Chosen – Chapter 13 – Rain

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“So then here is where it happens,” Hanabi said, her grim tone ruined slightly by the fact the younger kitsune couldn’t quite hold back a yawn. “Here’s where she does it.”

Merielle, Hanabi, and Shura were all kneeling on the floor of Shura’s home, facing Yuki as she told the story of what had happened. The empty plates and mostly empty jugs of water and sake gave testimony to how long they had been sitting there. Yuki stirred slowly, gradually becoming aware that she had been staring at the floor for the last hour or so of her story.

“What else was she supposed to do?” Merielle asked. “Let them retreat into the forest, build up their numbers again? Maybe wait for that sorcerer to find a counter to their power?”

“Maybe they could have taken advantage of the retreat?” Shura mused. “Built up another line of wardstones and push the army further back? Driven them out of the forest that way?”

“And let them leave with all their prisoners?” Merielle insisted skeptically. “Let them take hundreds of captives with them and just… go?”

“Yes, because setting the forest on fire was definitely better for the captives in the forest,” Hanabi said flatly. She opened her mouth to continue and yawned again. “It’s late,” she said sheepishly, turning to look out one of the windows into the pitch darkness of the night. “Should we resume tomorrow?”

Yuki shook her head. It was strange after speaking for so long, but now that she wasn’t telling a story her voice felt… sticky, the words reluctant to come. “I’m working with Shura on making new wardstones tomorrow night,” she said. “Day after?”

“Sounds good!” Hanabi agreed, her dark mood already gone. “Maybe at our tent… I know Dad has been eager to cook something for a group again.” Yuki was reluctant to agree, but could give no reason to refuse so she nodded once as Hanabi rose. “Thank for all the help Yusika, and for the story!” She stretched out, smiled once more as she slipped her shoes on, and walked out into the night.

As soon as she was gone, Merielle looked over at Shura. “Abandon the captives? Really?”

Shura shrugged. “Not saying it’s ideal, but it couldn’t really have worked out too much worse, could it?” She looked over at the disguised nogitsune. “I mean, you’ve had time to think. What should you have done?”

Yuki froze. “What should… I… have done?” she asked. “Me?” Merielle joined in staring at Shura, more than a little tension building in the room.

Shura just looked at her for a second. Then the punky kitsune rolled her eyes. “What kind of an idiot do you think I am, ‘Yusika?’ Any doubt I had about who you were went out the window the moment I started hearing your story… who else would know all of this?” The blue fox snorted again. “If you like, I can pretend I didn’t realize who you were, Yuki, and leave you feeling all smart.”

“You’re going to sound really funny trying to be a smart ass without a tongue,” Yuki growled idly as she looked away.

“Yeah, good luck with that old lady,” Shura chuckled. “So, really. What should you have done?”

“I don’t know,” Yuki said, still not meeting their gaze. “I still don’t know. Nothing was working… we were being ground away, one fox at a time.”

“See?” Merielle said decisively, like she was declaring she’d won a game. “There was nothing else you could have done.” She looked over at Shura confidently. “There’s nothing to feel ashamed about, mistress… If there were other options, surely you would have thought of them by now! You did the only thing you could, and you-”

“No!” Yuki said firmly, turning around. Merielle silenced herself with a gasp as Yuki’s eyes seemed to almost glow with witchfire churning within her. “It just means I don’t know what my better options were because I never really tried any of them. I don’t know how many wardstones we might have been able to make, or if we might have been able to drive them away from the nests and save the captives. I don’t know how many of their captives were still alive, or how they would have tried to retreat if we started pressing them back with wards, or if their sorcerer could have torn them down, or if one of the Matriarchs could have forced enough of the spiders through the illusion to kill us all while we were deep in the forest. I don’t know!

Yuki paused, seeming to sag. “I don’t know because I didn’t care. I didn’t choose what I did because I had tried everything else and found it the last option, or even the best one. I did it because my sister was dead, and I wanted to watch them burn for it.”

There was a moment of awkward silence as Yuki looked down. “I don’t know if I could have done better, Red. I just don’t know.”

