All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 16th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

John woke up early the next morning to see how the current batch of ponies were coming along. Clutching a mug of steaming coffee, he leaned against the stable wall and watched as his trainers put the ponies through the paces of their morning training. It was only a little bit above freezing inside the stables and the girls were practically nude save for their gear, so physical activity was the only way for the ponies to keep themselves warm… and the trainers knew it too, taking full advantage of the motivational edge they had. Three ponies of the newest crop trotted around in a circle of the training ring in the center of the stable, sweating despite the temperature, naked in their thigh high hooves and harnesses with the arms painfully bound at wrist and elbows at the small of their backs. As they ran, their long manes and tails swished back and forth, and their tits bounced and jiggled, the bells on them ringing merrily. The rings on their nits and through their noses were attached to a wire that ran through the middle of the paddock, and the grooms whipped their thighs and asses to keep them running faster and faster on their hooves, the tension on their piercings keeping them on the proper path.

After close to two weeks of training and punishment, Princess at least had learned to run fairly well. The latest updates from his stablemaster had said that she was going to be starting training on using a special frame later this week… teaching her to run with a saddle that would let a man ride her with his weight distributed away from her back. His cock twitched at the thought of a future owner of this pony riding her into the woods, her thighs pumping beneath the saddle as someone’s entitled daughter took her to the woods to eat a meal by the river, then riding her face for dessert or fucking her with a thick strapon before riding her back home. It was almost enough to recommend keeping one of these ponies for his own, but really… when did he have time for something long and slow and fun like that?

Maybe when he had retired.

The other two, though, weren’t running perfectly… struggling with balance more than a little, as evidenced by the blood running from their noses and nipples as their rings jerked and pulled with each stumble. They probably needed some direct incentive to perform properly. John signaled to the others to halt the training, and the grooms quickly ran in, grabbing hold of the ponies. “Bring those two back to the branding area,” he ordered, pointing at the others, leaving Princess to keep running as he followed them to the frames. Without a word to the ponies, he had the grooms remove their bits and bridles, but then immediately stuff large black ball gags past their sexy lips… for their own good. This soon into their training, the silly things would probably still try to use human words, at which point John would probably need to have their vocal cords cut out, and he would prefer to avoid that… hence the kindness in keeping them gagged.

The two girls were hogtied and hoisted up on a chain. Embedded in the dirt below them were large metal hooks, and John ran a second short chain through that hook and attached to the rings in their tits. Then he grabbed some leather straps and pushed them into the hands of the men working the stables. He didn’t bother talking to the ponies. Instructions like these were too complicated for stupid animals. Instead, he spoke to the stablemaster. “I want these stupid cunt ponies running properly, as soon as possible. They don’t seem motivated enough, so we’re going to teach them a lesson.”

Without another word, he raised a strap and began beating the first of them. With her legs spread like this and hanging, her cunt was completely open and vulnerable, and John drove the leather directly into it, as hard and as fast as his arms could deal them out. After a minute, he stopped and pointed to her, and one of the stableboys began to rape her for him… lubing his cock with the blood and sweat running down her thighs before driving into her cunt.  The other hanging pony was experiencing the same, their bells bouncing in time with their muffled screams, as he talked to the stablemaster again. “I want this to continue for at least three hours,” John told him. “Whip them for five minutes, then fuck them senseless. Then back to the whip. After that is finished, I want them hosed down and put back in the training ring to finish their daily runs… the same number of laps you originally intended for them. They don’t get to skimp by being lazy and getting to rest while they are disciplined.”

“Yes sir,” he answered. “Excellent idea, sir.”

John nodded. “And until they are running properly, instead of a feed bag for lunch, they get the same treatment again.”

The stablemaster smiled eagerly. “Agreed, sir. I think soon they will be much more dedicated to their training than they were before. And the other one?”

John considered. “Endurance, I think. I’ll handle that myself. Get her in the punishment harness.” The stablemaster nodded, and John walked away to go see to other things, only coming back in two hours. The two ponies in suspension were still there, still getting fucked and whipped, but his eyes were only for Princess as the tall, brunette pony was marched up to him the second he arrived, led by one of the grooms. A thick dowel had been placed against her back, right below her gorgeous, fat tits, and the bells on her nipple rings jingled as she trotted over. Her elbows were pulled back incredibly tightly and wrapped around the dowel, her wrists chained to the harness around her waist where the leather strap was pushing a dildo into her greedy cunt. The way it worked, every movement of her shoulders would add or remove tension from that dildo, unavoidably fucking her with it as she moved. She tossed her mane and shied away, struggling as she saw John, but the groom effortlessly kept control and brought her over.

