One Light in the Darkness – Chapter 5

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“Nuhhh muuuuuuh! Plllleash! Guhhhttt uhhfffff muhhhh! Shtuuuhhhppppppp iiiiit!” Lux gargled around the cock that was currently raping the shit out of her throat. The captured Demacian sorceress had thought that nothing could surprise her anymore, not after what she had been through in that strange dream with Sylas. She hadn’t thought that she could be overwhelmed by the nightmare that her rapists forced onto her… but even a day and a half among the Noxian military guards protecting this fortress had proved her wrong. Sylas had kept her for himself… and while he had been brutal and indescribably cruel, he had been a jealous owner. LeBlanc was anything but, and hours and hours and hours of being gangraped had shown her a hell that the blonde spy aristocrat simply hadn’t been prepared for. Now she was in a wooden stockade, barely holding herself up as she was busy getting skullfucked by a cruel Noxian who was forcing her head back and forth on his dick like she was the cheapest sort of dockside whore.

Lux had come no closer to figuring out if she was dreaming or not… if this was real. Her lifetime as Sylas’s fucktoy wife had felt every bit as real as her childhood memories had, after all, and this felt equally true. She didn’t actually know if she could really choke to death on his cock but it certainly felt like she was in danger of suffering precisely that, her throat in agony as the soldier’s hard prick fucked the spit out of her mouth. She felt utterly disgusted and degraded as she was forced to just stand there, limply hanging from her bonds as she got her throat hammered by his big cock and was forced to gag up messy, ropey strands of spit and other men’s cum all over her chin and her tits as she was used like a sex toy.

Lux helplessly squeezed her fists but her hands were still encased in wood, helpless and unable to move as she hung from her bonds. The bright red leather straps that left her hanging from the hook left her completely helpless… with the spreader bar between her ankles she couldn’t even kick. Her pussy leaked cum, but her ass didn’t… it was too plugged up with the metal hook they had crammed up there, one of the only things that was keeping her on her feet at all. Lux had a hard time telling which was worse. Her tits were glazed nearly white with cumshots to the point that the whip welts on them barely could be seen anymore, though the rings hanging from her nipples still dripped it down to the flagstones. Her golden blonde hair was matted and stuck down to her head by layer after layer of thick, sticky spunk. Even if she wanted to bite, the ring in her mouth would have stopped it. She was nothing but a worthless masturbation aid, helpless to stop them from doing whatever they wanted to her… and they had been cumming on her and in her for hours and hours and hours now until her whole body seemed slick and shiny with their jizz.

It had been during the day when Lux was captured. The sun had been going down when LeBlanc had left her to the soldiers. The sun had already risen and set again since then, and from the way the sky was lightening it probably wouldn’t be long before it rose once more. In all that time, she had maybe spent a grand total of ten minutes without at least one dick in her. Sometime around noon on that first day the soldiers had started complaining that her dungeon room reeked of sex and cum and sweat and dirt, so they had dragged her outside and given her a more thorough scrubbing with the harsh bristled brushes normally reserved for horses. Then they had simply put their torn-clothed fuckdoll in a new stockade outside and just kept at her like nothing had changed.

“Suck it, foreign weakling trash!” the soldier growled at her. “You ain’t getting off this cock till this cock gets off in you!” He grunted, one hand on the back of her head, and he smashed his fist down onto his hand in repeated jerks, cramming himself deeper and making Lux spit up all over his balls as his cock was crammed down her clenching throat. “I’m going to force feed this spy bitch some quality cum,” he laughed as he humped his cock down the retching and gagging Lux’s hot, wet messy neck while one of the other men got behind her, stroking his hard cock as he got ready to have a turn with the bound whore they had been given.

“Can’t believe she’s still so tight back here,” the man behind her said as Lux felt someone pulling on the anal hook in her unbelievably sore asshole. Despite herself, the tired Demacian let out a tirade of muted pleas, all silenced by the thick cock down her throat as the next in a line of rapists yanked the thing out of her rear, making her body sag and almost fall for a moment before his hand hands helped carry her like a doll. “I knew Demacian’s were tightassed, but I didn’t know just how bad it was! They need a good plowing to help them loosen up!”

“I just hope I’m there when High Command finally decides it’s time to conquer those weaklings,” the other man said. “I wouldn’t mind a whore like this permanently tied to my bed.”

“Nnnnnn!” Lux’s eyes started to roll back in her head as she felt the massive cock splitting apart her rosebud and beginning to force its way inside of her. His words sent a shudder through her, recalling a lifetime she had spent trapped in precisely that fate with the usurper king Sylas in her dream. Just the thought sent her shuddering. The blonde gurgled around the facefucking prick as a fresh one was shoved inside her rear with only a hundred other rapist’s cum for her lube.

“She’s so warm on the inside,” the man laughed as he pushed into her. “Despite how unwelcoming she seems. The needy little whore understands her place, much as she likes to pretend otherwise.”

“That she does,” the other echoed as he plunged his cock back down her throat, forcing her to messily drool all over his dick as he wedged it so far inside her that it was going down to her stomach. The man behind Lux reached around and grabbed both of her bruised breasts to use them as handholds, moaning loudly as he sunk his cock into her. Lux’s eyes were soaked with undignified tears of humiliation and pain and sheer exhaustion as she felt the cock in her ass bottoming out inside her, the rapist now balls deep inside her guts. She screamed in pain, but all her screaming seemed to do was further please the man who was ramming his cock down her throat… certainly it did nothing to discourage the man raping her ass. He savored the feeling as his rough hands squeezed and pinched her sore tits, adding to just how used and degraded Lux felt as she was used like a masturbation aid for every soldier in the fortress. He raped Lux brutally and violently, using her tits like handles while he pumped his cock deep up her shitter.

Lux was beyond pleading for mercy, for escape, for even decent treatment. Now she only whimpered for them to let her rest for a moment as she shuddered between the two cocks like fuckmeat as they thundered in and out of her body. All she could hear was the laughing of men and the wet, disgusting sounds their bodies made as their hips smashed against her, cocks driving into her mouth or ass, balls slapping against her pussy or chin. The vulgar, wet noises filled her ears with squelching noises that testified just how cumsoaked her holes were and how low she had fallen.

The chains holding her in the stockades rattled as Lux’s body shook and bounced back and forward, the men gripping her head or breasts and forcing her to bounce back and forth on their cocks as they rammed into her, again and again. Each thrust up the ruined, swollen mess of a rectum made her squeak and sob on the dick in her throat until Lux could only sob and grunt. She’d suffered for hours, the agony of the constant rapes warring with her sheer exhaustion to leave her a weak, fuck drunk mess who couldn’t have hoped to fight off a fly if they let her loose. She hung in her restraints, taking their pounding like a cheap whore.

The soldiers pistoned in and out of her, over and over again… their attacks like a non-stop barrage of siege weapon fire as they forced their hateful cocks deep inside her. Her eyes couldn’t focus anymore, even when the blue orbs hadn’t rolled all the way up in her head. Her breasts bulged obscenely in the grip of the man behind her, swelling as he pumped his cock into her faster and faster, filling the courtyard with the wet smacking sounds of their bodies colliding together. Her tongue rested slack against the raping prick of the man fucking her face, providing a little bit of added friction as he bounced her head up and down on his groin, transforming the blonde mage into a cocksleeve for her latest rapist. Lux felt her transformation into a sex object for the garrison was complete. Nothing but a cum glazed rape toy.

“Damn… I can’t believe this is the spy Demacia sent to get in here,” one of her rapists mocked. “Did they think we’d be overwhelmed by some slag with tits?”

“Can’t believe how cocky she was to come in here alone. The boss really showed her who’s in charge!”

“Fucking little whore needed to learn her place,” another agreed.

Lux’s eyes had rolled far back into her head as the cock rammed up her asshole, unable to do much of anything except thrash and jerk in her restraints as she was fucked. The less she reacted, the harder they raped her… trying to provoke more sounds of pain, more struggles. The welts and bruises covering her body were evidence of their brutality, and the cum was evidence of how well she sated their lusts.

“Probably why she came in here in the first place,” the soldier said. “Was hoping to get a proper Noxian dicking after putting up with those weak excuses for men back home. Demacian cunts really needed to come get treated like the whores they are!”

The man in her ass laughed, squeezing her tits harder. “Bitches like her need it rough, man. Otherwise they’re too stupid to understand their place.”

Lux just grunted in agony as they talked about her, barely hearing… her only attention was on the cocks slamming so far up her shitter and down her throat that it felt like they were going to meet in the middle… like they were fucking their way through her guts and her stomach both. Her belly felt so swollen with cum that she would have been sick if she wasn’t too exhausted to even try to struggle. The men used her like nothing but a filthy whimpering little cumrag as she jerked and twitched between them.

She had tried to steal information from here. For the life of her, Lux couldn’t remember anymore why she had thought that was a good idea. Now all she could do was sob as her brain got fucked to oblivion by the endless army of cocks ruining her holes. When they finally came it was almost an afterthought to the destruction they had caused… she was so packed with seed that she barely noticed. She just hung in her bonds, making soft, whimpering broken noises, almost asleep before they finished touching her. That was how it always went after 40 hours of gangrape… she passed out, and woke when they abused her. There was nothing else. Even so, however, she still was aware enough to feel it when they shoved the metal hook back up her ass.

Lux woke to the stinging of a slap across her face. Her eyes could barely open… they needed to fight against the dried cum across her face to do it. Even after she managed she had to wince at the light of the sun… but someone was standing in front of her, blocking some of the light. It took her a moment to realize what was different… she didn’t have a dick in her. She wasn’t being fucked. Instead, as her vision focused, she saw LeBlanc. The purple-haired sorceress was bent over in front of her, smirking as she stared into the defiled Demacian’s face. “So then Puppy… it looks to me like they took good care of you. Did you enjoy your playdate with the other dogs?” LeBlanc asked Lux, just the barest hint of sarcastic, mocking laughter in her smooth voice.

The sorceress waved her hands and the bonds holding Lux and the wooden pillory up released instantly. Lux wished that she could have enjoyed that, but instead she fell instantly to the paving stones and into what remained of the puddles of cum that had dripped off her. She was far too weak to stand, she realized, and she crashed down like she was boneless. “Look at you!” LeBlank said, letting a chuckle fill her voice. “Filled and creamed like a good little fuckpet. I’m really glad you want to wallow in it, but I’m afraid your vacation is over. We can’t spend the whole day here… I need you to get up now, Puppy!”

LeBlanc kicked forward, driving the toe of her heeled boot into Lux’s abdomen. The blonde groaned and weakly curled up on herself, making the mistress of the fortress sigh. “The children of the world these days… so lazy.”

LeBlanc put her foot on Lux’s belly and leaned forward, pressing more and more of her weight down on the prone blonde. The heel dug deeper and deeper as Lux felt a wave of nausea… and then she turned her head and was violently sick, throwing up a thick soup of nearly pure cum out onto the floor. She felt her anus and cunt emptying as well as the cruel sorceress put more and more weight onto her until the heel of her boot felt like a knife. The purple-haired woman smirked before removing her foot. “Get. Up. Puppy. Don’t make me repeat myself again.”

Poor Lux was so overwhelmingly exhausted that she just wanted to curl up and die… but that wouldn’t bring her any mercy. She had to obey, so slowly, painfully, she got her bruised knees under her. Rising to her feet with her legs so sore and tired, without using her restrained hands, was nearly impossible… but with thoughts of further punishment filled her with determination. She wobbled as she rose and had to lean against the nearby building, but she didn’t fall.

Her mistress smiled. “Good girl,” she said, stroking the side of her face. “I knew you could be obedient.” The woman rubbed her hands together before pulling a leather cord seemingly from nowhere before she clipped the end onto the ring in Lux’s clit. Just the weight of the cord alone pulling at her inflamed genitals made Lux want to scream, but mostly her eyes just went wide at the terrifying thought of the cruel sorceress able to yank on her clit at any time. At any moment the Noxian sadist could leave her utterly paralyzed with pain with less effort than it took to blink.

“Heel,” LeBlanc commanded haughtily as she turned and walked away. She didn’t do anything to make Lux follow… she didn’t need to. That cord started getting more taut with each step and Lux knew she had to force herself to walk, putting one foot in front of the other in one painful step after the next. The only thing that kept her from falling on her unsteady legs was the raw fear of the agony that would await her should she stumble… even the tiny pull of pain from the sway of a step made her moan in pain.

“Keep up, slut… it’s important to give a young, excitable pet her exercise,” LeBlanc mocked as she gave the leash a little pull.

Lux howled in pain. “Plsshhhh!” the blonde choked out through her ring gag, trying her best to enunciate her plea for mercy. “Slllluuuuuh! Plssshhh guuuuh sluuuuhrrrr!”

LeBlanc stopped, turning to stare at her Demacian captive in disapproval. “That doesn’t sound very doglike,” she said, striding back towards the woman. She pulled out a red ball of some kind of manufactured material and started stuffing it into Lux’s open ring-gag, clogging it off. Then she tugged on the leash again and this time the Demacian’s scream of pain came out more like a dismal moan. “That’s much better,” she said, smiling as she turned to walk. “You have to learn to appreciate kindness when it’s in front of you, puppy. That’s how you train a new dog… reward her when she does good, and punish her when she doesn’t.”

