All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 4th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

December 4: Introduction to Eliana, Pony girl setup

Eliana: Unknown look. Pony girl. Hints of both breeding and snuff.

John stretched his hands over his head as he stepped out of the house towards the stables. Thanks to the winter storms that kept sweeping through the midwest it was damn cold out there, and the ground was frozen… terrible weather to be outside, especially if you couldn’t be bundled up. Apparently being hellspawn did very little to help with that as his demonic pet huddled against the wind, following in his shadow as if it could protect her from the cold. The head groom was standing in the doorway, ready to meet the master of the mansion and his succubus as they approached the stable. The man, Al, was an old friend of his and a genius at training the best ponies in the business. He was worth every penny… though knowing him he probably would have worked for free.

“How goes the work?” John asked, not wasting any time. “My staff tells me the new girls arrived today.”

“They did,” Al agreed. “Three new ponies-to-be. They spent the morning being groomed, and are just about ready to start their first training session. Did you want to join in for it?”

“Seems a shame to say no,” John agreed, stepping inside… his cock already growing hard in his pants from anticipation. It was much warmer inside the stable… it wasn’t too well enclosed, but one of the stableboys was tending a small fire pit with several iron rods resting in the hot coals and the fire provided some heat. Then, even as he kicked the snow off his boots, a few of the grooms trotted out the mansion’s three newest ponies.

The girls that had arrived this morning staggered forward, unsteady in the leathers of their new trappings. Their feet had been strapped into black leather boots shaped like hooves that went up to their thighs, and they forced the girls’ heels almost laughably high. They were all naked except for the leather harnesses that painfully forced their pussy lips apart and pushed their considerable tits out and up, keeping them permanently on display. They wore wide, stiff leather collars that held their heads up so that they could barely turn them at all, forcing them to always look nearly straight forward with their chins high. A leather leash attached to the collars was held by each groom as they led them out, letting John appraise them.

The grooms had done a good job. Each of the girls had had long hair, but it had been shaved completely off on half of their heads, giving them the look of a mane. Large black ball gags forced their bright lips wide open, adding to the surprised, wild look to their eyes. As John watched, the first girl – whom the tablet told him had once had the human name Eliana – was pulled forward and strapped upright and spreadeagle between two wooden posts. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed so tightly to the posts that she couldn’t move and her whole body was exposed.

John stepped back, taking in all of her at once. The terrified pony in front of him struggled against her bonds, but it clearly made no difference. Eliana had been a tall, athletic girl, quite pretty and with just the right amount of curves… she had been hot, but now groomed as a pony she was truly magnificent. Her harness really emphasized her tits, making them swing and jiggle in sexy ways as she struggled against the cuffs that held her. Her thick, lush hair was a dark brown with flashes of highlights that the grooms had worked into them, letting her mane glint as it hung and swayed halfway down her back. She glistened with sweat despite the cold as she struggled, and John loved the way she did, how attractive she looked with her long, strong legs strapped into the black leather boots. He could see her thigh and ass muscles clenching and relaxing as she tugged, straining to get free.

It would feel fantastic for her new owner when he rode her. Both ways.

Her face was lovely too, eyes flashing with both fear and rage as she struggled against her bonds, looking wildly around for a way to escape. Yes, they had chosen right in kidnapping her… she was a perfect choice for a pony. Beautiful, strong, and full of spirit, needing only to be broken. Once she had accepted her new role, she had the body and the passion to be perfect at the role.

That was why people generally came to him. Training a proper pony girl was hard, and no random slaver off the streets was going to do it well. No kidnapped girl from the third world, malnourished and barely understanding the language, would do. They needed stronger, faster, perfectly spirited girls… and the mansion trained them into works of art better than anyone.

John just hoped the other girls had this one’s temperament.

