K/DA: All Fucked Out – Ch 6 – Going Viral

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After their makeovers, Eve and her minions had put their captives back into their cell of a room and left them there. It felt like a minor mercy, but when they were allowed to have some food in the morning Ahri knew that didn’t foretell anything good. She’d been a captive long enough to know that any gesture of kindness was usually followed by something much worse than what she was experiencing before… at least, that was how it had always been under Steven, and she couldn’t imagine that sadistic bitch of a former lover of hers being different. From appearances Akali and Kaisa knew it too: Ahri could see it in the way they looked at their first meal in ages as if they expected to find shards of glass in it.

Seraphine, on the other hand, didn’t seem particularly interested in the meal. She was instead looking at them as if waiting for the sign of what she should do next. Ahri almost wanted to laugh and make a joke about this all being her first rodeo, but she didn’t. It wasn’t even because the situation was grim, either. Some part of her was still holding itself guarded, not sure if Seraphine was worthy of her trust. Ahri had seen her being abused, she saw her looking just as bad as the rest of them… but so had Evelynn been. After her trust was betrayed so ruthlessly and in such a brutal manner, the fallen popstar wasn’t ready to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. And Seraphine making her cum with her tongue wasn’t giving her extra points either.

“I don’t want to go back,” Akali said, a sob tearing out of her throat. “She’s not going to stop, it’s only going to get worse, I know it will.”

Ahri swallowed hard, feeling emptiness and despair. Akali was right, they all knew it even if they didn’t say it out loud. There was nothing that would stop Evelynn when she was chasing her goal. It was a quality Ahri had once admired about her lover, and from the other side it was absolutely terrifying. Before she could comfort Akali, however, Seraphine stepped in. “You’ve made it this far,” Seraphine said, moving to sit closer to Akali. “You survived through such terrible things… and I can’t blame you for the lack of faith. You probably don’t feel very strong… but you are, Akali. I know you are. This is not the life that was meant for me or any of you. And if there is a chance to get out… we’ll take it. Right?”

It seemed like Akali felt just a little better as Seraphine extended her hand and placed it over the younger singer’s palm, but Ahri felt grimly doubtful.  She knew that bad things only tended to get worse and that escape was never permanent. She didn’t say it to them, though… she just barely bit back the remarks. As it turned out, she didn’t have to say anything… a second later, a sad laugh from Kaisa filled the room. “We all thought that too when we ended up like this for the first time,” she said, looking at the blue-haired singer with a quivering smile. “Like we’d get out, right? But look at us now… still trapped and abused. Nothing will ever change.” She sobbed quietly, her voice breaking. “Not for us. Evelynn will bleed us dry for everything she wants, and then just toss us out later…”

Ahri couldn’t blame her for just saying out loud what everyone was already thinking. Deep inside she also knew that this was exactly what was going to happen, but some foolish part of her still needed just a bit of hope to get her through every moment of pain and torture waiting for her.

“And are you suggesting you’ll just allow her to do that?” Seraphine asked, standing up and looking Kaisa in the eye. “Because if you’re ready to give up on yourself just like that, then we’ve already lost.”

Kaisa’s mouth went agape at the blue-haired singer’s words, anger brewing inside her, but before she could answer or Ahri could get between them, the door to their cell opened and a man came in, a few others with him. “Time to get you nice and dolled up, bitches,” said one of their captors with a smile on his face. “I bet you want that cum and dirt crust off of you.” With those words, he and five more men went inside to drag the girls out one by one.

“Get your hands off of me!” Ahri shouted as one of them pushed her in the back not even close to gently. The only reason they weren’t being rougher, Ahri suspected, was that they couldn’t afford to ruin her face and body just yet, not before Evelynn got what she wanted. After all, what was the “fun” of raping a celebrity if you made it so you — and the camera — couldn’t recognize her?

“Move your ass, slut!” he growled into her ear, pushing Ahri again as she followed the other group members out. “By the end of the night, you’ll wish my hands were the only thing touching you…”

Ahri bit her lip, trying not to scream. She felt helpless and exhausted, others weren’t much better for the wear. The hell they were going through was never-ending and yet some parts of it were still worse than the others. She knew Evelynn would have no mercy on them, not when she was so close to getting what she wanted, but even with the idea of looming punishment, the thought of being raped again after everything still made her sick to her stomach. The kidnappers took them into the master bedroom of the house… even being a captive here, Ahri had only been here once. Steve didn’t like “her whore dirt all over his sheets.” As the door to the bathroom opened, Ahri could see the steam coming out of it and she didn’t like that one bit.

“Don’t you want to rub each other all over while you’re wet?” one of the men laughed, looking at the girls’ panicked expressions as they got closer to the shower. The water streaming down looked boiling hot and none of them wanted to get even close. “Come on, I know at least two of you like eating pussy, so you’re going to enjoy it.”

“Since when do you care what we like?” Seraphine snapped… but opening her mouth wasn’t exactly the smartest idea at the moment.

“You right… we don’t!” The man laughed as he all but tossed her inside. The hot water instantly turned her delicate, pale skin an angry pink, and Seraphine let out a small yelp as she felt water streaming down her body and twisted and writhed, trying to get away from it. “Get the rest of the sluts inside! Now!”

