Chosen – Chapter 1 – Catch of the Day

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A long time ago…

It was a flicker of clarity in the foggy realm of shadowy chaos that was the soul… a place foreign for him to be, a place he did not belong. A place where nothing was quite what it seemed, and everything was inevitably more treacherous and dangerous and destructive than it should be. But one thing, a crystalline glimmer of an anchor, shone brightly in the chaos and the wanderer focused on that, fixating, using it to keep himself sane and whole, from drifting away. That anchor showed him all that he was, all that he is, and that he could be, and he held onto it, following it down, fighting through the weightless fog of the soulspace.

The glimmer of light in the darkness promised power and greater glory, and it made that promise all the sweeter with its hints of danger. True, true mortal danger, not just for his life but for his soul. That, too, was the allure. The fear of the unknown, the shifting foundation of everything, the knowledge that every twist and turn could lead to disaster… that was life. It was something most of the other fools he ruled didn’t understand. To them, any change to the status quote was simply a means for personal gain, a way to rise up. The wanderer knew the truth… that the true beauty was not the ascent at all. The beauty was when you fell, out of control, scrambling to hold on while the world changed forever around you… the moment of living in the swirl of the unknown where, briefly, anything was possible.

So this, then, was a movement forward, but within that movement, it was a gamble, a risk that could launch his world upward or send him spiraling down to greater heights or lower depths. He wouldn’t know until he leaped.

He leaped.

He could feel them growing inside of him. Even inside his soul, he could feel them… the pressure of their fear, their hunger, their ambition. He let them go. He let them out. That glimmer of the silver anchor swayed, cutting the gray perpetual fog of the swirling plane, brought a singular purpose by his absolute will… and never taking his gaze off that glimmer, the creature turned slowly, finding one of the millions of tiny glowing strands that made it up, and unraveling it… sending it floating off and away from him. The first strand. The first of millions. The first of the new.

For a moment, he felt as if a little bit of himself was sliding away from him, almost like a child from its mother’s womb. For a moment he felt diminished, like he was giving too much of himself away.

The regret was fleeting, for in chaos, the one would become many, and the many would travel along diverse roads and to goals that seemed equally diverse but were, in effect, one and the same. This was birth more than death, this was growth more than diminishment or separation.

One by one, he let them all go, sending them off into the dark where they drifted until he could no longer see them. Shards of his soul, shards of his magic, curling up into the eggs… and the essence in those eggs was his.

The food was gone now, and with it, the warmth. All was hollow and empty, save the call to break free. The sense that there was more food, more warmth, outside. The call came slowly at first, quietly, but with each passing moment it came more insistently… a subtle urging growing into desperation.

Eight tiny legs answered that imploring call. Eight tiny weapons struck at the concave wall. Battering and tearing, following the lighter shade of gray in this dark place. A hole appeared in the leathery surface and the eight legs coordinated their attacks at that very spot, sensing weakness. Weakness could not be tolerated. Weakness had to be exploited, immediately and without mercy.

One by one, ten by ten, a thousand by a thousand, a million by a million, tiny legs waved in the misty space between souls for the first time, tearing free of their circular prisons. Driven by hunger and ambition, by fear and an instinctive vileness, the millions of arachnids fought their first battle against a pliable, leathery barrier. Hardly a worthy adversary, but they fought with an urgency wrought of knowing that the first to emerge would hold a great advantage, knowing that they – all of them – were hungry.

And knowing there was nothing to eat but one another.

The warmth of the egg sac was soon gone, devoured. The quiet moments of solitude, of awakening, of first sense of consciousness, were past. The walls that had served as shelter and protection became an impediment and nothing more. The soft shell was a barricade against food, against necessary battle, against satiation on so many levels… on every level.

A barrier against life.

That, most of all, could not be tolerated by these new soul-offspring, so they fought and tore and scrabbled and scrambled to get out.

To eat.

To climb.

To dominate.

To kill.

To become…

Moments later, the first of the spiders escaped their eggs.

Moments later, the second spider joined it.

Moments later, the first of the spiders died… the first of millions to come.

She was the strongest. She had feasted on more of the others than any still alive. She had killed more than any still alive. She had killed all those around her and hadn’t even bothered to devour all of their carcasses before moving on to those outside the zone of the dead. She was the strongest. She knew she was the strongest as yet another fell before her snapping limbs, her venom, her teeth. She was the one who would rise through the carnage and rule.

She was the strongest. She knew it.

The others soon knew this as well.

So she was dead.

Within the chaos and churning maelstrom of newborn souls, there was intelligence and purpose. Within the hunger and the slaughter, there was common cause. She was the strongest and would kill them all or rule them all… so the others bonded together and tore her eight legs from her, devouring her fully before turning again upon each other.

Another rose to prominence through deed and fearsome assault.

That one, too, fell to the common cause.

And another.

And another.

And another.

The mortal test continued. The weakest died, but the strong remained. The strongest died, but the smartest remained. The manipulative remained – those who hid their strength beyond what was necessary to kill the present opponent.

Those who stepped forward, who rose above the chaos, died.

To rise through the chaos, she had to recognize those who were stronger than she and persuade them to do her bidding or be killed. Strength came not from the size of her muscles but from the power of her cunning, the wicked cruelty and devious deception.

In the frenzy of the birthing, in the contest of the slaughter, these traits paved the road to victory.

To find the moment when individual strength was beyond the collective power to defeat it.

To intrigue amidst battle to destroy any who were stronger.

And for some, to admit defeat before oblivion’s descent, to escape and survive as something lesser but still living. To scatter and live on without contending for the crown, and in the end to serve the winner.

The numbers dwindled. Those left grew in power and size.

Each waited and watched, deciding who must die before she could reign supreme, sorting through the tumult to facilitate that desired end.

