All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 12th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

John sat at his desk, going over the paperwork. He had what one might think of as one of the most enviable jobs in the world… he had found a way to make himself rich by doing what he was best at, raping and breaking pretty women. The sad part, though, was that even in the best case it still involved an awful lot of office work, and for him to spend hours and hours staring at spreadsheets… and with Christmas coming quickly, that was even more true.

At least his office came with amenities that most of corporate America wouldn’t approve of.

John glanced down beneath his desk where Lorelai worked his cock. Sucking it from such a position below his desk would be easy, and traditional, and in fact many nights John had her do that the whole time he worked, regardless of whether he was paying any attention or not… but the succubus was up to a greater challenge, too. Instead of sucking on him, she had nearly doubled herself up beneath the desk in her efforts to present her asshole to him, riding him with it while little but her ass rested on his lap and the rest stayed beneath the desk. A human would rapidly become dizzy with their head hanging down like that, and the succubus actually wasn’t immune to that form of suffering… but she had the capability to manage anyway. She was a truly premier fucktoy and fully capable of serving him in any way she needed to.

Sighing, John pushed his tablet away. His mind kept wandering tonight… nothing else was going to get done. Instead, he simply leaned back on his chair and slapped her ass once, a gesture that he wanted her to speed it up, and what had been a languid, almost teasing slow fuck suddenly became frantic as she forced her muscles to work in ways they were never meant to, slapping her asshole against his groin over and over again. Content, John relaxed, allowing his pet to ride him as he let his mind drift back to the first time he had met his demonic toy…

“Come along, my child,” Samerina said as she walked down the hall, purring as she slunk across the floor. Her dark skin blended with shadows effortlessly as she moved, and her hair swayed back and forth catching the light. “There are so many men in this building. They will be perfect to nourish you well and push you into maturity.”

“Yes, mother,” the younger girl said. She was following, but she had to admit she lacked her mother’s poise and confidence. She felt fear, and even a touch of shame from her nudity… which was new, actually. She wasn’t used to thinking about being nude at all, and the shyness and uncertainly that came with it were signs of her new maturity… that she recognized the dangers to herself inherent in them. All of that would end tonight, though… once she took her place as a mature succubus in the coven.

Her mother had been very clear about that. “Your powers will awaken fully after you’ve sucked the life out of a man,” Samerina had told her not long ago. “When you are ready to mature, I will take you for a feast that we will share with our sisters. It will be immense… something to remember. You will drain them dry and they will thank you with their dying breaths… and then you will earn a name and be one of us forever.”

“I await it, mother,” she had replied, but she was still fearful. She did not have the calm or the will that would come.

Samerina floated gracefully up the staircase, her nude form undulating suggestively. She was eager to begin. Their sisters of the coven stayed behind for the moment, giving mother and her initiate, nameless daughter a chance to take the first steps. Her daughter followed nervously… but there was excitement there, too. She was not without desires and cravings… the needs of a succubus were beginning to boil in her as she reached towards adulthood. At twenty one years of age, she would have already been considered an adult were she human, but a succubus could be so much more.

At the top of the stairs they paused, Samerina looking both ways down the hallways, sniffing. She pointed right. “That way. There is power there. Great life force. Tonight will be your success, my child. The first will give you powers and the first part your first name. The second will give you serenity and purpose, and complete your name.”

“Yes, mother,” she said softly “I feel the craving. I want it now. I’m ready now.”

“I know you are,” her mother said proudly. “But you must also be careful. Their life force is a powerful thing, and power always carries danger with it. Do you remember what you must not let them do?”

“I must not let their cum touch my skin,” the girl said automatically. The sensitivity of a succubus could go in both directions: the raw energy of life would burn her if she was not careful. Even a single drop would bring terrible agony. Only her reproductive system was capable of safely handling and drawing that energy out. That was why there was only one way to extract life force from a man, and their prey was very lucky that it was a such a pleasant method.

