart toss against her ribs. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think.

The scar face man stooped down so he could bring his mouth to her delicately pointed ear. “Beg her, cunt.” His breath stunk. She hated him! Her heart thumped with terror. “Beg her not to open yer throat.” The knife began to slash her flesh, sawing back and forth in a horrifying, wet, rhythm!

Pyra eyes snap wide! “No! Don’t kill me! I beg you!” That was what they wanted. She felt the heat of her own blood swashing down her throat. Heard their roaring laughter. “Stop, stop!!!”

“Say it, elf!” Blondie’s face was flushed pink, drunk on her own power.

“Oh goddess, stop! I don’t want to die!!” The knife kept sawing. Her throat was opening! Piss squirted from Pyra’s cunt to spatter on the mudd between her thighs.“Don’t kill me!!”

“Say it, ya worthless cunt!”

“I’m your slave!” Pyra wailed, her eyes swelling shut from the rush of tears. But the blade sawed relentlessly into her tender flesh. Pyra began to scream at the top of her lungs. “I’m your elf slave cunt! I’m not a knight, I’m a worthless knife-ear bitch!”

The blade stopped cutting. “Good slave.” Blondie smirked, and Pyra’s heart dropped through her ass. Her transformation from dragon rider to slave bitch was complete. Her life was over. There was nothing left to do but waste away, and die.

With a nod Blondie stepped aside, and Scarface came into view, grinning down at Pyra. His cock was still hanging out of his trousers, and she noted with disgust that the thing was still every bit as thick and disgusting as it had been before.

Pyra sneered up the pair of them with the last bit of defiance in her soul. Red hair flowing around her shoulders, locks stuck to her gleaming forehead, and her nose. Her freckles looking adorable on her nose. “Stick your cock in my mouth and I’ll bite it off!” Pyra felt the fear boil in her guts as she realized that she just invited even more violence upon herself.

“Don’t you dare sass us, you dirty little elf cunt!” Blondie snapped, smacking Pyra across the mouth. Pyra spit blood, feeling her teeth rattling in her jaws. The tears streamed down her cheeks. When would this end?

Blondie wrapped her fist in her fire red hair and held the struggling bitch still. “Open wide, honey!” Pyra could not jerk her head away, try as she might, and the bastard shoved his prick between her chapped lips.

“Goddsfuck!” Scarface let out another groan of pleasure as his cock pushed into her mouth. She tasted the revolting flavor of the cum. How could he still be hard!?Pyryas eyes bulged as the tube of flesh began to probe her mouth and over her tongue finding her throat just as the younger boy had before. He grunted. “There we go lass, take it all down!”

Pyra gagged, She couldn’t find her breath and her throat kept clenching around the shaft as his thick, mushroom head passed over the back of her tongue. Her belly knotted, but thankfully she controlled the urge to throw up all over his sloppy cock. Blondie pushed her orange head forwards into his crotch as he thrust forward, forcing her to actively take his cock like a whore. Let this end! Goddess please let this end!

With a moan of excitement he came and she felt a flood of hot, salty cum pour into her mouth. Pyra couldn’t hold it back any longer. THe taste was so awful, and she threw up the last contents of her stomach. “Uurrgh!” The soldiers broke out into laughter.

“Filthy knife ear bitch!” The man screamed, pulling his cum soaked coack from her lips as strings of the viscous fluid strung from the underside of his still pulsing shaft and her mouth. Another spurt of cum splattered the elf slut’s face, and a final jet caught her in the eye, making her squeal with pain as the gunk burned her tear filled eyeball.

“You nasty cunt!” Blondie hissed, yanking Pyra’s hair back to expose her slender, white throat. “Let’s waste ‘er right now!” Pyra’s green blazed up into the red faced, scar faced man, who was huffing and stuffing his prick back into his drawers. The look in his eyes told her that he was not pleased at being the laughing stock of the group. Fuck.

The blade came out again, shining and deadly in his rough and tutored hand, staring her down with the end of her life. Pyra’s eyes popped wide as it pressed to her throat and the scar face leered into her desperate emerald orbs. “Should I slice yer throat nice ‘n slow, elf?” Her lips quivered as she opened her mouth to respond, but froze in fear, the words refusing to come. He grinned and slid that knife down her slender throat to the pair of heaving, white globes on her chest, topped with pink diamond points. “No, that’s too easy for ya, ain’t it? How about I slice them nipples off instead?”