Those driven by uncontrollable hunger were dead now.

Those driven by simple self-defense were dead now.

Those driven by foolish pride were dead now.

Those driven by instinctual survival were dead or were fleeing.

Those driven by cunning remained… and in the end, there were three.

Three Jorogumo.

Chapter 1

Modern Day

The cold breeze whipped across the ship, and even through his winter coat Michael shuddered a little… to the selkie’s skin, it must have felt like a million little stabbing knives. The beautiful redhaired thing was chained on the deck of the ship, completely undressed and exposed to the wind and spray as the ship battered its way against the surf towards the dock. She looked exhausted and beaten down, but she tried to move her limbs to a new position, to shield herself better. It was impossible… the chains that wrapped around her slim selkie body were made of iron, unbreakable and unyielding as they kept her in tight bondage. She couldn’t do anything more than sway her body from side to side.

“Relax,” said a powerful male voice. “We’re almost there.”

The selkie looked up at the speaker, one of the sailors on the ship, as he leered down at her and took another puff on his cigarette. The beautiful captive cringed as the man exhaled a small cloud of smoke right into her face. He smiled without looking directly at her, knowing she couldn’t speak with her mouth covered in gray duct tape.

Michael didn’t need her to speak, or to look in her eyes, to know how she felt. His slave had been stretched out on the deck of the cargo ship for days now. She didn’t need to say how uncomfortable she felt, or how cold it was, or how terrified she was of what was coming. The poor selkie’s fate was sealed and in the hands of others now… she just had to suffer through it. Still, the redhead was desperately trying to muffle some words through the duct tape and plead to the men who were her captors. She began to squirm like a worm pinned on a plate to be dissected by a science student.

The man knew she was suffering. He could see from the corner of his eye how much hell they had brought on the meager selkie. He didn’t want to look at her because he didn’t need to. She was held nice and tight by old rusty chains, soaked with some of the thin layer of spray freezing to ice on her skin. Her muffled pleas for help kept getting louder and louder even though not a single word could be understood, and her miserable state only brought a nice long evil smile onto the sailor’s face as he finished his smoke with the last puff from the cigarette bud.

He tossed it away, turning to Michael. “She’s not fresh, is she?”

Michael gave him a small smile. “You can tell?”

“We’ve seen a lot of their kind,” the sailor said with a smirk, looking down at the naked, beautiful selkie girl again. “Fresh ones are always in a state of panic over their lost skin. They either keep their eyes glued on it the entire time if they can see it, or keep turning and twisting around every which way trying to spot it if they can’t. This one is afraid, but it ain’t her skin she’s scared about. She’s worried about herself, and us, and what’s gonna happen when we get where we’re going… like, dread, ya know? She knows what she’s in for.”

The selkie’s owner nodded. “She’s Mists trained.”

The sailor looked up sharply. “No shit?” He smiled broadly at Michael for a second before his gaze turned more predatory and he looked down at the captive again. “We’ve got quite a few of those now… well worth the bribes it took to get them away from New Orleans. I understand their mouths can all but suck the skin off your cock. That true?”

“That’s true,” Michael agreed, looking out at the sky over the ocean as they approached land. The ship was getting ready to dock, the hellish trip almost over… but not for the selkie. The man’s curled black hair danced in the cold air as he lifted his head upwards to gaze at the beautiful lights glowing in the sky… something that he’d heard of but never seen before. Powerful streams of purple, green, and blue lights swam across the stars, pulsating and shifting.

“Would you look at that…” the man said quietly. It was loud enough for even the selkie to hear, and she turned her head slightly to slowly gaze at the dark sky. The dancing lights were as captivating to her as they were to her owner, it seemed.

The sailor noticed, too. “Looks fucking awesome, doesn’t it?” he said. “Course, you’ll get used to it if you’re going to be living up here now.”

Their viewing pleasure soon ended when the captain of the ship spouted off a short announcement through the intercom. The boat was getting ready to dock and the Alaskan shore was already visible through the light fog that surrounded the slow-moving ship. The fishing boat was slowly guiding its way into shore as the men got ready to disembark. Michael tightened his own coat, looking down into his selkie’s eyes for a second. She met that gaze… they knew that it was time.

“Remember what I said,” the man said with a deep, cold voice. “You do what I say and everything is going to turn out fine. Got it, bitch?” He closed with a dark smile which made his pointy chin even more pronounced. He seemed excited about what awaited them once they got off the ship. The man kept his deadly sight on the beautiful redhead as he crept up closer to her, until he hovered over her like the thunderstorm that had ripped through the ship not long ago. “So, you ready?” He asked her nonchalantly. The gagged selkie didn’t respond, of course… She was powerless as he stood tall over her. His evil smile penetrated her unlike anything else.

He then unhooked her chains from the hook that had held her in place, effortlessly picked the woman up off the floor, and pushed her against the side of the ship’s turret. The man’s tight grip on her small body grew even tighter as he reached for her face. He ripped the duct tape off her delicate mouth, causing her to cry out unexpectedly. A moment later, her owner’s tongue plunged through her closed lips. It slithered down into her like it was trying to invade her throat, like he was trying to consume her face… and she surrendered to that touch, yielding to it, knowing better than to resist a forgone conclusion as the man’s hand traveled up her leg until it reached her mound. Michael’s lips finally let her go only to clamp his other hand over her mouth and render her all but mute, his grip as heavy as an anvil.

The selkie’s eyes were wide and she whimpered as she felt the man’s strong digits enter her slit. She quivered within her captivity as his fingers thrust inside her precious, tight pussy, and her chained body began to melt as his movements grew ever wilder and more passionate. Her cave’s resistance relented and it sent out shocks of ecstasy throughout the selkie’s well-trained body, casting her mind into a frenzy.

