Chosen – Chapter 3 – The Binding Brides

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Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan


Mai screamed as she clenched her hands tightly on the bedsheets while Yuki held her down with just her posture. Yuki held her blade in her hand, swinging it back and forth across her back. Only skill and precision kept her back and forth strokes on the flat of the blade, slashing it across the brown-furred kitsune’s back like a a rod. Mai buried her face into the pillows as tears welled from her eyes after each slap, new welt rising on each blow. Her face clenched with pain, and the obvious agony she was inflicting let Yuki feel an overwhelming sense of arousal from what she inflicted on the poor kitsune. She thrust her naked body against Mai’s leg, grinding on it as her other hand was freely exploring the depths of her captive’s pussy… forcibly finger fucking her wetness, her thumb pushing into Mai’s asshole with each thrust. Mai could feel her dominator straddling her leg with strong, tightened thighs as Yuki rubbed her throbbing clit along the soft, smooth arch of the back of Mai’s knee as she slapped her once more with the blunt end of the sword.

Mai was flinching away from Yuki’s hand with each thrust but the other fox held her in place, the tip of her fingers punching to her cervix with each thrust and making her pussy gush even as she whimpered with pain. It only served to make her wetter as Yuki stared down her victims bruised back before stepping off her leg and grabbing a fist full of her tails on the base. She pushed her foot up against Mai’s cunt as she pulled aggressively on the tail. “You’re such a slut, look at you,” Yuki laughed as her toes exposed more fluids gushing from Mai’s wetness. “Flip over, cunt.”

Her words were cold and demanding as she put a foot on her victim’s side and kicked, rolling Mai on to her back. Tears ran down the pretty fox’s face as she looked up at Yuki and held out her hands. “W-wait, wait,” she muttered as Yuki got down on top of her.

Yuki didn’t wait. Setting her blade aside, she grabbed Mai’s leg and held it up into the air, crossing her legs against hers as they pressed their pussy lips together. Yuki winced with a cooing pleasure as she started to vigorously grind her body against Mai. Mai whimpered in pain as she pushed back, the look on her face speaking for her defeat as she grabbed the blankets of the bed and writhed about. “You asked me to wait,” said Yuki with a smirk as she leaned down and grabbed hold of Mai’s neck and squeezed. Mai looked at her and gasped as she continued to struggle against Yuki’s forceful rubbing against her wet, throbbing lips. Mai bit her lip as she looked up at Yuki with dread in her eyes… She was losing air and her face was flushing slowly through each whimpering moan she let escape. Yuki licked her lips. “Are you sorry now?”

Mai nodded profusely as Yuki let go and allowed her nine-tailed fucktoy a chance to breathe. Yuki started rubbing along her slim leg, down her thigh and up to her breasts, and squeezed. Her eyes sharpened as she glared down at Mai and her lips curled into a smirk, her tails flicking back and forth before they lashed out and coiled around Mai’s, restraining them with her stronger ones even on their way to wrap her arms and pin her down to the bed, just before she pulled off of her. She looked down with a smile, noting how their juices had intertwined and how they both glistened on her slave’s box. Yuki was getting off more from the forceful pleasuring than anything else… the stimulation itself wasn’t much, but it did enough while she thought of the next way to make her plaything serve her.

She got up and stood over the helpless girl as she took a moment to catch her breath… her body trembling on the edge of an orgasm. Mai opened her eyes and stared up at Yuki’s beautiful cunt for just a second before her owner sat down over her face, blocking out almost everything but the taste of her mistress on her tongue. A second later, a hand slapped painfully against her legs, a stinging blow. “What are you waiting for, you know what to do!” Yuki ordered… and to her delight, Mai did. The brown-furred kitsune lapped her tongue vigorously against Yuki’s swollen wet lips, tasting her succulent pussy juices and moaning into her as Yuki took it slow to grind against her tongue and spike her own pleasure even higher.

Mai was shaking beneath her, her nails clawing through the blankets against the wooden boarded floor of the small tent. As her tongue started to speed up, Yuki lifted Mai’s legs slightly to widen her hips, presenting her pussy for her to see… she was ready to play with it some more. Mai continued to please Yuki as she could hear her moaning while she played with her breasts and stared longingly between the legs of her slave. Mai pushed her crotch against Yuki as she started to pant with how much pleasure and energy she exuded. Yuki decided to show some mercy to the poor girl as it looked like she could use some attention before she orgasmed just from the sheer adrenaline. She reached down and caressed her lips as they quivered excitedly… taking her fingers and caressed them against Mai, and this time she took her thumb and began to glide it down the length of her clit, up and down, back and forth, side to side, and then in circles to tease, causing Mai to practically scream into Yuki’s pussy.

Mai’s hips started to shake, the pleasure of Yuki’s touch now pushing deep inside her and the intensity of her thumb on her clit together was like a hit of ecstasy running through her. She wasn’t breathing now, she was panting. Short gasps of air mixed with short sharp exhaling, matching the speed of her dominator’s thrusting and the warmth of her pulsating lips that strangled her breath even more. Yuki was completely lost in the experience, from the bouncing of the bed, the bundle of blankets just sinking in with their erratic movements, and the smell of Mai’s heat forgotten to her now as she focused only on the feelings of pleasure that washed over her body. Yuki began to push deeper into her, now doing what she could to push all of the depth she could manage into Mai, harder than she had ever done before but with a newfound purpose to each thrust. Back and forth, deeper and harder, each thrust deeper, and harder than the last. “Oh god damn. It’s so good,” moaned Yuki as her body started to convulse from the pleasure of Mai’s tongue. “Don’t you dare fucking stop you little fucking slut!”