He walked up in front of her, looking her in the eyes while she pleaded silently. Then he began to speak to her, the very last time anyone would treat her like a human being. “You are about to complete your transformation from a person into a pony,” he told her. “My pony. Whatever you were in your previous life no longer matters… all that matters is your new role in life. You won’t be a slave… people are slaves. You will be livestock.” The whites of Eliana’s eyes shone with terror, and she grunted and whined through her gag. John didn’t care… he just continued. “If you are a good pony and train well, you might survive a long, healthy life. If not… not.” He shook his head. “I could explain the details of your new life to you, but there’s no reason to bother. You will learn the way all animals learn – training and physical correction until you perform as expected.”

He looked at the tablet again, and made a mark. “I think we’ll call you “Princess.” That’s your name now… the only name you will ever be known by from this time forward. You will wear a brand to identify you… and we’ll be decorating you.” He motioned to Al, and the stablemaster handed him a pair of long, metal tongs with small holes at the end. At the same time, one of the grooms attached a small hook to Princess’s nostrils and pulled them back over the top of her head, opening her nostrils wide. Before she could process what had happened, he quickly grabbed the tender flesh between her nostrils with the tongs, accepted the thick steel needle with the glowing red tip from the fire pit, and plunged it through the tong’s openings. Princess shrieked into her gag as John pierced her, smelling the brief flash of cooking flesh. The needle cauterized the wound, meaning there was almost no blood as he pulled it out, only to replace it with a large, gold hoop earring. He threaded the hoop through her nose while she sobbed and whimpered, then he stepped back to observe his handiwork. The ring hung down to her chin, leaving plenty of room for his cock or anything else he wanted to force into her mouth, and there was something deeply, animalistically degrading about the huge piercing. He liked it.

He handed the tongs to the succubus, and before her bindings could even begin to glow she was already moving forward to repeat the procedure on the dark pink flesh of the ponygirl’s tender nipples. Princess had lovely tits, and as his succubus pierced the base of each nipple and threaded a new piercing in with a small gold bell on it, she screamed and almost fainted from the agony. John didn’t chide her… he simply slapped her across the face. “Hush, pony,” he commanded. You didn’t waste a long explanation on an animal.

While the dark skinned demon moved over to continue piercings the next pony’s nipples, John continued down to Princess’s lovely snatch, framed as it was by the leather straps cutting into her tender lips and forcing them apart. Every hair on her body below the head had been shaved and then laser treated so it wouldn’t grow back. Personally, John rather liked a little hair on his bitches, but for a pony it was important to give her a smooth, hairless cunt. It certainly made it easier for him to complete another piercing. He moved his finger along her cunt lips and teased out her little clit, and as soon as it grew swollen and full he grabbed it and stabbed another needle in once more. This time, she did faint, even before he had forced the last golden ring into place.

John stepped back to admire the jewelry as she sagged in her cuffs. He removed the ballgag from the limp pony, and Al handed him a bit gag, which he forced into her mouth in its place along with a bridle which strapped behind her head and attached to her collar. Then he picked up the electric cattle prod and jabbed it into the side of her breasts, making her leap awake with a jagged scream that set her nipple bells jingling softly.

“You look good like that,” he said, voice soothing and calm like he was reassuring a spooked animal. “Just a few last things to do.” Then he held out a hand, and Al pressed the handle of the hot iron brand into his waiting grip. Not just Princess, but the other two ponies that the succubus was still piercing both started to scream as he moved towards the new pony. After a moment’s consideration, he pressed it into her ass, and her scream was so beautiful it made his cock strain against his jeans.

As soon as he removed the brand Princess once again sagged in her bonds, whimpering and crying. For the moment, she was too pained and exhausted to resist as the stablehands uncuffed her and moved her over to the special bench nearby. She was strapped into it in a standing position, her legs spread but perfectly straight and her body bent over at the waist with her wrists cuffed to the bench. Once locked into it, her position was very much like a live pony, not the way a human woman would be bound to be fucked.

