Sum of Her Scars – Chapter 4-A

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Diana, Goddess of Rape.

The words echoed in her head, but they didn’t make sense to her… the words of the blood-stained goddess seemed like nonsense to the dead paladin. A goddess couldn’t be worthless. A goddess couldn’t be fuckmeat, killed for the momentary pleasure of a cock once she was completely used up. Nothing made sense… “Why have you brought me here??” Diana kept asking. As she thought back to the humiliating way her valiant life had come to an end, the gut wrenching humiliation and misery, the feeling of being worthless and having condemned her friends to such a fate, brought fresh tears to her eyes once more. “Why did you don this to me? Why?!”

Syris smiled warmly at her, her expression… relieved. “So that you could take my place. So that you can suffer in my stead.”

A tremor went through Diana. Suffering? There was to be more suffering? Please… please no more… “I… I don’t understand.” She couldn’t take it. She just couldn’t. She just couldn’t.

“I know you don’t,” the goddess said as she slowly ran her long, sharp nailed hands down Diana’s body. “Because you’re arrogant. You’re self assured that you know how the world works. Long ago, there was no Goddess of Rape at all. Perhaps you know of this. There was only the Lord of Suffering, the god they called Kylis.”

As Syris splashed along the bloodied pool, molesting her vulnerable body as she spoke, Diana could see figures rising out of the blood like puppets that moved in accordance to Syris’ story. “He wrought devastation in all the places he went. Slaughter. Plague. Famine. Torture… and yes, rape. Millions of women gangraped, tortured, and sometimes executed in the most brutal ways as he spread his suffering across the world, the torment his only worship. Millions died… but of course, that was the end of their suffering.” She shook her head. “Upon death, their souls were released to whatever god they served. Their worst memories erased, they lived out their afterlives in peace.”

Her fingers brushed against Diana’s clit and she suddenly had a vivid, unbelievably detail memory of being hung upside down while someone sawed her in half from cunt to throat, a clearer memory than any she had of her childhood or training or friendships. “This did not sit well with Kylis… not at all. He wanted them to suffer… not just until they died, but forever. He attempted to keep their souls trapped in his realm for eternity, even upon death.” Syris chuckled darkly. “You know what happened next, do you not?”

Diana did. It was how Ajaxe had become the God of War. The other gods had suffered Kylis… but not forever. When he had begun to steal the souls of their faithful, all of the pantheon had risen up against him… destroyed him, cast him down into oblivion. “Yes…” Syris said. “I can see that you do. He was punished for this, his great power forever diminished by the gods and goddesses upon whose authority he infringed. They ripped away parts of his domain, spreading them amongst themselves, never to let misery congregate in one god ever again. They destroyed Kylis. The only problem was… they didn’t go far enough.”

Syris sighed deeply. “They left him with but one misery… one pain and suffering.” And with a grin, she thrust her fingers viciously inside Diana’s asshole, sharp nails stabbing as she forced her way inside. The blood on her hand was sufficient lube, but it was worse than useless because with it came the memories, the sensation of having her asshole impaled on a spike for hours, slowly being tugged down by gravity as her feet frantically tried to stop her fall, splinters filing her feet with a thousand stabbing pains as her bowels were violated deeper and deeper… “They left him with nothing but rape. The sexual suffering of the helpless and the weak. And he still wanted them to suffer, to suffer forever.” She shook her head again. “If he couldn’t steal the souls of everyone who had ever been raped to suffer for all eternity and prevent their memories from being erased… then there was only one solution to preserve them. There could be one person to remember all of it. One being to serve as a living annal of all the rapes done in Kylis’ name.”

She sawed her fingers in and out of Diana as her other hand pinched her nipples. “He began by stealing one or two souls… getting some women to watch. He never once harmed them, never even touched them. He just forced them to bear witness to atrocities over and over and over and over again… until they went mad. Too weak. Too useless. That wouldn’t satisfy him… a mortal was too weak to stand eternal. In the end, it was eternal glory that the God of Rape sought, and for that he sacrificed everything, including himself.”

She kissed Diana again, pressing her bloody mouth against her, filling her with memories of a silly whore being drowned in horse piss while she was raped from behind. “If a god steps onto the mortal realm, he will lose his divinity… he will live and die as a mortal, his mantle passed out. You know this… and so did Kylis. He didn’t care. He entered our world, strode into the Ancient Forest, and there he personally raped the great elven queen Eyladris and passed his godhood onto her… his divinity, and one final gift. Even as her guards rammed swords through his body, killing him, he had changed his power, set conditions on it.”

Syris smiled. “From that day on, Eyladris would bear witness to all the rapes that went on in the world and keep their memories burning. What others felt, she would feel. What others remembered, she would remember… and there would be only one way to escape that fate… to find another woman to take her place. Not just any woman would be viable, though… only someone who had suffered even more than Eyladris had.”