Mai whimpered in fear as she continued. Her tongue was getting sore and her breath was short as her nose was buried into Yuki’s crotch. All she could smell was the hot moisture of pleasure that emitted from her mistress’s body as she pushed her tongue in as deep as it would go and writhed it about to please her. Yuki’s tails now fluttered with more energy and her toes scrunched up with the tenseness taking over her body. She let out a sudden cry of pleasure as she orgasmed, her body tightening up around Mai as she squeezed her with her thighs. Mai started to kick and flail as Yuki sat down further on her face. She couldn’t breathe at all now as her muffled scream just poured into Yuki who continued to pump her aggressively with her fingers.

Yuki finally decided to give Mai another break, as she felt her going limp. She lifted herself up enough for Mai to breathe as she bent down, pushing her breasts against Mai’s stomach as she dived her tongue into the wet and abused pussy. Mai let out a long, drawn-out gasp of pleasure as her body stiffened and her toes spread. Brown tails entwined with her white ones writhed like snakes in the sheets as she felt overcome with an explosive build-up of pleasure. Yuki smirked with satisfaction as she kept the young kitsune pinned down during the orgasm, with Mai howling into Yuki’s muff as she kicked and her tails splayed. Yuki stood up as she turned back over to look at Mai as she was losing color from how much air she lost in the orgasm. Yuki laid down on top of her as their breasts pushed together and she started to grind her pussy against Mai’s leg again. She sniffed and licked the essence of her own cum off Mai’s face and chuckled as the girl just whimpered.

It didn’t take long after that for Yuki to feel her climax approach. She lifted her body and put her weight forward on Mai’s chest. Mai gasped as Yuki clamped her fingers around her breast and pushed herself hard against the bed. Mai could feel the pressure on her ribs as Yuki was consumed in the fully blossoming orgasm she was having that Mai could barely get out a word to beg for mercy. “Oh god yes!” moaned Yuki as she orgasmed, her body convulsing with pleasure as she continued to dominate over the helpless kitsune.

“M-m-m,” Mai muttered. “Mercy!”

Yuki froze… then, a bare heartbeat later she was off of Mai and all but collapsed on the bed next to her. Mai sat up and coughed with a hoarseness of a strained throat. Yuki looked at her with an embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I got really into it.”

“You don’t say?” said Mai with a half-hearted laugh as she coughed once more. “I don’t know if that is what the omens meant when they predicted you’d be destined for great things.”

“Hey,” Yuki rolled over and drew out her tails from around Mai’s limbs and tails, setting her free. “You love every second of it so don’t feed into this narrative that you don’t.”

Mai coughed again. “I need water, mistress,” she winced as she rubbed her chest.

“Yes of course!” Yuki whisked away from the bed, her bundle of white tails following her as she gracefully danced over to shelf where the kettle of boiled water had been set to cool. She took the kettle and poured it into a small mug and hurried back to the bed where Mai laid. She handed her the mug and smiled. “Hey, at least now you feel awake and well exercised.”

Mai laughed and coughed again as she shook her head and took the drink. “Thank you,” she sighed. She looked at Yuki and smirked as she sipped on the drink. “At least you fuck as hard as you fight.”

Yuki just smirked back as her ear twitched. “Just you wait, lover… I’m just getting warmed up. I’ll-” The fox cut herself off moments before there was a knock at the wooden pole in the center of the entrance to the tent. “Miss Yuki, Seijun has requested to meet you at the smithy,” came the voice of a female soldier. “I was told to inform you that you were needed immediately.”

Annoyed, Yuki bent down and kissed Mai, brushing her lover’s lips with her own. “I’m coming!” shouted Yuki with a sigh. “Tell her I’ll be there.”

The sound of the soldier trodding off gave Yuki the comfort to start swearing under her breath as she walked over to the chest that kept her clothing and sword. Mai watched her idly as she sipped on her water. Yuki hated to interrupt their time together, but Mai knew the score… anytime it came to duty, Yuki was off. Their time together was cut short more often than not, to the point she was almost convinced there was some supernatural force trying to keep them separated, but that was life she supposed. “How long will you be gone this time?” Mai asked.

Yuki looked at her as she put on her arming robes and began to buckle on her armor, and said nothing as she looked down. She knew it was a difficult question to answer, and one she had been asked far too many times to still consider it so difficult. She shook her head. “Can’t say, you know that,” she said with a sigh as she finished tying her sash and slipping her feet into her worn geta sandals. She grabbed hold of her sheathed blade and clenched it tightly in her hand. Every time she held it, it helped her remember home… remember her mothers. It was like Sarada’s watchful eyes stared at her through the sword that she had carried all her life. She closed her eyes and sighed. “If the jorogumo continue pressing towards the humans, that is going to be the answer I have for you. Every time.”

She walked past Mai as one of her tails flicked the young brown kitsune’s chin. Mai sighed and looked at her lover in worry. “I just hope you know that I need you as much as everyone else,” she said tenderly, meeting her eyes. “If not more.”

“I wouldn’t soon forget it,” said Yuki as she turned back and winked at Mai before stepping out into the crisp morning air.

The tent Yuki and Mai lived in resided over an empty field that was once a rice plantation on the edge of the forest expanse that covered northern Japan. Usually, this field would have been used to feed the human village of Nagoro… to trade and make offerings with her village, Hanei. No longer. That field had been ruined more than a year ago now, spoiled and destroyed by the monsters in the woods, and it had been turned into a war camp for the kitsune who had come to their aid.

