The Sum of Her Scars – Chapter 3

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5th Week of Captivity

Another day of pain had come.

Diana could hear the cell door opening and reflexively curled up in a ball. Please, no, she thought to herself. Please let this end…

She’d been here for what felt like years now. Months, at the very least. At first, she had tried counting how many times Oran came for her. She had given up on that after she forgot the number for the second time after an especially bad day. The first time had been a long time ago, on the day he had hung her up from a noose all day while giving her a variety of different ways to keep herself up… from fucking her from below to giving her tiny spikes to step on. After twelve hours of that, she had barely remembered her name anymore. The second time…

She whimpered softly as she thought about her wings. Just thinking about them hurt. That day, Oran had stretched her right wing out on the table, nailed it down, and spent a few hours meticulously breaking every bone in it with a hammer. It had already started healing… but visibly crooked. It still hurt every single time she moved it, and without some major magic and a surgeon she doubted that she would ever fly again. After that, she couldn’t even pretend to know how long she had been here anymore.

Over the last few days, Diana had been considering different ways in which she could kill herself. None of them seemed very reliable, though. At times she prayed that he would hold her underwater until she perished, or choke her for too long, and then her suffering would finally be over. Her only hope was a desperate cry to be rescued, saved before it was too late.

Then Oran’s boot hit her in the small of her back, barely missing her crippled wing. “Wake up, whore,” the elf cursed, kicking her in the back. “What did I tell you about how to wait for me?”

Diana whimpered and sat up, then crawled over to him and sat on her knees. “I’m sorry, sir. Please forgive me.” Her voice was tired. Barely a whisper.

Oran’s strong hand came down to stroke her cheek. “It really is amazing how good you still look after everything you’ve been put through. I guess you Aasimar whores were made to take punishment.”

“It hurts…” Diana whispered.

“I bet it does, my dear,” Oran agreed. “But clearly, it doesn’t hurt enough. All this time and you still haven’t learned real respect. You haven’t really accepted your place.” He shook his head, dismayed. “Somewhere in there, you still think this is all a big mistake. Poor you, the good girl, ended up here getting fucked up.”

Oran cleared his throat and spit his thick phlegm over her face, then crouched down in front of her. He forced his hand into her mouth and pinched her tongue between his fingers. He yanked on it, pulling it viciously out of her mouth. As her eyes widened, he held them with a smile. “This isn’t a mistake, whore. You deserve this. Everything you’re getting. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. You should feel bad for me. I’m the one putting in all the work… all you do is lay around being useless. But like I said, deep down you still don’t see things the proper way. That’s why today I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Diana thought about all the torments she had already been through, all of the nightmares, and tried to imagine something worse… what he could have in mind for her that was so bad. She shook her head, terrified, her imagination doing half the work for him. “Please, no… Please no more, sir… I’ll do anything…”

She would have given anything to be able to kill him at that moment. Paladins were taught to fight honorably with weapons, but Diana would have savaged him with her bare hands. All she wanted was to claw out his eyes and tear his guts out and make him suffer like he did to her… but she was too weak. Too pathetic. Too helpless. That surge of desperate desire for violence with met with two kinds of shame – first, the type that she, as a paladin, was considering just ripping someone apart for revenge. Second, pathetically, dismay because she realized this exact kind of thought was what he was talking about… that she didn’t know her place, as he said.

Oran, for his part, smiled. “Well, actually, I’ve got several surprises for you,” he said. “But the big one’s coming tomorrow. In fact, we’re preparing some things and that’s why I don’t have much time for you today. However… I figured you were getting lonely in here, so I brought you a friend. Get him in here!”

Diana stared towards the doorway and saw another man dragging in a bound-up goblin. She recognized it as the one from his workshop, the weak, lecherous helper slave that he had used as extra hands and assistance for so long. Oran cut the ties and removed the gag from his mouth. “Don’t worry. He isn’t dangerous, see?” He spread the goblin’s mouth wide and showed her the gums with missing teeth, then the fingers with the ripped out nails. “Made him all safe for you. He’s been so annoying lately that it’s time I put him out of his misery – unlike you, who won’t be getting so lucky – but I figured he’s at least been occasionally helpful, so I’ll let him keep you some company first.”

As the goblin flailed about, Diana could see his eyes focusing on her and the pointed tongue licking his lips. Between his thin legs dangled a thick and veiny cock that dripped gleaming ropes of seed. “Well, whore, I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Oran. He slammed the goblin hard against the wall and laughed, then left the cell and closed it up.

Diana moved away from the goblin as he came back to his senses. “Please don’t attack me,” she said in every language she could think of. “We can escape if we work together.” Her words were wasted given the frenzied look in his eyes. He rushed her immediately, hands going for her throat. He tackled her painfully down like that, grinding his cock between her tits at the same time. The veins bulged all over his tight body, and the moment he noticed her falter he grabbed her tits instead and started fucking them ruthlessly, smacking her head down against the stone floor each time she dared to raise it up.