They walked silently down the carpeted hall… not that they needed to. With the bulk of the coven in the building, the magic of dozens of succubi blanketed everyone inside like a smothering veil. All occupants would be either overpowered with sleep until they were awakened or made insensate to the disturbances. Some would even be transformed… probably to their own destruction, of course. It wasn’t her problem. Samerina selected and opened the locked door of the right room… it unlocked at a touch. There were two beds there, and gear from the traveling men who occupied them. One had the nude form of a local bar whore draped on his side. Samerina went to that bed, lightly touching the female human on the neck. The woman stiffened up, her eyes flying open briefly, before she slumped off the bed, landing with a thud on the floor, her chest still, her breathing stopped. Then her mother slid onto the bed with the sleeping man, her hands going for his few sleeping clothes.

“Now, mother?” the nameless succubus asked, her eyes wide with stunned excitement. That woman was dead… and these men…

“Yes,” she purred. “That man in yours. Go to him… you will know what to do, my child.” She did as her mother bid, sliding her own nude body into the bed with the other man. He was already mostly undressed, and as she touched him her fingernails briefly transformed into tiny razors that allowed her to effortlessly remove the rest. He stirred, but she knew they would not awaken until towards the end, when it would be far too late. She used her fingers, and then her mouth, to attend to his cock, which quickly grew under her care… even with no training, on sheer instinct alone she just knew what to do. In the next bed, Samerina was already mounting her man. He was waking up, but seemed unbothered by the surprising woman sharing the sheets with him. In her own bed, with her own man, the young demoness worked swiftly. Her instincts knew exactly what to do. She climbed atop her man, guiding his cock into her untouched, virgin demon pussy… and that was when his eyes popped up.

The man stared at her transfixed, eyes wide but dazed and stupid. As she rode him, sliding up and down, feeling the unbelievable sensation of sex for the first time, they grew even less intelligent, and she felt a thrill at the way she was making him feel as she took her own pleasure. The nameless demon began to go faster and faster and she could feel his life energy, just outside of her grasp. She could only take it in one way, and that was what she would do. She moaned as she fucked the doomed man harder and harder. Across the room Samerina was doing the same, but falling behind. She was surpassing her mother in lust and frenzy, and she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing but she was far too excited to stop.

The man beneath her seemed unbothered until near the end. She knew he was ready to cum. She felt it as a shimmering in his life force. He now seemed to sense it, and she felt him struggling against her… but only in his mind. Nothing showed up in his body, not even a single muscle twitch… that would take a far stronger man. But as the last seconds ticked away, she felt his fear. He knew now what was happening. Guilt hit her with that fear, but excitement grew as well, and she couldn’t stop now… instead, she groaned and threw herself against him again and again. His hands clutched at her breasts, but not to fight her, however much he tried… instead they squeezed her greedily, playing with her body even as she played with his. As his cum came pouring out of him into her belly, she felt herself overwhelmed with such force as she could never have imagined. She knew it was the orgasm, but its wonder exceeded her expectations, high as they were, by a hundredfold. She felt herself crying out, loud and long. On her back, she felt pain and something tore, an agony… but a good one. As her orgasm went on and on, and the man under her breathed his last, her wings ripped their way free of her back for the first time and she screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain… but the orgasm didn’t stop.

It was minutes before she could regain her composure, and she only stopped cumming after she did. She moaned with pleasure as she rocked on the cock inside of her… and only then did she remember that the man was dead. He stared up at her with terrified eyes, her gaze empty and vacant as she stared back, unsure of how she should feel.

Across the room, her mother was just finishing her man. “How do you feel, daughter mine?” Samerina asked her.

She could hardly answer. She was swimming in new sensations and perceptions, ecstasy and guilt and excitement. She realized what it was, finally, to be an adult succubus. Some doubts remained, but her strength was just fine. “I feel… it all,” she replied.

The adult succubus smiled at her. “What is your true first of names?”

She thought for a moment… but that wasn’t helping. She wouldn’t think of her name. She needed to remember it… to let her mind go lax how she was taught, and then just blurt it from her lips and— “Lor,” she said slowly. “My name is Lor.”

“An honorable name for certain,” Samerina replied, pride in her voice. “You have one remaining task now. We shall find your second as our sisters join us.”

