Chosen – Chapter 5 – What Lurks in the Shadows

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Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan

The jorogumo had been busy. The forest, which had been mostly normal when Yuki had gone into it only this morning, was now a thick maze of silken webs, full of traps and dead ends and blind twists through the trees. Some of them could be cut through. Some of them could be squeezed through. Some of them could be jumped over. None of them could be taken lightly. If a kitsune got themselves tangled, they would be helpless, and Yuki had never seen anything able to rip the spider silk apart… burn it or cut it certainly, but it wouldn’t be broken, and once a fox was caught in it it wouldn’t take long before she couldn’t think clearly enough to get her way free. Like most of the veterans, Yuki had wrapped herself in captured silk before, trying to teach herself to stay calm, but it was nearly impossible… the increased sensitivity to any stimulus made the pain panic inducing even in a controlled environment, and it wasn’t long before a captive could do little but thrash.

So a single misstep could mean death… but they didn’t have time to wait. Hanei was counting on them.

One second, the run through the forest was a tense, potentially lethal obstacle course. The next, it got far, far worse. The forest came alive with the shrieking of spiders, and then just a few moments later the webbing boiled with them as they poured into the battle.

Yuki shuddered to look at them… these weren’t a horde of the adult creatures she had been fighting earlier. The jorogumo broodlings were a despicable variation of their demonic mothers. They were completely spider-like aside from the twisted human visages, and to Yuki’s eyes those faces looked almost like those of human children. The head rested on the spider without a neck, fangs shining in their mouths. They were more spider than demon and far more mindless, but just as vicious. Each of them were about the size of a small dog and thankfully just as easy to slice through, their carapace not having yet hardened into the steel-hard armored plating the spider-demons grew to armor their bodies. Some of the broodlings, the older ones, were almost the size of tigers with the sheer amount of time they’d had to fester and grow within the dark forest… but even the small ones were dangerous. Their talons were razor sharp and could slice through the skin of a seasoned kitsune with ease should any one of them be caught off guard, and their venom was no less potent than that of their elders.

Yuki took a skipping step which she turned into a jump, and when she came down again she was in her human form, already pulling her sword free of its sheath. Then she was among them.

In these moments of battle, Yuki felt almost as if she blacked out. Things happened too fast for them to make a meaningful impression on her memory… she just reacted. She violently struck down her opponents with ferocity and grace, never stopping her forward progress, never even slowing. Blood splattered over her face as she cleaned her blade with the body of another broodling, charging ever forward as she cleaved through the horde. She hadn’t missed a step and had only barely slowed down.

As lethal as Yuki was, however, her sister put her to shame. Akemi danced around the battlefield like a graceful angel, swooping down and smiting her foes like a kami of vengeance. She cleaved through hundreds of broodlings in mere moments as she unleashed a flurry of her skilled attacks, wreaking havoc against the horde as she shifted between fox and woman a dozen times in the space of a minute, always moving, never letting them slow her down, never letting them pin her down and swarm her. The whistling screams of the massing horde were deafening, but Yuki couldn’t afford to pay attention to how anyone else was doing… she had to trust that her veterans of a thousand battles would hold their own and not be overwhelmed by the swarm.

She did notice, however, when the fox next to her faltered. Hinata had been as close to a friend as Yuki had been with anyone growing up… only a decade her senior, she had been the only other young fox when Yuki was born who wasn’t old enough to know to feel intimidated by her fur, and they had been an unholy terror as kits. Her own hair and fur was red with black tips, and that pattern hid the worst of the bloodshed as she cut her way through the broodlings… but she was paying for her own success. The blood of her enemies was sticking to her face and their bodies were making her footing treacherous. She needed to pause to have a tail wipe her eyes, and when she did a massive broodling leaped at her from the tree above, grabbing hold of her from behind. Hinata staggered, tried to catch her balance and throw the thing off of her… and tripped on the bodies of the broodlings all around her. She screamed and fell backward to the ground in shock as the creature shrieked and exposed its demonic fangs. Yuki didn’t hesitate. As it hissed in Hinata’s face, the white-furred fox’s sword came down and lobbed off the head like it was butter. Yuki swiftly kicked the dead beast off of Hinata and helped her to her feet. “Mind your footing, Hinata!” she shouted with blood on her own face.

“Yes, Lady Yuki,” Hinata said with embarrassment as the two of them, together, continued to cut their way forward into the night.

The battle around Hanei was not going well, and Ari knew that all too perfectly. She had seen it when the first three kitsune defending the sentry-post had been trapped in the webs thrown at them and dragged kicking and screaming into the forest. She, like the rest, had tried to save them. Idiot girl… she had only given the spiders another easy prey. The largest jorogumo she had ever seen had dropped on her from the canopy, and Ari had barely had time to wonder how something so vast and powerful could have hid so completely before she was completely overwhelmed, the pale spider soaked with fox blood as she effortlessly battered the kitsune against the nearby trees until she was too dazed to struggle.

When Ari came back to herself, she was hanging from a web with four other foxes, wrapped up in silky strands that were already starting to sting. To her surprise, however, they didn’t sting as much as she had been expecting… the venom usually continued to build up sensitivity the longer it was there and she must have been unconscious for at least fifteen minutes. While she was starting to sting a little, it wasn’t the torrent of pain she had come to expect from her training. The other foxes weren’t moving… they hung limp from the webs, their tails drooping down where they weren’t wrapped up as well. Ari had no intention of going so quietly.

She screamed and tried to fight against the strings of the webs. She knew that they were strong, but these webs seemed different… less venom somehow, less stinging. Perhaps they were less strong as well. She tried to pull her arms from the bondage but failed utterly, and soon she was forced to admit that for whatever other flaws the binding silk had, it was no weaker than the rest. She tried to move her tails, but the bondage on them was incredibly tight… she could barely even get a few inches of them to budge.

“I was beginning to fear I hit you too hard, little fox,” a slithering, amused voice said. As Ari continued to fight against the bondage, she saw that same mighty white spider climbing down the web towards her, descending on lines of silk. She looked like a bloodsoaked ghost as she moved. Almost every one of the spiders she had seen had dark hair and eyes, and more tan skin. This one, however, was as pale as a Yurei… her skin was the color of clouds in a morning sky, her chitin the color of snow, and her hair looked nearly exactly like the spider silks that Ari hung from. The only contrast in her hue was from the crimson stains that she hadn’t bothered to wipe away… the blood on her skin, her hair, her legs.

Ari shuddered. “Please… Please, great one. Let us go! I will do anything you want me to do… Please let us go…” she begged.

