All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 23rd

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

Today was the day.

John sat on the edge of his bed, watching as his beautiful red-haired slavewife sucked his cock. By now she was getting quite good at it… and after weeks of gaslighting, abuse, punishments, and incentives, she looked at him with genuine adoration practically glowing in her eyes. The selkie knelt, desperately giving his length devotional attention with her tongue like she wanted to bathe every inch of it at once… making love to him with her mouth more than sucking his cock. She licked and sucked and swirled her spit around him as she bobbed her head, whispering words of worship around him while she used her mouth like a cocksheath for him. She sucked him like she wanted him to know that she loved him more than anything… and in her broken-minded way, John believed her.

He let her suck at her own pace, exploring his cock with head and lips, lavishing him with attention with her own judgment and skill. She was fantastic at it, and he had spent hours teaching her precisely the way a man deserved to be treated when he let his loving wife give him a blowjob. She was expected to deepthroat herself. She was expected to gag on his length without flinching. She was expected to always be working her tongue, either swirling around him when she pulled back or pressing upwards against him and giving him a tighter hole to penetrate when he went in. Her body was made for this, and she lived up to his expectations perfectly. He sank into her soft, tight throat over and over again but she never stopped, even as she gagged and choked and occasionally coughed, making cooing sounds as he stroked her silky hair with one hand. She thrust him in and out with her own movement, pulling back until just the head of his dick was still captured by her warmth, flicking his tip with her tongue as her lips caressed the back of the helmet of his cock… then shoving herself back down, squeezing him with the way it made her gag as she stuffed herself with his meat.

Tawny drooled around him but that didn’t matter… he liked his blowjobs sloppy and undignified and passionate and she knew it. There was still plenty of her spit and his precum to coat his dick on each thrust, making her throat yield easily as he slid ever further down it until her nose was flat against his body and she simply couldn’t keep her eyes on his anymore, until her tongue could just barely push out beneath his dick to lick at his balls on her chin. Then out again, over and over in a steady rhythm.

It was wonderful. John could have stayed there all day… but there was too much to do. Tawny began swallowing the moment his length started to throb inside her, and the instant the first drops of his seed basted the back of her throat she was ready, swallowing her breakfast down like it was precious ambrosia, purring while she gulped it down. And it was right there, as she finished swallowing his seed, as she was looking up at him with worship while his cock softened in her mouth, that John told her. “You know, I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re going to work out, Tawny.”

She blinked, her eyes filling with confusion… confusion that turned to wide-eyed panic as he suddenly let his bladder go. She swallowed reflexively before she really seemed to understand what was happening, and the stream shot down her already prepared throat with ease, flooding her mouth until there was simply too much for her to choke down anymore. “You should consider this a divorce,” he told her as his urine washed over her tongue, filled up the space behind her teeth, and washed out over her chin and down her breasts. As soon as that happened, he pulled out, aiming at the stunned girl’s face as he forced her to squint her eyes shut with a stream of salty piss.

When at last the stream had tapered off, Tawny was sobbing… even if he couldn’t see the tears of her soaked face he could hear her sorrow, even as he pressed a button on his bedside. The door opened and two guards walked in, marching for her. “I… I don’t understand, sir…” Tawny begged, pleading with him. “Why… what? Husband, wh-”

She cut off as John pushed a ballgag into her mouth, closing the strap around the back of her head. “I already told you. It’s not going to work out. A pretty, stupid selkie girl and a slaver… we’re just too different, my dear. But don’t worry.” He took a leash and closed it around the wedding ring through her clit, then handed that cord to one of the guards. “We’re going to get you a new husband. One after the other. I’m sure we’ll find someone who wants to stick with you eventually.”

As Tawny was pulled from the room crying, hurrying to keep up with the leash and its hold on her clit, John turned to June. The slave was tied up chained to his wall by the collar on her neck, having watched the display with her own teary eyes. The dildos in her cunt and asshole buzzed away, working to keep her on the edge of cumming without letting her go over. They were locked into place by the belt that only his key could remove… an assurance no one was going to breed the bitch. Ahead of schedule, anyway. “And you,” John said, smiling at her. “We have your buyer lined up. He’s looked over your medical records, seen your DNA tests, and picked you out of our book. You should be very proud, June… you’re going to make an excellent mother.” He smirked at her. “Because if you don’t, you’re going to spend the rest of your life as a urinal.” John unchained her and helped her up, walking awkwardly with the dildos deep inside her but walking regardless. “Let’s go… he’s ready to meet you, and he’s always wanted a daughter.”