The captain of the ship, an old, grey-haired geezer, finally walked out of the bridge and was delighted by what he was seeing. “She’s gonna be a good one!” he said with complete elation, his eyes seething with lust.

“This is the best damn selkie I ever fucked,” Michael said as he turned to greet the captain, his hand continuing to fuck the beautiful girl’s sanity out. The poor selkie’s mound began to redden as the captain’s eyes took a nice long gaze at her wet lips. “See that? That’s that Mists training… she’s tighter than a drum in here and she’s going to cum like a storm. This is one grade A selkie pussy.”

The captain licked his dry cold lips as he stared at her tempting pussy. After lightly rubbing his wrinkly chin with his fingers he went for it and gave the selkie’s tight slit a good lick with his warm wet tongue. “Oh, wow!” He was beyond satisfied. “It tastes as good as it looks.”

Michael continued to pin the selkie against the bridge as her legs landed on the captain’s shoulders. “No… stop!” she moaned, able to sneak in a little verbal resistance only to have her mouth quickly shut tightly by Michael’s hand again.

“Shut up, and let the poor man have some pussy… it’s been a long trip,” her owner demanded with a warning look in his eyes. “And he’s been fantastic to us on the voyage.”

The captain didn’t respond, of course… his tongue continuing its lashing as their captive began to quake again. She was trying her best to breathe through Michael’s firm hand. The men could only hear her muffled protests sprinkled with slight moans as the captain continued to devour her little cunt. His gray whiskers pricked her delicious mound, making the moment even more dreadful for the selkie.

“You belong to us now, got it?” Michael’s tone was deadly serious and his eyes burned with a hint of fervor. “You’ve got nowhere else to go.” His deep voice only tormented her even more.

The captain let out a small laugh as he pulled back to gasp for some air. “Yes, now that is prime selkie pussy. Where did you find this one? I thought all of the vampire’s girls had been snatched up before now.” The captain just couldn’t stay away for long, and with his mouth wide open and his hungry tongue hanging down over his chin, he buried his face back into the redhead’s pussy. He forced his head up against her little hips and the defenseless selkie had no choice but to give in. “We got all the ones we could, but Savalas was quicker on the draw. Word is that old Mordred only got back about a quarter of them, and the rest got picked up by the Paradisium or Savalas. We bribed, begged, and robbed what we could but its hard to outbid the big dogs when they come to play.”

For a moment, Michael was silent. “Didn’t know that,” he said softly. “Anyway, I found this one in Edwom, in Ghana. Idiots didn’t seem to know what they had.” Michael looked on as the captain kept playing with his slave’s clit like a violin. His heavy, thick tongue just kept lashing away, hitting against the walls and lips of her wet cave. Each stroke was enough to send her into a whirlwind of forced pleasure.

Finding an in with this militia group had taken most of a year to arrange… and much of that had been trying to get in contact with them in the first place. If you wanted to live like in the old days, when women respected their men, and the strong could do as they pleased, there were places in the world for that… places like Liberty’s Patriots. For the low, low cost of a million dollars… and a new selkie for their collection… they would let Michael join their community.

His bag was heavy with the money, and he hadn’t put it down for days now. In truth, he had been worried that the men just planned to rob him and steal his selkie… he had hoped that knowing that she was from the Mists, and therefore even more valuable, would keep them from wanting to risk anything that could lead to her getting hurt or losing her. If the captain spoke truly, however, and they already had many others…

Well, it was too late to worry about that now.

The hungry captain kept eating out the worn-out selkie for a good while… the old man even built a sweat in the deep freeze of the Alaskan winter weather. His tongue was ferocious, and the stimulation was intense as it built up every second, every minute. The tension was too much at that point and the selkie started to shiver violently. Her hips swirled and twitched all around the captain’s wet mouth until finally she let out a stark shriek that could be heard throughout the Alaskan coast. The selkie’s worn pussy contracted as it squirted light colored juices all over the deck.

The captain smiled with obvious joy. “Ah, haha!” His large smile gave way to a belly laugh. “Now that’s the best selkie pussy I ever tasted. And it squirted like hell too! Exciting!” The man’s eyes were wide and large as he looked down at all the mess the selkie’s little pussy was able to make. It was enough to mop the deck with.

As the selkie was slowly coming down from her high, panting around his fingers, Michael noticed the black SUV driving through the docks, heading towards their now docked ship. The men caught sight of the vehicle too. “Here comes your ride, friend…” the captain said, wiping his lips with the back of his hand as he looked on the selkie he had just shredded with his tongue. Gleeful, he gave the redhead a sharp slap on the cunt, making her squeal. “They’re gonna take you to the camp,” the captain said while his eyes continued to feast on the girl’s reddened mound. He hand squeezed her crotch, making the sensitive selkie squirm and slither in the heavy, rusty chains restraining her. “They’re going to love her.”

“Can’t wait,” Michael said honestly. “Alright, let’s go.” The man took his prized selkie away from the captain, walking towards the car that had pulled up. “I understand there is a welcoming ritual of some kind tonight. Make sure you’re there.”

“And miss an opportunity to feel that pussy around my dick?” the captain said with a smirk. “Wouldn’t miss it if there were a hurricane in the way, my boy.”

Michael smiled at looked at his captive. “And here we go,” he said as he lifted her and slung her over his shoulder, walking on.

As the man disembarked from the ship, his selkie slung over one shoulder, they were met by a large, fat man in camo fatigues with a matching hooded jacket exiting the SUV. Between the hood and the dark sunglasses he wore, almost nothing could be seen of his face. The moment the selkie saw him she began to tremble, and Michael slapped her ass. “Stop that,” he growled. Then he stopped in front of the driver, keeping a few feet between them. The militia man calmly chewed a piece of gum for several long seconds as he took in the sight of Michael carrying a naked redhead, then he spat on the ground and spoke.

