The Wedding Party

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This story requires a stronger disclaimer than usual. To paraphrase another author, my kinks are not my politics, and my fetish is not a manifesto… and they shouldn’t be for any of you, either. There is quite a bit of gay-bashing in this story, coming from awful people. Please enjoy the fantasy responsibly, and remember that real people in the real world actually can be hurt by what you do and say.

Amber couldn’t sleep again.

The tan brunette tossed and turned in bed, changing her position, growing more and more anxious with every second that passed… and more annoyed with herself. She was supposed to be past this by now. Today was a good day… she was going to be happy. Indeed, she was excited… the thrill of the day that was ahead of her filled her, making her want to start the day even though it was only six in the morning… but that wasn’t the cause of her anxiety. It was that she was going to a wedding.

Just two years ago she had been a college dropout riddled with anxiety and had dreaded ever standing at the altar and saying vows more than anything. It had seemed like a nightmare that was impossible to escape from… not the idea of tying the knot, of course, but doing so with the person she was supposed to meet there. He was gone now, though. She had gotten away. The anxiety attacks had been almost constant for months, and intermittent for the first year, but they had largely faded. Now that Amber had a much more suitable companion, she couldn’t be happier to be so committed to the person she loved.

But going to a wedding again still brought all the same anxiety right back.

“Can’t sleep?” Amber heard her fiancée’s voice. She cursed herself, feeling like an asshole. It was too early to wake her up… but Brook’s soft hands wrapped around her waist and pressed her chest to Amber’s back, and it helped. She closed her eyes and sank against her lover, feeling safe and calm and loved… something that only two years ago she could have never imagined ever being worth.

She took a deep breath and let it out. “I… might be a little worried,” she said, trying to hide her nervousness. “I’m sorry. I’ve been waiting for this for so long and now that it’s finally happening – I guess I’m just afraid of something going wrong.”

She felt the muscles on Brook’s face move as she smiled, pulling the worried bride even closer and kissing the soft skin behind her ear. Amber let herself melt into the other woman’s embrace… She always knew what to do to make Amber feel better and this time wasn’t an exception. It was just one of many, many reasons why she loved the beautiful woman. “I know what’s bothering you,” she muttered against her lover’s neck. “I’m not him. I’d never hurt you.” She nuzzled the other woman…

Then blew a raspberry on her neck.

Amber shrieked, laughing despite herself as Brook held onto her, refusing to let her escape for several seconds. “Just promise me that if you plan on leaving me at the altar, you’re going to give me a heads-up first.”

Funny and lighthearted as it was, it was still sobering. There was some real vulnerability here, and while Brook was doing her best to comfort Amber, her past still hurt. “You know why I did it, right? And why would I never do anything like that to you?”

Brook kissed her again, and her hand found Amber’s. Her fingers traced over the diamond ring on her finger, and Amber tried to imagine what it would feel like when a second ring joined it. “I know, love. I know.”

“I mean it!” Amber continued, leaning close enough that her blonde hair was falling over her face. “Mark was a piece of shit. I would have taken off earlier but I thought he was going to kill me… I ran as soon as I had an opportunity. And you… well, you’re the opposite of him. In every way.”

Brook laughed, seeing a shy smile finally appearing on Amber’s lips. “Oh, so that’s why you started dating me? So you’d have the absolute opposite of what you had before?”

Amber frowned again, pursing your lips. “Hon…”

“Too much?” Brook purred softly. She leaned to tilt Amber’s face over and give her a soft kiss on the lips. “Alright. Enough of that then.” Brook always had a sense of humor about everything, and most days that helped… but what helped most of all was that the woman always knew when to stop. Amber let herself fade into that kiss, closing her eyes and just feeling her love. “Just try to not get nervous about the next few days, okay?” Brook reassured her. “Everything’s already set up. It’s all going to be perfect.”

“Yeah… everything will be perfect,” Amber said, agreeing… but she still felt a tight knot in her stomach, and she had no idea why.

“Look at the two of you! You’re both so cute!” Skye was talking non-stop as she moved Amber and Brook around, getting their outfits sorted. “Come on… Let me take a picture!” The rehearsal for the wedding had gone as smoothly as Amber could have ever asked, and they were more than ready to go when Skye insisted that everyone get dressed up. That had been fine, but when she had brought out sashes with the bright-pink word “bride” emblazoned on them, well… if it had been anyone but her sister, Amber wouldn’t have put it on.

Skye backed up, leaving the happy couple sitting on the couch and taking out her phone to take some pictures. “Is she always this hyper-active?” Brooke whispered, leaning closer to Amber’s ear.

“Since about five minutes after birth,” Amber sighed, trying to keep smiling for the photos. She loved her little sister… loved her every bit as much as she did Brook, but even she had to admit that she could be a little… much. “Runs hard, crashes hard. Just wait for it… she’ll fall asleep on someone’s shoulder as soon as she has a drink or two.”

“Less talking!” Skye demanded. “More posing!”

While Brook and Amber tried their best to take the best photos they could, two more of their bridesmaids came into the room with snacks and drinks, dressed for a night out on the town. “Well don’t you both look lovely,” Ally said, watching her friends holding each other in a hug.

“Just beautiful,” Paige agreed. Amber’s best friend was wearing a sash of her own, she noticed, with the words “maid of honor” on the white fabric. It appeared Skye had already been involved there. Her friends were gorgeous… Ally’s blonde hair framed a sweet freckled face and the dark dress made her farmer’s tan look almost exotic. Paige, for her part, wore a red dress that set off her dark skin and darker hair, and smiled easily as she looked between her friends.

Still, as comfortable as she felt in their company, Amber couldn’t help but worry. The bride-to-be kept a smile on her face even as her mind drifted again despite herself, the nervousness having still not gone away. She owed these women so much.

She probably wouldn’t be here at all if not for Skye and Paige… the two of them had seen the value in her when she felt she had none, and convinced her to leave. When Mark was gone, away drinking with the boys for the bachelors party, the two of them had helped her empty the apartment and been gone before he had returned. She had needed to vanish for a while after that, and every time she heard a bang, every time the phone rang or she heard loud footsteps in the hall or on the stairs she had felt sure he was coming to take her back.

But he never had.

After that, Amber wasn’t sure if she ever would have put herself all the way back together if she hadn’t met Ally randomly one of the times Skye had forced her to go out. Skye had become fast friends with the girl almost immediately… and, in being dragged out to hang out with them, she had met the love of her life.

“How about the photo with all of us?” Skye proposed. “Get in the frame while I prepare everything!” Rolling their eyes, all five women moved to the frame, smiles on their faces as they waited for the time to tick down. It seemed like a pain in the ass, but when Skye showed the result to Amber she couldn’t help but smile. The picture looked great, with her and Brook being in the center wearing similar white sundresses, and their bridesmaids dressed in red, green, and black. Amber felt something warm in her chest, despite the anxiety that had never quite gone away. Maybe everything really would go smoothly and she had nothing to worry about.

“Let’s get going!” Skye commanded. “I picked the best places for my favorite sister’s party!”

“Is she your favorite sister because you don’t have another one?” Ally asked with a laugh.

“Maybe.” Skye smiled. Amber noticed Brook rolling her eyes, and smiled at her fiancée, understanding. She got along with Ally like the two of them had known each other forever… Brook’s best friend and Amber’s sister seemed so attached at the hips most times that it would have been hard for the two brides not to tie the knot – it seemed almost like a formality at this point, since they already seemed like family. “I’m just surprised Paul isn’t chaperoning you,” Skye said, sticking out her tongue. “He’s not afraid big bad Skye is going to get you drunk and have you wind up on the internet?”

Ally only grinned. “Please, as if you’re the most irresponsible person I hang out with. My boyfriend is smart enough to know I’m probably safer with you!”

“God, stop it, okay?” Paige moaned. “I already have to watch these two be lovey-dovey the rest of the evening, I don’t need another reminder of how desperately single I am.”

“Oh, you’ll find someone worthy of you, I’m sure,” Skye said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Just make sure to catch the flowers. I hear they’re magical.”

“I’ll probably need to elbow Ally out of the way for them,” Paige chuckled.

“Who knows, you might even meet someone today! We’re going to hit every damn bar in town that has two boards on a barrel and calls it a table… there’s got to be at least enough cute boys for the both of us.”

“Only if you promise,” Paige smiled back.

While the bridesmaids were talking, Brook and Amber stood aside. “You sure you’re feeling alright? We can cancel the party if you’re not feeling well… I mean it,” Brook said, rubbing her fiancée’s arms. “It’s just a good time… it’s not important. I’m sure everyone will understand, and it’s much more important that you feel safe and happy.”

“I don’t want to look stupid,” Amber said, looking down. “And I don’t want to ruin everything after Skye took so much time to prepare everything.”

“Hon, please. Skye would walk on water for your convenience, and run to the moon to get you cheese if you ran out. She’d rather you cancel and be comfortable than go out and be sad.”

Amber gave a weak smile, but shook her head. “Nah, I think… I think this is just what I need. Some time with friends to take the nerves off.”

“If you’re absolutely sure…” Brook said, giving her another chance to stop the party.

“I’ll be fine, I promise,” she smiled, giving the beautiful redhead a kiss on the cheek. “Now!” she said, raising her voice. “Sis, lead on. Let’s go have a party!”

Mark took another gulp of his drink, looking at the woman sitting next to him. She wasn’t bad… maybe a five out of ten. If he drank a bit longer, though, she might turn into a seven. This slice was practically the epitome of an air-headed slut – smiling at his every word and trying to lean closer at every chance so he could see her tits bulging out from the cut of her top. Mark was pretty sure she wanted him to fuck her right here on the table, but she wouldn’t say that: they always made it more complicated than it was. All the bitches did. It didn’t matter that she had come to a bar so disgusting that her dress stuck to the seat and slutted around – No, he had to be nice, to give her compliments, to try to make it look like he was really impressed with her personality. What personality? The slut didn’t have a thought in her head. The only thing he could possibly really want from her was to press her head down against the table, pull her skirt up, and fuck her cunt until she was screaming.

“When I just moved to the city I didn’t really know anyone, so–” Mark vaguely heard her saying, but he wasn’t paying attention any further. What was the point? Why would he spend his time trying to figure out this woman’s simple, empty little inner world when all she was good for was being fucked like the slut she was, and then he was never going to see her again? He had learned his lesson about that, after all. Never again. He had tried to act like a decent guy once, and it had led him nowhere.

“This place is great,” Mark said, interrupting, moving closer to her. The girl was sitting closer to the wall, so she didn’t have much room for the maneuver when he did it… he was practically pinning her against the wall. “But how about I show you even a better one? My place isn’t too far away… Unless you prefer to show me yours.” He put a hand on her knee, moving it high enough to feel the warmth of her thigh under his palm, rubbing it in small circles.

The girl went still, looking at him with wide eyes. He liked that look. It was the look of a grazing animal that had just realized she was in the presence of a predator, and it made him feel powerful. “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” the woman said with her voice shaking. “I– I think I should… go–”

“Are you sure?” Mark asked, squeezing her even tighter, hard enough to leave bruises from his fingers on her thigh. “The party is just starting, babe. I can show you a great time.”

The girl tried to move again, standing up and trying to go past him, but Mark pulled her back on the seat and pressed her to the wall with his whole body. She was trying to get away from him, trying to fight him off, but it was useless. “Please, let me go,” the girl was begging.

Mark snorted. “Oh, so now you want to go?” he said through his teeth. “You’ve been showing me your tits all night and now you want to fuck off? You sluts are all the same – first you show off how badly you want a dick between your legs, swinging that ass, but the moment you find someone who’s willing to treat you like you want to be treated you get cold feet and play all innocent?”

“No!” the girl was almost screaming now, getting the attention of the other people in the bar. “I don’t want it! Please, let me go!”

Mark rolled his eyes. He could’ve pressed harder. Most of the people here were people he knew, or were too busy drinking and drowning their own sorrows to want to get involved the moment they saw how big he was. If he actually wanted her, he probably could’ve dragged her to the toilet to show the loud slut what she was denying herself. They all screamed and cried before getting a nice hard cock, that was the only thing these bitches wanted. But people would, eventually, ask questions. She probably wasn’t worth the effort anyway.

Mark moved away, letting go of her leg, and the girl practically sprinted past him to the exit so fast that he was left with just an impression of her ass bouncing beneath her tight skirt. That one wouldn’t be back. He took another gulp, this time from the cup he had bought her, looking at his hands and trying to calm down.

“No luck with that one?” Sean asked, sitting at a nearby table. The big man was all smiles as he looked at Mark, despite what had just happened. Not surprising… he was Mark’s best friend these days. He was also, usefully, the owner of this shithole-in-the-wall, so what he said here went. Mark could get away with things here that he wouldn’t dare pull elsewhere.

Mark snorted. “You know how I hate loud sluts,” he said shortly.

“Was that one as loud as your ex?” Sean laughed.

The casual, teasing comment only worsened Mark’s mood. That was how he had met Sean, after all. This had always been his favorite bar, dump that it was… an out of the way place he could go and get away from it all, drown his problems. After that cunt had left him, though, he had spent days on end here until Sean had taken a personal interest in the man. It turned out that they had lots in common… Sean’s wife had left him years ago, and taken the kids across the country. He wasn’t even allowed to call them, or at least that was what the restraining order said. Fucking courts. Fucking women.

Mark growled. Every time he ran into a reminder of Amber’s existence it just solidified how little the world was fair to men… how much these bitches got away with. So what if he had slapped her around? He had failed out of college because she was distracting him. He’d allowed her to live with him in the house his father had grown up in. He had paid the bills, and taken care of everything… and all he’d asked for was a little respect. For the house to be clean if he let her live there. For dinner to be ready. Small things to ask.

“Dumb bitch,” he spat. Every time she came up he felt all that humiliation like it had happened yesterday. Coming home from his wedding party to find that his bride was gone… that she had stolen away in the night and left him. That she’d canceled her phone and closed all her social media, and that he couldn’t find her. He should have paid attention to what she had said about her family… he knew her parents were in a retirement home somewhere on the East Coast, but he didn’t even know what city. It wasn’t like she had had any friends; who would want to be friends with that sloppy, self-centered bitch?

Whatever. Now that he wasn’t paying her bills, the whore was probably turning tricks to make it through the day. He had likely dodged a bullet with that. Sometimes Mark still fantasized about all the things he would love to do to her to explain just how dumb of a decision she’d made, and those thoughts never failed to make him hard…

But it was probably for the best that he hadn’t paid attention. He’d been mad. If he had known where she went, he probably would have done something stupid… and the fiancé she had just left behind was the first place the police would have looked. He knew she would have deserved it, but if he had learned one thing about liberal judges it was that they weren’t going to accept reality as an explanation.

“She was a worthless piece of fuckmeat,” he said through his teeth. “I’m glad I got rid of her.”

He put his glass on the table with such force it almost cracked. Why couldn’t he forget about this bitch? Why did she always have to be in the back of his mind, turning everything in his life to shit?

“That’s true. She was a piece of work,” Sean said, putting his own drink on the table. “You’ve told me all about her. But at least she had nice tits and ass.”

Mark smiled. He would know. After Amber took off, he’d made a point to send every nude he had of her all over the internet, and especially to his friends. Then they could jerk it thinking about that sexy slut… after all, being used like a cumrag was the only thing Amber had ever been good for.

“I was talking to some of the guys,” Sean said, lifting his drink and taking a sip. “Thought we might play cards in the back for a while. Get a few glasses after the regulars leave. You in?”

Mark shrugged. That wasn’t the end of the evening he had hoped for, but at least it would make him forget about his bitch of an ex. “Sounds good,” he said, taking another gulp.

His thoughts were already far away as he heard the door to the bar open and women’s voices filling the room. He turned to see if he might have his share of fun, after all… and froze when he saw a familiar flash of blonde hair and smooth skin. It took him a moment to realize it wasn’t the Jack Daniels… he wasn’t seeing things. She was here of all places. Here, in his bar.

