Chosen – Chapter 8 – Hidden Depths

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The world was a big, scary, dangerous place, and Merielle knew this better than most. There was evil, true evil, in the world, and she was helpless against most of it… she was completely at the mercy of those who could protect her against the dangers of the surface. While she grew more confident, more comfortable, by the day, she was still completely aware that there were monsters out there, and some of them wanted her specifically. She had no way to protect herself, no hope of escaping or defeating them… while on land.

But in the water, Merielle felt like a goddess.

The seal raced through the water, zigging and zagging like greased lightning as a dark shape chased her through the clear, warm surf. Merielle swam like a shadow, flashing with unbelievable agility as she changed direction again and again and again, always chased, always racing as the shadow followed her from behind. Her heart thundered in her chest, but she sang with the sheer joy of sailing through the sea, every motion beautifully effortless as she glided through the waves.

The sea floor wasn’t smooth… it was half covered with kelp and weeds, and the rest was filled with stone and mortar ruins. Merielle used both like weapons, ruthlessly exploiting them to try to break line of sight and open additional distance between her and her pursuer. The shadow chased her like death itself, the predatory shadow always lurking just behind as it chased her through the rays of light filtering down to the depths…

Then the shadow reached her.

She felt its teeth on her, fangs sliding over her skin and scraping without breaking through her slick, leathery skin. Then instead of continuing the attack, it darted off in another direction. Instead of fleeing when she had the chance, Merielle whirled through the water with exhilaration and she chased after the fleeing form as it fled as quickly as it had come.

Merielle gave chase to the fleeing seal, not letting the dark shape get away from her. The selkie had chased prey through the water for hundreds of years that passed without notice, not taking a human form more than a few dozen times, and a mere few years out of daily swimming was nowhere near enough to dull her aptitude… or her excitement as she chased her agile prey with everything she had, unwilling to let her open the distance, unwilling to let her get away.

The other selkie realized it too… there was a degree of frantic motion in her flight, an indecisiveness and inability to commit to a direction. Each time she moved, Merielle was able to angle inside, always getting closer, always reaching nearer and nearer. A few times her jaws nearly closed over the seal’s tail, tagging her, but each time she pulled it out of the way just in time as she squirmed this way and that, trying to get away from her pursuer.

That was fine with Merielle… She didn’t need to catch her right away. Instead, she kept herself angled below, continuously forcing the seal further up. With each twist of her quarry she worked her way closer and closer to the surface, pinning her against it until she could retreat no longer…

The two selkies erupted out of the water, flying into the air more like dolphins than seals as their powerful tails drove them up in the former’s eagerness to get away… and Merielle closed her jaws on the other woman’s tail, biting her softly as she hung out in the air. Then she angled her body and slid back into the water with hardly a ripple.

Merielle dove, swimming just for the absolute joy of it… long enough that it took her a minute to realize that the other woman wasn’t chasing her anymore. Instead, she was floating on the surface, idly kicking her tail and fins as she soaked in the sun. Smiling, Merielle returned to the surface, coming up alongside her sister.

Maya floated in the warm water, comfortable and relaxed as she breathed with exertion. Her sister might not be as quick as she once was, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t keep up… just that she needed time to collect herself afterward. Merielle floated there with her, relaxed and happy, until Maya started to work her way back to shore.

Maya took her skin off as she hit the beach, the naked woman immediately wrapping herself in a towel that was waiting for her. Merielle didn’t bother as she peeled her own skin off, but she did notice that Maya clutched hers like she was afraid it was going to vanish if she let go of it. “Thank you for coming to get me,” she said. Her voice was still quiet and demure, but less so than it had been… she was beginning to sound normal again, the way Merielle remembered her.

“Of course I came for you,” Merielle said with a smile. “You’re my sister.” She paused a moment, then continued. “Thought you should really be thanking my mistress…”

Maya looked away, uncomfortable. She… she really didn’t like talking about Yuki. Merielle supposed that she could understand why, but she was uncomfortable accepting praise she didn’t deserve. Of course she’d gone after her sister… but she never would have managed without the nogitsune’s help.

Still, it wasn’t going to help to bring it up… instead, she followed her sister’s gaze. She was, Merielle noted, looking at some of the other selkies on the beach. Her smile became brittle, however, as she saw Gaele and others in the distance, staring out longingly at the sea where a dozen other dark shapes flitted through the crystalline water. Their freedom wasn’t absolute… the iron collars around their necks saw to that. Just like Merielle had initially escaped, those who had been sold or captured from the Mists still wore the vampire’s collar with no way to remove it. It didn’t stop them from wearing their skins, but over time it caused them incredible, and building, pain the more time they spent in their animal form.

Unlike the others, they could return to the sea… but not for long.

Yuki had needed Mordred’s blood to free her. Who was going to free them?

Ashamed, Merielle looked away, focusing on the shapes in the sea. This place, this… “Nexus,” as Lady Astaria called it… was an island, and the waters around it seemed to stretch on forever. They didn’t… if you went too far, you would find the island again from the other side, only an hour or so of swimming away. Astaria’s servant, the bald-headed, scarred man who had seen to all of their needs for clothing and food, had warned them that there had once been dangerous monsters in this place, and warned that he wasn’t certain that the water were safe… but selkies long kept as slaves were not about to be imprisoned on land out of fear.

Their play so far had served to explore much of the depths by now, and they had found nothing but sea weeds and kelp living down there… not even fish or bugs. Certainly nothing dangerous lurked down there, unless you counted the unknown ruins and the risk of stone dislodging itself and falling, but all of them were aware of the danger. Curiosity about the deeps, however, was as much a part of a selkie’s nature as their skins were, and it dissuaded not even the meekest of them from swimming and exploring at every opportunity.

“I like it here,” Maya said quietly as she stared out to sea. “It’s not home… but it feels like home. It feels safe here.”

“It does,” Merielle agreed. “The sea is beautiful. I’m not sure Ireland’s seas were ever so clear as this.”

“I hope we can do this every day,” Maya said. “Just the two of us again.”

Merielle paused. “I don’t… I don’t think that’s going to happen, Maya.” She sighed. “I don’t… I don’t think Mistress is going to be able to stay here.”

Maya looked down. “It doesn’t mean you can’t,” she said. Her voice was quiet, but there was something iron hard in her tone. “She can’t make you, Meri. There are good people here… Astaria, Ichika, Kaede. They won’t let her hurt you.” Maya looked up. “You can do it. Just take your skin and stay.”

“I can’t do that,” Merielle said, growing frustrated. “If she can’t stay, I can’t either.”

“You don’t owe her anything,” Maya insisted. “Any debt you owe for her helping you get free of the Mists you’ve repaid a dozen times over. You don’t have to stay with her.”

“She’s not making me stay with her, Maya! I love her, alright? And I’m not leaving her.” She had the exact same tone of voice as her sister had now, hard and unyielding.

“More than your sister?” Maya said, turning to glare at her.

Merielle flinched back like she had been struck. She swallowed. “Only one of you is making me choose,” she said softly.

Maya rose. “And only one of us won’t abandon you as soon as she loses interest.” Then she turned and stomped off.

Merielle stared at her sister’s departing back as Maya walked towards the village and left her to her thoughts. Frustrated, the selkie threw herself to the sand, stretching out. It wasn’t fair… it wasn’t like Yuki had wanted to do any of those things. Now the other selkies, the kitsune of the village… they all hated her for things that weren’t her, that weren’t the Yuki she knew. Things that monsters like… Mordred… had made her do. It wasn’t fair.

Then again, when was life?

She stared out across the false sea. This place really was a paradise for her kind… especially those who had lived in captivity for so long. It gave them a safe haven where they could be themselves, enjoying the sea but without the risk of anyone stealing their skins… or even the hazards of modern fishing. It was good. It was safe.

But Merielle didn’t want to be safe.

She wanted to get Mordred’s blood for the others. She wanted people to accept the Yuki that she saw. She wanted to be with Yuki, no matter how dangerous it got… and no matter how the woman hurt her.