“Do it!” Blondie growled, her breath flowing hot over Pyra’s ears. “Sink that fuckin’ blade right in them stuck up little titties!”

Pyra found her voice and screamed! “No no no! Don’t stick that in my tits!” Her mind melted with fear as it finally dawned on the elf bitch that she was going to be slaughtered one piece at a time

He lowered the balde to her tits and as she continued to beg, Pyra felt her mind withdraw into the void of confusion, far away from the cruel face of this brute. From the snarling blonde. She could hear her own screaming voice, feel the tears streaming down her hot cheeks. But Pyra no longer recognized herself. She was not the brave and noble knight that she once was, but a degraded slut who begs for her life on her knees. A worthless, common cunt.

“Please don’t cut me! Noooaaauuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!” Her scream reached a new pitch as she felt that balde slice through her nipples like a slab of pork. Unable to move her broken arm, and her other arm dead at the shoulder and numbed like a log of wood, Pyra could do nothing but shake and screech as the blade carved her girlish pride right off of her body. Two horrid, bleeding disks were left in the place of her gorgeous nipples, which flopped to the ground between her thighs.

Split! Splutt! The man sunk the blade two times into her tits, and Pyra screamed in agony, feeling her blood bubble and squirt down her quivering globes and over her tightly muscled belly. Blondie let go of her hair and Pyra’s head sunk, dropping tears of shame and pain onto her gushing tits.

The blade ruffled through her slick, red hair, drawing itself clean of her gore, before leaving the elf slut a trembling wreck. A tough chord of something looped over Pyra’s head and caught on her nose, held by the rough hands of a faceless soldier. Pyra couldn’t lift her hands, her limbs were dead, but she felt the urge to claw at that band with everything she had left in her small body. And she felt the wetness of the fabric. Smelled the acrid stench of piss soaking her own leather panties. The chord slipped around her throat and pulled tight.

Blondie bitch bent down to leer into the elf’s bulging, green eyes. “You gonna cry, whore?” The soldiers began to laugh and whistle. But Pyra hardly noticed, her throat was crushing and every second brought pangs of hot fire. She could only stare into the woman’s cold blue gaze, helpless, like an animal caught in a snare, waiting its inevitable death when the hunter returned.

The reflex to live didn’t die easily. Pyra’s shoulders jerked, trying to draw her arms up. But there was no hope. She couldn’t feel the pain in the arrow wound any longer, just the lump of her arm, and the stiffness in her neck. The elf bitch let out a sputtering, pained gasp, stretching her mouth open as far it would stretch. Blondie girl admired the lashing of her pink tongue, flopping its way out of the elf’s mouth like a worm. Pyra’s lungs seized and lit with a horrid flame that licked at her insides and grew into an inferno on every spasmodic gasp that failed to draw in the air she craved.

“Try ‘n fight it honey, show us what ya got!” Blondie’s words dripped with lust for Pyra’s agony. Scarface laughed and said something about “stupid elf whores” putting on a good show. They sounded far away over the pounding in her temples. The world tilted.

In a panic, the redhead girl lurched upright, ass wobbling, but the man held the thong tight about her throat. Spreading her thighs wide, she croaked from deep in her throat, and then felt her bladder squirt, one, hot, sticky, pulse of fluid that dribbled from her cuntlips onto the muddy between her shaking legs. Through the fog of terror, Pyra wondered for a brief moment how she had anything left to splatter. Then everything went gray and the world spun away into darkness.

Pyra woke with a start that made her flesh jump. The muddy grass prickled her cheek. Her tits were soaking wet, and her belly pumped against the muck. Yuck. The filth was in her mouth and covering her tongue. Pyra lifted her head from the swamp of mud and trampled plant matter, and spat, trying to clear the revolting taste from her mouth. Pinkish, clear, fluid oozed from her plump lips, bitter and salty. The cum of her rapists. Pyra’s belly turned with sickness. She became aware of the fact that her wrists were now behind her back. She couldn’t feel her hands and arms, but the ache in her shoulders and neck told her that she was bound tight.

Shadow loomed before her face and she felt dirty water splash against her jaw. Pyra stared at the earth fouled boots planted in the muck of a watery patch of grass. She knew those boots well by now. It was Blondie.

