All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 5th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

June is contributed to the story by Juniper

Extreme content warning.

Sighing, John pushed open the door to the bathroom, his mind wandering between a dozen tasks he had running through his head… orders that needed to be fulfilled, slaves that needed to be trained, and roles that needed to be met. There was never, ever, enough time, and so much training to do… but the needs of his body came first.

It didn’t do much for his mood that the first thing he saw on entering the bathroom was a corpse, either.

Most of the toilets in the front of the bathroom were punishment stalls for various slaves that needed to be disciplined… bathroom duty was a good way to make a slave understand that there were worse things than kneeling and sucking a little bit of cock when they were told to. When a girl misbehaved, they would get tied up in one of the types of stands and left to suffer for an amount of time depending on what they had done… usually something fairly minor, like refusing to open their mouth, or cursing at their trainer. Anything more major would lead to much more immediate and painful training.

Not that it had mattered for the Latina girl in stall one.

The various stalls had different methods of restraint keeping them as a toilet. Stall one was almost like a urinal, except the girl was put on her knees and had her head sealed into a watertight bowl. They called it the piss-pot… the top was open, and men could come by and piss on her face, and the urine would accumulate over hours or days until she needed to drink continuously or drown. A deeply humiliating, miserable punishment where she needed to consciously keep on swallowing… in theory.

Based on the slimness of her belly, he doubted that this girl had swallowed too much, or choked on it… it seemed more like she had simply been unable to keep up. Her stall was the closest one to the door, the quickest urinal to use, and men had been unwilling to go the extra five steps to use another stall when stall one was available. No one had meant to drown her… it was just that no one had cared enough to go to the next girl instead. Now her hair drifted around her submerged head like a halo, and the level of stinking urine was above the top of her head altogether.

John sighed again. “Send a text to the Demon slut,” he said, raising his phone to his mouth. “Cleanup crew in bathroom 7… and let the trainers know there is an open stall.”

After all, punishments, and training, had to continue. They were running behind.

Now that the Latina girl had stopped reacting, it looked like a few other girls were a bit more popular. One in particular knelt on her haunches so that her face was just below the level of the crotch of the trainer standing before her. She was kneeling right over a drain, her back to the curved porcelain face of the genuine urinal behind her. She was shaking a little, her breasts rising and falling noticeably with her rapid breathing. The plaque next to her said that she was being punished for whining about unfairness, and that her name was “June.”

The trainer stood in front of her with unzipped pants as he took his cock, aimed it at June’s face, and after a moment began to piss. June gave a short, sharp cry as the yellow liquid hit her face, but then after that she was quiet… it wasn’t like this was the first time for the girl. She kept her eyes and her mouth closed while the trainer continued to release a strong stream of urine all over her unmoving face.

As John picked a stall of his own to use, his mind kept wandering to the requirements of the girl he was looking for… but his thoughts kept drifting to that June girl. As he finished and stepped back, watching as he thought, trainer after trainer came in, unzipped, and released his piss happily into the tall brunette’s pretty face. Her tits were completely soaked as well. As was normal for the toilet bitches, a few of the trainers wanted to do more than just piss. June was crying now, although the bound girl made no attempt anymore to escape from her situation… she clearly understood it was hopeless. The sense of her utter degradation just rolled off of the beautiful girl… Her tears were overwhelmed by the rivulets of urine that ran over her face, but her mouth hung open as she sobbed helplessly and trainers eagerly pissed right into it. She choked sometimes, and clearly tried to keep her mouth closed, but her crying had stuffed up her nose, and she couldn’t breathe otherwise, giving the men a wonderful target.  The trainers kept aiming for her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could, the rest spilling out over her chin and onto her breasts and body.

The first trainer to go further eventually arrived when the line was dying down a little. After he had finished pissing, he stood there with his cock erect and stiff, and pointing at June’s sobbing, quivering, half-open mouth.

“How about it, baby?” he said, mocking. “You only drink piss, or you learned your place by now? Like to drink a little cum, too?” He rubbed the tip of his cock against her full wet lips. “Take it in.”

June gave a short, low moan… and then, obediently, opened her mouth wider. The trainer sank his cock into it, grunting as he began to fuck her mouth… his hands in her disgusting, piss-soaked hair as he forced his pumping rod down her throat. She continued to suck and she continued to sob. It didn’t take long to finish him off, but instead of letting her drink his seed he pulled out at the last minute and shot it all over her face, letting it mingle with the piss and tears that continued to drip from her. Then the next man pissed the evidence away. 

John left them, needing to get back to work… but he kept June in his mind. Throughout the day there was constant traffic in and out of that bathroom, and he doubted that there was hardly a moment when June was not taking someone’s pee on her face, or in her mouth, or on her breasts, or sucking on someone’s cock until he came down her throat or into her eyes or her hair or wherever he wanted. It didn’t matter to them that she was a dripping, stinking, sodden mess, her hair drenched with urine and semen, her face and body running with it… the degradation and punishment were the point. If they got hard as soon as they saw her, they would fuck her mouth first, and then piss on her after they came. Otherwise, they would do the opposite.

That evening, he returned.

The body was gone by then and a new girl, an Asian woman with tanned skin, was locked into the pisspot. She winced as John entered, but he paid no attention to her… walking over to the disheveled form of June. She looked up at him with broken, hopeless eyes, and he smiled down at her as he evaluated her like a piece of meat.  “Hello June,” he said softly.

Her gaze focused a little, gasping as she heard her name for probably the first time in days. John continued. “I spoke with your trainer. He tells me your attitude sucks, but you are a great lay. He was thinking about keeping you here for a few more weeks to see if the attitude was gone. I recommended we could move you to stall one. Would you like that?”

Her eyes went wide, she started breathing rapidly, and her heart clearly quickened. “Please… please no, master, please… not that… I’ll be good…”

John smiled. She had watched, then. It wouldn’t have been a quick death for the bronze-skinned whore… slowly gurgling her way to the end of a lengthy demise in that pot. June would have had plenty of time to watch and imagine it being her. “I’m glad to hear that, June,” he said, running a finger over her tits. “You stink, but these tits are nice and firm… It should be pleasant, hurting them.”

June made a small sound, and John laughed. “Oh, you don’t like that idea? You’d rather go into stall one, then?”

A moment of silence. “No master,” she said at last, sobbing.

“That’s very nice of you, June. I expect those nipples will be very sensitive if we close a nice, cold pair of pliers on them and squeeze. Isn’t that right, little piss-slut?”

June’s knees almost buckled. “I–I don’t–I— Yes, master…”

John smiled. “Good girl. I’ll have my assistant come by and clean you up… with her tongue, of course. You have the makings of an excellent mother, I think…”

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