And she wasn’t alone.

A few of her friends surrounded her… a hot collection of fuckmeat if he had ever seen it. Annoying. That was probably too much of a mess to make… otherwise, he might just walk up and give Amber a taste of his fist for old times sake. He was distracted enough, in fact, that it took him a minute to realize what she was wearing… a bridal sash. And that she wasn’t the only one… the sexy, pale redhead was wearing one too.

It didn’t take Mark much time to put two and two together and his blood started boiling. That… that fucking dyke. She wasn’t content to just humiliate him once by leaving and making him look like a fool, no… no, now she had to parade her carpet-munching lover around, calling him pathetic. She must have been laughing at him the whole time they were together… the whole time she bled him dry, when she lived in his home and ate his food and used his bed. She must have thought it was hilarious.

No. No, he could take a lot, but he couldn’t take this. Not anymore.

“Sean,” he said, and he was impressed at how calm and cold his voice was. “You said the boys were coming for a game, right?”

“Yeah…” Sean said, making a face. He obviously hadn’t realized what was going on yet. Well, he was in for a surprise. Amber was hotter in person than the pictures showed.

Mark slid into one of the nearby booths, sitting as far out of the light as he could. “Call them and tell them to hurry the fuck up.”

Amber had to admit she had needed this. Skye had outdone herself, and the blushing blonde bride was more than enjoying her celebration. The night had started with a drive. Her sister had rented a limousine to drive them around the city so they could drink champagne in comfort and have a good time as they stopped in a dozen places around the city to shop or eat or see sights. After a few hours of being alone and safe with just her friends, Amber was feeling a lot more relaxed. Brook held her hand on Amber’s palm throughout most of it, and the whole thing was helping more than the bride could’ve imagined.

“To my sister! The one who chose the right team to play for!” Skye said with her glass in hand, making Amber laugh.

“Bisexuals don’t make choices,” Amber snorted. “We’re terrible at deciding anything. Case in point — you think I had to make a choice to pick this girl?” She clinked her glass with the others. “Brook is just irresistible. What choice did I get?” She looked at her fiancée with love in her eyes, leaning closer to give Brook a quick peck on the lips.

“Couldn’t you wait until after the party to start making out?” Paige said with a moan, but she was smiling.

“Don’t ruin their evening!” Sky said, hitting her on the leg. “I promise I’ll find you someone.”

“I’m holding you to that!” Paige laughed.

Amber felt uplifted and at ease. Maybe all her worries were for nothing after all and this would be a great evening for her and her friends.

Finally, after the drive around the city and some excessive fun, they bid the limo farewell… but their night wasn’t over. By the time the sun started going down, they started hitting bars, just like Skye had promised… dancing to music, drinking a little at each one. Skye, being the only one of them too young to drink, was their designated driver, so she was the fun police. She didn’t try to stop their fun, though… no, instead she ensured it. At her insistence, all of their cellphones ended up in her purse… no texts or calls to interrupt them. Ally was a nurse so she had to stay reachable, so Skye reluctantly let her keep hers, but the rest of them had been locked safely out of reach.

She took advantage of all the time they spent not texting, and that she spent not drinking, to try and hook Paige up with every cute guy they saw. She played the part of the consummate wingwoman to perfection, and if she wasn’t having any luck it had more to do with guys being intimidated by the large group of women looking out for one another than any lack of enthusiasm for the attempt.

It was in the fifth bar that the uneasiness in Amber’s stomach began to come back.

The place was definitely a dive, but that wasn’t a deal breaker – half the bars on this side of town were more than a little like that, and if you didn’t want to take out a loan to go to a bar you needed some flavor of a hole in the wall. Even so, the way her shoes stuck to the floor a little on each step was distasteful, and the air reeked of smoke. They went inside and as Skye tried to find them an empty booth, Amber looked around, trying to figure out why everything looked so… familiar. Had she been here before, maybe?

“I don’t like that look on your face,” Brook said, pressing her finger to the wrinkle between Amber’s eyebrows. “What is it?”

Amber looked around again. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m being paranoid again, but this place looks familiar,” she said, holding Brook’s hand as they followed over to where Skye was waving, the music pounding on an old, cheap jukebox. “Probably stopped in here sometime before.” She sat down, and Paige brought drinks over from the bar, and Amber let herself relax. It was just like all the other bars… just another step in their party, but the knot was back, stronger than ever. They ordered more drinks, and Amber found herself counting the songs… 10. 11. 12. “I think this is my last bar, girls,” she said. “It’s getting late.”

Brook squeezed her hand again, but Skye just looked over at her funny. “It’s not that late, sis. I mean, you want to turn in, it is your wedding, you get to have it your way – but it’s not that late.”

That didn’t make Amber feel any better… especially when she looked at the clock on the wall and realized her sister was right. It was only a few hours after dark, practically prime time for a bar… so why did it look like the bartender was cashing people out and –

“Would you look at that!”

Every single muscle in Amber’s body went rigid at once at the sound of that voice. Her body shook against Brook’s in the booth, and her legs turned to jello… if she had been standing, Amber felt certain she would have collapsed. Her heart raced and she could feel it beating in her throat as she turned to look at the person who had spoken. The large, dark shape of the looming man seemed to block the bar’s dim light as he stepped up to their table… but Amber didn’t need any light to recognize him. The man she had prayed she would never see again was standing right in front of her.

“Should I congratulate the happy couple?” he said, with a smile on his face and his arms crossed on his chest. The entire posture and tone terrified her, horrifically familiar. Mark was always the most dangerous when he was smiling. 

“Amber,” Brook said. Her voice was tense… the redhead could feel Amber shaking. She knew something was wrong. “Who is this?” Her hand had slipped inside her purse.

“What? You didn’t tell your beautiful bride about your old friend?” Mark smiled wider as he leaned on the table. “You see, cute thing, before you, this trashy bitch was crazy for cock.” Mark didn’t move… his smile didn’t even change, but Amber still felt like there was a gun to her head. She did everything in her power to put as much space as possible between them, squirming backward like she might be able to force her way into the cushions behind her, but Amber couldn’t escape him… he was still standing there, smiling, looking at her like she still belonged to him.

“I’m more than aware of my fiancée’s preferences,” Brook said, giving him a nasty look. “And if she really wanted anything to do with you she wouldn’t be here with me.”

“It’s okay, let’s just go,” Amber said, grabbing Brook by the wrist. “Let’s just leave.”

She tried to scoot towards the end of the booth across the sticky fabric but Mark moved to stand in the way, still smiling. The expression, however, didn’t touch his eyes. They were hard, glaring, almost glowing with anger. “Oh, you’re not going anywhere. Not until after we’ve had a… discussion.”

Amber could see people moving around them. Skye had darted out of the other side of the booth, and Paige and Ally had got out behind her. Mark turned to look at them, and Brook gave Amber a shove from behind, encouraging her to move while she could. He backed up a few steps as the few women stood against him together. “Let’s not escalate the situation,” Brook said in a firm tone. She moved closer to Mark, stepping between him and Amber… letting him know that she wasn’t afraid of him. It made Amber want to whimper. “Go back to your table, and we’ll leave… that way, all of us can have a nice evening.”

Behind him, Amber could see a few patrons leaving… obviously not interested in getting involved in whatever was going on, too afraid of the escalating situation. She could understand that – she was terrified.

“Oh, trust me, I’m planning to have a real nice evening.” He smiled, making a quick move to grab Amber by her arm and pull her closer. “Tell me, don’t you miss real cock? There is no way you can be satisfied with whatever plastic thing thing that slut fucks you w- AGH!”

Brook had driven her stun gun right into his chest, her purse still open where she had pulled it from. “Let go of her!” Brook snarled as she put herself more firmly between him and Amber again, even as he fell to one knee. Amber felt Skye’s hands on her shoulders, her younger sister also pulling her back as Mark’s hand fell away from her. “Don’t you ever dare to touch her again!”

“Is everything alright?” one of the patrons, a big man who had been sitting at one of the tables said as he came closer, intervening in the fight. “Can I help you with anything? This guy bothering you?”

“Yes!” Brook said readily. “This man is harassing us. We would like you to call the police.”

“Absolutely! Just one moment. Shit reception in here…” The man grumbled as he walked to the door, but Amber looked away from him as Mark started pushing himself back up – and away from Brook, he noticed.

“You’re going to pay for that, bitch,” he snarled, no hint of a smile anymore.

“It didn’t have to come to this, but you left us no other choice,” Brook said, feeling Amber still shaking next to her. She was sure that everything was over and that soon Mark would be dealt with. “Good luck spending the rest of your evening in lock up.”

“What is he doing!” Skye shouted. Amber looked over, and saw that the man who had come over to help them had just finished locking the door, and was in the process of shutting the blinds… cutting them off from the outside world entirely. Other guys that were sitting in the bar forgot about their drinks and were coming closer, surrounding the group of women. Skye’s hand was in her purse, fishing around for one of their phones…

“You’re right, dyke… I should’ve been more careful with my words,” Mark said, eyes narrowed. “But I’m not the one who’s going to regret coming here tonight.”

Brook opened her mouth to respond, but before she could all hell broke loose. Ally screamed as someone grabbed her. Brook spun, her stun gun crackling to life, and a huge man tackled her from behind, sending her bodily to the floor and the tiny black box skittering across the room uselessly. All around Amber her bridesmaids were grabbed, dragging them apart kicking and screaming… and no one in the bar did a thing. Everyone seemed to be either watching and laughing or grabbing. Amber barely moved, looking at Mark with wide eyes full of fear.

He returned her gaze… and slowly smiled as he drove a fist into her belly, grabbing her by the hair to stop her from collapsing as he glared at her. “Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?”

That fucking bitch.

Sean had tackled Brook from behind across her waist, knocking that damned toy from her hands, and Mark bent down and grabbed it as he dragged Amber after him. “Cheating little bitch,” he snarled as he dragged her over toward the back of the room, where Sean had taken the feisty redhead slut. She was still moving in his arms, trying to get away, but Kenny, Sean’s bartender, grabbed onto her legs, holding them tight so they could easily move her. Amber, for her part, was barely resisting, seeming to tremble… just as weak as always.

Little bitch.

“No! Let me go!” Brook screamed and Mark found enjoyment in the way this bitch that had just now tried to act as if she was in charge was screaming and begging. It was only the start for her.

“Please Mark! Please, let her go!” Amber was weeping. Her hands grabbed at Mark’s arm where he held her hair, trying to take the pressure off her scalp. He couldn’t have that, so he slapped her across the face.

“Don’t worry, slut… we’re not going to separate such a happy couple!” he laughed, pulling even harder. “You’re going to be together for everything that’s going to happen.”

Amber looked at him with her eyes full of tears. She looked around, seeing as her bridesmaids were getting their clothes ripped off them, realizing what fate was awaiting them all. “Please! Please… you can still stop this!” she begged him as tears streamed down her face.

That was right. He had all the power now. It felt good. “Oh, I can,” Mark admitted with a grin… It was nice to finally feel that he had the upper hand, that Amber was about to get what she deserved and more. “But why would I?” Using all his muscle, Mark pulled Amber by the hair in the direction of the back of the bar where Brook was still fighting. The sounds of his ex’s lesbian lover made his cock hard as he pulled Amber along, making her whimper and whine each time he pulled on her hair.

“Quit your bitching,” he laughed, grabbing the blonde by the shoulder and pushing her against the back wall with so much force she bounced off before falling on her knees on the grimy ground. “I thought you came like a whore every time I tugged on it while I fucked you.”

“You’re a fucking monster!” Brook screamed, seeing Amber’s pitiful state. “Let her go!” Sean sat her on one of the chairs, and was using her bridal sash to tie Brook’s hands behind her back. The cheap, old bar chair was creaking as she tried to move, and for a moment Mark wondered if it would break, but it seemed to hold up and soon she was tied too tightly to ever hope to escape. “All of you are filthy pigs! Get off her!”

Sean rolled his eyes. “I see what you mean about noisy whores, man. This one talks way too much.” He sneered at Brook before he gave her a slap, laughing as it moved her head to the side. “Have something to put in her mouth?”

Mark saw what he wanted to do, but he stopped Sean with a move of his hand. “Nah, leave this one for later… right now, I just want her to see the kind of slut she thinks loves her.”

“We goin’ to break in a tight bra-burner lezzy pussy?” Kenny smiled. He was young, probably just barely old enough to drink, and very excited about the chance to get his cock wet. He went to Amber, pulling her up and making her stand up, looking at him. “This one can’t lie… I saw allllll her pictures. You’re probably dying to be reminded what a real dick feels like… I bet you miss it more than anything.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself” Mark said, pulling Amber away from him. She wasn’t fighting anymore – it was as if she was frozen. That wouldn’t do, he thought. Mark wanted nothing more than to see her screaming and fighting. “First let’s shut that other whore’s mouth.” He and Sean grabbed Amber under her arms and pulled her on top of the big round table, pressing her back to the surface as splinters broke off the worn down wood and impaled themselves in her skin. “Get her panties off, and push them inside that other dyke’s mouth,” Mark commanded Kenny.

“No!” Brook shouted.

Amber started screaming as the young guy got his hands under her dress. She moved, trying to stop him, and almost kicked him in the face. “Let me go!”

“Goddammit!” Kenny swore.

“Listen here,” Mark said, grabbing Amber by the face with force and making her look at him. “Cut that shit out… or I’ll break your fucking legs. We’ll see how good you kick then, whore. Sounds like fun?”

Amber sniffled, looking at him with fear, and Mark couldn’t help but enjoy it. Yes, she needed to fear him, to know where her place was. She knew he’d do it. As she swallowed and went limp, Kenny easily got her panties off, stopping for a moment to feel her pussy. Amber moaned in misery as she felt his fingers pushing inside her dry hole.

“Now… Be a good girl, open your mouth,” Kenny said with a nasty smile as he stood in front of Brook. He balled Amber’s panties in his hand and put them to her mouth. “Come on, I thought you loved the taste of her pussy. Here’s your chance to taste it again!”

Brook kept moving her face to the side, keeping her mouth shut so he wouldn’t put the make-shift gag inside, but it was all worthless. In anger, Kenny pinched her nose, waiting long enough so Brook started to feel her head spin before she gave up and opened her mouth for a breath. When she did she gagged instead as she got her fiancée’s panties crammed inside and past her teeth.

“Great,” Mark said as he wrapped his belt around her face, holding the gag in as he looked between the two women. Now he had both brides-to-be at his full disposal and was willing to go a long way to show Amber just how foolish her choice had been. “Now… let’s give your little lover a chance to see how life punishes whores like the two of you.”

“Please,” Amber said, her voice weak from tears. Mark could see bruises forming on her face from where he grabbed her. “You can do anything you want with me, just let her go…”

“See love,” Mark caressed her face slowly, almost gently, before giving Amber another slap across the face. “That was my problem before – bargaining with whores. Why would I do that when I have both of you at my disposal?” He laughed cruelly. “You’re nothing but a cum soaked rag, and she’s no better. It’s time to show you both what a real man can do.”

Sean and Kenny held onto her hands as Mark tore his way down Amber’s party dress, smirking as he caught the familiar lines on her body… the rough patches where he had put cigarettes out of her when she had given him lip were still there, as were the tiny white scars when he had given her the belt buckle once. Just like the canvas he remembered. Amber was whimpering and crying as he took it off, leaving her in nothing but a bra and her sash.

And it was glorious.

“Look at her,” Sean said, putting his hand on Amber’s breast, squeezing her in his arm. “I can see what you saw in her. Bitch has some nice tits… they look even nicer than in the pics.”

“You have no idea,” Mark laughed, taking off her bra too, leaving Amber almost completely naked in front of him. “I did miss these sweet tits of hers.”

Amber whimpered as he started pinching her nipples, making sure it would hurt until they were nice and hard. She could feel other men’s hands on her too, touching and groping her ass, her thighs, between her legs. She felt a cold horror roll over her body as Mark started taking off his shirt and unzipping his pants. Her whole body was shaking… it was all just too terribly, horribly real. It was happening again. She was about to get raped, and there was no one to help her.