She just wished she knew how to accomplish any of that.


“So this is where you have been hiding,” Astaria observed mildly as she entered the ruined building, ducking her head to keep her horn from grazing the doorway.

“I’m not hiding, Lady Astaria,” Eirene said without looking up from where she was crouched next to one wall, examining its fractures with both hands and eyes. “We used up most of our good housing making room for all those selkies. I’ve been assessing the rest of the city to see what buildings will be the easiest to bring up to livable standards. At the very least, I’m shooting for ‘won’t collapse if someone claps their hands too loudly’, which would disqualify a bunch of them.”

“That is an accurate descriptor of what you’ve been doing since they arrived,” Astaria agreed. This room looked like it might have been a kitchen once, and a table stood covered with dust in one corner, next to some chairs whose decorations had rotted away over the years to leave only simple metal frames. Eirene heard her pull one of them out and sit down. “So you are saying that is the only reason you’ve chosen a project that’s kept you away from everyone for days, and it has nothing to do with what happened at the airport?”

Eirene’s hands stopped for a moment, and then she forced them to keep moving. “What happened at the airport was a good thing. I… was being selfish, thinking I could just ignore my past. We’re just lucky that the only price we had to pay was a grumpy fox.”

“You are not a traitor,” Astaria said firmly. “Yusika is wrong. I understand that trying to spread the truth risks drawing the attention of my father, but that does not mean we have to perpetuate the lie.”

Eirene sighed and stood, wiping the dust from her hands, and turned to look at Astaria for the first time. She noticed immediately the bags under the dragon’s eyes, and a slight gauntness to her cheeks that hadn’t been present the last time she’d seen her. Of course she had gone back to neglecting her own health the moment the sphinx had let her out of her sight. Eirene would be doing them both a favor if she tied the self-destructive girl down and force fed her. Maybe she’d eat her meals properly if she knew the alternative was eating it out of Eirene’s cunt. Or maybe she’d have better luck with the opposite approach; if Astaria knew she’d get to spend every meal eating her mistress out, that would probably get her to finally stop ignoring her appetite, the little slut…

Eirene pushed the train of thought away. Those had been much easier to deal with when the dragon wasn’t around. “She was right that it doesn’t matter,” she said, sitting down at the table across from Astaria and trying not to think about how close she was to the woman. How easy it would be to grab her horn and drag her kicking and screaming across the table, and then- “So what if I wasn’t a traitor? I was something even worse, Lady Astaria: a fool. If I’d betrayed them for money or power or just the sheer cruelty of it, at least then my decades of efforts would have had purpose. Instead, what I did was worse than useless. I didn’t just fail at my life’s work, I actively made the world a worse place because of it. It’s only right that people hate me, even if their reason for it isn’t accurate.”

“I have been around people who believed it was good and proper that others hate them,” Astaria said quietly, and her expression turned bitter. “I learned that once you become convinced that you are already a monster, it becomes frighteningly easy to do monstrous things. I do not want to see you go down the same path.”

“I’m not Tanya,” retorted Eirene, and muttered absently, “Even if…” She froze. Had she said that out loud?

“Even if what?” the dragon asked.

Panic flared in Eirene’s chest. “Nothing,” she said too quickly. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Staying away from Astaria had been a mistake. She’d forgotten how to hold her tongue around the woman.

“It does not sound like nothing,” Astaria said, giving the woman an intense look. “Even if what?”

The sphinx glanced at the open doorway and seriously considered just bolting up from the table and making a run for it. Astaria wouldn’t be expecting it, and Eirene was getting better at using her wings again after decades of disuse. She could be through the portal and soaring over Japan in matter of minutes, and running away and never looking back sounded easier than continuing this conversation… but she knew she couldn’t do that, just like she knew she couldn’t just lie to Astaria’s face about it. She’d spent weeks now trying to ignore the truth, but there was a difference between that and openly lying to the woman she’d sworn to serve.

“Even if… I sometimes wished I was her,” Eirene admitted, looking down in shame. “When I saw the two of you together.” And then, because there was no point in leaving a bridge only half burned, she added “It was rare to see her using you outside of the lab, but when she did, there was nothing I wanted more than to be in her shoes, to be the one making you scream and beg and cry out for mercy.”

Eirene knew what question Astaria would ask next, even though she prayed she was wrong. She wasn’t. “Do you still feel that way about me?” the dragon asked, her tone neutral.

“…More than ever,” Eirene told her.

She knew that what she was saying was disgusting; she had gleefully abused and raped the woman, even if she hadn’t been entirely in her right mind at the time, and Astaria had already gone above and beyond in pretending that the incident hadn’t happened. The last thing she needed was to find out that Eirene still held such evil thoughts in her head.

At least this makes things simple, she told herself. Astaria probably wouldn’t banish her from Amala out of fear that she would reveal its secrets, and the woman was staunchly opposed to capital punishment. She might not even have Eirene imprisoned to be sure she couldn’t hurt anyone. But the sphinx knew that she could never again be welcome in Astaria’s presence now that the dragon knew who she really was. She would no longer have to battle with her impure urges once their catalyst was gone from her life.

She dared to look up, expecting to see revulsion and horror on Astaria’s face… and saw only calm. “You already knew?” she asked, stunned.

“I suspected,” the green haired woman replied. “Tanya would sometimes make mention of a mistress that I had in other lives, and though she never provided the identity, there were not very many possibilities. I apologize for not bringing it up sooner. To be honest, I am beyond sick of her manipulations, and if she thought the two of us would be good together, that seemed like reason enough to not let it happen. But I should have taken your feelings into consideration, instead of acting out of childish spite towards a woman who is dead and gone.”

My feelings?!” Eirene protested. “Lady Astaria, I don’t think you understand. The feelings I have towards you are… they’re vile! I want to, to do things to you, terrible things. All I can do is promise you that I will never act on them, and we both know that’s not enough to trust me.”

Astaria held a hand up. “Please pause there. I have things that I wish to say, and I need a moment to formulate the words properly.”

Eirene fell quiet, watching the dragon consider what to say next. She really was so beautiful. It wasn’t her physical beauty that Eirene found entrancing, though she was certainly a lovely woman. It was that earnest nature of hers. Astaria had seen some of the worst dregs of the world, and she still believed that everything had a solution. That with enough cooperation, planning, and hard work, there was nothing that couldn’t be accomplished, no wrong that couldn’t be righted. It was a magnificent sight, despite the exquisite pain of seeing someone so similar to the bright eyed idealist she herself had once been.

“I used to despise you, you know,” she said quietly, and then started. “I’m sorry, Lady Astaria, I know you requested silence.”

“It is alright,” Astaria said. “I would appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts, in fact.”

“Well… the further back I go, the fuzzier my memories get, and by the time you were a full grown woman, I was barely more than a half heard voice in my own head. My consciousness was like that of a woman dreaming, jumbled and driven largely by instinct and impulse. But I knew you. I saw you. And I hated you even more than I hated your father. Karakostas had given you so much luxury, and you never even considered what he had done to accumulate all that power. You were a woman standing at the top of a mountain of corpses, who could not even be bothered to look down and see how she’d gained such a glorious view.”

“That is a fair assessment,” Astaria said evenly, nodding her head. “If I had not been forced to witness the truth, I expect I would have stayed ignorant forever.”

“When I saw that you had entered the Paradisium Game, my reaction was glee. I knew nothing of your change of heart or the deal you made with your father. I thought I was looking at a girl so arrogant that she believed she was totally untouchable, and I prayed you’d get to find out just how wrong you were. And even when…” she stopped, and her face flushed with guilt.

“Even when?” Astaria asked gently.

Eirene forced herself to say the words. If they made Astaria hate her, then good. “Even when I watched your father rape you for the first time, all I felt was satisfaction. Karakostas might never be brought to justice, but at least his spoiled daughter was finally down in the dirt with the rest of us. In all my decades of captivity, that night was probably the closest I came to experiencing actual happiness.”