“Is that her?” he asked, pointing to the selkie.

“Yup, this is the one,” Michael replied gleefully. “I guess I’m at the right place!” He then threw his poor captive on the ground. She moaned and shivered as her ass hit the cold Alaskan tundra.

“Nice,” the driver replied as he approached the fallen selkie. He began to take off his gloves as he made his way towards her face, and removed his sunglasses to reveal big blue piercing eyes. Then he lifted up the selkie’s chin violently, giving her a proper close-up examination of her face. “Yeah. She’s a selkie.”

Michael scoffed. “You have people trying to pass off humans as one or something?”

“You’d be surprised,” the driver said, running his fingers over the curve of the redhead’s breast.

“Check her pussy!” yelled the captain from the ship. “It’s fucking amazing!” His smile could be seen from a mile away. The driver looked away from the ship and zoomed his sights on the captive’s recently devoured mound. The portly man slowly reached for her, his fingers gently caressing her lightly trimmed red hair before spreading her legs open for a better view.

The selkie squirmed as the fat oaf’s cold fingers massaged her pussy lips. She couldn’t stand it. His fingers kept playing with her lips until they went up to her belly and reached further still to grab at her melons and squeeze. “Nice tits,” he said. Her nakedness blasted by the freezing cold, the selkie shuddered as she was molested in the open… her teeth beginning to tremble inside her mouth as the driver’s cold hands massaged her tits. She looked at him in complete contempt. The driver was being nonchalant and cool about the situation, as though he had done this many times before. He was judging her like a piece of meat that was aimed for the dinner plate.

The driver’s cold hands finally made their way back to her hips, caressing every inch of her thin upper body. “Mmm, okay…” he said. “She’s good. You’re in.” He looked up at the man who’d brought her here. Michael was grinning like an idiot. “You have the money?”

Slowly, Michael took off his backpack and opened it. He didn’t hand it over, but he let the man see what was inside… stacks and stacks of bills. “I got the money.”

“Excellent!” The fat man smiled. “I’m Jasper, by the way.” He offered a hand.

“Michael,” the man said, accepting the handshake. “But you can call me Sarge. I was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps.”

“Oh, I see…” Jasper smiled slightly. “Well, ‘Sarge,’ welcome to camp Cold Fire.”

“Thanks,” Michael replied as he fastened his coat even more, trying not to roll his eyes. Cold Fire… really?

“Does she have a name?” Jasper asked, casually pointing towards the chained captive whose eyes were wide with fear.

Michael laughed. “Does the name of any of these sluts matter? Call her what you want.”

“Mmm,” Jasper replied as he lightly sucked his lips. “Had a Sunday School teacher once… bombshell redhead like her. Tits just like that too. Named Mary.”

Michael let out a short bark of laughter. “Yeah, sure, why not… that works.” He then helped the shivering ‘Mary’ up and slapped her ass hard.

Jasper snickered like a little boy, making an icy mist that escaped his tight mouth. “Yeah…” Jasper said. “I think you two will fit in just fine here.” The man went over to Mary and picked her up once more. “Especially her. I think she’s gonna be a special one.”

“Think?” Michael snapped back. “Oh, she’s special, alright. Very, very special.”

“We’ll see.”


“Are we almost there yet?” Michael asked sourly, his eyebrows drawing closer together. Even though they were only a few miles from the bay, he was already feeling impatient. He looked at the beautiful surroundings, trying to figure out if all that travel across the Bering Sea had even been worth it as Jasper continued to calmly drive them.

There was nothing remarkable about the trip. The snow was just about melting, revealing hardened tundra and some sticky mud. As their drive continued, the slushy ice and mud gave way to a more eye-pleasing green, and soon pine trees began to lightly decorate the roadway. Jasper was casually whistling as he handled the steering wheel with grace, and taking small sips of coffee from a thermos mug every now and then.

Jasper glanced at his passenger and the disappointment written all over his face as he ignored the Alaskan beauty that surrounded them, then took a final sip of coffee before his small pale lips curved into a smile. “We’re almost there, Sarge,” he said as he met the man’s eyes in the rear view mirror. “It’s right over this hill, here.” 

The black SUV drove up the slippery road over a small naked hill, around a curve, and then into a dark tunnel. A small panic set in Mary’s eyes as the darkness consumed the interior of the vehicle. The tunnel went on longer than Michael would have expected, but at last there was light showing at the end of it. The man held his breath a little.

A momentary buildup of excitement took over him only to fade as they burst free and he saw nothing still, only what appeared to be a service hut and a small solar panel farm. His lips twisted with more disappointment. Jasper parked the SUV next to the hut. “Alright, here we are,” her said as Michael got out of the SUV with his chained slave selkie in hand.

The traveler was far from impressed. “This is it?” he asked as the last of his patience dwindled. “I thought this was supposed to be where all the best selkies were… What the fuck? Where is everybody?”

Jasper kept his hands behind his back in an attempt to look professional. He snapped his fingers and a couple of men dressed all in black and holding assault rifles came rushing out of the hut.

Michael quickly raised his hands in the air, a bolt of terror running through him when one of the men pointed his AR-15 right at his stomach. He swallowed. Was this the betrayal he’d feared, then? “What the fuck, man?” he growled, eyes widening with tension as he let his weight slip back on his heels.

“It’s just a checkpoint,” Jasper said calmly. “Camp is up ahead, gotta get through here first.” He ambled toward the checkpoint, casually walking right between the two armed men. “Relax, Sarge, they’re just gonna search ya’.”

“Christ!” Michael complained. “We’re cool, man! We’re not packing heat. Fuck!”

