All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 6th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

Tawny was contributed to the story by Tawny on Discord

John was waiting in his bedroom when his succubus pet walked in that night. “She’s here for you, master,” the succubus said, motioning with one hand… and a beautiful, redhaired woman moved in behind her. She didn’t look happy, but she didn’t look as frightened or upset as most new slaves did… instead, she mostly looked confused. After one quick glance around the room, the freckled girl’s green eyes focused on him. “She’s ready for you,” the succubus said.

John surveyed the girl calmly. She was certainly attractive, with her trim yet curvy figure and full red hair. She would probably look dazzling when she smiled, but that smile was not in evidence now. She looked every bit the traditional Irish beauty… but that wasn’t what she was. She was a selkie, one of several he had gotten for sale over the years, and the fae creatures were always a particular delight to train… but rarely had he ever gotten one like this.

“Is that right, selkie?” John asked. “Are you ready for me?”

Now the girl looked at him, a mixture of shame, confusion, and worry in her eyes. “I… I don’t understand…” she whispered. “I… I left out my skin for someone to find. The elders always warned that if you did, there was a chance of a man taking you as his wife… but I’m more than ready to be someone’s wife. When a man picked up my skin, I was delighted to offer myself to him… but instead of marrying me, he brought here here. I don’t understand whats going on, sir… I’m sorry…”

John smiled at her. “Don’t worry… you’ll be getting married soon. First, though, I want to know your name.”

The selkie seemed relieved to get the news. “Tawny, sir,” she offered, a bit of a shy smile on her face… just as dazzling as he had hoped. Perfect.

“Tawny…” John said. “That’s a pretty name. Yes, I think you’ll make an excellent wife.”

“Oh, I will sir,” Tawny promised, seeming to glow with excitement.

“This is really what you want, though?” he asked, smiling a bit at the naivety of the selkie girl. “You’re ready to sacrifice your sweet little body to me as my wife so you can be put properly to use? That’s why you’re here, right?”

Tawny obviously wasn’t used to be spoken to so… forwardly, and her smile flickered a bit. “Umm,” she hesitated. “Yes? Yes, I guess I am…”

“So then you’re here to fuck me, right?”

Tawny swallowed, and her smile went away. “Well, I suppose we will… consummate… our love, but only after we get to know one another.”

“No, no, that’s not going to work,” John said, smiling just the same. “If you are going to be my wife, you are going to fulfill your duties as a wife… and that means you are going to fuck me… when and where I say. Is that clear?”

Now the tears spilled over. She was trying to contain them, but that only made her all the prettier… she was a gorgeous woman when she cried. “I… yes, sir,” she admitted, looking down at the ground.

“Then say it. You’re here to fuck me… right, Tawny?”

The selkie swallowed hard. “Yes,” she whispered finally.

“Yes, what? Say it, ‘wife’.”

The girl stared at him for a minute, then looked away. She brushed at her eyes with her hands, swallowed again and took a long breath. Then, in a voice that was clear if a bit unsteady, she said, “I’m here to fuck you.”

“Good,” John said. “You can start by stripping.”

Tawny’s face went slightly pale. “I–right here?” She looked over at the succubus. “In front of her?” Tawny’s lip trembled. “Does… does she have to be here?”

John laughed. “Does it look like that succubus whore has any problem with being naked?” he asked, gesturing at her own lack of clothing. “Right here, right now.”

“Can…” she said unsteadily. “Can I see my skin, please? I haven’t seen it since the man picked it up…”

“Don’t worry about your skin,” John said. “It’s safe, and it will stay safe. It’s me you have to worry about, Tawny. See, the skin is locked up in a safe where no one will be able to hurt it, and it will stay there… until I decide you need to be punished.”

“Punished!” Tawny said, her voice rising in surprise and fear.

“Like if you’re not being a good wife,” John continued. “Like when you refuse to take off your clothing like I tell you to. If you make me happy, your skin will be safe forever and ever… but if you displease me Tawny, I’m going to turn it into a damn rug. You’ll never see it again. You got that, Tawny?”