“What changed your mind about me?” Astaria asked, her voice quiet and her eyes distant, and Eirene knew that part of her was reliving those memories. “Assuming that you did change your mind, that is.”

“There was no specific moment that did it,” the sphinx told her. “In the two years after, I watched you closely. At first, it was only because I wanted to feel that satisfaction again. But it led to me seeing you. The real you, that Karakostas never once bothered to notice. I saw the determination that kept you going, day after day. I saw your strength. I saw how you would find ways to subtly help others when the opportunity presented itself, usually without them even knowing that they had you to thank. My hatred gradually turned to confusion, and then to begrudging respect, and finally to open admiration. By the time Tanya Petrov entered your life, I wanted…” She swallowed. “I wanted to make you mine.”

“And you believe that thoughts like that are ‘vile’?”

“They are when the only reason they exist is because I spent decades plugged into all the cruelty in the Paradisium for every hour of every day. It’s like, like my time there left a stain on my soul. I escaped the Paradisium, but that stain is there for good. I can never be the person I once was.”

“Yes, you are probably right,” Astaria agreed. “But only about that last part. None of us can ever return to who we used to be, Eirene. Life moves only in one direction, and it changes us with every step. But not all changes are bad; we are the ones who decide if they are scars or new growth. My time as a slave was painful, and I lost many things then that I desperately wish I could have back. But there are ways that it made me stronger as well, and I will not let anyone take that from me.”

“What, I’m supposed to pretend that these urges in my head are an improvement?” Eirene said scornfully. “Do you know how much mental energy I have to waste every single day on suppressing them? How much effort it’s taking me right this very second not to… to pin you up against the wall and chew on those perky tits of yours until you beg me to shove your head between my legs instead?”

“Then maybe a different approach is required,” Astaria said. The green haired dragon’s voice was calm, but Eirene didn’t miss the way her fingers were nervously fidgeting. “I have accepted a great deal of responsibilities in the management of Amala, and it is safe to assume that they will only grow as our population does. I’m certain that it has not escaped your attention that when I must prioritize my time, it is almost always myself that I choose to neglect. I…” Her features were now tinged a distinct red. “I believe it would be in both my own best interest and Amala’s if I found someone who could help keep me from placing the needs of others above my own wellbeing. I also believe that my mental health would be improved with regular sessions where I am allowed to relinquish my burdens for a time and let someone else be in charge.”

Eirene couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You… no. If that’s really what you want, Lady Astaria, you should find someone else. Someone you can trust.”

“I already have. I know the kind of woman you are, Eirene. Even at your lowest point, you fought to save our lives.” Astaria’s face was still flushed, but she met Eirene’s eyes and held her gaze. “I would have no one else. It must be you.”

“But…” Eirene’s mouth felt impossibly dry. “What if I hurt you?”

Astaria shrugged. “That is a risk in every relationship, large or small. If I was to avoid anyone who might cause me pain, I would have to go live as a hermit. And do not make my father’s mistake and confuse obedience with worship. If you do something I do not like, I will tell you. If you persist, I will stop you. Dominance does not confer superiority, and I will never consider myself inferior to you or anyone else thanks to my preferences.”

The sphinx opened her mouth to keep arguing, but no words would come out. She knew this was wrong, that she didn’t deserve what Astaria was offering, but the temptation was too great. Not the temptation to dominate the woman, though that still burned hot and had her nearly drooling over this opportunity. It was the temptation to believe that maybe she wasn’t as broken as she thought. Maybe she didn’t need to hate herself over the thoughts in her head. Maybe… even someone like her was allowed to be happy.

While Eirene was frozen with indecision, Astaria rose from her seat. “Are you willing to attempt a demonstration?” she asked. “If you still do not want me, I will respect your wishes, but I believe that if you give me a chance…”

“Not want you?” Eirene said slowly. “That might be the most foolish thing I have ever heard you say.” She should… she should… “I should teach you exactly how stupid that statement was. Strip.”

“Yes, mistress Eirene,” Astaria said calmly, and began removing her clothing. Eirene watched the woman’s bare flesh be revealed, hardly able to believe her eyes. She could do this? She didn’t have to hide her desires anymore? It only took a few moments for Astaria to stand naked and as stunning as ever. Except… that wasn’t quite true. Just as her face had grown visibly more gaunt, her frame reflected a woman who was consistently underfed. It wasn’t nearly to the degree she’d shown under Karakostas’s possession before Tanya, when she had lived on nothing but the dragon’s cum and nutritional supplements, but she still looked unhealthy.

“How many meals have you skipped since the last time I saw you?” asked the golden haired sphinx. “And no, two meals a day is not enough. You should be eating three.”

“Then I have skipped eleven, mistress,” Astaria answered.

“Ridiculous. Face that wall, now. Place your palms on it, and then bend over. Deeper. Legs farther apart.” The green haired woman was now bent over so far that her upper body was horizontal to the floor, her legs spread wide and her hands pressed to the wall above her head. “Good.”

Astaria’s firm, lovely ass was sticking out in this position, and Eirene touched it gingerly, half expecting that the contact would break the spell and Astaria would realize that she’d made a mistake. But nothing like that happened. Her flesh was warm and smooth to the touch, and Eirene found herself running both of her hands over it. “We don’t have any proper tools for discipline in here, so we’ll make do with a spanking. I think ten smacks for each skipped meal sounds like a good start, don’t you?”

“Yes, mistress Eirene.” The dragon’s voice was still calm, but Eirene didn’t miss the way her thighs had begun rubbing together slightly, making that beautiful butt sway from side to side.

“Do you know why I’m punishing you for missing meals?” Eirene asked.

“Because I haven’t been taking care of myself, mistress.”

“That’s what you did,” Eirene told her, “but not why you’re being punished for it. Do you know what you are, Astaria?”

“I… no,” the green haired woman answered, sounding uncertain for the first time.

Eirene’s hands were moving all over Astaria’s body now, exploring her contours. She could feel the woman responding to her touch, shivering slightly when the sphinx’s hands reached more responsive areas, like her lower back and the base of her neck. Eirene made a mental note of all these for the future. “You are my most prized possession,” she said, bending down to whisper the words softly into Astaria’s ear. “Even if I had a thousand other women, you would be the crowning jewel of my collection. I can imagine no greater possible honor in life than for you to consider me worthy of being your owner.”

“Th-thank you, mistress,” Astaria whispered back. Her face had grown flushed again, but it didn’t seem to be from embarrassment or anxiety, not with those little panting breaths she was making.

Eirene let her voice grow harsh. “And you haven’t been showing my treasure the love and care she deserves!” She brought one hand down on Astaria’s ass, giving it a hard smack, and the dragon’s entire body jerked in response.

“I’m sorry, mistress!” Astaria cried out.

“You thought you could just neglect such a beautiful creature?” Smack! “You thought you could starve my lady and deny her sleep without any repercussion?” Smack! “Now apologize to your mistress for what you’ve done and tell her it will never happen again!” Smack!

“I’m sorry, mistress Eirene,” the dragon said. “I will take better care of your property.”

“Louder!” Smack!

“I’m sorry, mistress Eirene! I will take better care of your property!”

“Again!” Smack!

“I’m sorry, mistress Eirene! I will take better care of your property!”

Eirene continued spanking Astaria, and the green haired woman continued apologizing after each blow. By the time all one hundred and ten had been meted out, both of Astaria’s cheeks were glowing red and her pussy glistened with arousal. “Now where’s my thank you?” Eirene growled. “For taking the time to try and slap some sense into you?”

“Thank you, mistress,” said Astaria, openly panting by now. “I… I am very grateful.”

“That’s not how you show gratitude, slut,” Eirene told her. She grabbed Astaria by the horn and dragged her away from the wall, the dragon offering no resistance as she was led over to the table and laid across it with her wings cushioning her back, her head and legs hanging off the sides. The golden haired woman straddled her face, planting her already soaked pussy on Astaria’s mouth. The dragon needed no further invitation, and Eirene gasped as she felt the woman’s tongue begin enthusiastically lapping at her insides.