Ahri and the rest of her friends were pushed forward and under the water one by one, regardless of how they screamed in pain. After the cold basement they’d been forced to spend their time in, a hot shower should’ve been a blessing… but not this hot. It felt like boiling water, even if Ahri knew logically it must only be on the highest setting the shower had and Steven wouldn’t have installed a shower that could accidentally cook him. With four of them inside there wasn’t much space to get away, and at any given moment at least two of them were forced to endure the pain as a stream of hot water was washing over all their scratches and wounds.

“Don’t just stand there!” one of the men shouted. “Come on whores… show us how you get your holes clean!”

Ahri knew they really didn’t have much of a choice. The pain of the water on her skin was overwhelming, the steam already felt like it was burning her lungs, and it was just so hot… she didn’t know how long the others could take it until losing consciousness. “Do what they say,” she told the others, seeing pained expressions on their faces. “It’s the only way out!”

Through the pain, she and the other members of the band started rubbing their skin, opening their legs to get some of the water to wash over their sore and bruised genitals. With how inflamed they were after hours of being used in the previous days this was certainly a recipe for pain, but it wasn’t like they had a choice… they weren’t going to be let out of the showers until they had cleaned their pussies… and assholes… to the men’s satisfaction. When they were whimpering in pain but finally clean, their tormentors turned off the water, allowing their reddened skin to shine in the cooler air as the shower doors were opened again.

“Looking nice, sluts!” the men laughed. “You look so much more alive now. The boss would like it. Now move and don’t make me hurt you anymore… That’s not on the menu for now.”

Still shaking, the popstars moved behind the leading man… knowing full well that the pain that they had just had to go through was only the beginning, and Evelynn still had more rounds of abuse for them. They were getting into the part of the house that Ahri had never seen before and it was making her feel a little cautious, just as much as everything Evelynn ever did. Even as she walked she could smell the scent of fresh paint, letting her know that what she was about to see was fully a product of Evelynn’s imagination.

Then the men opened the big double doors.

Immediately they were almost blinded. The room was almost entirely in whites and golds, hordes of it. Everything, from the floors, to the columns, to the stairs leading up to a raised platform, to the dominating throne that had been erected on top of it, was made of the same pallet in ostentatious white and gold. Ahri couldn’t help but grind her teeth as she saw her former lover sitting in her place on that great throne, looking down at them. It was distracting enough that it took her a moment to notice what should have been immediately concerning… the dozens of men surrounding Evelynn’s throne. They all looked as if they weren’t really all there, staring into space silently as if they were just puppets waiting for a command. Steven was among them, she noticed… and Ahri couldn’t quite help herself from shuddering at the sight of him even with his empty eyes.

The only surprise, however, was that they weren’t the only women here. Kneeling before Evelynn’s throne naked as the day she was born was another Asian woman, someone Ahri didn’t know… but Akali stiffened as soon as she saw her. “Soomin…” Akali whimpered under her breath, looking at a woman on her knees. The naked North Korean heiress had a collar and a leash on, and the length wasn’t nearly long enough to let her move – it made her neck tilt unnaturally up. She looked awful… bruises and cuts visible on her pale skin. Eve and her goons had been careful to leave the four of them largely intact… no one had been taking such care with this woman. Her lip was bleeding, she had a swollen black eye, and there were visible fingerprint bruises on her thighs, ass, and breasts, and it wasn’t hard to guess how they had gotten there.

Evelynn seemed to notice them for the first time then. “Want to say ‘hi’ to my new pet?” she laughed as she pulled on the leash even harder. Soomin whimpered, sniffing as if she was just crying. “Aww, the poor thing is shy and overwhelmed. That’s okay, though… you’ll have plenty of time to meet her later.”

The demoness got up from her throne, her dangerous lashers trailing behind her and floating like deadly vipers. Eve looked radiant and flawless, every bit as beautiful as she ever had in all the time Ahri had known her… and it made the lead singer want to break free and kick the life out of her. She was the one who deserved to suffer, not them. Evelynn didn’t care about the death stares she was receiving from the blonde singer, however – she just smiled like she always did when she got what she wanted. “Hope you feel well-rested, because you have so much work ahead of you. Singing, dancing, and the only thing you’re good for — getting fucked.” She paused. “And don’t make those faces, I know you like it…” Evelynn said as she moved closer.

As if feeling her rage, the man standing behind Ahri grabbed her by the shoulder, preventing her from charging at Evelynn. “You’re an evil fucking bitch,” Ahri said, not able to do anything else.

That got her attention. Evelynn moved closer to the blonde singer, her fingers brushing over her cheek. The look she gave Ahri was almost wistful, but it quickly passed. “It didn’t have to be like this,” she said with a sigh as if she wasn’t taking pleasure in seeing their suffering. “I told you before, I was going to set you free in a few years.”

Ahri let out a small laugh, knowing that it was the furthest thing from the truth. Evelynn could lie to herself as much as she wanted, but she had no idea what love or loyalty was. “But this one” Evelynn continued as she moved on to Seraphine, grabbing her by the ponytail that was hanging over the blue-haired singer’s shoulder and pulling. Seraphine pressed her lips together, holding back a scream, but Ahri could tell that it was more than painful. “She had to go around, digging for the truth, ruining what I had built. Tell me, does it make you sleep better at night now that you know the truth? Or is taking so many cocks up your ass making your beauty sleep useless anyway?”