The goblin mumbled toothlessly in his own language as he ravaged her, then quickly turned from fucking her tits to sucking each one in turn. As Diana felt the toothless mouth sucking in her nipples, she actually experienced the single most pleasurable feeling she’d felt in… in a very, very long time. His greedy lips massaged her nipples at the same time as his powerful goblin cock moved against her toned stomach. Overwhelmed, Diana shuddered and let out a moan.

What’s wrong with me? she asked a moment later, realizing what she was getting her joy from. She… she shouldn’t get any pleasure from this. She was a paladin, an Aasimar. She could not, should not, must not be feeling pleasure from being used by such a wretched creature. But after gods knew how long being treated like meat to be beaten, the goblin was almost gentle…

He turned her around and slid inside of her from behind, slamming into her again and again while the small green fingers held her by the waist. Her pussy and ass surrendered to the goblin, while Diana closed her eyes and thought of home. She thought of her friends that she grew up with. She even thought of her young squire, Dillen. I hope you got out of here

The thoughts were almost comforting until she remembered that she had betrayed the location of every single person she knew and told Oran how to find them and deal with them. But even that didn’t matter. She was useless anyway… what did she know? Doubtless they would be fine… they were far more competent than her. Maybe that was why they hadn’t come for her… they were better off with her gone.

As the goblin ground his dick against her insides, her now-trained pussy and ass squeezed him tightly… It no longer even felt bad. Fuck me, she thought, smiling a little despite herself.  Anything to get away from the pain and the inevitable suffering that was to come. This pussy is yours to use however you please…

The words, words that Oran had said to her before, rang in her head and she began to question them in earnest. After all, what kind of person would enjoy this? What kind of woman would go from standing tall one day to begging and accepting cock in her like this the next? I’m a failure, she thought, gushing happily as the goblin cock pounded her ass. A failure…

Any other paladin would have never fallen prey to such cheap trickery in the first place, and they definitely wouldn’t have broken under torture. I’m sorry, brothers and sisters, I was not worthy…

The goblin came inside her, and she licked his cock clean for him before he started to fuck her again.

And again.

And again…

When Oran returned to get her the next day the goblin was still going, pumping her from behind at a steady rate as he shot his seed inside of her and across her body. “Seems you two have been busy,” said the torturer with a laugh. Then without hesitation, he went over to the goblin, grabbed his head from both sides, and squeezed. Diana watched in shocked horror as her beastly “lover’s” face first panicked, then as it froze in place as the firm hands of Oran pushed it together… then his skull shattered and the entire cranial edifice collapsed.

Diana looked up at her torturer helplessly, realizing what power lay in those hands. “I hope you had fun,” he told her. “Today we’re going to do something very different.”

He grabbed the chain attached to her collar and pulled on her. “Come on. Hurry up, we don’t have all day.”

Diana followed him unthinking, crawling without being told. The last time she had stood up he had beaten the soles of her feet with a cane for hours until they were more blood than skin, and she wasn’t sure if she even could put weight on her feet anymore… and she certainly wasn’t eager to find out and repeat the punishment. She carefully kept her weight off her crippled and badly healed hand and wrist, walking on kneels and elbows as she followed the elf. She expected he would just be taking her back to his chamber again, where almost all of the shameful things had happened to her, but it looked like they were going somewhere else. She was still tasting goblin semen in her mouth, still feeling disgusted with herself.

Just kill me, she thought. Just end it, please…

Oran took her up a set of stairs that she’d never seen before and emerged along a gallery overhanging with burning braziers. From somewhere nearby she could hear booming shouts as well as terrified cries. “Come and see, whore,” he said, tugging forward. “Get up on your feet.”

It had been so long since Diana was allowed to stand up as a normal person that it was almost disorienting to be at such a height. Her feet were agonizing but not so painful she couldn’t stand at all, surprisingly. Below them, over the railing, was what seemed like an arena filled with people. Men. Dirty, naked, writhing men. Dangling above the churning, howling masses were several girls tied up by their feet, hanging just out of reach.

At first Diana wasn’t sure who the people were… but dark as it is, as her eyes moved across the crowd she found she actually recognized several from her search through town. She saw one of the beggars from the village she had given coins to, and a man who had refused to speak with her for more than a few seconds, but who had moved closer to the temple with his wife to protect her, and the father of a kidnapped girl who had come to speak to her, and… and…


Diana’s heart pounded even as it sank as she caught a glimpse of her blond squire. Was that him? She couldn’t be sure but… in her soul, she was certain anyway. The mass of men were all naked and so squeezed into the arena that many of them could barely move. “What a lovely group of people,” Oran said with a grin. “Good people.” He raised a hand.