“So she became the new Goddess of Rape.” Syris fell quiet, pulling her fingers from Diana and instead stroking the red figure of the gorgeous Eyladris that rose from the blood. Her fingers slid softly over her nipple. “Before long she was empowering mortals in the same way as Kylis did… fueling their worst desires, giving them forbidden knowledge, whispering to them. She made them do things even Kylis would have never imagined. And then, by the end of it, Eyladris was released and another took her place.”

Syris came back towards Diana. “Do you understand now, paladin? Since then, there have been a dozen goddesses. I’m just the more recent one. All that I’ve done… every atrocity, every misery, every rape and torment and murder I have done for my own liberation. I suffered in life as you did. And then I woke up here. The time of Syris, however, is at an end. And yours… yours is only beginning.”

Diana listened to her words intently, trying to discern their veracity. This can’t be true, she thought. The Goddess of Rape?! I would never do that. Never! Having experienced it herself, she would never wish such a thing upon anyone. They may have tortured her in life and humiliated her… she might have accidentally subjected her order to a short, brutal life of sexual depravity, but she would never willingly inflict this on another.

Syris approached her once more and opened her mouth for a kiss. Instead, only a whisper left her mouth. “Farewell, Diana. I love you more than anyone ever has.” With those words, the pale woman suddenly fell backwards and dropped. Before she had sunk halfway down her body had dissolved into a crimson soup of blood that then splashed down into the pool, vanishing immediately and forever and leaving nothing but ripples behind.

No, no, no, Diana repeated. This is not possible…

A thought occurred to Diana then. She was the Goddess of Rape. She had power… real power. Power that could be used to make a difference… She could whisper in the minds of her followers, all who were inspired to commit such atrocities. She could stamp it out. She could stop it… stop it once and for all. All she had to do was take the pain. All she had to do was endure, and she could fix the world. All she ha-

An excruciating pain passed through her body and in that same instant she became flooded with thousands of memories that she lived through simultaneously. Though Diana herself had no memory of her own to account for the events themselves and when they happened, she had an instinctive feeling for which were closer to her and which were from thousands of years in the past. Every rape for millennia… all of it in her head. Strangest of all, among them was her own haunting memory of her rape and torture, and it seemed no different than the others. She was just one more among the millions that suffered in the same way.



Just one who had suffered one sliver more than the next most, the previous goddess.

I can’t… I can’t…

Someone else would have to do it. Someone else.

I’m worthless. Useless. A failure. I’ll only fail, and cause more pain. It can’t be me. Someone else will have to do it… someone else…

Please, let it be someone else…

The memories washed over her like a flood, unstoppable, unending. A mortal mind would have cracked almost instantly beneath the weight of lifetime over lifetime over lifetime of torment, rape after rape after rape that left her screaming and gibbering as she thrashed in her chains. She had no idea how long she hung there, suffering, jerking like she was having a spasm, flinching from a thousand torments in a thousand different locations. A thousand memories of torture, rape, death were washing over Diana’s mind, making her squirm, whimper, scream. It felt like the chains that were binding her were only getting tighter. No, no, it couldn’t be like this! After everything she’d endured, what was waiting for her was supposed to be peace. She only felt agony instead. After everything Diana had suffered she was sure she knew how to handle all the pain and misery inflicted on her, but the memories of millions of rapes the goddesses cult – her cult – committed were more than she was able to handle at once.

Everything came upon her in waves, never ending, never stopping, until her skin was burning like fire… feeling a thousand hits, gropes, tears, bruises. Her throat felt sore from countless different cocks being pushed down women’s throats and she choked with them, her eyes watering, even as her voice burned from a million screams. Her other holes ached too as she saw memories flash before her eyes – cocks, fists, weapons being used to fuck innocent victims until their screams stopped… until there was nothing but a bloody mess left of their slits. They kept being used even as they let out their last breath, their bodies and souls being put to one final use… rapists’ filth being pushed inside them as their eyes rolled back and spirits left their bodies.

Diana wanted to scream, to crush her head against something so that her skull would crack open, if only she would stop seeing these horrible things playing in her head over and over and over, never giving her a moment of peace, never giving her a moment to breathe. It wasn’t fair… it wasn’t fair! She had already suffered the most, hadn’t she? Why did she have to go through more? Diana had always thought that the Goddess of Rape was a sick, twisted monster that enjoyed seeing suffering more than anything else, but she saw now how it was. All her predecessors, each of the women that once stood in her place, had only wanted one thing, only searched for one desire to be satisfied – to find that one poor soul that would endure enough to take their spot. It was the only way out… that was the thought that consumed Diana as she hung there, shaking from waves of memories washing over her.

