One Act of Defiance Ch 8 – Lux

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It was five hours into her latest nightmare and Riven had lost track of how many men there had been, or when she would get out of here. She wasn’t sure if she was sane anymore, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to be. The days, the hours, the minutes were blending together into nothing but a single, ceaseless string of suffering as the latest men to enter the bathroom faceraped her through the wall, just like the last one had, and the one before him, and the one before him, and the one before him. Holding onto handles on his side of the wall, he pulled and tugged and thrust, forcing Riven’s head back and forth as he skullfucked the white-haired student. The athletic girl was unable to do much of anything but make wet gagging and choking noises as his thick member forced its way past her lips and to the back of her throat, slimy, rope-like strands of drool violently flowing from her mouth as she gagged them up. Some of them hung to the wall, or his balls. Others dripped from her chin, falling to splatter down onto her bruised tits. She choked violently on the cock she was being forced to deepthroat, her eyes rolling back in her head as tears were forced from her to drip down her cheeks while the current man choked her half to death on his dick. This latest indignity was shoving his cock viciously in and out, except when he wasn’t… sometimes holding himself buried down her neck for a minute at a time, not pulling back and instead just enjoying the feel of her suffering and almost throwing up on his cock, the feeling of the gooey mix of spit and pre-cum she coughed up around him while he fucked her face.

And Riven couldn’t do the first thing about it.

She would have howled in frustration if she wasn’t just too exhausted and hopeless – she was getting facefucked for what felt like the thousandth time now. Her jaw ached, her face was a mess of jizz and spit, even her short white hair was plastered to her head with it, matted against her pale face and high cheeks in layer after layer after layer of sweat and cum and worse. Her tanned cheeks were flushed almost cherry red beneath the white and grey as the latest cock was rammed down her agonized gullet, forcing miserable “GLURCK GLUCK GULLLKKK” noises from her as her neck was used as a condom for the man brutally face fucking her.

The abused student was thoroughly exhausted and felt like she was cum drunk… she honestly couldn’t remember the last time she had had the taste not be in her mouth. A damned dildo vibrated where it had been rammed deep into her cunt, buzzing away for hours and hours, and she wanted to get rid of that almost as badly as she wished to pull away from her latest rapist. She could do neither. Restrained in the inner locker room by arm and leg on her knees, the poor girl could not even move… the sharp metal clips closed around her nipples were on a tiny chain between her and the wall, and even if they weren’t, the collar and ring gag she wore locked her lips tightly to the gloryhole in the bathroom, depriving her of even the tiniest shred of agency in her use – here she was nothing but a hole to fuck. Not a person. Not even a whore, or a blowjob. Just an inanimate, nameless, faceless hole. It had been, she thought, four weeks since Ahri had forced her friend Poppy to condemn her to this hell, and she hadn’t had a rest since then. Her wrists and ankles were bruised from the tight ropes, all her limbs agonizingly cramped wherever they weren’t numb, and no one cared… all they cared about was her mouth.

How many men had it been today? At least twenty. Probably not as many as forty. Beyond that, Riven couldn’t really even guess. Her only consolation was found when she pushed her eyes far enough to either side that she could see Tristana and Lulu where they lay on the ground, sleeping in their own cells. They had to be here the other 18 hours of the day… she only had to do this for six.

Sure, the busiest six… but only six.

The man’s cum poured down her neck as the latest man came so deep inside her she didn’t even have to swallow, and a tiny bit of Riven was actually glad for that… it was the only microscopic mercy she could get these days, feeling the slimy shit pumped directly into her belly rather than forcing her to taste it and swallow it. Then he was gone and left her coughing as she leaned against the wall, hacking her lungs up as she tried to catch her breath and shift herself around in her microscopic range of movement. Riven did her best to recover in the small time she had, to keep herself alive even as she grew increasingly certain Ahri intended for her to drown in cum one of these days. It was all she could do.

Her days all went the same way. She would wake from her fitful sleep to be taken to the gym in the morning, to assist people with their “workout.” Usually it was Wukong, although many of Ahri’s athletic friends had taken turns with her there… using both her tits and her belly as a punching bag, mostly. Six hours would pass like that… six hours of being used as a target for practice swords, or for fists. Six hours of being manhandled, lifted, and raped for their perverse games. Then, when main school hours started, she would be brought here and locked into this cell for the next six hours to serve as the preferred cum toilet for every man in school. Everyone in Ahri’s good favor knew that this bathroom was the place to go if you wanted to have a happy ending during school hours, and plenty of students… and teachers… had availed themselves of the “relief” she could offer. Whatever she could swallow from their cocks would be her lunch. Then, once she had been here for another six hours, she had only a night with Ahri to look forward to. The gumiho had promised that she intended to make Riven the biggest whore in the history of the school, and to not have a single cock inside the building not know what the inside of her holes felt like by the end of the year. She was making good on that promise… while many nights she spent entertaining the fox’s own lusts, the rest of the time Ahri found someone new to fuck her thoroughly. Each and every time whomever she picked raped Riven like he was possessed, clearly terrified of the idea of not living up to the fox’s expectations and ending up on her bad side for it… Each one seemed determined to one up her previous treatment and find a new low to bring the white haired girl to. And even the most vicious of them was kind compared to what Ahri put her through herself.

She heard someone on the other side of the wall, the footsteps as someone new stepped up. Riven was too exhausted to even sigh as she heard the zipper moving, the pants going down. She couldn’t budge, she couldn’t close her mouth… she was always ready. Then the latest in a long line of cocks was rammed in through the hole and all other thought stopped. It was huge. Riven wasn’t sure what manner of creature she was getting faceraped by but this cock would have been perfectly at home on some kind of monster… rhino, hippo, elephant, something like that. She felt like the shaft was thicker than her wrist as he pushed forward and forward and forward, embedding himself into Riven’s throat until her gullet was dangerously filled with it.

“What’s the matter, slut?” Riven could hear his voice coming from the other side of the wall, chuckling in a deep voice. “Never seen a cock this big before? I think you can handle it, little toilet-whore. Come on, take it!” She couldn’t see how he looked, but she could clearly hear everything he said and she had no means to disobey anyway as the monstrously huge head of his cock slid deep and deeper down her throat like some kind of inhuman Adam’s apple. Her jaws ached as it pushed the ring even wider, and her throat hurt even worse. Once this would have been completely unbearable, made her certain she was moments from death. Now, after months as a cockslave to Ahri and her clique, she knew unfortunately and thoroughly that she absolutely would be made to endure every second of it… she wouldn’t be dying until Ahri decided she was.

The man started to bob his tool in and out of her throat, fucking her. She choked, but the man with the inhuman cock did not give a single shit about that – he kept ramming into Riven’s throat until she could smell the stink of his balls. He nailed her hard as he could, ramming the head of his prick in and out of her throat while she gagged over and over, completely unable to breathe. The white-haired girl’s eyes were wide but seeing nothing but the wall as he pushed harder and harder. Then he just… held her there. Riven’s stomach heaved, her lungs revolted, and she did her best to puke on the cock being forced down her throat as the man raping her held himself in place inside her. The bastard wasn’t even bothering to use her mouth to jack off anymore… he was just forcing it down and holding it inside her, making her take all twelve inches down her throat and laughing as he felt her trying again and again to be violently sick all over his dick, the mess of drool and precum and vomit washing over his cock before spilling back onto her face.

Just when Riven was sure she was going to pass out, he yanked his cock free. Riven gasped, filling her lungs with badly needed air, but she wasn’t allowed any real time to recover. Instantly the man thrust his cock deep inside again. “Don’t be so fucking lazy. Suck that cock, bitch! Slurp on it, come on, slut!” he commanded, and as tired as her tongue was, if she wanted to breathe she had to obey. She worked her body, applying what suction she could and slathering his cock with her spit and far fouler things as he thrust hard inside her again. The movement made her whole body shake, tugging on Riven’s nipples by the short cord as she squirmed. She tried to scream in pain as the forceful pouncing stretched her nipples and pulled them away from her body as he kept ramming into her face hard, over and over again until the poor girl feared that the clamps would slice her nipples plain off. Screams of agony came from her lungs again and again but not a sound escaped her mouth, gagged on the monstrous cock. A repeated  “GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAH” was all she was capable of. Drool and precum ran down her lips to make a sloppy puddle on the dirty tile floor as he enjoyed making her suffer on his huge tool, and Riven had no choice but to take it until he was done.