As John moved between various parts of the compound, checking in on the slaves in the final points of their training, he decided that he would take the pony.

As he walked up to the yard, he was delighted to see Princess hooked up to the carriage. For the last week the fresh fillies had been deep in training in the various ways they would be expected to carry their owners, and while many preferred to ride them directly while on a joyride, John just needed to get from one point to the other, and for that being pulled along was best. He walked around her for a moment, admiring how she looked. When the girl had arrived here she had already been strong and fit, but after several weeks of proper diet and hard, hard work she looked lithe, almost feral. She wore a bit forcing her mouth open, like usual, along with her leather posture collar, high leather boots, and arm binders trapping her hands behind her back, and making them look excellent.

He stepped into the carriage, and while Princess grunted a little she didn’t flinch much beneath the weight. The harness she was in that attached her to the one man carriage meant she took most of the weight on her shoulders and on her hips, but the tension holding the things together was the wooden beam going between her legs. Endurance was important for a pony, so it was only fitting she pulled using her cunt… the dildo was stuck in there, and each step bounced her only part of the way off of it, fucking herself with each prancing step. John took up the reins, attached them to each of her nipple rings instead of her bit and bridle, and kicked the center beam with one foot to signal that he wanted her to start.

Princess gave a muffled whimper through the gag as the dildo jerked inside of her, but there were no attempted words… of course not. Then she was off, jogging forward naked, and pulling him along with each stride even as the dildo worked her pussy to a froth.

John, for his part, pulled out his tablet, enjoying the ride as he checked in on other slaves. As usual, his first step was to the main dark-web stream, smiling at what he saw. Mallory was on the stream, sitting tied down to a cock that, from the bulge, look significantly thicker than her forearm. On the side of the screen, the chat, and the bidding, rolled by. He had arranged for several of the men screwed over by the fallen heroine to have a shot at her while she was being broken, but most of them hadn’t been able to pay for that privilege, or it had been too inconvenient. For them, there was this stream.

The first of the men smirked as he handed the broken heroine a pint glass. The smirk widened further when the cat took it from him with trembly hands, her once-haughty face flushed red with humiliation. Mallory lifted the glass. “My name is Mallory,” she said to all of her haters… and her fans… who would be watching this. “And I’m nothing but a nasty, cum loving fuckslut. Cheers.” Her voice quavered just a little. Then she raised the glass to her lips and took a sip.

The taste instantly made her gag.

From where he sat on the pony cart, John could watch the chat on his tablet. The viewers were bidding on what was going to happen to the feline heroine next, making “suggestions” and backing them up with money. Already she’d been pierced, and then had those piercings heated with a torch. She’d had that dildo lubed with chili sauce before they tied her down on it. She’d been titfucked as she sat there, making her do the work of rubbing her breasts against the man running the stream, and most importantly they’d set rules that she had to read every suggestion out loud to the chat… to thank the chat for every idea and donation, and thank her rapist for making them happen.

“You like it?” the handler who had handed her the cup laughed. “I don’t even know what’s really inside, and I don’t want to know. Most of it comes from condoms from the occasional customer that bothers. I think some was from the donkeys they let fucked some of the pony girls. The rest… who knows.” Mallory was visibly fighting back the urge to cry as she took a longer slurp this time and swallowed, the foul-tasting slime sliding down her throat and making her retch. “How is it? Tell the camera.”

Forcing a fake smile to her face, Mallory took another sip and swallowed, then looked up at the camera. “It tastes lovely. I love drinking cum so much. I’m Mallory and I’m a nasty cum guzzling slut.” Another gulp. The heroine retched again, but just barely forced herself to keep the cum slop down. “I’m a pathetic jizz loving cumdumpster and I love the taste of cum.” Mallory’s voice shook slightly, her eyes beginning to turn red as she took another sip and grimaced.

“You’re only 1/3rd of the way, whore. Might want to hurry up.” The man grinned. “Take too long and I’ll give you a second glass.”

Mallory shivered at that idea. She raised the glass again and took a long gulp this time, gulping down three mouthfuls quickly. It was obviously a mistake. The disgusting mix of aged human and dog and donkey cum coupled with the disgusting sensation of warm slime sliding down her throat was too much for the kitten. Gagging sounds filled the room as she choked on her cum slop and retched half of it back up, the slimy white fluid coating her face and splattering down onto her breasts, messing up the strands of her lovely red hair resting on her chest.