The white spider smiled, a sad, slow smile, as she chuckled wickedly. “And what if what I want is for you to die for my pleasure?” she whispered sweetly, crawling forward until her face was just inches from Ari’s. From this close, Ari could smell her breath… it smelled like a tomb. “What if I wanted to fuck you until your holes burn, rip you apart, and eat you? Then I couldn’t very well let you go, now could I, little fox?” She moved her face yet closer to Ari. “I wouldn’t waste your time begging. Instead, I would spend it praying I decide to do it in that order, rather than getting creative.”

Ari screamed in horror as the white spider moved, her hands gripping the fox where she hung. The spider was huge… Her back along must have stood six feet tall, and her torso was tall besides that. Ari had had no idea that jorogumo got this big, or this strong, but as it bent closer and its spider legs began to rotate her cocoon around, she was unpleasantly aware that the sword-like points of those legs were significantly longer than her head, and the ease with which they moved her promised that they could stab down into her with little effort. “My sisters,” the spider said, scorn in her voice, “like to play games with poisons, playing with your feeble minds or trying to let you earn a respite from being an egg sac. I find that endlessly tiring. I don’t care how much you feel… your suffering is meaningless to me. The only thing that matters is what pleasure you can bring me. Likewise, what is the point of birthing young if I’ll never let any grow up? All that matters in the joy your tight body can bring to mine.”

The spider had been moving down her body but then it stopped, still standing over her but now only over her lower half. “So know, in your final days of life, that you died for Kumiko’s pleasure. It was the highest honor your kind could ever aspire to.” Ari felt something almost gentle touching what was left of her torn leggings and panties beneath the web. The pressure built as one of its legs eased its way under the fabric, then abruptly ripped them away, leaving her lower body completely exposed. She screamed again.

Ari couldn’t see what was happening, but she felt the spider’s legs begin to explore her womanhood, sorting through the hair around it and investigating what lay beyond. “A furry twat. I should have known,” she growled. “Messy. Disgusting. Perhaps I’ll make you eat that for your final meal and see how much you like the fur then, you mangy animal.”

Ari was terrified to death, and as she looked at the other, limp hanging foxes that still hadn’t moved, Ari began to wonder if they were even still alive… the web cocoons hid any breathing from her. The bloodstains around their crotches seemed ominous, however. “Please I beg you, please let me go… Please…” she begged. Kumiko only laughed loudly, making fun of her. The spider once again moved over her body, far enough that she was now staring at her abdomen. She struggled to move but was still unable, trapped to the web beneath her. The spider lowered herself down to her, slowly, Ari’s screams becoming more hoarse as the moments passed. She felt something touch her labia lightly. It was covered in a thick, coarse hair, but she couldn’t see what it was. It gradually pushed itself past her lips and into the dry opening of her pussy, keeping a steady pace. The hairs brushed past her clit roughly, sending waves of pain up her spine as the hairs scraped against it. The spider’s appendage reached further than she’d imagined possible, stopping for nothing. She wondered why she was prolonging the experience… but the jorogumo had told her, hadn’t she? She wanted to savor this. Any slowness wasn’t for her benefit or comfort… it was only to prolong her captor’s enjoyment with her body.

Inch by inch, at the same pace, Kumiko slid deeper, deeper, deeper. Ari felt it when her alien cock reached the fox’s cervix, still continuing at the same pace. It was as if she were the only one of the two of them who felt the resistance. It continued pushing past the barrier without hesitation as it there weren’t bones in the way, and they crumpled and gave without issue to the jorogumo’s violence. Her body arched in a shriek of pain, raising the web with her. Ari tried to move her tails, she tried hard, but she could not fight against the bondage. She begged the spider-demon again, “Please… Let me go… Please don’t hurt me,” she continued… but the jorogumo showed no mercy. The kitsune girl shook with terror and pain as the appendage forced its way into her womb, ceasing its movement and leaving her shaking in her arched position, unable to move.

Everything stopped for a moment. No movement. Complete silence.

“Silly fox,” Kumiko laughed. “I already told you. Your suffering is only a side effect. Save your pleas for mercy for someone who cares how you feel… at least that spider will enjoy them.” Then she began to move inside of Ari. Strangely, it felt almost like the appendage stayed stationary… it never seemed to leave her womb, yet as she was thrust violently back and forth in the webbing it felt like she was having the whole thing fucked in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Ari screamed, over and over and over… it was all she could do.

“Little… nine-tailed… fucktoy…” Kumiko growled as she rode Ari. The fox’s body was so tightly held in place by the webbing that she felt like she was being fucked against stones for how unyielding it was, and her body was bruising from the sheer force of the jorogumo’s assault on her body. “Oh… I do think I’ll kill you last… you’re the best fuck of them all. Poor thing. You’re… about… to… finish… me…” Ari felt the painful throbbing inside her as the cock swelled and swelled and swelled again in a pulsating rhythm… and then she felt pressure within her womb building as the spider came. It was only slight at first, but it grew with each spurt of hot seed blasted into her, carrying eggs with it by the thousands… causing the dull ache to rise to agony that matched how the rest of her battered body felt. Ari looked down her body to try to catch a glimpse of what was happening to her and she wished she hadn’t… Her abdomen was expanding slowly before her. It stretched her further than she could imagine, little by little until it looked as if she were pregnant with ten children.

She screamed in terror as the spider shuddered above her in pleasure. The eggs being spewed into her were quickly weighing her down, causing the depression in the web to grow. Kumiko’s cock continued to move in and out her pussy as hard as the spider could manage, making Ari scream in pain. “Please… Please… I beg you, please let me go…” the kitsune kept begging the spider. She was crying in pain and terror. “Don’t let them eat me. I don’t want them to eat their way out of me!”

“Don’t worry,” Kumiko groaned as she slowly pulled her cock out of the kitsune’s stretched pussy while her human hands idly groped Ari’s tits. “They won’t. I already told you… I leave the broods to my sisters and their daughters. They make plenty. I just want my prizes…” She stood back a step or two, then nodded. “Yes… I think you are the best one. Far too good to waste on broodlings too stupid to appreciate a nice, snug hole.” Then, without warning, the huge jorogumo’s front two legs pulled and swung, directly into her gut.

Ari’s breath left her in a rush. The first blow made her see stars, and the second broke ribs with a sickening crack. The third broke more of them and made Ari’s vision darken around the edges… and Kumiko just kept kicking her in the stomach, over and over and over again, seemingly without point. It was only as she hung limp from the webs, blood staining the webs around her crotch and too exhausted to move as her ribs slowly healed, that Ari realized that her belly was flat again… that the pale spider had beaten the eggs right out of her.

