Ayako’s Rough Morning

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Tsukiko 月子

Tsukiko’s progress through the early morning forest was effortless and smooth, unimpeded by the thick underbrush. Most in her profession would’ve had twice the struggle getting through vegetation half as dense, and they would have trampled the place flat doing it. But none of them had spent their childhoods dashing through the woods around Mount Kunimi on all fours with a younger sister who seemed to find her way into trouble as easily as sand found its way into delicate instruments.

Compared to trying to keep up with Ayako, taking testing equipment out to the South Fork Toutle River was a walk in the park! The geologist would have preferred her fox form, but that made it harder to carry a pack, so she settled for hiding her ears and tails in her human form. The chance of someone seeing her was slim, but better safe than sorry. Who knows? Maybe she’d run into a lost hiker or something and then—

A rustle in the leaves cut her thoughts short, and she froze. Those pale-grey-furred ears of hers twitching this way and that under the cover of illusion as they searched for any potential threat. Another rustle. Her ears pinpointed it, and her tails flicked about behind her. Their mottled silver was in constant motion, swirling like thunderclouds about to break. A shame no one could see them through her magic.

Another sound came from the underbrush, this time accompanied by the faint snap of a branch underfoot. Something big, but not moving fast. Tsukiko tightened her grip on her bag, ready to run. There shouldn’t be anyone out here. Were they following her, looking for her? Had they figured out her secret?

The grey-haired kitsune crouched, ready to bolt… just as the black-tailed deer in front of her looked up from the branch it was chewing.

Goddess damn it. She had gotten herself worked up over nothing! Just a deer in the forest. She was the intruder here!


Tsukiko nearly jumped out of her own skin in surprise at her phone’s ringing, dropping her bag and the equipment inside to the ground in an expensivesounding crash. “Dang it!” She exclaimed, about the closest she usually came to cursing. The deer that had gotten her so on edge dashed off in response to all the commotion as she scrambled to find her phone.

Pulling it out, she glanced at the screen and frowned. Not a number she knew, or even an area code she recognized. Probably a spam call. There was an off chance it was somebody from another university, but she wasn’t expecting any calls. Another moment of hesitation passed and just as it was about to go to voicemail, Tsukiko answered the call.

“Hello? Dr. Satō speaking—”

“KIKO!” Ayako screamed through the phone, loud enough that Tsukiko nearly dropped it a second time. The nickname was a throwback. Even her younger sister hadn’t used it in years and years. “Kiko, where are you?”

“Ayako? I’m still at Mount St. Helens with my research team. Is everything alright?” Despite her asking, the older sister knew it wasn’t. The unknown number, the yelling, the urgency…it wasn’t being paranoid to realize something was seriously amiss.

“Oh my Goddess I’m so glad to hear your voice. I’m…” Ayako paused for a loud sniffle. “I’m… no. No, everything is not alright. It’s actually pretty fucking terrible.” Her voice cracked and shook as she spoke, trying to hide her pain and not doing a rather poor job of it.

“You…Oh no…” her sister muttered, her tails and ears dropping, as did her stomach. “I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?”

She heard another sniffle, then a pause before Ayako replied, “No. I mean, yes, but like…” The younger of the sisters let a soft whimper before she took a breath, collecting herself. “Can we meet up, please? I… I just need you right now. Something horrible’s happened.”

“Of course!” Tsukiko responded instantly. She knew her sister hadn’t given her the full story, but the phone wasn’t the right place to press her about it. “Can you get here or..?”

“Yeah, that works. Tomorrow, same cafe as last time, at sundown?” Ayako asked. Tsukiko knew that time request meant that her younger sister still didn’t own a watch, but she would let it slide this time.

“Sure, I’ll see you there! And… Ayako?” her voice was soft at that last line, even more than her already calm and level speech.

“Yes, sister?”

“I’ll always love you and be there for you, no matter what.”

Tsukiko heard her little sister hold back a sob at that. Her phone was quiet for a moment before a soppy sniffle punctuated the line.

“Thank you. I love you too. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The connection cut off, again leaving Tsukiko alone in the leafy forest of the nature reserve, but now with questions storming her mind. She knew how careless her sister could be, but she was light on her feet as a fox or human, and her foxfire skills were impressive for someone who never practiced. To think she was caught… maybe the older fox’s caution was better placed than her sister thought.

Maybe they should lay low in Hanei for a while. There were a few family friends there she hadn’t heard from in a while, and while Tsukiko wasn’t a fan of their reclusiveness, at least they were safe there. The world really was becoming more dangerous for foxes by the day.