Evelynn was looking Seraphine right in the eyes, not moving, as if waiting for admission of guilt that wasn’t coming any time soon. With a final tug, she let go of her hair, moving in front of the line so all of the girls could see her. “Since it’s all your fault that you got back here again, I think it’s only fair that you help me fix this. So I hope you still remember the dance moves and that sucking so much cock didn’t ruin your voices, because you’re going to need it all to satisfy the hungry viewers…” Evelynn said it with the widest smile, making no secret of the fact that she enjoyed seeing her former bandmates abused. “We’re going to do the largest publicity stunt in history. This is going to be fun.” She gestured to her men, and her eyes flashed pink for an instant.“Take them to the recording room.”

As Ahri got dragged away along with the others, Evelynn returned to her throne and to the still crying Soomin. She looked up at her as her eyes were once again filling with tears. As she was pulled away, she could just hear their conversation. “Please…” Soomin begged, her voice pathetic and broken as Ahri’s had ever been. “I’ll give you anything you want, all of it… just let me go home, I beg you.”

Evelynn smiled, enjoying the way once proud and cruel Soomin was now pleading and promising her anything she wanted. It was no wonder, considering how many times Evelynn allowed the staff in her house, and her own men, to rape her. Soomin’s fall was quick and painful and Evelynn had no reason to not continue this game. “Are you sure that you can give me something good enough to let you go?” she asked, petting Soomin on the head like the harmless pet she was.

“Anything!” Soomin pleased. “I’ll do anything you ask me to do if you promise that I’ll go to my family.”

Evelynn sighed as if she was thinking about this proposal, before looking down at her prisoner. “Alright. I guess you are a little boring… and a little ugly… and I hate your fake tits. I guess we can make a deal…” She chuckled, tracing one long nail over her chin. “As it turns out, I do need something. You see all those men?” she pointed to the ones that were standing near her throne. They all were in her power and she could make them do the most atrocious things, as Ahri well knew, but right now they just stood there like statues. “They’re going to have some fun with the girls, but before that and during the filming I need them in the best condition… and I need them to stay hard. That’s going to be your job, whore-princess… I need you to keep their cocks hard no matter what.” She smiled wickedly. “I don’t care how… use all your holes, it doesn’t matter to me. From now on a soft cock is your greatest nightmare… your only purpose in life is to make every single dick you see hard as a rod of iron. Understand me?”

Soomin whimpered, but Evelynn continued. “If you do that… if you keep them hard all day for me… then I guess I’ll be done with you. We’ll call it even, and I’ll give you back to your family.”

The North Korean girl looked out with horror at all the men that were waiting for her holes to be presented for the fucking and shivered visibly. Before meeting Evelynn, she never would have been able to imagine what would force her to eagerly allow dirty, common strangers to use her mouth and cunt… but now it looked like the only option she could take. She would get back to her family after and escape this nightmare, and that was all that really mattered. “O-okay” Soomin said, her voice cracking. “I’ll do it…”

“Good doggy,” Evelyn said, petting her head. “Now crawl to them…”

Soomin did as she was told, dragging her knees over the white marble floor. Evelynn was watching closely, and the captive girl clearly knew that she had no leeway to make any kind of mistake or she would suffer the demon’s wrath. She swallowed once as she came closer to one of the men and started rubbing her cheek against the front of his pants. The vacant-eyed man looked down at the humiliated, desperate Korean woman in front of him and, without hesitation, unzipped his pants, pulling out a thick cock just to push it into her wide open mouth. Soomin whimpered as her mouth and throat were almost immediately filled, the scabs on her lips starting to bleed further as she choked around the cock.

“You do have three holes, not one!” Evelynn encouraged her, looking at the spectacle. “Hands too! Keep them all hard! Ahri could see Soomin drooling around one cock as she tried to pull her ass higher, showing that her cunt and asshole were both available for use. Two more men came forward, grabbing her and forcing her to take their cocks. Evelynn laughed as Soomin screamed in pain, making sure her puppy was busy before she left to follow Ahri and the others as they were dragged from the room…

Steven’s house hadn’t been made with a built-in sound studio, but with time and money that was no obstacle. Evelynn had seen to it. The recording room they had was small and crumpled, but it didn’t matter… The K/DA girls knew that their comfort and the quality of their singing wasn’t even close to the most important part of the plan. “You!” one of the men said as he grabbed hold of Akali’s arm, yanking her over. “You’re going in first.” The man pulled her in through the door before he pushed her in front of the mic. The other three girls stood behind the glass, watching closely as Evelynn joined Akali and a few of her thugs inside the studio with Akali.

“Here are your verses,” Eve said as she pulled out a sheet of paper with the lyrics to the song and pushed it into Akali’s hands. “I hope you haven’t lost all your talent, because if you screw this up I’m going to have to find ways to… motivate… you.” The youngest member of K/DA’s hands were shaking as her eyes scrolled through the lines. She could feel her throat getting dry as sand. She had expected this to be degrading, especially after the last time… but if anything this was going to be worse. Still, what could she do? Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the men flip the switch and the light come on that signaled the start of recording. Taking a breath and choking back a sob, Akali started to do her lines.