She looked at Brook, who was watching everything as it happened, her eyes wide with horror. “Please don’t look,” she told her. The last thing she wanted was for the image of her being raped to be stuck forever in Brook’s mind.

“Oh no, she should watch,” Mark laughed. Amber saw his hard cock right between her legs as he started rubbing against her entrance. There was no need for that – he could have played with her for a year and she would be no less dry by the end. “Let her see. Let her see just how much of a crusty old jizzsock you are… I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting fucked just as much as you always used to.”

He spread Amber’s legs wider while her arms were held by Kenny and Sean, pressing the tip of his cock to her entrance and pushing inside. Amber screamed, feeling the unwanted intrusion, her body shaking from the shock. She didn’t want this! Not even a second of it… but it didn’t matter. Now she had her ex’s cock inside her and there was no way out.

“Just as warm and welcoming as I remember,” Mark said with a smile, grabbing Amber’s hips to get even deeper. “Nice part about you being a filthy dyke… no one has been stretching you out. Do you think I’ll be able to fuck,” he thrust forward with the word, stabbing her with his cock and making her cry louder as splinters from the wooden table stabbed against her back and ass, “…all that bullshit you’re full of out of you?”

Amber tried not to look, not to feel, but the pain in her pussy as it was forcefully pried open by Mark’s cock was unbearable. She could hear Brook’s moans and whimpers as she watched her go through this, she heard other girls’ screams that were coming from around her, trying not to think about what they were going through.

“Hey, look alive, dead fish!” one of the men slapped her across the face and Amber’s eyes flew open. The first thing she saw was a cock hovering above her face, poised like a spear right towards her. The tip was thick and smelled gross, and it dripped precum onto her cheek, joining Amber’s tears. “Come on, open your mouth, dyke,” the larger, older man – Sean – was saying. “You have other holes to use, too.”

No. No, that wasn’t happening. No matter what she wouldn’t be pleasuring them willingly. She couldn’t stop them from raping her, but she would never participate in this. Not again. Not again.

“Oh, so now you won’t even take one in the mouth?” Mark said as he fucked faster inside Amber’s tight dry hole. “You think you’re too good to suck a little dick, dyke? You’re not!” He snickered. “Don’t worry – I’ll make her open that whore mouth.” Amber wasn’t ready for the pain she felt once Mark started fucking her more intensely, pulling his cock almost fully out just to push deep inside her after – stabbing deep into her dry, unprepared socket, making her bleed. She had never felt pain like this in her life. It was as if there was an open wound inside her and she was bleeding to death on his dick. She tried to keep her lips pressed together, but with all that pain it was becoming impossible.

“There you go,” Sean laughed as he pushed his tip inside Amber’s mouth when she opened it to scream. He pulled her head to the side so he could fuck into her mouth with ease, pulling back and fucking his way forward with hard strokes. “Man, she really is shitty at sucking cock, isn’t she?”

Mark laughed, seeing his cock going inside the slut’s bright-pink pussy. “She must have let her skills go in favor of eating clams. I know I trained her better than that.” He slammed forward again and enjoyed the muffled groan that the tormented bride gave beneath him. “You used to be real good with a cock, weren’t you Amber?” he mocked, leaning down to fondle her tits with dirty fingers, smearing grime over them as he squeezed. “But don’t worry… we can still teach you.”

Amber couldn’t believe it was happening to her. Not only was she being raped by the man she hoped to never, ever see again, she was being forced to take one of his friend’s disgusting cocks in her mouth. It didn’t matter that he had nothing against her, that he didn’t have a personal vendetta, Sean wasn’t remotely gentle in any way – he was fucking into her mouth as if she was just a sex toy with multiple holes to use, treating her just like a one-use fleshlight for his pleasure. He fucked her like he hated her just as much as Mark did, pushing far enough into her to clog the entrance to her throat with each thrust, making Amber gag each time it happened.

She wasn’t surprised to feel her hand being pulled to the side as she felt another cock under her palm. Kenny pulled her over his shaft and was using it to stroke his dick. She closed her eyes again, trying to think about anything else but what was happening with her right now, but it seemed to be impossible… she could only sob helplessly.

“How do you like it now, slut?” Sean was saying fucking faster and faster into her mouth. “Come on, get your mouth a little tighter… let me remind you what a nice load tastes like.”

Amber wasn’t about to do as he said, she wasn’t going to be a willing slut to them… but they had other plans. Sean put his hand on her face, pressing her tight to the table as if hoping that it would help him to cum faster. Amber whimpered, unable to move or breathe while he drilled his cock deep inside her throat. “Now that’s a nice, tight hole,” Sean groaned as her mouth filled with a foul taste. Amber wanted to spit it all out, but Sean kept using her mouth and her only choice was to either swallow everything he gave her or choke. She didn’t want to do any of it, but in a situation like this she had no choice, so, feeling utter disgust, Amber swallowed Sean’s cum, instantly feeling sick in her stomach.

Finally, Sean pulled out, looking down at her cum-stained lips, and smiling. “Look at you, swallowing like a champ!” While Amber gasped, trying to catch her breath, Sean leaned down and spat in her mouth. She almost retched and threw up right then – somehow, that was even more disgusting. 

“You’re an even bigger slut than before,” Mark smiled, seeing what had happened. “Do you think it’s time for you to finally see if you like getting fucked in the ass?”

Amber felt terror. Mark had always wanted to do that to her when they were together. He’d asked so many times… she had always distracted him, or put it off, sure of how painful it would be. The wedding was fantastic for that, suggesting how he would feel getting to take his prize on his wedding night. Now, however, she had nothing… that monster had all the control and there would be no denying him now. Still, she begged. “No, please!” she pleaded, still feeling an awful taste in her mouth. “Anything else… not that. You can use my pussy and my mouth, but please…”

“Oh, that’s how it is now?” Mark laughed. “You’ll take my cock inside MY mouth and throat… willing? You’ll suck me dry to keep your precious little asshole safe?”

Amber felt sick, hearing him say it like that. She… she couldn’t. She had to be strong. Be strong for Brook. She looked over at the beautiful redhead who, she noticed, was crying… but she kept her eyes on the wall, not looking at what was happening with her fiancée. Amber was thankful for at least that small mercy. She shook her head.

Mark’s smile vanished. “Wrong answer, slut,” he growled. He yanked his cock out of Amber’s pussy, leaving it aching with pain. “That wasn’t really a question. You are going to swallow my cock… and you are going to beg for it.” He stood up from between her legs… and to Amber’s horror, he turned not to her but to Brook. “Let’s get a look at you, little dyke homewrecker.”

His hands grabbed onto the neckline of her dress, and Brook squealed beneath her gag as Mark ripped straight down, splitting the dress and letting her full tits fall free. The firm globes hadn’t even needed a bra… they just wobbled there, looking so amazingly soft. “For tits like these, she abandoned her husband,” Mark said quietly. “And for a ball busting bitch like you.” He turned to Amber. “You just tell me when you’re ready to suck my cock. I’ll take what’s mine either way.”

And then he raised his hand, holding the same stun gun Brook had used earlier, and pressed it against her tits.

Brook shrieked beneath the gag, but it wasn’t even audible over how loud Amber shouted. “NOOO!” she screamed, abject horror in her expression as her lover jerked and spasmed like she had grabbed a live wire. It didn’t last… after a second or two, Mark pulled back, leaving the redhead shaking. Then he laughed and pressed it to her other breast.

Amber opened her mouth. She would happily suck his cock every single day, and thank him, if he would only stop… but she didn’t get out more than the first syllable before a hand clamped over her mouth. She squealed, struggling, but both of her arms couldn’t match the strength in just one of Sean’s as he silenced her effortlessly. “Let’s not ruin his fun, yeah?” he whispered into her ear. “Let him blow off a little steam. What else is a punching bag for?”

Amber thrashed and struggled and tried to bite but he had all the leverage and held the naked blonde with casual ease as, again and again, Mark found a desirable place on Brook’s chest and pressed the weapon against it. The sizzle of the electricity and the muffled howling of her lover was all Amber could hear, the scent of ozone and burned flesh all she could smell as Mark shocked her again and again. “Fucking arrogant slut,” he screamed at her. “Think you’re better than me? Think you can play games with me?”

Amber was shaking and sobbing, unsure of how long it had been, when Mark calmed down enough to look back and see that Sean was covering her mouth… and he laughed. “Oh, very funny Sean.”

“I thought you’d like it,” he chuckled in turn, releasing his grip on her chin and mouth…

…and Amber immediately started blabbing. “Please!” she begged. “I’ll suck you! I’ll do it! You can fuck my mo- your whore mouth any time you like and I’ll make it good for you, I swear I will – you can do anything you want with me!”

Mark walked up to her, the smoking stun gun still in one hand. “You mean that?” he asked. “You’ll really open your mouth and suck on me like a five dollar whore in a filthy alley, and do it like it was the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted?”

“YES!” she swore, sobbing. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

Mark considered, toying with the weapon between his fingers. “You’d do all that, put the firecrotch bitch through all that, just so you don’t have to take my cock up your guts?” He smiled as he stroked his chin with her other hand. “…Nah.” He grabbed onto her and started turning her over onto her stomach with Sean’s help. “Maybe later. I’d rather have that ass.”

Amber tried to get free, to at least kick one of them, but it was all in vain. In short order the blonde stood up on the floor, bent over the table, pressed down with her tits flattened against the wood as she felt Mark spreading her ass cheeks apart. “Please… no…” she whimpered. She was terrified of what was about to come, and it didn’t make it easier that Kenny went closer to her head, ready to give her another cock to suck on. She sniffled, wondering how much more pain and humiliation she would be able to survive tonight.

“Look at that nice tight asshole,” Mark said slowly, touching the tight ring of muscles. He pressed on it and Amber already felt discomfort, trying to move away. “Too bad by the end of the night it’ll be as ruined as your other holes are. I bet you can’t wait for that, can you – so big of a slut you had to ditch out on marriage to go fuck someone else. Well, don’t worry: you’re getting all the fucking you can stand tonight, whore.”

The moment Amber felt his cock against her asshole she started shaking. She knew that pain would be excruciating… but if anything she had underestimated how much. Mark’s cock felt like a hammer, and he was just pushing for the moment, probing at her hole, trying to make it open around his cock. When it started giving, however… that was when the real pain came. She was hot and warm and dry and he could barely get half an inch at a time… but he was determined to rape her raw and unprepared. It left Amber screaming as he went deeper, one tiny thrust at a time, feeling like his cock was turning her whole body inside out.

“Scream, bitch,” Mark was saying, slapping her ass. “Scream about it: tell me how much you love my cock in your guts!”

Scream? Words? She couldn’t breathe! The pain was even stronger once the entirety of his head managed to get inside her. Amber could feel him stretching her tight walls, knowing she would never forget this feeling of her asshole being fucked for the first time. Kenny pulled her up by the hair, making her open her mouth and Amber didn’t have enough strength to fight him. She was already used in any way she could be, so was it even worth it to waste her energy to fight something that would happen anyway?

“Fuck, I can’t believe I didn’t rape your ass before,” Mark said, groaning on top of her. “The very first time you said no I should have shoved you down to the bed and packed your guts. You’d have loved it… you have no idea how good it feels to use you like this, Amber.”

Amber cried as she felt him move faster and faster inside her asshole, making it even more painful. She couldn’t even relax to try and take him with more ease, because it was too painful… and then, a moment later because she couldn’t breathe around Kenny’s cock as he pushed it into her mouth.

“I love it when they cry,” Sean said, his voice deadpan and cold… stroking his cock while he watched Amber get raped. “Deep down, this is how all of you sluts want to be treated… why don’t you just admit it? Your life would have some meaning if you just submitted and became a willing fucktoy. We’d even let you put on a show with your little girlfriend as some foreplay.”

“Yeah, that would have been great,” Mark groaned, hitting her ass again. “I bet you would have loved that. Feeling my cock in your ass, then having that dyke bitch lick the cum right out of your hole? Knowing she could never fuck you as good as a real cock could?”

Amber didn’t want to hear it. She didn’t want to feel him inside her anymore, she didn’t even want to live anymore… she just wanted this nightmare to stop. She felt Mark start pulling on her sash to fuck her ass with more ease, the fabric cutting into her shoulder and her breasts. Kenny pulled out his cock from her mouth and started hitting her in the face with it, leaving wet trails all over her skin. “You’ll look great covered in cum,” he said, stroking his cock as his tip was directed on her face. It only took him a moment to shoot his cum all over Amber’s face and she felt her eyes burning from the filth that got into them. She tried to move so the cum would drip off her face, but it seemed to stick to her skin and her lips.

“Another load coming for the bitch,” Mark groaned. His cock was so deep inside Amber’s ass that his balls were slapping against her pussy with each thrust. “Going to leave your ass nice and slick for the next dick.”

Amber sniffled again, trying not to think about the fact that Brook had a perfect view of everything that was happening with her. That the beautiful, perfect, precious redhead wouldn’t hold onto the memories of the lazy Sunday mornings in bed, or the soft, warm nights together, or the laughing at comedies or cowering together at a scary movie… instead, she would always remember her like this – spread on the table, covered in cum, used in all her holes.

A rapedoll.

She barely made a sound as she felt Mark emptying his balls in her bowels, thinking that at least he was done with that. Sean released her hand, though… and Amber knew, just knew, that he would be the next one to take her holes.

“Now,” Mark said, getting his shit-stained cock in front of her face. “I believe you made me a promise about sucking?”

“What are you doing?” Ally screamed, trying to fight the two large, rough-looking men that were holding her by the arms as they dragged her over to the nearest booth. “Let go of me!”

One of the men, the smaller of the two, rolled his eyes. “Make her shut the fuck up, Connor,” he said to the other man. Ally barely had time to process the words before the other man hit her in the face. Air left her lungs from the shock she felt at the impact, rocking her head back and stunning her. Dazed, she seemed to float other than that she could still feel the heels of her shoes as they were dragged over the floor. There was chaos everywhere and she could see other girls fighting with the attackers as she was pressed back into the booth she had just occupied, feeling their hands on her body, groping and touching her in the places she didn’t want them to be.

She tried to shake it off… she had to get out of here. She had to help her friends. One of the men was right in front of her and the other stood behind his back and for a moment Ally thought that if she tried hard enough she would be able to go past them. Taking a breath, she charged forward… and was met with a hit in her stomach, falling down face first to the grimy, dirty floor.

“She really is stupid,” the bigger one sighed. “Figures we would get the one with brain damage. You sure can pick them, Ethan. Come here and hold her hands while I take a good look at the goods and see if she’s even worth the trouble.”

Ally couldn’t believe it was happening to her. She went to the party to have a good time and now here she was, being hit and groped by strangers. She wanted to cry, to scream for them to let her go, but she knew it would be useless. Ethan, the slightly smaller man, still had to weigh twice what Ally did, and he roughly grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her out of the booth and standing behind her back to hold her hands. Ally was forced to watch as the big guy, Connor, came closer as she shook.

She just wanted to be home. She just wanted to wake up with Paul holding her, telling her she’d just had a nightmare… that she was safe. Instead she was cowering in fear before two men that could break her in half and barely notice her resistance.

“Look at these tits!” Connor smiled, feeling them with his palms. “Dunno if I ever saw a bitch with jugs like this outside of porn or on a pole… You a stripper, slut? These are practically made for tit-fucking!”

“You wouldn’t say that if you saw her ass,” Ethan laughed. “It’s so nice, just asking to be pounded hard and covered in cum.”