And one of the girls dangling from a rope plummeted into the masses, shrieking as she fell. “Lasina!” one of the men in the crowd yelled. “Lasina! Don’t touch her!”  As the brunette fell into the throng of naked men, some caught her and immediately began to grope her and feel up her entire body, forcing themselves on her. Diana gulped as she saw the frenzied looks in the faces of the men, some of whom she had spoken to, some of whom she had defended… men she considered to be normal. Men she would have otherwise looked upon with respect. What are they thinking? What are they doing?

The one yelling out “Lasina!” must have been her lover, since he was trying to thread his way through the men to get to her, punching and kicking at a few to make way. As he got closer to the middle of the circle where the strongest men were, however, his advance faltered. “Let her go! Let her go you fucking animals!”

He got close enough that he could almost touch her, then was pulled away. The other men cursed at him, shoved at him, and when he wouldn’t relent, attacked him back. It started with a few slaps and punches, but soon enough all of those that were waiting to get their hands on the brunette were pounding him down into the ground, laughing as they did it.

For her part, Lasina was passed around them like a piece of meat to the men, to be used however they pleased. Much to her horror, Diana noticed her young squire going coping a feel of her tits as well with a pained smile on his face. Dillen, she thought. How could you do this? What’s the matter with you?

“Isn’t it lovely?” asked Oran with a grin. “This is what the Lady of Rape demands from us. Only that we be true to ourselves.” He chuckled. “Although your people seem to give it willingly. They don’t seem to have too many qualms with hurting their own, do they?”

Diana couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “How…” she whispered. “How are you doing this? How are you controlling them like this?”

Oran snorted. “You give them too much credit.” He pointed at the beaten down man, slowly crawling out of the mass, listening with obvious pains to the sound of his lady being raped. “He tried to save her and couldn’t. They beat him down. How much sympathy do you think he’s going to have for the next man to have his woman dropped in there?” the elf laughed. “And what do you think he’s going to do to her?”

The paladin stared with horror. “All of them…” she whispered. All of them were the lovers, or parents, or siblings of missing women?Her investigation had found plenty of missing couples… she, and everyone else, had assumed they had fled to avoid the kidnappings. She was beginning to see that might not have been the case. A couple would be tossed in here, the man helpless to watch the horde take his lover for their own… beaten and broken down until he was one of them.

Oran smiled as he looked down at it. “People are animals, paladin… and you think you can defend them? You think they are worth protecting? Not at all. This is what we are… animals willing to eat each other alive. That is all Syris makes us see, Aasimar… the truth about what we are.”

Diana watched with horrified eyes as the horde abused the poor brunette. They smacked the poor girl around until she went quiet and used her until she could tell her limbs had gone limp. Is she dead? If she was, it didn’t seem to matter to the horde… limp or not, her body got passed along to more eager men in the arena, those at the front clamoring and fighting against one another for position. “Let’s give them a special treat, shall we?” said Oran. Looking at the crowd, he took hold of Diana by the neck and held her firmly. “Look what I’ve got for you, you bastards! Prime Aasimar flesh!”

Their electrified cries rose as they saw Diana. She instinctively moved away from the railing, but Oran was far too strong for her – he brutally tossed her over it and let her fall several feet down into the mass of men. “Enjoy!”

Reaching hands caught her, grabbing hold of the redhaired woman as she fell and pulling her in a dozen different directions. Among those that caught her she could see Dillen… and it was Dillen. His arms trembled and his eyes went wide as she looked at him. “Diana…” he whispered.

“Help me!” she begged him, feeling the other countless hands touching her. “Help me!”

Her cries turned out to be in vain. The squire fell back, too afraid to do anything as the others unleashed upon her. “You angel bitch!” they yelled, pulling on her wings. “What do you think you’re doing here?”

Diana could feel their hands going up into her pussy and ass. “Stop!” she sobbed, tears coming down her face. “STOP IT!” she shouted. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?”

One man simply hauled back and punched her in the nose. She could taste the blood in her mouth, gagging on the coppery taste as the strongest hands in the crowd grabbed hold of her. She was immediately forced to take a sweaty dick in her mouth as the others raped her holes from behind, immediately squeezed between more than a hundred men all looking to rape her.

And again.

And again.

And again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again…

By now Diana got used to losing control of her senses, of her own body, and even of her mind. She had been tortured, humiliated, and forced to degrade herself in ways that were unimaginable. But what was being done to her then was at the hands of a demon. A demon in human skin by the name of Oran. These were simple men. Men she knew. Men, in the case of Dillen, that she trusted and loved. What is wrong with them?! What is wrong with this world?! This sick fucking world!

In that moment, Diana would’ve ripped the skin from all of them and had them tortured in the worst ways imaginable. If she had her mace and armor she would have laid into the ground, smiting them all down… but she was too powerless for that. Instead she succumbed to their strong bodies as they forced themselves on her, ripping apart her ass, stretching her pussy, and slapping her around over and over again.