As Mallory leaned over and coughed, tears now streaming from her eyes, the man reached over and picked up her glass, then poured in more cum from a jug, filling it back up to the brim. “You know the rules, whore. Waste any of your drink and we’ll fill it back up. Now continue anytime you like.”

Mallory whimpered… but she picked up the glass and forced herself to keep drinking. Idly, John wondered if he might have time to fuck the pony when they stopped… at this rate he might need it. “I’m Mallory, I used to be called the Lynx, and… and I love the taste of cum so much. I hope all of you are stroking yourself watching this jizzmop cumdumpster slut drinking cum like the pathetic bitch she is.”

“You’ve got more than 10,000 viewers now, slut. Don’t you feel good? They’re all paying to watch you guzzling jizz. And in fact…” The man walked over to the kitten and picked up her glass. “Someone just paid us a thousand bucks to top up your glass with piss. Too bad, cumdumpster.”

Mallory’s face fell, the feline heroine’s forced smile slowly cracking as the man pissed into her glass, filling it back up right from the tap. The cum slop was now slightly less slimy after being diluted with piss, but even more disgusting. Fitting for her. She took another gulp and lost it again. Bending over, she retched her guts out from the taste of cum and piss. The earlier gulps of cum came back up as she splattered it on the floor, coughing and retching hard.

“Oh, that’s a pity. Guess you’re starting again. But first, read the next donation,” The man ordered.

Mallory hesitated, still coughing, doubled over on her knees. She let out a low whimper… then forced herself up. “I’m… I’m Mallory, and I love the taste of cum in my fuckslut mouth.” She looked at the chat and struggled not to cry as she choked out the worst of the next donation. “And… and I agree. I should be tied down and raped by a dog. That… that’s a new donation incentive.” Mallory seemed smart enough to know that looking miserable about the idea was the worst thing she could do if she didn’t want to encourage others to crowdfund in that direction, but she couldn’t quite hide her misery either… it shone through like a beacon as she forced out the idea.

John had little doubt she’d have a knot stuffed up her cunt shortly.

Princess panted to a stop outside of the main building, shifting from foot to foot with desperation… trying to fuck herself more with the dildo. Unlike most of the girls here, the ponies didn’t have any rules about orgasms… just without their hands or really any kind of control they were incredibly difficult to get. She could only fuck herself in and out about an inch with the dildo stuffing her, and her clit went completely ignored. John could have stopped it, but he liked the idea of her sitting out here, trying desperately to cum and really just further teasing herself for hours potentially, so instead he got off the carriage and softly stroked her mane for a moment. He really did hope someone appreciated this one, rather than burning her out and putting her in a shallow grave… she made an excellent pony.

Turning his back on her, he met Lorelai at the door as he strode into the mansion. “Is he here?”

The succubus nodded, tilting her head down. “Yes master. Mr Cambrian arrived four minutes ago, only two minutes early.”

“Good,” he said, marching forward and feeling it as the naked, dark-skinned demon fell into step behind him. “And I take it his commission is ready as well?”

“Yes, master,” Lorelai repeated, keeping pace with his brisk steps. It made the bells she had hanging from her nipples ring a bit as they swung around, pulling at the piercings, but she didn’t stop or pay them any consideration. “He’s being taken to her now.”

“Let’s go see, shall we?” he said, continuing down the hallway and turning up a staircase. The back halls of the mansion were practically a madhouse by now as staff rushed around, hurrying to get merchandise ready for sale… even after getting so many pre-trained pieces of meat, it wasn’t enough to take the frantic edge off of working retail, and no one wanted to be left behind. John blocked it out, focusing on the VIP ahead of him as he opened a door on the second story and walked in.

Cunt was bowing on the ground, her ass high in the air while she had her face against the ground, pressed against the shoe of a man in a suit as she licked it for him. The British aristocrat certainly didn’t look very uppity any longer… her tongue worshiping at his shoe with long laps across the leather. “Thank you for buying me sir,” she was whispering between licks. “Thank you for buying me, sir.”

“I have to say,” the man said, smiling, “this is a nice change. What was it you said to me at dinner, all those months ago?”

