All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 7th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

“Is that the one?” John asked as he watched the tall, aristocratic-looking British girl struggle against the hands of the men dragging her into the “playroom.” The woman was leggy as hell and ferocious, fighting fiercely and cursing up a storm in her accent as she skewered the lineage of every single one of the men, cursing them a thousand different ways. She was still dressed, technically, though her clothing had already been torn and tugged at so much that her pants had enough holes they weren’t covering anything and one of her breasts was hanging out of a gap in her top.

“Absolutely, master,” the succubus confirmed. “Demonic blood, just like he said. I would be able to tell anywhere.”

John kept watching as they struggled with the rebellious college girl that his men had grabbed right out of her dorm room. In many ways, this was a rare case. First, obviously, was her bloodline… not exactly a common thing, even in a mansion like this. His succubus was usually the only thing here with any connection to the underworld. More importantly, though, was that she wasn’t a random victim. Most slaves were taken opportunistically — they caught the eye of one of his slavers and were kidnapped and made to disappear before being brought here for training. Some were hunted down specifically, the way Mallory had been, but more tellingly even if a slave was specifically sought out she was for sale to anyone. In this case, not — the feisty blonde bitch was a specific commission. A team had gone all the way to her university in London to make her vanish, all for the benefit of someone who had already paid for the task to be completed ahead of time. He was a distant family member from what John understood, eager for access to her bloodline… and her body… but he needed her cooperative and eager to please first.

Looking at her now, he could see why that was going to take some work.

John stepped forward as she was held in place, some of the men circling her as she cursed and shouted. She looked at him and opened her mouth to yell at him…

John’s hand flew up and smacked her face, turning her head. She let out a cry of surprise, but when her head turned back to him her eyes were furious and she opened her mouth again. John hit her again. She opened her mouth again. John hit her again… with more of a closed fist this time.

A tear ran down her cheek… but she didn’t open her mouth again. “What’s your name?” John asked the long-haired blonde.

The girl was trying to look tough but despite herself she was trembling in fear and shame. Still, she looked into his cold eyes with as much defiance as she could muster. “Lucy,” she said bravely.

John slammed his fist into her flat sweat-sheened abdomen. “Ugghh!” she gasped, but he simply hit her again.

“No. Lucy is a human name… you don’t deserve that. Your name is Cunt,” he snarled. The other men laughed meanly as she sagged, trying to catch her breath. This was rougher than John usually was to start but the point here was the dehumanization, to break her spirit as thoroughly as possible for her new owner. “Say it for me, bitch. Tell me your new name.”

Breathless, Lucy forced herself back up “Fuck you,” she snarled.

The men around her cheered a little, and John laughed. “We got a live wire here,” he said with a snicker. “Ok, cunt. If that’s how you want to play it…”

He right-lefted Lucy with several brutal slaps across the face then began punching her cunt. The tall blonde jerked and twitched and cried out, held in position by a dozen hands. John hit her, moving over her body as he treated her like a punching bag until he started to get winded. Then he stepped out of the way and let one of the other men take over. Two quick jabs to the face and Lucy’s lips bled and her right eye began to swell. One of the men pounded the heel of his foot down into the woman’s bare toes, and as she screamed he took a hard power swing at her jaw that rocked her head. John came back to grab her by the hair and get in her face. “Ready to tell me your new name now?”

She nodded, bleeding lips quivering. “L—Lu—cy— yo—u— fu—ck—wad…” she gasped.

John shrugged. He’d tried to be nice. “We don’t put up with discipline problems here, Lucy,” John told the beaten, bloody-lipped English girl. “Not at all…” He and the other men circled Lucy, predatory expressions on their faces. “Maybe you can get away with that shit at Uni or with your mom,” John continued. “But I’ll tell you right now – it ain’t gonna fucking fly here.” And then, starting with him, the slavers began a merciless, unchecked beating of the helpless beauty. Their fists slammed into her belly and chest and back, into her face. She staggered backward into one man and was pushed back into the middle. She sank to her knees and was hauled back up by her hair. She cried out for it to stop but her cries were cut short by thumping blows that winded her.

None of it mattered. She screamed, her arms flailed, and she wobbled on her feet. She tried to back away but was unable to escape them. Held between some of the men she was an easy target for punches and kicks and slaps to the cunt, belly, chest, and face until blood seeped from her broken nose. They hit her in the ribcage, uncaring if they broke anything as they battered her senseless for more than fifteen minutes without giving her even a momentary opportunity to get herself any mercy. “Hold her open,” John snarled at last. “I’m gonna fuck all the bravery out of her.”

