All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 14th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

Haru and Lee were contributed by Haruhime Rin and Lee from discord.

John sighed in contentment as he leaned back and looked at the sight before him. It was about damn time.

Two women hung from the ceiling, suspended by ropes keeping their bodies up and parallel to the ground. They were naked, of course… he had had them stripped before they had even arrived here to remove any tools or weapons they might have hidden, anything they could use to escape.

He had come for his two new prizes at night. Both of them were capable but caught by surprise, and with John and his hunters knowing where they were, it hadn’t been much of a contest. One of them, the redhead, had woken up with a scream on her lips as hands were all over her body, dragging her out of her bed. She’d kicked and thrashed, but the men holding her were all bigger and stronger and angrier than she had ever been, and they were prepared for a creature like her. The other one, the white-haired beauty, barely put up a better fight as men grabbed her by her ankles and dragged her across the ground and out of bed like that, making her come awake as she was bounced and scraped her way along the ground.

It was a cold winter night, of course, and neither of them was dressed… not once they took their skins away, anyway. All they could do was gasp and stammer ineffectual protests, wincing as their bare skin scraped along the dirt and cobbles, hair tangling over their faces… but they couldn’t resist the bruising grips on their bodies. Humans would have bruises from this for weeks… but neither of his two prizes were going to have that problem. Out came the tasers shortly thereafter, and while they were more resistant than a normal girl, it wasn’t by much – after a 30 second long sustained burst, they were both out cold.

Then they had been brought back to the mansion and the real fun had begun.

There was no gentleness in the way the two of them had been shoved into the stocks, facing one another – their faces just inches apart. The abrasive wood scratched and dug into their slim necks and wrists as the limp girls slowly came to, realizing the situation they were in… John savored the look of desperation in their eyes, the utter terror. One of them, the blue-haired one, started to scream out a battle cry before she realized that she was completely surrounded and vulnerable. Then his men had grabbed hold of their tails and begun to tie them to the ceiling.

Two kitsune. In all his years doing this, he had only caught one of the precious, nine-tailed women, and now he had two. It made John laugh… they had been working with that whore Mallory to free the slaves, working to shut him down. In the process, all they had accomplished was give him two of the most valuable slaves he had ever owned. For him, the trouble with these do-gooder “heroes” was over. For them, the worst was just beginning.

“Please,” one of them, the red-haired one that was named Haru begged. “Please, stop, no-” Her words cut off with a scream of pain and rage and indignity when John shoved one of his fingers into her dry slit. She was tight, and his fingers were rough as they scraped and tore through her.

“Quiet, Fox,” John said, and he only gave her a moment of relief as he withdrew his finger before shoving two more in. Haru screamed in genuine pain for the first time… but hardly the last.

“Leave her alone!” the blue-haired fox, Lee, begged, straining against her bonds. John ignored her, continuing to probe around in her, and some wet blood dampened his fingers.

“She was a virgin?” one of his men said.

John shook his head. “No, but foxes are always as tight as one. It’s their healing.” He plunged deeper, chuckling. “Well, this one has already been loosened up some.” There was more talk and laughter among the men as he moved to the still screaming, still begging Lee, pushing his fingers into her as well… testing how tight she was. The fox’s ears flicked back and forth, trying to follow every conversation at once, but Haru’s eyes never left him and she immediately began begging for him to leave her “sister” alone. These two were so protective of each other… he could use that.

“Who first…” John muses, pulling out his bloody fingers and wiping them off on Lee’s thigh. “Eenie. Meanie. Minie. Moe… Catch a foxy by the throat…” A quick scream from Lee was the only warning. Without any ceremony, he shoved his cock into Haru, slamming into her, rocking her hard forward against the stockade. It was huge, deep and piercing inside of her, and to the slender kitsune it must have felt like he was punching his way into her stomach. She screamed, her eyes blinded by burning tears, and she struggled against the stockade so fiercely that her neck and wrists began to bleed too… flinching away from the agonizing intrusion.

As horrible as it must have felt for her, it was amazing for John… tight as any virgin and absolutely divine. When the thrusting began a moment later, he practically wanted to jizz immediately. Only discipline and the sheer desire to make it last stopped him as he slammed in and out and in and out and in and out, pounding her harder into the stocks. The wood and metal rattled with each thrust that shook her whole body. He hoped that it would never end. He hoped that it felt that way to her, too… that she would live the rest of her life here with his cock inside her, tearing her apart while her sister screamed for mercy. Then Lee’s screams changed tone from horror to agony as one of his men slammed into her from behind, fucking her and rocking her face closer to her sister’s with each thrust, the two foxes staring into each other’s eyes as they were raped helplessly.

