Outfoxed – Rabbit in the Fox’s Den

This is an Outfoxed Fan Story by PrinceCai. I hope you enjoy! Let him know how you liked it on our discord!

Shindou’s heart was pounding as he stepped along the corridor to Yuki’s apartment. For what felt like the hundredth time today he slipped his phone from his pocket and opened the address she’d given him last time they’d met, comparing it to the number of the door in front of him. He told himself he was just checking he had the right place again, but the lines of characters he’d typed so carefully sent a dizzying thrill through him all the same. It still felt so unbelievable that the gorgeous kitsune would actually invite him over to her home like this.

Smiling eagerly to himself, the young man stepped up to the waiting doorway and reached for the console beside it. He had no idea what she was planning to do to him this time, he never did, but he pressed the buzzer without a moment’s hesitation all the same, shifting in place impatiently as he waited for her answer. There was a camera at the top of the console, and he gazed into the lens, guessing that Yuki might be watching him through it even now.

“It’s open…” Her voice from the speaker, crisp and clear, with an edge of sultry anticipation. “Come in, rabbit.” She lingered over that last word, just her low purr enough to make his dick ache in his trousers. Breathing harder, Shindou reached for the door handle and eased it gently open. He stepped over the threshold and into a neat, modern apartment, with polished wooden floors and designer furniture. Despite the luxury, it was all strangely normal for the home of a mythical fox-spirit, but as he hurriedly slipped off his shoes, the young man felt his skin tingle like the air itself was charged with something supernatural. Or maybe that was just how excited he was. “This way, don’t tarry now…” Yuki spoke from somewhere just down the corridor.

Shindou found himself stepping forward, pulled along by her voice as surely as a leash around his neck. He stumbled through another doorway into the lounge beyond, then froze in place as his wide gaze found the tall woman sitting on the couch there, stretched out like a resting lioness. As she raised her head to smirk at him, her piercing blue eyes pinned him underneath a sharp stare that held him in place like she’d already firmly taken him in her grasp. The young man felt dizzy, his head swimming with a mixture of anticipation, lust and the slightest hint of nerves. A prickling flush spread across his cheeks, and his legs shivered slightly as his dick stiffened up, pressing against the front of his underwear. Yuki tended to have that effect on him.

Shindou watched, his mouth hanging dumbly open, as she rose from the chair in a single sinuous motion, her long, muscled legs stretching out underneath her as she stood. She wore only a light silk robe with a flowery pattern across the fabric, cut just above her knees and hanging loosely open to bare a sliver of the snow-white skin of her ample chest. Her black hair flowed loosely down her back, sleek and shimmering. Even if he hadn’t already known she was a kitsune, her ears and nine gorgeous tails hidden under a veil of illusion magic, there was still something otherworldly about just how stunning she was. It was ever so easy to imagine her demanding and receiving the adoring worship of mortal men like him.

“Come closer.” She purred, beckoning him with a curled finger.  “I won’t bite, surely you know that by now, don’t you?” Her bared teeth as she grinned at him left him wondering, but he stumbled forward all the same, until he stood just in front of her, his heart hammering away. “Well, you certainly dress up rather nicely, rabbit.” She observed, staring down at him.

“Thank you, mistress.” Shindou stammered, his voice rather breathless. He was very glad he’d taken the time to pick out the smartest outfit he had, a light blue collared shirt and brown trousers he didn’t have many other reasons to wear.

“Perhaps even nice enough for me to take you out later.” The black-haired kitsune drawled. She stepped to one side, slowly circling him like a stalking predator. Shindou froze stiff as she moved round behind him, feeling rather like a helpless rabbit being toyed with by a hungry fox. He could feel her simmering eyes moving down his back like a hot trace across his skin. “You did make sure to arrange for us to have plenty of time together, right?” She murmured from behind him, her voice hot and expectant in his ear.

 “Yes…mistress.”  Shindou gasped, a shiver running down his spine as he felt her breaths on his bare neck. “The weekend…I can be here for the whole weekend.” 

“Good boy.” She purred, stepping back in front of him and pausing there. Shindou swallowed, trembling under that piercing gaze. The mixture of nervousness, desire and anticipation she stirred in him so effortlessly was something he swore he’d never get used to and he never wanted to. It felt even more intense with Yuki entirely focused on him, especially when he was more used to having another around to share the black-haired kitsune’s sometimes intimidating attentions.

“Where is Ms. Merielle, mistress?” Shindou glanced over the spotless living room. The idea of Yuki cleaning up felt a bit absurd, so he suspected it was the gorgeous foreign spirit who was the kitsune’s lover that had been keeping the place so pristine. Only, he hadn’t seen a sign of her yet.

“Don’t worry your cute little head about her, rabbit.” The black-haired kitsune purred. “I have her well occupied learning a little lesson about when she should and shouldn’t pester me. It’s just you and me here until I decide otherwise.” She paused a moment, letting the young man absorb that with a certain nervous anticipation while her piercing gaze drifted over him. “I see you’ve brought something for me.” She nodded to the bag in his hand. “An offering, perhaps?” Her blue eyes lit up.

“It is meant to be, mistress.” Shindou held up the gift bag, tied neatly with a golden ribbon round the top. Yuki’s smile turned greedy as she took it from his hand, slipping the knot open and pulling it away. The young man watched, his heart in his mouth. After the hours he’d spent trying to find something suitable, he really hoped she…approved. The kitsune’s hand dove inside and she fished out a porcelain bottle, stoppered up with a cork. She lifted it up in front of her gaze, her piercing blue eyes widening as she read the label.

“Ah…a fine offering indeed.” The kitsune murmured. Taking the cork in hand, she gave it an eager pull and yanked it out of the bottle. Shindou watched, his heart in his mouth, as she lifted his gift to her nose and breathed in the scent of the alcohol within, a shiver of delight running down her spine. Lowering her head, she glanced back at the young man, giving him a wolfish smile. “Trying to impress me rabbit, earn yourself some points? Well, it’s certainly working. Here, pour me a cup. There should be one on the shelf over there.” She held the open bottle back out to him, nodding to one side.