LeBlanc walked out of the courtyard, dragging the cum-soaked, nearly naked Lux along behind her. Soldiers and staff both surrounded her as she was pulled down the street, most of them staring at her as she went. Lux wouldn’t have thought after the gangrape she had been through that there would be much new humiliation to be farmed from her public exposure but unfortunately that was not the case… while shift after shift after shift of soldiers had fucked her there were far more people here than soldiers. Scholars, administrators, and simple laborers were also here in number, and most of them stared lustfully at the naked Demacian as she was pulled through the streets. Lux blushed and cried despite herself, shamed by the way she looked. Her pussy and ass were dripping cum liberally, and her tears cut trails through the jizz painting her face. Her tits, thighs, belly, and ass were all soaked with the cum of dozens of men, and everyone who looked at her knew it. Lux could not avoid their gazes as she stumbled along behind LeBlanc, helpless as some of them clustered around her… groping her ass or slapping her, laughing at her. One man pulled her nipple rings, making her moan in pain as she did her best to follow LeBlanc.

“Look at this slut! I’d fuck her all day!” one dirty laborer mocked as he stopped to squeeze her breasts.

LeBlanc had ignored all the previous molestation, but for some reason stopped at these words, letting him play with Lux’s tits for a bit. “Would you like to, then?” she asked, smiling. “I always wanted a puppy, but I’m afraid she’s not a very good one. She might be better suited as a whore, sad to say.”

She extended her hand with the leash to the man and he took it, grinning. “She certainly is!” he said, smiling and giving it an experimental tug just to make her moan. He stepped up to her, rubbing both of her nipples, twisting one of them as onlookers gathered around to watch. Lux screamed in pain, but that only made him squeeze and twist harder, making it hurt like hell. She sobbed, desperate for this all to stop… she was so worn down and hopeless from hours of fucking that she would have offered them anything to be left alone… but they wanted nothing.

When he dropped his pants and slid his briefs down his cock was already hard and ready. He dragged her towards him by the leash, making her cry out as he twisted her around. Holding onto the leash like it was precious, he held her helpless against him as he rammed the full length of that cock into her pussy. Lux groaned, utterly exhausted, and she was pretty much a limp fish in his grip, but the man did not seem to care. LeBlanc seemed not to either… the sorceress just watched casually as the man started to ram his cock back and forth into her pussy rapidly, raping her raw in the middle of the street. “Tug on that leash,” she recommended. “It’s really hard to think of her as a person when you’re holding it, isn’t it? She’s just a dumb animal you can tame with just a bit of pain and no effort, right?”

The man grunted, his voice betraying the effort of his arousal. “R-right…” he groaned as he thrust his hips up again and again as he slamfucked the exhausted girl. The hand holding the leash pulled up towards her chest, grabbing her tits and drawing the cord tight enough that it was taut. It didn’t pull exactly, but each time he squeezed it tensed on her clit, making her moan and tremble on the raw edge of extreme pain. Lux couldn’t even tell if the man was huge or not… just the raw roughness and her soreness meant that a piece of straw would have felt like he was fucking her with a tree trunk.

The street was getting crowded, more and more men were watching her being raped in the middle of the street. Lux felt so humiliated as the man continued to fuck her hard and deep… the embarassment and the pain were all she could even process. His strong hands grasped the blonde’s breasts firmly and he began to pump her brutally. LeBlanc stood right next to her, watching as the man pumped her hot little pussy. The smirk on her face was killing Lux… the sadistic bitch was satisfied by this.

The man pounded her hard, grunting with effort as the crowd encouraged him. Finally, Lux shuddered and screamed deep in her throat as she felt him cumming inside her. Her pussy was already so dripping with cum she barely would have noticed him flooding her drenched hole if not for the swelling and throbbing against her sensitive insides. He thrust a few more times before he pulled out, Lux feeling the fresh seed beginning to drip down her thigh.

“That’s right cunt! You made me cum!” the man yelled as he slapped Lux hard before tugging on the leash again. The poor girl screamed behind the gag, and the crowd cheered at the degraded Demacian spy. She finally lost her balance, falling to her knees hard on the stone road.

LeBlanc snorted and took the leash back, scoffing. “You’re going to have to be better than that if you’d rather be my pet than the fortress whore,” she said, tugging on the leash. Lux screamed but the pressure didn’t wane… LeBlanc kept pulling, a continuous upward pressure until Lux forced herself to her feet. Other men started to crowd around her, more than one cock out, but LeBlanc just raised one commanding hand and laughed. “Another time, boys… She has another kind of playdate soon and we don’t want to be late. Puppy needs to finish her walkie now, but who knows… you might get another chance soon.”

Men groaned, but while they didn’t press further on her they didn’t back up either. By the time Lux managed to get herself up she felt like her clit had stretched to twice its length and she couldn’t see through the tears filling her eyes… but she still certainly felt it as a dozen men slapped the blonde’s tits or ass as the sorceress pulled her through the crowd.

The Demacian followed afterward… It was that or get her piercings ripped off. “The problem here is,” the cruel woman said as she marched on, heedless of the suffering of her captive, “is that you don’t seem to properly understand your options here. It isn’t a question of whether or not you’re a bitch. It’s if you want to be my bitch…”

She pushed open a door and abruptly Lux heard the barking as every dog in the kennel LeBlanc had opened the door to began baying at them at once. “…or just a random pack bitch.”

Lux looked on in horror at the packed kennel. She had spent plenty of time around dogs… the Crownguards had their own kennel of bred axehounds, after all. Never in her life, however, had she seen such a variety of huge animals snarling and barking as they paced back and forth in their cages, seemingly eager to get to her. The animals stared at her, salivating aggressively as they growled and snapped, and Lux cringed back.

“They seem eager to see you,” LeBlanc said idly as she pulled Lux inside. “And why wouldn’t they? We haven’t let any of them near a bitch in weeks. Until now, anyway.”

Lux numbly stumbled forward… but froze as LeBlanc’s words finally made their way through the fog of exhaustion that had consumed her. She couldn’t possibly mean that…

In the center of the room around the cages there was another stockade… a much more solid one than she had spent the last days in. The wooden stocks could be split to accompany her head and hands… a perfect restraint to keep her utterly immobile. Thick spikes sunk into the ground here, keeping it secure and immobile. If Lux was placed in it she’d be forced to kneel, bent over obscenely low… and ready to be mounted like a bitch.

Lux’s horror grew as she looked around. There were ten animals in all and each seemed a different breed of Noxian mutt… all of them large and well muscled. Even as she watched, angry red cocks began to emerge from sheaths beneath their body, each of them looking obscenely large as they dripped fluid onto the straw floor. “It takes some training to get them to fuck a slave properly,” LeBlanc said idly, smiling as she looked over the dogs. “But it was a fun process, teaching them the fine art of ruining a bitch. You should have seen the last one I gave to them.”

She sighed, performatively lost in remembrance as her ringed hand traced through Lux’s hair. “She was the daughter of a nobleman who just wouldn’t mind his business… he just had to be taught his place and she was an ideal lever. Getting them to treat her like a bitch in heat wasn’t that hard, once you know what you’re doing.” She chuckled. “It took two and a half days before these animals finally lost interest in the strange bitch that didn’t bark. By then the whore’s asshole and cunt were two bleeding wounds, and her back was covered with lacerations and bites from the efforts of the dogs as they mindlessly dumped load after load into her. By the time I pulled her out her cumsockets were drooling a sloppy mix of doggie cum and blood for hours, and I had to take her to an alchemist to make sure she’d survive the dog raping to tell her father about it.”

LeBlanc shook her head and shrugged. “Though if I recall correctly it didn’t work out quite the way I wanted. I don’t think she’s said a word since then. Tragic, really. Oh well.” Then she grinned at Lux. “You, though… I don’t really care if you never speak again, do I? So not much to lose in that pretty blonde head of yours, is there?” She poked a finger right into Lux’s temple, digging it in painfully. “Do you know what they’re going to do to you, slut?” Lux tried to look away so the woman’s hand clenched in her hair, forcing her to look right at the dogs as the sorceress spoke. “I wouldn’t let them all at you at once, of course… that would be a rookie mistake. They would tire out waiting, and restriction makes the cock grow harder. With your ring gag in you couldn’t stop them from fucking any hole they wanted, and they would go two at a time… I assure you of that.

“Each of these dogs is quite capable of delivering three or four loads of hot cum in an afternoon, and by the end of the first group’s time with you you’ll be positively loaded with hound-slime.” Her other hand stroked over Lux’s slender, bruised belly. “You’ll be positively bulging… almost like they managed to fuck puppies right into you. By the time they were tired, the others would be absolutely rabid to get their paws on you… I’d barely open the doors before they’d fight to be first. Then the others would go into their cages and work their way up to excitement again watching you get doggy gang-raped.

“It would be quite arousing… watching one of these monsters mount you and stuff you full of scarlet cock, stretching out your little aristocratic Crownguard twat while another forces you to gag on a length of dripping red meat. Can you imagine it? One doggy dick poking at the back of your throat, you wailing in pain as you get hammered from behind. And then… and then you’d find out about the knots.”

LeBlanc purred out a laugh. “Do you know about those, little girl? The way their cocks swell up, locking them in place? The way they would stretch you out like no two human cocks could ever hope to? Gods, it will be magnificent to watch them claw and scrabble at you as they try to get free of your locked up cunt or ass, their claws cutting up your back and thighs… Just what you deserve. I really can’t wait.”

She couldn’t do that to her. She couldn’t. She couldn’t!

The sorceress held her face close to the cage and Lux could actually smell the precum dripping off that monster’s cock. Its barking seemed positively lustful to the terrified blonde, making her tremble in dread. “So now I’m going to ask you the most important question of your whore life,” LeBlanc said. “When I take that gag out of your mouth, puppy, one of those things is going to happen. Either you are going to be smart and tell me just how desperately you have been longing to be a good little bitch… and do it properly… or I am going to need to stop taking it so easy on you and really show you what it means to be a piece of dog meat.”

Lux wept as LeBlanc’s fingers found her gag, slowly undoing it. She… she had to do it. It felt like giving up. It felt like admitting that she wasn’t human, and even though the last few days of abuse had left her feeling like a worthless object it seemed far, far worse to be admitting it. It was like she agreed that she deserved everything they had done to her. It didn’t matter how many times she told herself that it was easier and smarter this way… that avoiding being hurt by submitting was better. She knew that was true.

It still felt like betrayal.

The gag came out of her mouth. “Well?” LeBlanc asked, one hand on her hip still holding the clit leash.

After so many hours of her jaw being held open her mouth was numb and useless, and it was like she couldn’t remember how to close it at all… it hung open like she was some kind of seductive slattern trying to say her mouth really did only have the one use the soldiers said it had. Lux wasn’t sure if she could chew, or suck, or speak.

Thankfully, she didn’t need any of those.

Moving at all in her bondage was agonizing but Lux sank down to her knees, then over until she was laying on the ground. Her nipple and clit rings pulled as she did, and Lux whimpered, but she didn’t stop as she flattened her tits against the dirt of the kennel floor and wormed her way forward until her face was against LeBlank’s heeled boot. “Woof,” she sobbed as she choked out. “Woof. Woof.” Then she began to lick the dirt and cum off her mistress’s boot while the sorceress chuckled. 

Slowly, the purple-haired sadist squatted down, raising a hand up. “That’s a good puppy,” she said approvingly as she stroked Lux’s head, petting her scalp while she grinned down at the degraded, licking Demacian. “That’s a good puppy. It’s time to take you to your new home.”

Crawling with her hands still in a stockade was the next best thing to impossible, but Lux did her best to keep up. She had to go down on her knees and sort of shimmy her way forward. Matching LeBlanc’s pace like that was impossible though, and it only took a few pulls of the leash against her clit before Lux was desperate to try anything else. Ultimately it was her dream with Sylas that saved her… Fiona had often been bound after the rebels had crippled her, and after the months of captivity – and a great deal of motivation through whipping and beating – she had found methods of keeping up. Lux matched what she had seen her friend do… forcefully bending her elbows down and walking on those along with her knees instead of crawling.

It was, just barely, enough.

Lux had to crawl behind LeBlanc for what felt like hours as she walked her through the fortress, stopping to talk to people or to check on guard shifts. It was almost like she was a tourist making the rounds while she showed off her newly obedient doggy, taking her all over. Dozens of men groped the bound girl as she crawled past and each time they did the captured spy tensed, but LeBlanc never stopped to let any of them fuck her. As much as she wanted to protest their hands on her now that she didn’t have her gag in for once, she didn’t dare risk punishment again now that she was actually getting something that at least passingly resembled mercy… she was certain that tiny charitability would vanish the moment she failed to be the perfect pet for her Mistress.

The worst part was when, after walking for a while, they came back in front of the barracks. There were a few dozen soldiers on leave outside, just relaxing, talking, and smoking pipes, and Lux recognized most of them… enough that she was sure that even the ones she didn’t specifically remember had taken at least one shift using her like a jizzrag. They seemed to cheer up at seeing her, laughing and jeering at the sight of the degraded Demacian. “Come back anytime!” one of them yelled at her. “I think she misses us already!” said another.

Lux felt like she was going to have a heart attack when LeBlanc chose here, of all places, to stop. Was she going back up in the stockade? She wanted to cry at the thought but no matter how much she wanted to she wouldn’t speak up or beg… LeBlanc was looking at her expectantly, no doubt waiting for her to fuck up. She couldn’t speak… she couldn’t go back there. Please please don’t let her go back there…

“So what’s taking you so long, anyway?” LeBlanc said, a cruel smile on her face. “Are you going to do your business or what?”

Do her business. The words didn’t process at first… didn’t make any sense. Then she realized what she meant and her entire body blushed red as the sunset. She wanted her to… to piss. Right here, like an animal. No… like a dog. Lux wanted to refuse, to reject it… but how could she? She would just be dooming herself.

Lux knelt down, lowering herself to the ground, but before she could do anything LeBlanc interrupted her. “No, not like that,” she said, chuckling. “I believe you’re supposed to raise the leg.”