“Look at these fine angel wings!” one of them said with a detestable slurring. “I’ve never fucked an angel before!”

Diana grimaced as they bent her wings and pulled on them. She could hear something snap and knew that they were breaking them. There was no reason for that. Not even their boundless sexual lust could explain why they would pick on her wings. They just saw something beautiful and chose to destroy it. As they fucked her, Diana could feel and hear her wings snap and tear. She wept and screamed but the cocks were so deep down her throat that almost nothing came out, the crowd was so loud no one could hear her over it. Whenever she dared get loud enough they could actually hear her they beat her, bashing her stomach and breasts and head like brutes until she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, and couldn’t think.

Something should kill us all, she wished. Something should wipe us all out. These people never deserved help. Animals! Fucking bastards! I’ll kill them all…

As violent as her wishes were, they remained only wishes. As she passed around them it was hard not to just lose the anger and break down entirely. It did not even feel like she was being fucked so much as being submerged and drowned in a sea of cock, being abused for the fun of it by men that needed to be culled. As her mind and body slowly gave up, she tried to go into a happy place and away from the fists that hit her and the shafts that brutalized the insides of her throat and made her tight ass gape. But then, just as she thought back of home, Dillen appeared in front of her.

It was almost like a vision of salvation, and for a moment, the briefest of moments, Diana forgot that she had seen him among the others when she was dropped in. “Dillen,” she said, smiling happily. “You came to save me.”

The squire brushed the hair from her face, the look in his eyes remaining severe. Then coming between their locked gazes she could see a towering cock appearing and she knew that it was his and suddenly remembered. “No!” she screamed. “No! Dillen, what are you doing?!” He was like her son! Her brother! Her family! “Stop! Stoaaghhhggzz-”

Diana continued tried to scream at him as the dick filled up her throat, but the only sound she could hear was her moist drool and the hundred seeds intermixed in her stomach coming back up. The glack! glack! glack! of her throat getting raped by her squire resounded in her ears and it brought back in her a zealous fury.

He can’t do this! HE CAN’T DO THIS! DILLEN! The holy fury was impotent in the face of the determined rape he practiced on her throat. After a while of letting a few of her words get out, he became enraged and smacked her. She knew that it was him, because she could hear his voice, the same kind and boyish voice she was used to twisted into one of pure hatred. “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, WHORE! SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND TAKE IT!”

To hear him speak that… Dillen, no! Nothing came out of her now but bitter tears as he took her. Others were entering and exiting her ass and pussy, slapping her tits around and pulling her hair savagely. Occasionally, a kick in her side would be so rough that the air left her lungs. No more… she begged. No more… Goddess, wherever you are, please stop… I forsake my gods, I forsake them, please stop…

But there was no stopping them. Even as her flowing tears no longer made it possible to see Dillen or the others abusing them, even as the lack of air occasionally made her pass out and come back in shock a moment later, they were still going…

What is happening? asked Diana in pure terror. Stop! Stop… stop… stooooop…

A day or a century later, they came to take her from there. Diana was dumped back into her cell, agonized and broken and ruined, and that was where she still was, barely having twitched before Oran came from her the next day. Her body was beaten and bruised and her wings twisted and broken from the day before, but it was her mind that hurt even more. Whenever she woke up, Diana thought of what happened to her and what she was forced to endure and wept. And whenever she closed her eyes to go to sleep it all came back to her at once like a never-ending nightmare.

“Wake up, whore,” said Oran, kicking her in the side. “Wake up.”

Diana shuddered and sobbed. She knew that she should obey him for fear of being put through worse pain so she turned around and sought to kiss his feet. Her hands stroked his leg lovingly. “Sir, please… I’ll be good… I’ll be good for you…”

The elf laughed. “Yes… I can see you’ve had a change of heart, whore. I do. I think we’re heading in the right direction with all of this. But we’re still not done yet. You ever pray before, paladin-whore?”

Diana bobbed her head. “Yes, sir. Many times.”

He lowered his pants till his mighty cock dangled in front of her. “So pray,” he said, leering at her. “Pray to my cock. Worship and show me your appreciation.”

Trembling, Diana got on her knees and looked up the monstrous cock and its bulging veins and throbbing head. She put her hands together as she did so many times since she was a child for her deity, but this time it was to something else. Ajaxe failed me, she thought. You failed me. “Please, sir, treat me with mercy. I worship you…”

Oran grinned and she could see his cock strengthening with her words. “Is that right?”

“Yes, sir,” the paladin swore. “I adore you. I love you and your cock. I live to serve you.”