It had been far too long since the last time she did something like this… even with her temporary role as a tutor to Soomin, she hadn’t done much. Furthermore, there was a long time during that period where she hadn’t been allowed to speak at all. Put together, it means that her skills were almost forgotten… she tripped over her words a few times, her rhythm was bad, and she was nowhere near as clean as she should have been. She kept expecting punishment to come… but it didn’t. Not until she had finished.

“Well,” Evelynn said, clicking her tongue. “I must say, that was properly pathetic.” The point of one of her lashers traced over the rapper’s neck and Akali wanted to hide, to get as small as possible and flinch away. There was nowhere to go, through.

“She’s just a dumb slut,” one of the men said.

“Hardly!” Evelynn said with a smile. “She just needs some… help… getting into the role. How is she supposed to sing about being a worthless fuckdoll if she keeps thinking she’s a person? We need to help her out by reminding her…” Akali flinched as one of the men grabbed her by the hips, perking her ass up. “If you can’t do it right,” Evelynn continued, “Then we’ll teach you — my friends here are going to fuck your ass for as long as you record, and if something isn’t right… well, we’ll just start over. Do you understand me, slut?”

Akali screamed in pain as her asshole was forcefully entered – the pain was so deep and unbearable she could barely breathe. But it was nothing in comparison to the way she felt when she started to get fucked. There was nothing for her to hold on to and her breasts were swaying in the air as she felt a thick cock filling her up… and she was expected to sing like this? Evelynn slapped her ass. “Now do your job and sing, slut!”

It wasn’t easy to sing this kind of song to begin with, but with her asshole being ruined as she sang her task became even harder. It was going and going until Akali thought she’d lose her mind from the pain and humiliation she felt. No version she sang was good enough for the demanding Evelynn, and they made her repeat it over and over and over again until, at last, she collected herself enough to force herself to do it without choking or screaming – Akali knew well that there was no other way out of the room. Finally, on what had to be the thirtieth try, she sang the lyrics well enough for them to let her go. She smeared away her tears as she got out, sitting on the floor and hugging her knees to calm herself as Evelynn stood over her.

“You next,” she said, nodding at Kaisa. “Since you whores didn’t get it from the first time, apparently, I’m going to repeat myself – you make a mistake, you get punished. Simple as that. Got it?”

The lithe dancer had seen what happened to Akali and didn’t want to experience any more pain, so Kaisa played her usual obedient role as she looked at the paper Evelynn handed her, trying to do everything perfectly from the start. Kaisa nodded to herself as she mumbled the words, trying to figure them out and the needed pitch… she was a backup singer for the band more than a main singer, after all. Her hands shook as the recording started, and she tried to belt out the verses and choruses they needed from her. She was doing well too, thoroughly motivated by fear of pain to give up easily, but as soon as she made a single mistake she felt a hand roughly grabbing her between her legs, her clit getting twisted. She whimpered, trying to move away, just inflicting more pain on herself as Evelynn kept her still.

“Not good enough,” the demon hissed. “Stay here and repeat it all over. Got it, slut?”

Kaisa nodded, trying not to scream as she stood, unmoving, while her sensitive clit was squeezed between her tormentor’s fingers. 

She started again, this time making sure that there wasn’t anything that could be used against her, but still, every note she was even close to going off, she got another twist and tug, making a jolt of pain go through her. And she started over.


And again.

And again.

When her part was finally done, Kaisa could barely walk out of the room, moving on her tiptoes to make it easier… but even the movement of her thighs moved enough air that her clit seemed to burn. She lowered herself to the floor with a whimper, her legs splayed wide… the shame of exposing herself less than the pain of keep them closed.

“Come on in, don’t be shy,” Evelynn said to Seraphine as she addressed the blue-haired singer next. The woman was reluctant to follow… she didn’t seem to want to be made to participate in her own abuse, but she had watched what had been done to the others — she knew by now that there was little she could do about it. After what had happened to Akali and Kaisa, she wasn’t looking forward to the punishment that she would get if she tried to resist. “Same rules for you,” Evelynn said as she closed the door, sealing Seraphine in. “But with a twist. Since you seemed to have suuuuch a good time with your little girlfriend…” Evelynn hissed the words, her eyes narrowed with something that might have been jealousy, “then I think it’s only fair that she gets punished when you fuck it up, worthless wannabe skank.”

Seraphine looked through the glass, eye wide as one of the men outside had his eyes flash in time with Evelynn’s, and then Ahri was grabbed by her neck and pulled down to her knees. The man in front of her had already pulled his cock out, the tip grazing Ahri’s lips. “You see the idea here?” Eve asked as the man stroked his dick over her lips. “Get it done or her mouth gets fucked… and I wonder how much harder that is going to make it when it’s her turn, huh?”