The guards began to search the man, patting him down and invading his pockets. Michael once again had to open his bag and show the money, and only after they had looked through it were they satisfied that he couldn’t have a weapon in there. They also searched Mary and found her sweet mound. “Ooh, look at that…” said one of the guards who then buried two fingers into the selkie’s tight little hole to Jasper’s pleasure. He played with her slit for a few good seconds before giving the all-clear.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jasper proclaimed as headed back into the SUV.

The frustrated and annoyed Michael hustled his way back into the SUV after shoving Mary in ahead of him. “That wasn’t necessary, man!” he said with contempt on his face as he sat back into the car. 

“Relax, it’s for your safety,” a cool Jasper replied, “and mine. Wouldn’t want to let someone come in and steal our selkies, would we?” He fastened his seatbelt, turned the ignition, and then revved the engine a few times before looking back at his passengers. “So… you fucking ready?” Jasper asked in a deep evil sounding voice.

“I’ve been ready,” Michael complained. “What the fuck are we waiting for!” His impatience turned the moisture exiting his mouth into a mist in the cold air.

The camo-clad militia man shrugged. “Alright…” He turned back to the road and drove.

After a few more frustrating, silent miles they made their way through a deep and dense patch of pine trees and into another tunnel which looked hidden beneath the overlapping array of branches. Some of them even scratched the sides of the SUV, but Jasper didn’t seem to mind. Finally, Michael noted some hopeful signs of civilization just before they made it through the other side of the tunnel to reveal a large, walled-off compound. Jasper drove right through what appeared to be the front gate and made his way to the largest of the buildings, squarely in the center of the camp.

The camp was seemingly quiet. The small cabins that surrounded them were lightly covered in snow. Michael could see another string of blue lights that streaked the somewhat dark sky as he dragged his selkie captive out of the backseat. He hoped, for her sake, that Mary was enjoying the polar lights that glittered in the clear arctic sky to distract from her captivity.

The camp had muddy trails all around, leading to the various houses and buildings. It was surrounded by what appeared to be wall made out of the locally found pine trees and mesh fencing. It almost looked primitive… until you took in just how many lights and surveillance cameras were everywhere. Yeah. This was the right place.

The first person to approach them was a selkie, who walked up to greet the visitors. She refused to look up at the two men, looking at the ground instead. “Welcome back, masters…” she muttered. Michael took her in. Not injured, but timid… beaten down. “Can I get you anything?”

“Need your dick sucked?” Jasper said, slapping Michael on the back. He sneered. “No Nerina… his pet here is Mists stock. I doubt there’s a single thing in the world you can do for a man better than her. Still worthless, slut.”

A tear ran down Nerina’s cheek before the chestnut-haired girl turned and lead them on. She took them towards a front entrance which had, curiously, a red carpet ready for them, lined up with lights on each side. “Welcome, sirs,” the demoralized selkie said as she turned away from them, sank to her knees, and bowed her head so deeply that her forehead touched the carpet.

Jasper didn’t even glance at her as he walked forward, his attention entirely on the large Cuban cigar he’d just pulled out and lit up. Instead of stopping when he reached the prone girl, he kept right on going, his heavy boots stamping down on her lower back, her shoulder blades, and finally the back of her head, crushing her face against the wet carpet as he casually walked across her. Once his feet were back on the ground, he paused just long enough to flick the still-lit match at her head and wipe his boots clean on her hair. Nerina remained still the entire time, the dirty boot prints standing out against her pale skin.

Mary whimpered at the complete, blatant disregard for the selkie that Jasper showed, and Michael understood why. “Well?” Jasper said, looking back at him. “Welcome to Cold Fire. Come on… You were so impatient a few seconds ago.” He let out a chuckle as he directed the man with his hand.

Michael sidestepped the kneeling selkie, trodding across the muddy ground instead and making Jasper roll his eyes. But any relief Nerina may have felt at that tiny mercy vanished when he followed Jasper’s lead and scrubbed his now filthy shoes against her face and hair. She sobbed, but she remained quiet and docile until he was done using her as a welcome mat. “Thank you, sir,” she said, and kissed his shoes. “I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“He sure will,” Jasper said, taking hold of Michael’s arm and beckoning him forward. “He sure will.”

The building’s interior was bare and empty, and had no exit other than the one they’d used to come in. “Fuck, what now?” Michael complained.

Jasper raised one finger while he opened a small panel that was hidden in plain sight against the wall. Inside was a dial-pad that he punched a code into. Immediately after doing that, the floor beneath them shook and began to descend… the whole room was an elevator. “Going down,” he said with a smile.

“You’re not worried about that Nerina bitch escaping?” Michael asked.

“Nah,” Jasper said. “The walls are guarded, and if for any reason most of the people are occupied, we’ve got a safe room vault to stash them in.”

Michael nodded, satisfied with that answer. “Good. Don’t want this slut getting away, after all.”

Jasper laughed. “I would think not!”

Soon the lower level was exposed as the lift made its way down and a nice swath of warm air was felt. It was nicely air-conditioned… wonderfully comfortable. A large hallway appeared before them and Michael carried Mary as he followed Jasper down it. As they turned a corner, he could hear familiar sounds… the sounds of pain, misery, and mass suffering.

“NO PLEASE!” A shriek from what appeared to be a selkie came out of nowhere from a distance.

“May I take your coat, sir?” a blonde selkie asked the man from behind. Michael jumped when he saw her, his eyes wide in surprise.

“Uhh… sure,” he said, not taking his eyes off the other selkie. She was dressed, but barely… the dress she wore revealed more of her body than it hid, and seemed to draw attention to her curves and breasts with every movement. Mary, too, seemed to look at her with wide eyes as Michael took his coat off and handed it to the selkie.

“Do you need anything else, master?” The selkie asked in a submissive tone as her hand aimed for the man’s crotch.

