One Act of Defiance Ch 9 – Lux

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Lux woke in misery.

Everything hurt. Luxanna knew that she had to get up, go to classes, pretend everything was normal… but nothing was normal. She just wanted to stay in bed under her covers. Rape after rape after rape, day after day until she was so weak and her whole body was so sore that she felt closer to dead than alive. Any merciful god would have let her escape by now, even into death… but that was not how things worked around here. Here, Ahri was the only god. Here, there was no mercy. No matter how weak or exhausted the blonde student was, Lux had to go to class… even if she couldn’t walk properly.

Lux staggered down the hallways, trying her best to look normal. None of this was normal. The poor girl could not walk properly. Every step she took made her body ache so much as she awkwardly walked to class, trying to ignore the cock wedged inside of her, stretching her out… trying to hide the pain and to at least pretend that she was a normal girl for a little bit and not an abused fuckdoll. It wasn’t working, though. People stared at her. Wicked smirks and chuckles were thrown at her as she passed. She felt certain every single one of them could smell the stink of sex on her, or knew precisely why she limped. Step after step, Lux bit back the pain and the humiliation and walked to her class.

Sitting was exceptionally painful. Her ass was one big wound after the heel-fucking that Fiora had inflicted on her, even before she had been stuffed full of the girthy dildo. Sitting was almost like fucking herself with it, and the chair raped her as she did something as minor as taking a seat. Luxanna was a pathetic mess, and she felt utterly worthless, but if she put her head down and ignored the people around her then, for a second, her troubles were something smaller. Something almost human. She tried to hold onto that, to bear through everything and listen to the lesson, but Fiora’s taunting was what really stuck with her… that this was all really just education for her true role in life. How to be the best whore possible.

As soon as the class ended, she moved as quickly as possible to leave. If she stayed, if she let herself get isolated, she feared that someone would try to fuck her again. Any attempt to do “anything” quickly, however, seemed doomed to failure… she simply was too bruised and weak to take it anymore. Her steps were painfully slow as she walked from the room and she felt sure, as she walked down the hall, that every man’s eyes were on her and greedy. People whispered, and she could hear humiliating comments directed at her. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream, or hide herself. Instead, she kept going – she had to make it to the next class.

Lux didn’t see the empty classroom door open as she passed it, but she certainly noticed when strong arms suddenly grabbed her from behind, dragging her in. The blonde struggled instinctively, but the poor girl was so weak by now that her efforts to resist were pathetic. “Get her in here, brother!” one of the voices said.

“Shut up and shut the door!” a growling voice said directly into her ear as he dragged her further into the abandoned room, heading towards the windows. He pushed her and she fell to the ground, looking up at her attackers… and noticing two other Noxian exchange students. Just seeing them brought painful thoughts of Riven to her mind, but as the two large students crowded around her more dismal, terrifying thoughts followed. Lux felt terrified… she thought she knew these two athletes, two brothers named Darius and Draven.

“And you’re sure she’s a whore?” the larger of the two asked as he loomed over her, his face locked into a dark glower.

“Trust me,” Draven said with a grin. “Even if she wasn’t, by the time I’m done with her she’ll be so grateful she’ll be screaming my praises.”

Darius rolled his eyes. “Sure,” he growled as the muscular man grabbed her by the back of her shirt and almost effortlessly pulled her up, pushing her towards the wall. He started to grope her all over her body, feeling her ass and her breasts in turn. “Certainly grade-A Demacian meat,” he admitted. “Would be nice to get my dick in this dirty bitch right now.”

Draven stepped up to her, pulling down Lux’s skirt. As soon as the dark fabric fell around her ankles, her beaten ass was visible to the men, and Draven cackled in amusement. “Look at that. Whore got a nice ass whooping last night,” he said as he squeezed her ass cheek. “What was the matter whore… tried to hold back some cash from your pimp? Or are you just so much of a masochist you love it?”

“Guess it doesn’t matter,” Darius said grimly. “She’s fuckmeat either way.” He pushed her legs apart, revealing the dildo jammed into her asshole through the panties. “Look at the whore,” he said as he punched the dildo wedged into her ass, making Lux feel like he had driven his fist directly into her guts as the dildo stabbed her as hard as he hit it.

“Agh!” Lux screamed.

“Shut up,” Darius growled, squeezing her tits through the shirt. “I’m tired of you Demacians. The arrogant way you bitches look down on us. Thinking you’re better than us when all you are is a fucking blonde fuckdoll… a cheap whore who’ll open her legs to let anything fuck her.” His muscular hand reached out, grabbed the front of her buttoned blouse, and tore it down down the middle, leaving her breasts bared to both the exchange students’ greedy eyes. “So stop pretending you’re better than us and shut the fuck up, you arrogant fucking whore!” Darius growled at her.

Lux was still whimpering in pain as she stood there, bruised tits in full view while Darius grabbed her roughly by her ass with one hand and an arm with the other, his hand roughly squeezing her body as he pulled her close, then spun her around and roughly shoved her up against the window. The glass felt cold against her breasts, and she gave a startled yelp as he put one hand on her back and pushed her firmly, flat against the window. He kept shoving, mashing her roughly into the window, her bruised tits squishing flat against the cold hard glass. Darius’s grip forced her to arch her back painfully as he pinned her there, her whole body on display through the window for anyone to see. Lux’s face was turned to the side as she was pressed forward but she could still look down and see students walk through the courtyards just a few stories below… all someone needed to do was look up and they would get a perfect view of everything the beautiful blonde girl had to offer.

“I bet she loves that,” Draven said, laughing as he drew his hand back and slapped it down on Lux’s already-welted ass. The painfully abused skin shuddered beneath the palm of his hand as he slapped it down on her cheeks, rocking her body even more firmly forward as the stinging pain of her ass being slapped like that shot through her body unexpectedly. “That’s a fantastic reaction,” Draven laughed as he groped her stinging ass cheeks roughly, not giving a shit about being gentle or sensual – clearly just sharing a goal with Headmistress Fiora even if he didn’t know. He just wanted to make the sexy Demacian cock socket feel as degraded as possible and teach her that she was nothing but a worthless fuckhole that needed to know her place.