She whimpered. “Please… I was foolish. I-”

He lashed out with a kick, right to the face was licking his boots. “I know you are,” he said to the whimpering girl in the same tone of voice, showing no sign of the way he had just casually brutalized her. “But what was it you said?”

The girl who had once been called Lucy slowly forced herself back into position, and resumed licking. “This cunt… this cunt said you disgusted her,” she said softly. “That she would rather die than spend another minute with you.”

“And now?” the man said. “How do you feel now?”

“Please…” she sobbed. “Please, I love you. I love you. This cunt was wrong. Please take me away from here. I’d rather be with you.”

The man looked up, met John’s expression, and smiled at him. “Yes, I think you would,” he said with a grin. “Turn around. I want to sample what I bought to see if it’s worth keeping. Otherwise, I just might leave you here.” The dark-haired girl moved in a frantic hurry to turn around, presenting her cunt and ass to her new master, and John had absolutely no doubt that she was going to give him the fuck of her life to prove just how devoted she would be to leaving him in bliss all day every day if only he would let her. Clearly, he had little doubts of it either, as his smile never wavered. “Good little girl, Cunt,” he growled as he dropped his pants, stroking himself as he looked at her prim holes winking at him as her ass swayed back and forth. “Good little Cunt.”

“Wet for me already cumsluts?” John mocked as he stepped into the room. “You must be looking forward to feeling my dick inside you by now, right?”

The two kitsune were in their usual room. John had stopped by last night and taken them out of their box, but left them instead facing each other on a wooden horse, bound but ungagged. He admired their bodies as he stopped, holding a whip in one hand and playing his fingers over it. They looked the worse for wear after a week and a half of tender treatment. Their hands bound beneath them, and weights on their ankles, the entire weight of their bodies were balanced on their cunts, the tender flesh riding the point of the wooden horse. After a night of this, their groins looked red enough to light a match if he pushed one against it. They had maybe slept 10 hours in the last 10 days, their bodies were covered in bruised, welts, and cum, and every single bit of them seemed weak and abused. They had lost weight already… he had barely fed them anything that didn’t come out of his cock, and it was starting to show on their bodies. They looked an absolute mess.

And John had never seen anything more beautiful.

“Today is a very big day,” he said, holding up the whip and drawing it back before he slashed it forward, striking Haru across her right breast. “One of you, the one that is the best trained, is going to earn some mercy from me,” he said as he drove the whip into Lee’s ass. She screamed… but her eyes were suddenly on John with a feverish intensity. He could feel Haru’s gaze doing the same, even before he turned to look, even before he said another word. “One of you is going to be sold off for Christmas,” he told them, drawing back the whip and striking Haru again, making her grind her agonized cunt against the horse even more as she flinched. “I’m going to sell that one of you off to some master like chattel, a little cumdump for the holidays.” The lash cut into Lee. “He’ll rape you daily,” John told them as he whipped Haru. “He’ll probably have you sleep on a dog bed and feed you table scraps if he feeds you anything.” Lee’s breasts jerked as the whip crashed into them.  “Maybe you can suck his cock well enough to earn some mercy,” he growled as Haru cried out under the lash, “but there’s no promise of that, now is there?”

He took aim, and Lee screamed as the whip struck one of her nipples directly. “In a minute, each of you is going to try to convince me which of you I should sell. But it’s only one of you that gets to be sold like a cheap stocking stuffer. The one I don’t pick…” John made sure they both got hit on the next stroke. “She stays here,” he said, grinning. “For more training… until next Christmas. Every single day on the horse, or on the poles, or hanging from the ceiling. Every single night in the box. I doubt there will be much left of her by the time a full year comes around, but what’s left will certainly be obedient and skilled, won’t it?”

John paused whipping for a moment. “So… which of you should I sell off?”

The slaver wasn’t entirely sure what he had expected, or how quickly it would come. As it turned out, his earlier lesson over the benefits of being the first to speak up had evidently had an impact, because he had barely stopped speaking when Haru answered. “Me!” she all but screamed. “Sell me, master! I can’t stand it anymore! Please, sell me!”

John raised the whip and crashed it against Haru’s tits even as Lee spoke up. “No, pick me, master!” the blue-furred fox said, eyes wide and desperate. “I… I’m much more ready to be sold than my sister is!” She cried out as John whipped her, but she didn’t stop. “I… I can suck your dick better than she can. You always love my throat and say it’s so nice…”

Haru narrowed her eyes, glaring at her sister. “She’s not well behaved enough… she’d give you a bad name!” the red fox protested. “She was just saying, not an hour ago, how she was only pretending to be obedient, how she was going to escape as soon as she could. You can’t trust her!”