Tsukiko was waiting in the booth of a small diner for any sign of her younger sister, still absent despite the sun being dangerously close to meeting the horizon. She was sipping on a mug of tea that even her century-ish of tea-making experience couldn’t quite salvage from mediocrity. This wasn’t a place people came to order tea judging by how fresh the leaves were, and no amount of care in brewing or precise amount of sugar could save it.

Just as she was about to give up on the mug and order something else, the distinctive roar of an American motorcycle pulling into the parking lot made her look up with a feeling that somehow, this was her. Her instinct turned out correct. Ayako was parking the bike, her short-cropped orange hair billowing behind her as she did.

The foolish kit wasn’t even wearing a damned helmet while riding one of those deathtraps! Tsukiko was going to give her a piece of her mind as soon as… no.

No, Ayako already had it rough enough. Tsukiko wouldn’t yell at her about safety gear or question who the legal owner of that bike was. She’d be nothing but supportive today. Just be there for her. Even if she was using her own skin as a motorcycle jacket and… no. Not today.

Ayako looked around as she dismounted the bike, her eyes quickly landing on her sister. That silvery hair acted as a beacon that she rushed inside towards, practically tripping over herself. She went right past the hostess to get to the table with her older sister, “Tsukiko!” She said breathlessly, throwing herself into the booth next to the grey-furred fox, burying her face in the familiar shoulder.

Tsukiko made a small noise of surprise at the physical greeting, reaching her other hand over to softly pat her younger sister between the ears while putting up a foxfire distraction for all of the other patrons of the establishment. Without even realizing they were doing it the surrounding mortals lost interest in the pair, going back to their food as if nothing was the matter.

“Tsukiko! I’m so glad to see you! It’s…I’m…there were these two guys…and they, they, my drink… and then… and then…” The words came out in a rush, Ayako having not told anyone yet. She had bottled it all up, and now at last she could open the floodgates. Despite her trouble getting the words out, Tsukiko knew exactly what her younger sister was trying to say.

Merely hearing it clawed at her heart. She hadn’t been able to keep Ayako, her little sister, safe. And now the fiery-furred kitsune was on the verge of tears before her. “Hey hey, it’s alright.” Her hand brushed through her sibling’s bright orange hair, working out the knots that the rushing wind from the motorcycle had caused. “You’re safe here. I’m here. Are you hurt? Did they take your skin or..?”

‘Did they know what you are?’ was the unspoken question here. And Tsukiko desperately hoped for an answer she was almost sure she wouldn’t get.

Ayako looked up slowly, barely meeting Tsukiko’s eyes before pressing her face back down into that shoulder. “I… they drugged me. I couldn’t keep my illusions up. They tied my tails together, so they definitely noticed.” She was barely holding it together. Tsukiko wished she could be kinder right now, focus more on her younger sister’s feelings, but this situation was perilous. There were some dangerous people out there. “But they didn’t take my skin!” Ayako continued. “They didn’t even know what it was for, and I gave them a good thrashing when I took it back, so I think I’ll be safe.”

That was at least not the worst answer that her sister could have given her. Them not knowing she was a kitsune before meant they hadn’t specifically targeted her, and that their would-be hunters probably didn’t know they existed. It had just been plain bad luck.

“I’m… I’m so sorry that happened to you. No one deserves that, for any reason.” Tsukiko paused for a moment, but couldn’t hold herself back. “Are you sure you weren’t followed?” She asked quietly, softly scritching behind Ayako’s ears as if the physical affection might make up for the interrogation she felt compelled to carry out. At least her magic could keep their conversation private, so no one would even notice them talking or hear what had happened. Even the ordinary-looking pair of guys walking in now seemed more interesting to them than the sisters.

Ayako nodded at that question. “I used plenty of foxfire, so I looked like someone totally different on that motorcycle. Sometimes I even made the bike look different too, and the license plate was ALWAYS changing. But I just… look I know I messed up, can we not focus on that right now? I know I should have been more careful and I shouldn’t have taken that drink and I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t…” Ayako’s voice wavered heavily, constantly threatening to be overwhelmed by a sob.

Tsukiko felt guilt hit her in the chest like a hammer. She wished she didn’t have to ask. She deeply, truly wished she didn’t. The silver-haired fox pulled her sister tighter towards her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, and I don’t think any of that. I just want you, want US, to be safe now. None of this is your fault, ok? There are just some bad people out there.”

