All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 19th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

John had been having fun with the fox sisters for most of a week now, and he was delighted to say that he was certainly growing no less entertained by them. All of his games had a purpose, though… he wanted to get the two of them to turn on each other, to know that in the end they had no one to blame but themselves for what he did to them. Much of that was simple – punishing one of them for things that the other did was a time honored tradition for breeding resentment, for example – but he did have some other things up his sleeves.

John shoved the kitsune face first over the bench in front of him. He could hear the blue-haired slut trying to say something through the gag, but the words weren’t getting through all that clearly and it really didn’t matter. Probably threatening him, he thought… the former warrior had been doing that plenty. Possibly telling him how he couldn’t do this to her, how she was was too important or special or something stupid like that. She was slow about understanding her new place in the world, so instead of immediately giving his hard cock something to do, he grabbed a wooden cane off the wall, letting her rear end and bound tails squirm for a minute before he brought the rattan down across her pert ass with a hard strike.

The strike caught Lee completely off guard and she howled out her pain as the burning sting of the blow radiated through her ass. The pain was doubled almost immediately as he slashed a second time, and a third, and a fourth… taking his time in covering her already bruised ass in a fresh layer of welts. He lashed the blue-haired fox’s ass for several agonizingly long minutes, occasionally venturing lower to draw searing lines across the backs of her thighs instead. By the time John tossed aside the cracked wooden cane, Lee’s indignant bitching had come to an end and she was back to her pathetic crying again. John grinned as he listened to the kitsune’s sobs… he’d barely even started and he was already having so much fun breaking her. He moved into position behind the blue-haired woman, took hold of his cock, and aimed for the slit of her cunt, lining up his angle of penetration before even touching her… he wanted the first thrust to be as much of a surprise to her as the first lash had been.

Even no doubt expecting it, John’s sudden and forceful penetration still caught Lee by surprise. Her sobs choked off as she sucked in a gasp of air, eyes widening as the man’s entire length became sheathed in her pussy with one stroke. Her cunt lips stretched to take him in despite being more or less dry, but her lack of lubrication didn’t bother John in any way. He fucked her the way he usually did, hard and fast. The cum sticking to her upper body and face dripped off her to pool on the ground beneath her body. She stared at that growing pool, sobbing as she realized what a filthy whore she looked like, and John sighed as his cock started jerking inside as he filled her slit with his jizz. He pulled free of her hole, watching his seed trickle back out of her violated pussy and run down her thighs before he left her, bound, to reach back to where Haru lay on the floor. 

The redhaired kitsune was in much the same state as Lee had been – exhausted, cumsoaked, bruised, and covered in welts. She was slightly less… fighty… than Lee was in her resistance, but she still tried to look at him with hard, defiant eyes each time he met them. It was too bad for her that the tears in them proved the lie… this was just a weak slut ready to be made into his. He shoved her onto the bench right beside her sister and smiled as he saw her glare at her for a moment before she looked away… progress. He took his place behind the red-furred fox and pried her swollen, bruised ass cheeks apart, spitting a wad of saliva into the crack of her ass and using his thumb to smear it across her sphincter, pushing into it. “It’s a tragedy your sister’s asshole isn’t up to par,” he mocked as he felt the walls of the kitsune’s ass clench tightly around his thumb. “Thankfully, you more than make up for it… still quite a tight fit back here.” It wasn’t true, but like most things he did around them it was designed to sow tiny seeds of resentment… it was true that Lee almost never got fucked in her ass, and Haru suffered that indignity almost all the time.

John added some more spit to her ass until she was decently lubed up, then the final wad of saliva he spat into his palm and used it to smear across his cock. Then, with the kitsunes’ moans and sobbing to encourage him, John pressed the head of his dick against her tight rear and began to slowly push his way into her. Haru screamed as her asshole slowly stretched to take him in. Her vocal chords reached a higher octave even through the ring gag as the head of his prick popped into her rear.