She hadn’t realized it was possible to blush even hotter. Lux wanted to die… but instead she raised one bent leg and, right before the watching eyes of her mistress, she let her bladder go. “What a disgusting bitch!” one of the soldiers shouted, laughing at her. The others joined him in his laughter, but it was almost as bad when LeBlanc reached down to pat her on the head like it was genuine praise for a dog. Then the sorceress began walking again and the humiliated Demacian followed.

At last she brought her to the fortress walls, and after a few buckets worth of water were dumped over her grimy body LeBlanc walked her back to the monolithic block of granite that formed the archives… where Lux had been captured. The sorceress strode right in through the front door like she owned the place, not even seeming to notice the way every scholar stopped and stared at the blonde as LeBlanc walked her enslaved mage up the main staircase and into the darkness of the floors above. The purple haired witch casually just waved a hand and conjured a spell while Lux looked on in dull shock. She hadn’t even used her staff or any other magic focus and she had still woven together magic into something gentle and purposeful… more than Lux had ever dreamed of being able to do. All around them purple flickers of illusory fire flared to life, following them and dimly lighting their way as she led Lux through a maze of winding stacks with effortless ease.

Lux, her body numb from exhaustion, barely even looked up… she just followed her mistress’s footsteps, trying to keep up and avoid more pulls at her leash. Even so, however, she noticed when they walked past the vault.

The huge, carved stone doors loomed over her, and her tired shuffling slowed as she paused to look at them. No scholars worked near this vault; LeBlanc’s light was the only one Lux could see. The stone doors were the only feature in the area, a black vault somewhere in the center of the stacks with no markings, nothing to suggest any real importance… and yet, Lux couldn’t stop looking at it. It seemed to draw her eyes, pulling her towards it, and Lux could swear that for just a second she saw the flickers of violet light from LeBlanc being sucked into it, swallowed into the cracks like water seeping through a cracked waterskin. It called to her and—

“Hurry up!” LeBlanc snapped, tugging on her leash. Lux yipped in pain and hurried after, scurrying as fast as she could to remove the painful pressure on her sensitive button and leaving the vault behind.

They went up three more staircases and through several other dark corridors flanked by shelf after shelf bowing under the weight of a million books before her mistress opened a door and brought her into a lavish bedroom.

Lux was pathetically weak and felt like she had no energy at all. As soon as her captor removed her hands from the stockade she all but collapsed onto the carpeting of what was clearly the Sorceress’s room. Her elbows and knees and calves were basically black with dirt and grime from the floors and cobbles, staring limply as LeBlanc filled a bath with hot water. When the sorceress tugged her towards it by her leash, Lux reluctantly pushed herself back up to elbows and knees before crawling inside. The warm water literally reduced her to helpless tears… the contrast between pleasure and pain so stark that it broke something inside her and like a dam flooding the Demacian spy couldn’t stop herself from sobbing.

She had left Demacia several weeks ago, in reality… but since that time she had spent a lifetime in Slyas’s care, and while that had come with some parts that could at least look like luxury if she squinted hard enough, she had always had to bathe herself for sheer utility… always thinking of how he wanted her to look to please him. Then she had come back to her missions… and found herself in the cruel sorceress’s dire care. Lux literally couldn’t remember the last time she had soaked in a tub comfortably anymore… and when LeBlanc started washing the grime from the exhausted girl’s body she relaxed despite herself. Real, scented soap and shampoo…

The witch was doubtless cleaning her for her own comfort, not for Lux’s, but that didn’t matter right now. “My very own Golden Mastiff,” her mistress muttered happily as she wiped a cloth over the blonde’s breasts. Her body was still painfully sore to the touch in most places but the heat numbed some of the pain and even the remaining discomfort seemed to fade into a background haze as her exhaustion completely overwhelmed her. LeBlanc’s fingers ran soap through her pet’s hair, fingers confidently rubbing at her scalp and getting all the nasty mess out of her golden mane until it shined. Even her head being pushed below the surface to rinse it didn’t phase her.

Lux, tired as she was, never even saw the knife. She only felt LeBlanc kneeling beside her, softly stroking her hair. “Good puppy,” she purred pleasantly as she petted her, gathering her hair together, twisting it into a pony tail. The gentleness of her touch was so horribly contrasted against her pained body that Lux just closed her ears, tears slipping silently down her cheek. “You’re a good puppy, aren’t you? Yes… yes you are.” The knife slid through the base of her hair and Lux felt the sudden lightness as the vast majority of her long hair vanished, shorn from her head without a second thought.

She could only sob harder.

“I bet my pet is hungry,” LeBlanc said, and to her shame Lux’s stomach rumbled loudly. She laughed, and the blonde blushed… How long had it been since she ate? “Well?” she asked again.

Lux knew what she wanted. “…woof…” she said sullenly, and the sorceress laughed at her.

Content in her cleanliness, LeBlanc drained the water and slowly brought her out. She reattached that dreadful leash but at least she didn’t pull on it… instead showing Lux how she wanted her to beg, the position she would take in order to eat in the future. She didn’t even resist as the witch put her on her knees.

Lux knelt there, reared up slightly. She curled her hands in front of her and opened her mouth, letting her dainty tongue hang out as much as she could. She looked ridiculous, she was sure… she looked like a trained animal begging. Precisely what her mistress wanted from her. LeBlanc laughed before she pulled a sealed jar from her shelf and poured the creamy, soupy mix into a bowl. She put both it and a water bowl on the ground before Lux. “Eat up,” she said, running her hands through Lux’s short hair to grab a handful and pull her down.

The food was clearly intended for the dogs in the kennel. Some kind of trash cut of meat preserved in a salty sauce, even her desperately greedy stomach rebelled at the idea of eating it. “What’s taking so long?” LeBlanc mocked, her voice teasing as she put her foot on the back of Lux’s head and pushed downward, pressing her face into the bowl. “I thought you were hungry? My pet needs to keep her strength up.” Lux’s mouth and nose were both beneath the surface of the soupy dog food, which made the only choice an obvious one… reluctantly but quickly Lux began to slurp down the food, digging into the gristly, disgusting raw preserved meat and broth as if it were the best thing in the world.

As she wolfed away at her feeding bowl, she heard LeBlanc doing something above her. She couldn’t see what it was but she still felt it when LeBlanc moved behind her… and she felt the tip of a strap on cock just like she had used on Fiora as it pressed against her rear. She prodded once, just a momentary push… just enough to make her clench down involuntarily. Then her hands gripped Lux’s waist and she brutally forced her way inside.

Lux screamed around a mouthful of food as the sorceress drove the unyielding thing directly into her. She rammed it into her clenching rectum, and then, squatting over her, began to hump her quivering, upraised ass. “Keep eating,” the sorceress commanded. “This doesn’t stop until every speck of food is gone.” Hungry as she was, Lux found herself wishing that LeBlanc had poured a smaller bowl as she turned her head back to the food. Tears of pain ran down her cheeks as she forced herself to continue rapidly eating, her face buried in her doggie food bowl. She could hear LeBlanc laughing as she raped her and the numb Demacian flushed with humiliation as she pictured what she must look like… Wearing a clit leash on all fours, greedily gulping food from a bowl while her mistress raped her up the ass.

LeBlanc leaned into her more and Lux’s world narrowed to nothing more than the torturous violation of her ear. Screaming wordlessly and choking on her food, the blonde lost track of everything except for the brutal violation of her body. She had taken all kinds of cocks in the last 2 days but this one was something special… unlike the others it didn’t have to match human expectations even a little bit. The cock was long and hard and bulged oddly, covered in bumps that were not quite sharp but definitely weren’t what she would call smooth either. Even if the dildo itself wasn’t a torture implement, the way LeBlanc raped her would have turned it into one… she pulled all the way out before slamming back in, and the unbelievable pain felt like she was tearing her in half. Wordless screams came as fast as Lux could breathe, and her vision narrowed until the bowls were all she could see.

A man wouldn’t have been able to rape her like this… he would have been rubbed raw by the friction. It would have hurt him as badly as it did her. LeBlanc, however, didn’t need to concern herself with that… for her, there was only the pleasure of dominance and control with none of the misery. She finished the food but the pain still didn’t stop… the rhythmic slamming of their bodies together all she could feel. Somehow, incredibly, the pain seemed to increase with each thrust rather than her body adapting to the pounding her ass was taking. In desperation she began to lick the bowl, getting every last trace of the food, and that must have pleased Leblanc because her mistress spoke again. “The water too, pet,” the sorceress grunted out as she fucked her pet as hard as she could.

The second bowl! Of course! Desperate, Lux began to lap at the water, interrupted by the occasional breathless scream the false cock ripped from her. It was hard… she didn’t have the tongue a dog did to slurp up the water properly, but her raw, frantic desperation was worth more as she sucked it down.

Finally when Lux was licking at the bottom of the bowl and the only moisture left was coming from her spit the thrusts began to slow. What felt like hours after she started, LeBlanc finally stopped, body pressed against the blonde’s, buried to the hilt in her rear for what must have been the thousandth time today. Trembling, more exhausted than she had ever been in her life, Lux lay there unmoving, her head resting in the empty bowl like it was a pillow. Her violated ass burned with agony, her mistress’s strap-on still buried to the hilt.

LeBlanc’s dexterous hands released her waist, tracing over her. Movement and quiet unidentifiable sounds came from behind her back and then her mistress’s hands caressed their slow way up her body and back down. “Still wet after all that. I really did capture myself a whore, didn’t I?” LeBlanc teased. It wasn’t her fault… Sylas had trained her to stay wet. She had to do it. Still, the shame felt almost overwhelming as her hands worked their way back up to her neck and then into her short, raggedly cut hair. With a vicious surge, using a double handful of what was left of her mane for leverage, LeBlanc shoved hard against the dog-girl’s asshole, forcing herself in deeper than anything had ever gone before. Lux whimpered, but after the agony she’d just experienced, after two continuous days of abuse, it wasn’t enough to drive her exhausted body out of its draining lethargy to react any further.

She pulled away then, the hard cock remaining buried in her ass as LeBlanc pulled her to the bed, sitting on it and presenting her glistening pussy to her victim’s eyes. Hands caressed the blonde’s face, fingers sliding through what was left of her hair as, with quiet gasps of pleasure, she grinded her crotch into Lux’s features. Musky odors and slick skin rubbed against the half-dead Demacian’s nose and mouth. Even if she had wanted to turn her head aside and risk further punishment, LeBlanc’s iron grip felt unbreakable. “Lick, puppy,” she commanded. Legs wrapped around the blonde’s head, and Lux couldn’t see anything except for the occasional flash of pale skin… her entire existence narrowing down to the feeling of helplessness and the scent and taste of her mistress’s cunt.

Lux remembered how she had felt about this two days ago, when LeBlanc had first used her face like a sex toy. It had seemed unbelievably vile and degrading. Now, though, it felt almost like a mercy. At least it didn’t hurt…

Her head swam and her lungs ached as she licked at her mistress’s pussy. Occasionally, LeBlanc would relax her thighs just enough for Lux to take a few gasping breaths, but then she would immediately be surrounded by her again… The sorceress’s thighs, slick with Noxian juices and Demacian tears, locked her head in place. She savagely grinded her pussy against her, leaving smears of thick, sweet fluid behind until her musky scent was the only thing Lux could smell, the tart taste of her completely erasing the memory of her meal from her tongue.

“Good… puppy…” LeBlanc moaned as she tightened her legs, her body freezing in place as it trembled with pleasure… her muscles locked with the ecstasy of her orgasm. The sorceress’s legs held her tight against her body as she came, flooding her mouth with fluids again and again as her body shook and rocked at her peak. It was only after every last shudder had played out that the witch began to relax, loosening her legs and sliding back. “Very good puppy…” she purred.

Lux closed her eyes, unwilling to look at the only thing she could see. LeBlanc’s breathing was just as labored as hers was, though for the opposite reason. Helpless tears slipped down her cheeks as the agony of the dildo still raping her asshole burned its way into her mind and she noticed, for the first time, the tickle of hair against her thighs and calves. Still, she didn’t speak. In time, LeBlanc’s breathing slowed into relaxed, pleased breaths and her fingers stroked through what was left of Lux’s hair, making her flinch. She pulled her slave up, leaning close and inhaling through the nose as her own pink tongue slid out… licking up her cheek, the evil woman’s wet tongue slowly sliding along her bare skin as she savored the taste.

“Tears and cum,” she said, purring with pleasure as she looked at the abused, desperate blonde. “The taste of my pleasure and your pain is a combination that will never grow old…” One of her legs flexed, and the heel kicked against the dildo… the sudden strike driving the strap-on in deeper still and coming with a spike of agony. Lux whimpered, and fresh tears fell down her cheek… just for LeBlanc to lick them away, one at a time.

“Mine,” she said firmly, smiling proudly. “Do you like your new tail?”

Lux didn’t like her tail. She wanted her hair back. She wanted to be home. Instead, she said a sleepy, tired bark. “Then give your mistress a nice wag. Shake it for me.” It was hard to even get her impossibly sore ass up in the air but Lux forced herself to do so and set her tail swaying back and forth, shaking her rear for her amused captor.

“Good girl,” LeBlanc said with another pet.

Her mistress began to tie her hands together again, with rope behind her back this time. Lux didn’t struggle, but she did open her eyes and look… noticing what had become of her golden hair. It had been attached, somehow, to the dildo impaling her… her once proud mane turned into a mutt’s golden tail as it hung from her asshole. When LeBlanc finished binding her and Lux couldn’t move anymore, she simply lay on the carpet… there was, apparently, no bed for a dog.