“I know,” Ayako replied softly. Knowing didn’t make understanding any easier though. Luckily with her sister holding her close, sharing their warmth as she caressed her soft hair, she didn’t have to think about it. In this moment, they paid the world as little mind as it paid them, the scent of coffee, the clinking of glasses and the mumbling of conversations, the busy waitresses and the two men staring at them from across the room, all fading into the background as they melted in each other’s embrace.

It was easy to forget about your surroundings when you were in a blanket of magical protection. To be in a bubble outside of regular time and mortal attention, it was easy to get used to. There were still some basic natural instincts that insisted Tsukiko should keep an eye out in case her magic failed, but years of experience without any issue had dulled those considerably. Her only focus was on comforting Ayako, helping her through this trying time.

She should have trusted her instincts more.

It was the scent of one of those two men that tipped her off. It was strong and rather foul, hitting her like a wave. But if he had merely stunk that would have been fine. No, it was something about his scent, something wrong. Something not human.

Tsukiko looked over just in time to see his hands darting to either side of her sister’s neck. A piece of wire, thin enough that it was almost hard to see in the light of the setting sun, connected his two burly hands together as he wrapped it around Ayako’s neck. Before the orange-haired fox or her sister could react she was suspended in the air that she could no longer breathe, superhuman strength lifting her like she was nothing.

Tsukiko froze. She wasn’t proud of it, but his height and frame towering over her, the look of absolute confidence and cruelty on his face, and most of all the fact that they had walked straight through her illusion terrified her! Her mouth opened like she was about to say something, then it closed again, then opened. This couldn’t be happening, it just couldn’t! His partner’s strength made it clear they couldn’t fight these men, but trying to be sneaky hadn’t worked, and now… things were bad. Given fight or flight had already failed, only freeze was left for the poor silver-furred fox.

Ayako on the other hand was the opposite of frozen, instead thrashing like her life depended on it. Considering he had her suspended from a garrote that kept her completely out of oxygen, it likely did. She swung her hands and feet, kicking and clawing without success, then desperately switched to her fox form! It gave the slightest, most temporary of reprieves, but then he tightened again and anything she had gained was quickly cut off. Nine tails and four legs all squirmed hard, but she could quickly feel herself weakening. Turning back now would just make it dig into her throat that much more harshly too, she was really stuck now.

All the while, the other patrons never gave them more than a second glance. The man who wasn’t choking the life out of Ayako looked around as he noticed that, then smiled. There was something wrong with that smile. It wasn’t off in the same way the other man was, but it dripped with cruelty. Tsukiko knew this man was the worst of the worst as he leaned in towards her, close enough that she could smell how rarely he brushed his teeth. “Listen little fox. You’re going to keep up this illusion, or my colleague isn’t going to let your friend here—”

“Sister.” The other man, the one who stunk of something inhuman and had strength more than two men combined should, corrected him. Any other time Tsukiko would have questioned how he could have known that, but right now she was far too terrified to think straight.

The man’s smile twisted into an even more unsettlingly pleased shape. “Your Sister here isn’t going to breathe again for the rest of her tragically short life.” He reached for the back of Tsukiko’s neck, taking a big handful of her hair in a tight grip. “Now come on. We have places to be.”

He didn’t really need to say that last part, because no matter how scared stiff she was, Tsukiko was completely at his mercy. The hold on her hair was absolute, easily steering her out of the booth and towards the door of the diner. Her silvery locks provided as secure of a handhold as the wire around her more colorful sister’s neck. And all the while no one was sparing them a second glance. No matter how much Ayako thrashed or how obvious it was that Tsukiko was being pulled along against her will, Tsukiko’s magic kept them almost entirely unremarkable to the patrons of the restaurant.

She considered stopping it of course. But even if she did, what would happen to them? Ayako was in her fox form now, nine tails and all. People seeing her like this would be a problem. A big problem. And that wasn’t even mentioning the threat of choking they had on Ayako! No, she just had to bite her tongue and wait. Use her own magic, her own gift from the goddess to cover for these monsters.

It made her sick to the stomach to do it. But even that paled in comparison to seeing her sister like this. Ayako had been choked for far too long, and judging by how deeply that wire was digging into her neck she wasn’t able to get even a drop of air. Already the poor fox’s struggles were noticeably less vehement. Her tails drooped lower, her claws flailed less, even her ears seemed to slacken. Tsukiko whimpered at the sight of it.