Shindou took the gift carefully from the kitsune’s hand and turned where she’d told him, seeing a set of small traditional white china cups on a tray there. Leaning over them, he bit his lip in concentration as he carefully filled one with the clear rice wine, his nose wrinkling as the smell of alcohol reached him. Yuki hadn’t mentioned sharing, and he wasn’t about to impose, so he set the bottle down and turned back around. The black-haired kitsune had slipped back to her armchair and sat herself down while he was pouring, without even making a sound. Now she stared at him expectantly, her full lips slightly curled. Shindou stumbled forward before he could even think, carefully cradling the full cup of alcohol in both hands. He held it out to her, but she made no move to take the offering just yet. The young man shivered at the weight of her expectation, wondering what he was doing wrong.

“If you’re giving me an offering, boy, is it not proper that you be on your knees as you present it?” Yuki asked at last, one elegant eyebrow arching up.   

“Sorry, mistress.” Shindou hurriedly lowered himself down to his knees on the wooden floor in front of her. His heart quickened as he stared up at her. From down here, she looked even more imposing, looming over him. He raised the cup and held it out to her, shivering as she reached down and plucked it from his hand. Her icy blue eyes were fixed on him even as she lifted the alcohol to her lips, something in that hungry glare telling him how just much she was enjoying the sight of him kneeling at her feet.

“Now that is a gift to savour.” The kitsune murmured, lowering the cup. She paused a moment, turning the delicate porcelain between her fingers. “A fine start for you, rabbit, but have you been a good boy in other ways, hmmm? How are those studies of yours going? I believe you mentioned a test of some kind last time we met.” Her eyes narrowed expectantly. Shindou swallowed, but met her stare, he knew he had something to be proud of here.

“Everything’s going well, mistress.” He said, as confidently as he could manage. “I scored joint highest in my class.”

“Good.” She nodded again. That one word of praise from this hauntingly beautiful woman made Shindou’s heart soar. Of course, he wanted to do well on his own, but knowing Yuki was expecting the same was quite the incentive to work hard too. “Make sure it continues. I have high standards for you, and I do not want to be disappointed.”

“Yes mistress.” He breathed, a shiver running down his spine at the thought. Yuki raised her head and took another long sip from the glass, as he knelt quietly at her feet and stared up at her. His cock was aching with lustful anticipation, his cheeks flushed, but he didn’t even consider making another move. It would be up to her to decide what should happen here, and everything about her just demanded that obedience to her desires.

“You know, I actually have a gift for you as well.” Yuki murmured at last, lowering the empty cup. “First though, as appealing as you look in those clothes, I think it’s time you get out of them.” Her blue eyes gleamed like shards of ice as she leered down at him, as clear a sign as any that what she’d said was no suggestion. Breathing hard, Shindou reached for his shirt. His trembling fingers slipped the buttons open, not even a hint of hesitation in his mind. As he pulled off the shirt and folded it neatly over one arm, he felt Yuki’s eyes move over the bare skin of his chest. “Now the rest, rabbit.” She murmured, something hot and hungry slipping into her voice.

Shindou fought his trousers down eagerly, bucking up off the floor to pull them off before laying them in neat pile with his shirt. His socks were next, and finally he yanked off his underwear. His stiff cock popped free, feeling harder than it had ever been in his life before, while his heart was pounding with excitement as he willingly stripped for this gorgeous woman. He bit his lip, raising his head to gaze up at Yuki. The kitsune had leaned slightly forward in her chair, her lips curled into a thin smirk. As he stared at her, she raised one bare leg and folded it over the other. The young man let out a hoarse gasp as her robe slid ever so slightly higher up, baring a sliver of muscled thigh.

“Kneel straighter. Arms behind your back and head up.” She instructed sternly. “Now spread your legs, don’t hide that nice, hard cock from me. I want to see what I’ll be playing with later.” Shindou hurriedly obeyed, trembling a little as he realised just how exposed this position left him. Yuki’s exact intention of course. “That’s it, show yourself to me, you should conceal nothing from your mistress.” Her simmering gaze drifted slowly over his body down his chest and lingering between his spread thighs. The same heady mixture of nervousness and anticipation fluttered in his chest as she left him dangling helplessly in suspense, drawing the moment out. The young man felt his cheeks burn hot as she leered at his stiff cock and licked her lips. He’d never been looked at like this before he’d met her…like helpless prey pinned beneath her hungry gaze, never felt the truth of it in every beat of his trembling heart. “Now stay, just like that, rabbit.” Yuki nodded at last.

Shindou gasped out as she rose from the couch, towering over him even more as he knelt at her feet. She swept past him, stepping round his body to move away behind him. The urge to turn his head and see what she was doing was difficult to resist, but her instructions held him in place as surely as any bonds. He heard her rustling around somewhere behind him, then silence, save for the pounding of his heart in his chest. Then, suddenly, her hands were on his neck, reaching around behind him with long, elegant fingers to caress his tensing throat. The young man trembled at her touch, his skin tingling. He felt her slip something around his neck, a band resting gently on his skin which she fastened at the side and pulled tighter. He swallowed, feeling the leather shifting on his throat.

“There…” She murmured in his ear, her hot breaths tingling on his skin. Her hands slipped away, though not without brushing briefly over his throat, and she moved back round to stand in front of him. She had a long leash in one hand, clipped to the front of the band she’d just slipped around his neck. Shindou stared limply up at her, a shiver of desire running down his spine as he realised just what she’d done. Yuki had put a collar on him, like…a pet. “That’s right, rabbit.” She grinned down at him as if she’d read his mind. “You’ll be wearing that while you’re here, just to make sure you remember who you belong to.” Shindou felt his head spin, his belly fluttering wildly. This was something out of his most thrilling fantasies, secret longings he’d never dared share with anyone. Now Yuki had slipped this collar on him with such casual confidence, like she’d known all along that this was what he’d dreamed of.

“Mistress…I…” The young man stammered, the words spilling from his lips. 

“Hush.” The black-haired kitsune said, and Shindou felt his mouth snap shut. “Yes…that looks rather nice, doesn’t it?” She continued, wrapping the leash around her wrist. The pulling feeling against his throat as she drew it tighter made the young man whimper with desire, his stiff cock aching fiercely. “A collar suits you, but then we both knew it would, didn’t we? Time to put it to good use. Come.” She snapped, giving the leash a firmer tug. Shindou moved to scramble up onto his feet, only to freeze in place as her icy eyes flashed dangerously. “Did I say you could rise?” She asked, her eyebrow arching up.