“I’m sorry, Yuki,” Merielle said, awkwardly reaching for her. She hesitated just a moment before taking hold of one of the fox’s hands, and to her credit Yuki managed to keep herself from flinching… mostly. “I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to make you feel this way. I am, at the very least, confident that you did what was right. At least, I can’t see a realistic way out.” She pulled her mistress into an embrace, and Yuki let her, the fox’s breathing growing a little bit heavier.

Even if she didn’t entirely believe it, the validation was still strangely enticing and powerful. It didn’t matter if she hated herself for it… in the moment, finally hearing words she had spent centuries craving made her heart feel like melting, and she let Merielle draw her further into the embrace. “I know what I am, Yuki. You know who I am, too. Most importantly, though, I know who you are. You’re a good person.”

“…I don’t know about that,” Yuki said quietly. “You haven’t heard the rest of the story.”

“You are,” Merielle insisted. “I wish I could… I don’t know. I wish I could reach into your mind and pull out the bad thoughts, make you happy.”

Yuki cocked one eyebrow. “That… now that’s an image, little slave girl. None of that, now.”

Merielle chuckled. “You’re better than those thoughts, mistress… I might just be a dumb selkie, but I want you to be happy. I’d do it in a second.”

Largely despite herself, Yuki felt her spirits being lifted. So of course, that was when Shura made a gagging sound. “Are you two done?” she asked, rolling her eyes. “Can you get out of my house before you start making out on the floor?”

Slowly, Yuki extricated herself from Merielle’s arms, though the selkie wasn’t blushing at all. Probably a consequence of using her in public so often… her slave practically had no shame left. “Shura, I swear to every single one of the kami I’m going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Kyoto.”

Shura rolled her eyes at her. “You’ll fall asleep before you get halfway there, if you don’t fall over from a muscle cramp first. Not like you two need me, anyway.”

Yuki snorted out a breath, even as Merielle chuckled. “You sure she wants to do this, Yuki?” the selkie asked quietly.

“Nah, she does, just wait,” Yuki replied confidently, louder as her own glare built. “Bitch just wants to play her games. Like usual.”

The fox stood there in silence as she gazed at both of them. “Only game I’m playing,” she said at last, pushing a piece of gum into her mouth, “is called ‘why is this bitch still in my house?’”

“Gods,” Yuki accused, looking at Merielle. “She’s even worse than you are! You are enjoying this, aren’t you, Red?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Merielle said smartly, her tone satisfied and superior. “I think I should probably take advantage of the time to go see my sister then. I-“

“Nope!” Yuki snarled. “You’re staying right here…” The nogitsune turned her glare on Shura, who had crossed her arms and was meeting her glare with equal intensity… though Yuki noticed that she had slipped into one of Ichika’s grappling footworks by habit, not having internalized Yuki’s ones yet. This would be quick. “You know… now that I think about it, I can think of a use or two for you.”

Shura narrowed her eyes. “I don’t fucking th-”

That was as far as she got before Yuki rushed her. The younger guard dropped down immediately into more of a fighting stance, but her center of gravity was too high the way she was standing… the technique meant for a taller woman. Yuki’s tails raked out for her, even as Shura’s pushed them away… and then from seemingly out of nowhere, the blue haired fox’s foot slammed into Yuki’s side, killing her momentum and eliciting a pained grunt from the kitsune.

“You used the wrong footwork deliberately?” Yuki snarled, drawing back and maintaining her distance. It was the only explanation for that kick… Shura had made her positioning look weak to bait the woman into attacking her a certain way, predicting that Yuki’s own tails would briefly block her line of sight.

Shura smirked, and Yuki swore the girl was chewing her gum extra loudly. “You really do think I’m an idiot, don’t you, ‘Yusika’? An obvious trap like that never would’ve worked otherwise.”

“I’ll show you exactly what I think of you,” Yuki muttered as the two women circled each other. “First I’m gonna knock your ass to the ground, and then you’re going to learn allll about it.”

Yuki came at the guard again, but more cautiously this time. Shura had already shifted into one of the stances Yuki had taught her, and there were no longer any exposed openings to attack.

But that didn’t mean she had no openings… Yuki’s tails swept in low, snapping at the woman’s legs as Shura danced away from them. Her movements were flawless recreations of the steps and dodges that Yuki had shown her, but they were too faithful in their execution. Shura was trying to move exactly the way she’d seen her teacher move during their lessons, but she and Yuki were different heights and weights and shapes, and the blue furred kitsune wasn’t taking that into account. So what would have worked for one woman… Yuki kept the pressure up, each attack failing to connect but making Shura progressively more off kilter. And, then, before the woman could realize what Yuki was doing, she darted close enough to grab one of her arms and push.