John stepped up behind her and pulled out his cock, took a handful of her hair, and began working his way into Princess’s dry cunt. He didn’t speak as he did so, didn’t mock her or taunt her or play around… she was no longer human, and conversation with such a creature was beneath him. She whimpered sexily as he pushed hard into her tight little cunt and without further ado rammed deep into her. It was a fantastic sensation, her tight pussy yielding as it was forced open by his thick cock, and he gave himself completely over to the enjoyment of it.

It didn’t take him long to cum… he wasn’t trying to hold out. He just wanted to enjoy her while she was still the tightest she would ever be. He raped her until he exploded inside, and then stepped back away from her shaking ass and thighs, her cunt raw and red and inflamed from his harsh use. Immediately his demon’s mouth was on him, licking him clean and beginning to suck him hard once again… which, with the sobbing, quivering, sexy pony girl tied up right before him, didn’t take long. It only was a few minutes before he was forcing open her virgin asshole, listening to Princess scream through her bit as he punctured her tiny hole and buried his cock deep into her ass.

“Which of you did their hair?” John asked while he began the slow process of raping her sweet asshole.

The grooms all hushed and grew wary, but after a moment one of them took off his hat and stepped forward. “It was me, sir. If there’s anything you didn’t like I could-”

John cut him off right away with a particularly hard thrust that made the pony scream. “They are fantastic… they look perfect. A worthy purchase from my mansion. Why don’t you do the honor of breaking in one of these other fillies?”

The groom blushed as a huge grin broke out of his face, but John didn’t even wait for him to reach the other pony before he turned to Al. “Take the third one,” he told his trainer. John watched like a proud boss as the stableboy forced his cock into the smaller pony-girl’s fresh tiny asshole while she whimpered and cried beneath him, sobbing and screaming as he pounded her ass with relentless brutality as her asshole stretched to the breaking point around his length. Then Al joined in and there were three new ponygirls getting assraped, side by side as their new decorations jingled.

“Bring out their tails,” John ordered as he continued pounding the buxom pony slut before him. Another of the grooms came forward with a large wooden box and opened it for his inspection, showing him the tree tails inside – large black anal plugs with gorgeous hair flowing out of the opposite end… what had become of the half of their manes they had shaved off. He drove himself inside Princess and came, painting her inside with his spunk before he pulled out take a closer look at the tail. The plug was hollow so that it wouldn’t need to be taken out, allowing her to, well, relieve herself without it needing to leave. It would still have to be cleaned on a regular basis, but not every day… she would be wearing this plug for maybe 99% of the rest of her life at this point.

John looked over at Princess, blood and jizz leaking from both of her used holes and spreading onto her shaking thighs and across her burning bright brand. Then, before she could react and struggle, he grabbed a fistful of her mane, yanked, and drove the tail all the way into her bowels all at once. John pulled back slightly and felt it suck into place perfectly, resting up against the inside of her sphincter where it would stay. This time, she was too exhausted to scream… even though it probably felt like a knife would to her guts. He felt sure she had gone numb from exhaustion. Just as well… he was done for the day.

As the other two ponies wailed while their rapists filled their assholes, he delivered both of their tails in turn too. Then the three of them were removed from their bindings. No one helped them up, of course… a pony would have to be a strong animal. She would need to do it herself. They weren’t going to pamper the animals here. As John watched the three of them try to walk with their new tails in and on their new hooves, he felt a bit of pride… they would be fine animals.

It made him sad they probably wouldn’t live long.

Most people who wanted a pony at Christmas time were just trying to appease a daughter, someone who had no idea how much effort taking care of a pony would be. Most would get tired of them and the well trained animals would end up just rapetoys for their fathers before long, and most of those would get put down before the next holiday season. A sad, miserable end to their lives, and a waste… but their bad luck. Maybe these would beat the odds.

Anyway, none of John’s business. As long as his customers were happy.

He turned to the demon. “So, what’s next?”

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