“No, mistress.” Shindou flinched, the hint of her disappointment sending a cold spike of panic into his chest. “Sorry…”

“Crawl.” Yuki growled. Then she turned on her heel, stepping away from him with the leash in her hand. Shindou hurriedly leaned forward onto his hands and knees and crawled naked after the black-haired kitsune striding across the floor. It felt awkward and clumsy, and more than once he got a sharp tug around the neck as he failed to match her pace. Only…being made to do this by her, finding himself so suddenly crawling at the feet of this gorgeous woman, the young man couldn’t help but find the thrill in it. He just hoped he hadn’t made her too angry…

Scrambling after her, his stiff cock waving between his awkwardly shuffling legs, Shindou crawled through an open doorway, and from there onto a soft, fluffy carpet. His eyes flickered over a large bedroom, dominated by the huge king-size bed resting against the far wall, with a walk-in cupboard off to the side, but he couldn’t keep his gaze from Yuki for long. The black-haired kitsune led him to the end of the bed by the leash, then turned, her blue eyes flashing as she stared down at him.

“Kneel.” She ordered sharply, pointing at the floor near her feet. Swallowing, Shindou crawled over there and knelt, hurriedly arranging his body just like she’d told him earlier, his arms behind his back and his head up. That hint of her displeasure had left him rather desperate to please her again, and he waited obediently, hardly daring to breathe. “All rather exciting for you, isn’t this?” Yuki smirked at last, amusement in her eyes.
“It…is, mistress.” The young man nodded hurriedly. He’d really thought she was actually angry for a moment there…and her sudden switch to teasing left his head spinning.

“Perhaps I was too hasty in suggesting I’d take you out in those smart clothes.” Yuki chuckled. “I think it’s clear that collar is all you really need when you accompany me. Imagine that, as I went about my business in the city I could have you crawling after me like the obedient pet we both know you are.” Shindou moaned softly, a vivid fantasy of her leading him by his leash down the street outside on all fours flickering through his head. Of course, she was just teasing, right? And yet he couldn’t quite be certain of that. Yuki could and would do anything she wanted with him after all, nervous excitement flooding through him at the thought. “Ah…it’s so very cute how easy you are to toy with, young one.” The black-haired kitsune purred. She reached down, and suddenly her hand was on his cheek, long, elegant fingers brushing over his flushed skin. “Now though, it’s time for me to have my fun. Are you ready to show me how good you can be?”

“Yes, mistress.” Shindou breathed. She smiled wider, patting him once on the cheek, then drew her hand away. The air seemed to tingle on the young man’s skin as he watched her shrug effortlessly out of her robe, letting the silk garment drop to the floor at her feet. Just like that, she stood naked over him, her gorgeous body bared. Her breasts were full, perfect and pale, crowned by stiff, dark nipples. He found his limp gaze drifting down her muscled belly, drinking in the sight of her rippling abs.

As easily as she’d shed her clothes, she then dropped the illusion that had kept her fox parts hidden. As one moment bled into the next, nine long tails as black as her midnight-dark hair fanned out behind her, the fur sleek and silky. A pair of pointed fox’s ears crowned her head as well, twitching slightly as she smirked down at him. The young man’s breath caught in his throat, his cock aching with lustful longing.

He watched limply as she sat just on the end of the bed. Grinning at him, the fox-woman spread her long legs wide, her tails waving invitingly in the air behind her back. Shindou’s gaze darted between her muscled thighs, a hoarse moan escaping his lips as his eager eyes fell on her pussy. She was dripping wet, the skin around her swollen slit glistening. The thought that this gorgeous kitsune, a spirit from legend in all her haunting beauty, should somehow find his submission that enticing was still a shock to him, and it all made his yearning to please her and prove worthy of her attention even more intense.

“Come rabbit….” Yuki grunted, desire rumbling in her voice. She gave the leash a sharp tug, and Shindou shuffled hurriedly forward on his knees. He moved between her legs, his tongue already hanging out as he lowered his head towards her pussy. “Not so fast.” The black haired kitsune murmured hotly above him, pulling the leash tight until it pressed against his throat, holding him there so close to her slit he could smell the musky scent of her arousal. He froze, his cock throbbing between his legs as he stared longingly down at her pussy, his whole body aching for the chance to pleasure her. “You worship me only when I allow it, boy, not a moment sooner.” She growled. Shindou nodded hurriedly. Torn though he was between his eagerness to taste her and the need to obey her every desire, he knew he’d choose obedience every time. “Let’s see now…” Yuki continued, as the young man struggled not to beg or whimper. The hungry gleam in her eyes was hint enough how much she was enjoying his desperation. “I’ve been a little lax with you so far haven’t I, letting you coast by on that rather darling natural talent of yours. I think it’s time I changed that and took you properly in hand.” She lowered her hand, letting the leash slacken, but even still Shindou didn’t dare move an inch. “So, start slow this time, rabbit, and listen to what I tell you. Just lean in and trace your tongue gently up and down my pussy.”

With her instructions ringing in his ears, Shindou didn’t hesitate. He lowered his head between her spread legs and pressed his outstretched tongue against her glistening skin. A shudder ran down his spine as he tasted her once again, that familiar flavour of her arousal that sent a tingling heat through his entire body. He felt the leash pull tight, pressing into his neck and holding him firmly where he was. Against her strength, he knew he wouldn’t be able to pull back even an inch, not that he’d ever want to. Shivering with lust, his cock throbbing, the young man covered her mound with his lips, his tongue lapping eagerly at her like he wanted to drink down every drop of her juices.

“Slow, I said.” Yuki growled above him, her sharp voice reaching him even through the haze of desire. “I already know how much you enjoy this, but right now it’s all about my pleasure, not yours. Just start with long, slow licks. Show me you can restrain that youthful eagerness if I desire it.” Shindou let out a muffled moan, then tried to obey, letting his tongue trace slowly over the salty flesh of her pussy. The temptation was there to just bury himself between her legs and eagerly thrust his tongue inside her, but he held it back, focusing on her orders instead. As she’d told him it was her pleasure that was important here. “That’s better, good boy.” The black-haired kitsune purred above him, rumbling with satisfaction. “This is just what I wanted.” The sound of her praise made the young man’s cock throb and ache, his hips trembling underneath him. When she continued in a sterner tone, he hung on every word even as his tongue busied itself between her legs. “As much as I enjoy your enthusiasm, you must learn patience when pleasing me as well. Sometimes I might be in the mood for something more relaxing, and it’s up to you to give me whatever I desire.”