The white-haired exchange student wasn’t sure how long he kept going for but it felt like an hour… edging himself with her throat, pulling back when he was close to prolong his pleasure until she felt almost as disgusted with her inability to make him finish as she did with him. Finally, in what felt like microscopic mercy, a mammoth load of cum started to spurt from his dick down into Riven’s throat. The asshole rapist’s load was so huge that some of his cum overflowed through her lips despite being released into her throat. “Yeah, swallow it slut!” he groaned, still cumming. As if she had a choice. The cum that washed up over her tongue tasted like battery acid and she wanted to puke again… but it would only bring more misery with his dick blocking her up. She swallowed everything.

After he finished, he pulled back just enough that the head of his dick rested on her tongue, forcing her to clean him. Her face was ruined and ropes of cum were still dripping down her lips, the poor girl unable to wipe her face or do anything to make her feel like she was more than trash… it was all she could do to even recover her breath. The chains on her body, and attached to her nipples, rattled as she panted, licking at the cock that had just finished raping her like she was an acolyte worshiping at the altar of some lustful god of her abuse. And then, just as she was beginning to catch her breath once more, the elephantine man began to piss.

Riven gagged as the disgusting man treated her throat like she was a urinal, laughing at her from the other side of the wall. “Just like that,” he growled. “Scum sucking whores like you are nothing but cum holes and urinals for men like us!”

The athletic student choked and gagged down the hot piss as the man urinated in her mouth, pissing straight down the cum soaked school slut’s throat as rammed himself forward from the other side of the wall. His cock lodged practically in her stomach as he forced the degraded cum toilet to either drink the hot, foul tasting urine or drown on it. “Gulp gulp gulp…”

“Oh fuck,” the huge man said. “I didn’t know they taught classes here in school on how to be a good piss-drinking slut. The headmistress should be ashamed she lets someone as disgusting as you in the door, whore.” He continued mocking her as he force-fed her his piss, making her choke and make disgusted retching noises as she was forced to greedily gulp it all down if she wanted her next gasp of air. “You might be a disgrace of a student, but you make a halfway decent urinal, cocksucker.” Riven felt like she was about to choke herself out, gagging and retching up piss all over her face and down over her tits, the closing thing to “washing” herself she could manage, but none of her protests or needs mattered… the man was determined to use her mouth as a toilet and he wouldn’t be dissuaded.

Finally, the flood of acrid yellow urine stopped, but it didn’t mean much relief for her. “Wipe up after yourself. Clean that dick, piss whore,” the man ordered. Riven, feeling dead inside, complied. She licked the head slowly, feeling the disgusting mingled tastes of him cum and piss. She wished she could at least wipe what had flowed over her face away, but with her arms bound so tight behind her there was just no way she could do it – she just had to live with it.

Soon after Riven cleaned the monstrous man’s dick, he left… walking away and leaving her behind. Riven didn’t even have the first clue which of the students in this school had been the one abusing her, and she didn’t know if he had had the first clue who she was, either. Just a convenient toilet for him to deposit his cum and piss in.

The next cock was already waiting for her. On the other side of the wall Riven could hear the sounds of a small crowd. That told her the time more surely than anything did… there had already been a crowd today, so that had been lunch. Another crowd meant that classes were out… it always got crowded after that. It meant that she was almost done… but as always the final stretch would be some of the worst. The cock wasn’t that long or thick compared to the last one but that left plenty of room to be unbelievably miserable for the girl. Her nipples were red and sore and the fake cock inside her would not stop buzzing and buzzing and buzzing as he fucked her. This man didn’t seem like he had bathed in months… his cock reeked, and she could taste stains that she could only hope were dirt on his dick. It was disgusting, but a fleshlight stuck to the wall didn’t get the luxury of refusing to service someone for being dirty or hateful or disgusting. Instead, she ran her tongue over him as he moved in and out of her.

Poor Riven was so exhausted and her stomach was making weird noises due to all the disgusting fluids that she had been forced to swallow. Still, she sucked as he bobbed in and out of her, the disgusting man using her as roughly as any of the others. He thrust harder and faster, forcing her to deep throat him, grunting as his shaft challenged what was left of her gag reflex and overcame it. Even with her nose flat against the wall she could smell the vomit-inducing musk of his pubes, but even that was a secondary misery as he started using her harder and faster, making her nipple chains tug again and the teeth of the clamps dig into her. “Gross fucking bitch,” the high-pitched voice declared from the other side of the wall as he raped her. “Gross fucking bitch. Oh Fuck! I’m going to fill this hole of yours!” he groaned loudly. Riven could hear his body thudding against the wall as he kept fucking into her throat, driving his filthy cock as deep into her as possible, forcing her tongue to lick parts of him she hadn’t cleaned yet.

“FUCKKKK!” With his cock as far down her throat as he could get it, he stopped moving. Riven coughed for air when the first stream of cum hit the back of her throat and she heard the man groan, “Don’t swallow it yet, slut! Keep it! Keep it there!” Riven, exhausted beyond words, obeyed. There was only one more huge spurt of cum before she had to coax the rest out herself, sucking hard on his dirty tool in long strokes as globs of his cum pooled inside her throat. He pulled out and she swallowed. As he pulled out, she noticed that all the dirt on his cock was gone and she realized that she had swallowed everything. It was, perhaps, the single most disgusting thought she had had in this cell. “Well aren’t you a good cum hole!” he laughed as he stepped away, leaving her there.

Her whole body was sore, her eyes squeezed shut in exhausted misery as her brain all but shut down. Riven prayed that he would be the last one. That Ahri would come to get her. That she would be taken from this place. Whatever Ahri would do to her would be worse, but the fox would do it anyway… she wouldn’t get out of it merely by sucking cock for longer, and at least she would get a few moments of rest as she was pulled out of her bondage and taken elsewhere, so she could at least pray that one torment was done and she could move onto the next.

It was not to be. Another dick was thrust in through the hole, and resigned, Riven began to suck yet again.

“Luxanna? Are you even paying attention?”

The exhausted blonde girl trembled as she looked up, covering her mouth as she focused on being yelled at by the teacher. Professor Galio stood in front of the board, looking at her with hard eyes as his stone finger tapped on the chalkboard surface. Was he angry? Disappointed? She couldn’t tell. What had he been trying to teach her again? What had he even asked? The pretty blonde squinted, focusing on the board, trying to understand what was written on it.

She couldn’t.

Luxanna wasn’t stupid. She knew she wasn’t… she had only been accepted into this school despite being poorer because of her talents and intelligence. She should be able to understand this, but almost immediately her mind began to drift again. The vibrator that Mistress Evelynn had buried in her cunt certainly was one such reason. The charms that her demonic owner had put on her prevented her from ever cumming without permission, no matter how much she was teased, but that only increased the distraction rather than reduce it. It wasn’t even close to the largest of her distractions, either. For a start, like it had been happening since the first night Evelynn had taken her, Lux was holding her breath. She was only permitted to breathe a single time every thirty seconds, leaving her constantly light-headed… for multiple reasons. She hadn’t eaten anything for the last two days straight, either… because she hadn’t lived up to her mistress’s expectations. Eve only fed her when she was the perfect little plaything, but while she had to follow her mistress’s charms she had no such restriction – or help – with mere rules. If she failed to live up to expectations —  to be appropriately pretty and feminine at all times, to smile at everyone, to seduce everyone she came across, and most importantly to prove she was the most eager little slavegirl in the universe for her mistress — then she simply wasn’t even allowed the basics of survival.

With all of that, trying to focus on learning algebra was just one thing too many for the overwhelmed schoolgirl.

“Luxanna!” Professor Galio barked out, his voice a rumbling base, and Lux cringed. She just had no idea. The blonde had badly wanted to learn when she came here, she could remember that, but now all she could think about was how pathetic her life was, how much she would give just to go home and forget she had ever been here. All Lux wanted was to focus on something other than her life, but it was not possible to leave it aside… it was all-consuming. Silently she shook her head to the whispers of the class and sank down into her seat, certain that everyone who looked at her knew that she had a perfect replicate of her mistress’s shapeshifting cock buried in her twat beneath the too-short skirt. She could have tried to answer, but what would have been the point of that? After all, Mistress Evelynn still punished her for every word she spoke, too.

Galio looked at her for a few moments longer, then turned and continued lecturing, pointedly ignoring her. Lux looked away and strained her memory, trying to remember if he had raped her or not. Half the school had, it felt like… including more than one of the professors. Ever since Riven had stepped in to protect her from Ahri and her clique, ever since Evelynn had isolated her and raped her, she had been living in a personal hell in this boarding school, without help, without friends. The only people she interacted with were there to fuck her, abuse her, rape her… she was nothing but a plaything and a slave to the group of women that had kidnapped her and her friends, raping and hurting them until they had ruined her whole life. Now Lux’s only constant was her misery.