He grabbed his cock and her throat tightened instantly, prepared for the assault that was to follow. Instead, Oran pointed the head towards her face and began to piss over her. Diana closed her mouth and eyes as usual, but this time Oran wasn’t standing for it. “Open your mouth, whore!” he commanded her, and obediently Diana opened up for the hot stream of piss, keeping her hands steepled before her in prayer, looking up at the magnificent cock. It had exerted such power and destruction over her over the last few weeks that it definitely seemed to her right now that it had more control over her fate than her deity ever did. Perhaps gods are not good… Perhaps they do not grant boons and miracles… We only worship them because we are afraid of their might…

If that was true, then Oran was unquestionably a living god, because she feared him more dearly than she could imagine fearing anything.

“The Goddess is pleased with how you’re advancing,” Oran said as he continued to piss in her mouth. “We have a test for you. If you’re going to be a good and loyal worshiper, we need to test your convictions.” He finished, wiping himself off in her hair, and turn turned around, holding the chain leash. “Follow,” he ordered.

Diana tried to crawl after him, but it soon became apparent that she was too exhausted to even do that much. He didn’t berate her. Instead, he simply grabbed her by the hair and dragged her along like a corpse. “You better get some energy back soon,” he warned her. “You’re going to need it.”

He took her back to his torture chamber, and the mere sight of it made her wince. This time there was a burning brazier in the middle with a grating on it, and as they got closer Diana could feel the furious fire burning beneath. She wondered what it meant, but she was sure that she wasn’t going to like it.

Oran pulled on a lever and a chain came down from the ceiling above the grate. Diana was too powerless and defeated to move as he secured it to the collar around her neck. She was so subservient by now that she even added a “Thank you, sir,” as he did so.

Oran laughed bitterly. “You really are becoming a good whore.”

Diana thought about that all the time. About what she had become. The sobs took her whenever she remembered the knight in shining armor she once was. “Please, sir,” she whispered. “Just kill me.”

“Kill you?” he laughed. “That won’t happen anytime soon.” He raised a hand and stroked her face with surprising gentleness. “We all love you way too much for that, paladin.” He returned to the lever and pulled it halfway up. The chain lifted and pulled her by the neck until Diana was pulled towards the grating with the fire underneath. Her legs burned as she skipped across it, jumping to save her soles, but then the chain caught up and lifted her up and off the ground.

Diana dangled by the throat. It almost cut out all her air except a few sips here and there as the chain spun and rotated her around the room, making her dizzy as she hung above the flames. She could see Oran taking a whip from the wall and approaching her. “Now, we’re going to play a little game,” he said. “I’m going to use this to give you a few strokes. And you’re going to keep quiet… Because if you scream, I’m going to turn up those flames. And you don’t want that. Understood?”

Dangling from the collar and half-choked, Diana could barely make a response. “Y-Yes… sir…”

He delivered the first savage blow of the whip against her back. The crack was so loud that it echoed throughout the room, and the pain was so overwhelming that it momentarily blinded Diana. There was barely any time to think, however, as the blow was followed by another that caught her on the stomach and coiled around her in motion to smack against her ass cheeks. “Now that was a good one!” said Oran gleefully.

He continued in this brutal manner, cracking the whip against her helpless body until there were rivulets of blood going down below into the fire and smoking up to her nostrils.  Diana thought she was doing well by not saying anything. That she was making him happy. It’s almost over…

Then the whip hit an exact spot it’d hit before where her flesh was exposed. It hurt so much that she instinctively cried out before she could stop herself. It was little more than a high-pitched croak that took the air out of her lungs. She prayed that Oran did not hear it… but her prayers weren’t answered. “What was that?” he said.

Diana wanted to defend herself and keep him off of her. But he was already going up towards a different lever and pulled on it. The blaze of the fires below her grew in intensity and the flames were up and licking the grating. At the same time, he lowered her chain until her feet would have been in the flames unless she kept them raised. “I warned you,” he told her with a growl. “I warned you.”

Tears streamed down her face. “Please…” she croaked. “I’m sorry, sir!”

Oran put away the simple whip and now brought another, this one long and studded. “You’re coming along, but apparently not well enough. We must still be going too easy on you.” He smiled at the Aasimar. “You’re going to feel this, whore, I promise you that.”

The first blow that landed across her back was enough. Diana groaned in agony and pissed herself over the flames, but the second blow came almost immediately. He intentionally hit her only across the back, abusing her raw flesh till she writhed uncontrollably, crossing and recrossing and rerecrossing the welts he had put there. The momentum of the blows started moving her along, and soon she was swinging along over the flames, trying to hold her feet up so as not to get burned. Make it stop, she prayed. Please, Goddess of Rape, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!

“Enjoying yourself, whore?” Oran smirked. “Don’t worry. We’ve got a long way to go.”