“Take your time,” Kumiko said softly. “Make that pussy nice and tight for me again. I know you can do it. I’ll have to see how your ass is, too – if it’s half as nice as your cunt, you might even live a few weeks before your flesh becomes more tempting than your holes – but not now. Don’t be greedy… your sisters deserve a turn too. Maybe one of their assholes will make me forget all about you, pretty little fox. You can always hope.”

Ari tried to hold onto consciousness… but the pain of her ribs shifting inside her, combined with the knowledge of what awaited her, was too much. She hung from the web like a limp doll as Kumiko began to rape another of the foxes who had woke up from her own brutal healing, and Ari surrendered to darkness.

“Yuki, step out left!”

Yuki didn’t hesitate. The moment she processed the command, Yuki summoned her foxfire and crafted a hasty image of herself, overlaying it perfectly with where she actually was. It wasn’t perfect, not that instantly, but more than a century of practice ensured it was pretty good. Then she took a hard left, digging three paws in the ground and kicking off at the same time she wrapped herself in a second flickering cloak of magic, shielding her from sight. She caught a momentary glance of the image of herself as the foxfire illusion kept running, nine white tails billowing behind it… before one of the jorogumo pounced on it.

The half human spider bitches, the grown ones, had started coming at them as soon as they were too deep in the forest to easily retreat. There weren’t many of them – the vast majority was definitely committed to the assault on Hanei like they’d assumed – but there were enough to be troublesome. The pouncing spider drove the image to the ground. Her illusions were damn good, good enough to make people think they were touching them, but they didn’t really have mass – they couldn’t support weight. The jorogumo smashed her flat, then looked down, puzzled at the space that had contained its prey just a second ago. A second later, Akemi was on top of it in a scarlet flash. Her sister moved faster than any kitsune Yuki had ever seen, even Mom. Three of her tails came down like a club on three of the delicate legs of the abomination, and Yuki could hear the crack of shattering chitin from over here. The jorogumo began to topple towards its crippled side, letting out an anguished shriek. It tried to turn and shoot webbing at the red-furred fox, but Akemi got two of her other tails in the way, catching the toxic webbing away from her body proper as the kitsune warrior flashed past it.

The was as much as Yuki saw before she had her own problems. The arc of her leap had gotten her away from the ambush from on-high, but it had also sent her sailing towards a tangle of webbing too tight for her to fit through. Yuki grinned, and her form blurred, her front arm reaching up over her shoulder to draw the blade there before her human body had even fully formed. One trailing tail grabbed lightly at the ground, not enough to stop her but enough to change her rotation, set her spinning as she swung, the fine steel of her blade cutting through even the rough webbing and opening a kitsune-sized hole as it fell away and she went sailing through the gap.

Yuki landed, already a fox once more, the blade strapped to her back again, just in time to see Akami pull her own clear from the jorogumo’s face. “Disgusting creatures,” her sister hissed, wiping the blade off on the ground before she grimaced and began to cut the webbing off of her tail.

“Thanks,” Yuki said, keeping watch while Akemi got the agonizing web off her.

“No, I was going to let them get you,” Akemi said with a smirk as she finished cutting away the last of it. “I could use a dozen new nieces and nephews.”

Both sisters‘ faces fell. It was a disturbingly accurate description of the result of being captured by one of the jorogumo. They both knew it. They both knew neither of them would leave any of the kitsune on this battlefield to that fate.

“Come on,” Akemi said, shifting back to a crimson fox. “Let’s go.”

In another hollow of trees, another defender of Hanei suffered, the agony of the webs tearing into her skin counterpointed by her inability to scream as she was raped nearly past her breaking point. Kasumi had fallen victim to a trio of the Binding Brides, and they had strung her up from one of the highest trees in this area of the forest before reluctantly agreeing which would be the first to breed her. The spider woman was happily violating her, using her thick, unnatural cock to scrape the flesh of her womb, lining it with her juices as she thrust savagely into the little fox. She wished she at least had the tiny mercy of facing away from her rapists, but no such luck… Kasumi was forced to stare on in naked horror, watching every one of the spider’s skittering, arachnid movement as she viciously raped her, her eyes wide with terror as she saw the spider’s blissful expression while she bred her like an insect.

“Oh my children,” moaned the giant spider, her abdomen shivering, her legs and arms chittering with happiness as she hollowed out Kasumi’s tender womb to ready it for her eggs. “Oh my children… this vessel I have found for you will be so sweet. So warm and so small, but so perfect indeed… oh little fox,” moaned the woman, her human face contorted in alien ecstasy as she drove her massive cock into Kasumi hard enough to move her body at least two feet with each thrust. “I hope you will live to see them… my thousand, swarming, chattering little young. They will be so beautiful… just watch… oh! Oh I am close indeed… I can feel you resist… don’t resist… it will be less painful if you stop squirming…”

Kasumi didn’t see how that was even possible… her whole body felt like it was on fire as she looked down. She felt her belly beginning to swell, the warm flood beginning as the jorogumo began to ejaculate inside her. “YES! Yes yes YES! Take my children into your body!” screamed the spider, her breasts rippling as she faded into her brood-laying orgasm.

“No, please…” whispered the horrified Kasumi as she saw her belly begin to distend, ballooning to ten or maybe even fifteen times its size. The pain was unbearable… her head snapped backwards as her spine arched and she felt her insides struggle to accommodate the swelling madness. Even with her ability to heal, she doubted she would ever be the same after this. She could not help but scream as she looked down at her horrifying distorted body.

“Oh… yes…” moaned the spider as she withdrew, watching the marble-like protrusions rippling under Kasumi’s skin. She sealed the foxes’ battered groin with more webbing, sending more agony through Kasumi’s most tender regions. “Oh yes, my children… grow… feast upon this morsel I have captured for you…” At last, sighing with pleasure, she withdrew.

“About time!” spat another of the jorogumo. “If you stalled any longer, I’d have gutted you.”

“You are welcome to try, Reshi,” the one that had just finished raping her hissed back. “Anytime you want to die.”

The other spiders looked at the miserable Kasumi as she hung with her swollen belly, weeping. “Fine,” Reshi snapped. “I shall see if her stomach makes a better home than her womb.”

“And I shall see if I can meet you in the middle,” the third said, grinning as she scuttled to behind Kasumi. “Through the guts.”