Her instructions hanging in the air, Shindou slid his tongue up and down in a slow, even rhythm. His wrists gripped his elbows behind his backs, holding his hands carefully in place. As much as he longed to reach up and run his fingers worshipfully over the muscles of her pale thighs, the thought of disobeying her now and touching her with more than his eager, lapping tongue made his chest tighten with anxious worry. She might decide to punish him if she wished but disappointing her would be far worse.

“Now, a little harder, rabbit, get that tongue inside me and put it to work.” Yuki ordered, her voice rumbling with lust. “No laziness, I don’t want you to even think of pausing until I say you can.” She yanked on the leash, pulling the collar tighter around his neck. The young man shuddered as the pressure on his throat made it a little harder to breathe. The reminder of how much power she held over him right now was another thrill that spurred him on. He buried himself between her spread legs, lips pressed tight against her drenched pussy. The smell of her, spicy and warm, filled his nostrils, as he slid his tongue inside her hot, clenching slit and lapped at her eagerly. Above him, the black-furred kitsune was breathing harder, her muscled belly tensing. The soft, wet sounds of his tongue tracing over her flesh filled his ears as he relished the taste of her arousal. 

Suddenly she shifted on the bed, raising one leg and sliding it over his shoulder, her calf against his back. Her warm, muscled thigh rested against his blushing cheek as she used the leg to yank him forward, pressing him even firmer against her. He was helpless to resist her, the sheer strength in her body leaving him whimpering in desire. Utterly under her power, the young man could do nothing but try his hardest to please his mistress, focused entirely on his lapping tongue and the signs of her pleasure.

“Yes…that’s it.” The black-haired kitsune snarled, her leg tightening around him and the leash pulling harder against his throat as she yanked it back and wrapped the leather round her wrist to keep him even more firmly pinned between her quivering thighs. “Keep going, boy. My clit now…get that sweet tongue on my clit, and don’t you dare slow down!”

Following her hoarse command, Shindou slid his questing tongue up her dripping pussy, tasting even more of her. He found the harder nub buried in her folds and lapped at it eagerly. Yuki let out a low growl of eager satisfaction, her voice rumbling in the air. She twisted her wrist, pulling the leash even tighter until it dug into his throat, allowing him only gasping, shallow breaths for air when he even dared to try between darting licks of his fluttering tongue against her clit. He could feel the pulse of his thumping heart against the leather of the leash, the tight pressure on his neck just a pale shadow of the effortless control she had over him in every other way.

The black-haired kitsune was panting hard now, her hungry moans and hot breaths filling Shindou’s ears. He could feel her thigh tense against his cheek, the rippling muscles of her leg tense and shivering. Her musky juices drenched his lips and chin, the smell of her arousal filling every breath. The young man could tell she was getting close, and it spurred him on despite the growing ache in his jaw and tongue. It was so easy to ignore that small discomfort as he worked with all he had to pleasure this gorgeous woman who demanded and deserved his worship. 

Yuki snarled in pleasure, sounding more wolf than fox, her foot digging into him as she squeezed him tight underneath her knee. Suddenly her free hand was in his hair, grabbing him tight and grinding his face between her legs. Her hips bucked and quivered, thrusting her pussy against him like his face was just a toy to get her off. Even as she rode him hard, Shindou tried to keep his tongue at work, his desperation to satisfy his demanding mistress and bring her to climax growing to a fever-pitch.

The kitsune threw back her head and let out a shrill, trembling cry that filled the room. Her leg bucked up, quivering in the air, and her clenching pussy gushed over his waiting lips. The young man felt his entire body ache with lust-filled satisfaction, but he didn’t dare pause for even a moment, the pressure on the leash keeping his mouth firmly pressed over her slit and his tongue sliding over her hot flesh. At last, her scream of pleasure faded to a low moan and she slumped forward, her leg dropping back to rest over his shoulder. She let the leash unwind from her wrist, the pressure on his neck slowly easing, but he kept his head buried between her legs anyway. He didn’t need to be bound to know his place was here until the moment she told him otherwise.

“Enough…” She breathed, her voice low and satisfied. Shindou drew back and glanced up at her face. The gorgeous woman was staring back at him, her pale cheeks faintly flushed and her blue eyes warm. She held the leash loosely in one hand, while the other still rested in his hair, warm fingers gently tracing over his head. He shivered as he felt her slide her muscled thigh along his bare shoulder. “Feeling proud of yourself, rabbit?” She purred.

“Yes mistress…” Shindou admitted nervously.

“That’s good, you should feel proud. You did very well. I could tell just how much you wanted to please me, and that’s the kind of offering I treasure above all others.” Her hand slid down from his forehead to pat him gently on the blushing cheek. Shindou smiled eagerly, delighted at her praise, all the more so since the lingering ache in his jaw told him he’d earned it. “Only thing is…” She murmured, and he saw her eyes trace slowly down the bare skin of his chest, lighting up like simmering coals with renewed desire. “I’m nowhere near done with you yet.” The young man felt a flutter of anticipation tinged with the slightest hint of nervousness as this gorgeous woman’s gaze fell on his stiff, aching cock.
She moved impossibly fast. One moment he was kneeling at her feet, the next she was standing and had him wrapped up in her tails, lifting his body up in front of her. He felt soft fur wrapping around his chest, entangling his arms and waist as well, coiling round his bare skin like writhing serpents. All nine of her tails had him in their grip, though it seemed like even more than that. The young man gasped as he was held in front of his mistress, dangling helplessly in her grasp. Yuki’s lips curled into a hungry smirk, her icy gaze moving over his bare skin. She turned, easily carrying his weight with her in her tails. His limbs pinned in place, and the gentle tugging of the collar round his neck as the leash pulled tighter made Shindou moan hoarsely. It all left him even more aware of the power this gorgeous kitsune held over him, a helpless human man she had at her mercy.

Yuki climbed onto the bed, carrying him with her in her tails, the leash still wrapped around her wrist. On all fours, her back arched, she crawled over the blankets, her rippling muscles flexing and tensing under her pale skin. Glancing back over her shoulder, she flashed him a teasing grin that made it very clear she knew exactly what effect she was having on him. Tails holding him in place, she set him lightly down on the bed behind her, inches from her raised hindquarters. Shindou’s gaze darted over her ass and muscled thighs, drinking in the sight of her smooth, perfect skin. His mouth went dry with longing, his hips trembling helplessly as he imagined her slamming her pussy down his aching cock, squeezing every drop of cum from his throbbing balls.