This land was flush with natural resources, and the location and the mountainous terrain provided a natural break, splitting the taken territory of the jorogumo from the denser Japanese civilization to the South. This was where they had to hold them off, away from the humans… and away from Hanei.

Yuki looked out to see the field that once bore plentiful rice now harbored a war camp of her people, and at the center was the forge where Yuki spent most of her time… and where her mentor, Seijun, waited for her. The fox took her time, walking through the camp and gazing over the progress of the kitsune soldiers. They were mostly women… unsurprisingly, since most kitsune were, but there were plenty of men walking around as well. None of the foxes paid much attention to gender, though the humans that came into the camp frequently were surprised at how many women they found.

She approached the forge where her mentor waited, impatiently tapping her foot. “You’re late,” Seijun said, but while her expression was serious her eyes twinkled with amusement. The elder kitsune, Yuki’s mentor and best friend, was a beautiful white-furred kitsune… the only other one that Yuki had ever met. They seemed to show up every once or twice a millennium, as far as her people could tell… kitsune born naturally with the white fur of the Zenko. Much was expected of someone born under that auspicious color… expectation that Seijun was helping her apprentice live up to. The beautiful fox boasted some of the most majestic tails that Yuki had ever seen, ones that encircled her like an all-encompassing halo and swayed in the soft breeze. “I’m sorry if I’ve disrupted your peaceful morning. I imagine you were enjoying a moment of quiet contemplation before my summons.”

Yuki’s ear twitched as she puffed her cheeks. “As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I was doing,” she exclaimed, well aware that Seijun no doubt knew exactly what she’d been up to. The fox was seven centuries old… there were far more shocking things she could be exposed to than the fact that Yuki and her lover enjoyed each other’s company. “What was that phrase… ‘don’t hurt the messenger’? Sometimes, it’s a challenge.”

Seijun chuckled. “Relax,” she said, though her tone did no such thing. “I wouldn’t have disturbed you this early if it wasn’t urgent.” Inari knew that was true. Yuki nodded and reflexively checked her armor and sword-sling again where it hung over her shoulder. Seijun’s eyes flicked to behind Yuki, and the fox apprentice turned and raised a brow as she watched several soldiers approach the forge, where one of the other smiths handed them their refurbished weapons… weapons that Yuki herself had worked last night.

“Here you go, ladies and gent. Careful with how you swing the blade. They’re not all made equal. Only so much can be done when you’re working with what we have.”

Yuki sighed. She knew very well why her mentor was stressed. What she had said to Mai had been true… but it hadn’t been the whole story, either. The war with the jorogumo was… not going well. The monsters had come out right out of legend a few years ago like a bolt out of the sky and their nightmarish presence only grew darker by the day. Fighting them sometimes felt less like battling an enemy and more like fighting a forest fire… or perhaps pushing a boulder up a mountain. Every inch of progress came with a mountain of work, and there was an ever greater force working against them… and it had heavy momentum. If they let the jorogumo get any progress rolling against them, it could rapidly grow out of control. As white foxes, the two shared a sense of duty and pressure to succeed, to protect those who looked to them. Yuki had always thought herself special, but not for the reasons of prophecy and good omen… she simply had the ability to protect others. It made it her responsibility.

The soldiers departed with their repaired weapons and Seijun looked at Yuki, her ears fluttering with signs of stress. “You don’t look your best,” said Yuki with a half smirk, always the one to be playful with her mentor.

Seijun tried to smile back, but her shoulders just sagged as well as she looked to her apprentice. “I don’t feel my best, Yuki,” she admitted. “We’re running thin on supplies, there was another raid on the human village last night, and the last time we got new iron was months ago. There are only so many times even you can fix shoddy blades before they become useless. We might as well throw an army of foxes armed with wooden swords at the jorogumo.”

“What do you need me to do?” Volunteering the help was second nature at this point. It was what Yui and Sarada would have wanted of her. Seijun wouldn’t have interrupted her morning if there wasn’t something she needed.

“A letter from your sister,” her friend said, waving around a folded-up piece of paper. “She needs some scouting information, and… and too many of our recruits are green.” Seijun looked out over the camp. “Most of our veterans went with your sister on her rescue mission. We need to define our borders, see how far the spiders have encroached, and I don’t trust anyone else to lead a small scouting party into that kind of danger.” She sighed. “The last few battles have all seen us losing ground. The jorogumo are approaching the village slowly but surely. I fear your findings will call for us to abandon this place and move further south… but if we have to move too much further south, then…”

“Then we let them cut off the human lands from Hanei,” Yuki finished for her, nodding. She understood perfectly. They couldn’t let them draw closer to human civilization and cut them off from aid unless they had no other options. The breeding habits of these creatures were monstrous… they could consume everything in their way and turn it into additional enemies to continue the tide of death headed southward. Of course, it wasn’t like they couldn’t use kitsune victims to replenish their numbers as well… but Yuki and the others had the skills and resources still to fight them with minimal loss.

Of course… minimal loss was still loss. Foxes had come from all over Japan to serve alongside Akemi, but many of those fighting were still from Hanei… and every day Yuki looked around, women she had lived with for decades were missing… and what was likely happening to them was not something to be dwelt on. Looking at Seijun, Yuki could tell that her mentor was having similar thoughts.

She put her hand on Seijun’s shoulder. “We’re strong,” she told the woman. “We are the only thing that stands between the corruption these creatures bring and the end of civilization as we know it. Akemi is going to bring them back. I believe in her.”

