Chosen – Chapter 9 – Taken Away

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Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan

Yuki stared at the quivering, skittering forest with naked tension. The jorogumo had been quiet for several days since the raid on Hanei, but it seemed like that was coming to an end tonight… the trees had become thick with the demons from the moment the light began to dim, ready to rush out as soon as the sun went down. Seijun stood alongside her, cleaning her spear as they sat together on the outskirts of the warcamp, watching the forest as the afternoon light grew darker.

The demons were making their move… this time, there was no doubt. They had surrounded the area in droves. The kitsune had prepared… they stretched across the field behind their barricades along with the human soldiers, covering the area as far as Yuki’s eyes could see… but still, Yuki was nervous to go against such insurmountable odds. There had so much area to cover… and that meant that the human warrior and the new recruits would have to bear the brunt of it. She tried not to show any of that discomfort to the brave soldiers in the army militia, but she could tell that Seijun felt much the same.

“Is Akemi in position?” Yuki asked.

“She is,” Seijun confirmed. “She’ll be leading the hammer to our anvil. Destroy any bulges in the spider’s lines, dampen their blows against our younger and less… experienced… forces.” Yuki nodded in agreement, but her mentor sighed. “Ever we grow so thin in number,” her mentor muttered. “If only there was a way we could put an end to this for good.”

Yuki breathed out and looked down. Ever since that night in Shiyomi with Syllana, she had the thoughts of destructive foxfire rummaging through her head. She knew in her heart that it had been the right thing to do to walk away from the strange black kitsune, but a part of her felt like it was her duty to bring forth any kind of weapon she could imagine against her enemies. It was easy to imagine how far that kind of power could take them. “Seijun,” she said slowly. “I have to ask you something. Something important.”

“Isn’t that what a mentor is for?” asked Seijun back, her eyes twinkling as she stretched out. “What is it?”

“The other night, Akemi and I,” started Yuki. “We went to an empty village nearby to meet a potential recruit… a strange kitsune from the South who told us how they managed to learn the art of… destruction magic… through foxfire.” Seijun raised a brow curiously as her ear twitched, an invitation to continue. “I know such things are forbidden,” Yuki said, “but… I’d be lying if I said the idea of being taught such raw power to stop this threat wasn’t very tempting.”

Seijun sighed. “This is a curious predicament to be in,” she said. “Who were these kitsune? How did you come to know of them?”

“I don’t know where they came from,” said Yuki. But they found Mai and got in touch with me through them. They say they came to help.”

“Interesting…” Seijun nodded in understanding. “Well, apprentice… if you know how to get in touch with these kitsune again, I would be interested,” she said.

Yuki was stunned. “What?” she said. “I… I mean, really?”

The older fox nodded. “I don’t think there is such a thing as an evil technique, Yuki. I strongly believe that it is the intent and skill of the kitsune that makes us who we are, destructive foxfire or not. It is only so taboo because it is implied to bring terrible harm on others. If it could be applied to do good for our people… to protect people who would otherwise fall… who are we to judge it?”

Yuki looked at Seijun and breathed out. She had made a mistake to leave that night. She should have listened to Akemi, but then… why did her heart still rebel at the idea? “After this, Seijun, I promise we will track these kitsune down and we will learn what there is to learn from them.”

Her mentor put a hand on her shoulder. “I do not doubt you,” Seijun said with a smile. Then that smile fell. “What is this?”

Yuki turned towards the woods, and her stomach, already clenched at the idea of using foxfire the way they discussed, twisted further. Mist poured out of the forest, blanketing the clearing and the fields in fog thick enough to block out the dying light. Yuki had never in all her life seen fog that thick. It roiled out through the fields, churning almost like smoke, and night fell where it went. “By the kami,” Yuki growled softly. Up and down the line, obvious consternation spread.

“That’s our cue,” Seijun said, lifting her spear.

Yuki lifted her own and checked her sword again before focusing on the line. “Steady!” she called out. “Don’t think about the danger in front of you. Think about the people behind you… think about what will happen to them if the monsters get through you.” She saw movement in the fog. “I hate this, Seijun,” she said softly. “Can we hold?”

“Assuming the jorogumo aren’t bringing something new, we’ll hold,” Seijun said firmly. “For today, at least.”

Yuki flashed her teeth. “Oh, well that’s a beautiful thought,” she growled.

“If the world were always a beautiful place,” Seijun said wistfully, her voice low, “then it wouldn’t need guardians like us.”

“Sound like a deal to me,” Yuki answered. “It feels wrong to hold a sword more than paintbrush.”

“They’re coming!” someone yelled.

The mist swept over the barricade, and as it did the shadows within resolved into a horde of jorogumo broodlings. The smaller spiders stormed the palisade walls, screeching their horribly shrill cries as they leaped to attack the waiting soldiers. Yuki had time to see the front wave hit the walls elsewhere before they reached her position, and then she was too busy fighting for her life to watch too closely.

Broodlings circled the fight and began to fall on Yuki, Seijun, and the others of their position from every direction possible. Yuki killed them, stabbing with the spear one at a time as they climbed. Other weapons flashed in the dying light, and someone screamed… a lot of people screamed.

Fighting from a defensive position didn’t suit kitsune strengths. They couldn’t use their fox forms or the power and speed they provided very well… they needed to hold a position and stop the enemy from making it through. The preferred kitsune warrior way was a steady advance of striking tails, flashing blades, and sharp teeth… instead, they needed to stay put and let the enemy come to them, lest they be overwhelmed utterly.

When the first adult jorogumo jumped through the mists at Yuki, it sent a lightning flash of terrified energy through the kitsune’s body. The spider-woman’s armored form meant that Yuki’s head only reached to the woman’s breasts, and her chitinous legs stabbed at Yuki like eight razor-sharp swords. Its eyes – cold, cruel, hungry – focused on Yuki, and the spider rushed her, spitting webbing even as it stabbed.

The kitsune knew that if she got tangled in that web she was as good as dead or would soon wish she was, so she twirled back a step, bringing her sword low and cutting straight up with all the power in her body, as far away from her as possible. The webbing cut, propelled by its own weight and speed against the katana’s edge, and it parted around Yuki before reaching her. The kitsune then sidestepped the first double blow of the deadly appendages, drawing back her blade to the defensive as she did before lashing back out. The first stroke clove into the chitin from one of those legs and was nearly trapped there as the monster’s moment carried her past the fox’s position. Yuki jerked the blade, twisting it, and the chitin cracked and cut and the beast screamed as one of its eight legs lay on the ground, and her weapon came away strained with blood.

