All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 2nd

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

Mallory was contributed to this story by Mallory/BestOfAllCats

December 2nd

Despite his eagerness, duty called, and by the time he made it down to the security vault it was almost six in the morning on the next day. John was exhausted, but as he approached the heavy steel door of the main vault he brightened up. Most of his most valuable, and most dangerous, merchandise were kept in here, and at this time of year most of them were fresh… new, enjoyable challenges for him.

He tapped in a code on the keypad before twisting a key in a lock, and backed up as the door began to move, the wheels spinning to allow the vault to swing open. “How is the meat doing, Marcus?” he asked one of the armed guards standing by and flanking the vault.

“Doing well, sir,” he replied. “No problems. The gagged and hooded ones have been quiet, and most of the rest have been crying and screaming for most of the day. At this point, I think they all seem to have worn themselves out.

“Good,” John said, striding forward in through the vault. He reached out a hand and the guard pushed a tablet into it, the door beginning to swing shut behind him as he entered the long hallway into the slave pens deep in his vault.

He knew right where he was going… to the back and to the right. Where he would find The Lynx waiting for him.

The Lynx had been a problem for his business for more than a year now. The anti-slaver vigilante had made a career, and turned herself into a minor celebrity, by ambushing and arranging capture of some of his operatives, or freeing slaves from high-profile abusive owners. She had hidden hundreds of desired targets away from them over the years… so John had made it his mission to see her captured. It had taken several tries to get an ambush set up that she would bite at… but eventually she had fallen into this trap. The heroine was his, now.

When he opened the cell, he could immediately see the vigilante heroine where she hung. Everyone loved a girl with cat ears, and John could understand the appeal… the red-haired neko was striking with her bushy tail and her large, triangular ears, her cute, pouty mouth, and her green eyes. The moment he had seen her on one of her livestreams he had been able to tell that she was a bitchy little hellion, and he would have known she was going to be a pain in the ass just from that glimpse even if she hadn’t really been a thorn in his side. Sitting in front of a camera in that skintight outfit that hugged her tits so close that she might as well have been naked, the pretty, well-endowed little cocktease had enjoyed all her attention.

Of course… now she was in his house. And she was going to get far more attention than she wanted.

Since she had been captured and dragged back to his mansion, more than 24 hours ago, she had been strapped onto a large metal cylinder, hanging in chains from the ceiling. Her body was wrapped around the side of the pillar with her wrists and ankles cuffed together around the back. Her legs were spread so wide that the kitten’s hips cracked with every other movement as she hung, and her tits and cunt were thrust out and exposed for anyone to see. That was simple enough and anyone could have done that, but he had personally ordered the placement of the vibrator on her clit, the two small suction cups that fit perfectly to the cat’s cherry nipples, and the mechanical fucking machine that worked just beneath her… fucking exactly one inch into her pussy and no deeper.

All of these devices had not simply been coded to run continuously, of course. That would have numbed the fallen heroine. Instead, they had been programmed to run at irregular, mostly random intervals to keep her on edge and in a state of constant arousal. That alone would have been fun, but it wasn’t nearly enough for the damned vigilante who had caused John no end of trouble – instead, he had also had the whole rig attached to a monitoring device hanging from the pillar beside her. It, and the leads clipped to her skin, were monitoring her breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate. Whenever the device suspected she was entering the beginning stages of an orgasm…

All the devices would stop. Completely. They would stop all motion, all vibration, all suction, and all teasing, until her vital signs had dropped halfway back to baseline. Then the process would begin again.

“Well well well,” he muttered, walking forward to check the device. 127 attempted orgasms since she had been strapped in here. Most tellingly, nearly fifty of them had been in the last two hours. A brief calculation in his head, and John had to smile broadly. She’d been driven to the edge of orgasm without being pushed over roughly five times an hour since she’d been captured… and this morning, it had been nearly a constant state… one every two or three minutes. John walked into her line of sight, admiring the look of the cat. Her tail flicked weakly when she saw him, but she barely moved… she was bathed in sweat, her pouty, sweet lips stretched out around the ball gag shoved into her mouth. It seemed like she had run out of voice from screaming in frustration, if the weak croak she made behind the gag was any indication, and her eyes were puffy and red from crying with frustration.

John flicked one of the vacuums on her tits with a smile. Her hard nipples were about an inch long now, and they were still being rhythmically pulled and released by the suction… much like a machine would milk a cow’s tits. The vibrator hummed loudly against her clit, the tiny nub an angry, engorged purple and so swollen that “tiny” didn’t seem to apply anymore. The dildo was completely soaked in her pussy juices, and they dripped down from her inflamed hole, pooling on the floor.

He reached out and loosened the ball gag, letting a wordless, pathetic groan escape. “Mallory Gwen,” he began, reading off the tablet, viewing the information they had gathered after unmasking the vigilante and looking into her. “21, and already in a world of trouble. Wanted by the police for assault and battery. Wanted by many, many more people for a good dicking.” He put down the tablet and looked her square in the eye. “So, little cocktease cat,” he said, grinning at her. “You certainly have caused me all kinds of problems. How are you liking your… accommodations?”

The glare she gave John then was a wonderful thing… not because it was fierce and angry, but because it was so weak. There was clearly already an enormous part of her that just wanted to cry and scream and beg him to fuck her, to do anything at all if only he would make her cum too. “P-please… c-can’t do t-this…”

“Of course I can,” he said, certain. “You are powerless here, hero. If I wanted, I could have 30 men in here to fuck you all day if I wanted to…” he paused, smirking. “But you would like that, wouldn’t you? Your greedy little cunt is practically drooling for the opportunity to be filled, and you don’t even care if it’s your boyfriend or a vicious rapist, do you? Your weak, needy body would cum like a whore for either.”

“L-let… me go…” she choked out. “And w-we’ll see… how w-weak I am…”

John flicked the cat across her nose. “Quiet, the grown-ups are talking,” he said. “Before long, you’ll fuck anyone I say… but I haven’t said yet. Right now, there is only one thing I want from you.” John leaned forward. “You will tell me where. The. Foxes. Are!”

Two months ago, two very, very valuable pieces of merchandise had been in the sights of some of his trackers… before they had run afoul of Mallory here. When John had set new hunters on the trail, it had gone cold. The cat did this… she hid those in the mansion’s sights, all the time. The pair of kitsune had to be found… and she could tell him where they were.

“G-go… f-fuck… yo-”

John cut her off with a slap across the face, silencing herself with a jerk. “That wasn’t an instruction. It was a fact. You will tell me where they are, kitten… sooner or later, you are going to tell me.” He reached down and grabbed a different gag this time… an open-mouth one. Her mouth was limp and weak, and it wasn’t even difficult to force the ring into her. “You are going to sit here, day in and day out, and some of my men are going to put your mouth to use… you’re a shameful, worthless cunt, but they are very skilled trainers of top-notch whores. Eventually, they can teach even a bitch like you to suck and fuck properly. Every day, you are going to suck cock and try your best to cum, and fail at the latter… I hope for your sake you succeed at the other, or you may not have any teeth left by the time I come back for you. And when you beg me, beg me with all your heart and soul to rape you and let you cum, and you swear you will tell me where the foxes you are protecting are hidden, then I will let you cum. At least once…”

Mallory started a scream again, so John took a rag, idly wiped up the pool of cunt-slime that was gathering on the floor, and shoved it in the opening to her mouth, muting the harsh sound. “And stop making a mess,” he chided her. Then, whistling happily, John walked off, already considering which of the many people who had encountered the heroine before should get the first crack at raping her face…

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