The light vanished as LeBlanc snuffed the lantern before she crawled into her comfortable, warm bed, leaving Lux on the cold floor. Confident and satisfied, her breathing soon steadied to the drone of sleep, leaving Lux alone in the dark… her whole body aching, her mind feeling stunned. The pain coming from her violated ass, from her tail, was a harsh reminder of just how far she had fallen. The cum drying on her face, in contrast, was a reminder of her new purpose… how much pleasure LeBlanc had taken in her degrading transformation into a subhuman thing. She couldn’t smell anything but the musky stench of her cunt on her face… it made Lux’s face feel stiff and strange, her mistress’s pleasure drying on it in the darkness.

Days of rape. Days of torture. Days of struggling and failure… they all left her completely exhausted. As the last of her adrenaline faded, Lux felt her mind drift… and as it did, oddly, she thought once more of those large, stone doors in the library below… almost like she could feel them. Then, a moment later, she fell into a deep, and hopefully dreamless, void.

Lux woke up in a dungeon, and choking.

Her bright blue eyes went wide as daylight hit them through the slender windows in the stone wall, and the blonde wobbled in her bondage, her neck straining against the noose around it. Instinctively trying to breathe, Lux pushed against it, and her groin exploded in agony. She flinched away from the pain and she was stabbed with an even harder burst of it. It was only through every bit of discipline she had that Lux stopped herself from pulling away again and managed to look down. Her clit piercing was chained to the stones by a short cord, stopping her from pulling more than a foot or so away or standing up. She wasn’t resting on her knees or sitting, however… she was resting on the balls of her feet, squatting, and her calves and feet were badly burning. She desperately wanted to sag down. To her regret, however, she also had a noose around her neck, attached up to the ceiling… and choking on that was what had woken her up. The noose kept her from sinking too far down, even as the piercing kept her from standing up. She had to exist in this middle zone between the two, unable to reach either comfortable position.

Lux swayed like a drunkard, trying to get her feet balanced beneath her and shift into a position that even resembled being comfortable. It was agonizing as she tried to keep herself up… how had she ever managed to sleep like this?

Finding an equilibrium was difficult and everything she tried hurt her in some way… nowhere was safe, nowhere was comfortable. The closest she could find was to lean back just enough to rest her shoulders on the edge of the wall and crouch on the balls of her feet, but that was also how she had apparently been sleeping because she couldn’t stay in that posture for more than a few seconds before every cramped muscle in her body was screaming at her.

This was a new torment. She was alone and not being hurt or harassed by cruel rapists for a change, and it didn’t even matter… now a simple thing like gravity was as nasty of an abuser as any of her nightmares could be, and it was a relentless one… there was no one to beg for mercy, no one to to appeal to, not even anyone to make cum in the hope it might get her a small chance at the torment ending. She was utterly helpless for hours that felt like days as she drifted through a waking nightmare.

When her cell door opened Lux looked up, eyes hopeful. She was expecting it to be her mistress returning… and even the thought of what new torments she might have in mind seemed minor at the moment. In theory they could be intolerable… but she already knew that this was intolerable now. However, it wasn’t LeBlanc who stood in the doorway but someone else entirely.

The woman was a head shorter than Lux was with stark red hair and a beautiful, if sharp, set of features. Her intense, green-eyed stare at the bound girl  was only made more intense by the knife scar over her eye as she looked down at her. She wore a hide cloak that she shrugged her way out of, revealing an athletic body that was only partially covered by leather shorts and a top. Armored plating covered one arm, as well as several bandoleers studded with throwing knives, but none of those covered up the sharp, dangerous looking curves of the black tattoo that spiraled its way up her left side like the coils of a dagger-covered snake. “Well well well… what do we have here?” she said as she dropped the cloak to the floor, rolling her shoulders to work out the tension and revel in her new, unrestrained freedom. “LeBlanc told me you’d be here, but she failed to mention just how delectable you’d be.”

The woman put a finger on her chin and tilted her face up to look at her, grinning as her eyes briefly found the piercings before returning to Lux’s eyes. Her gaze was harsh and cold… it made the captive Demacian shudder under the cruel emotions contained within. It was the sort of look she got from some of the soldiers sometimes, or Sylas in his darker moods… an angry lust for violence. “So what’s your name, pretty thing?”

Lux looked up at her, feeling dull on the inside. Her mouth was unrestrained… but LeBlanc had been very specific. She swallowed, then opened her mouth again. “…woof woof…” she barked out softly.

The red-haired woman hesitated a moment, then burst into laughter. “I— you—” her words choked off in laughter. “That’s… fucking adorable.” One hand came up to poke her right in the forehead. “She told me you were dumb, but I didn’t realize you were this worthless.” The sadistic glint in her eyes seemed to grow as she smiled wider. “So, where are you from, little doggie?”

Lux looked utterly miserable. “Woof…” she whispered.

“I can’t hear you,” the sadistic newcomer said cheerfully. She flicked her nose dead on with her finger. “Louder.”

“…Woof,” she said louder.

To the redhead this seemed like the funniest thing ever and, for the first time, Lux realized something. Her bare back was being tickled by hair that stretched down to the small of her back… hair that LeBlanc had cut.

Hadn’t she?

Lux looked down at her own body, noticing for the first time the lack of welts… and while she had some bruises they were nothing like the full body consuming mass of injuries she should have had. The huge, locking dildo that had been shoved up her rear was gone too… and her pussy, while exposed, no longer throbbed with every single sway of her hips. All those varied hurts were gone now, leaving her exhausted… but whole.

She had been dreaming.

A second later, however, she started to have some doubts. She still had the piercings, after all… not all of it had been in a dream. When had she gotten the piercing? Had that happened before or after she was given to the soldiers like a plaything… before, right? It was only a few days ago in her memory but so much had happened it was hard to remember, and she felt like she was starting to go insane as she tried.

The redhead was smiling at her. “How did LeBlanc know I’d always wanted a puppy, ever since I was a little girl?” Her chuckling made the hair on Lux’s arms raise up… it sounded like the prelude to death. “Always had thought having a pretty little pet to call my own would be fun. I didn’t expect her to go out of her way to prepare one for me, though… but when such an eager to please doggy bitch falls into my lap, well, who could say no?”

The mage swallowed. “Who ar-”

The vicious-looking woman cut her off with a sharp slap across the face. “Mmm. Maybe not trained enough yet, after all. I thought I was clear, but I preferred you barking,” she said, and while her voice was a snarl her face looked like she was trying not to laugh. “So shut up. No one is interested in what a dog says, right?”  Her grin was as sharp as any of the knives strapped to her arms or legs as she looked down at the vulnerable, naked captive. “Right?”

Lux hesitated for a second. This… this wasn’t the dream, right? Or was it? Or was it a different dream? Lux felt like she was going mad… but in the end it was a humiliating, but easy, choice. “…woof,” she said, blushing furiously. The Noxian woman laughed at her again as she brushed her hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. Her gaze flicked all over the prisoner’s body, taking it all in.

Then, slowly, she began to unbuckle the belts holding up her leather shorts. “You know,” she said as she began to pull the leather down over her long, muscular legs. “In older days, before Noxus, it used to be tradition that the condemned became the property of their executioner.” She stepped up close to the squatting Lux, and while the redhead was shorter than Lux was she seemed absurdly tall, large, and powerful standing over her while she crouched on half of her feet, tied in place by a clit piercing. “They would be able to do anything they wanted with the prisoner they were given… they would be a slave, chattel for their master, for as long as they decided to keep them alive.”

From down where she squatted Lux had to look up at the gorgeous redhead, right up past her legs at the nexus between them. She wore skimpy black panties that she couldn’t help but notice were wet at the crotch. “And considering I’m here to kill you the moment I decide you are more of a liability to Noxus than an asset,” the woman’s cold voice cut through Lux’s mind like ones of her knives, “I would start considering exactly what you could do to convince me you are an asset, puppy… otherwise I might get bored.”

Lux didn’t have time to consider if this was another dream, or if this was real… and if it was real if this was the first time she was doing something like this or the hundredth. Right now, it didn’t matter… she already felt insane and she wasn’t going to make any progress against the utter madness consuming her mind at this second. If there was even the slightest chance that this was real and she was about to die then she had to survive… She needed time to find out what was happening with her. Tomorrow she would try to figure out what was going on with her nightmares and the misery they brought… but that didn’t matter right now.

Today, convincing the athletic redhead to rape her instead of executing her was all that mattered.

Moving slowly, Lux leaned forward. It tightened the noose around her neck a little but not too badly as Lux kissed her way up the woman’s athletic thigh. If she could have she would have licked her boots, but the noose wouldn’t let her get low enough so instead she let her tongue trace a wet path up the inside of her leg. All too quickly, Lux reached the women’s underwear and the overwhelming, musky scent of her arousal filled Lux’s nostrils.

Hesitation couldn’t be permitted, so Lux forced herself to continue. She kissed the Noxian beauty’s crotch through her wet panties, trying to ignore the tangy taste of her pussy while her eyes sought out those of her abuser. Lux was looking for any kind of indication that her efforts were enough… but the cruel woman didn’t say a word and her eyes were still demanding and hard. She obviously wanted more, so Lux pushed forward, pressing her mouth firmly against those panties and flooding her mouth with the tang of arousal. It tasted… not quite like she expected it to. Somehow more spicy. She wondered if that meant that this was real and LeBlanc’s cunt had tasted different because her diseased, sick mind had needed to make a guess what pussy tastes like.

Don’t think about that. She didn’t have time to think about that… she had to convince her jailer.

Lux slid her tongue under the edge of her panties and pulled them aside and for the hundredth time – and the first time – she saw another woman’s pussy. Her lips pressed against her petals, forcing her tongue to work… doing everything she could to please the redhead and earn mercy. Every touch of her tongue said “spare me.” Every lick said “I’m yours.”

Lux nuzzled into her pussy as one of the redhead’s hands came up to grip her golden hair. Lux tried to ignore it and pressed the flat of her tongue against her slit before she traced it between her folds, tasting the tart, slick fluid that dripped from her. The degraded blonde breathed deeply, forcing herself to accept the stench of her pussy as a part of her life.

The other woman purred. “Better dead than dull, sweetheart,” the lethal redhead gloated down at her. “Live a little…while you can.” The other woman slowly shifted herself forward, resting some of her weight on her wet pussy, right onto Lux’s tired, panting lips. She had no choice… she extended her tongue and began to lick her fervently. It was surprisingly easy for her mind to shift to seeing this woman as her mistress… coming out of the last dream it was like she was already primed for it. She still had no idea if this was real or just another dream… All she knew was that she had to lick and suck at the very best of her ability.

Lux tried her best to concentrate, wiggling the tip of her tongue between her folds and around her hooded swollen clit. Her wide eyes kept staring earnestly upward, seeking for some sign that she was doing well, that a touch had been appreciated. The redhead just constantly smirked down at her as Lux tried desperately to please her. Then her hands came down, gripped Lux’s head firmly, and pressed it completely against her. Her mouth and nose were both buried against parts of her pussy and the dangerous redhead adjusted the resulting seal with her fingers, making sure she wouldn’t be able to breathe at all. Lux looked up at her in a panic, pleading, and she only smiled. “Is that fear I smell?” she purred. “Poor little Demacian whore… you make this too easy.”

The bound blonde tried frantically to get her nose free so that she could breathe but she was held fast… totally naked and helpless, at the mercy of the evil woman above her. “You can put your tongue out further than that,” the strange woman said. “Try harder. You get to breathe when I say you can breathe!”

Lux stretched out her tongue as far as it would go, driving it as deep into her mistress’s sopping cunt… lapping and licking in circles as she pulled back to come up and across her pussy lips and then slip back into the warm depths of her sex. The woman pulled back a moment, lifting her pussy up just a bit. “Breathe!” she commanded. Lux gulped in a lungful of air, panting… and then the second breath was caught by her cunt again. “Lick!”

Lux was forced to start again, wiggling her tongue as, once again, her pussy was pressed down against Lux’s face too tight to breathe. The blonde could taste her heat and arousal as she licked, doing her best to survive and wait to be allowed air. Her tongue was buried inside the redhead as she suffocated, trying to earn mercy.

“Breathe!” the redhead snapped and Lux gasped in. “Lick!” Her poor tongue wiggled, fully extended. “Breathe!” Gasp. “Lick!” Wriggle wriggle slide… Lightly up and down, dragging her tongue over her puffy pussy lips and her clit. Again her pussy was smothering her as she looked up from her prison between the killer’s powerful thighs, praying for mercy. “Breathe!” She gulped in the air. “Lick!” She licked, tongue out fully. “Breathe!” Gasp, pant, suck… “Lick!” Lux wiggled her pointed tongue around and around her stiff little nub and thankfully the blonde felt her captor begin to cum. The redhead purred with pleasure as she rubbed her pussy back and forth across Lux’s face, her sex pulsing and spasming with her orgasm while she squealed with delight.

Slowly, the redhead relaxed. “I very much hope LeBlanc doesn’t decide to get rid of you too soon and I can keep you around.”

When Lux sagged against the noose, the nameless woman stepped forward, and Lux screamed as she stepped down on the chain attached to the blonde’s clit. “No, no, no,” she purred, grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. “Did I give you permission to stop?” Hurriedly Lux lunged back for her pussy but the other woman just backed up half a step, and she only let up slightly on the tension on her foot. Lux couldn’t reach… she needed to take an awkward, painful squatting step further forward and realized, to her horror, that the noose only barely reached… she had to strangle herself on the noose to press her lips against the woman’s pussy. The rope dug into her neck hard enough to redden and close her throat but as soon as she pressed into place at least that foot lightened up on the clit piercing.