Seijun sighed. “I hope you’re right, Yuki. I hope you’re right… because we’re in some trouble here.”

Yuki held her tongue… something that was always hard when anyone offered even the slightest criticism of her sisters. She didn’t want to have an argument with her mentor, as they two often agreed on most things. Seijun was more than six hundred years older than she was, and much more seasoned in dealing with the supernatural threats than the likes of most of the soldiers… including Yuki. The key difference between her and her mentor was that Seijun was more practical, more realistic. She believed in others, but always believed in herself and hers the most. Yuki, by comparison, would not compromise on some things… and Akari and Akemi were two of them. The three of them had to stick together… now and always. Akemi might not be all that much older then Yuki was, but she had spent most of her life in battle. She would get them through this.

Seijun snapped her fingers and summoned over three other kitsune. Yuki turned to look at them and nodded respectfully. Yuki didn’t know any of them… they weren’t from Hanei. They must be from one of the kitsune villages to the South, or had been living among the humans, and had answered to the call against Inari’s ancient enemies. One of them, a blonde, was probably the tallest fox that Yuki had ever seen… thin and lanky, it looked like a stiff breeze would have blown her over. Another had dark brown fur. A third, the only male in the group, had silver hair that would have looked ancient on a human, but he looked painfully young to Yuki’s eyes. None of them wore their armor with much familiarity… and as Yuki looked over them, she stepped up and made a few small adjustments to the sword sling on each of them that should stop them from slipping free when they transformed. Clothing could go with you into fox form… but if one wanted to carry meaningful equipment, one needed to plan.

“I want you three to accompany Yuki to the border of the village and the forest,” said Seijun. “Scout out the enemy and look for signs of impending attacks. Burn any webbing you see. Do not linger long and stay safe. Only stay within the light… I have a bad feeling this morning.”

Yuki looked at Seijun and nodded quietly. She turned and gestured to the soldiers to follow her. Then, with a surge of foxfire, her human form melted away, and a white-furred fox the size of a pony was abruptly running along the ground.

There were some days that Yuki wondered why she ever left this form… why she didn’t stay like this all the time. She felt… whole, like this, one with the world and one with her foxfire. Everything just came so much more naturally to her. As a fox, almost no one ever tried to speak to her… a mix of awe at her fur and the distance inferred from her form. Yuki was usually silent amongst the other kitsune as she felt her time with those she did not know was more importantly kept to professional interactions, so the lack of people coming to speak to her suited the fox just fine. True, there was an awkward lack of thumbs… making the art she loved would be so much harder like this, and many of the things she did daily would be impossible, so while it was a nice thought she knew she wouldn’t do it. Maybe in a few thousand years, when she was old and grey and ready to move on, away from everyone else… after she had done whatever her parents had been so sure she had to do.

Shaking that thought out of her head, she looked back and found the trio of novice warriors were following along in their own fox forms. To Yuki’s amusement, while the tall one’s human form was one of the biggest she had seen, her fox form was quite the opposite… almost downright dainty. Together, they made their way down through the old ruins of farmland.

The trying times required everyone to be vigilant, and Yuki was ever so as she kept an eye on the forest they approached. The wind shifted and a chill ran down the fox’s spine. Scout missions were common to maintain knowledge of the battlefield and almost never required any kind of confrontation, but… Yuki was tense regardless. The camp was more than a kilometer behind them now. Even if they were to call for help, it would be a quarter glass before it arrived… in combat, the nearest aid might as well be in Tsukuyomi’s realm for all the good it would do them.

“How many days have you been on post?” one of the soldiers said to the other.

Yuki’s ears twitched. The woman sounded so young… if she was a full century old, than Yuki was one of the Oni. From her accent, the new arrival was likely from the mountain regions to the south, one of the tiny, isolated villages where there was a lot less stress and turmoil.

“I signed on just two days ago,” said the male soldier, walking with proud strides in his fox form. “I came prepared, but I’ve yet to actually see one of these beasts.”

“They come every couple of nights,” the blonde said. “Usually in small waves at a time. Normally we’re attacked by their brood which look more like giant spiders as opposed to the matriarch demons. They-”

“Will you three shut up?” growled Yuki as she looked back at them. “We’re nearing the forest. Your job is to spread thin, scout only as far as the light meets the darkness. If you see anything, you fall back into the open… we don’t fight them in the trees. Got it?”

The three soldiers stiffened up and nodded to Yuki. Even if she had never directly spoken to any of them before, they all know who she was. She had heard the whispers… “Chosen One.” “Great Things.” “Goddess Blessed.” The rumors around her swirled faster than Yuki could shout them down, and even if they hadn’t, everyone was well aware of her battle prowess and skill by now. That reputation for excellence had earned her her place under Seijun’s guidance, after all. Though there were, at least theoretically, no official ranks amongst the defenders, everyone regarded Yuki highly as a leader in her own right.

The other soldiers bowed their heads respectfully as they split up, two to the east, one to the west. Yuki watched them as she looked down and started examining the land. A lot of the vegetation was dead and the withering of the grass was visibly ascending into the old rice fields. They were easily a kilometer’s distance from the outskirts of the village barricade by now and approaching the base of the dark forest where their enemies laired. This whole part of the forest was surrounded, with several outposts and kitsune militia gathered to defend all of the obvious routes that the jorogumo had to leave this forest and head either for Hanei or for the human lands. Right now the fight wasn’t to defeat them, for they did not know their enemy’s numbers. It was only to contain.