I’m not strong enough. The thought about what she had to do disgusted Diana to her core, even now as she was broken over and over again. Even if she did the most unspeakable things to get free, she would still be the victim. Surely that justified it. Surely that made it alright. No matter what she did she hung in chains… her only power was to either let the abuse continue or to encourage it. She wept, her eyes still closed, at the thought of how much more she was yet to see, how many more rapes and murders would be committed in her name. But even if she did, she knew it was the only way.

Diana wasn’t strong enough to fix the world. She’d proved that with her death, the way she had sold out her friends, the way she had begged Oran to make her choke on his cock. She wouldn’t be the one to break this circle, the one to break the curse. Maybe it would be the next woman, she thought. She would have survived even more suffering. She would be stronger, for sure. Diana smiled at that thought. Yes, that was the only good deed she could make – take a soul pure enough and strong enough to go through all the abuse and rape unscathed. And once the next in line was standing in front of Diana, she would know that she’d made everything right.

That the worthless whore she was had made the only difference she could make.

Slowly, the shock of all the memories she saw started to fade away. It wasn’t getting better, no, but just like with her abuse, Diana learned how to deal with it… even if she still saw violent flashes in the back of her mind. Here they were… the members of her cult. Her worshipers. Every single one connected to Diana now, waiting to hear her whisper. She could see them, gathered around her sisters in arms, the paladins of her order… waiting for instruction. She could save them. No. Someone stronger would save them… but she couldn’t. She was worthless. Diana gave her followers what they wanted, what they were waiting for. She whispered encouragements, telling them to go farther, to be more violent, to take every woman they desired and turn her into a piece of meat, reducing her life and history and will to nothing but a cocksleeve.

Her order suffered… and Diana felt all of it. What else could she do? 

Just as Diana used her divine powers at last, her realm seemed to finally accept her. The dark, blood-soaked place that was now her home for the time being welcomed her… in its own way. Diana saw the figures, shadows coming closer to her as her mind was filled with an image of an elf with her mouth being cut from ear to ear as she was fucked in it by two cocks. She couldn’t see them clearly, but when she did Diana couldn’t help but feel fear deep inside her.

This realm was her realm… but she wasn’t the only one who inhabited it.

The demons.

The denizens of this realm were the Agonizers, the monsters of blood and bone that she had fought before. These were the accumulated knowledge and skill of a thousand years of rapists, the talent of gifted torturers, the masters of anguish. Their gigantic cocks twitched, ready to take her, and fear filled Diana as she saw the monsters that she had fought once before coming closer to her as if they were forming out of the shadows.

“Stop!” she screamed. Even if she was in chains, she was still a goddess, she should be able to make them go away. She should be able to command them. But maybe they sensed how weak she was, how pathetic… because they didn’t. The demons moved closer as Diana tried to get away, to tear away from her chains, but it felt like they were getting only tighter around her body. She whimpered, a familiar sense of helplessness filling her mind. She couldn’t escape pain, even in the afterlife. She wasn’t merely still a victim… she was also still a captive.

One of them moved forward, looking her in the eyes. There was an endless lust in that look, a desire to tear her apart piece by piece while fucking the life out of her. These demons were nothing but her followers’ darkest desires turned to flesh and Diana could do nothing against them. “No, stop!” she screamed as the creature in front of her grabbed her legs under her knees and opened them, leaving her hanging in the air. She could see his cock, twisted and distorted as if it was designed to bring more pain than could be possible when pushing in its victim’s cunt.

Even Oran hadn’t had her fucked by one of these monsters while she lived. Even that cruel sadist had known she couldn’t take it, couldn’t survive it. But now she was a goddess… now she could survive anything. “Look at me,” Diana said, her voice wavering as she tried to get a hold of another memory of rape and torture that was filling her mind. She looked at the demon, seeing a dozen others standing behind it. “You will obey me! I am your Goddess! Don’t you dare to-”

Her last words died in a scream as the Agonizer before her pushed his cock inside of her. Diana knew intimately well just how painful a fucking could be at this point, but even she wasn’t ready for the way she would feel as her newly healed pussy was taken by the demon’s inhumanly destructive cock. It felt as if her hole was being ripped apart, the stinking breath of the monster making her almost as nauseous as the pain did. As the Agonizer was taking his pleasure inside the newborn goddess’s cunt, Diana realized with terror that now she’d lost even the one simple hope she had back when she was alive. Even while she was raped, tortured, and dismembered she’d still known that one day Oran would let her die. Now, that wouldn’t happen. Now, nothing was waiting for her but an endless circle of pain.

Other demons, seeing the rape of their goddess, moved closer… their cocks just as gruesome looking as the one sawing away inside the winged goddess. They circled her as Diana suffered, her chains clinking as the helpless goddess was raped. She started shaking as she felt the touch of another demon on her thighs, his body pressing against her from behind. She whimpered, knowing what was about to follow as his disgusting member pressed on the tightness of her asshole. Her mortal body was abused for long enough to be prepared for this intrusion no matter how painful it was, but with her wounds healed and her holes still tight, with it being one of the anguishing demons about to fuck her, there was nothing that could stop this from being pure agony.