She stared out the window. It was hard to focus on controlling her arousal, and her breath, and her posture, and ignoring her bruises and pain and hunger and the burning in her lungs and the vibrating thing painfully stretched her insides but everything else… it strained her mind and attention until she needed to retreat into herself just to keep to some semblance of sanity. Anything to keep her mistress happy with her.

When Evelynn was happy with her, she was a fucktoy, a whore, and a plaything. When her mistress was angry, it was far, far worse.

Last night, she had brought one of them to her room… a large cafeteria worker named Gragas who must have outweighed the slim schoolgirl five to one in addition to being twice her size. Evelynn didn’t have a single room in the dorm like most students… the demonic elite had a whole suite of rooms with her own bathroom. One of those rooms – the smallest of them – had been repurposed to be Lux’s new bedroom.

Not so she could have her own place, of course. Just so she would have a place to do her whoring.

The blonde had been kneeling on the floor by her bed, like Mistress Evelynn would have wanted, when the fat, ugly school employee walked in. He was already naked, she’d noted… sweaty and disgusting, the rolls of his fat dripping in the heat. The bald man with the red beard had grinned lustfully at her as he approached the bed, wrapping one huge, meaty fist in her hair. “Oh, when she told me you wuz selling yourself, I couldn’t believe it,” he’d growled. “And so cheap, too. Tonight, I’m going to own this filthy body of yours, little whore! I’m going to use you to pleasure myself!”

Lux had swallowed but said nothing… she just nodded her head. Eve’s commands were clear… not only would be she punished for talking at all but she also couldn’t explain that she wasn’t here willingly, that she hated every second of this. She couldn’t even imply it, or through inaction allow it to be assumed. As far as the world outside of Ahri’s followers was concerned, she was just a whore that thought of herself as useless, and Evelynn was just taking mercy on the young, dumb slut. She had to submit. “I’m told you want it hard and rough. That right whore? Because I can give it to you hard and rough.” Gragas lifted her up and then tossed her down onto the bed, and it was only then, when her head landed between the woman’s thighs, that Lux had realized the Evelynn had come in while she was distracted.

Evelynn looked every bit the picture of human grace and beauty, wearing her buxom blonde appearance with the long wavy hair that Lux had always assumed with the aristocratic student’s true face. She knew better, now… she knew just what lurked beneath that skin. The school as a whole, however, did not.

“He was willing to pay extra,” she’d explained with a smile, “as long as we put on a bit of a show for him. I told him you wouldn’t mind, slut… right?”

Wordlessly, Lux had nodded, but that hadn’t been good enough for the disguised demon. “I asked if that was alright, slut…” she’d said quietly, a hint of a razor behind her voice.

Luxanna had swallowed. “…Yes mistress.” Even when she spoke her words were almost silent in their breathlessness, purely for self-preservation now. ‘Two,’ she counted to herself. It didn’t matter to her mistress that she had made Lux say the words… only the words being said at all mattered.

“Good!” Eve had encouraged.  She’d scooted Lux a bit further up the bed so that her face rested right between the demon’s pale, deceptively human thighs, spreading her legs to expose the lack of panties beneath her skin. Lux stretched out with her tongue, flicking it over her mistress’s pussy right up until the moment she gasped right into the dripping hole. Evelynn had closed clamps onto her nipples, even as Gragas attached a collar around her neck from behind. Then Eve ran a slim chain between the clamps and her collar to keep them constantly under tension, the clips pulling painfully at her. Lux had tried not to focus on it, to sink into the familiar feeling of licking Eve’s wet cunt, but it grew harder as they moved, flipping her over so that the woman was riding on her face. Holding her breath, she’d pushed her tongue deep inside her mistress, swirling it around.

The blonde had jumped as one of Evelynn’s fingers grazed her clit and she could feel the sharp nail concealed beneath her magic as its sharp edge teased just over the sensitive skin, her body trembling as it traced right over her vulnerable button. Then she’d split her fingers, pushing and holding up the slut’s well-teased pussy. “Well?” Mistress Evelynn asked. “What are you waiting for?”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Gragas had said with an obvious smile. Luxanna felt the bed sink and shift as the enormously fat man put his weight onto it, the mattress between her spread legs making almost a valley. Lux had tried not to think about his cock, tried not to think about the huge thing that looked just as disgusting and greasy as the rest of him did, focusing instead on using her tongue on the pussy of the woman she hated… but whom had the ability to make her suffer more than anyone else.  Still, she’d shuddered as he rubbed the tip of his dirty cock vigorously over her pussy and clit, rubbing whatever covered him off onto her. Mistress was grinding on her face, cutting off even the brief gasps of air.

Gragas pushed inside of her and Lux had cried out softly into Eve’s pussy. He was so big but she was so wet from days and weeks of teasing that he never would have guessed how disgusted she was to be touched… Eve almost never let her cum except when she was whoring herself out, so now she was almost conditioned to hope for it. The fat cafeteria worker just began to shoved his mammoth prick in and out of her, pushing it hard and deep as it forced her stretched pussy to gush juices around her while the young, degraded blonde just suffered as she suffocated. She couldn’t resist… she simply bore everything and continued to suck at Eve’s pussy while she was raped, and despite everything she wanted to cum so bad… she would have sacrificed all dignity, all comfort, all love and sanity if only Evelynn would let her have a moment of relief. Despite her hatred her whole body was flushed and squirming, and she had no doubt that Evelynn could easily read her body language… she could only pray that her bully would be merciful.

Instead, Eve had grabbed onto the chain connecting her nipples to her collar and yanked.

Lux had screamed breathlessly in pain, making her tongue tremble and shake inside her pussy, and Eve moaned in pleasure. “That’s perfect, little slut. Be a good little vibrator for your mistress.” She pulled the chain even harder as Gragas’s fat belly finally came to rest on her mons, his cock fully inside of her. The man kept raping her hard and deep while the mistress enjoyed her suffering, grinding her cunt on the blonde’s face while she cried, no longer even dreaming that she would allow her to cum and ashamed for even wanting to while she was not only being raped, but raped by someone who disgusted her. She didn’t want him inside her. She didn’t want any man fucking her at all. Fucking her. Fucking her. Fucking her…

Lux’s attention was brought back to reality as the bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson. Class was over. The blonde sighed and stood from her seat. Her body was sore and exhausted, and she left a little puddle on the seat… one that she was quick to wipe away with her sleeve. It would make her smell like cunt, but she already did to anyone paying attention. Professor Galio was looking at her again, and Lux wasn’t sure if he wanted to offer help or to fuck her. Either would be equally disastrous… there was no protection from Ahri and her friends. She just wished she had understood that before Riven had tried. She had to leave before she either got raped, or got him hurt… Luxanna quickly grabbed her books, stuffed them into her bag, and walked out of the classroom as quickly as her exhausted, unsteady legs could carry her.

Thankfully, he didn’t follow. After going down a few hallways, Lux leaned against a locker, resting… feeling the dark at the edges of her vision slowly receding. Walking fast was an exertion, and she had no means to catch her breath besides inactivity so she needed to remain still and slowly, painfully slowly, regain some measure of control of her oxygen again.

Lux was still slowly recovering when a shadow fell over her. Blue eyes wide and hopeless, she looked up to watch as a dark man in dirty, run-down clothing walked up to her with a lecherous smile on his face. Luxanna had seen him before… he was the school groundskeeper, a man named Udyr. She hoped that he was just going to see if she was alright, and she would only need to say a word or two to get out of here… but from the leering look in his eyes, she very much doubted it.

He knew.

In the last few weeks, Evelynn had begun advertising her services. It wasn’t – yet – common knowledge in the school, but the rumor that Luxanna was a whore was starting to spread, whisper to whisper. Evelynn presented herself as the friendly face helping the hopeless young blonde who didn’t have any other way to make money than “the usual way where she was from.” From the look on his face, he was one of the people who had found out about it… and the dirty, gross man clearly intended to take full advantage of her body being on the market.

“Well hello there little blondie!” the groundkeeper growled as he stepped up to her, the smirk on his face promising vile and disgusting acts to come. He quickly grabbed her by the arm, leaving dirt stains on her shift as he pulled her into across the hall and into one of the janitors’ closets down the hall, pushing her inside before stepping in after her. “So, you’re for sale, huh?” he said, looking her up and down. “School tramp, slutting your body around, teasing it for so long… glad you finally decided to put out.” He pulled his dick from his pants and Lux wanted to cry looking at the dirty, fat thing.