The jorogumo spun to return to the attack, but before she could Yuki jumped into her own offensive. Jumping onto the spider’s back, she kicked off the abdomen, launching herself away from its frenzied attacks even as she cut. A flash of steel, a shortened scream, and the monster’s beautiful head jumped up off its shoulders as if launched by the blood that sprayed behind it.

Yuki didn’t have time to celebrate her victory… another one was coming for her. The white-furred fox was forced to leap back from the next foe as a dozen broodlings attacked alongside it. Yuki sliced low twice, cutting away the two nearest of the human-faced broodlings before she hacked away the spider limb that reached for her, reaching out with her tails to propel into a long leap and leaving the crippled enemies beneath her. Yuki fell from the sky like a comet, her foot driving into the woman’s torso and smashing her to the ground like slapping a bug. With casual efficiency, Yuki drew a shorter blade and stabbed down into her back, driving it into the thrashing creature before leaping away again from her death throes. With a quick motion to shake the blood from her blade, she sheathed it and transformed into a fox, trying to make it back to the wall… and two more adult jorogumo emerged from the fog around her.

All nine of her tails slapped hard at the side of the first of them, sending her staggering to the side as the white fox disappeared into the mist like a ghost, shifting back to human to slide beneath the attack of the other before it could orient itself to her rapid change. She snatched a spear from the ground and thrust it forward, driving the tip into one of the creature’s eyes and leaving the mortally wounded spider to die as she turned her attention back to the second. Duck, whirl, sidestep, duck, she dodged the furious monster’s onslaught as she came in low, drawing her sword again and slashing at where her human torso met the spider body. It stopped like a stone with a breathless cry and a flash of blood.

All around her, she could hear the fighting and dying. Sparks and crashes flared in the corners of her vision through the fog as the chaotic attack rampaged on. All around, her makeshift army had engaged the jorogumo swarm. From what she saw, even her young ones were giving a decent fight. They found in bands of twos and threes and fours, coordinating attacks against the larger enemies. Focus the monster on one of them flank with another, and chop through legs. Send the jorogumo to the ground and kill it. The broodlings, however, made the whole thing difficult. Individually, they weren’t very dangerous… but the sheer number of them disrupted coordination, and it only took a single bite getting through to cripple a warrior. The ongoing fog churned, the thickening curtain making it hard to see anything as adult jorogumo joined the assault alone or in pairs. When they attacked, the army reacted to try to take them down without losses.

Sometimes, they were successful.

Yuki found herself forced to concentrate as another adult appeared in front of her… this one larger and stronger than the last two. Her first two slashes proved its chitin was tougher, too, and soon Yuki found herself fighting simply to remain alive. Her sword matched the stabbing legs of the jorogumo, turning one blow after another, and her experience offset the creature’s strength and fearless aggression, allowing her to stay just outside the critical distances that would allow it to impale her, or get close enough to bind her and bite. Yuki knew, however, that she couldn’t keep that up. Fighting at a standstill against these creatures was a losing proposition. She needed to advance on the creature, find a weakpoint, and kill it, or get assistance, because holding it off wasn’t a plan worth having… her foe was both stronger and faster than her, and it would only be a matter of seconds before she would be unable to deny the creature an opportunity for a crippling attack. If the fight didn’t change in the next few seconds, she was as good as dead.

Time to change the game.

On the next attack, Yuki slipped to the side, sliding between two legs that tried to stomp down on her. She dropped her sword and shifted form, transforming into a fox as she found her feet again beneath the monster, and grabbed onto two of its legs with six of her tails. She felt it as its mouth snapped down for her, poisoned fangs flashing, and Yuki moved as quickly as she could, slipping out the other side without releasing her grip on the legs. The leverage dragged the jorogumo off her feet, but Yuki wasn’t done… her tails holding on for dear life, Yuki sent the remaining three forward to grab the same legs from the top instead… and pulled.

The jorogumo shrieked, and Yuki felt the strain in her whole body as she strained her muscles. Her whole body was becoming one big bruise as she effectively used all her strength to smash herself against the spider’s armored plating, but she held and pulled and held and pulled and pulled and pulled and-

There was a crack. When the creature’s armored skeleton gave, it gave all at once. Its legs abruptly lost their strength and Yuki crashed to the ground as the jorogumo did likewise, her weight striking the already cracked plating like a hammer smashing a vase. There was a loud popping sound, and jorogumo blood flew out in a nauseating burst. The spider reached for her once more… then collapsed beneath Yuki like a wineskin she had stomped on.

Yuki transformed back, wiping the blood out of her eyes and spitting the foul taste out of her mouth as she found her sword where she had been forced to drop it. She came to her feet painfully, blinking gore from her eyes. She looked around, peering through the fog. The fortification held strong as the soldiers were able to fend them off… She caught glimpses of her mentor’s white fur as she moved through the battle, supporting any weakpoints, but with a start she realized that she was only on the outskirts of the fight. Through a momentary thin spot in the fog, Yuki could make out that there was a swarm that made the rest of the attack look like a trickle hitting a single point on the wall. The veterans would be fully engaged there… that was where Yuki was needed.

Yuki sprinted through the fight, barely pausing to cut down broodlings that got into her way. She expected it to be an attack on the walls… but as she got closer she realized that she was sorely mistaken. The jorogumo weren’t pressing at all… they had formed a ring, fighting ferociously against the kitsune warriors trying to break through their lines.

And in the center of that ring was Akemi.

The fox moved like a whirlwind, dancing around the battlefield. No movement was wasted… every flick of her tails or her sword, every twitch of her legs and bend of her body either moved her out of the way of an attack or whisked her sword through one of the hundreds of broodlings swarming around her. And against her, like they were floating on the sea of a million broodlings, stood a single jorogumo. A single dark skinned warrior battled her sister… and Akemi was on the defensive. Most jorogumo didn’t wield weapons, but this one did… she carried a pike of forged steel, attacking at Akemi from well beyond her reach even as her armored limbs struck out as well, each with enough power to instantly end the fight. The monster kept her on the defensive, backpedaling in a circle, dodging and parrying as she did.