“You want this don’t you, you dirty fucking slut?” Draven laughed as he continued molesting her. “You Demacian whores are all alike. All that stuck up bitch attitude, but all you really want is to be put in your place like the nasty little cunt you are. That’s alright… Draven will show you what you’re good for.” Lux cried out in pain as the Noxian man’s hand came down on her ass even harder this time, spanking Lux so hard that the sound of the slap echoed among the empty desks in the room. Her body arched forward and she cried out at the flare of pain that shot through her body at this blow, totally unprepared for this kind of sexual assault. Lux panted and whined out as the blows came thick and fast on her ass, Draven’s hand slapping both her ass cheeks hard and making her body bounce and ripple with each blow. Her body was bucking hard against the glass of the window, and Lux hoped fervently that no one looked up.

“You’re loving this aren’t you, Demacia-funbags?” Darius said, shoving her harder until her spine ached. “You’re loving getting punished like the worthless, nasty, disgusting little whore you are,” the dark, brooding athlete growled in her ear. “Just a cockteasing little tramp who needs to be taught where she belongs.”

“You can’t…” Lux panted despite herself. “I’m not…”

Darious slapped her hard across her face, so hard as the window creaked as her face was pushed against it. Her lip split as his muscular hand collided with her beautiful face. “I’ll do whatever I want with you, you dumb pair of tits. The world is about those with the strength to take what they want, and those too weak to protect what they have. That’s you, whore… a fucking slut too weak and worthless to be good for anything but a spunk toilet.” Another hard blow to her ass as the larger and stronger of the two brothers slammed his hand into her, rocketing her body forward against the glass, her face pressed against it and smearing some blood there. Her tears were already streaking down her cheeks, liquid pain flowing from her eyes as she was forced to endure. “I think it’s time to teach you that lesson properly.”

Lux cried out when the black dildo was ripped out of her, but she really felt it when his cock came out of his pants, when the huge man’s thick shaft started rubbing up between her bruised cheeks. “Go ahead and stop me if you have the strength,” he mocked as he slowly dry humped her. “Otherwise, here’s where that ass of yours finally pays up for the way you’d been making he hard…” Darius groaned as he began to slowly force the head of his cock into Lux’s tight little pucker. Lux’s fingers scrabbled uselessly against the glass and her eyes bugged out of her head in agony and shock, trembling with pain as the student began forcing his dick up her ass without any lube…

A strange, tingling sensation rushed over Lux. It felt like… it felt like being wrapped up in sheets, feeling a light presence of something on all her skin without any pressure behind it. Some kind of magical force just surrounded her, pushing outward, and Darius and his brother both were painfully forced back. The pressure holding her up against the window vanished with them, and Lux wobbled on her knees, almost collapsing. “What the fuck are you doing! Get away from her!” a female voice called out. The smooth, accented, foreign voice was strong, and made the men stop. Lux looked over and saw, to her shock, a beautiful young woman standing in the doorway. She wore a foreign dress wrapped around her in a strange style, something completely disallowed by the school dress code. That would have immediately told Lux who she was, even if her exotic features and dark brown skin didn’t… she was a visiting student from Ionia, one of the daughters of their ruling class. To Lux, though, she just looked like some kind of Guardian Angel who had come to her rescue.

The woman stepped forward, and both of the men shied away from her glare. When her eyes settled on Lux, however, her eyes were soft, understanding, and kind. “Come with me…” she said quietly. “I’ll take you somewhere safe. You’re going to be okay.” Lux wanted to protest, to tell her that she didn’t know what she was doing, that she would be making an enemy of Ahri by doing this… that she didn’t want the girl for suffer for her. Before she could say anything, though, the beautiful foreigner put a finger against Lux’s lips, silencing her. “It’s okay…” she whispered. Then, holding Lux by the wrist, she began to take her from the room. The two Noxian men said nothing, did nothing, as the two girls wrapped in the protective magic that the Ionian had summoned, strode past them. “Go away, monsters,” she said firmly as she left the classroom with Lux, leaving them behind.

Dazed, lost, confused, Lux nevertheless slowly realized that she knew this girl. She wasn’t sure if she had ever spoken to her before, but her name was Karma… and she was a queen. She’d followed her husband here, a young king from a small kingdom here to educate himself, the two of them having married young. Lux had remembered that had struck her as odd, but she had been assured that in her culture men and women were often betrothed at birth and married as soon as both were of age, binding family together. It was strange, but Lux really wasn’t in a position to judge… even before her current situation. The almost painfully beautiful and proper girl walked Lux around the corner from the room before she stopped, turned to Lux, and held both her hands. “Are you alright?” she asked softly.

Her voice was so gentle, so caring, that Lux couldn’t stop herself… she just started crying. She wasn’t sure when the last time she had felt that someone really cared for her… that someone was going to protect her. Must have been Riven, right? Those times with her friends, after they had stuck up for her… had those really only been a few months ago? It felt like decades. She started sobbing, and Karma wiped her cheek with one hand. “There there…” she whispered. “We’ll take care of you. Let’s take you someplace safe.” She squeezed Lux’s hand warmly as she turned and walked, and the blonde student couldn’t bring herself to argue against this… she would need to go back to Evelynn soon, no doubt, and it was possible she would get punished for what had happened with the brothers, but right now this was a kind of comfort she hadn’t felt in forever. She followed her almost like a lost puppy dog, just wanting to stay in warmth and company. Lux felt… safe… near the elegant woman.

Karma walked away from classes to some of the higher class dorms… the type that Evelynn had, with suites for richer students. Not where Ahri’s clique lived, though… somewhere else. Her rooms? She reached out and opened the door, looking back at Luxanna with a soft expression. “You’ll be safe from your owners here… at least for a little while,” she said as her hand rose up to wipe away Lux’s tears, a gesture that only made the pathetically sobbing blonde cry more. Even so, she smiled… Lux wasn’t sure she had smiled once since the night she became Evelynn’s slave. Karma then opened the door, and Lux stepped in after her.

They were, Lux quickly realized, not alone.

A pale man sat in an armchair by the bed, his grey-white shoulder-length hair in a casually hedonistic mop around his head. Her husband was pale as a full moon compared to Karma, and handsome in a pallid, ethereal sort of way. Viego, Lux knew, was one of the richest kids in the school…  not a part of Ahri and her friends, but at the center of his own clique of hangers-on and servants. “Ah,” he said, his voice surprisingly rich and smooth for such an unhealthy-looking man. “So you’ve returned to me, Isolde.”

He reached out a hand towards Karma, and the elegant girl took it, bowing low to press her lips over the back of his hand. She dropped to her knees, looking up at him. “Yes, my lord Viego,” she said… and Lux shuddered at that voice. It was… it was so wrong. There was none of the warmth and gentleness in it that she had been showing earlier. That voice sounded… soulless. Passionless. Dead. “And I have brought her here, just as you asked.” 