She didn’t need to look at it for long, though, before he shoved her against the wall, slapped her ass, and flipped up her skirt, pulling off her panties and laughing at the dildo he found. “What a disgusting whore,” he mocked as he ripped the big thing out of her, making her gasp with the abruptness as her wet cunt clenched down in its absence. “Satisfying your greedy cunt when you should have been learning in class. Well, I’ll make a contribution to your education, little girl… believe me that. You’ll get what you’ve been looking for!”

He slapped her ass several more times, spanking her for a bit as he turned her pale cheeks red. Then grabbed onto one of her cheeks, squeezing it as he moved his right hand onto her soaked pussy. By that grip he jerked her towards him, and poor Lux lost her balance as he pulled her against his far larger body, her ass now pressing against the hard-on jutting from his crotch. “Grind your dirty ass against my dick, slut!” he ordered. Lux, hearing Evelynn in her mind, had little choice but to obey, wriggling her ass back and forth across his groin as he stuck a hand up her shift, finding her braless – Eve had made her burn every bra she owned months ago, and only let her keep panties because they were useful to keep things inside her holes.

Udyr squeezed her breasts hard, pinching one of her nipples even as she ground herself on his dick just like he demanded, whimpering softly as she did it. “That’s it, you little slut. You know you want some dick. Well, you’re going to have to earn it like a good whore if you want my money.” The groundskeeper squeezed her tits again before he shoved her forward, thrusting her back against the wall. “And you’re going to earn it right the fuck now…”

Lux let out another pained whine as he slapped her ass cheeks again… and then he thrust his cock forward into her wet cunt. The abused blonde was still shocked at how much it hurt, and how tight she remained despite repeated abuse after repeated abuse. She felt like a cheap slut, a worthless, well used whore with a cunt permanently in heat, but it was still a nice, tight cocksleeve for her rapists and a source of anguish for her with each stretching thrust into her. Her tits, already sore from the way he had squeezed them, bounced and swayed as her body bucked violently against the wall, and a few tears dripped down her face in soft, wet lines as his fat cock wrecked her tiny hole.

If Udyr noticed how much he was hurting her, he didn’t seem to care. “You love this? I know you do, little whore… Your cunt’s fucking soaking my cock you little slut! You love every damn inch of me… you’re getting off on being a little fucking whore!” he growled at her as his hands pulled her hips back towards him, forcing the struggling school girl to stay in position against the wall, being raped from behind by the groundskeeper of the school she had once dreamed of attending. “I’m going to pound you until you cum on my dick, slut,” he promised, not knowing that no matter how badly her cunt was needing it she couldn’t do any such thing unless Mistress Evelynn approved her. Udyr gave her red ass another hard and stinging smack, not giving a shit how bad he was hurting the student he was fucking… it was clear to Lux that the gross old man had always wanted to fuck one of the girls here and one of them being a “whore” was a golden opportunity for him. She let out high pitched squeals at the combination of his cockslams and slaps, and he started driving his hips forward even faster, ramming his cock into that tight soaking wet slit of hers like a horny dog pouncing on a bitch and mating her, fucking her like some alley trash little gutter slut as she suffered beneath him. “Stay right there, whore. You deserve this dick, you’re getting this dick.”

The breathless blonde gasped as he hammered his rock hard cock into her, pumping his cock into her tight cunt as roughly as he could, even as he reached forward to grab onto one of her tits. He used the soft flesh on her chest like a hand, squashing it, digging his fingers into her and making Lux wince in discomfort. “Man, I think you’re getting even wetter, you slut,” Udyr mocked her. “Deep down, like all of you little schoolgirl cocktease sluts, all you really want is a man to fuck you into oblivion and use you like the cumtoilet you deserve to be. The way your bitch pussy is going to flood the fucking closet is all the proof of that we need…”

Lux’s world vanished into agony as he punched the back of her head, making her head spin and her eyes cross as she made a creaking, chattering noise deep in her throat. Her face bounced off the wall in a separate burst of pain and he held her there, grinding her face against the wall as he raped her tight pussy harder, pounding her like he was trying to drive her into the wall like a nail. Lux hissed out her agony through clenched teeth as he fucked her with brutal and agonizing thrusts, but at least he released his grip on her head. Before Lux could dare to hope that it was even a tiny sign of mercy, however, she felt him wrap his hands around her neck, tightening his grip as he used it to yank her backward and slam his cock balls deep up her gushing cunt. Udyr growled at her as he slammed brutally into her clenching pussy, ramming his way through all resistance as he cut off her breathing by gripping her throat. It felt like he was trying to snap her neck, squeezing his fingers around her and forcing strangled little squeaks and whimpers out of her throat as he rammed into her, fucking her like the piece of meat he saw her as. Her pussy squeezed on him in a desperate, pointless defense that only helped him enjoy its grip on his cock each time he plunged it deep into her.

Lux was used to being short of air, but to her panic she realized that, with her only being allowed to breathe at certain times, her gasping could never line up with when he was letting her breathe. In desperation, the blonde schoolgirl tried to claw at his big, strong hand on her neck but it felt like the attempt was useless… she was just so weak. She let out a strangled, barely audible scream as her airway was choked closed, and the whole time Udyr kept hammering his massive cock into her pussy faster and faster. Each brutal thrust into her forced her breasts to bounce freely. “Still loving this, slut? Still going to cum? Is it still everything you hoped?” the groundskeeper asked her as he slammed his hard fuckshaft deep into her pussy, hatefucking the suffocating student in a dirty closet. Lux’s tongue hung limply from her mouth and her eyes were rolled back in her head and dripping tears as she was raped. Jolts of agony tore through her body with each thrust, mixing with a treasonous, desperate seed of pleasure that could never be sated by this man and the existence of which was the single most humiliating part of her entire violation.

Udyr grunted loudly behind her as he slammed into her soaked pussy, a wet gushing noise accompanying every thrust as her back arched and trashed and twisted and bucked under his grip. “You really are a nasty little bitch, blondie… you love being treated like a cheap piece of meat.” All Lux could do was choke out weak, breathless sounds of protest as he continued to choke her, her cheeks streaked with tears as she sobbed from the pain of fucking and her burning lungs while he chokefucked her into oblivion like he was trying to destroy her pussy with his prick. “Damn, you’re a cock whore. Do you like that dick wrecking your pussy, slut? Do you like that big damn dick churning your insides up?” Udyr roared as he kept jackhammering into her. Poor Luxanna let out a weak scream that never left her lungs each time his tool slid deep in her. She had kept grabbing at the hand on her throat and that must have been annoying the groundskeeper because he finally let go of her only to brutally gather up her arms together and pull them behind her back, holding them with one hand as he returned the other to her throat… and because of Evelynn’s restriction she got only a single breath in that whole time.

He yanked back on her by her neck, Lux’s back arching as he fucked her cunt like a machine. She couldn’t move at all anymore, and he just hammered in and out, in and out, in and out like he was stabbing her with a knife, like he wanted to kill her. “You fucking cum slut… take it! Take it all!” he kept yelling as he fucked into her cunt as hard as he could. “Take that dick. TAKE IT YOU SCHOOLGIRL SLUT!” He was ramming into her with increasing viciousness, his balls smacking against her thighs as he split her cunt open with his thick, hard dick. “ARGHH, FUCK!” Lux was almost certain she was going to die by the time he slammed deep into her clenching cunt like he was punching her cervix with his cock, and she squirmed in misery as she felt his dumping his load inside of her, pumping his disgusting slim into her wet box as his cum mingled with her juices.

He yanked his cock from her brutally abused fuckhole and Lux fell to the ground of the closet, twitching and shuddering but still unable to suck in more than a breath every thirty seconds. The edges of her vision were black and the whole world looked like shades of grey lit by starlight as the abused blonde shivered uncontrollably, weak clicking sounds coming from her throat. Her traumatized mind focused only on the slow, wet sensation as a line of cum drooled out of her pussy to drip down one thigh, pooling on the ground.

One breath.

How could she live like this?

“Enjoy the ride, blonde slut? Never seen a bitch so eager in my life.” Udyr delivered a hard smack to her ass followed by two more, the thudding impacts shaking Lux’s ass as she struggled with her breath. Just one more humiliation to add to the ones she’d already endured so far. She struggled to find the strength to move, but it simply wasn’t coming as he kept slamming her body around. Then Udyr’s hand shot forward and grabbed her hair and yanked on it, pulling her up to level with his dick.