And it was.

Diana screamed again and again in her blood-filled realm as her holes were taken and used by the monsters created by her predecessors. The most experienced rapists in history made a meal of the fallen paladin… and even so, the pain and misery was only a drop in the sea of torture and rape and suffering her cult had begun spreading after hearing her words in their ears. She watched them, one by one, fuck every single paladin of her order to death, sending them to their afterlives. She watched them make virgins go through hundred of cocks in a row, until their tight cunts were swollen and messy from the blood and cum, until they looked more like a stab wound. She saw them hanging elves from the trees so they could be used as toys until their hands turned numb and dark from the lack of blood. Then they would cut them off, like fruits, and use them over and over again until they found their death in the pleasure of one man or another, one cock or another.

The concept of time was lost to Diana in her new existence. She didn’t know how long she kept being abused by the demons that were supposed to treat her like their mistress. Sometimes she would lose herself completely to nothing but the memories of abuse, making her forget about what she was enduring as she was watching rape after rape, death after death, hearing screams. Other times the rapes would be too mundane, too simple for her to get lost in the visions and she would come back to her senses, to the place where her own body was fucked over and over as demons were grunting and laughing in distorted voices while filling her with their filth. Always she waited… waited for that perfect tortured soul to take her place.

Right now, she hung upside down, her head laying just barely touching the pool of blood that was the floor of her realm as her mouth was filled with demonic cock. It tasted terrible and it scrubbed her throat as if the Agonizer’s skin was made out of sandpaper. Her other holes weren’t left alone either – one of the demons pushed his cock in her pussy and his hand in her asshole, making a fist around his dick inside of her and rubbing himself through the thin wall until Diana was stretched out so badly she felt sure she would rip apart.

As she looked around, her firm breasts swaying in the air, she noticed that there were more of the demons now. They were a part of her cult, she realized… a few of those who’d lost their lives by being foolish enough to be caught and executed. Their deaths robbed the cult of its potential. Maybe they needed to act more carefully…

Diana quickly threw that thought away. No, I don’t need them to hide in the shadows, I need them to be ruthless, to be quick! What did it matter if she would get fucked by one more terrible thing if it meant she could get out of this place forever, to find peace? And that is what she whispered to her cult again and again. More. Harder. More. Further. More. Harsher. More!

Diana had no other choice. It didn’t matter how much she hated herself. The things her cult was doing were vicious, evil, and cruel… but none of it was enough. How many times did she hope that she would be victorious, that her torture would end and another one would take her place, only to be disappointed? She couldn’t count. It seemed like there were endless attempts made to create a new goddess, the strongest women they could find tortured slowly to death, but not one had what it took… none of them succeeded. No matter how tortured and abused those women were, they just died too quickly, gave up too quickly… finding their peace in the afterlife, while Diana had to keep being raped and used by the demons, had to keep feeling all the worst things that mortals did to one another.

She had to be the one that suffered.

The fallen paladin was filled with rage and anger, screaming in her cultists’ ears to do more, to be even crueler, to find and shepherd the perfect victims… but these idiots weren’t capable. There was no art in most of what they did… they did all their thinking with their cocks, just taking what their lusts demanded. It was a sore pill to swallow, but Diana knew who the person was that she needed… who could make it happen. She needed Oran.

The sadistic elf was still among her people, not caring in the least about Diana’s wrath. She could’ve ordered her followers to kill him, humiliate and torture him just like he did with her… but instead, she had spent the last years or decades refusing to even look at him, refusing to even think of him. He was her master. He was the one who hadn’t just broken her, but shattered her… destroyed the brave, strong paladin she used to be. She was still terrified of him, a deep-rooted, inescapable fear inside of her. Even if Oran couldn’t reach her anymore, she never felt more than an instant or two from his next torment. He had been the one to kill her… both metaphorically and in fact as he forced her to go through unspeakable torture again and again before he snuffed her out, so even now there was still something inside of her stopping Diana from looking at him.

But she needed to. He was the most talented of them… the only one she could hope to make her another goddess. And so, voice trembling, she whispered to him, too.

Please. Make them suffer. Make one of them suffer the most… more than anyone ever has…

“Good to hear from you, slut,” he laughed, and Diana couldn’t help but feel a chill go down her spine. “It appears you have finally found the perfect role for yourself. I’d be delighted to make someone suffer in your name.”

With Oran leading them again, her cult wasn’t just a bunch of brainless goons attacking anyone they saw… with Diana’s will and Oran’s leadership, and bound Agonizers giving them knowledge, experience, and power, they were an army. Her cult moved through the night, taking villages and small towns on the outskirts of the world and turning them into hells. There was not a single woman safe inside those walls if worshipers of Diana were there. They took, they raped, they made them scream and shout for help, but no help was coming.