Lux jumped at the loud sound of the door slamming shut behind her. The blonde turned quickly, finding a tall, very buff man with hair the color of steel standing there. She swallowed, unsure of what she had gotten into here but sure that she had stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Lux turned back, eyes wide, and noticed that Karma was looking at her… and silently weeping. Her eyes were clouded by green whirling mists. Abruptly Lux realized just how big of a fool she had been. She knew better than anyone about Ahri’s reach… why she had thought for a moment that Viego could be independent from her and not be birds of a feather? He had to either be an ally of hers, or else someone powerful enough, and dangerous enough, for her not to trifle with… and either result was bad for Lux. Karma couldn’t help her… the poor woman was just as much of a slave as she was.

“Come here,” Viego said. His voice was a sordid purr as he stretched out his other hand to her. Lux hesitated, just for an instant, but apparently that was too long for him because his face twisted into an expression of rage. “I said come!” he said in almost the exact same tone but there was some strange, subtle echo or reverberation in his voice. He gestured with his hand at the same time and a small swirl of grey-green mist floated across the expanse between them. Lux flinched, but it didn’t matter… it reached her in a heartbeat. There was no pain, but when it touched her skin she felt something seep into her. It felt almost like Evelynn’s commands but… different. Conflicting.

She staggered forward, obeying without conscious thought and falling to her knees before the pale man, staring up into his eyes… and seeing herself reflected in their perfect grey. Her own eyes warred between Evelynn’s flashes of pink and the swirling green that had consumed Karma’s. “Wha… what are you doing to me?” she whispered, and realized that she could breathe… that Evelynn’s command no longer compelled her.

Viego smiled down at her. “Taking back what is mine,” he said. He reached out one hand… and thrust it forward and into her chest somehow, passing her skin like she was mist. It hurt, but though Lux opened her mouth to scream no sound came out… even as she tried to flinch away and flee she could not move an inch. His fingers rooted through her body before rising up like he was cupping water from a stream, emerging out of her holding something bright blue and glowing. The moment he pulled out of her Lux flinched away so violently that she fell, landing on her back on her elbows, watching as Viego raised the glowing blue point of light to his face and stared into it.

“What did you do to me?!” Lux cried out.

Viego just continued looking into the light as though hypnotized. “She has her own love,” he said after several seconds of silence, dropping the blue light in disgust. It hit the ground and shattered into a thousand tiny motes of light, flooding back towards Lux. “It is not mine for the taking. She is not like you, my queen. She is little but a diversion only, I’m afraid.” The tiny specks of light hit Lux and passed into her with no weight or feeling of impact, vanishing into her skin. Then he stood, taking Karma’s hand and walked her over to the bed. “Come, my Isolde… we shall enjoy the diversion if nothing else.”

Karma still had tears in her glowing eyes, but she answered to a name that was not hers as she followed him to the bed, never disobeying, protesting, or questioning her master. The only moment of independence she showed was a brief look at Lux, an expression that spoke of how sorry she was. Then she moved to the bed and knelt down in front of her “king” as he sat on the edge. Viego either was too mad or utterly uncaring of her misery to notice the way tears ran down her cheeks as she knelt, leaning forward, unbuckling and pulling open his pants with her teeth and mouth before lowing her face to his groin. Obeying her master’s desires, the beautiful, elegant woman rested her lips gently over the tip of his dick and began to suck slowly, working her way down the shaft. Her hands moved forward even as her face did, his almost stark white skin a contrast to the dark hue of hers as she cradled his balls in her hand and rubbed them delicately. A wet trickle of saliva left her mouth and dripped down over his cock, the only sloppy addition to her otherwise perfect elegant cocksucking, and he grunted in approval as Karma went deeper and deeper ever time she bobbed her head, until the back of her throat was being tickled by his swollen dick.

The slow-play only entertained the pale madman for so long, however. Before too long he placed his palm at the back of her head, grabbing a fistful of her soft hair. Using his grip, he pushed her head back and forth roughly. Karma gagged at the first thrust but the kind-looking woman did the best she could to keep up. Her hands worked time to the thrusts against her head, her hand lightly but rapidly massaging her “husband’s” fat cock. Streams of her saliva dripped down her lips due to the face fucking. Viego, however, was just getting started. What Lux had thought was all-consuming anger in his fucking of Karma’s face just moments before was nothing compared to the carnal rage by which he started to face fuck her now, slamming her head against him even as he bucked his hips up against her in time, ramming every inch of him down her throat over and over again, making her choke as his dick clogged her neck. Heavy lines of her sloppy saliva were dripping down her lips and Lux knew well that there was no chance the girl could breathe properly. Her master, however, continued – His merciless assault was never ceasing in the rhythm he used to take her, the elegance and “nobility” of owner and slave vanishing into a near animalistic claiming of Karma’s fuckhole. He thrust his dick into her harder and harder and her throat made sloppy noises as his balls banged her lips when she was forced to take the full length into her throat.

Lux didn’t know exactly what was going to happen to her here, but it was nothing good… she had to get out of here. She pushed herself up, trying to leave the room, but was quickly grabbed from behind. Hecarim pressed against her from behind, the king’s manservant holding onto her. “Where do you think you are going, slut?” he said, smirking as he pressed his body against her back, letting her feel his hard cock grinding on her ass.

She swallowed. “Please… please just let me go,” she begged. “I’m… I’m nothing to you. My mistress will be angry if-”

“You are here to stay!” the servant said as he started to undress her, hands sliding beneath her clothing. “You leave when his majesty says you leave. Now behave… be a good little slut, or you will have to suffer!” Hecarim ripped her blouse apart, exposing her naked breasts. “So soft,” he said as he gave a slap on each, making Lux gasp in pain. He then grabbed her arms behind her and began to bind them, using her own ripped shirt to tie her up. “Stop fighting, bitch!” he said as Lux, able to breathe and able to struggle for the first time in weeks strained to escape his grip and make it to the door, angering him enough that he paused simply to grab onto her nipples, squeezing and twisting them just to help tame her.

“NOOOOOOOO….” Lux cried in pain, trying to writhe free of his grip, but Hecarim kept pinching and pulling them hard, giving not the slightest shit about her whimpers. When he finally let go, the blood rushing back into her hurt almost as much as the squeezing had, making her pant in pain as he pulled her skirt up and tossed it away like garbage. Then, just seconds later, he was forcing his thick cock into her, spearing her pussy on it.

