All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 18th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

The bitchy ice queen who had once called herself Lucie was coming along nicely, but she wasn’t quite there yet last time John had seen her. Her spirit had begun to break, but the demon-blooded Brit hadn’t quite been tamed yet. He didn’t have time to waste on a rich brat, so he had left her… continuing education… to some of his men who were particularly enthusiastic about the idea of beating a rich girl from a family that could buy and sell them a million times over, and seemed to revel in the whole idea of paying back every frustration they had ever had on the beautiful young college socialite. That would do her for now, but John knew he would need to check in on her eventually, so a week before her buyer was coming to pick her up he checked in on how the training was going.

He knocked on the door to the training room and waited… and was delighted when, several seconds later, Cunt opened the door for him herself. She moved with obvious reluctance, shivering with frightened desperation as she looked up at him. “Please come in, sir,” she said softly, averting her eyes from him and looking down at the floor..

“Well, hello cunt!” he said, grinning as his eyes traveled over her naked body. She was well bruised, and he made a note to make sure the men stopped leaving marks on her from now on… there were plenty of ways to discipline a bitch without leaving bruises, and he wanted to make sure she was turned over in the best possible condition. He stepped into the room, openly leering at her.

“What did we tell you about covering yourself up, cunt?!” one of the men said the moment she instinctively raised her hands, trying to shelter from his evaluating gaze.

Cunt seemed to wither beneath the world. “That… I should be proud that my betters bother looking at me.” She put her are down at her sides.

“Keep them there!” one of them laughed. “How else is a man supposed to see if you are even worth fucking?”

“This is much better,” John said, nodding his approval. “You know, she called me all kinda of uncouth names when she arrived her. I heard bastard… asshole… pig…  I think there was even a motherfucker thrown in there. She tried to slap me too.” He looked up at her and smiled. “Do you remember that, cunt? You remember those good times?”

She swallowed, and her gaze turned back down again. “Yes, sir…” she whispered, and swallowed again. “You… you should…”

“I should what, cunt?” John said, standing relaxed and easy as he looked at her. “Do what?”

“Slap me…” she whispered. “Please, slap me sir.”

“What do you know?” John laughed. “The cunt can have good ideas.” He raised his hand, and without delaying he slapped Lucy across her cheek, hard. The British bitch cried out and took a step back, her hand flying up to shield her face and cup her cheek before John’s voice stopped her. “I thought the nice gentlemen told you to keep your hands down, cunt… didn’t they?”

A tiny moan escaped the girl’s mouth and she slowly lowered her hand. “Yes sir…” she muttered. “Thank you for reminding me, sir.”

John slapped her again for fun, just to see if she moved further. She didn’t. “She’s going to be a good girl for you, boss,” one of his trainers said. “She’ll do whatever you want her to and with a smile on her face… wont you girl?” Cunt, still looking down at the floor, nodded slowly, biting her lip… but the man wasn’t satisfied with that. “Tell him then,” the trainer continued. “Tell him that you want him to fuck you. Tell him how he can do anything he wants to you.”

Cunt swallowed. “I— I want you to fuck me, sir” she said in a choked voice. “I— You—”

All around them, men chuckled. “Go on,” John encouraged her.

“You— can do anything you want with— me,” she whispered.

John smiled. “And I will, you stuck-up bitch,” he told her. “So show me. Come on. Give me a lovely kiss, like you’d do to one of your Uni boyfriends.”

Slowly, Lucy stepped into John’s embrace. The tall girl raised her face and hesitantly moved her lips towards his, needing to angle her face up to meet his mouth. John, smiling, took hold of the girl with an arm wrapped around her waist and drew her to him, pressing the naked girl hard against his body. With his other hand he grabbed a fistful of her soft dark hair and pulled on it, yanking her head back and bringing a cry of pain from her throat, then jammed his lips down hard onto her open, moaning mouth. His tongue raped the inside of her mouth as he squeezed that naked, squirming body still harder into his.