The sphinx bent over and began pumping two fingers into Astaria’s slit, finding it just as wet as it had appeared. Her fingers slipped easily into the woman, even when she added a third, and she both felt and heard Astaria mewl in wordless pleasure beneath her.

“Don’t get distracted,” Eirene said, though there was no heat in her tone and she couldn’t keep a smile off her face. “First you’re going to make me cum as a thank you, then you’re going to make me cum a second time to show how really, truly sorry you are for mistreating my wonderful pet, and then you’re going to make me a cum a third time just because I’m your mistress and that’s what your tongue is for. Only after all that, and if I think you’ve done a good job, am I going to let this lovely slutty pussy of yours cum too, and not a moment sooner.”

The golden haired sphinx could tell that Astaria was trying her hardest, and she was certainly good at it, but Eirene had far more experience with pleasing women than she did, and more advantages besides. It took less than a minute to have Astaria moaning and bucking her hips against Eirene’s fingers, only to whimper in frustration when Eirene eased up mere moments before the orgasm could overtake her, leaving her right on the edge but unable to go over. It took almost no conscious effort at all to read the woman so well, or manipulate her so deftly; to Eirene’s supernatural awareness, Astaria’s body was an open book. The flush of her skin, her perspiration, her breathing, the stiffness of her nipples, every minute movement of her hips, the ever shifting softness and heat of her insides… other men and women could pay attention to such details in their lovers, but not all at the same time like Eirene could, and not to the same exacting detail. She gave what for most people would be their full and undivided attention to each and every one of the dozens of signals Astaria was putting out.

Eirene could keep her lady at the brink of orgasm indefinitely, and she did just that, enjoying how Astaria’s squirming and whimpering only grew louder and more pronounced over time. The best part was watching the dragon’s hands twist and clench in place; there was nothing stopping the woman from taking matters into her own hands, literally, and finishing what Eirene had started. And Astaria clearly knew that too, but she was being obedient, forcing herself to stay still and leave her fate to her mistress even though every nerve in her body must have been demanding she take action.  “Not until I say so, slut,” Eirene teased, and gave her clitoris a lick that made Astaria jolt like she’d been hit by lightning. “You have to be a good girl if you want your treat.”

And Astaria was a very, very good girl. Her tongue danced inside her mistress, eagerly stroking and playing with her to discover what she liked. For the most part, Eirene let her have fun exploring, but whenever the dragon did something that felt especially amazing, Eirene made sure to react loudly and let her know. Astaria was paying close attention, and soon enough her tongue movements became more focused and deliberate. It only took her a few minutes to know Eirene’s pussy well enough to coax her into orgasm, and the second came even sooner.

It felt to Eirene like almost no time had passed at all when she felt her third orgasm already washing over her. Astaria was trying to behave, but she couldn’t resist little mewling pleas whose meaning was obvious. “Don’t rush me,” Eirene said. “It’s not like you’re in any hurry, right? Maybe I should try and teach you patience by waiting until my fourth orgasm.” Astaria let out a half sob.

Eirene didn’t give her lady any warning, no chance to brace herself. One moment she was dangling Astaria at the edge of the precipice like usual, and the next she was shoving her into it. The sphinx’s hands and tongue went to work, attacking cunt and nipples and neck and back and everywhere else the dragon found most pleasurable. The orgasm hit Astaria so hard that she couldn’t even cry out, just shudder and moan helplessly.

Eirene didn’t stop there. She didn’t work Astaria up to another orgasm; she didn’t have to. She extended the dragon’s climax instead, drawing it out like a musician holding a note. She couldn’t keep going forever, but for several full minutes she used the same skills that had kept Astaria in denial to keep her writhing in ecstasy instead. When Astaria’s orgasm finally faded, Eirene let herself slump to the floor, utterly exhausted and feeling perfectly satisfied. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d felt so good. Sometime long, long before her imprisonment, certainly.

Astaria joined her on the floor a few seconds later, in much the same state. Eirene spooned her, the dragon’s wings warm and soft against her stomach. “Was that… what you were looking for?” the sphinx mumbled sleepily.

“I would be lying if I said I expected anything half as incredible,” Astaria answered back, sounding just as sleepy. “But yes, that… that was the general shape of things.” Her voice firmed up. “I do not mean to cause offense by leaving too quickly, but I still have much to do today. I should-”

“No,” Eirene said, gently but firmly, and hugged Astaria closer to her. “What you’re going to do right now is take a nap, and so am I. Your responsibilities will still be there when you wake up.”

“I… would like that very much,” confessed Astaria. “But I have already spent too long indulging myself.” Then she added, slightly guiltily, “I promise I will adjust my daily schedule going forward to allocate more time to rest and recuperation. But I cannot spare that sort of time today.”

“I wasn’t asking,” Eirene replied, letting a hint of a growl slip into her voice. “You still haven’t been punished for denying my pet her much needed sleep, remember? Consider this your penance. And once we have both woken up, the first thing we are going to do is get you something to eat that isn’t my pussy. After that I will allow you to start worrying about everyone else again.”

She felt the tension in Astaria’s body ease, and the woman relaxed against her. “It would be foolish of me to argue with you about doing exactly what I have asked of you,” the green haired dragon admitted. “I am sorry, it will take me some time to adjust to this.” Some of her tension returned, and she didn’t try to hide her anxiety when she spoke next. “Assuming, that is, that you are willing to continue doing this for me. I will not compel you.”

Eirene chuckled. She knew that her worries about what sort of person she’d become thanks to the Paradisium wouldn’t just vanish overnight. But right now, she couldn’t bring herself to care about them even if she tried. Not when she felt so good, and had this woman right here with her. “Were you not paying attention back there?” She nuzzled her face against Astaria’s neck. “You’re mine.”

The tension fled from Astaria again, and she let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you… mistress.”


Lost in thought, the redhaired selkie was still staring out at the sea a couple hours later when she realized that she was all alone on the beach. The number of people around had been gradually diminishing as they’d wandered back towards their homes to eat or rest, but there had still been at least half a dozen other selkies there just moments ago… and it was easy to guess why they had abruptly left. Merielle turned and saw her mistress walking towards her from inland, coming to meet her, no doubt, to take her to eat and hear the newest session of her story. She still hadn’t gotten used to the illusion of brown fur, but if she squinted she could kinda sorta see through it… and at this point, she doubted that she could fail to recognize her mistress anywhere, no matter the disguise she wore. The others had seen her as well, it seemed… fleeing from the feared nogitsune as quickly as they could. Even the ones who didn’t come from the Mists knew her reputation, desperate to avoid her and the danger she represented.

To hell with that.

Merielle rose, waving enthusiastically… as if there was even the slightest chance that her mistress hadn’t seen her, but she knew that, no matter how exasperated she acted, the fox found it cute. At least there was one perk to the fact that everyone had left… they had the beach to themselves, and after fighting with Maya she knew the perfect way to relieve some stress.

“Was wondering where you had gotten to,” Yuki said as she looked around the empty beach. “No one else here?”

“Nah,” Merielle said, her voice deliberately casual. “I finished swimming a little while ago. The others took off.”

The fox, still wrapped in her illusion, gazed one last time across the beach before fixing her eye on the sea. “I wonder where it goes,” she said softly.

“Not too far,” the redhead said as she raised both hands above her head and stretched in a practiced move that she knew caught her mistress’s eye. “It circles back on itself after maybe a dozen miles.”

The fox’s eyes were intense as she looked at the selkie, and while they weren’t her usual ice blue, the raw hunger in them shone through the illusion. “Seems odd,” she said, declining to comment on the stretching selkie. That annoyed Merielle, so she changed position, putting both hands behind her back and stretching that way instead. She felt confident that it was doing some very interesting things with her breasts, but while Yuki watched she didn’t stray from her current line of thought. “Why would the gods build a nexus that is so much ocean?”

“There are ruins underneath it,” Merielle answered, bending as she tried to show off her body in new and interesting ways. Yuki could be patient… but it was always such a delight to make that patience snap. “Remnants of buildings, and I don’t think they came from the shore. Something sank, or was built down there to begin with. I don’t think it was always unused territory.”

