All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 3rd

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

Alicja was contributed to the story by NoLongerInnocentAlicja

It wasn’t common for John to have to attend to the training of just anyone, but sometimes exceptions had to be made… especially when they were this busy, and when they needed more merchandise so badly. That was why he was here, after all… to get some more merchandise for the mansion.

John walked in on the next cell, his succubus still chatting idly away next to him. “This one’s name is Alicja,” she said about the pale European girl strapped flat down to the table. It was almost like a medical examination table, but unlike most of those it had wide space all around where the “patient” would lay. The cuffs for her wrists and ankles, of course, were also non-standard… her wrists had been locked into place above her head, and her legs were forced spread and immobile. The kidnapped Lithuanian girl was petite, curvy, and beautiful, her light brown hair pulled back away from her face and slightly flattened down by her sweat, and the earplugs in her ears kept her deaf to the world while the two discussed her. “I think she’s your best bet for what you’re going for, master.”

“Why’s that?” he asked as he admired the naked slave on the table.

“One of your “talent scouts” found her because she was flirting on the internet. Rape fantasies about her family… seeing them used like toys, having them turned into slaves.” The succubus shook her head. “Which means she both has them, and has thought about how to get them. She might be easier to convince to do it as well, master.”

John nodded. “That does sound like a good opportunity,” he agreed. He walked into her line of sight, and the girl squealed… right before he brought his hand down and slapped her right on the cunt, heard enough to leave a handprint.

Alicja cried out, the beginning of her plea turned into a screech that John used to approach and forced a thick metal ring into her mouth with well-practiced precision, turning any words she had planned into unintelligible garbage. Her lips were now stretched sexily wide, her mouth gaping open… she’d be drooling from it soon. “I really don’t care what you have to say,” he assured her as he took the ear plugs out before pausing to grab one of her breasts, roughly squeezing it as he rendered judgment on her body. “You’ll make a good sex slave. Good stock, I think… very good.”

Alicja looked at John with a terrified, wild expression as he stood over her… her hands bound, tits exposed, cunt spread, and able to do nothing to protect herself or protest. She jerked as her new owner and trainer continued squeezing and pinching her breasts before he leaned down, grabbed one hand, and covered the bright cherry nipple with his mouth. She made a whining noise through the gag as he rolled his tongue around it, feeling it grow hard against his teeth… right before he bit down. She tried to pull away, of course, but she wasn’t going anywhere. “Demon,” he ordered, pulling his mouth off the slut for a second. “I think something special is in order for this one. Put in the punisher.”

“Yes master,” the succubus answered. She patted the woman’s leg in sympathy for a moment before walking over to one of the drawers, pulling out a strange, especially floppy dildo. John didn’t pay much attention, continuing to molest his new plaything’s tits, but he certainly noticed when she suddenly jerked and let out a scream as the tiny, slippery thing was forced up her likely-virgin asshole, his succubus-slave beginning to put it into place for the pain to come.

John continued his attack on the new cock-slave’s tits, kneading them painfully, digging his nails into them as he bit and sucked and licked. His cock was painfully hard by the time he he climbed up on the table with her, smashing them together on her chest and crushing his cock between them, grunting quietly with pleasure as he slid his dick gradually in and out of the valley of soft flesh. Alicja had been moaning in discomfort and humiliation while he continued titfucking the pretty little whore, but abruptly she started screaming again… the succubus had started inflating the dildo inside her asshole, expanding it. Eager to please her master, she also began attaching a clamp to the woman’s clit, tightening it. John could feel it as she trembled beneath him, her whole body arching in a futile attempt to struggle free of her bonds as she screamed and wailed hysterically.

John let her scream for another minute before he decided he was tired of her noise. He moved forward on his knees, sitting on her tits and squishing them flat as he straddled her, grabbing her head and pulling it up, driving his cock into her mouth instead. The ring was more than big enough to let him fit through, and the Lithuanian girl gagged miserably as he forced her to take every inch of his dick to the back of her throat. Her screams felt fantastic on his throbbing cock as the demon continued inflating the punisher, growing larger every second. She choked on his dick as John rammed it down her throat, tears streaming down her pretty face from gagging and the agony in her ass and clit.

“She’s ready for you, master,” the succubus said, and John could see out of the corner of my eye as she sank to her knees. “Would you like me to lick your balls while you fuck her, Master?”

“That would be lovely,” he said, making a pleased noise deep in his chest. He gave a few more brutal cock-stabs into Alicja’s throat before he stepped down off the table, walking around to between her shaking, clenched, twitching thighs. A thick tube protruded from her twitching asshole and he knew from experience that it had grown to its full 3-inch size inside her by now. Her pussy was trembling beneath the swollen, angry clit, looking like it had been clamped nearly in half by the vicious device the demon had attached to it. Just for fun, he twisted the clamp, making her howl as the tiny nub of flesh turned almost violet.

As John stroked his cock in anticipation of what that pussy was going to feel like, he gave the tube going into her ass a tug, making her shriek and arch her back off the table in anguish yet again. He grinned at the torment… by the time he was finished with this one, she was going to be begging for an opportunity to get her family enslaved if only it would buy her a moment’s mercy.

From the very moment he started pushing his cock into her, Alicja went mad with pain, shrieking and trying to jerk away from him. With a roar, he grabbed onto her hips and yanked her against him, skewering her delicate pussy on his long, thick shaft. The sensation of her pussy wall pushed inward by the thick ballooning cock up her ass made the sensation of fucking her cunt the most incredible physical sensation to enjoy… she was tighter than any virgin, and he had to marvel that there was still room for him to ram himself into such a tight space. He just had to fuck her harder… something he was delighted to do.

With his demonic pet’s tongue lashing at his balls and shaft as it pummeled the Lithuanian girl’s tight, bleeding cunt, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lighting one of them up. Then, one by one as he continued to ram into her, he would grind them out onto her nice, creamy tits. Alicja screeched with each one of them, tears streaming down her face as he put out cigarette after cigarette on her tits. Over and over and over again he hammered into her while he burned her breasts, Alicja screaming like a dying animal as he left burns all over her slut tits. She wailed in agony as her torturer hurt her and fucked her, tearing her cunt apart even as he scorched her breasts while her ass throbbed around the thick inflatable dildo. “Look at me, you little whore!” he snapped, growling at her. “You want this to stop? You want to leave this room with your body and mind intact? Then you need to get smart… I need more slaves, and you have a family. You are going to bring them here… help turn all the fuckable women in your family into meat for me. Understand?”

Alicja looked up into his eyes with a wild, horrified expression as she understood, and seemed to reluctantly accept her dreadful fate. Just that look on her face had John ready to cum. “Demon!” he commanded. “Inflate it more!”

Alicja cried out a protest, but John barely felt the succubus’s tongue leave his balls before he heard the hissing sound of air, and felt the pressure in Alicja’s asshole push the new slave’s cunt walls even tighter around him. She shrieked over and over again, and John only needed to slam into her incredible tightness five more times before he felt his balls tighten and he released a flood of cum inside her while she wailed wordlessly like an injured kitten.

When at last he was done, he tugged on the edge of the enlarged dildo’s cable, using it as agonizing leverage to pull himself out of her tight hole while she screamed. Then he pulled the ring gag out of her mouth. “So,” he said as she wept and flexed her jaw. “Let us discuss your family, slut… I suggest we start with your sister Ana…”

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