Viego seemed to pay no attention to what was happening to Lux. Instead, he reached down and grabbed a firmer hold of Karma, pulling her onto the bed with him. Though she cried and gagged, Karma still cooperated, crawling after him. “Open, Isolde,” he commanded, slapping his hand across her pert ass. Karma immediately opened her legs, and in her position the dress did absolutely nothing to conceal her, revealing her lack of panties and her uncovered pussy and ass. As Viego kept face fucking her, he leaned over, squeezing and spanking her ass. Karma gagged and made pained noises with each hit but her master didn’t seem to notice, even as he started digging his thumb into her asshole. She cried, but she never tried to pull away or protest… she just stayed there obediently while he finger-fucked her unlubed asshole, forcing her to suck his throbbing cock.

Lux whimpered in pain as Hecarim grabbed her and put her on the bed next to Karma, the two men fucking the slaves side by side. Hecarim started to ram his dick in and out of Lux’s pussy, making her gasp with every thrust… he grabbed onto her arms, lifting her upper body off the bed and pulled her back towards him. His dick was splitting her pussy apart but even now that she had an ability to protest and breath she still felt powerless before the large, strong man. “Such a good fuck!” he growled, grabbing onto her dangling blonde hair and using it to yank her head and make her arch her back. He licked the side of her face, making Lux shudder in disgust even before he moved to her neck, sucking and biting at the sides of it like some horny and hungry animal. He clearly cared not in the slightest about her… all he wanted was to pleasure himself.

After a few more thrusts, Viego climbed down off the bed. He pulled Karma towards him, drawing her forward until her head fell down from the edge to dangle downward in a waterfall of black hair. “Open, Isolde,” he commanded, caressing her face in an almost loving fashion… the contrast of which with his actions made Lux feel sick. Karma obeyed instantly, and the pale king thrust inside of her balls deep. Like this he could get far deeper than before, deep-dicking her throat utterly as his balls dangled over her face. He kept moving back and forth, in and out, choking her.

Hecarim finally pulled out of Lux, but he was not done. Instead, he used his grip on Lux’s hair to drag her over onto Karma’s naked body. “Get onto the other whore,” Hecarim ordered, slapping her ass. Lux was being stubborn, but to her shame her lack of willing cooperation didn’t phase him at all… he simply manhandled her into position, forcing her on top of the other girl. In just a few seconds she was laying on top of Karma, breasts to breasts and mount to mound. “That’s right whore!” Hecarim said as he slapped her again and thrust his dick into her again. “It’s like fuckmeat buffet over here.” Lux gasped at his rough entry, whimpering as the huge man kept fucking into her hard and deep. The movement that was created from Hecarim’s thrusting created a pace on Lux and now Karma both, making them both shift and move to the same pace as they were raped from each end. 

Viego’s hands started roaming over Lux’s body, tracing over her arms and legs, squeezing her breasts even as he continued to throatfuck his slave-wife, and Lux had no option but to submit. “Oh… yes, my Queen…” he groaned as he reached down and grabbed one of Lux’s and Karma’s nipples in the same fist, squeezing it as he grunted, hilted himself and began filling Karma’s slender throat with cum. Lux watched the dark-skinned girl swallow again and again as the bulge in her neck pulsed, but soon she had her own problems as Hecarim groaned and began to empty himself inside Lux’s pussy.

“Feed my wife, dear friend,” Viego said with a sigh as he pulled out, stepping back.

“Of course, your majesty,” Hecarim answered. He pulled out of Lux, shoving her viciously downward as he did, then moved her so that she was crouching right over Karma’s face. Lux jerked as Karma began to lick at her, her tongue working as his cum dripped out of her and into the other woman’s mouth. “Don’t swallow any of it,” he ordered and Karma kept licking obediently. A few moments later he grabbed them both by their hair and pulled them to the floor. With two bundles of rope, Hecarim began to tie Lux and Karma up on their knees. Lux’s arms were pulled tightly behind her back, the whole thing anchored in place by bondage around her breasts, and she watched as he did the same thing to Karma.

It was only after he finished that Viego returned, running his hands creepily through both of their hair as he looked down at them. “Perfect,” he whispered. Then he moved them into position where they faced one another, once against their breasts smashed together.

“Mmmm, look at those tits!” Hecarim said with glee, slamming where their tits met and making both girls cry out in startled pain. “Don’t be greedy, girl. Share your food with your little friend.” Lux, stunned, opened her mouth in surprise as Karma obeyed the instruction, pressing her lips against her and kissing her. Her tongue pushed globs of Hecarim’s and Viego’s cum into her mouth. Left-over spots of cum and drool dripped form her lack lips, trickling down over their chins and breasts.

Before the slaves were even done swapping the cum, Viego walked up between them… his dick still hard. The pale man stood with his cock positioned between the mouths of the girls and thrust it between them, their lips pushed apart by the shaft of his thick, veiny prick. “Serve your king,” he commanded. Immediately Karma began to obey… moving her head up and down that shaft, trying to lick or kiss every inch of him. Lux was more reluctant to join in, but Hecarim stared slapping her ass from behind and eventually the blonde was forced to join in… the sooner he came, after all, the sooner he would be done, and at least this way of pleasing him didn’t hurt.

There was something surprisingly… erotic… about the process. Lux moved her head up and down the length of his smelly cock, trying to make him cum. She did her best to close her eyes and enjoy the moments that their bodies touched, to ignore the taste of two men’s cum in her mouth. There were brief moments of… comfort, almost… when her lips brushed against Karma’s mouth or tongue. The knowledge that she wasn’t here alone. That someone could touch her without wanting to hurt her. Of course, the fact that that kind touch was around the dick she was abusing, and that his hand kept moving down to her nipples to motivate them, went a long way towards ruining it. Lux found herself hating cock more than she ever had before in her life, since it was now the only thing that kept her from enjoying the only pleasant part of her situation.

Viego started to thrust his dick between their mouths, groaning as he grabbed their hair in his fists thrust their heads around him, making their lips into a pseudo-pussy for him to plow his way through. Lux employed the only strategy she had… to make her abuser cum quickly… pressing her tongue hard against his shaft and adding to the pleasure as he fucked between her. He kept fucking them, not allowing them a moment of rest until after long minutes of violent thrusting, Viego groaned. His hands tightened on their scalps, and then he came for the second time, painting the faces of both slaves with his warm white cum.

