All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 15th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

A little over a weak after Alicja had agreed to sell out her family to him, they would barely have recognized the girl anymore.

As much as John would like to take responsibility for her transformation, he had had far more important things to worry about, and far more delicate slaves to prepare for sale. This brunette was just a piece of meat, so his demon’s brands had done the lion’s share of the work, setting the terms of her new reality. He had only waited until after she had given in and lured her family to his slave acquisition teams, just as he’d requested, before he had taken her will away with a few precisely phrased demands… making sure she knew she had done it of her own free will.

John looked the slave up and down as she cried, feeling the small burn of the brands weighing down on her. “Well, don’t you look perfectly worthless,” he said with a smile. “Ready to meet your family?” The sexy brunette, of course, only looked at him with desperate, pleading eyes, begging him not to do what she already knew he was going to. He traced his fingers over one of the brands on her skin, admiring the way they swirled over her scars, the contrast of dark and light over the curve of her hip and the swell of her breast. “I thought so,” John said with a smile.

Then he gave her the only command he would, today. “Love it.”

When John brought her into the room her younger sister and former roommate were in, she wasn’t bound or gagged anymore… she walked around like a free woman.  When she saw the two scared women surrounded by dozens of men, she all but skidded to a stop, staring at them. They looked up at her, terror and surprise and… hope, John thought… in their eyes. They wanted her to protect them.

Then she smiled. “Oh hell yes,” she said, excited. “This is exactly what they deserve.”

The two girls stared in horror and confusion as Alicja kept smiling, and John stepped forward. “I just want you to understand. You’re here because Alicja here wanted you brought here. This is not my doing, but in fact hers. Everything that has happened to you… and is about to happen to you… is on her request.”

Alicja looked up at her master as he spoke, and she smiled… but John, with his practice and experience, could see the misery in her eyes hidden behind the pleased expression. When John signaled his men, they grabbed the newcomer girls and stripped them down to nothing but bare skin. The girls were then held down apart from each other, and they both begged over and over for Alicja to stop this… and noticed only then that their sister, their friend, had her hands between her legs and was stroking herself.

“You sure you want this?” John asked. “We won’t do anything unless you want it.”

Alicja looked at him, then to her sister Ana and her roommate as they looked at her in expectation. Then she smiled. “Rape the whores!” she said cheerfully.

The former roommate was the first to react. She shrieked an ear-piercing “NOOO” just before the first man forced his way inside her and her shout became a pained scream. Ana’s own scream came faster as someone started cramming his dick up her ass. Both of them were cut short as a cock was shoved into each of their throats and the gagging and gargling were the only words available. Alicja, the weak-minded slave that she was, resisted the call of her brands for only a second. Then she collapsed to her knees, plunging her fingers into her pussy like she was fucking it as she watched her family get raped. She came very quickly, and she made sure with how loudly she did it that her sister and roomie couldn’t help but notice.

John just sat back and watched. After a few minutes, he helped pull Alicja’s mouth onto his cock, but not once did he do anything to encourage the guys having their way with the new girls, or give any instruction… and even while the Lithuanian whore blew him, she never once took her eyes off the action. The mind-broken cunt was like a fountain, cumming over and over… after a while, John fucked her every bit as hard as her family was being raped, but unlike them she made excited, full noises of pleasure. After he finished, she was “happy” to go over to the gangrape in progress and assist herself.

“This is the best view,” Alicja said. “Watching you two getting raped like this. I hope it never stops happening to you… I wish it happened years ago.” She crawled over and held Ana’s arms down, grabbing her head so that she could force her to get deepthroated. “Take it. Take it, you fucking whore sis. This is how guys should get blown… not that playful shit you did with your little boyfriends.” She spread her roommate’s legs and forced her to cum while her ass and mouth was fucked. “Admit it… you love it, don’t you. Little fucking whore. Watching that thick long pipe in your ass is something special.”

Soon, she even helped rape them herself… riding one of their faces, or scissoring with them for the amusement of the watching men. “Scream some more, please. It feels amazing when you scream into my cunt. Boys, make my sister scream louder!” She sighed as her sister screamed and she came. “I wish I had the power to have you two get raped forever… I’d have done this to you years ago…”

After that, John figured the impression had been made that this was Alicja’s idea, so he was fine with joining in himself… helping fuck the new prey. Their ordeal lasted many hours and with Alicja’s encouragement the men made sure they had at least 2 cocks inside them at all times, and usually more. That was when he told Alicja to say goodbye… that they were going to be trained as slaves and sold off, never to be seen again, unless she wanted anything else. Alicja laughed, and asked why they would deserve any better.

After they were taken away, the demonic brand Lorelai had put on her stopped working. She collapsed to the ground, sobbing… and John was quick to climb on top of her and fuck her harder than ever before while she sobbed like a broken whore. “Well that was fun,” he laughed, chuckling to himself as he rammed in and out of her. “But it’s only a start. I believe you have another sister… and a mother… and friends… We’re not going to stop until every single woman who has ever so much as smiled when thinking of you is a sex slave.”

Alicja sobbed the hardest she ever had. John fucked her just as hard. He wanted to give her a taste of how her family had suffered, what they had felt with a dozen men plunging into their asses dry, and her wailing was so sweet. She begged John to just kill her… but they both knew he wouldn’t.

After all, she had more slaves to help him acquire.

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