All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 17th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

John woke up to find two naked bodies pressed against him. That wasn’t especially uncommon, but it was still a pleasant experience. Both girls were sleeping, still… but only one of them was bound. June, still being trained, had to wear her bondage all the time. Tawny, however… the selkie was almost desperately eager to please and stay on his safe side. It was honestly quite adorable to the slaver. Both girls were still asleep – June slept like the dead after the paces he had put her through last night, but Tawny’s sleep was uneasy, and the selkie clung to him desperately, her legs shaking in her sleep. The girl was clearly in the grip of a nightmare and clinging to John for safety.

He was very pleased with how both these girls were coming along. June was being kept here because after he had decided on her placement and completed her medical exams she had been taken off birth control medication and he needed to make sure no one touched her until she was ready. Tawny, for her part, was obviously still traumatized from her rough and violent introduction to slavery, but in John’s opinion she was responding to it in the absolute best way she could have – by becoming pathetically eager to please her rapist in the hope for mercy. From his experience, it was likely that in her mind she was rationalizing her behavior as genuine gratitude and love for her abuser – it would certainly make the coming weeks easier for him. In her desperate desire to please, she was well on the way to becoming the most enthusiastic worshiper of John’s cock in the whole mansion.

For now, she just needed a little bit of encouragement.

Now that John was awake, he simply grabbed a handful of the bound June’s hair and dragged her head down his body and towards his cock. She woke up almost immediately, and let out a whimpering sob, but without much struggle she opened her mouth obediently, and soon he was enjoying a warm, slow cockslobbering from the brown-haired beauty. Then, as June serviced his cock, he turned his attention towards the other girl needing his attention – the redheaded selkie who had been unfortunate enough to come across one of his slavers when she had attempted to get herself married. He gently stroked Tawny’s soft, silky hair as he fucked June’s mouth, and when the selkie slowly began to wake up he brought her face in close and kissed her.

She didn’t resist, but Tawny’s body shook involuntarily as their lips met. Maybe she was remembering her rapes, or maybe her nightmares, but either way her whole body spasmed with sudden fear. He saw tears form in the selkie’s eyes… and then, suddenly, the redhead was kissing him back, passionately, furiously, grinding her tits against his chest. He had to resist laughing. This was just what he was hoping for. Being a loving wife for a loving husband made her safe. It meant that she hadn’t been raped and enslaved… she’d just had a romantic encounter and gotten the wedding she wanted. It meant she had gotten what she wanted instead of living in a nightmare… so the selkie had decided, without even really thinking about it, to convince herself that she must love John and wanted to be a good wife for him.

His hand on her hair pulled her down, making her take ownership of his cock from June, having the two girls running their tongues and lips over him until he was cumming in Tawny’s mouth. As soon as he finished, he brought them together so they could kiss around his shaft, sharing his seed, before he rubbed both of their heads. “Good girls,” he said, playing with red hair with one hand, brown with the other. “Very good girls.”

Then he rose, ready to start his day.

It wasn’t until he reviewed the camera footage later, to see what Tawny had gotten up to all day, that he had to laugh.

Orgasms were a very useful tool for training slaves. They spent so much of their time being fucked and not all of it was spent in pain, so more than occasionally they were close to cumming… but John would allow that only rarely, only when it suited him, only when it helped teach the lesson, so those slaves that he was a little bit more gentle with, like the very obedient Tawny, ended up being more than a little frustrated from time to time. His solution to this issue was that there was one situation in which all of those slaves were permitted to cum: when they forced another slave to do it for them.

So Tawny had spent most of the day raping June.

She didn’t know that she was being recorded, of course. Days and days of teasing and constant sex without release, combined with the tension and stress of her situation, had been constantly pumping up her arousal and leaving her desperate. She might have tried jilling off, but the last time she had tried, he had known and punished her – because of the cameras of course, but she hadn’t known that. So, in that state of heightened need, and with June already tied up and helpless… the selkie had clearly decided that the slave would assist her with that problem.

Tawny had dragged the girl by her hair to the foot of the bed and then pressed June’s surprised face against her pussy. “…Lick me,” the selkie said, trying to sound tough and demanding. “Make me cum.” Then she had proceeded to force the bound girl to obey… for nearly three hours. She came time and time again, enough that she couldn’t possibly have been horny anymore, but it seemed like with each one she was letting out some of the stress and doubt in her situation, differentiating herself from the raped victim in bed with her as John’s “wife.” When June’s jaw and tongue were exhausted, the selkie slapped the tied girl’s tits or pinched her clit to encourage her to keep servicing her cunt, and when even that couldn’t provoke further performance, she simply humped the brunette’s face, forcing the girl’s nose against her clit as she rubbed her drooling pussy across the slave’s eyes and mouth and chin to find another orgasm for herself.

It was hours before she stopped, and was left staring down at the crying slave she had just spent hours raping for her own orgasm. John could see it… the moment when the last of her sympathy for the other slave evaporated. It had to, obviously… if she felt any sense that June was a real person deserving of any respect or sympathy, then she would have to feel guilty for having raped her. Instead, she just played with the woman’s body until she stopped crying and passed out before turning on a television.

John smiled to himself. He could have some fun with that. Now, when he played with them tonight, he would need to find some way to let Tawny cum using June’s body as a sex toy to reinforce the lesson… They were both coming along so well.

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