Tawny nodded jerkily, perhaps beginning to understand how over her head she was… how her elders had warned her about letting her skin be taken. Without her skin, she would be unable to return to the sea… she was a captive here, even without chains or cuffs.

“Then strip,” John commanded. The tears came again to Tawny as she did it. She didn’t sob or cry audibly, but the tears coursed down her cheeks in a steady flow as she opened the thin blouse she wore with shaking hands and took it off, and as she unbuttoned her pants, pushed them down and stepped out of them. Her shoes came off with them, and after a long moment of hesitation she forced herself to unclasp her undershirt and pull it away, revealing her breasts. Finally she slid her panties down over her trembling legs to leave her standing naked under John’s gaze. She made an instinctive move to cover herself with her hands and John found that funny… prior to today she had probably thought nothing at all about being naked, but he had already taught her shame of her vulnerability. It was going to be just one of many harsh lessons today.

“That’s very nice, Tawny,” John said, his eyes devouring her body. “Really nice. Turn around for me now. All the way. Slowly, so I can see all of you.”

Tawny took a long breath. Then she turned around, slowly.

“You do have a fantastic ass, Tawny,” John said when she was facing him again. “Don’t you think she has a great ass, demon?”

“Yes, master,” the succubus said.

“Well, I am delighted to tell you that I like your body well enough to marry you,” John told her with glee. Her freckled face actually blushed a little as he kept his attention on the demon. “Where is the wedding ring I told you to bring?”

“Here, master,” the dark skinned succubus responded, holding out a hand. The ring wasn’t exactly a normal wedding band… instead, it was a 14 caret gold piercing ring, double thick. John took it, spinning it in his hands, admiring it. Then, without needing to be told, the demoness moved behind the selkie and grabbed onto her arms.

“Wha-“ Tawny started to protest, turning to look at the succubus… and the succubus kissed her, pressing her lips against the other girl’s even as she kept her restrained while John knelt, moving between the selkie’s legs.

“Just need to find the perfect place…” he muttered as he took the needle in his hand… the cold iron needle. The scream she made as he drove it through her clit wasn’t muffled even a little bit by his succubus’s mouth – the high-pitched wail easily loud enough to wake the dead. It would have hurt anyone like hell to have that piercing put in, but for a fae creature like the selkie it was at least twice as bad. He quickly followed the needle with the ring, forcing it through while her legs went wobbly and only his demon’s arms kept her upright.

John quickly sealed the ring before he slipped his ring finger through it. “Let her see,” he instructed, and the demon stopped her forceful kiss. She still held the other woman up, but wasn’t really restraining her anymore as Tawny looked down her body in shock at the ring.

“Wha… what did… why-“

“You wanted to get married,” John said, smiling as he wiggled the finger wearing her clit ring. He made a fist and tugged once, making another scream escape from his new wife. “Now we’re husband and wife. Surely you’ve heard there was an offering of a ring involved?”

“It hurts…” Tawny moaned, crying.

John rolled his eyes and tugged again, causing another short shriek of pain. “Oh quit your whining. You’re lucky I went with gold instead of iron. I could always change my mind if you aren’t appropriately appreciative…”

“No!” Tawny cried out, eyes wide. “Please! Please, you can’t do that, it would… it would kill me! I couldn’t… I couldn’t survive that, it would hurt so much…”

John narrowed his eyes. “Then be appropriately appreciative, wife…”

Sobbing, Tawny lowered her eyes. “T—thank you for… for the w—wedding r—ring, sir” she finally choked out.

“Better,” John said, rising. “Alright then. How did you phrase it? It’s time to… consummate… our marriage. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that a naive little virgin like you has definitely never taken it up the ass before. Am I right?”

Tawny’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Then she shook her head, although to John it seemed more as though she was rejecting the question than replying to it.

“It’s not right?” John said. “You mean you do take it up the ass, Tawny? You like taking cock right up that tight selkie asshole? Is that what you mean?”

The girl looked frightened. “No,” she got out. “No, I don’t. I wouldn’t do that…”

“Oh?” John asked. “Why is that, Tawny?”