It was obvious that Karma was incredibly obedient because, without any instruction from Viego, she began to lick at both his cock and Lux’s tongue, gathering up any cum from the Demacian girl’s face. Lux, reluctanttly, mimicked her… sure that what she was doing would be what he wanted. It was only when there was no more cum to be found on the blonde’s face that Veigo purred out that they could swallow now. Lux did, gulping his disgusting seed down her throat, and heard as Karma did the same.

The men were not done yet. As soon as Karma finished, Hecarim dragged her and threw her back onto the bed. He quickly tied her legs to her arms so her wet pussy was exposed, the fact that she was obedient doing nothing to spare her from the agony of bondage. Viego grabbed Lux by her waist and threw her onto Karma’s body, and Hecarim quickly tied a rope around their necks, making it a makeshift collar. Once his slaves were closely bound together, Viego slipped a vibrator right between their pressed-together pussies so that it rode right on their clits, and neither girl could buck their body enough to get it away. As the vibrator teased both of them at once, Viego began pushing a finger into Lux’s sore ass, finger-fucking her casually as he held her down. Her ass was no less sensitive now than it had been earlier, scraped raw and bruised on the inside, so she couldn’t help herself from screaming at the first moment… loudly enough that Hecarim slapped her across the face. “Shut up, whore!” he commanded. “Your mewling offends his majesty!” Viego, for his part, didn’t seem to even notice that it was painful for her, or her reaction… He just kept fingering the blonde’s ass as he switched the vibrator to its highest speed.

“A plaything for me and my wife,” he whispered as he pulled his finger out of Lux’s ass, wiping them on Karma’s thigh. He had a buffet of holes in front of him… Lux could imagine what it looked like with the two of them stacked on top of each other, all four lower holes available to his eyes with Viego being able to take whatever the king wished. When his cock replaced the finger inside her ass, Lux couldn’t help but scream again. She felt like she was being fucked in both pussy and ass, the vibration buzzing so hard against her clit it was hard to tell that the cock skewering her painfully swollen asshole wasn’t fucking both holes at once – it felt like he was bruising her holes.

When he pulled out, and thrust into one of Karma’s holes, it was a relief… but she had to look right down at Karma’s pained face as her own asshole was the one being pummeled. Seeing the pain in her elegant features, the misery in her expression, stole all but the most guilty of relief from Lux… it was almost a comfort when he thrust back into her, taking her pussy this time.

Viego took them like that for what felt like hours. Hecarim simply stood off to the side, watching and stroking his cock, as his king played with both of his toys, fucking them hard. He switched holes each time he wanted to, using their bodies as playthings until both girls were screaming each time he switched. Lux wasn’t even sure how long it had been, and how many times he had fucked both her pussy and her ass, when he instead grabbed the vibrator, yanked it away, and thrust his cock between the wet, sloppy vice made by both their leaking cunts as they pressed together. He started ramming his dick in between them, the ways the ropes held them together making it a tight hole to fuck. Each time one of them screamed in pain or trembled it made their bodies shake on Viego’s cock, making him tremble in pleasure as he leaned down and grabbed fistfuls of Lux’s breasts, squeezing them and using them like handles to ram the pair of them even harder. Then, at last, he exploded between the girls’ pussies. His load sprayed over both of them, going far enough that it blasted the underside of Lux’s chin and splattered to cover Karma’s face, groaning in pleasure as he sprayed shot after shot.

Soon after Lux was done licking the cum from Karma’s face, Viego untied them and brought Karma into the next room. Lux could hear him fucking her again in there, but it left her alone and bound with Hecarim as he rested his weight on the blonde and fucked her one more time for himself. Lux felt so numb and raw that she almost didn’t feel it anymore… her body just shifted and bucked beneath him as he raped her yet again. Now that Viego wasn’t in the room she could feel Evelynn’s compulsions returning… her breath coming only in solitary gasps once again. It left her able to wonder about what he had said about her. Lux hadn’t had time to come to any conclusions, however, before Hecarim finished with her body and dragged the naked girl out of the room by the hair, tossing her out into the hallway.

Lux lay on the ground, unmoving, as Hecarim tossed some money onto her cum-streaked stomach. “Give this to your mistress,” he said, kicking her in the stomach with a cruel grin. Then he just turned around and walked back into the room, locking the door.

 Lux stood up slowly and gathered the notes up… she would need them. Evelynn was going to be angry enough as it was without her coming back empty handed. The blonde winced as she heard Karma  crying out in pain behind the locked door, but… what could she do? She was weak and powerless… just like the other girl. Lux slowly started to move towards her room, crying. She was a pathetic cum whore. She was exhausted and her body was sore, but she had nothing to do to get rid of this pathetic humiliating life.

Evelynn had, of course, been furious… not only for Lux being late to return to her room, and failing to clean up, but also because she had lost Fiora’s black dildo. She had cheered up, somewhat, when Lux had mentioned that she had spoken more than a hundred words when she was with them, however… and she took full advantage. Last night she hadn’t bothered with a whip at all – she had just used the blades on her lashers, and by the time she finished Lux felt like she’d been flayed. The whole thing had culminated with one of Lux’s fingers in the demon’s mouth, the pointed teeth just starting to dig in and Lux certain that she was about to lose another finger, but she had simply broken them all instead and made sure the blonde was bound up for bed laying on them.

When she finally woke up half dead the next day, Evelynn was waiting. There was no class today, so she was a fully dedicated whore today… and the school janitor had, apparently, hired out her time. Lux was exhausted and still feeling so weak, but she had to always obey her mistress, so the blonde staggered her way to see Soraka yet again before she made her slow, painful way down into the school basement, looking for the man Evelynn called Twitch to fuck him for pocket change.

The smell was the first thing she noticed… almost as soon as she opened the door down to the basement where the boilers and work room were, the air stank like garbage and body odor. Any janitor who kept his own area like this, in Lux’s opinion, shouldn’t have been a janitor… As she walked down the final set of stairs and down into the basement, she heard horrible moaning, gurgling noise coming from below. Reluctantly, Lux continued her way down, peeking out down the bottom of the staircase… and she saw the rat. The janitor looked… frankly disgusting. His clothing hung off him in rotting strips and his fur was patchwork, matted, and uneven. Twitch was caked in dirt and grime and had something growing on his back leg that might be mold, and just looking at him made the room stink all the more… especially when she caught sight of the disgustingly pale and bulbous cock that he was thrusting into the mouth of the woman in front of him. “Yes yes yes,” Twitch barked, a mad laugh his voice. “Just like that pale flesh thing. Be good dumb whore for Twitch.” He grabbed the bruised, cum-covered woman by her hair and pulled her to the side and it was only when he saw the woman clearly that she realized the bound-up victim being facefucked was Riven.