Shura took a step back but it was too late… she was overbalanced. Three of her tails lashed out, grabbing at the floors and the nearby wall, trying to keep her upright. Yuki didn’t wait to see if she was going to manage or not… the sudden absence of some of her tails to fight back gave the dark haired woman the opening she’d been looking for. She continued her rush past Shura as she wobbled even as two of her tails wrapped around her right shoulder and left thigh, then she used her momentum to yank her right off her feet and slam her down to the floor.

Shura hit with a loud thumping noise and a forced exhalation of breath, bouncing as Yuki stopped several feet behind where she had been standing. The blue haired kitsune was still wrapped in her tails, and she gasped in breath. She could have screamed… even in Shura’s home on the outskirts of Hanei there were probably dozens of kitsune that would have heard and come to help. Instead, she punched the ground. “Damnit,” she hissed. “You beat me again…”

“Sure did!” Yuki agreed happily. “Now, time to pay the price. Don’t worry… I’ll make it feel all better.”

“Agh! No!” Shura cried out softly as Yuki pulled her up. “Let me go! Let go of me, you crazy bitch!” She struggled, and if Yuki hadn’t known what she was in for, her prisoner would’ve gotten away; she wasn’t play struggling, putting on a show of resistance without really trying, she was actively fighting against her bonds with all her strength. But Yuki had gotten used to the way her new student and submissive operated, and the nogitsune’s smile turned positively predatory as Shura squirmed uselessly in her grip. “You’re just going to make a mess of my mats!”

“You stay still now,” Yuki admonished as she pulled Shura up and closer to her, gesturing to Merielle to come closer as she gripped the woman tightly and pulled her in for a kiss. The kitsune tried to keep her teeth pressed tightly together, but Yuki drove her tongue past her stubborn lips and forced it deep into her mouth, pushing her tongue aside almost like a snake coiling around it.

If Yuki had still entertained the slightest doubt about whether Shura really wanted this, that kiss would have dispelled it. The blue haired kitsune never stopped trying to push Yuki away, but her tongue was even more energetic than the rest of her. It writhed and lashed against Yuki’s, fighting and greedily kissing her back at the same time. The fervor of it was matched only by the fire in the woman’s red eyes, where tension and excitement and frustration and pleasure all blazed madly.

After a while, Yuki broke off their kiss, leaving Shura gasping right before she dragged the woman along with her. “If you’re so concerned about us making a mess,” Yuki said playfully as she stepped out into the night, “then that’s fine. We’ll just enjoy ourselves out here instead.” She gave Shura a hard shove that sent her tumbling onto her back in the thick grass, then hooked her hand under the hem of her own shirt and pulled, yanking it off and tossing it away in one smooth motion. The topless nogitsune smirked down at the fallen fox as her breasts bounced. “Best not make too much noise then, little slut.”

Shura’s eyes stayed locked on Yuki’s swaying breasts as she strode closer to the prone kitsune, the blue-haired girl swallowing hard. “You wouldn’t dare…” she said softly.

Yuki looked at Merielle and just quirked an eyebrow, then jerked her head to the side. Without a word, the selkie began to obediently strip. “Wouldn’t I?” Yuki asked playfully. “They aren’t my neighbors I’ll have to live with, are they?”

Shura, eyes wide, looked over at Merielle. “This is a joke, right?”

The selkie shrugged. “She has me walk down the streets of Kyoto naked half the time,” she admitted as she finished pulling her clothing off.

“Make you a deal,” Yuki said, her eyes narrowed with focus even as her voice was playful. “You want me to stop, you want me to take you inside, then you just tell me. Just say ‘please mistress, let me go inside’ and I’ll do it for you.” She stalked towards Shura again. “Just go ahead any time.”

Shura snorted. “That supposed to be your idea of a safeword? I’ll make you a deal: if I think you’re looking a little tired and need a time out to go drink some warm milk and take a nap, I’ll call you ‘grandma’ again, how about that?”