34th Week of Captivity

The priests had taught her that all things in creation were holy, even flesh. But Diana knew that her flesh was anything but that. After weeks of being broken down to her core the only thing that was holy to her would be oblivion. Death… the one thing which her captors were refusing to inflict on her. Every day she prayed to the Goddess that it would come, but it never did. Now she had become a pitiful wretch that worshiped and prayed and waited for her moment to come. Oran had dispensed with the cell… it was no longer necessary, he said. It shamed her to realize he was right. She couldn’t escape. Since all she did was shake and relive her trauma whenever he left her by herself, she could be crawling around the hallways like a dog for hours waiting for reprieve, for just a few moments of sleep without nightmares.

Sometimes the others abused her and hurt her instead. Diana could tell from the way she was treated or by the tattoos which were true servants of the Goddess like Oran, and which were just thugs that served for their own amusement. The former tortured her to whittle at her soul, but the others only raped her for the joy of it… and Diana had come to enjoy those moments somewhat. To wish to have a man go inside her and take her as if she was nothing but a wet rag to satisfy himself with, because those were moments she could escape the torment of her own mind.

It was Oran that kept pushing her all the time. Always finding new, brutal ways to fuck her, to hurt her, to choke her. Leaving her in the hands of creatures and beasts, finding other men to fuck her in new ways, charging some men to get a chance to rape the precious part-celestial he had as a piece of meat. He broke her wings and tore out her feathers on a daily basis. Her legs had been cut off a few weeks back, severed at the knees and leaving her with nothing but metal caps to walk on. He never had taken her hand but he had continued to break her fingers, leaving her unable to do anything by herself. Indeed, the only part of her that hadn’t been ruined yet was her hair. In fact, no matter how they ruined her body, Oran actually bathed her hair, keeping it lush and beautiful like a crown of flame on her head… one that she didn’t feel that she deserved any longer. Then there were the whippings, the way the elf had flayed one of her legs before severing it, the way he had added a dozen other brands to her body… memories of torments that made her wince and almost piss herself whenever she heard his voice.

Today he came and found her curled up by a statue of the Goddess, sucking on her own thumb. Memories from her past had started being poisoned by her present. Diana could have sworn that her trainers back at the temple had never once laid a hand on her, but now all she could remember was them abusing her… climbing into her bed at night, hanging her from the ceiling and beating her with practice weapons for training… making her suck their cocks beneath the mess hall tables.

Everything was always twisted and wrong, she realized. I was always nothing.

“Get up,” said Oran, giving her a kick to her ass. “I want to show you something.”

Diana didn’t want to go, didn’t want to do anything at all that he told her to do, but she was terrified to disobey, or even to delay. Instead, she forced herself up, crawling after him up the stumps of her legs and her elbows as she struggled to keep up with it. Crawling like this sent phantom limb pains shuddering up her whole body and frequently pinched her skin against the metal, but she worked hard to keep up anyway, and soon she started hearing shrieks of terror and pain in the distance as they moved through the corridors.

Oran unlocked a heavy metal gate, pushing it to the side and leading them into a chamber that was almost completely dark. The sounds and smells of sex were everywhere and it made Diana tremble, shaking in her trauma, but eventually the disgraced woman forced herself to look up… and stare in horror. The room was filled with monstrous humanoids – orcs, mostly, but a few other intelligent bestial men. They reeked of musk and were in the process of raping dozens of women in stockades, but they weren’t even what caught her eyes… the women were.

There, getting raped by groups of orcs, she could see her former friends… those that she had betrayed. Paladins and priests of her order, a variety of different races, all bound and chained up to be broken in.

“Just listen to the way they scream,” said Oran, pleased with himself as he reached down to run his hand affectionately through the former paladin’s red hair. “It’s difficult to think these idiots lived as something more than whores their entire lives. Well, now they’ll realize that’s what they always were.”

Diana looked, wordless, at the results of her betrayal. Everyone she had cared about, captive and raped… because of her weakness. Because of her failure. As she looked upon her friends, just beginning to suffer what she had suffered, she began to sob. Outright, heavy, worthless sobbing as she took in the scope of her failure, the soul-crushing weight of the pain she was to blame for. In this moment, she couldn’t conceive of a way that she could possibly be brought any lower… she no longer had even a hope that anything could ever get better. There was no dignity left, no willpower left, no hope left. She barely even had any body parts left to take away.

While she sobbed, Oran’s cock came to rest on top of her head. “You’ve entertained me well enough, whore,” the elf told her with a solemn voice. “And Syris as well. You’ve done very well… Diana.”


Diana? Did he use her real name? Did she finally earn some dignity from her torturers? The mention of what used to be the dignified name, a name that other people used to refer to her as a fellow person proved that she was wrong… she could be brought lower, her weeping growing harder still. She dropped down and kissed and licked Oran’s feet between the sobs. “Please, kill me… Please, sir, please… kill me…”

She could hear the small chuckle over the sound of the rape all around her. “I think it’s time you get your reward,” he said.