Every time they attacked a new place Diana would scream with the victims, experiencing far too much torture at once. As she writhed in pain the Agonizers would only laugh at her pitiful state as they raped her. Now that the cult was binding them again, there were less of them… but they kept rotating in and out, and if anything their reduced members seemed to make them only more determined to keep her used every moment of every day. They kept getting their use out of her and it seemed like an endless cycle – whenever one was done with her another took his place.

In each town, Diana watched with hopeful, broken eyes as Oran would select the women that seemed the most stubborn, the strongest, proudest ones… the ones who’d refuse to break, ones who kept their mouths shut not to scream as they were being beaten and raped. He would make them his… and those poor women suffered the most in the end. He would rape and torture and cripple and cut until they were cum-covered shadows of their previous selves, twisting those proud unbreakable women into nothing but cumdumps. He found pleasure in seeing them going from the one resisting and fighting back to nameless things ready to drown themselves in his piss if only he would allow them to do it. Even so, each was a disappointment. No matter how many there were, no matter how strong the victim, no matter how tortured they were after their death, still no one appeared to take Diana’s place.

She mourned every single one of them as her children, the ones that were supposed to be born from pain and suffering but never did. Each and every one of them she hoped would be the one to take her place, the one that could save the others… who could do what she could not. Women braver, smarter, stronger, better than she was, than she could ever be. It was because she had failed at creating a new goddess, the way she had failed at everything, that others had to suffer. No strong goddess was around to protect them because she hadn’t put someone worthwhile in her position yet. Instead, she was still the one feeling this pain, the one being tortured not only by her memories but also by her demons. Diana had to become ruthless. She needed to go further, to do more. She would have to all but tear the whole world apart and set it on fire if needed… it was the only thing she could do to put someone in her position that could save it.

That was why, when she finally started to meet resistance, it was so deeply frustrating. 

By now, word of Diana the Goddess of Rape and her cult had spread far and wide. The forces of the other gods through the world knew what she was capable of… and those they protected weren’t going to give away their lives easily. While she was too deep in her desperate misery to notice anything but her end goal, there were people gathering to wipe out her cult right under her nose.

It happened in the middle of the night, in a village that had been dominated by her followers for months now. Diana was watching everything closely, believing that she was closer than ever to finding her replacement. This one promising young woman, a fiery, high tempered sorceress who had spat insults for months into her captivity, had kept fighting and resisting even as her arms and legs were cut off, even as the brave young mageling was reduced to nothing but a toy for the most experienced rapists on the planet. She had almost drowned in cum daily for weeks now, and Diana dreamed that she could almost feel it… just how close she was to taking her spot. She just needed a little bit more… Diana was sure of it. One more disgrace, one more crowning moment of torture, a dozen more cocks tearing her apart, and her suffering would be enough. She could become the goddess. Diana would be free.

Then they ruined everything. 

They came in the middle of the night. People that were tired of fear… tired of watching villages and farmhouses being transformed into temples dedicated to rape and misery and the needs of a bloodlusting goddesses. Some of them had lost their wives, sisters, and daughters to the cult, and they were furious… and a group of paladins lead them. Shining, beautiful, strong men and women… strong like she used to be. Too strong for her temple. They closed around the village, making sure no one could escape. Then they started the fire that quickly took one building after another. They didn’t hesitate to slay the ones who were trying to escape. Diana screamed, seeing as the fire was coming closer and closer to the place where her future replacement was staying. She couldn’t risk it, she couldn’t just let her vanish. Desperate, Diana screamed for her cult to stay with her, to die with her just so they could give her more pain. They could push her over the edge before it was too late.

They listened. Diana looked down as the woman screamed, her stomach sliced in numerous places as her devoted followers were sticking their cocks right into her insides, bringing her just one more round of agony. They kept doing it even as the building filled with black smoke, even as they started falling on the ground one by one. Her cultists died there. The fire took them all, leaving nothing but the ashes behind, the sorceress consumed in turn and burned alive.

And yet no one appeared.

Diana was fighting in her chains, screaming in frustrated horror around the cocks that Agonizers kept pushing inside her throat. She had been so close, so close! Now she was left with just a handful of her followers spread around the countryside and just one more failed attempt. Her senses became overwhelmed with the smell of burned flesh, the feeling of it as victims burned to death by the hundreds, and her devoted followers burned with them. Then, while those tormented women got to go to afterlives where they would be cared for, where they would have to remember none of this torment, she was left here as her burned followers began appearing in her realm. Their blistered, smoking bodies were covered in sores that reeked of smoke, and they popped with every movement as they found an Agonizer to join in with, to melt into for their own afterlives of an eternity tormenting women for their pleasure.