He gestured Demon over, and the succubus quickly fell to her knees even before he grabbed the demon by her hair and tugged her head to his long erect shaft. “Suck on it, pet,” he ordered. “Get me ready.” John held her, yanking her hair, pushing the head of his prick into the kneeling demon’s lips. She didn’t even choke as it slid into her throat, her eyes looking up at him with helpless devotion as he slid in and out. As he pumped in and out of her gullet, even the talented succubus couldn’t stop herself from making muffled gagging noises… or maybe she just knew that he liked them. She choked up spit, coughing it over his dick while her face flushed and the men lifted the battered Lucy up and spread her legs.

“Get the rest of them ready,” he instructed the demon as he slid out of his loyal pet’s mouth and put his cock up against Lucy’s pink, already bruised cunt-slit. “Not like it’s going to make much difference to this ice-queen whore,” John said with a smile.

Lucy dangled, cradled between two of the slavers who held her up to level with John’s oncoming fuckrod. Her head hung back, blood trickling into her blonde hair, her eyes seeing the world in an upside-down daze… the floor as sky, the ceiling as ground. “Bitch!” he cursed her as he pushed his cock into the beaten college girl’s cunt. She was dry but Demon had put some spit on him, and it facilitated his initial thrusts into the British girl’s tight cocksheath of a pussy. He began to fuck the young slut, and as he did his hands went up to squeeze around her throat. She gagged and jerked, and with each movement her cunt squeezed him involuntarily.

Looking back around, he saw that Demon was finishing up with her task of licking at the cocks of his men. He pointed at the floor beside him. “Demon! Get back over here and lick my balls for me.” The demon was quick to obey, crawling up under him to do as he asked — a mix of her many self-brands and her natural devotion making her extremely eager to keep him happy. She smeared her lips and tongue wetly against his genital sacks hungrily as he drove his thick cock in and out of Lucy’s split-wide pussy.

  “Gghhh! GGgg!” Lucy groaned as John’s strong fingers tightened around her trachea, blocking the oxygen flow. He choked her harder and harder as he rammed his cock deep, hilting it in the tall blonde bitch. The other slavers helped by swinging the cradled victim into John’s punitive thrusts. Then, when he came, John retreated away with the demon to watch as the next man took his place. The next of his slave trainers raped Lucy with slower, yet somehow angrier thrusts, gripping her tits, pinching her nipples until she squealed before moving his hands up to her bruised throat.

After he finished, another man took his place. Then another. Then another as one by one each of the men took turns slamming their cocks into the feisty, rebellious college student, to fuck, punch, slap, pinch and choke her, to show her who she was and who she belonged to.

“Are we having fun yet?” John called out as the 10th man pushed his way into Lucy’s well-fucked cunt. She barely groaned in response, and the men laughed at her and kept hurting her, beating her, raping her.

The men kept at it for a good few hours. John had to leave several times during that span and take the succubus with him on other tasks, but he arranged for another slave to be delivered to keep the men hard, licking at their balls and shafts until the kneeling girl had almost run dry of spit. Finally, after the last of the slavers had fucked her for the third time they dropped the once-rebellious girl to the ground and she lay in a wasted heap, bringing her legs up to her chest, trembling, cringing, blood dripping from her swollen blue-black pussy-lips.

John stood over her and put his boot on her shoulder. “So… just for the fucking record…” John said softly, slowly stroking himself. “What’s your name now?”

The sound from Lucy was a pitiful whimper, weak and hoarse. “…c-cunt…” she whispered.

“Louder,” John insisted. “I can’t hear you, snobbish bitch.”

Lucy began to cry, one eye almost shut, dry blood sticky on her lips and nostrils, face and body bruised and aching. She wasn’t broken, she wasn’t even close to broken, but for the moment she was too hurt and battered and beaten to be rebellious… it was the first step. Her broken voice called out defeatedly, signaling that — for at the least the moment — all opposition, defiance, and humanity had been crushed in her. The pretty british girl’s voice warbled tremulously as she wailed out her new name. “C-cuunnntttt! CUUNNTTT!”

John nodded to himself. “Perfect.”

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