Yuki stepped closer to the forest, listening to the faint whisper of evil that lingered on the wind. Her body shifted back to her human form as she approached, holding one hand against one of the trees as she concentrated. Her ear twitched and her tails spread out as she could seldom make out the words from the whispers. There was a voice on the wind… words of an unfamiliar tongue, sinister in nature and alarming to Yuki. The chant of some kind of a spell. She pulled her sword from the sheath on her back and looked out to see if she could see the other scouts at the edge of the fields. One of them approached the tree line, looking up to see a massive spider-web that had been formed around the upper branches of the tree. The other was nowhere to be seen. Yuki felt a sudden dread that the enemy was a lot closer to the doorsteps of the camp than Seijun had anticipated.

Suddenly, the missing soldier came running out of the thicket… the tall one. She had abandoned her fox form for her human one, and from the webs sticking to her it was easy to guess why… she had needed to slip clear of the embrace of the Binding Brides. “Jorogumo! Jorogumo in the trees!” she cried as Yuki’s eyes widened. Then the tall woman screamed as she was jerked back, threads of the web grasping hold of her and dragging her back into the forest. “No! Please! Inari help me!”

Yuki turned to the other soldiers and cried out. “They’re at the edge of the border! Get away!” Yuki, however, did the opposite. Sword in hand, the white fox flashed towards where her companion had disappeared, diving into the woods after her vanishing screams. Left around that tree, right around the other, left again, dash between these two…

Yuki gradually slowed to a stop. The forest was thick with spiderwebs here, and she strained her ears to try to locate the direction of the weak screams of the other fox. She couldn’t make one out… sound seemed to echo and echo here in the dim light of the forest, bouncing on trees and leaves and weaving through the jorogumo webs.

“Where is she?”

The voice made Yuki jump. She spun to fight… and found the other two kitsune right behind her. “I thought I told you to run!” Yuki snapped, looking at the other kitsune as her eyes widened. The brown furred soldier looked at Yuki, suddenly shaking with fear and tension… and then massive spider legs reached out from the darkness and grabbed her, pulling her into the black abyss beyond the light.

“No!” Yuki cried as she stumbled to run after her. She felt the jittering rumble in the dirt as clouds started to overtake the sun. They were growing bolder during the daylight. She tried to chase after the disappearing fox, but a solid wall of webbing was suddenly in front of her and Yuki needed to throw herself to the side not to be tangled as she felt more than saw the spider just above her.

The male soldier, who had again chosen to follow her like a fool, was not as quick. He cried out as the webbed net fell over him, sticking to his skin. Then a second later he cried out again as the poison began to course through him.

Yuki didn’t have time to hesitate. She spun and slashed up, cutting the two legs reaching for her in half as she rolled beneath the suddenly-shrieking spider woman and caught her first glimpse of the half-human half-monster in the darkness.

The jorogumo was the size of a horse. A mostly-human, naked torso with dark skin emerged out from an animalistic spider body with eight – now six – armored legs. If Yuki had been in less danger, or less disgusted by the woman, she was easily large enough to ride like a horse. She skittered away on her remaining limbs, hissing as she spat a wad of venomous webbing at Yuki, only for the kitsune to batter it aside.

The white kitsune couldn’t focus on just that, either… because that spider wasn’t alone. Howling with frustration, Yuki stumbled to her feet, eyes darting left and right as she looked between the trees to see the moving shadows of spiders as they let out a terrifying scream. Yuki’s ears flattened back to her skull as she turned on her heel and shifted, her body melting away into her lithe fox form once again as she ran, breaking for the edge of the forest as quickly as she could.

This was a trap… the jorogumo were getting more aggressive, perching in the trees on the edge of the forest and just waiting for scouts to come by, waiting for some hapless foxes to wander along and give them a free snack.

There was only one explanation for such boldness. Their numbers were increasing again.

Yuki burst into the daylight, feeling that the jorogumo were just inches behind her. They followed her only a few feet into the light before screaming and retreating back to the shadows. It didn’t matter… she kept running. “Seijun!” she screamed, even though she was much too far away. “Seijun! We have to-“

Yuki cut off as her feet were yanked out from under her. She felt a rush of vaguely euphoric agony as she took in some jorogumo venom through the contact… even with her fur protecting her, even the minor contact was enough to give her a taste. She looked back, panicked, only to find that a particularly large jorogumo with ebony skin had launched the webbing at her from the safety of the forest canopy.

“Leaving so soon, little fox?” she purred. “Don’t go… we have so much fun to have together.” One hand at a time, end over end, the giant spider-woman began to drag Yuki back towards her.

Yuki thought furiously. Jorogumo silk couldn’t be broken… she had never even heard of a legend of it being snapped. The logical thing to do was to transform back to being human, take up her sword, and slice it apart… but just before doing that she hesitated. It was the smug smile on the jorogumo’s face that did it, the expectant look. That was precisely what she was thinking Yuki would do… and, once the immediate instinct and the panic subsided, the white kitsune understood why. She was too badly tangled to realistically escape the webbing by shifting… and if she did, she wouldn’t have her fur to protect her anymore. She would get a full dose of the poison and probably lose track of what she was doing before she could cut the webbing.

Instead, Yuki hesitated for a moment… then called up her foxfire.

True foxfire was a rare art… even in times of war to provide motivation most didn’t have the talent to master it. Kitsune magic wanted to form ghostly substance, illusions and trickery… making it form something real, with power, was difficult. Seijun was the unquestioned master of it in camp… and Yuki was her apprentice for a reason.