Seraphine’s eyes were wide, but she seemed to focus up with determination as she looked over her own lyrics, blushing as she read them but dedicated to getting them right. She could’ve handled her punishment, but knowing that Ahri was going to be the one on the receiving end made her more motivated than her own pain would’ve ever done. When the flip was switched the cover singer sang, her voice clear and perfect even after all the pain, after she was tortured for weeks… but even that performance wasn’t enough for them. Even if she hadn’t made a single mistake as far as Seraphine could tell, she had to watch as Ahri’s mouth was forcefully opened and a cock was forced between her lips.

“Stop it! I’m doing it!” Seraphine said, interrupting her verse in desperation to get them to stop hurting one of the people she had tried to protect.

“What’s the matter?” Evelynn said with a laugh. “Don’t like her mouth being used by someone other than you?” Eve bared her teeth to the woman. “Do you think you have something special? Get over it. Now work faster, and better, or I’ll have them get to work on her other holes, too!”

Seraphine had no choice but to surrender, getting back to the mic and starting over, letting all of her emotions out into the song. Every attempt was, to Seraphine’s ears, good enough to pass muster, but Evelynn made her repeat the task at least five times before even she gave up. “Enough,” she said in disgust, practically kicking her out of the room by the ass as she focused on Ahri. The lead singer, Evelynn’s former lover, was next. The blonde’s mouth felt raw and dry, her lips tingling after the forced facefuck she had just endured. Despite herself, she was grateful that Seraphine had finished so quickly before it got worse… but even so she could already predict what was coming next.

Before she could even finish stepping up to the mic, Ahri watched as Seraphine was lifted into the air, one man holding her under her knees as the other was probing her asshole with his cock. “We don’t have all day,” Evelynn spat. “So hurry up and it fast before we tear your girlfriend’s asshole apart.”

She wanted to scream, to spit in their faces, but it would’ve done nothing to help Seraphine… and despite her misgivings, it seemed a poor repayment indeed to allow her to suffer after she had tried so hard to spare Ahri. So, instead of protesting, Ahri sang her part.  She was disgusted with the words that were coming out of her mouth, but she couldn’t do anything but try to get it done as fast as she could, as perfect as she was able to. Even so, she still stumbled on the lyrics several times when she looked over and saw the way the men were gangraping and abusing the blue-haired singer, making her start over.

Then, finally, the recording was finished. Hurt and humiliated, the four of them were taken away from the studio, but they all knew that this wasn’t over… that this had only been the first step in a very long day, and what was going to happen next would be far worse than anything they’d endured before.

“Get them dressed,” Evelynn said as she strode from the room. “It’s almost showtime.”

The men wheeled in clothing racks and started taking off items, bringing them over to each of the four girls. To their dismay, it was clear that Evelynn had selected an outfit for each of them. Those outfits were — marginally — better than being naked, but only barely. Still, they knew there was no point in putting up a fight. They were exhausted, outnumbered, and fighting back would only earn them more pain. The last thing the girls needed was help getting dressed… but they got it anyway.

Akali was given tight leggings with a wide cut that opened her pussy and asshole, a tiny black top, and a leather jacket… but one that was unable to close. The whole thing really drew more attention to her body than it hid. To her dismay, she was once again given a collar… a tight one, with the word “bitch” emblazoned on it in big metallic letters.

Kaisa, for her part, was given some similar things. Her leggings were so tight that she was pretty sure individual bumps of gooseflesh could be seen, and the top just barely held in her heavy breasts… the tops of her nipples showed. Her collar had “slave” written on it.

Ahri put on a short dress, her cunt barely covered with the fabric, but the asymmetric top didn’t cover her left breast at all. She hadn’t gone a day without wearing her ears in the last two years, but even so she winced when the tail with the buttplug was brought out. They also didn’t bother to lube it up before they forced it into her, but they did at least let her suck it first for a minute… even if she tasted the last time she had worn it in the process. Her silver collar said “cunt”.

Last of all, Seraphine was given a short skirt and an impossibly skin-tight top that clung so closely to the contours of her breasts that it made it look like her tits were another color more than it concealed them. The boots she was put in were up above her knees, and just as tight. She didn’t get any underwear either, not like any of the other girls did, and it left her holes just hanging out in the open. Her collar had a “slut” shining on it in silver letters. Unlike the other girls she hadn’t been dolled up like this for a video before… but she had watched the infamous K/DA video and could imagine. Seraphine felt sick as she put it on, just like the others must be feeling, but she couldn’t do much under the watchful eyes of the men who had just tortured her and were ready to do it again.

“Look at you,” one of them said. “Now no one can tell how big of cheap whores you all are.” The group’s leader, one of the men who had abducted her named Tom, bared his teeth at them. “Hope you are all ready for a good pounding because you’re going to get it soon… Now, let’s go!”

They all felt ill and exhausted… but the filming went on. It took hours, and during that time there were no breaks, no mercy, no respite from the pain and the humiliation and the cocks entering their every hole again and again and again as they tried not to break. After everything that was already done to them, it seemed like an easy task, but the number of men ready to abuse them was overwhelming. By now they were dancing to the last bits of the song. Most of their costumes were gone by now, their clothing was torn and shredded away, their bodies were covered in bruises. Evelynn was sitting behind them on the throne, smiling into the camera as she looked over what was about to be her greatest creation. She could already feel that this would be enough to harvest more power than she could’ve ever imagined. Yes, the girls were in a pitiful state and they weren’t going to feel much better with what she got ready next, but did it matter when she finally reached her goal?