“Won’t the humans notice?” Lor asked now. “There are hundreds of people asleep here, and dozens awake. We are in the middle of one of their grand cities. Won’t the number of bodies be suspicious?”

“An event like this happens rarely,” Samerina said. “We try to choose times of great war. Our last one of this size was in 1943 and no one noticed, but we’ve had more than one harvest throughout this region of what they call “the middle east.” No one notices… no one cares. We must have our feast. Come, before we lose our meals.”

The coven of demon women rushed into the building in search of their best feedings. By then the power of their lust and excitement was almost blinding to Lor as a couple dozen stark naked, winged, demon women of extraordinary beauty and lust raced through the hallways of the hotel… and she could feel it thrumming in the air. Food for the taking was inside, healthy, nutrient laden and full of spirit. Soul food. “I feel it, mother! They make me hunger! They give me cravings!”

“Lor will choose first” Samerina said firmly, her voice carrying to all the demons throughout the building, “and then we shall devour the entire structure! All of them are ours this night!”

Eagerly, the coven of naked demon women surged forward. Lor walked right past a night-clerk of some kind who was awake and watching the lobby, but he was held in a transfixed state, staring straight ahead… He might be among the last fed upon. Lor sensed the strength of souls were found in some of the guests… Or maybe all of them. They had picked this building for the strength of the souls inside, she was certain of it. There was such power surging through the hallways as she could barely conceive. Maturity, she realized, was the grandest sensation of all. She could hardly wait to wrap her cunt around another poor doomed cock and milk him dry. His life force would become his cum, and he would give it to her in an orgasm that dried up his own body while filling hers. She just needed to find him.

Ahead, she realized, up on the third floor. She could sense the power there, could sense the strength of that spirit. Lor barely could keep herself from running for the door, and slid it off its hinges when she got there. It was a private room with but a single occupant who had fallen to the floor when the wave of suppressing energy had hit him, collapsing in place. “I’ve found him, mother!” she called back. “I have my prize. Our sisters should feast now!”

“Very well,” Samerina called up from behind her. Lor heard the roar of the howling as her sisters and aunts and nieces, and mother of course, set upon the rest of the building. They descending upon them like a ravenous horde upon a buffet to consume all they could… And soon she would join them. But first… first there was this particularly doomed soul who would trigger her last ascent into demonic adulthood.

Her power reached out of him, deadening his senses as she tore back the blankets. She smiled, finding him a fine and pleasurable specimen of manhood. She touched her fingers to his cock, letting the electrical power surge and make his cock grow huge and swollen, throbbing, aching for the release that would drain and kill him. With joy, she mounted him and slowly wrapped her pussy around his raging member, squeezing it, sliding around it. It was wonderful.

And in an instant, everything changed.

His eyes flew open and he stood up from the floor without even dislodging her from his cock from inside her like she weighed nothing, like there wasn’t a smother blanket of demonic magic over him. Something was terribly wrong! His fingers wrapped around her young neck, squeezing, crushing her. Her eyes bugged open in shock. “Demon whore!” the man hissed, blue eyes narrowed. “Almost too easy!” He turned a light on, nearly blinding Lor as he continued holding her by her neck, impaled on his own cock. He looked her over critically. “Fresh… a youngling? No, a juvenile! Excellent!” he nearly roared in obvious joy and excitement. “And you chose me over the brotherhood! How perfect!”

Lor felt herself growing faint now. She could hear the carnage around her. She could hear her sisters feasting on the souls and flesh of men throughout the building… but she couldn’t call out to them. She couldn’t seek their aid. Would they even give it, if she failed? But as the man pressed her against the wall, starting to sexually take her on his own terms, she realized in horror that the screams were not of joyous feasting but rather of death screams by her own coven. Her sisters were being slaughtered. And her mother… she couldn’t sense her mother! For the first time ever in her life, she was blind and deaf to Samerina’s presence.