The blade of golden flame that sprang forth from one of her tail slashed back and forth almost before it had finished popping into existence, and Yuki nearly tumbled forward with the stain in her legs to pull against the jorogumo now that the tension was suddenly gone. The silk cut away, she cast one agonizing, longing look back at the forest still swarming with jorogumo… and the soldiers they had taken.

The giant spider hissed, shielding her eyes against the sun. “Boring fox doesn’t want to play,” she purred. “That’s alright. She left us other playmates, didn’t she?”

It was bait. Yuki knew that it was bait. She still nearly launched herself at the jorogumo anyway. Instead, she turned and sprinted for camp.

“Seijun!” she shouted again as she approached the barricades, running into camp without even thinking to slow down. “Seijun! They perch in the canopy just where the darkness meets the light!”

Seijun watched Yuki run frantically to her. “Oh no,” she muttered as she looked around at all the other kitsune who stared in horror at her, hearing Yuki’s impending message of doom. “They ensnared the others!?”

“You sent me out with three inexperienced children, of course they did something stupid!” shouted Yuki as she stormed through the crowd back toward the farm building, where Mai was waiting for her. “Now they have more bodies for their brood! Goddess damn it all… we have to rescue them!”

Seijun watched Yuki storm away as she looked down in disappointment at herself. She gripped the blade in her hand tight enough to turn her knuckles white as she looked at the other soldiers, then out to the forest. “They’ll emerge at nightfall, and the clouds bring an impending storm,” she said. “Our time is short. We must prepare. Send a messenger to the other outposts. We must have every last man and woman standing ready to fight. Their horde is still growing…” She let out a heavy breath. “And I am afraid we are too late to stop it.”

Within the darkness of the forest, the three soldiers wept as their bodies were being wrapped in the sticky silk, still in their armor with their swords lying useless on the forest floor where several others rested sunk into the dirt. The silk itself was venomous as they had quickly learned, and movement just made everything worse. It didn’t help that they wanted to look everywhere at once. Everywhere, absolutely everywhere, things moved just out of sight, the shadows shifting in time with the alien sounds of chitin sliding against chitin. They whimpered as they looked at each other with obvious fear. “I never even got to tell you my name,” whimpered the fresh faced soldier… the one who had been so bold earlier. “It’s Yuhari.”

“Botan,” the bound male whispered.

“Ichika,” muttered the other, taller female. “What… what is going to happen to us?”

A low, sinister chuckling echoed through the darkness. A dark body descended from the trees that were masked in an illusionary mist of perpetual night. There, the women witnessed the massive body of a jorogumo. It was the first time they had beheld such a horrific sight. The massive thorax of the creature was that of a spider, with large, talon like legs that stretched across three separate trees. The upper body was that of a woman, connecting to the spider portion at the waist, leading up a slim, dark skinned body with giant bare breasts barely covered by her long black hair. Her eyes were a glowing red that radiated with evil as she smiled to bare her fangs and outstretched her human arms.

All three soldiers wanted to scream but were too petrified as the woman smiled and purred. “Welcome, my guests, to the lair of Nyami,” she said. Her words were in Japanese… but her inflection was strange, unnatural… alien Her syllables were too long, her vowels too sharp to be proper Japanese. “Do not fear. I will make you feel welcome here.”

Nyami crawled onto the webbing and reached her human arm out to gently cup on Yuhari’s neck. Yuhari breathed out heavily as she looked at the demon monster in a sudden trance. Her body started to go limp in the bindings as the spider woman’s fingers revealed sharp talons where she cut up the loose webbing. Ichika watched on in horror as she realized they were being bound for preparation as her eyes started darting around in the darkness, noticing other kitsune sized cocoons made of web hanging amongst the trees, many of them with their tails still dangling free, twitching with only a small hint of life in them. Dozens of other, smaller jorogumo moved among them, touching them, caressing them, but none so large as the one in front of them.

“You are a precious one,” she said as she looked up and down the bound male form of Botan. “So lovely…” Her fingers traced one of his biceps, the sharp fingernail glistening like a knife as it threateningly moved softly just over his skin. Then she traced further down, down, down… until, laughing, she found that she could rub at his cock right through the webbing and the pants. “My daughters,” she chuckled, “have been waiting for one such as you. A short… diversion. It would be… unpleasant… if I were to deny them all of the spoils from the hunt…”

Then, with one smooth motion, she slashed her nails through the strand of webbing holding his cocoon in place, and with a scream Botan felt down, down, down, vanishing into the webbing below… and the horde of skittering creatures.

“Botan!” Ichika cried out.

“Oh don’t concern yourselves with him, little one,” Nyami said chidingly, looking at the blonde for a second before she moved closer to the brown haired fox. “Or any of the others down there. My children won’t be bothering you until I decide you aren’t mine. Worry for yourselves… but rejoice! I do so love my pets…”

Yuhari gasped as she felt Nyami’s gentle kiss on her neck which caused her body to shiver in arousal. Nyami reached out and rubbed her hands along the fox’s strong, muscular arms. “Warrior bodies always endure longer,” she hissed with her tongue as she outstretched it and licked up Yuhari’s neck and cheek like she was a tasty morsel. As the binding webs came free of her arms, Yuhari stared into the red void of the demon’s glare. She couldn’t tear her gaze away… it felt like falling, it felt like madness and the infinite void waiting for her down there. She was compelled now to submit as she slowly opened her arms out. She gasped as she rubbed over Nyami’s chest and slipped her hands around the erect, human nipples. Nyami cooed with delight at the sensation. “Yes… You’re a good one,” she hissed.