The ring of adult jorogumo around her occasionally turned to toss spun webbing at her in attempts to entangle her, and hundreds of small broodlings swarmed all around, but the defensive line was focused around the single largest jorogumo Yuki had ever seen, a massive pale white spider. Anywhere the veterans tried to break through to assist Akemi she was suddenly there, and when she attacked everyone retreated… and if they weren’t quick enough arms and tails, if not entire bodies, went flying as she ripped people limb from limb.

No one could get through to her sister.

“Akemi!” Yuki screamed, running towards the battle. She saw the moment that Akemi’s sword found the pale flesh of the human belly of the dark skinned spider keeping her retreating and she thrilled… then shrank in horror as her blade skittered off like it had struck armor. The sword hadn’t cut that perfect dark skin even a little, a shower of sparks flying off into the night and illuminating the utter lack of injury. The skin of this jorogumo was as hard as their chitin, she realized… it only looked like soft flesh.

Yuki sprinted as quickly as she could, hitting the crowd at a dead run and sliding between both spiders and kitsune as they fought. The first jorogumo to get in her way was cut down in an instant as Yuki threw herself forward with reckless abandon, slicing cleanly through her neck and sending her head spinning into the chaos of the melee. Horrifically, her body fought on for several seconds before collapsing, muscles twitching in random spasms that could kill the kitsune accidentally if one of those thrashing limbs made contact, but Yuki didn’t have time to wait… she forced her way through. The next spider fell just as quickly, left bleeding out on the ground as the fox pressed on. The white-skinned one was on the other side of the battle… she could get through. She could-

The jorogumo rose up before her like a shadow, nothing one second and there the next… two of her legs stabbing. Yuki twisted, a move to take her out the way of the first attack as she spun and brought her sword up through the second. The sword continued through the limb, severing it at the joint on its way to disembowel the spider and get her out of Yuki’s way bef-

Her sword hit the leg and stopped dead as if she had tried to cut through the stones of a cliff. It rang off the armored plating hard enough that Yuki’s left hand went numb and her arms shook and the sudden stop transformed her graceful dodge into a stumble… one that ended with one of the jorogumo’s legs kicking her in the stomach. Yuki flew. She wasn’t sure how far, but she counted at least three rotations of starry sky and earth before she hit the ground like a hammer, stunned.

She had to get up. She had to get up right now. She put her hands beneath her, but her body wouldn’t obey with any coordination… all she could hear was a ringing in her ears and it felt like the earth was shaking beneath her. Her sword had landed just a foot away but it felt like miles… the effort of reaching out to it seeming so difficult it could have been miles away. It was long seconds before Yuki could even lift herself up enough to raise her head and let her gaze focus to see the spider approaching her.

“Still alive… good!” the jorogumo said. Her voice sounded distorted and tinny to the buzzing in Yuki’s ears. She stepped forward and one of her feet landed on Yuki’s sword… and the forged steel katana shattered like kindling without any particular effort from the woman. “I was very, very disappointed when you escaped me by the woods, palefox… and again, at the battle by your village. You really are quite the tease, aren’t you?”

Yuki was dazed enough that it took a moment to place her. She… she recognized this monster. She was the one who had been there with the scouts, the one who had taken Hinata. She had to get up. Yuki reached down to her thigh and pulled a short, curved knife… she would have to drive it into a weakpoint like one of her eyes, but it would do. It had to. She forced herself unsteadily to her feet… a painful process, but she could already feel her healing working, repairing the bruises and, probably, the internal bleeding from that kick.

The spider, however, just smiled more. “Yes… such defiance in those eyes. I very much like what I see. You will make an excellent plaything. It will be just delightful to watch them hollow out along with your mind until you can’t remember what it feels like not to be cumming. You’ll cum as my children eat you alive, little palefox… but that will be a long, long time from now.” Yuki rushed forward, taking advantage of her monologue. Her range was short now, and she only had a few valid targets… she needed to get in close, dangerously close. The jorogumo attacked to the right, stabbing forward with her front two legs, and Yuki rolled to the left… and felt too late as she brushed against a strand of webbing the spider had prepared, catching her on her arm. She moved to brush it off and…


Oh, goddess…

Yuki didn’t remember falling to her knees but she was suddenly there, panting… unsure of what she was doing, unsure of what it had mattered. Wrong wrong wrong. She needed… she needed to… move? That didn’t feel right. Nothing made sense. Kneeling here is what felt right. It felt pleasant. Almost as pleasant as when the spider’s arms began to lift her up and…


Yuki fought… but it was like the fighting of a newborn kit. The dark skinned jorogumo easily brushed her efforts aside as she began to wrap her up, silk flowing out of her and being woven. Each new brush of silk felt like fire on her skin, but not entirely bad fire… it was like the warmth of good sake, only magnified ten thousand times. “Don’t fight it, palefox,” the jorogumo whispered into her ear. “Let Nyami take care of you…”

The invincible spider Akemi fought. The huge, monstrous pale beast that guarded the fight. Nyami, whose venom had crippled her in seconds. Syllana’s words echoed in her her mind. Three jorogumo, she had said. There were only three of them. With dawning horror in her drugged mind, Yuki realized that the black fox had been speaking the truth. Here, before her now, were the real jorogumo… as different from the others as fire was from water. And like fire in dry underbrush, they burned out of control and were about to consume them all. 

Nyami’s human hand found its way between Yuki’s legs and the kitsune flinched softly against the silk as her sharp nailed fingers sliced her armor open like it was lantern paper. Then one of those fingers was inside of her as she shuddered on the battlefield. “Yes… I think it’s safe to say that you’ve been worth waiting for.”

Yuki, though blurry eyes, still saw it when her sister faltered. It was a small thing. One tail moved less than perfectly… evidence of her exhaustion if there ever was some. It brushed one of the jorogumo’s webs… and stuck fast. Tears filled Yuki’s eyes when she saw dozens of broodlings swarmed the suddenly stuck fox… delivering bites that the fox had no way to avoid. She saw it when Akemi, in between cutting them down and throwing them off her, was forced to slice off the tail that had been caught to get free… and she saw when it was already too late. That she’d been slowed down enough. The unstoppable jorogumo thrust forward and stabbed her sister through the stomach with her pike, lifting the bloodsoaked kitsune up into the air. She saw it, screaming in horror, as Akemi slid down the pike and into the spider’s embrace… the spider’s fangs sinking into her sister’s neck. “Akemi! Akemi!!!” she shouted.