“Now rabbit.” Her smirk widened, baring teeth. “Time for me to put that nice, hard cock to use. I know young and eager men like you just want to pound away with no finesse, but this is all about what I want, all about what pleases me, isn’t it?” A sharper edge slipped into her voice at that, her tails tightening around his body, and he nodded frantically in reply. “So…you’re going to let me control you, like a good pet. When I tug the leash, you thrust for me.” She demonstrated with a sharp pull on the collar round his neck. Almost by reflex, Shindou’s hips jerked forward, his stiff erection aching in the air. “Yes, just like that.” Yuki chuckled, her blue eyes gleaming. Her tails slid away, soft fur brushing gently over his naked skin, until they furled back just above her and folded to one side to give them both room. “Come to me, boy…” The enticing kitsune ordered, the low, lustful purr of her voice telling him just what she wanted. “Serve your mistress…” 

Shindou shuffled forward on his knees, straightening until his hard cock was lined up with the dripping mound of her waiting pussy. He kept his hands clasped behind his back where she’d told him to put them, despite the fierce temptation to lean over and run his fingers over the smooth curve of her hips. Yuki waited for him, her ass arched up enticingly, but the gentle pressure of the collar left him no doubt which of them was really in control here. Easing his hips forward, Shindou shuddered with desire as he felt the soft wetness of her pussy on the sensitive head of his dick. Hot lust burned inside him, filling him with the yearning need to slam every inch home, but clenched his fists behind him and held those urges back. Pleasing this amazing, gorgeous woman was so much more important.

She held him there for a moment longer, his body burning with desire so hot and fierce it was almost painful. Then she pulled sharply on the leash. Shindou’s hips slammed forward before he could even think, and the young man let out a hoarse, shuddering cry as his cock drove into the warm, velvet tightness of her waiting pussy. She was so wet he dove to the hilt in that one shuddering thrust, every inch of his throbbing erection buried inside her. He felt her insides clench around him, his shaft strangled and caressed by rippling waves of muscle. It was a struggle not to cum right there and then, but the young man bit his lip hard and held the rising climax back.

Yuki let the leash slacken in her hand, the band of leather dropping back onto the bed. Sensing what she wanted, Shindou drew his shuddering hips back, his cock sliding free of her slit until just the head rested inside her. His shaft was glistening wet, drenched in her musky juices. To the young man’s feverish, lust-filled mind it felt like just another way she was marking him as hers. Another sharp tug around his neck and he slammed forward, his bare thighs driving into the smooth skin of her ass as he hilted himself once again. She let him loose, quicker this time, then yanked him forward, again and again the pulling of the leash guiding him to thrust exactly as she wanted. The way her tight pussy milked and squeezed his aching shaft each time he was hilted was amazing enough, but the effortless control she exerted over his body with just a few sharp tugs round his neck just brought him.  

“Ah…it feels so good, mistress!” He whimpered, the words escaping before he could even think of holding them back.

“I’m sure it does, rabbit.” Yuki smirked over her shoulder at him, her air of cool control as she held his cock inside her a heady contrast with his own flushed, shuddering need. “That nice, hard cock of yours feels rather good for me, too, and we both know that’s far more important, don’t we?” He nodded, scarcely trusting his trembling voice to form words right now. “Good boy.” She purred, letting him loose to slide himself back for another thrust. “You’re doing so well, I think you deserve something a bit special this time…” She breathed those last words, her blue eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Shindou froze with his cock half-free of her slit, wondering just what she meant even under the feverish haze of lust and desire. Then he felt the bed shift underneath him, someone else climbing up behind him to join him there. Before he could turn to look, she leaned in against his back, and he gasped out as he felt the softness of two large breasts pressing into him. Her arms were next, gently wrapping around his body from behind to take him in a firm embrace as she rubbed against him. Merielle was his first thought, but the beautiful redhead had never been quite this bold with him in the times they’d shared a bed with Yuki. And this woman felt different…moved different. The way she’d taken him in her arms with such shocking confidence reminded him only of his mistress, but she was on all fours in front of him. Turning his head slightly, he saw long, black hair, pointed fox ears and a pair of sharp, blue eyes that seemed to pierce through him and stare into his trembling heart.

“Mistress?” He gasped in shock, his wide gaze flickering between the kitsune on all fours in front of him, and the second, identical in every way, who was now rubbing her hands over his belly and chest and pressing her muscled body into him from behind. It felt…so real, the heat of her skin on his own, the sound of her amused laughter in his ear as she drank in the sight of his stunned surprise, even the faint smell of her arousal as she rubbed herself against his back. “How…?”

“Never you mind that…” The Yuki behind him murmured in his ear. He could even feel her hot breaths tingling on his skin. She leaned in and nuzzled into his neck, and he let out a sharp yelp as her teeth gave him a sharp little nip. “Focus on what you’re doing, boy, focus on pleasing me like you know you should. Here, since you seem to be getting a bit distracted, I’ll guide you back to your proper place.” There was another tug on the leash, and at the same time the Yuki behind him thrust her own hard, muscled thighs against his ass, pressing him forward with her and driving his cock into the one in front’s pussy.

It quickly became clear Yuki wanted a faster pace now. The demanding kitsune behind him drove him forward again and again with thrusts against his ass, while the one in front yanked insistently on the leash every time it seemed like he might slow or hesitate. She was bucking into him too, using her muscled thighs to slam her ass back and meet his thrusts, the crack of skin on flesh filling the room along with the lush, wet sounds of his cock driving home into her drenched pussy. Shindou was trapped between two versions of the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen, his body limp and helpless for them to use, moving only as they wished. He’d never felt so amazing in his life before.

As he struggled frantically to please them both, the Yuki behind him offered no mercy. Keeping him thrusting from behind each time the leash tugged at his throat, her hands glided possessively over his heaving chest. Every touch seemed precise and purposeful, designed to stoke the young man’s desires even higher. She even found his stiff nipples with her fingers, flicking and rubbing each little nub in turn and making him moan with shock at how sensitive they were to her touch. Meanwhile she hungrily kissed and nibbled up his neck, burrowing into his shoulder and teasing his skin with her teeth. The little sharp shocks of pain seemed to somehow blur with the searing pleasure filling him up, until it was hard to tell one from the other.