John paused there a moment, soaking in the pleasure of a tight asshole as her warm, welcoming hole enveloped him in an embrace, her muscles clamping down around the tip of his member. After he’d already spent a load on Lee he wasn’t worried about cumming too soon, so he reached down to dig his fingers into Haru’s hips, and after bracing her he slammed his hips forward. Haru’s head shot back as she howled out her agony through the ring-gag. It wasn’t that she was a stranger to anal sex by now, but no amount of mere practice was going to make an ass this tight less than agonizing with just some filthy spit as lube. Her rear rebelled against the pain, squeezing tight around his dick in a pointless, reflexive attempt to force him to back out. All it did, of course, was make his thrusts even more painful than they already were. In the end, all the captive kitsune could do was let out long wails of humiliating pain as the slaver buggered her.

When he came, he didn’t bother pulling out. He wanted the bitch to go back into her box with the feeling of his seed in her ass. He groaned as his balls tightened and his dick sprayed his spunk deep into the kitsune’s clenching bowels while she wailed.

John sighed in delight as he popped his cock free of Haru’s ass and admired how widely it gaped open. On a whim, he snatched up his wooden rod and slammed it across Haru’s ass once, making an audible crack as the already broken wood splintered further. He beat her with it until it finally snapped, one end flying across the room, and he chuckled at her. “I knew your ass was tight, but that’s a little ridiculous,” he mocked as he took the end he had left and began cramming the handle back into her cum-leaking anus.

The slaver looked at the clock and sighed. He had known he couldn’t stay long, that he was busy and had just been sneaking away to enjoy himself with his most recent playthings, but it still was annoying to have to leave so soon. Still, duty called. Grabbing onto a fistful of their tails in each hand, he dragged both bound foxes painfully behind him as he took them back towards their boxes.

The boxes were a torment he had had in mind for years, looking forward to the perfect opportunity to try it, and the pair of sisters had given him an ideal opportunity. The two metal boxes looked like two coffins… a tight fit for either of the foxes but not absurdly so. They would fit inside but only barely, without much room to move around, to breathe, or to see in the darkness. As ever, both of the kitsune began begging incoherently on the other side of their gags, trying for some scrap of mercy… to not be put in there again. Laughing, John opened it, the smell of stale cum assaulting him as he did. Lee squirmed more, but John just gave her a kick to quiet her down, then he lifted her up and dropped her into the cramped box, clipping the alligator clips onto her days-old nipple and clit piercings as he casually held the bound fox down with one hand. A pair of dildos followed like usual, large, spikey things that wouldn’t be slipping out of either hole no matter how she squirmed. “Now see if you can train that ass tonight,” he told her, knowing that even trying to squeeze her guts on the spiked thing would be agonizing. “Otherwise I guess I’ll just have to keep buttfucking your sister.”

When she was hooked up, he smiled at her. “Alright, girl,” he said, reaching down and grabbing the steel bucket waiting at the foot of the box. “I think you’re ready for another whore-bath.” Lee’s eyes widened as she saw the bucket, a desperate pleading in her eyes. Life in the mansion, training hundreds of sex slaves, made quite a mess… and someone had to clean it up. Normally, all that waste would get thrown out. Instead, all the cum that leaked out of the rapes of hundreds of slaves had been collected into these buckets… and she could see it sloshing over the rim. She began to shake her head back and forth frantically, desperately begging. The kitsune’s muffled protests fell on deaf ears as John tipped the bucket over and poured its milky contents over her. Lee screamed as her body was further soaked in jizz, joining the substantial puddle of cum and piss she was already lying in. She could feel it pooling up underneath her as it was unable to find a way to drain out of the trunk. The feeling of it must be like it was seeping into her skin by now, and she probably thought she would never get the taste or smell out of her mind. She looked up him, silently begging him to let her out of the jizz-soaked confines.