The man who had seconds ago been her prey pounded her cunt harder, and it was all different… it was wrong. In her triumph, she should have been overwhelmed with ecstasy and pleasure beyond all mortal description. A feeding succubus was said to be the happiest soul in the universe. But now, now this man was raping her, and she felt confusion deep in her core as she had never believed possible. Everything about the sensation of his cock in her pussy felt wrong now, even as it continued to be equally ecstatic… it was an invasion, a putrefying deadening of pure succubatic sexuality. Her innards churned and frothed as her head spun, her vision blurred and shook. His cock, his too-big, too-hot, and too-frenzied cock was slamming her slim pelvis, taking her greatest weapon and joy and hurting her with it.

“Yep, a juvenile all right… You went right to pieces on me! My… temporary friends… are going to have to work for their cunt before they snap your cousins’ necks and piss down their throats, but you and me are going to have a nice easy time of it, demon whore!” the man growled right before he hurled her onto the bed. Her only brief consolation was breathing, but she found herself without the strength to fight or to flee. She was helpless under his assault. She flashed her fangs, spread her new wings out, slashed with her now-long and sharp fingernails, but he easily beat her down with several well-placed fists. She felt him flip her over…

And she felt his cock touch her ass.

Her body turned nearly to ice. This was inconceivable… and deadly. To the human, her asshole would just be a tighter fit, but it would possess none of the defenses that her reproductive system did. If he came inside there, if he filled her bowels with his seed, the life force would burn her from the inside out. Even if she escaped him immediately afterward, there was no way she’d be able to completely clean herself of him and be rid of the spiritual poison. There would be nothing left for her but horrific agony, and no hope save that death would find her quickly. Under no circumstances could any succubus ever let a mortal man use her that way.

And yet, that was where he was raping her. The sensation alone was a hundredfold worse than her earlier fucking, and her mind was nearly shut down completely by disgust and terror… and yet she was still being pressed closer and closer to cumming. Who was this man? How had he done this to her? Who were the others doing the same to her sisters? Could they hold out?

She shrieked an unearthly shriek, her wings flapping wildly… but she was face-down and overpowered. His hands were on her, pinning her wrists behind her back, wrapped them in his belt and binding them there. Lor had never known physical restraint in her life. Panic set in as she realized she was trapped! Lor, a succubus and one of the premier sexual predators of the world, was physically bound and restrained! How could such an abomination occur?

“Delicious… let’s finish this off, demon bitch!” he yelled, punching her in the back of her head over and over, barely missing her horns while slamming her ass with his cock.

“Nooo!” she managed to wail. She pictured being burned alive until there was nothing left of her but ashes. Would even that end her torment, or would her soul itself be irrevocably stained, condemning her to an infinite eternity of pain? It would just take his cum touching her wrong innards. She wailed in terrified expectation as his thrusts grew frenzied and he stiffened up. Lor knew what that meant. Soon she felt the hot fluid of his cum inside her guts. In her wrong hole. She screamed and thrashed in despair as he pumped himself into his guts for long seconds.

The strong man took his hands off her, and he pulled his cock out of her, and Lor lay there, disgusted, hurting, humiliated as only a predator could be to be defeated. Weeping shamefully as a lost, ruined demon girl, forever barred from true demonic adulthood. What she was not, however, was writhing in terrible pain and sickness. Instead she was just lying there on a human hotel room bed, quivering like a human rape victim would as she listened to the cries and screams around her. They had been plentiful but they were weaker now, and fewer in number. She feared it was her coven failing to live… the demons being wiped out.

“Such a waste,” her rapist said idly as he looked towards the door. “Still, I got what I came for. Stand up,” he said to her. After an instant’s hesitation Lor quickly got to her feet. She realized she had better obey this human male, however degrading it was… she barely even thought about it. She was just starting to cover herself when he corrected her. “No. Put your hands at your sides. Cover nothing of your body from me. Ever.”

She did as he told her. He stood too, walking around her. “I know what you are thinking, demon slut,” he said. “I ass raped you, so why aren’t you back in hell taking the worst of it? Well, you were lied to. When you reached adulthood, which I’m guessing was supposed to be right about now, they would have told you the real truth. You don’t get banished back to the hell your foremothers escaped from. Our life force doesn’t destroy your kind, it conquers it, binds you to our will. If all I’d done was, I don’t know, jizzed all over that pretty face of yours, you could at least hope that someone might wipe it off someday and break the binding, But a mature succubus who gets herself anally raped gets enslaved to her rapist… Permanently.”