Lux started licking, hoping that she would relax her position a little bit and step closer… but she didn’t. The blonde kept pushing as her lungs strained more and more until her vision had turned into a dark tunnel with the redhead’s pussy at the end of it, finally backing off to let herself breathe. The moment she did, however, the cruel woman pressed down again on the clit chain again, stealing the breath she took with the scream. “Did I give you permission to stop?” she asked again.

The blonde looked up at her, a bit of frustration boiling in her blue eyes. She couldn’t breathe… what else was she supposed to do? However, looking up at the other woman made it completely clear that she knew exactly what she was doing, and enjoyed it. Lux breathed as quickly as she could and then pressed herself back into her mistress’s pussy and, thankfully, the redhead stopped tormenting her clit.

Lux pushed herself forward. She knew that she was racing against the clock and still the cruel woman didn’t step forward, so her lungs would run out of air soon. She needed to make her cum before then so the blonde used every trick she knew, every technique she had learned in dreams and reality both to get her off as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t enough. She ran out of air again and when the option was either to pass out or back off she once again backed out and just barely stopped herself from losing all her air by screaming when the other woman stepped down again. This time she made it back quicker and got immediately to work, finding her pussy still clenching and excited around her tongue. She pushed on as hard as she could, sucking and licking and desperately trying to make her cum.

When the redhead finally cried out and her pussy started leaking all over Lux’s tongue the Demacian thought that she would pull away… but she didn’t. After a few seconds of the blonde’s tongue being still, the other woman growled and stepped onto the chain again, hard. It made her scream vibrate the other woman’s cunt as she glared down at her prison. “I still didn’t say stop.”

Weeping, Lux got back to work, licking and licking and licking. She ran out of air quickly and pushed herself back, only to scream again as the other woman ground her foot down savagely hard. She forced herself to breath and choked herself again, back to work in the desperate attempt to finish her. Lux almost lost herself in the effort as she tried again and again to keep up with her mistress’s demands, and she came again… and once again she didn’t tell Lux to stop.

Licking and sucking and scraping with her tongue. Screaming and hurting as her lungs filled again. Back to eating her out once more. Screaming again. Licking again…

Then, thank all the gods that ever were, her mistress came… and finally backed off.

The nameless warden began to loosen her bonds while the blonde girl sagged down, exhausted and hurting. Thankfully the clit leash went first, giving her much more freedom in how she moved. The athletic girl might be a little smaller than the Demacian was but she would be a fool to think of her as weak… there wasn’t an ounce of fat on the girl outside of her breasts, and the rest was lean muscle. As the rough and calloused hands pulling her body around demonstrated, her tanned skin didn’t come from relaxing in the sun. Finally, she finished by taking the noose off her head. Lux sagged down, exhausted as the woman stroked two fingers over her bare body. She didn’t feel rested at all from her time before the other woman had come in… it was almost like she had lived her entire life from the first time she met Sylas until now in one long endless day.

The redhead pressed her lips against Lux’s ear and whispered. “First rule, doggy: No words.” The words barely left the redhead’s lips before she backhanded the barely upright blonde across the mouth, sending her careening back against the wall… unable to stand on nearly useless legs. Lux cried out as she tried to fall to her knees again, but before she could the red-haired woman grabbed her by the neck, shoving her back against the wall. Rock hard, strong fingers wrapped around her neck, squeezing tight until she couldn’t draw in another breath.

The assassin’s free hand balled into a fist, and she punched the blonde in the stomach. Lux’s breath left her in a painful rush as her knuckles dug into her, flattening her lungs and driving her air out as she slammed her fist into her guts one, two, three, four times. Lux did her best to curl into a ball but held up by the neck it was like doing a sit-up in mid air… the sadistic redhead simply waited. After a few moments, gravity won and her stomach was exposed again. Punch. Punch. Punch.

Finally, the cruel woman let her fall hard to the floor, gasping on her hands and knees. “That was for speaking earlier,” she growled. “You won’t get another warning… the next time you speak a single word I will make you wish you had never been born, you mangy mutt. Understand me?” She kicked the bound woman’s legs apart as she drew a knife from her belt, twirling it between her fingers as her other hand pulled the the rest of her clothing off, dropping it to the floor as she looked over the restrained pet beneath her. When she was fully undressed she knelt down and straddled her head, facing forward over the rest of Lux’s body. “Now,” she said as the Demacian girl felt the steel of that knife glide gently over one of her breasts. “Now we’re going to see how my puppy can sing.”

The sexy redhead ground herself down on Lux’s face, using her as nothing more than her sex toy, dragging her already soaked and satiated cunt across her face like her pleasure was the only thing in the world that mattered. Lux couldn’t see it but she did feel it as she leaned forward and pinched her captive’s clit, holding it in place as she brought the knife down to her pussy. Lux started immediately licking as hard as she possibly could… desperate to please, desperate to give her mistress a reason not to hurt her. A second later, however, she felt it as the tip knicked across her labia… sharp and immediate pressure flared along with the pain as she pressed the knife against her vulnerable bits. Lux had expected it to hurt, but it was so much worse than she’d imagined… she screamed as the unbelievably sharp blade slid through flesh incredibly effortlessly, tearing through flesh as easily as water.

“Harder,” the woman instructed and Lux threw herself into the task, trying to push through the pain and pleasure her… only for the knife to go back to work. She screamed again, and her jailer laughed. “I’m going to keep myself entertained until you decide to entertain me,” she said, amusement plain in her voice. “Until I want to cum more than I want to keep cutting you up, I’m not stopping…” She dug the knife in and twisted it, making Lux scream again as she felt like she was being skinned alive. “So hurry up!”

Desperately, Lux licked, sucked, lapped, and thrust her tongue at her mistress, whimpering repeatedly into her pussy as she felt the pressure of the knife break through her skin and draw scarlet lines across her flesh over and over again. The redhead wasn’t in a hurry, either… she slowly, patiently seemed to flay her prisoner. The worst part was always the start… when she dug the tip of the knife into a new place on her belly or breasts or thigh or groin and let it effortlessly slide through intimate, pristine flesh. Each and every time it was different – some cuts were easy, some fought back, forcing her to push harder as Lux desperately licked and licked.

Lux lay there beneath the other woman, helpless, whimpering with each new cut. She was sure that her entire body was just a mass of cuts and blood… every nerve felt like it was on fire. Her only thought was on the only escape possible… Mistress required an orgasm, and Lux had to give her the singularly most exquisite, rapturous experience possible. The knife kissed the side of her left nipple and Lux screamed, moaning and squirming but she never stopped licking. However, a small mercy became apparent to her as she realized something… the woman loved her screams. Each time Lux gave voice to her pain she juiced up further, and this latest one had her grinding frantically against the blonde’s mouth. She could hear the woman gasping for breath and Lux screamed as pathetically as she could the next time the knife cut, a high pitched shriek that made the athletic woman’s pussy vibrate… but her tongue never stopped working at her sex, giving the grinding woman something more to press against.

Lux was desperate. In pain she desired nothing more than the redhead’s body writhing on top of her in ecstasy, too distracted by her orgasm to even think about hurting her. Please please please please please… Mistress cupped her tits and squeezed them, and Lux felt a trickle of blood run down the side of her breasts as she crushed them in calloused hands. Another scream ripped from her throat, only half exaggerating… and Kayle’s wings be Lux’s shelter, the redhead finally froze, her pussy completely covering Lux’s mouth as the assassin’s body twitched in rapture. She slapped her hand down on the blonde’s bloody cunt, and at the sudden burst of agony Lux screamed again… and in the distance her tormentor screamed with her as she came. Sweet juices of pleasure plastered her face as agony overwhelmed the blonde, their experiences in this moment impossible to be further apart.

Her cruel mistress collapsed against her, slowly relaxing, breathing heavily. Lux didn’t even move… just the lack of fresh incoming pain was almost a relief even if her whole body burned with pain. She smelled nothing but the liquid musk coating her face, the scents of her pleasure and Lux’s pain.

The other woman purred as she finally raised her leg and swung herself off of the blonde’s body, leg up and over as it slid over her body… and let Lux see herself, finally. It wasn’t… as bad as she thought. The cuts were all small… very dainty things, really, and while they burned like fire it hadn’t done all that much damage. On one hand, that was good… she thought she had been ruined forever. On the other hand, it was terrifying… If her new mistress was capable of causing that kind of pain with this little damage there was nothing to stop her from using those knives on her again, and again, and again…

Next to her, the redhead was getting dressed again, pulling on her leathers while Lux writhed on the floor. “I’m supposed to get you fed,” she said, a hint of breathless pleasure still in her voice. “But humans eat from a plate. I think I’m going to need to get you some bowls before I do that.” Then, to Lux’s dismay, she clipped a leather strap onto her sore clit piercing again and began to pull. “Up up up!”

Dismally, Lux pushed herself up to hands and knees. At least she had escaped the dream, for now… perhaps here she could find a way to escape. If nothing else it couldn’t be as ridiculously cruel as the dream was.She didn’t even try to walk… she simply crawled after the cruel, athletic redhead.

Katarina Du Couteau.

The blonde knelt beneath the table the next day, her tongue buried in her mistress’s quim as she acknowledged that she had been absurdly wrong – reality could be as cruel as one of her dreams. Katarina sat on her chair, legs splayed as she lounged back and made Lux worship her with her mouth. Lux’s tongue was sore but she didn’t dare stop… there had barely been a moment in the last twenty four hours where she wasn’t using it to lap up food or water, clean boots or floor, or desperately try to please the cruel assassin’s pussy. From the moment LeBlanc had said the redhead’s name she had been on Lux’s mind, desperation warring with terror. Katarina Du Couteau was a known commodity in Demacian intelligence… the daughter of one of the nation’s most dangerous generals and most influential families, the trained killer had been a plague upon her nation’s command structure during the reclaiming of the border kingdoms… and her dangerous reputation for sadism was, in Lux’s approximation, well earned. Even LeBlanc, who sat on the other side of the table, couldn’t compare… outside of her dream this meal was the first she had seen of the woman.

The two of them were talking. Lux knew that she should be paying attention but it was so hard… she was completely exhausted. She hadn’t slept well, again… she had spent the whole night drifting in a haze of nightmares of abuse and pain and discomfort. At least they hadn’t been the insane, incredibly detailed dreams that she could get lost in this time, though… just normal nightmares. The pain didn’t help her focus either. All of her piercings were all tied down to the table legs, all of them pulling her in different directions and making sure that her only choice was which of her genital piercings were hurting and how badly. Every move pulled at something, every twitch ached, and she tried not to make as much as a single whimper… drawing any of their attention towards her could only be a bad thing.

A few of their words made sense to Lux. LeBlanc was here in this fortress because she was managing an exchange of magical goods for information and artifacts. They were engaging in trade with a Freljordian tribe called the Winter’s Claw, giving them Noxian forged steel weapons and even some lesser runes, for Freljordian artifacts like some slivers of what she called True Ice. That wasn’t too exceptional in and of itself… except that what information they had to trade had nothing to do with Freljord. It was all about Demacian fortifications and troop movements, and Katarina was supposed to return some of those dispatches with her when she returned to the Immortal Bastion.

And Lux could only think of one way the Winter’s Claw was getting secret information about Demacia’s internal arrangements. One way or the other, it seemed that she had succeeded in her mission… if only she could escape with that knowledge.

Eventually, though, that conversation ended, and soon after attention was directed to her. “So the little Demacian seems to be coming along nicely,” LeBlanc said, and Lux momentarily stilled with her tongue stuck deep inside Katarina’s cunt.

She quickly resumed licking, hoping to avoid punishment, but the killer had noticed… one of her hands moved down to pull on one of the cords attached to her right nipple, and it took everything Lux had not to scream. “She is an eager to please little thing,” Katarina agreed, purring in pleasure as she shifted her weight slightly, moving so that one of her strong legs could curl around the back of Lux’s head.

With the assassin’s thighs squeezing her head, Lux almost missed LeBlanc’s next words. “Any more nightmares since that first one?” she asked. Did… how did she know about the last one?

Lux perked up at LeBlanc’s words, straining to hear as Katarina answered. “The rings weren’t warm in the morning,” she said. “So I don’t think so.”

“That’s good,” LeBlanc agreed. “This vessel is going to be valuable for us to study but the last thing I want to do is risk opening a gateway, so every few days is best. The spells on those piercings should help suppress the nightmares, at least enough to prevent a disaster. If you ever find them hot enough to burn you, though, your orders remain the same.” LeBlanc raised one foot and rested the heel of her heeled shoe on Lux’s ass. “Slit the slut’s throat.”

Lux shuddered at the casual mention of murdering her, and tried not to cry out when that boot landed with casual cruelty onto that strange and incredibly sensitive brand that had appeared on her ass, but she tried to focus instead of what LeBlanc was saying about the piercings. They were… magical? She had seen the engravings on them… not mere decoration then. And they… suppressed the dreams? The last dream as LeBlanc puppy plaything had only lasted about two days. Was that why it was so much shorter, rather than the years she had spent suffering as Sylas’s wife? Both of those had been nightmarish but Lux felt certain that if she were trapped in a dream for years again she might lose her grip on what was real entirely. The Demacian would far rather have spent a few days living as a dog than a lifetime.

Of course, she was still a dog now, so her situation hadn’t improved much.

“I still don’t understand how those dreams work,” Katarina said idly as she let Lux’s tongue do the work, relying on how terrified the Demacian prisoner was of her to make her slavishly eager to avoid punishment. “Where do they even come from? Why do they matter?”

Lux deeply hoped that LeBlanc was about to answer. Instead, the woman seemed to shut down entirely. “None of your concern,” the mistress of the fortress said, voice cold. “I brought you here to make sure that the vessel was kept under control… you don’t need to understand how the magic works. You just need to do your job.”