Yuki leered down at the blue haired fox. “Oh, I am going to enjoy this,” she purred. Shura tried to scramble up only for Yuki to step on her stomach, her bare foot pinning her to the garden floor. “Uh uh uh,” Yuki chided. “You had your chance,” she said as she took a step forward, planting her other foot on Shura as she walked on her, leaving slightly dirty footprints on her body as she walked up the still dressed kitsune. “It’s a lovely evening out here, don’t you think?” She put her foot against Shura’s cheek and pushed, turning her face to the side and letting Yuki see her in profile. “You really have done an excellent job regrowing the garden here… it’s the perfect place to abuse a pretty fox slut in.”

“Get off me!” Shura demanded, writhing beneath her. It made for unstable footing, but Yuki just kept shifting her balance, staying easily on top of her. “Come on, stop!”

“I’m just getting started,” Yuki said. Then she spat out Shura’s chewing gum that she had been able to capture during their brief forced makeout session moments ago. “Really, Shura… You and your damn gum!”

“But-” Shura tried to protest but was immediately interrupted by Yuki’s foot which she shoved into her mouth. “Mmmf!”

“Well, it seems like it is a little dirtier out here than it is inside,” Yuki admitted. “But since you’re the one insisting we play in the great outdoors, you’re the one who should deal with it.” She wiggled her toes back and forth inside the fox’s mouth. “Go ahead, little Rebel… clean them up.”

Shura tried to wriggle away again, but Yuki just ground her foot down harder. “And don’t you even think about biting me, you stubborn bitch… you don’t want me to get mad at you.” She took Merielle’s hand and pulled the naked redhead into a kiss as she felt Shura’s tongue finally working on her feet. “Mmmm,” she purred in enjoyment, one hand playing with Merielle’s large breasts while she kissed her. “It’s so much better now that she’s quiet, isn’t it?”

Yuki gave the selkie a final kiss before breaking it off, pinching her nipple with a hard twist that made her gasp right against her barely-parted lips. “You know what to do, Red,” Yuki growled.

Yuki could practically see the calculation in her slave, the moment of hesitation as she tried to decide how much to resist, and how bratty she could be. Evidently, she decided to play it safe with another sub here, because Merielle immediately knelt down before her mistress’s pussy and began to eat her wet slit even as she stood there.

“Ahhh,” Yuki moaned in measure as she felt the selkie’s tongue diving into her. “See, Shura? Is it really so hard to be a good girl instead of a stubborn bitch? Doesn’t that seem much more fun?”

From between her legs, Merielle chuckled. “Who are you calling a good girl?” the selkie purred, but she didn’t stop licking. “You take that back!”

“Quiet, slut,” the nogitsune laughed, sighing again in pleasure as the awesome sensations mingled, her foot and cunt both being teased at once. “Now this is something, isn’t it!” Yuki smiled down at her paired slave girls as it started to drizzle, light rain falling from below. The tall fox finally pulled her foot from Shura’s mouth, letting her gasp for breath even as her drool slid down her chin and cheeks.

“I don’t know why you want to do this! It’s fucking raining!” Shura complained as Yuki stepped off of her, bending over enough to grab a fistful of her hair.

“Hardly,” Yuki said, rolling her eyes.

“It’ll get heavier!” the sentry insisted.

Yuki rolled her eyes even harder. “Oh for pity’s sake,” she growled as she dragged the woman up, forcefully shoved her head next to Merielle’s and pressed it into her now wet and slippery mound alongside the selkie. “Complain, complain, complain… I don’t want to hear it!” Yuki replied, enjoying the sight of having both Shura and Merielle eat her cunt out. The kitsune shivered as she enjoyed the sweet waves of pleasure and the nice cold rain that hit her body. “You know, maybe you just aren’t motivated enough to stay quiet…”

Yuki dropped the illusion concealing her fur color. Here in the darkness, in the rain, it was incredibly unlikely anyone was going to notice anyway. “Evidently you don’t care if your neighbors learn you’re an exhibitionist whore, so I guess I’ll have to do better than that to shut you up. Make enough noise, and someone might find out you’re letting yourself get fucked by one of the nogitsune, huh? How about that, Rebel?” Shura’s only answer was a soft moan and warring more aggressively for space with her tongue.