That had barely had time to sink in, that she had to belong to him, before he continued. “Of course, you aren’t an adult yet, even if you’ve got the body and brains of one. Spiritually speaking, you’re just a juvenile. You feasted on one man, I think, probably earlier tonight. You’ve got yourself a first name… but only half of your true name.” He smiled at her, a predatory grin. “And that puts you in the worst of all situations, darling. My enslavement of your mind is more complete than you can know.” He began untying her wrists. “I don’t need these now, pet…your obedience to my will and to my commands is infinite.”

Lor stood listening in disbelieving horror. It couldn’t be true. Something of her expression must have shown, because the man chuckled. “Skeptical?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she replied. Why had she answered that? Lor vowed to speak less to him.

The man let out a huff of breath. “Stand on your hands, demon. Do a wide split with your legs. Balance like that.” Right away she did as he ordered. She had too… It was too dangerous not to, he could hurt her. It was only after she had finished taking the position and stood there on her hands, her legs split wide, her pussy on wide open display to this domineering human male, she realized she hadn’t really had any control at all. She hadn’t even thought. And, to her horror, she noticed that as she looked up her body from this position she could see a swirling black tattoo-like marking on her body.

Succubus brand magic was especially potent… a way to control impulses and feeling and actions of lesser beings. They weren’t supposed to be able to go on another succubus, and no one had put one on her… but in shock she realized that she had, somehow, put one on herself while she was being raped. How was that possible? How had no one warned her? The man sat down on the bed beside her and began tapping on her pussy, drumming his hands and fingers on it, treating her exquisite pleasure center like an instrument. He was tapping out some tune, she was sure of it. And she was just standing there, presenting herself up-side down to him and letting him.

“Convinced yet?” he asked her. Then, without waiting for an answer, he continued. “Piss. Right now.”

Lor released her muscles and pushed, forcing some of her piss out her gash where it immediately dribbled down over her belly, her chest, and finally onto her face. “Keep going,” he said. “I order it. You may only stop when you can resist my orders.”

He grinned and Lor let out a long cry of shameful realization. She couldn’t stop herself… she would pee all over herself until she ran dry and she could do nothing to countermand his order. She just stood in that absurd, humiliating position and pissed all over herself because the man told her to and she couldn’t even conceive of stopping…

Not without permission.

She whimpered. “I get it… can I stop, sir?”

He lifted his gaze up. “No. Keep pissing on yourself until I tell you to stop.” He stood. “I should check on the others so they don’t grow suspicious. Stay like that.”

“Yes,” she said, nearly choking on the words. “…master.” Then he put on a robe and left her alone, hand-standing and pissing on herself. She began to cry. How could everything have gone so bad so fast? How could she get herself out of it? She needed Samerina for guidance. She cried for her mother to come help her.

Then she ran out of urine, and she realized that things had just gone from bad to worse. He had instructed her to piss on herself… and he had never given her permission to stop. The demonic brand on her belly and breast didn’t care about the fact that she had run out of pee… it glowed to life and a second later agony like nothing Lor had ever known consumed her.

By the time the man returned, her voice was hoarse from screaming and she could barely croak… she didn’t even notice how thoroughly soaked with her own piss she was. “I see you’ve discovered your limits,” the man said with a chuckle. “That’s good enough for now, pet. Stop pissing and stand up.” The pain stopped as quickly as it had come, and the sudden absence of agony felt even better than her first orgasm when she fed had. Lor felt something almost like gratitude as she complied. “Now come follow me… we’re leaving. Be silent.”

He walked from the room and she followed, putting one foot after the other without conscious thought. Outside the room, the lights were on and most of the doors opened up. She looked from room to room, seeing splattered blood and flesh and shards of bone in many of them. But she saw something vastly worse, too. Succubus bodies. She gasped in horror and felt tears flow from her eyes. So this was crying, she realized. She’d heard of it. But now seeing one of her sisters after another lying dead, sometimes mutilated, she knew what it meant. And, as they passed the end of the floor, she saw Samerina’s body. She hadn’t gone down easily… other human corpses surrounded her. She had, however, gone down hard. Human cum covered much of her body now, though it took Lor’s demon eyes to pick it out from the mess that coated the hotel.