John chuckled and shook his head before slamming the lid shut, sealing her in darkness. Then he turned his attention to Haru.

If anything the red-haired fox looked even more desperate for mercy… but it didn’t matter. She had no chance of getting any either. She was going the spend the night basting in spunk just like her sister was, lost and alone in the dark. Each time he took them out they were more desperate not to go back in… and each time they went back in anyway, covered in more fresh jizz as their collection grew. She started sobbing as he attached the clips to her piercings, and put in her dildos.

The boxes were a miserable, claustrophobic, lonely, and disgusting experience, more than enough to degrade them and make them feel worthless and frightened and more than willing to debase themselves for a chance at freedom… but that wasn’t even close to all they did. For example, the clips attached to her piercings… they could shock her, repeatedly, for up to an hour at a time. The box had total control of the environment inside. It could make it freezing cold, or nearly boiling hot. It could pump enough carbon dioxide into the air mix that she would experience choking and gasping all night without being in any danger of actually running out of air. It could fill the box with painfully loud noise, or strike her with pistons coming out of the sides. And it would do all of these things, and more… unless the person in the box begged for mercy.

John had explained how these boxes worked to both kitsune the first night they were here, the first time he had put them into their new homes. The box would do one torture at a time, and both sisters would experience it together. They could exist in misery… or they could kick their feet against the bottom of the box to beg their master for mercy. All one of them needed to do was ask and that torment would be reduced by nearly half for her for the rest of the night… lower intensity shocks, more oxygen in the mix, more mild temperatures. It would come at a cost, though. Her sister’s version of that torment would be increased, made three times harsher for the rest of the night until John came to get them again. They could get some mercy… if they were willing to let her sister suffer worse instead.

That first night, neither of them had kicked the bottom. Neither had they the second night, or the third.

It hadn’t mattered.

If the silly fox sisters had been sleeping regularly rather than having what sleep they managed to steal interrupted by nightmares or the box, if they had been rested, if they were ever allowed to talk to one another, then they might have realized that just because John had told them that was how the box worked didn’t mean it was true. He had told them the truth about the mercy mechanics… just not the whole truth. Because, starting towards the end of the second night, the box had decided to treat one sister as though the other had called for mercy.

She hadn’t, of course. Haru got no benefit just because Lee’s shocks suddenly grew three times more intense, and she screamed and screamed and screamed into the dark void where no one could hear her… but Lee didn’t know that. And, two torments later, as their oxygen was cut off, Haru didn’t know that she wasn’t repeatedly blacking out before being shocked awake because her sister had hit the button, but just because the box had decided to inflict it on her. That night, right at the end, was the first time one of them actually requested mercy… Lee left Haru screaming as she was battered by pistons inside the box in exchange for much lighter, but still stinging, slaps for the blue-furred fox.

The night had continued like that. They weren’t always pressing the button… but it happened enough. The box didn’t need to step in at all that third night… the first time Haru pressed the button, it set off a chain reaction that, by morning, left them both exhausted, worn down, sobbing, tortured, and desperately eager and grateful to John when he pulled them out to rape them for a few hours.

It was the fourth night that the box had taken its most devious step… by almost immediately signaling Haru that Lee had requested mercy for each and every single torment. Every single one, barely seconds in, suddenly amplified for Haru… and she knew by now what must have happened. Lee had selfishly, and immediately, signaled the second every single torture started to get the lighter treatment, before Haru could. It didn’t matter that Lee wasn’t actually signaled all those times, that she was still just as morally conflicted about pushing the button as Haru was, that she was still suffering… because Haru would never know that. All she knew was that she had been betrayed by someone who was jumping on the first available second to beg for lighter treatment before Haru could do the same.

The next night, every single time a new torture began, it was a race for the button between both sisters.

John smiled at Haru. “See you in the morning, pet,” he whispered to her as he dumped a fresh bucket of semen over her. Then he slammed the lid shut, leaving her screaming in the dark.

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