Before Diana could process that, the elf’s hands grabbed her firmly by the head and lifted her back up to his cock. She wobbled on the stumps of her legs as he immediately plunged it down her throat, facefucking her until the drool and precum dripped from her mouth. It was a familiar event to her, but… Diana could also tell that something was different this time. Oran liked choking her, but this time he was no longer releasing her even to get the little bit of breath to survive. He held her down as he fucked her, trying to fill up her throat entirely and completely clogging her airway shut as he took his pleasure from the ruined Aasimar.

Yes, take me, sir… Please… take my whore throat and end me… Diana prayed. She even put her broken hands together in prayer as he raped her throat, grateful that her end could be so merciful compared to what she suffered over the last few months. I was not made to be alive. Whores like me are only meant to die for someone else’s pleasure.

As he brought her forward, her lips so deep she was practically wrapped around his balls, she began to lose consciousness. Her body struggled to get in air despite its inability to do so, and as she slowly began to die the primordial fear of the end hit her. Where would she be going? What would the gods do with a whore like her once she reached the planes of the afterlife? What made her think that the next world would be any kinder to her than this one? So, despite her begging for it, she began to struggle to get away, struggling for a whisper of breath.

“You stupid whore,” Oran teased with a laugh, not letting her head budge backward. “Did you think this would be gentle?”

Her lungs burned up in her chest and all around her Diana could hear the screams of her former companions as they were taken. My fault, all my fault, all my fault…

“This is all scum like you deserve,” Oran told her.

She agreed.

As her body faltered and lost the little strength that came from the momentary surge of adrenaline, Diana knew that it was over. The scarlet hair that bounced around with her head slowly stopped moving along with her entire body. Oran still throated her even as the life seeped out of her body, lifting her up only with the power of his throbbing cock. Diana wasn’t even sure if the last thing she felt was him cumming or if she imagined it… feeling his cock huge inside her, large as a god itself.

Then there was nothing more.

Diana awoke again.

No! she thought instantly. It was over! I thought it was over…

She wanted to sob… but there was something different this time. Her body no longer hurt just from breathing and her hands were free to move. Her wings twitched, and it didn’t come with blinding agony from broken bones when she did. And… and she had her legs again!

Diana was suspended from four different chains tilted forward and almost facedown, looking at what appeared to be a limpid pool of still, dark water. It was utterly silent… nothing moved, and the water was a perfect mirror that she could see herself in… a perfectly intact, untouched body. Impossible…

A ripple through the water. She could see the moving tiny circles of waves through the water as something moved… something closing in. Then the water splashed as it got louder and a figure appeared before her. It was a woman, naked and beautiful, with skin as white as a sheet and eyes the color of burning coals, with long, straight dark hair flowing down to her feet and past them like a veil, trailing in the waters. Waters that stained her pale thighs crimson with each step.

This wasn’t water at all, Diana realized. It was blood.

“At long last we meet, my dear Diana,” said the figure in a calm voice. “How lovely it is to finally meet you in person.”

Diana stared at her, wordlessly. The woman looked nothing like she had ever pictured… but it didn’t matter. She knew all too well who she was looking at without needing to be told. Syris, the exiled goddess, the Lady of Rape, stood before her, looking up at the hanging paladin.

A white hand dripping with blood came up and brushed her cheek. It felt warm like the blood was fresh… and all at once, Diana felt something. At her touch, Diana abruptly lived through a thousand-thousand memories of agony, and pain, and sexual torment. Suffering that was at once indescribable and inhuman… but absolutely personal. She knew how each bit of it felt, knew how she would feel about every single thing that happened. She saw rape camps on scales that should have been impossible. Fathers raping their daughters, brothers their sisters, kings their peasants. She experienced being torn apart and having the flesh ripped away from her bones bit by bit over the course of years. She saw her nails ripped out, her teeth pulled out, and watched her headless corpse getting fucked by a ravaging troll while another fucked the severed head.

She felt it all like she had lived through it… but none of this had ever happened to her. These were not her memories.

So why did they feel like hers?

What?… Who?… Lips trembling, she eyed the goddess. “W-What is t-this?…” she stammered. “What am I seeing?”

“True beauty.” Despite the polished marble look of her face, as the deity opened her mouth and smiled, Diana could see the sharp teeth dripping with blood. She recoiled instantly but the white hand just traveled down to the paladin’s breasts, painting crimson streaks over her skin. “So lovely…” said the goddess. “I am not disappointed by you at all…”

“Why are you doing this to me!?” Diana sobbed. “Why?! What have I done to deserve this? Aren’t you a woman too? Why are you like this!?”

“Shhh.” The white hands cupped her face and her mouth dripped with blood as it came in for a kiss. She pressed her lips against Diana’s, and she could taste the coppery lifeblood of a million women who had died in agony. “It’s not me that wanted this; this was all for you, Diana. Diana… the Goddess of Rape.”

From here, the story splits into two endings. The story simply asks you… who is Diana?

More than the sum of her scars?