She couldn’t see it, but Lux could almost hear the rolled eyes in Katarina’s response. “As you wish, my Lady.”

She tightened her legs and Lux obeyed the silent command, digging her mouth in further against Katarina’s pussy and sucking a bit harder… lapping her tongue all across it even as her lips closed around her clit and began to suckle the sensitive flesh. By now Lux was painfully certain that she wouldn’t be released until after the woman came so she had to press forward… but as she obeyed and complied, she had to yelp in pain as something hard and sharp pressed painfully against her asshole.

Her heel. It was the heel spike of LeBlanc’s boot. This seemed impossible for Lux to bear… there was no lube at all, and the heel, while slim, was utterly dry and the end was rough. It stretched out her tight, virgin asshole and poor Lux wanted to scream as the point went deep into her rear, sliding even further in and pushing her delicate walls apart. The roughness was killing her insides – she wanted to scream in pain, but she knew that she would probably just be tortured further if she made any noise. Lux didn’t have time to think about the fact that this was the real world and not some dream, that for the first time in her waking life someone was forcing something painful up her rectum, fucking her ass with the point of her high heels… She just needed to make it stop, and it seemed to the traumatized blonde that the only means of making that happen was to finish and make them put her in a new position to heap new abuse on her.

Lux swallowed past the pain and tried to focus on sucking Katarina’s pussy and started to suck her clit with her lips, but she could not do it for very long: soon LeBlanc sped up, thrusting the spike of her shoe like a weapon into her asshole. Poor Lux wanted to scream and beg her to stop but she was too aware of how bad the consequences could be, so she bit down on her tongue so hard that she tasted blood, took a deep breath, and got back to work on Katarina.

Her dream had at least given her lots of practice at what her abuser would expect, and Katarina had worked to supplement those skills all day… she reached forward, tongue reaching for the assassin’s clit. Once she found it, Lux started sucking and licking, desperate to get this over with as quickly as possible… but to the blonde’s surprise the killer pulled on her hair, forcing her away as she scooted back and out of reach.

Katarina savagely twisted one of Lux’s ears in each hand, making her cry out at the sudden surge of pain. Speaking slowly and carefully, she enunciated every individual word that followed. “This. Isn’t. A. Race. Whore. It’s not about speed; it’s about pleasure… My pleasure.” She slapped the blonde viciously across her face. “Stay away from my clit… don’t neglect it, but don’t focus on it until I say otherwise. Take your time…”

Lux choked back a bitter, outraged response, then had to choke back a pained scream as LeBlanc’s heel scraped against something especially sensitive. Instead, she pressed forward again and this time Katarina didn’t stop her… she nuzzled her pussy like an eager lover, forcing herself to ignore the tart taste of her mistress.

At first, her tongue and lips focused on exploring her labia, but before long, Katarina’s body language made it clear that she wanted more. Only then did Lux allow herself to probe inside with her tongue as Katarina ground her crotch against her face, giving her leave to reach deeper. She lapped her tongue over the redhead’s cunt, rammed herself deep into her wet pussy occasionally. It made Katarina gasp in excitement, which made Lux feel both excitement and shame. She was humiliated, but hopefully it helped… with the amount of pain going on inside her asshole she needed to make her finish. She had to keep fighting to please her, no matter what… sucking her clit until it was engorged, lapping her tongue over the other woman’s cunt lips as they grew puffier and it dripped her lust.

“You’re too cruel with the girl,” LeBlanc said, chuckling as she varied her pace. “Anyone can simply beat a whore into submission, make her so terrified and traumatized she’ll obey. If you go that hard, she doesn’t appreciate just how easy it is to reduce her to that.” The sorceress increased and decreased the speed she kicked with as she went, but the thrusts stayed hard and vigorous… the sorceress plowing her squeezing hole for the first time in her life utterly without mercy.

Sucking and licking everything in reach, Lux tried to pleasure the redhead as thoroughly as possible… and slowly the degraded Demacian captive figured out how she wanted to be pleased. Lux pushed her to the edge, rapidly flicking her tongue across her clitoris before backing off before she got punished. Slowing down for a second to focus her attention elsewhere… Labia, thighs, even deep in her pussy. Build up her pleasure, then just before she crosses that peak, back off, and take her down for a few minutes before building up again.

The sounds of her pleasure, rising and falling, filled Lux with impotent rage and humiliation as her desperation built, as the stiletto heel tore into her more and more aggressively. Her jaw and tongue ached, and as she closed her eyes and silently wept her mistress laughed. “I have the bitch barking like a dog,” Katarina moaned in pleasure. “I think she knows she’s less than human, like a good Demacian fucktoy.” She snorted out a laugh. “She knows who owns her. Your way, she would think she was still a person.”

Lux wanted to whimper… Their words made it even worse and she tried to ignore them, but feeling the pain was no better. The fact that she was being anally fucked for the first time by something so slender didn’t help at all, not with how ruthless she was being with the sharp, scraping thing. “Hardly an elegant solution,” LeBlanc said, her cold voice smooth as silk and utterly uncaring as she continued to rape her with her foot. “So much more beautiful when you twist her mind, make her think that this is what she wants… that compared to the alternative, this is a paradise.”

She was continuing to lick out Katarina until the redhead stopped her. “Well, I can’t argue with that…” Katarina said, smiling broadly. Lux hoped that that meant she wasn’t going to have to lick anymore, but instead of letting Lux go she moved suddenly, wrapping her thighs around Lux’s neck. “But I see no reason she can’t suffer every single second anyway.”

Her muscular legs choked the poor girl, squeezing her neck. LeBlanc stopped kicking forward for a second before pulling out… then without giving the blonde even a second to adjust she shoved the shoe back in. Lux almost screamed in pain, but Katarina held the girl in a dreadful headlock, silencing her. Lux’s tongue struggled to keep up and keep sucking at her hole, licking even as she was being choked out. She could not even breathe properly anymore but she did her best to keep pleasing her mistress, eating her cunt and trying to win her way free of her misery. After all, what could the poor girl do except submit?

No air at all was entering her lungs anymore and they were growing increasingly stale, but in an odd way she was getting better at holding her breath… even the experience from the dreams were helping. It let her keep fighting through, making her tongue and lips keep attacking Katarina’s pussy. The pain was incredible and all she wanted was for this to stop, but she had no other way out but making Katarina cum so that was what she did. Lux had almost passed out from the choking when finally Katarina started to squirm in her orgasm, toes curling and thighs clenching as she came all over her blonde fucktoy’s face.

The assassin held Lux suffering and choking between her strong, muscular thighs for a few more seconds after her body stopped trembling. Then, finally, she broke the lock, letting poor Lux gasp and fall to the floor, taking deep breaths to fill her lungs.

LeBlanc, likewise, pulled her heel from the blonde as she sagged on the ground, the sorceress laughing as she looked down at the degraded, coughing mageling as she tried to catch her breath. “Keep an eye on her,” the woman said, voice cold. “If those piercings get hot, kill her. Otherwise, do what you please with the whore.”

The dildo clattered against the stone as Katarina threw the enameled thing carelessly across the room. “Go get it!” she laughed from where she sat on the bed, the naked redhead’s legs casually spread as her green eyes watched the degraded blonde crawl. Lux felt like one big bruise as her knees banged against the stone over and over, her the assassin’s whip crashing across her ass the moment she finished throwing the dildo.

One slash. Two slash. Three slashes, and a trio of scarlet lines appeared across the Demacian’s ass. Her body jerked with each one as she pushed herself down, grabbing the dildo in her mouth like a dog with a bone. She didn’t head back immediately, though… Katarina would punish her for that. Instead, she repositioned the dildo with her mouth, turning it around and bracing it against the wall. Then she swallowed, steadied herself, and rammed her head down on it.

The movement of her head and the wall rammed the false cock down her throat, making her viciously, violently gag. Her gag reflex might have been long since fucked out of her in dreams but not here, not in real life… it might not be as bad as it would have been otherwise but it was still terrible. But she wedged the dildo down her neck, trying to control her stomach as Katarina whipped her again and again until she could finally begin crawling back to her jailer.

By the time she arrived she had nine red marks on her body, to match the fifty seven already there. Katarina only stopped whipping her when she arrived and leaned down to teasingly play the dildo in and out of Lux’s mouth a few times before she plucked it out. “You want this?” she said, raising her voice’s pitch high like she was talking to a child. “You want the dick? You want the nice dick, doggy?”

Lux groaned, but only on the inside. Outwardly she forced herself up onto her haunches. Then, hating herself, she lifted both hands before tilting them forward, like paws out in a begging posture… just the way Katarina had taught her by tugging on her pierced nipples until Lux was sure they were going to be ripped out. The tamed blonde let her jaw go slack and fall open, hanging her tongue out as much as she could as she looked up at the shorter woman now towering over her. “Good girl!” the laughing redhead said, patting Lux on the head. Then, smirking, she tossed the false cock across the room again. “Fetch!” she said, raising the whip again and Lux turned and crawled as quickly as she could for the dildo.

She tried not to cry. This whole thing was humiliating… the lowliest street whore working dockyards would be ashamed of acting like this.

Once again she reached the dildo, racing against strokes of the whip. Once again she rolled it with her mouth until she could brace it against something, this time the leg of a dresser. Frantically she pushed it into her mouth, ignoring her gag reflex as best she could as she choked on it before hurrying back to Katarina and offering her the sex toy back. Begging. Throwing. Whipping. Begging. Throwing. Whipping… Lux fell into a haze of pained obedience as she bruised her knees and elbows against the floor in her frantic attempts to stop the whipping. When Katarina finally pulled the dildo from her mouth and didn’t throw it, it took the dazed, pain-drunk blonde a moment to realize what had even changed… By the end she was practically comatose, heaving on the ground as she recovered from the marathon of sexual misery, laying on the stone floor in a pained heap.

Katarina got up and stretched, giving Lux a blissful few moments of being left alone as she walked to one of the dressers. “I put together a surprise for you, puppy,” the redhead purred in delight as she grabbed  a few jars and a pair of bowls out of the wooden frame. Grinning, Katarina put the first of the bowls on the floor beside her, and the second right next to it. Then she opened the jar and showed it to the Demacian girl, and Lux felt her heart sink.

The jar was full of cum.

It didn’t matter that she had never seen a load before in reality… her experience in the dream was such that she couldn’t have let her mistake it for anything else if she lived for a million years. There had to be more than 100 loads of sperm resting inside the jar, each one disgusting on its own but when combined like this it made her mind spin in a whirlwind of horror. She watched and barely kept herself from retching as Katarina upended the thing into one of the two bowls, the gooey, sticky mix sticking to the sides as she tried to pour it in. It smelled even worse that Lux remembered, and some small part of her that seemed to still be rational wondered if that was because of her current situation or another difference between a dream and this – presumable – reality.

By the time she was finished, the bowl looked like it was about to overflow. Katarina smiled at her as she screwed the lid of the jar closed again. “Only the best for my pet,” she said. “Now… make sure you swallow it all. I’d hate to see you malnourished, so I suppose I’ll need to give you motivation.” The assassin’s grin was incredibly cruel as she looked down at her captive. “I think about fifty lashes would do it, wouldn’t you?”

Lux looked at the large bowl of cum right in front of her with misery in her eyes. She met the assassin’s gaze, silently begging… but even before she did she knew that she would find no mercy from Katarina. She could either obey, or she could resist and be punished until the assassin made her obey… and by the time the Noxian woman was finished hurting her, her cum meal would still be sitting in front of her face, waiting for her to feast on.

Hating herself, Lux crawled the last few feet forward and stuck out her tongue. She intended to start lapping immediately but Katarina tugged at her blonde hair like a leash. “Nuh uh,” she said, voice high and playful. “You don’t get to slurp that cum,” she reprimanded. “Not yet anyways. Is that what a grateful puppy does? Not yet… you have to beg first!” Her sadistic expression showed every tooth in her mouth as she grinned. “Look right at me with those big, wet blue eyes of yours and beg, doggy… and then maybe I’ll let you eat.”

It was absurd. She didn’t want to eat… but that wasn’t the answer Katarina would. She swallowed, miserable… then she got back up on her knees and took on the familiar posture again, sticking out her tongue, and shaking her ass like a dog wagging her tail. “Woof!” she said, although her bark couldn’t help but sound more miserable than excited. “Woof…”

Katarina let her begging go on for a little longer before she let go of her hair. “Alright, bitch… you’ve convinced me. You can have your cummy snack… just make sure you get all of it. And hurry…” she tapped her whip against her thigh. “I’m not known for my patience.”

Lux’s gaze briefly flicked toward the black whip in her hands, hoping it wasn’t about to swing into motion. She had to hurry. Hating herself even more than she had a moment ago, the Demacian mage turned back towards the bowl and started lapping it up, not bothering to be careful to keep it from getting all over her face. She would just have to clean it up later. She tried not to think about how disgusting this was, how unbelievably foul the idea was as, lick by lick, the disgusting cocktail of male lust began vanishing down Lux’s gullet. The captive woman moaned in total revulsion, but proceeded to swallow the mixture anyway… just like a good little puppy.

She was trying to hurry up but before long Katarina was pulling on her hair again. “Not so quickly!” the assassin said, chuckling darkly. “Eating too quickly is bad for a puppy’s stomach! Slow down, chew your food, you silly girl… swirl it around a bit.”

Lux thought she was going to throw up… but she obeyed. Somehow, mixing the cum more thoroughly with her saliva made it taste ever worse… some of this cum had to be old, and she was almost bringing it back to life as she swirled it around into a degrading slurry in her mouth. It was foul, and she needed to fight to swallow each and every new lick.