Lux’s blue eyes went wide, looking up fearfully at his face as she realized with horror that his cock was, somehow, still rock hard. He couldn’t possibly be ready to go again could he? He wasn’t actually, really planning to keep fucking her, was he? “Look at you…” Udyr mocked. “Cum leaking out of your snatch all over the floor, making a mess that decent folks will need to clean up. You look like the pathetic street whore you are.” He just slapped her hard across the face, the stinging slap popping her mouth open as his palm collided with her cheek and sent a shockwave of pain through her. Udyr slapped her across her face again and again as she whimpered, one hand wrapped in her hair to force her head back and hold her up.  “You stay right there on your knees like a good little cocksucker and keep that mouth of yours open,” he laughed at her as he painfully yanked her head back. Udyr pointed his hard meat at her mouth, the thick throbbing cock rock hard and ready to go again even after the brutal fucking he’d just creampied her pussy with. As Lux sat there, looking at it with impotent shock and disgust, the groundskeeper slapped the cock across her face, smearing it across the blonde’s sexy features and wiping off a mix of her juices and his cum in the process. When she didn’t immediately move, however, Udyr drew back a hand and slapped her hard enough across the face that she saw stars, the blow making her eyes roll and her jaw go slack as she was left dazed and useless from the painful blow to her head. “Do it… wrap those lovely whore lips of yours around me and suck my cock like the cheap gutter whore you are!”

Lux gagged miserably as the dirty groundskeeper who looked one step short of a bum tightened his grip on her head and forced it forward, stuffing her mouth full of his cock. He wasn’t even remotely gentle, either… he gave her no time to suck on him at her own pace or to get used to him, clearly intending to just facefuck her. He impaled her mouth, dragging her head forward and back as he rammed his shaft down her throat without any gentleness or restraint, just raping her mouth like she was a Piltover sex doll for him to use and then toss away.

“How does your cunt taste on my cock, blondie? I’ve heard whores like you like that. I bet you love the taste of your snatch on my dick!” Udyr laughed at her as he violently skullfucked the choking and wretching student, pumping his cock down her throat with hard and brutal thrusts that seemed designed to cause her the maximum amount of pain and humiliation. Lux couldn’t answer, of course – all she could do was gag and choke around the cock that was plugging up her throat. She desperately tried to push him away but he was stronger than her even if she wasn’t starving and oxygen-deprived and weak: no matter how hard she pushed against his thighs, she couldn’t stop the bastard from slamfucking her throat. He drove it in over and over again, forcing her to gag up a gooey mess over her face and his balls as he pumped her throat full of cock, clearly loving the feel of her screaming and choking violently on his member as he pumped his throbbing hardon into her throat faster and faster, facefucking Lux as she suffered on the floor of the shitty closet.

“Finally one of you stupid students opens your mouth for something good for once! If only I’d had the chance to put one of you in your place like this years ago!” he laughed at her as he fucked her face, forcing tears of agony to spill from her eyes even as she messily gagged and choked up a mess down her chin, the shiny drool and cum she was drooling out from her mouth as he skullfucked her splattering all over her jiggling tits as her body was forced back and forth on his prick. It made a sopping, gargling mess that dripped down to the floor and onto her knees, staining her open shirt and her skirt both as he slammed in and out with increasing violence.

Udyr had both hands clamped on her head now as he fucked her face, pumping his cock rapidly as he jerked her skull back and forth on his prick until he was forcing her to take every last inch of his shaft straight down her throat. Lux felt her neck bulge around his cock, felt his balls slap against her chin with each hard pump of his cock down her throat as he pressed her beautiful face into his crotch. The tiny closet echoed with the wet and sloppy sounds as Lux’s throat was used like a fleshlight, drool pouring down her lips and chin as he brutally bounced her head on his crotch like he was dribbling a ball, skullfucking the gagging, miserable student to the point she felt like she was going to be choked to death on his dick.

Lux was lost in her own world of perfect misery and he hilted his hard cock into her clenching gullet over and over again, forcing her to retch up a thick stream of drool and cum over both herself and his cock as he brutally abused her face like this. She gagged, but rather than take pity on her obvious misery Udyr just laughed at her like the pathetic whore she felt like she was. “Wait your turn, bitch,” he growled as he pounded his shaft down her throat faster and faster, rapefucking the hell out of her while she choked. “You can breathe when I’m done with you and not a second before. If you die, well, no great loss… right?”

Lux moaned in horror and disgust around the cock that was brutally raping her throat as the vicious fucking stirred even her broken gag reflex into repeated action, precum mixing with spit and throat-slime to make a disgusting ropey mix that stuck between her face and his ball. She couldn’t smell anything but his musk each time Evelynn’s compulsion even let her try to breathe in, and she could feel the glow of her pink eyes each time she tried. Her white shirt would probably be see-through as the slimy waves of drool had all but soaked it now, coating her jiggling and bouncing breasts as she was skullfucked.

At last, mercy came… not in the form of oxygen but in an orgasm as Udyr buried his cock deep down her throat and started shooting his load, a thick torrent of sticky hot cum getting pumped down her gullet as he forced her to choke it all down. Lux swallowed frantically… the groundskeeper was gripping her head firmly, keeping it in place, clearly unwilling to move until the degraded student had swallowed every last drop. “That’s it, bitch!” he growled, laughing deep in his throat. “Drink my jizz! Suck every last fucking drop you stuck up self-important schoolgirl bitch!” Lux gulped and gulped as Udyr’s balls emptied right down her throat. The pleasure of having one of this school’s students as his personal fucktoy as she gargled on his jism clearly got him going because he just seemed to keep cumming forward, feeding her a thick meal of spunk until Lux’s world finally went dark.

Lux woke on the floor, unsure of how much later it was, and immediately started coughing and hacking… forcing a mix of cum and worse to drool out of her mouth and out onto the floor. Somewhere above her, Udyr laughed and stepped on her face, driving it down into the mess of cum on the dirty floor of the closet. “That was therapeutic!” he said with a grin. “I might stop by and use you again, slag… give some worth to your meaningless life.”

He pulled out a roll of bills.  “These are for you, slut. Suppose you’ve earned them.” Then he grinned and shoved the rolled-up wad of cash into her cum-soaked cunt, stuffing it all the way into her raped, raw hole. “Been fun!” He slapped her ass hard one last time as he zipped up his pants, then strode easily out, leaving her behind in the closet raped and disgustingly messy.

Lux felt battered, bruised, and senseless. There was nothing in the world she wanted more than to just lay here until she starved to death… just curl up into a ball, close her eyes, and just remain until everything faded away. Instead, she put her hands beneath her and began to push. Just letting go wasn’t an option for the blonde schoolgirl. Eve wouldn’t let her go out like that… and if her mistress had to go and get her, it would be so much worse.

She forced herself to her feet and looked down at her clothing with dismay. It was completely ruined. She tried closing her white shirt over her breasts but it was all but pointless… the drool-soaked fabric clung to her like a second skin, and it was almost as transparent as a window. Her skirt was a little bit better in that at least it covered up what it was supposed to but it was soaking wet, and no one who so much as glanced as it could second guess for a moment that she had been involved in something, even before they smelled her. Lux wanted to cry, but instead she picked up her book bag, hugged it against her chest tightly to conceal what she could, and stepped out of the room.

Classes were over, and if nothing else then at least being abused by the groundskeeper had kept her out of the way for long enough for many of the crowds to dissipate. The halls seemed mostly quiet. Maybe, if she was careful, she could sneak through the hallways and not draw too much attention to herself… she had been getting all too much practice at that. She knew where all the good hiding places were by now, and she stuck to them as much as she could, ducking behind anything she could along the way back to Evelynn’s room. Thankfully, she only stopped across a few students, and while they looked at her disheveled appearance and whispered to each other it seemed like none of them seemed to know the truth about her, so she made it back to her mistress’s room without further incident.

Stepping into her tiny room, Lux beheld it with numb eyes as she noted the mess from last night. Slowly she peeled her way out of the wet, cum-and-spit soaked clothing before letting it drop to the floor. Painfully, she dug the wadded up roll of bills out of her pussy, counting them… each passing bill showing just how little she was worth. She put the money by the garbage pale. Mistress didn’t need the money, after all. She just wanted Lux to be a whore. After she’d been paid, the money was nothing but garbage, irrevocably stained with her filthiness. Lux wanted to throw it across the room… she didn’t. She folded the bills up neatly and walked away. Then, naked as she was born, the blonde girl began to clean the room… tidying it up from the mess that they had made when Evelynn and the janitor had gangraped her last night and the sloppy managed remains of her own clothing. Then, as she did every day, she moved through Evelynn’s room, cleaning it up, wiping down and dusting every surface like a professional maid, just like her mistress demanded. Only after that, when everything was finished, did Lux curl up in her bed and allow herself to cry.