Ally couldn’t believe her ears. She’d thought that they only wanted to scare her, but they were really about to rape her. She didn’t know what to do and how to act. She looked around in search of help but the others weren’t in a better position… no one could come to her aid. “Please, don’t do this” she said, looking Connor in the eyes. She was hoping that even though they acted like this they still had some principles, some morals. “I don’t want any trouble… I… I just want to go home to my boyfriend. He’s waiting for me at home… if I don’t come home, he’ll… he’ll notice. Please, let me go… I won’t tell anyone about what happened here, I swear…”

“Mmm, that’s a good point,” Conner said, seeing Ally’s phone in her pocket and pulling it out. Connor pointed it at her scared face to unlock and then started flipping through the pictures, turning the phone to Ethan so he could see their cute pictures together. “This your boytoy? He’s cute… totally seems into you. You love him, slut?”

“Yes!” Ally said, almost jumping up to prove how much in love they were and how badly she needed to go back to him.

“And he loves you?” Conner asked, continuing to flip.

“Yes, yes!” Ally said, trying not to sob.

“Good to hear, good to hear… Think he’ll be upset to see you fucked and covered in cum?” Connor laughed. “I’ll make sure to get pictures for him.”

Before Ally could do or say anything, he started tugging at her blouse, tearing it, making her yell in shock. Her bra didn’t survive much longer, being torn in the middle as he bared the large breasts she had always been embarrassed about. “Look at that nice pair,” Connor said, slapping one then the other, switching back and forth until Ally’s skin was nice and pink, her nipples hardening on her chest. Then he raised the phone. “Look here and smile!”

Before Ally could react, the phone’s camera flashed as he took a picture of the crying, tit-slapped bridesmaid. Then he paused, looking at it. “I think that turned out great!”

“Would you get on with it? I want to fuck this bitch, not give her a personal paparazzi!” Ethan said with a groan. He was already pressed to Ally’s back, with his cock rubbing against her ass through the fabric.

“Keep being this impatient and you’ll cum in your pants,” Connor said, going to unbutton Ally’s jeans and pull them down. She tried to keep her legs together tight enough to not let him do that, but the jeans slid off her legs traitorously easily, grazing over her skin smoothly. She kicked and struggled too much to let Connor take them off fully, but he didn’t seem to be upset by it, and when he couldn’t take off her panties just as easily he simply tore them off instead, leaving Ally bare and ready to be fucked.

“Please,” she was begging through tears. “I don’t want it. Please”

Both men laughed, starting to grope her even more roughly, showing Ally that her desires no longer mattered, that she no longer belonged to herself. No, in their mind, she never had: it was her boyfriend they were taking her away from. She was their bitch now and they intended to use her for all she was worth.

One of Conner’s fingers forced its way into her unprepared pussy, and Ally cried out. “Hold onto this memory of your holes being nice and tight… because after today they’re going to be so fucked out and used they’ll never be the same again. Got it?” the big man said, glaring into her eyes as Ally shook her head in impotent denial. “And try to act like a good girl. Make your boyfriend proud of you.”

She struggled in the other man’s grip but it was pointless… she was hopelessly outmatched, and Ally couldn’t help but realize just how bad of a situation she was in. They were going to hurt her either way and it depended only on her how badly hurt she would come out of this. Reluctantly, she went limp… a lifetime of lessons about dangerous men telling her to stop fighting, to make them happy, to give them no reason to hurt her.

“Now help me get her up there,” Ethan said as he pulled Ally up onto the table, knocking off several of the glasses of alcohol they had been merrily drinking just moments ago. “Get her ready for the fucking of her life!”

Ally’s lips were trembling as she lay there still, her legs hanging from the edge of the table and her back pressed to the surface. She watched both men undress and now she could see their hard cocks, ready to go inside her and make it hurt. Before she had a chance to even try to make peace with that miserable thought, Ethan climbed up on the table, hovering over her chest.

“What the fuck?” Connor asked. “I don’t want to see your hairy ass while I fuck her!”

“Too bad,” Ethan said, placing his cock between Ally’s tits and pressing them around his shaft. “Because this is how I’m going to use this bitch. You had your fun, I’m having mine.”

“Fine,” Connor said, sighing disgustedly. “But don’t get it in my face.”

Ally laystill, not believing her ears. How could they talk about her like this? Like she was nothing but a piece of meat for them to use? Tears started streaming down her face with sheer humiliation, flooding down in rivers she was utterly incapable of stopping. “Aww, sweetie. Don’t cry yet,” Ethan said, starting to thrust his cock between Ally’s soft, smooth tits. “We’ll give you plenty more reasons.”

Connor opened her legs, standing between them, and he didn’t even hesitate… he drilled his cock into her cunt like it was wet and welcoming rather than a tight, resisting clam that made his cock feel like it burned her walls as it passed. Ally whimpered, feeling the pain of the intrusion… and the shame of it. It was a disgusting feeling she could barely handle, especially while she had Ethan on top of her using her tits as his cock warmer.

She moved her head to the side, trying not to think about what was happening, trying to imagine that it wasn’t these monsters taking her like a slut, but Paul. It was hard, though. With him, sex was always slow and tender and she couldn’t even imagine him ever violating her like this.

“Is anybody home?” Ethan laughed, grabbing her face and forcing Ally to look at him. “Come on, bitch… stop slacking off and making me do all the work.” He reached down and pinched her nipples. “Get your hands on these slutty cumrags and make yourself worthwhile… squeeze them on my dick.” Ally shook her head, trying to not even think about how awful it would be to help him. It was bad enough to have his thick cock already between her breasts with Connor fucking her pussy, the hole so dry that he needed to fight for every inch.

“I tried to be nice,” Ethan said with a sigh. “But you leave me no choice.” He punched her in the face.

Ally’s thoughts scrambled as she felt the sharp, thudding impact, then a second one a moment later as her head thunked hard against the wood of the table. She gurgled out a desperate sound of pain but a second later he hit her again and she tasted blood as her lip split on one of her teeth. Then, again and again, every time doing it with more and more force, bouncing her brain around in her skull.

“AGH! Stop it!” Ally screamed. She tried to put her hands up but Ethan easily shifted so that his knees were pinning them down to her sides and she could barely squirm as she was beaten.

“Keep hitting her,” Connor said. “Her pussy gets tighter every time you do it.”

“I do this for much longer,” he warned, smiling as he closed his fist and drove it into her cheek while his left hand grabbed and twisted one of her nipples, “then her boyfriend won’t even recognize her by the time we’re done.”

He punched her again, and Ally could taste a fresh burst of blood in her mouth… one of her teeth was wiggling under her tongue. She just… she just couldn’t take it anymore. What had her resistance gotten her? She sobbed, sniffling… Why were they doing this to her? She hadn’t done anything to them – she’d just gone to the a bar to have a good time and now she was being hit and raped like a piece of meat. “Stop!” she said, with a plea in her voice. “Please, stop! I’ll do it! I’ll do whatever you want, ok?”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Ethan said with a smile, smiling down at Ally’s beaten, bruised face. “Give me that phone.” He took the device as Connor handed it to him and snapped another picture. “Now… grab onto your tits and fuck me with them.” He scooted a bit forward, his ass sliding across her belly as his knees came off her arms.

Trying not to think about what she was doing, Ally raised her hands up. She had always been ashamed of her tits, embarrassed by how everyone looked at them… now she was using them like a cocksleeve for a filthy rapist. His dick felt warm and disgusting between her breasts, but as she closed her hands around her melons and squeezed them around him, he slapped her again.

“Not like that,” he said, still pointing the camera at the raped girl as she grunted whimpered with each of Connor’s thrusts. “Too dignified for a fat-titted whore.” One of his hands went down and grabbed onto her nipple, pulling hard on it. Ally cried out, but he paid her no mind… instead, he pulled it towards the center of her chest, using it like a handle to grind her breasts against his length. “Like that,” he said, releasing it.

Ally wanted to sob. She wanted to protest. She wanted to scream that it wasn’t fair. Instead, she pinched a nipple in each of her shaking hands, wincing at how uncomfortable and awkward it was, and smashed her bust around his slick, precum leaking cock.

“Now that’s a fantastic show,” he said, looking at her through the camera, and to Alley’s horror she realized that he wasn’t taking a picture… he was filming her acting like a whore. She sobbed and kept scrubbing her tits on his shaft, even as he grabbed onto her hair with his free hand. “Open wide and relax, slut.”

Almost sitting on her chest, his cock slid inside her hot, wet mouth. Ally tried not to focus on the taste of him on her tongue even as he started moving, rubbing his tip over her tongue as her breasts caressed the rest of him. There was nothing but misery and humiliation for her now… her tits felt disgusting as, more and more, they were coated in her spit and his precum, and her pussy was so dry and miserable that it only hugged Conner’s cock tighter as he moved. Every thrust he gave her seemed more painful than the one that had come before it as she grew more and more raw on the inside, and Ally prayed for him to finish soon so her misery would end.

Ethan, for his part, rode her tits for a while longer, but before long the humiliation of having her stroke his cock with her tits couldn’t match his lust. He grabbed onto her hair tighter, pulling it until Ally could feel some of it ripping out, and began fucking her mouth hard enough that she was pretty sure he had forgotten she needed to breathe at all. Sometimes he came out far enough that she could rub at him with her tits, and she always did in the hope it would get her some mercy, but more and more he was wedging the tip of his dick deep into her mouth, clogging her throat and cutting off her hair. When he pulled out he left a disgusting wet trail on her face, but never seemed to notice how her lips were slowly turning blue from lack of oxygen.

“Look here, let’s see if your boyfriend still wants a slut as big as you,” he laughed, lifting the phone again and sweeping it around to get the whole picture of the raped Ally lying there with two cocks inside her, being fucked like she never had before. She didn’t want to think about the moment Paul would get them. There was no doubt in her mind that Connor really would send them once they were done torturing her… that they could be so cruel.

What would he think? He would know that she was the victim in this situation… right? He wouldn’t think she’d spread her legs for these men willing, would he? Or would he take a look at a beaten, sobbing whore, scrubbing the cock of the man who had bruised her face and given her a black eye with her tits, and understand what kind of worthless cunt she was… the kind that would allow men to do something so degrading to her because it was all she was good for?

An hour ago, she never would have doubted the answer… but an hour ago, she had had a much, much higher opinion of herself than she did now. Ally was pretty sure she didn’t want to know the answer. She almost hoped he never let her breathe and she didn’t have to find out.

“Open wider, slut,” Ethan growled, pushing his cock as deep as he could into Ally’s mouth as his dick throbbed. A second later she felt his cum dripping down her throat, the head dripping slimily down into her belly. She tried to fight him off, to get her mouth free and get some air before she breathed in that disgusting goo from his dick, but Ethan was pressing her head to his stomach, not caring about what would happen with her.

She couldn’t control her lungs anymore.

Ally began to viciously cough as she tried to suck down air and breathed in a bit of his cum with it, a new kind of fire burning in her airpipe as she choked and hacked it back up. Lost in the misery of gagging and coughing on his dick, she almost didn’t notice as Connor came inside her pussy… her walls were so chaffed it felt like it was burning her insides, but that pain felt like nothing against the burn in her lungs.

Finally, when her vision was truly starting to darken, Ethan pulled out. She kept coughing but she managed to suck down some air between them as she hacked up a disgusting mix of cum and snot and spit, the mix drooling out of her mouth and out of her nose. Ethan laughed at her, catching it all on the phone. “What a disgusting whore. So photogenic… ok, I guess I see what’s so great about recording after all,” he admitted.

 Her lungs were burning, her head spinning, but she still felt relief once she realized her mouth and cunt were finally free… Connor slowly pulling his way out of her reddened, inflamed hole. She went still on the table, coughing weakly and feeling worthless and disgusting… praying that it was it, that they got what they wanted and would leave her alone now.

“Help me turn her,” Ethan said, and Ally felt him pulling on her waist as they flipped her mostly-limp body over on the table. “Nice,” he said as he traced a finger between her legs, making her wince as he brushed her raw, swollen pussy. “Do you want her ass or pussy next?”

“I’ll let you break open the fresh hole,” Connor laughed. “Her cunt’s plenty tight for me.”

Ally started fighting again. They already had ruined her… why did they need to rape her ass too? She was weak and defeated and didn’t feel like she had the strength to resist a newborn kitten, but she still tried to push them away… her hands were weak enough that it felt like the air resisted them more than she did.

“Stop that!” Connor growled. Then he drove his big, meaty fist into her stomach. Ally’s eyes went wide and she made a horrible, gurgling sound, followed by a long, low whine. “You’re getting fucked in any hole we want. You’re a fuckdoll, and if you don’t have a dick in you then you’re worthless. Get that through your thick head and let us have our fun!”

Ally couldn’t fight anymore. What was the point? She kept trying, and all that happened was her continuously being hurt more and more. She still had that terrible taste in her mouth, her throat felt raw from both the rape and the coughing, and her pussy… it felt like an open wound. She didn’t deserve to be treated like that, but they didn’t care.

One of her legs got lifted to Connor’s shoulder, leaving her holes easy to access and perfectly displaying to the camera how messed up her pussy was. Even with cum still leaking out she looked as tight as a virgin. “Well, this looks pristine,” Ethan said, prodding her asshole with his fingers. “Looks nice and tight. You didn’t let your boyfriend fuck you here, did you?”

Her shudder of disgust was all the answer they needed. Connor laughed, caressing her thigh tenderly and Ally found it even more terrifying. Connor grabbed her phone again and lifted it up. “Fucking cuck,” the big man said with a laugh. “I guess we can at least give him something to jerk off to.” He leaned forward and whispered something in her ear.

Ally whimpered. “Please…” she whispered. “Please… I can’t do that. I can’t say that. I can’t…”

Connor clenched his right hand into a fist again. “Do you really think for a second we can’t make a weak whore like you do it?” He looked over at Ethan. “Think I can fit this inside her?”

The bridesmaid sobbed brokenly, large, ugly tears running down her face… but she managed to choke the words out. “P… Paul…” she stuttered. She couldn’t stop crying, but the men didn’t seem to care. “B-b-be…cause you never f-fuck… fucked… my a-ass… I h-had to f-find some re-real m-men who wou… who would t-treat me like the c-c-cu… cunt I am…”

At the last word, she all but collapsed into uncontrollable sobbing, and her weeping was only interrupted when she felt thick cocks probing not only her pussy but her asshole too. The pain was excruciating and it didn’t stop for a second, just building and building. She screamed, feeling her asshole opening for them, wanting nothing more than to make it stop but knowing it wasn’t going to happen. These men took what they wanted, they didn’t care if it didn’t belong to them and they didn’t care if she was hurt or not.

“Oh, shit,” Ethan said, pulling out slightly. “I think I ripped her!”

“Let me see” Connor moved her to get a better look with his cock still inside Ally, making it even more painful. The camera got a view too. “Ripped her good, man! Just a bit of blood.” He slapped his victim, forcing her to look at the camera. “You should thank him! At least you’ll have a little lube!” They both laughed and Ally felt horrified. She knew it before, but now it really dawned on her that they could do anything with her, anything they wanted, even if she would end up dead at their feet. Somehow, it made her even weaker than before. She felt defeated and powerless. Maybe it was better to give them what they wanted.

She swallowed. “Tha-ank you f-for mak-k-king me bl-bleed, sir…” Then, without being prompted, she lifted one hand and grabbed onto her leg in the air, holding it, and giving them better access to her holes as she spread her legs wider. “Here…”

The two men looked at each other for a second. Then they smiled at her and resumed pushing their way into her holes. “I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a quality slut,” Ethan laughed.

Ally closed her eyes, grabbing the edge of the table with her other hand until her knuckles were white as bone and tried to forget where she was. After all, it was nothing. They could use her body, but at least she’ll be safe.

And hours later, after she’d been raped and over, with her body progressively more covered in cum and grime and bruises, she even managed to give the camera a cum-coated smile for them to send to Paul.

As one of the only people who really understood what her sister had been through, the moment Skye saw Mark at the bar she knew that they were in trouble. Even she, however, couldn’t have imagined how bad it was going to be.

When the fight started, she had tried to keep close to Amber, to protect her big sister, to get out one of the phones she had in her bag… but when all hell broke loose and the other girls were grabbed at by Mark and his friends, the feisty girl learned the hard way just what it meant to be as small as she was. The college freshman was almost effortlessly slapped aside and tossed to the ground like she was made of straw, and her head rang as it actually slid across the dirty, sticky floor, some of that foul mess sticking to her cheek and reeking like god-knew-what.