Finally though they were out of the door of the diner, and it was clear which vehicle they were heading for. An unmarked, windowless white van, still running with the rear doors slightly ajar. A classic for business, both scrupulous and not so much.

An all-too-familiar sight for Ayako as well. Fucking Inari above if she never had to see one of those stupid vehicles again it would be too soon. Even in her oxygen-deprived mind, even as her lungs screamed for breath and stars flitted around her vision, she had an immediate revulsion to seeing that stupid four-wheeled heap. Any other feelings couldn’t last long before her body’s priorities re-asserted themself though. And that priority was that she needed air.

Ayako’s mouth opened wide, trying to gasp without noise or any success. Her feet kicked around beneath her, desperate to find ground that wasn’t there. She was truly helpless.

“You want to help her?” Asked the man holding Tsukiko’s hair.

Tsukiko nodded immediately. Or at least tried to. His grip put a stop to it before she could actually move. “Y-yes! Please put her down!” Tsukiko managed to get out, words finally coming from her previously frozen mouth.

“That’s, “Please put her down, Sir” to you. And no. Give me your skin first.”

The order was simple, but no less heart-wrenching for it. Her skin? She couldn’t! But at the same time, she had to. Looking at her sister it was clear there wasn’t any time to waste.

Urgently Tsukiko let her soft grey sweatshirt slip off of her shoulders, the thing switching from a comfortable garment to a silver pelt that nearly shone as she did. Even after she had taken it off Tsukiko could barely stand to hand it over. Every fiber of her being warned her not to, years of learned caution screamed at her to stop. She lingered for a moment with it in her hands, but only a moment. One look at the now nearly limp body of her sister had her pressing it into the hands of the man still gripping her hair.

“Now let her go! Please, you’re going to kill her!” Tsukiko begged, wishing she could rush over there herself.

He just laughed in response, grabbing her skin, her essence, a part of her soul without care or gentleness as he did. Treating it like it was just a bit of cheap fabric. “Stupid fox bitch. You call me Sir. And yeah Lucas, let her breathe. Harder to sell if she’s dead.”

Lucas tossed her into the back of that van like she weighed nothing at all, releasing her from the garrote’s hold as he did. Without oxygen in her brain or air in her muscles she flew like a ragdoll, landing in a painful heap of fur and tails. Tsukiko winced as she saw it happen, but was at least heartened to hear a groan of pain followed by weak coughing. Further proof of life came as she melted back into her humanoid form. Ayako was alive. They could still fix this. They could still…

The grip on her hair tightened, her only warning before she was slammed down onto the floor of the van. Now bent over the bumper of the vehicle, she had her feet still on the ground while her face got acquainted with the same floor Ayako had been thrown onto. It was sticky in some places and dirty everywhere, a rough texture that scraped into her cheek and made her wince as she was ground into it.

The man holding her hair made no effort to hide what he was doing as he bodily forced her into place, pressing his hips against hers and grinding against that nice tight rear. Nine silvery tails were still somewhat in his way as Lucas clambered past them both, approaching Ayako as she finally started to pull herself up, just in time for him to be on her.

Ayako raised a hand to defend herself, but she didn’t need to. Lucas wasn’t here to hurt her. Not yet at least. Or maybe just not directly. Instead he held up a piece of fur that Ayako would have recognized anywhere. Then he put his other hand on it in the middle, like he was pointing out a detail in the swirls of grey and silver. He stayed like that for a long moment, neither of the foxes really knowing what was happening.

Until a sharp dark claw extended grotesquely from his hand, piercing straight into that deeply important pelt.

Tsukiko screamed. Ayako winced. Lucas smiled. Slowly he dragged that claw down, tearing through Tsukiko’s skin as she cried out incoherent pleas for him to stop. The silver fox kicked and squirmed and tried in fervent desperation to get free, but it was all in vain against that grip on her hair and the hand holding her down to the floor.

After only a few inches though, Lucas did stop. Tsukiko quieted down a bit, though her whimpering never did fully cease. Lucas didn’t seem to care about her though. No, his piercing yellow-green eyes were drilling into Ayako. For a moment she wondered why they were reflecting the light so oddly, but she didn’t have long to ponder it before he spoke. “Now give me yours, or I keep going.”

It was simple enough. These two men weren’t like the ones who had caught her yesterday. They knew what the sisters were. What these skins did. How important they were to the foxes.

It made handing it over that much more painful.

Ayako slid the leather jacket off of her body, the orange stitching seeming to waver for a minute before sliding over the rest of the garment like spilled liquid. Soon the thing looked just like a regular, natural fur as Lucas snatched it out of her hand.