Akume wasn’t the biggest of the jorogumo… her sister Kumiko had that honor. She wasn’t the most skilled webweaver either… Nyami had always been the best that that. She wasn’t the sorceress that Father was, or as deceptive as one of the kitsune, either. That didn’t matter. What made Akume the strongest of them was that she could acknowledge that… among all her children and all her sisters that she had killed, she had the least pride. It was why she had killed the most of them. It was why she was unstoppable. Akume, dark of skin and hair, moved through the battlefield like an unstoppable tide darkness, there one second and gone the next. She never stayed longer than she needed to… there long enough to capture and destroy, then gone to avoid being pinned down. It was how she had always fought before she had been the strongest. It was how she fought now… smart, careful, and calculated, even when she knew – knew – that no hundred foxes on the battlefield could match her, and only her father’s commands kept any of them alive.

The defenders of the fox village did not disappoint… much. Their reputations for guardians of both their kind and the humans was well earned. The thousands of bodies of their children littering the forest floor spoke in mute testament to their skill. Unfortunately for the kitsune, they weren’t like the guardians of old who had fought her long, long ago. These ones had forgotten much. These poor souls didn’t understand the truth… that the entire army of spiders they fought were merely here to die. The real threat were the three true jorogumo… the rest were just bait and distraction.

As one fox slaughtered her way through dozens of the lesser spiders, she paid a grim price for her success… gradually, she was pulled more and more out of the group. She was killing them, but each time she stepped forward more of the void behind her was filled with spiders… she needed to keep stepping forward. Further away from help. Closer to the lurking Akume. Closer. Closer. Closer…

A smile stretched across the dark skinned jorogumo’s face as she plummeted on a cord of silk, running it between four of her legs to control her descent as she fell in perfect silence and landed directly on the kitsune’s tails. The fox shrieked in pain and spun, trying to cut Akume… but she was too close, and the tails were kept too immobile… she couldn’t turn. She dropped her spear and went for her sword, her other tails battering at Akume’s legs with reckless abandon. Akume grabbed onto the hilt of her sword first, however, and used her grip on that to wrest the woman down to the ground. The kitsune was muscular, strong, fit… but nowhere near enough, nowhere near as strong as the strongest of the jorogumo. One of her human hands grabbed her hair and forced her down into the earth, rubbing her face against it even as her legs worked to bind her tails and legs together in webbing. “Akiko!” one of the other foxes called out, but even though the other defenders tried fighting their way to her, Akume knew it was too late. She picked up the struggling Akiko, tilted back her head, and bit her throat… fangs sinking deep.

The fox’s screaming only intensified as the venom coursed through her more and more, every ache and pain amplifying a thousandfold in a matter of seconds until even the softer touch was overwhelming. Once she stopped struggling, too overstimulated to move anymore, Akume rapidly bound the chestnut-furred kitsune in web and climbed back up her silken  robs, carrying her with her. All told, the ambush had taken less than fifteen seconds, and the other foxes hadn’t had time to do more than shout and just begin trying to help her.

This was a fun game. Not as fun as slaughtering the whole village would be, but what father wanted, father got… she would amuse herself in the meantime.

Up in the webbed canopy, out of sight of the foxes below, she dumped Akiko onto the floor made of spiderweb, letting the bruised, beaten fox bounce on the web even as she stuck to it. She was a quick one to recover, that was for sure… already she was starting to struggle again, so Akume kicked her in the stomach a few times, making her groan with pain. There was no reason to take chances and fight a foe before she was helpless, after all. Taking unnecessary risks was not how she had killed more jorogumo than any of her sisters. Once the kitsune was powerless and had stopped struggling once again, Akume changed the bindings, spreading her out on the web with her legs spread. One by one, each leg and arm was bound individually, each tail webbed in place so it couldn’t so much as twitch and no matter how she thrashed she could not tear the webs.

Akume watched her until she had given up on fighting, savoring the helplessness in her gaze as she realized how thoroughly she had been beaten, how impossible escape was. It sent a shudder of raw pleasure down her spine seeing that. That was what she lived for… the defeat. The fear. The moment when they looked at her and were forced to acknowledge that she had won and they had lost. Only once she had savored it did Akume crawl towards her and move her hands against the bound fox’s breasts. Her fingers dug into them, the clawed tips cutting away the webbing in the few places it got in the way as she caressed and pinched them. The pretty fox cried and tried to push Akume away, but she was helpless… it amounted to little but moaning and swaying in the web. She continued to tease her breasts over and over, leaning down to suck on her hard nipples, feeling the fox’s skin ripple in disgust and terror beneath her tongue. “Please stop… Please…” she begged. Akume had no intention of doing so, however… she kept sucking on her breasts while she kept crying.

“Helpless thing,” she growled as Akiko closed her eyes tight, her whole body trembling. Her legs were all over her now, caressing her beneath the silk, not for pleasure or for pain but just because she could and no one could stop her. The spider’s legs slowly pressed against her, judging her body for its tenderness, making her whimper and her body shake as the spider touched her soft flesh. Akume could feel the girl shiver to her touch, and multiple limbs wrapped around her, gripping the bound, feisty fox, making the helpless victim more helpless still as she played with her. “You’re mine now.”

“No! No, please!” she cried as Akume began to move, two legs headed for her face. “You don’t have t-” Her protests cut off abruptly as Akume squeezed her jaw hard enough to break it, popping her mouth open and stuffing a thick wad of venomous silk into her mouth before wrapping more around her head, locking it in place and silencing Akiko, stopping her screams and pleading both as tears ran down her face. She whimpered into the gag and struggled against the tight bindings on her arms and tails, but was making no progress as Akume took her time to play with her latest catch, sliding a leg up and down her soft thighs… and then, slowly, forcing the tip of it into her.

Akiko screamed into her gag as the sharp, chitinous dagger of a limb stabbed into her. Akume could barely hear it, and nothing she could have said or screamed would have convinced her to stop anyway, so she just kept shoving it inside. “We can get deep,” she said, musing as she raped the kitsune with a sharp-pointed leg, “but it’s slow and much more work. This is so much faster… if you are strong enough to survive. And if you’re not, well… you probably wouldn’t have been too much fun to play with, anyway.” The jorogumo drove the leg into her hard, stabbing into her cervix, the unyielding point like a steel wedge as it began to force the insides of her body to open in the most violent way possible, even as her tongue and lips came down to taste the fox’s bloody slit and clit. “Sweet, sweet fox,” she whispered, right before she bit down, driving her fangs into the flesh on other side of the kitsune’s clit. The scream shook her body even if it made almost no sound, and Akume could well imagine the new surge of hypersensitivity taking over her body, making her jerk and spasms like a woman possessed in her hopeless attempt to escape the intruder between her legs. A second bite followed soon after, this one on her right breasts… leaving a scarlet lip print on the pale globes with two tiny, leaking fan holes on other side of it before her human fingers returned to that engorged clit.