“No… uh, no, I’m fine.” The newcomer pulled away and turned around as she looked to Jasper.

“Thank you, Maeve,” Jasper said, groping one of her breasts casually through the dress as he handed her his coat. Michael looked away, turning towards the sound of some of the nearby noises to see a kitchen that had a couple selkies in there drenched in sweat. The kitchen was scorching and there were steaming pots all around them.

Everyone seemed to be working with a frantic energy. As he watched, one who was trying to transport an armload of freshly washed dishes from one end of the kitchen to the other moved too quickly and slipped on a puddle of perspiration. She fell on her face and the dishes all came crashing down to the floor.

Jasper immediately stormed into the kitchen with rage in his face. “What the fuck are you bitches doing! Quit fucking around!” He placed his boot on the fallen selkie’s chest. “You cannot be fucking breaking our dishes! They’re not fucking yours… understand?!” He jabbed his cigar against the selkie’s cheek, leaving a small red mark as she squealed like a helpless little piglet. “Understand?”

“Please sir, it wasn’t my fault!” the selkie pleaded as she dealt with her pain.

“Shut the fuck up and clean up this mess! We have company!” Jasper kicked the poor selkie and glowered at the others, who immediately grew even busier in their efforts. Another came in with a broom and was grabbed by the neck by Jasper.

“Clean this shit up!” he said as he threw the selkie to the floor to land on some of the broken dishes. Jasper took his authority seriously. but he seemed pleased as he watched the selkies stagger back onto their feet and begin cleaning up the debris. “No more fucking around you whores!” He puffed on his cigar a few times, then quietly signaled to his visitor to follow him as he left the kitchen. “They’re actually pretty good,” he admitted to Michael in a much calmer tone, “but you need to keep them in their place, you know?”

“Yeah,” Michael growled, looking back at the selkies as they cleaned in a frenzy and helped up their burned sister. “I know.”

As they walked down the wide hallway, he was treated to a view of another room where another selkie was being manhandled. She was a cute blonde with nice round luscious tits, on her knees as she grasped two thick cocks with her hands. Her mouth was wide open with her slithering tongue licking her lips. The men were making commands as one of them hit her ass with a giant paddle.

“Work that bitch!” exclaimed Jasper as he passed by, smoking his cigar.

“What he said! Eat that fucking dick!” one of the encouraged men commanded. The selkie had no choice but to graciously take in the other man’s soda can thick cock into her. Her poor little mouth struggled to get it all in. “Fucking take it. And no hands!” She was then slapped with the paddle, leaving a large red mark on her thigh. “We said no fucking hands!”

Mary and her captor were overwhelmed by the sight and struck in awe about the openness of it all… but Jasper was already moving forward. A few steps further down the hall, Michael was able to peer into another room, with another selkie lying on the stomach of another man. His hard tool was inside her asshole while she worked to raise and lower herself on it. His veiny prick was swollen as it thrust like a piston, ripping that poor selkie’s tight shithole as another dude hovered above them and had his long prick inserted into her pussy. The selkie quivered and moaned in pain as she tried to keep moving to fuck herself on him. “Oh my god!” she cried. “This is too much! My asshole is going to break apart… pleaaaaaaaase…” Streams of tears rolled down her cheeks while the men laughed in joyful glee as they both skewered that helpless selkie with their cocks.

“Yeah fuck her asshole. Dirty fucking selkie whore!” The sweaty bastard was fucking her pussy like a true champ as the selkie cried out for mercy.

“No, please! No, please… Please, please… Let me go!” Her asscheeks were spread nice and wide as her rapist landed his hard pole into her clenching, well trained cunt.

“Shut up!” one of the men commanded, punching her in the face while they impaled her poor little body with their cocks. “Take our cocks! There you go!”

Michael stared, mesmerized and awed as another selkie from the Mists of Avalon was used like a blowup doll. One of the men began to choke the selkie with his bare hands, cutting off her oxygen, and her face turned blue as they mercilessly pounded away… but she didn’t stop straining to ride their cocks even then… she had been well trained. She was close to passing out by the time he released her neck and pulled out his cock to shove it down her throat. He groaned and moaned, placing his hands behind his head as his pipe began to pump strings of white jizz. The out of breath selkie was forced to choke on the man’s cum, her mouth filled with nothing but tears and cum. “Fuck me…” Michael said to himself, almost as breathless as the selkie was. “You weren’t shitting me… you really did get a bunch of the Mist’s selkies.”

“Told ya,” Jasper said with a smile. “You’re going to fit in just fine here. Make sure you clean all that shit up!” he commanded, raising his voice as he swapped to speaking to a trembling selkie who had a mop in her hand just outside another room. She was then thrown in to mop up the floor,and got to work immediately. “Get all that nasty cum off the floor!” Jasper said with a smile as he brought his cigar back to his lips while a sweaty bald man stood there with his prick dripping final drops of semen. The visiting man could see a selkie lying on her side on a bed as she turned to her other side in shame, slowly revealing her glistening slit that was still leaking large amounts of the bald man’s jizz.

Jasper casually walked out of the room making small puffs of smoke like a locomotive, rubbing his crotch on the way out. He went further down the hallway before calling the man and Mary over. “Over here, Sarge,” Jasper commanded.

Michael walked over to a large hall where Jasper was standing and rubbing his hard on, which was already out of his fatigues. It was fat and glistening as he saw with sheer glee a selkie whose head had a bag wrapped around it and was being dragged across the floor to a chain-link fence of iron. “We like training the newbies too, though…” Jasper said under his breath as he began to idly stroke himself. “Like this one.”