“Dominic. Heads up.” Lucas said to alert his partner before tossing over the fiery-tinted pelt to the man holding Tsukiko down. He caught it with the hand that wasn’t in her hair before sliding it down under and around her neck, finally releasing her locks in favor of grabbing both ends of the fur and twisting them around, hard.

The relief of having her hair let go quickly faded as Tsukiko realized what he was doing. The pressure on her neck instantly cut off her breathing as surely as the garrotte had for Ayako. Choking her with her own sister’s pelt? It felt… it felt obscene! A gift from the goddess, a part of themselves, now used as a horrible tool against her closest family.

“Orange looks good on you, whore.” Dominic commented casually, as if what he was doing wasn’t an abhorrent violation. “Maybe I’ll have to make a collar out of this thing for you.”

A shudder ran down Tsukiko’s spine at that thought while her body burned through the remaining air in her lungs. He gave the two ends another tug to tighten them up before putting both in one hand, reaching the other slowly down her back, past her tails to his own pants.

For all the things he said, all the insults and promises of violence he had hurled at her, nothing was as demoralizing to hear as his pants being unzipped. Tsukiko whined pathetically through the plush fur wound tightly around her neck, again squirming slightly in spite of herself.

“Now, you’re going to keep that illusion up like a good girl even as I fuck you, got it? It’s going to hurt, but you’re not going to let that distract you, because if you make us move somewhere else it’s going to get far, far worse for you AND your sister. Got it?” Dominic yanked the skin even harder as he said that, now holding it tightly enough that Tsukiko could have sworn she heard it straining and starting to tear.

She nodded. It wasn’t like she could have spoken with her throat cut off anyway.

“Good girl” he praised in a tone that absolutely dripped with derision. Just as she felt the cold steel of a blade touching her back just below her tails.

Tsukiko squealed. He was going to fucking kill her! It was loud enough that Ayako looked away from Lucas and the half-torn pelt to see what was going on, only for him to take that opportunity. He lunged at her, more of those claws twisting from his skin horribly before emerging out of his hands, a ripple of dirty tan fur sprouting from the tips of his fingers to well below his wrists as they did. The transformation wasn’t graceful like a kitsune’s, who flowed between two equally beautiful forms. No, it was a violent thing. A clash of human and animal characteristics that looked more like a rapidly-spreading disease than anything that was supposed to happen.

For all its horror though, it was certainly effective. Lucas hit Ayako hard, shoving her into the side of the van hard enough to make her see stars. Those claws went through her clothes like they were made of paper, every part of him overwhelmingly strong and dangerous. She wasn’t even fighting back, but that didn’t seem to matter to him. He tore through her clothes and handled her like she was a trained fighter at risk of getting free any second. He certainly didn’t care about the scratches he dug into her, some deep enough that her kitsune regeneration was really put to work. While one hand exposed her breasts the other pressed at her face, forcing it into the side of the van and incidentally forcing her to look at her sister.

Dominic didn’t have organic claws to tear through Tsukiko’s clothes, but his knife did the job just fine. One slash went through the pants she was still wearing from work, while one more slice split her shirt and bra off in a single clean motion. Two cuts and she was nearly naked. He must have had practice.

Tsukiko didn’t care about that though. They were just clothes. They were replaceable. This fur choking her was not. She reached up to it, desperately trying to loosen its grip on her neck, scrabbling with her fingertips to try to find purchase and pull it away so that even a single breath could get through.

She didn’t notice as Dominic lined himself up behind her. She didn’t realize what was happening as he jammed his knees in between her legs, pushing them apart. All she was focusing on was trying to breathe.

Ayako didn’t have that luxury. She had to watch as that man moved in, as he positioned himself and prepared to rape her sister. And as he finally sunk his hard cock inside of her in one brutally fast motion, she knew it was her fault.

Her fault for leading them straight to her sister. Her fault that Dominic was using her own skin around Tsukiko’s neck as leverage to force inch after inch of his cock inside of that beautiful, delicate body. Her fault that the silver-grey furred fox’s back was arching in a pathetic attempt to lessen the pressure on her neck and to get away from the punishing penetration. Her fault that they had both had to throw away one of their greatest assets to save each other.