The spider holding Yuki chuckled. “Don’t worry about that hurricane, little pale one,” she purred. “At last Father let us do something. She should be proud that he sent us to collect her.” A second finger slipped inside Yuki, the two digits twisting as the poison threatened to steal the kitsune’s sanity. “My sister has grand designs for your people, but I couldn’t really care less. I live for the little pleasures… and you are a little pleasure I am going to very much enjoy…”

“Sister!” someone hissed. Yuki could see a white blur through her tear-soaked gaze as the huge jorogumo came into sight. “You forget yourself!”

Nyami made a disgusted sigh and some rude, dismissive hand gesture. “Unfortunately, duty does call.” She nibbled at Yuki’s exposed neck for a second while her fingers worked. “When Father asks for something, he is not making a request, so I don’t have time to break in a new plaything. I’d take you with me, but if I did that someone would steal you away while I am occupied with duty, and that would be an intolerable waste. You’ve been such a tease the last few weeks I hope you won’t think less of me if I repay the favor.” She leaned down and, despite Yuki weakly turning her head away the monster pressed her lips to hers. The sense of helpless euphoria that crashed through her was mind shattering… for a second, Yuki forgot her own name, much less what she was doing. “See you again soon,” Nyami promised her.

The last thing Yuki saw before her vision went dark was those monsters disappearing into the fog and darkness with her bloody sister draped over one of their shoulders. Then blackness descended and she knew nothing anymore.

“Akemi,” spoke a voice.

The fox groaned as her eyes fluttered.

“Akemi… Awaken…”

“Yuki?” she muttered as the vision around her blurred, forcing her eyes open.

She spotted a silhouetted figure come into view. It was surrounded by a red light that slowly took form to be that of dimly lit orb lanterns that floated within a vast emptiness. Akemi squeaked as she realized she was laid out on a massive slab in the middle of the dark forest. She lashed out immediately, only to find that she couldn’t so much as twitch… her muscles wouldn’t obey her. That was when the figure appeared before her. It was a man… a human man. As he stepped closer, he filled in the silhouette she had seen before with his features. The only thing remarkable about him seemed to be just how unremarkable he was… except for his eyes. His eyes were piercing, glowing in the darkness from some kind of radiant magic. “I’ve been waiting for you,” he said, voice almost cheerful.

Akemi attempted to attack, to reach for the familiar weight of her sword, to transform into a fox and tear him apart… nothing worked. Her muscles simply would not respond. She had never felt so weak in her life. A pair of tears ran down Akemi’s cheek, more of frustration than terror though she did suddenly feel fear for perhaps the first time in her life. She couldn’t move… it was like she was trapped in a nightmare. “You fascinate me,” he said, amused as he looked down at her. “So strong. So defiant. You remind me of myself.” The figure seemed distant and alien as he calmly raised one hand, and Akemi felt a strong, overwhelming sensation fill her body. She suddenly started to pant like she was in heat, the robes that wrapped her body slowly being pulled away by an unseen force. She looked at the man, hypnotized by his very being, unable to look away from his eyes as she slowly opened her legs and spread open her lower lips.

The man said nothing as he licked his lips and got down on his knees. He planted his face onto her pussy, and his tongue began to lap across the kitsune’s flower. The rough, uneven stubble that was invisible on his face perfectly evident on her sensitive lips as she quivered, the hair tickling at her. He dipped his tongue deep inside her hole before he would bring it up to her clitoris and circle it with precision. Akemi moaned, and to her horror she felt her hand rise without her giving it the command to rest in his hair. Her body was moving like a puppet on strings, helplessly dragged along by an unseen force. She looked at the man and whimpered as she rubbed her bare foot against his erect cock, emerging from within his kimono. The man stuck his long tongue deep inside her moist walls of her pussy as Akemi pushed back and writhed against him. She began to moan heavily as her body arched and her hands pushed his face hard against her clitoris so that he wouldn’t stop, growing increasingly confused about whether or not she wanted him to.

He pushed his fingers inside her to help ride out the orgasm as she screamed and came all over his hand and tongue. The man chuckled and licked his lips as he could taste the sweet sweat and cum that came from her body as Akemi released him, allowing him to pull himself away to breathe. “You taste delicious.”

“Who are you?!” cried Akemi as she watched her body writhe and react without her control. She started rubbing her wet cunt and grasping her bare breasts without being able to stop. “I don’t want to do this! What are you doing to me!?”

“You really don’t know?” the man spoke, his voice deep, heavy. “I’ve heard you’ve been looking for me.”

She felt cold. She had known it. She had known it. “The… the sorcerer…” she whispered.

He laughed as she backed off. “Yes… that is how you’ve been referring to me.”  Akemi gasped in horror as three women appeared out of the darkness… not three women. Three jorogumo. “I believe you have already met my daughters,” he said, a smile on his face. “Nyami, Kumiko, Akume. Girls, would you be so kind as to introduce yourselves more thoroughly?” The sorcerer settled back to watch, that same, distant smile of amusement on his face. “Have fun with her.”

One of the dark skinned ones, Nyami, stepped forward. “Yes, father,” she purred, and Akemi watched with horror as the jorogumo settled down against her, rubbing at her clitoris even as her other fingers buried deep inside her, pushing Akemi’s fingers out of the way and interrupting her cries with a series of uncontrollable moans. Her body was ready for more, and it didn’t matter what her mind wanted. Was this the venom? She had seen the increased sensitivity from it and how it affected kitsune captives in the past, and she had dosed herself with it several times to become familiar with trying to fight it off mentally, but this felt very different to her… it was an overwhelmingly powerful force. Ever since he had first touched it it was like the sorcerer had her soul wrapped around his finger like a piece of twine, using it to tug on her like a leash.

The white spider, Kumiko, grabbed onto her and flipped her over. Her hands ripped at the remnants of armor and silk that still covered Akemi’s body, tossing her fox skin aside like garbage as she pressed the kitsune’s breasts down against the stone. The move put her perfect ass and pussy on display as she jorogumo spread her legs, admiring the way Nyami’s fingers held her cunt open.