The phones. She had all the phones… she needed to call for help. She had dropped the bag when someone had hit her… the tiny girl forced her head up, looking for it… there it was, just a few feet away. She had to reach it! She forced herself forward, kicking, trying to rise… and then big, strong arms pressed down on her, pinning her down to the floor while she struggled. She could feel the cold surface of the dirty floor through the thin fabric of her dress as she was pressed down, struggling as the man grabbed her, flipping her over, pinning her down as she tried to get away.

The man on top of her finished flipping her and then put his knees on her arms, keeping her pinned in place. “Let me go!” Skye screamed, trying to move, but she didn’t have much luck fighting against his strength.

“You’re not going anywhere,” the man smiled, looking down at her. When Skye looked up at him, the first moment she really looked at him, she realized how much trouble she was in – that she had already lost this battle. He was huge. He had to be a professional football player or something – the guy was at least six and a half feet tall, and built like an engine block. If he weighed less than three times what she did Skye would have been stunned. His damned palms were so big he could’ve covered her whole face with them. Compared to that giant, Skye was a pixie… small and fragile and about as able to resist him as an ant could a boot.

All around her, the other women were dragged away by groups of men… but not Skye. No one else approached them as the huge man knelt on top of her, and Skye was painfully aware that if he just put his weight on her he could break her bones or outright crush her to death. It was more than a minute before one of the others tentatively approached. “Picked yourself a nice bitch, Troy?” he asked, chuckling nervously… looking down at Skye with a lustful gaze. “Don’t suppose you’d care to share…?”

“I don’t do sloppy seconds,” the big man rumbled, voice deep and harsh. “Go find your own cunt, Ryan. This tiny slut is mine.”

As she heard those words Skye started shaking. The other man was quick to put his hands up. “Cool, bro, cool,” he said, quickly walking away, looking for someone else to… to…


Skye couldn’t ignore what he’d said. What he planned to… to do to her. What was happening to her sister and her friends right at this moment. She looked around, seeing Ally on the table with her clothes torn and Paige being dragged to the bar. She swallowed. “W– what do you want from me?” she said, looking up at the man with her voice shaking.

Skye was ashamed of herself. All her life she had been energetic. Brave. Unstoppable. With sheer force of personality she had gotten her way, and if she’d wanted to she could have bullied just about anyone into anything she wanted. She’d become aware of it when she was only 12 and her breasts started to swell, a little earlier than most of the girls in her class. That she was cute, and people liked her, and she could convince people of anything, and that if she wanted she could wrap anyone around her finger. It would have been so, so easy to get by like that, to be one of the queens of her school, to get by with little work and much fawning.

Instead, she had turned that inward. Made herself study for her tests, become the valedictorian of her highschool and get her scholarship without any of that… and knowing that she had done it without cheating made it all the sweeter. Her force of will and overbearing personality only came out when she thought it was responsible. When someone needed it.

Like when she had convinced Amber to take the offer she had to go to college, even if it meant Skye needed to work a part time job in highschool to make their ends meet. When she had convinced Paige to drive her to Mark’s apartment. When she had finally – finally – bullied her sister into leaving that monster.

But now, just looking up at the huge man on top of her, she felt like all of that power was a lie – because this man could wrap his hands around his neck and squeeze if he wanted to and every muscle in her entire body could do absolutely nothing to stop him.

“Whatever I want,” Troy said, getting off of her palms and grabbing Skye by the back of her skirt, easily lifting her up. “And what I want is to have a nice, tight slut to ruin tonight. You seem like a perfect one for me.” He threw her over his shoulder as if Skye weighed nothing. She tried to kick him, tried to drive her fists into his back, tried to scream, tried to wriggle away from the dangerous man even into the hands of other scary men in the room, but even the sound of her screaming was drowned in the chaos of mass rape and beating that was happening anywhere she looked. Her kicks gained her nothing at all. Instead, Troy simply grabbed onto one of her thighs and squeezed until she thought the bone would break, without needing to say a word. After that, she stayed still.

He took her away from the crowd, into a back room, and Skye realized that it was someone’s office… a dirty one. Papers yellow with age and crinkled with dropped fluids and tracked dirt littered the ground, and the room reeked like an ashtray. A dog food and water bowl that didn’t look like it had been cleaned since before she was born rested up against a dog cage in the corner and the furniture all looked a little rotted.

Troy dropped her on the floor by the dog cage and Skye realized before the smell even hit her that it was filled with sex toys… leather cuffs and binders, whips, and dozens of dildos. They all stank and looked crusty and nasty. Even Troy’s nose wrinkled. “I don’t know about those, Sean,” he said with a bit of laughter in his voice. “I think I’m likely enough to get a disease from touching this whore, I don’t need to make it a sure thing.”

Skye, eyes wide, panicked. The freshman, in her stupid hope to get saved, tried to rush past him to the door while he was looking into the dog cage. Troy, however, effortlessly stopped her, bumping his body against her hard enough that she felt something give in her side and grabbing her hair as she fell, pulling her back against him hard enough that she tumbled and hit her head on one of the legs of the desk. Skye moaned in pain, unable to stop from showing exactly how painful that was to her tormentor.

“I see you don’t know what good manners are,” Troy said, showing his teeth in what could only technically be called a smile. Considering his size, the effect was more terrifying than reassuring, and she squirmed backward… cowering against the desk like it was a refuge for her. Troy reached to his belt… and he came back up with a knife. It seemed huge in Skye’s eyes, even though it was tiny in his massive hands… the gleaming blade seemed to dominate her vision as things, somehow, got even more serious. He would use that thing on her… she felt certain of it. She felt equally certain he had done it before. If he got annoyed with her, he might just cut her open just to see her bleed, and Skye didn’t have the first clue what to do, how to fight for her life against a monster like that.

“Listen here, you little whore…” Troy said slowly, coldly, coming closer. Skye had nowhere to move and the blade was dangerously close to her face now. “You’re going to do what I tell you to do and you get to walk away in one piece. If you don’t… well. I don’t care much about how pretty your face looks or if you get to keep your tits as long as your holes are right. Understand me?”

Skye looked at the blade, then back at the man holding it. She felt like she was hyperventilating, like she was about to pass out. She knew he was serious… that her life was on the edge. If she wouldn’t be tame and willing and do what he said she could die right here, right now, in this god forsaken back room… and she would be leaving her sister with Mark.

She nodded weakly and Troy laughed at her. “Don’t talk much, do you?” he said. “Good, I like that. I hate it when women talk too much. My first wife… now she was a talker. Wouldn’t shut up, really. But I shut her up good eventually, didn’t I?”

A cold chill went down Skye’s spine. Was this real? She felt suffocated in this small room with this terrifying man and she had no way out.

“Sit there,” Troy growled, pointed at the floor by the ratty couch in the office. That meant moving away from him, so Skye jumped at the chance… she got back on her feet, and while she was still a little light-headed after her tumble she tried not to show it. There would be a way out, a chance for her to escape. She just… she just needed to stay alert, to wait for it, and see it when it came.

As she sat on the floor, motionless and tense, Troy stepped up… and unzipped his pants before he pulled them, and his boxers, down. Skye’s mouth went wide as she saw his cock. She wasn’t exactly shy… she’d been watching porn since she knew what it was but she’d still never seen a cock this size before. It looked more like a horse’s dick had been grafted onto a human by some mad doctor. He wasn’t only long, either… he was thick, thick enough that she didn’t think she’d be able to close one of her hands around him if she tried.

He seemed to like the look on her face. “Impressed?” Troy laughed, meeting her wide eyes. “Just imagine how it’s going to feel inside of you.”

“No!” Skye said, terror overwhelming him. There was no way. Even if his cock wasn’t a utter monstrosity he was just too big for her… but instead he had a beastly dick that was closer to a club than a sex organ. She had always been a small thing, but that cock looked to her like it was the size of her waist, like when he crammed it into her it would push out all her internal organs to make space. It wasn’t possible. “I… can’t do this! You can’t… It won’t fit!”

Troy laughed, stroking his cock and Skye realized in terror that he wasn’t even fully hard yet. “I always love a good compliment,” he said, grinning. “Don’t worry about it you scrawny little whore. Trust me… You can’t imagine how many times, from how many women I’ve heard that before. Trust me… I always make it fit. Haven’t had a problem yet.”

Idly, Skye wondered if any of them had survived… but it didn’t matter. He was coming closer, and he rested the knife right against Skye’s neck, making her freeze up. “You just have to make it niiiice and wet, and it’ll fit right as rain, little whore.”

Her eyes darted around frantically… but she was trapped. There was no way for her to get out of here without taking his cock and that by itself seemed an impossibility. She looked up at Troy, knowing how small and scared she must’ve looked for him but unable to stop herself from begging silently for mercy. Instead, he smiled down at her. “Open wide,” he said with that grin. “And make sure you swallow every drop!”

No choice. No choice. No choice. She had to do it, to push her disgust and fear aside if she wanted to stay alive… but it wasn’t easy. She took that massive cock in both of her hands while his knife rested on her neck, feeling just how heavy his cock felt. Then, trying not to think about it… or about how cold the steel was on her neck… she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and licked his tip.

“That better just be some fucking foreplay,” Troy growled, looking down at her as Skye tried to move her tiny pink tongue all over his massive cock. “Because I don’t like teasing whores.”

Desperate, Skye redoubled her efforts… but she didn’t know what to do. She was licking over Troy’s cock over and over, trying to keep him wet enough for it to fit into her mouth, but she couldn’t do it…  he was simply too big. Her tongue felt swollen in her mouth and she had no idea how she could even take the tip, much less more of him. 

Troy pulled her head to his balls and they too seemed huge to her. At his instructions she took them into her mouth, one at a time, and tried not to think about how much cum could be stored in the heavy things. She also tried not to think about biting. Maybe, maybe, if she bit, right now, she could stun him enough to get away… but then what? Even if he didn’t immediately cut her throat she was still locked in this bar, and he would be coming for her. Instead of signing her own execution warrant, she kept licking and sucking… and it was as she was tonguing at his second nut that Troy finally ran out of patience.

“I told you to stop fucking teasing, little whore,” he growled, the knife drawing a sharp line of agony across her neck where it traced a thin cut. “Now you’re going to stop being a little worthless bitch and suck my fucking cock, and do it well. Now. Understand?”

Skye couldn’t nod… not with the knife already cutting her. Nor could she speak. Terror filled her and words failed the charismatic college freeman entirely. Instead she could only whimper in what she hoped was a consolatory, agreeing fashion. Only hope he wasn’t simply about to kill her. Thankfully, a moment later, the pressure on the knife went back down a little, and she could turn her attention back to that mammoth cock… staring at it in hopeless defeat. How was she going to make this happen? It was just too big! She frantically licked over his tip over and over, desperately slobbering over it before she opened her mouth and tried to take it in… and in… and in. Skye’s mouth opened so wide that she felt like the corners of her lips were tearing, and she could barely breathe as she tried to cram an obstruction past her lips, but at least some of him was inside.

“Keep going,” Troy demanded, and Skye had no other choice but to try to take more of him into her. This was insane… he had to simply wanted to torture her, giving her an impossible task. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that her small, tight mouth was too small, that she wouldn’t be able to take that monster cock, but he had an unbeatable argument in the shape of a knife that left her no other choice but to try.

“I’m starting to lose patience,” Troy said, his voice rough. Skye felt hopeless, and that last thing she wanted to do was satisfy her rapist, but when death was the only other choice…

She reached forward with her hands, wrapped them around his legs, and pulled… forcing herself further onto him. She felt a sharp pain in the corners of her mouth and her jaw and joints screamed in agony but bit by bit she got more of Troy’s cock into her mouth, even if it felt like it was dislocating her jaw to fit.

“Good little whore,” he said, feeling as she tried to work him with her tongue. “Now remember – till the very last drop.”

She tried sucking more intensely, as fast as she could… licking furiously like she was a child trying to give herself the world’s biggest icecream headache. Her entire existence was consumed by one thought… praying that Troy would cum inside her soon. She couldn’t believe how low she felt, but if she had no other choice at least she could make her punishment pass faster.

“What a talented cock-sucking slut,” Troy complimented as she went. “Bet you charge all the boys at your school big bucks for this. I’d bet your pussy is high class, too.”

There was no warning. One moment Skye was sucking, licking, desperately pleasing the head of his cock. The next, Troy had abruptly grabbed onto the back of her head and rammed her towards him, forcing her to take him as he bodily pushed her down on his cock. Her eyes went wide as his monstrous prick simply forced its way into her throat, gagging around him. It was so long and stiff and hard that it seemed to contort her body to make it fit… forcing her to arch her back and straighten her neck, turning her whole body into a sheath for his dick as her neck bulged obscenely. Then he pulsed inside her, sighed, and his cum started spilling straight into her belly.

Shot after shot of sticky, hot warmth pumped into her, battering her insides while his dick throbbed again and again. She could feel the beat of his heart through his cock as it consumed her airway, defiling her insides with sperm. The only, pathetically small, saving grace was that she didn’t have to swallow like this… he was flooding his jizz right into her stomach and she didn’t even have an option, cumming, and cumming, and cumming, and cumming…

It felt like he had been cumming for a month when she realized the truth. His orgasm had long since ended… he was pissing right down into her gullet now. Her stomach roiled and her belly swelled like she had had too big a meal, and a disgusting, low growl rumbled from her stomach as it rebelled against the acidic bath it was being forced to take… but Skye just knelt there, locked into position on his cock while her vision grew darker and darker.

Then he pulled out of her, dozens of strands of sticky spit stringing between his dick and her lips. “See?” he said with a grin. “Not one drop spilled!”

The moment he said it, Skye coughed… and the tiny disturbance was enough. Her stomach rebelled and she doubled over, vomiting his cum and piss onto the floor from both her mouth and her nose until her stomach was as empty as her soul felt. She lay there on her side, her body feeling feverish and freezing cold at the same time, and far too weak to get back on her feet.

“You disgusting fucking whore,” Troy said, looking at the mess she made. “Is there any woman in the world who can go five minutes without making a mess?” In his fury, he kicked Skye in the stomach, making her not only vomit more but also fall in her own filth. “Get up,” he commanded. “And get those disgusting clothes off. I don’t want your mess anywhere near me, gross little whore.”

She felt even weaker than before, now. With her hands and legs shaking Skye was barely able to stand up by grabbing the edge of the table. Troy sat on the couch, looking at her, but even though he wasn’t between her and the door anymore she doubted she could move fast enough to outrun a sloth. Trembling, weak, she began slowly stripping her clothing off. It wasn’t even worth fighting about… she could feel the cum and piss and worse sticking to her skin, soaking into her… it was disgusting, and she wanted it off her. She peeled the crap off of her with her shirt and skirt as she took them off, but hesitated for a moment when it was down to her bra and panties. It only took him making a short gesture with the knife before she was pulling them off of herself as well, however… awkwardly stepping out of the small black underwear on wobbly, unsteady legs.

There just was no point in fighting him right now… there was no way to win. She was too weak, and she hurt too badly… Skye thought he might have cracked a rib or two when he kicked her. He didn’t give her a chance to avoid that pain, however… as soon as she was naked, he grabbed her arm and shoved her back towards the pile of clothing. “You’re a disgusting, subhuman bitch,” he snarled. “What kind of animal leaves its filth around? Clean it up… don’t make a mess of my friend’s office.”

This dump? She… making a mess? Everything in Skye wanted to object. Instead she swallowed her pride just like she had managed to swallow his cock and the naked teenager bent down, climbing onto all fours as she grabbed her shirt, and began using it to mop up the mess she had made. There was something unbelievably degrading about this, about destroying an outfit she was proud of just minutes ago to mop up her vomit and her rapists piss and cum. On all fours with her ass in the air, she knew her cunt was on full display for the man behind her as she scrubbed at the floor. She started to sob as she did it, but one bit at a time she absorbed more and more of the mess into her ruined shirt. Then Skye froze as she felt the cold, unyielding blade of the knife as it slid inside her pussy.