“I got a present for you, elf slut,” The girl kneeled down, and Pyra felt the cold kiss of metal clamping around her throat. It immediately drew tight and she jerked with terror. “A magic choker. Like it?” Blondie stood to admire her work as Pyra thrashed and a long sickening wheezing sound escaped between her muddy lips. But just as she was about to lose consciousness, the band relaxed and Pyra took in a huge, shuddering gasp.

“You see, elf, that choker’s gonna keep goin’.” Blondie said, “Tightenin’ and relaxin’, gettin’ a little tighter each time.” She snickered. “It ain’t never gonna stop.” Pyra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Being strangled with her own panties had been terrifying enough. She gritted her teeth in preparation as the band began to tighten once more. She wouldn’t let them see her suffering. But it won again. Pyra melted before the fear. The need to draw something, anything, into her burning lungs. The elf sputtered and croaked, pushing her tongue out like a dying horse.

Rough hands grabbed her hips and Pyra was jerked onto her haunches, choking and gasping, face down in the mud. “Spread yer fuckin’ legs slut!” Blondie ordered. Boots kicked at her thighs. She spread them wide. There was no fight in her heart, only desperation for a last gulp of oxygen.

With her white ass raised high in the air, she knew that her pretty pink snatch, and her tender asshole, were exposed to their sight. A hand slapped her cheeks and Pyra bucked, drawing a round of laughter. Her ass was smarting, but she could hardly tell over the agony in her lungs. Shame, rage, panic, and pain coursed through every blood vessel. She was going to pass out again. But the choker relaxed and she drew in a gurgling breath that made the wet, soupy grass flutter as the water flowed into her mouth. “Urgh!” She choked it down and coughed.

“I’m gonna go again.” Scarface said. At least she thought it was him. Pyra could barely hear anymore. It didn’t matter who it was. They were going to rape her.

The first, throbbing cock slid against the lips of her cunt. Pyra squeezed her eyes shut. Here it comes! She felt her her hole dripping with piss, the slop of the soldier’s rape cum. But more than that. With her own juices. Her clit throbbed with need. It couldn’t be, but it was. Goddess, the shame. To enjoy her own rape like a common wood elf whore. She was no highbred knight, she was a prostitute. A slave. And somewhere deep inside, she knew that she deserved this.

Pyra moaned as the cock slid into the tight, greasy entrance of her cunt, and her muscles expanded to hug its length like a velvet glove. The choker tightened again and her breath cut off, leaving her a gasping, dying fish. But through the agony she heard him moaning behind her, felt his pumping strokes plunging into her molten depths. Her cunt muscles gripped his thick prick and tried to suck his cock deeper with each penetration. This was the worst shame! She couldn’t believe she had sunk so low. Choking to death and squeezing around the cock that raped her. Whatever she told herself, Pyra’s flesh had decided her place in the scheme of life. She was a dumpster for cum. A slave. When the man dumped his hot cum inside her sloppy hole, the muscles contracted in waves from the hungry mouth of her pussy to the very depths of her womb. The tears flowed into a river down her face.

The choker relaxed again, and she drew in a shuddering breath after breath, trying to save up whatever air she could for the next round of suffering. Then the first cock pulled out of her pussy with a grunt of satisfaction, and the hot goop sloshed down her pink cunt lips and the insides of her silky white, thighs. But it wasn’t over. Another cock found the star of her asshole. Hands smacked her wobbling cheeks and then spread them apart, forcing her ass to gape apart and expose the pink interior to the fucker. Then the pain exploded in her ass as his mushroom head wormed inside Pyra’s hole and forced the ring to expand far too wide. Goddess!

Pyra had never let a lover take her ass before, not even the bravest dragon rider had known that pleasure. No! Not there! She jolted, but Blondie pushed her face into the muck with one boot, holding the elf slut still. “Know yer place, elf bitch! Yer gonna give ’im yer holes.”

The choker pulled tight and Pyra fish mouthed, tongue slopping on the grass. At the same time, her asshole spasmed around the turgid cock, making the man groan with the incredible, buttery tightness. Elven pussy was a glorious luxury, but elven ass was a pleasure beyond dreams. Pyra wanted to vomit but nothing was left in her belly. The choker crushed her slender throat, tighter than ever. Agony! The prick slid free, her insides overcoming the young man. The cum drooled down her ass, her cunt, her shuddering thighs. Everyone was laughing at her.