A fucktoy shattered beyond repair?

2 thoughts on “The Sum of Her Scars – Chapter 3

  1. Talking about this chapter is difficult. I’ve had to delete and re-write things a lot, because every time I tried talking about my feelings, I kept thinking it wasn’t fair to you and Mallory. The irony isn’t fun: I’ve read this much of the story in part because I was upset and couldn’t talk about it, and yet here I still am trying not to talk about how upset the story makes me. Every time I want to say something about my experience, a nasty voice inside of my head tells me this wasn’t for me, so I have no right to say anything. Well, keeping it together, let me try and move on and give you what constructive feedback I can.

    I have a suspicion, though I’m not sure, that this chapter might be where you accidentally killed your happy ending. I think a happy ending after the previous chapter would have been believable and could be done in a wide variety of ways, and I think you can still hypothetically have one after this, but now you have far less flexibility. There is now a specific emotional flow that that fourth chapter will need to have, which requires certain scenes or moments be present. I think this flow might be missing, but again I’ll see when I get there.

    I am going to genuinely criticize something here, something that, at present, does not make sense. I need to talk about Dillen. Now I’m sure you’re thinking that this is because of how I focused on him before, and in the interest of fairness, let me lay my cards on the table regarding this.

    We talk about stand-ins from time to time, like how the redheaded woman from Lone Fox 3, Mackenzie, I think, who wants to be fucked by beast men is Mal, or how the young man turned on by the threatening, possibly dangerous yet intensely seductive fox mistress is Cai. Dillen is a physically normal (i.e. human) young man who follows a tall, beautiful angelic woman, complete with toned, muscular body, large breasts, pale skin and feathered wings, on a mission to fight evil and make the world a better place, and assists her as best he can, helping her into and out of her armor, caring for her weapons and gear, and generally working as her assistant. He’s deeply attracted to her, whether or not she is aware of this, but is unwilling to push her for a change in their relationship, and instead continues helping her, because he believes in her mission and because it allows him to remain in her presence.

    So…this is me.

    In total seriousness, I know you keep trying to sell me on Akari, but if you asked me to describe a self-insert in one of these settings, and I somehow overcame all embarrassment and just said everything, “young human assistant to the sexy, awesome warrior angel, who knows that whatever power dynamic exists will never be abused because she openly values and appreciates him, and whose attraction toward her is expressed in a gentle. shy way because he respects her and wouldn’t want to push her or make her uncomfortable” is basically everything I could think of. Well, in the fantasy, the lady would eventually return the young man’s affections, but that one kind of goes without saying.

    Also Dillen is probably taller than I am, but then most men are.

    Anyway, I told you all of that because you might have suspected something similar and figured I’d be upset because of what happens this chapter, because I’d project Dillen back onto myself. Were that the case, I wouldn’t be criticizing this, but would instead have maybe managed a snarky comment about how I really must have pissed you and Mal off at some point, since you decided to do this to me.

    Instead, I don’t think his actions here make sense given the established setup. As I read the scene, I kept expecting a reveal, something to do with magic or an effect Oran was having, something that would work like the alien bioweapon from The Screwfly Solution (which turns sexual attraction into an impulse to kill; here the spell or aura would probably render all sexual attraction violent). You even seemed to be building up to this, with Diana thinking that lust wouldn’t explain why the mob is breaking and mangling her wings, but that reveal never came, so we have only the pit itself to explain it, and I don’t think that fully works.

    The logic of the pit, as I understand it, is that it functions on the cycle of revenge. Basically, every one of the women being lowered in means something to one of the men, be it a family member, friend or lover. Some of the other men, presumably having received some manner of incentive from the cult (or maybe some of them were already rapists when thrown in), attack and rape and possibly kill the woman, in the process repelling or injuring the man to whom she means the world. This builds up an anger and bitterness, so that when the next woman is lowered in, the one who means something to them, the first man attacks her to get his revenge, to hurt the others the same way they hurt him.

    This means that the first part, where Diana is thrown in and Dillen is too scared to come to her defense, is sad but makes sense, as he’s probably been beaten up by these men a few times by now. The second part, though, where he rapes her, doesn’t. Within the logic of the pit as explained, Diana would be the woman Dillen wouldn’t want to rape, the one whose suffering would ready him to hurt the next woman to get back at the other men. Him raping Diana, beating her and calling her a whore, really doesn’t track.

    The other option, playing into an unpleasant generalization about quiet men, would be that Dillen was always a rapist in potentia, just waiting for his chance to brutalize Diana but held back by the fact that she could overpower him if he tried, and now he just finally has his opportunity. Aside from that striking a personal sore spot, I take issue with that because Diana’s been around Dillen for years at this point, and I really feel like her Detect Evil ability would have pinged at some point if he was thinking about maiming her.

    We have now reached the branch point, so…I’ll start work on the endings.


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