“Cut,” she said with delight, watching her former bandmates almost fall from exhaustion. “You all did wonderful, sluts. Those were very passable jobs.” She moved to face them, all of the men still under her spell and surrounding them. Some were still served by Soomin even know, the North Korean heiress still working desperately to fluff all the men to full hardness to keep Evelynn happy. The slut was all but completely covered in cum and drool, and she had been fucked at least as much as Eve’s former bandmates had been. She looked over her slaves, happy that it was almost over for her and she was close to the end of her planning. “You did so well today,” she said with a smile. “But the guys worked even harder, so I think it’d be fair if they have some fun with you as a treat, don’t you think?”

She could see the fire in Ahri’s eyes as she looked at her, the memory of her tongue licking over Evelynn’s cunt still fresh. She liked her anger, there was so much fire in it. Too bad that she’d become just as expendable as everyone else. “You’ll get what you deserve,” Ahri said through her teeth.

“Oh, you’re right about that, darling. I definitely will,” Evelynn agreed. Their role in this production was over, but Eve’s wasn’t… she still had to make sure the editing was flawless before putting the video out. It had to be perfect. “And you will get what you deserve, too…”

As Evelynn moved to leave the room, the men started surrounding the popstars again, pushing them to their knees and using the sluts just the way they needed to be used. Before she could finish leaving, however, she felt a weak, disgusting hand grab at her ankle. “Please…” Soomin begged pitifully. “Please, mistress… I did as you asked. Please, let me go back to my family…”

Evelynn frowned, kicking her hand off her ankle as she looked at the filthy, ruined whore. In truth she had forgotten all about the pitiful bitch. Well, she deserved her reward, by the looks of it. “Let’s go then,” Eve’s expression changed to a smile. “I’d almost forgotten all about you. Let’s get you back to your family, pet.”

Soomin eagerly followed Evelynn as she guided the woman through the house. Together they walked downstairs to the basement… exactly where trash like Soomin belonged in Evelynn’s opinion. From the dazed, exhausted look on the Korean heiress’ face, she was barely processing anything, much less noticing exactly where they were going. “Head on in,” Evelynn said as she opened one of the doors. The lights were dimmed, and Soomin could barely see what was going on inside. “Don’t be shy… your family is waiting for you.” Something about those words seemed to finally break through the haze surrounding Soomin, and she opened her mouth to say something… just in time for Evelynn to shove her inside, shutting the door as she heard screams and… barking… on the other side.

“Have fun with your family!” Evelynn laughed as she hit the light switch on her way back upstairs. Turning on the light allowed Soomin to clearly see the dogs that filled the room. Not just any dogs, either… her dogs. The ones she had trained to fuck… the ones she had abused and kept poorly fed. They growled at her as they stalked closer.

“You promised me!” Soomin cried out through her tears as her voice was breaking. “You promised I’ll get to go back to my family!”

“I did,” Evelynn said. “And you have. Your real family. All that’s left of it.” She turned and left the basement, still hearing the echoes of Soomin’s screams behind her. She wondered how many days it had been since someone had fed them, and for how long their lust would override other, even more primal forms of hunger.

Then again, she really didn’t care.

A perfectly normal day on the internet was savagely interrupted by the event. First, it was only messaged in private groups and on the darkweb and private messaging apps, but eventually even mainstream discussion caught on, and then it was all that anyone could talk about. Overnight, a website named “K/DA gets fucked again” had popped up on the web, and the countdown on it was rapidly ticking down from 24 hours to nothing. Every social media website and even a fair number of mainstream media broadcasts were talking about it, filled with messages and concerns, predicting what was going to be shown and how it was related to the disturbing and still unexplained video of the inhuman Evelynn that had come weeks before. The countdown didn’t care anything about all that discussion, however… it continued to count down as the world waited with bated breath… and more than the occasional hard cock.

Then, at exactly midnight in Korea, the countdown was suddenly replaced and anyone who wanted could see what had become of the former popstars.

The video was taken down almost immediately, of course… banned by every algorithm and moderator on any forum, video hosting site, or porn site that was even slightly reputable. It made no difference at all. Even as the video was taken down over and over and over and OVER again it was never enough to stop people from downloading it and more and more people from uploading it. As soon as the public got ahold of the new music video they started reposting it everywhere they could, showering more and more and more and more people with K/DA’s abuse. By the time 24 hours had passed, everyone in the world with an internet connection knew about it and had seen at least still frames of the tamer parts… and far more of the world than people would like to admit had seen much more than that.

The video had started with flashes of unconnected action: Akali getting fucked from behind on a motorcycle. Ahri licking Evelynn’s cunt. Seraphine, bound on the bed with her legs wide open as she was getting double penetrated. These and more images flashed almost too quickly to process, though helpful souls extracted many of them frame by frame for “study” as over them the soundtrack began to play, featuring the voices of all the captive girls.