It took her more than fifteen minutes, even in as much of a hurry at Katarina would let her get away with, for Lux to manage to gulp down the entire blend of seed. It was shocking to her that, even after everything else, she had both the energy and mental fortitude to finish the task… so she guessed that her nightmares had counted for something. Her mistress seemed equally impressed. “I guess my little puppy was hungry after all!” she mocked, grinning. “I’ll have to get the boys to make you another meal soon. Well then, if you love it so much, don’t let me stop you from enjoying the rest… there’s some wasted bits on the edge. Go and lick the bowl clean,” Katarina commanded. The reminder was not a suggestion, and Lux grimaced, but she moved to drag her tongue over every slimy remnant coating the bowl, feeling it stick to her lips and the top of her mouth as she gulped it down her throat until she started dry heaving, fighting to keep her stomach under control.

“No, bitch!” Katarina growled warningly as she put her foot on the blonde’s ass. “Keep it down! You throw up, and I swear I’ll beat you until you have no skin left and then make you lick it back up!”

Lux had to fight hard to suppress and gulp down the vomit that rose up to her throat several times, but she somehow managed to keep it in her belly… The thought that Katarina would really do what she threatened was more than enough motivation. The captive mage groaned in misery and fatigue as she fell to her side the moment her stomach stopped rebelling, her cheek pressed against the side of the bowl because she was simply too tired to move any further.

So it was then, while Katarina was gloating and Lux was too miserable to do more than curl up and die, that she looked up and caught a look out the window into the fading light… at Valor sitting on the ledge of the window.

She froze as the Demacian Eagle met her eyes through the glass. Quinn! Quinn was still out there! Of course! She felt horrible for forgetting, even for a second, but of course her friend was there… in real life she had only been gone for about a day. She had been supposed to meet her friend for extraction several hours ago so by now the scout knew that something had gone wrong… and she had sent Valor to look for her.

She couldn’t let Katarina see.

It felt like it had been a lifetime since she had been in Demacia with her friends… all of her time with Sylas, and all of her time with LeBlanc, had all been since then, and Sylas alone felt like years. It took her a moment to even remember the hand signals that she had been taught to work with the scouts. Lux rolled onto her other side, putting her back to the window… and while her body blocked her hands, she made a quick set of gestures.  Distress. Assistance. Distraction. The whole time she watched as Katarina poured water from a jug into a second bowl before setting it down, terrified that the assassin would look out the window and see… or worse, that she would look up and see nothing at all. That Lux had truly gone mad, and there was nothing to see.

But Katarina never reacted… and when Lux stole a glance back towards the window, Valor was gone.

This time, Katarina didn’t have to threaten her to get Lux to move… just the idea of getting to clean up and drink was among the most appealing thoughts the Demacian had had in her entire life. She tried not to show any of the excitement she was feeling from spotting Valor, or the fact that her heart was racing… Instead, she meekly lowered her face to the water and started attempting to drink. It was difficult… Licking didn’t really work well, but after a few failed attempts Lux figured out how she could suck it up using her lips. To her disgust, the water only tasted like fresh, clean, sweet water for the first few sips… by the time she started really getting to swallow any, it tasted almost as bad as the cum did. Some of the nasty mess sticking to her face had been washing off into the water.

Disgusting. At least it wasn’t on her face anymore.

Holding back tears, Lux finished drinking and looked up at her mistress’s smiling face. Katarina stood there, looking down at her. Her eyes drank in every inch of her body, and Lux had the incongruous thought that she didn’t think she had ever had someone, man or woman, enjoy the sight of her body as much as the assassin was right now. Of course, normally she was able to say no…

Without looking away from her naked body, Katarina picked up the dildo again. Wide-eyed, Lux stared at it as her mistress approached with the thing, pushing it slowly into her mouth… making the blonde gag as she forced her victim to the floor on her back. The killer smiled down as her fingers explored Lux’s helpless body, simply playing with it while she gagged on the dick. She closed her eyes, struggling to control her gag reflex and not throw up her dinner, and without warning Katarina slapped her breasts, one after another, causing the blonde to cry out. “None of that. Look at me while I rape you!”

Meeting her eyes took everything Lux had. It was almost worse than any of her nightmares. Sylas had been possessive, domineering, and obsessed. LeBlanc had been creative and cruel and cold. Katarina, however… she just looked so happy. The idea of hurting Lux left her eager and excited, like a child with a new present, and she couldn’t hide it from her gaze as she pulled the dildo out, straddled her slave’s waist, and leaned down to bite at the curve of her neck. Lux shuddered as the assassin nibbled her way up her throat until she met her lips and slipped her tongue inside before biting one of her lips and pulling, pinning down the less muscular girl with ease. Then she started pushing the dildo back into her mouth… backward, making her gag as Katarina slid upward…

Then her naked body sank down onto Lux’s face, and on top of dildo embedded there. Her wide blue eyes stared as the red-head’s neat, silky cunt spread to take the dildo, glistening wet with her captive’s spit into her body, sinking down, down, down…

Her pussy landed on Lux’s face, spread wide around the cock as she rode it. She crashed down onto the blonde as she cupped her breasts, one in each hand. Her fingers squeezed her hardening nipples, working them over her chest while she slowly rose and fell onto the dildo, riding up and down. Lux tried to ignore the sensations, but her fingers were distracting and each time Kat ground herself down the captive woman gagged on the dildo, humiliation and misery flooding her mind. Tears dripped down her face as she laid there while Katrina drove her nails into her tits. Then the redhead leaned down, grinding her groin against Lux on the dildo as she reached down and stroked the blonde’s mons, sliding over the intimate flesh. A finger ran along the slit and then invaded, her mouth coming to join it as the redhead licked along her captive’s sex.

It felt… good, despite everything. Another finger slipped gently inside of her and Lux gagged but she also let out a moan as her mistress ground down on top of her. The relentless sensations overwhelmed Lux, making her dizzy as she tried to ignore the way the pain and pleasure mixed, trying to ignore Katarina’s invading fingers and all-too persistent mouth. At first, she successfully held out against her, even as her lips closed around her clit and sucked…

And then, as the cruel woman’s pussy ground down on her place, fucking that dildo, Lux came.

The orgasm hit her like a runaway wagon down a hill, far more intense than anything she had ever felt in the real world. Traumatized, in pain, and utterly overwhelmed, the cruel woman tore the most intense orgasm of her life out of the technically-virgin noblewoman’s body, making her cry out around the dildo… and then cry out again as the assassin’s fingers and teeth suddenly turned harsh, biting and pinching and scratching. Teeth pulled at her clit, and the two strong fingers exploring her cunt became sharp fingernails grinding into her most sensitive flesh, and the pleasure of the orgasm turned into pure pain as, for several long minutes, nothing changed – neither Lux’s screams nor the sadistically painful use she put her body to, until Katarina shuddered and came on that dildo.

Only then did she rise up and release her. “That was fun, puppy,” she said, pulling out the dildo before kissing Lux again. Her tongue tasted like the blonde’s cunt, but she met the kiss with limp, exhausted energy.

She was far out of it enough, lost in the cruel assassin’s kiss, that Lux didn’t even hear the horns blowing at first. When Katarina pushed her away and ran to the window, it took a moment for her to process why. Then she started hearing the low, haunting bleat of brass below, sounding the alarm. “…fire?” Katarina mumbled, narrowing her eyes. She stared down and Lux could actually see the orange glow in her mistress’s eyes as what must be a surprisingly bright fire in the night reflected in them.

The redhead sighed. “What a mess…” she grumbled, reaching down and grabbing Lux by her hair. She dragged the woman over to the bed and closed the metal dog collar around her neck, closing it and locking it with a key before she started pulling on her clothing, slipping the key inside. “I guess we’ll have to finish tonight’s puppy training when I get back… so I think you should spend the whole time thinking of ways to impress me.” She considered for a second, then smiled and picked the dildo up off the bed. “And when I get back, I want you as wet at the ocean, you mangy Demacian mutt… so if I were you, I’d start burying that in my cunt as quick as possible, because who knows how long this will be keeping me… or how frustrated I’ll be by the time I get back.”

Then the redhaired assassin turned and walked out of the room.

Lux remained absolutely still, trying to silence her own heartbeat as she listened for the footsteps of her mistress out in the hallways. Her body shook with tension… not wanting to move too soon but desperately, frantically hopeful and eager. Finally, not able to hold back anymore, the blonde jumped up, chain rattling as she ran to the window and looked down.

There was a huge fire raging in the middle of the fortress… the stables and one of the watchtowers had been set on fire. Lux’s heart pounded in her throat… she couldn’t think of a way that that had happened by accident, for the fire to spread that fast and that far. That had to be Quinn stepping in and making a distraction…

Now she just needed to find a way out of here.

Lux turned around, looking around the room. The chain ran from her collar to a small coil of it on the floor in the corner. The blonde followed it to its base, hoping she could figure out some way to free herself… but when she reached the end, her heart sank. Lux had been hoping for something screwed into the floor, something she might be able to work loose. This chain, however, wasn’t attached to the floor; it was part of it, sealed into the molten stone that had formed these slabs.

The blonde sat on the floor and felt around her collar, and then one by one checked every single link in the chain. None of them gave at all, not one offered the slightest hope. She wasn’t going to get out that way.

So… desperation then.

Most people couldn’t do magic without a focusing tool. Lux had learned enough from seeing how other mages worked to know that… they needed a staff, or a wand, or a pouch of runestones… something they could use to focus the chaotic energy into a coherent form. Lux didn’t. Oh, she wasn’t an exception entirely… doing anything complicated without her staff would be impossible for her, surely. Hell, prior to seeing LeBlanc do it the other day she would have thought it was impossible, full stop. When she had just been a young teenager, though, Lux had released enough destructive energy to strike down a dozen wolves before they could eat her… and she hadn’t had a tool then.

It was always easier to destroy something than to build it.

Breathing deeply, Lux forced herself into meditation. The thought of the days she had spent in the Magehunter’s prison with Sylas learning this method almost sent her spiraling out of control and vomiting but she forced the thoughts to the side… forced herself to let the sounds of his voice fade along with his presence and focus not on the words he had spoken but the ideas… she focused on her light, visualizing it like a small torch in the darkness. Like this could control her power… she could keep it from bursting free, keep it safe.

Then, bit by bit, she threw emotional fuel on the fire.

Lux fed herself one torment after the next. Years of sexual slavery, of the death of the king and the fall of her country. Of being forced to become queen, hated by her family and friends… Quinn suffering for knowing her. Fiora used to control her. Tormenting those she cared about, or allowing them to suffer. Giving birth to that monstrous usurper’s spawn. She remembered the helplessness, the nights of humiliation and rage and pain… how worthless she had felt when she finally gave in. When her body, constantly on the edge of arousal, yielded to him. She remembered the terror of the piercings, and of LeBlanc’s cruelty… of days long gangrapes and the nights with her tongue buried inside one mistress or the other. Humiliation after humiliation after humiliation…

And with each one she felt the fire burn hotter. Steaming tears dripped down her cheeks, and no matter how hard she squeezed down her eyes she could still see the light. Lux screamed in frustration, sobbing misery and pain as she let herself vent for the first time about just how mad the insanity she had found herself trapped in was, how terrifying the nightmares were, how much the strange brand on her backside frightened and confused her, and how angry it made her LeBlanc clearly knew something and wouldn’t tell her. She screamed out her rage.

And her magic answered.

The light wasn’t in control. It wasn’t anything close to being in control.

That was fine.

Power erupted out of her like an explosion… beams of light slicing like blades as they flooded away from the blonde, cutting stone and steel alike as they burned their way through like paper beneath a magnifying glass. Lux shrieked in pain as energy poured out of her but she grabbed the chain in both hands and felt the steel vaporizing beneath her grip.

Then Lux blacked out.

When the blonde woke up her face felt sticky with her tears… but the chain was broken. She brushed her cheek and found some dried salt there, the tears evaporated from the heat… but still wetness, too. She hadn’t been passed out for long.

The room looked like a complete disaster area, and the door was in pieces. Lux didn’t know how loud and how obvious her escape had been but she had to assume something had been noticed… she needed to leave, and right now, but after what she had been through she couldn’t stand the idea of being naked for another second. Katarina’s clothing wasn’t well suited for her, but at least she had a travel cloak hanging on the wall that had mostly survived the magical storm, and Lux tossed it over her shoulders before closing it as much as she could and hoping no one would notice her. She also had a pair of boots… they weren’t Lux’s size but they weren’t too far off, and they would be better than trying to run out into the mountains barefoot, so she put them on and tried her best to close the tiny things on her feet.

That was as much as she had time for. Lux pushed the broken door to the room open and quickly looked both ways, thankfully finding nothing. That done, she turned and ran through the hallways, trying to remember… where had she come from? Lux picked intersections more or less at random, looking for a staircase or a split level or anything. Katarina had walked her over from the prison cell, but she didn’t remember being put there… she only remembered crawling after LeBlanc through her nightmare, up floors and floors of winding library. Still, when she found an intersection that looked familiar she took the direction her instincts told her… and she found another familiar intersection. And then another. And then a staircase…

Lux took the steps three at a time. Her bruises and battered body hurt and it felt like she was pressing it to the absolute limit but adrenaline fueled every one of the blonde’s actions, keeping her going… a cold, uncertain feeling growing inside her, making her skin rise. One switchback, two, three, and she emerged…

Into the dark library of the monolithic fortress beneath her.

Right where her dream told her she would.