“I know it’s hard, rabbit, you just want to cum. I can feel how desperate you are…but you’re going to be a good boy and wait until you get permission, aren’t you?” She breathed in his ear, and Shindou trembled like a leaf as she took the lobe between her teeth and gave it a teasing little nip.

“Yes mistress!” He nodded frantically, his gaze darting back to the Yuki on all fours in front of him. She was leering over her shoulder, the lustful light in her icy blue eyes revealing just how much she was enjoying the show of her double playing with his trembling body. Her cheeks were flushed, her thighs starting to quiver and tremble even as she slammed her ass vigorously back into his thrusts, her muscled cheeks smacking hard into his hips. She had to be close too, and the young man knew that he’d only earn his own release when she came first. That was only right and the thought of disappointing her by finishing too quickly made his guts clench…but if this went on much longer he wasn’t sure he could hold his climax back.

Yuki must have sensed his worry, because she relented slightly, the kitsune behind him contenting herself with just holding him tight in her muscled arms and guiding his thrusts with her own against his ass. Meanwhile the gorgeous woman on all fours in front of him was bucking and grinding herself on his dick, slamming her muscled ass even more vigorously back into him. The tugs on the leash grew firmer and more insistent as Yuki’s pleasure grew, each low growl and moan from the kitsune in front echoed in his ear by the one behind him, the sights and smells and sounds of his mistress using his cock filling Shindou’s entire world.

Her muscled back arched even further, toned thighs trembling, and suddenly she yanked so hard on the collar he almost fell over her naked body. With a hoarse cry, the young man drove his cock home to the hilt inside her drenched pussy. Tossing back her head, the gorgeous woman let out a low cry of delight, her perfect body quivering in front of him. Her insides clenched so tight around his shaft it was almost painful, rippling waves of pressure working up and down his cock. As he watched, utterly entranced by his mistress in the throes of climax, Shindou’s dick twitched and pulsed inside the tight wetness of her clenching slit. No matter that he’d yet to earn her permission, he knew he was about to cum inside her anyway.

“Now cum for me, you darling man, fill me up.” The Yuki behind him growled insistently in his ear, her breaths tingling on his flushed skin. The kitsune’s pussy clenched even tighter around him, squeezing his entire length like a fist of velvet muscle wrapped around his shaft. In that moment, Shindou saw white, floods of crackling heat searing up his throbbing length as he rammed his cock as deep as it could go. Rippling waves of tightness ran along his throbbing shaft as her muscled insides literally milked him dry, squeezing jet after jet of cum from the tip of his aching dick. The orgasm just seemed to go on and on, his tightening balls dumping what felt like the largest load he’d ever spilled into the gorgeous kitsune.  

At last, the young man felt the white heat of his orgasm start to ebb away. He slumped forward with a hoarse moan, his muscles left limp and trembling by the sheer intensity of his climax, only for a pair of her furry tails to dart up from just above her muscled ass and gently take him in their grasp. They easily held his weight while a third tail brushed soothingly over the flushed skin of his cheek. Yuki herself eased her body forward, letting his twitching dick slide free of her pussy. She knelt back up, then turned slowly to face him, her tails moving with her to keep the young man sheltered in their furry embrace. The leash was still clasped in one hand, but she held it loosely now, leaving him only with the slightly distracting feeling of the collar fastened round his throat.

“Ah…that was just what I needed.” Yuki groaned with satisfaction. Reaching up with one muscled arm, she stretched out her body like a contented cat, arching her back to thrust her large boobs toward him. Even though he’d just had what had to have been one of the most amazing orgasms in his life, Shindou still felt his softening dick twitch at the sight. “Nicely done, rabbit. I was pushing you quite hard towards the end there, wasn’t I?” She chuckled, her blue eyes gleaming.

“Yes mistress.” Shindou sighed. She was teasing him again, but there was something warm and affectionate in how her soft, furry tails brushed over his skin as they held his body in their grip.

“Well you’ll get used to it soon enough, with some more of the training I have in mind for you.” Yuki shrugged. Shindou felt his heart quicken at her words. That had been one of the most intense experiences of his life but she was talking like it was going to be pretty normal for them from now on. When that second Yuki had suddenly grabbed him from behind, he had been pretty sure his heart had skipped a few beats.

“Wait…what happened to the…?” He glanced behind him. There was no sign of the other Yuki, the sheets weren’t even disturbed where she’d knelt behind him, but the young man could still feel the ghost of her teasing touch on his chest and stiff nipples, and the tingling around his neck and shoulders where she’d nipped and nuzzled into him. The tail stroking his face pressed against his cheek, firmly guiding him to look back at the kitsune in front of him instead.

“As I said, never you mind. That was just a little trick I knew you’d enjoy.” Yuki purred, raising one hand and wiggling her fingers. “If you’re a very, very good boy this weekend, I might just decide you deserve another treat like that.” Shindou nodded hurriedly. It had been sort of hard to figure out what was going on when he was thrusting into her with everything he had, but now his head was clearer he could guess he’d just gotten a rather more direct demonstration of her illusion magic. It was unbelievable how real it had all felt, every detail perfect down to the heat of her skin when she’d pressed her boobs into his back. With that kind of power, Yuki could make him…believe anything she wanted. His belly fluttered with nervous anticipation at that thought. “As much as I’d enjoy making you try and earn that chance right now, you look like you could use a break.” The black-haired kitsune continued. Shindou’s gaze darted over her body, seeing the faint flush on her cheeks, the stiffness of her dark nipples. He was feeling a bit unsteady, but she…still wasn’t satisfied. Of course she wasn’t, he knew exactly how insatiable his mistress was, but he’d been acting like he was done!

“Mistress I can…” The young man began hurriedly, but she cut him off with a single raised finger.

“I say you need a break, so you need one.” She said, just a hint of steel in her voice. Knowing better than to talk back now, Shindou nodded hurriedly. “Here, just lie down and catch your breath for a moment.” Her tails guided him round to the side of the bed and then eased him down onto his back, lying with his head against the pillow just beside her. He glanced up at her, still wishing she’d just let him at least use his tongue to please her again. “I’ve always found that eagerness of yours very appealing, but there’s no need to be impatient, rabbit.” Yuki continued, like she’d read his thoughts. One of her tails brushed over his naked body, the fur tickling at his chest and belly as she gently stroked him. “Believe me, when I know you’re ready for more, I won’t wait, even a moment.”