Should we show ’em how we do it every day?
No, please, no no, no-no-no, no-no-no-no-no-no…

But no one listens…

The next scene as the beat dropped showed only Akali, her hands tied behind her back as she sat on a motorbike, doing her best to sing her lines as she was fucked from behind. The camera rotated around her, the shots making sure to catch the way her asshole hugged the man’s cock as she was skewered and penetrated over and over again. The man had been chosen specifically for his size and it looked more like she was being assraped by a soda can than a man. Despite that Akali seemed to be trying to sing through it, her eyes sometimes closing from the pain she endured even as the prerecording rap superimposed itself over the scene, only occasionally adding in the real sounds of her screams and hesitations.

Akali that girl, ‘Kali go grr
Then she got tamed, then she got turned
Now she don’t fight, now she just purrs
Whatever you want, you know it’s ‘yes sir’

I’ve learned how to worship a clitty
I pant and I bark like a doggy
I love a fat cock in my pussy
And don’t waste your time with that foreplay

Don’t call me a whore ‘cause I’m just a pet,
I crawl ‘round on all fours, elbows and knees.
A nickel for all of the dogs I’ve fucked
And babe, I’d be Mrs. Monopoly.

Compared to me, whores have it easy getting mounted by men not big mutts who got fleas
Good doggy, good doggy, good doggy, she tells me, And sometimes those words make me honestly happy
‘Cause I’m learning my place!

As the scene ended with her final words, the entire audience watched Akali get a thick load of baby batter right up her ass just before the video shifted to Evelynn. She was walking, naked and completely unashamed, through a dark, misty room with all the captive popstars bound up like human statues. The girls were in bondage so tight that they could barely do more than twitch as sex toys buzzed away deep in their asses and cunt, ball gags in their mouths making them drool sexily down their chins. Evelynn sang as she walked between them, voice rich and confident and seductive like she was letting the audience in on a secret and inviting them to join her.

All I’ll ever know… is life upon a throne
And below me, these used fucktoys who aren’t

The scene shifted to another one, the audience’s first view of the gold and white throne room that Evelynn had constructed for the video. In this, the demoness was on full display, holding the leashes connected to the collars of Ahri, Kaisa and Akali as they danced before her throne with wanton, whorish sexuality. With every line of the song, their bodies were looking more and more bruised, their lips puffed from sucking, their slits getting redder, cum covering their stomachs and legs… making it clear that this composite had been firmed over a long time of their rapes. Despite that, all three of the girls were singing together while trying their hardest to dance to the rhythm.

Know you miss us, so he-e-ere you go
We know that we look just like
But they get paid and they can still say no
Yeah, we hate all of this, but we can’t get away
So watch us suffer and bomb-bomb, blow your wad
Never going free and that’s how it’ll stay
You know we get fucked all day, all the time

When the beat dropped out, the video was allowed to go dark for a second. When it faded back in, it was showing Kaisa in a dark, fog-machine clogged room. She wasn’t alone in it, either… the lithe dancer was completely surrounded by horny men with hard cocks, and with each word they stalked every closer to her. As she sang out the next verse, they started grabbing her, forcing her down, tearing at her clothes as she tried to keep the beat.

Two years ago, I was sold.
I was cool, I was cold.
My owner, fat and old,
Enjoyed bre~a~king me.
Now I do, what men say
Making moves, I don’t wait
With a smile on my face,
I’m their slutty sexy lay.

It changed back to Evelynn back in her bondage paradise as she walked close up beside the tied Ahri. Their faces were just inches away as Evelynn moved her fingers, complete with long, hard nails, over the blond’s wet slit.

What’s higher than the top? That’s me (That’s me)
Come take a look before falling at my feet (Oh)

A fade, and now Eve was sitting on the throne with her legs up over the arms, holding onto Ahri’s leash as she knelt between her thighs. Evelynn’s cunt glistened as it was licked clean by Ahri’s tongue, but the video captured the look of hatred and despair in her eyes as she sang out the words between licks.

She’s so much more than I’ll ever be
I use my soft tongue to worship her, my queen

Evelynn pulled Ahri closer, making her dip her head to Evelynn’s cunt, so she could suck and lick again, cutting off her words by gagging her with her pussy. As Evelynn enjoyed the popstar’s submission, she sang the next works, filled with self-satisfaction as she looked right into the camera.

All I’ll ever know… is life upon a throne
And below me, these used fucktoys who aren’t

They sang together once again, dancing as Evelynn tugged on the leashes, Ahri, Kaisa and Akali were looking worse and worse for wear now. They got even more bruises, more whip welts, more cigarette burns and taser marks and even more cum staining their bodies as they moved to the rhythm, their exhausting bodies clearly struggling but trying their hardest to keep up. All the while, Evelynn made it harder and harder by tugging on the leashes randomly, pulling them off balance as they forced the words out: 

Know you miss us, so he-e-ere you go
We know that we look just like
But they get paid and they can still say no
Yeah, we hate all of this, but we can’t get away
So watch us suffer and bomb-bomb, blow your wad
Never going free and that’s how it’ll stay
You know we get fucked all day, all the time

The music softened, the scene faded, and just as the bridge began the scene changed focus to a bedroom, all in soft blue tones. Seraphine was laying on the bed, her hands tied high over her head, as she was raped on that bed… looking for all the world like a home invasion victim as one attacker rested below her and the other above. The young singer’s asshole and cunt were stuffed to the brim, crammed with cum and bleeding as she was overused by her rapists. Her clothes, glimpsed only a few times throughout the video, were already torn almost to nonexistence, and her bare breasts were swaying with every thrust they gave her… but she forced herself to sing anyway, even as a rope around her neck kept choking her.