“I am first,” the third, Akume, said. She pushed the two other spiders to the side as she came up behind Akemi, grabbing her tails and lifting them for a better view. She grasped her ass cheeks firmly in one of her hands and squeezed them. “You have annoyed me thoroughly, Crimson Hurricane,” she hissed as she ran the strange, cock-like protrusion between her legs, slamming it against her dripping wet clitoris several times while staring down at her spread ass. “I have needed to sacrifice many children to you. Never again.” She chuckled devilishly as she rubbed herself against her. Akemi gasped and tried to pull away, but the jorogumo grabbed her arms and kept a firm grip on her.

Akemi let out a sudden echoing scream as Akume’s shaft, well lubricated from her wet pussy juices, slammed forward. Her pussy expanded horribly around it as the too-large thing skewered her. The pain was expected. The pleasure, the damnable pleasure, was not. “Get off of me!” she howled, reaching into herself for foxfire, summoning up every bit of knowledge and skill she had to shake free of the control forced onto her. Akemi’s eyes saw fire as she threw power against the sorcerer’s ensnaring hold… and it broke like a wave on the rocks. Akemi flailed, her arms beating against Akume, and it looked like she was going to try to rip the jorogumo apart with her bare hands before Nyami grabbed them. “Get off! Get o-”

Her words cut off brutally as one of the spiders took advantage of her shouting to push her own cock past them. “So annoying she is,” Kumiko said as she gagged the struggling fox on her shaft, gripping onto her head as she slammed it up and down on the length of her cock. Akemi, retching, tried to bite the jorogumo raping her and she might as well have tried to bite on her sword – it was as unyielding as steel and the mere effort almost ripped her teeth out as one of the ridges on the ovipositor slammed past them. She gagged as she tasted her awful, stinking cock, from both the inherent idea and the horrifying disgust she felt as she realized she could taste other foxes on her length.

Nyami began to spin webs, binding the fox in place, making her even more helpless than she already was as she was both tied and venom began to sink through the skin. Akume and Kumiko never stopped raping her… pushing into her cunt and throat thoroughly, plunging their lengths in and out like it was a stab wound into the warrior fox. “You are a powerful creature, Hurricane,” she spoke, delighting in making that powerful creature tame and helpless as her sisters fucked her. “I always adored seeing you perform. You were always such a graceful creature in a fight. Now, I can see you are just as much of a fighter in bed. I had always hoped so, but I was prepared to be disappointed…” Nyami’s fangs kissed her right nipple, making her squeal around the cock in her mouth as more venom pumped through her veins, making her more sensitive, making every nerve feel like it was on fire with pain. “Thank you for not disappointing me, plaything. It makes me hope the little palefox will be as much fun.”

Yuki? Never! Akemi growled, writhing and struggling against the webs as the two jorogumo rode her. The fighting forced Kumiko’s length almost all the way down her neck even as Akume’s hands spread open her ass cheeks and plundered her way into her cunt, squeezing her and gripping her… each struggle only adding to the pleasure. With each heavy thrust of those shafts, Akemi’s pussy squirted little drops of cum on the stone table and the fox moaned around the dick gagging her. They couldn’t have her. They couldn’t have her sister, but… No matter how actively she tried to resist, the more her body seemed to like it. It didn’t matter… she was too weak to push the spiders off her, too weak to break the webbing locking her in place, too weak to force her rapists away. The sorcerer’s grip on her soul pressed down against her always, trying to reestablish control, and with each thrust she became less able to resist. Her lungs burned as Kumiko jammed her long, hard cock down her throat, making Akemi gasp and gag as she took the fox’s red hair into her pale hands and face fucked her as hard as Akemi had ever imagined. She gargled on her spit and phlegm as tears came from her eyes and ran down her cheeks, her lips spread obscenely around the bulbous, odd cock. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” she screamed with her throat nearly stopped up with spider-cock, muffling any actual sound that escaped her lips.

Akume chuckled with approval at the way her sister was facefucking Akemi into silence as she pounded her pussy with her own swollen shaft. She focused on squeezing her perfect ass cheeks as she slapped them, clapping them together as she fucked relentlessly, abusing her body and damaging her spirit in the process. She took several long, hard, deep thrusts into her as Akemi could feel the jorogumo’s cock throb inside her body. Again, she tried to push her off of her but it was like trying to lift a building, completely to no avail. The jorogumo reached back and grabbed her feet, holding them up so that her entire body weight rested on her breasts, squishing them down against the cold stone slab while her face was pushed into the pale spider’s cock. In her excitement, she thrust down into Akemi as the fox moaned loudly on the other cock, her voice vibrating along Kumiko’s cock and only pleasuring her more as she suffered and came.

Akemi didn’t know when her mind had given in again, when she had surrendered herself to the sorcerer’s control once more, but sometime in the middle of the relentless fucking it had happened. She was cumming almost continuously now, accepting the aggressive rape of the two jorogumo as she was battered between their monstrous cocks. “That’s a good girl,” Nyami cooed as she ran her fingers over the fox’s skin, cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingers. “Such a slutty little fox you are. Such a wonderful pet…”

“She’s not going to be a pet,” Kumiko growled as she facefucked her, making her gag for air on the spider’s dick as it rubbed over her tongue and down her throat. She could barely focus on the words over the struggle for air. “She’s not going to leave this forest, fool of a sister.”

“Don’t spoil my fun, simpleton,” Nyami snapped back as she lifted up one of the fox’s feet, her tongue running around and between her toes. The puppeted Akemi wiggled them in her mouth and shook with pleasure as her leg convulsed some from the overload of sensations, right before the fangs sank into her again. Even the sensation of venom coursing through her now made her cum, even as Akume pumped in again and again. “She would make an excellent pet for me.”

Akume grabbed onto the kitsune’s hair and wound it around her neck like a noose, yanking back so hard that Akemi thought her mane was going to snap or rip out of her head. She cried out, the cock in her throat muffling it as she strangled, pinning down against the slab. “So nice and tight like that,” Kumiko growled with pleasure as Akemi’s throat squeezed her.

“Back here as well,” Akume agreed as she used her new grip to aggressively rape the fox, slamming her down again and again and again. Akume felt like she was dying as she struggled between them… completely lost in the sensation. If her whole body had been lit on fire her nerves couldn’t have screamed at her more. Still, the magic ruled her body, controlling her almost like a doll as she writhed on the table, trying to help them fuck her. Akume, neither needing nor wanting her help, simply pushed her down, grabbed at the bushel of tail fur at the base, and pulled all of them into her grasp for a good, strong hold. With that grip, she began to drive herself in ever more violently, abusing the fact that her choking had made her grow tighter.