“I…mistress.” Shindou began, still uncertain about being left to just lie here while the gorgeous kitsune’s appetites were still running hot. “What about you?”

“Concerned for me, are you?” Yuki laughed. She casually slipped the leash around the bedpost as she spoke, tying it in a firm knot that Shindou realised with a shiver of desire would hold him here like some disobedient dog until she decided to release him. “That’s very cute, but you needn’t be.” In one fluid motion, the kitsune slipped down from the other side of the large, double bed, standing there in all her naked perfection and looking down at him with a thin smirk. “I’ll be fine. There’s someone else here who must be rather desperate for my attention by now, and it just wouldn’t be fair for you to have all the fun.” Someone else here? Shindou glanced hurriedly over the large bedroom, but Yuki was the only one he saw, and the…other Yuki had vanished without a trace. Who did she mean? “Just lie there, keep quiet and watch all you like, rabbit…this should be rather entertaining.”

Her long legs flexing enticingly with every step, she stalked over to a glass sliding door fitted against one wall. Reaching for the handle the naked kitsune flung it open. Shindou gasped in shock at what he saw inside, what had to be a walk-in closet, with shelves of neatly folded clothes and a metal rail bolted across the top. Dangling from that bar by her cuffed wrists was a naked woman, her body pulled taut until she stood on just her tiptoes, the muscles of her quivering legs straining to support her. A massive ball-gag had been shoved between her full lips, stretching them wide open around the red plastic, drool leaking from the corners of her straining mouth to drip onto her quivering breasts. Her freckled cheeks were flushed scarlet, her chest rising and falling with gasping breaths around the gag, and her green eyes were wide and desperate as they found Yuki.

Shindou gazed at the foreign woman from his place on the bed, unable to stop himself from staring at her gorgeous body in longing. Merielle…the beautiful redhead who Yuki had brought with her to Japan. The kitsune’s lover, who she shared some dark, intense history with Shindou didn’t dare to ask or guess at just yet. He’d seen enough when he’d first met the pair, and, after being handcuffed to a pole by Yuki, had watched helplessly while she throttled the beautiful redhead and tossed her through his car windscreen. Thankfully they seemed to have made up and calmed down since then, though the quirks of their relationship were still quite something to see.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Red?” Yuki smirked, staring at her foreign lover with lustful eyes. “Listening to everything, listening to me fucking the boy good and hard while you hung here all alone with only that teasing toy I left stuffed in your wet, slutty hole for company.” She laughed, reaching a hand down to the redhead’s trembling thighs. Shindou felt his dick already start to stiffen up again as he watched his mistress’ fingers slam into her lover’s drenched pussy. Merielle’s eyes lit up, her gorgeous body arching forward, only for Yuki’s hand to slip away, a smirk on her lips and a little pink bullet vibe buzzing away between her fingers. The redhead let out a muffled scream of frustration around the gag, squirming in place and thrusting her hips frantically towards the kitsune’s hand. “None of that.” Yuki snapped. One of her tails lashed out like a striking snake, landing across the redhead’s breasts. Shindou flinched at the sharp crack. He still wasn’t quite used to how harsh his mistress could be with her lover, but Merielle’s whimpering moan through the gag was a sign of just how much the foreigner enjoyed the rougher treatment. “I put you here because you couldn’t stop waving that slutty hole at me, remember? Only you don’t seem to have learned anything from the experience.” The kitsune sneered. “It seems I’ll have to teach you another way.”

Her nine black tails curled around her naked body, aimed at the redhead dangling helpless in front of her. Shindou wriggled on to his side, watching all this with wide eyes from the the bed. Seeing this more sadistic side of his mistress was thrilling and terrifying in equal measure. As much as it all made his heart beat faster and his cock stiffen up between his legs, he was still glad she was willing to be rather gentler with him.

“Are you ready?” The kitsune grinned at her lover. She paused, cocking her head as if waiting for answer the redhead could hardly give with that massive gag shoved between her lips. “Guess it doesn’t really matter, because I’m doing this either way.” Her tails lashed out, so fast they were a black blur through the air. In an instant, Merielle had two of the furry limbs driven between her legs, coiled around each other to form a single thick mass that Yuki showed absolutely no hesitation in thrusting up inside her lover’s waiting slit. Another pair were on her breasts, wrapping around the pale mounds and squeezing them tight enough to make flesh bulge. Merielle screamed out, her body arching up on the bed towards the kitsune, but even through the gag Shindou could hear the wild pleasure in that shrill sound.

The muffled shriek died in a choking gasp as a fifth tail found the redhead’s throat, wrapping tight around that slender neck and squeezing in, cutting off her breath in an instant. The tails delving inside her pussy were hammering into her with firm, hard thrusts that lifted her up off her feet and left her squirming in the air, never letting up for even an instant. Not even when another slid up underneath her, darting round behind her quivering buttocks and then thrusting up between them. Merielle twitched and writhed as she was skewered by her merciless lover, her wide green eyes dull with lust and desire.

As her tails continued ravishing the redhead, Yuki slid the small bullet vibe in her hand between her muscled thighs, a low growl of pleasure emerging from her lips. Shindou watched from the bed, his soft, panting breaths and the pounding of his heart the only sounds he dared to make. These two gorgeous women were focused entirely on each other, hardly seeming to realise he was still here. Even lying here he didn’t want to risk intruding on this intense moment between them. And he had to admit, the thought of drawing Yuki’s attention when she was acting the ferocious predator was a bit frightening.

“You look so fucking gorgeous like this, Red.” The black-haired kitsune snarled, her own muscled body trembling with impending climax. “Helpless, choking, every hole stuffed like the whore you are. It’s enough for me to take a bit of pity on you after all and give you what you’ve been mewling for all day. Now cum for me, slut.” As she growled out those words, her tails slammed into the redhead’s body, filling the room with the wet, squelching noise of her pussy being stuffed. The fur around Merielle’s neck tightened even more and dug into her skin, choking off her muffled shriek. She thrashed and bucked wildly, pulling against the cuffs so hard it seemed for a moment she might break the bar she was bound too. Yuki shuddered and gasped, her muscled legs buckling, but even as she came on the vibrator buried between her legs her tails never once stopped driving into her lover’s body, forcing the redhead’s climax to go on and on. Shindou felt something quite like nervous awe as the kitsune feasted on her lover’s pleasure, his cock stiff and aching between his legs.