She could barely recognize the woman anymore. Lux had not seen Riven for quite a long time, now… not since the night Riven had become a slave. The night I betrayed her. As she saw the pale-haired athletic Noxian, Lux’s heart twisted in time with her stomach. Her feelings for the woman were… conflicted. She hated her. It was her fault that Ahri had done this to her. It had just been bullying before then… Riven had escalated the situation, had turned it into a lesson the gumiho was determined to teach about why no one could fuck with her. It was her fault… but every single thought of hatred and frustration that Lux had towards Riven faded had faded with her misery, and couldn’t hold up to the moment she saw the woman like this. She had been so beautiful… so strong. She had been trying to help… to protect her. And what had it gotten her? Lux looked the way Riven did after most nights with Eve, but she didn’t look that way now… Soraka took care of that. Riven, clearly, was getting no such care… the woman looked nine tenths of the way towards being a corpse. It made Lux’s heart hurt in unexpected ways to see her like that, so hurt, even before she was forced to watch her sucking that disgusting rat-man’s dick, his clawed hands twisting in her hair and using it as a handle to ram her mouth.

Riven’s helpless wet lips slid easily down his rock hard dick as he gagged her again and again, her lips stretching over the pale caveworm shape of the thing. He kept her head moving back and forth, making her move with it and keep herself bobbing up and down on his dick. The thrusts were violent enough that her breasts bounced at each and every one of them as the foul janitor used her as roughly as he could. His cock visibly pulsating, he brutally slammed her head up and down, thrusting it forward on him… pulling out to the tip of his cock before plunging the full length back down her throat. Her lips and nose were forcibly buried in the dirt of his pubic fur and Riven gagged with each thrust.

Lux was brought out of her dazed, horrified watching as Twitch spoke to the woman he was using as a jizzmop. “Golden pale-flesh thing is late,” Twitch said as he continued battering Riven’s tonsils with his prick. “Eve-friend say golden fleshlight be here by now!” Lux swallowed… if he complained to Evelynn and made her angry again, Lux knew that dying would an insanely optimistic thing to hope for. She finished coming down the stairs, emerging from hiding as he stepped out. “Ah… there is pale sex-thing,” Twitch said, grinning as he saw Lux but never pausing as he kept fucking Riven’s throat. “You are just in time for snack snacks, yes!” He drove himself deep twice more before pulling his cock out, jerking the misshapen thing twice, and then beginning to spray his cum into her open, gasping mouth. He groaned while Lux gagged, chuckling devilishly to himself. “Come here-here and lick up after friend, yes-yes?” he said, and while the words were questioning the vicious look in his sunken eyes and the cruel glint of his teeth behind his rodent grin made it an obvious command. Lux headed forward, sinking down onto her knees, but before she could act of her own volition Twitch grabbed her by the back of her head and jammed their faces together… twisting and grinding them, more wiping Riven’s face off using Lux’s than letting her lick it. Only after he had mixed the cum around to his satisfaction did he let Riven and Lux begin to clean each other, kissing and licking and sucking until they had both swallowed every drop of the man’s cum.

As soon as the girls were done, the rat grabbed Lux with his scrabbling claws around her neck and shoved her towards a stack of boxes. “Get over, cunt-cunt,” he growled, following after her, his filthy body pressed against hers. “I wait long time for you.” Lux could feel his dick poking her and winced… she could actually feel the sweat and grease and slime on it, present in such amounts that even Riven’s throat hadn’t gathered up a fraction of his mess. Twitch held her forearms and pressed his snout against her hips, sucking them into his maw… shoving her against the wall and keeping her pinned there while his tongue invaded her mouth. Lux felt absolutely certain if he kept this up she was going to throw up all over his face and Eve was going to skin her alive… she desperately held onto her stomach as it revolted, his long sloppy tongue prodding at the back of her throat, his breath consuming her awareness completely. The janitor bit her lower lip and pulled it out and Lux did her best not to scream, but by the time he finally released her a few moments later she thought her skin was going to crawl away from her body to escape this thing she was trapped down here with… and her impression didn’t get any better when he licked his way over her neck like a panting dog, leaving her soaked and sloppy.

Lux struggled sometimes as his grip became too tight but otherwise she was too occupied with not passing out from his scent or throwing up all over him to even think about anything else… but even so she felt it when he ran his hands under her skirt. “Is this pussy you give you pale-flesh, sex-thing?” he taunted, turning Lux’s face towards the crates and pressing her cheeks against them, her ass flashing against his dick as his hand and his dick lifted it up with the spinning movement. His other clawed hand ripped away at Lux’s blouse, pulling one of her breasts out while leaving the other still covered… his fingers left black stains on her melons as he squeezed the exposed swell of breast, his fingers rubbing her nipple in circles.

The rat wet his lips like a wolf examining his prey. “Pretty, succulent tit-flesh,” Twitch said, and laughed again in that creepy cackle. His right hand stayed on Lux’s pussy as the left molested her exposed breasts, the nail of his finger finding the hood of her clit and resting against it. Lux bucked as he began to push those dirty, bony, inhuman fingers up inside of her one at a time, the nails stinging as they passed over one ridge and then the next. First one, then two, then three of his fingers forced their way inside her, pushing hard and deep while his thumb worried away as her exposed clit… and Lux realized that, for a change, she wasn’t wet for once… her disgust at being here, the smell, the grimy rat… and her dismay at seeing Riven like this… had overwhelmed even her repeatedly teased libido and not even her forcibly stimulated and repressed sex drive could be made to give a twinge on Twitch’s fingers.

“White-mane whore-thing!” Twitch called, one of his feet kicking at the bound Riven. “Crawl to here-here. Lick lick!” Lux writhed in the rat’s grubby claws while the battered athlete slowly came up, but then her tongue was on the blonde’s pussy and she shuddered, trembling beneath it. That touch was so… kind, and the contrast between Riven’s touch and Twitch’s brought her to tears. The white-haired girl’s tongue slid between her slit, gently caressing her and making her shudder as her pussy responded… even with Twitch still touching her.