“It would be a shame to let our children grow in cold, dead meat, Akume,” Nyami scolded, her long tongue raking over the kitsune’s breasts. Despite the pain, despite the horror, they were fully erect and twitching for some stimulation. She sucked at them hard between words, but as much as Akemi’s maddened mind longed for the sweet agony of her fangs it never came, teasing her, leaving her wanting. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“That is up to Father,” Akume growled as she fucked the beloved kitsune warrior, making her the sweetest victim she could remember… even if she had to share her with her sisters.

“I swear, the both of you,” Nyami said, sighing with disappointment as she reached her hand under her body and rubbed Akemi’s hard, muscular stomach, feeling it bulge where the cock moved her unimportant internal organs aside to make room for her true purpose as an egg sac. “No sense of style at all…” Her fingers slid down to Akume’s silky cunt, fingering it even as it split and bled and healed and split again around Akume’s monstrous rapetool. She didn’t stay there for long, however. Soon, she moved to find the tightness of the fox’s asshole, pressing her fingers inside and curling them, pressing against her sister’s cock inside the fox. “Without me, no one would remember or fear us. We might as well just be a disease.”

The sweat and juices that poured out of Akemi when Nyami’s skilled fingers played with the most sensitive bundles of nerves in her asshole gushed all over Akume’s cock, the fox whimpering and squealing as she squirted and came on her fingers and the fat cock about to egg her. “Who cares?” Akume growled as she thrust in and out of the spasming fox, driving her to yet another orgasm before the first ended. “Since when does a predator concern itself with the thoughts of its prey?”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Kumiko hissed as Akemi moaned, only getting short gasps of air between the choking and the pale spider-cock plundering her. The fox was completely overwhelmed. Nyami and the curse working to bring her up, Kumiko and Akume working to turn her inside out with their shafts. Hands moved over her, pinched her breasts, squeezed her, slapped her tits just to watch them bounce and jiggle as she came. Akemi’s tears were running again as she was humiliated and defeated by the jorogumo and their sorcerous aid completely overwhelming her. Even distracted as she was, however, she couldn’t miss the way the spiders were speeding up, or what it meant.

“Such a lovely… tight… hole!” Akume sneered as she exploded, her cock swelling to the point that Akemi felt she was going to pop even before the spider’s thick soup of eggs and nutrients poured into her, drenching her insides and staining her womb as she was transformed into spiderfood. She gasped and writhed in her grasp as she felt her belly bulge, even as Kumiko continued to force her cock through her lips and down her throat. The white spider only pulled out the moment she came, pulling her cock out past her lips just in time to fire cum directly into one of her blue eyes. Akemi shrieked, shaking her head violently, flailing until the two of them let her go and just let her writhe in the webbing. Akemi knew that every movement only poisoned her further, every movement only made it hurt more, and she didn’t care… her hands clenching in agony as she forced herself to look up at the pale jorogumo with furious eyes. “Kill… you…” Akemi forced herself to snarl.

Her legs weren’t bound… only her upper body. Akemi forced herself to her feet, struggling against the sapping magic as all three jorogumo withdrew slightly. She stood slowly with her legs wobbling and cum dripping off her brow. The magic made it feel like she weighed a thousand pounds… like it was dragging her down. “Kill you…” The jorogumo’s cum and eggs dripped down her thighs, mixing in with the glistening wetness of her own cum from the multiple orgasms forced on her. “I’m not done with any of you assholes yet…” she growled as lurched forwards towards Nyami, where the dark-skinned spider woman stood right in front of her, watching her idly. “You can’t… have… my sister… I… will…” she whispered. “I will…”

Akemi collapsed to her knees, the magic overwhelming her, battering her down. Closing her stinging eyes, she opened her mouth and let herself sag forward, her mouth finding Nyami’s throbbing cock. “See?” the jorogumo said, smugly satisfied. “What did I tell you? An excellent pet.” She looked down at Akemi, where the red furred fox was lapping at her dick, pushing it down her throat already while she wore almost a jacket of webbing. “So the palefox is your sister then, red one? I hope she is up to your standards.”

Protective thoughts of Yuki tried to find purchase on Akemi’s mind but they couldn’t last… immediately abandoning her as she continued to lick, deep in her hypnotic trance. “You really are a shameless slut,” Nyami said with a chuckle as she enjoyed the feeling of Akemi’s tight throat around her prick. “Sucking on the one who is going to make your family line her playthings. Your own desires are so strong I hardly need to try to break you.”

Beneath her, Akemi blushed… but as much as she wanted to, she did not stop sucking. She… couldn’t. Nyami grabbed Akemi by the hair and pulled her back up, the fox almost ragdoll limp as she dangled by her hair… her legs providing almost no support. Akemi’s lithe, naked body was covered in sweat and dirt and cum as Nyami’s second hand fingered her, the stinging in her scalp a counterpoint to the throbbing of her swollen cunt as the jorogumo toyed with her. She moaned with a more pleasant look of surprise on her face as she came on her hand, the fingers rubbing their way across her pussy lips before she pulled up her leg to spread it open. Kumiko, her cock no softer than it was before, scuttled over and spread her legs open even further, and was quick to rub her dick against the fox’s wet, juicy lips. She looked at the two huge spiders with confused lust and open terror, her body unable to withhold any more feelings of pleasure as just quivered in helplessness.

She pushed her body forward as Nyami’s cock slid into her pussy with ease. The spider held her legs up and proceeded to fuck upwards into her tight hole as she screamed with pleasure. Meanwhile, behind her, Kumiko didn’t even bother to do as much as spit on her cock to lubricate it… leaving the drying spit from Akemi’s lips as the only wetness as she began to force it up the fallen fox warrior’s asshole. Akemi screamed at the double penetration, her body turned more towards the Nyami as she was sandwiched between them.

Now that they couldn’t move any more, Nyami grabbed onto the bound fox’s other leg, lifting her up and leaving her completely suspended as she fucked the kitsune’s tight little pussy. The other leaned back to get a good look as she held on to Akemi’s jiggling breasts while fucking her asshole hard. They two spiders fucked Akemi in perfect sync, back and forth as they played her like a moaning instrument as she howled and groaned with pleasure, hanging in the air as her tails splayed out and swayed beneath their bodies. They pushed her body back and forth against each cock as the other pushed into her, her hard nipples scraping against Nyami’s breasts. The spider kissed her, and Akemi found her lips opening for her like a cheap puppet as the spider’s long tongue snaked its way down her throat almost like another cock, making out even as they fucked wildly.