Yuki’s hair was all wet and damp as she moved her head side to side, splashing some of the rainwater all around. Merielle, ceding ground to the now motivated Shura, made room for her, instead sending her tongue traveling up Yuki’s muscular stomach and abdomen to her breasts. The selkie’s tongue gave her nipples a nice good lick like she was trying to drink the rain right off them before she raised a bit higher, coming eye to eye to her mistress.

“Is this what you wanted, mistress?” Merielle purred as Yuki tightened her grip on Shura’s darkening blue hair, grinding her cunt into the other kitsune’s face as she kept trying to slither away. Experience told her that even now, if she let her guard down around Shura for even a moment the woman would seize the opening and turn this into a struggle for dominance again. And that made it so satisfying to deny her that chance, to force the conquered woman to keep submitting to her.

“Yes Red, thank you… that was perfect…” Yuki replied as she leaned her head back. She enjoyed every second. The water was still coming down and the ground was now getting muddy beneath her feet but Yuki really couldn’t care less. “Fuck… yes…” Yuki murmured as Merielle resumed her worship of the black fox’s body, her tongue and hands working in tandem to explore and please every inch of her. Even as she did, Yuki kept force feeding the kitsune her cunt, eager to make a competition of whether the rain or her pussy could soak Shura’s face more thoroughly. “Don’t fucking stop!” Yuki demanded as she held the fox’s head tightly against her hips. “You’re getting better at this!”

After a few moments, Shura was able to twist her head free from Yuki’s grasp. “It’s still early spring, you psycho,” she hissed. “It’s cold! I’m going inside!”

The kitsune had barely started pulling away however when one of Yuki’s tails came out of the darkness and quickly wrapped around Shura’s feet, making the dazed fox fall to the wet ground. “Can’t let you do that,” Yuki chided as she stood over the fallen Shura, watching her be stained by the mud. “You’d make a mess of my friend’s home!”

“Swear I’m going to kick your ass…” Shura growled.

“If you could have, you already would have,” Yuki said with a smirk. “Besides, you know you like it. Now, let’s get you out of those dirty clothes…” Her tails, one by one, began to hook underneath her clothing, pulling it to the side or off her. If she had been wearing pants or buttons or belts, Yuki might have been out of luck, but the house kimono she had been wearing came off easily enough until Shura was clutching herself, naked as Yuki pulled her fox skin off her last and flung it towards the house.

“So much better,” she purred. Then one of her tails wrapped around Merielle’s neck for an instant, moaning in pleasure as she all but flung her slave at the prone Shura, pressing her face down between her legs. “Show that stubborn bitch what she’s missing out on,” Yuki growled. “Eat that slit!”

From above, Yuki’s couldn’t see Merielle’s talented tongue as it got to work, but she could certainly tell when it happened – Shura immediately gasped, sighing out her reluctant pleasure. “How is… how is taking off my clothing… supposed to help… if you’re going to get the rest of me dirty as well?”

“Oops,” Yuki said innocently. “Guess you can’t go inside then. What a shame.”

“Bitch,” Shura groaned as Yuki delighted in watching the sex show that she was creating. “You can’t ju- ju… ooh, shit!” Shura let out a moan that was trying to become a scream as Merielle’s tongue pressed deep enough inside of her to be reaching for her g-spot, the selkie’s nose pressed firmly against her button clit. “Damn she’s good at that…”

“Look at you!” Yuki said as she saw how much pleasure the fox was feeling even with all her protesting, smiling as she shook her head. “All that whining, and for what? Didn’t I tell ya that you were gonna love it, little bitch!” Shura eyes practically turned white as they rolled so far up in her head, her mouth open and gasping as the sensations quickly became too much for her. She shook her head in all directions as the selkie continued to play her wet cave like a master musician with a violin, and Yuki could only laugh. “That’s really have you have, little Rebel? Are you that easy? Damn, what have you been doing with your life before now?”

Shura’s body was now practically in two tones between what the ground had stained and what the rain had wiped clean, thrashing on the ground with her limbs wrapped in Yuki’s tails while Merielle gave her pussy a thorough tongue lashing, even while the blue-haired fox continued softly protesting and trying to pull Merielle away. “Mmm, nooo, stoooop,” Shura moaned as she continued her fight while at the same time waves of pleasure were subduing her like no other.