Tsukiko’s thoughts weren’t on such a high level. No, the only thing on her mind was pain from behind and desperation from in front. Her tails twisted into each other and around anything they could, mirroring how her hands were wildly trying to find a grip on her sister’s skin that could loosen it. This man was raping her, burying himself in her, inflicting pain just so he could feel good, and yet she couldn’t even focus on that because of his choking her! Her lungs burned. Her vision swam. And he felt so damned big as he tore his way into her.

Lucas yanked Ayako’s head back to looking straight ahead, into his eyes. He seemed pissed that she hadn’t been paying him her full attention and also… different. His whole facial structure was off. He had never been attractive before, but now there were features that were plainly wrong on any human. His whole nose and jaw were too long. His teeth were dramatically sharper and noticeably longer. There was fur all along his neck and down his now-exposed chest and belly. A tail flicked back and forth behind him.

And his cock was not human anymore either.

Ayako wasn’t a fool. She had lived around other kitsune for plenty of her life and seen all parts of them up close, both male and female. Humans too she had seen more than her fair share of.

So she knew that humans weren’t supposed to have knots.

It wasn’t inflated yet, but it was clearly there. His cock was slender and long, with a pointed tip and a bulge at the base. It wouldn’t have looked out of place on any male fox, IF they were in their fox form.

But this man wasn’t a fox. He wasn’t human either. He was something halfway between creature and person, and neither side seemed happy about that arrangement.

One word came to Tsukiko’s mind to describe it, something she knew to exist but had never seen before. Something she had hoped never to HAVE to see or meet.


She wouldn’t get any more time to think about it before his right hand shifted from around her chest to down by her pants, tearing through them as easily as the rest of her clothes. He cut into her skin too, bloodying his claws as he lunged forward. He was acting properly animalistic now, snarling and growling as he jammed his hips forward, seeking entrance to her body and not taking no for an answer.

Ayako didn’t fight him. Not this time. She had already lost when against mere humans, and he was much stronger and more dangerous than any of those. Besides, didn’t she deserve this? Wolves were higher in the food chain than foxes after all.

There wasn’t any care or dexterity used by the beast as he attacked her. One thrust smacked low, one smacked high. Ayako braced herself, trying to relax. Then the third jab found its mark.

Ayako cried aloud, unable to hold it back as that tapered tip did exactly what it was designed to do. Mercilessly it pried apart her unwilling folds, inch after inch sliding inexorably further inside of her. She wasn’t trying to fight it. But fuck, that thing would have still been large on some of the biggest foxes she knew! To her now it was just too much. She tried to breathe, tried to relax, tried not to fight him, but none of it helped.

Tears welled up in Ayako’s eyes. The pain of that shaft pushing in was unbearable, and the thoughts that maybe she deserved it, maybe this was some twisted justice for what she’d brought upon her sister hurt nearly as bad. Through that blurred vision she looked over to her sister as best she could. Only to see her hanging nearly limp in Dominic’s grasp.

“Let her go!” Ayako screamed at him. “She’s going to die, let her br-AH!”

Her cry was cut short by Lucas pulling back slightly, then shoving his cock even further in her. The bulge of his shaft slid past her lower lips as he did, and already she was dreading how it would feel when that really inflated.

Mostly though she was scared for Tsukiko. Her tails, silver as the moon, had fallen limp all over her back. The only part of her showing any sign of life were her fingers trying weakly to loosen the skin wrapping around her neck. Her back was still arched, but she was just hanging there now, not bending herself.

“She’s the one doing the illusion dumbass!” Lucas growled. His voice sounded like he was gargling gravel, making it clear the transformation wasn’t just skin-deep. His partner did heed his warning though.

Dominic dropped the kitsune like a bag of potatoes. She hit the floor of the van hard, her sister’s skin unwrapping from her neck as she did. For a long moment she just lay there, the only movement in her body being from the thrusting into her from behind. Bump, bump, bump.

“Shit, did you—” Lucas started, pausing his own thrusting for a brief merciful moment before Tsukiko drew a small, ragged breath.

“Come on, I’m not an amateur.” Dominic said dismissively, his own thrusting not stopping for a moment as more breaths started flowing in and groans started flowing out of the battered grey fox girl. Lucas’ own thrusting restarted with a vigor, that slight reprieve nowhere near enough for Ayako to adjust.

Tsukiko seemed to have adjusted to Dominic by now though. Or more accurately she wasn’t fighting him any longer. He had gotten the entirety of his cock buried in and out of her now, at a rate that was getting up to about a thrust every second.