The fox gasped, the insanely over-stimulated pleasure enough to even blank out the pain for a second. Akume didn’t care if she hurt or felt pleasure… the joy was in forcing her to feel and not be able to stop it, to want to resist and be unable. Without stopping pleasuring her clit, she began to force a second of her sharp legs inside the fox’s pussy… widening it up brutally to allow the limb to fit inside the poor kitsune. Akiko let out a muffled scream into the gag once more as she was forced open and now both of Akume’s appendages were sliding in and out, deeper and deeper, blood and more than expected pussy juice flowing freely… the more for her mouth to find and lap up.

Akiko cried in dread and frustration, gagging dreadfully on the spider’s silk as Akume’s legs pumped in and out of the poor cunt even as the rest held her motionless. “Strong… strong enough,” Akiko said with design. “You will make a fine mother.” The kitsune was nearly ready to be turned into a living, breathing egg sac for the next generation of sacrificial bodies. The cruel spider was driving the helpless girl down onto the web with crushing force with each thrust… if she were flat on the ground with no give, she might have been crushed. Instead, the limbs came out, leaving her pussy gaping open. Akiko lowered herself down and stared inside, licking her lips as she looked on with delight. “I can see into your womb, daughter of Inari,” she said, eager despite herself. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

Akiko was still moaning when Akume abruptly drove herself inside her spread legs, the cock-like protuberance swelling and stretching and utterly filling even the stretched open cunt. Her eyes went wide as the jorogumo’s phallus drove into her, right into her womb without even being slowed down, swelling with desire as it raked back and forth. Akiko was pinned down to the web by the spider’s body and her cock as harder and harder, faster and faster she drove it in and pulled it out, deeper and deeper with each thrust… almost like she was stretching out the soft pocket of her uterus to make more room for herself to fuck. With each thrust Akume slid all the way out, only to slam back down hard enough to make the fox quake. Akiko screamed and yelped and begged and groaned and cried and cried and cried and cried but she never made a sound as she was brutally fucked by the inhuman cock, the gag catching everything.

Each beat of her heart pumped more venom through her body until her skin felt like it was on fire, and she could feel with absolute crystal clarity what it felt like as her soft flesh gave way to the spider cock, stretching even further as it expanded inside of her. The faster it drove in and out, the bigger it got and the deeper it went. The poor kitsune buried her face in the web, praying to every god and goddess she had a name for, every one she had ever heard of that the nightmare would end soon even if it meant her death, but her world narrowed only to the sensation of that fat cock driving in and out, blanking all other thoughts until Akume doubted she could even remember her own name. She was biting down on the gag as she was filled more than she’d ever felt before, seemingly unaware or uncaring that she was squeezing more venom out of the web and down her throat that way. Akume’s cock started to expand even more as she felt the eggs churning, her whole body tensing in readiness to release them. With one final withdrawal, the spider slammed her monstrous member back into the stretched kitsune cunt as she came with a groan, filling her pussy with spider sperm and the eggs that came with it.

The fox might have had some idea what would happen next… she must have seen some of her fellows hanging from webs with stretched bellies and hollow eyes. She had no idea what it was like to be Akume’s plaything, though. The amount of eggs she laid put her sisters to shame, and only the extreme resilience of the kitsune warrior kept her from just ripping open as spurt after spurt of eggs shot into her waiting body. She screamed mutely into the gag as cum and eggs splashed into her, and the pressure actually forced the jorogumo’s cock from her body as liquid and eggs spurted out of her like from a breached dam while Akiko shuddered in a mix of pain, humiliation, and terror.

One of the other favorite parts for Akume was what was next… the look on her face when the relief that it was over was overtaken by the realization that she now had as many as a hundred of the tiny spiders implanted inside of her, waiting to hatch and claw and bite their way free. The poor kitsune sobbed into the web beneath her as Akume lifted herself up off of her, pleased… until she felt the web beneath her vibrating.

She growled with annoyance. “Really?” she hissed. Akiko’s eyes went wide as the jorogumo’s eyes focused on her with murderous intensity. She didn’t have to leave, of course. She could kill the interloper… but that would upset father. It would be lethal. She wasn’t finished with this one yet, though… but she also wasn’t ready to be turned into a dazed, insensate cocoon. “How annoying…” she whispered. “I suppose I can come get you any time I want, really…”

Akume considered for a moment. “You had best leave the eggs there,” she said, her tone threatening. “If I catch you again without them, well… you will look back on this fondly, I promise you that, little fox.” Then, as quickly as her ambush had gone, Akume dropped like a stone from a web, vanishing into the darkness.

Kumiko had just finished forcing the eggs out of the guts of her fourth plaything and was about to get back to her favorite when the webs around her began to vibrate. Her face twisted in annoyance as her favorite, the fox that called herself Ari, stared at her with horrified eyes. “Well… that is disappointing,” the pale spider said with a hiss. “The Crimson Hurricane returns, and so soon, too. Nyami must be slipping to have only kept her so shortly.”

Ari shuddered as one of Kumiko’s hands caressed the side of her face. “You are very fortunate, plaything,” she said as her fingers traced through the fox’s hair. “You get to keep pretending to be a real person instead of a set of holes for a little while longer.” She yanked back, making Ari scream into the webbing gagging her as Kumiko ripped away a fistful of her hair, lifting it to her nose and smelling deeply.

“Do me a favor, little fox,” she said as she looked around and found where she had tossed Ari’s sword before sticking it into the webbing, just a few feet from her hands. “Don’t let anyone else kill you, alright? I haven’t finished turning your holes into loose, ruined, boring things yet. It takes a while to do that to a kitsune… a dedicated effort, but you and I are going to make time together, aren’t we?” The jorogumo’s tongue raked over Ari’s face, licking away a path of tears and blood and grime coating her cheek. “I’ll come back for you… sure as the sun comes up each morning, you’re going to die as my cocksheath, and if you get yourself killed before then you will make me very sad.”

Her gaze flicked over the rest of them, and briefly considered just running the blade across their throats before leaving. It would probably be smarter… but smarter wasn’t always the objective here. Obeying father’s will was. He wanted maximum suffering, not necessarily maximum casualties, and if they killed too many they wouldn’t be able to fight appropriately anymore. Kumiko didn’t understand, but she didn’t have to… with father, it was obey or be destroyed.