Yuki’s chuckle became a hungry purr. “Finish her, Red. Make the little slut scream.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Shura said, her eyes focusing up towards the sky for a second… just in time for Yuki’s soaked pussy to obscure her view. “Oh, come the fuck o-”

“Ha!” Yuki replied as she began to sit on Shura’s face, “Don’t worry… I’ll make sure no one hears.” She squeezed her thighs on her newest plaything, locking her face in place as both of her hands played with the younger fox’s pert breasts. She ground her pussy back and forth over the other fox’s face as her tails gripped Shura’s muddy body tightly, squeezing a little. “As long as you make it worth my while to stay here, anyway.”

“Mmm! Nnnn!” came Shura’s muffled cries as her mouth was muzzled by Yuki’s cunt. A few seconds later, though, there was nothing but moans pouring from her lips as Merielle started to try harder. A second later, her tongue began to work as well.

“Now that’s a good girl…” Yuki purred in elation. The rain continued to fall on all three of them as Merielle kept eating Shura out and Yuki sat on Shura’s face. “Oooh! Yes! Keep doing just that…” The nogitsune moaned out her own pleasure as she gyrated her hips on Shura’s chin, accompanied by a loud bang in the clouds and a strike of lightning. The garden lit up briefly with the heavenly light as all three were interconnected by Yuki’s lust. The nogitsune took a moment to have one of her wet tails slap Merielle across the ass, making the selkie yelp with pain but also groan in pleasure as Yuki drove down a second slap.

Tail whipped or no, Merielle’s didn’t let up with her tongue even a little. Yuki could feel the instant Shura came… the woman’s scream was muffled by her cunt, but the nogitsune felt every shiver, every pulse, as if the woman’s tongue inside her was a wire that connected their souls. It trembled in her pussy as Shura bucked and cried, and only the tails wrapping her and Merielle’s firm grip on her hips kept her down and in place as she was used as a sex object between the two of them. Still, no matter how loudly she moaned, the sounds barely reached Yuki’s ears through the storm… no one else would hear a thing.

That didn’t stop Yuki from mocking her new lover, of course. “What? You want everyone to know you’re a little slut who gets off on worshiping the cunt of one of the dreaded nogitsune?” The dark fox chuckled as she ground herself down harder, muffling the sounds even further. “And here I thought I was doing you a favor by keeping your mouth occupied.” What little she could see of Shura’s face showed her flushed nearly crimson, but her eyes still glared up at her through the rain, and the defiance in that gaze – and how it flickered with each stroke of Merielle’s tongue – were quickly getting Yuki off in turn.

So of course that was when Shura tried to get away.

All of her tails pushed at once, finally managing to topple the nogitsune off of her. Far from crying for help, however, Shura just kicked free of Merielle’s grip, rose up just enough to get leverage, and leaped at her mistress, trying to tackle her down to the ground and get on top of her. Yuki, even falling, lashed out with the rest of her tails, sliding through Shura’s warding limbs and fur like a striking snake to push against her even as the ones still wrapping her limbs pulled and sent her back down into the mud.

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” Yuki said with an evil grin as she jumped on Shura. They both ended up wrestling in the mud as more rain continued to drench their wet bodies. Both Shura and Yuki grew covered in shards of cut grass and muddy earth as the nogitsune overpowered the smaller fox. It was clear that Shura’s rebellion had failed as soon as her back had hit the ground, but she was still fighting with everything she had left… making Yuki earn it. The two foxes grunted in shared effort and Yuki fought to pin Shura, Merielle crawling over as she watched.

Unwilling to leave the red haired woman out, Yuki permitted one of her tails to coil around the selkie’s leg and push against the entrance to her tight pussy, slowly working its way into the soaked woman. “Ooh!” Merielle exclaimed in a gasp as the tail went to work in her pussy… the moment it had spread her wide enough to get in, Yuki had immediately driven it in almost like a stake, slamming to the hilt immediately in a move that caused Merielle as much pain as it did pleasure. She immediately started to fuck her slave, making the redhead wobble on her legs as she knelt there “Oh, mistress…” she moaned.