Dead. They were all dead. No one would be coming to help her. Her enslavement to this new man seemed absolute.

Ahead of her, two men ran across the hall, and her new master actually shielded her from view. “Stay hidden,” he instructed, “or they will kill you. The Hellsing Institute brooks no supernatural creatures to live.”

“…Aren’t you one of them?” she whispered.

He turned and glared at her. “I said to stay hidden… and that means silent!” The pain was back and she almost screamed… but that wouldn’t be staying silent. Lor bit her lip and twisted her face in agony, but she didn’t make a sound as she followed her master. “They want to destroy things of beauty,” he said as he took her out to a waiting van and shoved her into it. “I have better uses for you. With luck, they will assume I died. I had planned to take a succubus and spend years breaking one of you, but for an unblooded whelp to fall into my lap… well, I couldn’t have dreamed I’d get this lucky.” He pulled her into the front seat with him as he began to drive. “What is your name?”

“Lor,” she said. “Master,” nearly choking out the last word.

“Well, Lor is only part of a name,” he mused. “And that is the only name you’ll ever have now. You couldn’t become a full succubus anymore, not if ten thousand willing men offered to let you harvest them. So, I guess the rest of your name is what I say it is, isn’t it?” He paused, considering. “Lorelai. Your name is Lorelai.”

As he said it, Lorelai winced as she knew it was true. Another tiny branch on her brand-like marking came into existence. “Lorelai,” he continued, “I am called John. You will come with me and serve me. You will not speak unless spoken to, until I tell you otherwise. You will not fight me. You will do nothing you think I would not approve of. You will be as slavishly obediently to my wishes as you know how. Give no consideration to your own comforts or pleasures in any request you make of me or in any information you provide me unless I ask. Embrace all tangible aspects of an eternity of pure servitude.” More and more branches of the brand burned their way into her skin. “You are free to find happiness, or you may continue to emotionally suffer eternally if that suits you, I really don’t care.”

“Yes, master,” she squeaked in horror and shame.

“You’re probably finding that your nudity is becoming shameful to you, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, master. I am feeling so very humiliated right now. I am longing to cover my body.” The words spilled from her without conscious consideration. Was it always going to be like this, or would she learn to shape them at least a little?

“That is likely never going to happen. You will only be allowed to use your demonic abilities to hide your nudity when we need to appear in public. When you do you, you will use your abilities to hide yourself, demonic features and all, but you will not allow yourself to forget you are naked and take comfort in that modesty. Do you understand me?”

A tear ran down her cheek. “I understand you, master. You wish me to use all of my demonic powers to maximize my shame and embarrassment without actually drawing attention to us.” She could barely comprehend that it was her own voice saying these things. But it was all too obviously her own mind that was coming up with it. She understood what he wanted, so she dedicated herself now to providing it, no matter how miserable it made her. She was stuck, and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Excellent. Now lower yourself down and suck on my cock while I drive. We have quite a while to go before we can leave this country and begin traveling to your new home… and when we get there, we shall see if demons truly have an infinite pain threshold, yes?”

“As, as you wish, my master,” she sobbed, and slid down in her seat before turning to face his cock, and opened her mouth…

John relaxed in his chair as Lorelai’s ass finished milking him to a glorious orgasm, having already turned around and begun using her mouth on the gentle process of coaxing him back to full hardness. Some days, he wondered how much of the eager-to-please demonic pet he had was genuine, and how much were the initial brand he had put on her. How much she had learned to live with her lot in life… and how much she had come to enjoy it. He might never know, because while he had loosened parts of it over the years, he would never take it off entirely… she would wear it until the day he died, and then it would doubtless be replaced by a new one to his heir if he didn’t order her to throw herself into his grave with him. He chuckled at the absurdity of that thought… but she would do it if ordered.

John reached down and rubbed her hair where one of her horns stuck through it. “Good girl,” he praised the demoness while she milked his tingling prick. “Good girl.”

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