The whip cracked against Haru’s ass, but Lee’s snarl was louder. “You bitch!” she spat. “I was trying to reassure you, you selfish slut!” She turned a frantic gaze to John as he whipped her next. “I didn’t mean it master! She just wanted me to say it!” Her glare returned to Haru as the whip tracked towards her. “You’re always saying how nice her ass is. You should keep her so you can keep fucking her! The slut is always moaning about how much it hurts, how much she would rather you do anything else, but we both know it’s what she deserves.”

John had to struggle not to laugh at Haru looked incredibly hurt for a second before she bit back. “Shut up, whore… your ass is the one that needs more training. I’m ready to please a customer, Master.” She spat towards her sister. “You are the one who wanted to stay where the cat put us. This is your fault, take some responsibility!”

The whip cracked again, Lee bit back, and John just relaxed into his punishment, enjoying every second. This was incredible. Here he was… having tortured, raped, and brutalized them both, they were currently up on wooden horses and he was whipping them, and they were glaring at each other and blaming their sister for their pain. It was perfect. Back and forth they traded promises, insults, and suggestions for what John should do to the other one… anything to prove their loyalty, their worthiness. Anything to make one of them stand out. Haru told him that Lee was terrified of dogs, and suggested he let his kennels fuck her. Lee told him that Haru lived in fear of getting bred, and getting knocked up would be her worst nightmare. Haru suggested that he weld her sister’s nipple rings together so tightly that it turned her chest into a permanent fourth fuckhole. Lee mentioned that her sister was allergic to orchids, and suggested that Haru’s asshole might be even more pleasant to fuck if he stuffed some petals in there first and saw just how swollen it could get.

John whipped them until his arm was tired, and they were still trying to push one another beneath the bus. To him it didn’t even seem like they were competing to get to leave anymore, so much as they were venting their anger at one another after sleepless nights filled with pain and betrayal. “Well, this has been nice,” John said, interrupting Lee, “but I really do need to make a choice. So… help me make up my mind. You both make excellent points, but if I picked you, if you were about to get to be sold, how would you say goodbye to this place? What would you do?”

Lee, obviously eager to get ahead of her sister, didn’t pause. “Please master, I’ve been dying to suck your cock all day. I don’t have a ring gag for the first time… I can really, really show you how much I love your cock, how eager I am to make you happy. If you were to let me down and choose me, I’d… I’ll give you the best blowjob of your entire life. Every single move I make will be like I’m worshiping you.” John sighed like he was bored, and she desperately continued. “Please master, I’d desperate for your cum. It’s all I ever want to eat, and you’ve been teasing me with the box and—”

Haru, glaring, cut her off. “Or,” she said, spitting, “you could fuck her throat anytime. Instead, you should just piss down her neck like the toilet she is and then give me the biggest dildo you have. I’ll say goodbye, alright… I’ll say goodbye by turning her asshole inside out for you. Right there on the horse. Maybe if I fuck her hard enough, I can saw her in half from the cunt.”

Lee stared at her sister like she had grown another head, and John laughed. “I think we have a winner!” he said as Lee started bawling.

Haru wobbled unsteadily on her feet as John untied the weights from her legs and lowered her from the horse. Her hands would have probably flown to her sore pussy if he had let them go from the armbinders he had them in. Instead, she looked like she was about to fall over if someone blew on her while John brought over a large, brutal-looking strap-on dildo, ten inches long and as thick as his wrist. It might have been made of plastic and latex but the spikes on it were deceptively stiff and harsh as it jutted out from her body. Three straps allowed it to be buckled onto her pelvis, two straps around her hips, and a third passing between her legs. Grinning, John pulled that last one tight, making her cry out as it dug into her reddened, horse-sore pussy. “Are you having seconds thoughts?” John teased as he got out some red chili sauce and started slathering the dildo up with it. “I’m sure if you were, Lee would be willing to volunteer to trade places.”

Haru stared down in horror as the red agonizing liquid spread all over the spiked cock. “…no sir!” she whispered, and while her voice was quiet there was no lack of conviction in it.

“Good,” John said, pushing the still-bound girl up against her sister’s backside. “Then say goodbye to the blue slut.”