She stroked Ari once more before gesturing to the dozens of lesser spiders – the things the foolish foxes called “jorogumo” – waiting just outside of the ring of her deadly attentions. “Have fun with these five,” she said, the pale jorogumo vanishing up into the web and flashing between trees even as the waiting spiders pounced on the already restrained women who didn’t even have eggs filling them up yet, eager to be the first.

Not one of them would live long enough.

No amount of regeneration and healing could have stopped Yuki from breathing hard by the time they reached the frontline. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, more tiring than battle and the group of veteran warriors hadn’t really gotten more than a few seconds breaks between fights for the entire hour they had cut their way through the forest. Looking around, the rest of them were in even worse shape, even more exhausted, even weaker. Not one of them was going to delay, however… not once they had started finding captive foxes. A second wind had struck them all as they saw their sisters and friends and parents being raped by monsters, and their blows couldn’t have come harder if Inari herself was swinging the sword.

Freeing the captive fox veterans lit a fire beneath their tails. These women needed to get back to a medic as quickly as possible, lest the venom kill them. In a stroke of luck, Ari and the younger foxes that had been captured with her had barely been poisoned and she had barely been freed before she had her sword in her hand again, helping cut the others free. The pressing need to break through and save others from this fate and get the captives to help sent them charging in faster, and soon Akemi and her team of veterans crashed into the rear of the battle front like a wave crashing against the shore in a storm.

Yuki watched, eyes wide with adoration. The jorogumo seemed to part around Akemi like water around oil, trying to stay away from her. Even the ferocious spider-demons seemed to understand that death had come for them when Akemi set her eyes upon them and they fled… but never quickly enough. As a fox or as a swordswoman, Akemi slaughtered in a clear, crimson arc that left a wide killzone around her where nothing could stand without being sliced into pieces. The rest of the foxes had a comparatively easy job… they just needed to follow in her wake as she cut her way through the swarm from behind, needing to fight on the flanks or the scattering, panicked jorogumo that tried to avoid Yuki’s sister.

Gasping, Yuki fought on, feeling triumphant. The jorogumo were breaking… they could see that clear as day. They had fought their way through the forest and cut a path home, escaping the trap that the jorogumo had woven for them and Hanei. They were almost there, and it was almost over. All around her, she could see that triumphant, visceral look of victory on everyone else’s face too. Maybe that was why they weren’t as careful as they should have been.

No one saw the shadow of the fully grown jorogumo descending on Hinata until the fox screamed. As Yuki spun and screamed her name, the jorogumo – by Inari, one of the largest Yuki had ever seen – attacked, slashing her clawed hands across Hinata’s back even as coils of thick spidersilk dripping venom wound around her. The demoness smirked devilishly at Yuki, and the two’s eyes locked… and for a single, horrifying moment she realized she recognized this one: it was the same monster that had ambushed her scouting party yesterday, who had nearly caught Yuki herself. Then hundreds of broodlings leaped down from the canopy, right on top of other foxes, forcing Yuki to defend herself instead of move towards her friend as they slashed at her with talon and fang. “HINATA!” Yuki screamed as she sliced one, two, three of the spiders in half, but they kept coming. Hinata’s cries could be heard as the jorogumo pulled her away, dropping her sword from poison-numb fingers as her arm remained outstretched for Yuki.

Yuki screamed as she spun her blade about, hacking at the broodlings as they bit and cut into her, fangs piercing her skin in a dozen places in her recklessness to reach her friend. “No!” she said, feeling the dizziness of venom, trying to keep her balance. “HINATA! HINATA!” Then Akemi was at her side, fighting back the swarm that had dropped on top of her allies, assisting Yuki and freeing her from the broodlings trying to climb up her. “No! Get back here!” Yuki snarled as she started to run in the direction Hinata had been dragged, looking for a tree she might be able to climb.

Akemi took hold of Yuki’s shoulder. “Yuki, stop!” she snapped. “Stop! We’ll recover her… we’ll find her.”

“They’re taking her away from the battle!” Yuki snarled, struggling against her sister’s grip. How wasn’t she tired? How was it even possible her grip could be so strong? “She’ll vanish into the deep forest and we’ll never see her again!”

“We need to defend Hanei! We can’t risk losing you!” Akemi snapped. “The prophes-”

“To hell with the damned prophesy!” Yuki yelled, but she went limp in Akemi’s grasp “There is no prophesy, Akemi. I’m nothing special.” All around her, the battle was ending. The jorogumo were fleeing back into the darkness and the webbing, taking paths that the kitsune would be insane to follow through the sticky, venomous webbing.

“I’ve never seen anyone able to use foxfire the way you can,” Akemi said softly, slowly guiding her sister to the edge of the forest. “You’re special. I can see it.”

Yuki wiped away a tear running down her cheek before anyone could watch it fall from the great white fox of Hanei. “Let me know when that lets me save someone… because from where I’m standing it’s about as useful as my art.”

Deeper in the forest, Hinata screamed with terror as the jorogumo started ripping her armor apart. The demon let out a long, hissing sneer as she let her tongue drop and lick Hinata’s face. “What a beautiful pattern on such a small thing,” she hissed. “I’ve been watching you since you entered the forest… trying to decide which of you I should make my own. You should feel honored, little fox… of all of them, I chose you.” She chuckled. “You will know me as Nyami. I will be your loving nurturer from now on, yes I will.”

Nyami bit Hinata then, and the world faded into blurring ideas for a while. By the time she came back to herself, the jorogumo was pulling her up into the trees and spinning a web, tangling the warrior fox tightly up into it. Hinata gasped as she looked upside down to see the ground below getting further and further away. Nyami spread her legs and let her thorax unleash all the webbing needed to hold Hinata upside down, her legs spinning it effortlessly into elaborate, winding bindings around her body. The position was dizzying enough even without the venom playing with her senses… with it, it made her squeeze her eyes shut to avoid just losing her head.

Nyami ran her hand over Hinata’s exposed groin, feeling her pussy lips, taint, and ass as she licked her lips, ready for another beautiful creation. Hinata’s eyesight was getting blurry from her dizzying position as she saw the bodies of other kitsune wrapped up in cocoons littered throughout the trees of the forest. She looked horrified and tried to scream only to come up short of breath. There were a dozen other foxes here!

