All I Want For Christmas Is a New Pet – December 24th

Hello, and welcome to the Christmas Special! This year, we are doing something very special – my server was given options to decide, and I wrote an advent calendar Christmas story featuring the sexy ladies of my discord. All of the people featured in this story are the characters or personas of women on the server discord, their likenesses and names used with permission. This story will run most days between the 1st and the 25th. I hope you enjoy, and if you aren’t in the discord yet, you should be! Join us here!

Lorelai knelt on the floor in the well-practiced posture of a slave, her hands folded neatly behind her back in a pose that did fantastic things for her tits, thrusting them out from her body in a way that her master found most pleasing… even though she wasn’t, right this second, waiting for him. She was doing this for him, though. Of course she was: It was why she did everything.

Then the customer stepped into the room, and she smiled at him. “Greetings, Master Caecus,” she said, smiling at the VIP whom she was giving a tour of the facility. “And welcome to my master’s mansion.”

The rich customer, in his suit and tie and confidence, looked at her and smiled. “Such a lovely thing as you can call me Ian,” he said with a smirk. “And you would be?”

“My master usually just calls me Demon, or Whore, or whatever he pleases, Master Ian,” the succubus said. “I will answer to whatever you like. I am at your disposal to give you a tour of the mansion, to help you find the perfect slave for you, and to show you how our operation works.” Master was hoping that Mr Caecus might be an investor for next year. “And, of course, see to it that any… tension… that arises is taken care of.” She smiled as she smoothly rose to her feet without taking her hands out from behind her back. “Please, follow after me, Master Ian.”

The naked succubus led him from the room, her ass and tail swaying with unconscious rhythm as they stepped out into one hallway and then another. “We will be seeing the main sale area first,” she told him as they walked past a trio of ponies being lead away on a leash by an aristocratic-looking man and his very excited daughter. The redhaired, dark skinned one was an especially fine specimen, and Lorelai was happy to see that the woman she was being purchased for seemed genuinely excited about the idea. It greatly increased the chance she’d survive past spring. She noticed that her VIP customer was watching the beautiful pony with the “Princess” brand with interest as she was pulled past. “Interested in a pony of your own, sir?” she asked him.

The man shook his head, stealing one more glance at the fine, fit ass of the girl as she was pulled past. “Not really. Lead on.” Shrugging, Lorelai did as commanded, taking him through the stalls. Here, hundreds of slaves were lined up, held usually only by a collar around their necks attaching them to the nearest wall. Customers were free to grope, slap, and finger all they wanted, though going further than that required the assistance of the staff. Some of these slaves had been being trained all year for this sale. Others were recovered after The Lynx had been dragged down and made to give away the location of more than a hundred other trained slaves. Still others had been lured in recently, like the family of naked fucktoys being sold up against a wall, glaring at the family member pinned to the other side of the hallway. She was the only one in the hall being raped right here… the sign next to Alicja said specifically that she was free to use. In a place for slaves to be sold, she alone was free for the taking… and when the night ended she would probably still be here, no one having made an offer to take her away… not even for free.

Ian showed her no interest, and Lorelai wasn’t surprised. None of these cheap fucktoys he was being led past were of interest to a VIP. Still, she explained the operation, how they were trained. Most of the slaves here were human, or low-key supernatural beings like dryads or nymphs. “Anything more valuable is kept in the back, or by appointment.”

“Show me some of those,” he said, and the demon nodded and smiled.

“Right his way sir,” she said as she led him further into the back room. “We have to go through the permanent rooms to get there.”

Tawny tried to stifle her sob as the man walked into the room… the 8th man today. By now she knew the role that was expected of her. It was hideously humiliating and made her want to die, but still she crawled immediately up to him in her white dress and handed the leash for her clit ring right to the man. “Please sir,” she begged. “Would you please take me as your wife?”

The man laughed and tugged on the leash, making the red haired selkie’s world go momentarily white with pain. “I would love to be your husband, whore,” he said, grinning as she recovered enough to look up at him with desperate eyes. “I promise as your husband I’ll only fuck you senseless and leave you covered in bruises.”