The hot sauce, cruel as it was, still did serve to lubricate the end of the giant dick, so as she pressed the bulbous head against her sisters tightly puckered orifice, Lee struggled against her bonds, already feeling the heat as she started pleading with her sister. “Haru, no, please… don’t don’t don’t I’m sorry I’m sorry, please don’t do this to me I’m sorry…”

For just an instant, Haru hesitated. Then John could see it as she remembered the promise Lee had made regarding her, the threats, the insults. Her eyes hardened, her mouth formed a snarl, and she pushed forward with her hips.

For several seconds Lee’s struggling asshole refused to give way but then with a sudden pop the head of the dildo crashed through her defenses, and John smiled even as Lee’s begging cut off into deafening screams. Haru didn’t stop, though. Pump by sadistic pump, she forced inch after excruciating inch of the dildo into the tight opening until, finally, the kitsune banged her pelvis against her sister’s welt-covered ass and sheathed the dildo completely inside of her. The red-haired woman was sweating with the exertion… it was obviously hard work getting the dildo into such a tight tunnel, especially with how tired she was and her hands bound. It was clearly nothing compared to the agony Lee was in as the huge dildo split her guts, painting every sensitive, stretched inch of her insides in burning chili sauce, and her screams made that perfectly clear. John walked up behind Haru and reached around, fondling and squeezing her firm breasts, feeling the sore girl tremble on his skin. Then Haru pulled back, removing half the dildo only to slam forward again, bringing forth another squeal from her bound sister. The red kitsune settled into a steady yet brutal rhythm, the room was filling with the sound of slapping flesh and wet slurps accompanied by squeals, moans, and screams as Haru slowly fucked the voice and air from her sister. Each thrust rocked her back and forth on the horse, scraping her cunt with the wood. Each thrust buried more of the sharp, burning cock in her ass. Each thrust drove her deeper into delirious pain.

Completely focused on dildo raping her sister’s asshole, Haru was trying to ignore the tit groping and continue her thrusting, so her only warning of what was coming when John’s hand rested on her steadily pumping rear for a second as he pulled the center strap to the side, pushing her upper body forward as he did until her tits were pressed against her sister’s back, still on the horse. “What?” she moaned in confusion, trying to figure out why she had been interrupted… the realization hit her when she felt John’s stiff cock begin pressing into her own ass. She opened her mouth to beg but the slaver didn’t even give her an opportunity… with a violent thrust his dick skewered her tight hole, knocking her forwards which also slammed the dildo deeper into Lee.

The sisters’ screamed in unison, and John smiled. He’d never ass-raped two girls at the same time before. “I figure that since you are leaving and all, I should say goodbye. You are still leaving, right? This isn’t a problem for you, is it?”

Breathing harshly, Haru forced the words out. “No… master… thank you… for saying… goodbye… to my guts…”

Smiling, John continued. Starting slowly, practicing his movements as he did them, he started to fuck them both. Pulling Haru’s hips back with his hands, he withdrew the dildo from Lee while, simultaneously drawing his hips so his own cock was largely extracted from her asshole. Then, with an extra-long thrust like he was driving a nail into concrete, he rammed his dick back into the red-furred fox, continuing to press forward and down until her hips crashed against her sister, smashing the spiked dildo deep into her guts. On each thrust Haru squirmed, and that only made the cock jerk and twist inside Lee, causing further suffering as she tried to hopelessly escape the fuck-sword John was impaling her on.

Some things you only got a chance to do once. These two sisters betraying each other for such a paltry mercy, and him fucking them both at the same time, was one of those things. He delayed as long as he could but eventually he spilled his jizz into Haru’s clenching bowels, sighing in pleasure as he finished. He pulled out and enjoyed the relieved sobbing of both foxes as the movement stopped.

Then the other slave trainer that none of them had even noticed coming in took John’s place and started fucking them the same way.

They both screamed.

It didn’t matter.

“All these men have been contributing cum to your training,” John told them as he stepped to the side. “They should all get a chance to say good bye to your lovely asshole, Haru. Don’t worry, though… just remember, they’ll all be running this train on your sister all year. Just focus on that… it’ll get you through it.” He chuckled and joined up with Lorelai at the door, the succubus already holding out a tablet for him as he left the screaming foxes behind him. “Alright… it’s show time. Show me what’s next.”

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