Fucked… out…
The perfect fate for me, a thieving
Fat… sow…
Tried to cheat my betters but I’m
Fucked… now…
Still copying these sluts every

Day… wow… wow…
And I know, yeah I know, I’m not even a whore
Just worthless fuckmeat, to get killed when she’s bored
So watch, enjoy
me suffer more,
For fucking with a goddess
I’ve lost it all…

The lights came up, momentarily whiting out the camera… and when it came back up, they were in the throne room again. Evelynn sat confidently on her throne watching as the other, no longer dancing, were raped for her amusement. Seraphine had joined them now, and she seemed even worse off than the rest, her holes gaping as they were transformed from cover idol to fucked out tramp. The only holes these sexy popstars had free were their mouths as they sang, and their rapes became more and more ruthless with every moment, every sung syllable as if the men were trying their best to make them lose the beat.

We know that we look just like
But they get paid and they can still say no
Yeah, we hate all of this, but we can’t get away
So watch us suffer and bomb-bomb, blow your wad
Never going free and that’s how it’ll stay
You know we get fucked all day, all the time

As it continued, there were a few more cuts brief solo scenes as the girls experienced torments alone or in smaller groups, but by the end the focus was entirely on Evelynn as she tugged on the leashes that she held in her hands, making the girls struggle for breath as she dragged them off by their collars, the limp, barely moving, fucked out victims scrubbing their fully naked, bruised, messy, filthy, cum-streaked bodies off on the marble floor. 

The video was watched billions of times… and with every watch Evelynn could feel it. She could feel the lust as her power grew, one small bit at a time. Just a little more and she’d be able to finish what she started. Just a little bit more…

Exhausted, bruised, barely conscious, and thoroughly fucked, the four captive popstars were dragged back down to their basement cell right before dawn. They didn’t have the energy to speak really… they barely kept themselves from being slid along the floor on their sides or asses, and when the door was shut behind them they were only all too eager to simply collapse. Akali and Kaisa laid down close to each other, trying to keep some warmth and comfort between them as they shook and cried. Ahri sat on the mattress next to them, pain echoing through her body at her every move.

She knew, somehow, that this was the end. That there was nothing they could do. Evelynn had put them through their first torment to gather some kind of… energy… for herself, and she had just done it again. She had gotten what she wanted, and that meant they weren’t needed anymore. Soon enough she’d get rid of them, one way or the other. “It’s a nightmare” she whispered, feeling tears streaming down her face. “We’re done for.” She finally let herself sob, lost in her confusion and exhaustion and despair. “I don’t even know what she’s doing…”

Ahri hadn’t expected an answer, but to her surprise, Seraphine settled down next to her on the mattress. She… she didn’t seem quite as exhausted as the rest of them did. That was a little odd, to be honest. Eve had seemed especially focused on making sure the “pretender” had suffered, and up there during the video she had seemed just as weak and worn out as the rest of them. When she spoke, it took Ahri a moment to follow what she was saying and process it as more than just background noise… that she was saying something important.

“The first time, she needed to change her shape. To fake her death. For that, that old succubus needed to be in a room with a bunch of horny men preying on their extreme lusts. It was enough to gorge her with energy… but that was simple enough of a task. She just needed to remake herself. High power but nothing fancy.” Seraphine shook her head. “That wasn’t the end of it, though. I think it was the video that made her realize it… that everyone who watched, who focused their lust on her watching the video, fed her as well. Not just fed her, either… it made some kind of… connection… between them. A link she could use.”

Ahri just stared at Seraphine like she was mad. None of this was making sense… only that wasn’t entirely true, was it? “This time, I exposed the truth of what she was to the world. Everyone has seen her as a demon now. It’s left her with only one option if she wants to vanish again… she needs an absolute ton of energy again, but more importantly, if she is going to enchant the whole damn world into forgetting what she is, then she is going to need to make a link with the whole damn world… or at least most of it. Hence the video,” Seraphine looked down. “Everyone who sees this, who feels even a hint of arousal, is sending it her way. She can gather it up… and feed her own power back at them. Enchant them, like she’s doing to her thugs… at least long enough to convince them that the tall tales of a demonic popstar were just a well-known hoax.”

Ahri stared at Seraphine, dumbstruck. She had a million questions… how… but none of them seemed relevant right then. None of it mattered. “Then she won,” Ahri whispered. “Her plan is going just the way she wanted.”

And then Seraphine smiled at her. “Yeah,” she said firmly. “And so is mine.”

3 thoughts on “K/DA: All Fucked Out – Ch 6 – Going Viral

  1. Have you ever played a game, watched a movie, or read a book, and wished you could forget everything you knew about it, just so you could experience it all over again?

    Evelynn basically just made the porno version of that, didn’t she?


    1. Hello, thanks for reaching out! I definitely still plan to finish the last few chapters… I have just unfortunately been tied down in scheduling elsewhere. I plan to finish it this year still, sorry for the delay!


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