Yuki looked around the beach again, as if self conscious… looking for others observing them. Then she took a deep breath and let it out before continuing. “Maybe. Maybe.”

Merielle paused for a moment, but it didn’t look like the nogitsune was going to continue. “How goes training Shura? Is she learning what you need to teach her?”

Yuki snorted. “She hates spending time with me so much that it might actually improve her opinion of me if I dropped the illusion. She’s headstrong, acerbic, stubborn as a mule, and-”

Grinning internally, the selkie interrupted. “Are mules stubborn?” she asked, her voice earnest.

There. Just there… for an instant, a flash of annoyance at being interrupted went through her mistress’s eyes. That was it. The mask was back on a second later, cool and collected, but for just a second there she had been ready to take it out on her. “I guess I don’t really know,” Yuki said with a shrug. “Never been around one. But I suppose th-”

Merielle had to resist the urge to grin. “Then how do you know?” she asked playfully. When Yuki opened her mouth, the selkie continued. “Maybe they just only obey those they respect, M- Yusika.”

Yuki narrowed her eyes, and finally… finally… she seemed to notice that Merielle had been omitting the honorific all conversation long. About time. “You little brat,” the nogitsune growled.

“Don’t know what you are talking about… Yusika,” Merielle said, barely stopping a chuckle that would have completely ruined the effect.

Yuki rolled her eyes. Then, quick as a snake, her hand shot out and grabbed the selkie by the neck. Even expecting it, Merielle didn’t have time to do much more than flinch, and the knowledge of how helpless she was to stop Yuki from doing whatever she wanted to her made a small nugget of heat begin to glow in her belly.

Yuki didn’t squeeze quite as hard as Merielle had been hoping, though. She also didn’t use her grip to slam her down to the sand, or against a tree. Instead, she pulled the selkie close, until their mouths were just inches apart. Unfortunately, she bent down to look into her eyes, rather than bodily lift the selkie up to her level. “You,” Yuki growled, “are a problem.”

One of her hands went down to the selkie’s breasts, pinching a nipple between her fingers and yanking it away from her body. It wasn’t as hard as Merielle might have wanted, but it still stung and she opened her mouth to gasp. When she did, Yuki kissed her, her tongue invading her mouth so suddenly and deeply that she gagged a little, shuddering in her mistress’s grip as she grew a little light headed. She could have stayed there forever.

Then Yuki released her.

Merielle tried not to be disappointed. They had managed to find some alone time a few times since arriving at Hanei, but it had all been like this. Yuki had promised punishment but hadn’t really delivered on any of it, no matter how Merielle pushed. If it was because she was grieving or overwhelmed with being home then that would be one thing, Merielle could have understood that… but that wasn’t the case. It was the way the selkies… people like Maya… had looked at her. It was her revelation with the wardstones, and the fake name, and the disguise. It was guilt.

Yuki stood there a second before she turned away, looking back at the sea again. “Sorry,” she muttered.

Merielle felt a flash of genuine anger. Her ongoing frustration was directed at Yuki, sure, but the anger was more at the world… at the people who refused to see her mistress the way she did, who had hurt her like this. Yuki had barely touched her, and she was already worried that she had hurt her. Sure, Yuki had… issues… that she had worked through, and still was, but she seemed so scared of hurting Merielle that she was too scared to hurt her.

“I didn’t mean to h-”

Merielle interrupted again. This time it wasn’t about trying to provoke a punishment… this time she was genuinely annoyed. “Didn’t mean to what?” she hissed. “Tease? Hold back? No… hurt me.” The selkie shoved Yuki, and she knocked the stunned nogitsune onto her back on the sand as, eyes wide, she didn’t react.

“Has it somehow not occurred to you that I want to be hurt?” Merielle snapped, glaring down at the fox on the sand. “That you denying yourself denies me, too? Do you think I tolerate you?” the selkie snorted. “I’m not made of gods-damned glass, mistress!”


Yuki lay on the sand, staring up at the red haired selkie as they looked at one another, alone on the beach like they owned the whole place. She didn’t speak… but her mind worked overtime as she thought.

She wasn’t sure how to react. She was trying so hard… In her mind, she remembered the way Mai had lied to her, how she had just… tolerated… what Yuki wanted. The nogitsune had hurt so many of the selkies… had hurt Merielle. She didn’t want to exploit her. She wanted to… to make it clear things were different.

Merielle had… shoved her. Yelled at her. And because she was angry… that in trying to avoid hurting her, that was exactly what the fox had been doing.

Had she just been letting her guilt get the better of her? Hadn’t Merielle been clear for years now about what she wanted? How she longed for her mistress to treat her? The older Yuki grew, honestly the more foolish she felt, and the less she thought she knew… but there was one thing she was positive of. She loved that selkie more than anything. And if she wanted to be used hard and put away wet, well… then Yuki was going to give Red what she asked for.

While Yuki had been distracted, Merielle had been breathing hard, glaring down at her. Abruptly, Yuki jumped up, grabbed onto the selkie, and shoved her away roughly, flinging her so that she landed on her chest on the wet sand. The posture had her ass up in the air and completely exposed the area between her legs to her mistress. “Fine then,” Yuki snapped… but she smiled as she did it.

One of her tails slapped against the selkie’s ass, and the impact wasn’t soft or testing… it would be like someone was swinging a baseball bat at her. Merielle cried out in sudden pain… but also excitement, and her exposed pussy twitched. “Ok you little whore,” Yuki said, and while her voice was calm and icy there was a hint of a growl hiding just below it. “You’re going to get just what you’ve been asking for now… no matter what you say.”

Merielle kept her head down, but she shifted eagerly, feeling the sand move slightly as Yuki rose up from where she had been standing. For the next few seconds, all Merielle heard was the wind and the sea. “Open up, my little slut,” Yuki whispered into her ear. “It’s only going to make it more painful if you resist me…” Yuki wasn’t sure if she was even trying to follow her lover’s instructions, but it didn’t matter… either way, the selkie knew what was coming next.

She traced her fingers over Merielle’s asshole, noticing that a bit of sand had stuck to the beautiful selkie’s skin. For a more fragile, less masochistic girl, that would have made Yuki pause. Instead she continued to push with her finger anyway. The press was gently at first, but with the sand being pushed in, scraping at her, it didn’t stop her from moaning and trembling with discomfort, even before she began to twist her finger, pushing more insistently until it popped into Merielle’s ass with a sharp cry from the woman.

Yuki flinched a little, concerned that someone had heard and might come, but, with Merielle’s words guiding her, decided to press forward. She moved her fingers gradually in and out of her slave’s asshole, moving it around inside her and exploring her guts as she pumped away inside. Merielle gasped once again and Yuki noticed her getting even wetter as her other hand traced the selkie’s eager little cunt. With one of her fingers in her ass and the other hand rubbing her pussy lips and grazing her clit, Yuki was practically using her hands like she was holding the selkie’s reins, controlling her utterly.

Yuki wasn’t sure how long she played with her before she released her, yanking her fingers painfully free of the other woman. “Good girl. Now, stand up,” the nogitsune commanded. Merielle stirred only slowly, pushing herself up a bit tenderly, and Yuki felt sure that the sand she had pushed into her slave was still rubbing against her sensitive insides. She wasn’t going to wait for her, however. Instead, Yuki grabbed her slut by the hair and dragged her across the beach, her legs plowing furrows through the wet sand. There had been a dock here, once upon a time, when the gods or… whoever… had lived here, and while it had long since fallen to pieces some of the wooden posts remained sticking in the sand. Yuki pushed Merielle up against it face first before she took Merielle’s skin in one hand and roughly used the thing to tie her wrists together on the other side of it, forcing her to hug the rough wooden post. With Yuki’s breath caressing her neck and the fox’s breasts pressing against her back, Merielle shivered in pleasure, anticipating what her lover had planned for her… and Yuki couldn’t wait to show her.