As one, they turned their attention on Diana, striding closer to her and ready to show their goddess what they were capable of now… now that they could use their cocks on her. One of them pushed away one of the others who was fucking Diana’s face and took his place, shoving his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t breathe… her mouth filled with the foul taste of burns and the acidic boils. If she could only scream then Diana was sure the sounds of her misery would’ve echoed all the way to the human realm. This is what she got only for wanting to get out, to release herself from these chains – more pain and suffering being thrown at her.

But not all was lost. There were still parts of her cult that had survived, that had been elsewhere. There will still those willing and eager to follow her. Oran was among them, the snake having fled the village while Diana was lost in her need for the sorceress to suffer… and as much as she despised him for allowing the cult to fall, for surviving when it did not, Diana knew that as long as she still had his leadership then she still had a chance. Eventually. First, they had to rebuild… to grow their numbers and build their army. Meanwhile, Diana had to wait for her perfect martyr, hanging in chains and continuing to endure an eternity of torture and rape.

That’s all a worthless whore like me deserves, isn’t it?

Her cult was becoming stronger again. More and more joined, but this time Diana tried to be careful. She didn’t want to start over or, even worse, take on useless members that would eventually join her in her personal hell. The blood-soaked realm of the Goddess of Rape was crowded as it was. This place felt nothing like a seat a power… it was merely a cage for her, a place where she was forced to take and take, satisfying the monsters she had helped to create.

Penance for my sins.

Her followers were searching for only one thing now – a woman that could take her place. Of course, they didn’t see it that way, but over and over she drove them towards the strongest, toughest, firmest, holiest, bravest women they could find. They continued on, hunting and raping and murdering as Diana kept seeing everything they did, feeling every part of what was going on right against her skin. She watched women be drowned, beaten, cut, burned, impaled. They were screaming and screaming in her mind as her worshipers were making use of their holes, or making new holes to use. They were getting some special kind of pleasure from doing all of that with young, innocent virgins, as if them only knowing violence made the rape feel better. Yet there was no one between them that could take her place. Diana increasingly grew impatient. She let it all out on Oran, not holding back on how pathetic she thought he was. He only laughed back, knowing that Diana needed him, needed something only he could create… that for all her power she was his slave, that all her words were only filled with fear and helplessness.

Then her cult was slaughtered again when it grew too strong, and she needed to rebuild. And again. And again. And again. Watching people fulfill the role she had in life was doubly frustrating now because not only was it stopping her from setting herself free but Diana could now see how pointless the whole thing was. The cult would always survive… even if they managed to wipe out every single worshiper, there were always dark men that she could whisper in the ears of. The Agonizers would still exist, ready to share generations and generations and generations of knowledge in torment and misery with new recruits. She had built her cult from the ashes a dozen times now, and the heroics of the “brave, holy warriors” that tried to stop her amounted to no one… it probably didn’t even save many individuals.

In the end, her rapists consumed. It was what they did.

Her cult continued their work, hearing Diana’s whispers as she begged them to create more and more suffering. As they were coming through villages, spreading pain and suffering all around, they weren’t stopping. They didn’t care who their victims were, how loudly they screamed for help, or how long they begged for mercy… So there was no surprise for Diana as she saw her followers attack the temple.

They were worshipers of Sirrenia, goddess of love and grief. Most of them were women, the ones who came to honor people they loved and the people they lost. There was surprise in their eyes as they saw Diana’s followers coming inside… as if they couldn’t quite believe that they would desecrate that place. Those looks quickly turned to horror as they saw them throwing women on the ground and tearing their clothes apart.

“Oh Goddess help us!” one of them screamed as she was thrown on the altar, her breath taken away as she was pushed against it.

“Did you hear her, guys?” one of the cultists mocked as the priestess’s skirt was thrown over her head, covering her face. They hit her hips and ass over and over again, leaving red marks as they took the grieving young widow. “Bitch doesn’t know any better. No one will help you now…”

The widow died on her goddesses’ altar. She was continuously taken from behind, her screams muffled by that same skirt. She was clawing the wood under her fingers as cock after cock kept filling her up, leaving her slit filthy and inflamed. She kept being fucked as she was choked, her body spasming in agony, but men only laughed, getting full use of her sexy body even after she was gone.

Diana watched closely at the picture of devastation before her eyes, feeling even more disillusioned than she had thought was possible. She couldn’t believe this was really happening… that people in the temple, no matter how much they screamed and begged, didn’t have any help from the goddess they worshiped. No magical power or servants came to their aid, no holy warriors rose. Even Diana could send more Agonizers when her cult was attacked. She had expected her stupid cultists, thinking with their cocks, to have signed their death warrants by intruding so blatantly onto the domain of another of the gods… but it seemed Sirrenia was deaf to the pleas of those who worshiped her, blind to their pain. Even if it would’ve destroyed her cult once again, Diana hoped and hoped that the help would come… but it never did. Instead, her followers left the temple full of dead bodies and smoke, and even as her demons continued to fill her with spunk and cock Diana felt… rage… burning deep inside of her.