Lux swallowed, feeling an abyss somewhere deep inside her welling up and threatening to swallow her. She… she couldn’t have known this was here. She had never made it this high in the library in the waking world. She hadn’t known LeBlanc’s quarters were on top of the library and not in the barrack fortress. She hadn’t known that the staircase up to them from the last level had three flights. She couldn’t have known any of that because it hadn’t been real.

Had it?

Lux had spent her entire childhood bottling up how she felt, masking it with a calm, placid, happy girl… hiding away the magic that she wasn’t supposed to have, the secret that could have doomed her. She was good at not dealing with uncomfortable truths… but right now, after what she had done upstairs, every emotion she had felt raw, close to the surface and ready to burst free. Lux didn’t have time to lose it right now… she would have to curl into a ball and cry for a week later. She forced the confusion and fear that her impossible situation inspired to the side and shook her head, focusing only on the relevant information for right now… that somehow, impossibly, she remembered this place.

She had come from that way.

Without pausing to second guess herself and risk letting her emotions catch back up to her, Lux ran as quickly as she dared in the dark, putting no effort into controlling her magic and letting her hands glow enough to serve as her lantern. She ran down one set of stacks after another, and with each one her discomfort grew as again and again she ran into exactly what she expected. Sagging shelves, bowed inward under the weight of their books. Musky scents of old scrolls. The vault…

Lux didn’t remember deciding to stop, but before she realized what she was doing she had stopped in front of that vault… her hands running over the rough granite and the carvings. In her dream she thought she had seen some strange unlight leaking from the cracks in the door… that was absent now but the same kind of almost magnetic attraction seemed like it might still be there… still encouraging her to see what was inside. Lux didn’t know if that was a memory from her dream or something physically pressed against her now… but before she could stop herself her hands reached out, grabbed the carved stone handles, and pulled the door open.

The stone slid soundlessly apart, grinding smoothly to the side as the doors parted, and a room that seemed pitch black even by comparison with the rest of the library loomed inside, a fortress within a fortress. She swallowed… then stepped in, raising her hands and revealing shelves cut into the stone blocks, loaded with books and scrolls, with knives and baubles and crystals and a variety of other things. Lux didn’t know what half of these things were, but one thing was immediately obvious… these were among the most secret things kept in this secret library. The ones that, more than anything, LeBlanc was protecting.

And among all these treasures, her eyes went immediately to the book.

Lux wasn’t sure what had drawn her eyes to the small, leather-bound book. Maybe it was that, when she approached it, she noticed that there was no dust on the volume… that it had been read recently. Maybe it was that there were empty spots on the shelf next to it, holes in the dust where other books had been recently removed. Maybe it was just the same freaky draw she felt towards this place in general. One way or the other, she plucked the book up, and actually flinched as she noted the engraving on the cover.

It was the brand that had appeared on her body.

Lux desperately wanted to sit down, now, and open it. She needed to know what this book contained… answers, she hoped, for what was happening to her. She couldn’t, though. Instead, she turned…

And stared at LeBlanc standing in the open doorway, her fingers drumming along the surface of her golden staff. “Well well well, little spellthief… what shall we do with a silly girl who just doesn’t seem to learn?”

Panic welled up… but from somewhere deep down inside of her, someplace dark and cold, Lux felt calm. The last time she had been attacked by this sorceress, she had been defeated… handily. The panicked animal in her wanted to submit… to surrender, to plead and beg for mercy. Her cold mind, however… a dark, rational pit somewhere inside her focused only on survival, thought otherwise.

It was angry.

So what if last time they had fought Lux had her staff, and armor? So what if she had had potions, and tools that she didn’t have now? She was angry… and she wanted to inflict everything that this bitch had done to her right back at her. Compared to that, her lack of equipment seemed like a second thought. Dark thoughts flitted through her mind, alarmingly dark thoughts… Confusing, vengeful, angry thoughts.

Lux took a step forward… and was about to take another when pain shocked her back to awareness, making her stop. She almost cried out… it burned, her nipples and clit scorching as the jewelry heated up. Lux didn’t understand it… but she understood enough.


Lux swallowed. She wasn’t going to do this. Quinn wasn’t going to leave without her. If she dallied, if she got herself caught, then her friend was going to get hurt. Again.

She didn’t have time for this crap.

LeBlanc was just beginning to approach, raising her staff, when Lux stepped forward. She had never summoned anything but an uncontrolled burst of energy or some light without a focus… but she had watched the witch do it. She had made it look so easy to work delicate magic.

Lux didn’t have to match that. She just had to do something that the witch didn’t expect. “I’m not finished with you, little beacon of light,” LeBlanc chuckled. “So why don’t you go back to your cell an-”

The wave of light Lux had been gathering, disguising it in her glowing hands, suddenly lashed out like a coiled snake, exploding out in every direction. Books burned and crystals shattered as far, far more energy than was required for the spell ripped out of her. LeBlanc crossed her arms, golden and violet energies crossing in a defensive gesture, but the sheer speed of the magic and the amount of it caught her by surprise, hitting her and wrapping around her as light bent.

Lux stared in shock for a moment, transfixed in both surprise… and pain. She had learned this spell, this way of bending light, by observing Sylas… but she had never managed anything like this. The binding spell made of light had come out incredibly unfocused and wasteful… but it felt like she had so much more energy than she had expected. Her piercings burned searingly hot, but LeBlanc stood all but transfixed, surrounded by shimmering curves of light. She knew that she probably couldn’t overcome the sorceress in a sustained battle of skill… what she needed was separation, to trap her and let her get away. The bent light kept her locked away for a few moments… but the sorceress’s cruel eyes still glittered with intelligence and malice. Lux could see the magic boiling around the witch as she fought to break the prison around her.

Lux didn’t have time to hesitate… She turned and ran.

The blonde had no idea how long that spell would hold for… she had never done anything like this before, but she had no intention of still being here when LeBlanc broke free. Gripping her stolen book with white-knuckled fingers she passed the light-prison in a flurry of quick steps and then catapulted herself through the darkness, shelf after shelf. Left. Right. Right. Right. Left. Right. Left… then the central staircase. She took the steps four at a time, all but flying down it, cloak billowing behind her and leaving her almost naked except for the boots, then out into the fortress.

Soldiers shouted everywhere but Lux didn’t think any of them were looking at her… instead they were brigading water and moving animals. She didn’t wait around to see if something was going to notice her… she moved through the fortress instead as quickly as possible, sticking to the walls. She didn’t know where Quinn would have Valor get her: she couldn’t see the eagle in the dark sky, especially not with the smoke. Her best guess was where she had been dropped off, so she had to make her way back there.

Lux breathed hard as she headed around the side of the library, looking for a way to make her way through the alleys between buildings… trying to avoid notice. Thankfully the chaos meant that no one was looking for her, or away from the fire in general, but a mostly naked girl in a cloak would stick out like a sore thumb… it would only take a glance to bring down the entire fortress on her. She had to move quickly but she felt weak and exhausted and it was hard to even remember where Valor had let her off… that seemed like it was a decade ago. There. Lux skidded to a sudden stop, looking up at the sky. This was wher—

The knife flashed right before her eyes, tumbling end over end as it cut through where her face would have been a heartbeat later and striking the stone wall with a ringing chime. The thrown blade sent a chip of stone away as it struck sparks from the wall, tumbling down to the ground as Lux spun, eyes following the trajectory.

Katarina frowned, her face twisted in an annoyed sneer. “Lucky slut,” she hissed, hand already going to her thigh for another throwing dagger. She drew it with a shocking speed, her movement smooth with the practice of a million repetitions, and with barely a flick of the wrist the knife went sailing for Lux’s throat.

There wasn’t time to think. The blonde reacted instantly, her whole body glowing as she summoned more barely controlled power. She already knew the woman wouldn’t miss again… instead she was relying on the energy flooding out of her as a shield. She couldn’t control it nearly as precisely as she had in the past without a staff but it wasn’t necessary to, either… the shield was omnidirectional and she just threw as much power into it as she could.

It was just barely enough. The knife bounced off the shield even as it popped like a wall of glass, shattering… without the added framework, her shield was weak and couldn’t hold up to any reasonable threat. She winced, and her piercings burned… but she didn’t have time. Katarina had bounded for her in the wake of the knife, the assassin drawing a longer sword from her hip and already drawing it back.

Lux jumped to the side as the blade slashed back her. The sword cut by, just barely. She hit the ground and tried to turn and run… and the pain in her pierced clit spiked as the heat intensified. The blonde’s exhausted, pained leg buckled when she put weight on it, and the Demacian went toppling to the ground heavily.

Get up get up get up! Lux cursed herself but her body simply wouldn’t obey… her movements were clumsy and uncoordinated as she jerked in pain, trying to get her legs back under her. Katarina laughed, her boots crunching on the dirt as she took the steps between them. “Really quite pathetic,” she said coldly. “Wish you hadn’t run. We could have had much more fun, the two of us…”

She raised the sword. Lux closed her eyes… and jerked as she heard Valor’s scream of fury as the Demacian Eagle raked his way across Katarina, leaving bleeding gashes on her arm in a storm of feathers and claw. “Son of a bitch!” the assassin snarled, trying for a second to get the giant eagle off of her before, wincing, she stopped and dropped the sword instead, catching it with her free hand as it fell. Valor shoved off of her, barely avoiding the blade as it sliced empty air before coming back at her, crashing into the killer with beating wings. “Get off me!” she snarled, doing her best to get a sword on the large beast.

Lux pushed herself up… she needed to do something, and now, before it was too late. Valor had her at a disadvantage in the smoke and darkness, the element of surprise and a painful ambush on his side, but the assassin was lethal… she was protecting her eyes and neck, not letting the giant bird get more than scratches on her as she tried to get her bearings and deliver a lethal blow. Any second now she would manage… and then they both would die.

Her hands started glowing again.

Lux couldn’t just blast away. Valor was here, and she couldn’t injure him. She needed to show some control. It was like… Sylas… had said. Control. It was all about control. Don’t fear the power… use it, don’t let it use you. Focus. Control.

It was so hard. It was hard in mediation, alone, at peace… let alone in the middle of an inferno with a battle to the death raging nearby after, depending on how you counted, either days or years of abuse. She visualized it as a pinpoint of light… exploding outward in a wave of dazzling light and fury but no heat, and as little force as possible… Smaller… smaller…

The blast was deafening as the light mage let the gathered energy go. The tiny pinprick of light shot from her hand, impacting on the wall right behind Katarina with a roar that left her ears ringing. Lux made sure her mouth was open and her eyes closed and it still nearly blinded and deafened her entirely… she was pretty sure that she was screaming but she couldn’t hear it over the tone in her ears. She hadn’t kept the heat and power out of the spell entirely… smoke rose from a few of Valor’s feathers and the eagle look dazed, but it had separated the eagle from Katarina, the redheaded assassin trying to get unsteadily back to her feet, scattering gravel with every unstable shove of her boots.

Lux cried awkwardly out and Valor, at least, heard her. The azure eagle swooped over to her and Lux winced as his claws dug into her shoulders where she no longer wore a harness to protect herself… but then she was being lifted off the ground and something as minor as piercing stabs in her shoulder muscles seemed minor compared to the euphoria of escape. On the ground below, the disoriented Katarina tried to get her feet under her well enough to throw a knife but slipped on unsteady feet, and the throw went wide. Then the two of them vanished into the smoke as Valor flew through the night.

She’d done it.

“What the hell, Lux?!” were the first words out of Quinn’s mouth when she came into the makeshift camp. “What happened?”

To Lux’s infinite gratitude, her friend hadn’t been back in camp when Valor let Lux down. The blonde mage had wanted nothing more than to lie down for an eternity… but they were going to be hunted, and they were nowhere near far enough away from the Noxian fortress to suit her. Instead of collapsing into a heap the way she badly wanted to, Lux had immediately gone into her bags and pulled out a spare suit of clothing, pulling it on her and trying to ignore the painful feeling as the leather hem of her pants came up over the brand, or the way her new nipple rings rubbed at her shirt. She didn’t want anyone to see… she didn’t want anyone to know.

Quinn had arrived, thankfully, after Lux had finished making herself look like something other than a traumatized sex slave. The woman reeked of smoke, and it wasn’t hard to piece together that the scout had snuck her own way out after starting the fires, leaving Valor free to get Lux out. Neither of them would have liked separating like that… it was a sign of how much they cared for her.

The idea of people caring for her seemed almost foreign to the blonde, and it made her want to cry. Instead, she swallowed, forcing the emotion down. “The… library was much better guarded than we thought,” she said, forcing a weak smile onto her face. “There was a sorceress there who found me… better than I am. Got captured… had to escape.” She turned her gaze towards the fortress, or what she could see of it in the darkness… the fire was nearly under control. “I got what we came for… It’s Sylas, and I know where he is. That sorceress will be hunting us. We need to go.”

Quinn looked at Lux like she wanted to ask more questions… like she didn’t believe that was all there was to it. For a moment, Lux didn’t think she was going to take the answer. Then the dark haired scout sighed and lifted her bag. “Let’s get out of here. We should use darkness to make some distance, and find shelter during the day. Do you think you can walk until morning?”

Lux felt like her legs were going to fall off. Just the thought of moving hurt… but the thought of sleeping filled her with such a shot of adrenaline that she felt she could walk for years if necessary. She felt at her pouch to make sure the book she had suffered so much for, the one with her brand on the cover, was still there. Then Lux nodded. “Let’s go.”

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  1. Haha I knew it! LeBlanc does know what the dreams are and the soldier gang bang one of them. I didn’t expect the plot to interest me but it did. Since Lux escapes from Noxus torment I wonder if it’s really over or if it’s another dream. Or maybe Lux is gonna be raped by someone else now. I’m interested to see where it goes.


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