“See how she grips me?” Nyami said, voice smug as soon as she broke the kiss, leaving the winded fox gasping in her face. “She is clenching so tight on me as she cums… you can’t pretend this isn’t the best.”

From behind her, Kumiko wrapped both her hands around Akemi’s throat, squeezing with inhuman strength… squeezing hard enough that Akemi’s world went white. “This makes her just as tight,” Kumiko hissed. “Your way wastes time.”

“My way is triumphant,” Nymai said smugly as she kissed the gasping, strangling fox again briefly, pressing her mouth to her gaping lips. “It is so much more satisfying when they break.”

“She’s not broken yet,” the sorcerer said, and the sensation of being pulled around like a puppet strengthened the moment she remembered he existed. “Keep going.”

They did.

For hours.

Akemi fought. She struggled. She tried to remain stoic. She tried to remain silent. She tried to please her rapist. In the edge, she simply tried pleading for mercy, for sanity, for just a breather. None of it mattered. By the time the three jorogumo next dropped her for the forest floor she was drenched in their seed, and it was leaking from every one of her holes. Being down and no longer held or bound, however, she had an opportunity to fight. She raised one arm… and made it no further than bringing her hand between her legs, playing with herself.

Akemi let out a heavy gasp of pleasure as she rubbed herself and cooed with delight. She shook her head violently and bobbed about as her legs kicked wildly as she came. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she arched back and let out a blood curdling scream.

“She’s done, father,” Akume said.

“And so she is,” the sorcerer said as he stood over the cumming fox, Akemi looking up at him with helpless eyes that seemed to have none of the strength and determination they had earlier. Crushed beneath the venom and the magic and the repeated pleasure and pain. “Now I have you fully ready to submit to me.” The sorcerer chuckled as he held out his hand, and touched her forehead.


Akemi screamed as her entire existence dissolved into white hot agony. It shredded the magical binding on her soul, shredded her exhaustion, shredded her humiliation and shame and confusion and fear and everything else, electrifying her even as it replaced everything that was Akemi, in that moment, with sheer agony. Nothing had ever hurt that much… not when she had had people break her bones for months with bokken to train her regenerative powers. Not when she had been impaled on a pike or raped for hours. Nothing had ever prepared her to even imagine anything could hurt as much as that simple touch had… it robbed her vision, her taste, her touch, her smell, her hearing… leaving her floating in a sea of electric agony that seemed to last forever.

When her vision finally came back, her cheeks were soaked with tears. The sorcerer still stood over her, holding a glowing flame in his hand, staring into it with a smile on his face as it lit him up, casting him in stark light and dark shadows. “So beautiful…” he said as he stared into it, a swirling flame in blue and gold. The sorcerer brought his other hand up to the flame and held it there. Power hummed as the air itself seemed to shake like it was trying to crack in half, and Akemi was filled with a sudden, terrifying idea that reality itself was going to split open and cast her screaming into the spirit world. Then that fire began to twist, and churn… and separate.

Like a snake slithering its way down a tree trunk, the golden flame slowly unwound itself from the blue. It was slow, and the sorcerer seemed to grimace with the sheer effort of it, but slowly, slowly, slowly, the two separated. Then, the moment it was loose, the golden flame darted off away from them, quick as a flash. The sorcerer’s other hand, however, shot out and grabbed it. “I knew it…” he whispered as he stared down into the glowing, golden light cupped in one hand. “It is possible. I knew it!”

The surrounding jorogumo stared with strangely reverent looks on their faces. “So you have gotten what you hoped for, father?” Akume asked. “Does that mean that-”

The man chuckled. “Yes, daughter. Yes, it means I’m done here. You can finish them off. Make sure none escape… and make sure Inari’s eyes are on you. I have work to do.”

The three spiders nodded respectfully and vanished into the depths of the forest, but not before Nyami came forward to plant one last slow kiss on Akemi’s cum stained lips. “We would have had such a wonderful time together, pet,” she whispered after breaking off the kiss. “But don’t worry, I’ll make sure your palefox sister gets to enjoy all the pleasures you would have experienced.”

The sorcerer’s words didn’t make sense to the fox… her world was spinning. “What… what did you do to me…” Akemi choked out.

The sorcerer looked up, and smiled at her, a happy look on his face. “You’re still alive?” he asked, seeming impressed. “That’s really wonderful, you know. Beyond all expectations. When I had my daughters chase after the strongest fox they could find and bring her to me, I was worried you might not be strong enough. But you, Akemi…”

He dropped the blue flame to the ground, where it sputtered and burned fitfully on the forest floor. “You exceeded all expectation,” he praised her as he stepped forward, one boot grinding that blue flame out in the dirt as he approached her. “You even survived the process. I’m very proud of you, you precious thing… so I think you deserve a reward.”

What did you do to me!” Akemi shrieked.

The sorcerer lifted the golden flame and closed his fist around it. Even as she watched, the warm light seemed to course through his veins, up his arm. Then he met her eyes and it was like being punched in the face. The world seemed to tremble for Akemi and gasped for breath, feeling like her body was collapsing under an immense weight. She let out another cry as her body writhed in pleasure still, reeling from her experience as she panted almost like a dog in heat.

The sorcerer grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her knees. Akemi didn’t resist… it felt like he was squeezing her mind inside her skull. Instead, the doll he had turned her into did everything her weak, limp body could to help. “Please…” she whispered.

“Shh…” he whispered without looking away from her eyes. “You don’t have to beg. I’m not going to force you to live like this, like a weakling. No one can win all the time. You lost, and that’s okay. Everybody… everyone but me… has to die eventually. Just turns out your life is shorter than some.” The man’s voice was calm, horribly rational, soothing, commanding, and completely sure in its madness. Akemi felt frozen, caught between lust and terror, caught between obedient eagerness to serve and a desperate need to please so it wouldn’t hurt anymore. She watched with wide eyes as the sorcerer parted his kimono, his cock standing at salute already.

“Now, I believe you already know what to do with this?” he said, and made a tiny gesture, and Akemi found herself crawling forward… her mouth already open as her mind cracked beneath the weight of the sorcerer’s will.