How could this happen? How could it be permitted?

How did Sirrenia allow it? Did she not care about her people? As Diana thought about it, she remembered her service. She knew… she knew intimately now what a goddess, even a weak goddess like herself, was capable of. She could whisper to her followers what had hurt their victims most, or where an escapee hid, guiding them to her by their pain. She could send down her demons to help directly, or send instructions. She could, and did, send encouragement and praise to the rapists in her service, urging them onward to their monstrous ends. The gods could aid… and yet did Ajax ever help her? Had the God of Justice ever once led her to one in need, or had it always been her own investigative skill? Had the God of War ever once guided her hand in battle, or was it her skill always helping her to emerge triumphant? He had certainly sent no one to save her, never once whispered encouragement or guidance in her ear.

Why did gods allow the people who worshiped them to suffer by the hand of her cult? They begged and prayed, and yet the monsters she created were still walking the earth, continuing their devastating work. Why were the holy servants of the gods so weak, so unguided? Why did they not keep smashing her cult before it could grow… surely they could see the signs. How could gods not get involved? How could they allow their people to suffer… the way she had suffered? There could be only one answer to that question. The answer Diana had been running from. The one that the former paladin was afraid to accept.

The gods just didn’t care about them. They didn’t care about their followers’ suffering and pain. They would accept the worship, feed on the adoration, but they gave absolutely nothing back… there wasn’t a single thing they were willing to do except to stay in their realm, getting more and more praise for things they claimed ownership of but did nothing to support. How hadn’t she seen it earlier?

The tale of Kylis made sense to her now. The gods had been perfectly content to let the God of Suffering exist… they had done nothing to stop it. It was only when he had tried to steal the souls of those headed to them in the next world – only when he had tried to take pieces of their due – that they had bothered to do anything. At least Diana had earned the hatred people had for her… destroying lives just to reach her goal, just to get her freedom, not caring about how many would suffer because of her. They were just as useless as she was. Just as useless as a whore goddess that couldn’t even save herself.

Alone in the misery of her blood-soaked realm, raped eternally, Diana laughed.

After that, Diana gave up completely. She stopped leading her followers, stopped encouraging them, stopped giving them guidance or assistance. She summoned back her Agonizers and let them do as they pleased. It didn’t stop them from continuing doing exactly what they wanted to do, of course, but there were no more whispers telling them to do so. Diana was silent. Instead, she just numbly watched the violence that happened from afar, experiencing it deep in her soul even as her body continued being abused. Her body and her mind grew used to the endless cycle of Agonizers raping her as they tugged on her wings and spat in her face. Part of her was almost contented with the thought that this was how her afterlife was going to be – the same miserable existence with only one difference that now her wounds weren’t permanent anymore. In her heart, she no longer thought she would be able to make a replacement. She had failed at that as utterly as she had failed at everything else in her life. One day it would no doubt happen, by accident…

No doubt by then she would be mad.

As time went by, her cult started to die down, to lose organization. Without Diana’s commands, they lost their motivation, only creating chaos. It wasn’t as hard for people to seek vengeance as they saw her cult being turned into a weak miserable bunch. The most vicious, the smartest, spread out, working as charismatic cult leaders or lone wolf hunters. Oran did that, leaving the group like a rat fleeing a sinking ship just as Diana changed her mind and stopped showing her presence. He knew where it was going… just like he knew how many would try to wipe him off the face of the earth if they knew who he was. If they all gathered together, he would be outnumbered and there would be no saving for him. In the end, this was exactly what happened to him anyway… ten rapes later or a hundred thousand, eventually the elf was not smart enough, not clever enough, not fast enough. Eventually he fell to the blade of someone much like Diana had used to be…

And as he died, Diana knew that her torture was only starting.

The scarred, sadistic elf appeared in her realm looking just the day they first met… when a far more innocent Diana still had had no clue what gruesome fate would wait for her. Diana kept being raped, with her head pushed too far down on a cock for her to see him right away, but as Agonizers stepped aside, even the ones that were fucking her, she finally met Oran’s eyes. The elf was smiling as if he wasn’t just killed. It felt like he wanted it to happen, craving to meet Diana once again… his masterpiece. She moved in her chains as if trying to run away, but it was in vain. She knew what was waiting for her and it was inevitable.

“It’s so good to see you again, whore,” he said with a smile on his lips. Even after she was tortured for so long, there was still that primal fear inside Diana as she saw him. She suffered too much from his hand to ever forget how it felt to be helpless in Oran’s presence. He came closer, his hand running up her hands, over her chains as she trembled. “Is this what you wanted when you begged me to kill you? If you just wanted a few more cocks fucking you then you could’ve just asked…”

Diana tried not to look away, but it was too hard, she couldn’t do it while seeing nothing but desire to hurt her more in Oran’s eyes. The elf sighed. “I’m disappointed in you,” he said softly as he grabbed one of Diana’s legs, opening them just enough to be able to push his cock into her abused cunt. There was something familiar in that sensation as Diana whimpered from pain. “After what I did to you, after I created you, you should have been the most fierce of them all. You should’ve led your cult to rape and burn the whole world… to spread suffering to every single corner of it. Instead, your weakness lead us all to failure.”