After placing Merielle’s wrists into the makeshift tie, Yuki slid her hands slowly down her lover’s sides and down her thighs and legs, seeing her tremble. Pressing her knee between her legs, Yuki spread Merielle’s thighs, keeping her legs apart in the ankle-deep water. “Now, my little slut… we’re going to start with something easy…” she whispered. “You are going to thank me for each and every hit. You get what I said?”

“Mmmmhmm.” Merielle said trying to control her wavering voice.

“Good girl…” Yuki slowly ran her hand across Merielle’s slick slit, them pulled back and put her whole arm into the movement as she smacked the selkie across her asscheeks. It was as hard as she could do it, but it was still with just a normal strength and little leverage… the smack echoed, but it wasn’t going to be much.

“Mmmm, thank you, mistress,” Merielle moaned.

Yuki grinned as she stepped away, picking up her sword and untying the leather strap she used to sling her sheath over her back. “Oh, that wasn’t a hit, Red. We haven’t even started yet, my little doll.”

Merielle swallowed, trying to turn her face far enough to see what Yuki was doing without luck. “Yes, mistress.” Walking back over to her lover, Yuki teased her by running the leather of the strap slowly down her back, sliding across her cheeks and between them. “Mmm…” Merielle moaned quietly, biting her lower lip.

With a quick flick of her wrist, Yuki slashed the leather precisely across Merielle’s ass. “Thank you, mistress.” Merielle said after she gasped, catching her breath.

“Mmm,” Yuki purred. “I believe it is traditional for you to count…”

The selkie swallowed, and Yuki could practically see the thoughts in her head as her first instinct was to be defiant… the brat. Evidently, she decided to see how far Yuki would take it with just the encouragement she had already given, because she rested her forehead against the pillar. “…One. Thank you mistre-!” Before she had even finished the word, Yuki struck again… quickly flicking her wrist, she sent the lash across the exact same spot. “Two. Thank you, mistress.” Merielle gasped. Flicking her wrist again, she sent a third blow at the exact same spot, even harder… the selkie’s fae skin prevented the strap from breaking her skin, but it was already as crimson as her hair was and her durability did nothing to block the pain. Yuki saw her pet arch, grasping her hands around the post. “Mmm… Three. Thank youuuu, mistresssss.”

Quickly and precisely, Yuki began to rain down pain. Again and again she snapped the leather smartly against Merielle’s vulnerable skin. Merielle cried out in pain’s pleasure, catching her breath. “Thirty four. Thank youuuuumhmmmmm. Sixty one thankyuuu miss… Niiiiinety seveeeeeeen thankyouuu mistresssss…” Again, and again, and again. Yuki drew back her arm as far as she could and drove a final slash firm and fast against Merielle’s ass, targeting the initial spot once again and watching an even darker, more beautiful line of red appear. “Oohhh… one… hun… dred… Thankkkkkk… youuuuuuu… mistress… mhmhmmmmmmmmm,” Merielle said through whimpers.

“Don’t you dare cum, bitch!” Yuki ordered, lowering her hand. “I haven’t given you permission.”

The selkie swallowed. “Yes… mhmhmmmmhmmm…”

Yuki chuckled at her inability to find words as she pressed closed and pressed two of her fingers against Merielle’s rosebud again, barely pausing for a second to let her prepare before she rammed it inside. “Ooohhhh… mhmhmmmmm!” Merielle gasped, biting her lower lip. Smiling at her lover’s reaction, Yuki pressed another finger in, crossing them, pumping in and out of her ass. “Aaaaaahhhhh…” Merielle groaned, somewhere lost between pain and pleasure until Yuki doubted she even know which was which. Her cunt flooded and her breathing was erratic as she pumped faster and deeper, the nogitsune licking the back of Merielle’s neck. Yuki bit down on her shoulder, hard enough she would have drawn blood from a human woman or a kitsune, and Merielle cried out. “MMMMmmm! Oohhh… mistress… pleeeeease… mmmmmm!” the selkie panted.

“Not yet, slut!” Yuki commanded. The redhead kept whimpering between her moans as Yuki pumped her crossed fingers deeper and harder into her plaything’s snug pleasure-socket of an asshole, even as the nogitsune reached around with her other hand to pinch Merielle’s right nipple hard and twist. “I say when… not you.”

“Ahhh… mmmm…” Merielle cried out breathlessly, her cunt responding greedily from Yuki’s expert touches even though the fox was deliberately not touching it. “Ohhh… Gods, mistresssssss…”

The selkie panted as Yuki pulled on her nipple hard enough that it practically doubled how far her breast stuck out from her chest as her owner licked her way down her neck, tasting the salt that had dried there, leaving a hot wet trail on her fevered flesh. Ramming her fingers deep and hard in quick thrusts, thrilling in her power, Yuki leaned forward and growled in her ear. “Now you can cum, bitch. Right… now!”

Yuki bit down, and at the same second three of her tails that had already twisted together slammed their way into the selkie’s tight little cunt. She was wet and ready as hell but nothing could make that fast of a penetration from a limb that thick not hurt. Merielle screamed… and came in a hot rush, sweet, thick juices dripping out around Yuki’s tails to seep down her thighs. “Oh mistress… mistress… mistress…” she whispered. “T—than—k y—yo—ouu… mmmmmmm…. ahhhhhmhmmm…”

Yuki smirked as she quickly removed her fingers from Merielle’s ass, feeling her muscles clenching and grasping them as she pulled them out. “Mmmm…” she said, considering as she wiped her nearly clean fingers completely off on the selkie’s thigh while she watched her breathing hard, her body quivering and trembling from her climax. “Good little slut,” Yuki moaned sexily into Merielle’s ear. Merielle moaned in reply breathlessly, and Yuki continued. “Now that you have proved that you love being a torture-slut, let me give you a bit more, my precious little pet.”

Merielle just moaned softly again, and Yuki could sense her desire as she smiled at her lover before one of her fingers, at long last, began flicking gently over the selkie’s exposed clit. Merielle bounced a bit with each flick of Yuki’s fingernail as it slapped against her sensitive nub, taking absolutely no care at all to keep the sharp edge of her nail away from the cluster of nerves. Sinking to her knees behind the bound redhead, Yuki shoved Merielle completely flat against the post as she moved between her legs, bringing her mouth to bare on her pussy even as her tail began once again to softly pump. Merielle’s moans quickly turned to grunts and whimpers as Yuki started biting into her sensitive nub, capturing her clit between her teeth at least once with every stroke, viciously biting before she pulled the woman’s clit away from her body as she clutched desperately at the pole with her restrained hands.

Once Yuki had her fun sucking Merielle’s pussy, she separated herself from the woman, walking away and leaving the bound girl behind as she returned to her pile of clothing and her bags. The nogitsune began to go through the bag, evaluating each item for its potential as Merielle did her best to watch from the edge of her peripheral vision. At last, Yuki smiled, hefting a tiny spool of thread. “Yes… I think this will work,” the fox said with a wicked expression as she walked jauntily back over and Merielle did her very best to figure out what she was holding, to no gain.

Her fingers found the selkie’s clit again and slid briefly over it, finding it still largely engorged and standing out from its hood. Yuki gave it a few more licks to bring it out completely, savoring Merielle’s moans as she did, and then she pulled out some thread and began to wrap it around the base of Merielle’s swollen nub. She started with a tight knot that she tightened until the woman whimpered, then she began to wrap it around and again and again around the exposed flesh, growing tighter and tighter still as she went. The selkie’s clit continued to get darker and darker as she went, growing more purple than red as her blood was more and more restricted — Yuki could visually see it pulse with each beat of the selkie’s heart as it strained against its too-tight bonds.

She continued wrapping the thread around her slave’s most sensitive bit until it was squeezed and bound up completely, only the very tip of it exposed at all. Yuki blew across it and smiled as Merielle whimpered and shivered at even the minor sensation. “This is what you wanted, right my little whore? That you aren’t going to shatter like glass?” Yuki asked in a mocking tone. “I guess we’re going to have to test the theory, love…”

Merielle whimpered, and Yuki smiled again. The selkie was very obviously in pain, something that sent tiny little stabs of sheer pleasure down Yuki’s spine, but the redhead also couldn’t help but be turned on by the utterly lewd treatment of her sensitive girl parts… Yuki could clearly see that by the way her pussy was drooling. She loved this… she had asked for this… and she was right — she could take it.