When he let her go she was shaking, her breasts rising and falling with her laboring breath. Tears ran down her cheeks. It was possible she hadn’t been kissed once since been brought here, and that made the fresh violation all the worse. “Lie down,” John said firmly. “Right there… down on the floor where a worthless cunt like you belongs.” Cunt sobbed but she obediently lowered herself slowly to the floor and then laid down on her back, closing her eyes with shame. “Spread your legs,” he commanded, and with another whimpering cry she obeyed. The pink slit of her cunt peeped at him from between her parted thighs, looking quite warm and welcoming to him.

“Stay that way,” John said as he began to undo his pants. Barely bothering to undress in contrast to the naked, bruised girl before him, he dropped to his knees between her legs before he lowered his weight down upon her recumbent body, full length. His hands slid over her soft flesh, touching whatever part of her body he could reach, wherever he felt like. He moved his head down and put his mouth over her breast, drawing it in, sucking and biting greedily. Lucy whimpered at this treatment of her nipples, so John repeated the action several more times before he even swapped to the other breast, his hips moving unconsciously as his stiff cock searched for the heat of her opening.

Then he stopped. He raised his head to look into her tear-filled eyes, smiling. “Help me, cunt,” John ordered. “Put me inside you, bitch.”

For just an single instant he could see the glaring hatred through her tears… but it was a small, pathetic thing compared with the fear and shame. All three of them made him harder still when Cunt closed her eyes, reached down between her legs, and found John’s prick with her hand. Reluctantly, she guided him to the opening of her cunt. “It’s there, si— AGH!”

The instant he arrived, John gave one spasmodic lunge and slid all the way inside her, clearly before the girl had been ready. Cunt cried out, and John laughed at her as he began to thrust in and out of the sobbing girl, fucking her fast and hard. He wasn’t worried about lasting now; he just wanted the satisfaction of fucking her and coming inside her, and her worshiping him with her body, and he could have her again afterwards as many times as he wanted. The only issue was that she was lying beneath him, almost inert as he fucked her, her eyes closed and looking away. “Cunt, cunt, cunt,” John chided her. “This isn’t cooperating. I know we taught you better than this. Do you need another lesson?”

Her eyes popped open, wide, fearful. “N— no sir!” she gasped.

“I want you to make it good for me, bitch,” he ordered. “Put your arms around me. Yes…” John gripped as she obeyed, her trembling hands coming to rest on his shoulder blades. “That’s right. That’s a good little aristocratic slut. Now raise your legs. No, higher than that, cunt… Put them around my waist, and squeeze. You don’t get to be a lazy cunt anymore, cunt.”

Crying, the girl followed each direction as it was given. Her long, shapely legs curled around his bucking body, her ankles locked at his back to keep them there. “Now move with me, bitch,” John ordered. “You know how it works. Move your fucking hips. You want me to believe that the lowest, simplest dock-working whore can figure out how this works, but it’s something too complicated for your breeding? Get to work!”

It was clear to him still that Cunt didn’t want to obey, she wasn’t a very good actress, but that didn’t bother him… it was part of the fun. Overall it was better if her “enthusiastic compliance” was obviously fake, that she was just so terrified and beaten down that she was willing to pretend. What mattered was that she did it… and she did. With her body wrapped around him, her torso now rhythmically rose and fell beneath him in response to his orders. “That’s it. A little faster,” John instructed, coaching her as he felt the tickle in his cock, her body milking him with fervor. “Good,” he praised. “And kiss me.” She winced, but Cunt’s mouth found his, kissing him like a lover even as her tears wet his cheeks.

John’s control began to quickly deteriorate like that. He breathed heavily into her mouth, slamming into her as she struggled to match his pace with her hips and kept embracing him like a good lover, harder and harder until suddenly his whole body stiffened and spasmed as he spurted deep inside Cunt’s cunt, sperming her while she whimpered.

John continued to lie on top of her then even as he slowed, still breathing hard. Lucy’s arms and legs dropped away from him with distaste, her head rolling to one side, her eyes miserable and tearfilled.

Instead of letting her do that, however, he stood and pulled out his phone, pointing it at her as he started taping. “Your buyer wants a status report,” he said as he slowly stroked his cock, starting to film her as she looked up at the camera with impotent, hopeless rage. “So what you’re going to do is eat it, little Brit cunt. Open that pretty mouth and I’m going to give you a snack and we’ll see how much you’ve learned.” His hand tightened her hair and she groaned with pain. Then, with a sob of despair and helplessness, the girl opened her mouth and allowed John’s cock to enter her lips. The slaver pushed it into her mouth, farther and farther, until she gagged… and while he kept his thumb by her mouth, ready to push inside and between her teeth, even without a ring it was clear she wasn’t even thinking about biting any longer.