It was a little over an hour before Evelynn returned to her room. As ever in private, her mistress didn’t walk… she prowled, like a predator on full display. Her wicked lashers erupted from her back with a sigh as she relaxed her disguise, briefly counting the money with a smirk before she tossed it into the trash right in front of the blonde. “Seems like you were busy,” the demon purred. “So… tell me. How many words did my stupid fuckpet say today?” Her eyes flashed pink as she spoke and Lux felt the magic surge. It already wrapped around her soul but when Eve wanted those vines could grow thorns, ripping into her as they gripped. Lux couldn’t possibly have lied to her… she was like a goddess, and the lowly poor student was barely a serf. “Thirty seven, Mistress,” Lux answered in a lower voice, knowing even as she said them that the total had just changed.

Eve smiled at her. “So forty it is!” she said cheerfully. Her tails reached out, coiling around Lux like constricting snakes as she effortlessly restrained her, then lifted her into the air with seemingly trivial effort as she pushed the woman back against one of the walls, immobile. “I think breasts today…” the demon mused as she looked through all of the whips, canes, crops, and floggers that hung from the wall, trying to pick the right one. Eventually, one of the blue-skinned monster’s long-nailed hands settled onto a knotted, multi-tailed whip of dark leather that looked like the knots had been hardened by fire. “Yes… you…” she purred as she lifted it. Then, pushing Lux against the wall, she began to whip.

The first lash crashed down across her breasts like a hammerstroke and if Lux had more air her scream would have shook the room. Instead, she bit down on her tongue to keep her mouth shut, quivering in her mistress’s unyielding grip. The pain rose like a sharp spike, the multiple knots creating welt after welt on her tits as they scraped against her sensitive flesh. “That’s one,” Evelynn said with an amused laugh as her slave shook in her tails, her breasts already turning crimson from the first stroke. “Let’s see how much of that skin we can take off…”

Evelynn did her best to make her boast literal. Again and again and again her hand drew back and slashed the cruel torture tool against her vulnerable breasts, practically skinning them with the friction and impact as she attacked again and again. After the first ten Lux couldn’t stop herself from screaming, even if it meant she was constantly suffocating as she tried… she sobbed, crying, screaming, drifting. She ever choked out a few small pleas, which were more words still. The blonde just sank into the misery and torment, letting her mind drift as she wallowed in the agony, hopelessly enduring because she had no other choice.

After a total of forty seven lashes when all was said and done, Evelynn stopped. She brought the whip up to Lux, and the blonde girl instinctively opened her mouth, licking her blood off the leather as Evelynn’s fingers played with the cut, bruised, welted, and tattered mess she had made out of her slave’s tits. “So beautiful,” she said as she bent down and licked her tongue over one bloody gash, licking up the crimson fluid before biting down on a nipple. “You might be a piece of lower-class, stupid, worthless trash, but at least you do have a purpose in this world… you’re definitely fun to hurt.” Then she drew back and slapped Lux across the face. Her lashers uncoiled from around the woman so abruptly that the blonde collapsed to her knees, her body limp and weak.

“Back on your feet, fucktoy,” Evelynn said dismissively. “You have a customer… or some discipline.” The demon tossed down a handwritten note, letting the thing flutter down to the floor. “Headmistress Fiora wants to see you in her office, immediately. I hope I don’t need to tell you to make a good impression on the headmistress and obey her… because I promise if you don’t, what she does to you will be nothing compared to what I do to you for embarrassing me.” She put one finger on her lip. “Stop by Soraka first and get your tits taken care of. The headmistress might appreciate a clean canvas.” Lux listened numbly, realizing that this meant she was going to miss dinner again…  but what choice did she have? Evelynn was going through the drawers and pulling out clothing, picking her doll’s dress with a casual eye. She got out what looked like a normal uniform, then the succubus’s claws began to work on it… shortening the skirt, tearing holes in the stockings, and puncturing the shirt to make it rattier even before she tied a knot at the bottom so that Lux’s belly would be exposed. The demon set the clothing down, looking up and down the bruised, battered slave girl with satisfaction. “Get to it,” she commanded as she began to choose her own dress. “I don’t have time for you tonight. I have a date with your little girlfriend… so tell the headmistress she can keep you until morning if she wants.”

Lux dressed in the slutty schoolgirl outfit that Evelynn had prepared for her, seeing with dismay the way she looked like a teasing whore. She tried not to think about anything that Evelynn had said as she stepped out into the hall, walking to her mistress’s other slave’s room to get her burning breasts healed. The purple-skinned unicorn woman that Lux had once thought of as a friend was just as much Eve’s slave as she was, and neither of them was permitted to really speak… It was a humiliating experience to knock on her door and simply bare her breasts to the woman, showing the horned unicorn exactly what needed the healing. Soraka paled, but she obeyed equally wordlessly, and when Lux walked away the other woman had sagged to the ground clutching at her tits, the pain having transferred over to her. The injury was gone, but its memory lingered in the both of them.

The school’s offices were on the top level, like the fortress overlooking the castle walls. Lux ignored the looks she got from men and women as she passed people in the halls, going up the stairs until she reached the headmistress’s office. She knew that the headmistress was in Ahri’s pocket… the woman had been there in the locker room when Riven had been taken down, after all. Besides that, Luxanna had had limited interactions with the woman… but something about her harshness and coldness had always made Lux nervous since the first time she had met her. Still, there was nothing she could do about it. She swallowed… and knocked on the door.

“Come in, dear,” a voice purred from the other side of the door. Fiora’s voice, haughty and superior and refined. Lux pushed the door open and walked into the front room of her office, a plush, rich sitting room with a large oak desk behind it. Fiora sat in the first seat in the front of the office, a slim, tall, athletic-looking beautiful older woman with harsh black hair with a pink streak… but she wasn’t alone. In the next chair, just across from the coffee table, another, equally tall woman sat. She had silver-grey hair but despite her apparent age her skin was lineless and smooth. Her legs were crossed, showing off the prosthetic lower legs she had that looked almost like blades more than flesh and blood. Lux recognized her… she was the school’s security officer. She had only seen the woman once, on her first day here, but she believed her name was Camille.

Two piercings sets of eyes, one dark and one bright blue, looked at Lux hungrily as she walked in, and the blonde swallowed. She knew that she was going to belong to both of these women tonight… there would be no choices here. All she could do was submit. 

“Well… well… well… look who we have here…” the head mistress smirked as she looked up and down Lux’s form, slowly rising from her chair. “I’ve been hearing reports that we might have let a whore into the school… and here she is, walking right into my room…”

Camille rose as well, her movements unnaturally graceful as she prowled around the blonde. “This uniform doesn’t look like it matches the dress code,” she chided as she moved her hands over it. One button at a time the security officer opened up her blouse, spreading it and revealing the lack of a bra beneath it. She tsked, and Lux looked down at the floor in embarrassment. “Yes… lots of violations here,” Camille said, shaking her head. “I thought I saw the records said this one was getting good grades, too! I mean, how do you find time to study when you have to whore around?” Camille’s voice was playful as she pulled off the blonde’s blouse, but her eyes were amused and dangerous.

“Oh, the bitch sucks the dicks of her teachers for good grades,” Headmistress Fiora said, mocking the girl as she stepped forward, a long yard-stick ruler in her hand. Both women laughed at her, making Lux feel further humiliated… but what good would protesting do? “She has no friends either – just people who stick around her to fuck her. Once upon a time, we knew how to handle girls like her.” She whipped her hand forward, slapping the ruler down across both of Lux’s nipples perfectly, making her cry out in stunning pain. “Hurry up and get out of those inappropriate clothing. You’re disgracing the school. Come now, off with them!”

Lux obeyed the headmistress’s order, beginning to peel the clothing back off of her. “That’s right. Even though you try to hide that you are a whore, we know what you are, Luxanna. Everybody knows,” Camille said, mocking her. Tears ran down Lux’s eyes as she stood completely naked, still looking down at the floor.