And she would.

Yuki started off the next bit of pain fairly tame for her – she picked up a handful of sand and started to scrub it against Merielle’s exposed nub. Having just had a towering orgasm from having her pussy abused, and now her clitoris so restricted, the sensation was overwhelming. She bucked her hips a bit, which ultimately ended up only pushing her clitoris harder against the sand when she rebounded. Yuki didn’t let up… she sawed away with the sand against the bound girl’s most sensitive of parts. After a few more minutes of this, however, she wanted to step it up.

Next, without bothering to clean the stuck sand still attached to her sensitive bits, Yuki simply bent over and grabbed a stick out of the sand. Quickly she snapped the length of wood up between the selkie’s legs, causing her to howl. The nogitsune winced… as much as she liked the sound, she really didn’t want to be interrupted, so without more than a second’s hesitation she grabbed onto a fistful of her pet’s hair and began stuffing her own mane into her mouth. “Shut. Up,” she growled… then reared back and continued to beat her with the stick.

The makeshift rod could brutalize her in ways that the whip hadn’t been able to — her clitoris was so isolated with all the thread wrapped around it that there was nothing to shield it, and it was an easy target to hit. Yuki slapped the girl’s precious bean a few dozen more times until she was shaking and writhing and screaming into her awkward hair gag, half mindless with the pain. By the time she was done, Merielle’s clitoris was darker still… partly from the restriction of blood, but also from the bruising of the abuse. Merielle was doing her best to breath deeply through her nose, her body shuddering with pain and adrenaline, but Yuki could hear the hint of the whimper in each breath.

She paused, just for a second… running a gentle hand over the small of her breath as she looked at her, considering. Yeah… she was alright. It was agony… but the slut was truly enjoying every bit of it, no matter how it hurt. “Little masochistic whore,” Yuki snarled, but she couldn’t keep the pleasure from her voice. “Looks like I’m going too easy on you…” 

As Yuki considered what was next, she twisted some of her tails together into a pair of drilling shafts. It was obvious where they were heading, but Yuki took the time to twist them up a bit more than usual… to ruffle the fur so it wouldn’t lay flat. That would make the sensation much less pleasant for Yuki… but this wasn’t really about that. It was about how this was going to make Merielle feel almost like she being fucked by a toilet brush. For added effect, she gathered up a bit of the sand before rubbing the bristles of her fur against the selkie’s elongated clitoris, pushing the sand hard against her sensitive nub as Merielle groaned.

As the tails began forcing their way into her pussy and ass, Yuki couldn’t help but notice the way Merielle bucked her hips a little bit to meet each bristling slap of the tails against her sensitive flesh. A more clear signal of her eagerness could hardly be found, making it impossible for the nogitsune to miss the hint. “I haven’t said you can cum yet, painslut,” she chided playfully as she pushed the furry ‘rod’ deep into the tight insides of both her holes. Merielle arched her back a bit as another tail began to occasionally snap at her clit in time with the thrusts as her other tails pumped away. Her furry tentacles were pretty thick and girthy when combined together like this, and they easily filled the selkie’s holes completely, the roughness of them scraping at the thin wall of flesh that separated them from one another. The sand and rough fur scraped at her, but instead of crying out into the gag Merielle only moaned and even seemed to welcome to the intrusion.

Yuki chuckled. “Did you ever imagine in your life that you would be where you are now?” she whispered into her slave’s ear. “Getting brutalized by the demon fox that makes the village quake in their boots and loving every second of it? Did you have even the tiniest inkling you were that big of a slut, Red?” Yuki fucked Merielle’s holes with her tails like they really were a brush and she was actually trying to clean her out, making sure to scrub it against every single surface to leave them all raw. The strong black tails stretched the insides of the pretty slave’s pussy and asshole as she moaned and whimpered, and Yuki settled in behind her, playing with her tits with both hands while six of her tails worked together to fuck and slap the selkie senseless. “You really are something, Red. This is supposed to hurt people you know. Normal people. Not freaks like you,” Yuki teased with a smirk as she kept mistreating the girl’s insides.

“We’ll see if I can change your mind… see if you still feel that way when we’re done,” Yuki said a little more menacingly. Merielle winced as Yuki jabbed her tails into her a bit harder, pinching both nipples at once before adding, a little more quietly, “I really hope you do.”

After a few more thrusts inside of Merielle’s exposed holes, Yuki once again yanked her tails free. Then the fox lowered her hand to run her fingers over her clitoris with one finger, rubbing it gently, almost tenderly. Merielle unconsciously bucked her hips as the core of everything pleasurable to her was rubbed, moaning and trying as hard as she could to keep herself still, clearly treasuring the loving caresses amidst the ocean of agony Yuki had set her awash in… moaning as Yuki caressed her trapped bean a bit more.

Yuki teased her for long enough that her breathing started to take on a desperate pitch before she grabbed onto the leather strap again. Without warning, she brought it up between her legs, and the first impact came down just next to Merielle’s clit. Even without touching it, the impact had wondrous results — Merielle bucked and moaned as the sting of the whip licked her fully exposed pussy. Yuki continued, and stroke after stroke splattered into stretched and vulnerable womanhood before her. Merielle was instantly lost in the action again as the lashing continued, writhing against the wooden pole hard enough that Yuki would have feared her getting splinters if there was a chance that wood could pierce her skin. As the leather found her clit, it was like an explosion of pain and pleasure that wracked her body. She shook and trembled with fear and lust as the whip struck her again and again. The thin bit of leather found all new sensitive parts, given how her pussy and asshole still gaped ready to be fucked again, and the lash would occasionally sting at her insides as well, though it was not easy. Yuki wished she could figure out how to make that more of a reality, to whip the insides of her cunt and ass just as thoroughly as the outside just to see how she would react.

It was a small matter though — Merielle was already reacting entirely as expected at this point. Her cries of pleasure were just perfect, especially considering the heinous act being committed on her sweet, perfect body. Yuki continued, slapping each part of Merielle’s pussy, all around and including her engorged clitoris and doing her level best to dip the tip of the leather strap into her fucked pussy and ass. The whip was quickly doing its job, turning every bit of skin that was still pale or merely flushed first a bright pink and then red as the punishment continued. Merielle cried out and shook as her pussy betrayed her yet again, and Yuki could hear the moans through the hair stuffing her mouth. “Plesh, pleush! PLUSSS!” the selkie begged.

“Not yet, Red.” The whip crashed into Merielle’s spread folds again and Merielle was practically shaking with the effort to keep from cumming even as the agony all but consumed her. The wetness splattered on the whip onto Yuki’s thighs, and the nogitsune laughed. “Eager little whore. Make you a deal… you can cum on the third hit, or not at all. I swear, Red… if you don’t cum then, I’m going to work you another half hour before I let you do it.” Merielle whimpered, but Yuki paid no attention, landing another hit on the flesh of her asshole. She screamed and her whole body seemed so clenched that Yuki idly wondered if the selkie was in danger of cracking one of her own ribs. The second hit slashed against the outsides of her wet pussy and the very tip of the strap coiled around and sank inside. The selkie’s eyes were wide as saucers and looked positively animalistic in how desperate they were.

Yuki didn’t keep her waiting. The third hit came immediately, landing directly on her clit, and Merielle quivered… and came. She thrust and shook her hips as the orgasm flowed over her, juices completely squirting from the brutalized little slut while Yuki laughed and smiled at the display. “What a whore,” she teased as she bent down to inspect the selkie’s crimson pussy as it spasmed and squirted. Merielle was breathing too deeply and too exhausted to respond, and Yuki wasn’t even sure if she had any idea what was happening. Yuki wasn’t sure how she was going to top any of that, but the girl was sure cumming hard.