Ichika watched in terror as her comrade was being molested by the demon. She let out a gasping scream only for Nyami to look at her and point the end of her body upwards, the abdomen squirting a blast of webbing from its tip that covered Ichika’s face. She could breathe, but barely, suffocating more because she kept screaming, unable to see the horrors, but still hearing the moaning coming from Yuhari’s helpless ensorcelled body. “Wait your turn, skinny thing,” Nyami mocked as she grabbed Yuhari by her armor and slowly ripped it away with her sharp nails, revealing the brunette fox’s fully naked form in her talons, dangling by a few threads of webbing to keep her in the presence of Nyami’s grandstanding allure.

The greater demon kissed and rubbed her tongue down over her victim’s neck and over the smaller but equally succulent breasts. Yuhari moaned as Nyami licked her nipples and suckled on them graciously. The spider woman petted her victim’s thick, blonde braided hair and hissed as she rubbed down her own body to the point where her feminine waist ended and the thorax of her spider form began. She slipped her fingers into the small slit that hid her pale skin and spread the folds open to reveal a massive, inhumanly-shaped cock already becoming erect as soon as it hit the cool air, revealing itself fully to her victim.

Yuhari’s eyes watered as she couldn’t resist the whispers that demanded she touch it. She reached out and rubbed the tip of Nyami’s head, causing the great spider to grunt with pleasure as she held Yuhari tighter and gently coiled her limbs with webbing to puppeteer her victim. Yuhari wept silently as she was pushed down into Nyami and forced to grab Nyami’s cock. It throbbed in her hand as she slowly moved down over the jorogumo and kissed her tender head. The monster grunted again as her whole body shook with pleasure.

Yuhari was emotionally aware of her situation as she couldn’t do anything but watch and consume. The meaty, fleshy appendage of the spider demon did indeed look like a man’s cock, only far more bulbous in shape. It was an ovipositor, an extension of the creature’s genitalia that allowed it to lay eggs like a man would lay his seed. All it needed was proper stimulation and the drainage of lifeforce to produce the eggs. The jorogumo could make broodlings like men made sperm, and hatch as many of them as needed within the bodies of their victims. Kitsune were exceptionally durable, as the legend had it they could survive giving birth to thousands of broodlings before their enchanted, mystical bodies would give way… and Yuhari feared she might be about to find out if that was true or not first hand. She was now being forced to lick and suck the dark beast and draw up energy for her eggs. Her heart was pounding with the fear of knowing what was about to happen to her.

Yuhari sucked in the whole upper half of the cock inside of her, feeling it fill out into the back of her throat. She tasted its warmth as it quivered in her mouth and she could hear her friend Ichika’s muffled cries softening in the web. She sucked harder as she could taste the salty-sweat pre-release as it seeped out into her mouth. It tasted unexpectedly sweet, and Yuhari’s body was immediately craving for more of it like a powerful opiate. Nyami reached down and lifted Yuhari effortlessly with her strength and turned her body around as her cock remained fixated in her victim’s throat. Yuhari could barely breathe with how deeply her mouth was stuffed as she started bobbing back and forth, feeling her body react to the long, slithering tongue of Nyami caressing against her wet clitoris. Yuhari gasped on the jorogumo’s cock as she sucked on the top half and used both hands to caress the lower shaft. Nyami thrust into her mouth as her whole body movements made the trees sway heavily in their place. They moaned in sync as they pleasured each other for a long time over the deep nested floors of the dark forest.

Nyami eventually grew tired of just a taste as she stuck her tongue deep inside Yuhari’s cunt. The soldier whined and cried out on her cock as no amount of struggling could help her catch a good breath. Each movement wound the poison in deeper from the webs… each movement made her mind feel weaker, pushing her further down into the spider’s control. Nyami chuckled… she enjoyed the taste of kitsune cunt almost as much as she enjoyed their suffering and the pleasure they could bring her. Her cock throbbed hungrily as her lower body was incubating eggs to lay. She hoisted Yuhari up and flipped her back over her and held her body close. Yuhari took the chance to breathe in the air as it was filled with Nyami’s hot breath while she slowly dropped down on the demon’s cock. Yuhari gasped with pleasure, her voice was wispy and empty now as light faded from her eyes. Her body contracted tightly along the shaft of the demon’s cock and twitched in a fit of uncontrolled ecstasy.

Yuhari was compelled to embrace the human body of Nyami, pressing her breasts against hers and submitting to an overdrawn, passionate kiss of lust. Nyami kissed back as she pushed herself up deep into her victim as they both held each other close and proceeded to grind against each other in rhythm. Nyami thrust deep into Yuhari as they both started to really get into it with more forcible thrusts that slapped their bodies against each other. Yuhari now howled with pleasure as Nyami couldn’t stop moaning into her chest and sucking on her smaller tits. She nibbled on the nipples with her sharp teeth, sending shockwaves of pain through her victim as Yuhari’s toes curled and her legs stiffened like a board. Yuhari held tight to Nyami as she leaned in and pressed her lips against hers with another hard and passionate kiss.

“Mm,” grunted Nyami as she gasped and pulled away. “I’m about to lay you. Embrace the darkness and submit to the love of the jorogumo.”

“I will, goddess…” cooed Yuhari hypnotically.

She thrust harder as she pulled back and rode her body hard against Nyami’s cock. Nyami’s whole body tensed up as she moaned constantly. Yuhari could feel her cock pulsating inside of her as Nyami let out a deep and guttural groan. The ovipositor released inside of her as she opened her mouth wide, her eyes rolling back and her tongue sticking out as a muscle reaction to the amount of… of things suddenly filling her up. Her belly immediately started to fill and grow bulbous in size as what passed for seed of one of the jorogumo poured from her open pussy down into the depths of the forest below. Nyami released the fullness of her belly’s worth of eggs inside of Yuhari as she sighed out pleasantly and slowly withdrew her cock-like appendage.