She wasn’t being punished for anything… she didn’t deserve any. From what he had seen, she had been taking to her training well… but sometimes, they had to be pushed to reach their potential.

John took the whip the groom offered her, and took control of Princess’s reins as he guided her out into the yard. It was covered in snow, but all the appropriate gear was still there… most importantly, the rings. Six metal hoops had been set up in a loose circle, each of them six feet wide and suspended about two feet off the ground… low enough to step through, high enough to make it very awkward to do so. “Now… trot!” he ordered, cracking the whip. Princess began to run… too quickly, probably, but she would find her pace soon enough. The beautiful, dark haired girl struggled to move through the circle, having to leap with both hooves at once to clear the hoops. At first, she tried to slow down when she reached one, but the first few times he sliced the whip across one of her breasts she learned her lesson about that, and she jumped at full speed. This forced her to work her thighs and abdomen muscles much more than her usual training did.

This would probably make her faster, but more importantly it would up her endurance, make her stronger and able to run for longer, and with more weight. If owners were going to ride her, it was important that they have no complaints… John would not provide substandard products. She was going to have to be pushed to reach her potential… he figured about two hundred laps like this would do the trick. She started slowing down a little, so he cracked the whip across her tight ass again, making her jump and bray as she jumped through the next hoop, and keeping that pace up through the next circuit. “Faster, you worthless pony cunt,” John growled, cracking the whip across her ass again. “Faster!”

Princess moved from a trot to a full gallop as John whipped her again, leaping through the rings as fast as she could as she ran in her leather hooves. With her arms bound back, her full, fat tits shook magnificently with each strep as she jumped and ran. Fifty laps had passed like that, and sweat was streaming down Princess’s lithe body, dripping off her nipples and down the crack in her ass despite the cold. Her thighs shook, her chest heaved, but each time she even thought about slowing John gave her another lash… ass or tits or cunt, mercilessly driving her onward until she was going fast enough for him again.

By ninety laps, it was clear to John that she had lost all sense of conscious thought… lost in a runner’s high that could match nothing an athlete would ever reach. Her eyes were blank and her mind shut down all but entirely as every ounce of strength she had went into keeping her balance and her thighs pumping as she ran and jumped and ran and jumped again and again, moving through the hoops like there were flat, level gates. John smiled, a grin of sadistic joy at the progress she was making. It seemed to him that she was finally letting go of her humanity entirely and embracing the animal that she was.

On the 138th lap, John could see the way her energy surged… like a marathon runner’s second wind in the final ten miles. By the time they had reached 170, however, that energy reserve was up. Princess had almost reached the point of collapse, and John had to whip her viciously, and almost continuously, to keep her moving. She wobbled almost like a drunk, and her breathing was labored and hoarse. Her body was covered in dripping sweat frozen on the edges of her hair and trickles of blood oozing from criss-crossing welts that covered her body. John didn’t let up, though… he kept driving her onward, to her breaking point and past it.

At last, she staggered and leaped through the hoops for the last time… 200. As she ran past John, he grabbed her bridle, pulling her to a stop. “Woah there,” he said, playfully. “Woah…” Princess almost fell over in a dead faint the moment he was no longer forcing her to exert herself, but John slapped her… once, twice, three times, his hand turning her cheek with a sharp noise time and time again until she stood upright again, trembling for exhaustion but standing. She took in huge, sobbing breaths, but her eyes were still unfocused and empty. Perfect. “Good pony,” he said, stroking her hair briefly. “You’re showing some promise.” He led her back out of the cold and into the barn, letting her stagger slowly behind him.

By now, the other two ponies were being put through their own laps, so John took her to the grooming room where they had been… taking her to the first station. With her thigh and belly muscles still shaking and spasming from her brutal training exercise, he bent her over a waist-high beam and attached her nipple rings to the hook embedded in the floor, pulling the chains so tight that her tits and nipples were stretched. Only then did he replaced her rubber bit with an O-ring gag, pausing briefly to admire her gorgeous, athletic body covered in lash marks, her hooves forcing her ass high in the air, held still by chains on her tits. He stepped up and without a word slipped his raging hard cock into her mouth, stretched open and sexily defenseless around the ring as he began rhythmically pumping in and out of her.