While Merielle was recovering, she untied her skin from her wrists. “Come with me!” Yuki said holding Merielle’s arm as she started to bodily drag the unsteady selkie across the beach. She obviously had still not recovered from her orgasm but she still made some effort to follow Yuki anyway, even if Yuki still mostly had to drag the scrambling girl forward across the sand.

The nogitsune walked out into the water several feet before she dragged Merielle towards her and kissed her hungrily, a kiss that the selkie eagerly returned. Yuki traced her nails across Merielle’s ass and played her fingers lightly over her hips and upper thighs, moving slowly upwards to rub Merielle’s clit with her thumb, still wrapped and insanely sensitive. Finally breaking the kiss, Yuki bent her head to take one of Merielle’s nipples in her mouth, sucking and nibbling it, and forcefully flicking her tongue across it, backward and forwards. Merielle put her whole body into it, thrusting herself along with her fingers, grinding Yuki’s thumb into her clit, pushing her own unbound hand against Yuki’s sex and fingering it in turn, reaching inside with her fingertips, searching for the spots she knew her mistress loved.

As her fingers brushed sensitive spot after sensitive spot, Yuki’s breath caught in her throat, and her heart started beating very rapidly. She intensified her attack on Merielle, but the selkie wasn’t distracted… she went back to the spot that had made her jump and pushed her fingertips over it, rubbing in little circles. Yuki growled, but it was a sound of pleasure, and gaining in volume as Merielle continued to work. “Alright,” Yuki said, keeping her breath steady with great effort. “I think it’s your turn now, don’t you?” The nogitsune pushed Merielle flat down against the sand and it was only as she did that the wide-eyed selkie realized that that put her face an inch or two underwater. Her fist in her hair, she pulled her face up and out of the water, and as Merielle blinked her eyes clear she saw Yuki leering down at her. Yuki placed herself over Merielle, positioning her pussy over her face. “You’ve gotten to cum plenty of times, you greedy slut. Now it’s your duty to repay your mistress… and I hope you are feeling talented, because you’re not breathing again until you make me fucking cum!”

In the next instant, before she could do anything, Yuki grabbed onto her and lowered herself. Merielle’s hands were still on Yuki’s thighs, and she tried to hold them as Yuki’s pussy found her lips beneath the surface, lowering onto her mouth. The restrained woman buried her face in the folds at the entrance to Yuki’s pussy, questing with her mouth. The selkie didn’t hesitate in the slightest… Yuki knew that she could hold her breath for a while but not forever, and this wasn’t the sort of situation where she could take a gasp here and there. Knowing that she was on a time limit, Merielle started to attack her mistress’s clit with her tongue.

“Mmmghhnnphh!” Yuki moaned as Merielle continued to suck and wriggle her head between the fox’s legs. She was throwing herself into it with a passion, and Yuki was more than content to arch her back and press herself against her lover… one of her hands clenched the selkie’s red hair, the other reaching down and back to idly play with her breasts. Merielle continued to flick her tongue across Yuki’s clit before shimmying up further, sucking on it, just barely touching it with her teeth before soothing it with her soft lips and warm tongue. Yuki felt the muscles in her abdomen convulse, and she squeezed her slave’s head tightly between her thighs as her touches sent almost unbearable waves of pleasure coursing through Yuki’s body. The nogitsune reacted the way she usually did — by fucking the hell out of her prized pet. Her tails slipped beneath the water like tentacles slipping through the surf, and even as Merielle pushed herself deeper and deeper into Yuki’s muff the tails wrapped her legs, pinning her down, and skewered both her holes. The sand was mostly being washed away like this but Yuki didn’t care… she thrilled at the feeling of the selkie’s tongue, her licks, her kisses, and let out a series of moans that the girl beneath the water would experience only as shudders through the fox’s sexy body.

Her tongue was questing further down now, licking against her mistress’s pussy… the base still rubbing over her clit as the tip sank down to the skin below, seeking for the entrance. Then, the moment she found it, she dove, plunging her tongue as deep inside Yuki’s greedy cunt as she could. The selkie licked down her inner walls in long, sure strokes, drinking the wetness that was flowing freely now inside her mistress’s body. “MMMmmmmhmmmmm make me cummmmm…..”  Yuki moaned aloud as she began to ride on Merielle’s nose. She moaned and drove her hips faster, adding more pressure onto Merielle’s face. She let go of the woman’s hair, both hands now resting their weight on the selkie’s breasts, crushing them down for support even as she squeezed the life out of them.

She bucked her hips down onto Merielle’s face, increasing the speed of her grinding, and threw her head back to add a rotation to the beat. Merielle, however, took advantage of Yuki’s split thighs to force them even further apart and really get her tongue even deeper. Soon, Yuki was too distracted to continue playing with her slave’s breasts… her hands were on her own, squeezing them and stroking her nipples to satisfy her own needs as her body swung left and right on top of her slave, lost in her own heaven of pleasure. Merielle was so desperate to make Yuki cum that she was all but attacking the insides of her cunt with her tongue, and Yuki assisted by slamming her pussy down onto Merielle’s weak lips with increasing force. Even though Merielle could not breathe properly and her lips and tongue were getting so exhausted, her efforts to make Yuki cum never faded. She kept sucking and licking and attacking Yuki’s pussy lips and clit with all strength she had, and soon all Yuki could do was sit back and enjoy the amazing sensation inside her pussy.

Merielle sped up her movements so that her tongue was thrashing powerfully in and out the fox’s wet cunt, and moving her head too so that her nose was pressing against her owner’s clit. Yuki knew, somewhere deep inside, that she was using her wetness and the heat of her to judge her arousal, to pick a speed that suited her lover, but she couldn’t really think about it… not with her head feeling like it was about to detach from her body and drift away from the sheer pleasure of what the selkie fuckdoll slave was doing to her body in her desperation to get air, to get her off, to…

Yuki came.

All the muscles in the nogitsune’s pussy clenched tightly and rhythmically, squeezing that tongue like she was trying to hold it hostage. Her thighs squeezed the selkie as if they were going to crush her head and her whole body tensed and went rigid as she cried out her pleasure. “Ohhh goddesssss…” Yuki moaned when no one could hear her, her body trembling as she came in a shaking mess on Merielle’s face.

It was long seconds before Yuki remembered to stop fucking her plaything, and longer seconds before she lifted herself off and let the woman bring her head to the surface. Yuki slowly rose, swishing her tails through the water to clean them before she began the process of shaking them dry, fluffing them and expelling the sea water, and Merielle began to sit up. When her head breached the surface it wasn’t in any particular hurry… though she obviously needed to breathe, and badly, she moved with grace, and even as she panted she didn’t take her eyes off Yuki… eyes shining with lust.

“Not… made… of glass… mistress…” she panted out, and couldn’t quite conceal the smile.

Yuki smiled back. “I see that,” she said, and she noted, with amusement, that her voice sounded almost as winded as the selkie’s did. “Point taken. I’ll stop being stupid and holding back.” She stretched, her hands over her head as her tails all fanned out. “I guess we should go in,” she said with some regret. “I think it’s getting to be time for dinn—”

Yuki didn’t see the push coming, but Merielle deftly put her legs at the back of Yuki’s knees — just the way Yuki had shown the fucking slut to do — and pushed. Her knees, unable to keep off the sudden force, buckled and Yuki toppled back into the shallow surf almost too quick to cry out. She did everything she could to keep her wrung out tails from sinking back in, but it was no use… she toppled completely, her tails becoming just as soaked as they had been before the long minutes of catching their breath.

Despite herself, Yuki laughed. Why not? No one could hear her underwater. Then she growled, scowled, and surged back to the surface like fucking Godzilla rising from the Pacific in one of those silly movies. “You think anyone’s ever managed to drown a selkie before?” Yuki snarled, her eyes narrowed and glittering as she met Merielle’s grinning face. “Because we’re going to find out what it takes, you and me.” And the soaked nogitsune pounced at Merielle.

Dinner would just have to wait.

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