Dominic leaned over her as he pushed inside, getting nice and close to those soft triangular ears before asking, “Now you haven’t let that illusion down, have you bitch?” It was clear from the tone of his voice that he was enjoying this immensely. Foxes were usually tight on account of their regeneration, and Tsukiko wasn’t very experienced, especially for a fox. On some level she probably knew she needed to relax, but even if she could think clearly enough to remember that she didn’t know how to.

She did know to nod though. To let him know that she was still submitting, even as it ran her well of foxfire dry. That she was still actively helping them rape her and her sister.

“Good girl,” he growled into her ear, nearly sounding like Lucas as he did.

Tsukiko whimpered. She didn’t want to be good. She wished she could be a hero, could fight back somehow. Help in a way that wasn’t just trying her hardest not to make her tormentors angry. Well maybe there was one thing. “S-sir?” She asked, remembering the title this time.

“So foxes CAN learn new tricks after all. What is it girl? Want it harder? You kitsune are usually sluts.” Her falling in line seemed to please him, and he had picked up the pace of his thrusting too.

“Please be careful with my -ah!- my sister’s skin, Sir.” She asked gently, somehow getting through the whole sentence with only one pained yelp in the middle.

The heartfelt request hung in the air for a long moment. Then Dominic started laughing. In spite of the pain she was in and the weakness she still felt, Tsukiko’s ears perked up in confusion.

Dominic slowed his pace for a moment as he reached for the ends of that pelt, grabbing them and tugging as he started choking her all over again. “Tell you what bitch.” He grunted as he readjusted his stance slightly, moving his whole body a bit closer to his victim. “You’re a good sister, caring like that. But unless you start thinking about only yourself,” he pulled his hips back, dragging his cock out until just the tip was left inside her cunt. “You’re going to be a bad slave.”

In a single motion he sheathed himself back inside of her, his movements taking on a new level of ferocity as he did. The viciousness drew a pained cry from Tsukiko, and it was clear he wasn’t taking her plea to be gentler with the skin into consideration as he did. Again he used it as a handle to move her body, to fuck her even harder with. The only foreseeable end was that he couldn’t last long at this rate of thrusting.

She hoped.

Ayako wasn’t faring any better. Lucas was rough. Ayako had been with rough guys before, and usually she liked it. But none of them had been rough like this. None of them had strength beyond what any human did. None of them had claws that dug into her. And none of them had a cock that wasn’t even made for human bodies.

“Fuck!” Ayako squealed out as a particularly brutal thrust bashed her body against the side of the van. His claws dragged deeper along her thigh as she was fucked, everywhere he was doing awful things to her poor body. Blood dripped from the wound, splashing onto the dirty floor of the vehicle and only further adding to the mess.

Lucas sniffed sharply as it did. He growled again, but in a different tone this time. If Ayako had been forced to guess she would have said it seemed more pleased and less angry. The sick fuck was getting off on this. His body seemed to be reacting to it as well, changing to an even more lupine shape as he fucked her. His back hunched over further, there was more fur on his body, and those claws were definitely bigger. As was something else.

“S-stop, please!” Ayako begged in spite of herself. She didn’t want to fight back and give him a reason to punish her, but that tool of his was more like a weapon than an implement of pleasure. It bashed her insides senselessly, thrust after thrust making her feel just how big it really was. She even could have sworn it was getting bigger.

Her eyes went wide as she realized why.

“No no no no no, please! Don’t…you don’t have to! I’ll use my mouth! I’ll—” Lucas cut her off by sticking a claw in her mouth, forcing her to taste her own blood. The message was clear.

Despite her own wish not to disobey, Ayako whimpered. It was a pitiful little noise really. Compared to the power and strength of the thing fucking her, it really was nothing. And that pathetic token was all she could muster.

At least that wasn’t making things worse for everyone she loved this time.

Lucas groaned, or some noise close to it. His thrusts were fast now, but they weren’t as long. Instead he was keeping his cock deep inside of her, moving only a few inches in and out. Ayako knew what that meant.

The orange-furred kitsune closed her eyes as she felt it start. Lucas gave one, two, three last thrusts inside, then planted himself as deep as he possibly could. An absolute flood, a veritable torrent of seed followed, scalding hot and thinner than Ayako was used to. It burned her already fucked-raw insides even more than the temperature alone should have.

That flood hit the deepest parts of her, but the rest of her didn’t escape either. That bulge, previously subtle enough to slide in and out of her, inflated rapidly. Pumping up to an obscene size to stop so much as a single drop of that nasty cum from leaving her.