“Yes sir,” Akemi said obediently. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed the man’s cock. The salty taste, so normal after hours of choking on the jorogumo, was painfully familiar as it filled her mouth. After the retching they had caused, she barely noticed her gag reflex as she took it down her throat, bobbing softly on and off him while his fingers caressed her ears tips.

“Excellent,” he praised her. “My daughter is right… you are so very obedient. Strong, and stubborn… but even you can be shown your place.” He stroked her hair. “You know what’s going to happen here, don’t you dear? It’s the risk a beautiful woman like you takes when you choose this life, when you joined a war that had been going on longer than your parents’ parents’ parents have been drawing breath.”

Akemi, regretfully, did, but her mind kept shying away from it. Like it was unimportant. Like it was trivial, rather than the single most pressing concern she could imagine. She should be biting, fighting, screaming. Instead, she slobbered on his cock for several more minutes before she pulled back, popping the sorcerer’s thick cock out of her mouth. “Am I doing a good job, sir?” she whispered, eager to please. When the sorcerer nodded in approval, Akemi resumed her blowjob… her tongue circling the man’s cockhead slowly. The warmth of her mouth enveloped his cock like a loving embrace as she spit washed it.

She certainly seemed to be going a good job because his cock was swelling in her mouth. She cooed with every jerk and twitch of the thing inside her neck, on her tongue, or against her lips… sucking it like it was the most perfect thing in the world. “When I cum, beautiful… what are you going to do?” the man asked.

Don’t say it don’t say it don’t day it don’t say i- “I’m going to thank you, sir… and then I’m going to let you kill me,” she said before swallowing and gagging on his dick.

“That’s right. Now don’t you come back up, beautiful little fox. Just… a bit… more…” the sorcerer purred, pleased with himself as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself to the hilt before releasing her. His cock struck the back of her throat and she choked, her airway blocked completely, but she didn’t need to be held… she kept herself there as the sorcerer came, filling her throat and airway with cum and his thick cock.

If Akemi could resist, she would have… but she was too far gone now to even hope to resist his spell. She couldn’t even look away from his eyes as she rested there, impaled all the way on his shaft. He didn’t have to hold her there, not even as he stopped cumming, as the breath in her lungs grew stale. Her eyes watered and her face started to go purple, her pointy ears wiggling as her natural senses quested for freedom.

But the most she could do to beg for her life was a silent plea in her eyes as she stared up at his face… his expression calming, soothing, pleased as he softly stroked her as the world began to go black. “Tank yuhh, suuh,” she croaked around his length, expelling the very last of her breath from her lungs to force the words out.

She never heard his response.

Yuki’s heart raced as she hurried through the battlefield wasteland. She had strained against her webbing bonds for more than a half an hour before giving up… the webbing was utterly unbreakable. It took until one of the other veterans reached her and cut her free before she managed to wriggle out, and another thirty minutes before her mind was clear enough to fight. Unfortunately, there was still plenty more fighting to do by then. The battle had ranged all afternoon in the fog and into the night, the demons only retreating into the woods when the dawn’s light found them. Yuki had fought frantically the whole time. The moment the battle ended, almost everyone all but collapsed, exhausted beyond words. Yuki should have been among them. Instead, she had charged out.

The ruined field had been churned into a swamp by the blood and stomping feet, making footing tricky, but Yuki didn’t care. It was early in the morning and the sun was rising still on the kitsune and human and demon corpses alike as they lay mangled on the battlefield. They had won the battle by the skin of their teeth, and a dozen times Yuki had been sure they were about to break. Their forces were in ruins…

And Akemi was nowhere to be seen.

Yuki’s blue eyes watered as she searched desperately for her sister among the dead, hoping that she’d somehow managed to survive. Akemi always managed to survive, no matter what the odds were. She had to be alive. Blood covered Yuki’s face and her white fur was soaked in it along with the mud as she practically crawled through the corpses in hopes to find even a trace of her sister. “Akemi!” she screamed. “Akemi!”

Seijun watched from the broken barricade as the few soldiers who remained standing gathered to bring the dead back over from the battlefield. More gruesome by far were the still living. There were no healers to bring them to… Yuudai, Hina, the newcomer Kamio, even Akari had passed out hours ago, having worked themselves until they were closer to death than some of the wounded. There was no one to help them heal after this… for the kitsune, their natural healing would simply have to see them through if it could. For the humans, they weren’t even that lucky.

A flash of red at the forest’s edge drew Yuki’s attention, drawing her gaze to the forest edge. A fox hung from the trees there, dangling by her tails… a fox with red fur.

Yuki didn’t remember gritting her teeth. She didn’t remember calling out, or transforming. She just remembered standing before the hanging body… staring at it through blurry eyes. Her sister hung there, upside down… her sword impaled in the ground beside her like a memorial. Her belly was swollen, grotesque and squirming, festering with the hatchlings moving around inside of her. Her blue eyes stared out blankly at nothing.

They couldn’t see Yuki.

They never would again.

Yuki’s eyes shook violently with tears and rage as she screamed. If Seijun hadn’t raced to meet her, Yuki didn’t know what she might have done. Charge into the forest alone after the jorogumo, maybe. It didn’t matter – Seijun grabbed her. “Yuki!” she called out, trying to get her mentor’s attention as she held onto her. “Yuki, you have to listen to me. You can’t do anything. You can’t throw yourself into that forest alone.”

“Let me go!” Yuki screamed, and then broke down into tears. Seijun let go of her as she dropped to the floor, her exhaustion finally catching up with her… no longer having the strength to rise. Her paws clawed into the dirt as Seijun looked over Akemi’s body and winced with sadness… but Yuki didn’t rush off. She just lay there, her own eyes unseeing through her tears. “I will not rush in alone and blindly, teacher,” Yuki growled.

“She will be laid to rest as she deserves,” Seijun promised. “Cleansed, purified, and laid into the flame as she belongs. I promise it.”

“Yes,” Yuki snapped, her eyes furious. “Yes, we will.” She looked up at Seijun. “And then… and then we’re going to find Syllana. I’m going to kill them for this, Seijun. I’m going to kill them all if it means I have to burn all of fucking Japan to the ground.”

Seijun knelt down and rubbed Yuki’s shoulder. “We will take care of her, of that, I promise,” she said as she swayed her head in sorrow, mourning along with Yuki in somber silence.

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