A couple of men tied her hands to the fence and took the bag off her face. The selkie was gasping for air. The bound Mary was placed on the floor by her captor and they both looked on as the selkie was being ravaged by a giant whip. “ARRRGG!” The selkie on the fence cried as the men whipped her into a pulp. Mary grabbed onto her captor’s hand tightly, horrified and terrified both of the cruel fate.

The tortured selkie’s cries could be heard all over the underground camp. But her cries only made the men more aroused. Jasper then impaled the tied up selkie with his member, fucking her pussy like a wild savage. “Fresh selkie pussy,” he growled. “So tight. So fucking pure!” He fucked her wildly before biting on the selkie’s tits, leaving deep red bite marks all over her mounds. She screamed in horrible pain. But it just made Jasper fuck her even more with his brutal force as the other men whipped her to no end. He was still able to let out small puffs of smoke as he humped the poor selkie.

“No, please! PLEASE!” The selkie begged only to get a small laugh from Jasper. The fat man’s sweaty ass jumped up and down as he finally closed in on her and pinned her tightly against the metal fence with his body, all but making the poor selkie disappear as he slammed down onto her, howling his pleasure almost like a wolf more than a man. He tilted his head back as he unloaded his pent-up seed into the selkie’s ravaged cave. “FUCK YEAH! TAKE MY CUM YOU FUCKING WHORE!” Jasper gasped and moaned as he unloaded more of his jizz into her, her little cunt filling up nicely as streams of cum began to flow down her thighs. More incoherent grunts of his pleasure echoed throughout the underground camp.

By the time a sweaty Jasper returned to Michael and Mary, he had his breath mostly back. “Okay… time to break yours in. Give her here.”

Michael didn’t. “It will be everyone, right?” he said, hesitating.

“Those are the rules,” Jasper assured him. “We don’t tolerate jealousy and possessiveness with these split-tails… everyone gets to fuck them. That’s how it works.” He peered at Michael. “That a problem all the sudden? You can go first if you like…”

“No problem at all,” Michael assured the man. Then he tossed Mary to him. “Get the slut set up.”

“I hope you’re ready, cunt,” the militia member growled into Mary’s ear as he dragged her into a large open room and the wooden stocks at its center. “You’re about to get fucked by more guys than you can even imagine.”

The selkie fought Jasper as he dragged her forward, tears already forming in her eyes as she stared at the ominous setting in the middle of the room. Michael could appreciate the effort that had gone into it. It was clear that the gang had taken quite some time preparing for this kind of gangbang… And as the new selkie was pulled forward, she started to attract attention from others around. “Well boys, I hope you’re all ready to fuck some tight little selkie holes!” Jasper shouted out loud, as the entire gang of men gathered around him and Mary. “For those of you who didn’t know, we added a new member today… Michael here, or Sarge, has brought a new wife into our midst. This little slut is Mary… trained in the Mists of Avalon for our pleasure. Those boys in Ghana wanted to sell her as some disposable piece of fuckmeat but she’s come to be our little whore instead.” He laughed as he held the struggling selkie as she tried to squirm away from them, green eyes darting around in panicked dread. “As you can all see she’s real glad to be here and real excited to meet all of you. Give her a warm welcome… fuck her real good and hard and show her what we do to selkie cunts around here.”

Mary was shaking in absolute terror now as she listened to the thunderous roar of anticipation from the crowd. With the help of a couple of his friends to help put her into the wooden stocks, she was quickly made entirely helpless… no matter how she screamed and struggled, they easily forced her neck and wrists onto the bottom half of the stocks, then closed the upper part and securely locked her into the device.

“Please! Please let me out! Not this, please!” Mary begged hysterically, futilely trying to free her head from the stocks.

“Your girl’s a whiner,” Jasper laughed, looking over at Michael. The man shrugged, watching as they forced her down and sealed the stock. The holes around her wrists and neck were just barely big enough… they had to compress her wrists and neck to close. It meant that the selkie could barely so much as twitch, making her feel even more restrained than she was and completely stopping her from seeing anything happening behind her. “Okay boys… step right up and get to work on the bitch! Introduce her to camp Cold Fire!” Jasper shouted, motioning toward Mary’s gorgeous upturned ass. “And don’t worry, I promise you’ll all get multiple turns with the cunt. We’re keeping her here all day and night, until every single man here doesn’t have any jizz left to give her!”

One of the men came up to the stockade and placed a pair of large bowls directly beneath Mary’s head and pussy. “They’ll be dinner for you, bitch… so if you kick one of them over, you’ll just be eating it off the floor.” Meanwhile, another of the militia members smacked her ass and made Mary scream before placing the tip of his cock against her anus.

The selkie squealed as the man began roughly shoving his dick into her asshole, but he didn’t hesitate or relent in the least. “Goddamn this bitch is tight as hell!” he shouted as he gripped the redhead’s thin waist firmly while he ripped his cock into her sphincter as hard as he could. “The vampire really teaches these bitches to squeeze!” Mary wailed miserably as the man hammered away at her asshole, and Michael could understand why… his dick was huge and he had to be hurting her horribly. Thankfully for her, he was enthusiastic and none-too-filled with endurance, so it took him just a couple of minutes to cum. The lithe selkie trembled in disgust as her rectum was flooded with semen, but that disgust was replaced by screams of horror when he pulled his cock out of her ass and he was immediately replaced by another man.

“Please… please no no no… please, stop this! Stop!” Mary sobbed, writhing around miserably as she felt another pair of rough hands seize her hips.