“Ahh, look at you!” Fiora ran one finger over Lux’s pussy, noting a bit of cum that had leaked out of her… probably Udyr’s. “Seems like you’ve already been fucking several times today.” The dark haired woman caned her ass with the ruler, hitting it with the flat and making a very loud, whippy noise. “Disgraceful. Just a worthless cheap cumslut, and you somehow made it into my school. Our standards are clearly slipping.” Fiora grabbed onto the student’s cheeks, pinching hard. “Tell us, whore. Admit it. Tell us you know!” she said as she slapped her cheek with her other hand. “Look at your mistress, whore! Tell me what you are… a worthless, cheap cumslut!”

Lux couldn’t bring herself to look up. She longed to defend herself – once, Lux was used to standing up for herself. She had needed to fight to get into here, after all. However, their words weren’t actually true. This wasn’t their school, but Ahri’s, and she could no more overcome or argue with the gumiho or her lover Evelynn than she could flap her arms and fly… and coming to this school was the biggest mistake of her life. Fiora slapped her face again, and she answered. “I’m a worthless, cheap cumslut!” she said in a low voice.

“We can’t hear you bitch!” Fiora spat, and another slap followed.

Dismally counting the words, Lux repeated. “I’m a worthless cheap cumslut!” she forced herself to say, loud this time.

“That’s right you are!” the headmistress said as she squeezed the blonde’s cheeks harder, opening her mouth… and then spitting in Lux’s mouth. The blonde gagged, and Fiora released her, placing another slap on her face and released her before she walked to her desk and sat on it. “Well… if she’s going to be a whore and pollute our school with her presence, I suppose we should be proper educators… don’t you think?” She looked at Camille, smiling as she spread her legs up on the desk. “After all, it’s important we help prepare our students for their life after school.”

“Oh yes!” Camille said smirking as she slapped Lux’s breasts. “Even if that is a short, miserable life ending young in a ditch, at least she’ll have brought some joy to her customers first… and we’ll have gotten to enjoy the merchandise, too!”

Fiora ran her fingers down into her panties beneath her pencil skirt. “Get her up here,” she commanded, and Camille, surprisingly strong, just bodily lifted the slim blonde up before shoving her down onto the desk on her back.

Fiora jumped off the desk, striding across the room, and as she did Camille pulled up her skirt before yanking her panties down, climbing onto the bed and immediately sitting down on the schoolgirl’s face. “So, whore… do you know how to please a woman? Show me you know at least the basics,” Camille demanded, stretching her legs out to the side as she spread herself open, exposing all of her drooling sex to the slave girl. Lux reached up with her tongue – while this pussy was unusual, the task was not and Mistress Evelynn had her tongue inside of her most of the time that she hadn’t grown a cock just to inflict it on the blonde woman. She lapped away with practiced talent, making the order teacher moan in happiness. “Ah… there the slave goes. Get in there nice and deep… yes… GOOD! Fuck! Yes, now keep going!” Camille said as the security officer continued making noises of pleasure. Her nasty instructions to the blonde whore didn’t stop even as Lux meticulously licked and sucked away at her pussy… Camille just kept grinding on her face more and more aggressively, cutting her breath off from time to time. Lux, however, was used to that… she managed to keep sucking her pussy anyway.

Eyes closed, Lux continued to work. Her mistress had been quite clear – she was not to disappoint anyone and embarrass Evelynn, and the thought of what the demon would do to her kept her frantic to please. Camille stared down at her as the blond continued burrowing into her wet folds, enjoying the power her pussy held over the submissive student whore. “The bitch does know how to pleasure a woman, too…” Camille purred as she reached back to tug on Lux’s nipples.

“As if Evelynn would recommend her to me otherwise,” Fiora said from where she sat in her desk chair.

“True,” Camille agreed, twisting and tugging harder. The tug was painful and Luxanna cried in pain, the sound vibrating in Camille’s pussy. “Don’t you dare stop, bitch!” Camille said harshly, pulling harder on Lux’s nipples. She clearly enjoyed the way the pain turned Lux’s tongue into a vibrator inside of her… Camille tilted her head back and closed her eyes, moaning as her pussy grew both hotter and wetter of the blonde’s tongue. “That’s my hungry little whore,” she moaned.

As she kept eating the security officer’s pussy, Lux gasped, crying out as she felt something harsh and sharp stabbing into her ass. It hurt enough that she actually stopped licking Camille’s pussy for a second, prompting the silver-haired matron to slap her breasts until she resumed eating her out. Out of the corner of her eye, however, Lux caught a glimpse of what was happening… Fiora had her foot up, and had started fucking her asshole with the stiletto heel of her shoe. It hurt like hell, but every time her whining distracted her from licking Camille’s cunt the other woman was quick to put her back in her place, enjoying torturing the poor slave in her discomfort. “Whores like you need to be taught their place,” Fiora said as she kept kick-fucking Lux’s asshole. “Make sure you don’t get uppity and forget where you belong.”

The heel was sharp and it felt like it was stabbing into the insides of Lux’s guts, but no matter how extreme the pain got Lux couldn’t stop, had to keep going. Camille’s pussy ground down on her face eagerly and brutally enough that all Lux could do was suck on it and lick and please her until she had her orgasm. That was the only way this was going to end, she realized… if she made Camille cum. Considering that, she bore the pain and kept sucking and licking on the security officer’s pussy. “That’s right… keep going bitch. Mmhhhmphmmhhh,” Camille moaned. Her moans only grew in pitch with each shudder of pain as Fiora rammed the heel’s spike into her asshole over and over again, and poor Lux had no choice but to take it and keep going on. Camille moaned and drove her hips faster, pressing more of her weight down, adding more pressure onto Luxanna’s nose and squeezing her thighs tight around the blonde’s head. She gripped onto her breasts, one in each hand, and brutally pulled on them for support as she bucked her hips down onto Lux’s face again and again and again. The speed of her grinding increased as she added rotation to the rhythm, her head tilted back in pleasure.

The pain inside her asshole kept growing as Fiora increased the pace. Clearly not satisfied with only one means of torment, the headmistress used her ruler on the restrained blonde as well, slashing it across her thighs or ass cheeks as hard as she could. Each snake-like strike was harder than the one that had come before it, and one blow at a time the ruler left its marks on Lux’s beaten body, drawing crimson lines across her vulnerable skin as she was tormented for their pleasure, and they took plenty from it.

“She’s… good… Oh fffffuckkkkkk. Yes, like that, child… keep going, keep going…” Lux could feel that Camille was so close and all she needed was to make the security officer cum. Camille moaned and slid on Lux’s nose with so much pressure against her own clit that it made Lux whimper as well.

“Shut the fuck up and do your job, trash whore!” Fiora said spanking her ass cheeks hard. It was so painful and uncomfortable but Lux couldn’t lose focus… Camilla was close. It was a matter of time now if she pressed… so she couldn’t let up.

Camille’s hands tugged at Lux’s nipples as she rode. “Yes, deary… do shut up. If you make any noise, I’m going to rip these pretty little teats right off you…” Camille said in a threatening voice as she pinched Lux’s nipples so hard. “Do you think anyone would pay to fuck a freak whore like that?” The agony was extreme, but the slave had to bear it anyway and keep going, trying her hardest to muffle the sounds of pain. She didn’t get all of them so she hoped the woman’s cunt would silence the rest. Camille was at the edge… brutally pinning the beautiful student down, slamming herself against Lux’s helpless lips. Her hands were still grabbing the slave’s breasts, playing with them, eagerly waiting to punish her for any mistakes she made. “Right there, keep going… keep going” she moaned, tugging on the tits again.

“Yes… like that bitch! Swallow it! You were born for nothing but this, low class trash!” Fiora said in a mocking tone as her heel moved back and forth inside Lux’s asshole. The flesh inside the asshole was so scraped and bruised due to the sharp edges… it felt like a wound inside her. The headmistress, however, had no mercy – she kept ramming in the heel while Camille moaned. It was unbearable torture for Lux, but she had no choice but to take it all. Fiora kept stroking the heel of her shoe into her, and Lux gasped at every shot. Sometimes Camille heard it and punished her… sometimes she did not. Either way, both were enjoying her misery as they tortured the degraded student.

Camille’s body trembled and her grip became like iron on her breasts as her orgasm finally arrived.  “MMMNGGHH!!!” she moaned, shaking her body at a rapid pace upon Lux’s face. She held onto the slave’s breasts using them to punish her every time she stopped, as Lux’s nose slid as fast as she twisted, which sent her orgasm bursting onto her face, and into her nose and mouth. “Ohhhh Fuckkkkk…” she screamed as she exploded, juices were now dripping down Lux’s face and onto the desk. Her thighs squeezed Lux’s head like a vice as she ground herself against her, smearing her features with her pussy juice as she used her face to masturbate, riding out the last few seconds of her orgasm.