John wished he could do this forever, Eventually, though, it did end. He sped up, slamming her, holding onto her hair with one hand and her tails with the other as he buried himself to the hilt inside her and finished. He groaned as he flooded his newest prize, pouring hot and thick cum so deep up inside her that it felt like it would never come out… enough to fill her completely. When, finally, he slipped out, he smeared his seed across the kitsune’s thigh, painting it with blood and cum as he wiped himself clean.

The look on the redhead’s face was precious. She looked utterly overwhelmed with pain and humiliation and fear and disgust, but most of all she just looked exhausted. The fox’s head was down as she panted for breath through her gag as a seemingly endless flood of tears poured down her face. She looked like a wreck – beaten, bloody, and used, like she wanted to curl up and be alone forever.

It was so amusing to watch her eyes go wide when he had barely stepped away and already the next cock was shoving home into her.

Others laughed at her but John was already on to the next event: welcoming Lee to her new home. She was already being raped, but that was fine… he just stepped between the two foxes, his ass pushing Haru’s face out of the way as he pulled at the other kitsune’s blue hair. She looked up at him with reddened, pathetic, angry eyes, like she hated him. He looked down at her like he thought nothing of her at all, and a moment later his cock was pressing into her ring gagged mouth and he fucked her just the same way. The surprised, desperate choking and gagging made her tighter on him as he pounded his way relentlessly down the tightness of her throat. Her eyes were wide and desperate but he drove in over and over again, making her choke and gag and sputter but not letting up at all. The grip in her hair tore some of her blue locks free, adding to her pain as she was yanked forward into each merciless thrust, even as she was fucked from behind just as hard.

“You don’t get to rest either,”  he told Haru as he reached back and grabbed onto her hair, grinding her face into his ass. “Best start licking.”

Of course she didn’t, but John hadn’t expected her to. That was fine. He didn’t particularly want her obey… he just needed them both to have heard the command, and know she hadn’t done it. John’s pleasure was too focused on the wonderful feeling on his cock as Lee’s sweet mouth filled rapidly with spit drooling out around his cock, made sticky and slimy with his precum and her throat slime as he smeared it across her tongue and lips. She couldn’t even swallow with the way he was using her… her mouth was just used, again and again and again as he made her neck bulge until he spilled his cum straight down into her stomach.

When he pulled free, the fox was coughing, but he didn’t care… he let her spit up what cum she could all over her face and lips. What mattered was when he walked away to grab a long, double-sided dildo and brought it back to them. The two foxes looked utterly miserable, but they actually, for an instant, found it in them to look something that resembled grateful when he told his men to stop after the ones currently using them came. When they finished, the two kitsune women panted and sobbed, but looked at John as he grabbed onto their hair and tilted them up to meet his eyes.

“Let me tell you the rules of your new lives,” John said. “For some slaves, it’s complicated. For the two of you, it’s simple. You will do whatever you are told, or else both of you will be punished… it doesn’t matter to me which of you disobeyed.” He lifted the dildo again. “I told you to lick my ass, slut,” he narrowed his eyes at Haru before turning to Lee. “So you know who to thank for this.” Without waiting, he crammed one end of the dildo down Lee’s open throat, deeper and deeper. While Haru screamed, he turned to her and started ramming the other end into her mouth, silencing her. Her throat was a lot more unyielding than the one he had just finished pounding, but that was fine… he would enjoy the slow process of destroying that gag reflex entirely over time.

There was only one result that could come here, and no chance of them successfully resisting, so John took his time. It took about ten minutes before their throats were bulging and there was no more dildo to feed into one of them without it leaving the other. By now, both foxes looked desperate. They could breathe through their noses… sort of… as long as they managed to control their gagging, but they weren’t getting enough and they were obviously lightheaded. “Feel free to get it out… if you can,” John said, knowing that any attempt they made was just going to fuck it further into the other fox’s throat. “And remember why you’re being punished: because the redheaded slut was too dumb of a slut to do as she was told.”

He nodded to his men. “Ok, go ahead.” Their rapes resumed… and each thrust from behind shifted the dildo back and forth, slowly fucking their helpless throats as they stared into each other’s eyes. John wondered if Lee was already starting to realize that this was all Haru’s fault. He certainly hoped so.

If not, he had all the time in the world to teach her.

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