At last, Merielle slumped forward with a mewling whimper through the gag, supported only by her cuffed arms. Yuki swept forward, deftly undoing the binds even as her own legs trembled. The redhead dropped like a limp doll, right into the kitsune’s waiting tails. Holding her lover up, Yuki reached around behind Merielle’s head and slipped the gag off. As soon as it dropped from the redhead’s lips, the kitsune darted in and pressed her lover into a ferocious, hungry kiss. Yuki held Merielle tight in her arms, crushing the trembling redhead to her chest like she never wanted to let go. Their lips pressed firmly together like they were gasping in each other’s breaths.

After some minutes, the kitsune broke the kiss with a hoarse gasp, tossing back her long hair. Shindou froze as she turned back to face him, still holding Merielle’s naked body tight to hers with her arms and tails. The redhead was trembling slightly, clinging to the kitsune and making soft, mewling noises of contentment. Yuki stepped back up to the bed, carrying her lover with her. As she loomed over the young man, her blue eyes drifted lustfully over his naked body, as good a sign as any that her desires were still nowhere near sated.

“I can see you enjoyed the show.” The kitsune smirked, her teasing gaze darting between his legs.

“Um…yes, mistress.” Shindou stammered. It had been rather intense even watching that, but just a glance at Merielle, dangling limply in their mistress’ arms and moaning, told him how much the redhead had enjoyed herself.

“Good. Now scoot over a bit, make some room.” Yuki ordered. Nodding quickly, Shindou shuffled back until he lay on the edge of the bed. Carrying her lover with her, the black-haired kitsune climbed up onto the bed herself, her long legs flexing enticingly. She gently laid Merielle down on her back on the other side of the soft blankets, one tail brushing over the redhead’s trembling body. Then she slipped in between them with a low purr. Shindou gasped as he felt her naked skin on his, the toned muscle of her thigh drifting over his own leg. “Ah…this feels rather nice.” Yuki murmured, her voice soft and content. “I think I could lie here a while.”

“Just don’t fall asleep now, that would be disappointing.” Merielle giggled softly, her foreign accent adding an exotic appeal to her lilting voice. The redhead shifted, resting her head on Yuki’s shoulder. Her green eyes were fixed on the kitsune’s face, drinking in the sight of her lover.

“Ah, got your wits back at last? I thought I might have to slap the sense back into you, but then you’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?” Yuki let out an affected sigh. “Have you at least learned your lesson about pestering me this time?”

“I don’t know…” Merielle sighed, a teasing glint in her large, green eyes. “Maybe you should stick me back in there and fuck him again, just to make sure. You’d be up for that, wouldn’t you, Shindou?” She winked at the young man across their mistress’ body.

“I…would, I guess, but what about you?” He glanced helplessly between the two gorgeous naked women lying beside him. 

“Try not to encourage her, rabbit. She’s an incorrigible little whore.” Yuki growled in mock displeasure. There was a sharp crack as her hand landed across Merielle’s pale thigh, but the redhead just moaned in delight. “Well, you’re right about one thing, Red. I’m certainly not finished with either of you just yet.” The kitsune’s voice turned to a low purr, as she reached over Shindou and Merielle’s body. The young man gasped out as he felt her one hand take his stiff cock in a firm grip, fingers wrapping around his length in a way that felt rather possessive. The other arm lay between Merielle’s legs, and the redhead let out a whimpering moan as Yuki’s fingers slid into her waiting slit. “Rock-hard and dripping wet.” Yuki sighed, one hand pumping into the redhead’s pussy, while the other stroked up and down Shindou’s throbbing cock. “Such a pair of needy sluts I have here. Whatever shall I do with you?”

“If you’re running out of ideas, mistress, maybe the two of us can inspire you…” Merielle cooed lustfully, leaning in to plant a few hungry kisses across the pale skin of their mistress’ neck and collarbone. Her green eyes flickered to Shindou, then darted down significantly to Yuki’s full chest, like she was directing him there. After a moment’s hesitation, the young man decided to follow the redhead’s bold example. He shifted slightly, leaning over the black-haired kitsune’s ample chest. Yuki let out a soft purr of delight as he pressed his lips against her breast, kissing and nuzzling at the soft, pale mound. Her hand slowly stroked his pulsing cock, squeezing and teasing at the sensitive head in ways that made him whimper. He could feel the simmering lust building in her muscled body as he kissed and licked at her stiff nipple, the low growls of lust escaping her lips and the tension of her muscles on his side, but it was still a shock when she suddenly lashed out.

Shindou yelped out as he felt three of her furry tails snap around his body, seizing him tight in their grasp. One pinned his arms to his sides, wrapping round his chest and holding him in a firm grip. Merielle was similarly pinned, the other six tails squeezing her pale body tight between them, one even coiling round the redhead’s pale neck again to cut off her breath once again and turn her whimpers to a choking gasp.

“Consider me very inspired.” The fearsome black-haired kitsune smirked, her blue eyes simmering with predatory lust. She leaned over and kissed Merielle first, covering the redhead’s lips with her own and pressing her naked body down over her squirming prey. Shindou, his ears filled with the wet, smacking sounds of the two gorgeous women making out on the bed beside him. Without missing a beat, Yuki yanked Shindou in with her tails and turned on to her other side. Her lips found his, prying open his mouth with barely an effort to thrust her wet, delving tongue inside and lick at his own. She kissed him fiercely, hungrily, his whole world filled with her lips and the warmth of her larger, muscled body pressing into his. When she leaned back at last, breaking the kiss with a wet smack as their lips parted, the young man could hardly even breathe.

Yuki stared down at his face for a moment, her blue eyes alight with possibilities. “Better prepare yourself. The night is still young, little rabbit, and I’m not letting you escape me any time soon.” She purred roughly, before leaning down to plant one last firm kiss across his parted lips. “Try not to faint before I’m through with you…” Then she laughed, high and clear, the fierce lust in that sound drawing a whimper of nervous anticipation from the young man’s lips. Still chuckling fiercely, Yuki yanked both him and Merielle in over her body, her hands and tails and lips all tracing over their naked flesh and Shindou lost himself in pleasure.

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  1. Shindou is living the good life it seems. He’ll probably miss that once ‘Yusika and Red’ get busy doing something productive with Seo-Yun and the rest.


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