The knife’s sharp edge scraped against the sides of her pussy as it slid into her… the point of it knicking her several times on the way in. Skye went completely, utterly still, her body tensed with terror as Troy pushed the knife into her. “If you’d acted with some kind of dignity and self respect,” he said coldly, “or if you’d done as I told you, I’d have given you at least a little mercy. I’d have put you up on the couch and we’d play with your precious little clitty until you were wet enough for me… but you had to be a worthless, disgusting piece of human garbage.” He grabbed onto one of Skye’s hands as she stayed horrifically still on the ground and brought it to her pussy… her fingers brushing his as he held the knife inside of her. “So instead you’re going to do it like this. Make yourself cum for me, little whore.”

Terror overrode thought. Her finger moved like automatons, obeying the instruction, rubbing over her clit as she trembled on the knife. A horrible, pathetic plea bubbled out of her neck, only eventually coalescing into words. “Plllleaaassssseee…” she whimpered. “T-the– the knife…!”

He chuckled darkly. “Then I think you should stay very, very still… little whore.”

Skye was sure she was bleeding – she could only hope it wasn’t too badly. The knife was sharp enough that the cuts barely hurt and instead they just felt cold. Her terror warred with her instinctive desire to flinch away from it – that reaction would get her sliced to ribbons. Instead, she ran her fingers over her pussy, massaging her clit, trying to get wet for him. Skye tried to close her eyes and imagine she was at home in her bed, somewhere safe: playing with herself to a favorite fantasy. Every second or two, though, her fingers brushed the steel of the knife and it moved ever so slightly inside of her and the fantasy was destroyed with a fresh wave of horror and dread. Face down in what was left of the piss and cum and vomit she had left on the floor, Skye fingered herself as gently as she could for her rapist’s enjoyment.

The worst part was that it was working. She was getting wet. The fear actually didn’t stop the process as her skilled fingers coaxed more and more arousal out of her snatch, even as it was too paralyzed to squeeze down on the deadly plane of metal skewering her love canal. It was almost a relief when Troy spoke again. “Good enough,” he growled… and while the knife nicked her a few more times while pulling out Skye still felt an enormous amount of tension drain the moment it came free of her pussy. Of course, a moment later she was filled with a different kind of tension as she was lifted up and into his lap and she felt his cock resting against her tiny slit, still warm and wet from her mouth.

“If you’d been a good girl,” he said as he traced the knife over one of her breasts, resting the cold edge on one of her nipples, “then I would have made this easy for you. I’d have put you on your back and pounded my way into you and you wouldn’t have had to do anything… but since you decided to act like an ungrateful, disgusting bitch instead, you’re going to do all the work on your own to make it up to me.”

He pressed her to his chest, making Skye open her legs wide as his cock pushed against her belly. The tip of that monstrous thing went past her belly button and she had no idea how it could go inside her. What she did know, though, was that he wasn’t going to give her a choice. “Get it in, little whore,” he growled.

Skye’s eyes flicked down to the knife. That dick was going to tear her apart trying… but what choice did she have? Gingerly she reached down and closed one hand around the base of his prick, aiming it as she shifted her hips… pulling it closer to her entrance as she rose up. She tried to think about something else, someone else, anything else as she did so… tried to imagine there was something else between her legs other than this murderous rapetool. Skye slid the tip of his cock back and forth over her entrance, smearing around what lube there was, hoping against hope it would be enough to stop this from being torture as she spread her legs wider, wider, wider… and started to sink down.

The pressure built. Skye moaned, feeling it as his tip stretched her entrance in a way she’d never felt before. Just the tip was already bigger than any toy she’d ever used, any boyfriend she’d had… it felt like fucking a fire hydrant. Already Skye felt more filled than she could’ve imagined and it was only the start. She tried to move down, and the small cuts in her cunt burned as she put strain on them, but progress was slow… he was stretching her out, there was too much friction of her wall against his dick. She needed to force her way down, fighting not to pay attention to the pain as she went lower and lower, taking more of him inside.

“Doing good, little whore,” Troy growled as his huge hand closed over her small breast, squeezing it, playing with it as she fucked him. “Don’t stop now… you’re just getting started.”

Reluctantly, Skye started moving on top of him… raising up slightly so she could drop, letting gravity help her in her impossible mission. Nothing she did was going to let her fit all of him… she felt sure of that. Already her pussy felt stretched out more than she could’ve ever imagined. His cock felt like a log between her legs, just warmer and slicker.

It only took a few more bounces without progress before Troy lost his patience once again. “Worthless cunt,” he growled as his huge hands grabbed her hips, lifted, and then started to forcefully pull down. Skye screamed as she felt something… give… inside her, and she started sliding closer to the base of his cock once again.

“Stop! Stop!” Skye shrieked over and over again as she felt him go deeper inside her than the felt was possible. Centimeter after centimeter of his thick shaft vanished into her taut stretched lips, and she swore she could look down and see a bulge moving up her abdomen as he distended her body to make room for his prick as, bit by bit, it sank deeper into her.

“No stopping now, slut,” Troy laughed. Stabbing the knife firmly into the wooden desk with an audible thunk, he tightened his grip on Skye’s waist. The slim girl noticed his hands almost met around her narrowest point as he lifted her up slightly… and then began bouncing her up and down on his length, fucking her just the way he wanted.

Skye screamed so loud she knew the whole bar could hear her, but that didn’t matter to her. He was murdering her with his cock… gone too deep. He was too big and her tight little pussy couldn’t handle it… the head of his prick punched against her cervix with a body-shaking internal thud of impact with each thrust. He wasn’t fucking her… he wasn’t even raping her. He was masturbating with her body, wrapping it around his dick and yanking her up and down at the pace he chose. Tears streamed down her face as she felt Troy’s hot breath on her neck, his cock stabbing into her again and again as time stopped meaning anything… just an endless string of agonizing thrusts again and again until he finally finished days or years later, spewing an ocean of hot cum inside her that only added to her bawling misery and despair.

“Fuck, that was some good pussy,” Troy said, pleased with himself as he let go of her and leaned back on the couch. “They’re never as tight as the first time again.”

Without his hands to support her, the devastated college freshman couldn’t keep her balance anymore. Skye toppled, sliding off his cock as she fell to the floor in a boneless, limp heap… still shaking, still feeling pain unnaturally far up her stomach like she had never imagined. She didn’t look down to see if she could catch a glimpse of how messed up Troy had left her poor little pussy… she was afraid to know.

“I don’t think I said you could take a break,” Troy said, voice coldly amused. Skye weakly lifted her head up and noticed, to her horror, that that monstrous cock was still hard and ready. “The way I see it, you still have another hole left… and I’m eager to find out what your ass feels like hugging cock.”

Skye started sobbing again, hiding her face in her hands. She knew now that she would survive that. She knew that she wasn’t lucky enough to die. The only thing she didn’t know was whether or not she wanted to.

Paige’s head spun as the world slowly came back to her… everything hurt, and she couldn’t remember much. She remembered the start of the fight, she remembered fear on everyone’s faces, and then there was a sharp pain and the darkness. Someone had hit her from behind, hard… broken a bottle on her head, probably. Yeah… that was it. Her consciousness was returning slowly, but she knew that she was lying on the floor and somehow it was hard to breathe…

She was being touched. A wave of disgust filled her… With her eyes still closed, she tried to hit the hands that she felt on her body, tried to move unsuccessfully until, finally, she woke up enough to realize what was going on. She wasn’t having trouble breathing, there was a cock in her mouth, and hands on her body weren’t just touching her, they were undressing her. She already didn’t have a shirt and a bra on and some guy was unzipping her pants and pulling them off her…

Fully conscious now, Paige screamed, closing her teeth on the cock that she had in her mouth. “Get off!” she heard the man scream. “Open your mouth you stupid fucking bitch!” Someone punched her in the head again, and again, until, stunned, she opened her mouth. The cock vanished almost immediately and she blinked the blackness out of her gaze until she could see the man standing in front of her, holding onto an angry, reddened cock.

“I told you, Noah,” a second man, the one who was undressing her, and who was holding her restrained hands to the… ground?… said. “I warned you. Never fuck an unconscious bitch’s mouth.”

“Let me go!” Paige screamed, moving and fighting to get out of the man’s grasp. “Get your fucking hands off me!”

“Oh, we got ourselves a fighter over here,” the man laughed… or at least, he laughed until Paige turned her back to him before driving the back of her head into his face.  There was a wet, crunching sound, a sharp cry, and then the hands around her became weak. Paige pushed herself up to her feet, searching for the way out, but as soon as she looked from under the bar counter her heart dropped. All of her friends were still there, being tortured and raped… and there were close to a dozen men here. Far too many for her to even hope to escape. 

“Dirt skinned bitch!” Paige felt a tug on her hair so strong she felt it when some of them ripped out. She was yanked off her feet, falling back down hard. “You’re going to regret that!”

Paige was torn back down to the floor with the two men standing over her. One of them still had his cock out, and she could see the indentations her teeth had made on it. The way they stood over her, the way they balled their fists… it made her sink back down into a dark place. She knew where this was going.

She’d been here before.

Paige had never told anyone. Not even her closest friends. At a party as a high school senior, her boyfriend had been drinking heavily with his friends… and had decided that he should share. When she’d objected, he’d told her that she should stop being such a bitch, and that she’d love it, and both he and one of his friends had raped her before she managed to make it to the door and run to her car, locking herself inside it and crying.

She’d never told anyone… but she’d promised herself that she would never let it happen again. Not to her, and not to any of her friends. When she had seen what Mark was doing to Amber, Skye hadn’t needed to work hard to convince her to browbeat her friend into leaving… to protect her from that bastard. Now, it was happening again.

 Paige saw red. “You two can suck on each other’s cocks, because there is no way in hell I’m going to do it,” she yelled. She tried to force herself up, but Noah put his foot on her shoulder, pinning her back down hard to the floor.

“Mmm, would you look at that, Ryan,” he said, grinning despite the redness of his cock… and right then, Paige felt like she understood him. For her boyfriend and his drunken buddies, it had been about opportunity, and being horny, and her being available. For this man – Noah – this wasn’t really about sex at all. He just wanted her to suffer… to hurt her, to humiliate her. “Never, she says. No way in hell, she says. What do you think? Can we prove this little slut wrong?”

“We sure can,” Ryan said, his voice slightly nasal as blood dripped from one of his nostrils. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and as Noah removed his foot he pulled her painfully up. “And I even know how we’re gunna do it.”

While Noah held her as she tried to struggle and kick, Ryan went to grab something from the counter. It was her sash, Paige realized, the one that said “Maid of Honor” on it. She didn’t know what they wanted to do with it, but she knew it wasn’t anything good. “Get off of me!” She tried to fight Noah off, but he was holding her in an iron grip until Ryan went behind her and put the sash around her neck.

“Little caged bird likes to sing,” he said, twisting it so Paige would start choking. “Let’s see what song you sing now!”

Paige fought, but could only get one hand free and it instinctively grabbed for her neck, trying to get her fingers beneath the fabric as Ryan twisted it again, making it absurdly tight. The black girl’s eyes bugged out as her mouth gaped, trying to suck down oxygen through a suddenly closed throat. After only a few seconds of struggling, her head was already spinning and she almost fell to her knees. Ryan’s only response was to twist it again and pull even harder. Paige’s world slowly went dark…

She woke up, gasping for air, hearing nothing but her heart pounding in her veins and the laughter of the men that surrounded her. She sucked down breath after precious breath of oxygen, one after the other… her neck felt like they had cut it where the cloth had tightened on her, and her head hurt almost as badly as her lungs did.

“So?” Noah asked with a smile, putting his hand on her bare tits and fondling them. “How about now?”

Paige looked at him with wide, wild eyes, feeling how fast her heart was beating… and spit in his face. “Go… fuck… yours-”

He punched her.

Her head rocked back. After the earlier hits, and being choked out, another blow to her face almost didn’t register. Even after just a few minutes of being beaten, Paige could already tell how bad she would look the next day, just how spectacular the bruising would be. “Not only are you a whore,” Ryan said. “You’re also a stupid whore.”

The sash was still wrapped around her neck, so it took him no time to begin to strangle her again, leaving Paige weak and helpless. She heard them talking through the noise of blood in her ears. “Take her jeans off and wait,” Ryan said as he strangled the struggling bridesmaid. “I know how to make this slut take this seriously.”

She tried to fight Noah’s hands as they were still working on stripping her, but it was too hard while also fighting to stay alive. She felt unwanted hands on her body, getting her fully undressed, and shuddered as she felt the unwanted hand on her pussy… if her throat wasn’t sealed she might have vomited. Already the world was growing dark again, though… darker…

She woke up having fallen to the ground, weakly glaring up at the two men with hate-filled eyes. “You’re… nothing…” she forced out. It took her an effort to talk and she was making long pauses between her words to take a breath. “…But… a pair… of… small-dicked… bastards… that… no woman… in her… right mind… would ever… sleep… with…”

“Definitely,” Ryan said, nodding in agreement. “Nothing but a few small cocks over here, but that’s alright. We’re so small dicked, we were worried you might be disappointed… so we prepared a better option for you.” He grabbed one of the wine bottles off the shelf behind the bar and smiled at her… and Paige felt a flash of fear run through her, a wave of panic as her blood froze. They couldn’t… they couldn’t do that, could they? They were monsters, but were they this kind of monster?

Paige grimaced. The screams of her friends all around her told her plainly that yes, in fact, they were.

“Let’s see how long it takes before you decide that maybe some nice, normal cocks are just what even a filthy bitch like you wants, and you’d rather be a good, obedient slut,” Ryan said with a grin.

Paige gritted her teeth, looking at them with fury. “Go to hell! Both of you!”

“I’d rather send you there,” Noah said, coming closer. “This will be fun.” Ryan lifted her on the barstool, keeping her hands up in the air as she tried to fight him, and Noah knelt down between her legs, pushing them apart before standing in between them where her kicks were useless. “You still have a chance to choose a cock instead,” he said with a smile, moving the bottom of the bottle over her slit.

Paige felt the cold of the glass, knowing how painful it would be to get it inside. Maybe she needed to give up… to just let them fuck her and be done with it. Was her pride and a promise she made to herself years ago worth it? Maybe not… but refusing to give them the satisfaction just might be. They could do what they wanted to her body, but she didn’t have to yield to them. “No, thanks,” she said, getting ready for pain. “I think I’d rather fuck a cactus.”

Far from seeming offended, though, Noah just shrugged. “Your choice,” he said with a smile… then pressed forward with the bottle. Paige screamed, feeling the edges of the rough points of the glass and metal top do battle against the sensitive walls of her pussy. It started about as big as a cock and then quickly grew bigger and bigger as he pushed it further in, and the pain showed no signs of lessening as she spread more and more. She whimpered, trying to resist the pain, trying to breathe slowly so her body would relax and take it easy but it was too much. Her body knew that this thing didn’t belong inside her and was doing everything to push it out of her.

“After we’re done, her pussy will be so stretched she’ll be able to take three of our ‘tiny’ cocks at once in there,” Noah laughed, pushing it deeper inside his victim’s cunt with force. “How does it feel? Do you like being fucked like this?”

“Go to hell,” Paige shouted with tears in her eyes. It was too much, but she wasn’t about to give up so easily.

“Your cock’s so nasty she doesn’t want it even over this,” Ryan laughed. “What’s the matter, Noah… haven’t bathed in weeks?”

“Let’s see how long she can keep up that talk,” Noah growled, starting to fuck Paige even with more force. He rammed the bottle in again and again while the pretty black girl whimpered with pain every time… it felt like he was stabbing her with it more than fucking her. She looked up, trying not to focus on the excruciating pain that she felt in her abdomen, but it was useless. It felt like fire burning her from inside that wasn’t stopping for a second.