“I–I just never–I mean–I don’t want to. I don’t… I wouldn’t like it.” Her voice was unsteady.

“I’m just concerned about you, Tawny,” John said, his teasing. “I mean, maybe if you weren’t so prudish about these things, you wouldn’t have been so desperate for a husband. I’m sure if you learn to do them, you might actually keep a husband… don’t you think so, demon?

“Yes, master John,” the succubus said.

Tawny was shaking her head. “No,” she said.

“No what, Tawny?”

“I won’t,” she said. “I—I can’t…”

“Don’t be that way, sweet little selkie,” John said. “It’s for your own good, after all. Besides, more importantly… I really want to fuck that tight ass of yours.”

Tawny was shaking harder now. “Please…”

John sighed. “Okay,” he said finally. “All right, Tawny. I guess no husband for you. You’re just going to be a random whore then… never knowing the care of a man but just his scorn. And you’ll never see your skin again.”

“But—but you can’t… my s—skin… you have to—” Tawny’s hands rose from her body to cover her face as she broke into sobs. Her legs gave out beneath her and she sank to the bedroom floor, crying as if her heart would break. “…ok…” she whimpered.

John helped her up onto one of the chairs in his room, her body bent forward over its one broad arm. His succubus pet, to serve him,  was crouching in front of her, holding onto her hands, both to keep her in position and to help her maintain her balance. John moved to stand behind her, sliding his hard cock teasingly up and down the crack of Tawny’s ass as his hands rested on her buttocks. He was feeling merciful tonight… his cock was well coated with the succubus’s spit, a mercy most whores didn’t deserve, but he wanted to keep her walking on the eggshells of being willing.

Tawny was shaking with fear and making tiny mewling sounds in her throat. “Please, sir,” she quavered, between panting breaths. “Please don’t, please, not that way. I’ll—I’ll fuck you all you want. You’re my husband— we’ll do what you want. I’ll make it good for you, I swear! I will! But please…”

“Relax, Tawny,” John said. “You’re gonna love this, I bet. You’re going to thank me afterward. Right, pet?”

“Yes, master John,” the succubus said without hesitation.

“Oh gods,” Tawny panted, almost sobbing. “Oh, please don’t do this…”

“Now don’t make me mad, darling,” John said. “I’m being good to you. I’m even taking it easy on you… I’m soaked and I’m going to go slow. I don’t have to do that, you know. It could be a lot worse. Isn’t that right, demon?”

“Yes, master John,” the dark skinned girl said again.

“So be grateful, selkie.” John pulled the girl’s buttocks apart to expose her crinkled, tiny hole. “Let’s get going.” Tawny gave a cry of fear as he placed the tip of his penis at that small clenched opening. He could have told her that the more she relaxed, the easier it would be for her… but what was the point? She would learn. Instead, he simply adjusted himself more precisely at the opening and pushed forward.

Tawny screamed… and he had to laugh. He had barely nudged her. “Oh, come on, Tawny,” John said. “I haven’t even started… you’re just being hysterical… and not a very good wife.” He pushed forward again, more firmly this time… the tip of his cock actually penetrating the tiny hole. Tawny gave a little moan and tensed up again; then, with a visible effort, forced herself to relax somewhat. “Okay,” John said, and slowly pushed further, soon encountering Tawny’s sphincter muscles, which were clenched tight and seemingly impossible. He pressed forward. Tawny drew in her breath with a hissing sound, but John pressed on. He drew back a tiny bit, then pushed forward again.

Tawny’s whimpers were beautiful as he made slow progress. His cock was throbbing with lust as every single ounce of his soul urged him to thrust himself heedlessly into her and bury his shaft in her marvelously tight backside. He didn’t… instead, he controlled himself. It would be easy to just force her… but he wanted to fuck her mind as much as her body. He was going to conquer this pretty, freckled selkie through means other than sheer force. He held back, keeping up a steady stream of soothing words and steady pressure on her tight hole. And slowly he sank deeper and deeper. Tawny cried out again, more loudly, but he continued.