At last, Camille ground herself on Luxanna’s pained visage one final time before she climbed down off the desk, panting. With the given opportunity, poor Lux was only able to take a single breath of clean air to fill her lungs, and the air itself tasted like the security officer’s cunt on her tongue. Thankfully, at least, the high-heeled assfucking had stopped. Lux’s asshole looked like it was glowing by now, it was so bright red, and her thighs and ass weren’t looking much better due to all the scratch marks and ruler welts. The boarding-school whore felt so exhausted and sore… but she had no doubt the women weren’t even close to done with her yet.

“She has some talent,” Camille admitted as she strode around the desk, walking with a bit of loose-legged wobble that had nothing to do with the prosthetic legs she wore. “You should try her for yourself, headmistress… you don’t be disappointed.” She reached towards the desk, opened one of the drawers, and pulled out a huge black dildo from inside of it with an accompanying strap. Lux didn’t even have it in her to be surprised at the events. How many other students, or teachers, had the headmistress and security officer fucked right here in this office, she wondered? It didn’t really matter, she supposed… either way, Camille was strapping the thing on as she walked around. “This wet little pussy and that glowing asshole of yours are begging to be fucked!” she said, tracing her fingers all over Lux’s all-but-glowing mons and thighs. Lux whimpered in pain, and Camille laughed. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked with a chuckle. “Alright. I can fuck you. Pussy or ass… pussy or ass…”

She made a show of considering that made Lux’s blood chill. Her asshole… if she shoved that thing up there right now, after what the heel had done to it, it would kill her. She would rather suffer anything else. She would even rather give Evelynn additional words to use against her. “…Pleaseeee… mistress. Fuck my puss…. Ahhhh!”

Her words cut off as Camille slapped her. “I don’t hear you, bitch!” the security officer said in a mocking tone while Fiora laughed. “Louder!”

She screamed it. “Please Mistress fuck my pussy!”

Their laughing, if anything, just got louder. “Now that’s a proper beg!” Camille said as she placed the dildo at the entrance of the girl’s pussy. “Alright, whore. I’ll satisfy that greedy cunt of yours.”

As she did so, Fiora casually rose from her chair and stretched, climbing onto the desk herself. The cruel headmistress positioned herself over Lux’s face just the way Camille had moments ago, leaving the poor girl with no doubt she had to do it again. Her pussy was already soaked, too… glistening to the point it dripped, leaving her little doubt that Fiora had been masturbating while Lux suffered. Still, she saw no choice, so she stretched her tongue up, obeying like a willing slave as she started to lick the headmistress’s pussy. Lux swirled her tongue around her wet hole and the woman purred a little. “Very good! Keep going, trash whore!” Fiora said. She reached down to pinch Lux’s clit, making her gasp…

And at that second, Camille thrust the dildo into her.

The dildo was too girthy for Lux’s pussy but Camille clearly didn’t give a shit about that – she simply started ramming the tool in fast and deep, pounding her at least as violently as any man ever had – harder probably, since she didn’t need to worry about hurting her dick breaking through initial resistance. There wasn’t much of that to stop it, either… like usual, Lux’s perpetually edged cunt was wet and desperate for even a little bit of relief that was impossible to get. Lux moaned, half in pain and half in frustration, and that sound was instantly cut off as Fiora ground down harder on her, clamping her thighs around the woman’s head and squeezing.

With a succession of shallow, hard thrusts interspersed with drawing back and ramming forward, Camille quickly forced the huge, thick black plastic cock further and further into the slave brutally until the entire length was plunging in and out of her on every stroke, leaving just the very tip still inside her pained cunt. Lux had been right… her ass couldn’t possibly have withstood this. Even in her cunt the assault was devastating, but even though it felt like she was being killed, the security office kept going. The speed of Camille’s ramming thrusts increased minute after minute.

Lux felt that she was being split apart, and she wanted to collapse into screams of pain and begging for mercy, but she knew that if she stopped eating Fiora’s pussy the punishment or the torturing would be even more unbearable, so the blonde circled her tongue frantically around the headmistress’s clit before she took it between her shaking lips and sucked gently, caressing her button with the tip of her tongue as she sucked, trying out every single trick she knew. She diverted side trips away from her slit to lick out the insides of her pussy, parting her labia and driving in as deep as she could. Fiora was enjoying it, she thought… the headmistress was producing plenty of sweet syrup right into her mouth, and making pleased noises while Lux suffered beneath her. The poor slave’s muffles were making her even hornier, she thought – at least it seemed that way based on the way she ground more aggressively on her face each time Lux made pained sounds. Her breathing was getting harsher, and faster, and Lux prayed that it meant she was doing a good job because she desperately needed for Camille to stop with the dildo.

Camille, however, didn’t stop – she mercilessly thrust the artificial length of meat back and forth inside Lux’s pussy. Her hips slapped against Lux’s already-welted thighs, forcing the blonde to keep them as spread as she could just to minimize the pain a little, but no matter what she did the feeling was unbearable for the raped student. Tears rolled down her eyes as she licked and sucked on Fiora, cunt-stuffed while she licked out the headmistress of her whoredom. Each stroke of the dildo forced her legs further apart as the dildo stabbed deeper and deeper, the impact of flesh on flesh stinging her skin as she tried desperately to suck and lick and kiss and worship Fiora’s clit in a desperate bid for mercy. She cried, but no sound came out as Fiora kept grinding on her, muting her with her cunt and giving her no choice but to swallow both her cunt and the sounds of her misery, and still Lux kept swirling her tongue all over Fiora’s pussy. Please cum. Please cum. Please cum. Fiora loved this. Please cum. It made her feel powerful. Please cum. Worthless cheap cumslut. Please cum. Fiora slapped Lux’s breasts in excitement. Please cum. The dildo splitting her apart. Please cum!

Finally, Fiora seemed at the edge, her pussy throbbing around Lux’s tongue. “Harder, bitch… harder!” Fiora said as she grabbed Lux’s head and smashed it against her dripping pussy. She kept rubbing the blonde’s tear-stained face all over her wet mound, sticking loose hair to her cumdrenched features even as Camille kept shaking the girl’s tits with her thrusts. “Ohhhh… oh what a little whore. Fuckk… she’s going to… going to… ma… make… cu… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Fiora groaned as she exploded on Lux’s face. “Yes!”

Lux wasn’t sure how long Fiora came for, or for how long she licked afterward. All she knew was that, eventually, Fiora got off. The head mistress climbed off, but the rape didn’t stop… instead, she held Lux’s disheveled head up, forcing her to look at how Camille was destroying her. “You see, it’s important we don’t neglect your education with the boys or the girls, street-trash,” Fiora said as, mercifully, Camille finally stopped fucking her. Unfortunately, that only meant that the dildo was rammed into her asshole instead. Lux screamed as, even lubed by everything her pussy could drench it with, it scraped agonizingly against every welt and scratch and bruise the heel had put into her.

“What a dirty whore,” Camille said as she undid the straps holding the dildo onto her, leaving it wedged to the base inside Lux’s swollen asshole. As that happened, Fiora forced her face down on one of the small cum puddles that had accumulated on the desk from her fucking and the multiple rides, forcing her to lick it up. Poor Lux was a pathetic mess… She was sobbing, writhing, exhausted, but she still was obedient… when they told her to lick up her mess, she did it. Why were they so cruel? Evelynn was a demon. Ahri was a monster. Why did even these people have to be almost as cruel to her as her slavers were? It wasn’t fair…

Once she had licked up all the mess they had made raping her, the humiliated girl was shoved off the desk to land heavily on the floor, the dildo still wedged in her asshole. “I’ll want that back tomorrow,” Fiora told her. “So after class, lick it clean and bring it back to me. If you take it out before then, I’ll let your mistress know how dissatisfied I was with your pathetic ass.” She kicked Lux in her side with her heel, and the blonde curled up in exhaustion. “Now get the fuck up, get your whore clothing on, and get out of my office before you give me a disease!”

Lux felt pathetically weak, and even moving her legs with that huge cock up her ass felt impossible… but doing things that were impossibly humiliating and painful and degrading was normal to the blonde student at this point. She slowly stood and picked her clothes up, and left the room. She could not even walk properly, she was so beaten and abused. The pain inside her asshole was so unbearable. She could not help crying thinking about her life.

None of that mattered.

Instead, she dressed and, slowly, walked her way back to Mistress Evelynn’s room to no doubt be punished again for her words and then spend the rest of the night being raped by the demon.

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