Nyami could feel how hot and moist Hinata already was between her legs, and the kitsune flushed with shame. It wasn’t by choice, of course – it was the venom. Every touch was so much stronger, and there was no pain… at least, not yet. “Look at you, so riled up already…” She rubbed her hands down all of Hinata’s body and lifted her upward so she could stay aware during the following process, webbing up a pillow for Hinata to lay on. As soon as the young warrior let out a relieved sigh, Akumi held her down by the neck, not too hard to actually hurt Hinata, but enough to make it clear she was in complete and total control. Nyami, while binding her, had immobilized her completely with the exception of a single tail… one tail to act as her hands and legs, one tail to move. As Nyami’s hand slid between the fox’s legs and played with the bare slit she found there, Hinata grabbed at the jorogumo’s wrist with her free tail, but she pushed against it without too much effort, the resistance only seeming to make the stimulation greater. She struggled not to writhe in too much pleasure as Nyami titillated her cunt.

“Yes… struggle for me,” Nyami purred. “It ruins the fun if you don’t struggle at least a little bit. If you don’t squirm it’s almost like you’re dead already. I don’t know how my sisters can stand it.” She was clearly enjoying the look at Hinata’s face, the widening of her eyes, and the swaying of her body as she struggled helplessly against the teasing that Nyami saw fit to give her, but she couldn’t very well stop. It just… oh gods, it felt good, and she hated it, but it felt good, and she hated it, and… and… Hinata let out her first loud and prolonged moan of pleasure as Nyami bent down and suckled at her erect nipples. “There we go…” she whispered.

She wrapped her human hands around the kitsune’s quivering body as her webbing, so heavily laded with venom, forced its way further into her body and sent impossible, horrible surges of erotic ecstasy through the unwilling kitsune. Hinata gasped, more with feverish delight than rightful horror, as Nyami pressed her body back up against hers, her exposed, bulbous cock pressing against the kitsune’s clit. Nyami leaned back in and kissed Hinata hard, her long tongue diving into her throat like a serpant. Hinata felt an overwhelming desire to be fucked as she kissed back, giving into the trance, abandoning conscious thought for the madness of the venom. With one hand, Nyami grasped the nape of her neck again and pulled her up with her, and with her other hand she slowly crawled down her soft body. She slipped her fingers under the thick lining of her webbing and felt the smooth surface of her moist and ready lips. Both of them breathed heavily in unison as Nyami’s finger caressed the hot, plump clitoris between Hinata’s pussy lips. Hinata cooed in Nyami’s mouth as she nibbled on it, seduced entirely by the overwhelming demonic magic and poison.

Nyami decided it was time to show Hinata one of her more prominent skills as she started to kiss down her body. The fox moaned with pleasure and rubbed her nipples as she watched Nyami descend past her stomach to her navel, then down to just between her thighs. Nyami was now bent at the knee as she positioned herself between Hinata’s legs.

Hinata felt her heart racing as she watched. She was beyond turned on, though her mind told her that something was wrong and she was in grave danger. A part of her wanted to scream again for help but she just couldn’t bring herself to care… not for herself, not for the struggling blonde fox in a cocoon of webbing nearby, not for any of the others hanging in the larder either. She wanted this hot and luscious sensation, and the fact that some part of her was aware that it wasn’t so much her that wanted it as it was the venom made no difference at all. Hinata struggled against the webbing, but not to close her legs… she fought to spread them wider, the lips of her pussy parting to reveal her sweet, moist muff to Nyami’s glittering eyes.  She longed for the feeling of her wet hot tongue and gentle touch. She wanted to be filled with the sins of the flesh.

“By the time I’m finished with you,” Nyami promised, “you won’t remember you’ve ever been otherwise. You’ll be like this all day, for as long as you survive my children. Won’t that be wonderful?” Hinata smiled because yes, it did sound wonderful. She gasped as she felt Nyami’s warm mouth against her pussy lips… even the soft kiss of her fangs, injecting more of her demonic venom, couldn’t break the spell of arousal as Nyami caressed her tongue around the kitsune’s clitoris and flicked the engorged bulb. The movements, strengthened by the new dose of poison, was enough to make Hinata pop up in the webbed hammock, squealing in delight.

Nymai smirked at her prey’s enjoyment as she proceeded to pull her clitoris into her mouth and suckled on it like she had her tits, rubbing her fingers against her wet cunt as she gently pushed her middle finger inside of the captive kitsune. Hinata drew out one long and steady breath as she felt Nyami’s finger enter her. Nyami proceeded to push a second one in as she could feel how tight her rigid walls were. Hinata moaned loudly at this point as her pussy oozed with cum. Tasty cum that Nyami lapped up as she started to pump her fingers in and out of her. Nyami pumped inside of her new pet with great ferocity as she yelled and moaned with pleasure.

“Oh god yes, fuck me! Fuck me and forget about everything else!” she cried in pleasure, no longer even remembering what she was anymore.

Nyami enjoyed the feeling of Hinata’s body as it tightened around her. The fox did her best to clench her thighs against the spider’s head, but barely managed to budge them… instead, she could only thrust her hips against her mouth. She flailed and moaned with ecstasy as her juices continued to flow onto Nyami’s waiting tongue. The jorogumo held firm to the outer part of her thighs to keep her from dipping too far backward while she continued to attack the fox with her tongue while she hung from the web, nothing but spidersilk keeping her from a lethal plummet to the forest floor far below. Hinata arched her back hard as the jorogumo forced her to cum, her voice wispy and weak as she climaxed before her moan drew itself out in stride. She fainted down onto the webbing as Nyami pulled away and licked her fingers in delight.

Nyami smirked and reeled back as she exposed her massive cock appendage in front of Hinata for when she came to, softly petting her skin as she waited. “She’s a fun one, isn’t she,” she said to the tall, thin kitsune who hung from the nearby cocoon, the only one of her pets that was still awake… the only one who was more than a mindless, drugged-out husk most of the time. “Not as tough in the head as you, it seemed… but isn’t she just beautiful? Don’t you wish you could have her between your legs, pet?” Nyami smirked, continuing to pet Hinata as she slowly came to. “There you are… come back… and I’ll give you what you want, pretty thing.”