He wasn’t the first person to facefuck her, and the stablehands had made sure that no pony he sold would be an inexperienced cocksucker, so she knew just what he would want. Her tongue rolled expertly around his shaft, pressing John’s cock upward against the roof of her mouth and making her mouth and throat a much tighter fit for him to pound his way through. She had some control of her gag reflex by now, and he could stab deep into her throat relentlessly… something he took full advantage of. John could look down at her and admire how sexy the dark haired pony looked with her lips stretched around his cock, her tongue flickering against his shaft as he raped her mouth. She was clearly still in that animal state, not thinking consciously as he fucked her and operating entirely on instinct, and that was just perfect.

He fucked her face for about ten minutes before he regretfully pulled himself free, freeing her nipples from the chain and dragging her to the next station. He needed to flick her ass with a crop a few times until she stood on the wooden crate that waited there, about two feet up. Then a long chain that hung from one of the rafters above was attached to her nose ring and pulled taut so that her nose was yanked painfully up into the air, making her whimper. John stood in front of her, smiled at her, stroked her hair… and lifted her up off the crate. Suspended by the painful nose piercing, it took less than a fraction of a second for the pony to figure out what she had to do… she wrapped her still shaking thighs around his waist, squeezing tight. From here, it was effortless for John to push himself into her twitching cunt. He began ramming her up and down his shaft as she struggled, panicked, trying to keep herself up, to find the strength to keep her legs wrapped around him. To make sure she couldn’t use it, John kicked the crate away but otherwise did nothing to help her… if she wanted to stay up, she had to do it herself. Instead, his hands found her tight ass, only holding her lightly to help guide her into position, keeping her cunt positioned just the way he wanted as she raped herself on his length. If she failed, she would rip her piercing free, and he would put it back in elsewhere and she would need to improve for next time.

But his good, strong pony held on. John broke into a huge grin as she rode him, knowing that the same training that made her a good pony made her a fantastic ride this way as well. He let go of her ass, holding his hands completely away from her hips as Princess gripped him and pistoned herself up and down his shaft. Even as exhausted as she was, even as chilly as it still was, she had soon worked herself into a strong lather of sweat, her sweating, udulating body struggling to keep up on him.

Again, John fucked her like this for about ten minutes before he grabbed onto her ass and supported her until he pushed the crate back beneath her. Slowly, John lifted her off his cock and unclipped the chain before he led the exhausted pony, looking more dead than alive, over to the next station. He led her forward and bent her over a heavy bar that hung about three feet from the ground. He attached a chain from the roof beam to her wrists and unattached them from the waist harness, then started tightening the chain, forcing her into a more and more extreme strappado as she bent further, until her whimpering made him think he was ounces of pressure from dislocating her shoulders. Then he grabbed a prepared syringe, yanked her tail out of her raised asshole, and stuffed the tube into her.

Her asshole was definitely bigger and looser after weeks of wearing her tail, but it was still not nearly big enough to easily fit the syringe… he rammed it in anyway, causing her to give a high moan in protest as she realized that it was hot. Castor oil, heated to about 70 degrees C, would be the perfect tool to clean her out. As the oil was pushed into her bowels, she began to scream frantically, her stomach and bowels rolling and spasming in protest. John didn’t stop, however… he pushed the plunger all the way down, then waited a few minutes while she squirmed and screamed before he pulled the plunger back again, pulling most of it right back in. Then, tossing it to the side, John drove himself into her burned, oiled asshole. It was clean and warm and convulsing around him, and her screams only excited him as John started to give her the hardest assfucking he had given any slave in months, slamming ruthlessly against her, savaging her bowels and practically tearing her asshole open until it bled on his dick, until he hoped to shatter her soul on his cock. He just hoped, in her animal mind, she could hear the simple words included in this vicious fucking: MINE. MINE. MINE UNTIL YOU DIE. YOUR LIFE EXISTS FOR YOUR OWNER’S PLEASURE.

The fucking seemed to stretch out endlessly, his strength unflagging as he raped the prize pony of this crop beyond the end of the world and back. Whatever limits her body had had this morning, they were well past them now… her body able to be pushed much further than she had ever imagined it could be. Then, at long last, he couldn’t hold back anymore. John stood with his cock crammed up her spasming bowels and he coated her empty insides with his seed. Heart pounding, chest heaving with exertion, he hammered to the hilt and just let go, filling her with everything he could give.

When his heart rate slowed and his vision cleared, John looked down at the precious pony to find her hanging motionless save for her long, jerky gasps for air and her ass twitching around his cock. He slowly pulled out with a grunt of satisfaction, making her whine painfully as his cum oozed out of her bleeding hole. He gave her ass a playful slap before stroking her face, then walked away, leaving her to the grooms. This had been fun, but there was more work to do…

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