“Just give up already!” Noah said with anger. He pulled the bottle out, leaving Paige’s pussy swollen and aching before stabbing it back in and making her scream with the mix of surprise and pain.

“Fuck…” she sobbed out, “…you!”

“Here, give it to me,” Ryan said with annoyance in his voice. “You’re taking it too easy on the bitch. Let me show you how it’s done.”

Noah took over her holding her arms as Ryan took both the bottle and his place between her legs. Paige moaned with relief as he pulled the wine bottle out of her stretched, sore pussy… even though she knew it wasn’t over, even the momentary reduction in pain was welcome. That relief ended the second she felt the point come to rest not against her cunt but her puckered asshole. “No!” she screamed. Paige tried to move away, but Noah held her arms tight and Ryan grabbed one of her legs, making her weak kicks even less effective. “Get away from me you asshole!”

“I might be an asshole, but not the one that’s getting wrecked!” Ryan laughed, pressing the bottle to Paige’s entrance… and pushing.

The bridesmaid went still and silent for a heartbeat. Then she screamed. She couldn’t believe how badly it hurt… there was no way she could take this and still be in her right mind by the time they were finished. She was shaking, viciously trembling as they hurt her, fucking her with the bottle, and she cried… suddenly certain that she couldn’t take this and still be in her right mind after they finished with her. They would keep going, she realized… they would torture her in various ways, on and on and on and on and on until she would give them the “permission” they sought to use her body the way they wanted. She cried even harder now, but not from the pain, but from a realization that they were going to get what they wanted from her either way.

“Fine!” she screamed in pain, her voice warbling as Ryan fucked the bottle in and out of her asshole. She couldn’t take it anymore… they hadn’t even fucked her yet and Paige felt they had already fucked all the fight out of her. “I’ll let you fuck me… just take it out!”

“Oh no, you don’t seem to get us at all,” Ryan said, pushing the bottle a little deeper on the next thrust. “I only fuck enthusiastic girls, and you were pretty clear that our cocks were too small and pathetic for you… this seems more your speed. I’m happy to let you keep having it.”

“No!” Paige almost shouted. She was sniffling, trying to keep her voice steady, but it was too hard… it broke into almost-whines as she begged “Please… I’m sorry I said those… those… thing… I was just… I was scared. Scared of… of… of how big your cocks were!” Ryan opened his mouth to speak, but Paige quickly pushed on. “But I’m not scared anymore! I’m not! I… I want your cocks inside my pussy. Please, fuck me…. Please… I want it so bad!”

Noah and Ryan both laughed at her and Paige felt more humiliated than ever… but the cruel man with the bottle nodded. “That’s what we like to hear,” Ryan said, pulling out the bottle as Paige felt instant relief. “I love an eager slut. You want some cock? Well, you got it!” They both pulled out their cocks and had them at the ready as Ryan pulled Paige to his chest. “Remember, slut… eager.” She knew exactly what to do… Paige sobbed, but she wrapped her legs around him. His cock rubbed against her tortured inflamed cunt and she knew he was going to feel enormous inside her swollen, raw hole.

“There’s one for me too,” Noah laughed, lifting her up from behind and probing her ass with his cock. “Guess there isn’t a lot of reason to build up to assfucking this whore anymore, but at least we can give her a double-dicking.” Paige winced as he started pushing inside and squeezed her eyes shut, unwilling to look at Ryan as he pushed in to join Noah. She could feel their cocks pushing at each other through the thin walls of her insides, making her even tighter for them as they started thrusting inside of her holes. She could feel their bodies against hers, their breath on her skin and their cocks penetrating her and stretching her. She didn’t have to look at them, too.

“I can’t believe she’s still so tight,” Ryan groaned, fucking Paige’s pussy with force. “This whore might actually be something special.”

“Yeah, I don’t think her ass has ever been fucked before,” Noah grunted. “Well, until that bottle, anyway.” They both laughed at her, making Paige feel even more disgusted by the fact that both of them were inside her body, enjoying her holes while she was wallowing in the depths of pain and misery. The contrast made it ever more disgusting to her… that the more she suffered the more they seemed to enjoy what her body gave them.

To her relief, it only took them a few minutes to finish, filling both of her holes with their filthy cum. They let her stand on her wobbly feet afterward, feeling dirty and ashamed as their cum was still leaking down her thighs… and feeling far too weak to run.

“I think the cum will be a nice addition,” Ryan said, looking at Paige. “Make her well lubed for the next one.” He smiled… then turned to the bar and picked up a second bottle. “This would be an awfully tight fit without it. 

Paige… whimpered. “No, please,” she whispered, looking between the two of them  at them. “You got what you wanted, just let me go…”

Noah put a finger on his mouth. “What was that you said? That we could go suck our own cocks? Doesn’t sound very enthusiastic… why should he show such a stubborn slut any kind of mercy?”

The bridesmaid swallowed… and then, sobbing, she sank down onto her knees and opened her mouth.

By the time this hell had been going on for several hours, Brook found it impossible not to look at Amber through tear-soaked eyes. She knew she didn’t want her to look, but it just wasn’t in her to resist… every time her fiancée whimpered or screamed in pain everything in her wanted to rush to her assistance, to help her, to scream, to do anything in her power to make the monsters torturing the woman she loved leave her alone. None of it mattered, though. Her hands were tied tight and she couldn’t talk through her lover’s panties, nor could she get up or walk or kick or do anything… so the only option she had was to sit here and just watch Amber being raped over and over for hours.

“I told you she’d learn how to suck faster if we give her the right motivation,” Mark laughed, looking down at his former fiancée.

Amber was on her knees on the floor, covered in cum from head to toes. Her hair, her face, her breasts were all soaked in it and it had coated her seemingly without end. She had Mark’s cock in her mouth and two other men’s in her hands as she stroked them. She had refused to do that hours ago, fighting them… but after Mark let two of his friends rape her asshole at once, and the shrill screams that had caused, she was only too happy to suck and stroke and lick and kiss and blow for as long as they wanted so long as they didn’t do that again.

Brook tried to ignore the picture in front of her, not to think about how painful and humiliating it must be for Amber, but she knew that it was horrible. Amber was strong, she knew that… Her bride-to-be had suffered this man before and she had escaped him, had found a life again, had been happy again. It inspired her to think it could happen again, that she could also be happy again, no matter how unfair it was that she would have to… but Brook found it hard to imagine. The image of her lover being tortured because she was too weak to do anything about it would be in Brook’s mind forever.

It was enough to make her wish they would just fuck her instead.

Hours had passed, hours and hours of rape and torture and no one had so much as fucked her once yet. Oh, Mark had been only too happy to use her as a punching bag a few times, or to use her stun gun on her whenever Amber was being difficult, or to slap her breasts or her face when she was too loud, but no one had raped her… it was like she was here as a ghost, unable to touch the world or assist, here only to witness as the woman she loved and her friends were treated like pieces of meat.

Mark pulled out of Amber’s mouth, allowing her to suck on someone else… but, for a rare occurrence, instead of backing off to watch, he came over to Brook. “Enjoying the show, homewrecker?” Mark asked as he stood in front of her. His cock was still wet from Amber’s mouth and Brook wanted nothing more than to kick him in the balls… if only she could move. “Seen enough? Because I think we should keep going…”

He reached for the belt and, to her surprise, he took it down, pulling the panties out of her mouth. Brook had to work her jaw a few times before she seemed to remember how it worked. “No, please…” the redhead begged, her voice weak. “Leave her alone. You can… you can take me. Just leave her alone.”

“How touching,” Mark laughed, untying Brook’s hands. “Go console that cheating dyke.”

Brook forgot all about the revenge she craved so badly. She could get to Amber! The latest man had just finished cumming on her face and she half walked and half crawled her way over to the desolate blonde, sinking to her knees on the floor next to Amber and hugging her as tight as she could. She didn’t care about the cum seeping into her clothing or staining her skin… she only cared about the woman she loved so much shaking in fear in her hands. “It’s going to be okay,” she whispered to Amber. “I promise it’s going to be ok.” She looked at her fiancée, pulling her face up and kissing her lips. The taste was atrocious, but she could handle it when it came to Amber. She could handle anything for her.

Then Mark’s hands were in her hair and Brook was yanked away, crying out. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Mark smiled, pulling Brook up to her feet once more. “This slut did once, and look at where that got her.”

Brook tried to move, to struggle, to punch and kick him, but Mark was faster. He shoved her to the floor, putting his foot on Brook’s chest to make sure she would stay in place. “Since you like this slut so much, how about you clean her up? After all, it seems like you have experience in enjoying my sloppy seconds.”

One of the men pulled Amber on top of him, pushing his cock inside her already tortured pussy. Another – Sean, she thought – was there to fill her mouth. When Brook saw her crying while she sucked, she knew how exactly broken her fiancée was, how much she had given up. Amber didn’t try to fight… she didn’t even move any part of her body but her tongue, just letting these men do everything they wanted. She never wanted it to happen, she never wanted to see Amber like these, but here she was, watching her being violated over and over without end.

“Please… let her go,” Brook said, looking up at Mark. “You’ve proven your point, ok? You’re better than her. You’re better than all of us, and she’ll have to live with that forever so… so just let her go… please.”

“How chivalrous of you,” he said with a smile that made Brook want to kick him even more. “Maybe I’ll consider it… After all, she’s a wimp. I fucked this lame-ass fake dyke for years. Instead, I want to try what a real bra-burning carpet-muncher feels like on my cock.”

Brook knew that it would come to this, that he wanted to humiliate her and Amber even more, but she didn’t have any other choice. She didn’t want to see Amber being taken away like others were and that meant she had to make a choice. “Fine” Brook said with her voice shaking. “Just leave her alone.”

“I give you my word!” Brook gave him a skeptical look, knowing that his word didn’t mean much, but she had to believe that he would honor his end of the deal. “The only problem is… you aren’t trustworthy, little hellion-whore. We’re going to have to do something about that…”

Mark lifted up the stun gun that at this point he hoped Brook resented herself for ever buying and turned it back and forth, considering as he moved it before her fiery eyes. He hefted the weight of the thing and smacked it against her cheeks a few times, knocking her head to the side and making him laugh as he slapped it against her opposite cheek, knocking her head back the other way. “Boys!” he said, raising his voice so that Sean and Kenny came back over. “Turn her over, and hold her still. We’re going to make this one something she’s never going to forget.” His friends grabbed the already restrained lesbian and flipped her while Mark knelt down, gripping the base of the stungun firmly in one hand as he pried the redhead’s ass cheeks apart with the other. The pucker of her starfish looked tiny… impossible to fit. He knew better. Everything would fit… the secret was just to give little enough of a shit. With that thought, he wedged one of the corners of the stungun against her puckered anus and started pushing forward.

Brook started screaming almost immediately as she felt the cold, unyielding metal of the self-defense weapon pressing into her no doubt virgin ass. Mark, for his part, chuckled and just kept pushing. He worked slowly but steadily… not wanting to tear his plaything’s ass apart with its girth before he’d gotten to explore it with his dick. Gradually, and with much screaming, her sphincter succumbed to the pressure, parting open and taking in the first bit of the too large, too oddly shaped tool.

Brook’s whole body was flushed red and she screamed through Sean’s hand as the agony of the penetration grew, her ass forced further and further apart. Her arms and legs flexed as best they could, trying desperately to escape the torture to no effect. Her screams raised several octaves as Mark managed to force the whole head of the weapon into her ass… while the sensitive ring of muscle hadn’t snapped, it had definitely stretched several times further than it was ever meant to, and there were trickles of blood around the metal. Mark noticed with joy that Amber was watching. His ex had grown less responsive in the last hour, but it seemed like hurting Brook could still get her attention, her eyes wide as she watched with mounting horror.

Mark pushed harder on the base of the gun, forcing it deeper into the dominated lesbian’s stretched ass. Her screams continued and only seemed to grow louder as he forced it into her intestines. She shook her head back and forth wildly, begging for mercy, but her muffled screams for Mark to take the thing out of her fell on deaf ears.

Then, with a final hard shove, he managed to drive the last few inches of the took into Brook’s stretched asshole. It fit so snugly that as he took his hands away from the base he had to laugh… the lesbian’s girls ass clung to the obscene dildo so tightly that it didn’t even budge, holding it immobile within her as her guts stretched outwards obscenely… skin stretched taut around the metal. “Now, if you cause me any trouble,” Mark said smartly as he moved his hands back to the base, “we can simply do this.” The discharge button for the gun was actually inside her asshole, but just barely… he could press it by pushing it through her skin. The sizzling pop was barely muffled at all by her skin as the electric fucktoy discharged inside her ass, and Brook bucked so hard in her spasm that Sean actually lost his grip on the bitch… not that it mattered. She screamed breathlessly in agony… but after a second of that, her miserable shrieks faded away as her head slumped forward and Brook fell unconscious.

Mark stepped around the woman, flipping her over with his foot… lifting her head to look at her slack face. Drool poured from her slack mouth, dripping in thick, clear lines from her chin to pool in the hollow of her throat, and he laughed. “Not so tough now, are you cunt?” he asked the unconscious lesbian before releasing her head, letting it thunk back down to the filthy hardwood floor, dirt coating her lax features. Then he turned back to Amber, giving her a sadistic smile. “Now I think I need to wait for her to wake up, so I guess I have some more time for your worthless ass.”

Amber gave a weak shake of her head and tried to speak… but her jaw wasn’t working very well anymore. She needed to work it several times before she whimpered out “Please… leave her alone. It’s not her fault.”

Mark wanted to laugh… but in truth, he was growing angry. What was it about these sluts? This whore would sacrifice anything for the disgusting redhead on the ground with an ass full of tazer, but she wouldn’t give the time of day to the man working his ass to put food on her plate? “Well…” he growled. “You want me to give you a second chance? To take you home with me?  Not to be my wife… you lost that opportunity. This time you’d be coming to be my live in fuck doll for the rest of your life. Is that what you want?”

And the damn slut nodded, frantically. “Yes… please. Please, keep me Mark! I’m sorry!”

Filthy whore. “And what will you do to convince me to waste my time on your loose holes?” He gave her a cruel smirk. “I mean, the temptation to go with this tight slut is pretty big… but… perhaps I could be persuaded.” He pointed at his cock, jutting out from his body. “You want to show me what you’ve learned and suck me off? Willingly? Put that whore mouth of yours to its only good use?”

The blonde nodded her head eagerly and crawled forward as Mark held his stiffened member in his hand, holding it before her. “Let’s see what you can do, whore,” he growled at her.

“…Thank you,” Amber whispered as she glanced at Brook’s unconscious, ass-stuffed form before looking back up at him. “I’ll… I’ll make you proud.”

“Sir,” Mark growled.

She nodded enthusiastically, again. “Yes! Sir! I’ll make you proud sir! Sorry, sir!”

“Shut up,” Mark hissed, smacking her across the face with his hard cock. “I’m not impressed by your blubbering, worthless words. The only thing I want coming out of that empty head of yours right now is your tongue, understand?” He pressed the tip of his cock to her trembling lips. “Better hurry up before I change my mind.”

Amber immediately stopped talking and opened her mouth, desperately taking Mark’s member past her lips and back to the entrance to her neck. She fluttered her tongue against his hot flesh and sucked eagerly, bobbing her head forward and back, easily taking the man’s length down her throat… they had certainly fucked the gag reflex right out of her. The blonde fucktoy squeezed her throat muscles around the head of his prick as it sank into her, massaging the sensitive tip… She’d unfortunately given enough of them already tonight to know what he wanted, even without the aid of his hands on the back of her head, guiding her pace. Owning her. Mark watched her cheeks hollow out as she sucked hard on the head of his cock, her tongue flicking back and forth across the head of him each time she drew back.

Mark chuckled as he looked down at the lesbian whore sucking him so eagerly. He should have just made her a sex slave years ago instead of convincing himself that it was worth having a wife and trying to live a “normal” life. Anyone who saw Amber should know that the only parts of her that were useful were the parts that could please a cock, and based on the way she was acting it seemed to him that she realized that by now as well. If she wasn’t completely broken yet, she would be soon enough.