Then, with a devilish chuckle that echoed through the trees, Nyami started to spin a cocoon like webbing around Yuhari. The soldier was in a persistent state of petrification as she could feel the eggs festering and growing inside of her. Her legs were kept spread open for easy delivery once the brood was ready to emerge as her knees were tied up to her arms and she was wrapped in a ball of webbing so thick all she knew was darkness. The young, hapless soldier had become one like the rest of those fallen to the threat of the demon monsters. Nyami licked her lips and rubbed her cock as it still dripped and oozed with a desire for more. Her leery eyes wavered over to the other girl who still attempted to scream through the webbing on her face. She was going to have her way with another victim and this time, she would take longer so she could fill them up even more. “Now you… I don’t know how long you’ll last. You’ve got no meat on your bones… so I’ll just have to eat you up while I can, scrawny fox…”

Last thing Ichika knew before the blackout was the feeling of the spider’s talons curling around her body, freeing her of her prison, all except for her head. Ichika could barely scream or cry as she was turned around and forced upside down with her as in the air. She felt Nyami rub her tongue across her pussy and taint, lubricating her body for delivery. The massive spider situated herself over Ichika’s dangling body and without a second thought, dipped the massive, throbbing cock-thing inside of her. Ichika screamed in pain as her body flailed with less puppetry than Yuhari had. Her golden furred tails flailed helplessly in the air as Nyami grabbed them all in her talons and pulled them straight, thrusting vigorously and pounding Ichika’s wet cunt as she started milking her cock with her tight body, moaning with greedy pleasure. Nyami did not slow down or think twice as she went at Ichika for nearly thirty minutes in the same position, pounding her until her screaming had stopped.

Ichika was nearly suffocating on the webbing and her voice had turned hoarse. Her mind had just begun to accept the pain as the new normal as she suddenly tightened up, feeling the spider’s sexual organ releasing its seed inside her womb. It felt like liquid sand… and that release was followed, instants later, by the first of many round, greedy eggs as they forced their way inside of her. She gasped, her eyes rolling back… and she mercifully blacked out as Nyami released egg after egg after egg into her, accompanied by a flood of supporting seed swirling deep within her helpless victim. That spider cum poured out of her pussy and ran down her naked body before dripping off her breasts onto the forest floor and more and more eggs were laid inside of her, forcing more of the lubricating, supporting seed to spill out.

Nyami continued to work her cock inside of Ichika until she noticed that the fox was no longer moving and just smirked as she rubbed her talon fingers against her lips. “Don’t die yet, pretty pet…” she whispered. “You are so much more delightful than your scrawny body suggests… We will have so much fun left to have… and I’m going to make you last!”

The sound of skittering legs amongst the brush indicated her broods were becoming restless. Many of them swarmed around the spilled seed, knowing it only as sustenance for their kind, remembering it from their own birthing as they fought for every scrap of nourishment with their brothers and sisters. As it should be. “Fear not… you will have your turns soon, my darlings,” Nyami purred assurances as she began wrapping the limp, unconscious fox in webbing and sticking her to hang from the canopy. “There will be many more to come. Send word to my sisters… Tonight will be a good night, my children,” she hissed.

“For I am still hungry for more.”

7 thoughts on “Chosen – Chapter 3 – The Binding Brides

  1. I have to say…of all the fandoms you have yet to do…your style of writing is literally PERFECT for Warhammer 40k. The disgusting, barbaric, torturous manner in which your portray your victims and perpatrators would be seen as “canon” within that franchise. Good god can you imagine John Drake writing a Dark Eldar fanfic? Jesus…


    1. I have to admit I do have ideas for Lilith Hesperax as a victim. The dark eldar and general Slaneeshi make fantastic perps but I don’t have a particularly great PLOT idea for a 40k story at the moment.


  2. I’m starting to understand why Yuki was in such a panic about those spiders in the Paradisium.

    Hopefully we’ll explore this phobia is greater detail.

    Strange question I had while reading:

    In the first part they’re introduced, the Jorogumo basically weed out everyone but 3, and those who fled.
    Everyone else got eaten/killed by the other hatchlings.

    Is this process still happening, every time a Jorogumo successfully reproduces?
    Or do these particular Jorogumo try to take care of their children to the best of their ability?

    She fed the male Kitsune to the designer carpet-of-spiders;
    But was that just to get rid of something without a womb?
    Or her actually giving a damn about things, since she’s a responsible mother of 300?

    Or are designer carpets just really maintenance heavy?


    1. Oh I expect we will explore the phobia in more detail 🙂

      To answer your questions –

      The original process that created them does not quite repeat. Future chapters will go into it in more detail, but each of the three matriarchs has her own method of dealing with it. Nyami guides her children along… but also stops them from feasting on enough others to grow anywhere near powerful enough to challenge her. Any who defy those restrictions will be prompted murdered.

      The male kitsune can still be used to reproduce, but without a womb there is a much lower survival rate for male kitsune, meaning they are a lower value target. Buuuut she also does take care of her children 🙂

      And a mother of a looooot more than 300


      1. Basically they’re preventing others from emerging exactly like them.
        Not a bad plan.

        At this point;
        Yuki should just invent time travel, toss Sam into a bag, come back, and set the entire past on fire.

        Then set the ashes on fire, just to be sure.


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