“That’s it, sweetie,” he said as he pulled on her hair, guiding her head on his length without forcing her. “Suck it… just like we taught you.” The camera caught it as the girl’s head moved on its own, sucking along his length… the result of a great deal of training that he hoped her new owner would appreciate. He was certainly paying for it. “That’s good, cunt,” John said, grinning down at her as her dark head went back and forth, his prick appearing and disappearing between her lips. “That’s real good. Keep it up… nice and slow, that’s it. Don’t let your tongue get lazy now… make sure I’m feeling it. Right like that.” John sighed for effect, making sure the camera caught. “You’re good at this, cunt, you know that? You’re just a real sweet, natural born cocksucker.”

Tiny whimpering sounds, mostly of shame, came from the girl as she continued to pleasure him with her mouth. Occasionally she choked when his prick went too deep but otherwise her moments didn’t stop… no matter that her body was trembling, that her hands were clenched into fists, that tears ran down the sides of her face, she didn’t stop the slavish movements of her head as she bobbed on his dick. The humiliation, though, could always get worse. “Hey, cunt,” John told her, raising the phone. “Your hair’s getting in the way of my view here. Push it back.” She shot him a look that momentarily was almost like the old her… but the way she cringed when her eyes met his wasn’t fake. Immediately she raised one hand and pushed her long hair back over her shoulder, and never stopped sucking.

John let the blowjob go on for a long time, in no hurry at all. He made her vary her tempo, sucking fast and hard and then slowing her down, then speeding up again, back and forth. A couple of times he had her just hold his cock in her mouth while she used her tongue on it. Once he pulled out of her completely and ordered her to kiss and lick the whole length of him, cock and balls both, before he stuffed himself back in her mouth. At last, however, he neared the end. John’s body tensed as he arched his hips into the girl’s face. “I’m gonna come right in your sweet little mouth, cunt, and I want you to swallow every drop of it,” he commanded. “Speed it up, now… faster… more tongue…” He was speaking mostly for the camera now, she was doing what he wanted already. “Your favorite meal is coming, limey slut… one delivery of jizz right down your throat. Swallow it all you cocksucking bitch… here…it…comes!”

With a soft cry of triumph and joy that completely overwhelmed the weak sounds of disgust she made, John poured his semen onto her tongue. He wasn’t deep enough into her mouth to make it automatic… Cunt had to swallow, and the camera caught every twitch as the dark haired girl’s throat worked repeatedly as she desperately tried to swallow it all. It was too much for her anyway… she choked, and some of the white sticky stuff spilled out of her mouth and dripped down her chin and onto her breasts.

John, still holding her by the hair, kept her mouth over his cock until he was completely drained. Then he pulled away from her with a laugh, replacing his now limp cock in his trousers and zipping himself up. Lucy slumped to the carpet and lay on her side, coughing. “And what do you say, cunt?” he said, looking down at her.

Coughing, humiliated, half suffocated, Cunt still looked up at the camera, and the tears filling her eyes spilled down despite any attempt to hold them back. “Thank you, sir…” she whispered.

He tousled her hair with one hand like an unruly child, or perhaps a dog. “That’s a good girl,” he said, turning off the camera. Then his smile, and the happy tone in his voice, vanished with the recording. “She still flinches too much,” he told the trainers. “Too much hesitation. Nothing but dog food for the bitch until she gets it right.”

“Yes sir!” one of the trainers said, his attention fixing onto Cunt. John turned to leave, and he hadn’t quite made it to the door before he heard the first slap rain down on Cunt. “Embarrass us in front of the boss, will you bitch? I promise you I’m going to make your tits hurt so bad, every time you hesitate you’ll be jumping to obey shadows…” With a smile, John closed the door behind him, and pulled out his tablet, looking for his next task. Always so much to do… He uploaded the video into an email to her commissioner, and took off for what was next.

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