“Good job little selkie,” John said as he paused with his cock halfway into her. “You’re doing great. Doesn’t it feel good, lover? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Tawny gasped. “It hurts—“ she whined. “Stop it, sir… John, please… please stop it. Please. Oh god…”

“Learn to like it, lover,” he said as he pulled back just a fraction of an inch before pressing onward. Slowly he continued this back and forth motion, fucking her in tiny increments, pushing in a little further with each stroke. Her backside was so tight and narrow that it gripped him like a clenched hand, and the squirming and twisting of her ass added to the sensation.

“Oh Gods…” the girl whimpered. “It’s filling me…it’s tearing me…”

“No it’s not. Selkies can take a lot more than this.” John was still moving, slowly but steadily, and was well over halfway inside her now. The girl was clutching his pet’s hands so hard her knuckles were white, but she had stopped squirming now, either from fear of increasing her pain or from a certain acceptance of her situation. She was panting audibly, and still whimpering. John, his cock now held securely by the tightness of her sphincter muscles, bent forward a little and reached around to grasp her breasts, tweaking the nipples between his fingers. Tawny caught her breath, then moaned. “Sweet wife of mine,” John whispered as he quickened the pace of his strokes. “I’d say your ass is learning what it’s made for, darling.” With one last push, John buried himself completely inside the girl’s narrow back passage.

Tawny cried out, and then began to whimper steadily. John waited a moment, savoring his triumph. “I’m in your ass now, Tawny,” he rasped, his hands kneading her breasts. “I’m all the way up there, and I’m fucking a pretty, innocent selkie up her ass. How about that?”

Then he started to fuck her.

Tawny gave a loud cry, and then began to give a steady stream of cries again and again as John slid back and forth inside her with small, regular strokes that gradually increased in length, force and intensity. Her head came up, and her body began to move again, but differently now, as if in spite of herself, responding subtly to the rhythm of his taking her. There were tears in her eyes, but the pain and fear in her face had been chased, however reluctantly, by something that might actually begin to resemble pleasure. John moved harder. “Ahh…” Tawny cried. “Ahh gods… please… please… oh gods… I—I—I—I—c—can’t… I don’t— w—want to…”

“Yes you do, Tawny,” John grated. “Sure you do. This is what being a wife is.  This is what you came here for.”

“Noooo… ahh… no…”

“Demon,” he commanded. “Help the poor, confused thing out. Get down here and lick her.”

The succubus, of course, didn’t hesitate. She let go of Tawny’s hands and moved around her. She fell to her knees, and one hand started brushing the woman’s engorged, pierced clit even as her mouth pressed against her slit and began to hungrily lap at her. Tawny gasped and shuddered. “She’s wet, master,” the demon said.

“Of course she is,” John said, unsurprised. “My little whore of a wife knows her place. Keep playing with her.” He leaned forward so he could whisper in the selkie’s ears. “Here we go, Tawny…” he said softly. Then he sped up his movements still more, plunging hard now, battering at her ass. Tawny cried out with each lunge now, her helpless body writhing against the chair arm, her crotch pushing against the succubus’s face as he hammered her and hammered her and then she threw back her head and screamed. It was a scream of betrayal and pain and hopeless confusion but it was mixed with pure, undeniable ecstasy and savagely orgasmic bliss. Her body spasmed again and again, and the uncontrollable twitching of her tight asshole around his cock quickly made John spurt wildly up into her until he had nothing left in his balls to give.

John waited until Tawny’s breathing had quieted somewhat and her body had settled down before pulling his cock slowly out of her ass. She was still panting heavily, and the tears ran down her cheeks in rivers. “See, lover?” he said to her. “You were made for this. You love it… didn’t you, baby?”

She didn’t answer at first, so John slapped her, making her eyes fly wide in shock and stunned surprise. “Didn’t you?”

“I—I loved it…” she whimpered.

“Good girl!” John said excitedly as he backed away from her. “I would consider our marriage appropriately consummated. Now, you still have wifely duties to perform. Demon… show her how she should clean me up.” And the succubus, with gentle hands, brought the limp, exhausted, overwhelmed selkie to her knees and slowly guided her through the process of licking John’s cock clean…

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