Hinata opened her eyes as the white was overtaking her irises, her pupils so wide that there was almost no color to her eyes but black and white. She breathed out heavily in a stupor from the possession as Nyami’s fed her cock into the fox’s mouth. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, but she didn’t care. Instead, as Nyami thrust into her mouth, she pursed her lips and suctioned hard on the dick as she began to bob her own head up and down on the jorogumo. “What a good girl,” Nyami said, laughing to herself as she rubbed her fingertips lightly over the tips of her furry ears. She was sucking hard, jerking her own throat up and down. Nyami thought to command her to slow down, but it felt so good she didn’t want her to stop. She was already so close to her first orgasm that there was nothing she could have done to stop Hinata while she rubbed her tongue aggressively against Nyami’s shaft and fucked her own face on the length

Hinata, the venom burning though her mind, felt like she was floating, more than half mad. She licked at the spider’s cock, and the foul, slimy taste of it didn’t even register. It felt like the most delicious thing in the world to her and she licked accordingly. Nyami was thick and she tasted delicious, more so than anything else the young warrior had tasted before, even as her stomach revolted and rebelled. She curled her tongue around her rigid shaft and over the sensitive spot over her head, sucking it down hard even as her one free tail came up to caress the lower base of her cock, stroking in time with the way Nyami throbbed. She could taste her precum as it dripped out into her mouth, nodding her head back and forth as she began to bob her head harder and harder into her. Nyami was taken aback at how fast Hinata sucked her off without accidentally gagging herself. “Little bit of a slut, aren’t you?” Nyami observed. “You suck a lot of cocks, little fox? You like pleasing lovers with that soft mouth of yours?” She smiled harder as the poison-drunk kitsune hummed in agreement. “Wonderful. Then I guess we can stop taking it easy on you.”

Nyami grabbed onto the fox’s ears and pulled her forward all the way, slamming her ovipositor cock deeper into Hinata’s throat and cutting off her air, rocking back and forth a few times as she rode her new pet’s tight little neck like a cocksleeve. She stared down into her slave’s eyes as she looked up at her with lustful adoration, and Nyami reveled in the madness she was inflicting on the poor little slut. Only when her eyes began to roll back in her head again with the jorogumo back off, letting Hinata gasp for air as her spit connected her to that dick. Then, without being told, she smiled up at her rapist and caressed her tongue over the head, licking down her shaft to where the body met the thorax. She stroked her cock slowly with her tail as it was now wet and well lubricated with her saliva. “You are suuuuch a good girl,” Nyami groaned with delight as she watched Hinata work her cock. “I might just keep you, little creature,” she laughed.

Nyami lifted her body up into the trees and cut the webbing with her nails, sending Hinata plummeting backwards. She screamed in terror once more as Nyami pulled on her ankles, grabbing her up with webbing and pulling her upward until her long cock slammed without warning into Hinata’s wet, open pussy. “Ooooooooooh,” she moaned as the jorogumo started to viciously thrust downward, Hinata caught between screaming in pain and groaning in pleasure as her over-sesnsitive pussy was ripped open by the huge cock in an instant. Holding onto her webbed body by her ankles, Nyami started bobbing the fox up and down while they hung upside down in the trees, raping her eagerly as her snug pussy clenched on her cock. Hinata’s lovely cuntwall slid against the long spider cock as Nyami let out a satisfied groan, her hands yanking on the webbing and tightening it around Hinata’s skin. Like that, the fox bobbed even more viciously with each thrust, getting a fresh dose of poison and agony that came with it. Hinata’s legs quivered as she stiffened and felt her bones being compressed by the webbing as it tightened harder on her. She wondered if her bones were going to break. She wondered if she might cum if they did. Her sole free tail twitched left and right in rhythm with her bobbing as she could barely think of anything else to do with it, her tongue hung out of her mouth as she couldn’t keep it shut, and her eyes were wide and unfocused whenever they weren’t rolled so far into the back of her head that they could be seen at all. All the blood was running to her head as she hung upside down, and that meant that even more venom than usual was coursing through her brain.

Nyami’s cock pounded deep inside her as the spider woman started to moan with visceral delight. She rubbed over her exposed breasts and squeezed them with her human hands, relying on the spider legs to manipulate Hinata as she pumped into the poor kitsune. Slam slam slam slam slam until she exploded, letting out a long and pleasured gasp as she unloaded her seed inside Hinata to the point it filled her pussy up to the brim and overflowed. Hinata gasped as her belly began to swell, eggs forcing their way through her cervix through sheer pressure. The remaining mix of cum and eggs ran out of her holes down her body, over her breasts and into her mouth as she screamed a silent scream and Nyami just continued to pump more and more juice into her. The jorogumo shivered in delight as she eventually pulled out and pulled Hinata into a limp embrace, licking one of her ears. “Yes… I will be keeping you.”

Slowly, she began to bind Hinata into a cocoon just like the others… the webbing thick with venom to keep her constantly high and senseless, in pain but pleased to be. Hinata gasped as cum spilled from her mouth and nose and she was finally able to breathe properly. In a single, deafening moment of clarity, she whispered a tiny plea. “Please… let me go…”

Nyami smiled at her. “No.” Then the webbing covered her face, and both vision and words were cut off.

“Are you quite done, sister?” a cold voice called from below.

Pulled out of her reverie and annoyed, Nyami snarled at the sound of Kumiko’s voice. “This is my domain,” she snapped. “Know your place.”

“Like you knew how to delay the foxes?” A pale, white spider – the only one of her kind that Nyami could remember seeing – skittered out of the darkness just below. “Were they too much for you?” She looked around, smiling. Throughout the forest, captured kitsune warriors were suffering similar fates to the one Hinata just had although much less refined… the kitsune raid the day before had saved many of their captives but there were many more. Many of the cocoons hangs from the trees were hollow husks, the bodies of humans that had expired… and a few limp, lifeless kitsune forms, but there were more still storing eggs…

Not that her foolish sister laid any.

“The Red Fox can only be delayed… not stopped. You know this,” Nyami spat. “Unless father permits us to face her directly, none of the children are a match for that one… and you know we are not to fight openly, sister.” Her eyes narrowed, golden glow fading. “This is my domain. You should not be here. Leave.”

“I would love to,” Kumiko said. “But Akume calls.” The clutches around them were still fresh, Nyami noted. They were strung up in the trees, many kicking and screaming and crying as the jorogumo surrounded them, filling their mouths, pussies, and assholes with thick, throbbing cocks and pumping into them until they filled every orifice with their seeds.

Not one of them bothered with the subtleties, but that was alright… that was what made them lesser predators. Not like her. “I don’t care what Akume wan—”

“Father has instructions,” Kumiko said curtly.

Nyami couldn’t quite resist the tremble than shook through her… only for a fraction of a second, but real. Well then, she had to go. Briefly, she stroked her two newest and favorite pets, the fresh red and black one and the tall blonde who was proving to be so much more fun that anticipated. Her fingers grazed across their webbed faces and she licked briefly along their breasts with her long tongue. “I’ll be back, my pretties. Please shout if you feel the eggs begin to wiggle… I would hate to miss the show my pets.” Then, patting the pair’s swollen bellies and listening to the sounds of sloshing fluids with them, Nyami descended from the canopy and down into the darkness of the forest.

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