He heard a groan from beside him and turned to see that the red-haired bitch was coming around. Good, he thought, reaching out to stroke his fingers through Amber’s disgusting, sweaty, dirt-smelling, cum-streaked hair before wiping it back on her chin. “That’s it, you bitch,” he growled at Amber, loud enough that he hoped Brook would hear. He wanted her impression of her never-wife to be what a fucking disgusting whore she was. “Suck my cock, Amber-slut.” He yanked on the back of her head and she gagged hard around Mark’s cock as he slammed down her throat, but she didn’t stop sucking, even as his rough thrusts battered into her, flattening her nose and causing thick strings of saliva to spill from her stretched lips and run down her chin. Even then, even with the added roughness, she didn’t try to pull away – instead she continued to work with him, sucking and licking as best she could as he rammed into her. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her damp chin with each forward thrust.

Then he shoved her away, back into the waiting arms of some of his friends he had gestured over. “Your fans are waiting for you, worthless bitch.”

“No!” she screamed, but Mark didn’t hesitate… he fell to his knees, stroking his cock, resting it right against Brook’s pussy, and right there he came… spraying her pussy with the cum her girlfriend had coaxed from him. That would be the only lube she would get.

Brook felt disgusted as she felt his cum splash against her sex, but even the shudder of utter wretchedness that went through her didn’t eclipse her horror as watching her fiancéee get pushed away and dragged down by more men. “You… you promised!” she shouted.

“I promised after you serviced me I’d be done with her. Have you done that yet?” He sneered at the angry lesbian. “Now, how about you get closer and open your mouth, so your girlfriend can see clearly how much you like cock?”

There was no way out, and Amber was suffering – there was no time to even try to think her way out of this. She could save Amber. She needed to save Amber. Her ass felt like it was about to burst, and it made even twitching her legs hurt, but she crawled closer to Mark, pushing her face up next to him. “Now be a good little dyke and open your mouth,” Mark said, pulling Brook by the hair.

Her girlfriend was bisexual… Brook was not. She had never begrudged her lover her tastes, but she couldn’t imagine ever wanting to sleep with a man, and the idea of sucking on one of those tools… well, it once would have been her largest nightmare. After watching what was happening to Amber today, though, it was a distant second. She did as he said, opening her mouth wide for him and tasting his cum as he pushed that dick into her mouth. It was worse than she had ever feared. She felt his cum in her mouth. She already knew the taste of cum from kissing Amber before, but it was magnified with the musk of him and just the knowledge of what she was doing… unbelievably foul. Before, she could spit it out. This time it was the first load she would swallow in her life – and Brook knew for sure it wouldn’t be the last. Just the sensation of a warm, hard cock in her mouth felt incredibly disgusting…

And then Mark started fucking her face.

“Come on, I know you can do better than this,” Mark said, mockingly as she gagged. “I’m not even back to fully hard yet. You’re going to have to do a better job than this or your little carpet-muncher is going to spend the rest of her life as my fleshlight.” He scoffed. “I don’t expect a dyke to suck a cock perfectly on her first try, but I would have hoped your tongue had at least some skill.”

Brook was disgusted with the thought of actively participating in this – that she would need to put an effort into pleasing a man that tortured Amber and was ready to do the same with her – but if she wanted to save at least one of them from this bastard she had to do what he said. Reluctantly she teased his tip with her tongue, trying to keep her mouth tightly wrapped around him as she went. Immediately he stopped fucking her, letting her do her own work, and hating herself she continued. Brook could hear the sounds of pleasure every time she was taking Mark’s cock deeper, knowing that she was on the right way.

“Oh fuck, she really is something,” he said, looking at Amber as she gagged on another dick. “You really do have a great taste in women, you know?”

When Mark grabbed her by the hair and started forcing his cock in her mouth and deeper, Brook tried desperately to open wide and relax, letting him do as he wanted with her. It didn’t help. He was rough enough that she gagged on each and every thrust, choking and retching as she was starved of air again and again. “What a talented mouth,” Mark said, pressing her head to his stomach, making his cock pulse on her tongue as she choked. “I think I’m plenty hard now… It’s time to break that little pussy of yours.”

He shoved her away. She landed on her ass, driving the stun gun further into her rectum and making her scream and almost pass out again. The dress still hung on her body in tatters, but he ripped it off her in a frenzy, fully exposing her to him. Brook had never felt insecure about her body in her life but now, standing under Mark’s hungry eyes, she felt sinful and disgusting… like she was nothing but an object meant to please him.

Desperate to look at something, anything, else, Brook noticed as people moved around. Ally was being walked to the exit, fully naked with two guys on either side of her. One of them held a phone, pointing it at her as she walked, sobbing. “Don’t worry little cam-whore,” one of the men said as he pushed her forward. “I know a few places on the dark web that will buy all the footage we can make of you, but that doesn’t have to be a problem… we can send your boyfriend a copy for free. You’ll never see him again, but he’ll see you lots more times, and that’s really more important when you come right down to it.” Ally was shaking and Brook even heard a hysterical laugh from her, but that was it. If she didn’t know better, Brook would’ve thought that she was going willingly… she didn’t resist at all anymore and seemed entirely drained of hope. She didn’t want to know what fate was awaiting her friend.

Mark brought her attention back to him by pinching one of her nipples. “Christ, you have even nicer tits than Amber does,” he smiled, putting his hands on her breasts, squeezing them both in each of his palms. “Spread your legs, whore.” Mark commanded Brook, knowing that as long as he had her loved one she would do as he said. Unfortunately, he was right about that. Her legs were shaking as she lay there, not knowing how she could feel even more crushed and degraded than she had before but realizing slowly that there might not be a bottom to that particular barrel. She shifted and then opened her legs like she had so many times for Amber, exposing herself completely. This time, however, instead of glistening with arousal, she was wet with a man’s disgusting seed, coaxed from him by raping her girlfriend. This time, instead of the gentle motion of Amber’s soft tongue she would feel the unwanted intrusion of the man who had abused her fiancée for years.

“Tell me something,” Mark smiled, looking between her legs, stroking his saliva-soaked dick. “Ever take a man before, dyke? Anyone plow this hole yet?”

Brook didn’t want to answer, she didn’t want to talk to this man, so she looked away, giving up and letting him do with her body as he pleased. No man. She wasn’t technically a virgin, of course… not physically, nor emotionally, but that didn’t seem to matter to him. To this bastard, it seemed that virgin territory just meant going where no one who counted – another man – had been.

Thankfully, that shy reaction seemed to please rather than anger him. “I guess we will find out,” he laughed, moving closer and pressing his cock to her entrance. Brook grabbed one of the table legs, looking over at Amber with a silent plea, a desperate need to meet her eyes. To see her. No matter how much she hated seeing her being raped by these men over and over, if this really was was her last chance to say goodbye she was going to take it.

Mark dipped a finger into the folds of her cunt. He gave her a teasing fingering, spreading some of his cum around inside her, watching her face as she winced in disgust. “There’s nothing wrong with admitting this is what you are good for,” he told her. “You were born to be fucked and bred… just like this.” His other hand rubbed his member, working it to full hardness. “And I was made to fuck you.” He guided himself to the redhead’s open snatch… and thrust into her.

“Fuck!” Mark groaned on top of her while Brook wanted nothing but to cry from the pain she felt, moaning as he filled her. Mark strained to fit himself inside her, fighting against the added tightness of her cunt with the stun gun still stuffing her asshole. Brook knew that penetration shouldn’t feel like this, but Mark made sure to make this as painful as possible. “I guess you are a virgin,” he growled as he reached around to grip the redhead’s plump buttocks and shoved himself the rest of the way inside her.

“Well that’s not fair,” two men said as they walked by, stretching their hands… fully dressed, she noticed. “You get a virgin and we had to make do with these fucked out things?”

“Shut it!” Mark said, returning to raping Brook. “If it wasn’t for me you would’ve been jerking off in your room right now.”

Brook’s attention was pulled back to her own experiences as he pulled back. The second time Mark shoved his cock forward inside of her felt even worse than the first had. The meager lube of his seed was nowhere near enough, making her ache horribly as he forcefully pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She moaned in pain, trying to hide her tears as Mark almost fully got on top of her, but she still heard the discussion around her. “Need to use the bathroom before you go?” one of the men – Sean – was asking them, pointing at Amber. “The urinal is in service.”

They laughed, and began to unzip one more time. “Don’t mind if I do,” one said as they walked over to the devastated blonde, forcing his cock into her mouth. Brook didn’t have to see or hear to know what he was doing while there.

Meanwhile, Mark was doing his best to fuck her as deep as his cock would go. “Oh, now I don’t even regret that that bitch left me”, he said, loud enough that Amber probably heard, mocking her as he fucked her lover. “This bitch is so much hotter than you.” Brook tried not to move, not to breathe as she felt that man moving on top of her, taking what wasn’t his. She didn’t want his cock inside her, she didn’t want to see the pain in Amber’s eyes as she watched it happen, but there was no other chance for her to get out of this. Mark laughed at the discomfort on her face as he drove into her with punishing thrusts. “Don’t worry,” he growled at her. “You’ll understand what your holes are for soon enough… just like I taught her, I’ll teach you.”

Brook cried out and looked away as Mark’s thrusts picked up speed and force. The pain of the double penetration between his cock and the stun gun was utter misery, and it felt like between the two of them they were about to split her body apart, leaving her desperate for anything else but the pain. The bar, unfortunately, provided only distractions that were even worse. As Mark fucked her, his friends were gradually leaving the bar. Most of them stopped to piss on or in Amber on the way out while Mark punished her unwilling snatch, but she kept her focus on Amber as man after man humiliated her. The man using her like a toilet now was so big he couldn’t even get his cock in her mouth, mostly spraying her tits instead.

It was only when the ogre of a man walked away and bent down to pick something up that Brook noticed that he had just draped Skye over his shoulder. She looked almost lifeless… her face and body pale except where it was covered in bruises, cuts, and red impact marks. When he walked past her, Brook was terrified to notice that both Skye’s cunt and asshole were gaping open and inflamed, cum leaking messily from both. “Catch you later, Mark. Nice party,” the big man growled as he walked out the door, carrying her like a sack of rice with him. Only the barest twitches of the tiny girl showed she was still alive.

Brook hoped that Amber hadn’t noticed the man pick up Skye, that she would never know what happened to her sister. The little that Brook knew already horrified her more than words could say.

“Come on, don’t just lay there!” Mark cursed, slapping her. “Or I might change my mind and decide I’d rather have the trained slut with me.”

Brook hated it, she hated him, all these men that violated her friends and her lover. She took a deep breath, putting her hand around his shoulders and moving her hips to meet his cock, the one that was making her feel so much pain inside. He smiled. “That’s what I’m talking about!” He put his face in her breasts, sucking on Brook’s nipples as he fucked her, making sure she had the full experience.

As he did, words caught her attention. “Hey guys, need to piss before you go?”

She looked, and numb with horror she watched two men walking by, one of them carrying Paige in a bridal carry. Brook thought that she’d seen the worst, that Skye had gotten herself the short end of the stick, but once she saw Paige she wasn’t sure anymore. The poor girl had clearly been beaten up badly enough that the bruises were evident enough at a glance even on her dark skin… blossoming across her face, neck, and tits to the point she looked half dead. Those weren’t even the worst parts, either… Brook could see just the tips of two wine bottles jutting out from Paige’s cunt and asshole.

One of the men laughed, slapping Paige’s ass. “What do you think these bottles are holding in?” he said with a chuckle, still walking for the door. “We’re gunna get this bitch home.”

 A shiver went down Brook’s spine. This couldn’t be real. It was too much torture, no one could’ve handled it. Still, Paige was conscious – barely – as they walked her out the door. Brook could only just hear her words as the brave girl was taken away from her friend. “…promised…” she muttered weakly. “…you promised… not to…”

Even holding out for as long as he could, even as eager as he was to fuck her hated lesbian pussy, Mark could only take so much of Brook’s unnaturally gripping snatch. He cried out and pulled her tight against him as his prick filled her with his seed, baptizing her as his cumdump in the most appropriate way. Brook just lay there, unmoving as he let his softening cock slip out of her sloppy pussy and took a moment to catch his breath.

Then pain, an unbearable wave of it radiating from the stun gun up her asshole… and then the world around her went dark again.

Amber watched with numb eyes as Mark stood up, leaving his new slut, the woman she loved, leaking his cum. Then he bent down and pushed the button on the stungun again, hearing it sizzle until Brook’s head rested against the floor, unconscious. “Alright guys,” he said to his friends. “It’s been fun but I think we’re about done. Leave the bitch here.”

After a few more moments the last men fucking her or pissing in her backed away, pushing Amber to the ground like a broken toy that had no more use. She laid there, with her body aching, watching as Mark grabbed Brook and put her over his shoulder. “Please…” she whispered. She had no strength left in her body. She couldn’t walk… she could barely even speak. She didn’t have it in her to plead for mercy, for Brook’s release… she didn’t have enough hope left for that. “Please… take me too. Take me with you.” She stretched out a hand towards the two of them…

And Mark stepped on it, grinding it against the floor. She didn’t even cry out. “Why would I bother with you?” he said, and spat on her. “Just go crawl into a dumpster and die for all I care. It’s all you’re good for.” Then he took the woman she loved and just… walked away.

Amber helplessly watched them go, and there was nothing she could do to stop them. There were no tears left in the girl, no anger… just a numbness somewhere deep inside her chest that told her that she was shattered and hopeless and that she didn’t think she’d ever be coming back this time.

They left, they all left and they took away everything from her. She was nothing, less than nothing, just a cum-soaked slut that had no value for anyone.

She wasn’t sure how long she had laid like that when she noticed she wasn’t alone. One of the men who had initially raped her, Sean, was still here, still cleaning up… mopping the floors, moving the chairs, wiping down the tables while complaining about how big a mess everyone had made of his bar. She didn’t bother moving. She just watched with numb, exhausted eyes as he moved around until, finally, he reached her. He picked up Brook’s panties off the ground, wiped off the worst of the cum and dirt and piss and filth covering her, and held it up in front of her face.

Amber didn’t resist. She just opened her mouth, and Sean smiled. “Some of the boys like the fresh ones,” he said, continuing to mop the floor around her. “Me… I prefer the ones already dead inside. The ones who have no hope left and will do anything you tell them. That you?” He turned a suddenly hard gaze on her, staring into her eyes, and she shuddered. “Or do I need to strangle you and toss you in the river?”

Wordlessly Amber nodded, and he smiled at her. “Wonderful,” he said, reaching down to grab her by the hair as he began to walk towards the back of the bar. Awkwardly, weakly, she crawled after him… sort of. Mostly he dragged her body across the floor. That was fine too. “My wife left with my daughters,” he told her as he opened one of the back doors and pulled her into an office, and then further to a large dog cage that was in one of the corners. “I’ve been a bit blueballed since then, so until I manage to tracks those sluts down you can be my new daughter.” He pushed her into the dog cage… it was a tight fit, but he put his boot on her ass and pushed until she had wedged herself in. “And in the meantime, I could use some help around here. Someone to clean the toilets, for example. There are also plenty of days I only have regulars here. Special parties… a urinal on demand… a stripper…” He laughed. “Maybe you’ll even get lucky and someone will bring one of your friends back and let you put on a show lezzing out with them for a laugh. Never know.”

Sean shut the door on her cage and locked it, whistling to himself as he went back to cleaning. Numb and so exhausted there were no words for it Amber laid down on the cold metal floor of the kennel… feeling cum drying on her skin as she hid her face in her palms. The abused girl pulled her knees to her chest, trying to protect that little of her that was still left. She closed her eyes, weeping, and hoped against hope that soon the darkness would take her away.

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  1. Totally destruction of a wedding Party in every hot Detail leaving me hot to hear about Skys fate. Thank you very much John for sharing
    your fan


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