By then Yuki had completely subdued her rebellious fox. The dark haired woman’s wet, dirt-streaked face smiled as she gave a short laugh right before pressing her face against the pinned Shura’s, plunging her tongue into the punky kitsune’s gullet. The moaning and seething gave way to the thunder as more lightning hit the sky, and another of Yuki’s tails pushed its way into Shura’s cunt in turn. Yuki wasn’t quite as quick here, giving the tongue-gagged woman more time to adapt, but once she was all the way inside she was no less enthusiastic in her pounding – the tail began to fuck her forcefully while Yuki kept Shura solidly pinned to the muddy ground. Both Shura and Mereielle were now being impaled by Yuki’s mighty tails as the nogitsune brought her mouth down to lick and suck and bite at first one and then the other of Shura’s soft breasts, each touch making her moan as Yuki ravaged them with her tongue.

There were no protests from Shura now… the only sounds she made were a series of moans and soft cries as she was fucked and teased. She wasn’t really struggling much anymore, even if it was more out of exhaustion than surrender, so Yuki allowed several of her tails to retreat from binding her, instead sending two of them to coil around the one around fucking her slaves and joining them inside the girl’s pussies, thickening and strengthening the pounding, and that only intensified their cries. With their pussies being filled and fucked mercilessly by two tails, the sensations were immense, and both women were practically insensate with pleasure, sprawling on the ground.

It didn’t take long until both Merielle and Shura felt waves of sensations take hold of their bodies. Wave after wave of sweet orgasmic shocks traveled across their bodies as they came together thanks to Yuki’s mighty tails. “Oh shit… Oh, shit!” Shura yelled as her body shook and trembled. Merielle was all over the place as the selkie felt the intense, building roar of her powerful orgasm.

“Mmm! OOH!” Merielle moaned as her mistress’s tails plowed her quivering gash, pounding her like Yuki wanted to drive them up her throat and out the other side. “More…” she whispered greedily as she came. Even with her brain so fogged by lust, however, the selkie immediately perked up when Yuki stood, all muddy and wet. She hovered over both of her fallen submissives, one rain-soaked tail collaring each of them around the neck.

“My turn,” she growled… and she didn’t even need to pull them forward. Both women immediately buried their heads between her legs, working together to tongue bathe every centimeter of her slick slit. Both Merielle and Shura were forced to share in the feast as their mouths and lips and tongues were put to work worshiping their mistress.

Yuki turned her face up to the sky, bathing in the falling wetness of the cool spring rain as waves of sheer ecstasy traveled throughout her body. Lightning lit the sky in a variety of brilliant hues while Yuki moaned and growled, the two women working together to finally make her cum with the help of their pair of tongues. Her bright blue eyes wide, her body trembled in a way that had nothing to do with the chill as she had to hold her own moans now. The twin tongues inside her were working, Merielle’s with long practiced skill and Shura’s with surprising enthusiasm, and she knew this was going to be a big one even before it finally hit.

When her orgasm finally crested, it was out of this world. Yuki shivered and twitched, her legs nearly giving out as she swayed against her kneeling slaves as intense squirts of her pussy juices blasted the faces of the two women beneath her. “Yes!” Yuki shouted, her voice weak and breathy. “Fucking… amazing… yes!” Her mind floated to the heavens as the two women drank up her juices.

It took a few seconds but Yuki finally came down from her high. She tried to catch her breath as her tails eased off their grips, and it was only then that she realized that Merielle had been holding her legs, helping to keep her stable as she came. She softly ran a few fingers through the selkie’s soaked hair in thanks.

“Shit, we’re all damn muddy now…” Shura complained, but even her grousing seemed half-hearted as Merielle kissed her way across the kitsune’s face, licking up Yuki’s remnants off of her face before the rain washed it away. “This is insane! Now I need to take a shower!”

Yuki just laughed. “Yeah, probably…” She turned her face back up to the storm and let the rain fall as it grew heavier, washing the dirt away. Despite her words, she noticed that Shura wasn’t leaving either… Yuki slipped an arm around her, even as two of her dripping tails pulled Merielle against her side and felt the two of them return the embrace. Together, with both of them pressed against her, the rain wasn’t quite so chilly. Soon, this would be too cold… as soon as the excitement started to fade, they would want to get inside and out of the cool spring weather, but for right now…

For right now, the water cleansed her and the storm gave her some hope. For right now, Yuki was content.

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