“You ain’t no high elf,” Blondie spat from overhead. “You’re just a regular ‘ol wood elf, tavern whore.” More laughter. Her heart broke. Even if she had the air in her lungs to protest there was no more will. They were right about her. She was a wood elf, the kind of elf who fucked orc cocks and sucked human knobs with delight.

More men lined up behind her. Pyra didn’t attempt to shut her thighs. There was no point. Her legs quivered as the next cock slid deep into her hugging snatch. He came quickly and she felt his seed drool out. The next blew in her ass within just a few pumps, groaning about the godliness of elven ass muscles as his friends slapped his back. Another came, and then another. Choke, rape. Choke. Repeat. It continued for half an hour. Or maybe longer. Time faded as the elf drew into her own mind, mentally breaking from the reality of her terror. She could no longer deal with the humiliation and shame, with the constant fear of the band crushing her throat. She was beyond degraded. She was battlefucked.

“Time to finish ya off, bitch.” Blondie’s words came from far away and took a moment to sink in. Pyra’s brain slogged, trying to make sense of the jumble of sounds, smells, feelings, and sensations. Her lungs burned and her throat throbbed. No!

Blondie’s weight shifted. The boot pressed on her neck and the cold, muddy water rushed over Pyra’s face. The band around her throat was relaxed, affording her spasming throat muscles enough room to draw in air. But her face pushed so tight into the stinking muck that the earthy, brown water gushed into her mouth. “Uurgghlll” Pyra took a massive gulp down her windpipe and her lungs burned with a new sensation. She panicked. The water sloshed inside her chest, and she kicked her thighs, splashing thick dirt and loosening clumps of grass. Nothing worked. Thick foam bubbled around her lips as they rapidly turned deep purple.

Blondie pressed down with all her might, forcing the elf slut into the soggy earth even as another man’s dick slid into her flexing asshole, pushing even more cum out of it and down her straining thighs. The female soldier cackled and her thigh strained in its sheath of tall brown boot leather, pressing her down. Pyra could not find air. More water gushed in on her next shuddering gasp. Pangs of agony stabbed into her chest. Oh goddess. The laughter faded. Blondie, Scarface, the bastards who raped her. The world was a flash of mud and light. It whirled and began to fade, leaving only her fear. The burning, pain inside. She knew that she would die. Pyra stretched her mouth as wide as she could, her teeth raking in the dirt. Her tongue hung out, purple and swollen, quivering on her lower lip. She couldn’t taste the filth smothering her taste buds, her tongue and mouth were senseless. No! Not like this! It can’t end like this!

Pyra’s flesh began to tremble, muscles giving small spasms as the nerve endings lit up and began to die, only bringing pleasure to the rod of flesh slamming in and out of her. She could feel the tissue in her strong thighs twitch, spasm, and relax again. Then the power in her body drained away. Pyra felt heavy, like her body weighed a thousand pounds, and her flesh began to grow numb. The cold, filthy water against her goose pimpled skin, faded away. Her belly pumped and heaved in and out, and she felt her stomach trying to expel whatever should have been inside. But there was nothing. Only a hollow void in her core. Time slowed to crawl and her heart thumped in her temples. Thump, thump, thump. The flashes of light faded to a blur of grey and stars, and her eyes tingled. Her mouth lost all feeling. The pain in her chest began to drain away. She felt her cunt relax and open, pouring the contents of her womb out into the grassy slop between her legs. She was just a hole now. A dead, fucked hole.

She thought of her sister, the blond elf’s face sparking in her mind’s eye. Dwina, I love you! Her brain shattered into broken images, passing through her mind between sheets of inky black. Don’t want…to…die…A last surge of adrenaline pulsed through her as she felt warmth spread inside her guts, more cum joining the ocean already inside of her. She seized, and her lungs pumped, trying to drag the air down into their fluid filled depths. Goddess. I’m not ready. Pyra’s lips stretched and trembled. Her lungs seized again. Burning pain. No air. No hope….Dwina…..I.…


3 thoughts on “Fall of the Dragon Rider

  1. Didn’t think I would like this as much as I did! Looove the female abuser and breathplay in this one Mr.Drake~ Oh and when she pissed herself in fear… mmm.

    You do a really good job, especially in this story, of showing the progression of her self-image. Going from high and mighty elf bitch to believing she’s a gutter trash whore. There’s something beautiful about a pretentious whore getting out in her place 😉


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