“Fuck that’s a pretty little cunt,” the fat man replacing the first one remarked as he pressed the head of his dick against her pussy. “Hope it’s as tight as it looks…”

Mary screeched as the huge man slammed forward, ripped his cock deep into her sore cunt, but it wasn’t even close to the end of her ordeal and she didn’t have overly long to focus on it as the first of the militia members stood before her immobilized face. He smacked the tip of his cock against her lips, holding it before her mouth, and slapping her across the face viciously when she wasn’t fast enough to open up. As soon as her lips parted he brutally plunged his cock into the selkie’s mouth and down into throat. He gripped her head with both hands and used his powerful hips to slam his dick in and out of her mouth. Michael could barely see his slave anymore around the men surrounding her, but he could hear her gagging and squealing, could hear the men urging those around her to fuck her harder.

Over and over, men came in her. Over and over, Mary had to use every bit of oral skill she could muster in her restrained position to try not to choke to death on the most recent dick to fuck her face. It was the most brutal, non-stop rape that the selkie had ever gone through. She’d been tortured, whipped, gangraped, beaten, and thousands of other torturous things during her training at the Mists, but never something so… unstopping, something so relentless. It continued uninterrupted for nearly four excruciating hours, and during that time, to Michael’s count, more than forty different men had used Mary’s mouth, ass, or pussy… and more than one had gone more than once. Torrents of sperm were now flowing freely from the three openings, and the bowls underneath Mary’s head and pussy were accumulated with her “dinner.”

During a brief moment between rapes, Michael knelt before his selkie, wiping away a bit of the cum sticking her eyes closed. “How you holding up there, slut?” Michael asked as he met the weeping girl’s eyes.

She sniffed. “Please stop this! I can’t take anymore…” Mary begged miserably, as thick streams of drool and cum dripped off her chin and into the bowl below.

Michael tilted his head. “Pretty sure only about half the men here have come down so far… and you think you’re done?” Michael grabbed onto her chin, making the men around her laugh as he squeezed it hard. “Do you think you’re done, slut?” Mary looked at him for a second. Then she closed her eyes, making a pathetic noise. “That’s what I thought,” Michael said with a grin. “Lets get the rest of your boys down here and let them have a piece of the slut!”

“That’s the spirit! Okay boys let’s get back to work!” Jasper shouted, and instantly more of the members of the militia compound moved in on the selkie’s pussy and mouth.

The metal bowls of cum were sloshing around as man after man fucked her exhausted holes, smashed her ass, drilled her cunt, and speared back and forth between her succulent, soft lips. A little more than two hours passed by while the gang of men proceeded to rape Mary senseless again, and Michael watched the whole thing, leaning against a wall as he took stock of each new rapist to use his slave. The ship’s captain finally arrived, and he got his dick in her just like he wanted. Some of the guards from above came down and fucked her. Jasper fucked her again. Occasionally, a selkie or two was brought down to clean up or to fluff, but for the most part most of them were tossed into the vault that Jasper talked about… with less people around to supervise them, their slaves were just tossed behind closed doors where they couldn’t escape while his slave was broken in. More men came down, and others sat around and drank or toasted Michael while others raped his slave, and…

And his selkie’s jaw was stretched wide around a huge, huge cock as Daniel Farron fucked her. “You like that?” he growled, driving his length down her throat over and over again while she gagged. “You like that big cock? That’s the cock that got us the first of you Mist’s sluts. Made her gag on it unti-” His eyes went wide and he screamed before he started punching Mary in her face. “Get her off me! Get her off me!”

There was some chaos as a few men worked to get Daniel away from the selkie, leaving the man holding his cock protectively in one hand. “Fucking bitch bit me!” he snarled. “That little fucking whore!”

Michael pushed himself away from the wall, his hand sliding out of sight. “What the fuck!” Jasper spat. “I thought you said she was trained at the Mists!”

“She was,” Michael said calmed as he approached, looking down at the man where he lay on the ground moaning. “Probably shouldn’t have told her you were the one who took her sister from the mists.”

“Maya has a fucking sister?” Daniel spat. “I’ll take this out of both their hides…”

“No two ways about it,” Jasper said, shaking his head. “This one is going to need to lose her teeth. I’ll go get pliers.”

“No,” Michael said. “We won’t be doing that.”

Two of the men turned on him, pointing automatic rifles at his chest. “Too late for that, mate. I’m sorry, but this is how it’s gunna be.”

“Let me tell you about how it’s gunna be,” Michael said as he stopped dead in his tracks. “I’m going to be taking Meri over there, and we’re going to be leaving… and I’m taking the rest of them with us.”

Jasper and several of the others laughed. “Boys, I think we have an imposter,” he said with a chuckle. “Who are you working for… Savalas? We already said we’re not selling. We-”

“Hey!” another shouted. “Where did the slut go?” Most of the men turned to look. Where Mary had been, the stockade was now empty. “Just fucking shoot him!”

On the other side of the room from where the damned idiots thought they were seeing Michael, Yuki smiled. “I’m afraid the time for that,” she said coldly, “was before you brought me down here. Now it’s far too late.”

6 thoughts on “Chosen – Chapter 1 – Catch of the Day

  1. I’d like to believe that Yuki had a reason for making Merielle go through all of that other than her own sadistic pleasure, but knowing Yuki, I’m not too sure of that.

    Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!


  2. I know Yuki likes abusing the Weeping Mermaid;
    But it’s nice to see her using an illusion for stuff like this.

    The only way I can tell though, is the biting.
    Even if it’s her sister’s abuser, Merielle doesn’t have the sheer meanness it takes for that.
    Unless something’s changed since the last time we’ve seen her.

    Glad to see Yuki’s back in action.
    What’s the schedule for this story?


  3. The opening is so hilariously plagiarized that I had to comment about it. Maybe this will get deleted, maybe it’ll get get a denial, but the whole thing prologue thing with spiders is ripped from the war of the spider queen series.


    1. I mean, yeah. The index and acknowledgements say so.

      It was tweaked the fit the idea of this universe but the starting premise was “what if I took this sexy idea and looked at its erotic potential.” It wasn’t designed to be hidden.


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