Diana pressed her lips together, not letting a sound come out, but Oran only enjoyed it more. He wasn’t going easy on her, only increasing the rhythm of his cock tearing into her pussy as his skin erupted, the man becoming a new Agonizer in his own right, just before her eyes.

“Admit it – you were a useless whore then, and you stayed a useless whore now. Turning into the gods you once worshiped, silent and useless. You chose your legacy, and it looks like you’re going to be fucked until the end of time.”

Diana felt nothing. How much pain could one person take before getting numb? The years had past and now she was comfortable in her role as a sex toy for the demons. She had no desire in search of more suffering. She hadn’t found a new goddess and was only hurting herself at the end. There was no one to help her, just like there was no one for her when she was alive, when she had prayed again and again for someone to save her as gods kept their silence.

“Now,” Oran said to her, as he still wasn’t going easy on her, enjoying the look of pain on Diana’s face. “I have all the time in the universe to show you what real pain feels like…”

Diana watched the memories, felt them in every part of her body. So many of them, so much pain. So many women just like her were turned into nothing, their souls crushed and their bodies mutilated and twisted. She remembered all of the past ones… the ones that hadn’t managed to last long enough to suffer enough to take her place. The ones who hadn’t been as strong as she had been.

Maybe… maybe that was enough.

Was she part of that useless pantheon that watched upon suffering humans without blinking an eye, without thinking that there was something that they could fix? Or maybe she could be something more? Someone who could help? Someone who didn’t have to be useless?

That would be her legacy. Everyone who had suffered in her quest was her legacy. It was her fault… but Diana couldn’t change that. She could only change the future, and she didn’t want to be like the old gods anymore… the ones who only used people as puppets in their games but never gave them anything in return. She wanted to heal, she wanted to save. She wouldn’t be failing them the way her gods failed her.

Maybe… maybe there really was no one else better.

Maybe the world deserved a better class of god.

Maybe Diana wasn’t strong enough, brave enough, good enough… but she was all the world had.

“I already know how it feels,” Diana whispered, finally looking Oran right in the eyes. “I felt it… again and again as hollowed me out, as you left nothing living inside of me. Maybe it’s your turn to know how it feels…”

A power that Diana had never felt before bloomed in her chest. It was like the hottest fire, one able to destroy anything in its way. Oran saw it, and his instincts for self-preservation made him pull away from her immediately, sloshing through the thigh-deep blood pool to try and put as much distance as possible between them. Moments later, the Agonizers followed his lead, fleeing in all directions in their efforts to escape.

And the chains that had held Diana for what felt like an eternity finally fell away. They sank beneath the surface of the blood of all those she had hurt with barely a ripple as Diana stood straight, stretching out her wings, not feeling helpless anymore. She knew what she needed to do… even as if it would take years and years. Even as she knew it would hurt. Even as she knew it would be hard. But she wasn’t doing it for her.

The Goddess of Rape had fallen from her chains. The Newborn Goddess of Solace had risen up from where she fell.

The agony that had tormented her since her death hadn’t gone away. She still remembered every rape as though it had happened to her only moments ago, still felt every moment of suffering in the world as though it was her own body being beaten and impaled and torn apart for the pleasure of monsters. She might never be free from that pain…

But she could share it.

Oran collapsed face first into the bloody pool, wailing and thrashing, as the memories of every rape that he had ever shared responsibility for flooded through him. She saw his confident, arrogant expression shatter in an instant, becoming something pitiful and mewling and broken. She saw the horror flicker across his face alongside the dawning realization that this state was permanent. More emotions followed: denial, anger, shameless pleading… but by the time he was ten seconds into his new eternal afterlife, they were gone, and he had been reduced to a hollow-eyed, sobbing creature.

“Now,” Diana said, as the blood surrounding her started to evaporate away. She stepped closer to Oran as the other Agonizers cowered on the ground, trapped in their own self-inflicted tortures and trying hopelessly to escape notice. “We shall have a discussion of your crimes… and we shall discuss what real pain feels like…”

2 thoughts on “Sum of Her Scars – Chapter 4-A

  1. I hadn’t realized how similar the bad ending and the good ending really were. There are differences, significant ones, make no mistake. However, the sequence of events is very similar, and that disqualifies a lot of ideas I’d had before reading this.

    This is going to be a bigger challenge than I thought


  2. Yes Diana! Kick their ass! After all you’ve been through and been through and been through and been through and been through and been through and been through and been through it’s the least you deserve.

    And thanks for this story! It’s been a delightful present, and a wonderful tale to follow.


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