Tawny wept. “And… and I promise… I promise to honor and obey you anyways,” she sobbed out. He pulled on her clit leash again, and Tawny began to pray that her master would take her back. This man would “divorce” her as soon as he was finished with her… they all did. If she… if she did good… then maybe Master John would take her away from this place. Maybe he would realize that he had made a mistake, that she could be a good wife. That she would never, ever disappoint him again. She put her face on the ground, reached down to grab onto her rear with both hands, and spread her pussy for her new husband, eager to show both him and her old one just how well she could behave…

“What’s in here?” Mr Caecus asked as he looked around as they passed through the back rooms.

“Prostitutes, mostly,” Lorelai said as she looked around, pressing a hand against the one of the glass walls where the pretty brunette June was busy getting fucked by her current master, the slave sucking on him while his seed leaked out of her cunt now that it wasn’t in a chastity belt anymore. “Specialized services we offer for people who  wouldn’t be able to afford a slave so exotic as a selkie, or who don’t want to take care of a slave for such a specific purpose. Take this one…” she said, gesturing at June. “She’s just here for one simple purpose. Have babies. We get paid to let him make a child the old-fashioned way… to feed her, clothe her, have our doctors take care of her, and make her available if the father would like to take advantage of her during her pregnancy. In return he gets the fun of having a child of his own loins, delivered to him from the mother he picked. For an extra fee he can even fuck her face while she delivers.”

“Interesting,” her VIP client said, looking around. “And there are more of these?”

“Demon bloods, angel bloods, selkies, hybrids… all kind of exotic playthings, and a whole host of mothers-to-be, and current mothers.” Lorelai confirmed as she started walking again. “We find it a good use for less valuable, less skilled slaves… no less beautiful, of course. No one wants to invest in that. They are, however, more concerned with good health and good genetics than they are good training, and we use the time they spend knocked up to teach them better skills. Some of them even get bought by the father afterwards.” She walked on through the back, her retina opening the security area in the rear wall. “This way, sir.”

The first thing they passed back here was a cat-earred woman tied to a run, strapped down in full view of a dozen cameras and begging like an animal in heat as a dog raped her from behind. From even their vantage point behind the wall, both of them could see dozens more dogs waiting. A screen nearby showed the chat… this was going out live. Plenty of her fans were watching the broken whore promise eternal servitude to the man who would be willing to take her. An auction was going on, the bidding swift… though Lorelai doubted it was her “fans” driving up the price so high.

“So this in the famous Lynx,” Ian said, looking at her. “Quite embarrassing what she did to you people. I didn’t think she’d ever be caught.”

“It seems she didn’t think so either,” Lorelai said, snorting. “She’s learning otherwise now… and making amends for the trouble.” She walked on, leaving the bidding to continue to rise for the broken superheroine. Lorelai lead into the last room. “Here is where we keep the specialty slaves. The expensive ones.” Taking him in, they passed by slave after slave after slave on display in various bondage furniture. Nearly all of these had demonic brands on them, helping to train them the way that Master wanted.

Ian paused as he passed the red-haired fox that had caused Master so much trouble. Like all of these women she had a tablet hanging next to her with all of the information on her training, name, and details of the slave in question… and most importantly, the current bid. The customer picked up the tablet and made a bid after a few glances, casually ignoring how large the price tag was on an exotic fox. “There are quite a few humans in here,” he observed as he walked. “I have to confess, I was expecting the most expensive ones to be entirely… exotics.”

“Not at all!” Lorelai protested. “For one, since more exotic girls like the kitsune are rarer, we can’t take as many risks or creative chances in their training. If we break just a random pretty runaway, though, we can just replace her with another. And when those creative ideas succeed…” She led him past several girls, gesturing at them. One in particular recoiled away from them in naked horror. “This one here sees only what we want her to at this point. She sees us both as monsters made entirely of tentacles and mouths. To her, you’ll always be a one-man gangrape… she’ll never escape that vision.” She pointed to a blindfolded girl next. “That one will be unshakably convinced that the next man she sees is her father.” She kept walking, stopping beside a golden blonde as Ian made bids on a few more that he passed. “And this one… this one is a new brand Master has been working on this year. This girl is completely, entirely convinced that cum is lethal. That if someone cums inside her, it will kill her. The fact that she never dies won’t dissuade her in the least… it’s always the next load that will end her life. She’ll fight like her… she’ll always fight like hell.”