Twitch, eager, grabbed onto her exposed tit and shoved her downward, further forcing Riven down beneath her as he pushed Lux down painfully to her knees on the cold concrete floor. Lux opened her mouth to cry out, but not even the first whisper of sound made it out before his dick was ramming past her soft cock-cradling lips. The blonde gagged… as bad as his cum had tasted, as bad as he smelled, it was nothing compared to the miasma of foulness that was his cock on her tongue. She retched up, spitting dirt and drool down onto her tits as he pumped in with rapid, feverish thrusts, treating the abused student more like a cheap sexdoll than a person.

“You like lick-lick?” the ugly rat asked her mockingly as Lux looked up at him with pleading eyes, the blue orbs glistening with tears. “You need do lick-lick yourself, too-too.” The rat laughed and smashed his fist hard into the back of her skull, forcing the abused blonde down on his cock harder… down on her knees, Lux was getting her throat used in the most brutal way possible as she fought not to throw up on the disgusting dick while she was smacked around and raped like the cheapest whore in history. Twitch hammered his cock all the way down her throat, and how misshaped and diseased the thing looked made it feel absurdly large inside her… her neck bulging obscenely as she got choked half to death on his unevenly swollen cock as it was forced past her gag reflex and down her gullet.

Lux’s eyes bulged out almost of her skull as she was force-fed the rat’s cock, the foul creature plunging it deep until her soft slips slid around his base. Good-good, little whore!” the rat sneered at her as he thrust into her fuckhole of a mouth. “Suck-suck, lick-lick!” Lux tried to beg, to say that she was doing it, but with her throat blocked by his thick prick all she managed to do was gag up a thick load of phlegm and drool all over his balls. Mercifully the janitor yanked her head back and let her gulp down a frantic gasp of air, tears streaming down her face as she struggled to catch her breath with the only gasp of air she was permitted by her mistress. Her throat felt so sore from getting raped by that inhuman prick that even a single breath felt like agony on her and—

Twitch violently rammed his cock back down her throat. His bony, dirty claws scratched at her scalp through her hair as he forced the choking student’s head back and forth on his cock, making the bruised and battered cocksucker deepthroat his length as brutally as he could – forcing her to gag and drool all over her appealing body and ruining even the appearance of dignity and purity from the degraded whore. He was raping her like he wanted to actually ruin her, wanted to kill her with his cock to show her that her idea of cleanliness and hygiene were a personal insult to him.

“Whore is cheap-cheap,” he mocked as he brutalized her throat. “Only good for sucking!” Lux tried desperately to keep her breath but one denied bit of air at a time she was failing. Her cheeks turned red and she wept, choking and sobbing in pain as she got all her air cut off by the cock thrusting inside her. The rat’s swollen nuts felt like stones as they slapped against her face, her cheeks bulging, her features covered by a sheen of sweat and thick gagged up drool as she was suffocated on cock.

When he finally pulled out, backing away from her, the very air seemed unbreathable to the blonde girl… like his stench had permanently polluted her lungs. The rat reached down to grab hold of Riven’s hair and smashed her face against Lux more firmly, grinding her into the blonde’s pussy, painting her visage with cunt juice before shoving her away. Despite everything, Riven’s gentle tongue had finally made Lux wet.

Twitch manhandled Lux, wrenching her around and tossing her onto the bound Riven, pushing her head between the Noxian’s legs. “Clean up mess,” he demanded as he sank down behind her, his clawed hands pulling her ass up and making Lux squeak as she felt his misshapen pale cock pressing against the wet slit of her pussy. “Clean-clean!”

Tentatively, Lux stretched out her tongue towards Riven and found, to her disgust, a familiar taste… She was licking the cum out of her brutalized friend. Based on the stench, it too had come from Twitch. She didn’t have too much time to think about it though as Twitch started to press into her. Her pussy, unfortunately wet from Riven’s attention, provided little meaningful resistance no matter how hard Lux clenched… his spit-slick cock started to slide into her. His claw made a fist in her hair, keeping her shoved violently against Riven’s pussy as he began to thrust his rotten member into her. His cock began to disappear up towards her womb, making her sob brokenly in despair as he raped Riven with her tongue.

His cock began to saw in and out of her hole, the brutal thrusts of the vile rat impaling her up her schoolgirl twat. Each thrust made her whole body buck forward, gagging her on Riven’s creampied quim. When Lux wanted to breath, she needed to push back and away from Riven, and that only fucked her back against Twitch, each move wedging her rapist’s thick prick ever further up her cunt. Her body thrashed and bucked between the two bodies around her, the rat’s stinking balls slapping against her clit as he fucked himself harder and harder into Lux’s body… hard cock slamming into this unwilling fuckdoll’s ruined little hole as she screamed and howled like the worthless whore she felt like.

Satisfied at his depth, Twitch’s grime-stained hands took a hard grip on her bouncing tits, mashing them together and squeezing them roughly… using them as handles as he fucked her. Each new thrust forced further pained squeals from the helpless victim he had bought time with as Lux was used as nothing but a cock sleeve by the creature defiling her body. “Can gold-hair have rat babies?” Twitch mocked as he fucked her. “Be stuffed with Twitch’s young? Eager-eager!” He cackled a cruel, insane laugh as he rammed his wretched cock deep inside her, lodging the tip right against her cervix. Lux, disgusted at the thought of being used as a spunk dumpster for diseased rat cum, wept. She silently begged any god that would listen that she wouldn’t have to find out the answer to this question, pleading for him not to cum inside her. If anyone listened, they didn’t intervene… Twitch groaned a final time and then the monstrous janitor was cumming hard, pumping his burning hot rat cum straight up into the sobbing, bucking whore’s womb. There was a shocking amount of it… Lux was sure that she could feel her belly expanding as her womb was fucked full of cum.

When the disgusting rat pulled his bulbous cock free of her body Lux was nothing but a quivering wreck. She could feel the basement air on her gaping cunt, the slut having been fucked so brutally wide open that it left it a cum-leaking wreck. Her eyes twitched and fluttered, her body shaking in pain and lack of oxygen… the constant struggle not to lose her stomach having left Lux unbelievably exhausted and trembling as she lay on the ground. 

“Again-again!” the rat said, excitedly. Then his hands grabbed her again, pulling the blonde towards him, and the tears fell harder still.