It hurt. Every part of her poor abused passage was either stretched, rubbed raw, or flooded. Most were all three. All to give the beast of a man above her a good time. He at least seemed to have had a great time raping her, as the panting that dripped hot drool onto her belly attested to.

“Can never last, can you?” Dominic asked, chuckling as he fucked Tsukiko below him into the bed of the van. “Not that I can blame you. These fox bitches are always fucking primo. And the commission, unf.” That last noise he made served as an expression of pleasure in more than one way. “Fuck, I’m getting close too. Think she’ll sell for extra if she’s knocked up?”

He laughed at that, but Tsukiko wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. She did know he was serious about getting close though. The tension in his legs, the grunts he was making, and especially the way he was forgetting that he was choking her. He had been keeping her right on the edge of passing out most of this time, but now he was really pushing it.

Tsukiko reached up to tap on his hand holding the skin, as if to remind him it was there. Fuck her vision was already getting dark in the edges. It was so hard to maintain the illusion like this too, especially on her dwindling reserves. “What’s that fox bitch? Think you can tap out?” No, that wasn’t it at all! She had no way to communicate with her throat cut off though. He tightened his grip even further and Tsukiko’s body squirmed reflexively in response. “I don’t think you get -erf- get it bitch.”

Dominic pulled that skin back, arching her spine and pulling her onto his dick in one motion. “You’re a fucking slave now. You don’t -yeah- get a damned -fuck- say in what -fuck yeah- I do to your body!” His words were increasingly interrupted by expressions of his own pleasure, and his pace was getting faster too. He wasn’t like Lucas though, even as he got close his thrusts stayed long, in and out of her now-less-tight folds almost completely with every one. “Here it -gah- here it comes bitch!”

Tsukiko’s world was fading fast. She could feel herself falling over that chasm, losing control. And then everything came flooding back. Dominic released the skin and air filled her lungs, throwing everything back into focus just as that first spurt of thick cum blasted her poor battered cunt. His threats of knocking her up felt that much more real as rope after rope of thick seed poured into her, all of it feeling sickeningly filling.

Ayako watched it all. Lucas had slowed down after he came, though he looked no less bestial now. As he stayed… stayed knotted to her. Ayako felt like she was going to be sick whenever she thought about that. It didn’t even begin to compare to how she felt seeing Dominic cumming in her sister though.

Especially knowing it was her fault.

Finally though, both of their captors were done with them. For now. Dominic pulled out of Tsukiko suddenly enough that she jumped in surprise. He pulled Ayako’s skin away from her neck completely, and promptly started wiping his own cum-soaked and blood-tinged cock with it.

“No!” Tsukiko cried, weakly trying to turn to stop him. “Please Sir!” She added.

Dominic just grunted. “Tell me how much longer you can hold this illusion for and I’ll stop.” He held the pelt just away from his dick as he did.

“N-not much longer Sir,” Tsukiko admitted. “Not unless you gave me my skin back.”

Dominic guffawed. “Yeah, not happening. Hold this until you can’t. Then go a bit longer. I want you empty, got it?” He said as he started wiping himself down again.

“Hey!” Tsukiko whined.

“I already told you once bitch. You’ve got to start thinking about yourself and only yourself. Stupid fox.” He shoved her into the back of the van at that, slamming the door shut as he walked around to the driver’s seat.

Tsukiko stumbled in, not exactly appreciative of the closer view of her sister knotted. Nor the way that Lucas looked at her.

The van rumbled to life as Dominic poked his head back, taking the other skin that Lucas offered him. “We got about four hours on the road. So uh, hope you like dogs.”

He was the only one who seemed to find that funny. Lucas had other things to amuse him though. The way his eyes looked them both up and down hungrily made that clear.

“Oh and Orangey.” He called back as they pulled out of the diner’s parking lot. “I hope you don’t think you’re getting away again.”

Ayako knew he was right.

2 thoughts on “Ayako’s Rough Morning

  1. Would it actually be possible for the werewolves to knock up the foxes? Or is it just an empty threat meant as a taunt?

    Also what is our old buddy Roul doing, last we saw him he was preying on people at a cosplay convention. Since you’re incorperating werewolves again it would be nice to see him make an appearance.


    1. The werewolf, technically a Ulfethnar rather than a true werewolf like Belle, is a low spirit. She has foxfire still so It’s possible he could knock her up, yes… but it would be an Ulfethnar rather than a kitsune. Not that he’s likely to know that for sure.

      I know EXACTLY what Roul is up to… and we’ll be seeing him again, probably sometime early next year.

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