“That does sound fun,” Ian agreed, rolling his shoulders. “Yeah, I’ve seen enough. I think this will make an excellent investment. I’m prepared to celebrate.” He leered at the succubus. “So why don’t you strap yourself into one of these racks and try out that new brand on yourself? Let’s see how much you squirm when you’re convinced the next drop of jizz in your womb will kill you.”

Lorelai flinched a little. “I’m sorry, sir,” she said politely, “but my Master reserves my lower holes for his use. My mouth, however, is freely available fo-”

Master Ian cut her off with a smile. He pulled out a phone and played a command from Master John, his grin never vanishing. “Demon. This man gets what he wants from you. Be a good little whore, and I’ll be happy.” He put it away, and looked at her expectantly.

Lorelai winced again… but the idea of her master being happy still filled her with euphoria, even if being taken like this filled her with dread. So without further encouragement she climbed into the bondage rack right between two slaves, the fresh brand already appearing on her thigh. “Please don’t do this…” she begged. “Master… he must not understand. This will kill me! He doesn’t want to lose me, he needs me!”

Master Ian laughed as he walked up behind her, and she felt the heat of his cock as it brushed her from behind. “We’ll see about that, whore,” he said with a smile. “We’ll see about that.”

Haru had been forced to sit there all day in her bondage, watching as man after man after man came by to molest her, to test out the tightness of her hole, to pinch and prod and probe to decide if they were going to buy her, and the whole time she was left with nothing but the memory of what she had done to get here. How she had sold out her sister for a chance to be sold like meat on the auction block, men deciding what she was worth and paying her rapist for the privileged of owning her. It was unbearable… but what else could she have done? She couldn’t stay here another minute. It was that dumb whore’s fault they had been caught in the first place… she should have to be the one to stay.

Besides, after Haru was gone from this place, maybe she could find a way to free her. It was better than she deserved, but Haru was nothing if not merciful. She’d do it, if only to show her scheming sister how wrong she had been to put her through all of that.

After a whole day of bidding on her, a group of trainers – the same who had been raping her ass most of yesterday, she noted with a wince – came by to tell her she was ready to become a Christmas present. Like many of the other slaves around her, she was taken from her bonds and wrapped up in red silken bondage of ribbons and bows before being put into a box to be a present. Just seeing another box made her want to scream but it wouldn’t help… this wasn’t the same kind of box. She had to be strong. She was getting out of here. She had to be wrong.

She still screamed when the lid closed and locked her in darkness, and sobbed despite herself.

It felt like hours before the box was put back down. By then she had put herself back together enough not to be a complete mess. She needed to make a good first impression if she was going to find a way to escape… or even worse, if she didn’t her new owner might send her back to that place. Stoically, she waited while the lid came off, the light almost blinding as she was lifted out of the box and set down onto a soft bed, and then…

“There’s really nothing like buying yourself a present for work well done,” John said with a chuckle.

No. No no it couldn’t be… but as her eyes adjusted the bound fox found herself tied up in the room with her slaver once again. She wasn’t alone, either… the dark skinned demoness was on the bed, her holes leaking cum as well, and she seemed completely exhausted as, right before Haru’s eyes, one of the brands on her skin seemed to be slowly evaporating away. “It’s after midnight,” he said with a smile as he looked at her. “Which mean it’s only right I can open my present.”

“But…” Haru said weakly. “You… you promised… you said that…”

“That you’d be sold,” he said, nodding. “And you were. To me.”

Haru started sobbing, and John patted the weeping kitsune right between her ears. “Oh there there little fox,” he teased. “Don’t look at it that way. Your sister is still stuck in a box, and you’re not. You should be grateful. But if you are having seconds thoughts…”

“No master!” she said, too quickly. “No, master. Thank you master!”

He grinned at her. “Good! That’s what I thought. Then we should celebrate you coming to your new home, shouldn’t you?”

Haru sobbed quietly as she looked at the floor. “Yes, master. Thank you master…”

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