“I’m sorry…” Riven whispered as they walked down the hallways, their faces and breasts covering in stinking cum that stung the welts that covered their bodies. Twitch had fucked each of them at least twice more, and had spent the time between beating them with a broomstick. Covered in cum, they had been forbidden to wipe it up and instructed to walk back to their mistresses like this… reeking and defiled. Thankfully, the sun was long down and no one walked these hallways anymore… everyone was back in their rooms by now.

Lux was too damn tired to care. The abused blonde’s ass was filled with a few crinkled up bills and a fistful of grimy coins that Twitch had wedged up there for payment, and she felt dismally sure Evelynn would make her lick them clean before she threw them out. She just staggered onward.

“Do you hate me?” Riven asked quietly. “Why won’t you say anything?”

So tired.

Lux shook her head slowly, putting one hand over her throat… and Riven seemed to understand. “Can’t. I… see.” They walked on in silence. Technically, Lux could have spoken. She could have said something to reassure or comfort her friends. She would have been punished for it, but that wasn’t the same as not being able to do it at all. Lux felt like a coward for taking that way out, but she continued walking to Mistress Evelynn’s room, and she wasn’t even surprised when Ahri was waiting with her girlfriend in the room.

“Welcome back, guttersluts,” the gumiho said, smirking to see them so disheveled. “Boy, do I have a surprise for you. I’ve been thinking for a while that I was giving you all this free time, Riven-whore… and I finally found the perfect way to spend the last six hours of your day.”

As she spoke, Evelynn moved forward. “Words?” she asked.

“None, mistress,” she answered, and Eve made a face at her.

“Only two? Finally starting to learn your place, then?” She sighed theatrically. “Very well… two it is.” The lashers whipped forward impossibly quickly, like striking snakes, and with impossibly precision the tits of the blade impaled their way directly through Lux’s nipples. In an instant both of her tits were pierced. The blonde opened her mouth to scream and Evelynn muffed it by coming in and kissing her, letting her shriek into the demon’s mouth while she smiled. “You are going to love this…” she whispered against her slave’s lips. Two rings were quickly pushed through her new piercings and tugged closed by the demon.

By the time Evelynn finished, Ahri had finished using some bright red rope to tie Riven up. “You are going to get some special time, stubborn little thing,” the gumiho purred to her. “And then we’re going to see how strong your ki still is by the time we’re finished. She waited for Evelynn to apply the same bondage to Lux, then pushed them both onto the bed with Lux on the bottom. With her hands so tightly behind her back it was decidedly uncomfortable to lay like this, but neither of her owners was very concerned with that.

Eve and Ahri stacked Riven directly on top of her in a 69 position, resting Riven’s cunt right on Lux’s face. Barely a moment later she felt Riven’s soft lips on her pussy as well. Some quick ropework from Ahri ensured that they couldn’t pull away no matter what they did, and she pulled back to admire the pretty picture. “Now…” she purred. “Isn’t that sweet? Friends reunited. You two lover-girls can get all the time together you always wanted now… but there are going to be some rules.” She grinned wickedly. Lux could hear Riven turning her head to look at the redheaded gumiho and she did likewise, paying intent attention.

“The two of you are going to lick each other. All… damned… night,” she smiled. “Lux… you can’t stop licking her. Do your absolute best to make her cum… except she’s not allowed to. If you ever, ever, ever let her finish, I’m going to rip your tits off and feed them to you, sweetie… understand me?” The saccharine smile on the fox’s face belied just how certain Lux was that she really would do it, too. “So if she gets close, you’re allowed to go ahead and bite on her little clitty until bad ‘ol Riven stops being such a bad, bad girl.” As Ahri spoke, Lux felt it as Evelynn’s magic began to swirl through her mind… these weren’t just instructions. They were commands, rules that she could not break.

Evelynn laughed and chimed in. “And the Noxian slut will be doing the same thing. Of course, she’s not permitted to cum either… like usual.” Her grin showed off her teeth. “You’re never going to waste another second of your life on sleep again, whore. From now on, you’ll go see the unicorn slut every morning for a pep boost to keep you going and ensure that you spend every night until the day you die tongue-fucking each other… it’s like the little street-trash dyke’s dream.”

The magic, powered by both the succubus and the gumiho, sank its fangs into Lux and wouldn’t let go. Soon the blonde began to lick, and although Lux couldn’t be sure she thought she sensed some reluctance in Riven’s tongue as she reciprocated. Both of them were doubtlessly doing all they could not to be aroused from what each was doing to the other’s pussy, but it didn’t seem like either of them was going to have much luck with that. Conflicted as they were, Lux’s feeling towards Riven were comforting compared to her history with every other time she could even remember having been touched, and by the time she finished licking the last of Twitch’s cum out of of her pussy Riven was considerably wet.

It was then that Lux realized, to her horror, that not everything Ahri had said was a command. She’d been ordered to lick her friend, but allowed to bite her. If she’d been magically compelled to hurt Riven, then she wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it; it would just be their mistresses torturing the white haired girl using Lux’s mouth. But if she had to be the one to decide when to do it, and how hard, and how long Riven bucked violently as Lux’s teeth clamped down on her stiff clit, and the blonde’s tear soaked cheeks grew red with shame and guilt. Moments later her tongue was back inside Riven’s slit, just as ordered.

Ahri sighed with pleasure as she watched the show. “Now, with this bitch’s stubborn ki I we can’t enchant you and just make you keep licking, bitch…” she said to Riven. “But I’ll tell you what I can do.” She turned her eyes on Lux. “Hey, pauper-slut. Has there been a single second since we started that her tongue wasn’t licking you?”

The words had the weight of command to them… Lux could feel the magic. Without consulting her brain her body obeyed, pulling away from Riven’s pussy to speak. “Yes, mistress. She’s hesitated.” Four words. Four words she had no choice over. Four words she would doubtless be punished for.

“I thought as much,” the fox said. Then she reached out, took one of Lux’s fresh nipple piercings in her hand, and yanked on it like she was trying to rip it out. She screamed, her whole body shaking like she was having a spasm until Ahri finally let go. “This is just a demonstration,” their mistress said. “Next time you stop, Lux is going to let Evelynn here know. And then she’s going to lose another finger.”

“I am feeling a little peckish,” Eve chuckled.

“So if you want her to still have any fingers come morning… I wouldn’t stop.”

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair.

It didn’t matter.

The two women left them in the darkness to their “rest,” with no consideration for their mercy whatsoever. The first night of the rest of their lives.

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  1. This series is seriously amazing. Lux’s predicaments are outstandingly done in the last two chapters. Bravo, sir, well done.


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